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How to respond to the lack of Supply Chain Management training

OBJECTIVES To put forward an international training programme that combines theory and practice

KEY DETAILS Budget: 1,026,573 € Subsidies: 303,000 €

There is no masters training exclusively geared towards logistics and Supply Chain Management. That is why Logistics in Wallonia has accredited a programme entitled Executive Master in International Supply Chain Management created by the Université Catholique de Louvain, with contributions from the Université de Liège. “With an international scope and courses given exclusively in English, this programme is aimed at senior executives who have to take on Supply Chain Management and coordination roles”, explain the project sponsors.

Project duration: July 2008 – December 2013

PROJECT PARTNERS - Catholic University of Louvain (leader) - Belgian Association for Buying and Logistics Managers (ABCAL)

There are 7 themed modules, each one lasting 32 hours (Supply Chain Management, designing and managing logis-

tics flows, planning and analysing the Supply Chain, managing purchasing and collaborative management transport, distribution and returns logistics, links between managing the supply chain and financial management, E-management, managing change and innovation). These modules draw on the analysis of real-life case studies combined with time spent with businesses. The programme combines theory and practical elements. At the end of the training, participants who have fulfilled the minimum criteria will receive a university certificate preparing them for the European ECBL exam (European Certification Board for Logistics).

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