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Cats & Dogs in the City of Logan

Our City is growing fast!

Companion Dogs

Cats and dogs are a part of our lifestyle and

A companion dog is a dog that weighs less than

animal keeping laws can sometimes be complex

10kg and lives in a mature aged living resort or

and confusing. With smaller blocks and higher

retirement village. Companion dogs are only allowed

density living impacting how we live, it’s important

to live at facilities that permit domestic pets and in

for pet owners to understand their animal keeping

accordance with the body corporate rules.

obligations as a resident of our city.

Why do we have cat and dog keeping laws? Cats and dogs make wonderful companions but imagine what would happen if we didn’t have laws or rules to manage how they are kept. Logan City Council’s role is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the community. As a pet owner you need to provide your cat or dog with essential basics such as food, water, shelter, exercise and general care. In addition, owners must prevent cats and/or dogs from escaping, roaming, biting or breeding illegally. And always remembering to pick up after them.

Keep pets healthy by providing flea, tick and worm prevention, vaccinations, a good diet, exercise and of course, love!

Cat and dog owners must: ΠΠ

Register each animal with Council.


Microchip their pet if born after 1 July 2009.

Do you know the number of cats and dogs you are allowed to keep on your property size?

Microchipping is the best form of identification as

Our city is growing, with smaller blocks and higher

unlike a collar or tag, it won’t fall off or get lost.

density living. Cat and dog owners need to be aware


Check if you need to desex your pet.

of the number of animals they can keep on their


Keep your pets in a way that does not result in

property without having to apply for an approval to

keep more.

harm to human health or safety

– significant disturbance, inconvenience or

annoyance to a person’s enjoyment of their

place of residence.

Cats* Without Logan City Council approval

All properties: 2 desexed cats

With Logan City Council approval

All properties: 3-4 desexed cats

Dogs* Animal Type

Property Size (m2)

Allowable Number Without Council Approval

Allowable Number With Council Approval

Companion dog

0 to 300

1 dog only in mature aged living resorts or retirement villages and up to 10kg in weight.

No further dogs

Domestic dogs

0 to 300

No dogs may be kept

1 dog

301 to 499

1 dog

2 dogs

500 to 599

2 dogs

No further dogs

600 to 2,000

2 dogs

4 dogs

2,000 to 80,000

3 dogs

4 dogs

> 80,000

4 dogs

Up to 9 dogs

*All cats and dogs must be contained within your property, be registered and microchipped. *All approvals are for life unless your circumstances change, such as moving house within the City of Logan. *Recognised breeder, show and recreational cats and dogs may also be kept with special Council approval.

Cat keeping in the City of Logan

Identify your cat as a pet via a microchip

Did you know that all cats living in Logan need to be registered, microchipped, desexed and kept within their property boundary?

Desex your cat

All cats over the age of 12 weeks must be registered with Council. You will need to apply for an approval

Cat keeping tips

if you wish to keep more than 2 cats per household. Cats must also be microchipped if born after

Don’t feed stray cats or kittens

1 July 2009.

Prevent your cat from roaming

Provide environmental enrichment

Keep your details up to date If you move house, make sure your pet’s registration details are updated with Council. You will also need to update your pet’s microchip details with the relevant microchipping organisation.

Effective control of dogs Dogs are naturally inquisitive and enjoy experiencing new places and smells. As a responsible pet owner, when you walk or exercise your dog, you are required to use a leash no longer than 2 metres in length, unless in a designated off-leash area. When in an off-leash area, owners must ensure their dog does not cause nuisance or injury to humans or other animals. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to pick up after your dog.

Fences and enclosures In the City of Logan it is mandatory to keep cats and dogs contained within your property boundary. Cat and dog owners need to provide suitable fencing or enclosures to prevent their pets from escaping and wandering. The fence or enclosure must prevent the cat or dog from escaping over, under or through it. Wandering pets are in danger of getting lost, injured or killed. Uncontained cats and dogs can become a nuisance to neighbours property, wildlife and other domestic animals as well as causing traffic accidents. Dogs can also attack people, other animals and especially other dogs.

Does Council issue fines to cat and dog owners? Council would prefer to work with the cat or dog owner in the first instance to resolve any issues or non-compliance with our local laws, for example, an unregistered animal. Failure to comply may result in a fine being issued as you are breaking the law by being non-compliant.

Is your pet a nuisance? Council manages a range of pet nuisance complaints, with a majority relating to dog barking. We understand dogs bark – it’s how they communicate – but excessive barking can annoy people. Council’s animal keeping Local Laws explain what “excessive barking” means. Dog owners need to ensure their pet’s barking doesn’t cause a nuisance to neighbours. If it does, the owner must find a solution to stop the barking. Council will work with the owner of the barking dog to find ways to reduce nuisance barking. This can take time and we have a comprehensive and realistic approach to resolving barking nuisances.

Did you know… There are 39 different dog off-leash parks across our City

What do my pet registration fees pay for?

Registration fees fund:


This would be the most popular question asked by cat and dog owners. We understand that owners may be curious about why they have to

owners who comply with all of Council’s animal keeping requirements.

The ability to quickly reunite pets with their owners if they become lost


Quickly responding to animal management matters across our City to keep our streets and

pay pet registration fees and it’s only natural to ask what the fees are used for, especially those

Resourcing to collect lost and roaming animals

parks safe


Discounted microchipping initiatives such as our “Mobile Microchipping” program


Community education programs such as “Be Pet Smart”

Did you know… In 2018 the City of Logan was home to more than 60,000 registered cats and dogs.


Educating owners on how to prevent and manage cat and dog nuisance behaviour

The cost to care for impounded animals and reunite them with their owners is significant, especially when you consider the number of cats and dogs impounded each year. Registration also assists in funding:


The operation of the Animal Management Centre


Our Sales and Rehoming program The ability to release cats and dogs that are registered, desexed and microchipped at a discounted rate


Our “Senior Pets for Senior People” programs

At Council we’re passionate about animals and how the work of our Animal Care Team positively impacts the Logan Community. If you’d like more information:

Visit: Phone: 07 3412 5397 (also available for after-hours emergencies) Email: Located: 213 Queens Road, Kingston Qld 4114 Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 4.30 pm Saturday – 9am to 2pm Sundays and public holidays – closed

Content current as at March 2019 Logan City Council Local Law No 4.0 (Animal Management) 2002 and subordinate Local Law No 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002

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