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Catalogue 1935 - 1936

4490 Lindell Blvd.


''WHAT does it profit one to gain the whole world, if, in so doing, he fails to preserve his health and life as the Creator provided?" To be healthy, human bodies, and especially their framework, must conform to the Creator's "plan." Health is more valuable than gold, its care important enough to delegate only to those capable of restoring and maintaining it to the maximum degree in their own bodies. A preponderance of facts are available to prove that the most effective method of restoring the body to normal contour and health is available at the College of Chiropractic.



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TRUSTEES: 1>11. ' I'. I•' . i\l.11 11•: 11 , c 11 .111rn11 N, :O:.T. L 0 l l l_ 8



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:-; .11 1i-:1t, Y ! <" 1 ·:-c1 1 . 1 11t ~11 '\ :-:.Y HA( ' l r H I ·~, N. Y. U1 1. '/,. I •. \\ · u .<" 1JX , s 1·a · 1u·: T11 t Y-·1 1n: 1s 111rn1t x 1•:w YOltK C IT \' I>1 t. KC. B1 t0wN , 1> L1 1t 11 .1\1 , x. c. ])I L . \. 13. C'O C l ll( .\ N I,, C lll C.ll:fJ, I I. I. . 1)1 1.

HUARD UF DIRECTOR S : D1t. .J . B. \\ ' 1•: nc:1 ·:, c1 1 A IR ~ LI N ST. LOl'lR , ?vlO . D1 t. \V . L . V AUc:llAN, l" lCJ;;-C H . l!R~l.11' NEW YORK C ITY DR. T. L. REESE, SEC RET .IRY-Tlllo;Al-'l ' IU-:l t ST . LO U I S, ~ 1 0. D1 t. BH AN l)O\I , P LTT S RUIW l l , P .I. D1t . •Jo 11N C'HAn·:N, i-; 1-:.-1TTL1-:, w .1s 11. 01 1. II.\\» L An:-.;n1-:n, r u LT ON, r-:. 1· . D1 t. _\. COLLINSON, C L IG \"l<:L .-lt-:1>, Olll<J Du. J. 11'. B1rn11· 1-: 1t , 1J .11· 1•:N POHT, 1011· ..1 Dn ..J. l<'. F . 1LLOT, w1u1n .1 , K A.N ,;.

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B..-\. :-;A1 · 1-:11 , n c 1-: -p;n:s 1D1·:x·1 S\'HACU8 1•:, X . Y. D1 t. H . \~' - L An:N IH:l t, >< 1Xoxn 1· 10:-r1n:s 11n:xT FULTON, N. Y. D1t. T . [1'. ~l.1111·: 1 t, s 1·:c 1u.:T .1 1n--·11 rn .1su1u-: 11 :·.;'!. LO LJ L..;, 1' HJ . Di e

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!)I L \\' . . \. C'CJ l.l.I N,.; <1 t-;, C l.I•: \ 1•: 1.. INI>. <111111 1)1 1. l' . l ~l t <IW .N , llllltll \~ I . N. (', 1)1 1. II. K \\ '.1 1rn1·:N, 1wc 111•:6T1·:11 . .'\. r. D H. I. . \V . V .11 ·1: 11 .1 .' 1, N l•: 11· \'IJl(I, ('J' I \' 1)1 1. I ,. \\'. l•' 1t n:, TICl •:.'\T IJ ,, . N . .f. I )11. .I . ,,. , ,,. 11. 1.CJ T, II l l' l llT .I , 1, l < ' \S .



Dr. Logan has discovered and developed more valuable additions to Chiropractic phi losophy and practice in the past thirteen years than were originated through the combined efforts of all others, since the passing of D. D. Palmer. He is the moving spirit, financially and professionally, in the present program, providing for all Chiropractic ecluca.tional institutions to be conducted without profit or bias, by the practicing members of the profession.

COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC Th e offi cer s of t he In ternationa l C hi ro p ractic R esea rch Found atio n a nd t he College of C hiropractic, w hose na mes a ppea r on pages 9 R eala nd 12, a re sin cere, in tell ige n t, a nd s uccess[ u 1 practitione rs. izing t he n ecessity of improv ed tra inin g and edu cationa l qu a lifi cations for fu t ure generations of C hi ro practors, t hey, t h ro ugh t he In te rnationa l C hi ro p ractic R esearch Fo undation , h ave p rovid ed for the p rofessio na ll y ow ned a nd co n troll ed Coll ege of C hi rop ractic a nd 1ike affili ated ins ti t u t ions. Th e ir aggregate years of ex pe rien ce a nd accumu lated ap preciation of t he need s of t he C hiropractor of both tod ay a nd to morrow will p rovid e a con trolling a nd directing influence in t his instit u t ion unequ a ll ed in t he scholastic histo ry o f o ur p ro fessio n, a nd of v ital importance to those co n templatin g a p rofessiona l career. Pro fessions wh ose popu la ri ty is eq ua l to, or in excess of, t he valu e of t heir p racti ce h ave lo ng since p rovid ed for t he condu ct of t heir educatio na l in s t i t u t ions t hrou gh t he coll ective co n trol of a nd by t heir practicing me mbe rs. As a result, t he greatest poss ibl e ed ucat io na l fac ili t ies a nd t ra ining have bee n m ad e availa bl e t o stud e n ts a nd practit io ne rs. The Coll ege of C hi ro practic rep rese n ts such p rogress in t h e C hi ropractic profession . Thi s College provides a fo ur-year acad e mic cou rse t hat is basica lly fun dame nta l, permi tting i ts grad uates to eliminate d isease s pecificall y a nd wi t h a greater d egree of pe rma ne ncy; a course in cludin g a ll necessary subj ect m atte r esse nt ia l to success. Through t he coope ration of Hu gh B . L oga n , D . C., t he ori gin ator a nd develope r o f Loga n Basic Techniqu e, basic¡ phil osop hy a nd practice w ill be ta ugh t exclu sively at t he College of C hirop ractic a nd future a ffi liated , p rofessiona ll y owned , insti t u t ions, in add ition to eve ry othe r known a nd e ffective m ethod of adju sting vertebra . Th e untramm eled mind is cogni zan t of t he fact t hat a ny m a nm ad e machine o r stru cture will function p ro pe rly onl y whe n a ll its par ts are in t heir prope r rela ti onshi p. Th e huma n body e nj oys a distinct advantage ove r m a n -made stru ctures in t h at it is e ndowed w it h t he power to rep a ir itself whe n (a nd onl y whe n) its su ppo rt ing fra m ework is restored to its p ro pe r co n to ur a nd its every part in norma l relatio nship w it h every othe r part. The refore, t he t ho ugh t f u1 st ud e n t, wh o carefull y in vestigates t he actu a l value a nd achie ve men t of t he m a ny th eories a nd practices in t he h ealin g a rts o f today, w ill recognize t he m ethod s ta ugh t at t he College o f C hiropractic as bein g at least fi fty years in ad vance. 4

Professional Opportunity C hiroprac ti c, a comparative ly new profession , extend s a n u nequ a lled oppo r t uni ty to t he a mbi t io us yo un g ma n o r wo ma n w ho h as fo und t he choi ce of a vocatio n ext re mel y diffic ul t in t hi s age when most lines of e ndeavor a re a lread y ove r-c rowd ed. It offe rs a fu t ure whi ch is at o nce in te resting a nd stimul ating, a n o ppo r t uni ty to re nd e r real ser vice to hum a ni ty, lo establish o nese lf o n a professio na l p la ne in h is co mmuni ty, a nd to reap a ve ry satisfacto ry rewa rd for hi s la bo rs, including fin a ncia l inco me. H ealth is a prim a ry requisite of s uccessful a nd ha ppy li vin g. Th e res ul ts obtained t hrou g h t he inte lligen t a pplicatio n of Logan Bas ic m et hod s in getting s ick people well p ro ve t hat t he we ll- trained C hi ro prac to r has a real se rv ice to re nde r , one fo r whi c h t h e re is a cry ing need. Th e re is roo m in t he C hiro p ractic fi eld for m a ny t imes t he numbe r of prac ti tio ners we h ave today. Thi s ca ta log ue a ffords t he intelli ge n t perso n a n o ppo r t uni ty to e ngage in a n in te resti ng a nd constru ctive e ndeavor , t he limi ts o f whi ch a re m easured a nd d ete rmin ed o nl y b y th e a mbi t io n a nd in terest of t he individ ua l.

FACULTY Th e me mbe rs of t he fac ul ty a re well known lo t he P rofessio n , a nd were chosen because of t he ir s uccessfu 1 fi eld experie nce, edu catio na l qu a lifications, a nd abili ty as t eache rs, to a ffo rd t he student eve ry thin g possibl e in preparatio n for hi s p rofession a l career . Or. L ogan will t each Philosoph y, B asic T echnique, X-Ray Interp re tatio n , Publi city, a nd Practical Offi ce Procedure. O r. Robe rt E. Colyer, who has spe n t ma ny years teaching a nd successful practice, will t each Di agnosis a nd Ph ysiology .


Dr. John T . Jud ge, a uthor of t he latest wo rks o n R adiogra ph y, will teach tha t subject a nd C hemi stry. Dr. J . M . B a uer will teach Geometry a nd Ph ysics. Ass0cia te instru cto rs a re as follows : Or . Dr . Or. Dr. Dr.

Vin t on F . Logan F red W. Ring Thos. F . M a he r Thos. L. Reese J o hn B . Wed ge

A. L. Ni ckson, Registrar. Or. J. \IV . Grospoele r , Assista n t Regis tra r . 5


First Semester- September 16, 1935 to January 31 , 1936 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

Ph ysics (Bod y M echa ni cs) Chemi stry (Body Chemi stry ) H istology (Tiss ue Cell s) Embryology (Organs) 2nd ha lf Anatomy (Osteology) Geo metry Derm atology

90 90 45 45 90 50 90

Second Semester- Fe bruary 3, 1936 to June 15, 1936 1.

A nato my (Osteology & Syndesmology) 90 90 90 90 90 Puhlicity 50

2. P a lpation 3. Bacteriology & T ox icology 4. Physiology 5. X -R ay 6.



Firs( Semester- Prescribed Studies 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.

Anatomy (Myology ) Physiology P a lpa tio n & Drill Symptoma tology Dissectio n H ygiene & Sa nitation

90 90 90 90 90 50

Second Semester- Prescribed S t udies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

An atomy (Angiology) Physiology Diagnosis Chiropractic Phi losophy & P ract ice Physical Diagnosis (Preparatio n for C lin ic) Professio na l E thi cs

90 90 90 90 90 50

1000 6

.J UN lOR YEAR First Semes ter- Prescribed Stud ies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

:.\.n ato m y (Sr la11chno log\¡) Ph :-¡:;iology .\'eurologY Di ag nosis C hiro pract ic P hilosoph:-' & Pr;1clice C lini c

90 90 90 90 90 90

Second Se mester- Prescribed Studies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

A na tomy ( Relal ion<1 l & Reg io nal ) Di ag no,; is ( Di seases o f J\ervo us S yste 111 ) Chiropra ct ic Orthopedics Ph ysiology ( Di gestion ) Offi ce P roced ure & Pra c tice 811 sin ess , etc., C lini c

90 90 90 90 90 90


SENIOR YEAR First Semester- Prescribed Studies 1. Ap pli ed An a tom y 2. Differe n tia l Di agnosis 3. Ne urology 4. C hi rop rac ti c Phil oso ph y & Practi ce 5 . Obstetrics 6. C lini c

90 90 90 90 90 90

Second Semester- Prescribed Studies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Ne u ro logy Di agnosis (Gy neco logy ) Me nta l Di seases Phy sical Di ag nosis C hi ropract ic P hil oso ph y & P ract ice Cl ini c: X-Ray In te rp re ta tion s Di ssec ti on

90 50 40 90 90 90 90


CALENDAR 1935-1936 Registration

Sept. 1 to J a n. 5, 1936 J a n. 15 to 31, 1936 Sept. 16, 1935 Jan. 31, 1936 Feb. 3 , 1936 June 15, 1936 I ov . 11, 1935 Nov. 28, 29 , 1935 Dec. 21 , 1935 to J an 3, 1936

First Semester- begins - end s Second Se mester- begins - ends Holidays: Armistice Day Thanksgiving Day Vacation Examinations F irst Semester Second Semester

J an. 28-31 , 1936, In c. June 10-15, 1936, Inc.

CURRICULUM This modern healt h method, predicated upon t he fact t hat disease is but a man ifestation of the effect of a loss of body symmetry, provides fo r nothing less t ha n permanent correction of disease t hrough an intricate process- restoration to normal relationship of every part of t he body framework. Selection of t he curriculum for t he College of C hiropractic has been m ade wit h a single purpose in mind , to give the student the maximum in practical knowledge of eve ry fund a menta l pertinent to t his method , both immediate and underly ing. The procedure is a scient ifi c one, demanding a knowl edge of natural laws and t heir application to the body and its healt h. Further, for proficiency a nd success in a ny profession, a n app reciation of t he outside forces subt ly influencing t he course of t hat profession and its me mbers is indeed beneficial and necessary. Not t he least to be desired, hav ing once gai ned a know ledge of a ny science, is a familiarity with t he most practical a nd ethical method of app lying it. All t hese needs, in additi on to a t horo ugh study of the Basic science itself , we have met in t he curriculum which will be provided for you as a student.

POST GRADUATE COURSES Post gradu ate courses will be co nducted in the Coll ege of C hi ropractic during the s ummer vacatio n, d urin g t he months of J a nu ary and Feb ru a ry, a nd at such other times as may be advisab le. S ubj ects will be taugh t t hat will permi t the Chiropractic practitioner to understand a nd appreci_ate the cause of body di stort ions, rotary scoli oses of t he spine, a nd the proper procedure fo r t heir correction. Post graduate co urses will consist of two- hundred hours. P hysics, geometry a nd publi city will be extension subjects. The t ui t ion will be $300 .00 . 8



.2),..z. W.A. COLLIN SON





THE COLLEGE 0 ' CHIROPRACTIC Located m one of the best residential districts of St. Louis, the College of C 11Lropractice provides an atmosphere b

THE COLLEGE OP CHIROPRACTIC stricts of St. Louis, t he College of CJ,1iropractice provid es a n atmosphere bot h pleasant and benefi cial to t he stud ent.











Th e practical philosophy of healt h a nd disease can onl y be appreciated when a nd if t he studen t is trained to consistentl y correct subluxations, spin a l deformities, a nd body distortions .


The student will be taught how to adju st every vertebra independently and specifi call y as provided in Chiropracti c methods of t he past, in additi on to Logan's basic meth od s, which will permit the st udent and practitioner to actua lly a nd consistently correct spin a l a nd body di stortions.

Logan Basic Technique is taught only at the College of C hiropract ic, 4490 Lindell Boulevard, St . Louis, a nd in post-grad uate classes, to qualified Chiropractic grad uates and practitione rs. You wou ld therefore ha ve to see k the advice a nd counsel of persons w ho have actua ll y attended Logan Basic classes to verify t he statemen t that Basic Technique is worth a minimum of $1 ,000.00 m ore t ha n a ny other heal th method.

PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS A course in physical diagnosis wi ll be as co mpetent as modern develop me nts provide. CLINIC

Regula r drill a nd practice periods a re provided for the Sophomore, Junior , a nd Senior students, to the end that they will gain exp'e rience in every conceiva ble kind of case .


The College of C hiropractic is fu ll y eq uipped with exclusively new furni shin gs, adapted to t he needs a nd comfort of t he studen ts.


The curri culum comprises a fowr-year course of lecture and study for a co mpete nt professional tra1nmg, including new a nd co mprehensive co urses in publicity, office procedure, and business adminis tration . Since a knowledge of phys ics a nd geometry a re necessary to effectively a nd perman ently correct subluxation s and lack ci f body symmetry, these subjects will be taugh t in ad di t io n to the regul a r C hiropractic course.


Daily classes wi ll be held from 8:00 A.M. to 1 :00 P.M., except Saturd ay, Sunday

a nd holid ays . 13

The above picture is a reproduction of "before and after" X-Rays of an eleven year old girl that had been subjected to various popular, incompetent, and comparatively severe procedures previous to the correction evident in these illustrations. The new and competent procedure applied here, taught only at the College of Chiropract ic, 4490 Lindell Boulevard, will bring an independent, assured future to its users.



A graduate mu st have high school credits equal to those granted in grade A hi gh schoo ls. An examin ation both in hi gh school t ra inin g a nd in telli gen ce will be given upon entrance .


In add itio n to the outlin e on pages 6 a nd 7, t here will be a three month s ummer vacation and a ten-day Christma s Holiday vacatio n. The regular fo ur-year course will be cond ucted in day classes. Only postgrad uate and extensio n courses will be t a ught in the evenings and s ummer vacatio ns.

The t ui t ion will be $1,000.00, payable upon entrance, or $325.00 the fi rst year, $275.00 t he second year , $225 .00 the t hird a nd $175.00 the fou rth year.



We advocate a nd use original , sta,ndard text books. A list of those necessary will be provided at enrollment. The approxi mate cost of t hese will be less tha n $100.00 .


Living expenses for the studen t in St, Louis are known to be lower than those of other

cities of si mila r size.

COMMISSIONS Since t he t u1t1 on for t he regular academi c fouryear co urse is not s uffi cien t to provide for comm1ss1ons to be paid to Chiropractors for e nrollments secured or provided by them, a nd si nce such practices a re radi cally une thical, no one will be compensated for securing enrollments except employees who are devoting their en tire time to t he inte rests of t he College and st ud ents. Since it is incumbent upon the Coll ege to insure the success of the fu t ure practitioner, it is essential that it not be obli ged to accept students because some practicing doctor is receiving a port ion of that student's t uiti on for recommending a college paying co mmi ssions. CREDITS

Students and gradu ates of recogn ized C hiropractic colleges, teaching on ly reside n t co urses, will be a llowed credi ts graded upon the basis of credit a llowa nce in the College of Ch iropractic. Qua li fyi ng diplomas will be co nferred upon bona fide grad ua tes of privately owned a nd controlled schools or coll eges that become affiViated, or a re absorbed by t he Coll ege of Ch iropractic. No medical cred its will be accepted. 15



MODERN X -RAY DEPARTMENT For the first time, with the advent of Logan Basic T echnique, X-Ray clearly reveals how:and why body clistortions cause varying deg rees of disease, according to the location of tho causitive structural fault.


The X- R ay is especia lly adapted to the need of t he C hiropractic Basic T echnicia n. M odern spinograph y, th ro ugh a com peten t in terpretation , for t he fi rst t ime in histo ry, proves consistent ly a nd concl usively t he locatio n a nd ca use of disease, a nd the logical corrective procedure. C redi t should here be extend ed to R oentge n , who discovered a nd dete rmined how to a pp ly t he X -R ay, " R oentge n R ay," to t he end t hat in equi t ies of t he bod y fra mework mi gh t readily be app recia ted . M r. R oe ntge n was not a docto r of a ny practice at t he t ime of his di scovery, but soo n a fterward was endowed with the t it le of D oct or of M ed icine. Dr. Wa rren L. Sausser , of New Yo rk C ity, fo r ma ny years a teacher a nd exponen t, was responsible fo r t he development of the 36 11 spinograp h , a nd is en tit led to cred it fo r t hi s service. Fi ve hundred percent more m ode rn X-Ray eq uipmen t is bein g installed a nd used by students a nd practi t ioners of Logan Basic T echniqu e tha n a ny like n umber of practitioners of a ny health procedure . Th ro ugh t he ap plication of proced ures con tained exclusively in L ogan Basic T echniqu e, a nd taugh t in t he College of C hirop ractic, it is possible to correct t he prima ry cause of disease scient ifically a nd perma nen tly t hro ugh t he in telli ge nt in terpretation of spina l rad iographs, wherein the co ntinuity of a ll spina l irregula ri ties a re depicted o n a sin gle X-Ray film . The install ation of t he m ost modern X-Ray equi pment in the College la boratory will a fford t he stude n t a co mprehensive proof of t he cause of disease a nd the consisten t decrease in bod y di stortion a nd spina l s ubluxations, acco m pany ing or preceding perma nent improvement in health , as possible t hro ugh t he app li catio n of Logan Basic T echniqu e.


A four teen by t hir ty-six inch X-Ray picture of every studen t is taken at d ate of m atricul ation . Th e studen t's health is of p rimary impo rtance t o his s uccess. Furt hermore , the healt h of a Chiropracto r shoul d exemplify t he meri ts of his chosen p rofessio n. A norma l spine is the essen tia l requisite of norma l posture a nd healt h . A seri es of X-Rays taken du rin g t he four years' course will revea l th at t he practice taugh t will straigh ten t he spine- restore t he bod y to its natura l state of a bund a nt vitality a nd ph ysical well-being. 17



LINDELL BOULEVARD It would be diffi cult , if not impossible, for the st udent to glean a fair impression of his future surroundings without having seen the spacio us, tree-bordered boulevard on which the College is situated .

GREATER ST. LO UIS St. L oui s, t he crossroads of t h e nation , was founded o ne hundred seven ly-o ne yea rs ago. lt was t he m a jor gateway t hrough w hich passe<l l he exp lore rs a nd pio nee rs who ope ned l he g reat in la nd e m pi re of t he Unit ed States. Th e St. Loui s o f tod ay is a n1 od e rn , up-tu-da le me tropoli s, will1 its shops, h otels, a nd factor ies ra nkin g with t he best in t he co un t ry . I ts uni ve rsit ies and p ub lic schools, churches a nd civic in stit u tio ns, give it a p ro mine n t place in edu cationa l, reli gio us, a nd c ul t u ral fi elds. St. Lo ui s has retained so methin g o f t he spiri t a nd t he pi cturesqu eness whi ch we n t in to t he ma kin g of its rich h is to ri cal b ackg ro und , o ne of i ls proudest d isl i nct ions. \¡\ ' ith a pup1d atio n of mo re l ha n a milli o n, grea te r SL. l.u u is is th e fo re111osl city of t he M issio:;oi ppi V; tll ey. It is located in th e cen le r o f a regio n ri ch in bot h agric ul l ura l a nd m a nu fac turing p roducts, a nd as a tra nspo r tation ce n ter, ra nks seco nd la rgest in t he U ni ted States. T he Coll ege is located app roximately three b locks fro m Fo rest P ar k , co mprisin g about t h irtee n-hund red acres, a rare collectio n o f shrubs a nd t rees, and t he fi nest aggregation of zoo logical specime ns in t he worl d. Fo rest Park is noted for its recreationa l fac ili ties, in cl ud ing tennis co urts, p lay gro u nd s, ball pa rks, a nd mu nicipal golf li nks. T he re a re a lso t he we ll -kn own ha ll s of t he A rt M use um , t h e collection of Lindbe rg trop hi es, a nd t he Muni cipal Opera, an e n ticin g, ope n-air d isplay of local a nd im ported tale nt. T he broad expa nse o f t he Mi ssissip pi Ri ve r, dotted b y a mul t it ud e of isla nds, affords boati ng, fi shi ng, a nd othec aq uatic spo r ts un s u rpassed . T y pical M ississi ppi Ri ve r exc u rsio n steamers a ffo rd t he recreatio na li st un iq ue a nd p leasant opp ort uni ties. !--~astern M isso uri prov ides, wit hin a n ho ur's d rive o f lh e Coll ege, a \'ar ie t y o f scenery, la kes, a nd rivers.


St. Loui s a ffo rds t he st ude n t exce p tiona l op po rt uni t ies for part-ti me e m ployment. The College bu rea u will re nder every possib le assis ta nce .


Th e fo ur-yea r co urse will pe rn1i t us lo ho ld th e e nru llm e nl s ope n lhro ugh t he first se111es le r or un t il J a nu a ry 5 th. Yo u will no te 0 11 pages 6, 7 a nd 8 t he reg ul a r d a les fo r e 11 rnll111 e 11t th ereaft e r . HJ