Logan Basic College of Chiropractic 1943 Catalogue

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"_An Ounce o/ .JJ-eafth i:J Worth a

Pound o/ Wealth " H. B. L.

* " W HAT does it profit one to gain the whole world if, in so doing, he fails to preserve his health and life as the Creator provided?" To be healthy, human bodies, and especially the:ir framew ork, must conform to the Creator's "plan ." Terse obituaries, if studied without prejudice, reveal abortions of natural life span, through heart trouble alone, to prove that a successful life is not measured by financial atta inment. Hea lth in a hovel is a greater criterion of succe ss, and is preferable to disease in a palace. Health is more valuable than gold, its care important enough to delegate only to those capable of restoring and maintaining it to the maximum degree in their own bodies. A preponderance of facts is available to prove that the most effective method of restoring the body to normal contour and health is available at the Logan Basic College of Chiropractic.










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EFORE me on my desk lies a watch. It is a small watch a nd bears the name of a maker noted for his attention to detail, for his interest in the beautiful, and for his craftsmanship in the painstaking placement of each part. Each wheel, each screw, each spring, as in all watches, has some definite function, but each of these is a tiny marvel of precision. The case is a rare thing, and its design could only emanate from the mind of one who loves his work.

Before me in front of my desk stands another intricate product of fine workmanship, a young man. His Creator is the Master Craftsman, one to whom time and e ffort mattered not, but only perfection of detail. Through the centuries this Craftsman strove always to improve each time upon his former efforts with the result that man's body, if not defective, is the epitome of a wellbalanced, smooth-running mechanism. Unfortunately, he could not provide against man's indiscretions and maltreatment of the thing he had struggled to achieve for human kind-a body structure meticulously planned to provide the utmost in health, thus there often results some inadequacy, some man-caused body deficiency. But in his way the Artisan was most considerate in that he provided the intelligent man with the opportunity to have these discrepancies corrected through Logan Basic Technique.












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D r . Logan, it is beli eved, h as discover ed a nd dev elop ed more valuab l e add it i ons to Ch i ropractic philosophy and practice in t h e p ast twenty-f ive yea r s t han were originated otherwise. He is the moving spir it financ ially and professionally and an ardent exponent of the program prov id i ng for all Chiropractic educati o nal institutions to be conducted by the practicing m embers of the professron.



CURRICULUM In the four years' training at the Logan Basic College of Chiropractic, students begin their studies with the very fundamentals of Human Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mechanics; they are taught to intelligently and consistently determine and

correct body distortions, which are the basic cause of disease. Further, they are having the value of this most modern, advanced training proved to them by the straightening of their own spines and resultant health while they are in college.

FRESHMAN In the first year we begin the study of the story of the body, the "human machine." It is in this year that the ground work must be laid to form the basis of the following three years. Chemistry, both organic and inorganic, Histology, and Embryology form a background that aids the student in a better understanding of matter in all its forms, and

prepares him for the study of Human Anatomy and Physiology. The Chiropractic subjects of Orthopedy, Philosophy, and Palpation make for an understanding of the profession the student is entering. X-Ray Physics is another essential, that familiarizes the student with X-Ray and radiographs, used . in teaching and diagnosis.

SOPHOMORE The second year becomes a bit more complex in nature, although it is simplified as a result of the foundation already laid during the first year. Anatomy and Physiology of structure are continued. In Chemistry we follow through with its real application to the

body, Bio-Chemistry. A study of Symptomatology and Diagnosis begins in this year. Chiropractic Philosophy, Body Mechanics, Technique, and Physical Diagnosis aid in preparing the student for his coming year in clinic.

JUNIOR This third year marks the student's first real endeavor to give expression to that knowledge he has been gleaning in the first two years. Additional subjects beside Anatomy, Physiology, and Diagnosis are Bacteriology, Toxicology, and Psychology. The

student, having been trained in the art of determining body distortions and restoring bodies to normal, now enters clinic under the guidance of his instructors to prepare for his service to mankind through real, actual experience.

SENIOR This is the final year, in which every effort is bent toward correlating the entire training. The clinic is private; the training is specialized, even to personal supervision of

the individual's case. Additional subjects are Dermatology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, X-Ray Interpretation, Office Procedure, Pathology, and Ethics.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



COURSES OF STUDY The installation of university-trained instructors makes possible the culmination of Dr. Loqan's plans to provide a course of study in the basic subjects unsurpassed in

the Chiropractic educational field and sufficient to fully qualify the apt student to meet the graduate of any other health educational institution on an equal basis.

ANATOMY This course offers the student an opportunity to study the gross structures of the human body. A complete course in dissection permits the student to study the integuments, muscles, joints, skeleton, viscera, vascular system, peripheral nerves, and

sense organs. Lectures, demonstrations, and recitations correlate the observations made in the laboratory with the observations made from a study of the a natomy of the living specimen and X-ray films.

BACTERIOLOGY This course considers the morphology and metabolism of the bacteria associated with disease. Differentiation by means of stain-

ing and growth on the various media is demonstrated. The immunological reactions of the body are finally discussed.

CHEMISTRY The beginning course in inorganic chemistry, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, is followed by a developmental

discussion of organic reactions with special reference to the chemistry of the human body.

BIO CHEMISTRY The final course, Bio Chemistry is a practical study of body chemistry as related to foods, their digestion and absorption, body

growth and nutrition, as well as study of the various other fluids and their vital use to the body.

CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE AND APPLICATION In this division is laid the nucleus about which the student will later build his professional success. Stress is laid on the advanced principles of Logan Basic Technique; through its proper application the student gains a knowledge of scientific and consistent reduction and correction of the causes of disease. All known valuable, corrective adjusting procedures are included. For the first time, perhaps, and through the aid of X-ray, constantly changing but never before scientifically corrected defects in body structure are explained. Palpation, taught in the first part of the

freshman year, provides for a tactile recognition of normal or abnormal location of the spinal sections, includes nerve tracing, and affords a basis for the further study of manual examination. In Orthopedy an intensive, detailed study is made of the body framework, and especially the pelvis and spinal column, the peculiarities. of individual vertebrae, the syndesmology or ligamentous complements, and the myology or related muscular structure of lhe spinal column. This subject is taught in the latter trimester of the first year.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



COURSES OF STUDY-Continued Logan Basic Technique Theory and Practice: In the first and second trimesters of the second year, the theory of Logan Basic Technique is propounded, wherein vertebral subluxation and spinal scoliosis are shown to be the direct or indirect results of abnormality of the foundation of the spinal column, and the methods whereby they may be corrected are explained. Manual examination is combined with diagnosis by X-ray, and extended into a determination of mechanical factors responsible for structural

body distortions. Basic Technique diagnosis includes also a study of weight distribution as a basis for body imbalance and distortion. Actual contact drill and practice are begun in the third trimester, and by the end of the second year, adjustments are exchanged among the students. In the third and fourth years technique drill and practice are continued in classes and clinic, where the student develops skill and proficiency and adds otherwise to his knowledge.

CLINIC Students, on reaching their third or junior year, are placed in charge of clinic patients. Here the student is afforded the opportunity to meet and solve the actual problems that he w ill encounter in practice. Under faculty supe rvision, students X-ray their cases, determine the proper adjustment by manual examination and X-ray interpretation, and g ive the adjustments. An office record, similar to that which the average practitioner finds necessary and practical. is kept by the

student. The interns are assisted in their examinations and keeping of records by a specially trained office assistant. All patients have complete physical examinations before being accepted as patients of Logan Basic College Health Institute . Because of the health-giving atmosphere and ideal location of the College and the efficiency of clinic procedure, the type of patient is attracted whom the student later, as a practitioner, will welcome in his practice.

DERMATOLOGY Lectures are given on diseases of the skin which provide a general survey of their etiology, pathology, and symptomatology. Finally the ir association w ith nerve inter-

ference and loss of tissue function aids in better determining their cause, and therefore their eventual possible correction.

DIAGNOSIS A thorough consideration of the physical diagnosis of disease is offered in this course, which is closely correlated with pathology and physiology and follows the course in bacteriology. The technique of the chemical

and microscopic analysis of the b lood and urine, sputum examination, and othe r aids toward making a correct diagnosis is include d in this study.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



COURSES OF STUDY-Continued DIETETICS This course is the study of the various basic foods, their proper use to minimize the effects of disease, and the necessity of their

variation for a balanced diet to provide for maximum metabolism in abnormal bodies.

EMBRYOLOGY A study of the developmental anatomy of the human embryo is offered in this course. Lectures and demonstrations are given which describe the development, maturation, and fertilization of the human germ cells; the development of the embryo and growth

of the fetus; origin and development of the various structures of the human body; and the various anomalies w hich result in the congenital defects. Laboratory facilities are correlated with the class work in human embryology.

HISTOLOGY This course provides a study of the microanatomy of the skin and other tissues of the bod y . Laboratory facilities including the

use of slides for the study of histological sections.

HYGIENE AND PUBLIC HEALTH All the practical p hases of hygiene and public health will be taught in special classes as well as incorporated with related subjects. These subjects are of interest to the

practitioners of all h ealth methods because of their importance to public comfort, health, and well-being.

FIRST AID First Aid is included as a regular class in the College curriculum, and many of our

stude nts are trained in advance courses as instructors.

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY These subjects w ill be taught in a manner consistent with general requirements and the

n eeds of the future Chiropractic practitioner.

PATHOLOGY This course is closely correla ted with the course in diagnosis and the course in physiology. Both the gross and microscopic study

of diseased tissues and organs are considered.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



COURSES OF STUDY-Continued PEDIATRICS Diseases of childhood, like those of adults, are shown to be the direct or indirect result of derangements of the body framework. A proper understanding and application of pro-

cedures used to correct distortions or faults in the juvenile's spine and general health and to decrease the use of braces, casts, etc., are made clear.

PHYSIOLOGY Opportunity is provided for the students to learn the functions of the human body. As far as practicable, demonstrations described in the lectures are made in the classroom . Lectures are given on the physiology of muscle and nerve, the central nervous

system, special senses, blood and lymph, organs of circulation, respiration, digestion and secretion, nutrition and heat production and regulation, and the physiology of reproduction.

PSYCHOLOGY This lecture course deals with the psychology of the normal and the abnormal. The individual is studied as a whole; his activities are described, and the different

physiological factors which present the etiological basis for the various syndromes are considered.

X-RAY PHYSICS X-ray Physics includes a working knowledge of the X-ray apparatus; the technical procedures for bone, soft tissue, degeneration, malignancy, trauma, localization, and

fluoroscopic work, and a study of .the factors providing for the most diagnosable roentgenograms in accord with various requirements.

X-RAY INTERPRETATION Specializing in the fourteen by thirty-six inch film or complete torso X-ray as a means of interpreting faulty body mechanics, resulting in poor posture and its relationship to d isease, provides the student with the . most outstanding and completely new intricate study of the pattern of man. Precision meas-

urements to a millimeter bring to light faults in body mechanics hitherto hidden, and therefore not understood, and make man aware of the necessity of righting his own structure and appreciating similar faults in the postures of those persons suffering similar diseases.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



CURRICULUM CHIROPRACTIC: Palpation, Philosophy, Drill X-ray Procedure and Interpretation Office Procedure and Jurisprudence

1260 hours

Physics Psychology

ANATOMY: Histology, Embryology, Orthopedy

1000 hours


320 hours

DIAGNOSIS: Physical, Pathology, Pediatrics Dermatology, Hygiene, First Aid and Bacteriology


940 hours


360 h ours

CHEMISTRY: Organic, Inorganic, Laboratory, Toxicology, Dietetics and Bio Chemistry


120 hours


800 hours 4800 hours

Two semesters per year; four years completed in 37 months.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



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PHOTOGRAPHS (Pages 12-13)

STUDENT BODY The student body of the Logan Basic College as pictured on page twelve was taken June 1943 just prior to the July en~ollment. In the upper right hand comer you will note the class of 1936. The enrollment of the Logan Basic College has grown and is still growing despite the adverse conditions a t the present time. There are over forty students w ho have been inducted in to the armed forces for service to their country, w ho would otherwise have been in the group

picture. Our continued growth is but an evidence of the fact that we supply the demands of today. These students are all sh owing consistent improvements in their own bodies, while learning to become upright, honest citizens, devoted to a cause, and sincerely interested in their fellow men. The atmosphere is the best-the environment is conducive to study as well as good h ealth.

CHORAL SINGING Recognizing the need for some diversion as well as the great value of voice culture, a special extra-curricular class is conducted to train the student in harmony and voice

educa tion. All of this tends to bring the stu dents closer toge the r in a cooperative spirit, and at the same time provides for the building of stronger bodies.

COLLEGE INTERNS The above group are all students in the Logan Basic College, enrolled for the comp le te four year term, and care for the large daily attendance of Clinic patie nts. They are well supervised, thoroughly trained in

individual care, in making examinations a nd in the laboratory procedure necessary to the recovery of our clinic patients. Poise is n ecessary to a doctor---as is evidenced.

GRADUATION The gradua tion exercises each year a re conducted at the time of the Assembly h eld

under the auspices of the International Basic Te chnique Research Institute.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.




is exceptional in that ... It has the exclusive right to teach LOGAN BASIC TECHNIQUE.

LOGAN BASIC TECHNIQUE is the FIRST and ONLY METHOD which permits the qualified practitioner to restore the entire body framework to its natural shape and/ or contour, as is necessary to the consistent reduction or elimination of disease. The LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC was organized and has earned a consistent growth in its student body under present difficult conditions because of the greater value of this difficult-to-understand technical procedure, competent to restore the human body framework to its natural shape and contour, but which could not be taught to maximum advantage otherwise.

THE LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE is located on a beautiful seventeen acre campus with groves of beautiful oaks, shrubbery and flowers, eight miles from the h eat and dust of the city, all of which aids the student to assimilate the maximum. All students have benefited consistently in health through a reduction of faulty body mechanics. The College has an exceptionally well qualified faculty. A recreation hall with Wurlitzer cabinet, baseball ground, two tennis courts, volley

ball and badminton courts provide for the students' recreation and physical development. Choir singing is under supervision of a qualified director. Drs. Hugh B. and Vinton F. Logan, nationally known lecturers and teachers, acting as president and dean respectively, provide for the students of the Logan Basic College an exceptional curriculum. Dr. Hugh B. Logan enjoys an exceptional distinction, much to the advantage of the students, in that he has enjoyed two betterthan-average practices previous to organizing and endowing the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC. This practical experience permits Dr. Logan to teach the student how to organize and maintain a practice. The years of effort required to develop the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE to its present and much greater future potentiality for good, invites the undivided support of a ll persons intelligently and sincerely interested in incomparable health restoration and maintenance. The exceptional success of the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE is attributed to several exceptional factors, among which are the support of the most successful members of the Chiropractic profession, and the management and control almost gratis by the Logans, whose honesty of purpose toward Chiropractic, students and sick people generally is unquestionable.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



CARE OF THE STUDENTS HEALTH PROBLEMS While there have been thousands of theories and health practices, and while most practitioners thereof cannot or will not recognize the value of Chiropractic adjustments, few if any, in the presence of an intelligent audience will claim that a human body will function properly if its framework is distorted. Few or any of them would not immediately subscribe to the natural body framework as a necessity to health, if they had not first been taught that something else cured disease. A know ledge of Logan Basic Methods makes clear the sense of repeated claims that as far as other health methods are concerned, about ninety per cent of acute ailments come and leave the body regardless of the application of such methods, because of unrecognized changes in the body framework.

Logan Basic Health Methods not only guide or control chance changes in faults of the body framework and their resulting effects, but make corrective changes in these chronic mechanical faults that previously prevented impossible chronic ailments from being eliminated. The students' tuition at the Logan Basic College of $105.00 per trimester (three months) provides both the best possible education in reducing or correcting human body distortions (the real mechanical cause of disease) and the same regular health care as is given regular lay patients. The purpose of the above consideration is designed to provide a better state of health for the Basic Technician of the future. All students have retake x-rays to show spinal improvements as related to their better health.

There is only one desig1; for a normal body franieworktherefore X-Ray proof of its correction is sufficient

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.



X-Rays of same person Before and After Receiving Basic corrective methods

Crooked, disease. cau sing spine

Nature (God) desig ned the shape and con· tour of human bodies w ith a ll their bony parts e njoying certa in relationships as an essen· tial to natural health function. Roentgen originated the X-ray, by which the living human body framework with all its deformities may be observed, and the real or impractical claims of a ll health methods re duce d to fact or fa llacy resp ective ly. This is p roven by the fact tha t the bodies of those w h o were taught and who practice according to fa llacious theories are as sick and d istorted as their patie nts, and therefore fear to display compe tent X-rays of their own <;:l. istortions.

Now approaching that natural state necessary to hea lth

Health has been misconstrued to mean only what incompetent or half·effective health methods may provide, instead of that perfect state of hea lth possible only in bodies whose frameworks are as the Creator provided. Through a concentrated study of th ous· ands of x-rays of distorted sick bodies, the causative mechanica l factors have b een appre ciate d, and corrective means discovered to the end that ninety percent of such disease causing distortions are being reduced or eliminated con sistently. This is being accomplished for every student a t the Logan Basic College, the only college qu a lifie d to teach this new and revolutionary method.

7701 F lorissant Road , St. Louis, (21) Mo.



PERTINENT INFORMATION FOR THE STUDENT ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Application blanks will be furnished upon request. After providing requested information thereon, this application should be for-


CREDITS The enrolling student is allowed credit on all subjects taught at the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC upon receipt

of transcript of credits from any recognized educational institution.

WHEN TO ENROLL Matriculation dates are the first school day of the first week of September, February and

July. Enrollment should be arranged 30 days previous to these dates.

TUITION Tuition for the entire four year course is $1250.00, but may be paid in advance at the rate of $105.00 per trimester (three months

period). A carrying charge of five per cent for unpaid balances.

TEXTBOOKS The cost of standard text books averages less than $25.00 per year. Texts are latest

and best procurable and are in use throughout this entire course.

HOURS OF INSTRUCTION Regular College classes are confine d to the hours from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p .m ., five days per week. A total of 4000 hours instruction are given. 800 h ours of internship in

College clinic are confined to afternoons or evenings during the junior and senior years, making a total credit of 4800 hours.

REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION The graduate must be twenty-one years of age, of good moral character, w ith thirty-six months elapsed time of training, e xcept where acceptable credits are earned elsewhere from approved educational institu-

tions. He must have passing grade of seventy-five in examinations, and must be present when degree is conferred at regular graduating exercises of his class.

LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS Living and dining accommodations are available for the majority of students. The social atmosphere of the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE is the best possible- a ll seeming restrictions are designed for the benefit of

the students' greater future. Regardless of tuition receivable, immoral and incorrigible students are dismissed upon receipt of convincing evidence. One or other of the Drs. Logans are on the campus continuously.

WHAT TO BRING The student should bring towels, washcloths and soaps and other toilet articles. The College furnishes a ll other linens and

bedding. The Students should bring their ration books.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

College Entrance Watching a ball -game Helping landscape the College grounds Tennis court Repairing the road on the College grounds


One of the cottages on the grounds


College station wagon


Administration building


Student recreation


Sophomore class


Trailer village


Career bound


Students helping to construct garage


Girls' dormitory



VACATIONS Two vacations each year enable the student to complete his four years training in three years elapsed time - two weeks are given during the Christmas season, and another two weeks are given the latter part of

August. This varies somewhat in the Junior and Senior year for the upper classmen, as they are engaged then in serving their clinic internship.

ARRIVAL NOTICE It is the desire of the College that all students notify the College in advance of their arrival date, time and place, so that the station car can be on hand to meet them. Col-

lege pennant stickers will be forwarded to all students to be placed on their baggage so that they may be easily recognized upon arrival.

OFFICE ASSISTANT TRAINING Expansion in Basic Offices Necessary to Greater Success Basic restoration of human bodies to their natural form requires that more of the doctor's thought be conserved for more technical matters than can be performed by trained assistants. Hence the LOGAN BASIC COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC installed a ninemonth training course for girls who can meet these requirements. This course consists of nine months time, and young women are taught the Philosophy of Chiropractic, Roentgenology (X-ray Technique), Laboratory Procedure including Urinalysis and Hemanalysis, Orthopedy or Spinal Anatomy, Normal and Abnormal Psychology. In addition, special training is given in handling patients by assisting the clinicians in the College clinic, and in keeping complete office records. Henry Ford paid his wife a beautiful compliment when he referred to how his wife held a night light for him to work by when

he was developing his first automobile. But had he not had the foresight to employ trained assistants by the thousands when needed, he would probably have continued a one-man production, providing against his phenomenal success and the production of millions of automobiles for people all over the world. Since about half of those enrolling in this course become so enamoured w ith consistent improvement in their bodies, the beautiful health logic of Basic Methods, the College and its social atmosphere, that they decide to continue through the four year course leading to the doctor's degree, it is well to enroll at least two candidates for the office assistants course for each assistant desired. Have your body framework corrected, health restored and protected, while receiving education that w ill prove best insurance for longevity, health and therefore happiness.

7701 Florissant Road, St. Louis, (21) Mo.







Fill in all details possible, sign and date. I, ................................................ . ............... .. . ., do hereby apply for admission to College of Chiropractic. Permanent address .. . ..... . ........... . ... . .............. . ........... . .............................. . ..................... . Date of birth ............... .. . . . Place of birth .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . To what race do you belong? . ........................ .. Father's birthplace ...... . ........................ . ............ :Mother's birthplace ..... . .................................... . Father living? ............ .. ....... Mother living? ............... .. .... Father's occupation .......... .. . ... .. . .... . .... .. .. . Father's name ................................................ Legal Guardian ............................................. . Pern1anent address of Father or Guardian ................. .. .... . ................... . ............ . ............... . ... . .... . .. . Name of high school from which you graduated ....... . ..... .. ..... ... ..... .. ............ Date of graduation .... .... ... ... .... . Have you attended any educational institution since graduating from high school? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If so, where, and give date of attendance and credits received ................................................................................... . When do you expect to enter?

(September) (January)

19 ...... .

Date ............. ································

Application Deposit of $5 Enclosed.

Signed .................................... .. . .. ... . .. ... .... . .

CERTIFICATE OF RECOMMENDATION This certifies t hat (name in fu ll ) ...... .... . . .. . ..... . .. . . . ... . .. . ..... . . .. .. ......... .. ...... .. ... . . of (street & no.) . .. .. . .. ... ... ... ... . . ...... . ..... . (city) . . .... . . . . . . .. .. .. .. (state) . . . .... . . .. . . . ... . was g raduated from the ........ . . .. . . . .. ... . .. . . . ... .. .. Hig h School of ... .. .. . . . . ... . .. . .. . ........ . . . on .... .. . . .... . . . . ... .. ... . . 19 .. .. , has completed the work shown in detail below, is of good moral character, and in accordance with the requirements is hereby recommended fo r admission with out examination to the Logan Basic College of Chi rop ractic, 7701 F lorissant Road, St. Loui s, 21 :rvio. (He) (She) ranked in the (high) (middle) (low) t hird of (his) (her) class on the basis of four-year average. (He) (She) took the . . ........ . ..... Psychological Test . . ... .. . ... . .. . .. 19 . ... ., and received a score of

Date .......... . .. .. .. . ........ . .. 19 . .. . Yea r


- -- - --

No. of

No. of W ee k s

P e riods Per

P ur -

- --

- - -- -- - -- - 1 -- - - - - -- - -Second Year

- -- -- -- - ---1--- - - --

- --

1- - - --

LATIN- First Year


- --

Tak e n sued - - - - --1-- --



- - -- - - - - - -- -

L aboratory

- - --


- --




1- - - -- - -- - - -1-- - - -- - - ----Labora tory 1- - -- -- - - -- -1--- - - -- - - -- -


- - - - - -- - - -- -


- - - -- -

- --

- --

- - - -1- - --

- -- - -- --

- --


- - - - - -- - --

lHSTORY- Anc ient M edieval & Modern



- --



- -11- -- -- -- --

- -- - -

- -- 1- -



- - - - - - --11---

- -- - - - - - - - --

= =U=n=it=e= d

_ II_ _ _ - 1 ---

===== ==--=----_- -_-_-_-_- --=--:ll~-A~G~R~I_c-u_-_1-"_T-_u R~E~~~~~~~~~~ll~--~~----==1==

- - - - - - -1- - - - - -- - --


Laboratory - - - - - - - - - -- 1--

- --


- - - - - --


PHYSIOGRAPHY - - - - - - -- - - - GEOGRAPHY Fourt h Year -0T-l-l_E_R_ L_._!\_ N_G_U_A_G' E-- - -i-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i i P-H_Y_S_IO_L _O _G _· ,- , - - - -- -- i - - -

========= = = ==========·::=====

N o. of P e riods Grade P er Wk . 1- -----

- - - - - - - - - 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

- - - -1-- - - - - - - - - - - --

- - - - -- - -- - -1-- - Second Y ear - - -- - -- - - - - 1-- -Third Year

Pur -

- - - - · -- - -- - - -- - -

Third Year - - -- - - - - - - -1- - - - - - - - - - - - - F o u rth Year - - - - - --

Ko. of Week s




'I'aken s u ed Wk. - 1·-- - - - - - - - - - - - -

ENGLISH- F ir st Year


P ri ncipal . .... . .. . . . .. .. . ... .. . . .. . . .. .... .. ..... . .

- --

- - - --

-1- -



- - - -- - - --

- --

- --

- - - -- -- - - - - 1 - - - - - -




- - -

- - - - - - - - - --

FREE HAND DRAWING --ll --IN-,D -U - ST_ l_U_A_I_,_T_ R_A-Ii'\ --I-N, G-.- -I - - - - --



ALGEBRA- E l ementary


- -- - -

- --


--- i- -- -

11 -_ - _-_ - -_ _-_ - -_ _ -- -_ - -_ _-_- -_ -_--_11-_ -M=A=N='U=f= \L ==T=R=A=I=N= I N='G======:::===== = = = = i = =




- - - --



- - - - -- -- - - -1- - --

- --

- -- - --



- - - --

Ad vanced


- -


- -


- -- - - - -- - -- 1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -GEOMETRY- P lane Other Subjects - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - -- -1- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -Solid - - -- - - - -- - - 1 - - -TRIGONOMETRY

_P_H_Y_s_rc _ s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1____ Laboratory

Passing Grade


- --

- - - - --


- - - 1 - - --

===== ==~----__-_ -

i- -- --

- -- - --

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School. ... .. .. . .. Grade Requi red for Recommendation to Co llege . . . ...... Leng th of Reci-

tation Period . . ... .. . ... J\.fark (L) any subjects occupying double periods. Specify by (PG) any subj ect taken subsequent to graduation.

In the event the H ig h School R ecord is not available, fi ll in th e foll owing affidavit. I hereby attest that records of my above mentioned sch ool are not available and th at to my best knowledge I completed the work as outlined above. (Sig ned) ... . .... . . .. .. . ...... .. .. .... ... . . .... . Attest ............ . . . . ... . . . . ... . . . ... . . . . ..... . Th e P rincipal should send th is recommendation to t he Registr ar, Loga n Basic College of Chiropractic 7701 F lo ri ssant Road, St. Louis, 21 Mo.




There is an origina l Basic Health philosophy in the emblem pictured above. Constant changes taking place in the spine from youth through the ages provide for the correction of some ailments, and the cause of othe r ailments. The above illustration conveys much that is pertinent to health. The picture of the spine on the left represents the usual distortion of youth, a nd to the informed provides an understanding of why appendicitis occurs most often to those under thirty years of age. The illustration of the human spine on the right represents spina l distortions largely peculiar to people over thirty years of age, and provides an understanding why gall bladder condition s and certain other ailm e nts are peculiar to people over th irty. About ninety percent of the type of spinal distortions peculiar to persons over thirty

years of age were once just the opposite, like the distortion of the spine on the left. This suggests many possible changes in the re lationship of a ll bones in the body, thus accounting for repeated expression s by expe rienced practitioners of n early all health methods to the effect that ninety percent of human a ilments come a nd go from the human body despite the best knowledge and e ffectiveness of practices in vogue. The Logan Basic College teaches the knowledge of human body mechanics that permits its graduates to restore the human bod y framework to the pattern originally designed by nature, without w hich no human can be healthy. No man-mad e machine can function without distress and early break-downs if its framework is left distorted indefinitely.

7701 Florissa nt Road, St. Lo uis, (21) Mo.










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7701 Fl o l"issan t Road , St. L ou is, 2 1 Mo. (Please note t ha t the Logan Basic C ol l ege of Ch il"Opl"actic i s located o n F l ol"issant ROAD , n ot F l orissant Aven ue.)