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Partying and having fun in the Spanish cult place

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Charme and shopping in the island of La Dolce Vita

SAINT-TROPEZ with OLA RUDNICKA Exploring the French destination with the iconic model. Discovering the chic Côte d’Azur lifestyle OLA RUDNICKA in CHANEL portrayed in EPI 1959

ST TROPEZ with OLA RUDNICKA A cool wardrobe for a hot destination. What to wear to be prepared for the most awaited season of the year? A laminated swimming suit, a terrycloth dress, a bucket hat and don’t forget to bring a surfboard. All by Chanel, of course.


This page: laminated jersey swimming top COCO BEACH DE CHANEL, denim shorts and straw hat CHANEL, “Première Rock” watch in steel and black leather CHANEL WATCHES. Opposite page: cotton beach towel and bag CHANEL. Opening spread: laminated jersey swimming top COCO BEACH DE CHANEL,”Comète Spirale” earrings and necklace in 18k white gold and diamonds CHANEL JEWELRY.

This page: laminated jersey swimsuit COCO BEACH DE CHANEL, “Comète Sprale” earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds, CHANEL JEWELRY. Opposite page: terrycloth dress and bucket hat COCO BEACH DE CHANEL.

This page: laminated jersey swimming suit and aluminium surfboard CHANEL. Opposite page: embroidered terrycloth dress COCO BEACH DE CHANEL, metal framed sunglasses, leather metal and pearls waist bag and leather mules CHANEL.

Printed jersey wetsuit and terrycloth bucket hat COCO BEACH DE CHANEL, “Comète Spirale” earrings in 18k white gold and diamonds CHANEL JEWELRY. Opposite page: printed jersey swimsuit and swimming top COCO BEACH DE CHANEL, “Comète Spirale” earrings and necklace in 18k white gold and diamonds CHANEL JEWELRY. Talent: Ola Rudnicka@ IMG. Hair stylist and make up artist: Sergio Corvacho. Photographer assistant: Francesco Zinno.


This page: the entrance of La Mistralée private mansion in Saint-Tropez.

Tropézienne Tradition Just like every summer, Chanel settles in at the private mansion La Mistralée in St Tropez until the start of the school year and designs a new, dedicated décor, inspired by the code of Chanel’s elegance. By karen rouach


The relation between Chanel and St-Tropez is a great love story. This haven of peace in the middle of the village’s effervescence, celebrates 10 years of activity and still embodies the company’s relaxed elegance. And there was no better setting to showcase the Spring-Summer 2019 ready-to-wear and accessories collection, inspired by the beach. This time, the classic interior architecture blends with ultra-contemporary furniture, while on the floor, a play of antique mirrors and large black carpets play with the clarity of the environment. Perfume and new jewellery and watchmaking items also have their place here. Further on, the garden of La Mistralée, with its welcoming swimming pool, invites you to a moment

of idleness. Chairs, tables and large tweed poufs with leather cushions confirm this summer lounge atmosphere. The pool house, entirely painted with a thick, powerful blue plaster, perfectly illustrates a Mediterranean summer. There is the perfect wardrobe for a trip to the beach, namely the Coco Beach collection and its swimwear, traditional espadrilles and other straw hats. “Just...Chanel it!”

1, avenue du général leclerc, 83990 saint-tropez, france tel: +33 4 94 94 49 07 47 until october 2019, monday to sunday from 10am to 1.30pm and from 3.30pm to 8pm (4.30pm to 9pm in july and august).


This page, clockwise from the top: looks from Chanel SS19 collection, the pool of the mansion and a selection of swimwear looks from the Coco Beach collection.



Zimmermann in St-Tropez This page: Zimmermann shop in Saint-Tropez.

Any brand from far away would choose Paris as their first French address. However, the Australian brand Zimmermann has set its sights on St-Tropez as the only physical point of sale in France. By karen rouach

Even though they came straight from Sydney, to St-Tropez, Zimmermann really feel at home because no one can deny that the retro style of the collection reflects the finest hours of this mythical village. What could be more appropriate than a floral, cutwork design dress to cross the Place des Lices, or high waist, flared pants to dance in the Caves du Roy? This summer, in addition to the famous light, vaporous dresses that made the Zimmermann namesake brand so successful, they present a line of sunglasses that fit like a natural compliment on the shelves of the Tropezian boutique. They bring to mind a refined, fresh and optimistic femininity, full of references from the 1970s. These sunglasses perfectly match the new ready-to-wear, resort, and swimwear collections available in this oasis of fashion. «I spent many years collecting vintage sunglasses and then thinking about how we could integrate them into our aesthetics,» says Nicky Zimmermann, who chose the Australian model Jessica Hart as her muse. The 13-piece eyewear collection including cat eyes, an oversized round shape or tear-shaped sunglasses adapts to all types of faces. The entire collection is characterized by nuances of deep chocolate and bronze, evoking a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Meticulously handcrafted, they offer the best possible protection against UV rays. All you have to do is try them out at the Club55... every day from 10am to 7pm. 58 rue françois sibilli, 83990 saint-tropez.


THE CAVES DU ROY PLAYLIST By karen rouach and thibault de montaigu

Here, we don’t have to make a federal case out of seeing Jack Nicholson or Naomi Campbell sitting on a sofa... because the only star here is the Caves: its obscure ceiling dotted with stars, its columns of luminescent palm trees encircling the dance floor like a box, its pillars where slender Amazons in stiletto heels are wiggling their hips and its gold strapped tables where champagne buckets sparkle amid the crackling bubbles and sounds of laughter. This describes a true palace of dreams, a secret and dazzling harem where so many revelers from all over the world dream of entering. It has never been the nightclub of any particular era or of a gang of friends or a musical movement, but a place of pilgrimage throughout the years for night owls from all over the world. Eddie Barclay, Françoise Sagan and other night-lifers, wearing the traditional espadrilles and who had “open tables” in the beginning, succeeded the Bono and Bruce Willis celebrities of today without altering the spirit of the place. Proofs of this are the anthology of evenings where one or any other of these Anglo-Saxon idols, invite themselves, as if no big deal, behind the turntables alongside the cult DJ resident Jack-e. The latter also reveals the 10 titles he plays, at any means, since his arrival.

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WELCOME TO ST-TROPEZ Timati & Jack.e ONE Sweedish House Mafia I GOTTA FEELING The Black Eyed Peas FEEL SO CLOSE TO YOU Calvin Harris TITANIUM David Guetta LEVELS Avicii LOSING IT Fisher OPUS Eric Prydz



Just like home Some people come to Saint-Tropez for its festive spirit, others prefer secret gems hidden from public. Hotel Lou Pinet (“pine” in the regional Provençal language) is for those who refuse to choose between the mind-boggling, feverish atmosphere and absolute calm. By karen rouach

While Jane Birkin’s shadow in a white lace mini-dress and a wicker basket still hangs over the port, Hôtel Lou Pinet invites you on a journey back in time. And indeed, five minutes from Place des Lices, this peaceful spot with scents of pine resin was transformed into a Bobo-chic refuge by the Pariente family and has the Tropezian charm that seduced Françoise Sagan, Boris Vian, Picasso and Juliette Gréco. 94

Recently renovated by the architect Charles Zana and the landscape gardener Jean Mus, both lovers of Mediterranean culture, this mythical address of the 1960s, with its decor in raw and natural materials and bathed in light, has become a real family home. Linen, ceramics, rope, terracotta and other natural materials give a unique charm to the place, where each object has been carefully chosen and highlights the regional heritage of craftsmanship from the pottery of Vallauris, to the glassware from Biot. The swimming pool, the largest among the hotels in SaintTropez, stands out majestically in the middle of a huge terrace and creates a structured layout for the three houses that make up the hotel. Spacious and light everywhere, the 34 rooms each have a private garden

with an outdoor lounge, to feel like home. The few steps at the back of the garden lead to the spa, which is set up like a secret cave. The essential when you need to relax during a massage and regain balance from the frantic rhythm of everyday life. A coach is available on request, while every morning to the sound of singing cicadas, a yoga class is held in the garden. Finally, the Beefbar restaurant brings a touch of excellence to the place. If Black Angus Prime or Kobe beef remain the stars of the menu, other less carnivorous inspirations enrich the choices, such as grilled fish, ceviches, carpaccios, risottos and salads. 70 chemin du pinet 83990 saint-tropez www.loupinet.com tel: +33 (0)4 94 97 97 04 37

Photos © Matthieu Salvaing




In the beach war that raged this winter in Pampelonne, three sites stand out. Here’s a guided tour of these brand new places. By karen rouach

A chic stop

Let’s dance

BYBLOS BEACH In total harmony with nature, the Tropezian palace sets up deckchairs on the beach in Ramatuelle, in case guests get a little tired of the pool. After a sunbathing session and a tailor-made cocktail, make yourself comfortable in the restaurant. The menu, designed by Byblos chef Rocco Séminara and pastry chef Stéphane Marin, is composed of light creations with Mediterranean accents and a focus on top quality products. Note that a boatman’s service is available for those arriving by the sea.

VERDE BEACH BY YEEELS Immaculate and very Zen, interspersed with driftwood, macramé and embroidery with Latin American accents... the change of scenery is complete at Verde Beach, a place in harmony with the now famous Parisian restaurant with the same name. The welcome is warm, friendly and the small considerations and attention to detail are frequent. In the kitchen, Thibault Sombardier and Yannick Plassard prepare dishes with the scent of la Provence, where fish is always in the spotlight. Once the parasols are folded and put away, the festivities can begin. The volume of the music rises: either you dance or you take refuge around a chicha in the Moroccan living room.

every day from 10am to 8pm. boulevard patch,

50s style

83350 ramatuelle. tel: +3349443431500 - info@byblos-beach.com

LOULOU BEACH After having taken up residence in the Jardins des Tuileries in Paris, the restaurant Loulou has settled on the mythical beach of Pampelonne, where it spreads its sweet fragrance of the Dolce Vita. A true fifties break, this beach was designed in a chic and relaxed spirit promoting a bohemian way of life. Whitewashed wooden claddings in the style of a fisherman’s house with boat sails as sunshades, a generous, family cuisine with recipes filled with warmth and sunlight by chef Benoît Dargère, beds to relax in.... At sunset, this poetic place comes alive to the sound of music and celebration.

route de l’epi, 83350 ramatuelle. tel : +33494797223 ou +33637748975

plage de pampelonne – chemin des tamaris 83350 ramatuelle. tel : +0494798004 contact@loulou-ramatuelle.com 95


Above, an image of The Club 55 in Saint-Tropez.

The Club 55: a real Tropézien myth Every summer for almost 65 years, the Club 55 has hosted Hollywood stars and many other international celebrities on vacation in Saint-Tropez. The address located on Pampelonne beach has become legendary, remaining the unconditional emblem of the New Wave movement. Looking back at an exciting saga. By pauline borgogno


At the genesis of this extraordinary story, a visionary man: Bernard De Colmont. In 1947, while traveling alone aboard a pailebot schooner, a storm forced the navigator to stop and take shelter in the gulf of Saint-Tropez on the deserted beach of Pampelonne. Already at that time, Bernard De Colmont detected a certain potential in this little corner of paradise, overwhelmed by its beauty. He decided to return with his family and acquired in 1954 two parcels of land at the end of the beach. This is the beginning of a great adventure for the family who settled into

modest wooden cabins, with no water nor electricity. Little did they know then, that the destiny of De Colmont was going to radically change thanks to a famous day in 1955. The film crew of “Et Dieu créa la femme” (“And God Created Woman”), which launched the career of a certain Brigitte Bardot, was passing by the coast when they saw the family cabin. Thinking it was a restaurant, the troupe asked Genevieve De Colmont, Bernard’s wife, to take care of the stewardship. For nearly three weeks, the young woman worked in the kitchen, organizing meals


Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Sygma via Getty Images

Eddie Barclay. The paparazzi prowled around, hoping to get the best shot of this beautiful assembly. Bernard De Colmont again sniffed out a unique opportunity to make his business and decided to register the name Club 55. Why this pseudonym? The beach is called the Explorers Club, and we are in 1955. The spot became a must, making it “the place” of passage for all international stars worthy of the name. The couple breathes a festive wind into this incredible place. Their children, Jean, Patrice and Véronique, succeeded them and want to perpetuate the soul of the place. Their will is simple, that is, preserving authentic cuisine and immortalizing the philosophy so dear to Bernard: “Here the customer is not the king... because he is a friend”. The challenge for the brothers and sisters has been successful, since the Club 55 attracts more and more prominent international figures. To name but a few: Naomi Campbell,

Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Bono, or Sylvester Stallone. This time, no more paparazzi on the sly but an exclusive private photographer. The years go by and the restaurant is still welcoming more and more people. Up to 1000 a day. The decoration of the place has been refined and elaborated from the driftwood stranded on the beach of Pampelonne with faded blue Provençal tablecloths and small bouquets of blue flowers. The more authentic the materials are, with their adorable imperfections, the more they convey meaning. Despite their success, the wish of the family is not to generate a huge business, just to satisfy its customers, whoever they are. Patrice De Colmont declares the same creed: at Club 55, as with his friends, we do not refuse people but look for ways to find them a place to sit and serve them something to eat. And this camaraderie, this deep humanism is felt in the soul of the restaurant. Like his father in the past, everyone

befriends Patrice, calls him by his first name, kisses him or tells him about their everyday life, as one would do with their best friend. Club 55 has become the place to be, but in no way has it become stuffy and formal. On the contrary, it is the exchange and this good relaxed spirit that pleases customers. Sitting under the familiar shade of the trees in the region, it’s impossible to not feel at ease while enjoying the cuisine that has made the place famous. On the menu, anchoïade, grilled wild fish, or fresh vegetables. But what many do not know is that the majority of the products come from Patrice De Colmont’s personal vegetable garden on his farm in Bouis. A quality that is felt by tasting, since many customers question the man: what is the secret of such flavors? Quite simply, 100% organic ingredients, cultivated according to a philosophy of holistic living. Much more than a legendary address, Club 55 is a true institution.

for 80 people. Simplicity and conviviality were always present, which prompted Roger Vadim and Brigitte Bardot to come back once the film was finished. This time, they were accompanied by their friends, from the Haute. And these privileged moments also marked the beginning of a great love story between BB and the seaside resort. The De Colmont cabin quickly became the place where it was cool to be seen. Directors, comedians, writers, singers, artists: the highflying members of showbiz flocked to discover the place, like Charles Aznavour and 97



Our best addresses in Saint-Tropez, between essential institutions and promising hot spots. By karen rouach

A place for movie lovers

Bohemian LA RÉSERVE À LA PLAGE When the founder of La Réserve, Michel Reybier meets Philippe Starck, we get one of the most promising hot spots of the ‘cuvée” 2019: a tribute to the Saint-Tropez of yesteryear with retrochic touches, the new bar & restaurant established on the beach of Pampelonne is comfortably the front runner on the list of summer cult addresses. On the programme, a bohemian decor in the style of a vintage curiosity cabinet, combined with a generous menu in an atmosphere of sharing prepared by chef Nicolas Cantrel. A winning combo that redefines the very notion of “Barefoot Luxury”, where you love to spend all afternoon enjoying cuts of meat and daily fish grilled over a wood fire, fresh vegetables and healthy salads to share, not to mention finishing off with the exquisite Chocolate mousse. route de l’epi, pampelonne 83350 ramatuelle www.lareserve-plage.com 98

LA CUCINA BYBLOS The illustrious five-star Palace, which has hosted a parade of the biggest names in the world of cinema and music, from Brigitte Bardot to Romy Schneider or Mick and Bianca Jagger. Renowned for its sense of gastronomy, it’s home to one of the most prized Italian restaurants on the French Riviera, orchestrated with a master’s hand by the starred chef, Alain Ducasse. On the menu, exceptional dishes that celebrate transalpine gastronomy in all its forms: Prosciutto, Coppa, Bresaola, Vitello Tonnato to-die-for, and a creamy Burrata cheese from Pouilles that should delight fans of the genre. It’s a difficult choice to make, between Gamberoni, Lamb’s shoulder and Pasta, but one thing is certain: under no circumstances can we ignore the unbelievable Chocolate Pizza, a guilty delight to be consumed without moderation. 20 avenue paul signac, 83990 saint-tropez www.byblos.com

Provençal MARIUS Five stars with an ultra-modern architecture, the Tropézienne antenna of the Kube hotel group does not go unnoticed in the middle of the Provençal Ochre buildings: offering a panoramic view of the Saint-Tropez bay, where the superyachts berth, the hotel brilliantly reinterprets the local fundamentals, harmoniously combining its imposing azure swimming pools with umbrella pines and an ultra-contemporary and sharp design. Taken by storm on sunny days, the Marius restaurant offers a Provençal culinary menu composed by head chef Armand Esbelin, which honours local flavours and delights both epicureans and those who enjoy healthy living. A culinary pleasure from the four corners of the south, where you can enjoy a series of shellfish au gratin, baked egg with asparagus and fried foie gras, Mediterranean sardines with spinach, Ricotta, Pesto and roasted Peppers; Grouper with a Nissarde tomato crust or Farm Chicken Supreme and garlic mashed potatoes. 319 route départementale 98a, 83580 gassin www.kubehotel-saint-tropez.com


A bit of Japan KINUGAWA SAINT TROPEZ A new Tropezian headquarters for Japanese cuisine, the latest opus of the Blackcode group takes up residence at the end of the Port, in the Pier district. With its minimalist design and a unique panoramic view of the great Blue, it’s best to go as the sun slowly sets in the west and enjoy one of their signature cocktails. Before tasting the dishes that have made the reputation of its homogamous Parisian establishments, from the Triangle d’Or and the quartier Vendôme, with Mediterranean touches here and there: we strongly recommend the crispy galette and its minced tuna with White Truffle, the Sashimi sea bass marinated in a sour citrus juice, or the Miso-Marinaded Black Cod, a must for regulars. tour du pourtalet, la jetée 83990 saint tropez. www.kinugawa.fr

For refined palates LA VAGUE D’OR The Residence de la Pinède is no longer, long live the Cheval Blanc Saint-Tropez! Redesigned by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the iconic five-star hotel located a stone’s throw from the Bouillabaisse beach has kept all its authenticity. A heaven for lovers of Provençal gastronomy, the restaurant La Vague d’Or, run by the three-star Michelin maestro Arnaud Donckele, who stands proud of his reputation: culinary ballets in 5 or 7 acts depending on your mood and your appetite, incredible gustatory adventures between land and sea sublimated by the incredible variety of local herbs and flavours displayed in creations that look like works of art. Special mention goes to the Prawns with Chestnut honey and Rosemary from the Massif des Maures, to the Zitone (macaronis) filled pasta with Black Truffle and Foie Gras and the succulent cheese platter from the Terroir.

In the castle L’ACACIA A local institution with timeless elegance, this 19th century castle perched on the heights of the Tropézienne city in the heart of a 10 hectare private park offers an unparalleled view of the beaches of Pampelonne and the vineyards of Ramatuelle. A green setting preserved from the hustle and bustle of the city centre even in high season, Château de la Messardière is the ideal option for a romantic dinner for two with a view. the menu prepared by the chef JeanMichel Béon is renewed regularly and emphasizes local, seasonal products: You can enjoy lobster ravioli with a fresh lemongrass and green asparagus bisque, Saint Pierre cooked to a pearl with artichokes and dried fruit, and a fillet of Camargue bull with truffles and roasted foie gras Rossini style, before concluding with a dessert menu full of refined masterpieces that will delight the most demanding sweet palates.

A culinary hub COLETTE BY SEZZ SAINT-TROPEZ A favourite address for incorrigible meat lovers, Colette has succeeded in the challenge of combining pure and hardline grilling with fusion food. Nestled in the heart of Hotel Sezz, an elegant five-star hotel located five minutes from downtown St-Tropez, the restaurant is run by chef Nicolas Gautier and stands out as the culinary hub for exceptional pieces of meat: as a start, you can share a tuna tataki with mango and black garlic, pea falafels with Tehina sauce and Spelt crackers with Green and Red Guacamole. Before getting down to business with the Garlice Prime Rib (matured for 60-days), Aubrac beef fillet grilled on the coals or chicken breast à la diable, all served with homemade fries with truffles, seasonal vegetables or young roasted carrots with honey and curry.

route de tahiti 83990 saint-tropez

151 chemin des salins, 83990 saint-tropez



plage de bouillabaisse 83990 saint-tropez www.chevalblanc.com 99


La Réserve: the new place to be In the town of Ramatuelle, the hotel La Réserve, bears its name admirably: far from the crowds, the hotel offers visitors a break of tranquility and light. The owner, Michel Reybier, invited designer and creator Philippe Starck to design the restaurant La Réserve à la Plage. With a poetic sense, he reveals the inspirations and memories behind this living space, full of encounters. By baptiste piégay

In this page, from left: Michel Reybier, La Réserve à la Plage hotel’s owner and the designer Philippe Starck.

How does one approach a project of this endeavor? «With innocence and affection because such a project is only the result of childhood memories, ours or those of our parents. La Réserve à la Plage is simply the crystallization of a childhood dream, just like the pleasure of observing the big sailboats offshore.»

The Côte d’Azur evokes imagination, fantasies and prejudices, how did you integrate them? “I don’t know much about the Côte d’Azur and I am far from biases, but the imagination exists. It creates pretty girls in bikinis, aristocratic playboys, varnished Rivas boats, etc. In other words, a dream life, one that we never achieve and rightly so, because glossy paper is not reality.» What memories do you have of it? «The memories are diffuse and multiple; they’re related to small things like the first diving mask, the first snorkel, the first fins, the first dive, the swimsuit stiffened by salt and salt in the eyebrows, the loss of gravity in the swirling waves, the sunset that makes you happy and sad at the same time but especially a month that seems so long, like a lifetime.» Is the challenge bringing together the luxury of a Palace and the natural savagery of the sea, so that they shine together harmoniously in the eyes of the beholder? «Luxury, for a palace or in general, is the truth. The sea is the truth. There is no problem in bringing them together, as long as you are deeply honest, make others happy and give pleasure with rigorous determination, intelligence, sophistication, poetry and affection.» Was La Réserve designed in harmony with Chef Nicolas Cantrel’s menu? «I’ve made La Réserve à la


Plage, a “down-to-the-bone” type of place, a hut reduced to its strict minimum but where each element has been thought out, historized, where each detail is a mind game, if not to say a play on words and where the material used is only an allusion. Obviously, everything here is based on a very precise stage production leading towards a path of truth. Nicolas Cantrel is a chef with an honest, light, cheerful cuisine, and above all it’s very healthy and even dietetic. Like the Japanese say, he has the talent to delight us with our eyes before delighting us with our forks.» A dish, a drink, the seaside: what comes to your mind? «I have a childhood memory about the dish: the Pyrex glass salad bowl, covered with a cloth and filled with a salad of tomatoes, onions and rice and lots of oil, a kind of Salad Niçoise that my mother would prepare for us at lunchtime. We didn’t have enough money to go to the restaurant, so for about a month we only ate this rice salad. And we were delighted. Thinking about the drink, I have an adult souvenir: a Negroni with champagne in a classic glass with a zest of lime and a drop of Abbott’s Bitters...» As you travel a lot, what lack of good taste or moral wrongdoing are you most often confronted with on the seaside? «The seashores where I go to are definitely free of moral failure or errors of taste. They are basically natural sites, attended by few, but


where people appreciate this quality and therefore have this human precision, a fair and humane manner that I love. But, I do remember one day on a beach where I was for working, a waiter asked me if I wanted to buy a magnum Dom Perignon to participate in the champagne shower competition that my neighbours were organizing. I was a little surprised by the proposal and declined politely but this confirmed that I didn’t really belong here.» Apart from La Réserve of course, what are your favorite beaches? «Where I live. The ocean and the Cap Ferret basin, the white sandy beaches lost in the Venetian lagoons, the Carvalhal beach in Portugal and the beaches of Formentera in winter.» Your favorite moment in front of the sea? Twilight or dawn? «Both. Dawn, from the joy of the wonderful night we spent together with the person we love. And twilight, again together with the person you love, to see the most beautiful show in the world: a ball of fire that spins and fades away only to come back the next day.»

Images of La Réserve à la Plage hotel in Saint-Tropez.

What do you think about when you just look at the sea? «I think of the wind, I think of boats, I think of giant waves, I think of marshes, I think of places under the sea, I think of wrecks, I think of fish, I think of the essential matter that gives us life and I also think, unfortunately, of ecology.» 101



The café Sénéquier, Bardot’s legs, the blue sky... the clichés linked to St-Tropez always make you dream. How did the city, a former fishing village, manage to attract so many free spirits who love exoticism? A large part of the city’s aura is based on its telegenic aspects. 102


By violaine schutz

«You can walk barefoot in Saint-Tropez / No need for a suit in Saint-Tropez / An old blue jeans is enough to be dressed up / It’s the perfect outfit in Saint-Tropez», says the song. It is an eternal, good-natured and frivolous aspect of France, which revives the nostalgia when referring to the name - Saint-Tropez. We think of the first pomegranate juice with fluorescent ice water, sipped on the terrace near the sea, the first game of petanque with uncles or the the grandparent’s bottle of Pastis, secretly smuggled into the campsite. This image of the South, which fascinates everyone, including the sharp expertise of Jacquemus, who draws his fashion inspiration from the Riviera, is the one we find in many films from the 60s shot in Saint-Tropez. Starting with “Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez” (1964). Jean Girault’s humorous saga, which has often been re-broadcast, tells the story of Constable Cruchot (Louis de Funès), who was transferred to the seaside town. With his only daughter - superb, by the way - tagging along, he lives some incredible and hilarious adventures. With the success of these films, some places attained cult staus. The Tahiti beach in Ramatuelle, where the famous nudist hunting scene took place, has become the symbol of “French freedom” and the whole world envies us: our own Woodstock. The Place des Lices, where De Funès learns to dance, also turns the heads of tourists, while the Saint-Anne chapel, where the policeman gets married, brings back romantic memories to the French who watched the saga as children with their families.

Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

French actress Jean Seberg and British actress Deborah Kerr in the 1957 film “Bonjour Tristesse”, by the Austrian-born director Otto Preminger.

AND VADIM CREATED…SAINT-TROPEZ But the town on the Côte d’Azur had also enjoyed another aura since 1955: less family and more “red, hot and sassy”. It was in fact that year that the scandalous “Et Dieu… créa la femme” by Roger Vadim was filmed. The young Brigitte Bardot explodes with sensuality in the role of Juliette, a young girl with a strong temperament and devastating curves. The insolent, even indecent orphan who dances barefoot, shakes her blond mane, pouts and drives men (and spectators) crazy, becomes a global phenomenon. Bardot rides around the boats on a bicycle with a matching

dress that ressembles the water or sky and the world witnessed the emergence of a sex symbol becoming famous, even abroad. Even the Beatles asked to meet B.B.: the French Marilyn. At the same time, the myth of the Riviera is taking shape. The port, surrounded by nature as abundant and wild as the icon of the new wave, has its postcard colours sublimated by Vadim. This is enough to give many other people ideas. A year later, another incredibly beautiful blonde, Jean Seberg, shot the film adaptation of Françoise Sagan’s Bonjour Tristesse with Otto Preminger at the helm. The heroine drags her melancholy and irresistible face through the breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes. Hello sadness... but above all poetry, calm and voluptuousness. IDLE HEDONISM The wandering, the sensuality, the pretty women and the handsome men, undressed, is also what makes it interesting - with the dialogue removed - from “La Collectionneuse de Röhmer” or from the film “Les Biches de Chabrol”, both released in 1967. Beautiful villas, seduction, bikinis... Saint-Tropez evokes a corner of paradise far from the crises that was in preparation (May 68). A year later, in 1968, Catherine Deneuve made hearts beat in “La Chamade”. She plays Lucile, a sublime hedonistic idle living a luxurious life with her richer, older lover. Together, they travel and frequent the most beautiful places from Saint-Tropez to Paris. In 1970, more bombs exploded in one of the most beautiful cities on the Riviera: Jane Birkin, Alain Delon and Romy Schneider in Jacques Deray’ film, “La Piscine”. This made us melt for the warmth of the city and their beautiful bodies. But the climax of Saint-Tropez’ erotic potential was reached in 1984. In Christopher Frank’s L’Année des Méduses, a 16-year-old teenager, Chris, spends her holidays with her mother and falls in love with a Don Juan down on the beach. It’s hard not to be amazed by Valérie Kaprisky’s appearance on the screen. Fierce, volcanic and uncomplicated, it embodies the soul of Saint-Tropez in every shot.





A retrospective parenthesis Nestled in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, L’Epi 1959 is much more than a hotel. Its vision of a different type of luxury and its subtle return to the Tropezian golden age will seduce travellers who wish to escape the summer crowds. By pauline borgogno

Imagine...Crossing the charming wooden threshold of this iconic residence and being lulled by the sweet song of the cicadas. As you enter, the nostrils are filled with the sweet smell of lavender, while the breathtaking Provençal landscape of olive trees, rapeseed flowers and cypress lies spreads as far as the eye can see. Doesn’t this image seem idyllic? But this is no dream, but the reality of L’Epi 1959. Renovated last year by decorator and designer Monica Damonte, who gave a second wind to this mythical address, the intimate hotel promises a peaceful stay in an exceptional setting. With its many premium services, it is not surprising that it was the favorite landmark of the stars of the 1960’s during their stop-over in SaintTropez. Once frequented by Audrey Hepburn, Juliette Gréco, or Sacha Distel, the ten luxury bungalows retain their iconic style whilst having been subtly enhanced with a few contemporary touches.

With its resolutely vintage spirit, rattan furniture and retro floral wallpaper, this little jewel sets itself apart from the big resorts spread over the coast. Here, they cultivate the Southern art of living; savouring the delicate moments of quiet mornings and enjoying the festive nights. A real corner of paradise where you can enjoy a summer with tennis and petanque, swimming in the pool, sunbathing, gourmet lunches, or walks along the Mediterranean coast. This year for its sixtieth anniversary the establishment is presenting a new and unique gastronomical universe. Under the shade of parasols, in a setting of luxurious green or with your feet in the sand, two tasting suggestions have been specially designed for an authentic culinary experience. On the beach side, the restaurant Sordello offers traditional family cuisine, renowned in the culinary art of seafood: lobster salad, raw fish with lime, bouillabaisse (a regional fish soup), choice of fish “according to the days catch”, red mullets and scorpion fish. In the garden, the restaurant “Suna-Chotto Matte” recaptures the flavours of Nikkei cuisine, an evolution of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, with an emphasis on sushi, sashimi and seafood.

1128 route de l’épi, 83350 ramatuelle 105


#TBT at Byblos Friom Mick and Bianca Jagger to Brigitte Bardot, stars from Hollywood and international singers while in Saint-Tropez stayed at the Byblos Hotel, making this place as a symbol of teh 60s and of glamour. Today it is stille a destination for visitors from all over the world. By thibault de montaigu

There are few places in the world where nights are even more beautiful than days. Where a spectacular moment can arise at any time. The Byblos is one of them. Mick Jagger married Bianca Perez, Louis de Funès proposed here, Michel Polnareff and Gilbert Bécaud took over the piano near the entrance, Joe Dassin improvised a private concert, while the paparazzi Daniel Angeli celebrated until the early hours of the morning, leaving behind hundreds of anthology images. This is why the hotel has fascinated so many, for more than 50 years: the exceptional has never seemed so common. Undoubtedly, his birth predestined him for such a fascinating destiny. Jean Prosper Gay-Para, the creator, dreamed of making this into a palace from “The Tales of the Arabian

Nights”, a kind of permanent celebration. One of the many legends about the hotel says that he built the Byblos with the intention of seducing B.B., at the height of her glory. Unlucky: Bardot came to the inauguration on May 28, 1967, accompanied by her new husband Gunther Sachs, and became so passionate about the place that she decided to extend her honeymoon there. The Byblos opened its doors to a galaxy of stars including Mireille Darc, Juliette Gréco, Michel Piccoli, Françoise Sagan, Eddie Barclay, Jacques Chazot, and Bernard Buffet. From the 60s, when the Byblos was founded, they have managed to preserve the relaxed nature that makes it impervious to fashion. Even today, no inner circles, no codes, no protocol. At the Byblos, the only duty is to have fun, but always in style. This page: two images of the Hotel Byblos.



This page: few of the stars who stopped by the Byblos Hotel.



Fendi flagship store in Saint-Tropez designed by the the Milanese architectural duo Dimorestudio.



Fendi flagship store in Monaco designed by the the Milanese architectural duo Dimorestudio.

Fendi at the Riviera The Italian brand is discreetly placing its pawns in the South of France, with recent boutique openings in St-Tropez and Monaco. By karen rouach

Last year and with great fanfare, pomp and circumstance, Fendi inaugurated a boutique designed by the Milanese architectural duo Dimorestudio on the famous rue François Sibilli in St-Tropez. With its vintage furniture, rounded lines and refined style, its hand painted ceramic f loor in homage to Gio Ponti, the place gives the impression of being on board in a yacht. The blue colour on the façade and the canopies immediately place the shop in a marine world. A success that would have obviously led the Roman fashion house to multiply its presence on the Riviera. Indeed, this year and a little further along the coast, Fendi took advantage of the post-Grand Prix calm to inaugurate its very first boutique in Monaco, within the new complex One Monte-Carlo. The company’s Monegasque

customers will no longer need to organize trips to Cannes, Paris or Geneva to be able to dress with Fendi. This new threestorey cozy shop - also designed by Dimorestudio - combines vintage and contemporary furniture and well-chosen works of art. After a cocktail at this new address, the guests headed to Monte-Carlo Beach, where a presentation of the haute couture articles was held, followed by a sit-down dinner. Around the pool, you could also admire the in-house craftsmen working on fur pieces, while Izabel Goulart, Olympia Scary and Alexia Niedzielski proudly displayed the pieces from the summer collection. Until the next opening, ciao.



Ibiza movida

Partying and having fun in the Spanish cult place

Made in Capri

Charme and shopping in the island of La Dolce Vita

SAINT-TROPEZ with OLA RUDNICKA Exploring the French destination with the iconic model. Discovering the chic Côte d’Azur lifestyle OLA RUDNICKA in CHANEL portrayed in EPI 1959