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While there is no doubt (at least for me) that bodybuilding-when done sensibly-is a healthy pursuit. One that can help fight the aging process by allowing us to keep muscle mass as we ageand even increase it! This helps to keep body fat at bay-which is a good thing. IT IS GOOD BUT With the above being said, as we age-especially if we have been training since we were teenagers-we do have to make some concessions. How so? Well, one of the main things we can control is what we eat. Or. More to the point-what we do not eat. And this is what I mean by concessions. For example, for those of us who are reading this-who shall we say-like me are not so young any more-we can all remember eating mostly junk food, overtraining like crazyand somehow we still managed to make gains. The power of youth. But as we age, those junk food days need to be restricted and what eat needs to be monitored more closely. The end result of not doing this can be body fat gain-which is not good-no matter what

age we are. FOOD FOR THOUGHT For my money the best way to stay lean as we age is to continue to train as hard as we can-and yes do some form of cardio. Then when we sit down to eat we need to focus on taking in only the highest quality foods. Things like skinless chicken breasts, turkey and lean beef should make up the bulk of the protein we take in for muscle growth and repair. Although, I still like my whole eggs. As far as carbohydrates, we should eat just enough of them to fuel the training that we do-and a little more for growth and repair-and that is it. The sources should be as natural as possible. Plenty of things like, kale, broccoli, spinach, yams, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and the like. Depending on your metabolism and activity level other sources of carbohydrates could include things like pasta and rice-but again this should be based on your activity level. For example, if you say work at physical job eight to twelve hours per day, then of course your carbohydrate level-and you overall calorie level will be WAY higher than that of someone who has a desk job. As for fats, they should be mainly from fatty fish like sardines or if you do not like fish you should take a high quality fish oil supplement. Other good fats include natural peanut and seeds. A POINT Again, remember, the above is just a guide, not a hard and fast plan. If you know from experience that, say, you work better on higher fats-do it. If you know that you will not-no matter what-eat a yam-do not worry about it.

Let me end by saying this-do what you know you will do. This way, you will do it everyday-and doing things on a regular basis is the only way you are going to reap the benefits of something-be it training cardio or eating. To learn the truth about how to transform your body in record time from SWAT performance trainer Will Brink, check out my review of his Bodybuilding Revealed Program by Clicking Here

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How to build muscle nutrition and the over forty