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Littl’ Juey was awarded a Bronze medal at the 2008 BEST Design Awards

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Introducing the Littl’ Juey Electric New to the Littl’ Juey line up, the Littl’ Juey Electric line trimmer is high powered, efficient, safe, and easy to use, making lawn maintenance a breeze. The fully certified device is lightweight for optimal usability and features an adjustable handle and a robust injection moulded plastic and extruded metal construction. The Littl’ Juey Electric is powered by a 650W belt-driven electric motor mounted in the base of the machine. Sideways rotation of the top handle makes vertical cutting down edges safer and more comfortable for the user. Unlike other trimmer brands which use continuous nylon line wound onto a spool located in the head of the appliance, Littl’ Juey Electric reduces the frustration of tangled spools and clogged dispensers through a simple twist adjustment head which contains custom cut Littl’ Juey nylon reloads. Storing a spool in the head of a line trimmer causes fluctuation in both the temperature and humidity of the nylon during use; this makes it extremely brittle, causing it to break easily even with light use. The pre-cut line reloads for the Littl’ Juey Electric ensure that the nylon is in optimum condition for cutting, increasing the life of the nylon and the effectiveness of the machine.

Ergonomic Handle Articulates and adjusts to provide greater comfort during use. Full handle rotation available for easy edge work.

Reloads & Clips Reloads for your Littl’ Juey are never more than arms reach away. Littl’ Juey reloads are housed in a container that is conveniently stored on the shaft of the machine.

Littl’ Juey Cutting Head A versatile cutting head that saves time and money. The Littl’ Juey accommodates all trimmer models.


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Littl’Juey Cutting Technology No more manual loading or tapping the ground every five minutes. No more down time with impractical, inefficient line trimmers. Gone is the frustration of rewinding tangled nylon line onto standard cutting spools. Littl’ Juey cutting technology is a novel system that does not store a spool in the head of the device like other products where it becomes brittle. The high performance Littl’ Juey cutting head consists of two parts that assemble together within seconds to contain pre-cut

strips of cutting line. The parts fasten together on a large thread which enables the top part of the head to be easily adjusted 90 degrees for insertion of new nylon; rotation of the trimmer head tightens the strips of nylon line within the assembly during use. The Littl’ Juey cutting head has been designed to accommodate two strips (one strips per slot) which equates to four 125mm cutting blades as opposed to the standard two in traditional machines. This simple method of line reloading means that Littl’ Juey is more effective for heavy duty use for petrol machines. LJ650E Technical Specifications: Code





650W – 50Hz

Line Weight

Littl’ Juey 1.5mm Reload



Load Speed


Cutting diameter



does not exceed 96dB (A)

Littl’Juey Certification Littl’ Juey Electric is certified to the highest standard and complies with the essential health and safety requirements including: 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive; the 98/17/EC Machinery Directive; 2004/108/EC EMC Directive; and 2000/14/EC Noise Emissions in the environment by equipment for use outdoors.

Please Note: safety equipment must be worn when operating your Littl’ Juey.

Littl’ Juey: a range cultivated for hassle free lawn maintenance.

Warrantee: applies only for manufacturing defect.


Other Products

Littl’ Juey Line Reloads


Reload Clip Attachment

Line Reloads Unique to Littl’ Juey, the system uses short 350mm nylon line reloads. These strips are supplied in a range of diameters: 1.5mm Electric, 2.4mm Standard, and 3.2mm Heavy Duty. Replacement line is supplied in reload canisters which clip onto the shaft of the line trimmer. The clip-on system ensures the canisters remain with the machine at all times and allows users to clearly see what

amount of line they have remaining, unlike existing products where the line is concealed in the head. With the Littl’ Juey system, you’ll never find yourself running out of line unexpectedly.

Littl’ Juey Reloads: an innovative line replacement system.

Reload Sizing Guide


Electric Line Reloads

USE: Electric Reloads are avalible for the Littl’ Juey

650W machine. This line is a fine diameter suitable for all electric machines when used with the Littl’ Juey Electric Cutting Head.

CONTENTS: Reload contains 60 new lines.


Standard Line Reloads

USE: Standard Reloads have been developed for

general use across all types of line trimmers including the Littl’ Juey Electric 650W machine.

CONTENTS: Reload contains 30 new lines.


Heavy Duty Line Reloads

USE: Heavy Duty Reloads have been developed

specifically for heavy use and are only suitable for petrol powered line trimmers. Use of this line on any electric or small line trimmer is to be avoided.

CONTENTS: Reload contains 20 new lines.

Littl’ Juey Cutting Heads

The patented Littl’ Juey Cutting Head has been developed to attach to the majority of line trimmers, including straight and bent shaft models, electric, and petrol machines, all without the use of any tools. Because there are a wide range of line trimmers, Littl’ Juey is avalible in a range of options to suit every type of machine avalible. The Littl’ Juey Cutting Head range includes: LJ Electric for the Littl’ Juey 650W machine; LJ Straight for all straight shaft machines; LJ Bent for all bent shaft and top end mounted electric machines; and the LJ PRO aluminium head for professional petrol machines.

Littl’ Juey Cutting Heads: reloads in seconds.

For further information or a list of Littl’ Juey stockists please visit:

Electric Machines Straight Machines Bent Machines Pro Petrol

Littl’ Juey Electric Head is designed for use on the LJ650E machine and is avalible for individual sale as a replacement. Recommended Line: 1.5mm

Littl’ Juey Straight Head is compatable with 99% of all straight shaft gas powered line trimmers and is avalible for individual sale to add more performance to whatever line trimmer you may own.



Recommended Line:


Littl’ Juey Bent Head is compatable with 99% of all bent shaft gas and most top end mounted electric line trimmers, and is avalible for individual sale to add more performance to whatever line trimmer you may own.



Recommended Line:


Littl’ Juey Pro Head is designed specifically for heavy duty professional use and is avalible only for individual sale. Pro Head is not to be used with any electric machine. Recommended Line:


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