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a x e l a lo sey “ i just want to do what i do forever because it makes me so happy.” cont’d on page 29


OCTOBER + october tunes +

+ autumn greatness +

+ Adore You

It’s been such an amazing month so far and Halloween is just


around the corner. Dressing up and listening to awesome albums that

+ knee socks


are my current faves, they are listed on the right of this page for you

+ the wire


to jam along with friends. This issue represents our first annual, “Au-

+ tennis court


tumn Beauties” including our cover star, Alexa Losey. Such a pleasure

to work with a hard working girl who has amazing things coming ahead

for her. We are preparing the November issue, time to gobble up on

+ major thanks +

Black Friday. Can’t wait for the deals and a mini vacation from university. But it’s a pretty cool time for oversized sweaters, beanie wear and

Special thanks to our autumn beauties : Alexa Losey, Jackie Young,

don’t forget the boots! Until then, go treat yourself to some Starbucks

Lauren Riihimaki, Meredith Foster, Orion Carloto, Sam Fazz, Paige

and bundle up for a chilly season!

Crawford, Rebecca Black, Tarte Vintage and Joellen Lu. Honored to

feature: Chris McCoy, Fine Brothers, Magic Man, San Cisco, SKAT-

Cathrine Khom

Flying somewhere,


ERS, The Ready Set and You Me At Six. An awesome submission from iHeartRadio Music Festival by Kimberly Carrera. Thanks to our photographers and writers who helped with this. Much love to our rad readers, love our wolfies from the moon and back!

contents 46 orion + sam

+ spend the day with a lovely youtube duo from georgia


+ blogger who has unique ways to make her outfits look one of a kind









paige crawford

iheartradio music festival + kimberly carrera

october favorites + allyn bernardo

pattycake berry + lexie alley


flower crowns + madison bass-taylor


rebecca black + besides friday, she has more up her sleeve then just music


the ready set



magic man


san cisco






fine brothers production + shawn mulcahy / cathrine khom

+ jessica goldman / eman elsaid

+ amanda ferrarese / chris troncoza

chris mccoy + shawn mulcahy


+ lexie alley

+ lexie alley

autumn beauties

our top favorites gals who top our charts as the wolfies’ autumn beauties.

gallery cohesive collection by our photographers


chats about their favorite autumn memories

alexis march

+ writer // interviewer, california My favorite memories of fall are definitely all the concerts! Pumpkin spice lattes are nice too. Whether it is the color of leaves changing or fireplaces burning, fall makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

amanda fer rarese

+ TUNE OF CHOICE + Flightless Bird, American Mouth // Iron and Wine

+ TUNE OF CHOICE + Cut It Out// Kitten

+ writer, maryland

Secretly watching scary Halloween movies with my dad while my mom was asleep was always fun.

lexie alley

+ photographer, ohio

For a song, I would choose Human by Daughter. I like the lyrics in relation to fall and I’ve been really into that soft, sad sounding music. I think it’s great for fall. + TUNE OF CHOICE + Human // Daughters

chris lampkins + photographer, florida

One year, I visited my family that lives in Indiana and we got to pick apples from their apple tree and we went to a pumpkin patch and got to pick pumpkins off the vines. + TUNE OF CHOICE + Wash // Bon Iver

alice isidore

+ photographer, california + TUNE OF CHOICE + Dead Hear ts // Stars

issue nine // october twenty thirteen

alexa losey founder / editor-in-chief cathrine khom copy editor sophia khom diy director madison bass-taylor beauty director allyn bernardo contributing writers allyn bernardo, rachel d’arcy, amanda ferrarese, jessica goldman, gleann ignacio, shawn mulcahy, alexis march contributing photographers lexie alley, philipp ammon, hannah branigan, chris coe, amanda harle, sarah hoffman, gleann ignacio, alice isidore, clare kim, rachel kober, chris lampkins, kelly hamilton, alex ljubinovic, carolina londono, lhoycel marie, anam merchant, maria monge, ashley newby, dunja opalko, amanda ramirez, elisa rodriguez, eman el saied, priti shikotra, winnie surya, madison bass-taylor, katie thompson description local wolves magazine, an online and print publication based from southern california, usa. we focus on embracing the local scene. we combine forces with talented folks from different cities to organizations, sharing stories about their favorite local places. between the pages in our issues, we stick to our main focus by showcasing local favorites. do us a favor and go explore delicacies in your area. connect inquiries purchase issues not sold in stores, available online only


discovery + iheartradio music festival // at the village in las vegas, nevada.

+ photos: kimberly carrera


+ our october beauty favorites, add these to your checklist. + words: allyn bernardo

Lush: Angels on Bare Skin - $14-29

Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear

L’oreal: Colour Riche Balm - $6

This facial wash, which is organic contains

Nail Color - $3

These are great not only to keep your lips

almonds, rose, and lavender.

These nail polishes have great variety color

moisturized but adds a pop of color.

range and super affordable. Soap & Glory: The Righteous Body Butter

Batiste: Dry Shampoo - $8 This dry shampoo not only adds great vol-

Beauty Blender - $20

- $5

ume to fix bed head but variety of scents.

A fab applicator especially to apply your

This product has a clean and fresh scent

face makeup from liquid foundation, pow-

that gives moisture to all skin types.

Maybelline New York: Master Smoky by

der and even blush. Victoria Secret: Very Sexy Touch Fragrance

Eyestudio - $8 These mechanical eye pencils are great to

Tarte: Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Air-

Mist - $10-25

give an easy over the lid smokey eye look.

brush Foundation Powder - $36 & Tarte:

With a mix of scents of apricot and amber


wood, this mist is great to freshen up dur-




ing the day.

Pantene: Ultimate 10: BB Creme - $7

Brush - $26

Whether you have time to curl or straighten

This foundation and powder is a great duo

your hair or just in a rush to get ready, this

to use to even up your skin tone or even for

+ for more beauty advice or if you want to

will help your hair stay soft and tamed.

night out with friends.

suggestions, go tweet to: @uhleentothe!


+ pattycake bakery + 3009 n. high street // columbus, oh 43202 mon-fri 8am-7pm // sat 9am-6pm // sun 11am-4pm



+ time to grab some scrumptious baked goods at pattycake bakery. + words & photos: lexie alley

s a student at Ohio State, it has been my goal

this year to experience as much of what Columbus has to offer as possible. With a large college population, the city of Columbus has become known for its wide variety of eateries and shops. Pattycake Bakery has become one of the go-to places in Columbus, OH, known for their delicious baked goods that consistently receive rave reviews. There’s a catch though; everything is gluten-free or vegan, and they use all natural ingredients. Depending on the item, Pattycake Bakery goods are 65-90% organic, and 0-100% whole grain. Despite this, I’ve yet to meet anyone who can even tell the difference, with many saying that the bakery actually produces better deserts and treats than their non-vegan counterparts. I decided I needed to pay this bakery a personal visit. After waiting in line behind multiple buying dozens of cookies and cupcakes, I was greeted with a pleasant, warm smile and a hello. The shop is very small, with a chalkboard hand written with the vast array of options available. I was overwhelmed by choices and the smell of sweet sugar in the air. After some consultation it was suggested I try their fresh baked cinnamon rolls, which were still hot out of the oven, their strawberry cream filled cupcakes, or their tollhouse cookies. I ended up going for the strawberry cream filled cupcakes, and devoured one as soon as I got home (you know, to taste test) and I was blown away. It was perfectly moist, and the balance of all of the flavors and the light taste of strawberry was absolutely delicious. Had I not been told I would have never guessed the cupcake was vegan. I learned that Pattycake Bakery also hand-makes all of their baked goods, and the homemade taste is undeniable. If you are ever in the Columbus area, be sure to stop by this bakery and pick up a few treats for yourself. Pattycake Bakery also now has an online shop where you can order their baked goods and have them delivered to your home. They also have an ingredients listing there as well, if you’re curious just how they make their products. All around, it was a 5 star experience. I highly recommend it!

local wolves magazine // 9

diy department

+ learn how to make these neat flower crowns + customize your own by adding flowers that represent the season. have a craft party or be a flower crown goddess for halloween. // + words & photos: madison bass-taylor

things you’ll need: flowers

scissors or wire cutters

wrapped wire

floral wire

floral tape

step one:

step two: + after measuring your

+ fold over both ends to

length, cross the two

look like hooks.

wires at the end.

step three:


step four: + wrap the ends around

+ connect other pieces

to connect the pieces.

by wrapping the wire.

step five:

step six:

+ wire cutters work best for this, not scissors.

+ after making your crown base, cut your flowers.

step seven:

step eight: + to start wrapping your

+ place your flower.

flowers, cut some floral wire.

step nine

step ten: + wrap the flower with the

+ after wrapping your flow-


ers with the wire, cut some floral tape to wrap around the wire.

step eleven:

step twelve: +




around the wire.


+ once you have all of your flowers wrapped, cut some floral wire to finish the crown off. make sure to wrap the floral tape around the rest of the crown in order to cover any lose pokey wires.

local wolves magazine // 11

fine brothers + words: shawn mulcahy + photos: cathrine khom

The Internet has ushered in many awesome new changes, things

This series has even gone on to win a Daytime Emmy and a

that couldn’t have been imagined even ten years ago! And among

Streamy Award. Here’s what Benny has to say about this series: “In

these, of course, is YouTube. Thanks to YouTube, millions of videos

a world of such easy access to communication, we usually don’t ac-

reach millions of viewers every day, allowing various YouTubers to

tually talk one to one with each other, and our society almost makes

take a shot at taking off. The Fine Brothers are hoping to do just

it so you can’t express your opinion without ridicule. This show is all

that, and leave their mark on history and they’ve done it.

about that one to one talking, championing being who you are, and

The Fine Brothers are Benny and Rafi Fine. Originally from Brooklyn, they were interested in film at a very young age, and even

making your opinion the coolest thing ever simply because it’s your opinion and it’s important to have one at any age.”

began making feature films by the time they were in high school.

The MyMusic series is one of a kind. Originally designed as a TV

The brothers entered their films into a variety of film festivals

show, the brothers brought this series to YouTube. “The series is a

country-wide and won multiple awards including “Best Young Film-

take on how we judge people based on their musical tastes, when

maker.” Despite their talent, they realized that the film industry is

really there is a lot more to them than says Benny. The Fine Broth-

tough. The brothers, however, came up with a great solution to that

ers have combined many different elements and packed them into

problem. “[We] quickly saw it was a political and celebrity driven

one show. The series is partly satiric, and partly comedic, and filmed

system and that two former Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn, with no

from the perspective of a “mockumentary.” It’s packed with original-

connections, would never make their mark, so off to the web we

ity, creativity, and entertainment; the brothers even admit “We view

went! This was almost ten years ago now, so we adopted web video

it as the future of the sitcom.” MyMusic even has quite an impres-

in a pre-YouTube Internet.” And just like that, the Fine Brothers and

sive cast. Ranging from Adam Busch from TBS’ “Men at Work” and

their videos were born.

Tania Gunadi from the upcoming FOX show “Unlisted,” to big YouTu-

One thing the Fine Brothers don’t lack is variety. Their channel

bers like Grace Helbig and Jack Douglass. The Fine Brothers’ channel

features many different types of videos, from their React series to

may incorporate tons of different varieties of videos, but they don’t

MyMusic series. In their React series, teens, kids, YouTubers, or el-

like any one kind of video more than another. “That’s the beauty

ders watch a media clip and react to it. As simple as this may sound,

of the web,” says Benny, “you don’t have to stick to just one thing.

the brothers have broached a variety of different topics from Psy’s

We’re essentially a TV network on the Internet.” He goes on to say,

“Gangnam Style” to more serious like racism and bullying.

“we have a passion for all of them, and we get to for our viewers.


They brothers admit that they don’t even have a favorite video that they’ve made, saying “that’s like picking a favorite child, you just don’t do it!” Besides film, both brothers are really into music. “We’re very into music (hence a whole sitcom about it) and have a love for Saddle Creek bands: Cursive, The Faint, etc. Also, we really love certain metal bands, which was all we listened to when we were teenagers.” When asked if he ever wished they had pursued other careers, Benny responded “Never, though we’ve had other jobs. I worked in theme parks for parts of a decade prior to doing this, so it’s been a fun ride getting here literally.” His favorite part about what he does is the way they’re able to connect with their viewers. “[I love] being able to connect with people from around the world through our content. We really feel they are part of what we do every step of the way.” The Fine Brothers’ hard work and true passion has paid off. Recently, their YouTube channel reached over 5 million subscribers, and that is no easy feat. It really shows that you can accomplish anything with effort and a love for what you do. “It’s hard to fathom. We also reached more than a billion video views recently, it’s not something you really can quantify. It blows our minds literally every time our videos are seen.” Currently residing in Los Angeles, the brothers told us some of their favorite local spots. “Big fan of Aroma Cafe in Studio City which it’s chill vibe, good food and you can bring your dog. Also, the Griffith Park Observatory is always awesome, and it’s free to boot!” Lastly, for any aspiring filmmakers out there, Benny offered some advice “Learn how to engage your audience online. You can make your epic passion project independently one day if you are smart about the contacts you create beforehand to build your audience. Either way, as audiences and technology evolve, you will need extra experiences to go along with your content to keep them a super fan.”

local wolves magazine // 13



Don’t be fooled; Skaters are a band,

CONT’D me he’d be in contact,” said Cum-

not a group of skateboarders. Yet we

mings. “About a week later, he sent me an

wouldn’t be surprised if they were both.

email saying he would be coming to NY

With a raw, upbeat sound, this New York

in a few hours. He instantly began to put

based band is ready to conquer the music

together ideas for the band. He was all

scene with their fresh take on punk rock.

“I didn’t come all this way for nothing, I

Their Facebook page describes their genre

came here to do serious work.”

as “Plasma Punk,” a form of punk likely new

The band’s latest single, “I Wanna

CONT’D Bros. Records and going on tour

to most of us. Singer, Michael Ian Cum-

Dance, But I Don’t Know How,” accom-

with indie staples Portugal. The Man and

mings reveals their sound blends elements

plishes just what you want in garage

Palma Violets.

from both the 70s and the 90s, but their

punk: angsty lyrics paired with upbeat

“It’s definitely humbling [being signed

style is one of a kind, hats included.

guitar riffs and just enough beat to keep

to a label]. It’s all happened so quickly,”

you bouncing your head.

said Cummings. “We find it to be a very

“We trend within each other. One of us will wear a hat, then we all do, oh looks

They even manage to fuse in bits of

precious to us. It makes us want to work

cool, I’m going to start wearing it,” said

Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. “[The

hard even more. We are trying their best

Cummings. Skaters formed when Cum-

song is] about wanting to belong, not

not to mess up the great opportunity.”

mings met Noah Rubin at a party in Los

knowing how to,” said Cummings. For

Skaters prove they are one of a kind. As

Angeles. “We had really connected and had

having only formed in 2012, Skaters is

for some words of wisdom, Cummings

a lot of the same ideas when it came to mu-

making sure to create hype in the indie

knows just the thing: “Work harder than

sic. We exchanged information, he told >>

music scene, having signed to Warner >>

your friend’s band. Be your own critic.”


words: jessica goldman photos: eman elsaied

local wolves magazine // 15


san cisco + words: amanda ferrarese + photos: chris troncoza


pon listening to San Cisco’s catchy tune, “Awkward” it’s

no wonder why the song has warranted them so much success. In the twelve short months following the release of their single and album of the same name, San Cisco’s popularity has obviously skyrocketed. The infectious indie pop gem earned them a spot in the Top 10 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2011 and nearly three million views on YouTube, not to mention a nomination for an Unearthed J Award. When examining the amount of recognition San Cisco has received, one might be surprised to learn that they haven’t been in the business for all that long. The indie pop quartet emerged from Fremantle, Western Australia back in 2009. Founding members Josh (guitar/keyboards/vocals) and Jordi (lead vocals/guitar) had originally bonded over their love of skateboarding, but a passion for music was the key motivator behind the creation of the band. Soon after, fellow classmates Nick Gardener (bass) and Scarlett Stevens (drums) were added to the lineup to create the quirky musical group that is San Cisco. Although their discography is short, it doesn’t make it any less spectacular. In fact, the latest single off their self-titled LPhas proven that San Cisco is anything but a one-hit wonder.“Fred Astaire” delivers a beat that will leave you tapping your feet and dishes out lyrics that’ll stick in your head for days, making it quite clear that “Fred Astaire” is just as much of a hit as “Awkward.” The song is accompanied by plenty of other equallyfantastic tracks, all of which

Not to worry, anyone who’s anxious to hear more will be happy

are well worth checking out. “Beach,” is a personal favorite of Bion-

to learn that the wait may soon be over. Though their latest album

dillo’s and, certainly, well worth the listen. “[Beach] was mostly re-

is fairly recent, San Cisco has gotten to take a break from touring

corded in my bedroom and I have fond memories of when it came

and perhaps that means there is some new music underway.


“We are ready for Album number 2.” So while we all patiently

As of recent, Biondillo probably hasn’t had much time to sit home

await their next infectious tune, we can take comfort in knowing

and write, but that doesn’t mean that the desire create has faded. In

that San Cisco is hoping to produce “new and more exciting songs.”

the midst of all their touring and busy schedules, San Cisco still tries

If you’re hoping to expand your iTunes library and satiate your ap-

to dedicate a good portion of their time on the road to writing new mu-

petite for new music, I suggest giving them a listen. “Maybe you’ll

sic. However, Josh does admit that the “good stuff happens at home.”

find what you’re looking for.”

local wolves magazine // 17

chris mccoy

+ words: shawn mulcahy + photos: chris mccoy


Photographer Chris McCoy was originally interested in videography. He started out taking videos of local shows and even videos of a cat. However, he started taking pictures and that just stuck with him. He still shoots videos every once in a while though. But when it comes to photography, he says “I love everything about concert photography from the process of getting approved to shoot the show, to actually being there and it’s a plus being that much closer to the artists you enjoy listening to, each show is a new opportunity.” McCoy believes that his pictures have a certain style to them, a technique that he’s developed well. “It’s film manipulation but still keeps its original digital look. I’ve been told it’s a style I’m good at. Many do it, but it’s difficult to do correctly.” With his technique along with most of the technical side of photography, McCoy learned by teaching himself to develop his own skills. “With original guidance from other filmmakers and photographers, along with occasional web videos, I began to learn more and more about both photography and the industry,” says McCoy. And for any of you into photography, McCoy uses a Canon 7D body with a 50mm 1:8 lens or a 2470mm 2:8 lens. Being a professional photographer definitely has both pros and cons. McCoy said that some of the definite pros are meeting new people, traveling, and capturing the memories. He also discussed some of the cons to his job. “The con of being a professional photographer is that people taking advantage of you and what you do.” McCoys advice, and this applies to everyone, not just budding photographers, is to “always be willing to learn, no matter how much you think you know about photography. If you want to do something with it, take it seriously. Instead of feeling threatened by other’s success, be thankful people are willing to work as hard as you.” Coming from Lexington, Kentucky, McCoy shared some of the many benefits of the city. “[It’s] a great place to live; beautiful city, great people, plenty of local music, and location wise, it’s close to a lot of other big cities. Downtown Lexington is always a “happening place” and it’s got a cool mixture of both old and new.”

local wolves magazine // 19

I met up with Jordan Witzigreuter, the lead vocalist in the act The Ready Set, to take a couple shots of him on his bus before he hit the stage on the Summerfest Tour. He was the opening act for established groups T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, and We The Kings. I had never seen The Ready Set live but based on his mild demeanor I expected a pretty chill opening act, with a slow build throughout the show in preparation for We The Kings. I was very wrong. As soon as Jordan and his band took the stage they gave everything they had and The Ready Set put on an unforgettable performance. Full of plenty of jumping, mic-stand twirling, and organized movement across the stage, The Ready Set was a solid act to open up Summerfest that got everyone engaged and on their feet. As they churned out catchy anthem one after the other, it’s a wonder some of the audience lasted the whole show. The long running hit “Love Like Woe,” was especially popular with the crowd, with seemingly every member singing along knowing every word. Although the Summerfest Tour has now come to an end, it would definitely be recommended that you keep The Ready Set on your “must watch” list when they come back in your area again.


the ready set + jordan witzigreuter from the ready set plus the whole love like woe experience. + words & photo: lexie alley

local wolves magazine // 21

magic man

+ words & photos: lexie alley

Magic Man is a synth-rock band from

The band is made up of vocalist Alex,

Boston, Massachusetts who I was first

who’s voice is smooth and cool, with an

introduced to when they were put on

added punch (especially live) that takes

Walk The Moon’s tour as their opener. I

them away from chill indie into rock ter-

had a a lot of expectations for the band,

ritory, and also members Justine, Joey,

as Walk The Moon has been a longtime

Sam, and Daniel. Their set started off as

favorite since Anna Sun started playing

I anticipated, but built up more and more

on the indie airwaves a few years ago. I

with each song until their energy was

jammed to the band before I met up with

amped up to the max.

CONT’D down to earth group. On their

them at their show in Cleveland, Ohio and

The crowd was jumping, fans were

EP my personal favorite is Nova Scotia, al-

was pleased with their electro-pop melo-

yelling the words, and the end of every

though I find myself listening to it all back

dies and smooth synth that is consistently

song was met with screams for more and

to back without any complaints.

present through the EP.

thunderous applause. Every member in

If I didn’t make you want to go listen

If The Killers last album went more in-

the band was engaged and rocking out,

to them enough, the band signed with

die, it would be Magic Man. I anticipated

making for a very entertaining opener

Neon Gold Records and Columbia Re-

a live show that was equally chilled out,

that really blew me away.

cords just a few months ago, and will be

which would be fine. At heart though, I’m

I am very happy I got to see them on

releasing a full length early next year. This

a rock and roll girl. To my surprise I was

this tour. Their passion is undeniable, not

year has been huge for Magic Man, and

wrong, in the best way possible.

to mention they are an extremely >>

it’s only the start for them.


24 alexa losey 34 paige crawford 36 lauren rihimaki 37 jackie young

46 orion + sam 52 meredith foster 54 tarte vintage

autumn beauties

38 rebecca black


+ words: megan pietz + photos: lhoycel marie


adventures with

alexa losey

local wolves magazine // 25

alexa losey

residency in los angeles, california + shows that you can only have fun when you are being yourself.


efore Alexa Losey hit the small screen of your com-

puter, she was training for the big leagues. With the same passion, she posts all kinds of videos to her channel ranging from her obsession with Taco Bell to beautifully shot look books. As an eighteen year old, Losey grew up fast because of her goals for the future. “I always forget I’m 18,” says Losey. “I started taking on adult responsibilities and pursuing my dreams full force when I was 16. I feel like I’ve been an adult for so long. When I do remember I am just a kid I pull out the Disney VHS collection and find the nearest Hello Kitty popsicles.” Losey’s channel focuses mainly on fashion and following trends with videos that are created by season. She keeps up with runway work, but it’s also clear that Losey has a great sense of street style and can mix the two. Losey explains, “When I become obsessed with something, I know it’s time to make a video about it.” These days, one could look at beauty and fashion channels for hours online but Losey strives to stand out. “I’ve always loved style since I was a little girl. It was always a big part of my life. When you do what you love everything works out right.” Losey details, “Most of my friends aren’t super into fashion, so when I’m with them its more about the fun and madness we come up with rather than what we have on our face or bodies. I try to not limit myself to the conventional beauty guru videos.” And Losey is right in calling herself unconventional. When asked how she shops for clothes, Losey has a lengthy response. “To a clothing item or let things grow on you? I used to go with my gut until I realized I had way too many clothes then I kinda had to cut down. Now I work with what I have in my closet already but I make it work with the upcoming season and I keep my eyes out for what I need. That being said I am still guilty of buying something if have to have it.” With a great mix of DIY and brand name clothing Losey recommends Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, Crossroads, and in general, thrift stores for all you, shoppers that want to look fabulous.


local wolves magazine // 27


local wolves magazine // 29

30 30

local wolves magazine // 31


“ I started taking on adult responsibilities and pursuing my dreams full force when I was sixteen. I feel like I’ve been an adult for so long. When I do remember I am just a kid, I pull out the Disney VHS collection and find the nearest Hello Kitty popsicles.”

Fashion and style can be complex and it can be hard to cul-

CONT’D their own person style as much as possible. My

tivate a personal style that feels you. To Losey, personal style

friends have been known to raid my closet but I’ll never pick

comes from understanding yourself. “Before I knew myself well

out an outfit for them unless they ask (and their input is always

I would constantly copy others to fit in. Now I just wear what

a must).” Losey also values social media as it has helped her

makes me feel as much “me” as possible.” If Losey has inspired

greatly. “Social media is so rad. It changed my life in the best

you to change up your style and redo your closet she has some

way possible. I can’t pick one thing I love [about it]. I guess I

advice for you too. “Don’t redo it all! Keep pieces you love and

would say I love the life it gave me. I’ve never been this happy

wear all the time and pieces that are really unique and special.

before. “But as always, the internet can have its up and downs.

Bring in pieces you know for sure, you’re going to wear all the

“The one thing I don’t like is that it gets so personal sometimes.

time in your closet. Don’t go crazy and replace everything at

I feel like I can never date a guy without everyone finding out

once. I promise you’ll end up getting over almost everything.”

and a fandom attacking me. I have also been guilty of not leav-

In the quality versus quantity debate for your closet, Losey be-

ing the house because of my romantic dates with popcorn and

lieves that there should be a little bit of both. “I love having a lot

tumblr. [But,] the good has definitely outweighed the bad.”

to choose from and having a lot of less expensive trendy pieces

Though Losey is always well put together in her videos, that

but I do love having a few quality staples. Everyone needs a bad

don’t mean she dresses like a magazine spread all the time. At

ass pair of black boots, a leather jacket or vest, a classic simple

home, she usually wears Lululemon Wunder pants, a shirt she

going out outfit and a quality handbag you’re obsessed with.”

stole from a guy friend, a beat up pair of chucks, and a flannel.

Without Losey’s Youtuber and entertainment business friends, we probably wouldn’t be getting such great advice and

But, she adds, “Who am I kidding? I would wear that out to a party!”

videos. “We usually just talk about how to improve what we’re

Losey’s down to earth vibe doesn’t stop there. “[My viewers]

doing. We all really just want to make the best content possible.

are seriously the most support wonderful people I’ve come

We’re all totally normal kids though. We talk about everything

across. I hope I can continue to grow my channel as much

from boys to our pets. We’re all a bunch of weirdos that have

as possible. I love YouTube and the entertainment industry.

found a few hundred thousand that are okay with it.” Losey

Hopefully I can pursue more acting in the future as well. I just

frequently showcases her friends in her style videos, but never

want to do what I do forever because it makes me so happy.”

solely plans what they’re wearing. “My friends are my friends

Losey’s happiness should inspire us all to dress well and do

because I value their individuality so I want them to feature >>

what we love.

local wolves magazine // 33

paige crawford

+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: joseph thunder


Twenty-two year old fashion blogger, Paige Crawford fear-

In addition to running her fashion blog, she also creates

lessly shares her eclectic personal style with the rest of the world,

and sells her own jewelry. “I got started making jewelry because

proving that the first step to having killer style is having killer

both my mom and grandmother are jewelry designers, I caught

confidence. The recent college graduate began her blog, That’s

the bug and I’ve been creating ever since.” The exciting lifestyle

What She Styled, about a year ago. Since then she has moved to

changes don’t end here for Paige. She recently moved and is

Las Vegas and continues to make her mark in the fashion world

learning to adjust to her unfamiliar surroundings. “I’m new to

by inspiring others to embrace their individual sense of style.

Las Vegas so I learn about new places everyday.”

Paige’s desire to begin blogging first emerged a year ago.

Though she’s not native to the city, it’s really no surprise

Despite her eagerness to start right away, she waited until she

that the ambitious blogger is doing just fine. Vegas is filled with

was finished with school in order to keep her priorities straight.

plenty of malls, shops and restaurants for her to explore. She’s

After that, her love affair with fashion blogging began almost

even already managed to discover a few favorite local spots. “My

immediately. “About two days after graduating this past spring, I

personal favorite place is the Fashion Show Mall because it has

was already shooting my first post.” Though her blog is relatively

everything, I’ve also had some of the best coffee in my life at lo-

new, her passion for fashion certainly isn’t. “I’ve loved express-

cal cafe called Sambalatte.”

ing myself through fashion since I was a little girl. It’s something

Rather than encourage her followers to dress like her, Paige

I’ve truly always felt passionate about and have wanted to pur-

hopes she can inspire them to discover and embrace their own

sue.” That’s What She Styled isn’t the only endeavor Paige has

personal style. With Paige, you never know exactly what to ex-

become devoted to within the last year.

pect when you log onto her blog. This versatile, dynamic and >>

CONT’D confident style is probably what has credited her so much success. Rather than draw inspiration from “fashion idols” (with the exception of Miley Cyrus, pre-twerking phenomena, of course) she looks towards the things that surround her. “Whether it be the music I listen to, or the art and photography that I love, my style is the product of what I’m inspired by. Although she wholeheartedly encourages everyone who comes across her blog to embrace their own style, she’s more than willing

that’s what she styled

residency in las vegas, nevada, more than just the heat. paige marks passion for fashion as our favorite blogger.

to share some of her preferred beauty products for those who are interested. One of her newest recommendations includes Maybelline’s “Super Stay 24 Hour Lip Color, the colors are gorgeous and it really does stay on all day!” For anyone looking to incorporate some of Paige’s looks into their own wardrobe, some of her preferred shopping locations include are,,, as well as Urban Outfitters and Free People. “I personally prefer to do my most of my shopping online, not only because there’s way more of a variety, but also because it’s much less impulsive.” Of course, outside of fashion, there are plenty of other things that interest Paige. In fact, she’s quite the colorful character. For one, she absolutely adores horror films and cats. In addition to this, one might be shocked to learn that she was previously a gymnast for fifteen years. Though there is no telling where Paige will be in the next few years, she hopes that by then she’ll have started her own clothing company. Until then she intends to continue blogging and inspiring others to embrace their personal style. “Be yourself and wear what you love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Wow, I love your outfit. I wish I could pull that off.” Who says you can’t? Fashion is all about taking risks and not worrying about what other people think.”

local wolves magazine // 35

lauren riihimaki

For Lauren Riihimaki, being a “Youtuber” is not just a

hobby, but also a passion. Since she has garnered an audience of over 230,000 subscribers in just a year, you can say she’s grown quite successful at it. After entering college, Rihimaki realized that school was not enough for her to fully express her creativity. So, she turned to blogging. “My program didn’t quite satisfy my constant need for creativity in my life and I needed some sort of outlet to express myself,” she said. “So it was then, in the depths of my university residence room, that my blog was created.” Soon, blogging was not enough to describe in detail her DIY tutorials. YouTube became the perfect outlet to showcase her crafting skills, especially once she established her online persona, LaurDIY. “As I got further engrossed into the YouTube world, I realized that there was so much opportunity for sharing all the ideas and tutorials that I had been compiling,” said Riihimaki. “I’ve spent hours gluegunning, glittering, nailing and creating, and I’ve loved every minute of it.” Riihimaki’s videos range from crafts like bleachdying your denim shorts to fashion lookbooks. For anyone looking for the perfect craft to spice up their dorm rooms, Rihimaki’s tutorials are ideal. She combines a friendly vibe with easy to follow instructions to bring an ease to crafts that, for most of us, do not seem easy. After watching her videos, you know her craving for creativity has been more than satisfied.  + words: jessica goldman // + photo: lauren riihimaki


jackie young

Based in Orange County, musician Jackie Young only has

one priority – music. Originally from Seal Beach, this California native grew up listening to pop music, but ultimately fell in love with soul. Now, she writes and records both genres. She is heavily influenced by the jazziness of the late Amy Winehouse and poppy melodies of Parachute. Musician Allen Stone, in particular, is someone she really looks up to. Young began taking classical voice lessons at the age of fourteen and soon discovered her amazing ability for songwriting, where she claims she can be both introspective and extroverted at the same time. Recently she released her first single “Can’t Make This Right,” co-written and produced with Jesse Barrera. Young stated that Allen Stone has enough soul to float a boat, when really her vocals and tunes have just the same ability and gradually, she is on her way to sailing even further lengths. She has also already had a couple of shows under her belt and having opened up for artists such as Teddy Geiger, PK and This Century. Young is currently on an indefinite leave from schooling at the Berklee College of Music’s Management program to work on her craft. She is often in the studio working hard on what she loves and looks to be what she is destined to do. Her audience and fans keep the new rising artist eager to create more music. + words: gleann ignacio // + photo: lhoycel marie

local wolves magazine // 37


+ words: gleann ignacio + photos: lhoycel marie

rebecca black T

here are more than a handful of words that can stick

out and describe this generation. Words like twerking, One Direction, tweet, Apple, swag, 3D, Teen Mom, hipsters, supernatural, viral – oh and Friday! It is quite clear everyone knows where we are headed with this. That is right! Rebecca Black. Let us take this back to the year 2011, Rebecca Black first broke out onto the scene when her first single and music video “Friday” made its way on YouTube. Believing that only her family and friends would see the video, Black had not anticipated the overwhelming response.The video became viral and Rebecca Black was then named one of the year’s fastest web searches. She had become an overnight sensation. Since then the song has been featured almost everywhere! The hype from her first single has landed Black as a guest on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and Jay Leno’s late night talk show as well as becoming one of the songs sung on the hit TV series Glee, and has awarded her with a Teen Choice Award for ‘Best Web Star’ and Variety’s 2011 ‘Youth Impact Honoree’. Black was also complimented by mega pop star Lady Gaga, quoting: “Rebecca Black is genius.” Many artists known and unknown perform the song at their own concerts as well as performing live and working with Katy Perry. Rebecca Black was a sensation! It is now 2013 and Black has gone through and experienced a lot since the viral video. She is actually still making videos and producing them regularly on YouTube. “I’ve been an avid YouTube viewer for so long and have wanted to branch out [making videos],” Black speaks out. Despite the negative comments, the only people she listens to are her friends, “I think what really gave me that extra push was the support of all my friends who have been on YouTube for a

I honestly thought the only people that’d see it would be my

while now,” she says. Another trend of this generation is breaking

mom and dad!” Black’s family have always been 100% supportive

out; whether it is through YouTube or in pursuing a career in music,

of their loved one’s ambitions, “they’ve done so much for me and

“you really have nothing to lose,” says Black and advices future en-

have given up so much that I couldn’t ever be more grateful! They’ve

tertainers: “just go for it.” None of the hateful banter came close to

always taught me to chase my dreams as long as school comes first!”

stopping Black from living out her dream. “I’ve always been one to

With balancing school work, making music and videos can serve up

do what I love and not let anyone stop me,” then Black would add

as challenge, but she is still a normal teenager like everyone else.“I

one more piece of advice: “you just have to step out of your comfort

don’t know if there’s one thing I can distinguish as “normal” in my

zone and not be afraid to push your limits to make your dreams

life. I do a lot of really normal things, like going to the movies or

come true.” The magazine Salon had recently written a flattering ar-

school dances,” she replied. That year Black was taken out of normal

ticle about Black this past June and had this to respond with: “I’m al-

schooling to being home schooled due to the outrageous cyber bul-

ways so flattered! It’s so crazy to me because Friday’s blow up was so

lying, but the teen is in no rush of growing up, “I’m back in regular

unintentional. I never could have imagined all that has come from it.

high school now because I was afraid to miss that experience.

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local wolves magazine // 41


local wolves magazine // 43

So how does a typical schedule plan look like for Rebecca Black? “I find myself filming on the weekends a lot and editing after I finish homework,” she answers. Black has learned to adjust with her new lifestyle, but admits it can also get a bit hectic, “I still find myself rushing the day before I upload trying to get a video together, but it’s worth it in the end!” Technology plays a key role in today’s generation as well, but social media is the leading way for those to stay connected; whether it is with friends or family and in this digital age it is a crucial tool to success. Black enjoys having conversations over the internet with her fans, chatting with them as if they were like her own friends. “I met my best friend over the internet!” she pointed out, but even then the cons can overshadow the pros. “I have to say that my least favorite [on social media] would have to be the lack of privacy,” she admits. Unfortunately, the media loses sight of that. However, some of Black’s owns tweets on Twitter can become a bit personal and she is aware of it; responding with: “I mostly just blurt out what’s on my mind or what I’m thinking of.” Clearly aware she explains: “A lot of the time I tweet a whole lot of nothing, but I try to stray away from that because I think it’s pretty boring,” she laughs and continues, “sometimes I’ll go a couple of days without posting anything, but it’s just because I don’t have anything interesting to say!” There is a side that the world has not seen of Rebecca Black, a difference in between her videos and her music. The videos portray

She also revealed how her planning process usually plays out, “I

Black’s real life personality whereas with her music holds a much

start thinking of video ideas right after I put up the previous video.”

deeper meaning. “I think music is almost like looking through some-

At times, Black seeks out for help from friends, “sometimes I draw

one’s journal or diary,” Black stated and adds: “you get to know those

a complete blank and it’s hard to come up with something that’ll be

emotions they’re too afraid to say aloud. That’s how it is for me

fun and entertaining,” she also notes “I won’t ever force a video, the

least!” Among her videos are numerous cover videos, in which Black

internet will see right through it.” She comes home right after school,

loves to express her creativity with, “I love putting my own spin on it,

works hard on setting everything up, and then spends a day or two to

maybe even playing with the lyrics,” such as in her most recent cover

edit before uploading it later in the week.

of Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” which features Jon D. In fact, most

At only the age of 16, Black has always dedicated her life to enter-

of her videos feature familiar faces of YouTube, “I love collaborating

tainment. She began dancing at just the age of 3, took up the piano

with friends that are just as excited to collab as I am. I’ve found that

at 7, and vocal lessons at 9 while also later attending musical pro-

the best videos come from the people who are genuinely excited

grams in performing arts schools all throughout the SoCal and New

about it as our subscribers are!” Even then she still faces the negativ-

York area. She has even shared the stage with artists with the likes

ity of the viewers, “I think the worst part is the comparison,” she says

of Hot Chelle Rae, The Ready Set, Austin Mahone, and Forever The-

in regards to her cover videos and admits, “Sometimes people take it

Sickets Kids. Already having accomplished a ton, Black has learned to

a little too far and be a little harsh.”

become more independent and she believes she has grown up quite

Unlike the millions of YouTubers, there is not one specific catego-

fast from the exposure, “not to mention my whole life turned upside

ry Rebecca Black can be placed under, “I don’t think that I necessarily

down!” she noted. There is still much more for Black to achieve. In

fit into a category quite just yet,” she comments, “I’m still pretty new

five years she will be 21! Though a career or any involvement in mu-

to it all so I’ve been trying almost everything, figuring what I love

sic will always remain in her, she hinted that she might get into act-

most, and what my viewers love to watch!” She has already ruled out

ing and, “I might even be in New York for college,” she added.

on becoming a gaming channel or a beauty guru, “[those] are not

This fall season, Black share some of her seasonal obsession-

really my strong points,” says an amused Black. Black’s videos are

swith her infatuation with kimonos being on top of the list, “I think

based on her personal interests and the present, “I get inspiration

they’re so unique and fun to play with when it comes to style,” gel

from everywhere,” she stated.

nail polish, which she claims to last a long time, stack rings, “I’ll >>


CONT’D wear rings on almost every finger sometimes! I just love the layered look and I think it can bring something unique to a simple outfit,” she tips. (Rebecca loves to find colors of a darker shade and specifically wearing burgundy or navy blue colors). To relax, she enjoys a cup of mint tea to calm herself down and prepare for bed. Another thing she loves is her beanies. They act as one of her life savers, especially on crazy, bad hair days, “it gets so windy in Southern California during fall and they help keep my hair from flying everywhere!” We then asked Rebecca our golden question: what is your favorite local place? “My favorite place is The Lab!” she replied. Located in Costa Mesa, it is a place where Black loves to shop and have lunch with friends, “the atmosphere is so chill and relaxing,” she says and then included her top three places to visit along the Lab! First being Milk & Honey, which is within the area and has Black finding herself grubbing at in any time of the year while also pointing out that, “it has the best lavender lattes and frozen yogurt in the world!” Second on her list is Balboa Island, a place where she has been visiting since she was young, “I’ve met the best people there,” Black recalls, “I love riding my bike all the way down to the beach and taking a break on the pier to grabbing a bite to eat. It’s become a bit of a tradition in a way.” Lastly, third is The Observatory, “This is one of my favorite places to see shows. They have all different kinds of artists and it’s so different from going to see a show in a stadium,” she compares. Black has made quite an impression on the Internet and in music. “Friday” was not her only single to reach over a million views. Her following single, “My Moment”, had accumulated over six million views in less than 2 days and the other singles follow in. Like it or not, Rebecca Black will always be around and never forgotten. As for her videos, well you can look forward to the weekend because a new video will be ready to upload by Friday!

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orion carloto & sam fazz

+ words: megan pietz + photos: madison bass-taylor


ith 35,400 subscribers but only twenty vid-

eos, one might wonder how the pair of Sam and Orion got to be so popular, so fast. Describing themselves as, “Just two best friends with a dysfunctional yet entertaining relationship,” it’s clear that these two have the whole “girls next door” thing down pat and they aren’t afraid to be loud, embarrassed or enthusiastic about everything to make sure you enjoy their videos. Though they only met online a year ago, the two seem to have such a sister-like relationship. After officially meeting this past January, Orion and Sam just clicked. Both share the experience of coming from small towns, so it’s clear wanting to try new things and be new people motivated their friendship and their channel “I grew up in a small southern hometown so I was definitely a black sheep! Many people here don’t really do much and they like to stay in one place rather than going out and seeing the world. That really motivated me to be “the change” and to move on and discover what else this world holds for me!” says Orion. Both add, “We both thought it would be a good idea to start a channel together, just for fun! We never expected it to grow into what it has become.” Now that their channel has gained popularity, Orion and Sam can definitely agree their lives has changed. “It’s weird because now when I go to my local mall, that I’ve went to my entire life, people will stop me because they watch our videos and recognize me from the internet!” says Orion. This of course happened in tenfold when the pair at-


tended Vidcon this year. Both can attest: “Honestly meeting our viewers was one of the main highlights of Vidcon. It was so humbling to have people come up and want to meet us because they enjoy our videos! Also being able to experience LA for the first time was amazing.


megan pietz

photos m a d i s o n b a s s -tay l o r

local wolves magazine // 47

What topped off our entire trip was that we got to be reunited with some of our closest pals from the YouTube community!” Even though the two loved the LA experience, Sam and Orion still love their hometowns. Sam’s favorite spot? Atlantic Station. “Especially in the fall and winter,” she says, “I love the vibe!” Orion keeps it classic, citing her local Starbucks as her favorite spot because when she walks in the baristas already know her order and there’s free wifi. One might think that living in two different places might keep Orion and Sam from getting really close, but it is clear that the two know each other very well. Sam describes Orion as “fearless, passionate, and ingenious” while Orion describes Sam as “ambitious, determined, and optimistic.” These traits will surely serve them well as they work towards their goals for the next year. “I just hope people keep watching and enjoying what we create. I hope that through our videos we can make people happy and inspire them to also spread that happiness. Personally, I hope to further my dance career!” says Sam. Orion adds, “A year from now I hope that people will still enjoy the things we put out for them and continue to support us the way they do and hopefully one day I could be a part of AwesomenessTV! Aside from YouTube, I’m still trying to discover exactly who I am and what I want to do. So, who knows what the future will hold for me!” And of course, Sam and Orion know they couldn’t do all of this without their viewers. To you, Orion says, “You’ve made such a huge impact on my life and I love you endlessly” and Sam adds, “Just thank you so much for being the most supportive and raddest group of people out there! Keep helping us spread positivity and one day we can change things. Love you guys!”


local wolves magazine // 49


local wolves magazine // 51

meredith foster I

f forced to describe her YouTube

channel in five words, Meredith Foster would say “inspiring, positive, relatable, helpful and exciting.” It’s clear that her viewers feel the same because her subscriber base has grown immensely over the last three years and continues to increase. The stylish YouTuber, commonly known as stilababe09, has certainly made her mark on the YouTube community. Since her channel’s beginnings back in 2010 she’s managed to engage plenty of users with her beauty-oriented videos. Having recently hit her millionth subscriber, it’s evident that Meredith has gained a loyal following, but still manages to remain extremely humbled. She intends to stay dedicated to her fans and hopes that, through continual and regular updating, they’ll see she’s wholeheartedly invested. Though her channel may have only begun three years ago, her interest in makeup goes back a little farther than that. “I remember being ten or eleven and going into my mom’s makeup drawer and playing around with eyeshadow and lipstick. [I] didn’t get really serious about it until I was thirteen and making videos.” Experimenting with her mom’s makeup might have initially piqued her interest, that isn’t the motivator behind the creation of her channel.“I first became involved because I was intrigued by other girls’ beauty tutorials and wanted to try it myself. I was interested in makeup, hair and fashion, so the beauty genre was a perfect fit.”


+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: chris troncoza Even though her original fascination was

Despite the amount of work she’s faced

with makeup, Meredith says that fashion and

with both in terms of YouTube and her per-

style videos are her favorite to make. “I love

sonal life, Meredith avoids discouragement

putting together outfits that are affordable

and remains positive and dedicated to it all.

and wearable.” She understands that great

Outside of YouTube, Meredith’s inter-

makeup and great clothing don’t have to be

ests include doing yoga, going swimming,

overly expensive. In fact, her favorite places

and seeing movies. She also enjoys visiting

to look for beauty products are Rite Aid and

plenty of local spots like Santa Monica for

Target because of their large selection and

its fun shops, local entertainers, good restau-

reasonable prices. In addition to her primary

rants, and coffee shops; Newport Beach or

channel, which is dedicated fashion, makeup,

Fashion Island for the ocean breeze, bike

and various other beauty related videos,

rides on the peninsula, shopping and Venice

Meredith also has a vlog channel called vlogs-

Beach where she can take walks/bike rides

bymeredith where she uploads videos about

on the beach.

concerts, day trips, comic pieces, cooking ideas, and plenty more.

As of right now, Meredith’s not entirely sure what the future holds, she hopes You-

As if trying to regularly update and main-

Tube will still play a significant role in her life.

tain both of her personal channels wasn’t

“I’m going to keep moving forward: making

enough of a responsibility, Meredith began

videos for my channel, keeping it relevant

working on a new daily show for Awesome-

and making what my viewers want to see.”

nessTV that premiered over the summer.

local wolves magazine // 53

tarte vintage

+ tarte vintage + 206b e. fourth street // santa ana, ca 92701 tues + thurs 12pm-8pm // or book appt



arte Vintage is tucked away in the heart of down-

town Santa Ana, CA. The area has an old town charm with beautifully crafted buildings made of weathered bricks. The store is also located near steps of the famous Yost Theater. Tarte Vintage is truly the hidden gem of Santa Ana, CA and is the best kept “fashionista” secret. Tarte Vintage started as an online blog shop on Tumblr and has grown exponentially to an online and store boutique. We had the amazing opportunity to chat with the lovely owner Joellen Lu. She describes Tarte Vintage as “eccentric, nostalgic and unique.” The store itself has a light and airy loft feeling with colorful art pieces that surrounds the vintage store. Tarte Vintage specializes in clothing from the 60’s to the 90’s. They make sure each piece is timeless and current with trends today. Price range varies from how rare the pieces are to what decades the pieces originate from. Their price range is quite affordable for amazing vintage finds and it varies around $20-80. For those looking for rare designer pieces, the price range will vary on the higher end, but definitely worth every penny! Not only can customers purchase pieces on their online store but they can also visit Tarte’s onsite location. They’re open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm-8pm or shoppers can call or text to book an appointment with the staff. The staff at Tarte Vintage are welcoming, friendly, and definitely worth coming to meet in person. Tarte Vintage will have special events for Santa Ana’s Art Walk and make sure to stay tuned for more info! Tarte Vintage is “the must see” shop for every fashion lover! // + words & photos: lhoycel marie

local wolves magazine // 55

photograph by lexie alley

chvrches 09. 13. 13 + newport music hall + columbus, ohio


local wolves magazine // 57

fall out boy

maryland state fair + timonium, maryland // clare kim

a skylit drive the social + orlando, florida // chris lampkins

jonas brothers

gibson ampitheatre + los angeles, california // cathrine khom

portugal. the man

the filmore + silver spring, maryland // clare local wolves magazine //kim 59

tegan + sara

mizner park amphitheater + boca raton, florida // carolina londono


santa barbara bowl + santa barbara, california // madison 60 bass-taylor

soundcheck two fifths of the uk rock band, you me at six: dan flint + chris miller chats with us about their u.s. fall headlining tour. head on over to our youtube channel (definethemusic) where they spill their favorite moments as a band with our interviewer, alexis march. photos by: alice isidore.

+ house of blues // anaheim, california

local wolves magazine // 61


On the cover, Alexa Losey // Featuring: Tarte Vintage, Rebecca Black, San Cisco, Fine Brothers, Orion & Sam + loads more.


On the cover, Alexa Losey // Featuring: Tarte Vintage, Rebecca Black, San Cisco, Fine Brothers, Orion & Sam + loads more.