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+ peachy vibes spring, march 2014 spring mood board made by cathrine khom

MARCH festival gazer

+ melrose, 2014 we went around looking for alfred coffee shop and it ended up being a cross the street. if you love great quality coffee with an artistic twist, it’s a MUST. by artsty - they have the coolest cup holders. i like writing photo diaries like this so expect more of this soon. - cath

Hello my dears! March was a fun month that was full of opportunities that we were fortunate enough to cover such as SXSW in Austin, TX (yummy food galore too!) and Playlist Live was unbelievable. Went to Melrose a few weeks ago with Allyn for a shoot with the cool, Andrew Lowe. It was fun to just chill and snapped photos, of course. More ‘deeds and behind the scene photos soon. Hmm, what’s on your mind? All I can think about is COACHELLA and VIDCON. Love discovering new music so it’s great to see some of my buds attend this year in Indio. Summer is approaching so soon it feels like! Some current obsessions is Cage The Elephant, mom jeans and retro shades. Until then, wolfies - we have lots of awesome stuff to prep for our birthday month since we’re turning TWO on April 12th, the feels are so real. Flying somewhere,


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taking over la’s imats + allyn bernardo

our take on spring city looks + stefani avena / mackenzie isom

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stay classy, san diego + katy johnson

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inside look at magcon + katy johnson & priscilla posada-pedrin

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advice for self-confidence + orion carloto

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you ever find yourself in east county San Diego, you owe it to yourself to drop in at Cosmo’s Coffee Café. This laid back coffee house in La Mesa Village is the kind of place you can go to for a quick bite and live music. Awarded neighborhood’s “Best Coffee” and “Liveliest Place for Live Music” by the La Mesa Courier in 2013, it’s definitely a favorite among locals. I’m having a hard time staying focused because I keep thinking about the decadent cinnamon roll I had there last night. It came out of the oven with the thick, white frosting oozing over the roll and I could smell the cinnamon baked layers before it even reached my table. That’s not the only delicious thing on the menu; they have salads, soups, bagels, sandwiches and a breakfast menu that’s served all day with plenty of options for our vegetarian friends out there too. As for drinks, not only do they serve coffee, blended drinks, specialty drinks and hot chocolates, but they also have a tea menu with extensive options that range from black teas to herbals - to green and to white.

But Cosmo’s isn’t all about the food; it’s more about the artistic vibe. Cosmo’s supports local artists in more ways than one. From their open mic nights every Tuesday, displaying pieces of art created by resident San Diegans on the walls for purchase and their poets corner (that’s probably not what they call it but I do because of its frequently sat on couch and bookshelf of almanacs and dictionaries for use) you can literally feel the creative juices flowing as soon as you walk through the front door. On Fridays and Saturdays, Cosmo’s even sometimes have local bands perform live music. Cosmo’s Coffee Café is THE place to go whether you’re in east county San Diego – or not. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + where to find us 8278 mesa boulevard // la mesa, ca 91942 mon - fri 6am-8am // sat 6:30am-9pm // sun 7am-6pm tel 619-698-4217 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words & photos: katy johnson

local wolves magazine // 7

n o i r O to: Carlo


ello again and happy March!! Hope everyone had an amazing February and a special Valentine’s Day! While I was gone, I was finally able to get the pet of my dreams... Meet my little hedgehog, Tippy! He’s extremely timid but behind all of that shyness, he’s the sweetest little thing ever! Beside that, I’ve been seeing a lot of you asking me questions on Twitter/Tumblr about accepting yourself. And of course, I asked you guys to submit anything on my blog that you’d like me to to give you advice about. Selfconfidence is the most attractive quality a person could have! To see someone that is proud of themselves no matter what is a beautiful thing. And although I’m sure most of my readers are females, this is 100% directed towards all genders because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves! One thing people confuse self-confidence with is being “conceded with a big ego” and thats one reason why some are afraid to feel self-confidence. Just remember to remain humble and stay true because confidence is everything.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous

delight, or any experience that reveals

the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings


“I’m not sure really how to phrase it as a question and such but, I have really low self confidence like I’d like to have a lot but I find myself always comparing myself to others, envying other people, like on my Tumblr dash there’s always models etc, it’s something I do subconsciously idk it just makes me feel worse about myself, sorry it’s worded terribly and hardly makes sense, but thank you for reading stay rad.” - Anonymous, 14, UK - Naturally, that’s what humans do. We spend our time comparing ourselves to others and wishing to become someone we’re not. We fail to realize that no matter how much time we consume being envious of other people, that won’t change who we are. Usually we compare ourselves to a certain way someone looks and we become jealous of models or famous actors/actresses and it’s certainly unhealthy. You are you, and that’s what makes you a unique individual! And I know I probably sound extremely cliché, but hear me out: Open up your notebook, and really think about the good qualities in yourself. They don’t have to be physical traits, they could be anything! You could write down how good you are with animals or maybe you have a killer taste in music! You have far more to contribute into this world than wishing and hoping to be some model and keep that in mind when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. Be proud of who you are and what you can become.

“Hi Orion, So I have a lot of stretch marks all over my body and I feel so self-conscious about them. They are bright red and purple and I feel uncomfortable wearing shorts or low cut tops because of them. I don’t know what to do because

summer is coming up and I’m worried of what people will think when they see them.” - Amy, 17, New Jersey - Oooo, stretch marks! I’ve discussed this topic many times but one more won’t hurt a bit! My dear Amy, don’t you fear, stretch marks are a beautiful thing! Society frowns upon them simply because they are “unwanted” marks on flesh, but think about it this way... stretch marks simply mean your skin is stretching aka growing... it’s a natural thing that EVERYONE goes through! Heck, even I have a few stretch marks but I’m proud of them because it shows that my body is healthy and going through changes and I’m growing! Don’t be worried about what others think of them, as long as you feel confident and beautiful in those summer shorts and cute crop top, then someone’s silly opinion shouldn’t stop you from doing your thaaang, girl!! “I have a question about self confidence and being a female YouTuber. I feel as if many girl YouTubers get hated on and it’s hard to have a large audience as one with all the hate and high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, the men on YouTube get tons of hate too. But I was wondering how you stay positive and confident throughout it all.” - Sam, 13, Pennsylvania - I mean, you totally have a point. Being a girl YouTuber has sooo many pros but there are also a few cons that come with it. This is usually because most of our audience are females that range from around 11 years old to 20 years old... mostly teens. I guess it’s easier to find something to hate on other girls rather than hating on a “super cute YouTuber guy” but don’t get me wrong, that’s not always the case because even guys get sent hate too. Either way it’s not right and no one deserves it. At first it was kinda scary for me because it seemed like if I were to make one little mistake I would just get judged eternally for it! Now, things have definitely changed for me because instead of spending all of my time worrying about being a “perfect” image for my viewers, I just keep things real and worry about the people that are here to support me no matter what!!

“I feel like as a teenager in high school, positivity and confidence is hard to come by. I’m extremely stressed out, dealing with classes, loads of homework, family problems, trying to keep up with the few friends I have and also being in my schools spring production. Being on stage is one of the only times I feel happy; it’s my favorite thing in the world, but all the stress is really getting to me. How can you stay so positive when the bad outweighs the good?” - Emily, 15, Kentucky

whatever you can to remain a happy person and instead of moping over school. You have to constantly remind yourself that there still are things to be happy about! Even though at times it may seem like the bad outweighs the good, you’ve got to stop focusing on all of that “bad” and put your mind to what makes you happy and what makes you feel alive! “What is one thing you think people can do to boost their self-confidence?” - Jodie, 15, Massachusetts - Bare yourself, I’m about to sound super cheesy here because ya know what... EVERYONE IS AMAZING AND EVERYONE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DO ANYTHING AND TO BE ANYTHING AND TO BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY WANT TO BELIEVE IN!!!! AND THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IN IS YOURSELF!!! CUT YOURSELF A BREAK AND GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE TO HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF!!!! IT FEELS SO GREAT!! WEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR, SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY, DONT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SCREAM “IM WORTH IT!!!!”, NEVER SPEAK BAD OF YOURSELF, STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY, AND JUST SIMPLY BE YOURSELF BECAUSE THATS THE BEST PERSON YOU COULD EVER BE!!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!

“Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” – Walt Disney If you’re lacking in self-confidence, don’t stress too much; it’s something we all go through. But whatever you do, don’t let it hold you back from your dreams and the things you want to accomplish! Remind yourself that you have the ability to do anything, and don’t think any less of yourself. Honestly, the worst thing you could do is compare yourself to other people, so try to veer away from that as much as possible. And lastly, do what you love to do... Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and its all up to you to accept them both and love yourself unconditionally. Thanks so much for reading friends, see you next month and don’t forget to stay positive!

- Being a high school student could be stressful at times, but looking at your entire life, high school only takes up a small 4 years! When I was a sophomore in high school, I felt exactly like you, Emily. I thought that with all of the work pilled up on me and the stress I had that I was never going to make it! But it didn’t take long for me to realize that a positive mind set could take me so far. If theatre makes you happy and being on stage is your favorite thing to do, focus on it. Do

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supplies + wood board + nails + hammer + succulents and cacti + leather rope + jars and pots + soil + aerated charcoal ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• step one / take your wood board and nail the leather into the front and back in order to support the leather to hold the board. After nailing one side, wrap the rest of the leather underneath the board to the back and nail the leather to the back. I did two on each end, front and back.


step two / put low amount soil in pot, depending on how high you want your plants to stick up step three / place plants in pot how you like and fill the rest of the pot up on the sides with more soil


step four / for the glass jars with no hole aeration on the bottom, fill with a thin layer of aerated charcoal in order to keep soil fresh step five / fill with plants and soil as you did in step 3 step six / place pots and jars on board ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• tip / this is best done when hung against a wall or fence, just incase the wind decides to pick up ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words & photos: madison bass-taylor





local wolves magazine // 11


MAGCON TOUR is a completely unique event that brings

your favorite Viners and YouTube entertainers to a city near you. From Chicago to San Diego these boys have been across the country together making fans’ dreams come true. The creation of the Magcon Tour came about when one of the Magcon members, Aaron Carpenter (@aaroncarpenter_) on Twitter) tweeted that he was doing a “meetup” with his fans at a mall, more than one hundred and fifty girls showed up. Seeing how unorganized and unsafe this interaction was Bart Bordelon, a family friend, seized the opportunity to create this revolutionary event now known as the Magcon Tour. Coming from across the United States as well as Canada, a family of nine guys and a female DJ was formed. Not only does this include hilarious viners and great music, but also an amazing atmosphere filled with high energy. The event we were lucky enough to attend was held at the Hilton San Diego Bay Front. It consisted of a great party atmosphere, live performances from the viners and stage activities where fans can enjoy some quality time with their favorite viners. The attendees of the function ranged from girls, and boys, ages thirteen to eighteen that expressed their creativity by making posters and signs that showed their love for the performers. We had the pleasure of interviewing Bart Bordelon and one of the acts of the night, Jack and Jack (@JackJackJohnson & @ jackgilinsky). When asked why they did vines together instead of separately, Jack Gilinsky said that “Jack [Johnson] and I have the same humor, we just work very well together.” When the vine app started up, the guys noticed that “there were lots of plain old, regular people getting ‘Vine famous’” so they thought “why couldn’t we do the same?” They dove right into the social network and made a Vine account by the name of Jack and Jack that now has over 2,800,000 followers, that’s more than Harry Styles AND Ariana Grande! As their audience grew, the demand for new and creative vines increased as well. Their relateable content has teens laughing hysterically all over the world. As Bordelon said “That’s the part that really gets me, when [the fans] bring up depression stories and say ‘but I watch Jack and Jack and they make me smile when no one else could.’” Even with all this fame and attention, believe it or not, Jack and Jack are pretty normal guys. They still go to school, they went to prom, but they’re exceptionally talented guys. Just this year, the guys have released two hip-hop/pop songs entitled “Distance” and “Flights” that are available on iTunes. With Gilinsky on vocals and Johnson rapping, these songs are relateable for everyonejust like their vines. All in all, Magcon was an incredible event and we hope to see Bart and the boys again. If they ever come to a city near you, make sure to grab those tickets quickly! Tickets tend to sell out within seconds of releasing and we wouldn’t want our wolfies missing out on such an electrifying experience.


+ jack johnson & jack gilinsky

+ jack gilinsky + bart bordelon

+ carter reynolds, matthew espinosa & cameron dallas

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: katy johnson & priscilla posada-pedrin + photos: katy johnson

jake round



lmost five years ago, in March 2009, Pure Noise released their first record: “The Consequence of Dreams” by No Bragging Rights. Since then, the Berkeley, CA based label has gone on to sign numerous bands, some of which include, The Story So Far, Handguns, State Champs and Elder Brother. The idea behind Pure Noise is a simple one: to produce quality records that people will enjoy. Luckily, thanks to founder Jake Round, they’ve been doing just that. Located amidst an ever growing music scene, Pure Noise has obviously benefited from its surroundings. For the last eight years Round has been living in the Bay Area, only three blocks away from 924 Gilman, an all ages music club. “I think being so close and involved with the Bay Area young punk rock scene has been huge for the label. Pure Noise really started in the Bay and grew from there.” With many of Pure Noise’s own bands having played at Gilman and other clubs around the area early on, it’s hard to deny at least some correlation between the label’s success and its locale. One might think that Round had always hoped to work in the music industry, but that’s not entirely true. Though he has played in his own band’s before, Round’s position as a label owner is a far cry from the career he originally wanted to pursue. “I went to school to be a government teacher.” Despite the drastic difference between the two goals, the eventual creation of Pure Noise sprang from Round’s long standing desire to work for himself. “I tried booking bands for a while but didn’t like it that much. A label is just something I always wanted to try.” It’s a good thing he did try, because Pure Noise has quickly grown to become a fountainhead of quality records. Round’s initial entry into what would become his career began when his friends in No Bragging Rights asked if he’d be willing to help them release a record. Since then, as the label has grown, he’s made it a point to only sign and work with bands he really loves, regardless of their prior recognition. Believing fully that, “if your band is starting to buzz on its own, labels are going to hear about it. Good music has a funny way of finding its way to the powers that be.” This mentality is probably why Round feels that developing a band from the ground up is the most rewarding part of his job. “All of my bands started in a basement or garage and, with only a few exceptions, I was there for all of it.”

Round and his staff work closely with bands, assisting them throughout the entire process of producing, releasing and promoting a record. “We help bands pick a quality studio/ engineer to make their records. From there we help them put together artwork and press the physical product, as well as make the record available digitally. We do everything from marketing and selling the record, to helping putting together a team for a band. it just depends on what the particular band needs.” With each album, Round plays the role of a loving parent, and just like any good parent, refuses to pick favorites. “I’m pretty attached to all of them. There are months of work that go into a release. It’s hard to pick a favorite child.” The Pure Noise family may be fairly small, but it’s certainly one of great substance. Keeping a smaller roster allows for PN to work more closely with bands, ensuring that they’ll be successful. Perhaps that’s what makes them so different. Pure Noise care about their bands and not just profits artists are viewed as individuals, not potential dollar signs. “I have a very close relationship with Rise Records and their entire staff. Craig Ericson taught me a lot about the business and how important it is to treat the bands well.” With this type of business philosophy, it’s no wonder why Pure Noise and their bands seem to be doing so well for themselves. To celebrate the anniversary of their founding, Pure Noise had a show and party in Oakland on March 21st, featuring The Story So Far, Rotting Out, No Bragging Rights, The American Scene, Forever Came Calling, and Elder Brother. A week prior to that event, they held an SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas. Though it’s only been five years, much can be expected from the tiny label. By the time their ten year anniversary rolls around, Round hopes that “we’re doing the same thing we’re doing now. Putting out records we love and working hard. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have a couple more hits along the way.” If past behavior is indicative of future behavior, Pure Noise will keep doing exactly that and, hopefully, find continued success along the way. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: amanda ferrarese + illustration: pure noise records

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I M A T S :




very year, there are many different conventions held all over the world. Whether it’s for anime, entertainment or travel, you name it, they have it all. However, there is one trade show in particular in the makeup industry that says it all. That my friend is called IMATS which stands for The International Make-Up Trade Show. IMATS, if you don’t know what it is already, is the worlds biggest make-up gathering. Started in 1997 right here in the heart of Los Angeles, it was the first make-up show created for artists which grew led into an interest for makeup companies and beauty enthusiasts sharing the best of what the industry has to share with the world. Over the years, the success of the International Make-Up Trade Show has allowed the show to be held at six different cities which include New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto and Los Angeles.


This gathering has allowed everyone to see many different products, techniques, and also the works of art that the makeup industry has to show. On January 18-19, I attended my first IMATS held at the Pasadena Convention Center. I myself have been wanting to go for years ever since I gained an interest with makeup. In the beginning, I have to admit I was very nervous and overwhelmed since I really didn’t know what I would get myself into. However, going to IMATS, the International Make-Up Trade show, was one of the best experiences I have come across this year. At IMATS, I was pretty excited because I knew there would be so much makeup! There were many different booths, many brands you may be familiar with, from Sigma, Lime Crime, Royal & Langnickel, Stila, NYX, and so much more.

+ words & photos: allyn bernardo + date: january 18-19, 2014 + location: pasadena convention center

local wolves magazine // 15

They had so many booths where you were able to see the different makeup products from eyes, lips, face, beauty tools, and even costume/theatre at that. Not only were there many makeup booths to browse through, there were also a lot of makeup panels to watch as well. Watching these panels amazed me especially seeing professional makeup artists apply costume, theatre, and even regular everyday makeup. These also allowed makeup artists to show their many techniques which I would never even think of! If you were there, I bet you would’ve been amazed from the minutes and even hours these makeup artists put in to do much interesting and creative work. Besides seeing multiple cosmetic booths and special makeup art-


ist panels, IMATS also is a great way to meet and greet with some of your favorite beauty gurus and makeup artists especially from YouTube and Instagram. Being a makeup junkie, it was so exciting to meet some of my favorite beauty lovers I adore and watch all the time. Many of these beauty gurus I’ve watched for years! It was so exciting to meet them especially since I’ve gotten some of my beauty advice from them as well. Overall, IMATS was a blast! For one thing, I would never even think I would ever see so much makeup and products all in one big room. There were so many booths to browse and walk through but it was totally worth it. See other makeup artist show their work has also inspired me

to learn how to apply makeup in different ways and also to use your imagination. This experience has also allowed me to meet some of my favorite makeup artists and gurus which I will never forget. If you are a makeup lover or just even have an interest with the makeup or beauty industry, I highly recommend to go. You will definitely have have a good time!

2. Have some cash ready. Though many booths accept debit or credit, having cash is more easier to keep up with and more faster to run through when you pay.

If you plan to attend IMATS in the future, here are some helpful tips to run with:

4. Last but not least, wear comfortable shoes. There will be so many booths to look through, and makeup to see. You’ll be surprised how long you’ll be walking and even standing in line for stuff.

1. Make a list. Making a list of any makeup/beauty items you need or want to purchase will make it easier for you so that way you won’t buy any things you don’t really need.

3. Set a budget. It will help a lot and help you keep track with what’s in your wallet. You don’t wanna get too crazy!

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ne of my favorite parts about spring is that color starts to appear on the streets. New York City residents are known for wearing black, black and more black especially in the wintertime. Luckily, spring is the perfect time for those who are bold enough to add a few pops or color and crazy patterns to their outfits.

first look Taryn is seen on the streets of New York in in a pair of dark washed jean overalls from Free People. This 90s trend is slowly creeping back into the fashion industry and was seen on the runway of Rag and Bone’s spring show. She’s added a white shirt from Wilfred under the overalls and thrown on a floral jacket from Zara as the main focus of her outfit. The colorful Aztec floral print screams springtime and her added Chanel broach adds a classy appeal. Her black leather Crown Vintage cutout booties dress up the outfit, and are a step up from the typical tennis shoes that many people would pair with overalls. To finish off the outfit, she grabbed a white BCBG clutch bag that would perfectly transition her whole outfit from day to a night out with friends.


model: taryn tavormina jacket: zara overalls: free people shirt: wilfred clutch: bcbg shoes: crown vintage broach: chanel

second look The majority of girls love a guy with great fashion sense, and Josh’s outfit is a perfect one for springtime. The plain white tee he’s wearing allows him to pair the camo All-Son Brand jacket and have it be the focus of his outfit. Camo was seen on Dries Van Noten’s runway for menswear and has been a pattern that many people have mixed opinions about, but certainly is perfect for an urban city guy. His grey Hawkings McGill Chino pants are the best pant option for spring because of their lightweight feel yet has clean cut look. Casually rolling them up at the bottom allows us to get a peek at his blue and white pinstriped H&M socks (I love pattern mixing) that are tucked inside his brown leather Clark chukka boots. The boots keep the outfit casual yet adds class and fits with the urban style. And he can’t leave the house without his Urban Outfitters tortoise and blonde atticus sunglasses, which are a necessity for those sunny New York days.




y + words: mackenzie isom + photos + styling: stefani avena

model: josh sobocinski top: white tee pants: hawkings mcgill chino shoes: clark’s socks: h&m sunglasses: urban outfitters jacket: all-son brand

third look Patterned pants, skirts and shorts are everywhere during the spring and are also an easy way to add excitement to an outfit. Plus, if you are feeling lazy but know you want to look put together, grab a pair of patterned pants and you can be on your way. Taryn’s cropped Zara capris are the focus of her outfit and have enough color for those who typically follow the monochromatic route of an all black outfit. She’s paired them with a crisp white Wilfred top and her black Wilfred leather jacket draped over her shoulders, which has been the way many celebs and fashion bloggers including Kylie Jenner and Danielle Bernstein have been choosing to style that piece. Her Jeffrey Campbell loafers add a structured feel to the outfit and could easily be swapped out for a pair of heels to transition this outfit into the night. And for New Yorkers that spend much of their day on and off the subway, her vintage leather satchel is perfect for the daily commuting and allows you to be fashionable while carrying all of your necessities for the day.

jacket: wilfred free pants: zara shoes: jeffrey campbell top: wilfred necklace: vanessa mooney bag: vintage

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Jimmy Douglas


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immy Douglas is a New Jersey based photographer who ranges from portrait photography to live events. For him each event is different and deserves to be photographed in its own way. Photography is something that Douglas felt was always in him. When he was recruited to make videos in 8th grade for his middle school’s morning show was most likely the moment that sparked an interest in him with cameras and from then the rest became history. He is self taught and learns everything with mostly by the trial and error method. “I am extremely critical of my own work and am still learning with every shoot,” he commented, but you know what they say? You are your biggest critic. Before he heads out for a shoot, he goes over with himself what he wished he had done differently in a previous shoot. As any individual, you learn from past experiences, “the day I stop learning something new from myself is the day photography will no longer be fun for me – I hope that this day never comes!” Douglas views photographs as being able to tell mini stories, “even if you only see one image from a full set, I want you to be able to relate to that image or have an idea what my model is thinking and what their emotions are,” he explained. His style can be said to be all over the place as his subjects expands from a large variety to concerts, portraits and events, all with a hint of his “vintage” feel to the photos. As for locations, in which he believes is the most crucial part of an image, are locations where it seems as if it has been virtually untouched for years – abandoned areas. He loves turning hunts for these unique locations into adventures with his subjects, whether they are signed models or just his friends, Douglas loves to venture out and discover these special areas. He even shared some of his favorite local spots in his hometown, “I don’t want to give away too many of my spots,” he playfully joked, but points out specifically Liberty State Park and Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey, where he finds both to be “incredibly different and photogenic.” Equipment: right now he shoots with a Nikon D7000 as his main body with lens’ including a Nikon 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, and a 50mm 1.8, but he also keeps his 1976 Canon AE-1 film camera with a 50mm 1.8 in his bag with him. The pros and cons of being a professional photographer for Douglas, “the biggest reward for me is all of the people’s lives I am able to touch along the way, even if it’s in the simplest way,” he confessed. Photography is a passion that has brought him closer to so many people from all parts of his life, “I wouldn’t trade any of these experiences and friendships for the world,” he added. One downside would be the inconsistency, meaning at times he finds himself busy for one or two months then suddenly finds himself lined up with no work at all, “in my opinion though, the ups certainly outweigh the downs,” he said. For other aspiring photographers, the best advice one photographer could give to another is to keep shooting! Douglas advised, “You don’t need the best and most expensive gear in the world to take a good picture.” He feels as if people get caught up too much in trying to find the right gear, “if you enjoy taking picture then you should just take pictures,” with that said, “an iPhone or a cheap point-and-shoot can capture a moment just as well if used properly,” he added.


Although he shoots a lot of portrait photography, Douglas has also worked with a number of talented bands and all of which have propelled him to the next level. For him, one of the fun things about concert photography is all about capturing the musicians being spontaneous and being prepared to get the shot, “you never know what’s coming next in a live show, you have to think a few seconds ahead to anticipate what the performers next move is going to be, which can be fun and challenging at the same time.” In the meantime, Douglas enjoys the simple pleasures of life with music, in which he suggests listening to Long Island based band Patent Pending, “listen to their song

“the biggest reward for me is all of the people's lives I am able to touch along the way, even if its in the simplest way.” “One Less Heart To Break” he noted, television – “I go on Seinfeld binges way too much, often I find myself wasting away a whole day just watching the show,” he admitted. He is even a fan of the hit game, GTV 5, “who doesn’t love driving fast cars and stealing airplanes?” as well as being a fan of YouTube’s own Louis of Fun For Louis, in which he enjoys his style of vlogging, “I got to hang out with Louie at DigiFest NYC in June and he was easily one of the coolest people I’ve ever met,” he shared with us, and travel – Douglas wishes to someday go back to California after he fell in love with the state and its landscape back in 2012. As for the future, he has already got some exciting shoots lined up for the year! He traveled down to Orlando this spring with Josh Chomik aka Thecomputernerd01 and Josh Sobo to document their adventure at Playlist Live. He also shared that he will be doing shoots for Stay Nice Apparel’s lookbook and photographing a bunch of weddings and Sweet 16’s along the way. The best way to keep track of his journey is by following his Instagram account over @ jtdscape. Ideally in the nearer future, he would love to someday pursue a career in photography full time. What had started out as taking pictures at a few shows and photographing a couple of his friends Sweet 16’s, has already turned into a “job” almost, but would not quite consider it a real job, “it’s one of those “if you enjoy what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life” type of deals,” Douglas explains. So technically, he is living out his wildest dreams. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: gleann ignacio + photos: rachel kober

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pulling heartstrings with

spencer sutherland


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+ words + photos: lexie alley


rom a small town just outside of Columbus, Ohio is singer/songwriter Spencer Sutherland. Sutherland always knew that his place was in the music industry, “there’s nothing that I’ve ever had near this amount of passion for. I just can’t see myself doing anything else,” says Sutherland and since his first performance in front of a live audience, he was sucked into the world of an artist and would never want out, “I love the energy! I feed off of the audience – it’s intoxicating!” With a wide range of influences from the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake to Boys II Men and Marvin Gaye as well as the King himself, Elvis Presley, Sutherland puts his own unique spin to the genres of Pop and R&B. Pop music with a small twist of R&B would probably be the best way to describe Sutherland’s music, “perhaps if Bruno Mars and JT had a love child, it might sound like me,” he describes and laughs. He finds inspiration happening all around him – real


life experiences – “whether it’s heartbreak or happiness, relationships or should I say girls – really drive most of the lyrics in my songs,” says Sutherland. Recently, Sutherland released his debut single, “Heartstrings” and had not expected the overwhelmingly positive response, “I am actually blown away.” From the support of his fans and Clear Channel radio station, WNCI 97.9 who have been putting the single into rotation, Sutherland could not be any happier with the progression of the single after only one week since its debut. Sutherland has also recorded a duet cover with Disney Channel’s Stefanie Scott of A.N.T. Farm and Jessie, for Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s collab on the hit single “Everything Has Changed” - “we both picked the same song to cover unaware of what each other picked,” Sutherland reveals. He was approached by Scott’s manager and asked if he was interested in working with the Disney star, “It was so fantastic working with Ste-

“i hope to use my music for “good” – that’s really important to me and it’s my biggest goal.”

it’s my biggest goal,” he admits. He has even shared the stage with some big names in the entertainment business such as X-Factor’s Emblem 3, MKTO and Nickelodeon’s Ariana Grande and Big Time Rush. He hopes that one day he might be able to tour with the one and only Taylor Swift. Not only is he a huge fan of her music, but her appreciation for the fans and her live shows; he says their styles of music are similar, but have enough unique differences to really fit well together.

fanie! She is so sweet and funny and very professional.” He is also working with Grammy winning songwriters and producers for his upcoming EP. As for plans for a full length, Sutherland just wants to focus on the single for now and take his time wisely to develop a full length album. Sutherland plans to cement his mark with his music by inspiring others that have the same dream as him, “I hope to use my music for “good” – that’s really important to me and

In the meantime, Sutherland reflects on the past year and what his hard work has awarded him. Maybe even hit up some of his favorite local spots in Columbus, “there are so many sweet spots – from live music spots to the best eats,” says Sutherland, who noted a mid-sized music venue called The Newport, coffee shop Stauff’s coffee, and the pizzeria Mikey’s Late Night Slice, that he claims is “the best pizza place ever!” As well as spending the holidays with his family at home, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. He will continue to work even harder on his music, “it surely doesn’t feel like work though,” he comments. He later then reveals that he will be traveling a lot in 2014, “we do have something special planned for my fans in the near future.”

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ashlee keating

+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: eric mooney + styling: caroline depta & haley appell + footwear: off broadway shoes


Most of us don’t have the slightest inkling of what we want to do with our lives until college, however Ashlee Keating knew when she was still a toddler. Her professional career began at the early age of three after being cast on Al Albert’s TV Showcase. From that point forward she continued to earn more roles, both in regards to music and acting and discovered her unequivocal love for performing. “Being on stage and performing, singing, dancing and acting always came naturally to me. It’s what I wanted to do. So I jumped right in!” At the age of six, she was offered the role of “Gretl” in The Sound of Music and has since appeared on CBS’ Star Search, as well as the popular Nickelodeon shows iCarly and Victorious. Years later, in 2008, she was selected as a Radio Disney up and coming artist, which allowed her the opportunity to eventually open for bigger stars like Demi Lovato, Raven Symone and Keke Palmer. The twenty-year-old pop singer known for singles like “Helluva Ride” and “You Got It Like That” has continued to find even more success through her adulthood. Late last year, her song “Ice Kingdom” was nominated to be part of the Coca Cola “52 Songs of Happiness” project. “I was in my apartment when I found out the great news and got the official email that my song was selected. My initial reaction was WOW! I was very excited and humbled. It is an honor to be involved with a Coca Cola Campaign and to have had this wonderful opportunity! I’ve had a blast sharing that song with everyone.” Although being chosen for the project was a huge accomplishment for Keating, she’s still waiting for that one defining moment of her career. She’s hopeful for the future and knows that with continued hard work, she’s capable of realizing her dreams. “I have had some wonderful opportunities throughout my career, however I have not reached the pinnacle of success yet. I have so many aspirations and goals to achieve which are yet to come in my career, I can’t wait!” In addition to pursuing her personal goals, Keating makes it a point to help those in need. She often participates in charity events and volunteers with the Children’s Hospitals in both Los Angeles and Orange County. In February, she performed at “The Superstars of the Year,” an annual Boys and Girls Club event. Keating believes it’s important for people, especially those in the public eye capable of making a difference, to give back.

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“ I express many emotions and things happening in my life though my music.” Prior to moving to Los Angeles, the Southern New Jersey native was an active member of her own community, as well. In fact, Keating attributes a significant portion of her success to the support she received while growing up. “My hometown has been so supportive of me and my career throughout the years. I have learned the importance of being involved in community activities and giving back. As an artist I was able to perform at a lot of events as well as shows and be in local plays.” Keating’s ongoing involvement taught her the importance of taking into account the feelings of others. She not only makes music for herself, but for the people who surround her. Drawing much of her songwriting inspiration from her own experiences and those of her friends, Keating seeks to produce songs that listeners can relate to. “I want my lyrics and songs to be relatable to my fans and everyone listening. I express many emotions and things happening in my life though my music.” For Keating, music isn’t simply a pastime, it is something that she incorporates into every aspect of her life. “It’s a 24/7 thing for me. Music is my life! I don’t know what I would do without it!” Her desire to always create is wonderful news for listeners who have been desperately hoping to hear more from the young musician. Although she doesn’t have an album out yet, eager fans need not wait much longer. Keating is currently working alongside big names like Devine Evans, Lil Eddie, Alex Newburgh, and the Grammy award winning producing/songwriting team Mike Mani and Jordan Omley to record her EP, which is set to be released sometime this year. “I am very excited about the music and songs I have been recording and writing lately. The lyrics will be relatable and I really can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”


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unior Prom is hardly as unmemorable or possibly bad your actual Junior Prom was. Consisting of just two members (Mark and Erik) who came together after a previous project they both were a part of failed to go in the creative direction they wanted, they went ahead and started their own band. Just like that. This sense of spontaneity and “edge of your seat” craziness permeates throughout their whole infectious debut EP. “We made the EP in Mark’s kitchen and our rehearsal space and I think it’s reflective of us making do with the little resources we had.“ Being just a two member band has presented some challenges, especially on the road. “It’s a completely different dynamic in both the writing/recording process and live. it’s creatively more streamlined as a twosome, but it requires much more work on the production end. We’re still very much learning by the seat of our pants.” They amassed a large body of work by writing almost nonstop for two years. In the process, they came across a sound and an aesthetic that they really liked. On a few lucky occasions the song just wrote itself, as it did with “Sheila, Put the Knife Down.” Generally though, Junior Prom’s songs start off with a lyrical concept or a line, or with with just an intense drumbeat and a few chords.


Luckily it has all paid off for them, and they seem to be slowly invading the music scene having just got done replacing X Ambassadors on a few dates of Panic! At The Disco’s most recent tour. “It was a big surprise when we got the offer. We’re on the same label and Panic’s management pitched us to Brendon (singer of P!ATD) and as they say, the rest is history. It was a really great tour.” Despite their dedication and drive to succeed, Junior Prom still knows how to have fun, and this includes in their live shows. “We like to have fun onstage and not take it all too serious. We want to entertain and at the end of the day we just kind of enjoy hamming it up, we’ve been known to pull some people on stage to show us the best moves they learned from MTV’s The Grind.” “Some dude once came on stage shirtless with “SOY BOMB” painted on his chest. ”In between shows, Junior Prom jams out to artists like Sly and Robbie, Alton Ellis, Lee Perry, tons of Top 40 radio, Luda, Chief Keef, Ty Dolla $ign, Miguel, Sam Cooke, & Bobby Womack. To end the interview I had to ask, “Did either of you attend Junior Prom?” ERIK: We did not! Though, I did crash someone else’s. MARK: Hell, I didn’t even go to senior prom.

+ words: lexie alley + photos: rachel kober

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Coming from Long Beach, are there any local spots you guys like to hantg out at? What are some of your favorite venues? TM: During the summer we enjoy going to the beach or the bay to hang out with friends. We bask in sunlight and play bochi ball while throwing a frisbee and playing guitar. How did you all meet, and how did the band form? TM: The three of us started the band in high school. Josh, on (vocals and guitar) had known Wes (bass) since junior high and we had been playing music together in our youth group at church and at each other’s houses. We were just starting writing some material of our own when Wes met Garret (drums) on the wrestling team, sophomore year of high school and started jamming. Wes then introduced me into the jam sessions and we started writing as a band. Tell us more about your recent album, Colour. TM: Releasing Colour was our first huge stepping stone as a band. We really took the time the album deserved and thought through every single piece of music that composed the album as a whole. Our manager, Billy Pruden really pushed us to make the songwriting and production truly excellent. Working with him as well as our engineer, James Krausse, we were able to polish all six tracks of Colour through a high intensive pre-production process, which lasted about two weeks. During that time we did nothing but play until we couldn’t play any longer. That two week process might have been the most stressful and our least favorite part, but it really paid off when we walked into Firehouse Studios in Pasadena and recorded something well earned. Our favorite part of the recording process was definitely the borrowed equipment that we were able to use in the studio. Guitar Center’s thirty day(s) return policy was definitely our friend throughout the two week recording process. The title “Colour” was inspired by our love for art and wanting to incorporate multiple forms of design and creativity in our band to partner with our music. As for the British spelling, we thought it looked more interesting than the American version. What’s the craziest story you have as a band? TM: Wes’s jeep was packed with everything and everyone in it coming home from a show. We were all singing and rapping together going pretty fast as we were getting on the freeway. As soon as we came over the top of the ramp, all we saw was brake lights and stopped cars. Wes slammed on the brakes and pulled the emergency brake and we came within inches of getting into a terrible car accident. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. + words: shawn mulcahy + photo: rachel epstein

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What are some of your favorite local spots to hang out at in your hometown and would you recommend any of those areas for those who wish to visit? AI: I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere upstate New York. I swear, there are literally more cows than people. Where I live it’s more about who you’re hanging out with than where you are. We do have live in a beautiful area and have a few nice restaurants, but I guarantee if you visit my town, you’ll see it all. Describe your YouTube channel to those who are not familiar with you? AI: I upload videos on a weekly basis. I make videos about whatever I feel like: skits, rants, music videos, reviews, and other life experiences. I try to be funny but it usually doesn’t work out. I use my YouTube as my outlet for artistic expression, sharing my views of the world and bringing my ideas to life. For those who have not seen your YouTube Story video, briefly share with us how you got started and who influenced you to start up your own channel? AI: For a long time I was actually against having a YouTube channel, I just didn’t think it was for me. However, in 2009 my cousin started making videos, and after I saw how much fun she had making videos, I decided to make my own channel. My first video was filmed with my HP webcam (I swear it was one megapixel). I was lying on my bed and put my iPod on shuffle, just awkwardly sitting there “showing everyone my music”. Needless to say that video was taken down shortly after. Now, my videos are about everything and everything. From skits, to montages, to rants and reactions, I really upload whatever I feel like. You have well over 16 thousand subscribers and over 2 million views. How does that feel and do you have any advice for those who wish to start up their own channel?


Aaron Idelson

AI: Surreal, but I try to take it in stride. 16 grand is a big number, but I’m the same person I was 4 years ago (minus the afro). If you want to start making videos, just do what you love to do. When you make videos about what you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, people will want to watch them, they’ll be entertaining. If I made beauty videos or gaming videos, no one would want to watch them and I would just look like a moron.

You started a merch store of your own at District Lines. Where did that idea come about to open up your own merch line? AI: Four years ago, when I first started YouTube, getting a District Lines was one of the coolest thing ever, only the biggest YouTubers had them. I always loved the idea of being able to design my own little merch line, never actually thinking I’d be able to have my own! How do you feel about being compared or mistaken to Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson? AI: I don’t think much of it. I’ve gotten it so much for so I’m just used to it now. It’s gotten so bad that I actually just respond when people say “Cody.” What are some of your favorite channels on YouTube and any YouTubers you wish to meet someday and collaborate with? AI: My absolute favorite YouTuber is Grace Helbig. I got to meet her at VidCon and I fangirled so hard. I mainly watch my friend’s videos. They’re just that much more enjoyable when you know the people personally. I also watch a lot of Tyler Oakley, Mamrie Hart, thatsojack, jennxpenn and people along those lines.

How was the experience of being at VidCon like? AI: Being at VidCon was the best time of my life. It was three straight days of hanging out with people that share my interests and hobbies. Not only did I get to meet all my YouTube friends, but I got to meet the people who inspire me and even people I inspire. Having a fan come up to you and tell you they love you, ask for a picture or an autograph, is the most surreal and humbling experience ever. VidCon and California were the absolute best. What kinds of things can your viewers expect from you and your future videos? AI:My biggest goal for this year is my dedication to YouTube and my time management. Viewers can expect a new video every week this year, and I want to make sure all my videos are the best quality they can be. I want to focus more on my videos and building my Internet persona in 2014 (which will be a lot easier when I’m free of the clutches of high school). •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: jessica goldman + photos: rachel kober

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stella rae 42

When and why did you decide to start your own YouTube channel?

If you weren’t doing YouTube, how else do you think you’d be spending that extra free time?

SR: Back in 2008, I was really into American Girl dolls. I’m talking hardcore craft action, taking over my entire life. I started posting DIY videos so I did that for a few years. As time has gone on, my videos have changed, always reflecting my current interests, which now include fashion and comedy.

SR: I used to take a lot of art lessons and play piano, so I’d probably still be doing that and you know, Netflix and Tumblr have always played a significant role in my life.

How would you describe your channel?

SR: I’m unable to sleep in past 6 AM.

SR: My channel is an infusion of everything I am passionate about. I love making people laugh, wonder, think and feel confident. Therefore, I want my viewers to feel good after watching one of my videos. Even if one of my dumb jokes can make someone laugh, I’ll feel accomplished.

How would you describe yourself, using only five words?

Is YouTube something you hope to turn into a career one day, or do you have other career goals or aspirations in mind?

What is your strangest habit or weirdest quirk?

SR: Purposeful, eccentric, organized, ridiculous and innovative. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: amanda ferrarese + photos: amanda harle

SR: YouTube is definitely something I’d consider turning into a full time career. It’s practically my life, so that would be incredible. As for other aspirations, I’d love to model, create films and hopefully change the world in some way. What has been the most rewarding or significant experience of your YouTube career thus far? SR: Everyday I am rewarded with the kind comments and messages my viewers give me. That in itself is such a reaping reward that not only boosts my “video-esteem” but that also keeps me motivated to continue producing content. Do your friends and family know about your channel and have they been generally supportive of what you do and your presence on the internet? SR: I’ve always been very open about my channel. My family has known about it since the beginning; they’re my #1 fans and I’m eternally grateful for that. Most people at school know about my channel too and other people’s horror stories about getting bullied because of YouTube initially scared me, but I’ve been lucky to only receive support.

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Math is hard. Scratch that. Math is really hard. And if you are reading this and have graduated high school, be jealous. PBS Math Club is a brilliant YouTube series for girls that parodies popular movies while helping viewers learn and relate to the daunting subject that is math. “When we looked at what’s out there in the popular media, it was really hard to find a teenage role model of a smart social girl who likes math,” said show producer and director Dylan Robertson. “We thought, its time to make the “smart” stereotype irrelevant.” For many people, math is an abstract language. Doing equations with numbers that just seem to get bigger and more complex is quite tough, especially when many students struggle to learn in the typical classroom setting. According the production team’s research, failing algebra is the number one reason why kids can’t graduate high school. “We believe language matters. We create examples that all kids can relate to,” said Robertson. “We can all recite the lyrics to our favorite song, retell our favorite jokes from movies, so couldn’t we use comedy and storytelling to help kids learn?” PBS Math Club emphasizes being relatable. Each video has students teach their fellow students with step by step instructions, mnemonics, and tons of examples, all while utilizing parodies to help familiarize the learning process. “Looking at all kinds of parodies, the only reason why people remember them is because they’re funny and they’re similar to something popular,” said cast member Hannah Chang. “Plus, it’s fun learning from people who are close to your age and who understand what’s in.” What PBS Math Club, created by PBS Digital Studios and Radiant Features, does especially well is that it focuses on this stereotype that “cool kids” can’t excel in school, or the ideology that it’s not that important to be smart. “Cool kids are often pressured to maintain their reputation of being, well, cool,” said cast member Jazmine Pollinger. “For some reason, the stereotype of being cool means not being smart. We want to prove that you can be both!”


Some of PBS Math Club’s popular videos include a Mean Girls parody on adding negative numbers, an adding and subtracting rap, and the Slicemaster 2000 video that helps viewers learn 3D and 2D shapes. It seems almost farfetched to think to pair some of these concepts with learning math, but it works seamlessly, and the videos have received over 45,000 views to date. “[Each video] begins with academic research on the topic. What’s the big idea that transforms the math into a concept?” said Robertson. “We also spend time in the classrooms and ask students… [and] spend an enormous amount of time making the language natural.” For the series, Robertson and some of the cast members hope to see the videos expand into Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and maybe even Calculus. Plus, with the success the series is receiving already, it is certain these videos will become a staple in many middle school students learning. And since the series films in Los Angeles, the cast has a few local places to recommend. “There’s this one place in Valencia called House Roots Café. I will always go there. They have THE best coffee and company to enjoy,” said Chang. “Beverly Drive because they have Urth Café!” added cast member Grace Trimanzo.

PBS Math Club + words: jessica goldman + photos: eric mooney

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C A L L I N G :

charly cox

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harly Cox runs her own blog called Style The Natives, which she describes as a platform that she creates and throws anything on it that inspires her and thinks that will excite others – “anything that breaks a taboo.” It contains music, fashion, beauty and some personal experiences, “it’s what my brain would look like if you cut my head in half and put it through a HTML coder,” as Cox would likely put it. She envisions her blog to grow more for new talent and her “bizarre musings.” Also “I’m so overwhelmed with how many people have jumped on board with it,” she confessed on the praise STN has received, “if I can retain that then I’ll be very happy.” The sole purpose for her blog is to be able to continue to inspire an audience as it allows her to keep stretching as a creative writer. She used to freelance as a stylist at Burberry, “the studio was a two minute journey to Chelsea and I felt like I’d found my home one lunch break,” she said. Then Cox knew she wanted to share with a wider audience, all the best spots and street style of the Kings Road, “but before I knew it, it became a broader platform when I started interviewing musicians and personalities,” Cox shared. She would later soon set out to create content for teens that was not patronizing or degrading, “we’re constantly fed such rubbish as though we’ve got no intellect. Boring!” she admitted. Cox left school at the age of sixteen and started her own path of creativity. Nowadays with society’s expectations, a road


to a successful life is almost scary and the amounts of pressure are more heavily weighted. For Cox, her family dream from the get go was for her to attend Oxford University and study English Literature, “I was naturally petrified I was about to spread disappointment throughout,” she admitted. Cox firmly believes that most people value a person than institutions themselves, “they value drive and creative capabilities – forward thinking out of the box individuals.” What Cox is saying is that there are people who can be confident enough to believe that they can do something much more and/or do not need a piece of paper, or degree, which proves what they can do. It is not entirely far different from those who do have one. She would encourage any individual who is afraid to take the leap, “being free/artistic still has huge intellectual attributes – you’re not compromising how academic you are by being creative.” Blogger Rosie Londoner of the blog titled “The Londoner “ served as a pioneering spark for Cox and her own blog of Style The Natives. She quickly developed a zeal and weakness for anything Rosie posted, “it taught me a lot about the fundamentals of blogging and importance of gaging a personality,” Cox shared. A huge part of reading blogs for Cox is escapism, which she believes Rosie’s The Londoner nails. She also enjoys Blog Milk. Most of the inspiration comes from her main love of magazines. She is obsessed with publications such as Wonderland, ID, Dazed and Con

“Being free/artistic still has huge intellectual attributes – you’re not compromising how academic you are by being creative.”

top: topshop bag: mulberry leggings: american apparel

+ words: gleann ignacio + photos: dunja opalko

dress: topshop boutique duffle coat: whistles

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fused and Russh. She tries to attend as many gigs and discover talents online for musical features, “I love the idea of giving a platform to those who were yet to find one – or sharing a talent that I found somewhere in London with people as far as the US or Australia,” Cox explained, all while trying to mix it up and throw in some personal posts of her own occasionally, which she admitted was absolutely terrifying, but in the end amazes her with how many others are able to relate to the same situations she has been in.

“I love the idea of giving a platform to those who were yet to find one – or sharing a talent that I found somewhere in London with people as far as the US or Australia.” Cox is a member of the infamous Jack Harries’ crew of JacksGap. She met Jack a year or so ago while interviewing him for her own blog, “and the poor boy’s not been able to get rid of me since,” she said playfully. For Cox, the job is infinitely inspiring and a blessing that has appeared in the middle of nowhere for her to be able to come in each morning to work with people she considers family. Her duties include a variety of tasks mostly running dayto-days, e-mails, meetings, calendars, Facebook, and to almost everything behind the scenes. She has also started putting more love and attention to the Jacksgap website, “I’m essentially Wendy to The Lost Boys,” Cox stated. ‘Wendy to the Lost Boys’ to the team literally is a literary metaphor of Cox’s job. In the classic Disney animated film, Wendy Darling is sort of like the mother figure to the Lost Boys, “although I don’t parade around the office in my night gown,” Cox jokingly commented. Other things you might like to know about Cox is her taste in music. She describes her taste as “totally electric.” Her iTunes ranges from acoustic covers to Biggie Smalls though lately, she finds herself getting into house music in a big way, “a lot of my close friends are in the music industry so they challenge the way I think about things all the time,” said Cox. In particular as of late, the new Arctic Monkey’s album is her current jam as well as one of her best friends, Shannon Saunders – “she’s awesome!” Cox stumbles across not just many undiscovered talents, but eateries as well! With music, she used to go to around two to three gigs a week in hopes of discovering something or someone incredible, “I was rarely let down and would blag my way backstage with a fake press pass and do an interview,” and as for the delicious eateries she discovers, “my


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Godfather has a great knowledge of cool niche hidden restaurants and bars in London,” she revealed for the scopes on her blogging spots. Aside from blogging and Style The Natives, Cox partakes in other hobbies such as cooking, “it’s one of the only things I find that lets me unwind,” she said and also noted, “You haven’t lived until you tried my chocolate fudge cake!” As for fashion, this season and some of Cox’s favorites are anything black! From leather skirts and white shirts are a big thing for her at the moment, “I think I smacked my head one day and woke up as Wednesday Addams,” she said. Some of her fashion icons include Alexa Chung, “it’s a cardinal sin not to answer this question with her right?” said Cox, “she always looks effortless, a bit grungy without compromising her femininity.” She adores the style of those who unapologetically themselves through their styles. Mia Moretti and Ashley Madekwe are others who are also a biggie for Cox’s fashion inspiration.

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“Destroy what destroys you – whatever it is, go out and do it!” Cox also travels when she can. She plans to make her way to LA in the summer for work, “I feel like a child at Christmas six months early,” Cox commented on her take on hopefully getting to finally venture off to America, “so I’m hoping it’s very much like a tangible set of High School Musical. It’ll be like introducing Mary Poppins to Danny Zucho.” Back in her hometown of London, Cox shares a couple of fun and adventurous sights to experience. So if you ever find yourself in the city of London she suggests climbing up Primrose Hill and rolling down it until you are dizzy and grass strained as well as grabbing a smoothie and chatting up with someone behind the bar of Joe and The Juice on the Kings Road or grub on one of the burgers at Patty & Bun on James Street, “take a cliché overhead Instagram shot,” advised Cox. She would also suggest a Bloody Mary from The Phene on Phene Street and take a seat on Exhibition Road on a sunny day, “and read a book you keep saying you will,” she added. Lastly, Cox would hint “find the hollow tree in Hampstead Heath, climb inside of it.”

For the rest of the upcoming year Charly’s plans are to experiment more in her posts. For instance being honest and open, this is usually avoided by many on the internet. An example would be with her post about sex, “it was totally overwhelming and humbling to see such an avid response,” she stated and also revealed that perhaps even a few new videos may be made. “Destroy what destroys you” – is a motto that Miss Charly Cox lives by. What does that mean? “Whatever it is, go out and do it!”

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all started with a yellow plastic toy guitar. He was just four years old. Now, a YouTuber and musician Tom Law has over 65,000 subscribers and over two million views on his videos, all which range from covers of popular hits like “Wrecking Ball,” to original music. Yet for Law, he did not start out in the online world. Instead, he was taking gigs around England, trying to get festivals and supporting larger acts. “I was on Facebook and Twitter, I had a mailing list, etc. But I wasn’t moving forward in the way I wanted,” said Law. “People who saw me at shows would often buy my home recorded EP and take the time to compliment me, but rarely would I see them again when I was back in town performing. I needed a way of sustaining a connection with the people who enjoyed my music.” Law understands the power of social media, and the power of Youtube. Since other musicians were finding a connection with their fans through the site, Law jumped on the bandwagon. And he’s proven that YouTube can be quite a powerful resource. What makes his music special, however, is his ability to perform countless instruments, and piece together a song with numerous parts all on his own. When you watch his edited videos on Youtube, you see him play each and every instrument the song requires, and it’s quite fascinating and it does not look easy. “Whether it’s my own song or I’m putting a twist on someone else’s, the first thing I do is plan how the instruments will all fit together,” he said. “This is the most difficult part, as I do it in my head. I use my imagination to develop each instrument’s part individually and collectively at the same time, making sure they fit together.”

Law does plenty of covers of popular songs, including everything from Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop.” (They are all for free on his website!) Yet what’s truly exciting is his original music. “My songs are inspired by the events, experiences, and people in my life mostly,” he said. “All [of the songs off of my upcoming EP] have come directly from my own experiences and so all are rather emotional and personal.” Law plans to release a four track EP early in 2014. But being a popular Youtuber, he makes sure to collaborate with other musicians on the site as well, like Carrie Fletcher and Dodie Clark. “Both songs [I did with Fletcher and Clark] were classic duets, ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and ‘How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?’” said Law. “There’s something magical about the rapport and engagement that these old duets provide for the performers. Both songs are a bit flirty and have a cheeky energy about them, it was an absolute pleasure to perform with such talented singers.” Even though Law regularly updates his YouTube channel, he still finds time to perform live for his fans. “My favourite thing [about performing live] the thing which makes me glow inside like a volcano, is when the words I once scribbled on the back of a cereal box are being sung back to me by hundreds of people who not only know them, but connect with them,” Law said. “It’s powerful, and it’s the reason live music will never fade. It’s an absolute privilege that during my set, I get to be the glue that holds everyone in the room together.” •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: jessica goldman + photos: philipp ammon

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d o R A

wi th m a e r d e h t li ving

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ew Jersey native and Los Angeles living Al Sherrod Lambert, call him A-Rod is a Grammy award nominated songwriter and producer who surrounds himself with good vibes and passionate musicians. He worked alongside Grammy winning producer Eric Hudson and with R&B greats like Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, American Idol winner, Broadway star and solo artist Fantasia and America’s Newest Sweetheart, Ariana Grande. Lambert’s work on Side Effects of You, Fantasia’s fourth studio album, earned him three Grammy nominations this year for Best Urban Contemporary Album, Traditional R&B Performance, and R&B song as well as a deep connection. “It was like a family reunion,” he said, “everyday the studio was filled with laughs, [there] was really something bigger than us going on over those few weeks.”


"I like working wi th people

who wan t to work and enjoy

what th ey do. People who

are still true to th emselves

and wh ere th ey come from."

Surprised by the extent of the mainstream success of Grande’s Platinum hit “The Way” which he co-wrote; Lambert says he feels blessed to be a part of her budding career. While working with a new artist may be risky at first, her killer voice and openness to the team’s suggestions proved to be a winning combination. “You never know what to expect, especially with a new artist, but I think she just had something radio and the music industry was missing,” he said. In the studio, cultivating relationships with the new artists is all about going about it in a natural way. The shared passion for creating music is an initial bond easily expanded upon through being genuine and dedicated. “I like working with people who want to work and enjoy what they do. People who are still true to themselves and where they come from,” he said.


As for songwriting itself, inspiration comes from everyday emotions and stories. Quirky and witty writing as seen in indie rock band The Sea Over Eli and county girl Kacey Musgraves is a current influential trend. Lambert has sculpted out a great spot for himself in the cutthroat music industry, but it wasn’t an easy or simple thing: “This industry is about access. Those with access get the opportunities. The biggest challenge has been waiting on my turn,” he said, “now that they are coming I feel I can take advantage of them and create opportunities for other up-and-coming writers and producers.” Currently, he continues to plug away at Grande’s new album, and is working on other projects with Omarion, Jasmine V and Michelle Williams, bringing with him an optimistic enthusiasm and zest for the music craft.

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luke korns We’ve all had that point in our lives when we look for something to give our lives purpose. Sometimes we find it in our passions, sometimes we find it in something totally unexpected. For young Luke Korns, he found it in making Youtube videos.


“I was sick of academics really being the only structured thing in my life, I wanted something more,” said Korns. “Making videos has always been something I have done, and being able to post them publicly and see real life feedback - thrilled me.” Though he is still in high school (is he?), Korns has already received thousands of views on his videos, and has over 50,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. His video titled “How To Tell if a Guy Likes You” has been seen over 100,000 times and what makes his videos so appealing to viewers is the fact that everything is pretty spur of the moment. “I guess since I don’t plan out my videos too much, it really reflects my real personality,” he said. “I like to at least try to stay on topic, but I never like to make promises. I also really enjoy editing, so be prepared to see random add-ons and strange effects that may or may not make any sense.” Some of Korns’ most popular videos are the ones that involve just a simple topic and Korn’s personality, and the occasional straying off topic that he’s known for. If anything, Korn’s just loves to talk. A lot. “Give me a topic and I’ll talk about it for hours; but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to edit it into a four minute video,” he said. Many YouTubers often collaborate with each other. However, Korns lives in central Wisconsin and admits it can be hard to find a community of other YouTubers to collaborate with. “I have a few collaborative videos planned for this year and I’m super excited! I don’t know why more YouTubers don’t decide to live [in Wisconsin] I mean, we have evergreens. I hope to attend some more YouTube conferences and meet up with fellow YouTubers, and collaborate.” Korn’s passion for filmmaking was a major reason why he created his Youtube channel, and hopes to someday work in film as a director. “Filmmaking experience was the intention I hoped to gain when I created my channel,” he said. “I feel as if that’s exactly what has happened. I am hoping to direct a short film in the very near future.” Korns hopes to, of course, grow his channel and hopefully reach 100,000 subscribers by the end of this year. Yet his channel is more than just the numbers. “I want to continue with my weekly schedule and with hard work, I think its possible for me to [reach my goals!] As long as I don’t get a hair cut,” he said. And as for Korn’s favorite local spots, they do not involve milk, but involve plenty of evergreens. “I don’t like milk so it’s hard to find good local attractions,” he admits. “I like evergreens though, so I like the forests. I also live right by a huge ski resort and I go skiing every week.” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• + words: jessica goldman + photos: amanda harle

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On the cover, Charly Cox // Featuring: Stella Rae, Ashlee Keating, Pure Noise Records, Spencer Sutherland, Jimmy Douglas, Junior Prom + load...

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