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Summer is officially here. We have so much exciting things planned for our wolfies. It’s going to be a good summer, that’s for sure. With Vidcon and all the summer tours, we can’t wait to get our groove on! What’s your plans for summer? Maybe consider doing a “Fifty Two Weeks” project where you post images, text posts or write in your journal of what you did every week. It’s a fun and neat way to keep on track all the awesome memories for the summer!

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+ where to find us Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company 806 E Thompson Blvd Ventura, CA 93001 Named after their two daughters, Spencer and Mackenzie, John and Jennifer started Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company. After starting in a trailer, their concept became more and more popular, leading them to open the restaurant. With being a family business and encouraging families to stop by and you can find anyone here, families, locals, businessmen, and tourists. Word gets around about Spencer Makenzie’s making it one of the most popular fish taco places in Ventura. As far as the food goes there are so many items on the menu you can only get in sit down restaurants making Spencer Makenzie’s even more popular.

Some of the most popular items are the: + Ceviche (my favorite) - Fish, shrimp, minced garlic, cilantro, bell peppers, cucumbers, & secret seasonings served with our Spencer Sauce on a tostada shell. + Calamari Taco - Breaded and fried strips of calamari topped with chopped cabbage, bell peppers, cilantro, and our Spencer Sauce served on a flour torilla. **Available Brooklyn Style. + Poki Salad - Ahi Tuna, seaweed, & cucumbers mixed with Poki dressing. + Ahi Pocket (my favorite) - A mildly sweet tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice, topped with “Dynamite” sauce & Blackened Ahi Tuna. With only being a walk across a bridge away from the beach and pier, spend the day at the beach and head over to Spencer Makenzie’s after for some awesome fresh food!


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DO IT YOURSELF: how to yummy summer popsicles






#2 passion tea lemonade ingredients: + 4 cups of lemonade + 4 cups of brewed and chilled passion tea lemonade (use 4 tea bags) + 1/2 cup simple syrup

HOW TO MAKE IT: step one: brew 4 bags of passion tea lemonade in 4 cups of water and mix with lemonade. step two: add simple syrup.


step three: pour into mold and add flowers or slices of lemons. orange slices also go well with this. let freeze overnight.

ingredients: + 1/2 cup simple syrup + 1/2 cup lemon juice + 2 large white peaches + 1 sprig of mint + edible flowers for garnish (optional)

#3 mint, lemon and orange


+ 2 lemons + 2 oranges + 1 lime + 1/4 cup simple syrup + 2 sprigs of fresh mint + water

step one: chop the peaches, and remove pits. add to blender and puree. strain through a mesh strainer. step two: add 5 oz of peach puree to a mixing bowl. add lemon juice and simple syrup and mix. step three: pour into popsicle mold and add flowers for garnish or slices of lemons or peaches. crush mint up and rip or chop into small pieces and add to popsicles. let freeze overnight.

*To make simple syrup: Mix 1 part sugar and 1 part water to a pot and boil for 1 minute. Let cool.*


HOW TO MAKE IT: step one: juice lemons, oranges, and lime and combine with simple syrup. step two: crush mint up and rip or chop into small pieces. add to juice mixture and let sit for about 15 minutes to let the mint infuse. step three: pour into mold and add flowers or lemon, orange, and lime slices and let freeze overnight.

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MAKE MUSIC FESTIVAL All outfits were spotted all around Old Town Pasadena during the Make Music Festival on June 7, 2014. Most common trends spotted were panama hats, cotton/printed pants and shorts, halter tops, floral prints, chelsea boots, and body/head chains. There was definitely a big edgy-bohemian style vibe around the entire festival. COVERAGE: EMILY HEDRICK

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n o i r O to: Carlo


t last, the long wait is finally over, so get out your heart-shaped sunnies because summer is here and school is out! Two months of soaking in the sun and not doing math (heck yeah). Because of this exciting news, I thought I’d have some fun with this column and basically give you guys the run down on how to make your summer fun and memorable. Shout out to @BrittanyyWelter on Twitter for giving me this wicked idea!! Summer is a great opportunity to get closer with new and old friends because you have so much time to bond!! Growing up, my favorite thing about summer was to be with a friend of mine for daaaaays. I would literally go over to a friend’s house and stay there for a week and we would either spend that week doing a series of funtivities or spend that week laying in bed, pigging out on food, and scrolling on our computers. To be quite honest, I still even do that to this day. By the time summer rolls around, some people just don’t know what to do with all of their time. If you’re reading this and you’re one of those people, luckily for you I’ve made a handy-dandy list of fun activities and ideas to do this summer!


1. Tie-Dye with friends Okay, okay, okay. Everyone loves to tie-dye and if they say they don’t they’re cold blooded LIARS. Tie-dying things is such a killer experience because it can turn your boring white shirts to what it looks like unicorn throw up over your clothes. It’s great. My favorite tie-dye kits are from Michaels (I’m sure you can find it at any other craft store). But just gather up a few of your pals, some white shirts, a bunch of fricking snacks, go outside, and get that party started. 2. Roadtrip If possible, PACK UP ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS AND HIT THE ROAD. Roadtrips are such fun experiences to start or end your summer. Whether your with family or friends, they’re unforgettable. Try going to a place you’ve never been to before. Wanna visit the city? Hit the streets of New York. Soak in the sun? Go to the beach! You want to be in touch with nature? Go camping and hike new (and safe) trails! Make sure to take lots of pictures of your trip though so you can Instagram them and make everyone jealous I’m kidding, take them so you can go back and look at them in the future! MAKE YOUR MEMORIES WORTH REMEMBERING!!!!

Summertime Playlist! 1. Girls // The 1975

9. The Mother We Share // Chvrches

2. Brooklyn Baby // Lana Del Rey

10. Over & Over // Smallpools

3. Cocoa Butter Kisses // Chance the Rapper

11. Sex // The 1975

4. A-Punk // Vampire Weekend

12. Sweet Disposition // The Temper Trap

5. In the City // Caveman

13. Stars // The Suits

6. The Great Divide // The Mowgli’s

14. We Could Happen // Jared Lei

7. This is the Life // Two Door Cinema Club

15. Chelsea Dagger // The Fratellis

8. Ride // Lana Del Rey

16. Riptide // Vance Joy

3. Go swimming Indulge your body into a giant pool this summer… Is a summer without swimming even a summer? The answer is no. Whether it’s your pool, a friend’s, or a community pool go in for a dip! If you don’t own one or know anyone that does, try investing in a small kiddie pool or Slip’n’Slide… Sounds childish, but have you seen how wicked the ones at Target are?! 4. Concert // Music festival What better way to top of your summer is there than going to a concert?! Concerts are my favorite thing in the entire world. They are such a fun experience and you get to see your favorite artist live! Going with friends that enjoy the same type of music as you is also a bonus. So check online if there’s going to be any concerts near you this summer… WHY WOULD THERE BE ANY REASON NOT TO GO?!

My favorite shows and movies on Netflix are American Horror Story (I’ve rewatched all of the seasons like 5 times), Bob’s Burgers, The Virgin Suicides, Girl Interrupted, Orange Is The New Black, But I’m a Cheerleader, Clueless, That 70’s Show, The Breakfast Club, and Freaks and Geeks. Those are just a few awesome things that I like to do during the summer so hopefully you guys can find interest in them as well! Also, what’s a summer without a great summer playlist? Above are a few songs to get you in the summer vibe (also great for a road trip if you’re planning on one)! Whether you plan on staying in or going out for an adventure, I hope that everyone has such a wicked summer and don’t forget to have loads of fun! Stay safe!

5. NETFLIX If you’re feeling a bit lazy, then by all means just stay inside and watch Netflix. There are many days where I don’t want to do anything because I’m either lazy or it’s raining so I kick back in my bed, take my pants off, open up my computer, and start up Netflix. It’s the best go-to thing to do.

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Anyone up for Tennis? Tennis is a husband-wife duo from Denver, Colorado who’ve been particularly busy in these past few years; from performing on Letterman to touring the country with their album, this retro-pop duo is one to be on the lookout for. The husband-wife duo met while in college and seemed destined to be from the very moment they began speaking, “Back then we had no idea we would have anything in common let alone everything in common. Things just kept cropping up. There was so much synchronicity that I didn’t even ask about the guitar I found in his closet (I had one as well) because it seemed somehow irrelevant.” However, the two didn’t begin making music together for a few years after meeting each other, “When it [music] finally did come up, and we did sit down to write a song together, it felt like everything that came before it. We never thought it might be something truly special.” “It’s important not to expect what you can’t control.” The duo never even considered the possibility of becoming a success with their music, but after selling out their first show on their first tour they knew that there was something there for them. The duo has experienced an incredible whirlwind of success with their music, in a short four years; with two albums out, a new EP out, and a new album coming out soon. On performing on Letterman, “We were all really nervous and I’m glad it’s over. But we see it as a huge achievement, like a bucket list type thing. Also Letterman is a babe in real life.” The two have been worked meticulously on their most recent EP and spoke about how different it is from their past two albums, “The first two records were written quickly, in an almost stream of conscious exercise. We never started a song we didn’t finish and never wrote a song we didn’t use. While writing the EP though, we threw out several songs that didn’t feel like a step forward. We wanted to write decisively. There was more foresight and reflection involved in the most recent EP.” Music is an extraordinary thing because having tons of experience in writing or creating music doesn’t make it any easier to create more; but what it does help, is knowing how to create better music. “After three albums I do not have any idea how it’s all supposed to work.


It seems like a delicate balance of opposites. It took a month to write our first record and a year to write our last. So I doubt we’ve figured anything out process wise. I think it’s getting to write, but I also think we are becoming better writers. I am really proud of our most recent work, so this is a trade off I’m willing to make.” The duo hopes to just keep making music and doing what they love with or without the money, “If we are unable to supportive ourselves then we’ll get jobs and write on the side. Even if no one’s listening, we just love to do it.” \If the songs are goodthe audience will find you.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The songs are the most important. If the songs are good, the audience will find you. The internet has democratized the music industry. I want to hear it. Conventional forms of success are diminishing; the industry in the toilet, but a good song is a good song. There is always space in the world for you if you do that. The band chatted about their favorite place to play in Denver will Hi-Dive because of memories, etc. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen many of our favorite bands play there in the early stages of their careers, and there is this exciting sense of potential when you take that stage, that makes you wonder what it might lead to.

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candy hearts

COVERAGE: lexie alley

For our readers just getting to know you guys, give us a brief introduction. ML: Hello! Candy Hearts consists of me, Mariel Loveland, and I sing and play guitar. Matt Ferraro plays drums and John Clifford plays bass. We also enlist very random friends to play in our ever-rotating lineup and are basically, just one big family. We all met each other through friends of friends a while back. When we started, I was playing music in a country band and decided that I really wanted to play the type of music that relied more heavily on other members rather than a folky sort of acoustic guitar. That’s when I decided to start Candy Hearts! How did the band name, “Candy Hearts” come about? ML: I’m terrible at thinking of band names - it’s just not one of my strong points - so I made a list of random things around that we could potentially call ourselves. I wish it was more creative than that, but it isn’t. We originally started with the idea that we’d be some kind of ‘90s-influenced band like Dressy Bessy, Belle & Sebastian or Apples in Stereo, so it seemed like the most fitting. Plus, I used to love candy hearts before the band made me completely sick of them. My dad used to get me a ton for Valentine’s Day every year and eat all the good flavors. They’ve just always made me sort of happy. You guys have announced a June release for your sophomore album, “All The Ways You Let Me Down.” What should fans expect in comparison to your previous album? ML: I think fans can expect us to tone down the “pop punk” aspect of our EP and focus much more on the alternative and pop sides. We really focused hard on bringing out the kind of things that make our favorite bands our favorites, like the lush acoustic guitars that I love about the Lemonheads or the lo-fi fuzz that makes me fall in love with the Breeders and Guided by Voices every time I listen to them. This is definitely a pop record though. My grandma thinks it sounds like Taylor Swift!


On this album you worked with Chad Gilbert, who produced it. What was it like working with him? ML: Working with Chad is always a dream. He’s one of the best guys both as a producer and a label head and as a friend. I think he really gets our band and really, really believes in us, which is something I am insanely grateful for. As a producer, his strong points are definitely pulling the catchiest parts out of our songs and making them stand out upfront. He has a special way with writing leads and harmonies and knows all these little tricks that make a record sound special. It’s those tiny things that make him an excellent producer. You wouldn’t necessarily notice that those tiny things are there, but if they were gone, you’d certainly feel like something is missing. We’re all just so thrilled to have him on our side! I think our writing styles complement each other greatly and we almost always agree. I can only recall one or two songs I wrote a lead on where I really had to sway him in thinking it was cool. You went to college and really got into pursuing the band thing after you graduated. Was being in a band full time something that was always on your agenda? ML: It’s really hard for me to say because I’m an extremely realistic (maybe to the point of pessimistic) person. As much as I always wanted to be in a band full time, I pushed it out of my head because it seemed like such an impossible, lofty goal. It’s kind of like the way I trick myself into thinking I don’t like the boys I like because I think they’re out of my league. So, after college I was working my first real job in the field I wanted to be in and I HATED it. Writing is what I love, and I still do it on and off the road to help support myself (and also cause it’s fun) but this job sucked mostly because of the people I was working with. I was miserable, and I kept trying to quit but they wouldn’t meet with me face to face.

local wolves magazine // 17


me anyway and I never really looked back. It was kind of fate. Almost a year later, we got a tour with Man Overboard and Chad and I started chatting about making a record and something just clicked where I was like, you know what, this ISN’T a lofty goal. It can actually happen if I choose to go for it. I’ve had full time writing jobs since then that I’ve absolutely loved and adored the people I was working with, but they’ve allowed me to live out my dreams in the band. So, long story short, I did always want to be in a band. You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you started out as a writer/poet. Who are your favorites? ML: I am absolutely in love with Miranda July. I think she’s so smart and puts things in ways that are so relatable, as the quiet, writerly type of woman I am. I absolutely adore E. E. Cummings and James Joyce for the same kind of reasons. Though Joyce is significantly more of an undertaking than Cummings’ easy-to-read poems, both manage to pull the tiniest, most impactful moments out of everyday life and when you read it, it just hits you. Though, if you’re reading Ulysses, you may need two extra books to help you understand what the hell he means, haha. As for up and coming writers, I’ve recently become obsessed with this poet I discovered on Tumblr and I want to buy all of her books. Her name is Clementine Von Radics and she’s only 22 years old, but perhaps that’s why I can relate to her poetry so much. The way she talks about relationships and beauty makes my heart feel like a brick. It’s some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve ever read. What does the creative process look like for you guys when you go to write a song? ML: The creative process starts with me, always. I’ll hear a melody in my head or get a lyric idea and document it, then I’ll work on it occasionally here and there. I’ll create a bank of all these little ideas, then 3 or 4 months before we need to record, I lock myself in my room and finish everything I can possibly finish. Mostly, I finish the lyrics and melody to every song by singing in the bathtub. After that, I’ll make demos on my iPhone and send them to the band. With the last two records, I also sent them to Chad since he was producing and also, I just appreciate his opinion. We’ll pick what we like the best and arrange them, then bring them into the studio. When we meet up with Chad, we’ll show him our ideas, he’ll show us his ideas and we’ll pick what’s best and mix them all together. This time I came in it with around 20 songs and we had the most trouble ever choosing. Do you think growing up in (New Jersey/New York) influenced your sound and style? ML: Honestly, I’m not really sure. I didn’t really grow up with any sort of scene. Mostly kids just played in metal bands or awful Sublime/Dave Matthews cover bands. I was considered weird because Bright Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie were my favorite bands. I mostly found my favorite artists by searching on the internet and illegally downloading random things.

Though I can’t lie, I’m always psyched when I hear a band is from New Jersey or Long Island and I really liked a lot of the bands in that New Jersey / Long Island pop punk scene when I was a teenager - like Saves the Day, Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. Lyrically though, living in New Jersey absolutely has had its influence. You guys have cited a lot of different influences across the genre board – is there any one artist or influence that you guys find universal between all of you? ML: Yeah, I think so. All of our modern influences are pretty similar. We collectively are the biggest Menzingers, Lemuria, and NFG fanclub that exists and we frequently jam out to Best Coast, Taylor Swift and Paramore in the van. It’s really just the older bands we would have grown up on where we differ, but I think that really helps us have a diverse sound. What can we expect from you guys in the next few months after that? ML: Well, we’re heading to Europe with New Found Glory in November and we are pumped as heck. There should also be a new music video in the works sometime soon! Favorite off-tour activity? ML: Off tour, my favorite thing to do is write and blog and watch tons and tons and tons of TV. And sleeping. Actually, sleep is my favorite on and off tour activity.

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What does the phrase “Take Heart” mean to you? JESSE: Before I started Take Heart, I had actually planned on getting a tattoo of that phrase because I loved it so much. Since the growth of the company, it’s come to represent an attitude of “going for it” and working hard to see big dreams realized because so much more is possible than you often let yourself believe. That applies to personal goals, but also goals of seeing lives transformed. We love the charities we’ve partner with and hearing stories of people whose hope and dignity are restored after lifetimes of pain and suffering.

Do the charities ever change, or has it always been the current options? JESSE: At the start, it was only Speed the Light, then we added Bridge of Hope, then we introduced our Choose Your Charity option in April, with which we introduced The a21 Campaign, Convoy of Hope, and Living Water International as charity partners. At the end of May, we added Ride Nature, which is a really unique nonprofit that reaches people through action sports. In the future, we plan to occasionally add new charity options or even do limited time giving options based on current events (i.e. natural disasters, etc.) or supporting other up and coming charities.

What does Take Heart offer that is unique to set the company apart from others? JESSE: Recently, it’s become sort of trendy to help others and give to charity. Honestly, I think that is a great thing, but you also often hear of questionable company practices and people being deceptive about their “generosity.” We are seriously all about giving and making a difference. If we wanted to have the coolest shirts or make a name for ourselves we would have quit long ago. We are wholly invested in giving and challenging others to find their own ways to “live generously.” GIANCARLO: Our company is still coming up and there is still so much work needed before we can see the major impact we believe Take Heart is going to have in the charity/social enterprise world. What sets us apart is our willingness to see this company grow out of the motive to help others and not make money for ourselves. Those who work with us are wholly invested in the vision and helping others. In fact no one on our team, including Jesse and I, takes a paycheck or monetary payment of any form. We all understand that money and self recognition are not the reasons this company exists.

What effect has the Take Heart mission had thus far? JESSE: I am by no means trying to downplay our financial contributions to the charities we partner with, but I think our greatest effect has been in our efforts to challenge and inspire others to give in their own way. As a result of Take Heart, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to business leaders, college students, and teenagers all on the topic of finding creative ways to give to the causes they care about using the resources they have. It’s fantastic to sell a thousand shirts and give a few thousand dollars, but even better to be the reason a dozen people start something of their own that gives. I believe so much more can be accomplished that way GIANCARLO: We’re constantly receiving emails and messages on social media from individuals asking advice for their own endeavors. While the next thing I’m going to say may seem counter-intuitive to business, the truth is we see ourselves as a no-competition company. What I mean is that if someone has been inspired by us to go out and do their own thing to change lives then we will offer any amount of help we can. Our fifth core value is to challenge and inspire. It means so much more to us to see a generation of people getting inspired to change lives than just being the only ones doing something. It’s not about us.

How does Take Heart Apparel decide which charities to feature? JESSE: From the start, Take Heart’s sole purpose has been to support world missions. Because of this, we only partner with charities that actively share the gospel and are faithbased. GIANCARLO: Although we make sure that each that each charity we partner with is gospel based, it’s not the only only thing we look at. Each partner charity we partner has to have a reputation of being effective and established in each of their respective humanitarian categories. For example: is the organization deeply changing individual lives, are they efficient with their finances, and how do they work in terms of accountability and transparency? These are the questions we ask ourselves whether when determining partner charities. These are organizations that whether one is a believer or not, everyone can still agree on the ability of what these organizations are able to do. We support everything from water and sex trafficking prevention charities to disaster relief and education charities.

What are the next moves for Take Heart to further spread the company’s message and the message of the gospel? JESSE: Our primary goal for the next year or so is building some scale. We started with virtually no money or investment so gaining momentum and building a sizable inventory while giving is an uphill battle, but one we are totally committed to. One big move is our entrance into retail stores. We have several local shops lined up and we’re excited to see where that ends up taking us. With any growth we see, we will stick to our core, though. We will always give at least 20%, we will always support gospel-based charities, and we will always do our best to encourage and support those who have dreams of starting their own companies and projects that give.

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What has been the most rewarding part of watching a simple idea grow into a movement? JESSE: It’s really encouraging to me when people I’ve never met and have no connection to are really hyped on Take Heart and what we do. When Take Heart started, I didn’t know of anyone who was doing the stuff we were and I remember being so lost at first because I had no clue what I was doing and I had no one to ask. Now we’re able to expose people to charities and causes they might not have known about, make it easy for them to give through our products, and get them thinking about what they can do to continue supporting the causes they care about. It’s such a privilege to have that kind of role and help in such a way. Preaching religion is not always the most popular thing, so how does Take Heart respond to controversy regarding its message? JESSE: To be honest, we haven’t received a lot of negative feedback because of our message. I think this is because generosity is universal. It feels good to help others. There are plenty of people who see things differently on a religious level that are still really supportive of Take Heart because they want to feed a child, rescue a person from slavery, give a child in a third world country the joy of getting their first skateboard, or help a family recover from the devastation a natural disaster. These are things that everyone can get behind. Take Heart’s blog highlights new entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations every Tuesday, what impact has this had so far and where do you see it going? JESSE: This is really one of my favorite things that we do. We found that a lot of the people and organizations that inspire us really don’t get much recognition, or at least not as much as we feel they deserve. I think the people we’ve interviewed have been really encouraged by it and we know that our readers have really enjoyed learning from each of them. Will the company be taking part in any mission trips or planning any of their own? JESSE: Each member of our team has gone on missions trips in the past and will likely go on more in the future, but we have no plans for a “Take Heart” trip. It would be really awesome, but those sorts of trips can be costly and probably wouldn’t be a smart use of the funds we have. We’d much rather give money to charities that are established and on location than send ourselves for the experience. As far as Take Heart Apparel goes, how gospelfocused is the clothing? JESSE: As far as our clothing and designs are concerned, we are very neutral. We want anyone to be able to wear our shirts and appreciate our designs.


What sort of new designs/product could be in the works? JESSE: We would love to tell you, but all of our operations are extremely top secret and confidential. I’m just kidding! We have a ton of ideas floating around internally, but I hate when people say they’re going to do something and don’t or release teasers for products that never happen. That being said, tanks tops and more patches are on our immediate radar, but there are many other things that could come into fruition this summer. GIANCARLO: Although we can’t tell you much about our upcoming product line I will say when the new stuff releases it will be snatched up quickly. This is becoming common within Take Heart. That being said, we will have some super rad stuff coming soon and if you want to get sneak peaks and early details, then I definitely recommend signing up for our newsletter on our website. We’re also always open to feedback and recommendations which can be sent via social media. What are your favorite local places that you’d recommend for others to visit? JESSE: Kingdom Coffee and Cycles! We are big time coffee drinkers and Springfield has several top notch coffee shops. The type where baristas would be offended if you compared them to Starbucks. Kingdom is our favorite, though. Between the two of us, we’re there most of the hours that they’re open, no exaggeration. If you ever stop by, we’ll probably be there. GIANCARLO: I agree with Jesse that coffee is a major part of our life, but if you’re looking to sink your teeth in some of the best burgers you’ll ever taste, Springfield is also home of many “mom and pop” burger joints. The best and most recognized is, Grad School. This place has choices on top of choices on top of choices and they are all delicious. There is one place, not food related, that Jesse and I agree must be mentioned as a place we’d both recommend for others to visit and that’s 5 Pound Apparel. This store rocks! You can walk in and leave with a bunch of cool threads and not feel guilty about the impulse purchases you made because everything the store sells gives back. From Tom’s Shoes to Krochet Kids, this store is all about investing in others and we can’t help but be huge fans of an organization that does business like this.

connect to take heart apparel JESSE TYLER: Founder/Director GIANCARLO OSPINA: Co-Owner We can be contacted at TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: @takeheartus TUMBLR: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK:





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ver 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 241 thousand Twitter followers, and nearly 7 million views, oh and he’s only 16! Andrew Lowe, Missouri’s very own YouTube sensation, is definitely one to watch thanks to his pure sarcasm and relatability to his teen audience. Local Wolves asked Andrew a few questions to help us learn more about our favorite, Beyoncé-obsessed YouTuber! After creating his channel in 2010 out of pure boredom, Lowe found himself creating videos that inspired other people his age. He found a passion by creating pieces of comedy, “I began to focus on developing my own voice and implementing my real self into my videos to make people laugh.” It’s evident now that his approach worked as his name is one of acclaim individuals in the younger YouTube community. Lowe, who says he gets his comedic inspiration from comedians like Mindy Kaling and fellow YouTuber, Mamrie Hart. He considers his favorite video to be one out of his “Holiday Cooking With Andrew” series because “those are pretty fun to make and I think they each hold a life lesson in them which is unique and inspiring. That life lesson is to not let me cook things.”


Another outcome of Lowe’s channel has been tion of “andrewing,” it’s his creative signature in lounge’s in random places. When Andrew isn’t his lounging skills, you can find him jamming favorite artist, Beyoncé.

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It is only appropriate that Andrew should crown his first Beyoncé concert as the best day of his life and he adds, “I guess the day I was born is pretty important too, but seeing my favorite performer live was life changing. I cried. Just kidding, I didn’t. Just kidding, I did.” Thanks to his network of YouTube friends, Andrew has been able to collaborate with some well known faces on the site but if given the chance, he would love to collaborate on a video with his “queen” and remake her music video for “Partition.” He states that he thinks he would be “a great extra or even a dancer right next to her in the strip club scene. I’m not sure why they didn’t ask me in the first place.” Speaking of YouTube collabs, Andrew says that one of his goals is to collaborate with Mamrie Hart on her show, “You Deserve A Drink.”

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Naturally he has already planned out his eventual appearance on the show, “even though her show is about alcohol and I’m only 16 years old, I think I can wait five years.” Like any YouTuber, Lowe has his favorite fellow YouTubers including Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Colleen Ballinger, Defending his top three, Andrew says, “Basically, I like women who make fart jokes. Put that on my eHarmony profile.” Speaking of favorites, we asked Andrew what his Starbucks order was which he quickly responded “Ack! This is a very important question. It really depends on how I feel that day, but usually just a grande cappuccino.” He has a lot to be proud of having achieved such success at such a young age, yet his proudest accomplishment is his lip care routine. Living by his motto of “lusty not crusty,” he does not think that people pay enough attention to their lips. Although traveling the country, meeting fans and YouTubers is almost a superhero’s job in itself, Lowe says that if he could choose, his super power would be “having mind control would definitely come in handy especially at smoothie


shops when they pour the excess smoothie in the trash instead of filling up a separate cup and giving it to you. I wouldn’t let anyone do that to me.” If he wasn’t given the choice, he says that his power would most likely be “something lame, like the ability to peel oranges all in one piece.” He did make sure to add that he thinks that people who can do that are “pretty neat.” What’s a superhero without a theme song, right? He got that covered too! His life’s theme song would be “The Name Game” but instead of the original track, it would be the version performed by Jessica Lange in an episode of American Horror Story. He added, “when I die, I want a movie to be made about my life and I want that song to be playing in the background through the entire ninety minute film.” Assuming she’s immortal, I’d also want Jennifer Lawrence to play the character of me in it, but that’s a different question.” During his travels, he attended Playlist Live this past March as well as some recent DigiFest events.

The next big event for Andrew that he will be attending is Vidcon which he is looking forward to meeting his fans and fun times with his friends! His symptoms of wanderlust are mostly a result of his viewers, “I love going to events and meeting the people that watch my videos, it’s just cool.”

Also don’t expect anything to happen very fast. I see so many teenagers trying to gain huge followings on the internet fast, but that’s just not how it works. It takes time. Unless you’re that girl that ate her own tampon, but we don’t have to talk about that.”

There are so many people that I don’t think I have a personal connection with, but then they’ll stop me in public or at an event and it’s like I obviously do since they know so much about me before even meeting me. I just think that’s so cool.”

When it comes to eating out in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, he got just the perfect spot. “There is this cute little Thai restaurant called “Tei Too” near my house that I go to a lot. I’ve been going there for years and every time I get the same exact dish. It’s called “drunken noodles” which is a spicy dish, and I hate spicy food. But the noodles are really big and that’s really cool to me so I manage. I’ve also accidentally taken the cups from the restaurant before and they have never called the cops on me so that’s another star added onto my Yelp rating of them.”

A more personal goal is to go into a profession that combines traditional media and the internet although, as Lowe put it, “I guess 1,000,000 subscribers would be pretty cool too.” As the internet becomes more and more prominent for teens, we asked him if he had any advice for aspiring YouTubers, “Definitely just be yourself and hope that people will like you. The internet can be a very cruel place, but if you have to act like something you’re not just to get people to like you, you won’t get very far. That’s just not something that will prosper.

Andrew Lowe continues to travel the country, make people laugh, and worship Beyoncé as he finished junior year and he is ready to take over the world.

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ThatYoutubeLife (YTL) is sure to steal your hearts, the YouTube collab group are made up of six unique guys, Will Carmack (Monday), Matthew Devriez (Tuesday), Taylor Baxter (Wednesday), Jace Peregord (Thursday), Peyton Brown (Friday) and Jack Dodge (Saturday with over twenty thousand subscribers. The channel focuses on a different theme each week with each member uploading a video displaying their take on the weekly theme. The feature that sets them a part from other channels is their “Surprise Sunday” aspect where they have a guest YouTuber upload on their channel each Sunday to introduce the week’s theme. Past themes have included 60 Second Week, Party Week and of course, Tens Week. Although the boys are spread out all over the country, they have found ways to stay close by traveling to events together or simply tweeting! We talked to five of the six members about the channel and life in general! YTL was created when Jace met former YTL member, Mikey Murphy and decided to create a collab channel.


Jace explains that “YTL came to be when I first started becoming friends with another up and coming YouTuber Mikey Murphy. Together we spent an entire week scouting the internet for potential members and coming up with how we wanted to put our spin on the whole collab channel idea.” Taylor describes his decision to join YTL as “the best decision of my YouTube career.” In discussion of joining the channel, “I was actually asked to join when a couple of the previous members dropped out, and joined the YTL family with big shoes to fill! I definitely fit right in though and I’m glad I joined!” said Jack.

All of the guys hope to turn their YouTube channel(s) into a career but we were curious as to if they would make any changes if they were to go back and do it all over again. Taylor says he wishes he’d involved himself in YouTube earlier, while Jack wishes he hadn’t worried about numbers so early on in his career. Collaborations are a very popular way for YouTubers to expand their viewer reach and meet new people so of course, the guys have YouTubers that they would like to work with at some point with favorites including Julian Smith, NigaHiga, Tyler Oakley, Mamrie Hart, Mikey Bolts, Tobuscus and Connor Franta.

Like any up and coming YouTube channel, YTL has goals for coming months. While all can agree that they would like to continue to grow, entertain people and do what they love, Jack hopes to turn YouTube into a paying career and Will hopes to hit seventy five thousand subscribers by the end of 2014. The channel has already come with its rewards, allowing the boys to travel across the country and meet and befriend big names in the YouTube community, like Troye Sivan and SDK, while meeting fans and internet friends. The boys who were able to make it to Playlist Live in Orlando, FL this past March describe the experience as being “crazy” and “awesome” with Taylor describing his efforts to suppress his fangirling and said “it was tough holding in my inner fangirl with literally every famous YouTuber in one room.”

Since the guys each hail from different parts of the states we asked them if they had a favorite local spot in their hometown. Taylor said that some of his best memories were made in the great outdoors at his friend’s lake house where he stayed for weeks during the summer wakeboarding and jet-skiing. Jack explains his “favorite spot in San Diego is definitely In-N-Out. If that’s cliché, I don’t care. Nothing beats a good burger, except maybe cupcakes from Babycakes in Hillcrest. But that’s it.” Matt kept to the theme of food with his response of a restaurant called “Big T” where he and his friends would go after school to play pool and hang out. We are definitely in agreement with Jace’s answer of Starbucks!

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Local Wolves is all about staying true to your roots. do you feel your hometown has influenced your development as an individual, as well as your aspirations? SK: I’m from Cambridge, and when you think of Cambridge most people who are not from Cambridge would think of a very academic lifestyle, and this is the complete opposite to who/what I am. However, I do think Cambridge has played a huge part in what I’m doing now. A lot of the videos I’ve done around Cambridge have been some of my most successful, for example “Sneezing Prank” which confused me because it’s such a contrast of what Cambridge is known for. I’ve had a lot of good support from my friends and people I know from Cambridge and I think that’s played the most important part of my YouTube career. Would you say that you were often able to express yourself creatively growing up? SK: Before YouTube, I was a completely different person, I was very into sports and was hoping to become a sports teacher or coach. I never felt the need to express myself creatively, but once I got into YouTube it changed completely. I was able to express my views/feelings to an audience of people who really cared. This is something that I think made me into who I am now and I’m so happy I was able to do that.

How did you first get into making YouTube videos and when did you realize it was something you wanted to pursue further? SK: I was first introduced to YouTubers by a couple friends and they showed me some of Alfie Deyes’ and Marcus Butler’s videos. After watching some of the videos, I slowly turned into a little bit of a fanboy. A few others and I started watching some of their live streams on YouNow. My friends convinced me into doing a broadcast, this then led to me gaining a small following after doing it pretty much everyday for about half a year (laughs). People who watched me on there then suggested I doing YouTube videos, and I kind of just “Yolo’d it” and on the 1st of April 2012 I uploaded my first Youtube video! I think it was after about a few months of making these videos, I realized that this was something I loved so much and I want to continue doing it for as long as I can, and it’s now been two years, and I love it the same, if not more than I did when I started! Do you remember the first video you ever made and would you say a lot has changed since then? SK: Oh god, my first video. Let’s not even go there! (laughs) It was with my good friend, Oli and we did a challenge called The Popcorn Challenge. This was essentially us putting as much popcorn in our mouth as possible, and it may not have been the most creative video in the world but It was my first video and I will love it unconditionally. I’ve changed a huge amount since this video, I think my videos now are a lot more me, and you get a sense of my personality compared to my mouth’s capacity (laughs). Where are you hoping the experiences you’ve gained will take you? SK: YouTube has made me a lot more confident in myself, and I’d like to hope that this will help me further in life. In a year from now, I see myself doing exactly what I’m doing now, but without having to go to college anymore. I’d like to hope in five years, I would have done something really awesome, but I have no concrete plans. Though, I’d love to travel and go see more of the world! Aside from YouTube, what are some of your interests and hobbies? SK: Even when I’m not creating video’s for my YouTube, I do create other videos, I own a small media production company called Big Crown Media and we film a lot of events and It’s what I spend a lot of my spare time doing, it’s a lot of fun. I also really love cycling, I have done for years and I don’t think I’ll ever stop! If you could collaborate on a video with anyone in the world, who would it be? SK: It would have to be Ariana Grande, I think I’m a little bit in love with her.

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Bryan Sammis is a songwriter and lyricist who started playing drums at the age of nine, but he “plays a little of everything,” he says. His solo debut single, “Attica ‘71” was released April 30th and has over 140 thousand listens already. Keeping himself busy working on solo stuff, he recently is under the name of “Olivver.” Sammis has created a fresh new sound for himself. Can you share with us your music direction and what inspired your new single? BS: I want to evoke emotion through everything I do. I’ve always dug soul andr&btunes, I tried to bridge the gap a little bit with alternative/pop sounds. Anyone you really want to collaborate with? BS: Frank Ocean, LA Kings and Game Of Thrones (laughs). We have all seen, and love, your tattoos. Want to share the meaning behind any of them? BS: My left arm is all about family. My right arm is about facing your fears. My left leg is just for fun tattoos. My right leg is for family. You are originally from New York, do you think that influences your sound? BS: I think that the time of day I record at affects the outcome of sound more so than the geographic location. What is your favorite California venue to play? BS: I really dig the Fonda. Good venue, good sound, good staff and good back stage area. What is your favorite local place? BS: I dig playing coffee shops. When I lived in New Orleans I used to go and play coffee shops and open mic nights frequently. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? BS: Writing music. Making music. Producing music. Touring. Making clothes. Directing videos. Writing a book.

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PORTER ROBINSON By his late teens, Porter Robinson had already racked up quite the list of accomplishments: In 2010, his first single, “Say My Name” reached number one on Beatport’s Electro House chart, in 2011, he was the first artist signed to Skrillex’s new record label, and in 2012, his single “Language” skyrocketed to number one on the iTunes Dance Chart. He got booked to DJ around the globe and headlined major music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalloza, Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Belgium’s Tomorrowland, it seemed he’d found his niche. STORY: JESSICA GOLDMAN // IMAGES: RACHEL EPSTEIN STYLING: HALEY APPELL // HAIR + MAKEUP: RAUL ALEJANDRE



But after spending several years on the DJ circuit, Porter found himself moving in a different direction. He needed a break. He took a year off to spend at home in North Carolina. He focused on writing. He realized he didn’t want to be writing EDM. Instead he wrote the music that he was truly meant to make.The result is the debut album, Worlds out August 12th. Full of big, beautiful, and vintage sounds the albumis the result of a self described “transitional phase.” “I kept finding that if I would try to make a song danceable, make it energetic, and make it work for other DJs, I was really sacrificing the song. I just found that really limiting. So I set out to try and write the most beautiful and personal and expressive album that I could,” explains Porter, now 21.

I think in order to be able to sleep at night I have to make music honestly and sincerely and with integrity. That meant a major change in direction,one that came about naturally according to Porter. “I don’t know that there is something that really inspired me to bring on the change beyond the fact that I wanted to make the best music that I could possibly make,” he says. “I looked back into my history into my favorite albums and really analyzed what it was that was compelling to me about those, and that’s how I landed on the current sound.” Casting off all expectations and playing by his own rules proved to be a game changer. “I think in order to be able to sleep at night I have to make music honestly and sincerely and with integrity. If I was just writing s**t because I felt that it was expected of me, or felt that it was what I needed to do to keep the paychecks and the gigs coming in, I wouldn’t feel very good about myself,” he continues. “It is the most favorite music I have ever done and hopefully that shines through.”

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While the transition felt quite organic at the time, he was not sure his fans would follow. Turns out Porter fans were not going anywhere. ‘Worlds’ is not even out yet but the online response has been overwhelmingly positive. In June 2014, the album’s first two singles “Sea of Voices” and “Sad Machine” have already garnered over 2.8 million Soundcloud streams combined. Even Porter’s ten hour long album teaser has over 80 thousand views on YouTube. The record as a whole is very dreamlike and escapist. These themes are evident on the few songs that have been released such as the ambient and anthemic “Sea of Voices” (reminiscent of artists like SigurRos and M83) and the nostalgic second single “Sad Machine” which features Porter singing in a duet with a female robot (a software program called vocaloid). “[The female vocal] is not meant to sound human, she sounds very kind of static and un-dynamic, and I emphasize the electronic-ness in her voice. I thought that the notion of a robot/human duet was something that was quite beautiful.” “The whole album is about fiction and about the places we make in our heads,” he explains. “‘Worlds’ is not meant to deal with reality.” The idea of battles and fictional places tie directly back to Porter’s influences writing ‘Worlds.’ Porter’s newest single “Lionhearted” is about a big, triumphant battle. It’s a testament to the album’s main theme and inspiration: the fictional worlds of video games. Although he rose to prominence as a DJ, Porter was not involved in the EDM scene until he began DJing professionally. As unconventional as it may seem, video games and video game soundtracks were his introduction to electronic music. He traces his musical roots back to the Japanese video game music he listened to in his early teens, particularly Dance Dance Revolution. “The emotion in that stuff, and the core sensibilities and the way everything moves, it is all really inspiring to me.” Which is why ‘Worlds’ feels so real. Even if it’s video game inspired.


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It’s so rare to see an artist who knows herself in and out, who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. Melanie Martinez is that girl. With already having had a successful stint on The Voice’s Season 3, Melanie has continued her flair for the unique in her spectacular new EP, Dollhouse. Her recent EP is a mix of what she likes to call, “A dream nightmare. It’s this weird contrast between light and dark where the light symbolizes the child-like inspired theme, but that’s sort of the gloss to the dark story that’s hidden underneath is all. If you get to the core, it’s a furious honest.”Martinez has had a whirlwind of success since having done a stint on The Voice. She topped the iTunes charts while on the show, and her debut single off of “Dollhouse” quickly climbed the charts on the alternative music charts. Her biggest motivation behind the EP is getting to tell stories. Dollhouse is actually the only track off of her EP that she has not experienced herself, “It’s something different that I have not been through. I really love telling stories that I have not been through, but I know someone out there has been through this.” Fans has gotten to give little sneak previews of what her concerts will be like one day soon. Having recently played Gramercy in New York City, she’s already planning what her concerts are going to look like, “Props and stuff! It’s all very visual to me, I think of music videos when I’m writing my music.” It’s incredible to see such a young artist who knows herself so well, and knows what she wants. Her sounds will stick with you all day and night, either this is as good as it’s getting or there are even greater things ahead for Melanie Martinez.

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Conor Coughlan CATCHING A COUGHLAN - 18 YEAR OLD BRIT TALENT EMBRACES A MUSICAL WORLD Beginning with a whirlwind of passion and spontaneity from a very early age, now eighteen year old Conor Coughlan is about to tip the iceberg of his acoustic, vulnerable, self-motivated music career. When the London native was just four years old, he built his joy on strumming air guitars around the house, inhabiting the likes of Mick Jagger and Neil Young, possessing an inherited gift for harmony just like his father. It was his father who taught him his first guitar chords just a few years later, and after that is when he began the sensitive sculpting of his own music.


“From a young age, I’ve always looked up to older musicians,” Coughlan says. “Guys from the 60’s. Not only because they’re great musicians and songwriters, but because they don’t care what anyone else thinks. They just do their own thing.” This admiration stems into Conor’s own writing, which is inspired by anything that will get sparks flying. He is well versed in the art of making up stories, or “complete nonsense” to drive a song through its chord progressions and culminating bridges. He also creates based off of personal experiences or empathetic extensions of things his loved ones have gone through. Despite leaving a distinguishable fingerprint of his own words ruminating through an audience, he isn’t entirely sure what all of his songs are about. “To me, it’s more about what the music means to the listener,” Coughlan says. While London is Coughlan’s safe haven, it also has a “damn good music scene” to propel his prolific energies in a comfortable and explorative fashion. His favorite local scene to play is a small showroom called Vangellis, which provides a sizable and attentive crowd that is prepared to relax and absorb. This type of audience is perfectly suited to Coughlan’s mindful, impressionable genre. Leading up to his current solo act, Coughlan spent the past four years playing in various bands while he delved into his own individual talents on the side. Now that he has found his niche, Conor is immersed in a new journey that is only just beginning. He plans to release a single in the not too distant future, as he just finished up in the studio. He’ll be heading back to America in early autumn to promote his new work and fresh title as an artist. “I’m really excited to come back to the states,” Coughlan said. “I was in San Francisco a few months ago to play a few gigs, and there is just such a great vibe. They seem to take a keen interest and really appreciate musicians, no matter if they’re well known [or not], which is really cool for someone like myself.” As he prepares for the road ahead, Conor’s anticipation flies on. His favorite memories have always been coming off stage and realizing that his audience enjoys what he has performed. His aspirations for the future simply include doing what he’s doing, but on a bigger scale. From this point on, the only direction for this budding singer/songwriter is up. I imagine him packing his bags before he launches his tour, listening to Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” and brainstorming what will come next from his capable guitarcalloused hands and raw, flourishing soul. STORY: KAMI BAKER IMAGES: KATY JOHNSON

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Jorden Keith (n.) photographer, creator, believer, positive thinker, hard worker.

Jorden Keith oozes inspiration from his every pore. One look at his impressive portfolio and it’s easy to tell that the photographer is overflowing with talent, too. Keith, primarily a portrait photographer, uses that abundant talent to snap photos of people who exuberate youth, a.k.a young and beautiful individuals. At twenty years old, Keith knows a thing or two about being young, making it easy to connect with his subjects. “I relate to the feelings of freedom and endless potential you have when you’re young,” Keith says. “I like being able to capture those moments when people still feel invincible, before the rest of life takes over.” Speaking of youth, Keith’s interest in photography stems from growing up with cousins who had a flair for photography. Keith became fascinated by their skills, so he decided to take a crack at the craft himself. Since, he has worked steadily to establish himself as a professional photographer. His work began in Utah and eventually led him to San Diego where he started building his portfolio. After moving back to Utah in 2013, Keith worked locally and even took out of state jobs to continue to grow his business. Then, last year, he got the chance to photograph a Utah fashion blogger and began making monthly trips to Los Angeles to establish more connections. It was a series of moves (literally), not one big break, which brought Keith the success he has had thus far. “I don’t believe that I have had one defining moment. I don’t think it’s that way for most people,” Keith said. “I had a lot of little breaks spread out over time and together they made possible everything that’s happening right now.”


photography by jorden keith see more at


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Since moving to Los Angeles, CA in January 2014, Keith has been able to call the “City of Angels” home and he is pretty much infatuated with the metropolis.

“I love the people. I love the pace. I love the energy. I love the hustle,” Keith said. “My all time favorite place to hang is on rooftops.” Keith has the entire city at his disposal to use as the backdrop to his photos, so to narrow it down, he chooses photo shoot locations based on whatever fits the concept and the subject. “I shoot at the spots that I feel strongly about,” Keith said. “I am a fan of shooting at locations that are the complete opposite of what my subjects are like. For example, the contrast of young and beautiful [against] a location that’s old and condemned.” When it comes down to it, Keith hopes readers will be able to relate to his story and encourages others to go out and get what they want. “I come from a very shattered background,” Keith begins. “I want to make it clear that no matter what your past is, you have control over what happens in your future.”

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If you could live in a pineapple, would you and why? Queen Espinosa, @L0vingMatt JF: Of course, but I feel like I’d eat too much of it and wouldn’t be able to live in it. Pineapples are so good. How did you meet the boys from OPG? - Foushee Freaks, @FousheeFreakss JF: It was a warm evening, the sun was setting and I was riding a horse through an open field when I came upon them at a campfire, sitting around eating pizza. What is your favorite voice impression to do? - Isabela Alvarez, @isabelalvw15 JF: Optimus prime, he’s the man. What is your dream adventure? - Lissett, @ThatIrishFanny JF: Probably going over to Europe with some of my close friends and traveling around, that’d be so much fun. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with everything? KorehiLee Garcia, @JanieDoeIngle JF: All the time actually, but it’s fun and I appreciate all the support I get from my friends,family and the viewers. What quote has inspired you/do you live by? - Myah, @ sirhealys JF: “Do what makes you happy.”

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How does it feel to know you have fans that will always be there for you no matter what? - @shawntbfh JF: It’s an amazing feeling, and I can’t thank you all enough. It really does mean the world to me. Favorite song at the moment and why? - Anna Jellyfish, @imthejellyfish JF: “Am I Wrong” by Nico + Vinz. It’s such a chill song, and I occasionally dance to it (laughs). If you could be anyone in the would, who would you be and why? - Savannah, @Savannah_Lee831 JF: Probably my grandpa, he’s the man. Everyone likes him and he’s such a ladies man. I’m jealous. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? - Anna, @beautyboo13 JF: I actually really want to go to the World Cup. Wherever it is. I love soccer, and I love to travel so that would be an awesome experience. What makes you smile? - TeamCaniff, @xo_shelbie JF: Food. Was it fun being on Ellen? - Jacob, @youisnashty JF: Yes! She’s awesome, I love her. Probably one of the most down to earth and nicest people I’ve ever met. What is your biggest dream and biggest fear? - Imani Pauwaert, @imanipauwaertt JF: Biggest dream is simply to live a happy and fulfilled life. I want to experience as much as I can. My biggest fear, oddly enough, is feeling like someone is walking up the stairs behind me. I know that’s weird, but it freaks me out. How high can you go with our voice? - Brooke Lemon, @ that_kid_brooke JF: Surprisingly, pretty high pitched. I’m no Ariana Grande but I can get up there (laughs). Do you ever plan on moving to LA? - Sierra, @ SierraERodrigue JF: Possibly, I haven’t really decided where I want to live yet but LA is definitely a good option. What is your favorite local place in your hometown and what would you recommend? JF: Pelicans Sno Balls is the move! They’ve got the tastiest snow cones in town.




What projects do you have going on right now for the future? SS: We are preparing a full length album. We’re constantly writing and recording in Jason’s studio. We have a stockpile of 30-40 songs recorded and we are sorting out the best, most cohesive collection. What can fans expect from you in the future? SS: We’ll be doing a couple festivals in the summer and possibly another tour in the fall. We’re finishing up our full length and are looking to release it later this year.


WHAT IS IT LIKE TO TOUR WITH THE 1975? SS: We’re glad to be on this tour and The 1975 have been incredible hosts. Their fans are very kind and we’re grateful that we get to do this every night. How has performing in major venues been for you guys? Hayden: We really enjoy these larger venues. The old theaters (Vogue in Vancouver, Orpheum in Madison, Royal Oak in Detroit) have been particularly great. It suits our sound. The Greek in LA would be a dream venue for me.

How many drafts do your songs usually go through before you decide that they’re ready to be released into the world? Landon: The writing process for our music is different for each song. Usually Jason or I will have a piece of music that we bring to the studio, and then we spend the day making those pieces into a song. We write and record at the same time in Jason’s studio which makes it easy to finish a song every day that we go in. We don’t really edit songs after the day we write them, so other than the mixing process, our songs don’t really go through a drafting process. Who’s career Do you most admire? Hayden: I love watching perfectionists like Thom Yorke and Trent Reznor. Their uncompromising approach to their music is super refreshing. Jason: Tiesto. What is your favorite local places from your hometown? Landon: Silverlake Ramen. Jason: Jalapenos. Hayden: I love a home-cooked meal. Mom makes fantastic grilled cheese and legendary spaghetti. Where were some of your favorite places to perform from around where you live? SS: There’s a great venue in Santa Ana called The Observatory. They’ve been extremely supportive of the band from the start and have great acts coming through every night.

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the flavr blue


Seattle based synth pop trio, The Flavr Blue released their debut album Pisces, in 2012 and have since found much success. Comprised of members Hollis Wong-Wear, Lace Cadence and Parker Joe, Flavr is the resulting love child of the group. Described as a “sonic departure” from their previous projects, The Flavr Blue manages to infuse a variety of styles to create their unique sound. The Flavr Blue formed in the summer of 2011 and soon after released their LP, Pisces. However, Parker, Lace, and Hollis were no strangers to the music business, each one having already been a part of Seattle’s thriving rap and hip hop scene. Parker is a member of State of the Artist and Lace has found success as a solo rapper and in a group called Clockworkl. He was also known for his work with Blast Off Productions and Hollis is part of rap duo, Canary Sing and the acoustic R&B outfit, The Heartfelts. With each participant bringing their own varied backgrounds and experiences to the group, it’s no wonder why Flavr manages to elude categorization. The group’s formation first began when Parker and Lace decided to team up to record, drawing inspiration from contemporary Scandinavian artists. Hollis joined soon after, originally having only been invited to help finish up the last song on their EP. The chemistry between each member was immediately apparent and the trio continued to collaborate together.


Before long, the group gained traction and debuted the video for their first single “F X F,” In 2013, they independently released their second album, Bright Vices and have since performed at numerous shows and large scale festivals like, SXSW to Sasquatch. For each member, Flavr provided an escape from the work they were familiar with and allowed them to take draw inspiration from different genres. Freed from the expectations of what was generally anticipated of them, the ensemble was able to explore their creative freedom more thoroughly and without pressure. Rather than adhere to the constraints of one particular style, Flavr has sought to create a distinct sound and pave new paths in the Seattle music scene. Though their uniqueness has proven beneficial in that regard, it has also been met with some scrutiny. Much unlike their previous projects, because of Flavr’s different approach, their music was not first welcomed by their hometown’s scene. However, this has not deterred members, rather, they’ve used it as motivation to continue to push themselves and create something others have notseen before. The Flavr Blue is pushing boundaries and shows no signs of stopping that anytime soon. They will be playing plenty of shows this summer and are continuing to perfect their high energy performances.

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On the cover, Porter Robinson // Andrew Lowe, Olivver, Tennis, ThatYTLife + loads more.


On the cover, Porter Robinson // Andrew Lowe, Olivver, Tennis, ThatYTLife + loads more.