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#LIVINGSIMPLY Happy July! Can’t believe we’re more than halfway through the year. Creating bucket lists every season is one of my favorite things to do and i highly recommend you and your friends plan some rad adventures together. The theme of this issue was inspired by a fellow reader who suggested this idea of #LivingSimply. My thoughts on this month’s #WolfieSubmissions on de-cluttering your life, I simply believe that being surrounded by people who motivate you, inspire you or pushes you to succeed are the ones who will guide you to have a positive outlook on life. It’s good to de-clutter the unnecessary stress in your life and organize everything. I usually have a list of what needs to be done and devote my time to make sure it’s completed. So prioritize, do summer cleaning or have a garage sale. Sometimes it’s the items that we get too attached to that may hold you back from exploring the unknown. I also thinking writing your thoughts down really helps clear your mind and any toxic energy. I hope my rambling of advice helps you with focusing on your goals in life and staying productive too! Really looking forward for you all to check out this issue. The team are working on more great features for the magazine and of course, more ways for our readers to get involved with the issues!

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munchies +

COVERAGE: Simrah Farrukh



In 2010, Jimmy, Gus and the Shamieh family founded CREAM in Berkeley, California. Within the past five years, this popular ice cream shop has spread across the bay area. Known for their ice cream sandwiches, they carries 20 different ice cream flavors and 10 different cookie flavors, resulting in endless combinations. They also have vegan cookies, gluten free cookies, ice cream tacos, fruit bars, and milkshakes. With a fun and relaxed atmosphere people of all ages come to have this treat. My personal favorite is green tea ice cream sandwich in between two warm chocolate chip cookies. Despite the long lines, the wait is definitely worth it and it just goes to show how much people love CREAM. A perfect summer treat, and a family favorite they always put a smile on peoples’ faces. LOCATION // CONTACT : 3106 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (413) 400-4551


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do it yourself + FRESH SUMMER LEM O NA D E +


IN G RE D IENTS + 1/4 cup of sugar for simple syrup + ice cubes + 1 2/3 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice + 2 tablespoons julienned mint, plus leaves for garnish + 1 lemon, sliced 1/4-inch thick, plus more for garnish COVERAGE: MADISON BASS-TAYLOR


1 2

in a small saucepan, combine sugar and 1/4 cup of water. bring mixture to a boil, stirring the sugar until it has dissolved. remove from heat. let stand until completely cool in a large pitcher half-filled with ice, add 2 cups of water, lemon juice, simple syrup, mint, and lemon slices. stir to combine. serve over ice. garnish with mint leaves and lemon slices

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on the street COVERAGE: EMILY HEDRICK Things are heating up in LA, which means summer style is in full swing! Angelenos are in their true element when the weather is perfectly sunny. Some prominent trends I spotted on my search were button up skirts, suede, slip dresses, lowankle booties, peasant tops, and vertical stripes. Check out LA’s street style for some of your own summer style inspiration.

kristina // los angeles, ca fave item: suede skirt because the structure and design is interesting


hannah // orange county, ca fave item: gray skirt because it’s cute and I can match it with a lot of different outfits

emma // los angeles, ca fave item: vertical dress because I feel comfortable in it but still chic

local wolves magazine // 13

n o i r O to: Carlo


y dearest friends,

Summer has come upon us and is finally here! Now, this month’s theme is #LivingSimply and for a good minute, I sat in my room pondering what exactly I should pinpoint in this column. But of course being the over-thinker I am, I kept looking for a deeper meaning when it was simply right there. Why not write about being free. I mean the best and most important part about living simply is living free. FEELIN’ BADASS: To me, the most important thing when it comes to feeling free is feeling like an absolute badass. Not going to lie, but I get so much satisfaction just by putting a leather jacket on my body and ruby red lipstick on my lips. Adjusting little things like the clothes I wear, the makeup I apply, and my attitude to be more laid back, yet maintaining my focus on me, make me feel so free. Now, when I talk about focusing on me, I don’t mean inflating my ego or thinking I’m better than others, I just mean putting myself before anyone else.


There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Tell yourself you’re the coolest person you know and act like it! Be free and color your hair any color you want, wear what makes you feel unstoppable, and most importantly have the mindset that no one can stop you. REJECTING: So there’s this important point in our lives when we finally decide to cut all the bullsh*t. You may have already hit that point or you may still be working on it, but whatever the case is, it’s bound to happen. Now, not giving a sh*t doesn’t give anyone the excuse to be an asshole, because that’s totally different. Be honest, but don’t be mean. For example, say someone is hitting on you at the mall and asking for your number and you aren’t buying into it. Instead of giving them excuses like “Oh, I’m not single!” and “Sorry, my phone is broken,” it’s about time that you finally get comfortable enough to hit them with a plain and simple “No thank you” and walk away. I used to be the master of excuses when it came to situations like that because I was always afraid

saying no. I thought, “Hey, maybe if I give them a really solid excuse they’ll believe me, and I won’t have to suffer the judgement of being a bitch to someone I don’t even know.” That probably was the worst mindset to ever have and just like I had to realize it, you have to realize that it’s okay to say no as well.

rit let your spi

E E R F illustrations by eduardo martinez

BOSSY BOSSY B*TCH: Nothing is more frustrating than being called a ‘b*tch’ when you’re simply speaking your mind or defending yourself. Having authority and not being afraid to speak your mind doesn’t determine if you’re a b*tch. Everyone has a right to speak for themselves and the people that aren’t afraid to use that right doesn’t belittle them. It’s okay to defend yourself and it’s okay to speak you mind (without being mean, of course). I mean as Sam Fazz said it best in her video ‘What Makes You a B*tch’, “Being opinionated and having a different opinion than everyone and openly stating that opinion and being proud of it DOESN’T make you a b*tch,” Well said Sam, well said!

eyes on you like “Daaaayum, who are YOU?!” Well, songs like “Homewrecker” by Marina and the Diamonds, “Hurricane” by Halsey, “Bright” by Kehlani, “Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen, “Partition” by Beyoncé, and “Off to the Races” by Lana Del Rey will sure enough make you feel like that unstoppable bad b*tch. Because what’s better than being boss? Stay cool, live simply, and be free.

HAIR FLIPPIN’ TUNES: Let’s be honest, there are so many encouraging tunes out there that bring out our inner hair flippin,’ ass kickin,’ champagne sippin.’ Beyoncé. You know that moment when you’re walking down the street and you can feel everyone’s

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now beginning our descent into Toronto Pearson International Airport. The local time is six-o’clock in the evening and the temperature is a sunny twenty-six degrees Celsius.” Welcome, you have made it to Toronto, Canada, one of Canada’s most vibrant, diverse, and innovative cities. We are located along the North-Western shore of Lake Ontario, complete with a fast paced downtown core, sprawling green spaces, darling residential neighborhoods, and undoubtedly the cherry on top, our friendly population. Home to over two million people, Toronto is a mix of numerous cultures, resulting in many ethnic neighborhoods, restaurants, and cultural celebrations held within the city throughout the year.

toronto hot • spots toronto eaton centre cn tower

The city possesses an ever growing art scene with multiple creative institutions, galleries, and arts schools, Toronto is filled to the brim with young, creative, and active minds. Stroll the colorful Queen Street West for independent record stores, high street fashions, and quick, gourmet eats. Head east, and you will find yourself in the heart of our busy financial district. To the South lies our bold entertainment district, a region dominated by many worldrenowned theaters and venues including the Elgin and Winter Garden Centre, the Ed Mirvish Theatre, and Roy Thomson Hall, the resident hall to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

the art gallery of ontario

The home to many successful musicians, including Rush, The Weeknd, Drake, and Serena Ryder. Toronto is an immense supporter of musical talent. We are proud to have honed and strengthen the remarkable expertise of artists like Joni Mitchell, The Guess Who, and Neil Young back in their day. We are diverse and accepting to all, and we intend to keep it that way. Toronto is, undeniably, a city for every personality and interest. We are a world class city. For this story, I wanted to focus on a few of the hidden gems of the T Dot, displaying a few of the typical Torontonians exclusive havens and timeless favorites. So shh, keep this between us!

bloor west village

casa loma ripley’s aquarium of canada the distillery district china town

the danforth queen st. west st. lawrence market

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sonic boom + 2 1 5 S P A D INA A V E +

Picture every album you have ever desired to own: the rare finds, the old classics, the new blockbusters, and the forgotten favorites. Now, imagine them all conveniently placed in one stylish and distinct spot. That is SONIC BOOM. Located on Spadina Avenue in the southern end of Toronto’s bustling China Town, Sonic Boom has continued to stand the test of time since its humble beginnings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the year 1997. Now, as Canada’s largest independent record store, local and international vinyl lovers have much to be excited about. “Sonic Boom serves as a landmark and meeting place for many Torontonians,” explains owner Jeff Barber, “we hope to act as a hub for the people of Toronto to discover new music or pick up forgotten favorites.” After a big move from their well establish store in The Annex, another neighborhood in the city, Sonic Boom has been able to reach even more of Toronto’s long term vinyl lovers and committed music junkies. With help from their brand new shop, Sonic Boom has never looked more chic. “Our new space is, in all honesty, incredibly good looking – the exposed bricks, natural light and huge wood beams seem to suit us well,” says Barber.


When asked about what he individually enjoys about being the owner of Sonic Boom, Barber comments about being “the vehicle for discovery for so many people,” and the support he is able to provide for the local music scene. In many ways, Sonic Boom reflects the distinctiveness seen within the city of Toronto. “We couldn’t be happier about the diversity of our clientele,” says Barber. “We see a lot of students who have moved to Toronto for the first time, discovering vinyl and building a collection. We also see a lot of parents coming into the store looking for gifts for their kids, and then picking up items for themselves. “ They will often say their kid has discovered their old record collection and they want to help them get set up with a turntable and speakers, and some new releases,” Barber explains. With happening places like Sonic Boom, the vinyl world is sure to keep re-introducing its self in new, fresh, and compelling ways for all to enjoy. As for Sonic Boom’s evidently bright future, Barber reveals that only time will tell for the store’s prospective plans. Keep spinning, Toronto! TOP SELLERS AT SONIC BOOM: II by Metz, I Love You Honeybear by Father John Misty, ALVVAYS by ALVVAYS, Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, and Black Messiah by D’Angelo and The Vanguard.

dark horse espresso bar + 2 1 5 S P A D INA A V E SUITE 1 0 2 +

With four stylish locations placed across Toronto, DARK HORSE ESPRESSO BAR is as passionate about coffee as they are about the city they have established themselves in. As a distinctly Canadian company, Dark Horse sources their delicious coffee from two domestic coffee growers: Detour based out of Dundas, Ontario, and 49th from Vancouver, British Columbia. “Both companies have green buyers who source all our coffees directly from the farms. They also do origin trips every year and often work with the same farmers year after year. It is a very direct and transparent process,” says Barista trainer and coffee educator, Terry McSorley. Dark Horse Espresso is, at heart, for anyone who is interested in having a delicious, handcrafted espresso drink made from quality ingredients. The espresso bar’s menu is expansive and suited for all beverage lovers and foodies alike, complete with freshly squeezed juices, artisanal pastries, and specialty teas. “Our customers are quite diverse, much like Toronto,” McSorley says, “we have everything from regulars who have been coming daily for eight years, to tourists who are visiting and experiencing the specialty coffee industry for the first time.”

This close network Dark Horse has established with their customers has allowed the chain to effectively integrate themselves into the small communities and neighborhoods their shops are situated in. “Our approach is unique because we really focus on the whole experience a customer has from the time they walk through the door until they leave,” McSorley reflects, “we even use music to create the atmosphere we would like at different times throughout the day.” Dark Horse Espresso holds many purposes and roles in a customer’s everyday life. It is a perfect, vibrant spot to grab something on the go, sit and read for hours on end, or to socialize with friends and fellow Toronto residents and coffee lovers. “Our tables are mostly communal,” McSorley notes, “so be prepared to strike up a conversation with someone!” To the Dark Horse Espresso Bar staff, Dark Horse is a fun, friendly, and funky spot, and we think so too! TERRY’S RECOMMENDATION: Order a single origin espresso, and then have a cappuccino. This way you get to see how the espresso changes with and without milk.

local wolves magazine // 19

soop soop + 1 3 1 5 D UN D AS ST . W +

Located in the gritty, up-and-coming Little Portugal in Toronto’s west end, SOOP SOOP is owned by the bubbly Christina Pretti and her partner, Jordan Puopolo. “It is a super busy two-person show,” Pretti says, “we are primarily an online store with customers from all over the world, but we operate quietly in Toronto.” The store sells a wide variety of items, ranging from inexpensive thrift clothing to higher end, imported brands. “Many people look in from the street and assume it’s super polished and stuffy,” Pretti explains “but when you get inside and look a little closer, you notice pretty quickly that it’s totally unpretentious.” The store has an undeniably relaxed, welcoming, and laid back atmosphere. All visitors of SOOP SOOP are welcomed in as friends, and are always invited to hang out, browse


the store at their leisure, or read one of the seventy-five publications from the store’s colorful magazine wall. When asked about the inspiration behind SOOP SOOP, Pretti shares “we are inspired by our friends and our peers, both in real life and online, by people on the street, by cheesy product packaging anything, really!” SOOP SOOP, is however, a design focused store, and chooses its merchandise accordingly. “When it comes to buying, we usually keep a color story in mind and use it as a formula,” says Pretti. This sense of unity that SOOP SOOP creates looks smart and undeniably trendy from a visitor’s eye. The clothing on the racks is always continuously changing and evolving. With dynamic brands like Lazy Oaf, Nattofranco, and Dom Sebastian, SOOP SOOP will always be a fresh and trendy spot to check out in the city.

local wolves magazine // 21


#livingsimply + W O LFIE SU B MISSI O NS + This month we asked our readers: How do you de-clutter what is going on in your life? // illustration: Jaimus Tailor

It’s so easy to get stressed with life. Grades, jobs, relationships, friendships, family, the future. With the constant fear of failure, the pressure of everyday life can become overwhelming. The only thing that can keep my mind from running 300 thoughts per second is reading. Picking up a book can take you to a new place where you can be someone else, and enter a world of your own imagination. Unlike TV or movies, these stories come alive in your mind, triggering an influx of emotion from a story completely different than your own. I am a 17-year-old female student, working a summer job at a bakery. When I read, I am a 29-year-old male living in the roaring 20s who just moved from Minnesota to West Egg, across from a mysteriously wealthy man wildly in love with my married cousin. When I read, I am also a 19-year-old female living in the 18th century, who just found out my husband has a deranged woman being detained in our attic. Reading de-clutters my life by creating an escape from reality for just a few minutes everyday. – Cecile Vergos, Memphis, TN

Perspective. Fresh air. A clear mind. When life feels like it is closing in around me, I often find myself in a state of panic. When I begin to suffocate beneath the weight of it all, I begin to crumble. This is when I know I need a change of scenery. I need perspective. Getting away from it all is what helps me the most. Leaving a stressful or toxic environment allows me to look at my life with a fresh pair of eyes. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, but it must be a change of some sort. Trying a new coffee shop, visiting an old friend, going somewhere new; these are all ways I de-clutter my mind. I’m taking a road trip to the Appalachian mountains soon with no other reason but to get away. The beauty of nature is that it is completely disconnected from my own cluttered life. I don’t have to worry because for a moment, I can gaze upon something gloriously beautiful that isn’t jaded by my messy life. And that itself is beautiful. Life can be brutal, we must do everything we can to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Whatever that might mean for us. – Kendall Bolam, Jacksonville, FL

I think that part of making your life more simple lies in eliminating the things that aren’t fulfilling to you. There’s no point in being so busy that you permanently have dark under eye circles if you still don’t have time to do what you love. Be involved with things that line up with your passions. Take advanced classes that are more closely tied to what you want to do, and don’t weigh yourself down with an unnecessarily straining schedule. If you want to be a writer, make sure you have time to fill journals and finish the books on your reading list. It can be so difficult to eliminate certain things from your life because so much is expected of us. We’re supposed to get straight A’s in all advanced classes and have a job and attend club meetings and play sports until there is no room for anything else. Studies have shown that this only leads to us burning out early. From there, people either choose to give up or pursue what their heart wanted in the first place. I say that we start living simply and working towards what we love now! This doesn’t mean we need to ignore all of our other obligations; we just need to make sure our life is less cluttered so we have time for what makes us feel alive. – CLAIRE SCOTT, Fayetteville, AR

Life can be extremely messy at times. Between family, friends, and other commitments, it can be difficult to find time to watch an episode of The Office on Netflix, let alone de-stress and relax. I have struggled with this, especially since going away to college and being much more independent. However, I’ve learned that saying “no” to a few things can be an incredible stress reliever. It is empowering to turn down that extra coffee date that would interfere with my ‘me’ time that I need to re-group and energize myself to finish an important paper or to paint my nails and just think for fifteen minutes. I’ve also found that you can use technology to your advantage and be less stressed instead of just browsing through Tumblr for photo ideas. Taking five minutes to schedule my reminders for the week ensures that I don’t forget about a project and have to scramble last minute to make sure it’s ready for class. It makes my life so much simpler, and therefore I find myself less stressed at the end of the day. – Angela Parr, Ridgefield, CT

local wolves magazine // 23

A cluttered life has many negative impacts on a person. As Gretchen Rubin, an author, once said, “In the scope of a happy life, a messy desk or an overstuffed coat closet is a trivial thing, yet I find and I hear from other people that they agree that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness.” So how should we go about getting rid of the clutter? If you want to organize something, such as your house, it’s actually quite simple. First, you need to set aside a chunk of time in which you will be able to work on organizing everything. Then, tackle the task one room at a time. On the other hand, if you want to de-clutter your mind from all the stress you are feeling, there are many ways. Your body is the temple for your soul, so keep it clean. To do this, you must eat healthy, exercise regularly, and have good hygiene. Also, take time for yourself. Solitude will help you clear your mind tremendously. We all deal with stress. You have to learn how to clear your mind and organize everything in order to help you live a happy, simple life. – Jillian Moseley, Boca Raton, FL Now, let’s face it, my life can definitely be a mess at times. Juggling between school and sports and my social life can really take a toll on a person. It can definitely feel like it’s cluttered and unorganized. However once I find the motivation to get everything set straight again, it’s simple. First, I start with getting my priorities set. I decide to work with whatever issues are placed before me in order of importance. Second, after I can see everything I’m trying to organize, I feel like it’s super important to embrace the fact that with time things will work out! I usually tend to be super impatient with progress, but I’m working on that as well! The third and final step is to simply remember that you are in charge of your own life, you can decide which path to take and how your going to go about it. It’s super great to think about the future and have things to look forward to, but the focus of life is in the present. “It’s a simple life, my dear.”- Young Rising Sons. – Theodora, Atlanta, GA Things get hectic. Life throws things at you that catch you by surprise and then you’re left to sort through it all. When this happens, I like to stop and think for a little bit. A lot of people have the assumption that thinking too much can be toxic to your health because it creates unnecessary problems, but I disagree. When I sit and think, I create lists upon lists of things that are going on in my life, things that I want to accomplish, and things that I absolutely need to do. If I still feel like my brain is cluttered, then I just write. I write out everything that crosses my mind, even if it’s absolutely terrible or just a single sentence. Then if writing doesn’t help me sort through my clutter, I try to learn something


new on my guitar or piano. With music, there’s always something new to learn, whether it’s a new run, chord or song, music is always something that you can take at your own pace and it’s so easy to find something that inspires you. And when you start getting into it, the music sort of takes you away and you forget about everything else for a while. Sometimes, this can help you figure out how to de-clutter your life, even if you don’t expect it. If all of the above fail, then I paint. I’m not the best painter and I’ve never taken an art class but when you just want to let go for a while, it’s nice to turn up the music in your headphones and paint your favorite song or show how a certain type of music, band or artist makes you feel. It’s hard to organize your entire life and know what will come next, but when you take the time to be aware of what is going on in your current situation and you act upon it by doing the things you love, it’s easy to de-clutter your life and be stress free. – Ksenia Gorinshteyn, Chicago, IL In this world of chaos, it’s hard to ‘live simply.’ It’s hard to take out all the bad parts we let in. In recent years, I’ve learned that in a world so full of complexity and confusion, there are so many things you have to let go, especially anything that is holding you back from living. A lot of the time for me, it’s my mindset. I used to genuinely care about what people thought of me and how they thought of me. The fear was stopping me from simply living as myself. I finally realized a little too late that no one else is as worried about you as you are of you. I learned that even if they do, so what? If you are comfortable with yourself and love who you are, it doesn’t even matter. But I feel like we all stress too much at what doesn’t matters, and it stops us from living. We’re not letting ourselves be ourselves because we’re scared, or we care too much about what someone will think, and that someone most likely isn’t even worth it. We fail to let go, and we hate ourselves for that awkward, stupid thing we did three years ago, or we just hate ourselves in general, and it’s stopping us from living. We are all so extraordinary, there will never be another us in existence, and we’re hating ourselves. We need to find positive ways to help us make sense of all the confusion, positive ways to help us let go of the things chasing us and learn how to give ourselves a break. And as for me? I write. There’s nothing I can do that calms me more than writing, especially on a peaceful, rainy day. Some people paint. Some people sing, or dance, or read. Whatever you find, do it, and let it consume you to where you find that life isn’t simple, but you have the opportunity to live it simply. – Hannah Butler, Hope, AR

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Nothing screams a festival more than food trucks, flash tattoos and face paint. This year, Sweetgreen’s annual SWEETLIFE FESTIVAL extended their one day event to two days. Containing acts ranging from Billy Idol to Calvin Harris, Sweetgreen outdid themselves by reaching out to more of a diverse audience. With three different stages, they were able to establish a schedule that fit the different genres people were interested in. At the 9:32 Club, you had a range of DJ sets for anyone who craved an electro, sweaty dance party. While at the Treehouse Stage, you were able to view more of the smaller, alternative acts like Lucius, Wet, and Sun Club. Not only could you catch some of the smaller acts, but headliners at that stage included Pixies and The Weeknd. Moving onto the Main Stage, you had a variety of small and big acts like HolyChild, Charli XCX, Bleachers, Vance Joy and Kendrick Lamar.


Sweetlife had a variety of local food trucks at the event. Some big, DC based ones were Astro, the Big Cheese, and PhoWheels. Astro brought out their infamous crème brulee doughnuts that had vanilla custard filling and a sugar glaze to top it off as well as a fried chicken doughnut sandwich. Across from Astro was the Big Cheese with their bright yellow-orange truck with star strung lights hanging from the order window. Their menu consisted of three seasonal sandwiches all on sourdough bread served with mini pickles and chips. Lastly, down the line, we had PhoWheels. In their all black food truck, they served, the obvious item, Pho, and their famous Vietnamese tacos with tofu and pickled radish and carrots. Sweetlife ended with a bang, quite literally, with fireworks and the heavy bass drops from Calvin Harris. Those that attended the festival, were really living the Sweetlife.

food trucks galore

pho wheels dc

the big cheese

NAME AND JOB POSITION My name is Kimberly Nguyen and I’m a partner with PhoWheels.

NAME AND JOB POSITION My name is Patrick Rathbone, and I am The Big Cheese’s owner.

WHY DO YOU LOVE SWEETLIFE AND THINK IT STANDS OUT FROM OTHER FESTIVALS? KN: I love that they focus on a healthy style of living. We actually really appreciate that just because we like to serve some healthier menu options; especially our tofu tacos which are pretty amazing! We love Sweetlife in general and we frequent Sweetgreen.

WHY DO YOU LOVE SWEETLIFE AND THINK IT STANDS OUT FROM OTHER FESTIVALS? PR: It’s a really good crowd! It’s got a really good vibe; everyone is here having a good time, and it’s just good times all around! This is actually our best festival other than Bonnaroo that we do!

IN YOUR HOMETOWN, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL FOOD JOINT? KN: Our hometown in Houston, Texas, so we grew up with a pretty large Asian community (that’s where most of our food and menu is inspired from). I couldn’t tell you my favorite restaurant in my hometown because there’s so many! WHAT IS THE BEST DISH AT PHO WHEELS? KN: Probably our Tofu Bahn Mi (on a croissant!). If you don’t choose to have a vegan meal, we also have the truffle aioli, which is amazing!

IN YOUR HOMETOWN (D.C.), WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL FOOD JOINT? PR: Other than us of course, right? PhoWheels has a Tofu Taco! They have other tacos too (their tacos are the bomb), so they’re one if we’re ever out on the road, I’ll always hit them up! For something sweet, I like Astro doughnuts a lot as well. WHAT IS THE BEST DISH AT THE BIG CHEESE? PR: So my favorite is the Caprese; it’s a good summer sandwich. It’s got fresh mozzarella with tomato, pesto, and balsamic glaze on sourdough. We have about 25 sandwiches that we rotate throughout the year. Our Brie with apple and honey is pretty good! I like that one! The Mango Tango is probably our most adventurous one (for a festival)! It’s something we wouldn’t normally do on the road; it’s a little fancier.

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sweetlife music festival polaroids


may 30 - 31 // 2015

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pleasantry “roots planted + branching out”

Those interested in obscure indie music are about to experience a game changer. With roots planted in the smaller local music scene in Singapore, indie rock/shoe gaze band Pleasantry is ready to branch out internationally. Their sound is one that is popular of today’s tastes, but stands out with their rich instrumentation. Keep your eyes open, because they very well might be opening for your favorite bands soon. The birth of Pleasantry began in late 2010 with members who come from different musical backgrounds. The quintet is composed of fellow group of friends, Samantha Teng, Isa Ong, Ahmad Ariff, Daniaal Adam, and Haziq Hussain. Most of the members have or are currently involved with other bands as well. While that may be a difficult balance at times, it is where the music of Pleasantry benefits. The diversity of sounds is apparent through the song writing process with each band member’s contribution. Despite the different practices of music, there is a certain cohesive element in Pleasantry’s sound. The band describes its music to the likes of the dream pop or shoe gaze genres. Big things are ahead for the band, beyond their original confines of Southeast Asia.


The Singaporean indie music scene is humble, but the band believes that that is what builds in the core of their musical passions. “The small size has allowed the construction and development of big hearts and even greater compassion towards each other,” band member, Isa Ong shares. It is also safe to say that in most cases, they are fans of one another. The tighter knit community of musicians created a special system of support that is an invaluable attribute of their local music scene. The band had their first international debut at the Canadian Music Week this past May. Excited for this opportunity, Pleasantry prepared through countless hours in the studios practicing while also watching live sets online of their favorite bands to get a feel of how things will be. In addition, the band also performed fundraising shows to fund their endeavor. This performance was only the prelude of what’s to come. Pleasantry is going on an American tour as well, with the intention of expanding their fan base. While this first tour is going to be smaller, the band has hopes to snag a gig at quintessential American festivals like Coachella or SXSW in the future. However, they show their humility as Daniaal Adam shares that “of course, we’re taking it one realistic step at a time.”

Although, the future of Pleasantry is looking bright after having performed alongside Caribou and Belle & Sebastian. The band as a group, are friends on and off the stage, which allows us to presume that they have grand plans for this upcoming tour. After all, this will be their first times on tour with one another. Their priorities are proven straight when Ong shares that they “are huge fans of good food and [they have] already set aside the need for some poutine and doughnuts,” for their off set eats. They welcome suggestions of tasty cuisines anywhere, so if you’re in the know, be aware of their social media handles! As a whole, however, the band is just looking forward to having a good time with one another, reaping the benefits of hard work. They also hope to see some of their favorite bands along the way. By starting to expand their fan base internationally, traveling has become a more prominent aspect of their lives. With most of the band members being a part of other bands, the transition is one to work on. However, the mutual respect in their community has proven vital in this instance. Also, with each other, they are respectful of the times being dedicated to each project. “All this being said, we all do what we can, booking as many rehearsals and shows as one possibly can, for a fair split between bands and also for the sheer fun and excitement of playing and composing more–

music,” Ong notes. Band member, Daniaal Adam concurs “We’re quite used to juggling between bands by now. Most of us have done it for a few years and we’ve always managed to dedicate time for each band.” Since the release of their debut album, Synapses released in August 2014, the band still can’t be stopped. A split EP in collaboration with Starry Eyed Cadet, an American band based in San Francisco, is heading our way soon. This is an exciting project for the band, as they “have never worked this quickly and well with anyone else.” Ong continues to share that “it never ceases to amaze [them] how potentially connected the world is today.” This is true, as the bands crossed paths through Facebook. Collaborations are something the band is very enthusiastic about, because of all the opportunities it will open up. They are optimistic of this upcoming project. To satiate the foodie in all of us, or at least those who find themselves in Singapore, the band shares some of their local favorites. Arab Street of Singapore is near their recording studio and is certain not to disappoint. The place is a local scene that is a location to experience, with the variety of food and art being showcased. For those who enjoy the music of Pleasantry, the band suggests a checking out Broken Social Scene, Reverie Sound Revue, Mew, Stars, and Givers. All of which have a similar sound or serve as their inspiration. Story: AVERLY TAN Photos: MEREDITH SHERLOCK

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Ed Sheeran may be the resident ginger song-writing king of the UK, but there are still a handful of sandy-haired kids running around the streets of London with guitar picks and demos, playing small pub gigs every Friday night and waiting for their chance in the spotlight. Scott Verrill is one of those guys, eighteen years old with a studio bedroom, fifteen hundred Facebook fans, and an EP on the way. His one-man band, KYKO has already been featured on The Hyve twice this year, as he drops new singles and builds hype for his first solo venture. Its title track, “Animals,” pulses with electronic beats and sounds almost like a previously undiscovered Ellie Goulding song. Only this time we get a silky male voice delivering lyrics like:

“See the stars in the full sky / Cause time is all we need and more / Let’s chase the light that you’re searching on / It’s the fire . . . Maybe we’re like animals.” It’s no wonder indie music lovers everywhere are anxious to give the mop-topped South Londoner a chance. Ask Verrill about his song-writing inspiration and you’ll get answers all over the board, from Paul Simon to Ladysmith Black Mamboza to a Green Day obsession in grade school. “Music has been my thing for as long as I can remember,” he says, explaining that he wrote all of “Animals” in his bedroom before getting together with David Goodes, to produce. “Animals was really pretty quick to write, for me especially as sometimes I can take months to finish a tune. I hadn’t written properly in a few months and “Animals” was the first one since that, which probably helped it come out easily as I had a big build up of ideas in my head I just wanted to put into a song.”


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He admits that song writing isn’t always that easy, though. Like other artists, he encounters writers’ block, but admits he usually just leaves it alone until he feels like he really wants to write a song again. “It’s wrong to force a song, that’s when you just start writing junk. There’s loads of ways that i get inspired and fuel a song like going to gigs is a massive boost in terms of motivation and getting back into something. I remember going to Glastonbury last year, coming back in total awe and just cracking out a load of new tunes.” Studio work is actually Verrill’s favorite part of the song-making process and it’s something he loves experimenting with and not rushing through. “There’s something really nice about not having time constraints in the studio,” he explains,:

“just being able experiment with whatever instruments or sounds I can find, I always try not to limit myself.” Verrill jokes around with all the casual playfulness of a teenage guy. He tells stories of the ‘tragic’ Red Hot Chili Peppers covers he did in primary school assemblies. He thinks it might be cool to collaborate with T-Pain. He likes long walks on the beach. It doesn’t even make sense to ask if he ever does stuff for fun, but he’s quick to inform us that music doesn’t consume his entire life, even if he does have to work to get a break sometimes from the constant writing, playing, and studying. “I’m really into design and photography, so whenever I have a day off or something I try to work on that and better myself at it,” he offers, as some small hint into his nonprofessional life. “I also love cycling, so I try and do that most mornings before I get locked away in a studio or venue!” As far as a musician’s life in South London goes, Scott picks Brixton Village as his favorite place to explore, citing the area’s pop shops and vintage stores as being cool spots to chill on his days off. He’s barely stopped writing since finishing the EP, so his “off days” might be few and far between this summer, but nothing seems to make him happier than working on his music. Animals drops on July 17th of this year, so it looks like his year will be full of late-night gigs, studio work, and future album planning. In between classes at university, of course.

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You dedicated six years of acting to Nurse Jackie portraying Edie Falco’s daughter. Is it weird seeing yourself on screen maturing over the years? What’s one thing you would tell your younger self who is just starting off in the show? MA: It is kind of fun looking back in the past seasons. I would probably tell my younger-self that crafty can be dangerous! Ruby and I made a lot of visits to crafty (craft services or the snack table) over the years!

Nurse Jackie has been a huge impact in your life, are there any moments that stand out that you can share?

MA: I would love to someday be on Broadway in Legally Blonde or Bring It On. I really appreciate the work of Elle McLemore (Bring It On) and Joey Taranto (Kinky Boots, Spider-Man and Rock of Ages). It’s been awhile since you performed in Annie but have you noticed a difference from broadway versus on a production set? Which would do you see yourself in more?

MA: One of the most special moments was attending the Screen Actors Guild Awards when our cast was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. It was such a magical night!

MA: There is a big difference. On stage you only get that moment, there are no retakes! If you make a mistake in film or television, there is always another take. I think because I live in LA there is more opportunity for film and television, but I hope to someday be on Broadway.

Being that you are still a young actress, have you faced any difficulties due to your age? What advice would you give others your age who want a career in acting?

You’re a total triple threat with dancing, acting and singing under your belt. How did you know you wanted to dive into the entertainment industry or was it something that naturally happened?

MA: I haven’t really faced any difficulties due to my age. I love what I do so much, so I would tell others who want to do this that if they have the passion, go for it. The theater is always a good place to start if there aren’t many film and television production opportunities where you live.


You mention in various interviews your huge love for the theatre. If given the chance, what broadway musical (or play) would you love to be part of? Is there a broadway star you look up to?

MA: I decided I wanted to become an actress mainly by following my sister’s passions. Also, I was exposed to Broadway at a very early age, so that helped!

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Has it been difficult juggling a maybe demanding work schedule versus doing “regular� activities like hanging out with friends or anything? MA: It isn't really too difficult so far. I have many friends in the business and who I dance with which is nice, and if you are working, there is always the weekends to hang out. How do you hope to see your career in five to ten years? MA: Hopefully in 5-10 years I will still be a working actress and loving every minute! I recently did an episode of Black Jesus and am currently filming an independent film, Time Toys, that will be released next summer.

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private hell apparel Story: Ashley Bulayo Photos: Rachel Kober

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz concerning celebrities diving into the fashion industry. It’s not something new to happen. There are tons of performers who exercise their creative side with clothing and vice versa. Sure, we can continue to sport the River Island and Material Girl or you can support smaller brands like Private Hell Apparel. If you’re scratching your head thinking, “What’s Private Hell Apparel?” you might be familiar seeing it worn by WWE Superstars’ Seth Rollins and Summer Rae or maybe Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens, just to name a few. It’s a can’t miss type of thing since the brand is easily identifiable with its insignia of a play on the “Don’t Tread on Me” snake. Whether or not you’re familiar with the line, you should be in on the loop. Everyone dreams of being their own boss and that’s exactly what the Private Hell owner, Travis Reilly did.


While the Long Island hardcore band, This is Hell was in its final years before its hiatus, vocalist Reilly took that time to his advantage to create a clothing line since he wasn’t able to juggle the two beforehand. Going into the business with no real knowledge of what’s going on, Private Hell turned out to be a one man operation with the exception of his wife who lends a hand when possible. “It’s hard to run a business on your own especially when you don’t have any background or ties to the fashion world. If I had a bunch of money to spend, it would be a bit easier to get out there with marketing and such, but that’s not realistic at the moment so I’m relying on word of mouth and social media as much as possible,” said Reilly. Word of mouth seems to be doing quite alright in terms of getting his work out there.

“I’m fortunate enough to have some friends that do really great stuff, whether it be pro-wrestling, playing in a band, MMA, etc and they’ve been cool enough to wear the clothes and use their platform to promote the brand and I really appreciate it.” Venturing off to create your own clothing line is awesome but a bit daunting at first. But hey, Reilly proves that you don’t even need to have a necessary set of design skills as long as you have friends to help you out with that component. “I have lots of friends who are amazing artists/tattooers/etc, so I hire them to create my designs.” Hence, you can still make it out there even if you’re not too hot with a pencil and paper in hand. “I’ll see something that inspires me or sparks an idea and I’ll put it in a note in my phone and forget about it, then discover it months later and try to decipher what the f*ck I was talking about and ask an artist to make it come to life,” Reilly mentioned. That method worked with him the first time around when him and his friend Will Bayne worked together to create the company’s symbol. And frankly, you don’t even need to be keeping up with the current trends either. If you’re truly into the idea of producing items that you’re personally fond of then go ahead. “I just try and make stuff that I would want to wear, obviously I’m going to make some things that I wouldn’t wear, but I know the masses would enjoy it.” Just know one thing while you’re sitting there thinking about starting your company, you’ll learn that the post office is one of the top five worst place on Earth, according to Reilly. As of now, with the band on hiatus and Private Hell in Reilly’s full attention, the future is unclear for the brand and his own personal life. One thing’s for sure, goals are set but it’s all about achieving them at the moment. Eyes are locked on securing a possible brick and mortar store. In all seriousness, let’s just help get boxes out of his hallway and into a warehouse so he can freely roam around his house, yeah? If you’re still considering following Reilly’s footsteps, he’s got one piece of advice: “Don’t do it.”

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haley tju Story: sydney clarke Photos: stephanie huang

local wolves magazine // 43

Haley Tju is not one to be missed. The 14-year-old actress is making her mark with her role in Nickelodeon’s smash hit Bella and the Bulldogs, where she plays Pepper Silverstein. Tju is no stranger to the screen, however, having previously appeared in shows such as Monsters vs. Aliens and Hannah Montana. “I’ve been acting since I was four years old, and ever since then I’ve always known I've wanted to become an actor,” Tju says. “My first [acting] job was for a national commercial, but my first role was on Hannah Montana, which was incredible because it was my first time being on such a big production.” Playing Pepper on Bella isn’t a challenge for Tju, who cites similarities between herself and her character. “We both love fashion and can be indecisive at times. I think her style is a little wilder than mine because she’s definitely not afraid to express herself with bright colors and unique pieces, which I admire about her.” She describes Pepper as someone who is an “over-caffeinated ball of energy” who loves fashion, boys, and her friends. The cast also makes going to work easy for Tju, who says that hanging out with the cast and crew is her favorite part about working on the show. “We love pulling pranks and cracking jokes in between takes and just having fun on and off screen.”


While she does say it can be hard to balance friends, school, and acting, she believes that it has been an amazing experience. As a role model to young girls out there, she hopes to influence them to never give up and continue to follow their dreams.

“My advice to those looking to follow their dreams is to be patient and work hard. Dreams can come true!” While she does spend a good deal of time working, Tju also makes time for herself. When not acting, she likes to go to flea markets or antiquing, enjoying movies with friends, or just walking around arboretums. Tju is on a role, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. She hopes to take her career further, and try drama or a movie role. In ten years, she hopes to be acting in all types of genres, tv shows, and movies. With her strong drive and talent, this is a more than achievable goal. Be on the look out for this bright young star!

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Growing up, SIERRA FURTADO knew that she was born to entertain. “I have always loved dancing and performing really anything to do with the entertainment world but I never had a set plan.” After messing around during high school making silly music videos with friends on YouTube, things began to unfold for her. “I don’t think there was one moment,” she says, reflecting on when her channel began to gain momentum. “I just did my thing and gradually more and more people started watching.” Now, more than a million subscribers later, life is pretty exciting for Furtado. When she’s not hanging out with her cat or watching Netflix, she frequents red carpets, works alongside internationally recognized brands, and has opportunities to travel all over the world. “My channel has given me the chance to explore all kinds of crazy opportunities,” she says. “I have gotten to travel to places I may not have been able to before. Like, London– it’s a beautiful city and I loved meeting all the girls with their cute accents.” Yes, all of those sounds picture perfect, but there are certain challenges that come with being a full-time professional vlogger. Furtado admits that stepping away from her videos is one of the hardest parts about content creation. “When I first started my YouTube channel I began to realize the art of creating videos and the need to become a perfectionist when editing and filming,” she says. “So, I think that for me the most challenging part is knowing I did my best on a video and posting it without over analyzing it.” Although, like any creative person, she has people she admires, Furtado actively avoids emulating their style. “I try to make my videos original,” she says. “My mom helps me come up with ideas. I’m also constantly inspired by seasons, holidays, and magazines so a lot of my video ideas come from that.” With so much care and thought put into every single thing that is uploaded, it’s no wonder that her following has grown to the size that is. “Of course, like most girls I love makeup and beauty but I consider my channel more about connecting and relating to young girls through lifestyle,” she reveals to me. Because of that, Furtado admits that the best part of this crazy ride is getting to meet the people who watch her videos. Although she does regularly have meet and greets and scheduled events, she says that she really enjoys meeting viewers just out and about in everyday life. “That’s the best,” she says. “I can talk with them for hours like we have been friends forever!” “I remember the first time I was recognized was at the mall by a girl who worked at American Eagle. That was surreal,” she continues. “Oh, and there was this time a six year old who was out with her mom came over to me. Honestly, her mom was probably weirded out that her daughter was talking to this stranger. It was weird to see how young someone who watches my videos can be.”


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'' i'm always looking for new adventu res to challenge myself w ith. ''


Putting a face to the numbers is easily one of the most rewarding parts of a content creator’s job, which is part of the reason why Furtado loves attending events like VidCon, BeautyCon, and Playlist Live. She reminisces on her first convention, explaining that at the time, her parent’s didn’t really understand the whole thing. With a laugh she explains, “They thought it was insane that I was about to fly across the country to meet friends from Twitter and then stay with them. It turned out be great though. I had less than twenty thousand subscribers and none of us had a clue what we were getting ourselves into. We just kind of grew together and helped each other out– we figured it all out together.” It’s that type of support from her friends and family that has helped Furtado to thrive in this online world and she hints that there’s a lot more to come. “I love my YouTube channel and want to continue working on making it better,” she says. “I want to continue to upload good videos. I’m always looking for new adventures to challenge myself with. One day at a time is the way I look at it. I’m very excited about the future.”

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get to know sier ra : nick jonas





great mascara

either echosmith or the neighbourhood FAVORITE BAND:

paris is one of the cutest and i can speak their language FAVORITE CITY:

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cody lovaas Story: LYDIA SNAPPER Photos: KATY JOHNSON

San Diego creative, CODY LOVAAS is taking the world by storm. At just 17, he already has an EP, music video, San Diego’s Best New Artist award and a tour with singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz under his belt. Lovaas says he’s always been interested in music, remembering at just age seven broaching the topic of learning to play the drums with his mom. Lovaas recalls the conversation, revealing that she said yes, but he had to master another instrument first. Agreeing, he picked up his first guitar. “She said I could bring a guitar to the beach and that girls love guitar players. I was in and all in,” he says. “I immediately found the joy in playing guitar, but the passion came when I started singing and playing.” From there, Lovaas started to write his own music, explaining the writing process is one of his favorite parts of being a musician. “There is something about creating something from nothing that is truly the best feeling, some songs start with a lyric, some with a word, some with a chord, some with a melody, some with a groove, and some with even just a feeling,” he says. “Each song is started differently, but ended the same— with a smile.” Having the opportunity to tour the country with Jason Mraz this past year was one that Cody will never forget. Citing Mraz as a musical inspiration, among others such as John Mayer, Ben Howard, and Jack Johnson, Lovaas admits that watching Jason preform night after night was one of the best learning experiences he has had. Although he has accomplished so much already, Lovaas admits he has big plans for himself in this next coming year. Lovaas teases, saying “I hope to get new music out to those who want to listen to it. Expect me to keep doing what I’ve been doing and keep having fun!”

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superglu QUESTIONS: Kaela Malozewski PHOTOS: MILA AUSTIN

YOUR SOUND IS SO CATCHY! WHO HAS INFLUENCED YOUR STYLE AND THE ARRANGEMENT OF YOUR INVIGORATING SINGLE, “DIVING BELL”? SUPERGLU: If I remember correctly the tune was conceived late one night at the end of Ben Ward’s bed. There was a period of about six months where I would keep him up all night playing songs. As we slowly exhausted ourselves, and the rest of his house mates pleaded with us to quiet down, the guitar strumming would generally become more subdued and the melodies whistled instead of howled. This particular track came out of nowhere. Ben used to get dressed for work before going to bed to save time in the morning, i believed he uttered ‘that’s good’ and pushed his laptop towards me. We hastily recorded a rough demo into the internal mic.


DO YOU HAVE ANY MEMORABLE MOMENT THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU WHILE TOURING? SUPERGLU: The other night we played a gig in Bury. Before the show the promoter invited us over for a meal. We arrived to find Ben holding court to 10 or 14-year-old girls. I think they either thought he was a real popstar or a very lost old man. That was strange. Later we headed back to the house for a party with the headline act, the ten or so fourteen year old girls and their parents there were 110 cans of lager, secret handshakes and long talks about Street Fighter on the SNES. If I remember correctly i woke up covered in crisps with the words “Pig-Meat” rattling around my brain. “Pig-Meat” being the chosen name of one of the adults at the party. Crisps being thin slices of fried potato. My brain, the dirty dish cloth in my head which controls my motor functions, feelings and most of what i say.

AS A BAND MADE UP OF FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS, HAS THE ROAD TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY BEEN RELATIVELY SMOOTH AND CAREFREE, OR HAVE YOU FACED OBSTACLES ALONG THE WAY? SUPERGLU: Alex and I live together, Krista works down the road and Ben is just a short bus ride away. I guess one of the obstacles, if you could call it one, would be realizing that there is a world outside of the one we’re currently creating for ourselves. Keeping up with work, hobbies and such. I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Tuvan Throat singing. I think I may have a bit of a knack for it! I hope that it doesn’t become a problem for the rest of the guys. APART FROM PLAYING DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS, WOULD YOU SAY YOU EACH HAVE A DIFFERENT ROLE IN THE BAND WHEN IT COMES TO PREPARING FOR A GIG OR COMPOSING A NEW SONG? SUPERGLU: Roles change regularly, daily in fact. One of the things I love about this group is the collective effort that everyone puts in. Be it the fun stuff like; bouncing around on stage, cracking jokes and guzzling lukewarm lager or grinding out the nitty gritty; chasing shows, creating tech specs, lugging amps around— everyone seems to approach each task with a degree of enthusiasm and vigour which is a thoroughly exciting and productive environment to be lucky enough to find yourself in. IT’S NO SURPRISE YOU WERE PICKED FOR BBC RADIO 1 AND JUST RECENTLY ASKED TO PLAY FOR BBC SUFFOLK INTRODUCING! CONGRATS! WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GET OUT OF THESE GIGS? SUPERGLU: Thank you! Playing on a big stage at a major festival is an experience that you really can’t put a price on. As well as potentially playing to thousands of new people, my biggest hope is that we grow in confidence as a group and lock in as a band of brothers and sisters on a musical and personal level. The shared experience of playing together at an event such as Latitude is something that I’m sure we’ll never forget. I also hope to get at least two cans of beer, a high five from my dad and a complete lack of sunburn.

chrissie fit Story: Emma Fjalland Photos: Talia Azadian H/MUA: Jessie Yarborough Styling: Leah Magwood

Back in 2006, a young girl from Miami debuted in front of the camera. Back then only a nervous “He stole the last moonbar!" came out of Chrissie Fit’s mouth. A lot of things have happened since then and she is now starring in the Teen Beach Movie and Pitch Perfect 2! Fit had known since she was a kid that she wanted to be a performer but she never knew in what capacity. She always added an extra element to everything she did. For instance, she used to videotape her Barbies doing fashion shows. She would arrange a full on productions with Barbies in swimsuits and evening gowns. She couldn't just play with her Barbies. She had to create something too. Back then, her dad told her that she would become a writer, producer and director of everything, and that’s what she became alongside with her dream of becoming an actual performer. Today she can include actor, singer and writer on her résumé! Fit started singing when she was in elementary school and sang throughout her school years. She tried to take private singing classes when she was in the third grade but at that age, she was more concerned with playing outside and hanging out with her crush. Later, she spent a summer working at Circle House Music Studios in Miami, and that was for her both really fun and educational, and truly showed her that she wanted to do something with music. When she got to LA, however, acting kind of became the focus. Music has, nonetheless, made it back into Fit’s life as the recent films she has been doing involve music. As for writing, she feels like she is paying her dues for a while, writing, rewriting, learning, growing, etc. She is at a point now where she is confident that what she is creating is good and she really can't wait to get it out there.

Clothes + Jewels: Maison de Morgana / Topshop / Vintage Shoes: Luichiny (yellow platforms) and Seychelles (black platforms)

Talking about Fit’s acting career, it started way before she said her one line about someone stealing the last moonbar. Back in Miami she has been acting it out as the leading roles in “Romeo and Juliet”, “Fame”, “Hair” and many more. With every job she has learned something new and she is forever grateful for having had the opportunity to act on her local stage before taking the big step into the film industry. Throughout the years, she has found out what works for her and what doesn't - as far as process goes. She is still learning though and she thinks that's what makes her job so exciting. In 2011, Fit left the theater and became a part of the Disney/ABC Talent Showcase. From being a part of this showcase she learned a lot about the business and about acting as well at she got to know a lot of new talented people. What's most important is that it's helping diversify television by showcasing her and her new friends to so many casting directors, managers, and agents, and it truly opened a new door for Fit. Disney, however, didn’t let go of Fit after the showcase ended; they casted her for a Disney Original Movie as one of the main characters. She flew to Puerto Rico where she would film together with the rest of the Teen Beach Movie crew for three months. Doing the filming process, they had no idea how big this movie was going to be, and then again they might did. For Fit the filming sometimes felt like magic. With a giant beehive on her head and idea of breaking into a song every now and then made Fit have so much fun and just enjoying the ride, and the fact that kids love this movie makes her heart smile. She loves that young Latinas get to see themselves represented on their favorite channel and in such a funny and positive way. One thing let to another, and soon the crew was back in Puerto Rico to film Teen Beach Movie 2. Fit thought that it was impossible to top the first one, but now she thinks they’ve done it. The dancing and the music are on another level, and the dance moves are fast and fearless. For Fit it felt like they had never left Puerto Rico in the first place. For her it was nothing but a blast being back even though she was only there for two weeks since she was wrapping up with another movie: Pitch Perfect 2.


Becoming a part of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast was the dream job for Fit and on a scale from zero to extremely exciting, extremely exciting wasn’t even big enough to explain how she felt about it. She got to work with some of the most talented ladies in the business and some of the ladies she admires the absolutely most. She loved everything about working on this movie, and the excitement that filled her body so much that it almost made her forget about the Louisiana summer heat and the mosquitos. On the daily basis, Fit spends most of her time writing. Sometimes with a friend or sometimes on her own. But even though she spends the most time on this, this is where she gets the least acknowledgment. She is pretty new to it and hopes it will change with time. Fit loves going to the coffee shop across the street from her house and everyone knows her and what she orders. If she’s not at the coffee shop you can find her sipping on a Batido de Mammy fruit milkshake at La Carreta, Miami, or stopping herself with pizza and garlic rolls form Di Piazza in Hialeah as she works on her next big creative step. And because Fit loves creating, whether it's characters, stories, or music, and likes to work a little on the other side of the camera too, there is sure a lot more exciting things that will come her way in the future.

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Following their high school graduation in 2011, Luke Schoepf and Stephen Ramos decided to pursue their passion of music and start a band. Soon after concluding that this was the only path for them, the two met Nick and Michael and HEARTS LIKE LIONS was born. Speaking to Luke Schoepf, the band’s bassist, we discussed what life is really like for up-and-comers chasing their dreams. Since starting the band, the guys have been in acceleration mode, constantly pushing themselves forward and taking any prospect open to them in order to become as successful as they believe they can be. With a drive like that, the band has gotten some incredible opportunities such as touring with The Classic Crime. Speaking to this experience Schoepf says, “We learned a ton about touring. They had a lot of knowledge that we were able to feed off of and learn from.” Being able to watch another band in action is a priceless learning opportunity, but not everything about tour life is as wonderful. “Money is a huge difficulty because touring has a lot of different costs,” Schoepf says when I ask him about the challenges the boy’s have had to overcome. “It takes a while to tour successfully and to build fan basses in different cities and states. It’s also difficult sometimes to stay healthy and get enough sleep on the road.” Still, being able to explore new cities, preform on stage every night, and meet their fans makes it all worthwhile.

Reminiscing about a particularly incredible fan experience, Schoepf says, “One of our favorite memories was meeting some kids in New Mexico that were huge fans. They were about 10 or 11, their parents dropped them off at the show, and they had printed a picture of us and wanted us to sign it. They knew all of our names and every lyric to all our songs, and one of them told us we were his heroes. Interactions with fans are always a highlight of touring.” So what do those fans have to look forward to this upcoming year? Luke teases that their goal is to write and release their debut album with their label, Tooth and Nail Records. Pulling from musical inspirations such as Taking Back Sunday and Mutemath, Luke admits that they are still figuring out their writing style. Normally “Stephen [lead vocals and guitarist] gets the ideas flowing and then we all add our own flare and flava-flave to each song,” he says. When the guys aren’t on the road though, the California natives enjoy hitting up local coffee shops like Rose Park Roasters, Makai Coffee, and Steelhead Coffee before heading over to Yogurtland. However, they may want to get those trips in as often as possible as Schoepf reveals their plans also include a non-stop tour, following their debut album, around the United States and abroad.

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Local Wolves is all about supporting your local scene and staying true to your roots. That being said, in what ways do you feel your hometown has influenced your development as an individual? TO: In my house, there’s a skylight which overlooks the city of London where all the skyscrapers are with all the hustle and bustle, and when I was younger I’d always look out at the view kind of let my mind wander and dream about life and all its possibilities. It allowed me to dream beyond what I think I know. London is much amplified, everything is on a bigger scale and there is so much on offer out there which encouraged me to be a dreamer and see everything as limitless and feel if you want something, you have to go out there, work hard for it to get it. For example, when I was seventeen I’d often look out at Canary Wharf (from the skylight) and aspire to work really hard in my exams to be able to make it in a place like that, then four months later I was there because I was accepted into a journalism summer school.


At what point did you decide to start youR Run Therapy blog and for what reasons? TO: I started Run Therapy when I was sixteen shortly after I was diagnosed with clinical depression and started therapy, and my therapist recommended I take up fitness to help with recovery and I made my blog as a way to keep myself motivated and also as a personal outlet of what I was going through that I could share on my place on the internet and hopefully someone out there related to me. Then it turned into a place that could inspire others who were struggling or wanted to be healthy for the right reasons. Over the years, it’s definitely made what I was going through a little bit easier, at times I’ve badly struggled and then someone would comment “You helped these scars on my wrist fade, you inspire me” and it makes all the pain worth it, almost as if I never had depression I wouldn’t be doing what I feel I’m put here to do.

What do you like to do to cheer yourself up on days when you feel as though your depression is getting you down? One of the main things I really like to do is go for a run, it’s my way of having my detox time where I don’t have to focus on anything and get out whatever I’m struggling with emotionally out of my system. Especially, as with depression it’s a chemical imbalance so it helps to level out what’s going on inside my head. Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for those facing situations similar to yours? TO: That there is so much more to you than you realize, when you battle against the in your mind it’s the hardest thing to not believe the negative things it makes you think about yourself. Whatever mental illness you struggle with, it isn’t you and doesn’t define you— if someone has cancer, it doesn’t mean they are cancer and the same goes with depression, anxiety or an eating disorder. You’re still the amazing, bright person you were before but you’re going through hell right now and if you’re strong enough to survive to be here today, you’re sure as hell strong enough to get through it. You mentioned that you struggled with depression and have celebrated the ways in which running has proven to be therapeutic during your road to recovery. Would you mind going into a little more depth about your personal struggle? TO: When I was 15-16, I noticed that I struggled with how I was feeling on the inside, and for a long time I hesitated to seek help because I worried a lot about what people would think of me and if they thought I was messed up or if they thought I was crazy, and I eventually looked for help when I realized I couldn’t continue struggling as bad as I was, I started experiencing insomnia to the point I had to take sleeping pills at times. I was practically broken and felt numb inside, and realized I really needed help. Then, I started seeing a therapist and was put on Prozac, so I was in a really dark place for a 16 year old.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration? TO: Demi Lovato, I know that’s a really cliché response but she’s someone I relate to. I watched her first televised interview after rehab and it altered my perception that someone could live this seemingly perfect life but go through the same struggles you go through, yet still be incredibly successful. It made me realize for the first time I wasn’t alone and I’m still able to be successful despite struggling with a mental illness. I love the strength she embodies and her positive mindset and work ethic that she applies to everything in her life. She is someone who shines in her own light and is genuine and honest about who she is and what she goes through. I try and take those things and apply them into my life.

How do you stay motivated and do you have any tips for finding consistency with working out? TO: I think what really drives me is just the fact that I know I’m bettering myself as a person, and it was the same in therapy. I have tough workouts where it’s a struggle to push through and stay motivated because you get frustrated that you’re slow, then your insecurities creep up on you that you’re fat and then you feel deflated but every workout counts. I may still not be as toned as I’d like but I notice my skin glows after I work out and I’m more confident within myself, and that’s what truly matters because that’s how I’m going to get to be the person I want to be. I think the best way to find consistency with working out is to follow a fitness and general healthy eating plan, diets to me are unrealistic and restrictive. It’s better to make it more of a lifestyle change. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fitness plans because there’s so many ones online that are free and then draw up a weekly chart and tick them off as you go along. Also, wearing something that makes you feel confident helps. For me, it’s my Nike training gloves, they make me feel like a pro athlete that means business!

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On the cover, Sierra Furtado // Featuring: Chrissie Fit, Hearts Like Lions, Private Hell Apparel, Mackenzie Aladjem and loads more.


On the cover, Sierra Furtado // Featuring: Chrissie Fit, Hearts Like Lions, Private Hell Apparel, Mackenzie Aladjem and loads more.