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ew year, new attitude. Towards the end of the year, I always end up reflecting on all the things I’ve done throughout those twelve months. Whether it’s multiple bubble tea runs or head to Los Angeles for some exploring. I learned that it’s okay to not have a definite answer to every question. I learned that sleep should not be left on the sidelines, you must take care of your mind, body and soul. My goals for 2016 includes to travel more whether it’s across the world or a quick one hour trip to the Bay area. This issue is devoted to #NewBeginnings and to create your own list of goals to accomplish. I must note that you don’t need to wait until a brand new year comes to have a fresh and clean slate. Remember that patience is everything.

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ISSUE 33 // ESTテ右 LALONDE local wolves magazine is an online + print publication based in southern california. with a talented team from all over the world, local wolves is focused on embracing the local scene anywhere you may go. covering topics such as art, music, entertainment and film, our goal is to capture and share stories about passionate people doing what they love to do.

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coverage: sena cheung

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Coverage: Lindsey Harris

Location: 109 President Street Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 793-4931 Contact:

Gnome Café is a completely plant based café located on the Peninsula in downtown Charleston at the corner of President and Cannon Street. In its former life, the café was an extended work space for Sara York Grimshaw’s current floral design studio. Well over a year ago, Grimshaw and her business partner (also named Sarah) had the vision to start a vegan restaurant. They wanted to open a place that simply served and educated others of all the glories of eating a plant based diet. Originally I had no idea how amazing vegan cuisine could taste, but after eating breakfast there two days in a row my eyes were opened. I indulged in an Earl Grey tea latte made with hemp milk and their southern grit bowl, a wonderfully rich dish made with local Geechie Boy grits and topped with sautéed kale, tofu scramble, Portobello bacon, and sprinkled with nutritional yeast— it’s the perfect savory breakfast. Both breakfast and lunch carry bold, hearty flavors that still allow the eater to experience the benefits of clean eating. Gnome Café’s menu has an array of options that are appealing to more than just those living the vegan lifestyle. Lindsey’s order: Southern grit bowl and earl grey tea latte!


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do it yourself + C O Z Y YAR N T H R O W B LA N K ET +

SU P P LIES + Size 6 yarn (# of rolls varies depending on desired size of throw - i used 4 21 yard rolls for a small-medium throw + Ruler + Scissors CREATIVE CONCEPT: MCKENNA KAELIN PHOTOGRAPHY: MADISON BASS-TAYLOR




measure out 3 strands of yarn that are 54 inches each. (You will do this for each row of the blanket)



hold tied strand with something heavy like a big book



repeat step 6 for the rest of the row


gather the 3 strands of yarn

do a standard lose braid and tie it off at the bottom

when you get to the end, finish it off with another braid and a knot. continue this until you reach your desired length of blanket




tie the 3 strands together

to start the next row, do one braid, then find the first opening of the last braid and braid the new strand into it


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A GU I DE T O B E T T E R YOU R W R I T I N G : Writing has always been easy for me, something that I’ve always stuck by. Ever since I can remember, it’s the only thing that has always truly been there for me. It takes you to a place of nomadic curiosities because everything you write down comes from the imagination of your own being. I’ve always found it strange to me when I’d hear my friends in grade school mention how they “suck at writing.” How could you possibly be bad at wording all of the endless possibilities that come from your own brain onto paper? The truth is, you have it in you. We all do. Now, becoming a great writer isn’t easy and that’s totally understandable. I, myself am still trying to improve myself and my work every day. It takes ample time, but it’s definitely worth the endeavor. Here’s what I’ve taken in so far and my personal tips that has helped me out:


“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.” - Octavia Butler

“The most important thing is to read as much as you can, like I did. It will give you an understanding of what makes good writing and it will enlarge your vocabulary.” - J.K Rowling pops into my head ends up immediately into my journal. Listening to conversations or just randomly remembering memories from the past inspires me to keep a list of it all so it can eventually go more in depth with it later. 4. Read a lot. My favorite things about writing and reading others work is the vocabulary. Nothing turns me on more than some fancy shmancy vocab. Start observing how other writers style/write their pieces, it’s a wonderful way to get inspiration! Just remember this solid piece of advice— you can receive inspiration, but do not blatantly steal another artist’s original work.

1. Experiment. Write down a few stories and personal encounters that’s happened in your life. Write about the funny, the sad, the happy, the romance, and the anger. With doing so, you will find what comes easiest to you. For example, I’m so sh*t at writing about funny things that will actually make someone laugh out loud, but man can I write a novel about a boy that broke my heart in the 2nd grade and make a grown man cry. I found my niche in writing about heartbreak and romance. Experimenting with these different emotions can help you find your writing forte! 2. Channel your triggers. This one may seem weird, but this tip has helped me out the most. When I find myself wanting to write, but faced with writer’s block, I bring myself back to a certain song, scent, or faint memory that puts me into a state of nostalgia. Being a romance/heartbreak poet at best, I find myself listening to old songs that trigger a memory in the back of my mind— one single tune can create a page filled with endless words.

5. Ask a friend to read your work. Nothing’s better than some good ole feedback. I totally get the feeling of not wanting anyone to read your work, but once you get over that fear, let your closest friend take a peek at your writing. This tip can seriously only make you a better writer. Receiving constructive criticism is so important because it’s always there to improve your future work and its outcomes. My most important tip of them all is to be raw and authentic. Write from your heart and be as brutal as you want with it. Stop convincing yourself that you are a bad writer because you’re not as good as this author or that poet. Not everyone is going to be next Hemingway! You don’t have to be labeled as a “good writer” to enjoy writing. Speak what you must and hope that others will enjoy listening. And if they don’t, that’s okay. As long as you enjoy the art you create, that’s simply all the matters.

Start a blog, write a book, compose a story. You are what makes your imagination and consciousness come to life.

3. Carry a journal with you everywhere. I always have my journal with me at all times. And if it’s not with me, my phone is and I’m ready to jot down a note at any given time. A lot of the time I find myself running errands or simply hanging out with friends and any little snippet of an idea or line that

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#newbeginnings + W O LFIE SU B MISSI O N S +

2016 is here and the wolfies are discussing their thoughts, ambitions, and goals for 2016. Welcome to the New Year! // PHOTO (LEFT): WICY ZHANG / CORONA, CA Possibly my favorite philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard once said, “To exist, if this is not to be understood as merely existing, cannot be done without passion.” Journaling is my refuge, my safe haven. I find solace in placing my pen onto paper and having my thoughts unfold before my eyes. Thoughts that resided in my subconscious. Thoughts that was incognizant to my consciousness. When I write, my heart deepens and intensifies; similar to a tsunamis build up. My heartbeat becomes magnetized to my thoughts and without my thoughts, there is no pulse. Recently, I filled up the pages in my deeply treasured little beige book that I have been journaling in (and carrying in my purse every day) since November 2013. Now that my companion of three years has given me all its pages to habituate and disclose my observational sensibility and logical reasoning to, I have decided to venture on a personal journey for past, present, and future me and take journaling (as well as poems, stories, and articles I’ve written for my school’s newspaper) to the 21st century through social media. I reckoned it was time to bring my words to a life outside of my personal orbit. I would journal vigorously throughout 2014 and now through 2015 to improve as a writer and to clear the clatter that my mind produced. I had to make time for my thoughts because I know the consequences of brushing aside my sentiments (which is unhealthy, honor your emotions is a motto I hold close to my heart). There’s a light in me that has been switched on for the New Year, bringing hope to my heart and soul. I have magic spreading through my body, at the tips of my fingers. – CINDY MATHEUS / MIAMI, FL Each number on the countdown of New Year’s Eve is one second closer to a fresh start. When the ball drops, we throw our hands in the air, clink our glasses, and celebrate the beginning that is the New Year. But why should we only celebrate the first day? My goal in 2016 is to make my life one worth living. Sure, it sounds like the overused cliché “live every day like your last,” but why shouldn’t we? In other words, I will make it my mission to hold onto my motivation. I don’t want to find myself in the never-ending world of procrastination. This year, I want to strive towards excellence and success. I don’t only want to make goals but I want to achieve them. – KARINA DOMINGUEZ / MARTINEZ, CA

In 2016, I want to be me, but on fire. I want to learn so much, and learn so in depth that I glow, that I crackle. I want to grow a second skin; I want to be someone completely new. If I like this new me, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll watch it burn. In 2016, I want to be a fighter. In 2016, I want to be humble. I want to help others and better myself all at once. I want people to look at me and shield their eyes because they’ve always been taught not to stare into the sun. In 2016, I want to write. I want to write frequently and without refrain, until the pencil marks on my paper start to look like this visions I have in my head. In 2016, I want to change the world— even if it means changing myself first. I’m not scared of change but in fact I welcome it. There is ice growing on my heart and in between my toes and I can’t wait to start burning-melting away this past year. I can’t wait to watch the things that once held me back disappear into smoke. In 2016, I’m going to burn a path worth following. After all, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this-if you’re going to go out in flame, be a supernova, not a forest fire. – NATALIE CARTER / NORCO, CA Most of the time, we think the New Year is an opportunity to really change ourselves for the better and start doing new things. In reality, we always want to improve ourselves; we just never have enough motivation. The New Year is the time our brains are telling us, “Your time is up, and you need to start now.” I am one of those people. For the past three years, I have been dealing with a lot of self-esteem issues that always seem to hold me back. I love dancing, but never had the guts to try out for the school dance crew. I love writing, but the newspaper club has always terrified me. When we think about our regrets, we tend to beat ourselves up and end up feeling lost. The New Year is a time for letting go of all those regrets, to start a new beginning. So for the New Year, I am making sure that I make the most out of every opportunity I get. When one is lost on an island, he doesn’t just sit by the beach hoping for somebody to find him. Yes, he’s confused and terrified, but that doesn’t stop him from getting butt up and start looking for food and shelter. The New Year is the island, full of dangerous yet wonderful opportunities. We won’t get by without stepping out of our comfort zones and taking a chance. I am ready to destroy all my insecure thoughts this 2016. I am ready for a new year, a new much more fulfilled self, and for a new beginning. – LIZZIE FILART / MANILA, PHILIPPINES

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I’ve found that I have somewhat lost myself this year. I feel that I’ve forgotten about who I truly am and what I truly love. I’ve been consumed by people’s thoughts of me, pushed people away and blinded by technology and social media that I often forget about my surroundings. I admit that it is my fault when it comes to social media and technology because the only person who can ultimately stop me from getting too carried away with it all is me. I however have not tried hard enough to stop it and instead have spent hours in my room alone rather than using that time with friends and family. I want to change that, I want to spend more time with my friends and family and reduce the amount of time I waste locked up in my room using technology. I have high hopes and many goals for 2016. My goals are to love myself the way I am and be more thankful about the things that I have because I often forget that there are people in this world who aren’t as fortunate as me. I want to learn more about others and myself and just appreciate those close to me. I want to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. We as individuals can create a list of our goals and achievements for 2016, but understand that goals won’t be reached and things won’t be achieved if we don’t try. It’s not going to be easy but we are always told that it’s never easy and that we have to work hard to succeed. As I sit writing this submission I’m overcome by a newfound determination and with the New Year just around the corner I’m more than ready to work hard. – TIARA PURCELL / AUSTRALIA

For 2016, as a realist I don’t really set resolutions every year. But there’s something I have in mind recently; from time to time I have always found it hard to love and accept myself as I am— probably one of the factors is the erratic social pressure giving turbulences inside me because my surroundings indirectly compel me to be eloquent/ precocious all the time since I’m that kind of person who’s “friends with cool people but is not one of them,” that I grew up as someone who possesses the tendency to feel inferior and be hard on myself. I pressured myself to work hard in various fields, master various talents, learn about as many subjects as possible just to seek validation from people so that they would convince me that I am loved. And it felt excruciating. I overworked myself to learn and practice things every night. I didn’t give myself a break because if I stop trying so hard even for a while, I’d feel worthless and stupid and I wouldn’t fulfill everyone’s expectations on me to be precocious all the time. But one day I got a prompt to write a poem that envisages myself, and so I did it, and I was rather surprised of how the result turned out to be. One of the lines of the poem says, “she is / a great fighter / both with / guns and with / her heart.” I then contemplated; turns out maybe I have never really hated myself. Deep down a little part of me still sees myself as a worthy being. And thus, for the upcoming year(s) I’d love to learn to think more highly of myself. I’d love to learn to escape from the harness of inferiority and feel content as my own person. – RALKA SKJERSETH / JAKARTA, INDONESIA

Discipline: a true nemesis of a free spirit. As depressing as the ending of a year or season can seem, I’ve always felt giddy with glee as a new year rolled around. The possibility of throwing all of my problems out the door and moving on to new goals and challenges truly revitalizes me. However, somewhere along the way I realized that our generation is extremely good at starting. We multitask like no one before, but we also get distracted like no one else. Every January, I would make extensive lists of goals and tasks that I would aspire to complete that year. At first, things seemed right on track, in fact, even better than I thought! After a couple of weeks, the buzz would wear off and that goal became forgotten about. If we were to check back with all our old resolutions lists, just how many goals would we find that never left the paper? How many items from our lists never got checked off? This New Year, I’m calling myself out. I hate discipline and it’s a problem. As much as I love to start things, finishing things is not my strong suit. So instead of making another inspirational list, I’m choosing to complete what I have yet to finish, to discipline the heck out of myself until things begin to get done. New beginnings may bring temporary thrills, but there is no better feeling than certain satisfaction in finally finishing. Being a free spirit is a beautiful thing; but if you can never find the nerve to complete anything, then what will be your legacy? – PRISCILA SILVA / BOSTON, MA

2016 will be the year in which I finally escape from the narrow box that I believed to be my home. For so long I restricted myself, always settling for what was comfortable because spontaneous was dangerous— little did I know that was the best part. I always expected and reflected the least of myself because there wasn’t any room for extraordinary in these four confined walls. I want to break out and discover. I want to experience every moment that flashes past my conscious body as if I am experiencing it right before I die. I wasn’t put here to simply breathe, and although 2015 may have seemed as if that was my purpose, 2016 will prove that wrong. I want to rip the harsh thoughts that swarm my mind like wasps and replace them with the honey that attracted them there. I set these resolutions for myself and I believe them. I can see the distant future and it is a warm light that fills my soul with happiness and a faint feeling of anxiety. The past is now behind me as are the memories I long to forget. I will take the lessons of yesterday and use them to learn tomorrow. 2016 may be joyous, exciting, and heartbreaking at times, however it will be nevertheless beautiful. My life is messy, filled to the brim with nothing but love and positivity. However there is one small gaping crevasse waiting to be filled— what better to fill it with than new beginnings? – ALEXA AREVALO / AJAX, ON


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In 2016, I’m going to stop killing my body with junk. For once, I’ll feed it what it deserves, because physical health is something we can at least somewhat control. I’ll care for the plants I love so dearly as a mere thanks for the hours of tranquility gardening in the hot summer days allowed me. I’ll continue to read (this time memoirs and classics and books that will teach me knowledge beyond my grasp), and explore, and give life to my senses. I won’t rely on friends for happiness; I’ll do what I want to do whether or not anyone does it with me. I will embrace quiet moments. I’ll try to be alone, but never lonely. I will release anyone who is remotely toxic. No one who destroyed my mental health deserves to stay. I’ll stand under the brilliant sky and let go like they’re balloons leaving my aching fingers, bruised from hanging on for no reason. I’ll blog and write about what I love even if I feel no one understands. It’s okay. I am not writing it for their gain anyways; it is to leave my mark on this vast earth. I will say I love you even to those that push cheesy, sentimental things away. I will go out with my little sister and wander. I will do too much rather than too little, and never let school win. If life is a birthday party, I refuse to be the girl who wasted so much time stressing over decorations she had no good memories to look back on. I will promote peace, fight anti-Islamic sentiment, and wear my hijab high. Twenty-fifteen tried to break me, but no matter. 2016 is a not a place for old trials; it is a beautiful, brand new beginning. – AIMAN GHANI / CHICAGO, IL

Dear 2016, we haven’t met yet but I’m sure we’ll encounter a whirlwind of emotions. Our first meeting may be awkward and I apologize for being timid but change is strange for me. But I know we’ll gradually get to know each other, and when I lose my footing and stumble you’ll place your hands firmly on my shoulders to center me again. And I know that in the days when my tears seem unending because I realized how hard I am to love, you won’t desert me even for a second. And I’m sorry for when I spit words of venom towards you because you did not grant me what I desired. And I’m sorry for when I get jealous because it seems like your focusing more on others and I fear you are going to leave me just like last year did. And when I swing my fist towards you, just know it’s because I’m scared of losing everything like I always do. But I also know we’ll share a myriad of unforgettable moments. Some nights we will exchange laughter until dawn and others we will sleep soundly the whole night through. There will be days when you’ll take me on adventures and others when you’ll finally let me relax. There’ll be mornings when we will fight but we’ll always make up, and nights when we will yell but mostly with excitement. And when the time finally comes for us to bid our goodbyes, I’ll be leaving you with my breath a bit more sturdy, my steps more firm, my voice more sound, my heart more pure, and my soul completely free. Dear 2016, we haven’t met yet but I know you’re going to change me for the better. – AISHAH ABDULLAH / WASHINGTON, DC

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Located on the edge of the Valley in the suburbs of Gilbert, PROVISION is bringing specialty coffee where there aren’t a lot of specialty coffee options. Provision has operated as a roasters for the past few years before opening their first shop just this year. Their coffee is just as good as their beautiful bright space. Like me and my friend Michelle (@ meeshalrj), many find the drive out of Phoenix worth the experience.

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You don’t have to live in Phoenix long to hear about GIANT as a favorite coffee shop among locals. Maybe that is no surprise since this spot is owned by the owners of one of the most popular breakfast spots Mat’s Big Breakfast. They use Four Barrel coffee beans and Straus milk to create their specialty drink: the Honey Vanilla Latte. I paid a visit recently with my friends Rob and Christina (@newdarlings) on a cloudy day, in which I ordered one in hot. Even Christina as a non-coffee drinker felt converted.


I recently introduced my friends Rob and Christina (@ newdarlings) to one of my favorite spots in Phoenix. I love the atmosphere and menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. My favorite dish is the Moroccan Meatballs; however, this trip I got to try their brunch menu for the first time. We were also visited at our table by Chef Aaron Chamberlin, who was incredibly hospitable by chatting and delivering some complimentary appetizers.



WINDSOR is probably my most frequented spot in Phoenix since so many of my friends enjoy this spot as much as I do. The space is nice and their wall covered in cassettes has been a popular spot amongst locals to take a photo. The Picnic Kebabs are my favorite, so I’ve ordered them almost every visit. I’d also recommend the Loaded Chips: house chips with caramelized onions, bacon, blue cheese and chipotle crèma. Or you will want to save room for dessert and head next door for ice cream at Churn like I did with my friends Angel (@angelgvilla) and Michelle (@meeshalrj).

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CRÊPE BAR, a popular spot in the Valley with it’s own local cult following and numerous awards, features a menu by Chef Jeff Kraus. While Crêpe Bar has been a weekly habit for me at times, I’ve gotten to try quite a few crepes on the menu, and my favorite is the rich Andouille Sausage. Crêpe Bar is also known as the only coffee bar in Phoenix serving heart coffee.


The second concept by Welcome Diner, a late night comfort food diner in the Roosevelt Row arts district, WELCOME CHICKEN + DONUTS is more of a breakfast/lunch concept. After plenty of visits, my favorite combination is the Korean Chili chicken wings and the red wine glazed chocolate pudding filled donut. It’s a seasonal donut, but don’t worry, there’s always a great rotating specialty donut to try, or weekend menu, like the time I made sure to plan a visit with my friends Kristine (@kristinemorgan) and Michelle (@ meeshalrj) for ramen weekend.



GROWOP is a well curated vintage shop set in a converted home in the neighborhood of the Roosevelt Row arts district of Phoenix. I recently bumped into Josh at a holiday party, and like much of the local community here in Phoenix, he was personal and friendly to have remembered my visit and chat with him the year prior. Josh mentioned a very unique concept that Growop offers in which they allow local creatives to borrow clothes for shoots. Josh has a keen eye on style personalization, so if you drop in, you would have a personal shopper if you needed an outfit concept.


For such a new shop to the Valley, T.MADISON has gained momentum to become a current trend here. It’s common to scroll through Instagram and see someone recently paying a visit and to the shop. And for good reason. The shop is well curated in neutrals, with even a sign that hangs in the light filled space: “But do you have it in black?” The shop is owned by Taylor, who will welcome you into her space and comfortably chat with you like you have been her long time BFF.

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the neighborhood journal Story: Hudson Luthringshausen Photography: Lhoycel Marie Teope


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Orange County natives and creatives, Eddie Rios and Jordan Rodriguez are the two minds behind The Neighborhood Journal, an online space where young creators, innovative businesses, local eateries and “undiscovered wonders” are showcased as a part of a one-of-a-kind community. “The Neighborhood Journal was started at the beginning of January 2015 with the intent to establish a community within our neighborhood that captured the people and places that were doing things differently,” the co-founders told me about how their project came to fruition. What sets the The Neighborhood Journal apart from other outlets is that the site thrives on the journal’s team creative abilities. “We wanted to find a way to document [people’s] work and achievements through our own creative abilities, whether that be through film, photography, or written pieces.” And with that The Neighborhood Journal was born, they say. The concept is simple: a platform that features and promotes the creative work of the community— categories ranging from people, business, food, events, music, travel and a monthly feature column giving a new creative a weeklong takeover on The Neighborhood Journal’s Instagram. Each category entices the viewer from the moment the page loads, as well as a few more categories focusing on Local Fare, the team’s “backyard” as well as the specially featured creative showcases.

While the neighborhood began with two in Orange County, the team has expanded in its near-year of life— so widely that they are now offering regional positions for anyone to contribute monthly stories showcasing their neighborhood. The goal, it appears, is to unite a great many neighborhoods and to forge an online community like none before. And what’s great about The Neighborhood Journal community is that already they have a large focus on connectivity and genuine relationships. One the facets that makes these assets strong is their role in charity and event hosting. Already The Neighborhood Journal has been involved in pet adoption initiatives as well as national Peace Day among their many events. “We feel that any company or individual that has the ability to help promote positive change also has the responsibility to do what they can to make it a reality.” As for the future, The Neighborhood Journal has much more to come. The rate of success already is quite promising, and the team behind the up and coming project is in full gear driving their community forward. “Down the road we want to create small batch publications, host more events within different communities, and do more community outreach. We feel that we are always working towards expanding the neighborhood and are welcoming to new faces and new content from anyone.”

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Story: Kaela Malozewski Photography: Gloria Wong


Vancouver based fashion moguls; Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan are taking social media by storm with their account, ToThe9s. Filling their feeds with a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Kinfolk, the two are women of substance with eyes for style, beauty, and all things monochrome.

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ToThe9s flourished when the two met back in 2008. Pamintuan, originally from Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, moved to Vancouver and met Masangkay through a mutual family friend. “The funny thing is that we never talked at first. We would see each other every week at church or house gatherings but we were too shy to have long conversations with each other,” Masangkay shares. But the silence broke and the pair bonded while jamming out on Rock Band to “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer. Fastforward to 2015 and the duo are now far from shy. In fact, their Instagram account, @WEARETOTHE9S is home to over 28K followers and their YouTube channel is followed by nearly 200K people. ToThe9s really began to gain traction after Masangkay received a MacBook Air for her birthday following her high school graduation. “We decided to test out our editing and video skills and upload a video to YouTube for fun,” said Masangkay, “We thought no one would be interested in such a long video, but it actually ended up being our most viewed video thus far.” And within less than a month, their number of subscribers hit new highs and sparked the drive to take things seriously and become more consistent online. Of course, their success is very much indebted to their fans and followers. “We seriously love our ‘internet friends’ as we like to call them, and we can’t thank them enough for the support and for pushing us to keep doing what we do,” shared the pair. In addition to their popular YouTube channel, ToThe9s featuring fashion hauls, beauty routines, and highly requested Q&A’s, the pair also manage one of the most visually appealing Instagram channels out there. Their tricks for the perfect picture? Apps like VSCO and Afterlight when shooting with their phones. When using a dSLR, Masangkay shares that they are loyal to the program like Adobe Lightroom and use Final Cut Pro X for editing videos. Their Instagram feed is perfectly minimalist with pops of color and vibrancy.

“We try to make our style translate through our Instagram accounts, and since our style is pretty simple and minimal, our theme is as well,” the pair shares. “As for content, fashion and photography is our main focus.” The foundation of ToThe9s is inspiration, so the pair ensures they do their best not only to post outfit inspirations, but also quotes and verses that uplift and inspire people throughout the day. With a quick glance over their accounts, it is obvious these women have an innate sense of fashion giving us serious #fashiongoals. Their shopping destinations of choice include Zara, TopShop, Urban Outfitters and H&M, but the two are also fans of thrifting to find unique pieces. “Since we are style bloggers, we are lucky enough to get contacted by some online stores to try out products and do reviews,” Masangkay adds. “Through this, we have discovered awesome and affordable sites such as Lulu’s, Tobi, and Shein just to name a few.”


local wolves magazine — 33


Such collaborations with fashion brands really took off because of their YouTube success. “We got the chance to work with several Canadian brands such as Simons and Frank & Oak— a menswear shop that let us style one of our good friends,” said Masangkay. “We absolutely love supporting local shops here in Vancouver, but we also enjoy working with online shops from all around the world. When online companies contact us, it is very important to us that their products align with our style and were worth recommending to our audience.” These product include MAC lipsticks, Masangkay’s favorite color of the moment being Persistence, and Whirl for Pamintuan. As well, most fashion items that fall along the monochrome palette can most likely be found in their closets but the pair is working to incorporate more earthy tones like camel, beige, and army green into their wardrobe. And when they aren’t shopping or rustling through thrift shops, Masangkay and Pamintuan can be found roaming around Downtown Vancouver either window shopping through Granville and Robson or finding cool places to shoot. “We also love exploring Gastown and stumbling upon cool cafes and consignment stores,” the pair explains. “Our favorite thing about Vancouver is that you can literally tour the whole city in the span of a day and go from city life to wild life in a mater of minutes! And speaking of wildlife, hikes and cliff jumping are a must for us when the weather is warm. Places such as Lynn Canyon and Quarry Rock definitely satisfy our craving for adventures, and English Bay and Kitsilano Beach are where we get our tan on in the summer!” Though the two haven’t been able to coordinate traveling together quite yet, Europe and Fiji are at the top of their bucket list for when the opportunity arises. When asked where they see themselves in the next five years, they hope to pursue whatever YouTube may bring them. As well, after a very successful opportunity to host a pop-up shop back in June has the pair dreaming of opening a consignment shop in the future. Ultimately, they hope to find stability in doing what they love. And for those wanting to build an online following as powerful as theirs, they recommend finding a niche that corresponds to your passion. “Choose a platform that you align with and are fluent with, and make sure that what you post reflects who you are rather than trying to copy someone else’s online persona. In everything you do, put in effort,” the pair adds.

local wolves magazine — 35



Ever since technology has come into play in our lives, we tend to snap away only to post about it on social media to let everyone know where we’ve been, who we were with or what we were eating. Gone are the days where we purchase Kodak cameras and, *gasp* might I even add, develop photos! Fear not, #FilmIsNotDead. This is a hashtag and caption photographer (and sometimes videographer) GEORGE MUNCEY frequently uses with his photos. He states, “It’s just incredibly exciting to get the images back for the first time after not knowing exactly how your photos came out, sometimes even forgetting exactly what you’ve taken.” Twenty year old creative grew into the “take a picture of everything” lifestyle we all currently live in but tends to have a different purpose when capturing a photo, “I take photos just because it’s what I enjoy, it baffles me that people would like to pay me for it or even display it in galleries or even their houses. I have a lot of work that has never surfaced to the internet, and that will probably never make it, but nearly every photo, especially on film which has a sentimental value to me. There’s a reason I take every image.”

He goes on to say, “As long as I can remember I’ve always been creating things, home videos, photos of friends and family or even some very subjective attempts at drawing. My whole motivation essentially derives from trying to turn what I do for fun into how I make my money, I’ve never had a ‘real’ job and that’s the one thing that pushes me to make sure I don’t have to get one. It’s way more fun doing something creative!” When looking at a photographer’s work of art, it’s like looking into their personal diary. We take a look at the people in their lives and the places they’ve been. Needless to say, Muncey has been to gorgeous places. Even if a place doesn’t seem charming, he has a way to find the beauty in everything. It also helps when he happens to be at the right place at the right time. “Some of my best photos were completely unplanned and some shots were completely directed by me. With styles like music and portraiture, that’s mostly up to me to control the scene whereas when just wandering and taking photos, it’s more of a documentary observing role.”

local wolves magazine — 37

It’s amazing to see Muncey’s work and not be taken aback. You start to wonder, “When did you ever take bad photos?” However, he would tell his beginner self a few things: One, don’t always shoot with a shallow depth of field (“it’s gimmicky and over done, I much prefer a tack sharp image”); two, always worry about lighting; and three, when taking a portraiture, remember it’s also about making the person feel comfortable and relaxed on top of being able to use a camera. There’s nothing worse than an awkward or forced portrait. It’s okay if you’re not the complete master at photography after your first shoot. “Everything gets easier and better with practice, all I could recommend is shoot as much as you can and you’ll get better every time.” Here at Local Wolves, we’re all about collaborations and the same goes for Muncey. A few months ago, YOUTH was released where he collaborated with artists Tyler Reed and Maciek Wysoczanski. The project features an amazing depiction of the youth of this generation. With a combination of illustrations and photography, it makes you wonder why we don’t see more collaborations occur. Muncey comments, “My whole thought process is just trying to combine some great minds to make something even cooler than we could individually. Everyone sees things that other people wouldn’t see. Also working together opens your mind to different ways that people can work.” At the end of the day, the more Muncey continues to work on his craft, the more he’ll continue to gain the attention while his photos sweep the interweb. He has just one thing he hopes his viewers will take away from his photography: “I’d like to think that in a long time, a few hundred years, people will be able to look back on my final body of work as an insight to the time period I lived in, and a depiction of the cities that I resided in.”



local wolves magazine — 39

suburban living Story: Harriet Stanley Photography: Melissa Tilley

Better known as the vocalist of Suburban Living, Wesley Bunch has taken 2015 in his stride. Having grown up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Bunch relocated to Philadelphia where it’s only just the beginning of an exciting ride. January 27th saw the release of the band’s debut self-titled LP, having only previously released the EP, Cooper’s Dream in 2012 and a 7” single, Always Eyes back in 2013. Whilst the two previous records were selfreleased, the full-length took a different turn as the indie label PaperCup Music snatched Suburban Living up. “They hit me up way before I had the LP ready and I shared a couple tracks. After I finished some more I shared it with them and they were diggin’ the vibe.” Bunch explains, though the process of releasing music wasn’t all too different than what he’d previously known. “Most bands on indie labels still do a lot of the work. It was, however, really cool not having to worry about art layout of an LP and having someone who was working with PR and college radio to get the songs heard. That was tight.”

All of Suburban Living’s releases have gone to vinyl; in today’s music scene, it’s not become all that unfamiliar to choose the LP over a CD and the release of records is without a doubt booming. “The million dollar question!” Bunch calls it, when asked where he believes this sudden influx of vinyl has come from. “Honestly, it’s a typical answer but everyone I ever talk to says the same thing. When it comes to buying music in a physical form, I think people prefer vinyl because it feels like a more intimate purchase as opposed to buying a CD where you rip it to your computer, then throw the CD in a pile to never see again. When you listen to a record it can be this rad process where you put it on, flip it halfway through, and if you want to skip a track you gotta get up and move the needle. It sounds ridiculous, but these small things can totally change the experience of listening to an album.” Plus, let’s not forget, “the artwork is bigger and it sounds better in my opinion.” Bunch even favors vinyl when it comes to spinning DJ sets on the side. It all started “as kinda a joke a couple years ago (laughs), I found these two turntables, a mixer and a hard shell case at a pawnshop in Virginia for two hundred dollars. Seemed stupid not to buy it, so I used it as an excuse to do DJ sets.”

They proved to be incredibly fun, along with providing Bunch with a bit of extra cash and giving him the opportunity to hang out at the shows he wanted to go to. “It’s not like a club environment,” He explains, “I try to make my sets seem like you’re hanging in your friend’s living room, jamming to vinyl, as opposed to nightclub/dance stuff. It’s chill. I love when people request stuff, so then I just point to my box of records and they can flip through, pick out stuff they like, talk about certain records etc.” Bunch describes the whole scene as, “drunken nerd vibes.” Classic. Roll on summer and it was a busy one for the guys in Suburban Living, “We played some cool shows all around the East Coast and that was a blast.” Not only that, but Bunch was able to take some time out to visit some family in Texas. “My uncle lives on a pretty big piece of land and going out to his porch by myself and stargazing is probably one of my favorite memories of 2015.” Stargazing seems fitting for Suburban Living— with a dreamy shoegaze sound, every element appears ethereal and hazy, and Bunch describes themselves as simply, “A wonderful time, come chill.” And that’s exactly what their music allows someone to do. There aren’t any gimmicks, just stick the vinyl on the record player and submerge yourself in the moment.

local wolves magazine — 41

Towards the end of August 2015, Suburban Living had released a small four-track EP titled, The Remixes. Selfexplanatory, each track had come directly from the fulllength but instead, remixed. “We wanted to put something out between the debut LP and new material,” Bunch explains, when asked why they chose to go down this route.

crooning ‘Faded Lover’ into a technological 8-bit track, mimicking the styles of 90s video games. The final parts of 2015 saw Suburban Living continuing to tour. “We’ve been doing some shows with our friends Infinity Girl from Brooklyn, and that’s been super rad.” So what is next in store for Suburban Living? “The plan is to release five songs as an EP this year.”

“We bounced the idea of a remix EP off

Bunch teases, “We just finished the tracks here in Philadelphia with Jeff Ziegler.” Ziegler has worked with a variety of different artists including Chris Forsyth, Kurt Vile and even the indie-rockers in The War On Drugs. So of course, it comes as no surprise that Bunch is extremely excited for their upcoming release. Once previously a solo feat, Bunch has also relied on the talents of his band for this new record. “It’ll be the first time doing a release with a live drummer, and I co-wrote the songs with the band as opposed to me writing and recording all the instruments myself.” There’s nothing to fear though, as it’s ‘still the same ol’ vibe,’ even if it is a little different.

to a couple friends and they were all stoked about it, so we went for it.” Bunch allowed each artist to choose the song that they wanted to remix as he figured, “Seemed the best way to do it, ‘cause I didn’t want them remixing a song they weren’t super excited about.” It certainly all paid off, as the end result is a fresh take on four of the LP’s most exciting tracks. Spirit Haus’ gives “Drowning,” a more techno-spin, whilst Beard-0-Bees completely transforms the popular,

local wolves magazine — 43


amy lee Story: Ashley Bulayo Photography: Madison Bass-Taylor

Blogging and vlogging in the fashion world has launched so many careers, did it not? In just about any and every fashion magazine, we can find at least one blogger/vlogger featured giving their opinions on certain trends or items. Thumbs up for #TeamInternet! One blogger turned vlogger who we here at Local Wolves admire is Amy Lee AKA Vagabond Youth. Who would have thought a pair of Jessica Simpson’s Dany Platforms would change her life? “I decided to post a 15 second video of me wearing them and surprisingly, they became a huge hit in the blogging world. People found that video and asked me to style the shoes so I did. They asked to see me style more and I did. And I’m still doing it. I actually found out about other vloggers after I had already been making videos.”

local wolves magazine — 45

“I understand how social media is the best version of yourself, but I don’t think it is the fake version of yourself. I might take a photo from an angle to make myself look taller and skinnier but I’m not photoshopping it by any means. It’s still 100% me.” Nowadays with the internet, it’s really hard to tell what exact content will be viral and what will wither away in a short few days. Luckily for Lee, she was able to grow a steady following since her first video back in 2011. Her views slowly grew along with her subscribers, which is now over 200k. Being in the YouTube community for that long, she’s learned a few things she cared to share, “Stop trying so hard. At the end of the day, I like who I am and my own personal style or taste in music. I don’t know why everyone is trying so hard to be like something or someone else. YouTube and its community really helped me to understand how to like who I am, and not only that, but find who I am. As cheesy as that sounds.” From all the amazing content creators we interview in this magazine, that’s always the number one thing: Don’t try so hard. Be yourself.


Even when we asked Lee on her stance of the great debate on whether or not social media is a controversial outlet she says, “I understand how social media is the best version of yourself, but I don’t think it is the fake version of yourself. I might take a photo from an angle to make myself look taller and skinnier but I’m not photoshopping it by any means. It’s still 100% me. I think of social media as a digital portfolio. It’s the best of your ‘work.’”Speaking of a digital portfolio, when we’re not watching Lee put together creative lookbooks or hauls on YouTube, her Instagram is just as drool-worthy. It’s like scrolling on Tumblr wishing you can literally purchase what you see on your screen. Lee’s fashion sense started from a young age, “Growing up, I was really materialistic. I bought Coach and Dooney & Bourke bags (laughs) when I was like 10 years old for myself for Christmas. So I think it started really young, but I like to think now it’s less about designer names and more about my personal style.” Her must have item? A classic leather jacket, which she has to replace every five years! Besides needing to renew her leather jacket in five years, Amy hopes to be traveling a lot whether for work or leisure. “I’ll be working my a** off, the hustle never ends.” We hope it doesn’t end either!

local wolves magazine — 47

48 48

local wolves magazine — 49

EstĂŠe Lalonde Story: Emma Matthews PhotographY: Matt Shore



It’s hard to remember the days when we weren’t documenting our lives online. Whether it’s an Instagram shot of what we’ve ordered for lunch or a blog post full to the brim of our latest buys, letting the world know about out penchants and passions is normal dayto-day behavior. But, unlike Estée Lalonde, not all of us get to do it as a full time job. Canadian-born Lalonde started her first blog (, five years ago after meeting her boyfriend and moving across the pond to the UK. Slowly she began to establish a name for herself as one of the internet’s most talked about bloggers, writing about everything from popular beauty products to essential DIY hacks. “Blogging was a way to discover new things about myself, plus I had just found this community and became obsessed with it,” she says. Since then, her online presence has flourished and Lalonde has become a key figure in the blogging community. This past year alone has seen her reach 136,000 Bloglovin’ followers and a staggering 1 million YouTube subscribers. It also marks the launch of her brand new site, where she’s rebranded from into Esté “I started everything when I was only 19 and now I’m 25. I’ve changed a lot as a person since then so I thought it was a good time to change my channel and blog to my full name, rather than a nickname I often get called by family.” The site still embodies the same qualities as There are heaps of beauty articles that still feature Lalonde’s relatable voice. Take her post on winter berry-style makeup, for instance. But, there are also new, exciting sections to delve into such as fashion and interiors. “I think of the new site as an extension of my YouTube channel, a place I can delve deeper into other subjects I’m interested in so people will see a lot of what I enjoy. I love beauty, but I also love a lot of other things! I want my blog to be a space that reflects that,” she explains. “Since launching the new website, I have been so passionate about creating content. From brainstorming different things I’d like to feature, to photographing outfits and the writing part of it, I’ve found new love for blogging!”

local wolves magazine — 53

Of course, when you’ve been blogging for as long as Lalonde has, coming up with innovative, fresh posts must be hard, right? After all, new blogs are hitting the web every second. So, how does she come up with ideas? “I try not to look at what other people are doing and just try to stay focused on what I’m trying to achieve with the blog,” she informs. “My life influences a lot of the ideas I think of. So if I purchase a new item of clothing, I will think of an outfit to go with it so that I can feature that on the site. For me, the visuals are the most important aspect of a blog as they are what draws a reader into staying on the website. When I launched the new site, I knew I wanted to focus a lot more on the photography and have it be an image driven site. If you look at my website, there’s actually minimal writing which I think is a lot different from a lot of bloggers out there.” Documenting your passions may seem like the ideal job, but that doesn’t mean that full-time bloggers have it easy. Not only does hours worth of work go into the production of posts, but also many full-time bloggers find themselves subject to backlash. Lalonde, included “I definitely feel judged at times, but I think a lot of that is down to the fact that some people don’t understand what we actually do on a daily basis, they only ever see what we put out there online,” she says. “There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes and a lot of big projects are months in the making, so often it will seem as though we’re working on something which never gets released. As important as it can be to take in constructive criticism from viewers, it’s also very important not to take notice of all the negativity as it can get you down. When you put so much of your life out there to the public, you will get judged on things, so you do grow a hard shell so that it doesn’t hurt you as much.” Alongside dismissal of gossip-esque criticism, Lalonde also insists that one characteristic that is key when it comes to being a successful blogger is drive and passion for the subject. “I think when you start a blog, most people don’t start it thinking that it’s going to be a career because it doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s all down to luck and what draws people into it,” she says. “Create beautiful content, write about something you’re passionate about and readers will come, but you do have to be patient. Everyone who either blogs or does YouTube as their full time career has been working on it for years now and has built up their audience through a lot of hard work, so I think if you do want it as your career, you need to be consistent.” As for advice that she’d give her younger self, “I would say ‘don’t be scared’ as I felt like I maybe held back a little from expressing myself for a long time. Being new to making videos or blogging is a very scary thing and I wish I would have felt a bit more comfortable with it right from the start!”


local wolves magazine — 55


Don’t be scared.

I felt like I maybe held back a little from expressing myself for a long time.

local wolves magazine — 57


mckenna kaelin Story: Anna Hall Photography: Lhoycel Marie Teope

McKenna Kaelin could certainly pass as some sort of fairy princess, with her ethereal good looks, delicate features, and adorable ombre hair. Also, she seems to be constantly surrounded by coziness and warmth, with an Instagram page teeming with soft candles, fuzzy socks, and mugs of hot chocolate. But the one thing Kaelin wants us to know about her is that she’s only human. “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person,” she quotes to me, from John Green’s Paper Towns . Maybe Kaelin is the Margo Roth Spiegelman of social media, but she’s not leaving clues for us to figure her out. Rather, she wants people to see the whole picture.“I think it’s really easy to look at a popular social media figure and see them in a certain light, see them as this perfect, confident, rainbows and sunshine person,” Kaelin says. “I’m human and I have bad days, and sometimes cruel words get me down, sometimes I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, at times I can be a bit harsh, I make mistakes, I’m human. I think people forget that sometimes.”

local wolves magazine — 59

Growing up in her hometown, before Instagram and YouTube and a legion of followers, was stifling. “I never even liked my hometown. It was small, rundown and secluded, like living in a fishbowl,” Kaelin admits. Further still, throughout high school, she struggled with depression and anxiety. “High school was a really rough time for me. I was trapped with some people who verbally/ emotionally/physically abused me. I was flunking out of school. It was a low point in my life, probably the lowest.” Through all of these adversities and obstacles, through toxic relationships and mental health problems, Kaelin came out stronger.

“I managed to turn things around and I grew as a person. I’m optimistic, I set out and accomplished every single goal I set for myself, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I’m more compassionate, I’m happy.” It may be her perfectionist tendencies that make people forget that Kaelin has ever struggled. Her bright, beautiful, and cozy aesthetic feels like comfort on a cold day.


Of her photography, Kaelin says, “having a consistent style and theme comes quite naturally when you are a perfectionist.” Her overall aesthetic reflects her personality— she loves the seasons, fall and winter especially, and admits to be a fervent daydreamer, “I quite like escaping reality for a while, I find the fantasy world to be much more interesting.” Even now, as her popularity on social media rises daily, Kaelin has to balance her positive supporters with the negativity. Sometimes the support feels completely unreal. “My brain sees the huge number of followers I have but it can’t comprehend that each number is a person!” she explains. Kaelin adds that “the only time it feels real is when I meet them in person, and each and every time has been so unbelievably amazing.” However, Kaelin revealed that she has to manage an enormous amount of negative comments. “I sit on the receiving end of constant judgement and criticism and hate. On good days, which is most days, it’s really easy for me to ignore the hate. It doesn’t typically phase me. But of course, I do have days where one comment seems to ruin the entire day (those days suck as you can imagine),” she added. Kaelin will never let these comments drive her to quit living her dream, and for one major reason,

local wolves magazine — 61


I quite like escaping reality for a while, I find the fantasy world to be much more interesting.

” local wolves magazine — 63





Close your eyes (after you’re done reading this paragraph) and picture this: You’re working out doing some gymnastics, something you’ve been doing for years. It’s another day as any other, right? Yet, on the side, you’re an aspiring actor or actress and you get a notice from your agent. “Oh, what was that? You want me to audition for the Tim Burton?” Yeah, it’s possible. This is exactly what happened to actress MADELEINE ARTHUR who stars alongside Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz in last year’s huge feature film, Big Eyes. You know the saying, “One call could change everything?” This holds true for Arthur who caught the acting bug at a young age. After putting together small performances during family gatherings, Arthur wanted to bring it to the big stage. Once in theater school, her first appearance on stage was for the role of Oliver Twist! She recalls, “It was so much fun that I found myself thinking, ‘Please sir, I want some more’ theater!” Even while juggling playing the violin, competitive gymnastics and being a teenager, acting was Arthur’s main passion. “As I shifted my focus from gymnastics and violin to acting, I became more serious about developing my craft and more involved in film and television. I feel very fortunate to have been given so many wonderful opportunities in the last few years.”



Since her huge role in Big Eyes, Arthur has graduated from high school where she competed in the National French Speech competition and was given the high honor of being co-valedictorian with her childhood friend. Aside from killing it academically, you may have spotted Arthur guest starring in Supernatural. Now, she’s currently working on ABC’s new drama, The Family! Look, if you love Pretty Little Liars, then you’ll love this show. According to Madeleine, the show is “a gripping story about a politician’s son who goes missing and is presumed dead. Ten years later he reappears. I play a young Willa Warren, his sister, who is played by Alison Pill as an adult. Willa was there the day that her brother, Adam was abducted.” This new role has her spending much of her time in New York where she’s been fortunate to meet some amazing people. “In particular, Ryan James Caruthers whose photography is so beautiful and graceful. I am so thankful that we were able to do this shoot together.” (Yay, Ryan!)

Look, dreams do come true. From age six ‘till now, she’s been persistent to achieve her goals since putting on that Oliver Twist costume. For those who aspire to take a climb on this ladder of success, she has a bit of advice: “As cliché as it sounds, I am a firm believer that chance favors those who are prepared. Work hard, be positive, stay determined and motivated to achieve whatever your goals may be and to always, always have fun and laugh along the way!”

With her career blossoming, she can really only go up from here. We’re so excited to see her future expand. And, with so many diverse roles for an actress to do, she’s more than ready for the challenge. “I strive to make my characters as authentic and grounded in reality as possible. I enjoy the process of discovering and developing characters in the future. I would like to maintain artistic integrity while playing a variety of roles that have great depth.”


























D E P T H .”

local wolves magazine — 65





local wolves magazine — 67





local wolves magazine — 69

drew scott Story: Emma Matthews PhotographY: Viviana Contreras

With more and more fashion-forward apps and websites taking off every minute, it’s hard to remember the days when we weren’t attached to our phones. In fact you’re probably going to grab yours straight away after reading this article. After all, Instagram is calling and that means spending the next few hours ogling over dozens of pairs of shoes. C’mon, we’ve all been there. Of course, it’s not just women anymore who get swept into the allure of Instagram-inspo, carefully put-together outfits on Polyvore or posts from a new style-blog; the sphere is slowly becoming dominated with male style influencers. Take content creator and menswear and lifestyle blogger, DREW SCOTT for instance. “I do feel that the market is slowly starting to become more saturated. I never think of this as competition, though,” he starts. Having founded his blog, ( in 2009, Scott documents his love for menswear, penchant for espresso-scented candles and need for a perfectly made bed. “My blogging niche was discovered through time and trial and error. When I started lifestyle blogging, I decided to blog about way too many topics that I really wasn’t passionate about.”

local wolves magazine — 71

Since, he’s expanded his online presence by creating a YouTube channel. “Videography has always been a huge interest of mine as it can create emotion and inspire so much more than just a photo. I thought that sharing what I was already writing about in video format could be extremely interesting and so my channel was created.” There, thousands of people across the globe watch his weekly videos and are hooked on everything from seasonal lookbooks to chatty advice clips. But it wasn’t always an easy ride. “As a style influencer, one of the main problems that I encountered is the help from others. Photographing and taking a video of yourself can be extremely hard, thus a helping hand is always helpful!” he says. “Buying your friends a Starbucks or bringing them out to lunch was my gesture to get a shoot or video filmed! It is also great to find a friend who has similar hobbies or interests, as you can help each other create new content. Now with over 29,000 subscribers, alongside catering for his readers and splashing out on the ole Starbucks.


Scott insists that the key to his success is time. Understandably, there has been hours of hard work to get him where he is today. It takes sheer determination. “I don’t think it is hard to make a name for yourself, however it takes time,” he says. “I have been working on my blog and YouTube channel for years and just hit 29,000 subscribers. That is not a huge following, but I am very proud of how I stuck to it and produced content weekly.” Equally for those wanting to start a blog or channel, it’s also important to get to grips with posting regularly: “I think consistency is key to the start of any blog. Posting multiple times in a week and then never again for a few weeks is honestly annoying. Spacing your posts out or scheduling them to keep a consistent post queue is a great tip to keep your followers engaged.” With that in mind, like; heart; double tap.

“My blogging niche was discovered through time, trial and error.�

all day, do nothing


Photography JOHN NOVOTNY @johnnovotny MODEL MANDANA TAHERI @mandanataheri WARDROBE UNIF Clothing @unif MUA SHANE ALAN BRADLEY @livingdeadshane hair Emily warren @hairbyemilywarren

local wolves magazine — 75


local wolves magazine — 77


local wolves magazine — 79


local wolves magazine — 81

community + january 2016 +

the first @localwolves issue i shot for came in! shoutout to the rad people there for giving me these opportunities — @gggloriawong via twitter

It’s kind of crazy to see all of this in person, in print version. thanks @localwolves for keeping me around for almost 2 years!! I love this magazine to bits and I can’t thank @cathrinekhom enough for choosing me back in march 2014 to join the team AND for being such a great friend. i really hope one day the mag has a cute office in LA so i can move there! — @christinekatlyn via instagram


I finally got my bro & the guys to sign this tonight on their way to their next show! — @_inserenity_ via instagram



Thankful 4 the treasure of creativity + expression, lattes, conversation, and familiar hometown coffee shops. — @leahluser via instagram

Catching up on some #girlpower reads (P.S. @localwolves is a MUST read️) — @theglamourarchitect via instagram

Thx @localwolves — @life_of jon via twitter

Tori Kelly was on the cover of Local Wolves Magazine back in June :) — @ToriKellyArg via twitter

It’s been an awesome year designing for @localwolves magazine! Reading and breakfast. — via instagram

Such an exciting gift! @localwolves — @clairescott06 via twitter

local wolves magazine — 83


On the cover, Estée Lalonde // Featuring: Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth, Drew Scott, McKenna Kaelin, ToThe9s and loads more.

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