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#VISIONARY February is here. How is everyone doing? Currently, I’m drowning in midterms because it’s that time where you’d rather be at the beach than studying. Don’t get me wrong, cheers for education! But back to back exams = total nightmare. Let’s fast forward a bit with this issue. Our topic is the concept of visionary creatives and our amazing readers submitted their entries on their opinions of success. We always love to hear your input and inspire you all to continue writing. It can create ideas to future companies with a rad CEO like you. I don’t want to live with doubt of ‘I wish I did this or I could I have done that.’ You do you, boo. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance as you can tell, we got really excited with shades of pink throughout this issue. Also, we are so grateful to have worked with Southern California native, Remi Cruz. She is by far one of my favorite west coast vloggers (I watch so many YouTube videos, tbh) but yes, definitely go check out her videos and praying for “Cooking with Remi” series. Until then wolfies, next month is our take on a traditional sport celebration. You’ll get what I mean, well soon.

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munchies + DOLCEZZA + G ELAT O & C O FFEE

COVERAGE: PAMELA AYALA Having started in a 300 square feet kitchen in Georgetown in 2014, Dolcezza has made quite the name for themselves in the Washington, D.C. community. The locally famous gelato shop now has over 6 locations in the D.C. Metro area. Located in the middle of a park, their Fairfax location is a unique little shop surrounded by high fashion retailers and other trendy food shops. Their urban location certainly creates a calm and peaceful vibe that will have you sipping on tasty coffee and reflecting on the better things in life. Through each bite of their artisan gelato and every sip of their handcrafted coffee, the owner of Dolcezza, Robb Duncan, focuses on creating a unique experience every single time. The service is also great with employees who are always helpful and happy to serve. Never hesitate to get their delicious alfajores, which are delicate white flour cookies joined together with a dulce de leche filling, topped with coconut flakes. Their Nutella latte is also one that hits just the right spot. With it’s rich hazelnut cream and unique foam latte art; it is a guilty pleasure for sure! From the beautiful, yet simplistic decor, the unique flavors, and mouth watering gelato, Dolcezza is hard not to rave about.



2909 District Ave Fairfax, VA 22031 202.333. 4646

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IN G RE D IENTS + 1 egg + 1/4 cup powdered sugar + 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder (depending on how chocolatey you want it) + chocolate chips or chunks + mug or jar * recipe for one serving COVERAGE: MADISON BASS-TAYLOR




whisk egg, powdered sugar, and cocoa powder in jar/mug you plan to make it in and add chocolate chips.


microwave for 50-60 seconds until the cake is cooked through, but not over cooked.


top with more chocolate chips and powdered sugar.

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on the street COVERAGE: EMILY HEDRICK Melrose Flea Market, Hollywood’s weekly one-stop-shop for all things vintage, handmade, and antique. Basically a swap meet but about ten times cooler. This particular flea market is open almost every Sunday from 9AM-5PM and is perfect for anyone looking for anything from new records or some rad vintage pieces for their wardrobe. People come from all over LA to find eclectic additions to their record collections, wardrobes, and home furniture. An event with such a cool vibe obviously attracts some cool, stylish people. Here are some of the fashionistas spotted around the flea market.


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n o i r O to: o l r a C


ello my dearest readers!

Looks like it’s that time of the year again. You know, where we’re all either planning a cute dinner and movie with our lovers or mourning over the fact that we don’t actually have a lover to do cute sh*t with. It’s the month of February and that means our minds are revolved around the day of love makin’ - Valentine’s Day! So by that, I figured that it is perfect timing for me to put my stethoscope on and heartshaped name tag with “Dr. Orion” across it and play love doctor.

because friend crushes can be so uncomfortable. But don’t think of it that way! Crushes are supposed to be fun. Even if it is with your best friend. And what’s the point in indulging in your man/lady candy if it isn’t going to be awkward?! I mean, if Taylor Swift can successfully make a kick a** career out of writing songs about her former friend crushes, you got this one, tiger.


Listen, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to tell your crush that you like them or not. Just remember that it’s good to let people know how you feel about them because bottled up emotions can be tough. Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be the easiest thing in the world, but it isn’t as terrible as you think. Whether you feel more comfortable sharing your feelings in person or even over text (woo, modern love!) make sure to be as honest as possible and don’t sugar coat things. In my opinion, I love it when others are straight up with me. I hate the whole beatingaround-the-bush and hard-to-get game. It can be extremely childish! Hey, just let ‘em know how rad you think they are and that your liking for them is just as high as your liking

Some of us have already experienced that awkward stage of “friendship” where it feels like you’re the Gordo to their Lizzie (if you didn’t get that Lizzie McGuire reference, I’m so sorry that your childhood was that terrible) and you feel nothing more than stuck. Well I’m here to reassure you that you aren’t the only one! One time, fourteen year old me had the biggest friend crush on my best friend, Kyle. Not only was I super nervous about it, but I kept thinking to myself, There’s NO way that I like him. We literally grew up together, why am I thinking of him more than just a brother figure?! And at that point I started driving myself mad



illustrations by eduardo escanear

for chocolate chip cookies (yes, I’m assuming everyone here loves chocolate chip cookies). Some people are afraid of admitting these feelings in fear that it will change their friendship with that person. Honestly, if that was the case, and perhaps you expressed your feelings and it changed the way that your friend crush looks at you, they probably weren’t much of a good pal in the first place. Remember my friend crush Kyle from my previous story? Yeah, well I eventually told him that I liked him and although he admitted that he didn’t like me back, that was totally okay. His thoughts on me never changed and to this day we’ve remain great pals! Worst case that could happen is they may be weirded out by it for a little bit, but if they are a genuine friend they will get over that quick! If anything, they may actually dig you back and look what you have here. A MUTUAL CRUSH! *smiling sunglasses emoji*

take lots of photos, and don’t forget to remind them how much you enjoy them as a person because reassurance is the most comforting feeling in the world. Also, give them as much loving as possible (without suffocating them) because who said too many hugs and kisses was a bad thing?! Love is such a powerful feeling whether you decided to believe it or not, it’s always there and it brings two people together and turns into something beautiful. Don’t be afraid of falling for others and most importantly don’t fear telling people how you really feel. An innocent crush can turn into more than what you think. And if it’s a case where they don’t really dig you back, the last thing you need to do it be hard on yourself. Just think of it as being one step closer to ‘the one.’

PUPPY LOVE: Relationships are tons of fun and they’re meant to be. Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or have been in the game for more than a few innings, remember to have the time of your life. Experience new adventures together,

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CLOTHING: Chaser Brand // Vintage Tapestry Oversized Kimono, Lotus Shirt, Skull and Roses Shirt, Front Vent Mini Dress in Sparkle Pink and Dolman Shirttail in Salt (Linen Jersey) BACKPACKS: Culture Riot // The Classic Bailey backpack in brown and the Anastasia convertible backpack in black

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v i s i o


n a r y

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#visionary + W O LFIE SU B MISSI O NS +

+ This month, we asked our readers: What is your take on success? - Is it based on the numbers or traditional hard work? // Illustration by: Jaimus Tailor. In my opinion, success is knowing the risks and what lies ahead, but facing everything in life with a positive and hopeful outlook. Success means hard work and persistence. It is about the pursuit of dreams and the constant challenges everyone faces. Today, many people believe success may be measured in the amount of money they have, the grades they make, or their social status. However, this materialistic success is never constant and continuously changes. One day, you could be a millionaire and have twenty million fans, and the next day, you could go bankrupt and lose your apparent fame. Does that mean you’re unsuccessful or is that merely another challenge to face? Success should be multi-dimensional and should overcome the simple obstacles that life presents. As Sumner Redstone once said, “Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe.” – TAYLOR TYSON FROM APEX, NORTH CAROLINA Success is described differently in everyone’s minds. Some may see it as making enough to feed and keep you and a family under a roof. Others may see it as accomplishing something that seems impossible in most minds. However, in my little mind, I see success as being happy. Happiness: the state of being happy. Happiness is so underrated in today’s society because we all believe that success leads to happiness. The reality is that happiness leads to succession and it carries on once you have reached that point of achievement in your life. Success isn’t about how much your income is or how hard you have worked, it is being able to reach a goal, big or small, and being onehundred percent happy with what you’ve done. Due to our technology, we see triumph to be difficult to accomplish because of what others have created. It’s really sad how our minds work that people must over achieve to be able to succeed. Whatever happens, you will succeed. If you’re not content with what you have received, look at the situation in a positive light and you will realize that success is all about happiness. Numbers are just numbers and what really matters is if you are satisfied with your outcome. – KATHRYN SEA FROM FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK

In a perfect world I would like to believe that success derives strictly from hard work, but that’s not always the case. If you look around you’ll find many instances where things were practically handed to people just because of their name or the amount of attention they have been receiving. For example, there have been quite a few well known people making the transition into the music industry simply because they have the money and resources available to them while there is a plethora of struggling musicians waiting to be discovered. Social media has really altered the way success is viewed in this generation whether people want to accept it or not. I constantly see dozens and dozens of young people doubting themselves or changing their entire career paths due to this. I think it’s time we stop idolizing those with high numbers and start viewing those who completely build their careers from the ground up as the true successful people of the world.” – MARIAH JADE RODRIGUEZ FROM FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS I think it’s unfair to say that success is “all about the numbers,” because at the end of the day, money or followers or any number is simply arbitrary. You can find success on the internet, sure. But it’s what you do on the internet that gives you the validation that every human being seeks in life. Whether its school, a job, or your passion, the drive to do something and to get an affirmation that what you are doing is right and just what success is. Though I believe in fate, nothing is simply cosmically aligned. It is your personal work and effort that makes things successful. Even if you do not succeed, the success is in the act of going after your dreams or pursuing something close to your heart. – GRETA MANEKER FROM LARCHMONT, NEW YORK Hard work and passion are things that are extremely valuable. Success ultimately is hard work and sticking with something you love to do. So many people today jump from thing to thing and can never seem to find their niche. Finding something you love to do and sticking with it is success in itself. Numbers are just physical representations of the hard work and success. The hard work itself, is not only success in what you’re doing but success within yourself! – AMANDA AHEARN FROM SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA

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Hi, we’re COIN. We’re a band from Nashville, TN who met at Belmont University at the end of 2012 and started writing songs in my (singer/keyboardist, Chase Lawrence) dorm room. When we met, I hadn’t ever played a show; so, we went about this with only one mission: to play one show. Fast forward to 2015. We are still playing shows, and will be releasing our first full length record this summer. IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE YOU PUT OUT NEW MUSIC AND NOW YOU HAVE AN ALBUM COMING OUT PRETTY SOON. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT IT AND WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TRACK ON IT? CL: It’s surreal to watch this album come into existence. We have worked so hard for the past year writing and recording ten songs that we feel are very representative of who we are. I guess that’s why we chose to self-titled this album. Our producer, Jay Joyce helped us cultivate these ideas and make them into one cohesive thing. This record is full of pop structured songs heavily influenced by punk and new wave music of the 1980s and 90s. My favorite song is one of the last ones we wrote for the record. It’s called “Better.” It just makes me feel content. WHAT WAS THE HARDEST THING ABOUT PUTTING THE ALBUM TOGETHER? CL: The most difficult part about making this record was choosing what songs did and didn’t make it. We wrote so many songs that didn’t make the album. At the time, we were worried about choosing the wrong songs. Now, I can’t imagine the album any other way.

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YOU GUYS WERE JUGGLING FINISHING SCHOOL WHILE FORMING THIS BAND. WAS IT HARD TO MANAGE? CL: Juggling is an appropriate word. Between touring, writing, and recording a record, school wasn’t exactly our priority. Our last semester suffered, to say the least. Nevertheless, I made it out with a BS. THE BAND GOT TO TOUR WITH YOUNG THE GIANT AND WALK THE MOON, BOTH OF WHICH YOU’VE ALL BEEN COMPARED TO. WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO OPEN FOR THEM AND PERFORMING IN FRONT OF THIS HUGE CROWD THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HEARD OF COIN BEFORE? ZD: It was humbling and we look up to those guys a lot. 2015 SEEMS LIKE IT’S GOING TO BE A BIG YEAR FOR YOU WITH THE DEBUT OF YOUR NEW ALBUM RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE BAND FOR THIS YEAR? WHERE DO YOU SEE THE BAND IN ABOUT FIVE YEARS? RW: A definite goal, and also a major theme that our record holds is to sort of start fresh and at least attempt growing up in a sense. Paint the walls white, and move out. This year is about introducing ourselves, and reintroducing ourselves to those that have been with us from the start. We feel more mature musically and as a group, but still excitable and slightly naive like we were when we met. We also feel a sense of preparedness behind this release, which is comforting and something we haven’t had before. We were locked up at home, at school, at part-time jobs and in the studio most of 2014, so we’re eager to finally be able to share the record and tour all over the world with nothing holding us back.


We want to reach both people like us, and people completely unlike us, in hopes to grow COIN as a culture (not just something centered around US), in hopes of getting people from all walks of life to experience joy while listening our music. If everyone, or most, who listen can do that, and bring someone to one of our shows with them, we’ll feel fulfilled. Five years from now, we’re uncertain where we’ll be, but hopefully somewhere with good food. WHAT’S ONE THING THAT YOU COULD BRING BACK FROM THE 90S THAT HASN’T BEEN BROUGHT BACK YET? JM: It’s not that we love the 90s, as much as it is the fact that we were made in the 90s, and this band represents our youthfulness. AS FANS OF SAVED BY THE BELL, WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE EPISODE? CL: “I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so scared” YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS OVER TWITTER. WHAT’S A DAY LIKE FOR THE FOUR OF YOU WHEN YOU AREN’T MAKING ANY MUSIC? JM: Food. Coffee. Food. Also, Ryan, Zach and I have gotten really good at pool, and Chase gotten really good at pinball. IN NASHVILLE, FROTHY MONKEY IS THE SPOT YOU ALL HANG OUT CONSTANTLY. WHERE ELSE CAN WE FIND YOU GUYS HANGING OUT AT? ALL: Nashville has blown up quite a bit since we all moved there, so either at home, or whichever coffee shop is getting raided the least for however many weeks possible.

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With nearly twenty credits to his name, west coast native and actor Curtis Harris is settling into a promising career at just thirteen years of age. He has starred in everything from short movies to television series and movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Harris moved to Southern California from San Jose at the age of three, and soon expressed interest in acting to his parents after being inspired by the stars on his television. “That summer we missed football sign ups by twenty minutes, and my parents enrolled me in a theater class instead so I wouldn’t drive them crazy during the summer with all my energy. I got the lead role of Peter Pan at the age of four and the rest is history,” Harris shared about the beginning of his career. Roles came quickly for the aspiring young actor, and so too came the thrills of being on set. “Acting isn’t really like a job for me. I love it so much it doesn’t even feel like work, so when I go on stage, I’m just super energized for the scene,” Harris told us. In addition to his energy around set, he enjoys hanging out with cast mates, chilling in his trailer, and connecting with fans through his social media. With favorites like Kevin Hart, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, and Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s no secret this young man has his eyes set on the big prize. He’s currently starring on Haunted Hathaways which began in 2013 as Miles Preston, an upbeat character with a sense of humor rivaling that of his own.

local wolves magazine // 31

Harris may spend a lot of time in front of the camera, but he also enjoys his time watching from the other end. He enjoys comedies like Black-ish on television, and right now his favorite movie is Selma for the power of its message, he tells us. Furthermore, Harris spoke about one of his inspirations, Tyler Perry. “His story is very inspiring and not only is he funny, but he produces his own movies, directs them, creates them, and so on,” said the young actor, who hopes to write, produce, and direct one day. Harris has had plenty of memorable moments, but one of the biggest moments came recently when he was nominated for the 2015 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children’s Series or special, a prestigious accolade among film, television, music, and literature. “I’m so humbled by this nomination, and this means the world to me because I didn’t start acting to win an award,” he shared about receiving the nomination. “It’s definitely nice knowing that I got recognized for my work, and I might even win the NAACP Image Award! My hope is that this nomination will open many doors for me for future projects.” Harris’ favorite place to hangout around his hometown is Claim Jumpers, “They have some mean coconut shrimp,” he told us.


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Harry Potter and cosplay and vlogger! Oh my! There are way more words to describe the epicly cool chick that is KRISTINA HORNER. How can one describe her in just three words? That’s because there is no way. Horner aka italktosnakes is no stranger to the YouTube community. Being involved since she was thirteen and being that she’s twenty six now, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say she’s a veteran of the internet. She’s one of those people who’s practically dominating the popular video sharing website with about six channels. You’ve probably seen her in one video or another while sitting through hours of endless videos. It happens. Having said that, she has seen the development of the YouTube community firsthand. She tells us, “YouTube has grown and evolved immensely over the years, going from the majority of the site being a homegrown group of misfits talking to their webcams to what’s it become today, which is often full scale productions with crews and professional quality equipment. I’m not arguing that either version of YouTube is better or worse, but it was a lot easier to be a vlogger back in the early days of YouTube. Nowadays it’s important to remember why you’re doing YouTube, and I think whatever that reason is, it’s more crucial than ever to stay true to our audience.” And staying true to her audience is just what she does. It’s no secret she’s in love with Harry Potter. I mean, her username is italktosnakes referring to parseltongue and I can’t forget to mention part of her Instagram bio literally says, “That Harry Potter YouTube girl.” She happily embraces the “geek culture” many struggle to avoid believing that it’s some sort of disease. (When it’s totally not. Embrace being a geek, people!) However, “geek culture” is becoming more mainstream and a socially accepted way to self-identity as Horner pointed out. But, she does have a message for those who struggle tapping into their inner-geek, “BE PROUD OF YOURSELF AND YOUR INTERESTS, AND FIND OTHERS WHO LIKE THOSE THINGS TOO. GEEK FANDOMS AREN’T BOY OR GIRL CLUBS. EVERYONE IS INVITED, AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES THEM SO GREAT.”

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She knows all of this from experience. It was at a young age where she was introduced to the internet and found others with the same interests as her. It was only a matter of time she built a connection with others with just a click of a button and a few keystrokes. But, what would her life be like if she never turned to the internet? Interesting thought but after being involved with it for half of her life, even she doesn’t know, “Maybe I would have become a doctor. Maybe I would have flunked out of high school. Maybe I’d just be a normal girl using Facebook and working at Target or something. I have absolutely no way of knowing what I might have gotten into because my life would be completely different.” Even with thirteen years under her belt, she’s still going at it. She’s learning new things everyday but one thing she’s learned about herself over the years is that she’s a lot stronger than she realized which is good to be in this world of trolls and such. She goes on to say, “I’ve had a few really bad experiences with other creators on this site, and even when things seemed really hopeless, I still managed to come out the other side relatively unscathed. That’s an amazing thing to learn about yourself.” With so much time devoted to the internet, you’d think she’s like an energizer bunny but she does find the time to relax. Can I just say, she unwinds in the coolest places ever that I suggest everyone to check out next time they’re in Seattle? She loves her local “nerd bars” AFK Tavern and Cafe Mox where they have “nerd themed food and drinks and games you can check out to play while you eat.” And for our 21+ readers, she’s got a place for you too! Check

out Cinnebar, a movie theater that sells drinks and food while you’re watching new movies. I can safely assure you that Horner plans to continue being part of the Booktube community. In fact, she recently launched a book club that she encourages people to join, “It lives over on Goodreads and it’s called ‘The Restricted Section.’” Plus, so many people were so blown away with her Sailor Moon and Elsa cosplay ( just to name a few) that she has a few more in the works. “You’ll just have to wait and see!” says Horner. If it’s anything like her last costumes, I’m pretty sure it’ll be just as epic.

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twenty one year old, chris klemens just so happens to lead a community cleverly named the Klementines. With videos that range from mental illness activism to charismatic accounts of drunk roommate stories, Klemens doesn’t run low on accessible topics that are inspired by his own college life and New York culture shock.

“I pull a lot of video ideas from incidents that happen to me in real life, especially for my sketches,” Klemens explained. “I always found things my roommate and I said very entertaining and was like ‘wait, other people would love this,’ so that is literally my real life captured on a hidden camera. Other times, I will just randomly come up with ideas as I’m falling asleep and will scribble them down in my Moleskin notebook. Something I’ve learned with video ideas is that when you try and think of them, you never will get an idea. They come to you when you’re least expecting it.” When he’s not filming, editing, in class, or striking genius as he’s drifting to sleep, Klemens explores the city around him. As he “promises not to be quirky or relatable,” the full-time student and YouTuber likes to spend his down time relaxing in bed with a cup of coffee and a plate of food in the wintertime, but when the sunny weather hits, he’s caught wandering around his neighborhood, popping into shops and cafes. One of his favorites is La Colombe, a coffee shop on 4th and Lafayette. He also gets his brunch fix at Grey Dog, a University Place restaurant that has reportedly huge servings and a city savvy environment. BareBurger is his favorite burger joint in New York, which he has stumbled upon and has become a go-to gem in his urban encompassment. Since he has a list of places to increase his physical energy to work, Klemens has a catalog of insights that get his creative mind in motion, a legacy that has lasted him almost his whole life. “I wanted to be a famous actor/entertainer like every other kid in the world when I was little,” he reflects. “Honestly, when I was younger, I loved doing everything. I loved playing sports in the backyard with my brothers and mom, drawing and painting, going up to people’s dogs and hugging them (which I may or may not still do, but that’s not important). Those interests have carried on to this day, especially the dog one.”

His passion for the world around him, no matter young or old, has translated into his current work. “I am inspired by really hard working and caring people who are passionate about what they do. Sometimes, I get really inspired by certain films or songs. In terms of being inspired to work, edit and film, I look at my list of goals that I want to achieve, and that gets the fire going in me. Some days, it is hard to want to edit or film because I’ll be exhausted but I know I enjoy it, which makes it loads easier.” Klemens was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in middle school and categorized himself as a chatty teacher’s nightmare, but that hyperactivity and prolific spirit propelled him to be the artist he is today. He doesn’t keep his feet stuck in the present or hung up on planning the future, but instead enraptured in the momentum of the Internet jungle, daydreaming of working with the likes of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Martin Scorsese. He also aims on the YouTube spectrum, hoping to collaborate alongside Jack Harries, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, or the queen himself, Tyler Oakley. His creative window doesn’t close with the wind of time, but on his own accord, when he is ready to create a finished product. “I think creativity is having a vision that is new and fresh and innovative and turning that into a tangible product or an end result. It is thinking outside the box and taking things to a level they haven’t been taken to before and exploring endless possibilities,” he remarked. “I hardly know where I see myself next week. But in ten years, I will be 31 (barf), so I hope to be married and possibly have a son. I want to be doing what I love and be successful at it. Hopefully that is still entertaining either on YouTube or on other media, as well. Above all else, I want to be happy. Happiness is the most important thing in life and can often be the hardest to obtain, so I just want myself and everyone in my life to be happy.”

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remi cruz + A Y O UTU B E G EM +

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we all know and love the site famously called YouTube

We each have our favorite people to watch, our favorite duos and solo channels; we all love the intriguing world of YouTube. In the mix, there are travel vloggers, filmmakers, beauty gurus, and gamers – just to name a few. The site has given millions of people a place to build friendships, to spread positivity and creativity, and to be somebody. This month, we have discovered a gem, quietly shining in the beauty and fashion world. Meet REMI CRUZ, a twenty year old fashion/beauty YouTuber based in Southern California. Cruz started out on YouTube back in 2008 creating and deleting channel after channel, trying to figure out the ropes to the intriguing community. Her main channel didn’t appear until the summer of that year. She found herself bored out of her mind so she did what any YouTube loving person would do – start a new channel. “I broke out my mom’s camera, set it up on my bookshelf in front of my window, and hit record. Little did I know that this was the best decision I would ever make. That day, I filmed a “Summer Haul.” Which was basically where I showed a bunch of clothing items I had bought to wear to ASB camp later that month.” The most exciting thing for Cruz was the comments she received on the video after posting. “I had over fifty email notifications from YouTube that people were commenting on my video. I sat there and read each email with the biggest smile on my face. After that, I came back to my phone every fifteen minutes to check and see if I had gotten any more emails. I’ll never forget that feeling of excitement when I read my first comments.”


Her channel, “MissRemiAshten” houses a diverse collection of videos, not only pertaining to beauty and fashion, but also DIY projects, solid vlogs, and hauls. Her videos radiate positivity which can certainty brighten up anyone’s day especially when she takes pride in her kangaroo onesie. She is dedicated to her channel and even runs a second account named “RemLife” where she uploads vlogs. If there is something that we all love about our favorite YouTubers, it is their hard work and dedication to their audience. To Cruz, being a YouTuber isn’t just about the videos, it’s way more than that. She believes in quality content, producing videos that she is proud of. “I also think that it is a big part of being a YouTuber – showing your subscribers how truly thankful you are for them,” Cruz says. The entire beauty community inspired Cruz to keep her channel alive. She attributes her interests in the genre to her exposure to dance as a child. “I grew up as a competition dancer, and was constantly surrounded by insane amounts of makeup, hair products, and everything in between. When I discovered the beauty community, it was like all of my favorite things coming together. I would see girls talking about their favorite makeup products, hair tools, etc and all I wanted to do was be a part of it,” Cruz states, reminiscing. That’s exactly what she has been doing for the past few years, constantly making videos and bettering the quality of her content.

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“my main goal in life is to make others happy. it sounds cheesy, but nothing makes me happier than making other people happy.” Since gaining a considerable audience, Cruz has felt the impact in her daily life. “Sometimes I run into subscribers when I’m out and about, I’ve been able to work with brands and companies that I never in a million years would think they knew I existed, and I’ve met some of my best friends in the entire world.” She is incredibly thankful and feels lucky to have found herself in her situation. For first time viewers, Cruz suggests checking out her “100,000 Subscriber Music Video,” which is a tribute to her first posts on YouTube. It’s just a small taste of what you can expect to see from the bright and happy go-lucky personality of Remi Cruz. Cruz looks forward to her future, in hopes of bettering her content, and expanding her audience to make more people smile. “My main goal in life is to make others happy. It sounds cheesy, but nothing makes me happier than making other people happy.” This is ultimately who Cruz is, not only as a YouTuber, but also as a person. Local Wolves is proud to feature Remi as one of this month’s #Visionary creatives. Be sure to look her up on the Internet and say hello!

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diy heart tote + W ITH REMI C RU Z +

SU P P LIES + blank canvas tote bag + acrylic paint + adhesive felt + pencils T FOR P ERFE C A V ALENTINES OTD D AY # O



scissors cut your felt into a heart shape outline. the best way to do this is to fold your felt in half, and cut out a half heart shape.


unfold your felt and remove the adhesive backside. place the sticky felt onto your tote bag.


then take the eraser side of your pencil and dip it into your paint. stamp your eraser all over the inside of the heart stencil you made in any design you’d like.


let the paint dry for about 30 minutes, and then remove the sticky felt. then you’re done!

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Moving from Southern California to Tacoma, Washington isn’t always an easy transition, especially when you are young. But professional photographer DANNY OWENS took it all in stride. “Moving from the desert of Southern California to one of the wettest states in the U.S. has been interesting,” said Owens. “I’ve definitely had to acclimate to a whole new type of weather.” Though he’s always been passionate about art, and his parents definitely took notice of that when he was young, it wasn’t until Owens attended college in Southern California when he took up photography. “I was awarded an Art Scholarship, which allowed me to buy a camera,” he said. “Photography just seemed like a natural step to me; I’ve always been passionate about art and also about telling my story. Through photography I do both of those things by capturing the world around me.”

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And Owens has captured the world, literally. This past year Owens went on a life changing trip to Liberia to document the story of a nonprofit. “Before that trip I hadn’t been outside of North America, so it was definitely a culture shock,” he said. “I think the most important thing I learned from that trip is that we are so much more than just American citizens, but that we are also a part of a global community. Our actions here actually have big ramifications in other cultures and countries that we might not even know about.” Besides traveling the globe, you can often find Owens shooting fashion, concerts, and brands. Owens recently shot the 2014 Coachella Music & Arts Festival, which for most photographers is an experience of a lifetime. “Shooting concerts is adrenaline rush! When I had the opportunity to shoot photos at Coachella I was freaking out. I couldn’t believe that I was on stage with some of my favorite bands and musicians; even more unbelievable to me was that I was capturing a show that thousands of people will remember for the rest of their lives,” said Owens. Owens also enjoys shooting for brands and products, especially since he can ensure the photos resemble real life moments.“To me its the closet to storytelling that I’ve come to while doing photography,” said Owens. He has always had a passion for art, and “never had a shortage of supplies or inspiration.”


Yet like most of us, it’s difficult to get excitement from work that we’re not passionate about. “I’ve always tried to find work that doesn’t necessarily feel like work,” said Owens. “I originally had planned on making a career out of graphic design, and that is what I majored in for two years. But somewhere along the line capturing photos took over my heart much more then pushing pixels around on a screen.” After one look through his portfolio you can see how much passion he truly has for what he does. That passion has even gotten him 36,000 Instagram followers. “Social media has definitely made a huge impact on my photography and my brand as a whole,” said Owens. “Every day I get to be inspired by some of the most amazing creatives across the globe thanks to little apps on my iPhone. That blows my mind!” While Tacoma is technically Owens’ new home, Seattle is like a second home to him. His favorite spots revolve around food because he’s “a huge foodie. “I usually remember cities by where I ate and not by what I saw,” he said. “Whenever I’m in Seattle I usually hit up Mee Sum Pastries which is this tiny little pocket in Pike Place Market. They have the most delicious BBQ pork sweet buns that I can’t pass up.”

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Talented actress and model, Hayley Hasselhoff is a unique creative based in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Hasselhoff mentions, “I’m blessed to have grown up in a family with parents who showed me the importance of dreams and passion.” “My hometown of Los Angeles is a land of opportunities. I think it has inspired me to always put my creativity into action even if it’s just for personal joy and growth. There is an endless supply of inspiration in this town.” “They introduced their passion for their craft in the industry at a young age and I think that steered my life in a huge way. As for growing up in the public eye, I always say it was a blessing in disguise. I feel blessed to have known the value and importance of the love for your craft. As what the public puts out there does not matter. It’s quite a small price to pay in my eyes for being able to live your dream on set. Thankfully, I’ve known this since a young age so when I got into the industry it did not hinder me or my thoughts,” she adds.

“With that being said, I do believe that within the past few years there have been many more opportunities for plus size women in the entire entertainment industry. As for the modeling industry there has always been a straight size board and a plus size board. But in the past years the industry has grossed and has became more aware to the public, giving it the attention it deserves and more job opportunities.“ This past November her hard work was rewarded at the British Plus Size Fashion Awards. “It was such a humbling and honoring experience to just have been nominated in my first year back in modeling. The other beautiful nominees are all ladies I look up to and admire. It was an absolute honor to have won and I will be forever grateful. The journey I have been on this year of modeling has given me so much love and taught me so much about how this industry is not only a part of fashion, but also the body of an activist world. And for that it has given me so much joy to learn and be a part of.”

Hasselhoff’s parents introduced her to this way of thinking without her even realizing it initially. Their love of the “craft” as she often puts it, demonstrated to her the importance of fully investing oneself in their dreams. For Hasselhoff, those dreams existed within the realms of acting and modeling. Whether that passion is a result of her parents’ influence, her own ambition, or a mixture of both, who’s to say? Either way, she’s worked her absolute hardest to turn her dreams into reality.

In addition to the award show, she’s gotten to attend some other pretty spectacular events and has been given the chance to work with a multitude of companies. Each opportunity playing a pivotal and influential role in bringing her to the position she currently holds today. “I think that every experience I have had has brought something to my career and brought it to where it is today. Even if it has not been talked about or publicized I’ve learned something from it or from the people I’ve met along the way. This has only encouraged me even more to work harder and believe in where I am today.”

She explains that “Fashion is and has always been an expression of yourself without words. I believe it’s a form of art you create for yourself. Fashion for me makes me feel alive. There is nothing more that satisfies me or turns me on than when I feel great in an outfit. There is not an occasion that is too small or too big for me because I am always subconsciously preparing my outfit for it.”

Not only does Hasselhoff seek to further herself professionally, she hopes to use her voice as a platform to assist those around her. Serving as an advocate for the promotion positive body image in fellow youth, Hasselhoff has a fervent desire to speak to young adults on these topics. “I got the opportunity at a young age to be introduced to plus size models who were healthy, toned, and


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CONT’D fit. It then made me realize that we all come in different shapes and sizes but that does not make one more healthy or beautiful than the other.” In addition to her body positive activism, she works with a number of charities, including Saint Gabriel’s Humane Society and Teens Helping Teens. She believes giving back to the community is important and a key component to living a fulfilling life. “A quote I live by is “Your art will only be as rich as the day that you sculpt it from.” There is nothing richer to me than giving back to my community. The pure joy I get from helping another person and feeling another’s story is impeccable.” For those who are also seeking to turn their outlets into their careers, she has a few words of wisdom: “When I try to look back and think of a lesson I wouldn’t have wanted to learn it’s impossible. I think everything I have been through good or bad has brought me to a deeper connection to my career and myself. My advice for anyone following their dreams is to never let the fear of the unknown hold you back, stay true to yourself, guard your beliefs, and always be kind to everyone you meet along the way.” In addition to fashion and clothing, she has several other creative outlets that she has dedicated herself to. “I feel blessed to say that I’ve always used creativity in many art forms as my release. A few that I love to do are singing, painting, and taking photos. Growing up my mother allowed me to take down my closet doors and turn that area into my spray painting studio.” She is even, an advanced scuba diver, something that many readers may not have expected. The year of 2015 has plenty more in store for the young entertainer. The musical comedy she stars in called Fearless comes out later this year.

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“ O cc u p y y o u r t i m e a n d y o u r m i n d w i t h a c t i v at e s t h at b r i n g y o u p u r e jo y, w h at e v e r t h at m ay l oo k l i k e f o r y o u . C r e at i v i t y e a s i ly f o l l ow s .”


Comfortably situated somewhere between the bustle of city life and the tranquil serenity of the great outdoors, Seattle based photographer, Karina Palamarchuk has found the footing and inspiration to create an astounding body of work. With an incredible following on instagram, the young artist is quickly building up a platform for both herself and her photography. Palamarchuk attributes a fair share of her creative rousing living amidst a thriving scene, something she regards as simply one of the advantages of living in Washington.

“I think my creative process is to simply – stop thinking. The moment you let yourself go, you allow your heart and hands to do the work. And the best part, they always deliver. Learning to trust your intuition is something that I’m still working on. But, I’ve learned that my best work comes out when I stop thinking about the logistics and instead focus to connect and convey my subject in the most beautiful way.” Additionally, the young artist is highly influenced by many present day photographers like Jordan Voth, Alice Gao, Benji Haisch, amongst many others.

“I absolutely love it here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s beautiful beyond belief! You have this huge, booming city with an unbelievable art/music scene while at the same time, access to scenic highways just five minutes away! Being surrounded by this balance of city/nature helps me realize that I’m a part of something bigger than myself and I am instantly full of ideas again. The key is to stay busy, stay engaged and connected with other local creatives. Occupy your time and your mind with activates that bring you pure joy, whatever that may look like for you. Creativity easily follows.”

Not unlike these artists, Palamarchuk has developed her own distinct style, creating stunning and distinguishable artwork. To maintain and enhance the tone of her images when editing she typically turns to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop or VSCO Cam and Snapseed, if she’s on her iPhone. As she continued to perfect her craft, she’s been granted the responsibility and privilege of shooting for a plethora of well known companies. However, her favorite projects are the ones in which she has complete creative control and the ability to visually manifest her inner thoughts.

It’s no surprise at all that a city like Seattle is full of individuals much like Palamarchuk, making it easy to connect with others who share similar aspirations. Palamarchuk’s interest in photography first emerged in her youth the seeds of it having been planted by her older sister, Ilona Joy. “She was truly the reason this industry became a passion of mine. I remember assisting her with shoots, helping her with creative ideas and approaches, sitting in her room for hours watching her as she edited. She helped me see the true beauty of photography that I knew I had to try for myself. If I can someday be half the photographer she is, I’d be the happiest girl.”

“In the past year, I’ve had the biggest privilege to collaborate with multiple brands on promotional and commercial work. Some names include Daniel Wellington, Warby Parker, Commodity Goods, Tmbr., Stone + Cloth, and many others. But my favorite project, #theywhoknew is one that I’ve been inspired to start this past summer. It is a series of portraits where I take my model and paint on their face with chalk. Sounds weird, but I promise its really cool.”

This admiration has served Palamarchuk well and played a key factor in the glaring pursuance of and dedication to bettering herself as an artist. With a remarkable sense of work ethic and gratitude, Palamarchuk continually finds ways to further herself career wise. With each photograph she sets out to reveal the principles and beliefs that she holds closest. The bulk of her body of work unearths an excruciating eye for detail and a fierce commitment to the sophisticated portrayal of what she considers the paramount components of life. “I hope to convey joy, life, light. I want my photography to evoke memories, stir up emotions. I want people to see my work and relate to it on a deeper, personal level.” For every artist there is a creative process they’ve found, either sticking to it and seldom straying or frequently amending it, finding new ways to bring their ideas to life. Palamarchuk is one of those who refrain from the carefully calculated compositions; the mantra she recites while shooting is one in which she encourages herself to abandon the constraints of conventional thinking and to, essentially, heed her heart instead.

For others seeking to pursue a career in photography, Palamarchuk’s advice is to simply, “keep creating.” This advice is not uncommon and she has often turned to it throughout her journey as an artist. “No matter the cost and no matter what people say. Even if it scares you, even if you fail, even if you doubt, even if it means sacrifice, even if you do it afraid. Don’t stop doing it.” “Also, remember that inspiration has a contagious nature. If you are finding that you’re lacking some new ideas, you can catch some from others. Pick up a magazine, read a biography, meet with a new friend for coffee, go on a road trip! Surrounding yourself with other inspirational people will not only give you the creative boost you need, but you will also learn something new and be inspired to become better.” For right now, she’s hoping to have progressed even further within the next few years, “I hope to use my photography to see places, to meet people. When I get down to basics, the real purpose of anything I do is honestly, people. My biggest wish is to leave an impact on the world to help others realize how truly loved they are.” STORY: AMANDA FERRARESE PHOTOS: RUBY JAMES

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Nearly one year and 35,000 subscribers later, Suede Brooks has captured an audience and made quite an impression within the YouTube world. Just seventh months ago, being an avid viewer herself, the young creator, native to Las Vegas, uploaded her very first video onto her channel under the name MSFTxGPSY. Since then she has posted nearly five videos a month, and amassed over 700,000 views — an impressive feat in an age where so many channels are springing up and competing for an audience. So what makes this channel so successful? “The vision behind my channel was to be fun and I try my best to keep my viewers and followers active and happy,” says Brooks, who describes herself as “young, outgoing and daring.” Like so many YouTubers, Brooks inspiration came from her own subscription box as she sat back and watched her favorite youtubers until finally one day she had to try it for herself but what she didn’t know that day was that she would soon find herself in the subscription boxes of tens of thousands of people around the world. “I think it’s amazing and I never thought that I would have so many people watching me put on makeup and talk to a camera,” Brooks remarked. With a popular channel comes a wide range of opportunity, and Brooks has been no stranger to the benefits of YouTube, attending conventions, meeting fans, and even being given the chance to partner with brands. But with all the opportunity, having her own channel hasn’t taken over for her. “I watch Good Mythical Morning every morning with my sister, and I think they’re hilarious,” Brooks said regarding her favorite YouTubers and who she’d most want to collaborate with. Despite her success, she hasn’t been exempt from the implications that come hand in hand with putting yourself out there in front of such a large audience. Brooks expressed feelings about the nitpicking within the comment sections, mentioning how viewers leave “negative comments about the smallest things,” but the comments aren’t stopping Brooks. In the face of criticism, she remains focused on creating the best quality she can. “My favorite part of the process is editing my videos and looking at the feedback I get from the comments. Whether it is positive or constructive criticism, I love it!” she added. At fourteen years old, her channel, which mainly revolves around beauty and fashion, is just beginning. “I don’t necessarily have goals with numbers or popularity but I do want to see myself in the future doing short films, and make my viewers entertained.” With her channels focus on style, Brooks knows it’s important to stay ahead of the game in order to create her best content. To do so, she “gets inspired by many little things in life, like the color of trees in the fall, but most of my fashion sense feeds off the upcoming trends.” Despite the original focus of her channel, Brooks does not see her channel being bound to that vision. Not only did she mention interest in projects like short films, she told us “her favorite videos to film are vlogs, and has now expanded her channel to new eras, doing videos whenever something sparks in her mindnot just beauty and fashion.” To her viewers, and anyone interested in starting their own channel, Brooks encourages, nothing the importance of “not trying to blend in, and being yourself because everyone else is taken.” Brooks favorite place to hang out in her hometown of Las Vegas is Sunrise Coffee House, and her drink of choice is the Truffle Berry Latte — “It’s amazing.”

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arr路ow路tide verb: living life intentionally and with strength. Seeing your dreams into action. Having direction, no matter the rhythms of life. Nashville based duo, ARROWTIDE soothes the wandering soul, cultivates passion, and inspires intentional living with their adventurous music. In the summer of 2014, Brinton and Gabriela Lindsey ventured to the mountains of North Carolina for a songwriting excursion. Not entirely sure what would become of their collaboration, but fully trusting each other through the process. The result turned into the name, direction, and mindset called Arrowtide.

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The husband and wife duo, met in college at West Palm Beach, Florida while both studying music. During their senior year in 2011, the two tied the knot and began their life together as Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey. It wouldn’t be until three years later when they would even have time to think about writing music. “We were surviving, paying our bills, but also I didn’t believe in myself or that we could do it. It was only until last summer that things started shifting for me and I started to believe in myself and us.” Gabriela admits. Since marrying, the two have desperately wanted to collaborate together – there just wasn’t any time. It was a matter of living, against creating. So finally, in 2014 the first songs for Arrowtide were retouched and produced for the EP, High Tide. While their musical tastes seem like they would clash – Gabriela, a pop enthusiast, and Brinton a classical guitarist – they couldn’t have gotten along any better. The combination of the two backgrounds blend together nicely on the final tracks, creating a unique sound that is undeniably Arrowtide. Although the two do admit that it was a challenge working together at first. “We are different in a lot of ways, from the way we approach music and in the way we communicate. We both approach the whole process differently. It’s been a challenge at times, but we’re learning how to navigate our differences and play to each other’s strengths and make it work!” the duo says.

High Tide is a landmark accomplishment, as it is the first release for Arrowtide. “The EP was a step towards our dreams and us saying “We can do this!” and “This is just the beginning!”’ The message found throughout the record promotes following your dreams and allowing them to direct your life. In a way, High Tide is Arrowtide’s response to their “just getting by” life. It’s a kickstarter to a new and brighter future, led by their passion for music. From the first track to last, the band wants to inspire others, as they have been inspired. “We want people to dream and think bigger for themselves. We wanted them to feel inspired about living their own lives after hearing our music,” states Brinton. As for the future, the two are planning on a great full year of being together as musicians. With a new single on the way, followed by a music video, you can expect a great start to 2015 for Arrowtide. The two are looking at performing at festivals, hearing their songs on the airwaves and even start recording their first full-length record by the end of the year. “Our hope is that we will find ourselves not dreaming big enough this year, instead be surprised and blown away.”

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On the cover, Remi Cruz // Featuring: Arrowtide, Danny Owens, Kristina Horner, Curtis Harris, Chris Klemens, Chaser and loads more.


On the cover, Remi Cruz // Featuring: Arrowtide, Danny Owens, Kristina Horner, Curtis Harris, Chris Klemens, Chaser and loads more.