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rundown with troye sivan


NVADING WEST HOLLYWOOD’S AMOEBA WITH TROYE SIVAN, where we explored through vinyls and got to walk the streets at Hollywood + Vine. There is more to the story of this multi-talented individual who is living his dream. Be prepared to be in an awe about Troye’s remarkable story. We got the pleasure to get to know him and discuss more about his unique lifestyle. We welcome you to our February issue. So you better read on to find out more about our cover stud, Troye Sivan. CONNECT// troyesivan.com / youtube.com/troye / twitter.com/troyesivan troyesivan.tumblr.com / facebook.com/troyesivan / instagram: troyesivan

FEBRUARY aloha wolfies Eeek! You guys, it’s FEBRUARY. Crazy. I can’t believe it’s a month before we head off to Playlist Live. The spring semester has started which means a more busy workload for the upcoming months. Nothing is going to stop us. We got this rad opportunity to hang with our favorite, Troye Sivan on his Los Angeles trip. It’s been such an amazing experience to get to know more upcoming and rising individuals who are extremely passionate about what they want to do with their lives. Kudos! Flying somewhere,

Cathrine Khom


major thank you's Warm wolfie hugs to those who made this possible with the help of our lovely staff members! Thanks to our cover star, Troye Sivan!

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! e r o l p x e o t i m e tI snapped some polaroids sinl.ce rt lo o k e d c o o th a t g ra ff it i a







new year, makeup galore + allyn bernardo / katelyn rikel

add spring jazz to your wardrobe + allyn bernardo / katelyn rikel









p.s. positivity


creating a neat + sparkly decor + madison bass taylor


lemonade, more than just fun + cathrine khom andrew waller

inside look with disclosure + rachel kober


snowy day with the fine print nj + rachel kober

fresh new ideas for this year + orion carloto davina leone

w h at ’ S i n s i d e

easton payne



36 teala dunn

romeo lacoste


shane guerrette


andrew waller


the rubens


davina leone


doug armstrong




easton payne


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troye sivan


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issue twelve // february twenty fourteen

troye sivan founder / editor-in-chief cathrine khom copy editor sophia khom head publicist mare rozran graphic designers isabel ramos / cathrine khom diy director madison bass-taylor beauty director allyn bernardo contributing writers lexie alley, allyn bernardo, orion carloto, amanda ferrarese, jessica goldman, gleann ignacio, shawn mulcahy, alexis march, katelyn rikel contributing photographers lexie alley, philipp ammon, chris coe, amanda harle, gleann ignacio, clare kim, rachel kober, chris lampkins, sophia li, alex ljubinovic, carolina londono, lhoycel marie, eric mooney, dunja opalko, elisa rodriguez, jackie rozett, eman el saied, priti shikotra, madison bass-taylor contributing videographer tom pottiger description local wolves magazine, an online and print publication based from southern california, usa. we focus on embracing the local scene. we combine forces with talented folks from different cities to organizations, sharing stories about their favorite local places. between the pages in our issues, we stick to our main focus by showcasing local favorites. do us a favor and go explore delicacies in your area. connect http://localwolvesmag.com http://facebook.com/localwolves http://twitter.com/localwolves http://instagram.com/localwolves http://localwolvesblog.tumblr.com inquiries localwolvesmagazine@yahoo.com purchase issues not sold in stores, available online only front cover + site logo fiona yeung


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O U R W O L F I E S c h a t a b ou t t h eir d re a m d esi n t i n a t io n s

shawn megira + @shawnmegira

Bahamas because it’s so peaceful and fun and it’s a good way to get away and just relax. + TUNE OF CHOICE + drops of jupiter // train

maria tumanyan + @makeyousparkle

I wanna go to Mystic forest in the Netherlands. It looks like wonderland. + TUNE OF CHOICE + unthinkable (cover) // city and colour

marie claire bar nes + @_marie_claire

I want to go to Wonderland! I’ve always loved Alice In Wonderland since it’s always been an escape for me, just like Alice. I’m a daydreamer at heart and so it seems like a safe, happy and amazing place to be. + TUNE OF CHOICE + bravehear t // neon jungle

valerie mansilla + @razzlingricky

I would love to go to Italy because its so unique! + TUNE OF CHOICE + get it right // miley cyrus

valentina acuna + @im_valentinaa

Italy, oh my goodness. Just think of all the pizza and pasta, it’s literally heaven. + TUNE OF CHOICE + let it go // the neighbourhood

beauty + words: allyn bernardo & katelyn rikel

10 9


12 4


8 3

5 2 11 7


high end

drug store







face mask

lip gloss



bye, bye pores

eye marker

1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser $20: Try this gentle cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and surface oil. This cleanser helps to calm redness, it is pH-balanced, and is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

2. Lorac Pro Palette $42: The perfect neutral palette that features 16 gorgeous and velvety, smooth shadows with eight shimmer shades and eight matte shades.

3. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation $10: Try out this super long lasting, all-in-one foundation which consists of a primer, concealer, and foundation! The perfect foundation to help create a flawless look that lasts all day.

4 LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask $7: A chocolate, minty mask that helps calm redness and also cleanses your skin at the same time.

5. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture $22-90: (depending on size) This perfume has a sweet, fresh scent that isn’t too strong but just right for transitioning into spring.

6. Benefit Porefessional Agent Zero Shine $30: An easy, on-the-go, lightweight powder that helps to reduce pores and also minimizes shine.

7. Real Techniques Setting Brush $28: The perfect, dualfiber brush to apply highlighter with!

8. Revlon Photoready Cream Blush $13: This super lightweight and creamy blush adds a beautiful, sheer flush to your cheeks and there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from!

9 Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer $7: A great, inexpensive primer which helps your makeup not only last but stay matte and eliminate shine.

10. NYX Butter Gloss $5: This gloss is great when you’re on the go and need of a little tint or color on your lips.

11. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer $5: This full coverage concealer works great under the eyes and helps to hide dark circles, puffy eyes and redness.

12. NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker $9: This felt pen eye marker comes in a variety of colors, including a classing black. This liner works great to create a cat eye or a thick liner look.

local wolves magazine // 9

fashion + words: allyn bernardo & katelyn rikel



joni jeans super high waisted jeans from topshop


s o n o m i k


s g n i r i mid online:



backpacks from forever 21

s g n i r e l b a k c a t midi +s forever 21 from footwear:

pair of converse 10




s n a b r u t n e v o w + headwraps


lace + crochet tops

the decorative must-have diy for any room! + words + photos: madison bass-taylor

things you’ll need


things you’ll need + scissors + x-acto knife + paintbrush + glue + tape + metallic shred (tinsel) + cardboard / poster board


step one print words and cut them out. for the large letters, i used photoshop to type my words, saved it as a pdf, opened it in adobe reader and used the poster setting in the print window to print the letters on multiple pages.

three four

step two after cutting the letters out, tape them to either cardboard or poster board. step three using the x-acto and scissors, cut out the letters in the board.


step four take your metallic shred (tinsel) and cut it up into small pieces.


step five put a generous amount of glue on the letters. step six using the brush, spread the glue all over the letters.


step seven take the metallic shred (tinsel) and sprinkle it all over the letters, making sure you cover any white glue gaps you see.


step eight using either your hands or another piece of cardboard, press firmly onto the letters, making sure the tinsel is all packed down. step nine after letting the glue dry for a while, turn the letter over and cut the tinsel to the shape of the letter. step ten tape a piece of tinsel to the back of the letters and hang.



! e u q fi i magn

ten local wolves magazine // 11

munchies + time to grab some healthy yumminess at lemonade + words + photos: cathrine khom


emonade in Venice, California is simply divine. Don’t let the sweet name fool you, once you walk inside you never want to leave. They have an array of fresh sandwiches, not your typical salads, delish desserts and of course, their lemonades! It is always a fun time visiting Lemonade since they are everywhere in Southern California which makes it a number one pick for those who have an urge to try new foods. A winner, winner chicken dinner in my book has to be their buttermilk chicken semi-traditional sandwich with green tomato and Vermont white cheddar with a side of refeshing greens. Talk about goodness on plate. What’s life without awesome lemonade with flavors like cucumber mint to guava limemade. Let’s not forget about the macaroons that were the size of delish jumbo cookies. We highly reccommend the mac n’ cheese. Giving this place, a major thumbs up! + lemonade + 1661 abbot kinney // venice, ca 90291 daily 11:00am - 9:05pm tel 310 - 452 - 6200 www.lemonadela.com

trays + sunflowers

lemonade via venice


discovery + disclosure // terminal five in new york city + photo: rachel kober

local wolves magazine // 13




fine print -----------------------------------


----------------------------------+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: rachel kober

The Fine Print is a design/screen printing company. Could you briefly tell readers a little more about who you are and what you do? Tom Pottiger: My name is Tom and I started this company in my basement and once it grew, my good friend Nick helped really launch it this past year to make us what we are today! What I do is really cool and I don’t even consider it work but rather fun, I screen print shirts for Youtubers now mainly but also anyone who needs it done. How did you guys first get into design and why did you decide to start doing apparel? TP: I bought a used Mac for my birthday about three years ago and it came with Photoshop on it. I always wanted to design but had no clue what I was doing so I started very simple and just went from there fiddling with typography that mostly sucked now that I look back on it but Youtube ironically has taught me so much about design and even screen printing. How do you feel your hometown has factored into your overall development as individuals, as well as, your aspirations? Do you feel that where you come from has influenced your company, in any way? TP: I have moved three times and once while having the business. When I moved recently it got me more excited because I started working with a lot of hardcore bands in the local scene really quick and it was a blast. Why did you decide to start producing designs for Youtubers? Was that your original intention for the company or are you hoping to expand further? TP: Actually I started the whole business to help a friend build his non-profit Take Heart Apparel and as that grew, I would take other jobs on the side and found that I loved screen-printing a lot. About a year later, Nick moved in with me to go to school near by and we officially named the company The Fine Print. But printing stuff for Youtubers was not even a thought in my head until August of 2013 when I was surfing with “Marcy Sharky” and had the idea of a shirt >>


cont’d with his nickname on it with a shark fin and then I got the idea to talk to Josh about working with them! Who else would you like to work with or design for in the future? TP: In the future I would love to branch out to doing some west coast Youtubers and maybe even global. Jack and Finn Harries and Jc Caylen our some of favorites besides my friends on the east coast, but I would love to sell their merch and help them connect to their fans in a way. Jack, Finn, Jc, if you’re reading this, we would love to work with you over at The Fine Print and hook you guys up with good stuff! What are some company goals for the year 2014? What do you hope to have accomplished by the end of this year? TP: In 2014, we want to branch out to those Youtubers I stated above and many more. I’d also like to get a bigger shop space and new presses and just expand the whole company from 3 workers to a huge work force from designers to printers and people managing shipping. Do you think you guys will stick with doing strictly apparel, or would you be interested in exploring other types of merchandise? TP: I would love to expand because expanding is always great. I’m always trying to think of how we can improve our process and what products we hold. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating new designs? TP: I like to draw my inspiration, literally! I keep up with a lot of really good professional designers who usually design by hand drawn illustrations. I am not any where near their level of talent but I will sit down with my notebook and draw a simple phrase in my hand writing then align it in a cool way and then go on the next page and start a sketch of a design that I can later reproduce on my computer.

If you weren’t running The Fine Print, what do you think you’d be doing with your free time? TP: More photography, film, and surfing then I already do! But if I didn’t have that I would be so lost and unhappy most likely. Do you have any advice for those interested in starting their own business? TP: Dream big and just do it. Now I sound like Nike! But seriously, if you work hard, get a good group of friends to help out and if you’re all committed, anything is possible. I would have never thought I’d be where I am today with a growing business and the friends I’ve met because of it.

local wolves magazine // 15

You have a pretty impressive list of clients! How did you get introduced to Jonny Craig and Craig Owens so what role did music play in your decision to pursue tattooing? RL: When I first got into tattooing I was seventeen, I didn’t get my apprenticeship till eighteen but i was very active in the music scene with going to shows often and stuff like that. During that time, I was listening to a lot of Underoath, As I Lay Dying, The Used and Story of The Year. I met a few smaller bands at shows and started tattooing them then they introduced me to their friends and so forth. After a year or two, I was tattooing bigger bands and my name was going out to the scene. I’ve tattooed twice on Vans Warped Tour and with other amazing bands like We Came as Romans and Pierce The Veil. I’ve heard that the first tattoo you ever did was on yourself, what made you decide to be your own guinea pig and who was the first big client you worked with? RL: I mean it’s pretty common for tattoo artists to do their first tattoo on themselves. I definitely don’t recommend getting a kit and trying to tattoo but that’s what I did before my apprenticeship and did one on myself one night, then was like “Okay, I got this” and did my friends. As far as first big client, I would say tattooing We Came As Romans was the first big band I tattooed. You’ve mentioned previously that if you could tattoo any person in the entire world, it would be Justin Bieber looking at you’re relatively hardcore list of musical clients, it strikes me as a strange choice. Could you elaborate on this desire? RL: I actually tattooed Justin Bieber before, it’s funny you ask that, I’m friends and tattoo a couple of his friends. I was hanging out at the house watching the new episode of Best Ink and my boy hit me up, my phone was dead. He was blowing up my phone I turned it on and he’s like “Yo, justin wants to get tattooed, get here now!” so I went to his recording studio. He was working on new music and I did a lil’ background on his sleeve. I got in contact with That’s So Raven star, Kyle Massey so I’ll be working with them soon. You’re featured on Best Ink, how did you feel about showcasing your work on television? RL: Best Ink plays on Oxygen every Wednesday and I’m a part of season three! i really just tried out and they contacted me. I love having all my friends to come over and watch it every week on my projector in the living room. + words: jake mazon + photos: alex ljubinovic


romeo lacoste

local wolves magazine // 17

n o i r O : to o l r a C


i there wolfies! Welcome to the new year! I’m so thrilled to introduce this very new column that I will be writing every month to connect and share with you all. If you don’t already know me, I’ll start off by introducing a little bit about myself. My name is Orion Carloto and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I make Youtube videos and have been for about a year now! I have a lovely little kitty named Princess who I adore very much and I also share a love for nature, exploring, coffee, and Disney! Not only do I have a passion for that, but I also love spreading positivity and light to the wonderful human beings that follow me. And with much love and gratitude in my soul, that brings me here to my very own page for Local Wolves Magazine! I wanted to begin my very first column with ringing in the new year! I know, I know, I know… The typical saying, “new year new me!” is SO overdone now! But I believe that’s only because the same people that say they will “change” are also the same people that don’t really commit to their resolutions. A new year means new resolutions. If you’re like me, you love having the ambition to accomplish any goal that’s headed your way. So if you started off 2014 saying “new year, new me!” commit to that! Put a lot of focused energy and determination to help see yourself through this year. I believe, first, in a humble, simple truth: that each and every one of us is here to live a life that matters. And we must do so by making each and every moment of each and every day of each and every year that we are privileged to live, count. So don’t give it up after a month or two! Write down a list of the things that you want to accomplish by the end of the year and tape it up on your wall, locker, mirror, or wherever you can see it every day to motivate you. Think big!

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.” - Vern McLennan 18

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to put on your bucket/resolution list, here are a few ideas: + What destination would you like to visit? + What’s something big you’d like to save up for? + Is there a new hobby you’d like to take up? + Something you’d like to spend more time doing. + A bad habit you want to give up. + Anything new you want to try that you’ve never done before? + Are there any classes you would like to start taking or a class you want to do better in?

Another fun idea for positive energy in your new year is a jar full of memories. You can start off by getting a mason jar (or any type of jar for that matter) and every time something good happens to you or anything that made you happy, write it down on a sticky note and place it in the jar. Hopefully by the end of the year, your jar will be filled to the brim and you can go back and read them and reminisce over times filled with joy and happiness!

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art - write or draw or build or sing or live as you can. And I hope somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” - Neil Gaiman Think of the beginning of a new year as a fresh start of a 365 page book that hasn’t been written in yet. You are the author. Make it good! Lastly, make 2014 all about you. Make that old 2013 you, proud of the 2014 you! Stop wishing and hoping that you’ll have an awesome year, instead work hard and make it awesome. Be inspired, challenge yourself, take risks, go out and make new friends, and remember to spread light and positivity to others around you! Make it all count, not just this year, but every moment of your life.

2014’s ones to watch

troye sivan shane guerrette / andrew waller / the rubens / davina leone / doug armstrong / mannntv / easton payne / teala dunn / trevor moran

local wolves magazine // 19

+ words: gleann ignacio + photos: rachel kober

shane guerrette


t just seventeen years old, singer/songwriter, Shane Guerrette is here and he is just getting started! Guerrette is a native to New York where he enjoys the relaxing atmosphere of his hometown, “I like Saratoga. They have the best SPAC, have a great race track and awesome restaurants,” he shared. Growing up Guerrette visited Lake George every summer since he was born, “it’s really peaceful, the views are amazing, and it’s a great place for writing too,” says Guerrette. His sound is said to be described as indie/pop, but in his own words: “with an original twist.”

He often uploads a new cover song on his Youtube account, “I get a lot of requests. I usually just pick something that fits my voice and style.” The song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood is his current favorite. He interacts with his fans for new covers to make, “I am always open to suggestions from my fans for new covers.” Guerrette says he is “really excited to begin writing and recording a great demo with the team at SRP Records,” he reveals. Guerrette leaves us off with thanking everyone for all the support given, “I am really grateful for every single fan.” – Shane Guerrette.

Ranging from artists such as John Mayer to Ed Sheeran, those are just some of Guerrette’s favorite artists to say the least that help inspire him, “I just have a strong passion for writing and creating music,” he admitted. The music he creates hope to reach out and spread the message of peace, “music is a huge part of my life and I love how it allows me to connect to people,” says Guerrette and adds, “I just want to make people happy through my music.”

local bug questions

Guerrette was handed his first guitar when he was fourteen and always felt that becoming a musician was something he wanted to pursue a career in, “I honestly can’t imagine myself in any career other than music.” All while growing up with a musical family, “I was heavily influenced by them,” he said. His first live performance was in a talent contest, “I was a little nervous, but more excited. It was a great experience,” Guerrette recalled.


Who would you like to collaborate with someday? SG: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Lorde. Do you have any hidden talents? SG: I’m amazing at air hockey. What has been one of your favorite moments? SG: The day I was contacted by Evan Rogers from SRP Records was definitely the best moment of 2013. It still seems so surreal that the same person who discovered and developed Rihanna, somehow found me on Youtube, and a few weeks later, I was signed by them.

shane guerrette

local wolves magazine // 21

w e r d n a wal

machines are people tooler + words: shawn mulcahy + words: shawn mulcahy + photos: madison bass-taylor + photos: madison bass-taylor + words + photos: madison bass-taylor


ndrew Waller – a photographer with a great eye and a true passion for what he does. Waller first became interested in photography because some of the kids he hung out with when he was younger were into it. He decided to give it a whirl, and discovered that he really liked it. Waller states that the majority of his experience in photography came from his own exposure, and help from other photographers. “My father taught me a lot, I also went to college for a bit but it didn’t work out. Overall I think I mostly learned from experience and other photographers that have helped me along the way,” says Waller. He describes his style as “guana.”


His favorite part about concert photography is the energy and excitement and being so close to the action, “you really have the best seat in the house.” Waller truly loves what he does. Even though there may be some drawbacks to being a photographer, he refuses to even recognize them. “I think I have the best job in the world,” says Waller, “the downs are cancelled out simply because I’m enjoying myself too much to worry about them.” He also admits that he enjoys shooting just about anything, encompassing a vast variety of subjects. “Only a few things I wouldn’t shoot, and those are babies being born,” he tells us.

For any budding photographers, Waller offers this advice: “Don’t post or show any images anywhere if you are unsure about it. Be confident in your ability and work hard on the skill that is photography.” Or to put it simply, as he says, “Make art.” As far as his plans for the future, Waller tells us that he’s going to keep on snapping great photos. He says he’s going to “produce solid images that I enjoy. If other people like them it’s a big bonus.”

m a l pr a c t i c e i n c i d e n t . t u m b l r . c o m

He also told us that he has some great pictures that will be released sometime this winter. “There are some really cool images coming out of this winter season that I can’t wait to release, other than that everyone’s going to have to wait and see,” says Waller. One of Andrew’s favorite local places in Newbury Park, California is Fusion Grill. He admits that he loves “any Mexican food establishment” in the area as well.

local wolves magazine // 23


the rubens O

n the other side of the world, particularly over in the land down under, comes The Rubens. This four piece blues, rock band is based in Menangle, New South Wales, Australia and consists of brothers Zaac, Sam, and Elliot Margin along with good friend, Scott Baldwin. The group made its debut on the scene in 2011 releasing their first single, “Lay It Down” where they would make their first appearance on the Triple J Hottest 100 chart at #57. The following year, they released their self-titled debut album through Ivy League Records and aimed for gold. Since then The Rubens are still making appearances on the Triple J Hottest 100 chart with the single “My Gun” coming in at #10 and accompanying that impressive feat is having the music video become nominated for Best Music Video in the 2012 ARIA Awards. The ARIA Awards are another place where The Rubens continues to show up at being nominated for 2013’s Breakthrough Artists Release and Best Rock Album. The track has awarded The Rubens with the Rock Work Of The Year Award from this year’s APRA Awards. If that is not impressive enough, they were named Band of the Year from GQ. The rest is still to be written for The Rubens and do not be surprised as to how far and high they will come.

+ words: gleann ignacio + photo: eman elsaied

local wolves magazine // 25

+ words: lexie alley + photos: eric mooney + clothing: faubourg du temple / fashion forwards

davina leone F

rom posting covers on Youtube that have wracked up millions of view, to recording her first album and releasing a multitude of great singles, twenty years old singer and songwriter Davina Leone is on the rise. With an EP set to be released later this year and more videos and shows to follow, this year is looking to be kind to the talented singer/ songwriter. Raised in Miami, Florida in a family of musicians, Leone has always been surrounded by music. “Ever since I was a baby, my parents submerged my brother and me into amazing music. Every time I’d get in the car for ballet class my mom would be playing Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. My dad would blast Michael Jackson and Earth Wind & Fire through this big intercom in our house.” She began piano lessons at the age of five and eventually started playing guitar and also singing. She then began performing in local Broadway productions, only solidifying her desire to pursue music. With music so strongly encouraged and embraced in her household, it’s no wonder her 21-year-old brother, Jon Leone, also is pursuing a music career and is a frequent collaborator. Her single “Up All Night” was produced by him, and was recently featured on Hallmark Channel movie, “The Sweeter Side of Life.”


There is no doubt Davina Leone is coming up during the current “Youtube Craze” that is so prevalent in the music industry now, and that has become a significant force in her career. Covering songs and posting them to the site helped give Leone experience and increase her notoriety, which helped her get discovered by songwriter Richie Supa, best known for his work with Aerosmith, Pink, Richie Sambora, and producer George Noriega, Grammy winner with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who produced her debut album Awake. “I love covering songs. I like doing it because it helps me expand creatively. I’ll listen to a song that’s already produced and written a certain way and try to sing it from a different perspective. It helps me grow my musical boundaries and its also super fun.” In addition to her music, Leone is also extremely involved in various charity organizations events such as Defeat The Label, of which she is a spokesperson and celebrity ambassador for, The Message Tour, and Fly High For Haiti. This is something she says she definitely plans to continue doing and even becoming more involved in, saying, “I feel like I went through everything I did in order to help those going through it now.

I like to provide advice and insight to those who don’t have anyone to talk to, just like I didn’t. If opportunities to expand on this arise I definitely will take them as they come.” Despite performing at South by Southwest last March and opening up for One Republic in January, she is very appreciative of the support she has gotten thus far, saying “I plan on playing a lot and keeping my awesome relationship with my fans going and growing.” There is no doubt that this is only the beginning for Davina Leone. It will be well worth it to keep tabs on the young singer/songwriter in anticipation for her next EP release and everything else she has in store for 2014.

connect http://davinaleone.com/ https://twitter.com/davinaleone https://www.facebook.com/davinaleonemusic

local wolves magazine // 27

wonderful tal k s with

Doug Armstrong + words: shawn mulcahy + photos: philipp ammon


wonderful tal k s with


local wolves magazine // 29


outuber, Doug Armstrong first began making videos back when he was in high school. “Essentially I had a lot of spare time and was bored,” says Doug. “I’d saved up for and bought a camcorder a few years prior as I used to like making home movies, so when I found other people my age making videos and uploading them to Youtube, I was inspired to do the same,” Doug credits whataboutadam as his biggest inspiration in creating Youtube videos. Eventually, Doug began posting videos, and met quite a few Youtubers whom he befriended and drew inspiration from. However, after going to university, Doug admits he lost his passion for making videos. “Unfortunately I lost inspiration after going to university, but thankfully I made a comeback just over a year ago after seeing so many of my Youtube friends again at Summer In The City,” says Doug. Doug’s channel encompasses tons of different types of videos, from challenges to music covers and everything in between. “I’ve always just made the things that I’ve really wanted to,” comments Doug. He believes that his wide variety of videos is partly why people subscribe to his channel.


“It was a fairly original idea at the time so it was still new to a lot of people (since then a lot of other people have had the same idea) – when my friend Phil (AmazingPhil) tweeted it, that really helped!” Like many of us, Doug admits that he is a victim of procrastination, and this is what he says is the hardest part about creating Youtube videos. “Even though I love filming and editing videos, I still somehow manage to find something else to be distracted by and usually end up staying up very late to finish the video I’m working on in time!” Doug tells us how differently his life could’ve been, had he chosen to attend Cambridge University, as he had planned at one time, and says he just wants to focus more on what he loves. “I almost went to Cambridge University when I was younger. I’m so glad I didn’t; my life would be so different right now and probably not for the better. A few months ago, I started a full time job doing something I don’t enjoy as much as I’d hoped (i.e. not video), so I’m in the process of changing that and moving on to focus more of what I do enjoy (including Youtube!)”

He tells us that he gets ideas from many different sources, and really just makes videos about what he is passionate about. “Often I’ll see other people make things and be inspired to make something similar, or sometimes I’ll just randomly think of an idea and write it down straight away to come back to later.”

However, Doug says that he’s always been interested in making videos and entertaining people. “I’ve just enjoyed making videos, be it on a family holiday in 2003, in my bedroom in 2007 or on the red carpet in 2013,” says Doug. “The fact that a lot of people are entertained by what I make is just a nice bonus.”

Doug currently has over 90,000 subscribers with a total of more than 2 million video views. He tells us that having so many Youtuber friends has really helped him out. His most popular video to date is his “Life Hacks” video, and he believes that this video has helped him get to where he is today.

In a year, Doug hopes to have made the switch to making some short films, as he’s recently decided. He tells us that he still intendeds to create regular content as well, but, as he says it, “hopefully with more of a purpose.” In five years, Doug hopes to be working on a feature length film.

“ The fact that a lot of

people are entertained by what I make is just a nice bonus.


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hat do all Adam, Nick, and Nolan have in common besides that they are all three between the ages of 20 and 21? The triad from New Jersey shares many things in common, including the fact that they are all in a collab. channel together on Youtube. The three had been friends since middle school, and as soon as their senior year of high school began, they decided they wanted to be different. This is when the conception of the MANNNTV collab channel all began, of course with the tremendous support of their parents. The collab has since ventured and faced several obstacles, many of which were faced at the very beginning of the channel. “In the beginning, there were a lot of people who made fun of what we did, and to keep making videos through the negativity was a huge obstacle of ours.”


One thing that the guys have learned throughout their entire experience, and would advise to anyone wanting to start a Youtube channel is to do what makes you happy. “Make videos that make you happy because, in the long run, your happiness is the most important thing”. While the guys love to humor their viewers with videos that are full of comedy, MANNNTV also strives to encourage positivity through promoting major issues such as antibullying. The group reflected their concerns and passions to fight anti-bullying through their “Believe in Me” by Demi Lovato (Anti-Bullying) video, which was posted about seven months ago. “Being able to help thousands of people with one music video is one of the best feelings in the world. It actually inspired us to travel around our area doing school assemblies to promote anti-bullying, suicide awareness, and following your dreams.”

The guys claim that one of their favorite things about making Youtube videos and being a part of MANNNTV is traveling and meeting the people that watch and support them. “Usually when we go out to get something to eat or to the mall, we will meet someone who supports us, and it is such an amazing, humbling feeling.” Not only do Adam, Nick, and Nolan have a passion to create and entertain, but the love and gratefulness that they have for their fans is tremendous.

“Being able to help thousands of people with one music video is one of the best feelings in the world. It actually inspired us to travel around our area doing school assemblies to promote anti-bullying, suicide awareness, and following your dreams.” The guys claim that planning, putting ideas together, filming, and editing a video is typically about a 10 hour process spread throughout a couple of days. “We usually just sit together and think about what would be both funny and relatable for us, and once we have an idea, we write the video,” Of all the videos that the guys have made together, they all claim that their favorite videos are the ones that they have done with their friends, and of course, their antibullying music videos. Aside from making Youtube videos, the guys love to just hang out with friends, play sports, and “salsa dance with Joey Gatto.” Adam, Nick, and Nolan claim to all watch Ryan Higa’s Youtube channel on a regular basis, as Ryan is one of the collab’s biggest influences on their sense of humor. “To make a positive difference in this world in any way, shape, or form”, is the answer that MANNNTV gave us when we asked what their future aspirations and goals were. Given how far the collab has come, MANNNTV is definitely on the road to possibility, making positive changes through their upbeat, comical, and inspiring videos and engagement with their viewers and supporters.

+ words: katelyn rikel + photos: rachel kober

T C E N CO N offical MANNNTV youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MANNNTV new vlog channel http://www.youtube.com/MANNNvlogs vine @mannntv official twitter http://twitter.com/mannntv_ personal twitter nolan - http://www.twitter.com/nolanemme nick - http://www.twitter.com/nick_thehat adam - http://www.twitter.com/adambongo

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easton payne e n y a p n o t s ea meghan hughes

+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: madison bass-taylor

When and why did you decide to start your own Youtube channel?

Is Youtube something you hope to turn into a career one day?

EP: I started my mess of a channel on June 10, 2013. I started it because I really think at this point it was meant to be. I’ve always been into watching Youtube videos, until one day I realized I had all the resources to start a channel for myself (an overpriced camera, a white wall in my bedroom, and a group of dear friends to help me along the way).

EP: My main career aspirations/goals are to be an Olsen twin, to be a wedding singer, and to brush Karl Lagerfeld’s teeth professionally. (I’m half kidding) I would love to do some things with Youtube, but the original plan has always been to be a dancer, I’m really into that.

How would you describe your channel in only five words? EP: Mess x5. I really don’t have much to say about my channel other than my fact that it’s a real mess, and I’m kind of cool with that.


You’ve mentioned before that you like to dance, when and how did you start dancing? EP: Dance and I are pretty good friends, I started on February 11th, 1997 (which is also my birthday). I ask myself all the time how I started dancing, but it’s just another one of those things that was meant to be.

A lot of your videos revolve around fashion and your sense of style. How did you really get into fashion? EP: I’ve really always liked dressing myself, I found out about a whole new world when my parents taught me how to use the internet. I learned at a pretty young age that I could say so much about myself without saying anything, by dressing in the clothes I wanted to be in. Do your friends and family know about your channel? Have they been generally supportive of what you do? EP: Some friends, and some family know about my channel. I’m kind of waiting until I hit a really big moment of proud to announce my channel to the rest of the people who would be pleased to know. If you weren’t doing Youtube, how else do you think you would you be spending that extra free time? EP: I would probably just end up spending a lot of money I shouldn’t spend, or watching full 6 season TV series’ within 48 hour time periods.

If you could go out to grab coffee and go shopping with any other Youtuber who would it be and why? EP: I think I’d really enjoy going for coffee and some shopping with Jenn Im - clothesencounters, she’s a total babe and has such a great head on her shoulders. I’m pretty positive she should be our next U.S. President. Is there anything you’d like to share with fans that they don’t already know about you?

What is your strangest habit or weirdest quirk? EP: I’ve got too many to count, but one that I’ve noticed a lot lately is that I love sitting in cars that aren’t running, for hours.

EP: I really want my friends to know they mean the world to me, I still can’t believe that anyone enjoys watching me talk to my camera and wear clothes on the internet. If you ever need anything, don’t be afraid to come to yours truly.

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teala dunn

eala Dunn may be young, but she is no stranger to the television screen. Since first appearing on the show “The Wonder Pets” at the age of six, the now seventeen year old actress has landed several spots on the small screen.

Dunn, a New Jersey native, initially got her start doing commercials when she was five, but went on to gain her first “big role” as the voice of Turtle Tuck on Nick Jr.’s show, “The Wonder Pets.” Soon after, she was cast as Juanita, a frequent character on “The Naked Brothers Band,” a Nickelodeon production. She attributes her ability to pursue acting, largely in part, to her hometown and the enduring support she has received from her family. “It is amazing to have support doing what you enjoy!” Though Dunn hasn’t appeared in many films, she’s hoping that will change soon and has some surprises underway for fans within the upcoming year. “I believe 2014 has lots of surprises in store with regard to film. Keep watching.” Perhaps the confident hopeful will eventually get to work alongside two of her favorite actors in the future, Jennifer Lawrence and Dylan O’Brien. Until then, fans will just have to wait and see. In addition to the work she does on television, she also participates in something on an even smaller screen: Youtube. Her channels tealaxx2 and TTYLTEALA have both gained a significant amount of success, earning 118k and 50k subscribers, respectively. Her main channel, tealaxx2, focuses primarily on videos geared towards fashion and beauty. “As I’m getting older I am enjoying all the fun stuff around beauty and love sharing ideas with my fans.”

“I believe 2014 has lots of surprises in store with regard to film. Keep watching.” Her second channel, TTYLTEALA, was created to share with fans aspects of her everyday life through vlogging. “I felt my fans really enjoy seeing what I’m up to daily.” Dunn has openly expressed her appreciation for her subscribers and plans to thank them by doing more giveaways this year.

+ words: amanda ferrarese + photos: rachel kober Not only has Dunn gained a large following through Youtube, her participation in the community has provided her with several career opportunities. She has acknowledged the impact of her involvement with AwesomenessTV and is grateful for the “amazing opportunities on Nickelodeon,” it has yielded. In addition, since becoming an active Youtuber, she’s been able to make, what she believes to be, some unforgettable memories and “awesome” friendships. “My most memorable experience was Vidcon 2013, I had the chance to meet so many of my viewers in person.” It’s clear that, though young, Dunn is well on her way to accomplishing her many goals. As excited as she may be about all she has done thus far, she has plans for even bigger and better things in her future. “I hope to see myself in a huge feature film, having my own TV Show, and possibly writing a novel.” With fans as dedicated as hers and an impeccably optimistic attitude, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her dreams become a reality.

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trevor moran W

ho would ever foresee that dancing whimsically in front of a computer in the Apple store and making it a video for all the world to see on Youtube would lead to millions of views and the launch of a music career? Not fifteen year old Trevor Moran, that’s for sure! Trevor Moran has quickly become a Youtube sensation and claims that he has always wanted to be a singer and songwriter even before he made his first video on Youtube. Many things inspired Trevor to start his Youtube channel, some of which those influences he accredits to be Shane Dawson and Charles Trippy. Shane Dawson is only one among many of Trevor’s favorite Youtube channels to watch, while VSauce is another favorite of his. Trevor also claims that a couple of his favorite mainstream artists that he looks up to are Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake.

+ words: katelyn rikel + photos: eric mooney

Trevor not only has his own main channel, but he is also a part of a collab channel called Our2ndLife or O2L, which consists of five other guys - Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, and Sam Pottorff. “We first met at Vidcon and thought that we could make a good combination on one channel. Since then, we have made such a strong friendship with each other,” claims Trevor has he talks about the emergence of the O2L channel. It’s no secret that all of these guys have a knack for entertainment and a talent for talking in front of the camera. “One of the most fun O2L videos to make was “Goodbye Jc Caylen: Part 2.” Jc Caylen and I stayed up all night making it. My favorite video that I’ve ever done, though, would probably be the “Someone” music video. Outside of making videos for Youtube and creating wonderful music, Trevor says that some of his favorite things to do are hanging out with his O2L buds and simply just going to the beach. Trevor has recently released his second single called “The Dark Side,” an extremely catchy, energetic song which incorporates heavy beats and emotion packed lyrics. It’s a song that, according to the comments of his many viewers on Youtube, makes everyone “just want to dance.” In this song, Trevor expresses the feelings of being completely controlled by the power of merciless love. “Making “The Dark Side” was one of the best experiences EVER. It’s about somebody in your life that is manipulating. You almost feel like you’re a puppet on a string, but you keep going back to the person,” says Trevor as he describes the process of creating the single. This Youtube sensation has come a long way from his first few videos of dancing around in the Apple store. Although he says it took him a while to get a good fan base going, “Around two years, I would say.”


Trevor has gained a tremendous support base from all of his loving viewers and fans. Now, Trevor has been able to take on a world of opportunities, and make incredible memories which he can cherish forever. “Vidcon and Playlist Live, the meet and greets have been the best time,” says Trevor as he explains to readers what his most memorable moments have been through his entire Youtube and music experience. Many might recognize Trevor from Season 2 of X Factor on Fox, an experience that Trevor has been able to add to his list. “I saw it online, and thought it would be a fun thing to try out. I don’t think I will try again, though,” states Trevor. Trevor reveals to us that he will be releasing an EP in 2014, so be sure to be on the lookout for that and other exciting things to come!

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troye sivan //////////// + words: gleann ignacio + photos: sophia li


roye Sivan is no stranger to the screens of entertainment. From the internet, television, and movies, this eighteen year old South African native is an active Youtuber, singer, and actor. From the beginning, Sivan always knew that he wanted to be a part of the entertainment business, “I have been jumping out of curtains making my parents introduce me on “stage” in their bedroom for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved being creative and can’t imagine my life without being able to express myself in fun, creative ways,” says Sivan. At the age of two, Sivan moved from his birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. Now eighteen, he calls Perth, Australia his home. There Sivan enjoys this spot of grass just south of the Swan River, “It overlooks the city of Perth and is just really beautiful,” he comments. However, he has not fully abandoned the roots from which he came from, Sivan stars in the South African film series called Spud, where production takes place in South Africa. “It is so cool,” he says on filming, “like you don’t understand. SO. SO. COOL.” He was on set with seven other boys, also in the Spud series, who are all about the same age as himself and who he has become best friends with over the last four years, “to spend a couple of months each year with them making movies is the coolest thing in the world.”


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He welcomed in the New Year super chill with the company of his friends and looking back, 2013 was a good year for Sivan, “spending time with my friends in crazy places!” he mentions. Crazy places being the beautiful cities of: London, Los Angeles, Orlando, Sydney, and Cape Town, “2013 was a crazy year!” Since becoming more active on Youtube, traveling has become one of the greatest things he gets to experience. In fact, he only got to spend four months out of the year alone at home, “holy wow, that’s crazy!” he laughs yet surprised at how much of his year was spent all over the world. He even shared with us the next places he hopes to set foot on, “I love, love, love Europe! I really want to spend more time there, and even give living there a go for a while,” but what is listed high up for his plans of 2014 is to visit Japan, “something about it sounds and looks so exciting and cool to me,” he explained. Most of his time on his journeys are making appearances at video conventions such as Vidcon, Playlist Live, and Summer in the City, “I loved them all,” Sivan comments about his involvement with the conventions, “something about meeting the real people behind the numbers on a screen is so exciting and rewarding.” Oh! He also added this hint for his fans, “I also like hugs, so that’s good,” as well as a fact that some might not know about him, “I love curry! Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines.”


“I’ve always loved being creative and can’t imagine my life without being able to express myself in fun, creative ways.” With over 1 million subscribers on Youtube alone and hundreds of thousands more fans on his other social network accounts, Sivan still feels overwhelmed with it, “It feels crazy,” yet he is grateful that viewers enjoy his work, “even if it’s me talking about getting the shivers when I pee,” he said. “Coming up with ideas is the hardest bit of the Youtube process for me, especially because you can’t force it,” [Sivan on the ideas behind his videos]. So how does he get through it until the perfect idea comes to mind?

local wolves magazine // 43


“Sometimes I have to just sit around and wait until something pops in my head,” he answers. However, a bulk of Sivan’s videos are music videos, which comes much easier to him and are based on life experiences, “music is so much easier to write when you are actually writing about something that has happened to you, or someone else that you know, even if that someone else is a character from a book.” Prior to Youtube, Sivan has appeared and sung at Storm the Stage at Burswood Entertainment Complex and the Channel Seven Perth Telethon three straight years in a row. In 2006, where within that year he had also sung a duet with winner, Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol, 2007, and 2008. The telethon appearances had even landed him the role as Hugh Jackman’s younger version of James Howlett in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His own debut album, Dare to Dream, was released in early 2008.

“Music is so much easier to write when you are actually writing about something that has happened to you, or someone else that you know, even if that someone else is a character from a book.” Youtube means a whole lot to Sivan, even before he started his vlogs and when he would only sing on his channel, “it has led to the most incredible, unbelievable life experiences and opportunities,” he said. In his video entitled “Coming Out,” Sivan revealed that around August of 2010 he announced to his family on being gay and three years later in 2013 he publicly shared this news of his sexual orientation to the viewers on Youtube, “that video I think was my purpose on Youtube,” said Sivan and added, “obviously Youtube is fun and has brought amazing opportunities, but nothing compares to being able to provide some advice/ relief to people who are going through the same thing.” It all brings a smile to his face and could not be any more thankful and lucky to have his family and friends that support him. He would also advise to those who are struggling to be in front of their own cameras, “Just do it! Your hardest video is your first, talking to a camera with no one else around, but you get used to it and then you enjoy it, keep going! Who knows what might come of it.” Sivan also shared with us who are some of his all time favorites on Youtube and the two in particular that he hopes to collaborate with someday, Grace Helbig and MirandaSings08. As time goes on, Sivan continues to expand, have fun, and go onto many more exciting adventures. Lastly before parting he leaves us with saying, “It’s been super cool! Also to my fans: Hey! Hi! What’s up? Yo I’m in a magazine. Ayyyyy!”

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digifest la

+ date: saturday, december 14, 2013 + location: hollywood palladium // 6215 sunset blvd // los angeles, ca + show: 4:00pm - 11:00pm


igiFest LA was definitely a night to remember, it was hoted at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California. The awesome crew at DigiTour Media brought together an event where they showcased a wide range of entertainment from television to Youtube. There were appearances by Bella Thorne (Disney’s “Shake It Up”), James Maslow (“Big Time Rush”), Madison Pettis (TeenNick “Life with Boys”), James Rebecca Black, Noah Cyrus, Al Calderon (X Factor), Rowan Blanchard (Disney’s “Girl Meets World), Josh Levi (X Factor), Forever in Your Mind (X Factor), Jackson Guthy, Jasmine V, Hoodie Allen, Diamond White, LohAnthony, Our2ndLife, GloZell, Frankie J. Grande, Lia Marie Johnson, Hoodie Allen, J.J. Totah (ABC “Back in the Game) and plus many more. + bella thorne


+ james maslow

+ taylor elizabeth / kaleb nation

+ joey gatto / jonah green / ryan abe

+ madison pettis / rebecca black

+ andrew lowe / jenn mcallister / lohanthony / thats0jack

fun on the red carpet + photos: cathrine khom

+ j.j. totah

+ josh levi

+ kandee johnson

+ beatrice miller

+ sam pottorff / jc caylen / kian lawley / trevor moran / ricky dillon

+ teala dunn

+ rowan blanchard

+ frankie grande

+ luke conard

+ lia marie johnson / charisma kain

+ forever in your mind

+ watercolor

+ lexxi saal / brittany saal

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hangin’backstage + photos: sophia li

+ cameron dallas

+ noah cyrus

+ rebecca black

+ sawyer hartman

+ thats0jack


+ alexa losey / troye sivan

+ lohanthony

+ shamari maurice / anastasia karanikolaou

time for the performances! + photos: cathrine khom and lexie alley

first performance

Rebecca Black per formed her brand new single “S for the first time aturday,” on lowing the music stage folvideo release. + rebecca black

+ chase goehring

+ andrew lowe / jenn mcallister / thats0jack

+ glozell

+ daniel sahyoune / sam pottorff

+ during “saturday” by rebecca black

+ acacia brinley

+ beau brooks / daniel sahyoune

+ trevor moran

local wolves magazine // 51

+ todrick hall

+ jackson guthy

exclusinvecement! annou ttle sister to

s, li Noah Cyru , announced her s Miley Cyru nd new Youtube a family’s br riously Cyrus. e channel, S + joey gatto / teala dunn / rebecca black

+ nikki hollywood

+ IM5

+ taylor elizabeth / kaleb nation


+ hoodie allen

+ angelina krivenkoff

+ diamond white

Our2ndLife announcement!

Our2ndLife will be on a 19 date U going St starting Febru our ary Honolulu, Hawa 22 in ii! + jc caylen / kian lawley / trevor moran

+ jasmine v

+ damon fizzy / edwin

+ our2ndlife

+ nick tangorra

+ collin keys

+ sam pottorff / jc caylen

+ troye sivan / oli white

major thanks to: About DigiTour: DigiTour Media, LLC, bringing social to the stage, was founded in 2010 by music industry vets Meridith Valiando and Chris Rojas—she an A&R exec and he a multi-platinum record producer. The pair also serves as DigiTour producers, and together they have presented more than 70 live events and tours across the US and Canada featuring Youtube sensations with a combined reach of more than 25 million fans. DigiTour along with major brand partners (Intel, Google, Sony, Gibson) has received critical acclaim in the media (Forbes, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, HypeBot, LA Business Journal, Billboard, Fuse, E! Online, Perez Hilton. com, Village Voice, KTLA, US Weekly, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Time Out New York) making an incredible mark

in the entertainment industry by changing the traditional concert platform and helping YouTubers launch solid touring brands that bridge the gap between the web and the mainstream. About Hello Products LLC: Hello Products LLC, is the first seriously friendly™ oral care brand. At Hello, we thought it was time that personal care became, well, personal again. And beautiful. So, we created naturally friendly, effective, delicious, pain-free and gorgeous products that elevate the everyday. The range includes toothpaste, mouthwash, breath sprays and toothbrushes all designed to let people greet freely.™ For more information please visit www.hello-products.com.

local wolves magazine // 53

to write love on her arms

heavy + light / / p h o t o s / / m a d i s o n b a s s - t ay l o r


twloha’s heavy + light anis mojgani

twloha’s heavy + light

josh montgomery // the summer set brian dales // the summer set brian dales // the summer set tristan prettyman

jon foreman

mary lambert

jess bowen // the summer set

jamie tworkowski

local wolves magazine // 55

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