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The Perfect Winter Coat Tips On How To Choose the Perfect Winter Coat A winter coat is one of life’s bigger clothing investments, so it makes sense to be fully informed and have a plan before hitting the shops (or the internet!). The first thing to look at is your lifestyle. Imagine someone who travels by car and parks outside their place of work every day, but who likes to go for country walks with their dog at the weekend. Then imagine someone who waits for a bus or a train every day and has a half mile walk at either end of their commute. They will have different demand from their winter coats. In the UK winters vary from mild to extreme but one thing is certain…it will rain! A waterproof outer shell is a musthave for any winter coat. Look for ‘water resistant’ on the label. Don’t rule-out a proper wool coat; a somewhat unsung property of wool is its water-resistance. Beware though: many coats which purport to be ‘wool’ are a wool blend with only about 20% wool fibres.

These will be less resistant to a downpour; more likely to make you sweat and smell a bit fusty after a while. Look at how well insulated the coat is. Proper wool coats are naturally warm and feel luxurious. Among other types of coat insulation is a choice of down or synthetic fibres. Down is a classic, natural insulator. It is incredibly lightweight though less good for very wet weather. If you plan to walk a lot in all weathers it may not be the right choice. Synthetic insulation holds up better against moisture but won’t retain its insulating properties for as long as down. Check all zips and cuffs are made from high quality material that will last. Double zips or a zip and Velcro-flap combination create added warmth. Cuffs should be cosy around the wrists so that no drafts can get in. Once you’ve found a coat you like, examine it to make sure it really is high quality. Make sure all the seams are secure and there are no holes where insulation is escaping.

There are many super-stylish winter coats around, but never sacrifice comfort and warmth for style as you will regret it on the coldest wettest days. For example, check that you can wear layers, or a thick jumper under the coat. I’ve found many ‘fashion’ coats have arms which are too skinny to allow for a jumper and thus restrict your movement and / or blood-flow! Finally think creatively. In our first hypothetical example the person might prefer a light warm wool jacket for commuting by car to work, but a thick full-length downinsulated coat for country walks at the weekend. OR, they might prefer to buy a jacket with a lining that can be removed and worn separately as a jacket in its own right for car journeys, then with the waterproof outer layer at weekends.

If your budget is tight try searching through charity shops or factory shops. There are some amazing bargains to be found from heavy pure wool overcoats to branded hiking wear. Stay warm this winter. By Tracey Anderson



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Heaven Scent

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Home fragrance What’s the first thing a guest notices when they walk into your home? Your antique coat stand? The ornate mirror? The pristine hardwood flooring? No, it’s actually the smell. Smell is our most powerful sense and will override the other four senses if something foul wafts our way. So, if your house smells like musty wet dog, stinky shoes, or last night’s fish supper, none of the other details will matter. How your home smells leaves an impression on visitors so it’s nice to make that impression a good one, and of course it’s nicer for you too; after all you live there! There’s a whole industry devoted to home fragrance, so you have lots of choice. But the secret to a nose-friendly atmosphere isn’t synthetic scents. Aside from being overly perfumed, they often contain chemicals that can irritate some sensitive people, particularly asthma and migraine sufferers. Let the outside in - The simplest most effective way to freshen up your home is to open doors and windows yet very few of us do it on a daily basis. Stale air is a health hazard and a mood zapper. I’m not suggesting that you leave the windows open all day in November, but just five minutes will give you an instant, and totally free, air refresh. Grow an indoor herb garden - Fresh herbs such as basil and mint give off a lovely aroma in the kitchen. If you’re feeling ambitious try planting a herb box overflowing with marjoram, lemon balm and rosemary. Sweep your hand across them to agitate the foliage and spread the fragrance around the room.

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Chop up a few lemons and limes - For a quick and easy fresh smell,

you can’t beat citrus. Slice a few lemons, limes and oranges into thin wheels and bake them at a very low temperature for several hours until they are dry to the touch. You can pretty much forget about them while they are in the oven except for the fact your house will smell incredible. When they are done you can make potpourri. Thread some on a string with a cinnamon stick and some star anise and hang in your kitchen or pop them in a pretty glass bowl.

Bonus tips

Make citrus salt - Grind the citrus wheels to a powder in a spice grinder and mix with flaked sea salt. Make citrus sugar - Same as above but mix with sugar. Make sweets - Dip them in dark chocolate and sprinkle with flaky sea salt. Buy quality scented candles Organic beeswax scented candles are very different to synthetic chemically fragranced varieties. Try them and you won’t look back. If you are wondering which scents to try, fresh citrus scents have universal appeal; incense and patchouli are lovely at this time of year. Vanilla has long been named as the most popular choice among airfreshener companies and in candle form it takes on an even warmer, more mellow quality. Make your own air freshener - For a quick-fix, all-natural air freshener, fill a pan with water, add fresh rosemary or lavender and bring to the boil, then simmer for an hour and let the vapours drift around the house, scenting the air. Later, you can let the mixture cool and decant the liquid into a spray bottle. Store in the fridge and spritz a little as needed.


Kid’s Winter Health - Naturally Don’t let the bugs win the health battle this winter. We have an innate power to heal ourselves as long as we take care and prepare. We thrive in happy, stress and pollution-free environments, with sufficient healthy foods and drinks, fresh air, sunshine, exercise and sleep.

Sprouted seeds contain many more enzymes than just fruit or vegetables. Enzymes are destroyed in cooking so some food should be eaten raw. Try carrot, celery and cucumber sticks.

However our immune systems can take a battering at this time of year and children are particularly vulnerable.

Children need 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day to sustain energy levels. Tiredness reduces immunity. Choose wholegrain cereals for breakfast such as oats, rather than refined sugary cereals. Soak overnight and then top up with honey and hot milk, preferably full fat and organic.

Vegetables and fruit are essential eating, due to the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they contain, especially vitamin C and the B vitamins that help deal with stress.

Try goat or buffalo milk if your child is hyperactive and over-emotional, as this may indicate difficulties digesting casein, the cow protein. Add chopped nuts, seeds, fruit and live yogurt.

They are also alkaline-forming, neutralising acids formed by fizzy drinks, additives and high sugar levels associated with junk food. If your children won’t go for the greens try hiding them by finely chopping and mixing with minced meat.

Protein breakfasts will fill them up and aid the brain. Scrambled eggs or sardines on wholegrain toast are healthy options, with fruit for morning playtime. Muesli bars are useful standbys but check for excess sugar, which lowers immunity.

Make smoothies and blend soups. They can even grow their own cress for egg and cress sandwiches.

Buy the homeopathic remedies, Aconite and Gelsemium 30c, helpful at the first signs of a cold. Give

honey tea will keep them warm and ease sore throats and coughs, as will Propolis lozenges.

one Aconite pill if they come home chilled and can’t seem to get warm. Chills lower immunity so stock up on warming spices.

The herb Echinacea aids healing and regulates the immune system. Echinoforce by Vogel is suitable for children over 5 years of age.

In America cayenne was sprinkled in shoes, so lots of cosy orange feet! You may prefer to add it to stews and soups? Homemade chicken soup with drumsticks and extra onions is very nourishing.

Give the maximum dose at the first sign of a cold and once a day as a preventative. A vitamin D supplement is also a good preventative.

Add fresh garlic, sage and thyme to boost immunity. Lemon, ginger and

Always follow instructions for children and remember that any aspirin based cold treatments are unsuitable. Sue Blain Naturopath

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Just Around The Corner …Christmas that is. Now we all know someone who buys their prezzies in the January sales, has their cards written and addressed by Easter and their turkey ordered before the first frost.

Order meat early Farmers’ markets and shops are teeming at this Christmas time. Don’t imagine you’ll get what you want if you leave it until the last minute.

local shops offer home delivery? Look into local veg-box schemes. Divide the remaining list into manageable chunks and purchase a few things each week. For foodstuffs, begin with items which can be frozen and end with the fresh items which need to be purchased just a day or two before.

Check bed and linen status! Will you need to buy or borrow fold-up beds, or extra bedding for your guests?

We’re not suggesting that you start planning Christmas while on your summer holidays but it does pay to be a little bit organised. You’ll arrive at December 25th with far fewer grey hairs and much lower blood pressure if you plan ahead.

Clear out toy cupboards Be ruthless. Involve the kids. Donate outgrown and unplayed-with items to charity. If you are an eBayer, spend an afternoon listing items for sale.

Write the cards It’s bit of a chore but put the carols on, pour a glass of something festive and get into the spirit. You’ll feel really virtuous when they’re done. Tree lights and outdoor lights Test them well in advance so they can be replaced if necessary.

We hate their smugness and lack of proper festive spirit but mainly we hate them because we know that we could never ever be that organised...until now!

Clear out food cupboards Be ruthless. Chuck out all the out-of-date items and things you know will never be eaten. Make room for all those festive goodies.

week of December which gives me time to feed it as much brandy as it will hold. Yum!

What about elderly guests? They may be able to lie down on a Z bed but will they ever be able to get up again! By now you should be feeling organised and in control. You may even feel the beginnings of a smug smile twitch at the corners of your mouth. Who’s coming to dinner? Are there any vegetarians, vegans or dairy intolerances among your guests. Are you planning a party? List all the food, alcohol and gift items you think you will need and add to it as you go along. Study your list Are there items which can be bought online? Do any of your

Puds and cakes Make these early to give them time to mature. Stir up Sunday is the last Sunday before advent and this year is on November 30th.

Enjoy it…you earned it. Just be aware that someone somewhere hates you for it!

This is traditionally the time when Christmas puddings are made. I make my Christmas cake during the first


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Poppy Factory Major George Howson was an engineer. He was a man of great energy and determination. He won the military cross in WWl. He was addicted to strong Turkish cigarettes and bought them 10000 at a time. He was also the founder of The Royal British Legion Poppy factory! Through the work of Anna Guerin of France and Moina Michael of the USA, both very practical women who took Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”, and devised a way of raising vital funds for wartime charities. The British Legion had been set up the year before and the very first French Poppy Appeal – using silk poppies made by widows - had raised £106,000. In 1921 the first British Poppy appeal was held. In the first year the poppies were imported from France and there was huge demand as poppies quickly became the icons of remembrance. The Major made a connection; Remembrance Day needed poppies and wounded ex-soldiers needed work. In a letter to his parents he spoke of using a £2000 cheque he had been given to set up a factory to, ‘…give the disabled their chance.’ He wrote that he felt the project would probably not be successful but that he ought to attempt it anyway. He set up The Disabled Society in London with just five injured exservicemen, and in spite of his initial lack of optimism, in few years that had grown to 350 men. He set up a sister factory in Edinburgh to supply poppies to Scotland, and the London factory moved to larger premises near the Thames in Richmond and was renamed The Poppy Factory. As time went on the needs of veterans changed. They wanted to work in their own communities, closer to their families.


They also wanted to use the many and varied skills they had acquired

Quality made-to-measure fitted wardrobes during their careers in the armed services, prior to becoming injured. In 2010, The Poppy Factory began to actively help disabled ex-Service find the work they wanted in the places they wanted to be. It continues to build on its strong historical foundations to provide an employability service that supports hundreds of ex-Service personnel with varying health challenges into meaningful employment with businesses across the country every year.

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Moina Michael was an American professor. She wrote a response to McCrae’s poem in 1918 entitled We Shall Keep The Faith.

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She vowed to always wear a poppy as a symbol of Remembrance for those who served in the war. She realised the need to provide financial and occupational support for ex-Servicemen after teaching a class of disabled veterans at the University of Georgia, and so she pursued the idea of selling silk poppies to raise funds for them. Remembrance Day was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. It was originally called “Armistice Day” to commemorate armistice agreement that ended the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.—on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The national Poppy Appeal fundraising target is £37 million to allow the RBL to carry out its vital work. The nation’s biggest armed forces charity spends £1.6 million every week in direct welfare support and answers more than 170,000 calls for help.

Treat yourself to a beautiful new look kitchen for less.... BY JUST REPLACING THE DOORS! • Save Money • Save Time • Save Hassle

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War Poets

Fall For Autumn Colour

At this Armistice Day, it’s a pertinent time to reflect on the work of the ‘War Poets.’ The phrase is generally taken to refer to the 16 men who wrote about their first-hand experiences of the First World War and who are commemorated in a slate memorial at Poets Corner. The 16 are; Richard Aldington, Laurence Binyon, Edmund Blunden, Rupert Brooke, Wilfrid Gibson, Robert Graves, Julian Grenfell, Ivor Gurney, David Jones, Robert Nichols, Wilfred Owen, Herbert Read, Isaac Rosenberg, Siegfried Sassoon, Charles Sorley and Edward Thomas. Now often studied as part of the English curriculum, the work of these poets is particularly notable for being violent and realistic and challenging earlier poetry which had a pro-war message. Their work expresses extreme emotions of fear, anger and love. The War Poets Association says; ‘the young soldier poets of the First World War established war poetry as a literary genre. Their combined voice has become one of the defining texts of Twentieth Century Europe.’ Some such as, Isaac Rosenberg, Edward Thomas, Charles Sorley and Wilfred Owen died in action, whilst Siegfried Sassoon and Robert Graves survived but went on to express their emotional distress through poetry. Wilfred Owen is generally accepted as the greatest war poet to have written in the English Language. After being blown up, suffering concussion and being shell-shocked, Owen was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Edinburgh were he met Robert Graves and

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Siegfried Sassoon who inspired him to develop his poetry further. Owen was awarded a George Cross in October 1918 having seized a machine gun and shot and captured several Germans, but just a few weeks later, he was killed at Orps. His most famous poem is ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ meaning ‘it is sweet and right’ with the last line going on to mean ‘to die for your country.’ In his poem The Sentry he talks about how one of his sentries was blinded. He said ‘All a poet can do is warn. That is why the true poet must be truthful.’ Anthologies celebrating the best of the genre often include: Charles Sorley’s ‘When you see millions of the mouthless dead’, Isaac Rosenberg’s ‘Break of Day in the Trenches’, ‘Lights Out’ by Edward Thomas, ‘To his love’ by Ivor Gurney and ‘The Soldier’ by Rupert Brooke. Whilst not written by one of the commemorated 16, the most quoted poem of this era remains ‘In Flanders Fields’ which was written by former doctor John McCrae during the second battle of Ypres. Many widely renowned British poets also have war poems covering a wide range of conflicts within their collections, including Kipling, Tennyson, Hughes, Larkin and Hardy.

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Brilliant Seasonal Garden Plants See what I did there in the title? Terrible pun I know but I couldn’t resist. Back in the Nineties I travelled to the White Mountain region of the USA to experience the Fall firsthand. My husband still jokes that it’s the only time in my life I’ve ever been speechless! Clear blue skies, golden sun and hyper-saturated foliage colours gave the impression that the whole New Hampshire landscape was on fire. The effect was unutterably beautiful. Back home in the UK I was a woman on a mission. I had to capture some of that beauty for my own plot. Through research I discovered that the quality of autumn colour in the New Hampshire region depends on two things: the combination of tree species and the climatic conditions. The sugar maple, red oak, mespilus and viburnum are the trees responsible for the famous vivid red and purple hues of the Fall but their colourful magic is dependant on warm sunny days followed by cool nights where the temperature doesn’t drop below 7-8°C. So now I had two problems. No way could I guarantee perfect weather conditions in the UK and then there was the small issue of space...the smallness of the space being the issue! I would not be able to shoe-horn a Red Oak or a Sugar Maple into my suburban garden. So I hit the books and the garden centres and gradually I compiled a list of solid autumn performers which will put on a dazzling display regardless of the British climate.

Now my garden is brim full of glorious, fiery autumn hues and with a little planning and my ‘approved’ list you too can bring a little of the Boston Falls to British suburbia. Japanese maples Varieties of Acer palmatum - both green and purple - colour well and are small enough for most gardens. They do prefer acid soil so if you live on lime they perform better in a pot. They need shelter from chilly winds, which can scorch their leaves. Dogwood, Cornus alba The leaves begin to turn pink in late September and you also have the benefit of bright red or yellow whippy stems afterwards, depending on the variety. Euonymus alatus A quirky plant which has corky, winged outgrowths on its stems. This is a quiet plant for most of the year but produces the most brilliant crimson leaves in autumn plus purple - red fruits which split to form four winged lobes with a bright orange seed in the centre. There is also a compact variety which only grows to 1m so is suitable for small gardens. Berberis thunbergii Its varieties are around 2m tall, make a great hedge and take on spectacular hues around October just before the leaves fall. Coloured leafed heathers These work hard all year but are at their best when burnished by the autumn chill. By Rachael Leverton


Puzzle Page Quick Crossword

Crossword Clues Across


1 Affirms (6)

2 Giant rogue wave (7)

5 Grabbing, seizing (6)

3 Bind, fasten securely (3,2)

8 British aristocrat (4)

4 Not at all intoxicated (5,2,1,5)

9 Rest, break (8)

5 Large box filled with riches (8,5)

10 Defensive walls of a castle (8)

6 Thick sweet tomato sauce (7)

11 Part of the foot (4)

7 Female relation (5)

12 Athletic throwing event (6)

13 Small edible fruit, may be black, white or red (7)

14 Apologise, atone (6) 16 Scrap, fight (4) 18 Members of the crow family (8) 20 Remove the riding seat from a horse (8) 21 Enclosure for chickens (4) 22 Pacify (6) 23 Arduous, irritating (6)

Wordsearch Clues Ambrose Rookwood Everard Digby Execution Francis Tresham Gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes John Grant John Wright King James London


Parliament Robert Catesby Robert Keyes Robert Wintour Thomas Bates Thomas Percy Thomas Wintour Treason

15 Infant (7) 17 Christmas theatre show (5) 19 Atrophy (5)

Pure Air - Do You Need An Air Purifier? What you need to know about air-purifiers Do you suffer with allergies? Are you particularly sensitive to chemical smells from cleaning fluids or detergents? Do you live on a busy road and worry about pollution levels? You might benefit from an air-purifier. Indoor air pollutants fall into three main categories: Particles For example: dust, pollen, and pet dander.

might benefit from an air purifier. Unfortunately, an air purifier isn’t a miracle replacement for keeping your home clean and ventilating it when possible. The most effective way to manage pollutants in your air is still to avoid introducing them in the first place. Preventive measures like not smoking indoors, vacuuming regularly, including upholstery, allowing fresh air in on occasion and keeping solid surfaces sanitized are still the best ways to combat indoor air issues.

Microorganisms and bioaerosols For example: dust mites, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, fungi.

Air purifiers remove pollutants from the air using one of three methods: filtration, electrostatic precipitation and ionizing.

Chemical vapours and odours. For example: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours, smoke and perfumes, including those given off by cleaning products, and cooking smells.

Ionizing air-purifiers work by causing particles to attach to surfaces or to each other and settle out of the air, but they are not recommended for asthma sufferers as they produce ozone which can trigger an attack.

Air purifiers work to filter these contaminants out of your air. Anyone sensitive to allergens or with asthma

Using a filter-based air purifier is considered the healthiest and most effective option.

The most effective form of air filtration is a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) filter. Models with filters suck in your home’s air and move it through the filter with a circulating fan. When the air moves through each filter, any pollutants and particles are caught in the filter. The clean air is then pushed back out into your space. HEPA filters do a better job here than a standard filter because they can catch finer particles. Air purifiers vary hugely in price. The major difference is typically the quality of the air or how big an area it can purify effectively.

CADR on an air purifier label stands for ‘clean air delivery rate and is a measure of how quickly the purifier can deliver clean air. The higher the CADR, the more quickly the air purifier can filter your air. You might also see MERV, which stands for ‘minimum efficiency reporting value’ where the lowest rating is 1 and the highest is 20. HEPA filters rate between 17 and 20. Lastly, give your home a thorough deep clean before purchasing and installing an air-purifier, to give it the best chance of providing relief.

Most models are designed to sit on the floor, but you can find table-top or wallmounted designs. You will need a model big enough for your room but bear in mind that the bigger the model the more energy-intensive it will be.

Martin Page

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West Bridgford’s Local Tree Surgeon Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

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What’s Happening In Our Area This is a free page to publicise your local events and information. We would love to hear from you if you know of any event in or around the West Bridgford area; copy deadline is the 20th of each month. Please email: West Bridgford Shopmobility is a charity which helps people with mobility problems to move easily around the shops and attractions of West Bridgford. Not only that, but we also have a short –term hire scheme so that you can take a scooter or wheelchair away on a UK holiday, or help you if you are poorly, or just discharged from hospital, or if you have a guest with mobility problems. Call us on 0115 981 5451, find us on Facebook, or at www.wbshopmobility - or visit us behind West Bridgford library on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Insanity - West Bridgford every Friday night from 6.30pm - 7.30pm in West Bridgford Baptist Church. All levels of fitness welcome. For more information, please contact Caroline on 07849 753300, email: or Facebook: Insanity – West Bridgford. Kickers and Stompers line dancing groups. Meet regularly each week in West Bridgford, Plumtree and Radcliffe on Trent. Suitable classes for all levels of dance. Come and have fun with us. Tel 01159140673 or e.mail p.brown633@ The Poppy Folk Club The Poppy Folk Club will have a singaround and instrumental session on Sunday 17th November, at 7.30pm at the Poppy and Pint, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay. Everyone welcome to sing, play or listen. Further information from juliet@, 0115 923 1513, and Just Friends West Bridgford is a very friendly group for single, local people aged 55+. 25+ events each month including theatre, coach trips, holidays, pub nights, meals out, walks, darts, snooker, card/

board games. Monthly club coffee morning. Call Lillian 0115 8462225 or Irene 0115 8781905 or visit our website for further information. Nottingham Leander Swimming Club We welcome all swimmers but especially those who want to race ! Confident swimmers from age 6 upwards. All qualified coaches. Friendly and supportive ethos. Water Polo. Learn to swim classes for non-swimmers. ‘Masters’ swimming for all abilities. See our website or contact our Secretary Sue at suedavis78@gmail. com Claire Mockridge Fitness/Pilates Mother and Baby Postnatal Fitness Classes Wednesdays 11am-12pm All Hallows Church Hall, Pierrepont Road, Lady Bay/ West Bridgford - Come along from 6-10 weeks after birth. Phone Claire on 07747 656550, email or see The South Notts Flower Club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at Edwalton Church Hall, Edwalton. All visitors are welcome. £6.00 The Edwalton, Gamston and District U3A is going from strength to strength. it has a steadily growing number with new members at every meeting. If you would like to join please contact Christine Shaw email : chrisshaw20038@ or telephone 0115 974 5512. We meet every 2nd Thursday in the month from 2 to 4 p.m. at Gamston Community Hall. Interested in learning bridge? Or want to return? West Bridgford Bridge Club meets at Edwalton Golf Centre 7pm every Monday night, for duplicate bridge. For more details, contact David Hazeldine at Trent Valley Sailing Club has an active junior fleet. Sailing takes place on Friday evenings between April and September for children aged 7 to 16.

We have several places available this year for new junior sailors. Come and have a go on the water. All enquiries to Angela Wilford Racquets Badminton Club welcomes new members. We play on Wednesday evenings in West Bridgford. For further information please contact Hazel on 0115 981 5184 or Richard on 0739 884 2647 The Nottingham Astronomical Society are a friendly group of amateur astronomers from all walks of life. Whilst providing regular guest-speaker events, we encourage active observing. The Society owns and operates an observatory near Cotgrave, which houses our 24-inch large reflector telescope. If you are interested in astronomy, you are welcome to come along to our meetings. Most meetings include an illustrated talk by a guest speaker, and admission is free to occasional visitors. More information on the website at www. Radcliffe Sword Club Learn the exciting modern Olympic sport of fencing with Radcliffe Sword Club, meeting at the main sports hall, Clifton Leisure Centre, Southchurch Drive, Clifton, NG11 8AB.Juniors (aged 9-14): Tuesday 18:3020:00; Adults (15+) : Tuesday 20:0022:00 and Wednesday 20:00-22:00 Trent Karate Club @ Rushcliffe leisure centre Come and train with Trent Karate Club Every Monday and Thursday 7.00 - 8.30 First lesson is free, for all ages. Contact John Dornan on 01159 374706 Notts Orienteering Club is a not-for-profit community sports club run by volunteers. We offer beginners orienteering sessions in the community for people to learn how to read maps and get a bit of gentle exercise at the same time. We have three evening sessions available in Worksop, West Bridgford and Mansfield on Tues and Wed evenings. For more information call Catherine on 07940575758 or e mail Modern Line Dancing Classes Daytime and Evenings Held in West Bridgford,

Radcliffe on Trent, Plumtree (also Bakersfield and Stapleford) Suitable for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate Levels. For further information please contact Pat on 0115 9140673. Friends of Bridgford Park need volunteers of all ages to help keep our truly beautiful amenity in really good condition. The Friends plant, clear wooded areas, help all wildlife survive and increase. So we need people from all walks of life to join us Interested? Please contact Linda on 9819146 or Lorraine on 9816646 WEST BRIDGFORD ADVICE CENTRE is open every Wednesday morning from 9-30am to 12-30pm. at St Giles’ Church Hall, Stratford Rd, West Bridgford NG2 6AZ. Tel: 0115 9821475. No appointment necessary – we operate a drop in system. We can help with benefit claims, form filling, consumer, debt, and housing issues etc. THE ROTARY CLUB OF WEST BRIDGFORD meets every Wednesday 6.30pm for 7pm at the Country Cottage Hotel Ruddington. Enquiries for membership from both professional men and women of all ages are very welcome. Please contact for more information. THEATRE ARTS WORKSHOP ...offers you the chance to have a go, whatever your age, abilty or experience! Drama Workshops, Youth Theatre and GCSE Drama Saturday classes held at Jesse Gray School, Musters Road, West Bridgford. NG2 7DD. 0115 8549175 BRIDGFORD BEADERS We meet once a month on a Tuesday at the Abbey Community centre from 9.30 to 1.00. We are a friendly group of varied ages and abilities always willing to help each other. For further info please contact Sheelagh on 01159532473 The West Bridgford Dramatic Society Why not come along on Tuesday evenings and have a good time. Get to know other members before accidentally covering them in paint during set building. Check out the events page on the web site which has the latest programme!!

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Winter Driving Checklist

Cold weather presents some of the most challenging driving conditions. Read on for our winter car maintenance checklist

your windscreen wipers. There’s a high risk of them smearing grime across the windscreen if your screen wash bottle is empty.

When winter arrives it’s important to know that your car is capable of dealing with the inclement weather, so we’ve produced a vital winter car checklist to ensure you don’t get caught out.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, open the windscreen washer bottle under the bonnet, and fill it with screen wash. You can buy ready mixed or concentrated screen wash, which you’ll need to mix with water.

It’s important to keep your car well maintained throughout the year, but this becomes even more vital during the winter months. The good news is that winter car checks really aren’t too different from normal maintenance procedures, however there are a few items that you should pay extra attention to:

Check exterior lights It sounds simple, and it is. The days are shorter and the weather is worse during the winter months, making maintenance of your exterior lights an important aspect of any winter car checklist.

Check your car battery Cold and damp weather is a battery killer. There’s little worse than the mechanical groan when you turn the key caused by a dying car battery. If your battery is struggling to start your car, the chances are it’s on its way out. You can test the battery yourself if you have the correct equipment, but it’s far easier to ask a specialist. Assuming you can start the car, you can drive to your local main dealer or car spares shop to buy a new one. Most car battery stockists will even fit it for you. Car battery prices vary, and can cost from around £60 fitted, although models fitted with stop-start systems can cost more than £100, depending on the size, type and the electrical current produced. There are dozens of combinations, so make sure you get the correct one.

Check and clean your lights regularly. The salt and dirt can quickly build-up, reducing visibility at night as well as during periods of snow, fog and rain. Carry extra bulbs in case of a failure.

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Winter tyres If you drive frequently in winter, then consider buying a set of winter tyres. They offer exceptional grip when the temperature drops below seven degrees, and in snow and ice. They’re not cheap, but well worth the investment Winter car equipment Carrying an emergency kit with you at all times through the winter might seem a bit extreme – but if you ever find yourself stranded you’ll be glad of it. We recommend: • A mobile phone and charger • A hazard warning triangle • Hi-visibility vest • A first aid kit • De-icer and a scraper • A shovel • A tow rope • Wellington boots • A torch • Warm clothes • Food and drink

Check antifreeze Antifreeze, as its name suggests, stops the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing. To test the effectiveness of your antifreeze, you’ll need an antifreeze tester, which cost about £5. To use it, Lower the tube into the coolant and And a decent set of car mats will not squeeze the rubber bulb on the end to only protect your car’s carpets from suck some antifreeze inside the tester wet or muddy feet, but can be wedged AND GET wash YOUR PHONE RINGING TODAY Check screen under the driven wheels to get you Wintery weather is frequently wet, moving should you get really stuck in email us - Or 0115 822 4995 Email Or callcall 0115 822 4995 meaning you’ll spend lots of time using the snow.

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Winter Garden View

Leaf matter. Leaves matter! Oh, those autumn leaves. So pretty on the trees but they can be rather inconvenient in the garden. If they drift too deep on the lawn the grass underneath will die so there’s nothing to do but rake them up. However, these fallen leaves are a little autumn gift from nature and with them you can create leaf mould. Leaf mould is free garden nourishment, and it’s it’s like feeding your soil with the finest fillet steak. Leaf mould is what’s left when the dead, fallen leaves from deciduous trees and shrubs are heaped up and allowed to rot down. As they slowly decompose, only the toughest bits remain, eventually forming crumbly, dark brown crumbs, a bit like chocolate sprinkles. Leaf mould is easy to make, a delight to handle, and you can’t possibly overfeed your soil with it. Micro-organisms are the driving factor, performing an alchemy that gives the finished product an almost magical quality. Its fibrous nature retains moisture and enables free drainage, which means it also makes a great mulch for trilliums or wood anemones, whose natural habitat is woodland. I adhere to a policy of only collecting leaves where necessary. Where they have fallen and are not obscuring the grass I leave them for the earthworms to pull into their burrows (I wrote last month about how I think of earthworms as my friends and so do nothing to discourage them). Simply sweeping leaves off paths and decking or patios will keep the

garden looking cared for. I also remove any that have drifted around my herb garden because herbs like to be able to breathe. These tasks alone give me enough leaves to create plenty of lovely leaf mould. If you have enough room, create a separate leaf heap rather than simply adding leaves to compost. It’s quite simple to construct a leaf cage using chicken wire and posts. You can even bag your leaves in punctured black bin bags and put them in an out-of-the-way corner. The puncturing is necessary to allow air to circulate. A leaf heap made this autumn will be ready by next autumn. While you’re tidying up the leaves it can be tempting to cut down faded perennials. But if you leave them, in a month or so you will find they have turned into wonderful sculptural winter skeletons which look incredibly beautiful in the frosts. It’s all down to personal taste of course, but I often leave perennials standing until February or March simply to provide a bit of interest over the winter. Happy Gardening.

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Wonderful Wellies

Spots, stripes, flowers or leopard print – wellington boots are no longer reserved for farmers, they’ve become a fashionable footwear essential.

If you need a new pair of boots this winter, here is a quick round-up of what to look for:

People have been wearing boots to keep their feet warm and dry for thousands of years. The earliest snow boots were discovered on an ancient iceman thought to be 5000 years old, and were made from bearskin, tree bark and deer pelts.

Cheaper wellies tend to be made from PVC. These are fine for occasional wear, but they can make your feet sweat and are not very hardwearing.

Of course, the welly as we know it is named after the Duke of Wellington. He asked his shoemakers to adapt the hessian boots worn by men in the mid-18th century so that they were waterproof, and provided more protection in battle.

Boots lined with neoprene will keep your feet really warm.

They designed a leather boot that had a low heel and fitted closely to the leg. Meanwhile, the industrial manufacture of rubber was being developed, and an American called Henry Lee Norris founded the North British Rubber Company in Scotland. Now known as Hunter Boot Ltd, the factory made the first rubber wellingtons which became popular with farmers. Production rapidly increased during World War I, when the War Office asked Hunter to make boots that would keep the men’s feet dry in the trenches. Again in World War II, the factory supplied the boots for British forces working in flooded conditions. After the wars, wellies became popular with workers and the general public, and in the last few years, manufacturers have taken the traditional design and given it an injection of colour and style. Anything goes these days - you can even get white wedding wellingtons!

100% rubber boots are more expensive, but will last longer.

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per month / magazine reaching over 38,000 homes every month in Nottinghamshire

With cotton-lined boots, you can decide whether or not you need to wear socks for extra warmth. If you have wide calves, look for wellingtons with a waterproof gusset so you can adjust the fit. Some wellies have special treads to make them more suitable for walking long distances. Snow boots have a thick rubber sole, a laced upper, and often a fleece collar around the top. Of course, when you get home from your walk in the wet, you’re faced with the age-old problem of getting your wellies off. Some boots fold down at the top, or have a gusset or zip to loosen them. Failing that, you can buy an inexpensive boot jack – simply wedge your heel in the jaws, tread on the base and pull! by Alex Brown



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A Free local newspaper for West Bridgford Nottingham. Our magazine contains local content and information for the West Bridgford area, as...

Ad Newspaper For West Bridgford Nottingham November 2019  

A Free local newspaper for West Bridgford Nottingham. Our magazine contains local content and information for the West Bridgford area, as...