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Students Make a Stand

Westside Christian College students (left to right): Jaymarin Steele, Tayla Newman, Charlotte Friis, Emma Jesberg, Emily Dorney, Hannah Sison and Kirsty Johnson raised funds for Destiny Rescue by making a stand against human trafficking.


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Plenty on offer at the Ipswich Show Get ready to have fun at the 141st Ipswich Show to be held on 16th, 17th and 18th May at the Ipswich Showgrounds, 81 Warwick Road, Ipswich. There will be something for everyone with free events on the Wednesday and Thursday in a warm up to the Show. Wednesday 14th May - Dog Competition – Battery World Ipswich Main Arena. No entry fee and free parking on-site. Thursday 15th May - Horse Jumping Competition – Battery World Ipswich Main Arena. No entry fee and free parking on-site. Special events will be on the following days: Friday 16th May - Official Opening; live musical performances (main arena); spectacular FMX Kaos Motocross demonstrations; camel racing; The Bushwacker Bonanza Lumberjack Show; Ipswich Furniture Court Jet Car; fireworks. Saturday 17th May - Demolition Derby; Ipswich Furniture Court Jet Car; camel racing; The Bushwacker Bonanza Lumberjack Show; fireworks. Sunday 18th May - Battery World Ipswich Monster Trucks; fireworks; camel racing; Woodchop Competition. All day, every day events at the Show: • Animal Nursery & Farmyard Friends; • Young Talent on Show; • Dreamtime Reptiles & Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters; • Roving Entertainment such as Memphis Moovers, Cleo the Clown and Fiesta Tropicale Trio; • New Hope Group Community Stage includes live music performances;

• Lifestyle Stage in the Exhibits Pavilion which includes fashion parades, Meat Magic demonstrations and more. • Trade Stands; • Exhibits Pavilion includes art, craft, photography, horticulture, farm produce, pigeons, poultry, caged birds, schoolwork and much more. • Food Court with an array of food from all over the globe; • Showbags and Sideshow Alley. So why would you miss this fantastic array of entertainment and activities all for an entry price starting from $7 for Primary School Students through to $14 per adult (pre-sell prices only). Tickets are now available online* via (*small booking fee applies) or tickets will also be available at the gate on the day ($9 for Primary School Students through to $17 for adults). For more information contact the show office on 3281 1577 or head to the website


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Personally Speaking

By Susannah Friis with Susannah Friis

If you read my last editorial, you would have noticed there was a rather glaring mistake. This is what happens when you cut and paste and don’t read over things before they go to print. Frankly, with four publications, I’m surprised I haven’t made this mistake numerous times! Making mistakes seems to come pretty naturally to the majority of us, doesn’t it? I come from a long line of people who ‘need’ to be right and who have trouble admitting their mistakes. Fortunately for me, I seem to make so many that I’ve had to get used to it and don’t tend to have quite so much of a problem with it as others! One thing I’ve noticed about us humans is that we are quick to point out another’s mistake but slow to forgive it; and we are slow to recognise when we make a mistake but quick to forgive ourselves and expect others to do so with the same speed. Most of us are full of double standards. One only needs to drive on the road for multiple examples of this. We cut across someone because it was ‘necessary’; when others cut across us, it’s because they are an idiot who can’t drive. Realising that we all make mistakes, and that we are included in the ‘all’, is part of maturing. It’s freeing to finally come to the point of truly accepting that we and those around us will make mistakes. The problems arise because we don’t all mature at the same rate. There are children who have grasped the fact of their own fallibility, and many, many adults who are yet to come to terms with it. So what we need more of when dealing with our own and others’ mistakes, is grace. Whether seeking pardon (like me right now!) or granting forgiveness, grace is what is required of us. We will ask others to overlook our mistakes, and if they are not yet in the place where they recognise their own humanness, we will need to extend grace when they show their displeasure at our mistake. When another comes to us after they have made a mistake, we can be gracious in our response because we understand our own need for forgiveness and grace for our mistakes. In all our dealings with people, we are going to be both the perpetrator and the recipient of mistakes; there is simply no way to avoid it. The question then remains: how will we respond? Imagine a world, a community, or a family, where mistakes are graciously accepted as a normal part of life. What a wonderful thing that would be.

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incorporates Seligman’s identified five essential well-being elements - Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments - with appropriate resources and tools to support and build the necessary skills and habits for success. At The Springfield Anglican College, a clear focus across both the Primary and Secondary campuses is the provision of a safe, caring, positive and engaging learning environment. Such a learning environment is central to student achievement and success. While the College has a very good reputation for the delivery of such an environment, as validated by current parents and prospective parents seeking enrolment, this year the College has embarked on a College-wide desire to take the level of pastoral care afforded to students to a new level. Pastoral care programmes underpin and shape the breadth of the learning environment in place at any school. Traditionally, such programmes have a strong focus on assisting students who experience personal challenges and, while this is extremely important, the College’s newly introduced Positive Education Framework ‘Learn and Flourish’ seeks to enhance the lives of all our students. The College’s Positive Education Framework embeds the research and work of renowned psychologist, educator and author, Professor Martin Seligman’s, positive well-being theory into our daily practice. The College-wide framework

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The College’s Positive Education Framework has been developed with both students and staff in mind, as our goal is to build upon the already strong foundation of positivity and optimism that supports engagement, enjoyment, relationships and social connectedness, all of which enhance academic and professional achievement and personal well-being. There is substantial evidence from empirical studies that indicates that the explicit focus, teaching and modelling of skills to increase resilience, positive emotions, engagement and meaning greatly supports the development of emotional intelligence which, according to Seligman’s research, allows people to flourish. This is an exciting initiative for the College. Quality pastoral care forms a key element of the College’s holistic approach to education. During the year, the feedback from students, parents and staff will be instrumental in gauging the effectiveness and benefit of this concerted approach to providing students with every opportunity to flourish. Steve Croft Head of College

Creative heART beats in Greater Springfield

How healthy are your bones? Osteoporosis affects over 1 million Australians and can lead to chronic pain and a loss of independence. Are you doing all you can to keep your bones healthy?

BONE DENSITY testing clinic Wednesday 14th May 10.00am - 3.00pm

Public interest in the Creative Hub Greater Springfield is growing quickly since its first official meeting early this year. A public call to commence the design work on the initiative’s visual identity brought local experts in communication, graphic design and branding out and into the open. The local team rolled their sleeves up and came up with the visual identity that will be used by the group from this point onward. “The concept of creative heART and hub captures the essence of community and its rich creative and cultural diversity,” said Jolanta Szymczyk, the driver behind the vision. THE CREATIVE heART aims to bring people together, enabling them to create their own creative and innovative community experiences and define their own creative voices in the Greater Springfield community. It has certainly been the case for Gemma Randles, Founder and Director of an Award winning Marketing and Design agency in Ireland, who has recently relocated back to her native Australia and Greater Springfield. Gemma, accompanied by the youngest The Creative heART’s member, her little daughter Annabelle, said, “It has been highly stimulating to be part of the branding activity as it encompasses our vision of bringing a heART to the Greater Springfield Community.” This notion has certainly been reflected in the design itself. The design, shaped up by Suzie Porter of Big Hello Designs, Springfield Lakes, will give the group identity and a recognisable name in the community. “It’s been a fun process trying to focus our concept and ideals into a clear and distinct visual message. I’m really happy with the outcome,” said Suzie. The Creative heART is shaping up to be the learning, sharing, meeting and networking platform in the area. It will not only strengthen the community, but also will offer a sense of belonging and contribute to health and well-being of the community. If you missed the initial meetings, are creative yourself or are part of an existing group, involved in creative industries as part of your business or personal interest or a hobby and would like to be part of this creative journey – lets us know about yourselves and become involved. For updates, follow ups and meeting details check the facebook, or contact Jolanta Szymczyk at, or phone 0405 336 240.

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Veterinary News

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Heartworm has long been recognised as a potentially deadly disease in dogs but did you know that your cat is also susceptible to this disease? Mosquitos are responsible for the spread of heartworm to both cats and dogs. There is a common misconception that dogs that do not leave their house or yard are safe from heartworm. This is not true, unless of course you are 100% certain that the house and yard are free from mosquitos at all times. The number of dogs in Brisbane that are not on prevention and are carrying the disease is increasing all the time. If one of these infected dogs lives in your neighbourhood, and your dog or cat is not protected, there is a very high chance that your pet will also develop the disease. Heartworm is a long thin roundworm which makes its home on the right chamber of the heart and surrounding blood vessels. Not long after infection, the adult worms begin causing damage to the lining of the blood vessels and also the lung tissue. If there is enough of them, they can actually block the overflow of blood from the heart, or wrap themselves around a valve. Needless to say this can have disastrous consequences! Unfortunately for cats, as few as two heartworms can create enough damage to internal organs for death to occur. Clinical signs that may be seen in both dogs and cats include coughing, tiredness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and collapse. In dogs, the disease can be diagnosed with a blood test and, depending on the result, prevention or treatment is administered. This is not to say that the treatment of heartworm disease is not without its perils. A much simpler way is to prevent this disease in the first place. The oldest preventative treatment was in the form of daily tablets but is now superseded with monthly tablets that may also treat your pets for intestinal worms and control fleas as well. The yearly heartworm injection is the most reliable and convenient way of prevention for dogs. If your dog has missed any heartworm medication, a heartworm blood test may need to be performed before starting a new cycle. Heartworm infection in cats is harder to diagnose than it is in dogs and it is easy to overlook. Diagnostic tests have limitations, so negative test results do not necessarily rule out an infection. For cats, the most convenient way of prevention is to use medication in liquid form applied on the skin once a month. If you would like some more information on heartworm disease prevention, please contact your nearest Greencross Vet for advice prior to starting any medication.

Suburbs join forces to help those in need They say good news spreads and bad news spreads even faster, but for one community group committed to helping those in need, the good news about what they are doing has spread beyond their wildest imaginings. Forest Lake resident, Sue Gibbon began a crochet group in August and since then the group has grown from a handful of interested ladies to over 35 active members. Meeting weekly at Settlers Retirement Village, members swap knowledge, chat over a cuppa and, of course, crochet, with nearly a hundred blankets being donated to various charities since the groups inception. With such an industrious attitude, the group is always in need of wool to create the crocheted items. A representative from Excellence in Care Family Daycare approached Sue, offering to assist in gathering wool for the group, as part of their ongoing commitment to contribute to community charitable events. Placing a donation box outside the Forest Lake Woolworths store and a box outside Spotlight at Orion Springfield, has resulted in much more than donations of wool. The group were given a table and chairs at Spotlight’s Yarn Fair, held on Saturday March 22 and seven members from the crochet group were on hand at the entrance of the store to show the completed blankets and offer tutorials on various crochet techniques. Due to an overwhelming response, the group has been asked to have a presence at the store every second Saturday beginning in May, from 11am - 1pm. Donations were also given on the day with the group taking away two large garbage bags of wool, one of which was tangled wool, donated by Spotlight. Staff and customers alike bought wool and added balls and balls to the growing pile in the box. Some customers decided to join the friendly group that meets in Forest Lake every Thursday at 10.30am at Settlers Retirement Village. If you would like to donate some wool, or are interested in joining the crochet group, phone Sue on 3279 9561 for more details.


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WEDNESDAY 30 APRIL - 3.30pm to 5.30pm Parents interested in Year 7 and Year 8 are invited to tour our contemporary facilities and experience Year 7 in a secondary school environment

St Augustine’s College ... Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders Holistic values based education Professional and caring staff Commitment to literacy and numeracy Comprehensive 1:1 ICT programs Food Technology, Industrial Design, Visual Art, Drama, Media, Music, HPE and Japanese from Year 7 Performing Arts and Instrumental Music Program Extensive range of sporting opportunities Early Years Prep-2, Junior Years 3-5 Middle Years 6-9, Senior Years 10-12 Outside School Hours and Vacation Care A Catholic P-12 coeducational College offering quality and affordable education

ENROLMENTS OPEN FOR 2015 & 2016 50 St Augustine’s Drive, Augustine Heights • Enquiries phone: 3814 8300 • Page 8 - April 2014 - The Greater Springfield Times

Finding inspiration at Soroptimist Conference

Ralda Forzin, President of SISQ, Sue Whitehead, Victoria; Annette Korzeba, South Australia; and Kathy Ballantyne, Springfield. Ladies from all over Australia travelled to the South Queensland Soroptimist (SISQ) Conference held at the Metro International Hotel Ipswich recently. The conference featured guest speakers from Ipswich and Springfield and members from the new clubs being formed in Springfield and Ipswich. Ralda Forzin, President of the Soroptimist clubs of South Queensland (SISQ) said, “It was exciting to have such a wonderful conference at the Metro Hotel in Ipswich. “We chose to extend into the Ipswich area because of its strong sense of community and rapid growth – a strong foundation for a community service organisation like ours. “It was wonderful to have six women local to the Ipswich area join us from the two new clubs. Once we decided to begin forming new clubs we felt it would be a boost to have our conference here in Ipswich where it would be easy for new members to attend.” The new clubs in Ipswich and Springfield are beginning projects although they need many more members to be chartered. Karen Murray from East Ipswich is organizing a Five Senses, Health and Wellbeing Day at the Ipswich Girl’s Grammar School on 25 May. Included on the day will be a delicious lunch using raw food prepared by Liz Gilbert Grant; Andrea Forrest will develop Voice Empowerment and Gong Bath; Sheena Hughes will demonstrate Healing Aromatherapy and Trudy Vesotsky will instruct in Truthful whispers. This will be followed by Creative Visualisation with Natasha Howie and last but not least Frocklicy Fun with Foxxy. The cost is $95. The Ipswich Soroptimists are grateful to the generous support given by the Ipswich Councillors which is making this day possible. For more information about the Five Senses, Health and Wellbeing Day phone Karen 0419 640 629. The focus of Soroptimists is to help women and girls through Education Empowerment and Enabling in local and international projects, and at the same time have lots of fun and develop new friendships. The Springfield meetings are in the Orion Shopping Centre, Community Room, first floor, on the first and third Mondays of every month. Phone Shelley 0419 546 013 for more information. The Ipswich meetings are held at the Humanities Building, 56 South Street, on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Phone Bev if interested on 0414 340 216.

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Special service to honour mothers

Remembrance S ervice


Federation Chapel Centenary Memorial Gardens

RSVP: 6th May 2014 PH: 3271 1222

Centenary Memorial Gardens

Page 10 - April 2014 - The Greater Springfield Times

In a commitment to provide care to people who have suffered the loss of a mother, sister, aunt or daughter, Centenary Memorial Gardens will hold a Mothers Day Remembrance service on Friday May 9. Now in it’s thirteenth year, the special service is open to anyone in the community who has lost a female family member, even people who may have used a different cemetery or crematorium are welcome. This years service will include guest speaker Lisa Grosskopf. Lisa is a popular funeral celebrant who has assisted many of the families who have come to Centenary Memorial Gardens. Lisa will also be singing on the evening and presenting a photo tribute to women. “We can’t change the profound sadness a family feels at the loss of a mother but our services provide an opportunity to remember her and draw close to her in a non- threatening environment surrounded by others experiencing a similar loss,” said Peter Ship, Manager, Centenary Memorial Gardens. “Each year we try and present a service that is different but meaningful, just a casual relaxed atmosphere where people can take the time to remember their loved ones. “One year we planted 150 trees on the evening to create the Garden of Angels, another year we presented everyone with a pack of home-made cupcakes. Sometimes we hand out flowers that the family can place on their loved ones grave. “We have even been known to have spectacular fireworks displays, all as a part of honouring Mothers and celebrating their lives.” The special Mothers Day Remembrance service will be held in the Federation Chapel at Centenary Memorial Gardens on May 9 starting at 6.30pm. Guests are asked to RSVP before May 6 by calling Centenary Memorial Gardens on 3271 1222.


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A new world class lagoon swimming pool received the go-ahead recently as the centrepiece of stage two of Robelle Domain. The revised design was approved by Ipswich City Council and secured for the city one of the biggest public lagoon-style swimming pools in Australia. A review of the original plans and budget enabled council to include a zero to over a metre depth swimming lagoon equal in size to Southbank’s famous beach pool. “This is a tremendous result for the community and followed feedback from businesses, civic groups and residents very keen for stage two to include a pool. “We’ve listened to the community and we’ve acted,” Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said. “This is a decision by all councillors, and I want to thank them for their strategic vision and their dedication to the Ipswich of tomorrow. “Enhanced lighting, landscaping, seating, bbqs and water fountains will also be installed to make this a true recreation destination with the installation of Safe City CCTV cameras planned as a future enhancement. “These works will be a boost for the local economy with a number of jobs created during the construction phase of the project and an additional 15 full time jobs per annum for the city once the lagoon is in full operation,” Cr Pisasale said. Parks, Sport and Recreation Committee Chairperson and Division 1 Cr David Morrison said this decision will be welcomed by all local residents and families. “The 3.74 hectare development that includes the lagoon, new green space and walking tracks brings together Robelle Domain, Orion Town Centre, Springfield Central train station, Education City and the Parklands Business District into a single unified hub. “Being able to do some shopping at Orion, enjoy a gourmet al fresco lunch and then stroll through beautiful parklands to take the kids for a dip is in the immediate future for local residents. “It’s going to be great and as the local Councillor I am thrilled,” said Cr Morrison.



Green light for swimming lagoon at Robelle Domain

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New Multipurpose Centre for College On start up if your PC displays Windows XP then your computer is vulnerable to new viruses!

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The Springfield Anglican College’s new state-of-the-art Multipurpose Centre was officially opened by Mayor Paul Pisasale, City of Ipswich, late last month, marking the completion of the first of four major construction projects for the College this year. Head of College Mr Steve Croft said the $950,000 building, located on the Secondary Campus, was a wonderful addition to the College that would provide students with greater access to large indoor spaces for a range of classroom activities and events. “The centre is a major benefit to the whole school community, with students, staff and parents able to take advantage of the great space,” said Mr Croft. “With an ability to host a range of activities, from classroom lessons and delivery of our Creative Arts programmes including dance, drama and music performances, through to weekly Chapel, Open Day information sessions and Parent Information Evenings, the Centre is a welcome addition to the school community.” The completion of the Multipurpose Centre is one of four major projects to be undertaken by the College this year, with construction of a Creative Arts Precinct, Year Seven and Language Classroom Block and Change Facilities to be completed by the end of 2014. “The opening of the Multipurpose Centre marks the beginning of an exciting phase for the College as we continue to support our growth in enrolments. The construction of these facilities on campus is another example of our commitment to providing our students with opportunities to develop their talents and realise ‘Their Future’,” said Mr Croft. The Multipurpose Centre was partially funded with a grant from the Commonwealth Government of $215,000 and State Government of $215,000 toward a $950,000 project.

Camira Friends and Neighbours update

by Pat Quickfall We had our AGM on 5th March so there was no guest speaker, but the meeting ended with a lovely morning tea. On Wednesday 12th March, members enjoyed wine and gossip while also playing some table games. Wednesday 19th March we celebrated St Patricks Day, including a race track in the hall with horses and jockeys! There was also a prize for the best dressed in green of course. It was a great morning which everyone enjoyed. On Wednesday 26th March, we had to have our thinking caps on for Trivia. There were some good questions and everyone did very well and enjoyed sharing morning tea together afterwards. Our sound system is now finished, so many thanks to Bob Keogh who did a lot of running around to get this system up and running. Thank you Bob. We have three of our members who are sick Harold, Delores, and Murray - we wish you all a speedy recovery. If you’re interested in joining our group, please call me on 3818 9343.

Teens ‘Make a Stand’ against human trafficking

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What happens when a handful of teenagers get inspired and decide to act? In this case, what happens is that over $11 000 is raised which will enable Destiny Rescue to rescue seven girls from the sex slave industry. A group of Westside Christian College’s grade 12 students recently held a ‘Make a Stand’ event at the school, with over 130 students and teachers participating. The Destiny Rescue ‘Make a Stand’ initiative requires participants to be sponsored to stand for 260 minutes, symbolising the alarming statistic that one new child is trafficked every 26 seconds. Grade 12 students organised activities such as sport games, bracelet making, and a wii ‘Just Dance’ competition, as well as showing a series of short Destiny Rescue videos. Students and teachers finished the night by walking to a nearby MacDonald’s before the countdown to 260 minutes. Organisers were extremely pleased with the level of participation and sponsorship, with $850 of the final tally raised through the gold coin donation for wearing free dress on the day. Another $1000 was also donated by the school’s Fit Chicks program. “We weren’t expecting so many people to want to participate,” said one of the organisers, Grade 12 student Charlotte Friis. “So when over 130 people signed up, we were pretty excited. “Our goal for the event was to raise enough to rescue one girl, and sponsor her for a year, which, all up, is just over $2000. To have raised over $11,000 is just amazing, and means we can rescue seven girls.” ‘Make a Stand’ is a great ways for schools to help raise much needed funds for Destiny Rescue, and inspire teenagers and young people to get involved. To find out more about holding a ‘Make a Stand’ at your school, go to the Destiny Rescue website

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Coaching For Life

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Mothering is one of the most challenging, uplifting, frustrating, and rewarding experiences of a woman’s life. As the median age for marriage continues to creep upwards, women are typically delaying their child-bearing to between 25 to 34 years of age. A major influence has been women seeking longer education than ever before in Australia’s history, and with it a rapid rise in women’s participation in the workforce. Along with this comes greater financial security and the fringe benefits of a lifestyle to match. All these social influences mean that by the time women start their own families, many have had very little experience of babies, toddlers or young children...and for many it comes as a profound shock! Trying to balance work, family, and personal fulfilment presents a unique challenge to women today. For a large number of women, there are few role models as their own mothers are also often working, and family networks that used to provide support are more fragmented than ever before meaning that the caring for infants largely falls to the parents, often the mother. Women often comment to me that mothering is the most significant ‘job” they will ever undertake, yet there’s no training, no health and safety regulations, no annual leave, and little, if any, recognition of the health problems commonly faced by mothers. Doctors can be too quick to prescribe antidepressants or Valium, without asking about a few basic issues such as sleep habits, social support, even the disparity between their romanticized dreams of motherhood and reality. Several research studies have shown a strong link between shattered expectations of motherhood and various mental health problems like depression and OCD. Addressing wellbeing at the time women become pregnant is as important as teaching them what to expect during childbirth. After birth, giving mothers access to wellness support services has the potential to dramatically decrease medications that simply mask the real problems, and often add to them by implying that struggling mums are failing in some way. For example, a technique known as ‘job crafting’ which is used widely in the corporate sector, coaches those new to a job in the tasks, relationships, and self-motivation relevant to the job demands. Mothering, including the responsibilities of managing a household with significantly less time, lends itself well to this approach. The aim is to foster flourishing women who feel that they are in control of their lives; they feel good and function effectively, and maintain high levels of health (physical, mental and social). This is achieved by boosting self-efficacy, use of signature strengths, a raft of positive emotions such as pleasure and optimism, and they can then approach this role with the same degree of enthusiasm as they would for any new career pathway. Coaching psychology potentially offers to make a huge impact on women’s lives, with good evidence-based interventions that could dramatically reduce the statistics for many mental health problems during this stage of life.

Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge on again The Brisbane 2 Ipswich (B2I) Bike Challenge is back for its 13th year and is projected to be the biggest and best yet. This year, the ride will be held on the 18th of May with cyclists travelling from Brisbane CBD through Springfield, the Ripley Valley en route to Ipswich. Upon reaching Ipswich, participants are able to relax and enjoy the finishing festival where they will be treated to entertainment and a range of other activities. This is the only mass participation bike ride between Brisbane and Ipswich and is continually growing with the rapid development of the local region. The ride attracts participants from all over South East Queensland who are keen to challenge themselves to ride the distance and also to raise much needed funds for the Ipswich Hospital Foundation and the 24/7 Cycling Safety Fund. Whether you ride a mountain bike, a BMX bike or even a penny farthing, you are encouraged to join in the fun as riders of all levels and ages can participate. The 2014 B2I will take on a new look with the Ipswich Hospital Foundation as the principal organiser and beneficiary. Registration will still be available through the B2I website which will be continually updated leading up to the event. If you would like further information, please contact Bernie Ripoll’s office on 3879 6440 or visit the B2I website,


Goodna/Redbank Branch by Vera

Somerwil, Branch President

Welcome to autumn and the promise of cooler days ahead. This month we celebrate Easter but also remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice on ANZAC day. Briefly looking back, thirty-one members from the Goodna/Redbank Branch boarded a Cross Country Tour bus on Tuesday, 25 March and headed to Beenleigh to visit the Historical Village Museum which is most interesting and reminded many of the past. We had lunch at the Beenleigh RSL and lastly, on the way back home, visited the Chocolate shop. On Tuesday, 8 April, twenty members attended Mayor Paul Pisasale and Councillors Senior’s Concert, The Blackstone Bell, at the Ipswich Civic Centre. The Seniors always put on a good concert. A reminder that our guest speaker for the April meeting will be from the Ipswich Men’s Shed. The Coffee Club on the 6th May will be at the Queensland Park Café, Ipswich at 10.00am. Councilor Paul Tully, Division 2 will be guest speaker for 20 May Branch meeting. The National Seniors Goodna/Redbank Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Goodna Leagues Club, Brisbane Terrace at 9.30am for a 10.00am start. We are a small friendly club and we welcome visitors. For further information please contact our secretary Val on 3297 5735.

A message from the Mayor’s Desk BY THE MAYOR - PAUL PISASALE A breakthrough was reached last month to guarantee Ipswich its own Southbank-style lagoon pool as part of stage two of Robelle Domain. Work is already underway on the $10.3 million project which includes $5 million from the Australian Government. The updated design is a tremendous result and followed feedback from community and business groups such as the local chamber of commerce. Ipswich City Council is committed to a city that is happy, lively and a place where people can’t wait to bring their kids. This decision was made possible with the support of all Ipswich councillors and I thank them for their strategic vision and dedication to the Ipswich of tomorrow. Robelle Domain is part of the much larger Springfield Central Parklands and already rivals the great parklands of the world. The new swimming lagoon with further add to its reputation as a park of regional significance drawing locals and visitors to our city. Another exciting event just around the corner is the Ipswich Festival which celebrates everything that is great about our diverse city including the people, arts, tourism, and many cultures. This year the Ipswich Festival will be held from April 24 to May 11 and there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved in free entertainment, events and activities. The parade is a great opportunity for different groups, businesses and organisations to put together a float and get involved with the broader Ipswich community. Visit to find out what’s on and how to get involved. The Greater Springfield Times -April 2014 - Page 15


389 OLD LOGAN ROAD, CAMIRA Hall For Hire - Parties, Sports, Meetings MON - FRI

Kids Club OSH Care Before and After School Care Vacation Care

TUES 9.30-11.30AM

Special Needs Disability Craft Program


Rhee Tae Kwondo


Goodna Gymnastics

WED 9.30-10.30AM Goodna Gymnastics 9.30-11.30AM

Active Arts




Mobile Library (fortnightly)

THUR 6.30-7.30PM

Rhee Tae Kwon Do


Goodna Gymnastics

FRI 9.30-11.30AM

Playtime for preschool


Special Needs Disability Walking Program


KNECT Kids Primary (fortnightly)


Blue Light Disco (monthly)



SAT 7.30-9.30AM

Weight Watchers


Goodna Gymnastics


Lakeside Bootscooters


SDA Volleyball


Probus Club Update by Pat van der Beek Welcome to the monthly column of the Goodna/Springfield Probus Club, how incredible that we are already in the fourth month of the year! If you are going to be driving over Easter, do take extra care on the roads and enjoy a safe and happy break. During March, a group of members took a tour of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at Herston where we learned about great advances in the treatment of various cancers at the Institute. Our new committee is enthusiastically planning the year ahead with many exciting outings and interesting guest speakers. Our speaker for April was Dr James Lergessner who spoke on ‘Baby Boomers growing up in Brisbane’, quite a nostalgia trip for many of us. May’s speaker will be Club Secretary Vic Wise on ‘Eight Days to Singapore,’ reminiscences of Vic’s days in the air force in the 1960s. April’s activity was a visit to the Old Courthouse Restaurant in Ipswich for a production of ‘Baby Boomers and their Music’ which kept the nostalgia kick going after our April speaker. Also in April, we visited historic Wolston House at Wacol and learned the history of Dr Stephen Simpson and family who settled a large part of the area on the banks of the Brisbane River in the 1850s. In May, we will visit QPAC in Brisbane for a backstage tour of the facility, probably travelling by train. Also this month, we are introducing regular monthly lunches at the Spring Lake Hotel; these will be held on a different day of the week each month so that all members can attend at least some of the outings throughout the year. May’s lunch will be on Tuesday, May 20th. There will be no coffee morning this month as Good Friday and ANZAC Day fall on the last two Fridays of the month. However, regular coffee mornings (third Friday of the month) will resume on 16 May. All members are welcome at all activities and potential members are encouraged to contact Vic on the number below for details. We would like to issue a cordial invitation to all retired and semiretired local people to consider joining our friendly club. There is no charge for your first meeting and you are under no obligation to join. Your first step is to ring Vic on 3271 1096 or join us at 1.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Camira Friends and Neighbours Clubhouse in Bruce Lane (cnr Langley Road), Camira.

SUN 8.30-12.30PM

Springfield Community Church

Retirement, everybody’s doing it - but Probus does it better. the greater

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Laptops enhance learning at St Augustine’s College


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Students Tiffany Dew and Jordan Peace work with their new MacBook Airs. Year 8 students at St Augustine’s College have recently taken possession of their MacBook Air computers as part of the 1-1 laptop program at the College. Despite the withdrawal of financial support from the Federal Government, St Augustine’s has been able to maintain the present program, which sees all students from Year 8 through to Year 12 with their own laptop. In addition to the 1-1 program, the College currently has another 200 laptops and 40 iPads which are available for use by students from Prep to Year 7. Access to and the use of technology is a vital ingredient of the quality education provided at St Augustine’s College. Support is provided to students and staff by two eLearning Coaches as well as two full time technical assistants.


Mattress $499 Ensemble $849

Shop 31, DFO Ctre, 16 Amazons Pl, JINDALEE P : 3167 3591 W : E :


For non-life threatening calls please check individual listings under Ambulance, Fire Station, Police Service in the White Pages™


POISONS 13 11 26



1800 333 000

1800 551 800

LIFELINE 13 11 14

DRUG ARM 1300 656 800






( WOMEN ) 1800 811 811 ( MEN ) 1800 600 636


13 62 62

1800 010 120



Good Friday invitation to the community

Greater Springfield Combined Churches invite the community to participate in an Easter march from Orion Springfield Town Centre to Robelle Domain via John Nugent Way led by the Salvation Army from 9am - 9.45am. After the march, there will be a short outdoor Good Friday Service from 9.45am - 10.20am, followed by a huge Easter egg hunt and lots of fun games for families and a free sausage sizzle and on stage entertainment. Those seeking more information can call one of the local churches listed on the Info Page or call Cr Morrison’s Office on 3818 3100.

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Councillor’s Comments by David Morrison ( DIVISION 1)


3818 3100 OR 0408 985 615

Robelle Domain Stage Two Council gave approval for a world class swimming lagoon to be the centrepiece of stage two of Robelle Domain at Springfield Central. Weather permitting, the lagoon is planned to be open by Christmas holidays 2014. What is now a dry gully, will be transformed to a world class piece of public open space. Year Of Construction @ Springfield Central At present, there are two cranes in Springfield Central - one at the GE Headquarters, one at USQ duplication and soon there will be a third one at the Mater Hospital site. In addition to the three cranes on the skyline, Orion Stage Two will become the largest construction site in Ipswich city for awhile. We live in a great city in a very exciting time in its history. School Leaders It was my pleasure to meet with all the school leaders from Division One along with Cr Sheila Ireland with some from Division 9. All the leaders did their schools and their families proud. We spoke of current and future development and issues specifically focused on youth. Niche Hotel The Niche Hotel at Spring Lake Metro is being restored to its former glory and is planned to be open in May with a new name. The hotel will have 23 luxurious rooms, a restaurant, board room and lap pool. ANZAC Day Service The ANZAC dawn service at Robelle Domain will this year include a community march. The march will assemble on the bridge on John Nugent Way, Robelle Domain. This will be the first ever ANZAC community march in the Springfield area. If you want to be part of the march, meet on the John Nugent bridge at 5.30am on Friday 25th April. Library Council has a plan to eventually build a stationary library at Orion Springfield Central. Until a stationary library is constructed, the mobile library comes to Orion Springfield Central each Thursday between 2pm and 7pm. It is also stationed at the Camira Springfield Community Centre every second Wednesday between 2pm and 7pm. You can specifically order library resources online for the mobile library to bring to your specific mobile library location. Remember: Every achievement grows out of the seed of determination.

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Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Local Contacts

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page

Walking Group: Schools Springfield Lakes Heart Foundation and Camira State School, Playgroup & P&C Orion Walkers 3810 6666 Aiki Jutsu Martial Arts USQ Athletics - Goodna Little Athletics 3381 4888 Yong: 3470 4420 0403 813 676 or 0419 197 272 Kindergarten Association Camira Augustine Heights Cheeky Monkeys 3818 1789 Westminster Warriors Soccer Club Anna 0405 450 704 Harriot 0417 014 873 Basketball - Springfield Brumbies Redbank Plains Ph: 0450 005 152 Good Shepherd Catholic Primary June Tahata 0412 181 330 Bushwalking & Environmental 3437 5000 Groups, S’field Lloyd 3282 3737 Families & Health Redbank Plains: Baseball Western Districts Bulldogs Camira Slimmers Shirley 3372 5851 Primary: 3814 9222 Laurie 0421 137 406 Alcoholics Anonymous Camira Scout Group Ph 3255 9162 State High: 3432 1222 Asst Group Leader - Stephanie - 0401 395 408 Canoe Polo, Springfield Lakes Al-Anon District Commissioner - Greg - 0414 494 389 Mick 0402 643 465 Ph 3854 0331 Redbank Primary 3381 4111 Community Centres: Cricket Club, Eastern Raiders Asperger Services Aust West Springfield Lakes 3381 9015 St Augustines College Bruce 0418 742 307 Brisbane Region Support Group Camira/SField Chris 3818 0921(bh) 3814 8300 Ph Jane 3278 3082 St Francis Xavier Primary Community House, Gailes 3879 3004 Australian Breastfeeding Collingwood Park Power Junior AFL Goodna 3818 0100 Association Friends & Neighbours Club, Camira Redbank Plains - Elly 0432 415 124 Springfield & surrounds group Pat 3818 9343 St Peter’s Lutheran College Sue 0406 746 653 Friendship Group - Weekenders (Cycling) SField Road Riding 3470 3888 Christian Family & Westside Ages 35+, 3191 2105 Bernie Ripoll MP 3818 3900 S’Field Lakes State School 3437 9888 Community Care, Springfield Giving With Love Clare 3814 4400 Dragon Boat Club, Lake’s District Phil Cutcliff 3818 2915 0413 609 312 Good News Group Staines Memorial College (SField) Falun Dafa Jean 3818 1986 Anna 3818 0454 Football (Soccer) Clubs: 3288 5666 Louise 3411 1174 Western Spirit Jacaranda Jam Community Choir The Springfield Anglican College Phone: 3818 6160 Angela 3818 3449 Primary Campus 3818 5777 Ipswich Multiple Birth Association Futsal: Jan: 0414 661 911 Jennifer 0411 789 850 Senior Campus 3814 8100 Karate - TSKF Springfield Sensei Chris Myers 0423 386 676 Springfield United FC Ryan 0418 879 091 Kites Family Day Care Westside Christian College (Goodna) 3818 0329 Golf Groups, Social Grade (1-3) 3437 9001 Line Dancing Camira/Springfield Grade (4-12) 3437 9000 Community Centre - Irene 0416 310 930 Spring Lakes Steve 0408 913 112 New Parent Group - Springfield Lakes Prep 3437 9004 OSHC 3381 0529 S’Field Lakes, Rusell 3288 1285 Megann - 0499 652 808 Lions Club of Greater Springfield John 3814 5633 Jeanine 0409 429 368 Playtime, Camira/Springfield Woodcrest State College (SField) Greater Springfield Storm JAFC Comm Ctr, Robyn 3818 0921 National Srs, Goodna/Redbank Junior Campus 3280 2477 President Llewellynn Reidy Middle Campus 3437 9555 Vera 3271 2772 Rosemaree 3282 1093 0423 777 509 Playgroup, Gumnuts, Camira Senior Campus 3437 9666 Tenille 3818 6470, 0421 4480 046 Probus Club of Goodna-Springfield Playgroup, Springfield Lakes Vic 3271 1096 or Andy 3288 3700 Indoor Bowls Heather 3288 1744 Eric & May 3814 0887 Churches Redhookers Fishing Club Inc St John Ambulance Bellbird Park Div Felix 3814 3845 Indoor Soccer, Springfield Augustine Heights Catholic Church Enquiries 0413 448 031 Yan Christiansen 3818 0008 Fr Mauro Conte 3814 8360 Rotary Club of Goodna SNAP for special needs, Peter 3288 3511 KICKXercise Breakthrough Church Springfield Camira/SField Comm Centre, Ps David Vaka 0434 421 720 Soroptimist International of Springfield contact Camira/Sfield Communty House Lois 0414 318 623 3818 0921 Bev Ditton 0414 340 216 Camira Christian Assembly Suicide Bereavement Support Assoc Maritime Modellers Inc, SField Lakes 0431 663 228 Lynne 1300 767 022 John 3282 2619 or Allan 3806 6740 S’field Lakes Coffee & Social Group Christian Outreach Centre Enquiries: Bellbird Park 0433 680 223 Netball Club, Springfield Lakes Creek Road Presbyterian Church Springfield Springfield Lakes Girl Guides Government Registrar - Karen 0411 559 493 3398 4333 Megan 0414 237 333 Susan 0415 955 375 Samantha 0425 786 522 Disciples Church Springfield Federal Member Ps Greg Gardiner S’Field Lakes Leisure Group (Empty Nesters) Orienteering Club, Ugly Gully Bernie Ripoll MP (Oxley) Lee 3378 7375 Beth 3200 1808 or Grace Christian Church Redbank Plains 1800 640 839 / 3879 6440 Caroline 3288 2760 or 0409 272 007 Orion Springfield Run for Life Phil Cutcliffe 3818 2915 Maranatha Worship Centre Camira Springfield Sparklers Senior Dance State Member Multicultural Church, 3271 4712 Radio Model Yacht Club Troupe - Christine 0414 451 438 David 3879 6220 Jo-Ann Miller (Bundamba) Oasis Church Springfield Robert 3288 3542 3288 3737 / 3844 8101 3282 0847 Table 8 Singles Ps Don Stewart 0421 870 754 Enquiries: Rugby League Annastacia Palaszczuk (Inala) S’Field Panthers Scott 0405 108 931 St Francis Xavier Catholic Church 3372 3207 / 3239 3000 Goodna 3818 0111 Toastmasters, Springfield Lakes Rugby League, Juniors: Bill 0400 561 264 Springfield Anglican Church 3818 4077 S’Field Gary 3818 7370 Tony 3288 5924 Ipswich City Council Redbank Plains Jardd 0421 504 531 Springfield Community Church Toastmasters, Goodna, Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale 3810 6201 Camira Community Centre 3288 2434 Mike 3372 4349 Rugby Union Clubs Springfield Christian Family 3818 2915 Goodna Peter Aiavao 0427 751 506 Trefoil Guild, Centenary Cr Victor Attwood (Div 3) Janet 3376 1889 3288 5899 S’Lakes Hawks Jeremy 0449 682 960 Springfield Uniting Church Cr Sheila Ireland (Div 9) Westside Community Care Running Group Greg 0408 628 104 3810 6231 (Multicultural) 3818 8098 Rita 3818 0921 Self Defence Tkd & Hapkido Cr David Morrison (Div 1) Voice of the Lord Assembly (African Church) Westlife Community & Westlife Care 0433 300 617 3818 3100 Mr Godfrey Egwu 0420 308 097 Yvonne 3381 9988 Cr Paul Tully (Div 2) Westside Business. Women Group Softball Club 3818 6900 Westlife Church Springfield Camira John or Julie Ashby 3288 1986 3381 9988 Raiders Sandie 0402 485 795 Westside Spiritual Haven Meditation Westside Christian Church Hobbies, Arts & Craft Yvonne 0422 551 102 Softball, OzPitch, Springfield Lakes Camira 3381 8156 or 0423 814 700 Rebecca 3391 2447 email: Wine Club, Springfield Di 3288 3388 Active Crafts Westside Spiritual Haven Camira Swim Club, Waterworx Amateur Club Sharon 0402 342 551 Women’s Group, Springfield & Yvonne 0422 551 102 Annette 0417 775 900 Surrounds Sarah 3812 0138 Crafty Women’s Craft Group Deb 0417 774 630 or 3495 7051 Youth Nights (Friday Nights) Local JPs Touch Football High school aged & young uni, Cross Stitch Club Justice of the Peace (Qual) Springfield Lakes Paul 0411 348 470 Stacey 0425 715 714 Chris 3217 0976 Redbank Plains Jardd 0421 504 531 Suzanne Donovan 3818 3915 Youth Space, Goodna Garden Club, Camira Louise Morton 3818 6765 Tennis, Springfield Lakes Social Danny or Vince 3818 9934 Irene 3288 2414 Thien Nguyen 3288 5221 3381 9652 It’s Sew Easy - Springfield Jeff Nicol 0427 640 744 Table Tennis Assoc, Ipswich Helen 3812 3092 Andrew Thai Discount Drug Store, David 3282 4708 SField, 3437 8562 Glen 3389 6563 Dallas Tunnah 3288 3175 Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Club Trim & Tone Exercise Group Karen 3814 3525 Commissioner of Declaration Lisa Purcell 0428 822 010 Ingrid 3288 4614 Harold James Jackson 3389 1418

Local Clubs & Groups

Sport & Fitness



Groups & organisations listed are not for profit and run by volunteers.

Page 20 - April 2014group - Thewould Greater If your likeSpringfield their contactTimes information listed please send your request to

Rotary Club of Greater Springfield Update

Treat the Cause not the Symptom

Support for a family in need

Springfield Superclinic 29-31 Commercial Drive, Springfield

by Chris Steinback

Counselling Australia


Some months ago the members of the new provisional Rotary Club of Greater Springfield challenged themselves to raise the funds to purchase a Shelterbox; this was the new clubs first community service project. Shelterbox is an international Rotary managed disaster relief charity that provides shelter, warmth and dignity to those who have been affected by disasters worldwide. Rotary delivers boxes of aid, each of which provides an extended family with quality survival equipment and shelter to use while they rebuild their homes. The club has received news that their challenge has finally been met with their box number 12265 finally delivered to a family in need in the Philippines. It took Lamberto Humanel and his wife three years to build their home. The earthquake last year destroyed it in 30 seconds. They were living amongst the ruins of their house when Rotary found them. Now Lamberto, his wife and her two sisters, as well as one of their daughters, are living in a Shelterbox tent. Lamberto said, “We want to give a million thanks to all of Shelterbox for this tent. We are much warmer now at night, and I know because of this we will now have a much longer life.” With the help of Rotary clubs like the Rotary Club of Greater Springfield and their kind donations, more families like Lamberto’s are safe and together as they begin to rebuild their homes and their lives. Over two million refugees have now fled the worsening violence in Syria and over four million are still displaced within the country. To find out how you can help, go to The Rotary Club of Greater Springfield will celebrate the official chartering of the club by Rotary International on 12 April at the Brookwater Golf and Country Club. The Rotary Club of Greater Springfield (prov) holds its meetings every Thursday evening at 6.30pm at the Brookwater Golf and Country Club, 1 Tournament Drive Brookwater. For enquiries, contact Club Secretary Lachlan Clarke on 0409 711 199, visit us on Facebook or email us on

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SERVICES AVAILABLE: Blocked Drains Cleared New Sewerage & Stormwater Installations or Replacements CCTV Drain Camera Inspections with Locator for accurate fault finding & pin pointing of blockages including depth readings (recordings to DVD &/or USB)

Flooding problems solved Super Mini Excavator

(can access openings as narrow as 700mm wide)

with experienced operator Rainwater Tanks supplied &/or installed All general plumbing & drainage maintenance & repairs


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TATTOOS Bellbird Park Tues to Sat 10am-5pm Custom ~ Freehand Celtic ~ Tribal Japanese ~ Traditional

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ROOFING & GUTTERING Leaky Roof? Broken Tiles? Need Maintenance? Want to add value to your home? Free Roof Checks! Your Local Roofing Experts √ Roof Restorations - Heat Reflective Paint √ Re-Capping, Re-Pointing - Be Storm Safe √ Leaks, Repairs - Big and Small

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GUITAR TUITION Redbank Plains School of Guitar

• Tuition by trained Classical Guitarist • All styles • All ages • Beginner to Advanced • Trinity & A.M.E.B. exam prep Ph: 3814 2116

QBSA Lic 1007052

Deadline Date for May issue is Wednesday 30 April Phone 3201 1880 to book your space

Professional Tuition by Qualified Caring Teachers

• English • Mathematics (including Years 11 & 12)

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The Greater Springfield Times -April 2014 - Page 23

GENUINE 2013 Suzuki 

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PLUS - 12 months FREE servicing

*redeemable from Suzuki Qld


Stock No 135909




Stock No 137997

SAVE- $2,226

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Page 24 - April 2014 - The Greater Springfield Times



Stock No 137792



the Greater Springfield Times, April 2014  
the Greater Springfield Times, April 2014