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Centenary News APRIL 2014 - ISSUE 214

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Local resident, Marlene Worthington honoured

Queensland State Parliament Speaker, Fiona Simpson with Marlene Worthington at the recent breakfast.

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In recognition of International Women’s Day last month, a breakfast was held at Queensland Parliament House for the Queensland Inspiring Women awards where well known local resident, Marlene Worthington was awarded. The awards were initiated to honour women who strengthened individuals or communities in the area of business, community service, the arts, the environment or another arena. “Mrs Worthington was a perfect choice to receive this award as she has, throughout her life, demonstrated a spirit of generosity and service to others,” said Ms Tarnya Smith MP who had the privilege of presenting the award. “Mrs Worthington’s commitment and service to the community of Brisbane, and to people with a disability and their carers is unequalled. I congratulate Mrs Worthington on her award and thank her on behalf of the local community for her service.” Speaker at the breakfast, Fiona Simpson, said she was deeply impressed by the generosity and service of award recipients. “These awards honour women who demonstrate a spirit of generosity, whether through a particular initiative or through a lifestyle of encouraging service to others.” “It was a great privilege on the eve of International Women’s Day to host some very inspiring women and celebrate the contributions they have made to our State,” she said.

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Personally Speaking

By Susannah Friis with Susannah Friis

Compassion fatigue is a term widely used today, and with good reason. With our 24 hour, seven days a week access to news and information, it’s easy to succumb to feeling overwhelmed. If you are even slightly connected to social media, use the internet, watch television or, indeed, simply talk to people beyond your front door, you will know what I am talking about. Anything and everything that happens on the other side of the world, in a neighbouring country, in our nation, in our state, in our suburb reaches our ears and eyes in a matter of minutes and we are flooded with images and words. We try to tune out but the onslaught is unrelenting and most of us live every day, quite literally, with the weight of the world on our shoulders. So what does the human brain do with too much information? It shuts down in order to preserve itself. Information saturation is slowly spreading the disease of indifference in our society. We simply cannot cope with this emotional overload every time we seek to interact with one another, so the next best thing, in order to maintain our sanity and keep from plunging into the depths of despair, is to simply stop caring. And this, of course, does not help things at all. I am involved heavily with Destiny Rescue, as most of you probably know, and with that work comes so much information about the problem that exists today of human trafficking, an issue so large and complex that it seriously does my head in sometimes. Sometimes, I just stay away from social media for a day or two, or I leave emails from causes I support ‘unread’ until I’m feeling a little more resilient. We need to be smart about our information age and not let it rule us. As much as we are urged to talk to the people with us instead of those behind our screens, we need to take the same lesson and apply it to ourselves - pay a little attention to how we’re feeling and adjust our habits accordingly. So how do I combat compassion fatigue? One word - fun. I make it a point to do something fun each day. And by fun, I mean something I enjoy. It might simply be pottering around in my (thanks to the raging summer) meagre garden. It might be calling one of my sisters or a friend. It might be playing a card game with the family, or simply putting my favourite music on and singing loudly. Whatever you enjoy, try to do a little something each day where your mind and heart can take a break and you can just breathe, putting to the side all the issues and problems that surround us. We will never rid ourselves of problems, for that is life in all its glory but we can balance our own minds so that we don’t succumb to indifference and apathy. And if we can do that, we will rally and pick up our causes and keep fighting the good fight.

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Coaching For Life

with Dr Kate Lemerle PhD MAPS Dr Kate Lemerle has over 25 years experience in the health industry and is a Coaching Psychologist with Chrysalis Wellness Services


ne of the most emotionally painful experiences we can have as humans is discrimination. Whether this is at work or at home discrimination hurts. Research shows that people who experience discrimination are likely to be depressed, less productive in the workplace, and often end up socially isolated. At a social level, discrimination appears in groups as prejudice. This type of discrimination results in groups of people adopting and sharing a belief system around a particular person, or around a group of people identified according to one characteristic, such as their faith, their age, or their gender. These beliefs result in all those targeted as being ‘tarred with the same brush’. The danger of this is that it results in ‘in-groups’ and ‘out-groups’. Out-groups can become identified as potential threats, and in situations such as the workplace, those individuals classified as part of the ‘out-group’ can suffer serious mental health problems, in some cases even leading to suicide. This is because one of the most basic needs we have as humans is acceptance into social groups. Research suggests that when we see members of groups that we don’t consider our own, a part of the brain called the amygdala lights up. The amygdala is part of the ‘emotional brain’ and activates our ‘fight-orflight’ response. It’s a hard-wired survival response that bypasses the frontal cortex, or the ‘thinking brain’, and sets off a cascade of physical responses such as racing heart, rapid breathing, and muscle tension, all designed to fire us up to fight the threat, or to escape. So how do we recover if we’ve been the victim of discrimination? One approach is to emotionally distance yourself from the direct experience, and consider possible reasons for the perpetrator acting this way. This is known as taking a self-distanced perspective in which you analyse the experience as if you yourself were a third-party observer, a kind of fly on the wall: ‘Why did that prejudiced comment get to him so much?’ Or another option is to consider it from your own perspective, such as ‘I wonder what it was about that particular comment that got under my skin?’ The more typical response is called a self-immersed perspective, in which we go over and over the experience, replaying it so that our emotions become increasingly stirred up. By taking a more emotionally distant view, we turn down the amygdala and turn up the frontal cortex and reduce the acute emotional responses. Another approach is to use basic mindfulness techniques. When threatened, we tend to narrow our focus of attention down to only the perpetrator, which is not helpful. So if you have been the victim of discrimination, give yourself a few minutes to broaden your focus of attention – listen to other sounds around you (not just the voice of the intimidator), pay attention to something interesting you can see, notice smells and other unrelated physical sensations, breathe deeply and consciously relax your whole body. This strategy reminds you that the discrimination is only one very small part of the piece of world you inhabit right now, and everything else around you is as it should be.

Chappies go on ‘tour’ for support

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Left to Right: Chris Ramsey (respresentative for Bernie Ripoll, MP Oxley), Jilanna Craig, Rebekah Robinson, Erin Mawhinney, Joshua Green, Felecity McClenaghan, Caroline Swann, Anita Boyne, Bernie McMullen, and Julie Thompson (representative for Tarnya Smith Cr Mount Ommaney). School chaplains in the Centenary suburbs and surrounding areas banded together recently to gain community support for chaplaincy ahead of a High Court hearing which challenges federal government funding for chaplains. Scripture Union Queensland (SU QLD) is undertook a 7,000 kilometre, three week long bus tour throughout the state, aptly called the ‘Back Our Chappies’ Tour. The tour began on March 10 and will end on April 2, with more than 20 Queensland communities holding fundraising events for local chaplaincies, and allowing local residents the opportunity to add their name to a list of more than 70,000 Australian’s who support the role of school chaplains. The bus stopped in Centenary for the breakfast event, which gathered together many chaplains who work in school in the Centenary and surrounding regions, to serve students breakfast at Centenary State High School. One of those chaplains, Felicity McClenaghan from Darra State School and Carole Park State School, has been a chaplain for four years. Felicity runs many programs, including ‘Fun Friends’, which teaches children about how to build their social and emotional reliance; ‘Games Club’, which helps kids work on their social skills while playing board games; and ‘Breakfast Club’, providing kids with a healthy meal to start the day. Felicity also organises multiple charity events, including ‘Funky Friday’, a dress-up and hair-colouring day for the Leukaemia Foundation, and ‘Say No to Bullying Day’, which encourages students to make a difference in the world. “The role of a chaplain is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to students, and our chappies do that in more than 800 school communities in Queensland,” said SU QLD CEO, Peter James. “Chaplains work in the area of prevention and promotion, helping students to overcome negative behavioural patterns and to practice positive social interaction with other students, their teachers and even at home,” he said. It’s not too late to add your support to the Back Our Chappies campaign, visit to find out how.

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76 Andaman St, Jamboree Heights - Page 6 - April 2014 - The Centenary News

Centenary Suburbs Historical Society update

by Vice President Lynda Young

Exploring the past in the Centenary suburbs – part 3 Here is another interesting historical route to follow in Jindalee, by foot or bicycle. Start at the western end of Kooringal Drive, Jindalee, near the intersection with Mankinna Street. You will see ahead of you an impressive bridge spanning Scrub Creek. Opened in February 2010, the bridge is Australia’s largest single-span aluminium bridge which enables pedestrians and cyclists to link up with Mt. Ommaney Drive along the riverside. From the bridge look down to the creek and imagine early landowners accessing their farms by row boat from the river. The path you are on winds uphill through pleasant shrubs and trees in Jindalee Park. As you join Mt. Ommaney Drive, look for the wooden telegraph pole outside number 22 painted with the flood markings for 1974, 2011, and 2013. A resident and long time member of the CSHSoc has diligently recorded these levels. Imagine how devastating these floods have been! Continue and turn left into Cobbadah Street and then right into Murna Street. On your right is a path between house numbers 3 and 7, with a Council notice at the entrance. Walking in you will find the 150 year old historic fig tree (Ficus macrophyllus) surrounded by short blue poles to prevent damage. From early colonial times, the tree has provided a shady outdoor recreation spot for successive generations of local residents and visitors. It has always been on public property. From 1864, the tree site was on a public access lane to the river allowing the farmers, without riverside properties, access for their goods to be taken to market by boat. When housing development focused on the western end of Jindalee, the developers recognised the tree’s potential as a promotional feature. The area around the tree was set aside as public land with seven house allotments backing onto the small park that was created. Since then the tree’s existence has been threatened several times through neglect, drought and lightning strikes. Swayed by public opinion, in 2008 the Council removed large lateral branches back to the stem, mulched to the drip line, and reduced access to the tree; and with annual monitoring checked for any additional signs of decay. As you can see now the fig tree looks very healthy. If only this tree could talk, what stories it could tell us! Retrace your steps and reflect on the past. For more historical information and photos visit our website at

New QCWA group a success

by Christine King

The Queensland Country Women’s Association (CWA) was pleased to welcome further new ladies to the group meeting on 4th March at the Mt. Ommaney Library Meeting Room. Much chatter over a light finger food dinner was enjoyed as we met new ladies from the Centenary Area. A mini workshop on knitting was enjoyed and this month, April, we look forward to ladies bringing back the finished squares to make up into a rug. Knitting is so popular at present and it is remarkable how many ladies do not know how to knit. CWA is a fountain of knowledge on all things craft and cultural, so why not consider coming along and joining the largest community women’s group in Queensland. New sub branches are opening, not only in the Brisbane area but also in rural cities. We welcome women of all ages. We are apolitical and non sectarian. The presentation for the March meeting covered our International activities, both in the South Pacific Area and world wide through Associated Country Women of the World. This year Dubbo will host the Area Conference for the South Pacific Area in late August, while the next world Conference will be held in Warwick England and many Queensland CWA members will be attending both these events. We invite you to attend our next meeting on 1st April at 6pm for 6.30pm in the meeting room, Mt. Ommaney Library. Bring some wool and needles and join the knitting circle. Email enquiries to either or

Not too late to join the Jamboree Heights Guides In an age when more and more technology is a major part of children’s lives, getting them out and about and active is a higher priority for parents than ever before. Being a Girl Guide is enormously rewarding and fun. The Australian Guide Program helps girls to learn life-skills and leadership while making friends and having a ball. The program involves four elements which are: • Self - being a Guide is all about challenging yourself. • People - making friends, sharing, caring and understanding others. • Practical - learning some skills that will help you through life. • Physical - being active, healthy and strong. Jamboree Heights Girl Guides has Units which meet weekly. Meeting day and time will vary depending on the age of the girl and which Unit they fit into. Dedicated volunteer Leaders, who are all trained in first aid and are blue card holders, run a planned program with interesting activities to challenge Guides and encourage them to explore new skills. Throughout the year there are opportunities to join with other groups of Guides and participate in activities outside the Unit meetings. These days are well organised by experienced Leaders and offer the girls an opportunity to mix and work with a range of different age groups and meet new friends. If you are interested in coming along to see what Girl Guides is all about, you can contact Jamboree Heights Girl Guides by sending an email to Girls are able to come along to several meetings to give Guides a go before any fees are applied. The Centenary News - April 2014 - Page 7

Veterinary News

by Dr Claire Micklethwaite BVSc

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Page 8 - April 2014 - The Centenary News

Children can benefit immensely from owning pets. In our increasingly urbanised world, there is often an alienation from animals. Pet ownership promotes better socialisation and emotional development for our children for many reasons. • Provides companionship – Pets can be a fantastic playmate for kids. The largely unconditional love of pets helps children gain acceptance of themselves, and gain self-esteem and positivity in dealing with other people. • Teaches responsibility – By involving children in routine activities such as feeding, walking, flea control, and bathing of pets, we help them learn to meet the physical needs of another creature in order for it to survive and live. • Builds confidence – Animal-handling skills, which can be learnt from a very young age, help kids learn to be physically strong, gain a playful attitude, and to be assertive and dominant without being mean. • Teaches about life and death – Movies, television and video games often promote an unrealistic view of life and death where characters never die, or can be brought back to life, or can have a second chance by pressing “replay”. Life is not like this. Children need to understand that life is fragile and precious but temporary. We all need to be able to accept loss, grieve and move on. • Encourages a caring, nurturing attitude - Pets, due to their small size and poorer ability to communicate, are usually more vulnerable to harm than people. This vulnerability helps children to develop attitudes such as gentleness, patience, kindness and mercy. • Helps to develop observational and exploratory skills – Animals communicate non-verbally, and this helps to hone the observational and deductive skills of children in detecting and respecting the moods, thoughts and illnesses of animals and others. • Promotes general animal welfare – Environmental conservation, the preservation of endangered species and a rational understanding of urban and rural animal welfare issues can all stem merely from pet ownership as a child.

Advice on the House I am delighted to be writing a monthly real estate column in the Centenary News, and I hope that you find property as interesting as I do! I thought I would use my inaugural column to introduce myself and my business, and I will focus on different aspects of buying, selling and renting property in future editions. If you have a particular question or topic you would like covered, please email me at susan@rwmp. and I will answer your question either privately or in this column. I grew up in the small cane farming town of Mossman in Far North Queensland, and moved to Brisbane in 1987. To this day I feel that I was very fortunate that my first job was in a small family-run real estate agency in Milton; I have loved every minute of my career through all different facets of the industry. After several years with that firm, I joined a dynamic Toowong office where I was able to work with a sales team of 17, and gained wonderful experience in project marketing as well as traditional house, apartment and investment sales. It was during my time as receptionist at this firm that I met my husband Ross; he came in to enquire about an investment townhouse in Sherwood, which incidentally he never did purchase! We have now been married for 11 years and we have a toddler daughter, plus our older children (two girls aged 18, and a boy aged 20) from our previous marriages. We built our house beside the river in 2000; and were evacuated by boat (I was pregnant at the time) during the

with Susan Bardon

flood of 2011. Fortunately, our own home was not affected but we did have investment properties flooded and this event has further cemented the value of property into my life; whether “high and dry” or not, whether to live in or rent out, property remains the most significant investment most people will ever make. I left the Toowong job after 11 years, and in 2000 I joined Ray White Paddington as Personal Assistant to their leading agent at the time. This was an incredibly demanding but rewarding role, and a time that really cemented the skills needed to become a successful salesperson. I then worked with one of Queensland’s leading independent agents for a year before commencing work as a salesperson in the Centenary Suburbs in 2003. In 2005 I established my own business in the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre, with my husband Ross joining my team in August 2006. By 2008 the business had expanded considerably and we re-located to Middle Park, and in 2010 we joined the Ray White Group. We moved to our beautiful new office in 2012, and now have eight full-time and three part-time employees to meet the needs of our clients, but we are still very much a family owned-and-operated local business with a long-term commitment to this business. I would like to thank you for taking time to read my brief biography and I welcome your questions or comments. Until next month, Susan.

Sumner Park BC 5/20 Jijaws Street

Westlake 8 Callabonna Street


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Susan Bardon 0405 484 828 | 3279 4777

Ray White Middle Park

Ray White Middle Park

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Riverhills 408 Sumners Road

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Sale $460,000

Sale $429,000

Susan Bardon 0405 484 828 | 3279 4777

Steven Tozer 0411 091 855 | 3279 4777

Ray White Middle Park

Ray White Middle Park

The Centenary News - April 2014 - Page 9

Kiwanians gather from around Australia

Servicing the r Keep youunning western suburbs r vehicle ndition since 1983 o c p in to range of with our ance services! mainten

. Servicing . Tune Ups . Air-conditioning . Mechanical repairs . Brakes/Clutch . Fuel system - EFI . Cooling system . Exhaust . Suspension . L.P. Gas 3/52 Jijaws St, Sumner Park

by Mal Lancaster

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Anna Swanson from East Maitland and Marie Simpson of Sinnamon Park and member of the Brisbane Kiwanis Club dressed up for the French Affair.



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Page 10 - April 2014 - The Centenary News


Kiwanians from Victoria, Queensland and NSW gathered at Tea Gardens, gateway to the Myall Coast, north of Newcastle for the Australia District Division 2 Conference held recently. As always it was a fun weekend for all, with golfers arriving to compete in the Kiwanis interstate golf championship which was played on the Hawks Nest course. Bryan Smith, acting as the golf captain, used some mathematical equations unknown to science and come up with Queensland winning for the second year. The conference was convened at 9am on Saturday at the Tea Gardens Hotel where the Lt Gov Pat McKinney welcomed everyone and introduced special guests from Australia District. The Presidents of Kiwanis clubs from Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle introduced their members who had travelled to the conference. Pat McKinney chaired the business session and gave an overview of the Div 2 achievements throughout the past 12 months, with Div 2 members contributing 6,300 hours to complete 137 projects which raised $116,000, equal to each member raising $1,000. Div 2 clubs Presidents expanded on their circulated reports which gave a cross flow of new ideas for all clubs as well as an update on our newest club Kiwanis Club of Western Sydney. Steve Hughes was presented with a Hixson Award for his untiring work over many years and as current District Secretary and Australia Eliminate Chair person gave an update on Eliminate fundraising and the Mother’s day project, Mr. John Bromilow, Australia District Governor, gave the Governor’s message which carried a special message that Australia is once again a District. He also spoke about the Sri Lanka Initiative and how we as Kiwanians can help the school children there by supply funds to purchase water filters for their schools which will help to prevent kidney disease in children. The meeting finished with a workshop seeking ideas for the 30 second speech, What is Kiwanis and looking at ways to promote Kiwanis’ 100th Year. The regular sporting contest was held on the lawns of the Hotel before departing for a fun filled ‘French Affair’ at the local surf club. After breakfast on Sunday morning, Kiwanians departed for all parts of Australia having had a wonderful weekend and made sure they had booked their hotel rooms for next years conference.

Centenary Rowing takes club to the next stage The four news magazines of Local News Publications covers 30 suburbs south of the Brisbane CBD, allowing you to target the local area best suited to you and your business.

Member for Mount Ommaney, Tarnya Smith has congratulated the Centenary Rowing Club on the completion of stage two of their new clubhouse in Riverhills. The Queensland Government has provided $297,547 towards the project under the Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Program. The new clubhouse has been specifically designed to mitigate future flood damage and better suit the needs of club members. “The severe weather and floods in recent years have taken their toll on this thriving sports club so it’s great to see them back on their feet and improving their facilities. “This two-stage construction project has provided the club with a two storey rowing and canoeing clubhouse incorporating boat storage, repair areas, coach room, amenities activity spaces and meeting facilities,” said Ms Smith. Club president Tony Papinczak said stage two of the project was a classic example of never giving up on your dreams. “This is a project that will deliver benefits to both our club members and the local community. It will provide a means of generating an improvement in the rowing experience, leading to an increase in participation and membership growth,” he said. “It will give our club a new lease on life.”


by Elaine

Centenary National Seniors Update

We wish you all a Happy Easter and extend a warm welcome to everyone to attend our General Meeting on Tuesday 1st April at the Jindalee Bowls Club commencing at 9.15am. Carol and her helpers will serve morning tea and Easter Eggs, then a short Meeting followed by an Entertainer. Each month we alternate with a Guest Speaker or Entertainers. Last month we travelled with Alan Worthington to the Simpson Desert and the Gulf Country and learnt about Aboriginal medicines and food.April is also our ‘Bring and Buy’ sale with articles being sold at give-away prices. You will also receive our newsletter with details of all our activities, also a free raffle ticket on your first visit. Last month, we travelled by coach to Samford. We had morning tea at a scenic area and a two course lunch somewhere special. All our coach trips, near or far are very affordable at $50 per person. We enjoy our Explorer Trips each alternate month. MahJong has become a popular game with our Members and is played at Mt Ommaney Library on the 1st and 2nd Thursdays each month at 9-noon. Steady Steps exercise classes are held at Middle Park Uniting Church Hall at 9am each Monday morning. National Seniors Jindalee Book Club The Book Club is part of the NSA programs for Seniors in the area. We are a happy and vibrant group of people who gather on the 3rd Thursday each month, May to October, 10-noon to discuss the chosen book read. However, we could do with a boost to the numbers and would welcome any male or female readers to join us. The venue for this group is the Community Library located under the Jindalee Bowls Club. If interested, please contact Pauline on 3712 0430. We also have a suggestion box at the door at General Meetings for any ideas for activities or places you would like to visit. We would enjoy your input on any issues that interest you. On the whole we try to please everybody, and keep you mentally active and help to ward off the loneliness. Ring me on 3376 1986. I enjoy telling people about our Club.

If you’re looking to increase your local sales, then with a combined distribution of over 44,000, and the potential readership of at least 100,000, these news magazines will provided you with a proven meduim. Centenary News

Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and business in the suburbs of Mountt Ommaney, Westlake, Riverhills, Jamboree Heights, Middle Park, Jindalee, Sinnamon Park, Seventeen Mile Ricks, Windermere and Edenbrooke.

The Lake News

Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and business in the suburbs of Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Doolandella, Heathwood, Richlands and Forestdale.

The Local News Circulation of approximately 11,500 homes and business in the suburbs of Chelmer, Graceville, Tennyson, Sherwood, Corinda and sections of Indooroopilly. the greater

Springfield Times Circulation of approximately 11,000 homes and business in the suburbs of Springfield Lakes, Springfield, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Camira and Gailes. 3201 1880 Find us on Facebook

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Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Local Contact

Info Page Local Contacts Info Page Government Representatives Tennis Junior Club, Jindalee

Clubs & Groups

Bach Society of Qld

Elizabeth Hood 3273 1787

Bushcare Groups:

National Seniors Australia (Centenary) Elaine 3376 1986 Posties: (Mums support group)

Meet each Mon @ Mt Ommaney Horizon Drive: Chris 3279 6483 Library 9.30am - 11.30am Jindalee: Noel & Claire 3376 1412 Phone 0413 724 714 Westlake-Riverhills: Gary 0427 681 612 Probus Clubs: Wolston Creek: Julie 3715 6434 Centenary Len Simpson 3376 6410 Centenary & District Environment Jindalee Annette 3376 1888 Action Inc. (CDEA) Mt Ommaney Bill 3378 3170 Shealagh Walker 3376 1287 Rotary Clubs: or Warner Dakin 3376 7724 Centenary Peter 3376 4200 Centenary Chamber of Commerce Jindalee Margaret 3722 1017 Sumner Park Christine 0439 716 998 Beau Jones 0412 629 151 Rocks Riverside Brad 0411 268 279

Cent Community Connections

Centenary Drum Circle

Tribal Drumming

Centenary Evening VIEW Club Di 3202 9759

Centenary Flexible Support Services Cheryl 3376 3181

Mon & Wed frail aged, Tue & Thur young people with a disability

Centenary Genealogy Group Sue 3376 8156

Centenary Seniors

Pat or Charles 3379 4069

Centenary Suburbs RSL Sub-Branch 3279 5024 Centenary Quilters Glenys 3376 7722 Chapel Hill Day VIEW Club Bev 3279 2819

Community Garden - Rocks Community Garden

Creative Chics Craft Club

Meets 3rd Sat at Centenary Hub Jane 0413 143 505

Crime Stoppers - Centenary Ph: Fiona 0434 614 410

Scout Group, West Centenary Qld Scout Centre Ph: 3870 7000

Sinnamon Park Residents Assoc Trevor 3376 1432

Social Group - Weekenders

Tarnya Smith MP (Mt Ommaney) 3279 5137

Brisbane City Council

Cr Matthew Bourke (Jamboree) 3407 7000

Sport & Fitness

Toastmasters, Centenary

Westside Triathlon Club

0403 197 721

Churches Catholic Church

Jindalee & Darra 3715 8517

Centenary Baptist

Middle Park 33729901

Centenary Presbyterian

Jamboree Heights 3305 0336

Centenary Uniting 3279 2171 City Church@Jindalee


Graceville Presbyterian Church

Trefoil Guild - Centenary Janet 3376 1889

Water Polo, Jindalee

Ph 3253 1300

3288-9735-ah 0411 647 035-bh

Bowls Clubs:

Ngaire 3375 7268 a/h

Leanne 0411 700 206

AFL - Jindalee 3279 2470 Archery, Centenary Archers

Basketball West Brisbane

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Darra Ph: 3122 1150

0421 477 900

iSEE Church

17 Mile Rocks, 1300 775 501

Good News Lutheran Falcons 0450 105 252 Middle Park 3373 4440 King James Bible 32792805 Brisbane Water Ski Club Jindalee Salvation Army Simon Reynolds 0405 655 786

Centenary/Riverhills 3279 2850

Samoan Christian Fellowship,

Jindalee 3376 1240 Centenary 3312 9067 St Catherine's Anglican Ministry Darra Cementco 3375 4307 Middle Park 3376 4052

Ingrid 0423 770 284 Cent Canoe & Kayaking Club Mick 0402 643 465 Peter 0412 194 717 Seventh Day Adventist, F’Lake Spanish/English 3278 8309 Western Suburbs Carers Support Group Katrina 3376 0185 Centenary Physical Culture Club Vineyard Christian Fellowship Tracey Scott 3376 7689 Western Suburbs Poker Club Brisbane West Sumner Park 0403 586 296 or Matthew 0403 890 763 Centenary Table Tennis Club Westside Church of Christ Cameron 3279 1300 Jamboree Hts 3279 1570 Wolston & Centenary Catchments Cricket Club, Wolston Park Education Centenary Ellen 3376 9545


Historical Society, Centenary Suburbs 3376 1615 (BH) Independent Speakers Club

Jane 3278 3082

Sue 3376 8990

State Member

Society for Growing Australian Plants St Vincent de Paul Socity Sumner Park 3279 1030 Sustainable Jamboree

Lisa Cole 0432 928 091 Jindalee Judi 3376 4100

Inner Wheel Club of Bne West

Bernie Ripoll MLA (Oxley) Ph: 3879 6440 or Fax: 3879 6441

Western Districts - The Bulldogs Couples & Singles 35+ 3191 2105 Laurie 0421 137 406

Cross Stitch Club Chris 3217 0976 Alcoholics Anonymous Ph 3255 9162 Girl Guides Jamboree Heights Afterlife Discussions 0431 856 556

Pett 3378 2361

Federal Member

Centenary State High School Cycling, Centenary Bikeways 3373 4555 Group 0417 073 181 Good News Lutheran Primary Hockey South West United Women’s Middle Park 3376 4211 Rhonda 0400 634 853 Jamboree Heights Primary

Asperger’s Services Australia West Netball Club, Jindalee JDNC President 0400 329 833 Brisbane Region Support Group Aust. Breastfeeding Assoc Tammy 0417 548 856

Centenary Recovery Group

3725 5666

Jindalee Primary 3725 5777 Middle Park Primary 3712 9888 Miraa House 3376 7966 Rowing Club, Centenary (Youth) Mt Ommaney Special School Michael 0401 567 279

Rugby League:

3717 6888

Local JP Contacts

Centenary Football Club, Crohns & Colitis Assoc of Aust Randy 3271 1530 1800 138 029 Rev Tania 0401 690 127

Margaret Bruce 3376 4062 Fiona Burr 0421 222 154 Jamboree Residents Assoc Inc President Mr Wayne Williams Roy Case 3279 6332 3279 0744 Australian Pituitary Foundation Rugby Union: Kee-Huat Chan 3376 6872 Kenmore Centenary Rugby Club Ph 3376 2083 Kiwanis Club of Brisbane King Chiam 3376 7276 3388 6954 or 0402 891 614 1st & 3rd Tues 3715 6540 Brisbane Multiple Birth Dr Peter Ellis 0421 089 996 Sinnamon Park Ladies Assoc, Westside Lions Club, Jindalee Badminton & Volleyball Social Susan Eyles 0405 465 050 Irene 3372 9886 / 0407 880 756 Group Michelle Carol Harris 3376 8886 or text 0411 480 701 Jeff Haywood 3376 4470 Meals On Wheels Jindalee Centenary Meals on Wheels 3279 1974 Lucky Kossinna 0433 811 957 Soccer Clubs: Centenary Stormers: Office 3279 1974 Men’s Shed 100 Inc Tony Mortensen 3376 7862 Alan 0407 038 565 Ed 3376 1389 TOUGHLOVE Parent Support Mala Nair 3279 4556 St Catherine’s United: Stuart O’Donoghue 3376 5472 3856 3211 Jim Robbins 0416 107 351 NightWriters: (Writing Group) Meet 2nd & 4th Wednesday at Mike Ridge 3376 6830 Young Widows & Widowers Swim Clubs: Mt Ommaney Library at 6pm Support Group of Brisbane Jamboree Heights 0417 738 793 Tony Trigg 0418 766 527 Gillian 0421 604 378 Ellen 3376 9545 Susan Bardon 0405 484 828 Jindalee 3376 1002 Groups & organisations listed are not for profit and run by volunteers. If your group would like their contact information listed please send your request to

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Hello Readers The world of work requires us to be innovative thinkers. In schools therefore it is imperative that we create the right learning environment where students learn to be innovative thinkers. With a strong values base, these skills can be taught through project work, community networks, mentoring, and working in the global space. Several innovative programs are offered at St John’s and recently students, teachers and parents had the rare privilege in hearing a guest speaker, International Speaker and Social Entrepreneur, Paul Dunn. Paul, a 3-times TEDx speaker and best-selling author challenged our community members to think about what it means to be an inspiring business. Focusing our attention on the Millennium Goals to eradicate poverty in the third world, Paul showed how businesses could give generously to this cause by making connections within teams, with customers and with the world in which we live. His Singaporean company B1G1 (Buy 1GIVE1) works with businesses all over the world encouraging them to be a business with the “WOW” factor. Young business entrepreneur Robert Hruswicki, a St John’s student who has recently established his own on-line business in personalized mobile phone covers was certainly inspired when Paul offered to mentor his business to become a Buy1GIVE1 champion. Many St John’s students go on to study in business related fields at university and TAFE and successfully establish careers or their own businesses. Old Collegians Awardees in 2013, Tony Nyguen and Siegmund Mitterstoger are fine and inspiring role models for our students as innovative thinkers who run inspiring businesses. At St John’s our Balance Life Program for students in Year Seven to 10 helps to raise awareness of the needs of others, develops a culture of spirituality, and inspires a sense of empathy and responsibility towards all members of the community. It builds important relationships with the wider community. If you would like to visit St John’s and get to know more about our Balance Life Program service activities in action please contact our Registrar, Janette Collins by email

A place for INNOVATION St John’s is a collaborative, online, interconnected learning community. Our teachers motivate their students to use new technologies, to source real time information and to create and publish their work. They are being well prepared for a rapidly changing future.

For more information email or phone 07 3372 0176

Kind regards Suzanne Bain Head, St John’s Anglican College Kindy to Year 6 07 3372 0888 Years 7 to 12 07 3372 0111 The Centenary News - April 2014 - Page 13

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Bookkeeping • Admin Systems & Support • Training

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3879 9003 or 0412 656 031

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New Homes Extensions Renovations Office Granny Flats Teenage Retreats Patios/Decks Commercial Builds


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Page 14 - April 2014 - The Centenary News

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Jindalee Probus Club The April meeting of the Probus Club of Jindalee will be on Tuesday 8th at the Jindalee Golf Club. The meeting follows morning tea at 10 am and concludes with an interesting guest speaker. The guest speaker at this meeting will be Patrick Pickett, Director/Conductor of the Queensland Pops Orchestra and this promises to be a most entertaining talk. Probus is a social club for retired or semi-retired men and women. If you would like to attend a meeting or require more information please ring Annette on 3376 1888. Sumner Park Rotary Club Meets every Wednesday evening at McLeod Country Golf Club, Gertrude McLeod Crescent, Mt Ommaney at 5.30pm (light refreshments available). For more information about the club phone Fin Lawson on 3376 5241. Jindalee Rotary Club Meets every Tuesday night at McLeod Country Golf Club, Gertrude McLeod Crescent, Mt Ommaney for a 6.30pm dinner. For more information phone Secretary Lindsay Elwood on 3279 2011. Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary The Rotary Club of Brisbane Centenary meets every Wednesday morning at Solitude Solutions, 5 Wills Court Mt Ommaney. The meeting commences at 6.45am and finishes at 7.45am with a continental breakfast on offer. Prospective members and guests are invited to arrive at 6.30am for fellowship and introductions. Please contact Ben Phillips on 0438 673 715 if you would like to go along. Probus Club of Centenary Suburbs The club meets at the Jindalee Bowls Club on the fourth Tuesday of each month with morning tea at 10 am. A guest speaker delivers a presentation on an interesting topic and a light lunch is then served. Members also enjoy a monthly outing and special interest group activities. Visitors and guests are always welcome. Anyone who may be interested should contact the secretary Len on 3376 6410 or the membership officer Jenny on 3376 5871 for further details. Centenary Evening VIEW Club The Centenary Evening VIEW Club welcomes women of all ages to join them in their regular monthly dinner meetings, and the various other social occasions members enjoy. The next dinner meeting will be on Monday 14th April at the Mt. Ommaney Hotel/Apartments 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm. Cost of the dinner is $35 and bookings are essential. The theme of the dinner is Easter and the guest speaker will be Rev Tania with the topic “What is the role of a clergy person in our modern world”. Rev. Tania is an inspiring speaker and her talk is bound to be entertaining and thought provoking. To add to the fun of the night, attendees are asked to bring along a decorated pair of “Easter ears”. If you would like to attend or require more information, please ring Di on 3202 9759 or email before noon on Friday 4th April. Chapel Hill VIEW Club Chapel Hill View Club meets over lunch on the first Tuesday of the month at the Mount Ommaney Hotel and Apartments. The April meeting is Tuesday the first at 10.45am for 11.30am. Chapel Hill View Club has many special events to look forward to throughout the year. These include outings, bridge, choir, book and the bring and buy tables. There will be special themed luncheons including Easter, the August birthday, Melbourne Cup and of course Christmas, plus interesting guest speakers. An invitation is extended to ladies living in the Centenary area to join in and experience the wonderful friendship of VIEW Club. Members would like to make a special thank you to all the members of the public who supported the VIEW Club gift wrapping appeal and are delighted to report that at the Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre combined with Springwood $8,107.60 was raised. Currently VIEW Club is supporting 132 Learning for Life students in this zone. For further information regarding VIEW Club or to book for the April meeting and luncheon (which costs $32), please telephone Bev on 3279 2819 by 6pm the Friday prior to the meeting. The Centenary News - April 2014 - Page 15

Animal Farm

Wednesday 16 April, 10am - 2pm Free Sausage Sizzle - Available at Barbeques Galore Colouring Competition - Crazy Bouncing Putty for every entrant Prize: Giant Easter Bunny - Located at Choices Flooring Free Puppacino and Dog Lead- 10am to 2pm *whilst stocks last- Available at Sinnamon Park Vet Lollipop giveaways and colouring station in store - Available at Soul Pattinson Chemist Free Balloons and Giveaways - Available at Snap Fitness

34 Goggs Road, Jindalee | P: 3279 0100 Page 16 - April 2014 - The Centenary News

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