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For All German Prestige Car Servicing Estblished 1989 with over 50 years combined experience • Mercedes-Benz certified staff • Mercedes-Benz approved diagnostic equipment • Genuine parts and recommended lubricants • MOT testing • Service book stamped • Car and light commercial servicing • Bodywork and accident repair • Your warranty is maintained with our service • Coffee lounge and free pick-up/drop-off • Courtesey Cars Available

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Beautiful Gardens Created With Passion & Pride. All Aspects Of Garden & Landscaping.


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September 2011


Make A Will In September & Support The Butterwick Hospice

DO YOU OWN A HOUSE? OWN A VEHICLE? HAVE MANY POSSESSIONS? HAVE LIFE INSURANCE? If you answered YES to any of the above questions the next question you should ask yourself is how soon and where can i draw up a Will. By drawing up a Will you will gain peace of mind by knowing that you have provided properly for all your loved one’s future. During September, Butterwick Hospice is working in partnership with


Jacksons, Stockton Contact Mrs L HoskynsAbrahall Tel: 01642 356 500 Punch Robson, Coulby Newham Contact Mrs Julie Beattie Tel: 01642 233 980

reputable local Solicitors to help you make a Will. The Solicitors are giving their time and expertise and all we ask is that you make a donation to the hospice of £75 for a single Will and £95 for a pair of matching Wills. WHY DO I NEED TO WRITE A WILL? Here are five good reasons!

Macks Solicitors, Middlesbrough Contact Mrs L Monks Tel: 01642 252 828 Punch Robson, Ingleby Barwick Contact Mrs Katie Wigham Tel: 01642 754 050

Trustlaw, Stockton – Contact Punch Robson, Middlesbrough Mrs R Young Tel: 01642 888 088 Contact Mr P Walker Tel: 01642 230 700


1. To make sure that your money, property and possessions are passed on the way you want. 2. If you have young children, to choose who will look after them if neither Parent is alive. 3. To say what is to happen if your whole family is killed in a car crash or accident 4. To arrange for burial or cremation. 5. To leave legacy to charity. Archers Law, Stockton Contact Miss W Edwards Tel: 01642 636 500 Freeman Johnson, Darlington Contact Mrs H Thompson Tel: 01325 466 221 Macks Solicitors, Redcar Contact Mrs L Monks Tel: 01642 252 828 Macks Solicitors, Darlington Contact Mrs L Monks Tel: 01325 387 974

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL RAY LAIDLER 01642 628930. BUTTERWICK HOSPICE REGISTERED CHARITY 1044816 For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

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•Extensions •Garden Rooms •Garden Walls •Stonework •Roofing •Garage Conversions •Flat Roof Conversions Insurance Work Welcome All Work Guaranteed C.I.T.B Approved & C.R.B. Clear

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September 2011

The great hit singles To have been described by iconic American music critic Bruce Eder as ‘the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll’ after a mere 24 months of recording and performing must be something of a record. Yet the impact that Charles Hardin Holley had on the music world in a relatively short time was so profound that his works and innovations are said to have inspired and influenced exalted musicians like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton. His influence on popular music, in fact, made Holley one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, while in 2004 Rolling Stone ranked Holley among "The Fifty Greatest Artists of All Time". Decca Records signed up Holley in February 1956 and misspelt his name as ‘Holly’ on the contract. He thereafter adopted the misspelled name for his professional career and since his family has always called him ‘Buddy’ that was the Christian name he also used. He went on to form his own band, ‘ The Crickets,’ consisting of Holly (lead guitar and vocals), Niki Sullivan (guitar), Joe B. Mauldin (bass), and Jerry Allison (drums). There is little doubt that

of all the songs he created in his short career he will be best remembered for ‘Peggy Sue,’ a name that perhaps summed up better than any other the ‘middle’ America of the mid-fifties. Amazingly, it was never actually intended to be called by that name. Holly originally called it ‘Cindy Lou’ in honour of his niece, but the Cricket’s drummer Jerry Allison had recently broken up with his girlfriend Peggy Sue Gerron and suggested the name change as a way of getting back into her affections. Holly accepted the change and the song was recorded on July 1st 1957 at producer Norman Clovis’ studios in New Mexico.

Don Mclean was right When the session began the backing music had a calypso feel that simply didn’t work so Jerry Allison was asked to play a consistently rolling ‘paradiddle’ on a snare drum with the snares turned off. Holly intensified the rhythm on guitar with fast downstrokes and the result was the throbbingly intense ‘Peggy Sue’ we have all come to know and love. It soared to number three in the American charts and reached number six in


Britain in December 1957. That began a whirlwind two years for Holly that tragically ended with his death in a plane crash on January 23rd 1959. Perhaps the nicest part of the story is that the single did indeed bring Jerry Allison and his Peggy Sue back together and they eloped and married on July 22nd 1958 in Honey Grove Texas. And that was where the story would have ended had Buddy’s father Lawrence Odell Holley not suggested that there might be some mileage in a sequel. Buddy agreed and wrote and recorded ‘Peggy Sue got Married’ on December 5th in his New York City apartment. Sadly, he died shortly afterwards and the single was released after his death and reached number 13 in the British Charts. Don Mclean was right, though. January 23rd 1959 was most certainly ‘the day the music died.’

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September 2011

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 Driveways  Patios  Decking  Gravel Gardens  Fencing  Turfing  Grass Cutting  General Maintenance

Driveway & Patio Specialists From Design to Reality We pride ourselves on our quality and workmanship, if we say we are going to do something, we do it..... Gibson Landscapes offers a fresh approach to landscaping and paving, working with you to create your desired look.

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September 2011


Your September horoscope Aries (March 21-April 20): There’s a strange observation someone makes about you this month that has a ring of truth about it. And whether it’s a friend, a relative or a lover you may not immediately grasp their meaning. When you eventually do, however, don’t get upset or irritated, just set yourself a creative task, ponder their words, and not only ask for goodwill but give it too. You’ll be glad you did! Taurus (April 21-May 21): Unusual things occur both at home and with work that may create confusion, frustration or even arguments that distort your usually placid nature. But exercise will release some of that inner energy, especially if it is undertaken with a friend. Try walking somewhere different and think about sustained nourishment. Gemini (May 23-June 20): Whether it’s an urge to travel or a strong need to forsake your normal reality impels you to try changing something. It will convince you either to seek the unusual and bring it home or bring a new level of thought to a limited belief. Secret communication may save you, but with whom? Cancer (June 21-July 20): You and your partner’s financial situation will come under scrutiny but eventually the discussion will turn to more ordinary topics and you agree to disagree. Trying to make any sense, especially where your resources are concerned, may be impossible and you may need to ultimately examine another's finances to understand your own.

Leo (July 21-Aug. 22): You will be tested this month in a variety of ways, but being aware of them provides you with knowledge, preparation, and a sense of reality. The tests will be physical, emotional and mental and their purpose is to see what level of spiritual development you are able to attain. Don’t worry about failure because the reason for them is enlightenment. You must, however, use integrity in all your endeavors. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Worrying about your health is pointless unless you seek professional advice to ease your symptoms. Your worries may lead to a suggestion that something unusual, undefined or unexpected is occurring but the right kind of good advice will alleviate the distress you may feel. Someone you care about from a group can help. They are intelligent and will soothe your fears. Call on them, they are willing to help. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Everyday actions like driving could be worse than you've ever experienced and relationships could be equally as difficult. What feels like relentless pressure in your association with seemingly relentless workers could prove to be just too much unless you try to accomplish as much as you can at home and also try getting away from the norm. Eventually, though, your world will return to normal. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Movement between business relationships and genuine friendships shows a desire to balance your social and professional lives. In order to

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The Local Answer

September 2011

accomplish that, however, you’ll almost need to have the ‘scales of justice’ constantly at hand. What you're actually trying to do is unite all the facets of your life while also uniting others. It’s a good humanitarian intention and if successful will improve both aspects of your life. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20): It's as if you became a Gemini this Month, handling multiple calls, emails, technical situations, businesses deals, contracts, and corporate logos. As each message seems to blur into the next, take the time to walk a bit, talk a bit less, and synthesize what you're learning here. Contact siblings. Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): Don’t allow yourself to have doubts about your ambitions or wishes because you seem to be moving in a direction that should create confidence in your ability to both create and succeed. It’s a time when you can easily redefine your goals and move in a direction that will create greater freedom. In matters of love, you'll be surprised to find yourself more selfless and this is obviously good, charitable, and gratifying. If situations appear difficult, then work with them. The rewards will be satisfying.

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Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 18): Trying to define whether you have independence is just as difficult a scenario as trying to decide if you can show commitment. This is a discussion between the abstract and the practical. Are you game or willing to discuss this with the people who really count because independence without commitment leans towards selfishness and that is not normally one of your traits. What's needed is massive communication, but are you ready to undertake it? Pisces (Feb. 18-March 20): Living in the past when you should be planning for the future can only cause grief because every recollection from your own immediate history presents you with pictures and feelings that you may regret. Ironically, if you examine them all you’ll find that many should instead bring you a feeling of achievement and optimism. And since every one of your memories has a bearing on your future you should not only treasure them but allow them to gather strength and give you a more positive outlook.

Sudoku There is really only one rule to Sudoku: Fill in the game board so that the numbers 1 through 9 occur exactly once in each row, column, and 3x3 box. The numbers can appear in any order and diagonals are not considered. Your initial game board will consist of several numbers that are already placed. Those numbers cannot be changed. Your goal is to fill in the empty squares following the simple rule above. Answers on page 24 P l e a s e m e ntion ‘The Local Answer ’ when calling advertisers.

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September 2011

We are one of the North East’s leading stockists in Multi Point Locking Systms



Plumbing & Tiling •Bathrooms •Leaks & Burst Pipes •Radiators & Pipes •All Aspects Of Tiling

STOCKISTS OF: • Winkhaus • Maco • LockMaster • GU • Mila • Era • FHUR Millenco • WMS • Yale  Trade Counter (open 6 Days a week)  Online Ordering, 24 Hours a day  Telephone Ordering 8am-5pm 5 Days a week  Next Day Delivery Serivce  Technical Support  Thousands of items in stock

From a Leaky Tap To A Full Bathrooms, For A Friendly & Reliable Service

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As a member of The Association Of Approved Oven Cleaners we will deep clean your oven following the association cleaning & saftey guidlines

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Member of The Assocation of Approved Oven Cleaners.

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September 2011

Piano/Keyboard Lessons

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Beautiful Bathroom & Kitchen panels

for beginners and the less advanced (Improvers Welcome) One to one tuition £15 per hour


Two to One Tuition £20 per hour (one lesson every two weeks) Pay As You Go Earliest starting age = 8 years If you are having trouble with the Bass Clef you should try the simplified left hand method using Chords

Experienced Teacher

DAVID COX enhance your home

Redcar: 472207

FOR ALL YOUR DOUBLE GLAZING REPAIRS Locks Door Handles Hinges Letterbox’s Replacement Gaskets

Misted or Cracked Double Glazed Units



Contact Andy on:

ideal for showers and wetrooms


Choice Of Colours Starting From £4.75 Limited available


Visit our showroom or call for expert advice

01642 455 945



07970 946912 / 01642 535543

6 Wallis Road, Skippers Lane Middlesbrough TS6 6JB Open: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm • Sat 8am - 12:30pm

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September 2011


Yes minister – ahead of its time.

One of my favourite TV programmes of all time was the ‘Yes Minister’ series, the satirical British sitcom written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn that was first transmitted by BBC Television and BBC Radio between 1980 and 1984. The sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, ran from 1986 to 1988. Set principally in the private office of cabinet minister Jim Hacker (Paul Eddington) in the fictional Department for Administrative Affairs, the series follows his various struggles to formulate and enact legislation and departmental changes. His plans were frequently opposed by his Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, ( Nigel Hawthorne) while his Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley, (Derek Fowlds), was usually caught between the two. Watching the series again in a recent re-run on Sky it is quite fascinating to see how far ahead of its time the programme actually was and some of the wonderful observations made by the characters through the ascerbic and witty pens of writers Jay and Lynn are as fresh and appropriate today as they were then. I’ve therefore selected some of the better quotes from the two series to demonstrate that no matter how much they think of themselves, most people’s conception of MPs is of a self-centered bigot with questionable morals whose main political intention is to stay in his job for as long as possible. "The argument that we must do everything a Minister demands because he has been 'democratically chosen' does not stand up to close inspection. MPs are not chosen by 'the people' - they are chosen by their local constituency parties: thirty-five men in grubby raincoats or thirty-five women in silly hats. The further 'selection' process is equally a nonsense: there are only 630 MPs and a party with just over 300 MPs forms a government and of these 300, 100 are too old and too silly to be ministers and 100 too young and too callow. Therefore there are about 100 MPs to fill 100 government "The Official Secrets Act is not to protect secrets, it is to protect officials." posts. Effectively no choice at all." "It is sometimes difficult to explain to Ministers that open government can sometimes mean informing their cabinet colleagues as well as their friends in Fleet Street."

"A good political speech is not one in which you can prove that the man is telling the truth; it is one where no one else can prove he is lying."

"The press described the Prime Minster as 'overwrought' today. In fact he was overwrought as a newt."

"Too much Civil Service work consists of circulating information that isn't relevant about subjects that don't matter to people who aren't interested."

"The Prime Minister doesn't want the truth, he wants something he can tell Parliament."

“Government is about principles. And the principle is, never act on principle.”

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The Local Answer

September 2011

“The Prime Minister is much more worried by discontent among backbenchers than among nurses and teachers. Nurses and teachers can’t vote against him until the next election. Back-benchers can vote against him at 10 o’clock tonight.” "A Politician's dilemma is that he must obviously follow his conscience, but he must also know where he's going. So he can't follow his conscience because it may not be going the same way that he is." "The three most unreliable things in public life: Political Memoirs, Official Denials and Manifesto Promises." "Things don't happen just because Prime Ministers are keen on them. Neville Chamberlain was keen on peace." "Being an MP is a vast subsidized ego-trip. It's a job that needs no qualifications, it has no compulsory hours of work, no performance standards, and provides a warm

room, a telephone and subsidized meals to a bunch of self-important windbags and busybodies who suddenly find people taking them seriously because they've got the letters 'MP' after their name." "If you do not want Cabinet to spend too long discussing something, make it the last item on the agenda before lunch." "The Treasury does not work out what it needs and then think how to raise the money. It pitches for as much as it can get away with and then thinks how to spend it." "The Foreign Office aren't there to do things. They're there to explain why things can't be done." "Asking a town hall to slim down its staff is like asking an alcoholic to blow up a distillery."

Test your general knowledge Try these ten general knowledge questions and see just how much you know! 1. Which George Bernard Shaw play provided the basis for the hit Musical ‘My Fair Lady.’? 2. In 1964 twelve men were given a total of 307 years in prison for which crime? 3. What was the surname of Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham prior to her marriage to David? 4. US special agent Elliot Ness was the subject of which 60s TV series and a 1987 film starring Kevin Costner? 5. Papa Doc Duvalier was dictator and mass murderer in which Caribbean

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Answers on page 24

country for fourteen years? 6. Which terrorist group blew up the West German Embassy in Stockholm in 1975? 7. Which female tennis star was stabbed by a fan of one of her rivals during a match in Hamburg in April 1993? 8. Where was the body of George Mallory found in 1999, 75 years after he went missing? 9. In which year did Margaret Thatcher become the country’s first female Prime Minister? 10. Jonathan Edwards won Olympic Gold in Sydney in the year 2000 in which event?

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Delia says:

September 2011


We are all aware that Delia Smith has been the original kitchen icon for a number of years and even her embarrassing rant at Norwich City fans last time the club was in the Premiership didn’t diminish her popularity. Now, however, we’ve found our own modern kitchen goddess who has her own answer to Delia’s kitchen tips. Here she shares them with you …. Delia: To keep older potatoes from budding during storage place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. Delilah: Buy ‘Smash’ potato mix. It keeps in the cupboard for up to a year. Delia: Wrap celery in aluminium foil when putting in the fridge and it will keep for weeks. Delilah: What the hell’s celery? Delia: A great cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and rub it into your forehead. The throbbing will go away. Delilah: Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and drink. ALL your pains will go away! Delia: Don’t throw all that left over wine away. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles. Delilah: Leftover wine?? Hello!!!! Delia: For great Yorkshire puddings make sure the mixture includes at least two eggs and the fat is piping hot when the mixture is poured into it. Delilah: Haven’t you heard of Auntie Bessie? Delia: Raw carrots are a great source of carbohydrates, protein and fibre with only 28 calories per 100 grams. Delilah: Raw carrots make great noses for snowmen. Delia: Who doesn’t love chicken? But it’s only right that you should know how to cook it, joint it and carve it properly. Delilah: Sorry, has KFC closed down? Delia: One of the most satisfying parts of cooking is the preparation and I never mind spending a couple of hours or so on a Sunday morning preparing vegetables, mixing batter, baking cakes and cleaning up afterwards. Delilah: I haven’t seen Sunday morning since I discovered alcohol. So, are you a Delia or a Delilah? Give us a shout and let us know!

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September 2011

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We are the Grimey Boys Music Lessons £5 per hour (per person) FREE SHEET MUSIC AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE

We are the Grimey Boys Music Lessons £5 per hour (per person) FREE SHEET MUSIC AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE FCC_A5Landscape_Layout 1 06/06/2011 11:25 Page 1




22mm MagnaClean RRP £195 .00 only £73.00 Saving 63% 28mm MagnaClean RRP £259 .00 only £136.99 Saving 47% Prices include vat

Available online only from: A Redcar Based Company.

Covers &Bows Centrepieces Accessories Candelabras

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September 2011


Children – The world’s most natural comedians. Children not only constitute the most wonderful experiences of our lives but can frequently also contribute to the funniest moments. A group of friends and I were enjoying our usual Friday night get together recently when the subject of ‘things our kids have said over the years’ came up. Fortunately I had a bit of paper and a pen with me so I was able to record most of the stories. My own little tale comes first and it is absolutely true. Enjoy!

Strange as it seems I was driving my son from school one warm summer evening when a woman in the passenger seat of the convertible ahead stood up and waved. She was stark naked and as I was reeling from the shock I heard my 5-year-old shout from the back seat, 'dad, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!' One of my friends has a really bright little boy who is never short of saying what he feels, often with acute embarrassment to his mum and dad. On his first day at primary school, his mother gave him a note and asked him to give it to his teacher. The note read, 'The opinions expressed by this child are not necessarily those of his parents.' My mate’s wife was desperately trying to get the tomato ketchup out of the Heinz bottle when the phone rang. Their six year old daughter answered the phone and when the person on the other end asked if her mummy or daddy was available her mum was aghast when she heard her say ‘Sorry but daddy’s at work and mummy can’t come to the phone because she’s hitting the bottle. Another friend took his little boy to the local Leisure Centre and when they came out of the pool his son went through the wrong door and found himself in the women's changing room. As soon as he was spotted some of the women in the room shrieked, grabbed towels and ran for cover. The little fellow watched in amazement and then asked, 'What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a little boy before? One of my friend’s daughters was present when a policeman was investigating a routine vandalism report at her elementary school. She approached the policeman and said ‘Excuse me, but are you a policeman?’ ‘Yes,' he answered and continued writing the report. My friend’s daughter continued, saying ‘My mother always said if I ever needed help I should ask the police. Is that right?' 'Yes, that's right,' he told her. 'Well, then,' she said as she extended her foot toward him, 'would you please tie my shoe?' In a slightly different format one of the guys is a policeman himself and is in the fortunate position of being a dog handler. As he finished his shift one night he pulled up at the police station to find a little boy staring at his dog in the back of his car. 'Is that a dog you got back there?' the boy asked. 'It certainly is,' replied my friend. Puzzled, the boy looked at him and then towards the back of the car and said ‘Wow, what'd he do? Now come on readers. You must all have a favourite comment from your children or grandchildren; email For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

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Bulbs - Plant now for Spring Compost & Decorative Gravel Conifers & Shrubs Autumn Pansies Cyclamen Perennials Heathers Now is the time you need to think about next years garden. ‘Reap what you sow’ is the catchphrase for Autumn Gardening! So plan ahead, buy your bulbs and plants... and happy planting.

TEL: 01740 644977 Sandy Lane West, Wynyard Road, Billingham TS22 5NB

Tel: 0800 1583 234 or 01642 688777 P l e a s e m e ntion ‘The Local Answer ’ when calling advertisers.

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September 2011


Gardening Tips for SEPTEMBER Essential Jobs Checklist For September

 Buy spring bulbs for next year  Plant prepared bulbs for Christmas flowering  Dead-head roses and trim back tall stems  Harvest sweetcorn and onions  Rake lawn to remove debris and apply autumn dressing  Continue to plant containerised trees and shrubs  Keep feeding fish in ponds  Sow new lawns

Flower Garden

 Buy spring bulbs for next year. Most bulbs, including daffodils, hyacinths,

lilies and small bulbs are best planted this month or in early October. Tulips are better planted towards the end of October.  Give evergreen hedges a final trim to ensure they are neat for the winter.  Now’s the time to go around your garden collecting seeds from perennials and annuals. Collect seed heads in paper bags and leave them in a warm place to dry for a few days, before cleaning and storing in small envelopes. Some gardens that open to the public offer see-collecting days – a great way to find something unusual. Most seeds are best sown in spring.  Sweet pea lovers may find that sowing seed in autumn produces stronger plants. Do not soak the seeds as they are liable to rot. Use Seed and Potting Compost and sow the seeds in root trainers, sweet peas tubes, pots or trays. It has been found that dark coloured seeds germinate well in fairly damp compost, but pale seed require compost that is only just moist. Cover the containers with glass or put them in a propagator and keep at around 15 C (59 F). When the seedlings appear transfer them to a cold frame. Pinch out the growing tips when the plants are about 10 cm (4 inches) high.


 Shrub roses and ramblers can easily be propagated from stem cuttings at this time of year. Take a length of stem about 30cm (12 inches) long and trim it off just below the bottom leaf. Remove the soft tip just above a root joint. Take off all but the top two or three leaves and push the cuttings into a well dug trench in the garden to about half their length. They should be left for 12 months to root and develop  If rambler and climbing roses have got a bit out of hand, spend a bit of time tying them in. For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

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Containers & Hanging Baskets

 Your summer bedding will probably still be looking so good that you can’t bear to throw it out yet. Keep them going until they look tired. Remember that you can overwinter many tender plants. Take them out of their pots and brush off most of the old compost so that you can trim back the roots. Also trim the top growth. Then place them in a tray with some damp, but not saturated, peat covering the roots and store them in a frost-free place  When planting daffodils in containers its worth planting two layers of bulbs, slightly staggered one above the other. This will ensure a spectacular display. Plant the bulbs deeply enough to allow you to plant winter and spring bedding, such as winter pansies, primroses, violas and wallflowers on top

Vegetable Garden

 Sweetcorn will be ready to harvest when the silks have turned from golden to brown. For the sweetest taste, cook them within minutes of cutting  Ripe onions should be lifted carefully and laid out to dry before storing  Continue to harvest runner beans and courgettes. Make sure you don’t leave runner and French beans too long otherwise they will be stringy and tough  If you’re sowing out of doors this month you can speed up germination by putting a cloche over the seeds

Herb Garden

 Parsley can be sown now for an early spring crop  Tidy up your herb garden by dead-heading and trimming back perennials and

discarding annuals

Fruit Garden

 Cover autumn-fruiting blackberries and raspberries with netting to keep off the birds, but check daily to ensure no animals or birds get trapped  Pick early varieties of apples as soon as they’re ripe and eat them – they won’t keep.


 Aerate the lawn with a fork or special tool then apply Autumn Lawn Food to nourish your lawn through the winter months  You can continue to re-seed bare patches on your lawn. It’s also a good time of year to prepare the ground for sowing a new lawn, while the earth is still warm P l e a s e m e ntion ‘The Local Answer ’ when calling advertisers.

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September 2011






Services Offered: Accident Repairs Bumps, Scratches & Scrapes Paintless Dent Removal Bumper Scuffs Wheel Refurbishments *Flyer must be presented on initial booking

TEL: 01642 761666 For information about the Local Answer visit

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September 2011

GTS H o u rg

2m4ergency Plumbin


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PLUMBING & Heating

All Plumbing & Gas Work Undertaken

• Boiler Repairs & Servicing From £45 • Full Gas Central Heating Installations • Potterton Boilers Supplied & Fitted From £1195 • Worcester Boilers Supplied & Fitted From £1795 • Baxi,Ideal,Worcester & Potterton Boilers installed

T: 01642 283060 M: 07929 387580


COOK Window Wizard N.E A. ROOFING UPVC windows, doors & conservatories All UPVC windows and doors repaired Fascias, Soffits and gutters D/G units replaced


Tel/Fax: 01642 217255 Mob: 07796 200130


Slating, Tiling, Pointing, New Roofs, Flat Roofs Insurance Work & Storm Damage Repairs

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Page 20 The Local Answer

September 2011


Car Review - The Hyundai i40 Tourer

The problem with most car reviews is that they feature cars that are way beyond the normal person’s budget. To us normal folk there is therefore a perception that considering how much money has to be parted with for these bits of machinery they should be absolutely perfect. Sadly that isn’t always the case because the people reviewing them – the likes, for instance, of Jeremy Clarkson – demonstrate a degree of snobbishness and a self-imposed superiority complex that makes them feel compelled to find fault. What most of us really want to know is how many miles do you get to the gallon, how easy is it to maintain and how much does the tax and insurance cost? … or is that just me?

equipment, low CO2 emissions and is both stylish and comfortable. Unlike previous Hyundai models, however, it is a similar price to some of its closest rivals (Mondeo and Insignia for instance) and far from the low price we have come to expect. The manual gearbox could also be more accommodating. Yet while the i40 is obviously a Hyundai it offers a new challenge to its rivals combining as it does Hyundai's traditional warranty and value strengths with sleek looks and a perfectly acceptable driving experience. It has therefore become a genuine competitor to the rest of the medium bracket cars.

Launching first as a Tourer - a fourdoor saloon follows at the end of this Anyway, having been a Hyundai owner year - the i40 is a genuinely desirable already and having been reasonably car. In addition, its low CO2 efficiency, pleased with both its performance and considerable standard equipment and economy I commissioned a review on the exceptional passenger space makes it new i40 Tourer because it is the epitome a real rival to the rest and presumably of the average person’s car and some of us that is the reason for a price range that could possibly make use of the findings. compares to the normally more expensive Should any of our readers prefer the makes. more up-market ‘penis extension’ style of car we will endeavour to accommodate Performance - Hyundai has you next month. concentrated more on low CO2 targets than pure performance but it is a Price - £18,395 - £25,895 : Available - 8 comfortable drive without particularly September 2011 challenging the speed limits. Motorway Summary - The Hyundai i40 Tourer is miles therefore pass with little complaint. spacious, has good levels of standard It's hard to overplay how much interior For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

Page 21

AFTERSALES SUPPORT FROM STOKESLEY MOTORS Trust us to take care of your vehicle We’re here for all your motoring needs.

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space the new i40 offers. Other excellent features include Bluetooth, heatedelectric mirrors with LED indicators, audio controls on the steering wheel, front and rear electric windows, air conditioning, seven airbags and alloy wheels. Move up to Premium and you get leather, keyless go, panoramic sunroof, heated seats and upgraded instrument panel. Premium options include dynamic headlights, heated steering wheel, front seat cooling, rear seat heating, and a self-parking system, all portioned up into various Packs. Economy - Economy is good with an estimated 62 to 65 MPG. So, the i40 Tourer is altogether an enjoyable ride and a car with a lot to offer.

All makes of Service & Mot Offer




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MOT ONLY £29.99


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We are a local independent Mazda repair centre for all your maintenance and servicing requirements with two fully trained Mazda technicians on site.

You can trust our fully equipped approved Vauxhall, Saab & Chevrolet body repair centre and workshops to look after you and your vehicle. Make the short trip to Stokesley Motors and you'll find people that are prepared to go that extra mile. Our reputation for excellent service is matched only by our name for a great deal, and over 50 years of family values. Whatever you need we’ll look after you and we’ll guarantee an excellent customer experience every time...

OFFROADNORTHEAST If you live anywhere in the North East UK and own a Landrover, Range Rover, Discovery, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Toyota, Jeep, Vauxhall or other 4x4 and you are interested in off road driving then you have come to the right place . Meet other 4x4 offroad lovers locally and find out information on local events, shows and services . Joining our 4x4 offroad community

* All makes and models up to 2000cc, excludes v6 models.

Trust us for Great Service Offers

Stokesley Motors

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Tel. 01642 710566



and forum is FREE!

visit: www .offroadnortheast .co .uk

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September 2011





01642 941866 07971 953472



PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER > Bespoke made-to-measure kitchens Design supplied + fitted > Laminate or solid flooring > Something different for the garden?? > Fencing

> Worktops > Free estimates > Time served joiner > No job too small > CRB checked

WAYNE TROTTER Telephone: 01642 762159 or 07768 292864 14 Pennal Grove, Ingleby Barwick. TS17 5HP Kitchens > Decking > Fencing > Flooring > Maintenance For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

Page 23

WILSON Plumbing & Heating Reliable, experienced, trustworthy engineers . High quality service at competitive prices . Specialist services include central heating and fire servicing, repairs, installation, boiler renewals, landlord gas certification and all plumbing works .

• Gas • Oil • LPG • Warm Air • Solar • Under Floor


7 YWarranty r CDi rceste On Wo boilers* i S d n a

01642 487309

August 2011:Layout 1 18/7/11 17:19 Page 6 *Valid on Worcester installations between 1/9/11-31/12/11 . 5 year warranty outside of promotional period and on non promotional models .


• Furniture • Clothes • Car Interiors • Footwear • Handbags • Luggage

Most repairs can be undertaken in your home by our qualified upholsterers and leather technicians, or larger jobs brought into our fully equipped workshop.


Rips • Cigarette Burns • Holes • Cat Scratches Spring Repair • Re-colouring • Colour Matching Cleaning • Cracking • Stain Removal • Panel Replacement • New Foam • Stitching

Tel 01642 590474 / 01740 630223 7 Days 9am – 9pm Local company For A Free Home Quote

Or visit our website

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September 2011


Seasonal trout – simple but satisfying!

Appearing at their greatest abundance in the autumn months, trout make for an excellent seasonal dish in September yet very few people know how to make the most of this comparatively inexpensive luxury. Despite being one of the most flavourful of all fresh-water fish, many consider it to be a bit tasteless even though it has a reputation for quality among diners that’s well deserved. Whether you decide to enjoy it on its own, pan-fried with a few simple herbs as many recommend, or as the centrepiece of a more complex dish, you’re guaranteed a memorable dining experience. The beauty of it all, however, is that cooking trout is extremely simple and yet very rewarding. Here’s one idea for preparing fresh seasonal trout that might even put you in the mood to break out the rod and line:

Trout Meuniere

Ingredients • 2 Trout fillets • Flour (to coat) • 1 cup milk • 2 oz. Butter • 2 oz. Olive oil • Salt and white pepper to taste Preparation Salt and pepper the fillets to taste before dipping in milk and then dredging in flour to form an even thin coating. Heat a mixture of oil and butter in a shallow pan and sauté the fish until lightly browned, turning once. Once plated, a dash of lemon juice and generous drizzle of melted butter immediately before serving makes for a delicious garnish. Serves two Enjoy!

Solutions 1. Pygmalion 2. The Great Train Robbery 3. Adams 4. The Untouchables 5. Haiti 6. Baader Meinhof 7. Monica Seles 8. Mount Everest 9. 1979 10. The Triple Jump. For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

Page 25

All that we are is a result of all that we have thought… Buddha

Hypnobirthing method is now being taught in your area! BIRTHING A HAPPY, CONTENTED BABY IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT YOU CAN GIVE… Knowing how your body works during pregnancy and the birth of your baby with the Hypnobirthing method takes away the fear and the pain, making the nature of your birth a life -changing experience for you, your baby and yor partner.


Attend 5 classes of 2 hours with your birthing partner.

Call: 07753 342 704 Email:

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September 2011


Local business puts its name to the integral collection classic golf tournament at Hunley A local business has grasped the opportunity to participate in an international sporting event by putting its name to the Integral Collection Classic golf tournament at Hunley.

that this event is coming to the region at a time when many businesses and families are struggling. It will give the area a lift.

£650,000 - £40,000 of which will be up for grabs at Hunley.

Hunley Chief Executive Elliot Hamilton said: “It “Our customers have is wonderful that Integral supported us over the years Collection has given its and we wanted to give backing to the Europro at The local family business, something back, and this Hunley, and is particularly which specialises in seemed like a great way to fitting because, like Hunley, quality built-in kitchens, do it. Hopefully it will put it is a local organisation bathrooms and bedroom east Cleveland on the map.” that is very proud of its furniture from its base roots and the community on the Skelton Industrial Hunley is set to host support it has received over Estate in Saltburn, will the penultimate stage of the years. enjoy prime advertising the Europro tour on its locations around the golf championship Morgans “We are very proud that the course, including televised course over three days from Europro is coming here and tees and greens, when the September 14, before the are excited that Integral tournament runs between top 60 competitors head to Collection is going to be September 14 and 16. Cyprus for the final event of playing a major role. Like the season. us, they believe in quality Integral Collection and detail, so I know it Managing Director Steve One of the leading tours is going to be a fabulous Duck, himself a keen golfer, in Europe, the Europro is event.” said: “We are delighted to organised by the PGA and have the opportunity to Matchroom Sport Limited A range of sponsorship participate in the Europro and is the only officiallypackages is available to at Hunley Hotel and Golf recognised golf development businesses who wish to Club and to be able to tour in the UK. participate in the Integral put our name to such a Collection Classic at wonderful sporting event. Some of the world’s top Hunley, priced from £1,495, golfers have started out and all afford opportunities “We were very impressed on the Europro Tour, for brands to be seen on Sky that Hunley had been including Louis Oosthuizen, Sports, as well as corporate recommended to the PGA winner of the 2010 Open golf and entertaining, and tour organisers by the Championship, and Ryder including entry in the English Golf Union as a Cup hero Ross Fisher. Pro-Am competition on quality club with all the September 13. attributes to make this This season there are 16 tournament a success, so tournaments around the For more information, call immediately wanted to get UK between April and Hunley on 01287 676216, involved. October, which are being or go to www.hunleyhotel. shown on Sky Sports and “We are a family business televised around the world, with our roots firmly in east with players competing Cleveland and are pleased for total prize money of For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011


Page 27

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Tuesday 20th September


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from only £50

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                      

 

   T:01642 680782 | M: 07850 861297 Email:

   

 

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Page 28 The Local Answer

September 2011


A great start – Long may it continue. After all the worries of pre-season and some pretty disturbing results in friendlies the new campaign has begun with a flourish few of us could have envisaged. All right, a decent performance against Portsmouth turned into a bit of a disappointment after that injury time goal, but where on earth did they get five minutes of extra time from anyway? I’m sure, like me, everyone thought ‘here we go again’ because our failure to hold onto a lead in the last few minutes cost us dear last year. Since then, of course, we’ve had four wins out of four and the most pleasing aspect – in addition to the nine points and progress in the cup - was the way the wins were achieved. Excellent, flowing football, some terrific goals, some great individual performances right across the team and fantastic scoring starts for new boys Faris Haroun and Malaury Martin suggests that the end of season run was no fluke and the team has carried on where it left off in May. Eleven wins, six draws and just one defeat in the last eighteen games is a marvellous set of stats and Tony Mowbray and Mark Venus should be both delighted and proud. All my years of following Middlesbrough have taught me to be a little wary, though, and since this is being written for an early dead-line I don’t have the benefit of knowing how we fared Coventry City. A new found belief, however, suggests that the good performances can continue. Injuries could be the biggest problem because of the comparatively small squad at Mowbray’s disposal and we’ve been lucky that the only two championship quality front men we boast have been able to play in every game so far. ‘Marvellous Marvin’ has been particularly consistent and his prolific start to the season is a glorious reminder of the Ravanelli days. Scott McDonald’s Barnsley performance was also tremendous but his injury against Birmingham leaves us a bit thin up front. The performances of debutants Haroun and Martin, however, suggest that it may not be the big problem we may at first have thought, especially when there’s an international break coming up. That Martin goal must have been one of the best seen at the Riverside since it was built. Tony Mowbray has made no secret of the fact he needs to strengthen in that department but since every manager in the world is looking for someone young and cheap who can score goals suggests it could be a bit of a difficult proposition. Never mind, at the moment it’s a case of so far-so good and the table makes some great reading. Let’s be honest, we didn’t reach the ten point mark until midSeptember last season so the impact Mowbray has made since taking over from the Ginger Scottish Dwarf has been phenomenal. Long may it continue! For information about the Local Answer visit

The Local Answer

September 2011

Page 29

High Quality

Low Prices Bathroom Suites Shower Screens


Heating &


Wet Rooms Wet Walls

Rubber Duck Bathroom is the only web site you need visit to transform any bathroom into luxury contemporary or traditional bathrooms. Browse our huge selection of whirlpool baths, bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, lighting, taps, showers and much more online. Our comprehensive range of products has been designed to offer both quality and versatility to any bathroom, so enjoy shopping with Rubber Duck Bathroom where luxury for less becomes reality. Tel: 01642 913361 Above Miss Lilys, 75 High Street, Redcar. Ask in Miss Lilys for details. P l e a s e m e ntion ‘The Local Answer ’ when calling advertisers.


Animal Hutches/Kennels

Double Glazing

Mobility Aids

Screws’n’Things . . . . . . Page 32

Andy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9

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NU Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15

Xpress Stairlifts . . . . . . . Page 3

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Music Tuition


Window Wizard . . . . . . . Page 19

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Fascias & Soffits

Grimey Boys . . . . . . . . . Page 13

Birthing Classes

MB Distribution . . . . . . . Page 8

Oven Cleaning

Hypnobirth . . . . . . . . . . . Page 25

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Hobsnobs . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8


Fitted Wardrobes


Screws’n’Things . . . . . . Page 32

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AA Plumbing . . . . . . . . . Page 3


Garden Maintenance

A Dennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8

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Car Body Repairs

First Class Landscapes Page 1

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Car Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 18

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Car Detailing

Premier Groundworks . Page 3

Roofing Services

Ultimate Detailing . . . . . Page 22

Garden Nurseries

A Cook Roofing . . . . . . . Page 19

Car Valeting

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Car Servicing & Repairs

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Stokesley Motors . . . . . Page 21

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Chair Covers

Hair & Beauty Supplies


First Class Cover . . . . . Page 13

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Charity Events


Window Repairs

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sheet. Please see the new prices

Computer Services

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for advertising in this edition of the

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Local Answer

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The Local Answer

September 2011

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Solar panels

As an indication, a well sized typical installation will provide the following proportion of the household domestic hot water requirement: Season

% of requirement fulfilled by solar

summer spring& Autumn Winter

80-90% 40-50% 20-30%

This Translates to roughly half of the typical annual domestic hot water requirement. All installed by qualified engineers, free estimate & survey call today and start saving (money)



All PVC facias and soffits cut to your measurements.




Wide range of colours and finishes available.




2.50 PER TUBE OR 3 FOR 7.00

only 1.30

1.90 PER TUBE OR 4 FOR 6.80



01642 677778

Tel: 1 Portrack Court, Portrack Lane, Stockton, TS18 2HP OPEN: MON-FRI 7:30 - 5:30 • SAT 7:30 - 2pm • SUN 9:30 - 1pm

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& PONDS FENCING TURFING Tel 01642 483304 Distributed Monthly to over 12,500 Homes Billingham, Norton, Wolviston & Wynyard Edition Sa...

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