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The journey as an esthetician, artist, creator and owner has probably been one the most challenging endeavors of my professional life. At times, it can feel like an emotional roller coaster because you have this insanely challenging day in which you want to just give up, followed by a day of pure joy and excitement that makes you race to do it again. My high expectations of myself drive me to be the best esthetician my skill set will allow and the best leader, and mentor I know how to be. In this ultimate quest of perfection, there are days we excel and there are days we fall short. Ultimately, we learn that it is not about being perfect. Instead, it is about acquiring the tools, relationships and support that feed our minds, renew our spirit, and gain a new perspective on who we want to become and why we choose to carry forward. We gradually realize it is the journey that is the most rewarding and not just achieving the actual goal. In the journey, we learn to bravely walk into fear, adapt to uncertainty, and to embrace feeling our way through it. We learn that being uncomfortable brings growth and development in areas we either need to learn more or develop mental strength that gives us the fortitude for the next level. Dedicating yourself to achieving your dreams, no matter how scary or challenging they are is where you develop this feeling of empowerment: the realization that you can do anything your heart desires and you put your mind to accomplish. Part of achieving anything great is surrounding yourself with incredible support and encouragement aka know as your tribe. Your tribe empowers you. Your tribe are people that believe in the same thing. At the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa Miami 2018, you will find a tribe that is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise that empower you through education and inspiration. In this experience, you will feel empowered in your decisions for your clients and your business. As your host this conference, I welcome you to come and be moved by the incredible panel of speakers, as well as learn from the vendors that will introduce you to new technology, products and support in the incredibly fast paced world of esthetics. I am grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you and share my passion and love for this industry.

In gratitude,

Jaclyn Peresetsky -CONGRESS HOST

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ICES Miami, FL 2018  

ICES Miami, FL 2018  

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