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The Summer boom is coming to an end as clients get back to work and school. While many clients will be coming to you to help reverse their Summer skin damage, they’ll also be looking for ways to simplify their skincare routine. This is where Multifunctional Skin Care comes in and educating your clients on the essential steps in their routine. While multipurpose skin care products are nothing new, advanced ingredient technology and innovative formulation have allowed for impressive newer products. According to the Global Skincare Products Market 2017-2021, there has been a significant increase in American consumers looking for a streamlined beauty regimen that delivers more at a reasonable price. This can be advantageous for estheticians who retail multipurpose products and leave the 10-step routine for the treatment room, providing much more value in their facial services. With a deepened appreciation for skin care & wellness since COVID-19, your clients will leave the magic all up to you when it comes to transforming their skin. Meaning you’ll have to deliver! Fortunately, many multifunctional technologies on the market will help you take your treatments to the next level. Learn how to use these technologies to your advantage. If you are looking to recreate your spa menu, create one that exemplifies your brand and speaks to your target audience. Are you looking to expand your team? You can quadruple your revenue by bringing the right team on board. Attracting top talent for your spa starts with the right job posting, employee handbook, and a few other tricks up your sleeve. Read all about it in this month’s issue! I hope you enjoy it. Best,

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Light Therapy

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10 Summer Skin Allergies


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Keep Cleansing Simple


Multifunctional Skin Care


Microneedling 14 Acne Tools: Do’s and Don’ts

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For the past 75 years, the same passion for perfection, the same quest of the global beauty revealed to women and men. 1946.

Sothys founded by Dr Hotz.


Production of the first biological serum ampoule.


Launch of Desquaderm, the future Desquacrem.


Sothys acquired by the Mas family.


First Sothys lifting facial, the first Institute treatment. (IT).


Launch of the first make-up range « Modern make up »


Opening of export markets. (Europe, USA then Asia).


Opening of L’Institut Sothys at 128, rue du Faubourg-SaintHonoré in Paris.


Premium Secrets de SOTHYS® skincare range.


Sothys becomes the partner of the Thermes de Spa.


Opening of Les Jardins Sothys® in Auriac in Corrèze.


Creation of La Crème 128 in a Bernardaud porcelain jar.


Creation of the Sothys Athletics™ line.


Détox Energie™ Intensive treatment.


Sothys Organics™ line.


Anti-aging Intensive treatment with patented Flax complex.


Intensive hydrating treatment with the patented 1055 boletus extract.


Foundation of the Sothys training school.



Opening of the subsidiary in Miami.

W W W . S O T H Y S-USA . C O M


skin Summer Skin Allergies

Summer Skin Allergies How to Treat Skin Allergies and What to Use this Summer, Insight from Doctor and Beauty Entrepreneur Dr. Liia Ramachandra




skin Summer Skin Allergies Summer is a time for fun in the sun and enjoying the benefits of warm weather. But spending time outside and being exposed to UV rays and allergens can cause your skin to flare up if you're not careful. Dr. Liia Ramachandra, an expert on allergies, autoimmune conditions, and skincare formulations, has many tips and tricks on how to treat skin allergies and what to use this summer. PROACTIVE TREATMENT WITH SUNSCREEN No sunscreen can completely block UV rays, but it does offer a crucial barrier of protection. Any skin with potential exposure to UV rays should be covered with sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside then reapplied (at least) every two hours. When choosing a sunscreen, be sure to read the label to confirm you are not allergic to any ingredients and choose an SPF level appropriate for you. Harmful UV rays are around all year long, not only in the summer. Dr. Liia recommends protecting your skin with sunscreen any time your skin will be exposed, even in the winter! MINIMIZING UV EXPOSURE WITH CLOTHING AND HATS High heat and exposure to UV rays can cause common skin problems like dry, irritated skin and comedogenic skin conditions like pimples, blackheads, and rashes. To help remedy this problem, wear light clothes, a hat that covers your face, neck, and back and avoid direct sunlight by staying in the shade.

Then, add skincare products that help moisturize your skin. BE AWARE OF SUN-SENSITIVITY WITH MEDICATIONS AND FOODS Certain types of foods, medicines ,and sun-sensitizing drugs can cause sensitivity or trigger an allergic reaction when your skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Celery, dill, fennel, figs, lime, parsley, and wild carrots are known to enhance sensitivity. Some medications and vitamins include antihistamines, oral contraceptives, non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, certain antibiotics, certain oral diabetes drugs, diuretics, and specific types of antidepressants. CHECK THE INGREDIENTS IN SKINCARE PRODUCTS Common ingredients in skincare products, perfumes, and natural oils contain certain sun-sensitizing chemicals. Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and Retin-A are in many skincare products, and some acne serums and creams contain chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, known to cause sensitivity. Musk, rosemary, and sandalwood can also trigger these effects on sunlight. Dr. Liia has found that high-quality skin creams and serums can help soothe

skin conditions. Dr. Liia recommends “stay[ing] away from gluten in your skincare” as well as allergen-free, veganfriendly, light serums and creams for all skin types to hydrate skin, retain moisture, and alleviate dryness and irritation. A simple way to avoid skin issues and sun sensitivity caused by allergens is to find out what your allergens are and avoid them. You can pinpoint your allergens by eliminating common sunsensitivity-causing ingredients then reintroducing them to your skin or diet. Now that you know how to treat skin allergies and what to use this summer, you can be safe while having fun!

D r. L i i a R a m a c h a n d r a , Pharm.D., Ph.D. is a serial entrepreneur and healthcare executive. Dr Liia is the Founder and CEO EpiLynx, Gluten-Free Skin Care and Cosmetics Brand. She comes with a vast experience in Global Medical Affairs, Global Ethics and Compliance, Clinical Research and Global Publications. She has worked with multiple companies like Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pfizer, Astellas. Dr. Liia holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy and Doctorate in Pharmacy from Groningen University, Netherlands and Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

USE MILD SOAPS After being exposed to UV light, choose a mild, oil-free face wash to clean your skin. Immediately replacing your facial oils with light skin serums and oil-free creams can help your skin combat dryness and irritation caused by exposure to excessive ultraviolet light conditions. Being in a swimming pool or in seawater can help cool you down but can also increase the chances of a breakout. After swimming, take a shower with warm water and use a mild soap. LNEonline.com



skin Microdermabrasion VS Microneedling

Microdermabrasion VS Microneedling An in depth look at two popular exfoliation methods by S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, FAAD Superficial microdermabrasion, often called the “the lunchtime peel", is a widely known and accepted part of our skin care inventory. It is most commonly performed by estheticians in dermatology/plastic surgery offices, as well as in med spas. The “lunchtime peel” is precisely that-it is quick, with little recovery time. Several successive light microdermabrasion treatments can improve the appearance of brown pigmentation and the fine lines caused by aging and sun exposure. Microdermabrasion is the perfect procedure to have before an important event, so that makeup glides on seamlessly. Microdermabrasion is the only procedure we allow brides/bridal parties to do the week before the wedding. But what if your client has acne or traumatic scars that are raised or pitted? And those permanently enlarged pores that run in the family? For these “deeper” problems, microneedling may be the answer. Microneedling is performed by physicians, physician assistants, RNs, NPs, or licensed paramedical aestheticians only. Scars originate in the dermis, the second layer of the skin, and the microneedling must pen-




skin Microdermabrasion vs. Microneedling etrate to this level for the treatment to be effective. There are various microneedling-rollers devices which have “needles” of varying sizes and lengths to customize each treatment according to individual patient needs. One can also customize the number of passes used on different areas, to maximize results while minimizing recovery. Since this procedure is a superficial resurfacing technique that leaves patients with open, abraded skin, recovery of 4-5 days is required before makeup can be applied. Immediately after treatment, patients apply antibiotic cream (we like Polysporin® or Biafine® best) while the skin surface is healing, to prevent infection. Generally, as the top layer of dermis and the overlying epidermis regrow over the abraded areas, the pits, scars, and open pores assume a smother and flatter appearance. Some patients, particularly those with darker skin types, may risk postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) which is usually temporary and may be treated with topical skin lighteners and retinoid medications. Microneedling is not for everyone, and proper education is essential for anyone considering this procedure. It provides an intermediate way to resurface the face, chest or back, and can be more effective and longer-lasting than the lighter microdermabrasion, without as much recovery time as resurfacing lasers. As with many other cosmetic skin procedures, the effects of this technique can be maintained by rigorous use of a good sunscreen and enhanced by continued use of topical retinoid and vitamin C AHA/BHA creams at home. While many people are happy with the “lunchtime peel”, microneedling may also be appropriate.

DOWN DEEP WITH MICRONEEDLING Scars from acne, pox or other skin conditions often leave their marks-unsightly scars-deep into the skin’s surface. If your client’s scars seem anchored in the lower levels of your skin, then they

Microdermabrasion is the perfect procedure to have before an important event, so that makeup glides on seamlessly. may need to take a more in-depth look at healing with microneedling. Who conducts this procedure? Microneedling should be done by a licensed paramedical aesthetician, RN, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, all under the supervision of a physician. However, individual state laws may vary and can be accessed on any individual state Board of Medicine or Nursing website. Can it fix any condition? When Microneedling was first developed, it was used to improve deep acne scars, pox marks and other scars resulting from acne or disease. The conditions under which microneedling would not be effective include the presence of congenital skin defects, certain types of moles or pigmented birthmarks, and inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea or psoriasis. What should a client expect before this procedure? A complete medical history should be taken along with a careful examination to evaluate the client’s general health. The doctor should provide a preliminary explanation of the procedure and any possible risks and complications that could occur. Photos can be taken before and after the procedure to help evaluate the amount of improvement.

treatment area in a variety of directions and number of passes. The patient should only feel a mild “stinging” sensation, if anything, during the procedure. The provider will then apply a soothing healing cream to the treated area. More experienced providers may also take advantage of the tiny “channels” in the skin caused by the microneedles to give the patient various high grade skin serums with growth factor/retinoids/vitamins, which will penetrate more effectively while skin is healing and therefore enhance the overall final result. Afterwards, the skin may feel like it has been moderately sunburned. Complete healing usually occurs within 5 to 7 days. The newly formed skin, which is pink at first, gradually develops a normal appearance. Makeup can be used 2 days afterward. Generally, most people can resume their normal activity in 7 to 10 days after the procedure. Patients are instructed to avoid unnecessary direct sunlight for 1 month after the procedure and to use a sunscreen on a regular basis.

Dr. Jegasothy specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology and is Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Dr. Jegasothy has advocated for years that pursuing a "natural look" in all aesthetic dermatology is best.

What takes place? The provider will apply anesthetic cream to the treatment area for 15 minutes. It is then removed with a damp gauze or by washing with water. Then, the microneedler is “rolled” across the

Known for her gentle technique and "light" but precise injecting skill, she and her thousands of loyal patients agree that the best aesthetic procedures are customized at every visit to ensure noticeable results while enhancing and preserving the inherent beauty we all possess.




skin Acne Tools: Do’s and Don’ts

Acne Tools: Do's and Don’ts How to properly use these tools in the treatment room by Alex Hernandez, LE




skin Acne Tools: Do’s and Don’ts Beyond effective products, there is a core selection of acne treatment tools that are extremely beneficial, and often necessary to the clearing process. Like any tool, specific guidelines should be followed to ensure success and to avoid harming the skin. Let’s take a thorough look at three essential acne tools and how to properly use them.

COMEDONE EXTRACTORS After exfoliating your client’s skin with an enzyme or chemical peel, it’s time to perform some extractions. Extractions help accelerate the clearing and healing process for acne clients by safely clearing debris from the pore. The first method of extracting is with a comedone extractor. Coming in all shapes and sizes, comedone extractors can be extremely helpful when extracting open and closed comedones. Though helpful, an acute level of care and caution must be taken when using this too. For instance, do not attempt to extract a noninflamed lesion where inflamed lesions are closely present because it can risk damaging inflamed areas. Do not use comedone extractors on thin, compromised skin as it can cut or bruise the skin.

When using a comedone extractor, apply pressure carefully. If the lesion does not easily budge, move on, and come back to it later. If it still does not extract when you come back to it, stop attempting an extraction. Instead, spot treat the lesion with an anti-inflammatory keratolytic such as sulfur. If you feel uneasy using a comedone extractor, two cotton tip applicators can be used instead. This method will work for both inflamed and noninflamed acne.

HIGH FREQUENCY Following extractions, you will need to calm inflammation and reduce the presence of bacteria. High Frequency is an excellent way to achieve multiple benefits at once—High Frequency is an oxygenating treatment that is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, increases

tra fee. Red and blue LED are an ideal combination for acne-prone skin. While red LED has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, experts have stated that blue LED reduces activity in sebaceous glands. This reduction in activity causes the glands to produce less oil, which may improve acne symptoms. Blue LED is also believed to kill an inflammation-inducing bacterium associated with acne. Like High Frequency, everyone can benefit from LED Light Therapy—especially Red LED. Red LED is known to improve scarring and signs of aging by improving collagen production which plays a major role in skin healing. Pro panels are available for use in the treatment room as are handheld devices. Handhelds are a great retail opportunity to either resell or rent out to clients

Do not use comedone extractors on thin, compromised skin as it can cut or bruise the skin. blood circulation, and improves overall skin texture. It’s best to place a single layer of gauze over the skin before applying the electrode to keep everything as hygienic as possible. A High-Frequency wand is a tool that every esthetician should have in their modality arsenal. Not just beneficial for acne clients, it’s a quick and easy add-on for all clientele. There are a few contraindications with High Frequency, however. High Frequency is not safe for clients who are pregnant, experience epilepsy or have metal implants in the body like a pacemaker. Always make sure to check with your client if any of those conditions apply to them before proceeding with High Frequency.

to aid in the clearing process. There is little to no downside or risk associated with LED Light Therapy. Now that you know the ultimate do’s and don’ts of essential acne tools, get ready to tackle all client scenarios with confidence.

Alex Hernandez, a licensed esthetician since 2016, serves as the Clinic Manager and Lead Educator at the Face Reality Acne Clinic in San Leandro, CA. Alex has trained alongside Laura Cooksey, owner and co-founder of Face Reality Skincare, a nationally recognized acne expert with 28 years of experience in educating professionals on safe


and effective acne treatment. Alex became

LED light therapy is another great multitasking follow-up to extractions and is typically a treatment upgrade for which estheticians can charge an ex-

a Face Reality Certified Acne Expert in 2018 through diligent practical training and Laura’s online course. www.pros.facerealityskincare.com





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Apple Lift Moisturizing Cream This day cream is based on PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, the active extract from apple stem cells which promotes the vitality and longevity of skin stem cells, protects them from damage due to environmental stress, and delays the skin aging processes. dr-kadir.com

AnteAGE Regenerating Serum

Hale & Hush Quiet Wash A gentle wash formulated with a blend of botanical extracts that combat inflammation, irritation, and redness. Quiet wash leaves the skin clean, comfortable, and calmly receptive to successive products for excellent sensitivity correction results. haleandhush.com




Restore your skin’s ability to heal itself with this elegant formula that quickly absorbs into your skin, and contains physiologically balanced Stem Cytokines™, potent peptides and protective antioxidants. anteage.com

EuroSpa Aroma Eucalyptus Hand & Body Care A deeply nourishing and hydrating cream blended with Eucalyptus Oil and other signature scents for a dose of relief, exhilaration, and serenity. eurospaaromatics.myshopify.com


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Orgaid Youth Serum


This facial treatment consists of a gel and a face and neck sheet mask. Together, they work together to treat skin concerns such as scars and discoloration, while tightening and firming the skin. krxaesthetics.com

Exfoliant 07 from Thyrst Beauty

Achieve hydrated glowy skin for your clients. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, this youth serum helps fight free radicals while keeping the skin moisturized. orgaid.com


Carboxy Therapy CO2 from KRX Aesthetics

Polish the skin with volcanic perlite beads and further exfoliate with Lime Pearl alpha hydroxy acid. Papaya and pineapple enzymes naturally brighten complexion for a more even tone, while turmeric and shea butter calm and soothe the skin. thyrstbeauty.com


Chemical Peel Season!

Homecare is required fo!r best results

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At the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa, the health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees, and staff are paramount. Face masks are required for entry into the event. We are implementing additional measures to exceed any safety standards and guidelines as identified by the CDC.

spa Spa Of The Month

The Spa at the Elms Escape on a luxurious retreat by Samantha Garcia





spa Spa Of The Month

Luxurious, peaceful, tranquil, and serene. If Spa Director Marissa Krems had to describe the Spa at the Elms Hotel & Spa in just a few words, it would be just that. The newly renovated Spa at The Elms —an expansive 25,000-squarefoot facility— is located in the Excelsior Springs area in Missouri. The Spa has a modern take on traditional spa services, offering a wide variety of pampering spa treatments such as halotherapy, massages, facials, and body treatments. Not to mention, the spectacular amenities, including a steam room, sauna, spa boutique, indoor European lap pool, 24-hour fitness room, hot tubs, and The Grotto— a modern twist on a Roman bath. What makes this beautiful Spa stand out? Its rich history of healing dating back to 1888. "When it first opened, the Elms Hotel and Spa enchanted visitors with its combination of elegance and warmth. Guests could soak in spa mineral water baths or soak up the sun in the lush gardens. There were exquisite parties and grand balls. Eventually, The Elms, along with the springs, became one of the most desired destinations in the country for healing and wellness," explains Krems. Today the landmark hotel and spa still carries its unique charm. Below are some of the spa's noteworthy highlights.

THE GROTTO Before their spa treatments, guests can enjoy the rejuvenating and reinvigorating experience of The Grotto, the Spa's take on a classic bath experience. The hydrotherapy journey engages the senses of sight, sound, and touch through a steam shower, hot tub,

cold plunge shower, steam sauna, dry sauna, and a self-service exfoliation bar. Guests can apply the Spa's custom blend of sea salts, herbs, and essential oils to smooth and soften the skin while increasing circulation.

THE SIGNATURE TREATMENT "Our most popular treatment is hands down the Moroccan Detox Ritual ( 110 min treatment $245). The name says it all—using ethically sourced ingredients that thrive in Morocco, it is a body ritual consisting of a six-step process that provides both physical and mental harmony," explains Krems. The treatment begins with a Mint Tea cleanser that eases muscle pain and reduces inflammation. The skin is then exfoliated with a Lemon Coffee scrub with Olive Stone to invigorate the circulatory system and encourage cell turnover. A Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay is then applied to lift away environmental toxins and impurities, and a nutrientrich Orange Quince therapy to bring the skin back to its natural pH level. The journey ends with a warming and hydrating Cardamom Amber Oil and Tangerine Fig Butter to lock in moisture and protect the skin. "This routine is vital to detox, nourish and protect against premature aging. It uses the senses of smell and touch to ground and center our mind, body, and soul.", says Krems.

SPECIAL EVENTS AND PROMOTIONS The Spa has an evergreen package called The Stay & Spa Package that features a seasonal 50-minute treatment and a one-night stay. The treat




spa Spa Of The Month

Spa Director Spotlight

ment changes with the season to keep the package fresh throughout the year. In addition to this promotion, the Spa hosts several wellness retreats throughout the year. "Each retreat is unique in its design. Many of the retreats include morning meditation, movement classes, spa treatments, and reiki healing with sound therapies. Each retreat includes nutritious meals prepared with fresh local ingredients by our culinary team," explains Krems. In addition to these retreats, the Spa partners with a local winery — Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery—to create a one-of-a-kind body treatment. The Vino-Perfect Body Treatment ( 74 min, $160) uses organic pumice (crushed grape skins, pulp, and seeds) to exfoliate and invigorate the skin while reveal-




ing soft and supple skin. It also incorporates a wine-infused mud that slows signs of aging, detoxifies, and provides antioxidants to protect the skin. The luxurious Spa also collaborates with a local lavender farm — Sweet Streams Lavender Farm- to offer handcrafted and organic, natural retail products.

Rundown The Elms Hotel and Spa 401 Regent Street Excelsior Springs, Missouri 64024 816.630.5500 www.elmshotelandspa.com

Marissa Krems loves tapping into the deep history of wellness and innovation at The Elms to bring clients unique experiences and help them find tranquility. She has served as director of The Spa at The Elms, one of the largest spas in the Midwest, since 2016. A proponent of local ingredients, Krems utilizes the bounty of The Heartland as inspiration for spa programs while also reaching beyond the area to remain tuned in to the everchanging spa industry. Passionate about the holistic approach to wellness, Krems launched a fitness program at the hotel, including yoga and high-intensity training classes, and worked with the resort's chef to introduce clean eating items to the resort's menus. Before joining The Elms, Krems found her love for hospitality at Pebble Beach Resorts. She then served as Spa Director of Cinq Mondes in Carmel, Calif., a flagship facility for the European-based brand. Krems is an active member of the International Spa Association and the Green Spa Network.

Clear Skin in 3-4 Months

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With the help of my Face Reality Acne Expert, I’m able to keep my acne under control and feel confident in my skin, something that we all deserve!” - CASEDI, CLIENT OF LISA DEAN OF @MEDHERO_WELLNESS CERTIFIED FACE REALITY ACNE EXPERT


Visit pros.facerealityskincare.com for more information.

Clear Skin in 3-4 Months

Premium Formulations

Safe & Effective


Never Tested on Animals



spa The Perfect Spa Menu

The Perfect Spa Menu

How to create an attractive menu that fits your brand identity and delivers by Monique Blake

The perfect spa menu exemplifies your brand, speaks directly to your ideal guest, and reflects the industry's advancements and trends. When designing the services offerings, it is important to remember that the spa menu is not a final act. Instead, it is a perennial process that requires ongoing assessment, re-evaluation, and balance. This article will explore a few key components of a perfect menu that pertain to service categories and must-haves, what to avoid on menus and the importance of execution. Naturally, there is more to consider for the perfect menu, but the purpose is to present a different perspective and include ones that bear repeating.




spa The Perfect Spa Menu


There are foundational categories on spa menus. They include face, massage, body, nails, and hair. Your brand and target audience determines the right combination of these service types. It is important to create services in these categories because they speak personally to your brand, thus creating a competitive advantage. Avoid adding a category because it is popular. Mismatched menus are usually spotted in the day spa realm, although resort settings are not immune to this. For example, there is a brand that has built its reputation on hair and nails. Their salon is perfectly outfitted for these services, but massage therapy is added because it offers another revenue source. Without a clear strategy and buy-in from guests, it may bring in revenue initially but serves to distract and dilute the brand overall.


With that stated, some cultural shifts and demands necessitate the addition of certain concepts to perfect your spa menu. The key is to find ways to incorporate them according to your unique brand identity. No-touch or self-led services are the first of these concepts. They are a great way to optimize your revenue, minimize labor costs and maximize spa facilities. It also empowers the guest to direct the course of the treatment. Before the pandemic, it was a sound business strategy. Spas added guided meditations, sound therapy headphones, LED machines, massage chairs, and more. As we live in and learn to navigate in a COVID world, these no touch or self-led services are now a menu must. The safety for our guests and the survival of salons and the spa industry are linked to the ability to craft no-touch offerings that provide stress management and overall health and wellness. Personalization is the other concept that is a must-have. One way to add personalization is to offer time instead of services. When a guest books a half-

day or full-day, there is an opportunity to tailor an experience that caters specifically to their desired outcome. Another unique way to personalize your menu is to go local. Going local is not limited to ingredients found in destination spa services like Hawaiian black sand or Jamaican coffee scrubs. It also focuses on local vendors for retail products and local practitioners for services and events in day spas. When you think local, go beyond the region or the state and embrace the uber local concept that seeks out vendors within 5-10 miles of the spa.


One of the pitfalls in menu creation is chasing the latest trends. It is a doubleedged sword because it is necessary to stay relevant but not at the cost of disrupting brand integrity. This is like the addition of menu categories discussed in the element section above. One of the most popular trends is the addition of mindfulness services. Eastern traditions have flooded the market with the recent shift in American's view of religion. It includes a range of services from Ayurvedic massages (Abhyanga) to Zen meditation. These treatments are a small part of ancient traditions developed over thousands of years. As a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, it is common to see an Ayurvedic abhyanga massage added to an a la carte menu with minimum or no connection to the Ayurvedic philosophy. This disconnect deteriorates the essence and effectiveness and eventually its true potential to enhance the guest's long-term health and the spa profitability.


An effective spa menu goes beyond a list of services. The seamless execution of the treatments is linked to the guest experience, as this is the final arbiter of the perfect menu. When the language of the menu clearly describes

One of the pitfalls in menu creation is chasing the latest trends. It is a double-edged sword because it is necessary to stay relevant but not at the cost of disrupting brand integrity. the service, when the service meets the guest's personal needs, when the staff clearly articulates the expectations and when the service provider delivers an exceptional experience, then you have the formula for a perfect menu. One of the essential first steps is the pre-treatment process. A simple form has many purposes, including capturing or reconfirming the guest's contact information, health history, and treatment consent. In addition, it allows the staff and practitioners to clarify the treatment and benefits to set clear expectations. Nothing derails a perfect menu faster than a guest who feels they did not get what was described on the menu.


Training is integral. Stated, well-executed services that are consistently delivered will determine the menu's success. Training trumps a perfectly written service description, perfectly manicured brand image, competitive pricing, and more. A guest is more likely to overlook gaps in these areas if their experience is superlative. And a delighted guest is the most effective advertisement in the creation of a perfect menu.

Monique Blake is a champion of vibrant living. For over 23 years, she has helped women confidently answer the poet Mary Oliver’s question, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” She loves to custom craft innovative education and programs to assist spas and their guests fully express their radiant health and wellBEing.




business Behind the Spa Door

BEHIND THE SPA DOOR with Vitalina Krammel, Owner of VITA Body Club How did Vita Body Club come to life? Originally from Ukraine, I grew up with my grandmother and mother being very into herbs and DIY home lotions and homemade beauty products and routines. I have always been into a natural, organic lifestyle, starting with the foods that I eat, products I use around the house, and my skin care and beauty routine. When





Hair Removal


Nufree® is a non-wax hair removal process that will remove hair from any part of the body—virtually pain-free. Because Nufree® isn’t a wax, clients won’t experience the pain, redness, or swelling that often happens with wax-based products. Scientifically tested, Nufree® is a self-preserving antibacterial and antimicrobial, ensuring that it’s both safe and effective. Nufree® is so gentle that clients can apply makeup, swim, and tan once finipil® has been applied after their treatment. finipil® our patented* and FDA registered antiseptic lotion kills 99.999% of germs, cools, soothes, and protects the skin from ingrown hairs and irritation!






©2021 Equibal Inc. Made in USA *US Patent Nos. 8,603,550; 8,951,582 and 8,951,583 DIN: 02470853 DIN: 02481480




business Behind the Spa Door

I moved to Miami and discovered the Design District, I simply fell in love with this place. It was my dream to open a spa that would combine affordable luxury for women and men with exceptional customer service and unique beauty services.

How do you define the concept of your spa? What makes your spa unique? We combine organic luxurious day spa with med spa services, where both men and women can enjoy state-of-the-art medical treatments like laser hair removal, skin tightening, and fat reduction, and unwind with extremely relaxing treatments like organic facials or massages to feel completely pampered. We have created a unique and easyto-use membership without any hidden fees or complicated rules. You don't pay a separate fee just for membership as it's usually done. With our membership, you already receive one or two services per month included. Our membership consists of two choices: SMART and VIP. With each membership choice, you will get a treatment already built into the price of your membership. You can change the selection of your treatments every month. Also, you can share services with your close loved ones; they accumulate and don't expire. You can quit any time without a cancellation fee. Plus, you get special pricing on all of the other services you would like to use.

What is your facility like? How many treatment rooms or amenities are there? The moment you walk into VITA Body Club, you will be treated like royalty. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our staff has been with us for years, and we have a very loyal clientele. We have over 200 fivestar reviews on both Google and Yelp. The spa is very welcoming, luxurious with an organic feel to it. You will be offered a wide range of organic teas or




espresso or champaign to choose from so that you can relax and enjoy your day and forget about all your problems.

What type of products does VITA Body Club use? I'm a firm believer in organic natural products. Not only do they work, but they make you healthier and more beautiful in a natural way, with no chemicals needed. There's no compromise with skincare; that's why we use the very best organic skincare, Eminence. It's proved itself for so many years, I've been using it myself for a very long time, and I swear by it. I'm allergic to many products, especially ones with chemicals. I've never had any problems with Eminence once. The moment you open the jar, it smells like a homemade jam, and it works miracles on your skin too!

What are your most popular services? Many people decide to join our membership because it saves you a lot of money and keeps your beauty routine on schedule. All of our services are very popular because it depends on what exactly a person needs that particular day, anything from laser hair removal to face lift with microcurrent, skin tightening on face or body, fat reduction, beauty injections, relaxing massages, hair, hydrafacial and a wide range of facials for any skin type, including men's facials.

How did you build your clientele? How do you keep clients loyal and consistent? Our clientele is very loyal. It's not a coincidence but a result of hard work. We have exceptional professional licensed staff members that have been with us for many years. Even during this challenging year, we were closed for only three months.

How do you select the people who work with you? Energy is everything. I need to know that people genuinely love what they do and are interested in growing with us.

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to run their own business? I think you have to be genuinely interested in the business you want to open. That way, it will bring you material satisfaction and a true feeling of happiness.

Vitalina Krammel




business Smart Hiring

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’m regularly reminded of this African proverb when I talk to my Growth Factor clients. I think of one in particular who, when she began working with us, was a solo aesthetician who just crossed the magical six-figure mark but was exhausted. Just a short 18 months later, she has a team of 8 and has 5X’d her revenue. Her story, countless others, and my own experience have shown me the truth of what it means to have a team that supports you: • It allows you to truly focus on your zone of genius and be the CEO who can grow the company. • The team gives you the freedom to take time off while continuing to generate revenue in your absence. • It’s the critical piece in helping you achieve the freedom, flexibility, and financial growth you desired when you started your business. So, why is there an industry-wide fear of hiring and managing?

Smart Hiring Attract top talent for your spa with your onboarding process By Daniela Woerner




I believe it’s partly due to underdeveloped leadership skills, but it’s also a lack in the process surrounding the hiring, onboarding, and development of your team. The reality is, if you want to attract A-level players to your spa, you need an A-level process, and five essential documents give that process shape:

01. THE JOB POSTING To attract the right person, you have to communicate who that is clearly, and I suggest using the four Rs.

business Smart Hiring

The first R is Role. Are you looking for another provider, a receptionist, spa manager? Specify the job title or role. If you’re hiring a provider, they would need to have a valid license in your state, but you may also need them to work certain days or hours - be clear on your needs and the requirements to meet them. Next up, Responsibilities. What will this individual be doing? List out the day-to-day tasks they’ll complete, and finally, close with Results. Results set your expectations with tangible performance metrics. This might be based on productivity, client satisfaction surveys, or retail sales revenue. To filter out who the detail-oriented candidates are, I also like to include directions on applying. It can be something as simple as specifying what words to put in the subject line of their application email.

02. THE JOB DESCRIPTION This next part is easy. You simply pull out the four Rs from your job posting and expand on them. The job posting is a high-level view of the responsibilities; the job description is more granular and gives the potential applicant a feel for your company’s vision, values, brand personality, and company culture.

03. THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK Your employee handbook doesn’t belong in a binder. It is a living document that should be stored in a cloud-based software like Google Drive to be easily accessible and editable.

Every employee should go through the entire handbook with you and initial each page; this ensures they have time to ask questions and feel supported. Here are some key sections to include in your handbook: • Welcome Section - Introduces who you are, introduces the company and its vision, values, and culture. • Key Contacts and Info - Building contacts, brand reps, and wifi information. • Spa Policies and Procedures Refunds, cancelations, no-shows, consent forms, etc. • Employee Policies and Procedures - social media posting, employee appearance and professionalism, and visitor policies. • Additional Checklists - Protocols and relevant documents helpful to have on hand. Every employee should go through the entire handbook with you and initial each page; this ensures they have time to ask questions and feel supported.


05. THE TERMINATION LETTER If you’re in business long enough, terminating employees is bound to happen. Your termination letter should include the effective termination date, why the company came to the termination decision when the final paycheck will be deposited or available to pick up, and any further instructions around company property. Documenting this process from start to finish is crucial for protecting your company from any potential liability and helping the employee move forward. With these five documents creating a system and structure for your teambuilding and development process, hopefully, you can see that there’s nothing to fear about bringing on a team and everything to gain regarding your company’s growth.

Daniela Woerner is a spa marketing and retail sales strategist for aestheticians. She is also the host of the iTunes top 100 podcast, Spa Marketing Made Easy. In the 15

A PIP is typically a 30-day plan where an employee is meeting with their direct supervisor every week. If you come to a point where you have an employee on a PIP due to misaligned expectations, the best way to get to a successful result is by speaking clearly to get on the same page.

years she has spent in the industry, she has worked with some of the top dermatologists in the field; consulted with global physician dispensed skincare brands; contributed her expertise to the branding and positioning of major product launches; and developed educational training programs for aestheticians in 82 countries worldwide. Learn more at www.addoaesthetics.com or email hello@

Remember, clarity is kind.





INDUSTRY TALK with Janel Luu, CEO of Le Mieux Cosmetics

What are the benefits of an Oxygen Facial in the Summer? Oxygen facials help counteract and prevent oxidative damage during summer due to exposure to UV rays, chemicals in swimming pools, dry air from air conditioning, arid or humid environments, and more. Plus, who doesn’t love getting pampered during a treatment that instantly cools, refreshes, and makes skin look great? Oxygen facials are almost like relaxing underneath one of those large misting machines you walk through at hot outdoor events, but the skin benefits go much farther!




Janel Luu

Can you tell us a bit about your O2 Infuser and what it does for the face? Le Mieux O2 Infuser takes up oxygen from the air and oxygenates ingredients in water-based skincare. Oxygenated particles are then dispensed in a skinloving mist that feels great. This easyto-use tool not only oxygenates but also micronizes water-based skincare and instantly saturates skin with an ultra-fine mist, even in hard-to-reach places. O2 Infuser fast-tracks active ingredients to targeted areas, so instead of just sitting on the surface, they are deeply absorbed, leaving a youthful-looking volume and luminous glow.

BONUS: As O2 Infuser applies the

product, while hands stay clean. Skincare ingredients go where they work best: face, neck, and décolleté.

What makes it unique from other Oxygen Infusers on the market? O2 Infuser has no cartridges and is compact. It’s the only tool with an activator and a serum specifically formulated for it: Le Mieux Oh My Glow Activator and Oh My Glow Serum, which contains no fillers or gums that would clog the nozzle over time. Used with O2 Infuser, Oh My Glow Activator and Oh My Glow Serum instantly volumize, fill in lines, and create a coveted “glass skin” radiance.

Who is suitable for an Oxygen Facial? How often can one get an Oxygen Facial? O2 Infuser can be used for cooling and refreshing any time during the day, not just during treatments. Since skin

changes according to the season, environment, and lifestyle, any skin type is suitable for an O2 Infuser facial when the ratio of serum and activator is customized. For example, after the miniflask on O2 Infuser is filled halfway with Oh My Glow Activator, Oh My Glow Serum is added according to skin condition. For oily skin: 2-4 drops serum. For dry skin: 1-2 pipettes serum. For very dry, mature skin: 3 pipettes serum.

Can this treatment be paired with other treatments? O2 Infuser treatment can be incorporated into other facial treatments. One particularly popular treatment is Le Mieux Oxygen Detox Gua Sha Sculpting Facial, which uses O2 Infuser and Meridian gua sha techniques to detox stressed skin, re-sculpt facial contours, press away wrinkles, and create a “glass skin” glow.

Does an oxygen facial help with Summer skin damage? What are some ways summer skin damage can be reversed in the treatment room? Yes, add oxygen treatment to facials. Include a cleanser containing an AHA (mandelic acid is ideal for even sensitive skin), an enzyme mask, brightening and hydrating toner, a peptide-infused and antioxidant-rich serum, a calming sheet mask, eye and lip therapy, and sunscreen. Since summers are ideally meant for relaxing, supplement the treatment with aromatherapy and a customized music selection.

• Vitamin C blocks neutralize free radicals and help encourage collagen production. • Vitamin E helps reverse signs of environmental damage. • Rice bran oil moisturizes, soothes, and brightens dull, sun-damaged skin. • Niacinamide minimizes hyperpigmentation, decreases redness and blotchiness, improves skin barrier function, and helps blocks pigment from surfacing on the skin surface.


Offer oxygen treatments to help skin recover from dryness, dehydration, dullness, and fine lines and wrinkles that became more noticeable due to the summer season. Incorporate Meridian Gua sha treatments into spa menu to help prepare for seasonal transition and added stressors.

What are key ingredients to help reverse summer skin damage? • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide deflect UVA/UVB rays and protect skin against oxidative damage.





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JOIN DEPILÈVES WAXING ACADEMY Learn how to do a half leg wax in just 5 minutes, boost your income from waxing services, and offer the smoothest intimate waxing treatment on the market. Depilèves training program covers all waxing systems specifically designed for each facial and body area. depileve.com










ADVANCED EDUCATION AT ICES LONG BEACH 2021 From “Five Ways to Propel Your Business Forward” with Celluma to “The Power of Hungarian Massage” by Eminence, and much more, join in on advanced education that will help grow your business and boost your career. ICES Long Beach 2021 will be happening on Sunday, August 22 and Monday, August 23. Make sure to preregister! longbeach.skincareshows.com

MAINTAIN CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE SKINFORYOU APP Introducing Skinforyou, the groundbreaking app that connects estheticians and clients before, after, and in-between appointments. Provide customized product and routine recommendations (with rewards), track client progress, manage scheduling requests, and more. SkinForYou is the FIRST customer relationship tool for spas and salons that personalizes skincare, builds trust and creates lasting connection. skinforyou.com

SKINBIZ PRO LAUNCHES LAUNCHES BUSINESS MASTERY ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SITE Founders, Chris Kelly and Jill Helman, have a combined 36 years of experience in the skincare business. It is their hope to inspire estheticians to maximize their schooling while building a business that affords them flexibility and an abundant income. The all-inclusive business, skills and mindset mastery affordable online membership site will be for newly licensed and or frustrated estheticians who want to turn their license into a living they love. skinbizpro.com




silhouettone.us Silhouet-Tone USA 2043 NW 87th Ave Miami, FL 33172 1-800-552-0418

Beauty Tech Spotlight With Dani Everson, a Denver-based stylist and business owner Skinforyou was born to not only strengthen the esthetician-client relationship, but to enhance their communication outside of the salon. Filling a true need within the industry, Skinforyou is designed to be an intuitive platform that gives both client and esthetician the necessary tools to authentically connect, even from a distance.




Amplify the look of your natural lashes all summer long with RapidShield ®!

RapidShield® will prime, protect and shield your lashes against the damaging effects of sun, salt and chlorine.

• Sodium

Hyaluronate • Silk Amino Acids • Apple Fruit Cell Extract • Biotin • Panthenol • Pumpkin Seed Extract

Contact ROCASUBA, Inc. to learn about our free marketing materials and to order 877-760-6677, orders@rocasuba.com LNEonline.com



business Beauty Tech Spotlight

Can you give us a little insight into your background as a Spa and Salon Owner? I have owned Clementine's Salon in Denver, CO, since 2011. Clementine's started as just a hair salon, and at that time, I was still doing hair full time. Since then, we have evolved and opened our second location and enhanced our offerings by adding skincare to our mix in 2017. We are excited to open our third location soon which will house our salon, skincare, and also a bar/lounge where guests can receive skincare advice or simply hang out in a relaxed atmosphere.

What led you to the world of beauty in the first place? Ever since I was little, I loved the feeling of being pampered. I cut every Barbie's hair I owned, and as I grew up, I advanced to doing everyone's hair I knew for prom in high school. I just have always been intrigued by the industry of making you feel your best.

What is the Skinforyou app, and what inspired you to create it? SkinForYou is the first relationship tool used by estheticians and spas. It allows for estheticians to extend their expertise and advice outside of their treatment rooms. I created Skinforyou because as obsessed with skincare as I am, I was equally confused when I got it home. The more "active" products (aka the ones you shouldn't use every day, twice a day) are the ones that were given to me with specific instructions such as twice weekly, once weekly, only in the morning, or evening, etc. I had so many products and sticky notes to go with them that it would get confusing! When I asked my staff how they could keep their clients' routines more orderly, they had the same issue. There wasn't consistency in recom-




mending products or allowing clients to ask questions other than emailing or texting. I tried to find an app to help me keep myself organized, and there wasn't a good option in the market. This led me to create SkinForYou.

How does the app work? What are some of the app's notable features? There is an intake form that the guest can fill out after downloading the app. They then have the option to connect with a specific esthetician/spa. There is also a chat feature, a product recommendation feature, and a push notification that reminds users of what products to use, what days/times, and a skincare diary feature for users to keep track. All the while, users can earn points for doing their rituals which they can turn in and use for rewards.

What do you love about the beauty-tech industry? What has been challenging? I love the core of the beauty industry: make people feel their best. The beauty tech industry is a tool to get people feeling that way, and it is rewarding to be a part of it. It can be challenging being new to this industry, but I have spent my whole life being a service provider and salon owner. Trying to put on a "new hat" and also be in the tech field has been an eye-opening experience, and I love it.

What do you think is missing in the beauty industry right now, and how can Skinforyou help bridge that gap? The beauty industry was missing a little more human personalization. There is a lot of AI doing the heavy lifting, which is understandable, but SkinForYou will be customized via a human, personal relationship/interaction. Users will get that real-life experience that they are

used to getting in their go-to salons and spas.

In addition to using your app, what do you believe is a crucial component to fostering and maintaining client relationships? Trust. I feel like if someone trusts their esthetician/spa, then they will truly be able to relax, and lean into their advice. If they feel like the esthetician or spa doesn't have their best interests or take the time to listen to their concerns, no number of tools will nurture that relationship.


Contact me at Dani@skinforyou.com or go onto the website www.skinforyou.com under "Become a Studio" and sign up.



Provide your clients with their skin care needs at home, with our Drop-Ship Program

Super Easy Program! Retain YOUR Clientʼs information. Grow, Build and Maintain your Relationships!


Normal/Combination Skin Kit Our Daily regimen for Cleansing, Toning and Hydration of normal to combination skin. Whatʼs Included: -Balancing Cleanser Milk -Soothing & Balancing Toner -Moisture Activ™ Gel-Crème -Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads -H -Brochure with Instructions -Tote Bag

50% OFF

Spectacular Masques Kit

Ultra Eyes Kit

Whatʼs Included: -Hydra-Gel Professional Masques (Variety Pack) Masques -Mouth & Lips Age-Defying A -Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads -Brochure with Instructions -Tote Bag

Whatʼs Included: -Eye Contour Revitalizing Serum -Eye Intensiv™ Hydrating Crème -Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads -H -Brochure with Instructions -Cosmetic Bag

Limited Edition Masques Kit. Single application gel masques saturated with hydrating, soothing or nourishing ingredients.

A powerful Eye Area Rescue kit for everyday use! Reduce fine lines, puffiness and brighten the whole eye area.



Your Expertise + Wilma Schumann Skin Care products = Total Client Satisfaction! Wilma Schumann is an award winning European skin care line with over 30 years in the Professional skin care industry. Click on this ad or call 1-800-440-3032 or email: sales@wilmaschumann.com Weʼll partner with you and show you how to grow your business! LNEonline.com





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Have you checked out our recent blog posts on Esthetician Edit? We are covering client preparation before treatments, the differences between mineral and chemical sunscreen, how to set the mood in the treatment room, plus so much more. When we aren’t writing business tips to share with you all or spotlighting • You know what they say— good skincare, good mood, good day. Learn how to create the perfect ambiance for your clients on the blog.

• What are your favorite masks to use in the treatment room? Clay, collagen, gel, algae, the list goes on. Tell us yours on our Mask Monday Instagram post!

our favorite estheticians, we are counting down the days until ICES Long Beach 2021. If you’re reading this, we hope that you are meeting us for the all-inclusive two-day event or are already here! There will be many unique products and formulations to try on the exhibitor floor and a lot to soak in at our advanced workshops and educational conferences! Be sure to tag us @estheticianedit for a chance to be featured! We can’t wait to visit all of the fantastic spas and skincare clinics nearby.

• It was National Kissing Day last month, and we celebrated with a blog post on Lip Care and how to keep them well-nourished.

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• Mineral VS Chemical Sunscreen: What’s your pick? We break down the two types of sunscreen on the blog as well.



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MIAMI BEACH, FL November 7 & 8, 2021 Miami Beach Convention Center

The only all-inclusive educational experience for skin care and spa professionals. ICES Miami Beach is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your career and services with fresh inspiration and insight from the best practitioners in the industry!

• Premier Exhibitor Showcases • Networking Opportunities • Advanced Workshops • Educational Conferences


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Multifunctional Skincare Guide

Multifunctional Skincare The benefits and advantages of this skincare trend by Aurora Solis 48



Multifunctional Skincare Guide

In the past, a well-thought-out skin routine might have had 12 or more steps. From the cleansing, the toning, the moisturizing, and beyond, each step was part of a ritual with its own product. Not only did that cost a fortune but, created clutter and waste from all the bottles and products. Realizing the issue, many top skincare lines went to work, creating multifunctional products that can help skinimalists go from tons of products to just a few. If your clients are looking for ways to change up their routine, discuss multifunctional products and methods to help them reduce the bulk and keep the same fresh, youthful skin.

WHAT IS MULTIFUNCTIONAL SKIN CARE? When we think of the trifecta of skincare, there are always three go-to products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Add in exfoliant, SPF protection, and masks, and you've already got six products that consumers need to buy. While that's the traditional way of doing things, innovators in the world of skincare are taking steps to do away with all the bulk and create one product that can do it all. While it seems too good to be true, there are companies making a splash and catching the attention of the most die-hard ritual-following skin care lovers around.

WHY CONSUMERS LOVE IT It doesn't take much thinking to realize why this trend would blow up, slashing the cost into pieces and taking up little to no space. An all-in-one skincare line does everything that long and drawnout skin routines does, except it comes in one easy-to-carry package.

PROS OF MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS Estheticians will be happy to hear that there is a lot of pressure lifted off their shoulders with multifunctional prod-

ucts. Not only can they recommend products but, serve clients with all skin types and tones. On top of less stress, estheticians should recommend multifunctional products to their clients because: • It’s an easier process for clients • They’re effortless and suit most skin types • It's cost-effective and fits the tightest budgets • It saves space and time, two things that a lot of clients don’t have time for • It’s less complicated to keep in stock • Clients will rely on more on them when it comes to a more extensive facial routine

HOT PRODUCTS TO LOOK OUT FOR Cleanser + Serum Serums have taken the internet by storm, with most of the hottest influencers recommending them for skincare and makeup prep. To get a deep cleanse and a flawless, smooth, and hydrated finish on your client’s skin, keep your eyes open for a cleanser/ serum combo. Moisturize + Tint + Protect Not that this one is new or anything but, several new and improved skincare lines are catching esthetician attention. Think about providing your clients with something that will hydrate their skin, give them a bit of coverage, and even block the absorption of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Where do we sign up?! Cheek + Lip + Eye To give your client’s skin a small pop of color, try products that function as an all-over flush. Add a bit to the cheeks, lips, eyelids, and across the bridge of the nose for a natural flush of color all over that looks like a healthy glow.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL MACHINES To give your clients the best hydration and smoothest-looking skin, you can invest in multifunctional machines. Having one of these in your treatment room, you can deep clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and more, saving space and money. It goes far beyond the face with these machines, allowing you to spottreat other areas like the arms, legs, décolletage, and more. Tell your clients about the benefits and invite them to try out the perks of multifunctional machines.

THE FUTURE OF BEAUTY PRODUCTS Today’s client doesn’t want to waste money on a long list of products for a time-consuming routine. Instead, they want all-in-one products that give their skin a beautiful glow with just a swipe and wipe so they can head out the door. Keep these products in stock and invest in machines to transform your time in the treatment room and give clients more of what they are looking for. In turn, they’ll be coming to see you for that 12-step routine in the treatment room that leaves their skin glowing for days.




Multifunctional Skincare Guide

Keep Cleansing Simple How to get your clients on board with a skincare routine by Aurora Solis




Multifunctional Skincare Guide

KEEP IT SIMPLE If you haven’t noticed already, clients will go running the other way if you start talking about products they don’t know or methods they’ve never heard of. That’s because they always think complicated things are expensive, knowing they come with a price tag a bit out of their budget. Instead of scaring them away, keep it simple and show them how simple a deep cleansing routine can be, even if they are always short on time. Share the Trifecta of skincare with the only three steps they will ever need.

As an esthetician, it can be hard at times to keep your clients on board with your deep cleaning rituals. You know what's best for their skin but, they might not see the value unless you sit them down and show them how. While you’re cleansing skin, be vocal about each step, emphasizing the benefit and outcome of continued use. Then, have a small discussion with clients afterward about their skincare routine, helping them beef it up to enjoy each session back with you.

CHANGE THEIR MINDSET Now, we're not telling you to preach or anything but, informing your clients about skincare's importance is key. Maybe they don't understand each pass, or perhaps they don't pay attention, lost in your magic hands as you scrub and massage their face and neck. It's good to keep your clients aware as you go from step to step, telling them why you do things and what kinds of ingredients they should look for in products. The more they know, the more mindful they will be, choosing to partake in a better skincare routine on their own.


Cleanse The first step in any solid skincare routine should be to cleanse. A lot of times, clients will cleanse their skin only once a day. On top of that, maybe they only use very mild cleansers that don't remove all of the dirt, makeup, and oil. While you have them in the hot seat, show them how to properly remove makeup and deep clean their skin so they're off to a squeaky-clean start.


Moisturize If you can believe it, some people stop at step one, skipping on moisturizers and other necessary steps. Educate your clients about the importance of adding moisture back into the skin, especially when it comes to aging gracefully. Even if they are oily, they should still add in some kind of moisture after cleansing, a point that you should share. Go over different types of moisturizers with them if needed, telling them what oily, dry, and combination skin types should be on the lookout for.


Protect Last but not least, inform your clients about the necessity of a good sun protector. Use an SPF that has broadspectrum protection and blocks both harmful UVA and UVB rays. These days, the sun's intensity is higher than ever, and protecting the skin's surfaces is a high priority. Tell them that, even if they're using a moisturizer with SPF, they need to add another layer. Each layer increases the protection of their skin and prevents sun damage.

TEACH THEM TO ENJOY THE SCRUB In just three steps, your clients could have a simple, well-rounded routine that will take their skin to the next level. The more they know about the importance of each step, the more they will want to stick to it, enjoying the scrub instead of passing it up. Suggest that they add their favorite song, turn on a short series, or just shut everything off and start their routine before heading to bed and applying makeup in the morning.

IT'S ALL ABOUT SELF-RESPECT One of the key things behind helping your clients adopt a skincare routine is to show them how to make it personal. The more they feel like they care for themselves, the more they will keep it going. As their skincare guru, you should be their biggest supporter, showing them what they can do to keep their skin in the best shape. Caring for oneself takes a mindset change, one that you can surely pass on to your clients. The better they feel outside of your treatment room, the better they can feel inside of it.

The Multiple Approaches to Multifunctional Skincare 1




4 5


1. Mandelic Cleanser • ClearChoice • dermastart.com 2. Re-Fresh Eye & Face Hydrating Cream • DIVA DEVA • divadeva.com 3. ISO-ROSE HYDRATING MIST • Le Mieux • lemieuxskincare.com 4. Milk Wash + Bloom Cream probiotic moisturizer • Beekman 1802 • beekman1802.com 5. Elemental advanced hydration red wine essence • Naturallogic • naturallogicskincare.com 6. 5-in-1 Tinted Sunscreen Moisturizer • suntegrity • suntegrityskincare.com 7. Face Oil • Hempfield Botanicals • hempfieldbotanicals.com 52



Simple and efficient for a quick-and-go routine! 10 8 9


13 12


15 14

8. oil balance toner • DermAware • dermaware.com 9. Lightly Tinted Mineral Sunscreen • Saian Skin Care • saian.net 10. Timeless Restorative Skin Elixir • Shankara Naturals • shankara.com 11. tree of life multi-purpose balm • elemental herbology • elementalherbology.com 12. VITA-A-KOMBI 1 • Karin Herzog • karinherzog.us 13. Facial Firming Force Cream • EXEL • exelskincare.com 14. Sun Drops SPF 30 • My Dermatician • mydermatician.com 15. Face and Body Coconut Oil Infused Soap • Organic Fiji • organicfiji.com 16. BB Plus Sunscreen • Bella Schneider Beauty • bellaschneiderbeauty.com LNEonline.com



1 2





7 9


1. Microcurrent Dual Face Mask • Franz Skincare • franzskincareusa.com 2. Medium Lift Kit • Viktoria De Ann • viktoriadeann.com 3. Collagen Bio-Boost • wilma schumann • wilmaschumann.com 4. GM Revolution Moisturizer • GINAMARIE • ginamarieproducts.com 5. Pomodoro Dual-Action Masque • Nature Pure • naturepure.com 6. UNMASK DETOX HYDRATION MASK • naturallogic • naturallogicskincare.com 7. Screen • GR8 Skincare • gr8skn.com 8. undaria algae body oil • OSEA • oseamalibu.com 9.Cucumber Hydration Toner • Skin Script • skinscriptrx.com 54



organic & wellness Ayurvedic Beauty

Ayurvedic Beauty Achieving beauty with

Ayurvedic treatment and care by Desiree Collazo




organic & wellness Ayurvedic Beauty

Ayurvedic body, facial and spa services encompass an arsenal of ancient treatments and rituals that include facial, hand and foot services, Shirodhara, medicated oils, massage, full-body exfoliation, partial body treatments, and more. All of these ancient practices can be used in today’s modern treatment room with minimal modifications to achieve beauty and wellness.

AYURVEDIC FACIAL SERVICE An example of an Ayurvedic treatment available today is the Ayurvedic facial. This facial service can be provided in a variety of different protocols. An 8-step, 60-minute Ayurvedic facial protocol could be executed as cleansing, facial massage, herbal steaming or compress, exfoliation, facial mask, nurturing facial pack, toning, and moisturizing. Skin care products for an Ayurvedic facial should primarily use items that are natural and/or can be orally consumed, such as grocery or kitchen stock which include: almond oil, almond powder, aloe vera, ashwagandha powder, avocado, banana, chickpea powder, cinnamon, cloves, coconut oil, coffee, corn/ barley powder, cucumber, egg, eucalyptus, ginger, grapes, honey, lemon, lemon juice, milk, mint, multani mitti (fullers earth), neem powder, orange, papaya, rice powder, rose powder, rose water, sandalwood, sarsaparilla powder, sesame oil, tomato, tulsi powder, vetiver, watermelon, turmeric, and many other herbs and spices.

The many emotions, such as fear, rage, anger, grief, joy, excitement, etc., will show a red, flushed, pale, dull, or pasty color skin reaction. Executing a professional Ayurvedic facial would include selecting the correct products to balance these skin reactions. Aloe vera might soothe a reddened skin, while papaya or rice powder might brighten a dull, depressed, or sullen complexion. Product selection, protocols, and use are covered more extensively in an appropriate Ayurvedic continuing education class. This would include learning the theory of Tridosha. This determines a person’s constitution and how to personalize Ayurvedic services based upon a client’s individual Dosha. A client's Dosha would include factors such as skin condition and overall health.

MIND-BODY MEDICINE Ayurveda is partly known as a mindbody complementary medicine system.

Mind-body medicine, both ancient and modern, suggests that the fundamental cause of imbalance is stress, which produces hormonal imbalances. Stress can be anything that overburdens your natural balance of energies. Stress factors may be physical, psychological, or spiritual. All three of these stress factors can affect the skin, body, and/or emotional well-being, which could result in a less than desirable appearance.


Physical stress includes any overload of the senses caused by poor habits, wrong diet and exercise, physical strain, excess work, lack of rest, excessive travel, incorrect breathing, excessive use of stimulants (including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine), and chemical overloads from environmental pollut-

AYURVEDIC SKIN CONSIDERATIONS WITH PRODUCT CHOICES The skin is the largest organ of the body, acting as a the first defense line from the outside world. It functions as a physical indicator of the subtlest mechanisms of our mind and body. It is a mirror of the internal state of an individual, revealing the condition of the physical body and the emotional state. The nervous system influences the complexion and appearance of skin. LNEonline.com



organic & wellness Ayurvedic Beauty

ants, food additives/preservatives plus synthetic cosmetics and lotions. 2

Psychological stress includes emotional traumas, personal conflicts, unsatisfying relationships, and negative behaviors. Psychological stress is nothing more than our perceptions, including negative thoughts that are created in our minds. Events occur in our lives, and the brain decides which ones are stressful, based upon our own subjective interpretation. No event is inherently stressful, but it becomes so because of our previous registered experiences and our overall thought process. 3

Spiritual stress includes lack of purpose, uncertainty, desolation, disbelief, confusion, and lack of direct understanding of consciousness - that is, lack of inner harmony and peace of mind. Beauty is said to have three aspects: an outer, inner, and secret aspect. When the inner and outer aspects are in balance, one has accomplished the secret aspect of beauty. All of these stresses can be addressed with Ayurvedic services. For example, a therapeutic Ayurvedic mas58



sage or Shirodhara treatment may balance or mitigate a client under the psychological stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. With their arsenal of ancient remedies, Ayurvedic practitioners will determine which treatments or products would best fit each client’s Dosha to balance their physical, psychological or spiritual stresses for the ultimate mind-body wellness approach.

BEAUTY AND NATURAL BALANCED HEALTH In Ayurveda, skin health is considered to be the expression of whole-body health. That is why Ayurvedic skin and body care contemplate balance and harmony at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. When the body is balanced, the outward appearance is beautiful. Healthy skin emerges with the proper functioning of a balanced body. This includes the suppression, elimination, or distraction from stressors via Ayurvedic treatments and care.

to the inner, outer, mental, physical and spiritual being. Various individual beauty regimens can be developed to achieve balance and beauty with a greater amount of Ayurvedic training and practice. Learning the philosophy of Ayurveda and the many treatments available within its arsenal can take years. That is because it uses a holistic approach to provide services based on various factors. Ultimate and unparalleled beauty can be achieved, both inside and out, with the practice of this ancient, alternative, natural, mind-body, manual medicine system, also known as Ayurveda.

Desiree Collazo was initiated as Swami Shantiananda of

AYURVEDIC SPA AND BODYWORK SERVICES Ayurvedic services use natural products and human touch, with a unique evaluation system to bring balance and beauty

the Shiva Kriya Yoga School of Divine Values and is currently the Director of Ayurvedic Studies at CE Institute LLC in Miami FL. Today, she teaches a variety of CE classes in Ayurveda and other subjects.




image Brow Perfection

Brow Perfection How to NEVER mess up a brow service and keep your clients coming back for more by Emily Stites




image Brow Perfection Brow waxing, shaping, threading, tweezing, microblading, laminating, rehabbing- the list of Brow Services these days go on! There are a few key things that should happen NO MATTER the brow service. That is with a thorough multi-step consultation that includes:

1 Strong communication- your

client wants to be heard and then told what to do.

2 Set expectations (yours + theirs) 3 C.S.A (cover your a**) 4 Deliver exactly what they're

looking for or a path to get them there. So what exactly does that mean, and why is it so important?

To begin, greet and welcome the client. Tell the client what they are booked in for, how to fill out the consent forms, where to set their items and then where to sit for their consultation. It seems so obvious, but it does get missed! Then get ready to listen and really listen. Set expectations by sitting them down and looking at them head-on. Ask them how they usually style their brows, how they ideally want to maintain their brows, and about the look they're going for. They may say, "I have no idea, you're the expert," and that's okay. There's your golden ticket and permission to do the best thing for their brows in your professional opinion. They may

show you a picture of powder brows they found off Pinterest when they are only there for a brow clean-up. This is your chance to explain the difference and let them know what you can achieve with the service/time. Maybe this means you give them a mirror at the end of the service to show them how to fill in their brows to achieve that look and recommend a few products. By understanding their expectations, you can give yourself a game plan for the way their customized service will go. Next, C.Y.A (cover your a**) does not just mean to have them sign a consent form! After you've set their expectations during the brow consultation, it means to point out further things you notice about their brows. For example, let the client know you're going to be very conservative with trimming on the left side since you're noticing it is shorter than the right, or you're going to have to fill in the front of the right brow before waxing because you see it starts a little further out than you both would like to achieve their dream brows. Now, this is not a time to bash their brows, but it certainly is your chance to point out things about their brows that you can't change today. It is a time to let your client know what you're going to do (or instead not do) for them to enhance their brows. It also helps avoid being blamed for "messing up their brows by making one side shorter" (which we know is how

they walked in in the first place). The most subtle change to a brow can feel dramatic, so if you see something, say something but remember, do it nicely + professionally. Also, it is essential to double-check that they're not using anything that may cause skin sensitivities. Next, you can finally touch them and perform the actual service with a clear, communicative game plan that both you and the client have agreed upon. This is where you underpromise and most likely overdeliver! Why do all that work if you're not going to follow through? Recommend when to book again for what's best for their brow goals, teach them how to book, and offer to book it then and there. This is also your time to recommend products, growth serums, favorite brow brushes, etc., so they can maintain this look at home. TAKE CARE OF THEM! Walk them out, thank them, tell them you look forward to their next appointment. Finally, take thorough notes of their concerns, products, and the colors used on them. Add their before and after pictures to their own album so that the conversation can take off right where it left off when they do come back. Hopefully, they will be back and eager to get on with their brow journey with you.

Emily Stites is a licensed esthetician specializing in eyebrow shaping in San Luis Obispo, Ca. She has been shaping eyebrows, giving professional skincare treatments and waxing since 2015. She is an experienced, 5 times certified microblading artist. She has won best place to get waxed two years in a row. Emily has founded a few brands and is continuing to create new, exciting opportunities for estheticians within her latest personal brand, Brow Fox Beauty, a clean line of sustainable supplies for professional estheticians to use in the treatment room. Emily also owns and operates the Suite Spot Salon Suites in San Luis Obispo, a business that focuses on helping other independent estheticians.




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