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FOCUS ON GIVING A Newsletter for the Greater Goshen Area

March 2009

Giving Benefits Our Communities A message from Carol M. Ebersole, Executive Director

In this issue Giving Benefits Our Communities First Radiology Education Scholarship Awarded Projects Update HeartString Sisters Fund

A recent survey of hospital CEOs across the country shows that care for the uninsured ranks as one of their top concerns. As the number of unemployed continues to swell locally, there is an increasing demand for charity care and financial assistance for prescriptions and medical supplies. In addition, many people in our community are returning to school to obtain degrees that will assist them to find a job. National and local experts are recommending that the unemployed consider a career in the health care industry. Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation is providing assistance for charity care and for health care education through several education funds. Currently there are 38 students participating in our education loan and scholarship programs.

On-line Giving Now Available

If you would like to join us in supporting these vital programs, you can do so by sending a check or making an on-line donation. Please consider joining us in our work. You can make a difference in your community today.

Funds Listing

First Radiology Education Scholarship Awarded

Coffee Cart Donated to Emergency Department

On January 26, 2009, Wendy Gaudreau, a GGH colleague and a radiology student at Jackson Community College, was awarded a $1000 scholarship from the Imaging Education Fund established in 2007 by the physicians of Radiology, Inc. This dedicated team of 29 physicians started the scholarship fund to help GGH colleagues who are enrolled in an accredited imaging program. Michael Holt, M.D., of Radiology, Inc. and Medical Director of Imaging at GGH, states, “Our mission at Radiology, Inc. is to provide high continued inside

Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation, Inc. PO Box 139 Goshen, IN 46527 574-535-2668

Carol Ebersole, Executive Director of the Foundation, presents Wendy with her scholarship check while Radiology, Inc. physicians, Dr. Holt, (l), Medical Director of Imaging at GGH and Dr. Brendle, Assistant Medical Director observe.

Telehealth and Lifeline Units

Projects Update

Telehealth units allow Care at Home and Hospice nurses to monitor patients in their homes. The patient provides medical information through the Telehealth unit via their phone line to the Care at Home offices. Once the information is received, nurses can quickly identify patients who need immediate clinical intervention. Our goal is to purchase four additional units in 2009. The Telehealth units are $3500 each.

Hospital Beds In December, the Foundation provided funds for nine new Versa Care patient beds with pressure re-distribution mattresses, scales, bed exit alarms and nurse call systems.

The Lifeline units allow adults who live alone to notify the hospital switchboard that assistance is needed. Within minutes help is on the way to the home of the patient. A total of 25 new Lifeline Units are needed to replace existing units. Lifeline Units are $801 each. Our goal for the Telehealth and Lifeline projects is $34,035. We have received many contributions, but have not yet reached our goal. If you would like to help us with this project, please note Telehealth or Lifeline on your donation.

ICU Portable Ultrasound System Purchased In December the GGH Auxiliary and the Foundation joined hands to purchase a SonoSite Portable Ultrasound System for the GGH Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This state-of-the-art diagnostic system allows GGH physician, Rao Betina, M.D., to immediately evaluate and initiate treatment in the ICU. This technology can also be used in Code Blue and Rapid Response calls. Dr. Betina, who was one of the first intensivists in the U.S. to be trained in the use of bedside ultrasound technology, says, “The diagnostic ultrasound machine enables me to quickly evaluate the patient’s condition and initiate critical care treatment.” The machine is being used 3-4 times a day, decreases the diagnosis time, and eliminates the need to transport critical patients to the Imaging Department. The end result is high quality care for ICU patients. “We were very excited to help with the purchase of the Portable Ultraound System,” said Eleanor Morehouse, 2008 President of GGH Auxiliary. “The Auxiliary exists to help meet the needs of patients and we felt it was a vital piece of equipment to provide better care.” Special thanks to all of you who supported this important project. Dr. Betina with the Portable Ultrsound System.

Lindsey, Certified Nursing Assistant on 4East, demonstrates the new bed. She says, “It is easier to make the patients more comfortable with the new beds which means I can give better care to the patients.”

The new beds increase the quality of care for patients by preventing pressure ulcers and ensuring patient safety. The beds are ergonomically designed to reduce stress and strain on caregivers with features like the built-in scale and a transport system that maximizes bed maneuverability. Nursing staff have been very appreciative of the features on the new beds as it is better for the inpatients. Tara, RN on 4 East Med/Surg unit says, “The beds are awesome—especially the mattresses that help prevent ulcers.” She also noted that it is much easier to turn patients with the new bed design. Thank you for the gifts you gave for this project.

HeartString Sisters Fund The HeartString Sisters Fund was established to assist low-income, underinsured, and uninsured women with payment for screening mammograms. Without the HeartString Sisters Fund, many of these women would not be able to have the recommended annual screening mammogram which can identify early signs of breast cancer. Laurie Busby, Director for The Retreat Women’s Health Center, states, “In 2008 The Retreat did 16 screening mammograms using HeartString Sisters funds. Seven of the 16 women screened were sent for further studies and biopsies.” She anticipates that the demand for financial assistance for screening mammograms will increase in 2009. Contributions to assist with this project should be designated to the HeartString Sisters Fund. Coffee Cart Donated to Emergency Department On Thursday, March 12, 2009, the family of the late Nancy Bonner returned to GGH for a dedication ceremony for this new Emergency Waiting Room Coffee Cart which they donated in her memory. Nancy volunteered over 1500 hours in the Emergency Department and was a caring and devoted support for the patients and their families. Special thanks to Nancy’s family for this generous gift.

On-Line Giving Now Available Making your contribution to Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation just became easier. Donations can now be made on-line at Just click on the Donate Now link and it will direct you to the Foundation page. There you will have a choice of contribution categories: • Goshen Center for Cancer Care • Care At Home, Hospice, Lifeline • The Retreat Women’s Health Center • Patient/Hospital Department Support • Education • General Donations After selecting one of these categories, you will be directed to the donor information page. After you complete the donor information, the computer will take you to the contribution page. On the contribution page you will have the opportunity to choose a specific fund. You may also provide more detailed information in the comments section to ensure your contribution is directed to the fund and purpose you wish to support.

Radiology Scholarship continued

quality care and services to our patients. Providing educational funds for imaging techs to attain the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the support we need is key.” Wendy was surprised and thrilled with the financial support in reaching her goal of becoming an imaging tech. “Wendy has shown outstanding dedication to both her studies and her job as an imaging assistant,” said Melody Ernsberger, Director of Imaging Services. “I cannot think of anyone who deserves this first scholarship more.” Thank you Radiology, Inc. for establishing this fund. Mission

The mission of the Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation is to assist and support the programs and projects of Goshen General Hospital and the communities it serves. The Foundation provides a venue for individuals to effectively direct their resources to meet community health care needs in significant ways.


Collaboration—Working collaboratively with partners enhancing the community and increasing overall effectiveness. Acts of Stewardship—Effectively managing, growing, and distributing well intended gifts. Recognized for Integrity—Operating with integrity, ethics, and a values-based perspective. Entrust—Building and preserving trust through predictable, values-driven behaviors.


The vision of the Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation is to be viewed as a foundation of excellence in the communities it serves.

Patient Financial Support Center for Cancer Care Patient Support Fund relieves financial burden for patients receiving cancer treatment. Charitable Care Fund helps relieve the financial burden for patients without insurance. Childbirth Education Fund provides financial support so that all pregnant women may receive prenatal education. Diabetes Education Fund provides support to diabetes patients in need financial assistance. HeartString Sisters Fund provides financial assistance for mammograms to uninsured and underinsured patients. Hospice Fund supports the hospice program to ensure that all patients in need can receive hospice care. Lifeline Fund provides lifeline units to area residents at a reduced fee or free. Myra Brembeck Palliative Therapies Fund provides funding for Hospice patients receiving palliative therapy. Patient Support Fund provides financial assistance to patients.

Health Education Auxiliary Allied Health Education Fund provides interest free loans and scholarships to students in health education programs other than nursing. Dale Family Nursing Scholarship Fund provides one scholarship per year to a Goshen High School senior going into nursing. Emergency Department Nursing Education Fund supports continuing education for emergency department nurses. Enid Swanson Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to nursing students. Imaging Education Fund provides for continuing education and scholarships to students in imaging careers. Schrock Nursing Education Fund provides interest free loans to students in nursing degree programs.

Hospice, Care at Home Services and Lifeline Hospice Fund provides care regardless of patient’s ability to pay. Hospice Library Fund helps purchase educational material for hospice patients and families. Hospice House Fund was designated to establish a Hospice House in Goshen. Care at Home Services Fund supports the Care at Home Services Program.

Lifeline Fund provides lifeline units to area residents at a reduced fee or free.

Center for Cancer Care Center for Cancer Care Fund supports the Center for Cancer Care Program. Center for Cancer Care Complementary & Alternative Medicine Services Fund is used for patient education and services for naturopathic medicine program. Center for Cancer Care Equipment Fund replaces and updates equipment in the Center for Cancer Care. Center for Cancer Care Facilities Fund offsets construction and reconstruction costs of the center. Center for Cancer Care Nursing Fund is used for oncology nursing education. Center for Cancer Care Patient Support Fund relieves financial burden for patients receiving cancer treatment. Center for Cancer Care Research and Clinical Trials Fund supports programs and equipment for research and clinical trials programs and projects. Center for Cancer Care Special Projects Fund provides funding for special projects or events.

Hospital Services and Departments Cardiac Care Fund helps purchase equipment and fund the development of the Cardiac Care program. Chaplaincy Program Books and Bibles Fund buys books and Bibles for patient rooms and waiting areas. Children With A Difference Fund supports community education and activities for the program. Circle of Caring Birthplace Fund provides support to the department for equipment and construction. Diabetes Fund supports programs, education and equipment relevant to the Diabetes program. Emergency Department Fund provides support to the department for equipment and construction. Hospital Building Fund supports capital and construction projects. Hospital Equipment Fund provides funding for updating and purchasing new equipment. ICU/PCU Fund provides support to the department for equipment and construction. Imaging Services Fund provides support for the needs of the department including equipment.

Medical Staff Fund helps maintain staff and recruit and provide education for physicians. Pastoral Care/Chaplaincy Fund provides operating support to the volunteer pastoral care program. Pediatrics Fund provides support to the department for equipment and construction. Physical Therapy Department Fund supports equipment purchases and staff and patient education. Physical Therapy Kids Fund is used to purchase toys and games used for children’s rehabilitation. Pulmonary Rehab Fund supports programs and activities for patients and families, equipment purchases and staff education. Rehabilitation Services Fund supports the general activities and projects for all rehabilitation therapies. The Retreat Women’s Center Fund supports activities and projects of the Women’s Center.

General Foundation Unrestricted Fund supports projects and community programs based on area of greatest need.

Endowment Funds Endowments are gifts that require the principal to be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income that came be used. Center for Cancer Care Endowment Fund Fidler Nursing Continuing Education Endowment Fund General Endowment Fund Home Care Endowment Fund Hospice Endowment Fund Lifeline Endowment Fund

For more information on giving a gift, please contact Goshen Hospital and Health Care Foundation 574-535-2668 or make your donation on-line at

Goshen Hospital & Health Care Foundation News Mar 2009