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Major League Major League Baseball 101 my first team-board-books Our Major League Baseball 101 team-boardbooks are best-sellers for stores nationwide. Enjoy all the traditions of your favorite team, learn the basics about playing baseball, share your passion with the next generation of fans.

Major League Baseball good night, team

Our MLB collection features our bestselling ‘MLB 101 my first team-boardbooks,’ ‘MLB ABC my first alphabet books,’ ‘good night, team’ illustrated board books and book/plush gift sets. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and our team books are a great way to share all the memories. Loyal fans –your customers–will buy them as an impulse item during baseball season and all year. Official publications of Major League Baseball.

illustrated board books Our new good night, team illustrated board books are the top draft picks of the year! Illustrated with adorable, yet realistic pictures, they’ll have young fans falling asleep “dreaming of their Major League debut.” (available for select teams)

hit a grand slam! Major League Baseball ABC my first alphabet books

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All of the excitement of your favorite team and the key baseball words have been transformed into the ultimate alphabet book. Major League Baseball ABC alphabet books are required reading for every young baseball fan! (available for select teams)

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Diecut in the shape of a baseball jersey, they are a grand slam!

Major League Baseball 123, ABC and Colors are the league editions of our best-selling board books. Great for every fan, every store, everywhere!

Book and Plush Gift Sets Our gift sets combine an MLB 101 board book with a plush baseball and plush glove. They are great for small fingers and growing minds! A big hit for baby showers, birthdays, holidays and just about any special occasion.

Baseball Collection ®

Major League Baseball (national versions)

Major League Baseball™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-047-2 Major League Baseball™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-049-6 MLB Baseball Colors ISBN 978-1-60730-048-9

Boston Red Sox™ Red Sox™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-233-9 Red Sox ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-005-2 ™

good night, Red Sox ISBN 978-1-60730-350-3 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style RSO-201

Chicago White Sox™ White Sox™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-298-8 White Sox™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-204-9 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style WHI-201

Cincinnati Reds™ Reds™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-93-3 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style RED-201

Arizona Diamondbacks™ Diamondbacks™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-79-7 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style DIA-201

Atlanta Braves™ Braves™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-74-2 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style BRA-201

Baltimore Orioles™ Orioles™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-244-5 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style ORI-201

Chicago Cubs™

Cleveland Indians™

Cubs 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-234-6

Indians™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-82-7

Cubs™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-203-2

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style IND-201

good night, Cubs ISBN 978-1-60730-352-7 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style CUB-201

Colorado Rockies™ Rockies™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-94-0 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style ROC-201

Major League Detroit Tigers™

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim™

Tigers™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-240-7

Angels™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-70-4

Tigers™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-013-7

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style ANG-201

good night, Tigers ISBN 978-1-60730-360-2

New York Mets™ Mets™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-285-8 Mets™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-208-7 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style MET-201

Los Angeles Dodgers™

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style TIG-201

Dodgers™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-243-8 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style DOD-201

Miami Marlins™ Marlins™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-284-1

coming soon

Houston Astros™

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style MAR-201

Milwaukee Brewers™

Astros™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-71-1

Brewers™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-75-9

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style AST-201

New York Yankees™ Yankees™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-241-4 Yankees™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-007-6 good night, Yankees ISBN 978-1-60730-356-5 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style YAN-201

Brewers™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-014-4 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style BRE-201

Kansas City Royals™ Royals™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-251-3 good night, Royals ISBN 978-1-60730-362-6 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style ROY-201

coming soon

Minnesota Twins™

Oakland Athletics™

Twins™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-97-1

Athletics™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-235-3

Twins™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-015-1

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style ATH-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style TWI-201

Baseball Collection ®

Philadelphia Phillies™

San Francisco Giants™

Washington Nationals™

Phillies™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-89-6

Giants™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-238-4

Nationals™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-86-5

Phillies™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-016-8

Giants™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-212-4

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style NAT-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style PHI-201

good night, Giants ISBN 978-1-60730-364-0 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style GIA-201

Pittsburgh Pirates™ Pirates™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-239-1 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style PIR-201

St. Louis Cardinals™ Cardinals™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-236-0 Cardinals™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-211-7 good night, Cardinals ISBN 978-1-60730-354-1 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style CAR-201

coming soon

Seattle Mariners™ Mariners™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-83-4 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style MAR-201

Tampa Bay Rays™ Rays™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-78-0 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style RAY-201

Remember to add baseball “i’m single” Sporty Pacifiers

Texas Rangers™ Rangers™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-249-0 Rangers™ ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-213-1 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style RAN-201

San Diego Padres™ Padres™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-237-7 Gift Set (101 book/plush) Style PAD-201

They make adorable baby shower gifts for your customers!

Sporty Pacifiers Baseball “i’m single” Style SPO-PAC201 (2-pack)

General Dogs ABC my first alphabet book

General Collection Our general collection includes our unique board books designed to entertain and educate. All of our general titles combine creative approaches to covering interesting topics and encouraging young children to learn while having fun. We strive to educate and inform through clever formats, novel facts and great photos and illustrations.

Dogs ABC is the ultimate alphabet book for every child who loves dogs! A is for Akita, B is for Beagle... and Z is for Zuchon. Toddlers will love learning their letters with adorable, high quality photos of more than 75 breeds of dogs. The book is even shaped like a dog house and features an area to put one’s own pet on the front cover.

entertaining and educational!

Our books are best-sellers for retailers nationwide. Position them in themed areas or as an impulse item at the cash register. Your patrons will love them –we guarantee it!

The Planets 101 the solar system unfolds 800 degrees...a day that is longer than the year...so light the entire planet would float...these are just a few of the cool facts young explorers will learn as the solar system unfolds before their eyes.

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The Planets 101 will amaze young and old with unbelievable photos and facts. They are presented in a unique, patented ‘panoramic fold’ format that provides a stellar view of the entire solar system.

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The Little Butterfly rainbow adventure

Michaelson Entertainment 36 Cabrillo Terrace Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 www.michaelsonentertainment.com Phone: 949.916.0575 Fax: 949.916.0574 email: info@michaelsonentertainment.com

A visually stunning board book featuring an adorable story about how butteflies got their colors. The book has an entirely unique format, opening up into the shape of a colorful rainbow! Young children will love sitting on the floor as a vivid and marvelous rainbow unfolds around them.

Collection Sporty Pacifiers

Dogs ABC Dogs ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-400-5

Our selection of general sports pacifiers feature cute slogans and everyone’s favorite sports. From “i’m single” for baseball to “love me” for tennis, they are sure to bring a smile to every baby and parent. The pacifiers are high quality ‘nip’ pacifiers, BPA free, phthalate free, orthodontic design. Packaged as 2-packs for easy display.

The Planets 101 The Planets 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-011-3

Sporty Pacifiers Baseball “i’m single” Style SPO-PAC201 (2-pack) Basketball “dribble” Style SPO-PAC202 (2-pack) Football “catch me” Style SPO-PAC203 (2-pack)

The Little Butterfly rainbow adventure

Golf “fore” Style SPO-PAC204 (2-pack)

The Little Butterfly, Rainbow Adventure ISBN 978-1-60730-402-9

Soccer “score” Style SPO-PAC205 (2-pack)

Plush little butterflies: black & white Style LB-101

Tennis “love me” Style SPO-PAC206 (2-pack)

color Style LB-102

General Pacifiers Irish baby Style IRI-PAC201 (2-pack)

please see the collegiate collection for our adorable pacifiers for your school!

Holiday designs coming soon.

City 101 my first city board books

Boston 101

New York 101

Boston 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-000-7

New York 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-003-8

great memories

Our City 101 titles are a staple for every well-stocked store. They are sure to entertain and educate for years to come. Each book is designed for parents and kids to share their hometown pride or memories of a great vacation.

all the local flavor

Chicago 101

Washington DC 101

Chicago 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-001-4

Washington DC 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-004-5

Los Angeles 101 Los Angeles 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-002-1

National Football National Football League 101 my first team-board-books Our National Football League 101 team-boardbooks are hitting the playing field. Every great team; the superstars and legendary players, the classic rivalries–all the thrills and excitement! Enjoy all the traditions of your favorite team, learn the basics about playing football, share your passion with the next generation of fans.

They are required reading for every football fan, young and old–and all of your customers!

National Football League Our NFL collection features our bestselling ‘NFL 101 my first team-boardbooks’ and ‘NFL ABC my first alphabet books’ for the youngest fans. NFL Coloring & Activity Storybooks and NFL Doodle Playbooks are touchdowns for older kids and fans! Official publications of the National Football League.

score a touchdown! NFL Football ABC my first alphabet books

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All of the excitement of your favorite team and the key football words have been transformed into the ultimate alphabet book. NFL ABC alphabet books are required reading for every young football fan! (available for select teams)

NFL Coloring & Activity Storybooks Our new NFL Coloring & Activity Storybooks are filled with mazes, word search and coloring fun for kids age 3-6. They are an inexpensive add-on for your customers. (available for select teams) NFL Football 123, ABC and Colors league editions are great for every fan, every store, everywhere!

Michaelson Entertainment 36 Cabrillo Terrace Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 www.michaelsonentertainment.com Phone: 949.916.0575 Fax: 949.916.0574 email: info@michaelsonentertainment.com

For Fans –and Customers–of All Ages NFL children’s books make great gifts for birthdays, baby showers, holidays and throughout the football season. Loyal fans will buy their favorite team books as an impulse item at any time. There is simply no better gift for father and son (or daughter). Stock them in your book section, gift area, infant/toddler/ children’s section and at the cash register!

League Collection 速

NFL (national versions)

NFL Football 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-147-9

Buffalo Bills

Cleveland Browns

Bills 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-103-5

Browns 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-107-3

Carolina Panthers

Dallas Cowboys

Panthers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-104-2

Cowboys 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-108-0

NFL Football ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-149-3 NFL Football Colors ISBN 978-1-60730-148-6

Cowboys ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-158-5

Chicago Bears

Cowboys Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-508-8

Bears 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-105-9 Bears ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-155-4

Arizona Cardinals Cardinals 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-100-4

Bears Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-505-7 Bears Doodle Playbook ISBN 978-1-60730-305-3

Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos

Falcons 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-101-1

Broncos 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-109-7

Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions

Ravens 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-102-8

Lions 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-110-3

Ravens ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-152-3

Lions ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-160-8

Cincinnati Bengals Bengals 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-106-6

Lions Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-510-1

National Football Detroit Lions

Kansas City Chiefs

Lions Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-510-1

Chiefs 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-115-8

New Orleans Saints Saints 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-119-6 Saints ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-169-1

Green Bay Packers Packers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-111-0

Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-116-5

Packers ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-161-5 Packers Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-511-8

Houston Texans Texans 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-112-7

Minnesota Vikings

New York Giants

Vikings 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-117-2

Giants 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-120-2

Vikings ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-167-7

Giants ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-170-7

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Patriots 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-118-9 Patriots ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-168-4

Indianapolis Colts

Jets 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-121-9 Jets ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-171-4

Patriots Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-518-7

Colts 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-113-4

Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-114-1

Oakland Raiders Raiders 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-122-6

League Collection ®

Philadelphia Eagles

San Francisco 49ers

Eagles 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-123-3

49ers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-127-1

Tennessee Titans Titans 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-130-1

49ers ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-177-6

Pittsburgh Steelers

49ers Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-527-9

Steelers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-124-0

Washington Redskins Redskins 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-131-8

Steelers ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-174-5

Redskins ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-181-3

Steelers Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-524-8 Steelers Doodle Playbook ISBN 978-1-60730-324-4

Seattle Seahawks Seahawks 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-128-8 Seahawks ABC ISBN 978-1-60730-178-3 Seahawks Coloring & Activity Storybook ISBN 978-1-60730-528-6

Remember to add football “catch me” Sporty Pacifiers

St. Louis Rams Rams 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-125-7

San Diego Chargers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chargers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-126-4

Buccaneers 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-129-5

They make adorable baby shower gifts for your customers!

Sporty Pacifiers Football “catch me” Style SPO-PAC203 (2-pack)

Collegiate University 101 my first text-board-books Our best-selling ‘University 101 my first text-board-books’ are available for more than forty universities nationally. Each book highlights the traditions, campus and athletics of your alma mater or favorite school.

Collegiate Collection

They are required reading for every alumni and loyal fan–and all of your customers!

Our collegiate collection includes our best-selling ‘University 101 my first text-board-books,’ ‘University 123 my first counting books,’ collegiate pacifiers, plush mascots, book/plush gift sets and Scramble Squares® puzzles. All of our collegiate products are educational and entertaining; designed for families to share their memories and spirit. They are great for bookstores, gift shops, children’s stores and any collegiate retailer–everywhere alumni shop!

University 123 my first counting books The next step. ‘University 123 my first counting books’ are great for children age two and older. Educational and fun: teach them numbers and counting with your favorite symbols.

Officially licensed by each university.

For inquiries or to order:

Diecut in the shape of a football helmet, University 123 counting books are a clear touchdown! A great ‘dad’ gift–he may just keep it for himself!

Call 949.916.0575 Fax 949.916.0574

share your school pride!


Plush Mascots and Logo Bears


contact your local sales representative

Michaelson Entertainment 36 Cabrillo Terrace Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 www.michaelsonentertainment.com Phone: 949.916.0575 Fax: 949.916.0574 email: info@michaelsonentertainment.com

Our plush mascots and logo bears are soft and cuddly, made from the finest fabrics with exquisite detail. They are a comfort for the smallest hands–and biggest fans! Available for select schools (refer to listings).

Book and Plush Gift Sets Combine your favorite ‘University 101 my first textboard-book’ with a plush mascot, logo bear or plush balls (two balls included; baseball, basketball, football or soccer ball) to make the perfect gift (refer to school listings for plush included). Each set comes in a vinyl carrying bag to create the young fan’s ultimate birthday or holiday present.

Collection Sporty Pacifiers The smart pacifiers for the youngest fans! Our sporty pacifiers combine clever slogans and adorable designs with your favorite school mascots and logos. They are a refreshing take on a great baby shower gift, first birthday embellishment and stocking stuffer for your customers. Packaged in 2-packs, our pacifiers feature multiple designs including “class of,” “grandma’s favorite, “team baby” and other designs for more than forty universities. They are a perfect companion to our board books for every childrens and collegiate retailer.

for the youngest fans! Our pacifiers are high quality German-made ‘nip’ pacifiers. BPA free, phthalate free, with an orthodontic design. Also available in general sports styles.

Collegiate Scramble Squares® puzzles / brain teasers A puzzle...a game...a challenge! Collegiate Scramble Squares®–just take nice pieces and arrange them in a three by three square so the sides all match. Sounds easy, but insidiously hard! Take the five minute challenge and see if you can solve one. Then open one for display and watch your customers become hooked. Collegiate Scramble Squares® are great for all ages. Easy to carry, fun for the whole family and friends. They are sure to add loads of fun and interactivity to game day tailgating parties. Available for select schools (refer to listings).

for fans young and old!

Collegiate University of Alabama®

Army (USMA)®

Univ. of Alabama® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-050-2

Army (USMA)® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-42-1

Alabama Crimson Tide™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-017-5

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ARM-PAC201

Plush Logo Bear Style ALA-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style ARM-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ALA-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style ALA-301

Auburn® Auburn® 101 ISBN 978-0-9727702-7-9 Auburn Tigers® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-018-2

University of Arizona® Univ. of Arizona® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-64-3 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ARI-PAC201

Plush Aubie Style AUB-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style AUB-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style AUB-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style ARI-301

Arizona State University®

University of CA, Berkeley®

Arizona State Univ.® 101 ISBN 978-0-9727702-3-1

Univ. of CA, Berkeley® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-059-5

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ASU-PAC201

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style BER-PAC201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style ASU-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style BER-301

Collection UCLA®

Dartmouth College™

UCLA® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-15-5

Dartmouth College™ 101 ISBN 978-0-9727702-5-5

UCLA Bruins® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-019-9

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style DAR-301

Plush Bruin Style UCL-201 Gift Set (101 book/plush Bruin) Style UCL-301

Clemson University™

University of Florida™

Clemson Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-06-3

Univ. of Florida™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-060-1

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style CLE-PAC201

Plush Albert Style FLO-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style CLE-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style FLO-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001302 Gift Set (101 book/plush Albert) Style FLO-301

Columbia University™ Columbia Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-0-9727702-1-7 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style COL-301

Florida State University® Florida State Univ.® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-07-0 Plush Logo Bear Style FSU-201


Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style FSU-PAC201

Cornell™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-00-1

Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style FSU-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style COR-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style COR-301

Collegiate University of Georgia®

Indiana University®

Univ. of Georgia® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-08-7

Indiana University® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-061-8

Georgia Bulldogs® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-020-5

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style IND-PAC201

Plush Hairy Dawg Style GEO-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style IND-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style GEO-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush Hairy Dawg) Style GEO-301

University of Iowa® Univ. of Iowa® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-051-9 Iowa Hawkeyes® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-022-9

Georgia Tech® Georgia Tech® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-22-3 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style GTE-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style GTE-301

Plush Herky Style IOW-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style IOW-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001319 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style IOW-301

University of Illinois® Univ. of Illinois® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-17-9 Illinois Fighting Illini® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-021-2 Plush Logo Bear Style ILL-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ILL-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style ILL-301

Iowa State University™ Iowa State Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-052-6 Plush Logo Bear Style ISU-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style ISU-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style ISU-301

Collection University of Kansas®

University of Maryland®

Univ. of Kansas® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-40-7

Univ. of Maryland® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-60-5

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style KAN-PAC201

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style MAR-PAC201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style KAN-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style MAR-301

Kansas State University® Kansas State Univ.® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-57-5 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style KSU-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style KSU-301

University of Michigan™ Univ. of Michigan™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-053-3 Michigan Wolverines™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-024-3

LSU® LSU® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-09-4 LSU Tigers® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-023-6 Plush Mike the Tiger Style LSU-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style LSU-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001371 Gift Set (101 book/plush Mike) Style LSU-301

Plush Logo Bear Style MIC-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style MIC-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001326 Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style MIC-301

Collegiate Michigan State University™

University of Nebraska®

Michigan State Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-058-8

Univ. of Nebraska® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-063-2

Michigan State Spartans™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-025-0

Plush Lil’ Red® Style NEB-201

Plush Logo Bear Style MSU-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style MSU-PAC201

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style NEB-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush Lil’ Red®) Style NEB-301

Scramble Squares® Style 857880001333 Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style MSU-301

University of North Carolina® Univ. of North Carolina® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-054-0

University of Mississippi™ Univ. of Mississippi™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-26-1

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style UNC-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style UNC-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style MIS-301

University of Missouri®

NC State University™

Univ. of Missouri® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-63-6

NC State Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-062-5

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style MIU-PAC201

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style NCS-PAC201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style MIU-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style NCS-301

Collection Ohio State University®

Penn State®

Ohio State Univ.® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-064-9

Penn State® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-04-9

Ohio State Buckeyes™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-027-4

Penn State Nittany Lions® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-031-1

Plush Logo Bear Style OHI-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style OHI-PAC201 Scramble Squares Style 857880001340 ®

Gift Set (101 book/plush bear) Style OHI-301

Plush Nittany Lion Style PSU-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style PSU-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001388 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style PSU-301

University of Pennsylvania


Univ. of Pennsylvania 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-16-2

Purdue® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-065-6

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style PEN-PAC201

Plush Purdue Pete Style PUR-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style PEN-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style PUR-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush Purdue Pete)

Style PUR-301

University of South Carolina® Univ. of South Carolina® 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-41-4 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style SCA-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style SCA-301

Collegiate USC®

Texas Tech™

USC® 101 ISBN 978-0-9727702-0-0

Texas Tech™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-32-2

USC Trojans™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-028-1

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style TTU-PAC201

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style USC-PAC201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style TTU-301

Pacifier 2-pack (arch/interlock) Style USC-PAC202 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style USC-301

University of Virginia® Univ. of Virginia® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-067-0 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style VIR-PAC201


Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style VIR-301

Stanford® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-066-3 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style STA-301

Texas A&M®

Virginia Tech™

Texas A&M® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-055-7

Virginia Tech™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-62-9

Texas A&M Aggies™ 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-029-8

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style VTU-PAC201

Plush Reveille Style TAM-201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style VTU-301

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style TAM-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001357 Gift Set (101 book/plush Reveille) Style TAM-301

Wake Forest University™ Wake Forest Univ.™ 101 ISBN 978-1-932530-38-4 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style WAK-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style WAK-301

Collection University of Washington®


Univ. of Washington® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-068-7

Yale® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-057-1

Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style WAS-PAC201

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style YAL-301

Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style WAS-301

Washington State University® Washington State University® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-069-4 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style WSU-PAC201 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style WSU-301

University of Wisconsin® Univ. of Wisconsin® 101 ISBN 978-1-60730-056-4 Wisconsin Badgers® 123 ISBN 978-1-60730-030-4 Plush Bucky Badger Style WIS-201 Pacifier 2-pack (assorted) Style WIS-PAC201 Scramble Squares® Style 857880001364 Gift Set (101 book/plush balls) Style WIS-301

Major League Baseball National Editions

National Football League

Collegiate Collection

National Editions


Book Title



Book Title



Book Title



MLB Baseball 123 MLB Baseball ABC MLB Baseball Colors

978-1-60730-047-2 978-1-60730-049-6 978-1-60730-048-9

$11.95 $11.95 $11.95

NFL Football 123 NFL Football ABC NFL Football Colors

978-1-60730-147-9 978-1-60730-149-3 978-1-60730-148-6

$11.95 $11.95 $11.95

Book Title



Book Title



Arizona Diamondbacks 101 Atlanta Braves 101 Baltimore Orioles 101 Boston Red Sox 101 Boston Red Sox ABC Good Night, Red Sox Chicago Cubs 101 Chicago Cubs ABC Good Night, Cubs Chicago White Sox 101 Chicago White Sox ABC Cincinnati Reds 101 Cleveland Indians 101 Colorado Rockies 101 Detroit Tigers 101 Detroit Tigers ABC Good Night, Tigers Houston Astros 101 Kansas City Royals 101 Good Night, Royals L.A. Angels of Anaheim 101 Los Angeles Dodgers 101 Miami Marlins 101 Milwaukee Brewers 101 Milwaukee Brewers ABC Minnesota Twins 101 Minnesota Twins ABC New York Mets 101 New York Mets ABC New York Yankees 101 New York Yankees ABC Good Night, Yankees Oakland Athletics 101 Philadelphia Phillies 101 Philadelphia Phillies ABC Pittsburgh Pirates 101 St. Louis Cardinals 101 St. Louis Cardinals ABC Good Night, Cardinals San Diego Padres 101 San Francisco Giants 101 San Francisco Giants ABC Good Night, Giants Seattle Mariners 101 Tampa Bay Rays 101 Texas Rangers 101 Texas Rangers ABC Washington Nationals 101

978-1-932530-79-7 978-1-932530-74-2 978-1-60730-244-5 978-1-60730-233-9 978-1-60730-005-2 978-1-60730-350-3 978-1-60730-234-6 978-1-60730-203-2 978-1-60730-352-7 978-1-60730-298-8 978-1-60730-204-9 978-1-932530-93-3 978-1-932530-82-7 978-1-932530-94-0 978-1-60730-240-7 978-1-60730-013-7 978-1-60730-360-2 978-1-932530-71-1 978-1-60730-251-3 978-1-60730-362-6 978-1-932530-70-4 978-1-60730-243-8 978-1-60730-284-1 978-1-932530-75-9 978-1-60730-014-4 978-1-932530-97-1 978-1-60730-015-1 978-1-60730-285-8 978-1-60730-208-7 978-1-60730-241-4 978-1-60730-007-6 978-1-60730-356-5 978-1-60730-235-3 978-1-932530-89-6 978-1-60730-016-8 978-1-60730-239-1 978-1-60730-236-0 978-1-60730-211-7 978-1-60730-354-1 978-1-60730-237-7 978-1-60730-238-4 978-1-60730-212-4 978-1-60730-364-0 978-1-932530-83-4 978-1-932530-78-0 978-1-60730-249-0 978-1-60730-213-1 978-1-932530-86-5

$10.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $10.95 $11.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $10.95 $11.95 $12.95 $10.95 $11.95 $10.95 $10.95 $11.95 $10.95 $11.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $11.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $10.95

Book Title



Barack Obama 101 Dogs ABC Little Butterfly, Rainbow Adv The Planets 101

978-1-60730-044-1 978-1-60730-400-5 978-1-60730-402-9 978-1-60730-011-3

$10.95 $ 9.95 $10.95 $ 9.95

Arizona Cardinals 101 Atlanta Falcons 101 Baltimore Ravens 101 Baltimore Ravens ABC Buffalo Bills 101 Carolina Panthers 101 Chicago Bears 101 Chicago Bears ABC Bears Coloring & Activity Chicago Bears Doodle Play Cincinnati Bengals 101 Cleveland Browns 101 Dallas Cowboys 101 Dallas Cowboys ABC Cowboys Coloring & Activity Denver Broncos 101 Detroit Lions 101 Detroit Lions ABC Lions Coloring & Activity Green Bay Packers 101 Green Bay Packers ABC Packers Coloring & Activity Houston Texans 101 Indianapolis Colts 101 Jacksonville Jaguars 101 Kansas City Chiefs 101 Miami Dolphins 101 Minnesota Vikings 101 Minnesota Vikings ABC New England Patriots 101 New England Patriots ABC Patriots Coloring & Activity New Orleans Saints 101 New Orleans Saints ABC New York Giants 101 New York Giants ABC New York Jets 101 New York Jets ABC Oakland Raiders 101 Philadelphia Eagles 101 Pittsburgh Steelers 101 Pittsburgh Steelers ABC Steelers Coloring & Activity Pittsburgh Steelers Doodle St. Louis Rams 101 San Diego Chargers 101 San Francisco 49ers 101 San Francisco 49ers ABC 49ers Coloring & Activity Seattle Seahawks 101 Seattle Seahawks ABC Seahawks Coloring & Activity Tampa Bay Buccaneers 101 Tennessee Titans 101 Washington Redskins 101 Washington Redskins ABC

978-1-60730-100-4 978-1-60730-101-1 978-1-60730-102-8 978-1-60730-152-3 978-1-60730-103-5 978-1-60730-104-2 978-1-60730-105-9 978-1-60730-155-4 978-1-60730-505-7 978-1-60730-305-3 978-1-60730-106-6 978-1-60730-107-3 978-1-60730-108-0 978-1-60730-158-5 978-1-60730-508-8 978-1-60730-109-7 978-1-60730-110-3 978-1-60730-160-8 978-1-60730-510-1 978-1-60730-111-0 978-1-60730-161-5 978-1-60730-511-8 978-1-60730-112-7 978-1-60730-113-4 978-1-60730-114-1 978-1-60730-115-8 978-1-60730-116-5 978-1-60730-117-2 978-1-60730-167-7 978-1-60730-118-9 978-1-60730-168-4 978-1-60730-518-7 978-1-60730-119-6 978-1-60730-169-1 978-1-60730-120-2 978-1-60730-170-7 978-1-60730-121-9 978-1-60730-171-4 978-1-60730-122-6 978-1-60730-123-3 978-1-60730-124-0 978-1-60730-174-5 978-1-60730-524-8 978-1-60730-324-4 978-1-60730-125-7 978-1-60730-126-4 978-1-60730-127-1 978-1-60730-177-6 978-1-60730-527-9 978-1-60730-128-8 978-1-60730-178-3 978-1-60730-528-6 978-1-60730-129-5 978-1-60730-130-1 978-1-60730-131-8 978-1-60730-181-3

$11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $ 9.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $ 6.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95

Univ. of Alabama® 101 Alabama Crimson Tide® 123 University of Arizona® 101 Arizona State® 101 Army (USMA)® 101 Auburn® 101 Auburn Tigers® 123 Univ of CA, Berkeley® 101 UCLA® 101 UCLA Bruins® 123 Clemson® 101 Columbia University™ 101 Cornell™ 101 Dartmouth™ 101 Univ. of Florida® 101 Florida State Univ.® 101 Univ. of Georgia™ 101 Georgia Bulldogs® 123 Georgia Tech® 101 Univ. of Illinois® 101 Illinois Fighting Illini® 123 Indiana University® 101 Univ. of Iowa® 101 Iowa Hawkeyes® 123 Iowa State Univ.™ 101 Univ. of Kansas® 101 Kansas State Univ.® 101 LSU® 101 LSU Tigers® 123 University of Maryland® 101 Univ. of Michigan™ 101 Michigan® Wolverines™ 123 Michigan State Univ.™ 101 MSU Spartans™ 123 Univ. of Mississippi™ 101 Univ. of Missouri® 101 Univ. of Nebraska® 101 Univ. of North Carolina® 101 NC State University™ 101 Ohio State® 101 Ohio State Buckeyes® 123 Univ. of Pennsylvania® 101 Penn State® 101 Penn State Nittany Lions® 123 Purdue® 101 Univ. of South Carolina® 101 USC® 101 USC® Trojans™ 123 Stanford® 101 Texas A&M® 101 Texas A&M® Aggies™ 123 Texas Tech™ 101 University of Virginia® 101 Virginia Tech® 101 Wake Forest™ 101 Univ. of Washington® 101 Washington State Univ.® 101 Univ. of Wisconsin® 101 Univ. of Wisc. Badgers® 123 Yale® 101

978-1-60730-050-2 978-1-60730-017-5 978-1-932530-64-3 978-0-9727702-3-1 978-1-932530-42-1 978-0-9727702-7-9 978-1-60730-018-2 978-1-60730-059-5 978-1-932530-15-5 978-1-60730-019-9 978-1-932530-06-3 978-0-9727702-1-7 978-1-932530-00-1 978-0-9727702-5-5 978-1-60730-060-1 978-1-932530-07-0 978-1-932530-08-7 978-1-60730-020-5 978-1-932530-22-3 978-1-932530-17-9 978-1-60730-021-2 978-1-60730-061-8 978-1-60730-051-9 978-1-60730-022-9 978-1-60730-052-6 978-1-932530-40-7 978-1-932530-57-5 978-1-932530-09-4 978-1-60730-023-6 978-1-932530-60-5 978-1-60730-053-3 978-1-60730-024-3 978-1-60730-058-8 978-1-60730-025-0 978-1-932530-26-1 978-1-932530-63-6 978-1-60730-063-2 978-1-60730-054-0 978-1-60730-062-5 978-1-60730-064-9 978-1-60730-027-4 978-1-932530-16-2 978-1-932530-04-9 978-1-60730-031-1 978-1-60730-065-6 978-1-932530-41-4 978-0-9727702-0-0 978-1-60730-028-1 978-1-60730-066-3 978-1-60730-055-7 978-1-60730-029-8 978-1-932530-32-2 978-1-60730-067-0 978-1-932530-62-9 978-1-932530-38-4 978-1-60730-068-7 978-1-60730-069-4 978-1-60730-056-4 978-1-60730-030-4 978-1-60730-057-1

$10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $11.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $10.95 $12.95 $11.95

Book Title



Boston 101 Chicago 101 Los Angeles 101 New York 101 Washington D.C. 101

978-1-60730-000-7 978-1-60730-001-4 978-1-60730-002-1 978-1-60730-003-8 978-1-60730-004-5

$ $ $ $ $

Team Editions

Team Editions

General Titles

City Collection 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95

Environmental Initiatives Michaelson Entertainment Michaelson Entertainment is an independent publisher specializing in entertaining and educational children’s books. Our books are uniquely designed to encourage generational interaction. The content is simple enough for young children–but complicated enough to also interest parents and grandparents. Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts...will enjoy sharing their memories and spirit with their children, nieces, nephews... We hope you also enjoy our books and view them as more than just a product, that you see them as an exceptional offering to your customers.

At Michaelson Entertainment, we take great pride in making sure that our products are manufactured with the environment, and next generation, in mind. We use paper from sustainable sources, trees grown on tree farms for the printing industry. Our manufacturing partners are audited and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We streamline production to use the minimum resources possible while offering the highest quality product to consumers.

Product Safety Testing Our products meet all Federal and State safety standards, including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). The raw materials used in our books are safety tested prior to manufacturing and our products are safety tested after manufacturing. Safety testing certificates are available upon request and can be viewed on our website.

Our products are designed in California.

For inquiries or to order: Call 949.916.0575 Fax 949.916.0574 email order@michaelsonentertainment.com

contact your local sales representative

Corporate Social Responsibility At Michaelson Entertainment, we work diligently to ensure that our manufacturing partners meet strict corporate social responsibility standards. Our company is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and we maintain a code of conduct that our manufacturing partners must adhere to. This ensures that worker rights are honored and workplace standards meet stringent guidelines. We demand it, our licensing partners demand it, and retailers and consumers can be assured that we are doing our part to help make the world a better place.

Legal Stuff

Michaelson Entertainment 36 Cabrillo Terrace Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 www.michaelsonentertainment.com Phone: 949.916.0575 Fax: 949.916.0574 email: info@michaelsonentertainment.com

Michaelson Entertainment is the official children’s book publisher for more than forty universities across the country, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. All images, photographs and logos of Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the respective universities are the property and trademark of the respective parties and are used by permission. All books are copyright ©Michaelson Entertainment.

All information in catalog as of 2015, subject to change.


Children’s Collections

36 Cabrillo Terrace, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 www.michaelsonentertainment.com

Phone: 949.916.0575

Fax: 949.916.0574

email: info@michaelsonentertainment.com ME0815

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Michaelson Entertainment 2016  

Board books & toys. MLB, NFL + Collegiate.

Michaelson Entertainment 2016  

Board books & toys. MLB, NFL + Collegiate.

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