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$100 Provides a week of safe, structured, fun afterschool care for a child.

$200 Allows four children to learn to swim… life-changing and life-saving.

$500 Lets five children experience team sports where “everybody plays, everybody wins”.

In our


A child needs to be safe while her parents work. A kid needs to learn

and nurtured

to swim.

$600 Gives a child an entire summer week at YMCA Camp Cosby.

$1,000 Sends a child to a full summer of signature YMCA day camp.

The YMCA also provides membership support to adults so they can keep working out when they’ve experienced the stress of losing a job or other life crisis.

A teen needs to know they are a valuable

member of a team. A family needs a place to play and relax together. The needs are great, but there’s a way you can help. By making a donation to the YMCA Strong Kids and Communities Campaign, you help the YMCA provide membership or programs to kids and families who might not otherwise be able to afford them, helping to improve their lives and the quality of life in our community.

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Birmingham YMCA 2101 4th Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203 205.801.6053 To donate online: TM

YMCA Mission To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Our Vision

In our commu n ity, a neighbor is in need. You can help.

We will lead our community to become the healthiest in America.

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Through your donation to the YMCA Strong Kids and Communities Campaign, you can: Strengthen a family by helping to provide safe, fun and supervised before - or afterschool care. Teach a child a new skill such as swimming or sports or arts.

Help Open Our Doors to More We believe that every child and adult deserves the experience of YMCA programs, regardless of the financial difficulties they might be facing. YMCA programs such as child care, camping, swim lessons, youth sports, membership and teen leadership do more than teach skills or keep someone healthy. They provide confidence. They teach responsibility. They enable our friends to be strong in spirit, mind and body. These experiences stick with kids‌and help adults through tough times like the loss of a job.

We Won’t Turn a Deserving Friend Away Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the YMCA Strong Kids and Communities Campaign. Your support allows the YMCA to provide over $1,200,000 to 8,000 neighbors in membership and program assistance every year. Your generosity makes a genuine difference in your community. Donate today at!

YMCA munities Strong Kids & Cormd Pledge Ca Name: __________________________________________ Company: ______________________________________ Matching Gift?





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Develop a love of the outdoors in a youth at YMCA Camp Cosby.

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) _______________________________

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) _______________________________

Surround a senior citizen with a caring community that offers fun and fellowship.

Email: _________________________________________

Provide a safe, values-rich environment for families to grow together as they play and relax at the YMCA. Your support of the YMCA Strong Kids and Communities Campaign provides the funds that allow us to offer membership and program assistance each year. All contributions remain in our local community, giving children and families a chance to grow stronger in spirit, mind and body at the YMCA. While the need is great, the generosity of people just like you can make a difference. Please give today!

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Birmingham YMCA 2101 4th Avenue North Birmingham, AL 35203

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Strong Kids & Communities Brochure  

The official brochure for the 2011 Strong Kids & Communities Campaign of the Birmingham Metrpolitan YMCA