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do come true 2022 Annual Report


To continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.


Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital continues the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and their families. Through valued professionals, staff, community partners and friends, we seek to enhance the lives of our community’s children by delivering on the promise of a healthier future today.

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Senior Vice President and Administrator

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

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Foundation Board Chair

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

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aking it possible for children to keep dreaming.
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Message From The Foundation

Welcome to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation’s annual report—a highlight of our accomplishments and an expression of gratitude for your unwavering support. For three decades, Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital has been dedicated to healing the whole child, with patient safety, quality, and innovation at the forefront.

Our Children’s Hospital tower, located at the Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus, exemplifies our commitment to these principles, offering private patient rooms, state-of-the-art CATH labs, a specialized pediatric emergency department, and the remarkable San Manuel Maternity Pavilion. Guided by our enduring motto, “To make man whole,” we persistently strive to elevate the standard of medical care for children, mothers, and families in our region.

Last year, we achieved another milestone by earning our fifth recognition from The Leapfrog Group as a Top Children’s Hospital. This prestigious honor acknowledges our commitment to safety and exceptional care. We are proud to be one of only twelve children’s hospitals nationwide with this designation. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report named us a “Best Children’s Hospital” in Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Neonatology, and Nephrology, while Newsweek recognized us as a “Best Maternity Hospital.”

These achievements are made possible by our community and the exceptional dedication of our frontline healthcare professionals. We deeply appreciate your generosity and support in being a part of every child’s unique journey at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Within our hospital, profound moments unfold, and we are privileged to stand ready for them. Our medical professionals demonstrate unparalleled skill, expertise and compassion. From routine check-ups to critical diagnoses, you are an essential part of our care team. Your commitment inspires us to reach higher, imagine greater, and relentlessly pursue hope and healing for all children.

May we never stop growing as we work together to create a happier and healthier tomorrow.

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Since the Children’s Hospital’s founding more than 30 years ago, Loma Linda University Children’s Health physicians, nurses, staff, and volunteers have made it their calling to care for our region’s youngest, most vulnerable patients. And the opening of the Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus innovative Children’s Hospital tower, in August 2021, makes the dream of expanded access to quality healthcare for children a daily reality.

Treating pediatric health issues is one of the great success stories in the history of Loma Linda University Health. Our more than 225 pediatric physicians representing nearly 30 specialties regularly collaborate to bring healing to those children battling injury and disease. Recognizing that excellent care, The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization recognized as the toughest standard-setters for healthcare safety and quality, named the Children’s Hospital a “Top Children’s Hospital” in 2022 for the fifth time in six years.

Children from throughout the region are transported to the Children’s Hospital for specialized services. When they arrive, those patients benefit from the dedicated pediatric Emergency Department, offering 24/7 care with 26 bays and quick access to CT scan services and operating rooms. Children’s emergency teams regularly care for the most severe injuries as the only pediatric-dedicated Level I Trauma Center in the region.

More than 17,000 children were admitted and treated at the Children’s Hospital in 2022. During their stay,

the new Children’s Tower provided 84 fully private inpatient rooms, where families could be present and play a key role in their child’s recovery.

Families can welcome their precious babies into the world at the San Manuel Maternity Pavilion, a beautiful space that offers 44 licensed OB beds, 11 labor and delivery rooms, three C-section rooms, and nine triage rooms. More than 3,200 babies were delivered in the San Manuel Pavilion in 2022, and the Children’s Hospital remains the Inland Empire’s hospital of choice for high-risk births.

U.S. News & World Report’s 2021-22 “Best Hospitals for Maternity Care” list recognized the work of the maternity team, highlighting low rates of newborn complications, early deliveries and C-section rates. Additionally, 2022 marked the seventh consecutive year that California’s Health and Human Services and Cal Hospital Compares listed Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital on its “Maternity Honor Roll” to recognize the team’s work to achieve statewide targets for reduced births via C-section in first-time mothers and low-risk pregnancies. Newsweek also ranked Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital as one of America’s Best Maternity Care Hospitals for the second year in a row.

To top off its many accolades, in June 2022, U.S. News & World Report awarded top 50 national rankings to three Children’s Hospital specialties — Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Pediatric Neonatology, and Pediatric Nephrology.

Our commitment to quality and safety in all aspects of care regularly earns regional and national recognition. The Leapfrog Group, which ranks hospitals nationwide, named our hospital a Top Children’s Hospital in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

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Arnold family now celebrates “St. Paisley Day” each year after infant daughter received new heart

The Arnold family waited anxiously at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in February 2013 for news on their four-month-old daughter, Paisley. “The doctor came out to get us and took us in one of those rooms you see on TV — we call it the ‘bad-news room,’ ” Paisley’s father, Rick Arnold says. The news: the only thing that could help Paisley was a heart transplant. She had an anomalous left coronary artery, meaning this artery in her heart had never developed. “We were devastated,” Arnold says.

Paisley Mae Arnold was born in October 2012. To her parents’ knowledge, she was a perfectly healthy little girl. “It was my wife and I’s first child,” says Arnold. “We were really excited.” But by her two-month check-up, all did not seem well. Paisley was experiencing trouble eating and acid reflux. By her four-month check-up, she was having trouble breathing. After an unsuccessful breathing treatment, Paisley was admitted to their local hospital in Apple Valley. Her condition continued to worsen — her oxygen levels were low, she became very lethargic, and her cries became

muffled. Tests and X-rays revealed that Paisley had cardiomyopathy — a disease causing difficulty with the heart delivering blood to the body. The doctor told Paisley’s parents that her heart was enlarged, and she needed immediate care at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Several days after receiving the news of Paisley needing a transplant, she was successfully added to the transplant list. The wait began. While they waited, Paisley suffered a set-back, her heart stopped beating and she had to be put on ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This machine helps patients by taking over the function of their heart and lungs. After a few days on ECMO, Paisley was identified as a potential candidate for a special ventricular assist device (VAD) that functions for the heart and would allow Paisley to come off ECMO, buying her more time as they waited for a transplant.

But even this victory was hard-fought. While in surgery to place the VAD, Paisley suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage — bleeding from her lungs.

Paisley’s clinical team on day shift leaving for the night didn’t know if they would see Paisley alive when they returned the next day. To give her lungs time to heal, the VAD was placed and used in conjunction with ECMO.

Then, an answer to many prayers, Paisley received her new heart in wee hours of St. Patrick’s Day — a day now celebrated each year by the Arnold family as St. Paisley Day. “It was amazing because the very first moment we saw Paisley after the transplant, her lips that were once pale and ashen were ruby red like she was wearing lipstick,” Arnold says. “Her body had never had that circulation it was supposed to. She just looked so beautiful.”

Paisley would leave the hospital nine days after her transplant and continues to thrive. “She’s done absolutely amazing,” Arnold says. “For ten years now, it’s like you’re almost waiting for the other shoe to drop, but we haven’t had rejection. We praise the Lord every day for her health.”

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 7 |
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Because of the Children’s Hospital, Paisley can follow her dreams to become a lawyer.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 8 |
N ever give up
– Albert Einstein on what you really want to do.
The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.
Ricki Rae received life-changing treatment at the Children’s Hospital, making it possible for her to pursue her dream of becoming a physician.
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Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 9 |


Teen girl paralyzed after stroke learns to walk and function again

Despite having a lingering painful headache, 15-year old Ricki Rae Guess was determined to get her nails done for high school homecoming. The Guess family could not imagine how quickly their lives would change that day on October 1, 2021.

Only hours later, Ricki Rae’s dad, Donnie, called 9-1-1 after Ricki Rae’s headache turned into profuse vomiting — she was having a stroke.

Because of her worsening situation, paramedics knew that they had to take her to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. “I will never forget when the paramedics said, ‘We’re losing her,’” says Ricki Rae’s mom, Shellie. Scans showed a large mass of blood around Ricki Rae’s brain – she needed a craniotomy, but there was a chance she wouldn’t survive. Because of that risk, her family said goodbye. “I remember kissing her and saying, ‘Please don’t leave me, not yet. We have not had enough time,’” Shellie says.

The surgery was successful, but it was only one of three that Ricki Rae would have to undergo while in the hospital. “Everyone thought I was just going to be a vegetable,” Ricki Rae shared. Ricki Rae’s journey

was far from simple, from taking small steps to heal, to being completely paralyzed with no movement or feeling on her left side, to battling infection. However, Rickie Rae finally returned home on Christmas Eve.

Dr. Aaron Robison, one of Ricki Rae’s neurosurgeons, and the team at the Children’s Hospital helped the Guess family find peace during such an uncertain situation. “I will forever be grateful for Dr. Robison and his team,” she says. “Without him, I really believe our daughter would not be here today.” Shellie says it takes an entire community to make the Children’s Hospital as good as it is — apart from the medical staff, many other things brought joy and healing to Ricki Rae, including someone’s donation gift of a sunshine box, receiving a gingerbread house to decorate, and the volunteer therapy dog visits.

“We know there’s something really special about Ricki Rae, because she had so many opportunities to leave us,” Shellie says. “I’m honored to be her mom and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for her.”

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A race against time to save a newborn’s life

Ashley vividly remembers the heart-stopping moment when the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a local hospital urgently summoned her and her husband, Nick.

“They called us down to the NICU and told us that we needed to hurry because Nash was not doing well,” said Ashley.

Her newborn son Nash’s vital signs plummeted, his tiny body struggling for breath.

“We got there, and he was as blue as could be. Doctors tried putting him on a ventilator, but that made him worse. And then they said the only possibility of keeping him alive would be transporting him to Loma Linda.”

Nash was rushed to nearby Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital NICU, where he was placed under the care of Douglas Deming, MD. The two-day-old baby was experiencing hypoxemic respiratory failure, and his lungs could not adequately oxygenate his bloodstream, according to Deming.

After attempting various approaches, the medical team initiated extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), a life-supporting technique. Nash remained on ECMO for five days.

“When you have infants or children who are extremely ill like Nash, the ability to a get them to an appropriate healthcare facility that can support them and treat them, as well as be able to help the parents be with their child while they’re so sick, is unbelievably important,” Deming said.

With a service area spanning distances up to 350 miles away, the hospital ensures that patients like Nash can access the necessary specialized treatment. As a Level 4 NICU, it is highly specialized and designed to provide the most advanced and intensive care for newborns facing complex, rare, and critical health challenges. The multidisciplinary team collaborates with social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists to support the overall well-being and development of the baby and the family.

Despite the immense challenges faced by Nash and his family when he was born, the now healthy four-year-old has defied expectations. While he initially required medication for pulmonary hypertension and continued to receive care from a pulmonologist, Nash has overcome remarkable hurdles.

“When we first took him back for a follow-up visit when he was one year old, Dr. Deming was surprised that an ECMO baby was able to walk at his age.”

Nash’s remarkable progress continues to inspire others in their journeys of healing and resilience.

“We always joke around because he is wild, and I feel like he just experiences life just so freely. He loves to play and run. People look at him, and they’re like, ‘No, this kid wasn’t sick.’”

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 11 |
There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Through the care of the Children’s Hospital, Nash has the opportunity to follow his dream of becoming an astronaut.

– Paulo Coelho
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 12 |

Zoey can dance freely and follow her dreams of becoming a ballerina because of the treatment she received at the Children’s Hospital.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
– Maya Angelou

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Zoey Jones was only two years old when she was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), a blood and bone cancer.

“I never expected to hear that my two-year-old daughter had cancer,” Zoey’s mom, Brittany shares. “Zoey had been complaining of pain for several weeks, I took her to her primary care doctor and the emergency room where we live. I was told she was likely constipated, and it would go away.” Zoey’s pain did not go away, but rather continued to worsen. Brittany took Zoey to see her primary doctor again, and they performed blood tests. A few hours later, they received a call from her doctor saying that Zoey should be taken to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital immediately.

After a series of tests, Zoey was diagnosed on December 3, 2021, with AML. “That just tore me apart,” Brittany says, “You never think something like this is going to happen to your child.” Zoey was given her diagnosis on a Friday, and by the following Monday, Zoey had started chemotherapy treatments.

While leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer, AML is the rarest type of leukemia. In addition to having the rarest type of

leukemia, Zoey also was diagnosed with high-risk genetic mutation. A patient with AML categorized as high risk means a patient undergoing only standard chemotherapy treatments has an extremely low chance of getting their cancer into and keeping it in remission. Because Zoey was high risk, her best chance of fighting and surviving her cancer was chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

The search for a bone marrow donor match for Zoey’s transplant found no matched sibling donor, unrelated matched donor, or unrelated cord blood from the Center for International and Marrow Transplant Research. Finally, they turned to family members. Zoey’s mom was only half a match and not a perfect match, but she was Zoey’s best chance. Her first transplant took place on April 19, 2022.

Although things seemed to have been successful initially, Zoey contracted a potentially life-threatening virus. The first transplant failed due to the infection. Zoey became extremely sick. Ninety-one days after the first transplant, Zoey received her second transplant with stem cells

again from her mother. “This wasn’t very common,” Brittany says. “Doctors don’t like to do transplants back-to-back, but they waited as long as possible. If they kept waiting, her condition could have gotten worse, and she may not have been able to survive the second transplant. “

The second transplant was successful. Zoey spent 124 days in the Children’s Hospital between the first and second transplants before returning home on August 12, 2022. While there were many difficult and lonely moments, Brittany says that they never missed an opportunity to celebrate. Brittany would redecorate Zoey’s hospital room to fit a seasonal and festive theme each month. On July 29, Children’s Hospital Child Life team and nurses helped to decorate Zoey’s room for her third birthday.

“After an incredibly difficult journey, my daughter is home now, and her future looks bright. I can’t express how grateful we are for the care she received at Children’s Hospital” Brittany shares, “We truly formed a family there and felt the love they showed through their support.”

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 14 |

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Cor p or at ions

$58 8, 683

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I n di v i dua l s

$1, 296,971

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

HEX: 24872c

2022 TOTAL

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HEX: 991cff

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0

$ 3,265,526

HEX: b57de3

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HEX: f58c38

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1

HEX: e1232d

Fou n dat ions $379,872

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 15 |

Champions for Children

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and our Champions for Children partner together to provide special care for the children of our community. To us, providing hope and healing is not just something we believe, it is something we live. Our Champions giving program consists of corporations and support organizations that have committed to an annual gift benefiting our patients. Thank you to our Champions for ensuring world-class care for the children of our community.

Founding Champion

Walter’s Children’s Charity Classic

Legacy Champions


Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery

Farmer Boys Restaurants

K-FROG 95.1 FM and 92.9 FM

Kannan Invitational and US Tournament Golf

Moss Bros. Auto Group

Quaid Harley-Davidson

Spirit of Children

Stater Bros. Charities and Stater Bros. Markets

Walter’s Automotive Group

Corporate Champions

Adventist Health Glendale

AFP - Desert Communities Chapter INC

AGFA Healthcare

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians


AssetMark Trust Company

BofA Securities

BIGHORN Golf Club Charities

Bergelectric Corp.


California Community Foundation

Cardenas Markets Foundation

Carroll Shelby Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation of America

CIG Financial, LLC

Circa Management Inc.

City of Rancho Mirage

Coachlight Motel

Emerson Fine Jewelry


Equinox HIT

Family Tree Realty & Investments, Inc.


Gerson Bakar Foundation

Headed Reinforcement Corporation


I.U.O.E Local Charitable Golf Committee, Inc.

Inland Empire Community Foundation

Inland Empire Health Plan

In-N-Out Burger Foundation

J & L Properties

Jessup Auto Plaza

Jimmy Choo USA INC

Kettering Medical Center

Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation

L. Curti Truck & Equipment

La Loma Federal Credit Union

Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center

Loma Linda University Cardiothoracic Surgery Department

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 16 |

Loma Linda University Department of Otolaryngology

Loma Linda University Eye Institute

Loma Linda University Health Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lucas Oil Products Inc.

Martha Green’s Eating Room

Mascari Warner Dinh Architects

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Debra A Meadows, DDS, Inc.

National Giving Foundation

Network For Good

Over The Top Gifts

Pacific Premier Bank

PENTA Building Group

Picchi Gift Fund at Fidelity Charitable Fund

Pledgeling Foundation

Redlands Optimists Club

Richard Lopez Construction, Inc.

Riverside Community Health Foundation

Schnitzer Properties, LLC

Loma Linda University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics

Seven Point Inc. DBA Sheriff’s Benefit Rodeo

Sierra Aluminum

St. Mary’s Hospice Care

Sue Allison Field MD Inc.

Summer Colony Living LLC

The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation

The Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation

United Glass & Ceramics

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

HEX: a3e3ed

University Insurance Company of Vermont

Varner & Brandt, LLP

Walker Evans Enterprises Construction and Investments

Wishers and Dreamers, Inc.

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HEX: 24872c

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0 HEX: 991cff

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0 HEX: b57de3

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1 HEX: e1232d

For more information on how your company can get involved, please contact:

Tiffany Hoekstra

909-558-5367 | thoekstra@llu.edu

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 17 |




Spirit of Children is dedicated to changing the way children and families perceive hospitals. Through its annual fall festivities and year-round support, Spirit of Children has not only brought joy to young patients but also raised funds for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Child Life department.

Since its inception in 2007, Spirit of Children has raised $110 million nationwide, with nearly $1 million benefiting Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital over the past two decades. These funds have been utilized to support various programs, including art, music, and aquatic and pet therapy. The organization has also supplied the hospital with sensory and educational items, as well as toys that help distract children during medical procedures.

A highlight every year is the Fall Festival. Patients are gifted costumes, accessories, and bags filled with craft items, adding a touch of excitement and fun to their hospital experience. “Spirit of Children spreads joy to our patients each year — bringing some normalcy to their time in the hospital by helping them to feel special, as they dress up in their new costume and enjoy the Fall Festival that was created for them. Even for those who don’t have the energy to dress up — just having the chance to look forward to the opportunity to dress up when they feel better brings courage and hope,” says Dorothy Brooks, bereavement and community education specialist.

Through its dedication and generosity, Spirit of Children has not only brought smiles to the faces of young patients but has also contributed to the healing environment and expanded the reach of Child Life Services. Its unwavering commitment to making hospitals less scary for children and families has undoubtedly made a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 18 |


Endowments ensure that the healing care offered by Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital will be available to future generations of children. In addition, named endowments provide a lasting tribute to an individual or a family’s legacy of philanthropy.


Carrying out Mr. Anderson’s legacy to meet community needs, the A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation has generously funded the A. Gary Anderson Playroom at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. This playroom allows young patients to interact with others and enjoy diversionary play under the caring supervision of child life specialists.

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

HEX: a3e3ed


The Pettis Family Endowment provides funds for pediatric hematology and oncology research and clinical care at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. In recognition of their generous contribution, the pediatric hematology/oncology and stem cell transplant wing of Children’s Hospital was named in their honor in 2005.

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

HEX: 24872c


The Ramirez family is dedicated to the eradication of childhood diabetes. Ken Ramirez founded this endowment, which is supported by members of the extended Ramirez family. Annual proceeds support treatment and education provided to Inland Empire children by the Pediatric Diabetes Center at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 19 |


A longtime resident of the Inland Empire, James W. Totman established a trust that provides an endowment for ongoing pediatric cancer research at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.


In remembrance of his wife, a longstanding member of the pediatric critical care nursing team at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, Richard Tegley established this fund to provide greater knowledge to other critical care nurses through educational conference opportunities.


Inspired by their youngest daughter Shawnee, Tommy and Maria Ramos established a resource at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital to help families of children born with a cleft palate or cleft lip.


The Big Hearts for Little Hearts Desert Guild launched the Woolley-Pettis Endowed Chair to support pediatric research and teaching at Loma Linda University Children’s Health in honor of E. Jane Woolley, MD, and The Honorable Shirley N. Pettis-Thompson: two visionary women who established the Desert Guild through their passion and desire to help children.


James and Rowena Ramos were inspired to provide for community children through an endowment at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Their inspiration grew from the care provided by the hospital for young members of their family, including granddaughters Summer Fawn and Shawnee Ramos, grandsons Tom Strongwind Ramos and Hawk Brown Ramos, and great-grandson Bryce Ekel. They were also guided by the examples provided by Rowena’s son, Ken Ramirez, and her parents, Raoul and Martha Chacon.


The Chacon family believes in the future of our children. Family members have chosen to honor this belief through an endowment that provides life-saving and compassionate care at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital for the children of this community.

For more information about establishing a named endowment, please call:

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation 909-558-5010

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 20 |

Shining Star Funds

Giving to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital is a unique way to honor or remember someone close to you while also bringing hope to children in our care. Tribute donors can establish a Shining Star Fund in the name of their loved ones. As well as paying special tribute, a Shining Star Fund provides an everlasting way to honor or remember someone.

Anyone may contribute to a Shining Star Fund at any time to acknowledge a loss, birthday, anniversary, or other special life moments. Gifts to Shining Star Funds further the mission of the Children’s Hospital and help ensure the availability of critical healthcare services for the children.

All Shining Star Funds are listed in our Annual Report. When a Shining Star Fund reaches $2,500, a celestial star is named for the honored individual. Shining Star Funds that have received $5,000 or more will be included on the shining star donor wall located in the Children’s Hospital.

Cynthia Ambrose

Nicholas L. Anthony

Frank C. Arena Jr.

Ivan Nicholas Bailey

Sandra Berger

Peyton Blythe

Robert Matthew Carroll-Stamp

Ryan Castle

Robert F. Chinnock

Reagan Lynn Clark

Timmy Collins

Barbara N. Crocker Beaune

Alba De Benedet

Liz DeSutter

Alberta Detsch

Savannah Edwards

Danny Flores

Robert J. Fredericks

Bobbie Friedman

Hamma Gibson

Robert L. Green

David Guldhammer

Janine R. Hanna

Paul David Hennings

Jeanne S. Holman

Jason Hughes

Cole Johnson

Laiken K.P. Kenwood

Jennifer Kingston

Dominic Pasquale Leone and

Gregory W. Leone

Andy Light

Brandon W. McDonald

Matthew Meza

Marty Moates

Dawn Siegal

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

HEX: a3e3ed

Jacob Pannel

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0

HEX: 991cff

Howard Pops Peterson

Honorable Dr. Shirley Pettis-Roberson

Michelle Spencer Pogue

Teresina Portolesi

Abigail Power

Elin Price

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

HEX: 24872c

Maria Ramirez

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0

HEX: f58c38

Ivan Leon Reeve, MD

Randall I. Reeve

Debbie M. Richey

Jean Marie Robb

Simon Sanchez

Christopher Scarpelli

Louise B. Scott

Michael D. Seever

Rhea Singh

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0

HEX: b57de3

Randall Scott Smith

David Arend Spykstra

Carol Donahue Tavares

Al G. Vaughan

Terence D. Vine

Bonnie Jean Whitmer

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1

HEX: e1232d

Sarah Woolery

Art Workman

For more information about establishing a Shining Star Fund, please call:

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation 909-558-5010

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 21 |

Big Hearts For Little Hearts Guild

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation is privileged to have an association of volunteer guilds whose events and activities raise funds and bring awareness to help meet healthcare needs of community children.

In addition, Guild members help brighten the lives of hospitalized children through fun patient diversionary activities. Together, the Desert Guild, Loma Linda Guild, and Riverside Guild include more than 44 board members and 345 annual members from across the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley.

During their 2022-2023 season, Big Hearts for Little Hearts Guilds hosted fundraising events, seven patient diversionary events and collectively raised more than $730,000 to ensure critical medical care for the sick children at LLU Children’s Hospital.

Website: lluch.org/guilds

For more information on the Guilds, contact Jill Green at JMGreen@llu.edu or 909-651-9849.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 22 |

Board Members


Mardell Brandt

First President

D. Joyce Engel Reservations Chair

Debra Carrington

Signature Event Co-Chair

Debra Granillo


Roland Karim Treasurer

Jeanne Mace Parlimentarian

Teddy Bear Chair

Angie Nelson

Birthday Club Chair

Communication Chair


Dona Nixon

Immediate Past President

Dawn Rashid

Membership Chair

Lizette Vela President

Signature Event Co-Chair Junior Guild Chair

E. Jane Woolley, MD Founder

Mary Ann Xavier

Cooking Demos Chair LLU Children’s Hospital Liaison

Julie Zicovich

Golf Event Chair


Diane Adams

Book and A/V Chair

Leigh Anderson Director of Special Projects

Heather Burton Social Media Chair

Caryl Clover-Shelby Book and A/V Chair Family Fun Day Co-Chair

Julie Cutler Membership Co-Chair Decorations Co-Chair

Cheryl Fallon Dishes for Wishes Co-Chair

Evelyn Gusseck Co-President

Spring Read and Valentine’s Day Chair Hygiene Kits

Eloise Habekost Tree of Hope Co-Chair, Advisor

Sandi Herrmann Gingerbread Village

Laurie Munson-Boss, MD Dishes for Wishes Co-Chair Hygiene Kits Co-Chair

Penny Moores Treasurer

Lynn Sleeth Co-President

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

HEX: a3e3ed

Membership Co-Chair Luke’s Birthday Chair

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0 HEX: 991cff

Jeni Smith Decorations Co-Chair

Carol Troesh Advisor

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

Joyce Waner Family Fun Day Co-Chair

HEX: 24872c

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

Dixie Watkins Trees of Hope Co-Chair, Advisor

Kara Watkins eNewsletter Editor

Carole White Secretary


Michelle Arrigo Director Suzy Clem Secretary

Margo Dutton Director

Vickie Hawley Director

Jinger Liner Director

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0

HEX: b57de3

Meredith Maloney Treasurer

Barbara Moore Director

Bobbie Powell Education Chair

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1

HEX: e1232d

Barbara Robinson President

Melissa Robinson Director

Barbara Shackelton Publicist

Clara Vanderpool Director

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 23 |

Lifetime Membership

Your support has made a heartfelt impact on the lives of patients at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. By becoming a Lifetime Member, you can make an enduring difference in the life of a child, offering them hope for a happy, healing, and healthy future.


Katherine Andrews*

Loni Argovitz

Beverly Bailey

Scott Bailey

Doralee Bailey Wilson*

Babek Bassirian

Chuck Boppell

Karlyn Boppell

Mardell Brandt

Debra Carrington

Judy Coon

Svanhild Dolin

David Etheridge

Suzanne Etheridge

Darlynn Fellman

Linda Ford, MD

Sheila Freeman

Annette Frykman

Virginia Gans

Barry Golden

Jill Golden

Donna Goldware

Heather Greene

Jo Gudel

Amirah Halum

Mona Halum

Mary Hansen-Faris

Susie Harvey

Cynthia Johnson

Bobbie Kouri

Lisa Leighton

Stephen Little

Jeanne Mace

Lou Mace

Edeltraud M. McCarthy

Tamara Merrill

Bertha Nebenzahl*

John Nelson

Dona Nixon

Jack Nixon*

Robert Piecuch, MD

Nancy Polacheck

Dawn Rashid

Bobbie Reiman

Linda Rider

Manny Rider

Wendy Roberts, MD

Carol Rochford

Tim Rochford

Omar Romero

Andrea Rosenblatt

Carole Stephen-Smith

Lizette Vela

Kathleen Venturi

Dee Wambaugh

Rosella Weissman*

CJ Westrick-Bomar, Esq.

E. Jane Woolley, MD

James Woolley

Morton Woolley, MD*

Frank Xavier

Mary Ann Xavier

Josh N. Zahid


Leigh Anderson

Gary Brown

Bev Ching

Julie and Tom Cutler

Melissa Chun, DDS

Jacqueline Davis

Marcia and Richard Dunbar

Cynthia Johnson

Melissa and Pete Koss

Debra Meadows, DDS

Laurie Munson-Boss, MD

Julia “Judy” Rogers

Joyce and Neal Waner

Ai-Mae and Barry Watkins, MDs


Jeanne and Jim Durbin

Martha Green

Caryl Clover-Shelby and Kirk Shelby


Phyllis Evans

Kevin Crooks

Janet Gless

Donna Goldware

Laura Moss-Frusher

Barbara Robinson

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 24 |

Annual Members


Diane Adams

Leigh Anderson

Elaine Asarch

BonnyMae Baker

Betty Battista

Faye Battiste Otto

Sheryl Benoit

Lindi Biggi

Phoebe Biscow

Kristin Bloomer

Judith Brawner

Fidge Brown

Rachelle Bussell

Aurturo Cabrera

Rebecca Caldwell

Loretta Carlson

Julie Coplon

Jennifer Cummings

Linda Curie

Elaine Dachis

Gary Dachis

Marcia Daniels

Sandra Davis

Joanna DeLeon

Marjorie Dodge

Judith Donahue

Tricia Dufour

Diane Dykema

D. Joyce Engel

Phyllis Evans

Patricia Ewoldsen

Trixie Fargo

Paula Farha

Linda Fielder

Barbara Finestone

Stephanie Finmark

Joann Firmage

Joanne Forrest

Elizabeth Frazen

Yvonne Frutkin

Kim Funkey

Virginia Gans

Candy Glickman

Mercedes Godfrey

Rosemary Goldstein

Sharon Gonzalez

Inna Gordon

Tim Graham

Debra Granillo

Barbie Green

Norene Green

Evelyn Gusseck

Eloise Habekost

Evelyn Hall

Jeanette Halum

Damin Halum

Larraine Hanna

Mary Hansen-Faris

Norma Hare

Judy Hart

Betsey Helie

Carole Herrera

Linda Hodsdon

Natina Hopson

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

Diane Howe

HEX: a3e3ed

Karen Hudis

Phil Hudis

Andrew Jessup

Diane Jessup

Maureen Johnson

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

Christiane Joubert

HEX: 24872c

Brenda Kaplan

Sharon Kaplan

Lola Kent

Margaret Keung

Karen Kleinberg

Melissa Koss

Virginia Kotz

David Lee

Ben Lesser

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0 HEX: 991cff

Kelly Levy

Lorie Loftis

Carolyn Mayes

Carolyn Meyer

Kari Middleton Hendrix

Karen Miles

Sue Miller

Penny Moores

Debra Mumm

Laurie Munson-Boss, MD

Norma Nelson

Angela Nelson

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0 HEX: b57de3

Terri Neuman

Marylin Noll

Wendy Packer

Deborah Page

Maria Parker

Patrick Perrine

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1 HEX: e1232d

Wayne Pollard

Kim Pontius

Sue Rappaport

Reiko Pultz

Julia “Judy” Rogers

Kathleen Ryckman

Marcia Sarowitz

Leslie Sears

Francine Shack

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 25 |

Susan Shen

Jacqueline Shoopman

Linda Simmons

Lynn Sleeth

Tracy Smith

Myrna Solomon

Katherine Spates

Janice Spencer

Julie Spira

Marie Staudhammer

Sheila Stone

Julie Strater-Hughes

Peter Sturgeon

Fran Suydam

Bonnie Tallakson

Karen Tallberg

Joyce Terhar

Brooke Thrall

Summer Trevor

Damian Trevor

Carol Troesh

Nancy Verska

Diane Wagman

Joyce Waner

Donna Warren

Dixie Watkins

Donna Weiss

Julie Williamson

Lea Wiviott Boracchia

Rita Wood

Barbara Yates

Cecilia Zahid

Joel Zahid

Julie Zicovich

Gail Zwierankin


Barbara Alejandre

Beth Alonzo

Leigh Anderson

Mary Lou Bailey

Carol Baker Briggs

Betty Battista

Vickie Becker

Donna Becker Lesko

Anahid Benzatyan

Caroline Boyd

Dorothy Brooks

Gary Brown

Rachelle Bussell

Arturo Cabrera

Julie Caruso

Bev Ching

Marian Chrispens

Melissa Chun, DDS

Aleca Clark, MD

Jo Anna Codington

Janet Cohen

Joanne Craig

Bobbi and Cliff Cummings

Jannette Curti

Julie Cutler

Marcia Dunbar

Cheryl Fallon

Darlene Fischer

Marianne Fitzgerald

Mary Fogleman

Kristi Franco

Connie Fuller

Jill Green

Evelyn Gusseck

Eloise Habekost

Candy Hadley

Sandi Herrmann

Marie Hodgkins

Cynthia Johnson

Nancy Johnston-Lashier

Cathy Kienle

Marilyn Kim

Val Lewis

Heather and Charles Lindsay

Sandra Lourenco

Sharon Lower

Katherine Maiberger

Debra Meadows

Carol Meulenkamp

Don Moores, MD

Penny Moores

Gloria Moreland

Laurie Munson-Boss, MD

Jean Murdoch

Carron Oberhauser

Melanie Orr

Diane Palmer

Patricia Perkins

Maria Ramos

Rose-Marie Raumin

Emily Rehage

Julia “Judy” Rogers

Melissa Rouhe

Barbara Rozema

Carrie Sarrafian

Lynn Sleeth

Elizabeth Sobelle

Parine Soth

Nancy Spencer

James Stark

Angie Temple

Carol Troesh

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 26 |

Sally Trost

Carol Trousas

Marian Wagner

Robert Wallace

Joyce Waner

Dixie Watkins

Gail Watkins

Shelli Watkins

Patricia Watts

Ellen Weisser

Connie Welebir

Sheryl Wells

Pat Wettstein

Carole White

Carolyn Wieder

Lynne Wilson

Ray Wilson

Josh N. Zahid

Kerre Ziprick


Michelle Arrigo

Doreen Alewine

Lorraine Anderson

Beverly Bailey

Judy Bailey

Carla Lidner, DDS

Zee Beard

Linda Boecker

Maria Brandon

Rachelle Bussell

Carol Canale

Suzy Clem

Alyson Cram

Jannette Curti

Ann De Wolfe

Margo Dutton

Joni Evans

Phyllis Evans

Virginia Field

Janet Gless

Seema Gupta

Vickie Hawley

Loretta Holstein

Gail Hood

Jody Isenberg

Sue Johnson

Rolan Karim

Jeannene Kelly

Sari Kustner

Connie Librenjak

Jinger Liner

Meredith Maloney

Pauline McGuigan

Marcia McQuern

Bernice Miceli

Patricia Miller

Barbara Moore

Laura Moss

Kristen Muller

Janet Orr

Carma Pooley

Dana Poppler

Joe Poppler

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

Bobbie Powell

HEX: a3e3ed

Mary Ann Reyes

Gail Rice

Rosie Richardson

Concha Rivera

Barbara Robinson

Melissa Robinson

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

Sandra Schrader

HEX: 24872c

Barbara Shackelton

Sue Simonin

Cookie Smith

Candace Spiel

Carol Troesh

Kelli Tyson

Clara Vanderpool

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0 HEX: 991cff

Billie Yeager

Josh N. Zahid

Paige Zellerbach


Liz De Sutter

Kristi Robinson

Susan Wygant

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0

HEX: b57de3

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1

HEX: e1232d

For more information on the Guilds, please contact:

Jill Green 909-651-9849 | jmgreen@llu.edu lluch.org/guilds

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 27 |
You can go as far as you dream, think and imagine.
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 28 |

Birthday Club

The Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Birthday Club is an exciting and meaningful way to make a difference on your birthday! Instead of receiving gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation in honor of your birthday. You can turn your special day into a celebration for everyone by helping us create healthy tomorrows for kids in our community.


David Abas

Kamell Abdnour

Morris Adriana

Alison Agins

Ray Alvarado

Rambod Amirnovin

Lavonne Anderson

Kathy Andrews

Wela Andrews

Tony Anobile

Martha Aquino

Nicole Arana

Crystal Arellano

Lindsey Armstrong

Zachary Badham

Josh Bain

Beth Balogh

Madeline Bardi

Teel Bardi

Kristin Barnes

LeRoy Barnes

Hector Barragan

Audrey Bates

Dave Beaman

David Bee

Diana Begg

Eileen Bennett

Kim Bernabe

Sean Berry

Vern Biloff

Scot Boehm

Staci Brock

Jan Broderick

Steve Brown

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

Yolanda Brown

HEX: a3e3ed

Mike Bullard

DB Burden

Sharon Bush

Rachelle Bussell

Lynne Campbell

Lindsey Carey

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

HEX: 24872c

Christina Carney

Lisa Caron

Angel Chagolla

Tommy Channell

Satbir Chhina

Hugo Chinchay Sr.

Hugo Chinchay-Sold

Julie Clauss

Andrea Colasardo

Samantha Colasardo

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0

HEX: 991cff

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

Megan Conley

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0

Manuel Contreras

HEX: b57de3

Megan Cordova

Toby Cornell

Allan Crawford

Mary Cruickshank

Rotner Dale

Becky Damazo

Debbie Davidson

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1

HEX: e1232d

Candace Davis

Kim Davis

Suzette Suzie Davis

Gloria Davy

Michelle Dean

Granillo Deborah

Brandon Decker

Heather Dee

Jack Delaney

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 29 |

Joanna Deleon

Karim Delfino-Wasson

Dona Delight

Krissy Deluca

Dennis Deming

Douglas Deming

Cheri Dena

VaLerie Diamanti

Juanita Diaz

Nixon Dona

Warren Donna

Dubby Dubb

Misty Duncan

Michelle Dunlap

Kathryn Dunn

Elizabeth Durdle

Jennifer Eaton

Jim Eddy

Lyndon Edwards

Lori Emmalynne

Art Esparza

Irene Esparza

Robert Esparza

Kristin Etling

Patrick Evans

Laura Eversole

Torri Fagernes

Jane-Spider Fawke

Joni Field

Monica Fischer

Roger Mary Flann

Carlos Flores

Jessica Flores

Dorothy Forde

Marcus Frey

Heather Froglear

Teresa Fuentez

Christine Fuller

Claudia Garcia

Tarah Garcia

Teodora Garcia

Jessamie Garvin

Mark Girguis

Julie Rashid Goeden

Wendy Goforth

Ana Gomez

Dalia Gomez

Evamaria Gomez

Gloria Alvarado Gomez

Issac Gonzales

Cat Gonzalez

William Gonzalez

Sandi Gordon

Cindy Gray

Doreen Gregoire

Michele Grueter

Carlos Guerrero

Kristine Gulpo

Eva Guenther-James

Mitzy Gutierrez

Rosalind Hack

Dimitri Halkidis

David Hall

Dennis Hall

Destiny Hall

Pam Hallberg

Thomas Hans

Alisa Mokler Harper

Lori Hartigan

Loretta Hauck

Harley Heinrich

Jeanne Heinrich

Judy Heinrich

Kienle Helga

Marta C. Heliotis

Brenda Hernandez

Tom Herron

Tonya Hetrick

Nicole Higgins

Doug Hilak

Brandon Hill

Katelyn Hill

Raquel Hill

Teresa Hill

Sheila Hodgkin

Mary Howard

Gina Howey

Anne Howitt

Karen Hubbard

Cessaly Hutchinson

Sandy Ibarra

Wisdom James

Mace Jeanne

Toby Jennings

Andrew Jessup

Firmage Joan

Kathy John

Natalie Johnson

Cheryl Johnston

Dora Jolly-Henderson

Alissa Joy

Judith Hart

Jamie Kelly

Brandon Kenig

Lola Kent

Margaret Kinderman

Brittany Kitchen

Violette Kjeldgaard

Debi Kolentus-Smith

Melissa Koss

Kevin Kotula

Carolyn Krauss

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 30 |

Ashley Kristine

Lillian Krug

Joyce Lalone

Darice Lang

Ranae Larsen

Jena Lavender

Mary Lawrence

Edith Lee

Elisabeth Hartig Lentulo

Chuck Lesnick

Carla Lidner

Jamie Lienberger

Erica Limon

Linda Rider

Patrick Linsk

Lucy Lobato

Irene Longworth

Cassandra Lopez

Jill Lopez

Karen Lopez

Shawna Lopez-Bartha

Breanna Lotz

Karen Lotz

Darlene Luna

Chuck Macfarland

Bruce Malter

Angela Manalo-Lalas

Monica Manzanares

Bruce Mapel

James Marsh

Jessica Martinez

Julian Martinez

Roxanne Martinez

Mary Marx

Reggie Mas

Evan Maxwell

Hiromi Maxwell

Lowanna Maxwell

Justin Mcgee

Karen Mcneal

JoAnn Mcpherson

Ashley Melvin

Naye Merino

Tamara Merrill

Lisa Michler

Jayne Miller

Jill Miller

Carol N. Allen Mock

Leslie Monarrez

Bob Moores

Becca Mueller

Gabriel Mughadam

Joe Mulherin

Frank Naifeh

Joy Naifeh

Gabe Nasr

Krystal Nelson

Ray Nelson

Nancy Bronsert Newell

Sylvia Ness

Lynn Noah

Norma Noriega

Gloria Marie Pacheco Ocana

Connie O’Connor

Amy O’Neal

Irma Ochoa-Lopez

Darin Onishi

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

Harry Opsimos

HEX: a3e3ed

Shelby Osowski

CMYK: 40, 89, 0, 0 HEX: 991cff

Lance Ott Sr.

John Owen

Ana Padron

Dawn Parkinson

Jillian Aalborg Payne

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

Robert Pedersen

HEX: 24872c

Barb Pelland

CMYK: 4, 45, 78, 0 HEX: f58c38

Carlos Peralta

Travis Pesta

Eisenberg Phyllis

Monica Plata

Donna Poole

Andrea Poppleton

Diane Popson

Beth Powers

Dee Proffitt

Dan Quach

Gerard Raiti

Christine Gilmartin Ramirez

Alan Rashid

Dawn Rashid

Karen Brower Rawson

Lowell Reade

Dan Rehome

Paul Rhiney

Amber Fox Rhoades

Mick Rhodes

CMYK: 29, 51,11, 0 HEX: b57de3

Gerry Riffle

Rebeca Rios

Richard Rios

Robert Ripley

Catherine Rivera

Tim Roberts

CMYK: 11, 86, 82,1 HEX: e1232d

Andrea Rodriguez

Irma Rodriguez

Karim Roland

Lorena Rosales

Julie Roth

Linda Merlo Ruggio

Joyce Rusch

Carla Sal

Bianca Saldana

Richard Salgado

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 31 |

Corina Salugao

Lakshman Samynathan

Diana Sanchez-Mendoza

Davis Sandra

Larry Sartorius

Angela Scaturro

Heather Taylor Schaubmayer

Tom Schmidt

Ellie Schwartz

Mike Schwerin

Jeff Scooler

Mary Beth Scott

Anthony Seiffert

John Self

Patty Sexton

Candy Shearer

Anna Shepherd

Brittany Sims

Britta Smith

Fran Smith

Melissa Sottile

Cornelia Spickard

Alan Spitzer

Diane Stanton

Helen Staples-Evans

Robert Stover

Theresa Strehl

Erica Sutch

Suzanne Shephard Swisher

S.E. Tanita

Sandy Tarin

Chuck Tedeschi

Rick Terrazano

Lisseth Thomas

Marilyn Thompson

Cindy Tinsley

Rachel Tiscareno

Sonia Tito

Jeff Toboco

Mary Tolar

Jane Tom

Nora Torrero

Gabrielle Torres

Sue Townsley

Roberta Tracy

Andy Ungerer

Mse Val

Nica Valencia

Darreld Van Westrienen

Dawn Vaughn

Matt Vieira

Joe Viland

Marian Wagner

Brandon Walters

Malena Wareham

Linda Warren

Sunjeeve Weerasinghe

Kelly Wellman

Pinky Wesley

Tim Wheatley

Virgil White

Llewellyn Wilds

Jaci Wilkens

Joyce Wilkens

Russ Wilkinson

Patricia Williams

Ted Wondsel

Emma Woolley

Rosemary Workman

Steve Wormser

Carol Wortsman

Frank Xavier

Robert Ybarra

more information on how to share your special day, visit us at lluch.org/birthdayclub or email LomaLindaBirthdayClub@llu.edu. Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 32 |

2022 Board of Directors

Peter Baker, President

Barbara Robinson, Chair

Lucas Secor, Treasurer

Dirk Biermann

Rachelle Bussell

Andy Carpiac

Francis Chan, MD

Robin Diamond-Ward

Trixie Fargo

Jill Golden

Martha E. Green

Evelyn Gusseck

Richard Hart, MD, DrPH

Ernie Hwang

Cathy Kienle

Steve Kienle

Melissa Koss

Neelima Kunam, MD

Jeanne Mace

Alaina Mathews

Glenn Moss

Dona Nixon

Ricardo Peverini, MD

Victoria PonTell

Maria Ramos

Kelly Roberts

Phil Savage IV

Karen Scott

Lynn Sleeth

Candace Spiel

Ken Stream

Dennis Troesh

Sean Varner

Lizette Vela

Roger Wadell

James E. Woolen

Trevor Wright

Mary Ann Xavier


Erin J. Anderson

Christi Bulot

Richard E. Chinnock, MD

H. Roger Hadley, MD

J. David Moorhead, MD

Honorable Patrick J. Morris

Dave K. Stockton

George D. Voigt

Dixie Watkins

CMYK: 36, 11, 7, 0

HEX: a3e3ed

CMYK: 82, 33, 78, 21

HEX: 24872c

Dreams Do Come True | Annual Report | 33 | LLUHMKT#9979-CHF-23/0823/1

Contact Us


Joanna DeLeon

909-558-5366 jadeleon@llu.edu


Tiffany Hoekstra

909-558-5367 thoekstra@llu.edu


Josh N. Zahid

909-558-5384 jnzahid@llu.edu


Jill Green

909-651-9849 jmgreen@llu.edu


Amber Haun

909-558-5368 ahaun@llu.edu


LLU Children’s Hospital Foundation 11175 Mountain View Avenue, Suite B Loma Linda, CA 92354


Fax 909-558-3562


LLU Children’s Hospital Foundation P.O. Box 2000

Loma Linda, CA 92354

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Foundation | 34 |
P.O. Box 2000 Loma Linda, CA 92354 1-800-825-KIDS LLUCH.org

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