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Alumni Issue 6, July 2013


Letter from the editor


Well another summer is upon us. As I write, the Ashes have begun

Message from Head of School

again and it’s fitting that we have an article on life down under from a couple of our students enjoying one of the massive opportunities Leeds provides – a study year abroad. Any student arriving at Leeds

Dr David Bell

should read this to appreciate the obvious enjoyment the two Amys

Research news

have shared. Also in this edition we profile two new members of staff:

News in brief

Duncan Quincey and Jon Lovett. Welcome guys! Newer alumni will be saddened to hear that Paul Wright and Nancy Worth will be leaving us this summer – Nancy is going home to Canada and Paul ‘home’ to Newcastle. We wish them both the best for the future. 2012-2013 also saw the retirement of Leeds stalwart, Adrian McDonald. Adrian is writing a book at the moment around his field trip adventures and shares with you a short chapter – names have been changed of course but you may think – hello, that rings a bell – letters to the editor please! He also writes a review of his time with us. Although retired, Adrian is still very active in the School and last year came to Montpellier with us and it was fantastic to have him

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Meet the staff Dr Duncan Quincey Professor Jon Lovett - the U.N. conference in Doha

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Where are they now? Fran Willby - Life Size Media Andy Jordan - Made in Chelsea Stevie Brodley - Geography at Morrisons

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back. The ‘Geography at…’ series focuses on the building of the site location team at Morrisons which we have been delighted to watch develop and provide the students for – what a team they have now!! Enjoy the latest edition and, as ever, please do get in touch with your interesting stories! (Tessa – once again a huge thanks for all your hard work: Graham)

A study year down under Amy Bell and Amy King

Reflections Professor Adrian McDonald - my time in the School Montpellier remembered

Graham & Tessa

12 15 17

City Journeys Dr Rachael Unsworth - fieldtrips for grown ups!


Meeting up with old friends MA GIS - class of 1995


Alumni Q & A Dr James Debenham, BA Geography 1999, PhD 2003

Tessa Grant

Graham Clarke

External Relations Manager and Alumni magazine editor

Professor and Alumni magazine editor

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Welcome As Head of School I am delighted to announce

possible contributors for our Alumni Magazine,

that we have recently been ranked 19th best

and yet more Leeds geographers heading off out

geography department in the world according to

into the world.

the QS World University Rankings. This is a huge achievement and a fitting testament to the quality

As Head of School, I’m always so proud to see

of the research and teaching in the School.

our students doing so well – we’ve had an excellent crop of degree results this year – and it’s

As another academic year comes to an end, and

always a bit tear-jerking to see them fly the nest.

we see another cohort of graduands magically

So it’s good to know that no Leeds geographer

transform into graduates, it’s great to receive

ever completely leaves us, and it’s a reminder that

external recognition for all the hard work that

keeping in touch with our alumni is important and

every member of our School community puts in.

rewarding; I can’t wait to hear about the next

And of course, waving goodbye to the Class of

chapter in your lives.

Dr David Bell, Head of School

2013 means another new set of readers and

Alumni in the news! Peter Hendy, BA Economics & Geography 1975, the Commissioner for Transport for London has been given a knighthood for his services to transport and the community The 59-year-old, who lives in Widcombe and is president of Widcombe Social Club, was previously made a CBE in 2006 for his work keeping the capital’s transport system running in the wake of the 7/7 bombings. This latest recognition comes after the success of the London Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson welcomed Sir Peter's knighthood. Johnson said: “Sir Peter Hendy richly deserves this honour. He has shown outstanding leadership as London’s Transport Commissioner, including overseeing the largest ever investment programme in the capital’s transport network and record breaking passenger numbers and operational performance. He also led the successful operation of the transport network for the London 2012 Games, demonstrating to the world that London is the best city to live, work, visit and invest in." (Source: The Bath Chronicle)


Research new Exploring energy gardens as a source for local fuel production

Professor Jon Lovett, Chair in Global Challenges, has been awarded a grant by the ESRC-DFID Development Frontiers Research Fund 2012/13 to investigate the socio-economics of biomass energy production at the level of households, small-scale farms and the communities where they are situated. The project, titled Energy Gardens for small-scale farmers in Nepal: institutions, species and technology, aims to find a solution to the controversies surrounding use of biomass and biofuels for energy production by utilising indigenous plant species within the setting of smallscale poor farmers and communities in Nepal. The research team includes Leeds geographers, sociologists, economists, botanists and engineers from the UK, Nepal and India. Find out more.

Investigating coastline dynamics in an increasingly stormy world Major impacts of climate change include global sea-level rise and increased storminess which will impact on coastlines, coastal ecosystems and threaten coastal societies to be investigated by researchers from the School of Geography. Researchers from the White Rose University Consortium have been awarded a White Rose University Consortium Collaboration Fund grant to collaborate on a project titled ‘Coastline dynamics in an increasingly stormy world’. Dr Graeme Swindles and Dr Clare Woulds (School of Geography, University of Leeds) will be collaborating with the Principal Investigator, Dr Katherine Selby (University of York) and Dr Mark Bateman (lead academic at the University of Sheffield). Find out more.

Paul Chatterton’s Leeds Lilac co-housing project Paul Chatterton is the founder member and secretary of Lilac - the UK's first affordable ecological cohousing project: a community of 20 households and a common house, based in Bramley, West Leeds. The aim of LILAC is to:

Reduce their impact on the environment (by using sustainable materials and reducing energy consumption)

Respond to the housing crisis (by providing permanently affordable housing)

Build a beautiful, safe neighbourhood which maximises social interaction between its residents and gives them direct power over how their neighbourhood is run

Make a positive contribution to the surrounding community.

Find out more



Space Law and Gender in a Delhi Squatter Settlement A new book by Ayona Datta titled The Illegal City: Space, law and gender in a Delhi squatter settlement and published by Ashgate explores the relationship between, space, law and gendered subjectivity through a close look at an ‘illegal’ squatter settlement in Delhi. Published as part of the Gender, Space and Society series, it investigates developments since 2000 in nine chapters with titles such as Violence of urban development, the construction of squatter camps, contested boundaries of infrastructure and visions of the future. A detailed description of the book and reviews can be found on the publisher’s website. Find out more.

Modern slavery in England is a prevalent problem The first evidence of widespread ‘modern slavery’ in England for refugees and asylum seekers is revealed in a study published today. The two-year study calls for an overhaul of government policy to restore asylum seekers’ right to work and ensure all workers can access basic employment rights, such as National Minimum Wage, irrespective of immigration status. Dr Stuart Hodkinson from the University of Leeds, who co-authored the study, said: “We found that in the majority of cases, if the asylum seeker had been able to work legally then the employer or agent would not have been able to exploit and abuse them to such an appalling extent.” Find out more.

Deforestation in Africa’s Congo basin rainforest slows Satellite images of Africa's Congo Basin reveal that deforestation has fallen by about a third since 2000.Researchers believe this is partly because of a focus on mining and oil rather than commercial agriculture, where swathes of forest are cleared. Dr Simon Lewis told the Today programme's Evan Davis that "we have seen about a 30% reduction in the amount of area of forests lost over the 2000s compared to the 1990s". He said that although this was good news and a "big surprise," it did not mean that deforestation was not taking place on a large scale. The work published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. is part of a series that is examining the state of Africa's forests Find out more


Meet the staff Dr Duncan Quincey

My background is in remote sensing – which by

I became interested in glaciology, and I have

in these areas flows into the Asian sub-continent

definition means we can observe the

been remotely sensing mountain glaciers ever

and is used for drinking, irrigation and sanitation,

environment without actually being there. But I


so any reduction in glacier volumes as a

quickly learned that all remote sensing needs

response to global warming is potentially of

ground validation – something I cite regularly as

I am particularly interested in how mountain

concern. In addition, many glaciers here (and

justification for visiting various wild and

glaciers are responding to climatic change – as

other mountainous regions across the world) are

mountainous landscapes!

this has important implications for downstream

developing large glacial lakes at their termini,

water supply and also because some of the

dammed by poorly consolidated sediments that

The path to becoming a lecturer in the School of

changes can be hazardous for people living in

can fail without warning. The resulting outburst

Geography is one that I can trace back to my first

the local region. Most of my research focuses on

floods can travel for many kilometres

remote sensing lecture as an undergraduate at

the Himalayas

Durham University – and for the first time finding

– and

a subject in which I could see myself forging a

specifically the

career. That took me to Aberdeen where I


completed an MSc in Environmental Remote

areas of

Sensing, and then to NERC, where I worked with


their Airborne Remote Sensing Facility. When I

India, Nepal

saw a PhD advertised at Aberystwyth with a

and Bhutan.

requirement to spend long field seasons at high-

Water released


elevation I jumped at the chance – that was when by glacier melt

I have always loved the outdoors and in particular the mountains – being a geographer is a great excuse for getting out and about!

downstream, threatening lives and livelihoods, so programmes within the School. I enjoy working

seeking funding to work on Tibetan glaciers and

it’s important to be able to identify where these

with our students and am about to begin a

to quantify their response to warming in the

lakes are and how likely they are to fail.

project funded by the Higher Education Academy Himalayan region. Of course, that will require

Other than research I’m responsible for teaching

in which I will be able to pay students to help

ground validation, and another field season at

on several modules at undergraduate and

develop new tools for teaching employability and

high-elevation. The things we have to do in the

postgraduate level, and for overseeing the BSc

entrepreneurship. Research-wise I am currently

name of science!

Duncan’s homepage

Professor Jon Lovett - Negotiating climate change

Jon’s research focuses on the institutional economics of natural resource management and takes an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together both the natural and social sciences. He is interested in the links between local and international law and policy and the practical aspects of implementation of global agreements. Jon works in many different countries with recent projects in Nepal, Lebanon, Tanzania and Mexico. Doha seems an unlikely place to hold a United

into the Persian Gulf, it is immensely wealthy

Like football, climate change negotiations do not

Nations conference negotiating an agreement on

with an economy built on oil. In 2022 it will also

follow normal logic. Despite being what leading

climate change, but that’s where the world’s

be the first Arab nation to host the football world

politicians have described as the most urgent

nations gathered in December 2012 to try and

cup: with summer daytime temperatures

and pressing threat to the environment and

create a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. A

exceeding 50 degrees Celsius and a ban on

global economy, it seems impossible for the

modern city in the small state of Qatar, jutting out alcohol.

community of nations to agree on even some of


the simplest components needed to put an

Environment Minister pointed out, the general

One of the most fertile market places for the new

international treaty in place to limit dangerous

perception is that combatting climate change is

technology is Africa. Long regarded as a continent

human interference with the planet’s climate

going to cost money. But it can also be argued

riven by conflict and diseases, African economies

systems. In 1997 the United States of America,

that it is a great opportunity to make money. In the are growing at unprecedented rates whilst the

then the world’s greatest producer of greenhouse

early 1990s the Harvard business guru Michael

western world flatlines. The demand for energy is

gases, refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol on the

Porter put forward a strange idea: that

huge. Anyone who visits an African city soon

grounds that it would not be part of any agreement environmental legislation enhances

realises the shortfall with frequent ‘brown-outs’

that would harm the economy of the USA or

competiveness and innovation in industry. This

and power cuts; and in rural areas there is just

contain the principle of common but differentiated

became known as the ‘Porter Hypothesis’ and

simply no access to modern energy supplies. An

responsibilities, which exempted developing

there was an outcry against it – the general

old marketing joke runs like this: ‘Two shoe

countries from limiting their greenhouse gas

consensus was that environmental laws strangle

salesmen go to a village in Africa. The first calls

emissions. Subsequently, the exponential

industry and impose excessive costs. However, in

his company and says ‘no-one wears shoes here,

economic growth of one of those developing

the twenty years since it was originally proposed,

I’m coming home’; the second calls his company

countries, China, enabled it to overtake the USA

evidence is gathering in its favour. Lord Stern, in

and says ‘no-one wears shoes here, send as

in annual national emissions, with another

his influential 2006 report on the economics of

many as you can’. The lack of energy in Africa

developing country, India, not far behind. The

climate change, talked about the potential for what villages represents a major market opportunity.

once green Canada tore up its reputation as a

he called ‘eco-innovations’ and estimated markets

With the cost of solar panels plummeting and

liberal environmentally-friendly northern neighbour for low-carbon energy products of the USA by exploiting its oil sand reserves and

to be worth more $500bn per

withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol in 2011, with

year by 2050. In 2008 I carried

the Minister of the Environment stating that

out a study for the Dutch

meeting Canada's obligations would cost £8.7bn,

government on technology

"That's $1,600 from every Canadian family - that's

markets and interviewed senior

the Kyoto cost to Canadians, that was the legacy

industrialists about their vision.

of an incompetent Liberal government".

They saw the future as green,

Agreement seems a long way away.

saying that we were moving into an ecological age and had the

I was in Doha at the UNFCCC meeting to talk

eco-technology ready to roll, but

about what appears to be another set of counter-

they needed a level-playing field

intuitive arguments in the mirror-land of climate

with more, not less,

negotiations: the Porter Hypothesis, Eco-

environmental legislation.

Innovation and Energy for Africa. As the Canadian

Bianca Jagger


in southern Africa energy for mining comes from coal, with China investing in new coalfired power stations for mines in southern Tanzania. Problems also arise in regional power pooling of electricity from large hydropower dams as national governments are reluctant to commit to energy dependence on neighbouring states. And in an odd case, environmentalists protesting over the controversial Gilgel Gibe III dam in Ethiopia resulted in the government seeking loans from China instead of international banks, which have environmental safeguards built in to their investments. So what is the future? Lord Stern recently announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the risks and costs of global warming are greater than he thought in 2006. The climate negotiations are mired in disputes about definitions and categories, and Africa, with the lowest green house gas emissions globally is starting to build its economies and energy demand. The good technology such as concentrated solar power

clean, green energy to enhance economic

news is that we have the technology and

moving into commercial use, the African sun

growth is known as ‘tunnelling through the

national governments are increasingly putting in

could provide both decentralised and grid power. Kuznet’s curve’, so called because theory

place legislation that will stimulate low carbon

Other underdeveloped sources are geothermal

dictates that as countries develop they first

green business. The more that grows, the better

energy in the Rift Valley, with 14 gigawatts

produce more pollution, and then less as they

off we will all be.

potential of which less than 200 megawatts has

become richer, in the form of an inverted ‘U’

been developed. But the big one is hydropower.

shaped curve. But as might be expected, the

Jon recently held a workshop at the University of

Of the 1.834 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year

shift to a low carbon future is not so simple. Part

Leeds entitled Eco-innovation and The Porter

potential, only 5% has been utilised.

of the new wealth in Africa is driven by discovery Hypothesis. Details of the workshop here. and exploitation of fossil fuels: offshore gas in

Moving Africa from a state of underdevelopment

Tanzania and Mozambique, oil in Ghana and

to development through increasing supplies of

Uganda. Mining also plays a significant role, and

Jon’s homepage

Jon Lovett to run the University’s first MOOC What is a MOOC? A massive open online course (MOOC) is an

for all. You fit the learning around your life and

Our first course which is currently under

online course aimed at large-scale interactive

interests, and can choose when and how much

construction, will be run by Jon Lovett and is

participation and open access via the web.

to engage with the course content and other

about natural resource management. We will

learners taking the course.

be releasing details soon so if you are

Leeds is starting a new era for online learning

interested please check the geography/

by making the University’s inspirational and

We are working with FutureLearn, a private

environment website for more details in the

research-led teaching freely available to

company established on the open-learning

autumn or register an interest with

anyone around the world. The aim is to remove

expertise of the Open University, partnered


barriers to learning by providing excellent

with the British Library, the British Council, the

educational experiences to almost anyone who

British Museum, 21 top UK universities, and

wants to take a course, with no limit on

two International Partners. Their mission is to

attendance and nothing to pay. This is

inspire and enable everyone, everywhere to

accomplished by combining mobile technology

enjoy learning by offering online courses from

and the best of the social web to make all

some of the world’s best universities for free.

course materials (lectures, activities, reading, discussions) online, engaging and accessible


Where are they now? Fran Willby - Life Size Media BA Geography 2011 Even though I graduated with a first class degree, I and sustainable development sectors. Like me,

an article for the Leeds Student Newspaper titled:

knew the job market would be very tough. I’d

‘The thoughts and feelings of a carbon addict’.

Life Size Media started out during the economic

decided not to apply for any graduate schemes the downturn when many people expected the green

Being given the option to be more creative and

year before and didn’t want to simply take the first

economy to struggle. However, it just goes to

passionate with our writing meant I developed an

job I found. I was determined to work in the

show that with the right skill set, passion and a

interest in exploring issues through engaging

sustainability sector so committed myself to

desire to succeed, they and I have proven that it’s

writing. In the article, I came to the conclusion that

internships to show my dedication. My geography

not all doom and gloom for young people.

the best way to promote a sustainable future was

degree taught me the meaning of hard work so it didn’t take too long after completing a three-month

through making the environment a profitable What attracted me to Life Size Media was its

commodity so that people would invest, develop

internship at Life Size Media for them to offer me a ability to bring sustainability to life through, and I

and profit from its protection. It challenged me to

full-time position as a Campaign Assistant.

think about the green economy.

quote, using ‘intelligence and creativity’ for ‘storytelling with originality’. These could not sum

Life Size Media is a creative campaigns agency

up more perfectly some of the most important

Who’d have thought that one year later I’d be

dedicated to promoting sustainable

skills I learned throughout my geography degree.

working for an agency that did just that: using

innovators working in the low-carbon, clean tech

Leeds really teaches its students to think about the creative storytelling to engage multiple

Fran in Australia

‘bigger picture’, developing excellent

stakeholders in the sustainability debate by

analytical, research, organisational and

promoting sustainable innovators that look to

teamwork skills that are critical for

make a profit and make a positive difference.

bringing new ideas to life. Little did I know it, but by doing geography, I had

I’m passionate about my work which reflects upon

combined one of my strongest skills

what I learned at uni. I’ve worked on campaigns at

(communication) with my biggest interest Life Size Media for clients ranging from a (sustainability).

bioplastics manufacturer to an LED supplier, a polar explorer raising awareness about climate

A module that really inspired and

change to a rainforest reserve in Borneo. My work

prepared me for pursuing a career in the

has included implementing social media

sustainability sector was Paul

strategies, doing PR campaigns, creating

Chatterton’s Autonomous Geographies,

brochures and presentations, and developing

Sustainable Futures. Paul’s module


really encouraged us to think outside the box and challenge the ‘business-as-

I really had no idea what to do when I left uni

usual model’. He got us to write intuitive

other than wanting to work in sustainability. My

essays, debate key issues, and write

time at Leeds, from numerous field trips, to a year

about our experiences in a different way

spent abroad in Australia, to my inspiring tutors

to the usual uni essay.

and lecturers really is what got me here today. I never really knew much about communications or


We were asked to write a reflective log

PR, but I think geographers are perfect for it, and I

on what we’d learned from the module

owe it all to Leeds for helping me find my way onto

and the piece I wrote was in the style of

this exciting career path.

Andy Jordan

Andy Jordan - Made in Chelsea BA Geography 2012 When Andy Jordan of Made in Chelsea fame

TV star. Each cast member is assigned a

Nevertheless, for all the downsides of having

agreed to come and talk to our level 3 media

manager whose role is to dig deep into their

your private life stalked, scrutinised and scripted

geography students we were ecstatic. E4’s

personal life and see how this can be woven into by your employer, the perks are not to be sniffed

Made in Chelsea might not be everyone’s glass

the semi-scripted show. With it being TV of

at. Andy talked of partying with Rihanna, endless

of champagne, but production-wise you can’t

course, everything has to happen at a much

freebies from top designers and the BAFTA

fault it. With a fabulous soundtrack, stylishly and

faster pace, so declarations of love or lust can

nomination and win! As Francis Boulle aptly

expertly shot, it is almost impossible not to be

seem uncomfortably rushed, and it’s difficult to

stated ‘Who would have thought you could get a

drawn into the lives of the Über-posh as they

keep pace with the bed-hopping at times! You

BAFTA just for being posh?’

drink and sleep their way around the bars of

can also guarantee the show will go all out to

Belgravia and Chelsea.

dish the dirt should you ‘accidentally’ stray, so

Look out for Andy’s latest exploits in series 6 on

onscreen surprise revelations are a constant

E4 in the Autumn...

For our media geography students it proved a


fascinating insight into the double life of a reality

Francis Boulle, Made in Chelsea

Who would have thought you could get a BAFTA just for being posh?


Geography at Nine Leeds geography graduates have built a team that is growing quickly and is now firmly embedded in Morrisons capital investment process. This is their story... It’s very unusual for any major UK retailer with a

and the best methodologies throughout the

make sure the information about existing

network of stores not to have a Location Planning industry and this is moving us towards our aim of

competitor stores and any new competitor

function, either in-house or outsourced to a

developments is as accurate as it can be. Sales

being the best in the business!

specialist agency. That was the position,

forecasting model building is about the balance of

however, that Morrisons found themselves in

The initial problem we had in setting up the team,

supply and demand, so it’s key we know exactly

when Neal Stevenson was asked to set the team

was that the data needed for any location

where our competitors are and how big they are.

up from scratch in 2009. Neal, together with no

analysis was few and far between. Some key

We went through a huge exercise to make sure

fewer than eight other Leeds geography

datasets existed in various places throughout the

this data was robust and, even now, we still

graduates, has built a team that is growing

business but were often disparate and out of date measure every store we visit and make sure our

quickly and is now firmly embedded in Morrisons

and no real analogue data existed. Competitor

capital investment process.

location data was ‘off the shelf’ and often out of

data point is correct.

date and incorrect and, because Morrisons don’t

The next key challenge was building a robust

Setting up Location Planning so late in the day

have a loyalty card, customer data was scarce.

analogue database. Without this data being of

compared to our major competitors presented

This obviously presented us with a real issue, as

good quality, it is almost impossible to plan new

Morrisons with some unique challenges, but also

trying to build any kind of analogue or gravity

locations. We painstakingly pulled together

some great opportunities to create systems and

model is always reliant upon this data.

information about how big each store is, what

data that weren’t defined by any past models.

type of location it is and even detail such as what

Effectively we had a clean slate which meant we

The first thing we did was sort out our competitor

type of car park it has and how many entrances

could cherry pick the best systems, the best data

database. We now have a team of people who

to the store there are. Once we had much of this

Back (from left) : Dave Codling, Yaz Dogan, Katy Ferguson, Helen Henderson, Neal Stevenson Front (from left): Katie Wright, Michelle Patterson, Stevie Brodley, David McCorquodale


data in place we were able to start to build a

The great thing about our story is that in 30

Three of our Leeds graduates have been

gravity model, (a major tool developed practically years time when Location Planning in Morrisons

promoted in their short time at Morrisons and

by geography staff at Leeds) and we took the

is as firmly embedded as it is today at our

this goes a long way to highlighting the

decision to do this in house rather than employ

competitors, everyone in the team will we able to opportunity for graduates within the business.

an external agency. The main reason for doing

say “I was there – I did that!”.

Over the last two years we have developed a

this is that it allows us to constantly develop our

great relationship with the School of Geography,

thinking and the model evolves on an almost

At Morrisons, we never stand still, things are

and we have held Graduate Recruitment Days at

daily basis.

constantly evolving and new challenges are

Weetwood Hall in Leeds which both resulted in

presented every day. Our new Fresh Format and us employing a Leeds graduate! We very quickly got to a place where we could

our rapidly expanding M Local chain are

define our network strategy and confidently plan

providing us with many different and exciting

Do you want to be part of writing the next

new locations through a combination of the use

challenges, which allow us to develop new ways

chapter in Morrisons Location Planning history?

of our analogue data, gravity model forecasts

of applying the skills we learned at Leeds

Do you want to be able to say “I was there – I did

and detailed site visits which are crucially

University. This creates a great learning

that!”? If so, we are always keen to hear from

important to understand the more micro factors

environment and a ‘One Team’ atmosphere

people who are interested in a career in Location

that will influence a store’s performance. Even

where personal development is at the forefront

Planning at Morrisons.

with the limited customer data we have, we are

of our thinking. Probably the biggest thing about

consistently producing accurate sales forecasts

the developing team at Morrisons is that we are

If you would like to be considered for our next

for our new store developments.

creating history today.

graduate recruitment day, please send your CV to:

Our Leeds History Head of Location Planning:

Neal Stevenson

MSc GIS 2003-2006 (Distinction)

Location Planning Managers:

Helen Henderson Stevie Brodley David McCorquodale

PGDip GIS 2005-2006 (Distinction) BA Geog & Bus Mgmt 2006-2010 (2:1) BA Geography 2004-2007 (2:1)

Dave Codling

Maths 1986-1989 (2:1) Mech Eng PhD 1989-2005

Location Planning Analysts:

Katy Ferguson Michelle Patterson Yaz Dogan

BA Geography 2007-2010 (2:1) BA Geography 2008-2011 (1st) MSc GIS 2011-2012 (2:1)

Junior Location Planning Analyst:

Katie Wright

BSc Geography 2007-2010 (2:1)

Location Planning Analysis Manager:


A study year down under! We sit writing this article on the veranda of our Queenslander house, overlooking the pool with a cuppa in hand despite the 30o heat (you can take the girls out of England...) It seems like an age ago that we were sat outside the study abroad office, nervously waiting for our placement interviews, sheepishly introducing ourselves to each other and realizing we were both applying to the same university. Luckily there was enough room for both of us

determination it took to get through the first weeks

I came to Australia without a plan for what I would

geographers here in Brisbane and a full-on fist

in Australia trying to build everything in our lives

do beyond graduation. Now I know I want to

fight was avoided. A few months later, we arrived

from scratch was one big step, and travelling a

continue on in research, and I would like to do so

at Heathrow to embark on our journey together,

month through both North and South New Zealand in other universities around the world so I can

praying that the exam results that were due to be

completely alone was another I could mention.

continue to explore things that might be out of

released the next day, when we would be in

Both have taught me that the things you fear and

reach for a student in the UK.

Singapore, were good enough so that we didn’t

stress about in life are really not worth fussing

have to turn around and come straight back home. over; there is little you can’t get through if you just

The first experience that sparked this was a field

Thankfully, all was well, and eight months on we

have a go. The belief in myself and my own

trip to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef to

are settled, happy and have some great

abilities that I have built has led to me dreaming of

study the geology of coral reefs. As we

experiences under our belt. These are just a few

newer, bigger challenges for the future, and not

approached the island by boat, I was met by the

snippets from our own personal experiences so far having to think twice about whether I could really

bluest, clearest waters, whitest sands, and most

this year.

abundant plant and animal life above and below

do them. I know I can.

water that I have

Amy King

Franz Josef Glacier, NZ

ever seen. We worked until we dropped most days,

For a small town girl who saw Leeds

out on the reef

as a big city and had scarcely crossed

collecting transect

beyond English borders, flying to the other side of the world to live and spend months travelling, much of it alone, was a bit of a jump. It’s hard to pick out from a year full of incredible experiences the individual highlights, so I have thought instead about how lots of accumulated experiences have made a difference to me, firstly, as a person and, secondly, to my future career. Of course, when people go on adventures like I have had this year, they change as a person. The


Amy Bell feeding a kangaroo

Leeds gang at the rugby match

world, but with a tab

as geography here at UQ is quite different to that

containing a Google

at Leeds, having a strong physical focus. It has

image search of

given me a chance to broaden my degree and

‘Australian beaches’

study a really varied set of modules, which I’m

sat open, I

very grateful for as now I will have a degree which

submitted my

encompasses both approaches to geography. UQ

application against

is also great in that it offers modules that I

all of my doubts. A

wouldn’t get a chance to do anywhere else in the

year later I feel like a world. I have just finished a course on the subject data, sediment samples, and analysing in the lab.

fully fledged Aussie, surfing and sunbathing while I of Australia’s terrestrial environment and I am now

And of course, taking part in the compulsory

hear reports of inches of snow at home, and I

taking one focussing on the marine side of things,

snorkelling of incredible reef sites every day!

wonder why I ever considered not applying for

which means that I’m gaining an in depth

Never in a week-long trip have I developed such

study abroad.

knowledge of where I’m living – not to mention the

an understanding of the biological and physical

amazing field trips. So far I’ve been to local

interactions in the natural world, combined with a

I won’t lie, boarding the plane at Heathrow was

rainforests and National Parks, the Sunshine

clear understanding of the process of change in

terrifying. As excited as I was, I couldn’t help

Coast and Fraser Island and I am excitedly

nature, over both geological and modern

repeatedly thinking ‘what on earth have I done?’

anticipating a week-long trip to the Great Barrier

timescales. Things I had learnt whilst sitting in the

How was I going to cope for a whole year without

Reef—a bit different to Boggle Hole!

lecture theatres in Leeds began to click, and really Fruity and Greggs sausage rolls? Luckily, I had mean something.

three other students from Leeds to travel with and

As well as field trips we’ve tried to make the most

a bunch more waiting at the hostel at the other

of weekends to travel the local area to places like

This led me to sign up for a summer research

end which helped to settle my nerves – it’s always

Stradbroke Island, and we fully exploited the long

scholarship offered by the University of

nice to have a familiar face on the other side of the university holidays to travel further afield. As

Queensland. I worked with two lecturers at the


someone who hadn’t been out of Europe until I

university to visit and investigate the Snowball

boarded the flight to Brisbane, this year has been

Earth deposits of Tasmania and King Island,

It’s predominantly thanks to the friendly people of

a great opportunity to visit places I’d never thought

sampling transects through the diamictite/cap

Brisbane that we settled in so quickly. There were

I’d get the chance to go. Mid-semester break lent

carbonate transition to analyse carbon and oxygen a fair few times that we had to be rescued by

itself nicely to a road trip up the east coast of

isotopes for both dating purposes and exploring

strangers who had witnessed us on the street

Australia to Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and

spatial variation of these values over the same

staring perplexedly at a map or wondering out

Cape Tribulation, thankfully without breaking down

boundary. I’ve been working on a virtual field

loud ‘are we going in the wrong direction?’ I also

in the midst of the outback and being mauled by a

guide for the trip, and spent a dedicated number of think the nature of Brisbane as a place played a

rogue kangaroo. The majority of the group from

hours sawing and drilling rocks down in the labs!

big part. It’s an incredibly liveable city, with lots to

Leeds stayed in Australia for Christmas which was

An experience of the real process of research,

do, a great location and a laidback attitude. Within

a particularly unusual experience. There’s

from beginning to end…this is what I want to do.

a few weeks we’d found a house right next to UQ with a pool (we’d thought

Whilst travelling Australia, New Zealand,

that was a mere pipedream!), joined a

Tasmania and Vanuatu I have experienced new

bunch of societies including QUEST (the

cultures, seen incredible natural wonders, become infamous society for international a Scuba Diver, beach volleyball player and

students) and the Beach Volleyball

swimmer, the point of my studies has all clicked

society, been to a rugby match, cuddled

together, I have met incredible people and made

a koala and finally started lectures and

so many new friends from all over the world, and I

tutorials. It’s great to get to know

now know what I want to do with my future. Not

Brisbane as a resident rather than just

bad for a year.

visiting it as a tourist; a combination of a

Amy Bell The morning of the study abroad deadline had

network of Australian friends, a part-time job in a cafe and new hobbies such as volleyball and surfing has really helped me to feel part of the local community.

arrived and I was still in two minds about whether or not to submit the application I’d prepared. The

From the point of view of a human

thought of missing out on an entire year with all of

geographer I have really enjoyed the

my friends in Leeds seemed like the end of the

academic side of my study abroad year,

Stradbroke Island


Leeds crew in Caloundra post first surfing lesson

something not quite right about wearing a

Then, because you can’t be in Australia for New

was actually there and not just looking at photos

summer dress and sandals while putting up a

Years Eve and not spend it in Sydney, we all

in a holiday brochure. The phrase ‘life has

Christmas tree and watching Home Alone in 40

watched the famous fireworks before going our

peaked’ was used multiple times during the trip.

degree heat.

separate ways. I travelled to Adelaide and Melbourne, where we watched the Australian

Without a doubt there have been some points in

Despite the fear that a heat-induced death was

open, before buying a tent, hiring a car and

the year that have been tough – we do have to

upon us, we powered through and cooked a full

conquering the Great Ocean Road.

do some work and there have been several

Christmas roast complete with mince pies and

times when I’ve missed Yorkshire Tea and my

mulled wine. As if anything needs mulling when

The next three weeks were spent travelling

mum’s Sunday dinner. But at times like these, I

it’s this hot and humid. Real Christmas day was

around New Zealand, which is without a doubt

look around and remind myself that things could

spent with the entire Leeds gang in Sydney. But

the most amazing place I’ve ever been; it

be worse.... I could be sat at home in the snow

don’t think it was the ideal Aussie Christmas

involved going against all of my natural instincts

writing a dissertation, and suddenly things don’t

enjoying beers and a barbecue on the beach – in and sky diving 15,000ft over Lake Taupo,

seem so bad anymore! I know it’s cliché but it’s

true English fashion it rained all day so instead,

something I thought I’d never be able to do.

true - this has without a smidgeon of a doubt

the day was spent eating, drinking and playing

Then I ended the best trip of my life with a week

been one of the best years of my life and I can’t


island-hopping in Fiji – a large proportion of

even imagine how much I’d regret it if I hadn’t

which was spent having to remind myself that I

submitted my application that day!

Finding Lost Friends How do I get back in touch with people from my course? If you have lost touch with friends from your course the first place to look for them is on the on-line networking database at If the people that you are looking for are not on the database you can email Tessa Grant. If we have details for the person concerned, we will contact them on your behalf and ask them to get in touch with you. Follow us on facebook


Reflections Professor Adrian McDonald (or should that be Cameron Macintosh?!) retired from the School in 2012 and looks back on 30 years of fun, fieldwork and friendships. I have long envied those with the foresight to

be teaching: the alumni of the 70s and 80s will

agreements to ‘emerge’ as a consensus as long

plan a career. I had enjoyed a rather more

remember resource analysis, natural resource

as it was the agreement he wanted in the first

eclectic experience; iron foundry, metal plating

systems, and the like. It was much the same

place. The technique was to allow the discussion

chemist, cable railway operator, boat handler,

teaching load as I would have for years – no

to continue until, perhaps by chance, the debate

forester, milk pipeline constructor, barman,

reduced loads for new staff in them there days,

stumbled upon the conclusion Bill sought at

critical path analyst, rag works labourer and

quite the opposite I suspect.

which point of ‘consensus’, discussion closed.

much, much more. So keeping to this style I had

Staff meetings could take hours. How we sought

applied for six entirely different university

It was a period of great change – Ken Atkinson,

to guess the required outcome. I discovered that

courses – in forestry, astronomy, metallurgy; I

Jim Hogg and I arrived in the same month, Alan

the outcome had been more or less agreed

forget the others…but I finished as an ecologist/

Wilson a couple of years before, Phil Rees the

before staff meeting in a chat in Bill’s room next

resource manager surprised by the first class

previous year and Mike Kirkby was to arrive a

to mine, which, with the aid of a tall beer glass, I


few months later. A substantial addition to the

could glean the answer necessary to give us a

ten or so staff then in place. But of course the

chance of getting home before the kids were in

Invited to take on a PhD (no application required

BSc intake was about 12 and the BA about 30.

bed! All I had to do then was to seed the

just swing with the tide) I found myself in a fine

Small in retrospect but huge then in my mind – I

outcomes in conversations over lunch and others

room with 50km views over Edinburgh, Arthur’s

had been an undergraduate in a year of six, so

would do the ‘discovery’. Of course my wife

Seat and the extinct volcanoes of east Lothian. It

Leeds classes of 40; well it was mass education!

simply said – ‘you didn’t!’ – then said – ‘they

came as a surprise then to arrive in Leeds (a

They were a great staff and in my view the

probably knew you listened and moved against

phone call from the school ….I had not applied;

students got a great deal. Great staff but very

the wall for the more obscure conclusions they

just swing with….) as a lecturer to a tiny room in

confusing….let me confess and explain

wanted you to hear’!

the basement below the gents and with a view of

anonymously. Lecturer x was married to lecturer

perhaps five metres! I would not be here long.

y but retained different names and I was

Those were days in which there were few

This flowing with the current would stop! That

unaware of their marital status. I was invited to

support staff and much of the administration was

was 1972.

dinner at the home of lecturer z and his wife. Zed done by academics. Finance by Fred Fowler mentioned that the Ys were the neighbours. The

(Chief of Staff to Admiral, he liked things ship-

I discovered two things that first day; first that

next day I had cause to phone lecturer Y at

shape) Bill Birch and Johnny Palmer who could

lots of the students were women – four of the

home – a lady answered, clearly Ys wife whom I

condense the year’s finance plan onto a sheet of

soon-to-be final year girls asked if I wanted

had not (I thought) met and she greeted me like

paper – well an envelope really, well a used

coffee - well my ‘new ‘office was also opposite

an old friend. Who could this be – well it could

envelope actually. Gordon Dickinson who simply

the kitchen, and second that Leeds was a very

only be Zs wife, the neighbour? My confusion

knew every course in the University that was

friendly department -several staff stopped by to

increased with the reply “Ah Yes Adrian I will get

available in first year, what the entry requirement

chat and the Head of School (a proper Head of

Y, we were still in bed!” I remember thinking: –

was, what it led on to and how it timetabled.

School mind you – appointed forever - none of

‘Play it cool – this is liberal England – none of the

this election rubbish!), Bill Birch, proposed lunch.

Scottish Presbyterian limitations here.’ It was

I worked with Gordon for a decade and for many

No, or little, signing of forms, briefings, health

years later that I discovered I had been speaking

undergraduates I suppose Gordon and I were

and safety, what to do in the case of a nuclear

to my colleague X married to Y.

the first university staff they saw. I was the one

attack etc., – all the standard things now.

always consulting the other one –“this chap has

Information ‘emerged’. On that first day five

Over the years I wriggled out of the basement

A levels in geography, history and philosophy

dissertations arrived on my desk for marking. I

cell and, some rooms later, finished on the

and wants to do a course in planetary physics!”

remember thinking that I had no inkling of the

ground floor in a room with a view – at grass

Gordon was the one who found the course. Style

possible contents (I had not even an ‘O’ level in

level – but importantly next door to the Head of

by Bob Eyre, lecturing clad in academic gown

geography) but I expected the mapping and

School’s room. Now in those days the staff

always, and the person who introduced me to

drafting to be exemplary – I was wrong. Now it

meeting was (more or less) academic staff only

wine – Gevrey Chambertin – which I could ill

feels like that same day, but it might have been

and was held monthly on a Wednesday

afford. I said earlier – few support staff – but they

on the second day, that I was told what I would

afternoon starting at 2.00pm. Bill Birch liked

were in a class hard to equal. Gordon Bryant –


then know as chief technician, but today probably as the ‘Director of All Things’ – and for the students the man who said firmly ‘get your feet off the chairs!’. Gordon was to teach me to fish. Tim Hadwin, then the young draughtsman, later Faculty Manager, was

The Washburn Valley

always perceptive and helpful. Tim attempted to further my golf – not so

As many readers might recall I have always had

perceptive then!

close working, and indeed personal relations, with well of course you have to see the real objectives

speak on how to establish links with industry –

the water industry (personal I mean in terms of

and try to get solutions that are financially viable,

A dreadful confession to make here – I enjoyed

friends rather than immersions although those

legally defensible and scientifically credible but it

the lecturing. And in many ways the students and

have happened!). I can’t really recall how they

really comes down to the ‘3Ts’ talent, track record

research students make the job worthwhile and

started but I think it was the need for an

and above all trust.

memorable. Mike Sanderson – measuring

undergraduate exercise. I had decided that the

dissolved oxygen using a probe that looked like

students would calculate water demand by

My last ‘reflection’ is on field trips. Here I will be

two sticks of explosive on the end of a cable and

household type – the nice cross over between

brief as there is another contribution by a fictitious

dangling this in the small hours of the night from

applied human and physical geography that I had

Professor Cameron Macintosh in this very edition.

Leeds Bridge at the height of the IRA bombing

always liked. So I phoned and visited ‘Claro

I came from a tradition that had fieldwork every

campaign; the result being the phone call from the Water, Craven Water, Halifax Water’ etc – yes its

week and major field trips every year and I came

police asking if I could vouch for this possible

going back a bit and got the flows into small

to realise that it was only in the field that you

terrorist. Dave Kay, now Prof Kay, with boundless

defined areas – and that’s how I first met all the

really understood the complexity of the subject.

energy appearing at 7.30 every Tuesday morning

local water companies. The students determined

Field work is fun, fraught and (un) forgettable

at my house ready for a day in the field brings

from air photographs the proportions of housing

(trying to keep the alliteration going here!) and we

three memories – the first that we tossed a coin to types in each supply area and we finished with a

are lucky in Leeds to have had over the years,

decide who got to have their hands in their

series of equations which we solved using a

excellent field teachers – Mike Kirkby, Bob Eyre,

pockets for the last half hour having learned that

‘programmable calculator’ since PCs did not exist

John Stillwell, Richard Smith jump immediately to

otherwise we were both too cold to open the van

and you ate ‘apples’. It was nearly 20 years later

mind. Let us not dwell on John Lockwood’s forest

door, the second, the threatening nature of the

(when asked to do demand calculations for the

fire raising in an attempt to track wind currents on

underside of Blackpool pier when we and the

water companies) that I realised that the

Ben Lomond, John Stillwell’s loss of half the

upturned boat are getting swept under it with a

undergraduates had been doing really ground

students in the Garrigue (sorry John I really

final year student saying, rather late in the day, ‘I

breaking work.

thought you were joking!), the icy cold of the

cant swim by the way!’, the third the entire sweet

Scottish national camps venues in Aberfoyle and

shop jar of sweets that Dave brought my kids –

Links to the water companies across the UK and

West Linton or, worst of all, having the unfeeling

they remain in awe to this day several decades

indeed beyond grew as did my admiration for the

lecturer have you working over the Saturday of

later. Colin Hunter, now Prof Hunter, with a field

people in the industry and it is a real delight for

the Cup Final – has Martin Clarke forgiven me?

site on the most impossible slippery, steep slope

me to meet Leeds graduates – new and old – in

– how many times I finished at the bottom! Alan

many water plcs and some in top ‘Board’

The staff share such hazards – think of John

Jenkins, now Prof Jenkins, with his patented gut

positions. For 20 plus years we have had lectures

Lockwood falling horizontal to the floor from an

buster for sucking the bacteria from the river

in Leeds from Bob Lloyd, Izzy Caffoor, Miles

upper bunk and still asleep, trying to get back into

bottom and in so doing created mystery for

Foulger, etc., explaining the real questions and

bed - with Mike Kirkby. My own broken ribs the

walkers in the Washburn Valley – can’t see his

challenges that the companies face. It’s also been result of an ambitious dance routine and an ill

dignity, style and sharp suit allowing that sort of

interesting to link up lots of my geography BA

defined night-club stage edge! My hope is that

thing now! Apologies to the other 50 PhDs – your

colleagues with the companies – Sir Alan, Martin

even in these economically difficult times

time will come.

C., Graham C., Pete B., etc. have all contributed

fieldwork will continue. It’s the place where we

to the water industry. I have often been asked to

really get to know our students and they us.



This is fiction. The characters and events are fictional. If there is any reality, it is exaggerated, derived from unrelated events, ill remembered and crudely spliced together. It never happened and we were never there! Macintosh loved France, and this was his favourite were put to him from the French viewpoint. There

splints, rather like lollipop sticks. But it was not the

time of day at his favourite time of year. France

seemed no opportunity to refute the tale, nor any

hands that took Macintosh back to the events of

seemed to touch every sense. The Easter

basis from which to do so. Soon he found the

the previous night, it was the hat, the kepi, navy

sunshine in the Languedoc was comfortingly warm process being repeated in a much grander room

blue, shining brim, mounted with military precision,

as he walked in the early sunshine while the

and in much more detail. Only this time there were square on the head. But Macintosh reasoned the

shadows were refreshingly cool. At shortly before

'witnesses'. Since at least one 'witness' had

kepi should be crushed almost beyond

ten in the morning the smell of France was in

already given his testimony Macintosh was

recognition. He had seen it being crushed the

transition. Coffee, croissants and hot chocolate

hopeful, erroneously as it turned out, that he too

previous evening.

lingered in the air but were mingling with, and

was simply there as a 'witness' and not destined

soon to be overpowered by, the smells of lunch.

for the 'dock'.

The first rows of chickens were starting to bubble

For many years Macintosh had led a party of students each spring to this contented secure

on the rotisseries, the bĂŠchamel sauces to brown

A gendarme had just finished giving his version of

medieval city. The students had stayed in a form

on the croques monsieur.

events. Macintosh thought him very reasonable,

of civic youth hostel on the edge of the old town

measured, professional, and Macintosh found

and in some years had camped on the outskirts of

Macintosh plodded past the flower market which,

himself staring at the enormously oversized

the town. The staff on the other hand, had always

for 40 yards, gave a display of colour and scent

hands. Each finger it seemed individually

stayed at the Grand Hotel du Midi about half a

and shape that normally brought intense

wrapped, swathed even, in bandages. From at

mile away. They rationalised this among

happiness to him but which today could not dispel

least two fingers of each hand protruded tiny

themselves by arguing that it gave the students

the feeling of gloom. Even his most favourite sight, flocks of elegant sophisticated boutique owners

Adrian on a less fraught Montpellier fieldtrip!

and assistants busy with the morning ritual of washing shop windows and pavements and hopping on one foot, arm outstretched to avoid dripping water on their crisp blouses, did not cheer him. He failed even to take in the slightly tight skirts and the neat blouses that struggled to contain attractive figures during these acrobatic cleansing displays. Professor Macintosh plodded on through the streets of this old town, his feet taking him to the PrĂŠfecture, his mind wanting him to be anywhere but that place. The two policemen guarding the PrĂŠfecture seemed to look straight through him. No smile, no glance, no questions. Macintosh had hoped that they would stop him, question him, delay him, perhaps even turn him away, but no. Still, he comforted himself with French bureaucracy. It would probably be an hour till anyone could see him and any interview would not last beyond lunch time. He walked up to the reception ready to sit down and was ushered straight through. He found himself in the office of what he judged to be the Head of the Administration of Public Buildings. The horrors of the previous evening


independence to deal with minor issues in a

confines of the courtyard, the gendarme atop the

apparently, as part of the general high jinx, slid

foreign land and that the staff did not want to be

bin, toppled sideways, landing luckily on a large

down a laundry chute. Did the girl have no

thought to be mothering these young adults. Staff cardboard box on which he had placed, for safe

foresight? Might parts of the laundry chute have

and students all knew that this was self deception keeping, his immaculate kepi. Macintosh saw it

been wood with possible splinters, or metal with

but both sides liked the outcome.

now, crushed to a flattened remnant of its former

sharp joins and small bolt heads? Macintosh

glory. This could not be the same kepi that was

imagined this had not crossed Drusilla's mind, as

before him now in the Prefecture office.

she had flung her more than ample self down the

It was at the Hotel du Midi at about midnight that

he had received a call “demanding his immediate "Well over 70,000 francs". The words brought

laundry chute to emerge three floors below into a

and urgent attendance" at the civic youth hostel

Macintosh back to the present. "How exactly did

large laundry basket in the outer courtyard.

"because of problems with the students". Past

you arrive at that figure?" Macintosh enquired

experience had told him and his colleagues that

politely as he stalled for time to think and tried to

She had apparently shouted, hammered on the

the breakage of a cup and saucer was a crisis in

stop his voice betraying the panic he felt. "It is a

door, but neither she below, nor the students

the eyes of the hostel staff but even so they

first estimate, Monsieur, of the damages to the

above, could raise the concierge. Come to think

seldom phoned at this time of night.

roofs and surrounding areas"

of it, Macintosh himself had no idea where the

He saw the nubile young lady captured in the headlights of three columns of cars as they approached the bend. Some of the drivers, he imagined, were captivated and forgot the bend.

concierge would be found. So apparently the bold Drusilla had walked out of the tiny impasse and down the narrow street that led to the edge of the old town. She had turned right and walked for few yards along the pavement of what served as an inner ring road lying below the walls of the Old Town, and there had started to climb scaffolding which led to the roofs which were being repaired. Her intention, she had claimed, was simply to return to the hostel via the open upper balcony windows. Now the French are

Macintosh, a younger colleague, James Wilmott,

Macintosh was trying hard not to

known for their sang froid, particularly in the

and an older colleague, Peter Franks made their

blanch, twitch and externally show signs

South of France. And Drusilla seemed to imagine

way unhurriedly through the Old Town. A

that his thoughts were turning to

hundred yards from the hostel the rhythmic

disgrace and dismissal. "I recognise

flickering of blue and red lights on the stonework

students may have been responsible for some of

somewhere around 11 o'clock at night would

of the narrow streets reinforced the feeling of

the damages but you have to understand that

attract no attention whatsoever. Strangely it

apprehension that had been created by the

they were only defending a young lady's honour

appeared that this had not been the case!

wailing car horns. “Looks like something's

in the face of a threat of attack by parties

that the sight of a 22 year old woman naked as my

the day she was born, climbing up the scaffolding

happened on the inner ring road” said Macintosh, unknown."

The road that ran for most of the length of the

leaving unsaid the 'hope it’s nothing to do with

original walls of the Old Town had in recent years

our students'. Wilmott wandered off, as Wilmott

It sounded pretty lame to Macintosh as well and

been converted to one-way traffic and Professor

would, down to look at the chaos on the main

judging by the glances between the various

Macintosh used to explain it to his students as 'a

road. Franks and Macintosh turned right up the

people in the room it had not struck a major

route which functions as an inner ring road'. The

even narrower dead-end side street, an impasse,

chord with them. Macintosh continued. "There

road had three lanes of traffic and swept in a long

that led to the youth hostel and looked in some

were clearly two sides to this situation. It would

right hand bend to join the curve of the old walls

horror at the crowds watching the antics of a

be reasonable for me to demand from my

at almost exactly the point where Drusilla had

group consisting of local gendarmes and of

students perhaps half the moneys but it would be

been scaling the scaffolding. Macintosh could

several rough looking members of the

up to the French authorities to pursue those other only surmise the situation that must have

Compagnie Republicaine de Securité, the French people who were involved."

developed, but like most academics he had a

state riot police.

lively imagination. He saw the nubile young lady A long animated conversation ensued between

captured in the headlights of three columns of

Neither academic felt moved at that point to

the various representatives of the police, the

cars as they approached the bend. Some of the

identify themselves. Squeezing further into the

préfecture, house-owners and the many other

drivers, he imagined, were captivated and forgot

narrow impasse, Macintosh, balanced on a

people who seemed to be in the room and whose the bend. Others turned the bend but kept their

concrete bollard, got a good view of the courtyard purpose Macintosh could not place. Professor

eyes on Drusilla. Some continued at the same

and there saw a gendarme standing on top of a

Cameron Macintosh was in no doubt whatsoever

pace, whilst others braked the better to observe

wheeled industrial waste bin, hands inside the

that the whole trouble stemmed from two people,

the event. Some probably changed lanes, whilst

window frame of a first floor window ready to

the deaf concierge and Drusilla Haughty. Drusilla

others did not. But from the ensuing carnage,

heave himself into the building. Time stood still

was a perfectly pleasant student. She just had

Macintosh deduced that all of these things took

as Macintosh saw the outline of Angela Perkins,

one problem. She couldn't seem to keep her

place without reference to the actions of nearby

a straight laced student from Hull, marching

clothes on!

road users. Of course young Doctor Wilmott was

across the room to put the shadowy figure of the

exaggerating when he said dozens of vehicles

gendarme firmly in his place as a warped,

A year off to repeat first year had not acted as a

had been damaged on the road. There could not

perverted French assailant, and she slammed

restraint upon her and piecing together the story

have been more than one dozen, Macintosh

the heavy wood-framed windows firmly on the

about the recent calamitous events late the

thought, unless of course young Doctor Wilmott

would be intruders fingers. As the large wheelie

previous evening and early this morning,

was counting the aftermath of the car that

bin toppled to one side showering its contents on

Macintosh had realised that Drusilla was once

unfortunately went through the motorcycle and

several Agents de Police, trapped in the narrow

again in her Lady Godiva persona. She had

motocyclette showroom window and embedded


itself in the first line of those wonderful tiny

wheelie-bin and to speak with the female student

uniform, thought Macintosh, and then froze as

engined semi-bicycles that the French youth love.

now held in some awe by the French police, as a

Miss Angela Perkins sidled by him. "I've gathered

modern day Boadicea. Franks had kept well clear

£30 from everyone" she said in a whisper out of

Mind you there had been almost no complaint

of the window whilst explaining the situation and

the corner of her mouth. "We've got 15,000 francs

about the damaged cars. Macintosh admired the

access had finally been gained to a now entirely

French attitude towards their vehicles. Scratched,

dormant Hostel by kind permission of Miss

altogether. How much are we looking for?" "Three times that at least" said Macintosh.

dented and functional seemed to be the order of

Angela Perkins.

"Leave it to me" said Miss Angela Perkins.

the day. He reflected on the weeping that would

The door of the Mayor's office opened and an

have occurred in England had a small scratch

extremely attractive young lady entered in a

"As you know" she began, fluent again, to

been inflicted on the prized and regularly washed

sophisticated beige-green suit with remarkably

address the room "We had to hold off the rioters

Rover. Apparently many of the Frenchmen had

short skirt, hair pulled back and delicately made

until you could summon your forces." Macintosh

simply abandoned their cars and started up the

up. Macintosh felt his mouth begin to gape. The

stared. What was she talking about? The last

scaffolding after Drusilla. Lust, Macintosh

conversation slowed and the room quietened and

war again? "I know those rioters caused a great

assumed, having got the better of them.

Macintosh found himself thinking that if this was

deal of damage, but I'm sure you'll find and

the effect in France, imagine what would happen

apprehend them and then charge them for all the

As Drusilla made her way across the roof, many

in her home town of Hull. For this was Miss

of her student friends had come out of the

Angela Perkins, Boadicea of the East Riding,

damages that they created. I think a Spanish tour bus was involved." Some heads nodded and at

balcony windows and out of the attic windows to

defender of virtue and tranquillity.

least half the people in the room took up the pose

defend her honour. Using the tiles handily piled

of experienced resistance members, although all

round the roof as part of the roof repairs, the two

"I've come to thank you" she said "on behalf of

were too young to have ever fulfilled this role.

sides had refought Agincourt at roof level. Pottery

"Nevertheless" she continued, "we were

tiles sometimes behaving like Frisbees had sailed

us all for the work that you did to defend us from those rioters" She continued ''I don't know what

across the night sky and, occasionally and most

we would have done without.........", her voice

defending ourselves and we insist on paying our

unfortunately, had sailed through some of the

caught, she turned, evidently distraught and

share. It would only be honourable. I have 15,000

windows across the street, causing their owners

stared for a moment or two at the hands of the

francs here, it’s all the money we have."

to phone the police and to explain that a riot was

gendarme. Her hand flew to her mouth.

occurring on the rooftops.

Macintosh thought it well worth an Oscar. "Oh

The atmosphere was changing dramatically.

your poor hands" she exclaimed '“ didn't know, I

There was some guilty shuffling, mixed with eager

On arrival and on being confronted with a large

thought you were another of the rioters trying to

anticipation of real money. "Oh that's quite

number of wrecked cars, a blocked inner ring

force your way in. I was terrified. And it will take

unnecessary' said the Maire. Miss Perkins barely

road, horns hooting, irate neighbours, the sound

weeks for your hands to recover ...... and you

had time to say "Oh but I insist" as the Maire's

of 40-50 people fighting a pitched battle on the

were so brave."

assistant swept the envelope from the table and

rooftops and a moderate rain of whole and broken

responsible for some of the damage whilst

Miss Angela Perkins swept into her endgame. "I

tiles showering down upon them, the local police

Macintosh was beginning to lose the thread, as

want to put on record, formally, our

had called the Compagnie Republicaine de

Macintosh often did. He didn't realise that Miss

gratitude.......efficient .........rapid......averted

Securité, the riot police. Agincourt had fizzled out

Angela Perkins’ French could be so fluent. He

disaster ............ resolved crisis ............. ."

on the arrival of a bus load of these rough-looking

picked out words about height and darkness and

characters and indeed Macintosh understood that

all alone and courage and professionalism and

Faces were now smiling round the room. God

in a great show of European co-operation a

honour. The gendarme appeared to be behaving

help us, thought Macintosh, if she ever gets on

number of the opposing side were housed in the

more and more like Peter Sellers. "Madame, my

Senate. Coffee appeared, Miss Angela Perkins

Hostel to avoid detention by the CRS.

hands will be fine in a few days, it was nothing,"

was speaking to the gendarme, mutual difficulties

It was to gain access to the Hostel in the face of

Macintosh recalled that it was only 20 minutes

Miss Perkins and Macintosh left the room or to be

the deaf concierge, that the gendarme had risked

ago that he'd been told that the gendarme would

more exact Miss Perkins swept from the room

his fingers. Actually, it had been Macintosh who

be off work for weeks. Miss Perkins smiled

leaving a radiant smile behind and taking

had finally gained entry into the Youth Hostel, he

sweetly at the gendarme. "I'll speak with you

Macintosh on her arm. She squeezed his hand

thought. Well, to be more exact, he had

later" she said, squeezing his shoulder. His pink

encouragingly and somehow Macintosh felt that

encouraged his colleague Franks to scale the

blushing face was set off rather nicely by the blue

his elevated position and authority might never be

were recognised and the affair drew to a close.

the same again, certainly not in Hull!


City Journeys Fieldtrips for grown ups! If you were a BA student, you’ll have memories of your field trip to Montpellier, Trieste, Helsinki or even Tokyo – a mixture of pleasant and slightly blurred ones, perhaps? I’ve always enjoyed introducing students to understanding a city by taking them to see it for themselves, helping them to interpret the structures and to gain an appreciation of how the city comes to function in the way that it does. Now I’d like to extend this and take ‘urban field trips for grown ups’: to guide small groups of travellers round interesting cities, enabling them to combine a holiday with an opportunity to learn about a city. So it would be quite different from a typical ‘city break’, just wandering in wonderment, snapping, snacking and shopping. Instead, the participants would learn how the city developed, what makes it tick today and how it’s adapting to the challenges of the twenty-first century. You would hear the stories that lie beneath the surface, behind the façades and the marketing. What are the problems, tensions and vulnerabilities that characterise this place in addition to the palaces, monuments and parks?

Green tourism Some of you will also remember my ‘urban environments’ module and you’d expect that I’d aim to run these trips so that the benefits to the city and the visitors are maximised while negative impacts are minimised: we’d aim to add to the economy, take away learning and ideas (and a few local products) but tread lightly and take sustainability more seriously than just that thing about not having your bath towel laundered every day. We’d go to lesser known places and explore ways to minimise wasteful and waste-generating or exploitative consumption. We’d meet key public, private sector and community figures such

Beside the Adri

as land use planners, officers in charge of major elements of social and environmental policy, developers involved in regeneration projects, organisers of social enterprises, community


Exploring less well-known places: Muggia, Venetian port near Trieste

leaders and activists. Less could be more: you’d

Inevitably, this means a survey to find out what

certainly be delighted to hear from your parents,

gain a much deeper understanding of the place

kinds of destinations, itineraries and practical

uncles, aunts, family friends … so please do

than if you went on a ‘luxury break’ with a

arrangements would most appeal to potential

a couple of hours. You’d have a comfortable,

forward the link to anyone you think might relish participants. Graduates who did their dissertation the opportunity to go on a sustainable urban field with some help from me will recall my attempts trip. Any respondent who goes on to book a trip

stimulating, convivial time away, and it wouldn’t

to transmit ideas about how to construct a good

will have a chance of a discount amounting to

cost the Earth.

questionnaire. The link leads you to what I hope

one day for free.

standard guide book and took a walking tour for

will strike you as a well-constructed survey that

Where would you like to go?

you’ll find quick and easy to complete: Survey link I’d be very grateful if you’d fill it in for me. You may be too busy at the moment to contemplate a

You have a chance to help design the field trip

trip for yourself but I’d still like your views and I’d

Rachael Unsworth, Lecturer in Urban Geography since 1994

that you would like to go on! Is there a city or region that you’ve always wished you could visit but haven’t yet got round to seeing? How could elements of field trip activities be included in ways that would be interesting to geographicallyminded travellers without giving them the sinking feeling that comes with worksheets and field reports?

iatic on the Trieste field trip, April 2004. Were you there?

Exploring less well-known places: Leeds students in Belgrade, 2013


Meeting up with old frien A small group of the MA GIS 1995 students meet up once a year – the locations vary and have included London, Birmingham, Leeds, Saltaire, Dublin and Melbourne! On their 10th Anniversary they even managed to get Graham Clarke to come out for a few beers (unbelievable)!! Last year the city of choice was Liverpool, to re-enact reservoir dogs, stare gazing at the power of Christ and take in the sights of the Albert Dock whilst answering a few questions about their time at Leeds…. Liverpool reunion 2012: Robert Barnes (RB) Director - Planning Prospects

SH: Undoubtedly - I have used geography

RB: It has. I’m a town planner, so it’s what I do

throughout my career, starting as a Site

for a living.

Location Planner to my current role with a major geodemographic company in London.

Steven Halsall (SH) Lead Partner - International Property & Retail CACI Robert Cockburn (RC) Senior Analyst – Mark & Spencer Jon Gascoigne (JG) Freelance Environmental Consultant Justin Earrey (JE) Project Manager - Dovetail Systems Philip Hammond (PH) Associate – Property Market Analysis

Has a geography degree been useful in your career choice? JG: Very useful. I have done a lot of work on natural disasters and how they impact on the built environment. RC: Doing the GIS course got me working in a GIS software company and in a roundabout way to Marks & Spencer.


From left to right: Phil Hammond, Rob Barnes, Steve Halsall, Rob Cockburn, Justin Earrey.

nds Formerly The Firkin now The Library

Favourite courses/modules? RB: Anything by Graham Clarke! JG: Stan Openshaw, God bless him - deserves a medal or a statue. His courses on spatial analysis and geocomputation were such a laugh and he was mental obviously! JE: UG dissertation in the Alps on glaciation. SH: It’s got to be Retail Geography. Graham

Most embarrassing moment Fondest memories of time as a student? spent at UoL?

Clarke taking us to Meadow hall and then organising a BBQ and drinks afterwards. I

SH: Getting dumped in the fountain on the

JG: The Geography department was brilliant at

remember a stolen Morrisons’ trolley being

geography field trip in Montpellier.

Leeds uni - they had plenty of cash and a nice

wheeled up to Campus with all the beers and sausages!

Typical student night out ? JE: In my early years I was a bit of a goth so the

new building and a good bunch of people. PH: A moment up in the Pennine Hut with one of my fellow GIS lads but I don’t think we should go

JE: My extra-curricular activity - working in


security and seeing lots of bands and hanging out in the Student Union. PH: Meeting all you lot... (aahhs from the others!)

phonographique was a regular haunt. SH: The whole time I was there: Great city, great SH: Dry dock then on to the Poly bop, or the Poly

student life and a great course!

cop as it was known in those days! RB: Nazams where you could take your own booze and eat all you could for about four quid! PH: Drinking in the Firkin Pub most nights!


What is your most treasured possession? SH: My signed Robbie Fowler picture! JG: My glasses - If I lose them I’ve had it! PH: My car - most people who know me know that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to cars and racing! JE: A painting by my good friend Lani Imre. It reminds me of when we hung out together in Nicaragua.

Which living person do you most admire and why? JG: David Attenborough, got to love him, he’s like the Patron Saint - good lad, nature boy! RC: My wife for putting up with me! JE: It would have to be Oscar Niemeyer - A Brazilian architect. He’s designed well over a 100 buildings and his stuff is pretty interesting.

What is your favourite holiday destination? JG: Ibiza town or Jerusalem - bit of an unusual destination. PH: Sailing around the Greek Islands. JE: Salt Flats in Bolivia. Travelling around there in a Landrover for a few days, 5am sunrises. RC: Canada is pretty cool and the North of Scotland. Watch the interviews live SH: Thailand.

courtesy of Steve Halsall - thanks Steve!

Want to organise a reunion but have lost touch with former classmates? Drop me a line and I can put you in touch with them: 24

Alumni Q & A James Debenham: BA Geography 1999, PhD Geography 2003 Location Planning Consultant - CACI Has a geography degree been useful in your career choice?

of work I'm still in contact with quite a few fellow graduates: Struan Coad, Nina Coad (Richmond), Jim Brown, Jezz Scoones, Si

Which living person do you most admire?

Blake, Djoeke Blake (Veldkamp), Louisa Dellabarca (Edwards), Jo Lacey (Sweetland),

Trevor Bayliss, the inventor of the clockwork

Absolutely! Having worked as a Location

Kate Bourne (Hewson). I see Brian Fletcher in

radio. Because he had such a simple idea that

Planning Consultant, first for GMAP and now

the supermarket from time-to-time! I missed the

can help so many people.

for CACI, you could say that Geography was

last reunion a couple of years ago but if it

an essential part of my career choice.

happens again I'll definitely be there!

Fondest memories of time spent at UoL?

Most embarrassing moment as a student?

What is the worst job you have ever done? I did my fair share of factory temping jobs during the holidays. Spending a 12 hour shift

See my answer to the question about a typical

stood up wrapping up lengths of plastic

It's a soppy clichĂŠ, but I'll make no apologies

night out! There was a GeogSoc. ball in my 2nd

guttering as they came off the production line

for it. My fondest memory of my time at uni is

Year where I was too drunk to tell the

was one low point but there were many others.

that of getting to know some really good

difference between the Gents and Ladies loos


and was thoroughly admonished by Pauline Kneale for making the wrong choice.

Favourite courses/ modules?

What is your most treasured possession?

What is your favourite holiday destination? It's a tough choice between walking in North Cornwall and the Alps for skiing. I'll just have to

I believe I'm contractually obliged to say,

I have my Grandfather's diaries and letters

make sure I do both every year until I make my

"anything taught by Graham Clarke or John

from during the World War II. They make for

final decision!

Stillwell" in answer to this question.

compelling (but very emotional) reading.

Typical night out as a UoL student? As a rugby boy it was a regimented Wednesday night routine of Original Oak, then Edwards, then Europa, then Naffees on the way home.

Graduates in contact with? I've worked with quite a few at both GMAP and CACI over the years. Right now at CACI I work with Louise Etherden - who was in my undergrad year - and Rachel Beagent (nĂŠe Poole) - who was a postgrad with me. Outside


The University endeavours to ensure that the information contained in this brochure is accurate at the date of publication and does not accept liability for any inaccuracies contained within it. Where circumstances change outside the reasonable control of the University, we reserve the right to change or cancel parts of, or entire programmes of study or services at any time without liability, even after students have registered at the University. The University's contract with its students does not confer third party benefits for the purposes of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

School of Geography University of Leeds Leeds, LS2 9JT Tel:0113 343 6754

Geography Leeds Alumni Issue 6 July 2013  
Geography Leeds Alumni Issue 6 July 2013