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Alpha Beta Alpha Beta 2015 Collegiate Chapter of the Year

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The Blue and Gold Triangle of Lambda Kappa Sigma

Message from the Grand President

Published by Lambda Kappa Sigma Fraternity P.O. Box 570 Muskego, WI 53150-0570 800-LKS-1913 Editor Sharon Brown Communications Committee Sharon Brown - Chair Debbie Bourquin, Justine Dickson, Kim Hancock, Nancy Horst, Nathaniel Ngo Contributors Jenny Brandt, Sharon Brown, Elicia Fauvel DeParolesa, Christina Inteso 2014-2016 Grand Council Grand President Jenny Brandt Grand Vice President for Alumni Patti Lozano Grand Vice President for Collegiates Afton Wagner Grand Vice President for Development Tiffany Self Grand Treasurer Sandy Mullen Grand Secretary Kim Hancock Past Grand President Sharon Brown Regional Supervisors Northern New England—Justine Dickson Eastern Atlantic—Amanda Higgins Northeastern—Christina Inteso Mid-Atlantic—Melissa O’Brien Southern—Arielle Bibeault Northern Lakes—Tracee Abrams Midwestern—Kaitlyn Harnden Western—Nicole Lombardo Alternate—Ijeoma Nwosu LKS International Office Managing Director Deb Ruesch Member Professional Fraternity Association College Fraternity Editors Association Mission Statement

Lambda Kappa Sigma provides lifelong opportunties for women in pharmacy through professional excellence and personal growth.

Core Values

In addition to the Code of Ethics, Lambda Kappa Sigma is guided by professionalism and the core values of Integrity, Sisterhood, Service, Leadership, Scholarship.


The Blue and Gold Triangle is the official publication of Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy Fraternity and is published semi annually. It is distributed to all dues paid members, patrons, honorary members and numerous pharmacy schools and Greek organizations. Deadlines: February 15 and October 15. Postmaster: please send address changes to Lambda Kappa Sigma, PO Box 570, Muskego, WI 53150-0570. Printed in the USA.



Jenny Brandt Grand President As I sit down to write my final message as your Grand President, I find myself reflecting on the last three and a half years, as well as the 14 years I have spent on Grand Council. A lot has changed over the years—personally, professionally and within the Fraternity. Lambda Kappa Sigma has grown significantly, adding both members and chapters. Grand Council’s focus has changed as well, as we have had to focus on the ever-changing view of fraternities. However, while focusing on new areas, like risk management, Grand Council is still asked to provide guidance to chapters on dealing with difficult situations, which often boil down to misunderstandings and miscommunications. It seems as though every day we are faced with challenges in our interpersonal relationships–at home, at work and within our Fraternity. People can be overly critical, too demanding and sometimes downright rude. We all experience this from time to time. And it is at those times I find myself turning to the Creed of Lambda Kappa Sigma. In my opinion, Ruth Davies Flaherty was inspired when she penned it in 1954. It is simple, yet applicable to all aspects of our lives. “I believe in loyalty.” The first and overarching principle. To exist as a Fraternity, we need to be loyal to our sisters and to the Fraternity as a whole. This means giving steadfast friendship and support in good times and bad

and expecting it in return. This also means that we should not air our dirty laundry or speak poorly of our sisters. As you can imagine, this same principle is applicable to our work and personal environments as well. Being loyal to your boss and your department, even if you disagree, can earn you the respect of your coworkers and help bolster your leaders in a public setting. Personally, I have disagreed with my boss in the confines of her office, but I ultimately support her in public as we are working for one common goal. Respect is the other key principle contained in the Creed. As sisters, we are charged to listen to others’ points of view, understanding that although we may not agree with it, there is often some truth to the words. We must be open-minded and not quick to make judgements, as this is detrimental to relationships. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and we must allow for those opinions to be voiced. However, Ruth Davies Flaherty also pointed out, and rightly so, that we all have defects in our communication whether we are aware of them or not. We must be sure not to be too critical of others as it ill becomes us as individuals and the sisterhood as a whole. The concept of respect is one of the hardest things to master, but it is the most important in our interpersonal relationships. When we forget to practice respect in our relationships and communications and instead seek domination over another’s ideas, the result can be damaging to the relationship, to other relationships, to the chapter and to the Fraternity. I charge every sister to read the Creed and to really take it to heart. Doing so can make sure your relationships and communications will be more meaningful and perhaps a little less drama-filled. I also charge you to lead by example. Not every person you interact with has the benefit of the Creed, but he or she will almost certainly react more positively when faced with a positive example. Perhaps if we all lived by the tenants of the Creed, the world would be a better place.

Substance Abuse and Preganancy By Christina Inteso, Pharm.D.

Substance abuse is a growing issue in the United States for the general population and, unfortunately, affects the pregnant population as well. In 2012, 5.4% of pregnant women ages 15 to 44 reported using illicit drugs; however, this is lower compared to 11.4% in the non-pregnant population. Illicit drug use is highest in the first trimester (9.0%) and continues to decline as the pregnancy progresses (4.8% 2nd trimester and 2.4% 3rd trimester).1 The opioid agents include heroin, codeine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, meperidine, morphine, methadone and oxycodone. Patients will experience euphoria during intoxication followed by withdrawal, both of which pose a threat to mother and fetus. During euphoria, there is an increased risk of maternal respiratory depression and fetal growth restriction. During withdrawal, tachycardia, hypertension, nausea, vomiting and increased metabolic demand can occur, which can cause negative outcomes for the fetus such as spontaneous abortion, preterm labor, premature preterm rupture of membranes, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD).2,3 Withdrawing is not ideal in pregnancy due to risks to the fetus and high risk of relapse in the mother. At birth, infants born to women using illicit drugs can also go through withdrawal, otherwise known as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). NAS is defined as the hyperactivity of the central and

autonomic nervous systems. Clinical presentation depends on duration of opioid use, duration of use prior to delivery, maternal metabolism and placental metabolism. Symptoms of NAS manifest in the CNS and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Heroin withdrawal can occur within the first 24 hours of birth, and usually peaks within 48 to 72 hours, but may take up to 7 days for withdrawal to occur. If the mother uses nicotine, stimulants, sedatives, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), etc., fetal withdrawal can occur or worsen. The modified Finnegan’s Neonatal Abstinence scoring tool is used to assess for signs, symptoms and severity of NAS. Depending on the score, pharmacologic treatment, such as an opioid, barbiturate, benzodiazepine, clonidine or chlorpromazine, may be used to relieve moderate to severe signs of NAS and to prevent complications.4 Methadone, a full mu agonist, has been the standard of treatment for opioid addiction during pregnancy since the 1970s.2 Recently there has been increasing evidence for the use of buprenorphine, a partial mu agonist, in pregnancy due to the potential of less NAS compared to methadone. In general, our goal as a pharmacist is to educate about the dangers of substance abuse and to help patients seek the appropriate treatment to minimize harm to mother and fetus.

1 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings. NSDUH Series H-48, HHS Publication No. (SMA) 14-4863. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2014. Cited 2015 Aug 16. Available from: 2

Opioid abuse, dependence, and addiction in pregnancy. Committee Opinion No. 524. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Obstet Gynecol 2012 [cited 2015 Aug 16];119:1070–6. Available from:


Young JL, Martin PR. Treatment of opioid dependence in the setting of pregnancy. Psychiatr Clin N Am 2012; 35:441-60.


Hudak ML, Tan RC, The Committee on Drugs and the Committee on Fetus and Newborn. Clinical report: neonatal drug withdrawal [published online ahead of print January 30, 2012]. Pediatrics 2012 [cited 2015 Aug 16];129:e540. Available from: full.pdf

3 #

2015 Lambda Kappa Sigma Annual Convention Summary St. Louis, Missouri Beautiful weather and the world famous Gateway Arch provided a stunning stage for the arrival of LKS to the 2015 Annual Convention in St. Louis, held at the beautiful Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. Programs for this year’s convention were designed to strengthen our “Old School” values and get back to basics, while incorporating “New Century” technologies and opportunities into fraternity operations and activities. Following a day of Fraternity and Trust Liaison Committee business, Alpha Zeta Collegiate and Alumni chapters served as hostesses for the Opening Reception held at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP). STLCOP President John Pieper provided a warm welcome and historical perspective to the members in attendance. LKS was honored to be the first group to hold an official function in the beautiful new facilities, and we thank Dr. Pieper, Alpha Zeta chapters, and STLCOP administration for sponsoring the event. A great time was had by all as we mixed it up with some competitive trivia contests prior to returning to our hotel to prepare for a busy first full day. The first full day began with a keynote address given by T.J. Sullivan, author of “Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations” sponsored by Your Community Pharmacy. The business session was followed by a luncheon presentation entitled “Professional Presence – Making an Impact”. Melanie Broyles, founder of Etiquette Saint Louis, shared valuable advice on first impressions, appearance, and other challenges in social-professional settings. Alumni and collegiate programs concluded the afternoon programming, followed by the ever popular Blue and Gold Banquet. Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies graciously sponsored this fun and entertaining event, which pitted teams against each other utilizing the unique skill sets


of each member to tackle the formidable tasks of apple stacking, toilet paper mummy building, and other such challenging events. Friday provided an opportunity for work and fun, with the second business session, Ewe Can Shop, posters, workshops, and collegiate and alumni conferences. Christine Perry, sponsored by Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies, and Sara Richter, LKS Alumni, provided the workshops, which focused on CV, resume, and interviewing skills for community and institutional practitioners. The evening was spent on the town, with some members choosing to visit museums, while some headed to the nightlife, and others attended a game to watch the Cardinals rack up another win. It was a beautiful night for any and all of these activities. The Project HOPE Committee presented a program entitled “HOPE waLKS Around the World”, with breakfast and round-robin workshops to demonstrate the activities Project HOPE supports and engages in throughout the underserved countries around the world. Amanda Higgins and the committee are to be congratulated on an exceptionally successful program! Two continuing education programs were provided Saturday. “Know Your Audience: Communicating with Patients and Healthcare Providers” was presented by Dr. Amy Tiemeier, and “Use and Abuse of Stimulant Medications” was presented by Dr. Sandy Mullen, as our Women’s Health Issues topic. Thanks to the LKS Educational Trust for providing the grant for our continuing education programs. The LKS Educational Trust Reception and Live Auction kicked off the evening events, followed by the closing gala and the announcement of chapter awards. Congratulations go to: Collegiate Chapter of the Year – Alpha Beta Chapter; Alumni Chapter of the Year – Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter; Region Collegiate Chapters of the Year: Alpha Pi, Eastern Atlantic

Region; Alpha Phi, Mid-Atlantic Region; Alpha Iota, Midwestern Region; Delta, Northeastern Region; Alpha Omicron, Northern Lakes Region; Alpha Rho, Northern New England Region; Alpha Kappa, Southern Region; Lambda, Western Region. Chrysanthemum Award winners were Alpha Xi Chapter for Recruitment, and Pi Chapter for Retention. The Core Values Poster competition winner was Delta Chapter. This year, Lambda Kappa Sigma welcomed Chris Dickey, professional registered parliamentarian, to our business sessions to provide guidance and ensure compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order as well as our own policies and procedures while conducting the business of the fraternity. Of note, Beta Alpha, D’Youville College of Pharmacy, and Beta Beta, Western New England University, attended their first convention! We hope to see them at many more! Thanks to all who played a role in planning, conducting, and coordinating this meeting, and to all who attended. A special thanks to our sponsors: Merck, Your Community Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Project HOPE, and Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies. Also to our individual sponsors: Gloria Bernstein, Sharon and Jeff Brown and family, Chris and Andre Grass, Petra Fippen, Kim Hancock, Kathy Huff, Dixie and Neil Leikach, Alpha Phi Collegiate and Alumni chapters, Alpha Beta Alumni Chapter, Nicole Lombardo, Jennifer Rhodes, Alpha Zeta Collegiate and Alumni chapters, Xi Chapter, and the LKS Educational Trust. Without the support of these organizations and individuals, the annual meeting would not be possible. Finally, thanks to the Convention Committee: Nicole Lombardo, Chris Grass, Afton Wagner, Sandy Mullen, Tiffany Self, Patti Lozano, Jennifer Rhodes, Katie Toeniskoetter, Renee Savory, Jenny Brandt, and headquarters staff Joan Rogala, Julie Schnittka, and especially Angelle Bujol. These ladies are awesome! Their dedication to the fraternity and commitment to making the meeting fun and successful are beyond exceptional.

2015 Fraternity Award Winners LKS.Merck & Co. Vanguard Leadership Award

Dixie Leikach

Distinguished Service Citation

Christine Grass

Award of Merit

Christine Perry

Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award

Elicia Fauvel DeParolesa

Advisor Award

Pamela Smithburger

And now onto the 2016 Annual Convention in Scranton… 5

2016 LKS Annual Convention July 20–23, 2016 Scranton, Pennsylvania Every year, members leave convention having gained knowledge in chapter management and personal and professional development. In addition, they’ve experienced an unforgettable opportunity to enhance their connection to the Fraternity and deepen the bonds of sisterhood while building relationships with sisters outside of their local chapter. Sisters leave convention motivated, connected and energized to bring great ideas back to the chapter. Time and again we hear, “I wish more of our members could have been here!”

If you’ve been saying for years, “I would love to go to convention if only….” • It were closer. • It were more affordable. • I didn’t have to take so much time away from work/school.

Then, the 2016 LKS Annual Convention Is for You! Nearly 55% of LKS chapters are within a 4-1/2 hour drive or less! That means many of you are able to realize a significant reduction in the cost of attending because you won’t have an airfare expense. Many of you can also leave for convention early Wednesday afternoon or late Wednesday morning and still arrive in time for the Welcome Reception. This year’s educational and leadership development program, “Lambda Kappa Sigma: Your Road Map to Success”, demonstrates a variety of routes, on-ramps, exits and even the occasional potholes attendees can face as they navigate the opportunities and challenges during their life’s journey. The well-balanced programming mix includes chapter-management focused workshops, professional development programs, including those offering continuing education credit and personal-interest and life-planning discussions. Topics include leadership, decision-making, financial & retirement planning, work-school/life balance, lifelong learning and other trending themes in the industry. This year’s program aims to provide attendees with the information and tools they will need for critical decision-making as they encounter the various personal, academic and professional decision points and crossroads of life.

Registration Fees Early-Bird:


After June 30:


Alumni Weekend Package:


Optional Add-On Events HOPE waLKS:


RailRiders Baseball:


Art ’n’ Vino:


Special LKS Hotel Rate $130/night

Visit to register, to make your hotel reservation and to learn more. We hope you’ll join us this summer for the ultimate road trip! 6

Women’s Health Issues: Why We Advocate By Sharon C. Brown, MS, RPh (LKS Past Grand President)

As one of the healthcare professionals most accessible to the public, pharmacists are in an excellent position to guide women to make sound healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Women who delay their own routine medical appointments and health screenings most often indicate that the reason is lack of time due to demands of family and work. Other barriers include cost, fear of doctors and treatments, cultural beliefs, and lack of knowledge regarding healthcare issues. Pharmacists who develop a professional, trusting relationship with their patients can identify the barriers that individuals encounter and provide information about available resources to potentially overcome existing barriers. Guiding and assisting women in these circumstances is a special type of advocacy, one that Lambda Kappa Sigma embraces. Each biennium, members adopt a current challenge to women’s health to focus the combined efforts of LKS members with the goal of having a positive impact on the advancement of that issue during the biennium. Mental health, cancer and heart disease are just a few of the recent topics LKS members have not only adopted but invested significant time and resources in. As advocates for women’s health, LKS is proud of what has been accomplished and of our continuing commitment to support and strengthen our chosen Women’s Health Initiatives. In addition to WHI, many of our members have pursued a passion for other types of advocacy. We have members who travel to foreign countries at their own expense to participate in medical mission trips.

Other members play an integral role in providing pharmaceutical care to underserved members of their community, such as the blind, HIV patients and transgender populations. Members such as these go above and beyond the idea of “supporting” an initiative. They make personal sacrifices, invest their own time and money, participate in fundraising, and actively engage in designing innovative patient care practices to meet the unique needs of special patient populations. Advocacy is in the DNA of Lambda Kappa Sigma– our roots are in advocating for women in pharmacy at a time when these pioneers needed support. So it is not surprising that our members with diverse backgrounds and interests branch out in new and exciting ways to feed the passion they feel for worthy public service and healthcare initiatives around the globe. Robert F. Kennedy said, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” Most of us don’t have the resources to make major changes that create headlines around the world. But each of us has the ability to fuel changes that create positive outcomes for those whose personal struggles never make the headlines. These actions to serve the greater good (at a rate of even one life at a time) are worthy of pride, gratitude and recognition. Upcoming issues of the Blue & Gold Triangle will be featuring such stories in the hopes that sharing the passions of some of our members will instill passion in others, leading to exponential growth in how we touch the lives of others through advocacy.

The Blue & Gold Triangle: A Change is Coming! The Fall 2016 issue of the Blue & Gold Triangle will kick off a new look to Lambda Kappa Sigma’s flagship publication. With a focus on current events, up-todate accomplishments of chapters and individuals, and strategic planning for growth and excellence, the new Blue & Gold Triangle will be a magazine every member will want to read from cover to cover! Share Your Stories! We are looking for articles to feature in the Blue & Gold Triangle that fully highlight the accomplishments of LKS collegiate and alumni chapters as well as individual members. Every chapter and member has a story to tell…so share it! We encourage all members to contact a Region Supervisor, a Grand Council member or the Headquarters Office with article ideas. Don’t Forget Photos. A picture is worth a thousand words and really adds a personal touch to a publication. We are looking for outstanding photos of our members in action! High-resolution photos (300 dpi) can be emailed to Be sure to include a caption indicating who is in the photo, what chapter is represented and what event is taking place.


Educational Trust Update

By Elicia Fauvel DeParolesa, Trust Liaison Committee Secretary At its July 2015 meeting, the Trust Liaison Committee members met Michele King, owner of Shelle Design, who presented the topic of capital campaigns. The TLC voted to adopt reasonably priced upgrades to the November 2015 appeal as the first step toward a new fundraising campaign for the Trust. In conjunction with the Fraternity rebranding, the fully redesigned fundraising campaign will be unveiled in November 2016. Furthermore, the TLC plans to return to the thought that “November is Trust Month�. The TLC hosted silent and live auctions during the 2015 Annual Convention. We are ecstatic to report that the auctions, memorials/celebrations and donations brought in over $14,000!

The Trust is an integral part of the history of Lambda Kappa Sigma, and one of our goals is to highlight what the Trust can mean to every member, not just award recipients. We hope to assist with further educational programs and continue to bring back the history of this important part of LKS.

Meet TLC Member Mary Meredith

Why did you accept the position to be on the Trust Liaison Committee? Networking and scholarship opportunities are key elements that drove me to join LKS in 1975. As a scholarship winner myself, I have always felt a responsibility to give back to the Fraternity and to other sisters who need and deserve the financial support that was so crucial to my education at Duquesne. 8

What is one thing you wish the Fraternity members knew more of in regards to the TLC? The difference that even a small donation can make to so many collegiate sisters and the fact that the Trust also supports educational funding for Convention events. What are your hopes for the Trust? To be able to grow our funds to not only continue to provide scholarships and educational support at Convention but to be able to grow them in such a way that we can award more significant monies to deserving candidates.

How long have you been on the TLC? This is my very first year on the Trust Committee, but I have chaired and been a member of the Grant Committee for many years. Who is the most influential lamb to you? Marilyn Harris was our chapter advisor when I was a student at Duquesne and continues to be an inspiration and role model to me.

Collegiate Chapter News Alpha, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Alpha Chapter has been working diligently to better our own members, especially in the areas of personal and professional development. Officers have put on their thinking caps and channeled their creative sides, incorporating new events alongside traditional ones. Due to unforeseen circumstances, fraternities at MCPHS are not accepting new members this year. VP & New Membership Coordinator Kelsey Sheehan revolutionized her role as “Membership Coordinator”. Instead of focusing on developing our new members, she has worked to develop our current membership. We hosted the career center to facilitate a CV workshop. As a follow-up, we spent an afternoon preparing for midyear by asking and answering interview-like questions. Additionally, we held a breast cancer awareness event during which a sister gave an informational presentation. We have worked to re-brand the interfraternal council. LKS, PDC, KY and AZO hosted the first “Cubby Clean Up” to clean the desks of the library using the slogan “No matter the letters, we all work together”. We also created an interfraternal educational poster for World AIDs day. Traditionally, Alpha Chapter holds orientation during the four weeks of February. This year, each week in the month of February has a theme pertaining to LKS for sisters to enjoy. For example, we just wrapped up with Chrysanthemum Week with a sister paint night. This has been a great way for all the sisters to come together and to learn more about LKS and also more about ourselves. Our experience has reminded us that far beyond orientation, we are Lambs for Life. Alpha Alpha, Temple University Last October, our chapter held two OTC pain management counseling sessions

to observe both Founder’s Day and Pharmacy Week. The events were valuable opportunities for our sisters to practice their counseling skills. In November, we had the pleasure of welcoming 12 new members into our chapter. Our organization also held a fundraiser for Project HOPE at a local venue in Philadelphia, and we

were excited to have raised $700 for the cause. We also teamed up with our brother organization, Kappa Psi, to organize a very successful food drive for the Last Stop Recovery Club House. Our chapter fundraised and donated over $300 worth of toys for Grandma’s Kids, a local charity dedicated to supporting children in foster homes. In December, our sisters had the opportunity to plan a holiday crafting event for the children at Shriners Hospital for Children. Philanthropy is a core value of our organization, and it was very rewarding to have had multiple opportunities to give back to the community this past semester. As for upcoming events this semester, we are in the process of organizing a school-wide spring formal, with the proceeds going toward Shriners Hospital for Children. Alpha Beta, University of Connecticut

Our semester is in full swing as we have decided to bring back spring recruitment. Along with gaining new members this spring, the Alumni Committee hopes to strengthen our connection with graduated members by introducing “Lamb of the week”, which will showcase a different existing member each week. Our chapter is also ecstatic to announce we will once again be participating in HuskyTHON, which is an eighteenhour dance marathon fundraising for Connecticut’s Children Medical Center. Our Service Committee will continue to send our sisters to volunteer at the Discovery Depot to teach children lessons on health topics. Our HOPE Walks Committee is introducing a new event this spring, which will include a cookout competition to raise money to help supply impoverished areas with necessary medical supplies. Our Social Committee has been hard at work as we plan to continue to hold joint events with our brother fraternity, such as a bowling outing. Our Professional Committee has a busy semester ahead as they will hold mock interviews for the pre-pharmacy members. The Professional Committee will also be holding another professional panel while also planning the annual P3 banquet. Lastly, the Fundraiser Committee is off to a great start as they have already planned a Valentine’s candy gram fundraiser.

Alpha Chi, Northeast Ohio Universities As the new year progresses, Alpha Chi Chapter has a lot of upcoming activities. We are excited to welcome our Regional Supervisor for a visit on February 25th and 26th. We are also gearing up for our HOPE WaLKS event this April. We will be hosting this on the NEOMED campus again this year. We will also be participating in the NEOMED holistic health fair, NEOMED Body and Beyond Fair, a joint leadership discussion series with Phi Lambda Sigma and Kappa Psi, and lastly a yoga/wellness joint fund raiser with Kappa Psi. Alpha Eta, Long Island Univ.

This year Alpha Eta Chapter has been working hard on revamping ourselves. We used this past orientation period to not only teach our new initiates history and core values but also to reevaluate the reason each of us joined LKS. Members, old and new, have spent countless hours internalizing our mission and creed in hopes of becoming better sisters. Over the past few months, we have truly evolved into a much stronger chapter, making sure we live through our mission in everything we do. Recently, we have incorporated professional presentations into our “Good Enough Member” list. Sisters were paired up (old with new) to give a presentation on anything pharmacy related, whether it be a specific disease state, research, proper counseling techniques, etc. Amandeep Kaur, our professional chair, created a list of guidelines to be followed, as well as an evaluation sheet for sisters to constructively critique each other. It was a great way for us to not only educate each other but bond with new sisters and learn how to improve ourselves. The event was a huge success. Alpha Iota, Ferris State University On October 29th, 2015, we welcomed 20 new lambs to the Alpha Iota family! We haven’t had an associating class this big since Fall 2011! Following a very successful recruitment, we participated in Homecoming with the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha, in Pharmacy Day at the Capitol and a Can Drive War between the chapters of the Professional Greek Council. Fortunately, we didn’t have any members to send-off at our retreat this year, but we did celebrate the 20th anniversary of


Collegiate Chapter News Advisor Dr. Hancock advising us! We presented her a plaque at our fall retreat this semester. We also participated in a bubble soccer tournament through Panhellenic Council. We lost in the first round, but had a blast playing! We also had two volleyball teams play in the sorority intramural league. The A Team made it to the finals but lost to Delta Zeta. With the Tablet chair, we have a workout tally that goes around every meeting. Lambs write in how many workouts they did the previous week and can earn extra tablet points. Most of our pharmacy actives attend Pharmacy Day at the Capitol in Lansing every fall. Something new this year is we met up with Omicron chapter and connected with them! We also participated in a can drive war through Professional Greek Council and won by donating over 100 cans to a local food pantry in Big Rapids. Alpha Kappa, University of Georgia

Last semester, our biggest goal was to raise $4,500 to fund a team for the annual In Their Shoes walk in Athens, Georgia. We were so excited when our final fundraising total exceeded $6,900! We were able to have a team of 5 participate in the walk and other members set up a pit stop for the walkers. We are hoping for the same success in our Project HOPE fundraising. In January, our chapter hosted our Women in Pharmacy Networking Night for the female pharmacy students at the college. Female pharmacists joined us for dinner and answered questions about their pharmacy careers. We also have a CV workshop later this month and a journal club workshop in March. These events feature our faculty advisor, Dr. Bourg. Other professional events this month include seminars for medical students covering glucometers, over the counter medications and contraception. There are many other events that are in the works for this semester. Our community service chair is coordinating an event at the local after-school program. We are planning on spending an afternoon with the children and bringing them school supplies. Our third annual Girl Scouts

10 #

event is planned for April of this year. In previous years, we have invited local Girl Scouts to come and earn their first aid badge by compounding lip balm, touring an ambulance and learning basic first aid. We are expecting a large turnout this year! Alpha Lambda, University of British Columbia

Alpha Lambda Chapter finished 2015 with an annual Christmas Boat cruise, and our first social outing of 2016 was an event exclusive to Vancouver called Dine Out. In January, we had a few lucky members attend an annual conference called Professional Development Week (PDW) in Niagara Falls hosted by the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI). Our members had a rare opportunity of listening to talks and network with professionals from all across Canada. We also plan to participate in UBC’s Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM), where pharmacy students go to campuses to teach about common topics such as colds, STDs and asthma. We have also hosted several professional development events, including PCCA compounding bootcamps and CPR courses. Besides hosting other social events, we will be giving high school presentations debunking myths about the profession of pharmacy and our roles as pharmacists. Another big event Alpha Lambda runs is called Manufacturers’s Night. This is an annual event where Alpha Lambda Chapter invites pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Apotex, PCCA and many others, to present their company’s products and innovations to our UBC students.


Girl Scouts, where the girls had a blast earning their first aid badges and learning about healthcare from various professionals, including pharmacists, nurses and firefighters. We are continuing to raise money for Project HOPE and plan to participate in the university’s Big Event, where we will be placed somewhere in the community to help make a difference through service. We will be selling our traditional peanut butter eggs for fundraising around Easter and are in the process of putting together a pharmacy themed cookbook with our own homemade recipes. Alpha Mu continues to grow in sisterhood as we recently celebrated Big/ Little Week and have plans for more fun bonding experiences including a selfdefense class. We are very excited to have our Region Supervisor visit us this spring and hope that we are able to show her all that Alpha Mu has to offer. Alpha Nu, University of Kentucky

Alpha Nu Chapter held the annual “Mistletoe Mingle” event for students at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. This year the proceeds from the event will be donated to Project HOPE, which we are very excited about! The event was a great success, providing a great opportunity not only for our LKS sisters to have a good time together but also for the rest of the college as well. We hope to continue to grow and expand the reach of this event in years to come. Alpha Omega, Sullivan University

Alpha Mu, University of Toledo

Alpha Mu Chapter has a busy spring ahead of us with upcoming service, fundraising and social events. We recently hosted our very successful annual Girl Scout Event for both Junior and Brownie

The new initiates completed the new member education in November and were initiated on December 3rd. There were a total of 15 lambs that initiated, increasing the chapter from 19 to 34 members! In November, Alpha Omega Chapter held the major fundraiser for the year, a

silent auction at the KPhA legislative day. Members created baskets from donations and out of their own funds. There was a total of 20 baskets, which raised $1,098. We hope to continue this fundraising event on an annual basis. The proceeds of this fundraiser help to finance the cocktail reception, chapter events and a donation to Project HOPE. The major social event Alpha Omega Chapter put on was the second annual cocktail reception. This year, our chapter partnered with another Greek organization, Kappa Psi, to host the dance and split the cost of the dance. This event was held at a local venue in downtown Louisville. We had a great turnout with over 80 students in attendance! With the success of the dance growing each year, we are excited to see how it continues to grow in the future. Alpha Omicron, West Virginia University Alpha Omicron is now in full swing for Relay for Life on behalf of the WVU School of Pharmacy. We are planning fundraising events and reaching out to local businesses for donations. Our first fundraiser was a Valentine’s bake sale and flower gram sale. Cute, “punny” sayings were written on the flower grams, and they were a big hit! Also, we held a Valentine’s for Vets community service event, which allowed us to make candy bags and personalized cards to donate to a local Veteran Center. Lastly, we had a “Pinterest Party” craft night for sisterhood, and it was a lot of fun. Alpha Phi, Wilkes University

This past semester, Alpha Phi Chapter hosted its annual Turkey Tea, which is a buffet-style luncheon open to all students, staff and faculty. Ticket proceeds were donated to the local Salvation Army in Wilkes-Barre. As a chapter, we volunteered during Christmas time at a local farm to help with their community-wide holiday event. We also participated in the annual Alcohol Awareness Walk to help raise awareness about the consequences of alcohol abuse on college campuses. We were excited to welcome 14 new members into our chapter this year, and they have proven to be extremely involved and enthusiastic regarding their new sisterhood. This coming semester, we are looking forward to growing our relationship with

the Girl Scouts by continuing our badge event in recognition of Hygeia Day. We will also be hosting a Substance Abuse Week by collaborating with several other pharmacy clubs on campus. This coming summer, Alpha Phi Chapter is honored to be hosting the Annual Lambda Kappa Sigma Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We are looking forward to gathering with students, alums and Grand Council members.

benefit Crossroads, a behavior health and addiction treatment center. Our philanthropy chair, Holly Tayne, did a great job leading the event. We had playful competition between our pharmacy and dental students. We also had huge support from our lambs in “adopting” a newborn child for Christmas in order to purchase the items on his wish list. Alpha Rho, Northeastern University

Alpha Pi, St. John’s University

This past October, we were able to come together and celebrate Founder’s Day with alumni and sisters of the LIU Chapter, Alpha Eta. This day was filled with tradition, sisterhood and delicious food. We also welcomed seven amazing girls into our chapter. To start off this semester, we had a post-midyear event, where we had alumni and current six-year students talk about their midyear experiences. This event was a great way for our younger sisters to learn more about fellowships and residencies. We also participated in an event, My Vascular Valentine, where we worked with other organizations to help teach children about the heart through fun games and activities. Later in the semester, we are excited to work on different fundraising events, including the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (where we have been the top fundraisers for the past 10 years) and a Project HOPE event. One thing we are looking forward to is a Paint Night event in which part of the proceeds will be going to the American Cancer Society. Alpha Pi is also looking forward for Hygeia Day, where we’ll be inviting a faculty member to speak about women’s health. Alpha Psi, University of New England

Our two social events this semester were apple picking and Muse Paintbar. Both events were much-needed breaks from studying! Our biggest charity event was the volleyball tournament to

Our chapter has been working to strengthen our presence on campus. In January, we participated in the MLK Day of Service and helped paint a classroom at a local preschool. We also set up a table featuring Project HOPE to raise awareness about the organization’s accomplishments and work overseas and to encourage our fellow students to join their efforts in promoting global wellness. In February, we collaborated with two other pharmacy organizations on campus to put together a panel of pharmacists, who were able to give insight into unique career paths in pharmacy. In the coming months, our chapter will be hosting several events on a variety of professional topics, including inhaled naloxone, needle exchanges and interview preparation. We also expect to hold several fundraisers whose earnings will contribute towards donations to Project HOPE. In March, we will be participating in the annual Relay for Life event at Northeastern. In the future, we hope to hold more philanthropy events focused on women’s health and to further expand our presence on campus. Alpha Sigma, Texas Southern University

Over the holidays, Alpha Sigma collaborated with Texas Pharmacy Association to gather canned goods at Texas Southern University. Together we were able to provide over fifty families with a Christmas meal. Upon successful completion of another semester of

11 #

Collegiate Chapter News pharmacy school, we held a Christmas social at our president’s home, where we exchanged gifts and celebrated sisterhood. We are very thankful and blessed to have one another as sisters. Moving forward into the spring semester, we are excited to initiate new members into our chapter. We have created fun and exciting games (such as Pharmacy Spanish Bingo) to help develop well-rounded pharmacy students. The game teaches students how to counsel in Spanish in order to better serve an underserved population here in Houston. We also anticipate celebrating Hygeia Day by collecting hygiene products to donate to the women’s shelter. Plans for summer convention attendance is also in the making. Alpha Theta, State University of New York at Buffalo

Alpha Xi, University of the Pacific

12 #

while they’re receiving treatment in St. Louis. Sisters helped the residents make a special Valentine’s Day crafte and served ice cream. The residents and staff seemed to love our visit and want us to come back in April. Beta Alpha, D’Youville College School of Pharmacy

Our chapter hosted three recruitment events this semester to get to know potentials on a deeper level. It was an exciting recruiting season for the actives. We invited our alumni to come out to our final recruitment event that was hosted in the Alumni House on campus. It was a beautiful dinner, where the potentials got to see alumni and actives showcasing the best qualities of the fraternity. We hope to kick off initiating the new sisters soon and welcome them into our family. Alpha Zeta, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

In collaboration with Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA), Alpha Theta brainstormed an idea that we named Project: We Are Here! This great effort was to raise awareness and money for the tragedies occurring in the world, especially the attack on Paris that happened on November 13, 2015. The money we raised was donated to International Relief Teams, an organization that helps countries in need and provides supplies so that they are able to survive such tragedies and attacks. We also put together a banner in which students and faculty were able to sign with well wishes and words of encouragement and support to the people in Paris. Over winter break, a pharmaceutical science student from Paris delivered our banner to Dean Scherrmann of Paris Descartes University. Professors from UB, including Dr. Mager and Dr. Jusko, were there to present the banner as well. Dean Scherrmann and the students of Paris Descartes were very touched by our efforts and the banner is now hanging in their main atrium. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and helped make this project possible, especially Susan Liu ‘17, Justin Bui ‘18, Jonathan You ’17 and Isabella Lee’18!


Alpha Zeta Chapter has hosted and participated in a lot of exciting events in the past six months! Our focus has been on our service and professional events in addition to our sisterhood and recruitment events. Sisters volunteer their time monthly at a local HPES (Health Protection & Education Services) health fair, where they educate patients on OTC and prescription medications at no charge. Additionally, our current professional chair, Lisa Grzelak, planned an on-campus event with our school’s Illinois Pharmacy Association, where a speaker came to educate students on provider status and its importance. For service, our most noteworthy event was our annual Hoops for Hope event last fall, which was organized by our previous service chair, Mackenzie Steck. Hoops for Hope is a campus event where students form groups and compete in a variety of mini-games. This event was very fun, and we successfully raised money for Project HOPE! Our current service chair, Molly Kallal, is working hard to plan more events to contribute more to Project HOPE and to our local community. For example, in early February some of our sisters went to Hope Lodge, a local housing facility where cancer patients and their families can stay

We had a great start with our Bid Week and Recruitment process. We bonded with our new members through individual meetings and an all-sister luncheon at Pan Am. We also had successful days of getting together to play games and enjoy exciting and endearing stories about each other. We also held our highly successful yearly Valentine’s Day Sucker sale. New members participated in making chocolate suckers and delivering them to the respective classes. It was a very successful fundraiser. We had our Sunset Ceremony at the Pedestrian Bridge early in the morning. Yes, it was freezing with temperatures dropping to 4 degrees; however, the weather was no match for the excitement of our new members and our current sisters! As we look forward to the Big/ Little reveal, we are eager to see what the rest of the semester will bring. Beta Beta, Western New England University

Last semester, members participated in the APPE survival kit fundraiser, which includes a clipboard detailing pertinent information for all pharmacists to know and have at their convenience, along with a card of common drug interactions and pocket immunization reference cards. Another fundraiser was “Gobblegrams”, which are Thanksgiving candygrams.

We have held different professional events, including a Practice Clinical Skills Session for PY-2 learners. Members plan to hold an Interview Techniques event with Christine Perry, as well as a professional attire fashion show with APhA. For social programs, our sisters organized an Ice Cream Social Event and multiple potluck lunches for potential new members to meet our chapter and learn about the fraternity. This spring, we will be participating in Greek Olympics with the other fraternities and are joining PDC in a semi-formal. Members continue to engage with the elderly residents of Keystone Woods, and last semester, we collaborated with PDC in a food drive to support The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. On April 9th, members will be participating in a Habitat for Humanity event, working with the organization to give back to our community. We will be participating in the SSHP Annual Health Fair on April 10th, presenting on opiate substance abuse. Our sisters will also be sponsoring an LKS team in the Out of the Darkness Walk on April 30th to raise awareness about suicide; we will also be presenting on opiate abuse. Chi, University of Washington

Our year started off great with a chapter visit from our Region Supervisor, Nicole Lombardo. We were able to celebrate a very special Founder’s Day with her and to share in a chapter dinner that included our alumni. We also recently had a sunrise brunch that brought together new and current members as well as alumni. We are looking forward to making new traditions with our alumni chapter. We have been busy fundraising with Yankee Candle and our annual Valentine’s Day Candy Grams at school. We also look forward to our future service activities of sorting donations for West Side Baby, which supports local families with children in need.

Delta, University of Pittsburgh

After another successful fall semester, the sisters of Delta Chapter have been hard at work to make this semester another one for the books. To kick off the new year, the sisters hosted our fourth annual Dr. Salk Hall, an all male beauty pageant, where the most talented and charismatic men of the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine face-off in hopes of taking the crown. This year, we were able to donate $1,646 and split it between St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (the winner’s charity of choice) and our philanthropy, Project HOPE. One new upcoming project is an advocacy and educational video about the HPV vaccine to promote awareness about this important preventative measure. We have also been working on our second annual Teal Tap event to support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and on a 5K to support Project HOPE. With the continued dedication and hard work from all of our sisters, these events are sure to be just as successful, if not more so, than last year! We will also be continuing to promote the profession and serve the community through various health-related initiatives, such as OTC tabling and blood pressure screenings. Lambda, University of Southern California

After many successful events last semester, we were excited to start the year and implement new events to help our members grow and develop. We have inducted 14 amazing new members to the LKS family, and we could not be happier to help shape these lambs in their pharmacy school journey.

During the residency application process, we organized a series of workshops to better prepare our members for the program, such as CV/writing skills as well as interview/verbal skills. Thanks to our strong and supportive alumni network, the first two workshops were very successful, and we plan to hold them annually from now on. In February, we held one of our most favorite professional events, the Dining Etiquette Workshop. Our members were taught about proper table settings as well as the proper ways for fine dining. We received great feedback from the students and hope to bring the workshop back again next year. Regarding social events, we held a social dedicated to exploring some of what Los Angeles has to offer, such as the famous Los Angeles County Museum of Art and La Brea Tar Pits. We also held our annual holiday party, where the whole fraternity gets together for food and a gift exchange before diving into finals week. Omicron, Wayne State University

We are excited to announce that our chapter initiated 12 new members! This great group of ladies will undoubtedly make great contributions to our chapter in the years to come. One of our most notable achievements over the past few months has been establishing our relationship with Vista Maria, a local organization that aids women in need who come from neglected and abusive environments. We have successfully set up a pharmacotherapy clinic to help educate them on their medications and other health-related issues. Our chapter was able to network with other organizations at our university to have monthly presentations on various health topics as well. We are proud to introduce a new position to our executive board, a Philanthropy Chair, to help with developing and maintaining this project in the future.

13 #

Collegiate Chapter News We had a taco bar fundraiser, a Lularoe fundraiser, and a Painting With a Twist event over the past few months that were a great success. We are hoping our hockey game fundraiser with the Detroit Red Wings is just as successful! Upcoming, we have a professional event with a faculty member on nutrition and our Hygeia Day event on sex trafficking, which will be very informative. Our chapter members had so many great opportunities to bond over social events including pumpkin carving, an outing to the Great Escape Room and Fowling downtown. Phi, Butler University

Phi Chapter kicked off the semester by hosting a “tips and tricks” session for our pre-pharmacy and first-year pharmacy sisters. Older members shared their experiences in some of the more difficult courses (microbiology, intro to principles of drug action, etc.) in an effort to help our younger members succeed. Additionally, Social Media Secretary, Kate Roels, hosted a LinkedIn/social media how-to session enlightening us all on how best to manage our professional identities and to expand our professional networks. We hope to better engage with Phi chapter alumni through our newly created LinkedIn group. Aside from pharmacy engagements, our sisters have been active volunteering. We’ve volunteered at a local food bank and clinic and are planning to prepare and serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald House next month. These volunteer experiences benefit our local community and serve as great bonding opportunities for our sisterhood. We also look forward to spending an evening together volunteering at a concession stand at a high-energy Butler basketball game! Vice President Alison Hamrick has been working diligently to organize a guest speaker and dinner to celebrate Hygeia Day. We plan to open up this event to other pharmacy fraternities on campus, too.

14 #

Pi, Rutgers


lip-sync battle, where our chapter took 2nd place and got to donate $181 to an organization of our choice (Project HOPE). We took part in more fundraisers as well this year, such as selling LKS sweatpants and holding bake sales. Finally, we will collaborate with our sisters from the Delta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh for our very first HOPE waLKS. Xi, University of Rhode Island

Pi Chapter has been very involved in fundraising this past semester. Our biggest and most noteworthy event of the semester was “Festival of Cultures: A Charity Event for Project HOPE”. The premise of this event was to bring together students and professors from Rutgers to shed light about Project HOPE and the impact it has, as well as to enjoy a variety of foods and performances from different cultures around the world. We also had activities set up around the room, including a photo booth with Project HOPE signs, a henna tattoo booth and an origami station. During this event, nine Rutgers groups performed, and over 150 people attended. We raised over $500 and hope to continue to raise more money for this amazing philanthropic organization this semester. Last semester, our chapter also began fundraising for the school-wide event dance marathon, the Rutgers’ biggest fundraising event at Rutgers, which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Embrace the Kids Foundation. To help four of our sisters participate in this event, we have started selling customized pharmacy travel mugs and Rutgers pharmacy baseball caps and lanyards. Tau, Duquesne University

This year, we were really into expanding our awareness and efforts at raising money for Project HOPE. We started off with our first HOPE Gala during our fall semester and were able to raise over $2,000. We also participated in our pharmacy school’s

This fall was a great one for Xi Chapter. We initiated 44 new sisters and we are so excited about our growing family! The Professional Committee organized their first “Sleep & Wellness” presentation, where sisters presented options for relieving stress, offered sleep tips and provided other wellness inspirations. Our Fundraising Committee was also hard at work and raised about $2,300 bewteen our Yankee Candle fundraiser, Moe’s fundraiser and our first volleyball tournament. The entire chapter and College of Pharmacy came together to support our alumni sister and friend Jess Soldivieri, who became ill last May. The College of Pharmacy was able to raise a total of $725 to donate to her GoFundMe page along with two large care packages for her and her family while she was in the hospital. She is now home and in recovery, and we wish her the best on the road ahead! Community service also spread some holiday cheer to a local hospital by making holiday cards for patients. Spring semester will bring some new opportunities to recreate traditional events starting with our annual Gala fundraiser, which will benefit Ovarian Cancer Awareness. We are also continuing an LKS water bottle fundraiser from last semester as well as bringing back favored events, like an etiquette dinner, HOPE waLKS and our annual spring retreat/banquet.

Alumni Chapter News Alpha Alumni

Our alumni have been having a great time partaking in several events with each other and with our collegiates. We are currently developing a mentoring program within our chapter to assist our girls in their careers and work-life balance and offering advice on everything and anything. Several of our alumni are continuing their positions at MCPHS University here in Boston as adjunct professors in the Pharmacy Practice lab: Mary Durante, Allesandra Baron, Elicia DeParolesa, Kerry McGee and Donna Horn. We all love teaching and coaching the future pharmacists on becoming informed, empathetic and amazing future caregivers to the community. The alumni enjoyed a Yankee Swap at Donna Horn’s house after the holidays, and our annual alumni-sponsored Brunch for the Collegiates was as always, fun and delish! We are gearing up for Hygeia Day, which is open to not only our chapters, but to the pharmacy public. Alumni Kathy McTiernan has also offered CEs for safety in compounding. At this year’s Awards Banquet, we will be honoring one of our very own 50+ members-the Elite! Christine Perry has been leading the way with putting together our criteria for our newest Loyalty Award. We’ve welcomed several babies into the flock—Kerry McGee, Emily Ademy and Kim Lindstrom all had beautiful little girls. Sue Folger retired after 36 years on the bench with CVS Health, and Arielle Faneuf was accepted to the 2016 ASHP Oncology Patient Care traineeship and also got married. Elicia DeParolesa was awarded the Pharmacist Mutual Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award. Our own Jessi Crowley is running the Boston Marathon this year, and her sisters have been eager to support her and her cause, Run for Research. In leadership roles for the Fraternity, Arielle Faneuf and Amanda Higgins continue to enjoy their time as Region Supervisors. Donna Horn and Elicia DeParolesa are working hard on the TLC, and Elicia also served on the Nominating Committee.

Alpha Beta Alumni Our chapter is excited to kick off the new year following our annual “Lock-In” meeting, where we brainstorm events for the semester. We are enthusiastic about working with the collegiate members to organize an event within the UConn community to create awareness about our women’s health initiative of substance abuse. We are looking forward to a couple social events this upcoming semester with our collegiate chapter. We are planning for a night of decorating wine glasses as well as a potential game night this spring. In addition, the Alumni Chapter is collaborating with the collegiate chapter to organize an Alumni Lamb of the Week. This selected alumni sister will be introduced via a PowerPoint slide at each chapter meeting as a way to allow new members to be able to network with alumni sisters and to seek a mentor in them if they have similar interests. As the semester comes to a close, we are preparing for our annual P4/Senior Dinner at Chuck & Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant & Steak House to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating pharmacy students and senior members. We will be anticipating which career paths our LKS sisters choose to take upon graduation and officially welcome them into the alumni chapter. Alpha Phi Alumni A few members attended convention in St. Louis and had a great time seeing old friends and creating new relationships. An alumnus hosted a holiday party at her house for the collegiate chapter, and it was a huge success. Everyone who attended had a great time wearing fun holiday sweaters, playing games, eating delicious food and, of course, spending time with fellow lambs. The chapter has been working with the collegiate chapter to prepare for the upcoming convention. Chi Alumni We had a meeting in December, where we re-elected the officers, signed holiday cards for distant sisters and had a cookie exchange. We also discussed how to help the collegiate chapter with recruiting new members. Rachel Beardshear was elected as the Alumni Chapter Liaison with the Chi collegiate members. In January some collegiates and alumni met for a Sunday breakfast; it was a good opportunity to chat informally. Jennifer Rhodes drove up from Camas, WA to attend this event. Past Grand President Pat and Patron Bob Tanac celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in February! and they are still active in LKS!

Epsilon Alumni

Epsilon Alumni Chapter remains in communication with each other via email and Facebook. We generally get together during local and national pharmacy association meetings. Recently, there were eight alumni members at the Maryland Pharmacists Association Mid-Year meeting. LKS members represent much of the leadership of MPhA. Dixie Leikach is the current chair of the Board, and Kristen Fink is the current Vice President. We are very excited to announce that Cherokee Layson-Wolf is running for Vice President. We were able to meet the newest lamb in the area, Tara Bastawrous, who is a PGY1 resident at Kaiser. Omicron Alumni Since the chapter is still newly reactivated and goals are being developed, we are still working on many logistical items such as membership, dues, communications and treasury. Several alumni members attended the collegiate initiation ceremony on November 13, 2015. The Omicron collegiate chapter is planning a professional CE program for Hygeia Day on March 14, 2016, and we hope to have several alumni members in attendance. We are also looking forward to our second annual collegiate and alumni brunch that will be held in April 2016. One of the initiatives we are working on is to reinstate the Omicron alumni scholarship award for the collegiate chapter this year. We still have a long way to go, but we are proud of the accomplishments we have made since our reactivation in 2014! Tau Alumni This year has been one of leadership for Tau alums. Gayle Cotchen continues to serve on the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy. Donna Jean Hazel is President of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association. Maria Osborne is President of the Allegheny County Pharmacists Association. And, of course, Patti Lozano is Lambda Kappa Sigma’s Vice President for Alumni. We’re proud of all our leading lambs! We have lots in store for this spring, including a fundraiser, scholarship to be awarded to a deserving collegiate sister and upcoming events with the collegiate Tau chapter.

15 #






____________________ P.O. BOX 570 MUSKEGO WI 53150-0570 ____________________


June 1:

• Submitting National Award nominations (Advisor Award, Award of Merit, Distinguished Service Citation, Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award and Leadership Award).

• Deadline for completing the Alumni Chapter Annual Report.

• Completing the Collegiate Chapter Annual Report. (This replaces the Annual Financial Summary Report, Annual History Report, Convention Delegate Credentials Form and Convention Report).

July 3:

• Submitting all financial obligations, initiation fees and the Chapter Officer Roster Form.

June 30: • Early Bird Registration for Convention Ends. • Last day for the discounted Convention hotel room rate. July 8: • Online Registration for Convention Ends. (Registration after this date must be done on-site). July 20-23: • LKS Annual Convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania. See for all the latest information!

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