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16th - October - 2012

FRESH INQUESTS FOR 96 FAMILIES Food Bank demand increases

by Ian Bolland

Hillsborough families learnt today that there will be fresh inquests into the deaths of their loved ones. The Attorney General, Dominic Grieve QC, will write to the High Court to ask for initial Hillsborough inquest verdicts of accidental death to be quashed, opening the door for 96 fresh inquests. The announcement in the House of Commons at lunchtime follows a 400 page report and the release of 450,000 documents relating to the disaster in September, which exonerated Liverpool fans of any wrong doing at the FA Cup semi-final in 1989, and found that many police statements were amended following the disaster. Documents disclosed by the Hillsborough Independent Panel have revealed that up to 58 people could have survived with adequate medical assistance on the day. The initial inquests into the disaster returned the verdict of accidental death, but families, survivors and Liverpool fans have campaigned for 23 years for fresh inquests.


A recent study revealed that Liverpool has five of the top ten poorest communities in the UK. Picture by Paul Collins by Tara Lamb and Alice Kirkland The number of people receiving emergency food from UK food banks has increased in the past year with North West organisations seeing the biggest rise in demand for their services. National charity the Trussell Trust, which runs the only network of foodbanks in the UK and partners local churches and communities, said its food bank network had fed almost 110,000 people since April, compared with a total of 128,697 in the whole of 2011-12. The charity expects to feed more than 200,000 people in 2012-13.

Lynda Battarbee, the North West Development Officer for the Trust, said: “Static wages and the rising cost of living are a toxic mix. “Lots of people are having to choose between eating and heating due to the increases in food and gas prices.” The Trussell Trust aims to empower local communities to combat poverty and provide emergency food to people in crisis. It released its statistics to coincide with World Food Day. They show young adults (aged 16-24) accounted for 13.3% of all people referred, while pensioners made up less than 1% of referrals. Food banks in the

The news this week... Garston and Halewood MP Maria Eagle critical of West Coast mainline debacle. More on page 3

North West were the busiest, with each used by an average of 1,086 people during the six month period. Less than 5% of foodbank clients are homeless, many are working families struggling to make ends meet But why are there so many foodbanks in the Liverpool area? Lynda Battarbee said: “The Church Urban Fund recently released a study of the 10 poorest communities in the country; five of these are in Liverpool. “There’s a big myth surrounding food poverty in this country. People expect that those in developed countries seeking food help are just scroungers but the

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majority of them are just normal people living below the poverty line.” However, Ms Battarbee also went on to state that there will always be a need for food banks, regardless of the economic situation. The trust runs a network of 270 food banks across the UK, staffed by volunteers with food products donated by local people. The Trussell Trust receives no government funding relying entirely on the generosity of the public, businesses and charitable trusts. The charity is launching a new food bank in the UK every three days and expects this to continue until 2015.

Mr Grieve said that although he had not yet finished examining evidence, he felt he had seen enough to come to a decision. He told the House of Commons: “My consideration of the evidence on this matter is far from complete, but I do not want to cause the families affected by this disaster any greater anxiety. “I have decided to take the exceptional step of announcing, on the basis of what I have already seen, I am persuaded that an application to the courts for a fresh inquest must be made. “96 died because of what occurred at Hillsborough that day and 96 inquests were held. I believe that as all of those deaths arose from a common chain of events, it would be better for me to apply for all 96 to be considered.” However, Mr Grieve said he will need time to bring proceedings in order for fresh inquests to take place. He said: “I wish to make it clear that, having announced my decision, I will still need the time in order to prepare the application so that the strongest case can be

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made to the court. I have given this work priority and I will continue to do so. “I need to complete my consideration of the evidence; I need to provide the families with the opportunity to make representations and consider any representations they have made. I need to complete my consideration of the legal issues and then I will need to make the application to the court. When the case is heard, then it is a matter for the court’s listings. It’s very difficult for me to give a precise timetable; I will move as quickly as I can. Mr Grieve said that he couldn’t be sure that the inquests will be held in Liverpool, which the families have requested: “So far as the issue of the venue, that isn’t really a matter for me.

Accountable “Should the application I make to the court be successful, it will then be a matter for the court and the coroner to decide where the inquests take place. It is not my decision. “I am satisfied that there will be sufficient resources to take this forward so as far as the venue for the actual hearing, that isn’t a matter for me. Should the application I make to the court be successful, it will then be a matter for the court and the coroner to decide where the inquests take place.” The announcement follows the news that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will launch investigations into officers who were involved at Hillsborough that day. Mr Grieve admitted that the timing of the inquest may be affected by their investigations, but will apply for fresh inquests as quickly as possible. Steve Rotheram, MP for Liverpool Walton, said: “For the first time in over two decades, all the evidence can now be reviewed into the disaster and potentially a new verdict recorded on the death certificates of the deceased. “At long last, the full horror of Hillsborough will be on the public record alongside the names of the people and the organisations that are accountable for what happened.”


Mersey police crackdown on illegal bikes £5000 raised

£5000 has been raise for guidedog training in Merseyside

for guidedogs

by Tara Lamb

Merseyside Police have launched a crackdown operation in an attempt to reduce crimes involving illegal scrambler bikes, a type of all-terrain motorcycle. Officers across Merseyside are to take part in a week-long initiative aimed at putting the brakes on the criminal and anti-social use of scrambler bikes across the county. Operation Brookdale will involve over a hundred officers who will focus on areas across Merseyside where communities have suffered from criminal and anti-social use of scrambler and quad bikes. The operation begins the same day that a 22-year-old man was jailed for seven years for causing the death of a cyclist. Patrick Bennett was driving the scrambler bike into oncoming traffic on Walton Lane when he collided with dad-oftwo Peter Reekie from Walton. Footage was shown in court of Bennett driving the bike at speeds reaching up to 48mph on the pavement, before swerving into the road to avoid a parked van and colliding head on with Mr. Reekie. A Fazakerley mum-of-two also died last month and a 16-year-old boy died last August in incidents involving illegal scrambler bikes. The force believe this to be the chosen transport for offenders involved in recent gun crime incidents across the county and operation Brookdale has already led to three arrests in the Sefton area. The force is urging communities to take a stand and let the local police know where scrambler bikes are being used illegally so they can take the necessary action. Superintendent Paul White,

by Tara Lamb

Motorcross is a widely enjoyed sport but Mersey police are targeting illegal bikes who is leading the operation, said: “These bikes are facilitators for gun crime and drug dealing and we want to take away that transport from offenders. “We want to identify where the bikes are and get them off the streets. We will not stand idly by and let these offenders think they can run amok in our local communities. “This operation aims to take as many illegal riders off our roads and parks as possible to make our communities safer.” Almost 800 scrambler and quad bikes have been seized and in 12 of the shootings the force have had to deal with this year, a scrambler bike has been involved. As well as seizing bikes, officers will also be strongly enforcing traffic law in the roads in a bid


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to restrict the activities of the illegal riders across the county. School officers will also be visiting local schools to show them the dangers of the scrambler bikes and also educate them on the laws surrounding their use and the potential consequence. Concerns have been raised by residents in different areas of the county where scramblers have been used illegally on local parkland, farmland and other open spaces. They are warning that anyone using the bikes in a criminal or anti-social way will have them seized from their possession. It is illegal to ride a scrambler bike anywhere except the road and the riders must conform to the Highway Code and have all the relevant doc-

uments and safety equipment. Chief Superintendent Rob Carden, Area Commander of St Helens, said: “Merseyside Police will not tolerate the criminal or anti-social use of scrambler, or quad bikes. “Anyone who takes to the roads illegally and poses a danger to pedestrians and other motorists on our roads, risks losing their licence and if their reckless driving results in injury or death they will face a prison sentence. My message to these people is: Ask yourself - is it worth the risk?” “Merseyside Police wants to send a clear message to anyone using a scrambler illegally in Merseyside - you cannot ride your bike illegally in our parks or open spaces and we will take the strongest action we can against you.”

5 star ship in Merseyside by Sophie Marsden Plans for a five star cruise liner to come to Liverpool in 2013 are under way. The ‘Celebrity Infinity’ is set to give a huge boost to the economy. The boat with a 2,170 passenger capacity is set to make its maiden call on May 1 which will be the first of four round-Britain cruises starting in Harwich. Liverpool will be a featured city on a UK voyage on September 1, 2013 and this will be the first time passengers will be allowed to embark and disembark. It will be the next step for Liverpool waters since the Ocean Countess led the first turnaround cruise in Liverpool on May 29th earlier this year. Wendy Simon, Liverpool council’s cabinet member for Culture & Tourism said: “I think the passenger numbers it will have and the tourism it will bring into the city will benefit Liverpool. Also

people spreading the word about what a great city Liverpool is. We’re looking at developing the cruise liner terminal and having a permanent base. That’s about building up the tour operators. There’s a huge application that’s gone through the Council. There’s a massive development plan which will take place over the next forty years if the plans are approved.” The current temporary terminal is situated on the private Peel holdings estate with limited space to expand. The cruise terminal steering group will be producing a recommendation to the council within the next few weeks on how to best develop the terminal in a long term sense. The impermanent terminal has so far stood for a year, with two years left. The terminal can only handle 1,200 passengers, so developments would be essential to accommodate larger passenger ships.

Merseyside Police have raised £5000 for Guide Dog’s Name, a charity that supports blind or partially sighted people. The money raised will be used on the raising and training of a Guide Dog puppy. Sergeant Michael Burton from St Anne St Police Station said: “We were looking for a practical way to help a charity that all our staff could get behind. When we heard about Guide Dog’s Name a Puppy initiative we just had to take part. We have basically eaten our way to the £5,000 by installing a staff tuck shop in the station to help raise funds! “It’s exciting to know that we are doing something that will change someone’s life. We are fascinated

to look behind the scenes at how much work goes into creating one of these fantastic dogs that everyone knows and loves and cannot wait to hear news of the birth of our sponsored puppy.” It costs almost £50,000 to support a Guide Dog partnership from the birth of the pup to its retirement aged about 10. Guide Dog’s Name does not receive any Government funding for this service so rely on public donations. Some people may need six or seven guide dogs in their lifetime and Guide Dogs aim to provide each owner with this. Merseyside Police will now get the honour of naming their puppy and will receive regular reports on the puppy’s training.

Widnes teen dies in crash by Michaela Shaw

Tributes have been pouring in from friends and family of a Widnes teenager who was involved in an accident on his motorbike. Jack Belllis, 19, of Widnes has died today following a road accident that occurred at approximately 11pm on Sunday night. Details of the crash are currently unknown. Following the accident and

Jack’s death, more than 50 people have taken to the social networking site Facebook to pay tribute. Nick Ramsden wrote: “I’m going to miss you mate, things just aren’t going to be the same anymore. You are a brilliant best mate, we all miss you.’ Shiv Hughes also wrote: “You were an amazing and such a heartfelt guy. Your family couldn’t have asked for a better son.”

Fight against fire cuts by Eoghain Mc Kane

A petition has been launched to stop budgets being cut for Merseyside Fire and Rescue. The petition set up and backed by local MP Luciana Berger was created after the cuts were announced for December. The move will decrease the budget even after it has already been reduced twice by 14% in the past two years. Merseyside Fire and Rescue have the worst grant settlement of any UK service since 2005. The government is also indicating further significant grant reductions. This in turn could lead to fire station closures, less fire-fighters, and fewer fire appliances for the firemen. Luciana Berger has praised the fire fighters as, “dedicated, committed professionals who put their live on the line every day for our safety. They deserve the support from the government, not further deeper cuts that will risk people’s lives.” With more than 2,600 signatures already on the petition it has been re-tweeted many times

already by celebrities. The awareness is growing, and Merseyside Fire Rescue services have decided to put a written petition to all their own community fire stations for people to sign. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority Chair Councillor Dave Hanratty said: “I would urge everyone in Merseyside to add their names to the petition. As we have seen from previous petitions on important subjects the people’s voice can make a real difference.” With a lot of signatures already Hanratty believes: “Your voice can make a difference. Now it’s time to show your support.” Over the past two years there has been £9million of cuts in government grant funding to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. In December there will be a grant funding announcement where the cut in funding for 2013 to 2015 will be announced. Hanratty said: “It is the vulnerable and poor who will be most affected. I would urge everyone in Merseyside and further afield to sign the petition.”


Liverpool MP joins Commons rail debate

by Calum Metcalfe

A fierce and heated debate in the House of Commons on Monday saw Merseyside MP Maria Eagle describe the current West Coast route debacle as a ‘complete and utter shambles’. The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport said the government is ‘pouring money down the drain’. When asked about how she felt Conservative cabinet member Patrick McLoughlin had handled the West Coast route bid, Miss Eagle said: “It’s a complete and all round mess, and it’s a very costly mess, which is going to cost the tax payer at least £40 million and probably a lot more.

OPPOSED “It’s left the Department of Transport and the franchising policy in chaos and there’ll be a short term impact on the possibility of passengers getting the improvements that they have been promised.” The Labour MP for Garston and Halewood,who is known to be heavily opposed to unregulated privatisation of the UK’s railway industry, strongly criticised McLoughlin’s recent actions as Britain’s Transport Secretary: “One thing is certain, his Government’s changes in franchising policy, along with the way that they have cut staff in the Department for Transport, means that they have appeared to have left the department lacking the capability to run franchise competitions.” When a question was put to her about how the Department for Transport’s mishandling of the bid would affect travellers in her

own constituency, Eagle said that the people in Liverpool may not be too badly affected in the short term, but warned that as Liverpool commuters regularly travel on the West Coast Line, there will now be an ‘extended period of uncertainty in which we’ll have had three competitions for this one franchise.’ The Shadow cabinet member also drew speculation on Mr McLoughlin’s estimations of the costs to the taxpayer which have come out of the fiasco: “We could end up paying for trains to three different owners and the huge amounts of costs going down the drain could have been used on improvements to stations, extra services and cutting rail fares. “There have been much higher estimates other than the one that’s been admitted in government and in newspapers about what the overall cost must be.” In the House of Commons Mr McLoughlin defended Monday’s decision to allow Virgin and not the state-owned company, Directly Owned Railways to continue to run the West Coast line for another nine to 13 months. “Since privatisation (of the UK’s railways) the number of passenger miles travelled has nearly doubled, this growth brings significant benefits to the country’s economy and the environment, relieving congestion and improving connectivity for businesses, commuters and leisure travelers. “Passenger satisfaction is up and so is punctuality. I want this to continue “I am committed to seeing that passengers on the West Coast Line see no impact as a result to these mistakes,” he said.

Maria Eagle criticised the bid in the House of Commons calling it ‘a complete and costly mess’. ©flikr.com

Parties name candidates as Council wins commissioner race hots up compensation for exam error by Scott Fitzpatrick

With the inaugural Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside elections looming, the major political parties have announced their candidates. Liberal Democrat Paula Keaveney, Conservative Geoffrey Gubb and Labour’s Jane Kennedy will all stand in the election, alongside independent candidate Kiron Reid and Paul Rimmer of the English Democrats. Some of the candidates have a political pedigree as Mrs Kennedy is a former Labour MP, Mr Reid was a councillor for Anfield for nine years and Ms Keaveney was only recently voted out of her seat in Cressington. Others are still new to politics. Mr Reid said: “We should be targeting repeat victims to see what protection we can give them. We also need to keep track of offenders and encourage them not to re-offend. “In areas such as St Helens and Southport we have to work with the community and encourage people to come together. “ Mr Reid, now a Law lecturer at the University of Liverpool, was not the only candidate to see crime prevention as a key focus, as Mr Rimmer agreed, although he did stress the importance of

dealing with thefts and combatting crime from an early age. Mr Rimmer said: “Thefts have to be a priority. There is a lot of crime in parts of the inner cities, such as in Toxteth and Wavertree. Burglars are more likely to target places like Southport and Formby as there is more money in these areas, whereas the inner cities are poorer.” He added: “We need to ensure proper policing measures combined with the right strategies in schools.” Ms Keaveney, however, emphasised the importance of fighting against a fear of crime as well as crime prevention. She said: “Even if reports of crimes drop, it is still important to focus on the fear of crime, if you are an elderly woman and are too scared of crime to go out, it is like being under house arrest. “It is also important to look after people who might be at risk and find out what could be pushing them towards crime.” Conservative candidate Geoff Gubb said: “I would like to add my support to families fighting for justice. The community is begging for more visible policing so I would like to make sure more police are on the streets. “Being Police and Crime Commissioner is about supporting the

by Rory O’Reilly

Canning street Police HQ, but who will be in charge? ©sixeightthree/flickr.com police and being transparent with the community.” The final candidate, the former MP Jane Kennedy, believed that her experience would be beneficial in her campaign. She said: “I have worked with the police force in Northern Ireland as Security Minister from 2001-2005, which means I have

experience in a similar role. “The position requires trust and a mutual understanding. I was always publicly accountable. “The police cannot make communities safer on their own.” The Police and Crime Commissioner, when elected on 15th November, will be in office for four years.

Wirral Council has confirmed that they have received compensation from GL Assessment for marking errors in last year’s 11 plus examinations. Last year Wirral school children were wrongly denied a place in grammar schools across the city after a marking error by examiners. Six pupils were told they had not made the grade to attend their first choice grammar schools. A statement from Wirral Council said: “Following this issue, we reviewed the company’s quality assurance procedures, and received assurances that these processes would be followed. We also received a compensation package.”

REMARKS Julia Hassall, Acting Director of Children’s Services, said: “When it came to our attention that an error had occurred in the marking of these tests, we took appropriate action to ensure that the pupils affected were not disadvantaged, and received a place at the appropriate schools.” Parents of the pupils contacted Wirral Council asking for remarks.

Birkenhead town hall ©Rob_by/flickr.com

Their suspicions were eventually confirmed when examiners realised there had been a mistake. The pupils were given their correct grade and they were able to attend their first choice grammar school. Gill Gwatkin, Press Officer at Wirral Council said: “At the moment GL Assessment have been very up front and taken full responsibility for their actions.” The errors occurred again this year when 1600 pupils across four schools had to be given two extra marks when two rogue questions appeared in the 11 plus tests.


LifeCommunities Spooky welly walk for cancer

New JMU art award arrives

Liverpool based charity aims to raise £30,000 for lung cancer research with a spooky welly walk in Sefton Park. The Roy Castle Lung Foundation charity is holding a two mile family walk with trick or treat stands and spooky activities to enjoy on the route. Juice FM will be there supporting the event by having event. The event organiser, Dan Halliday, told JMU journalism: “More people are affected by lung cancer in Liverpool than any other part of the UK, so it’s great to be able to hold a family event in the city. “Sefton Park is a great location as it’s an iconic park in Liverpool which is great for families and perfect to hold a Spooky Welly Walk!” The children can dress up to match the spooky theme and trick and treat event with all proceeds going to lung cancer research. Mr Halliday said: “We are hoping to raise £30,000 from the event, which will help to fund lung cancer research, to provide support to patients and to prevent lung cancer by helping people to quit smoking.” The spooky welly walk will be held in Sefton Park on Saturday 20th October. Registration price for adults is £5, for children under 16-yearsold is £3 and for children under four-years-old is free.

A new international art award has been launched by Liverpool John Moores University to distinguish a flurry of emerging talent in contemporary art criticism. The ‘John Moores Critic Awards’ were launched on Thursday 20 September in Liverpool and Shanghai to provide an international platform for budding critics in both countries to connect with their audiences and arts communities. The Award will run in tandem with the John Moores Painting Prize, one of the most revered events in the British art world as part of this year’s Liverpool Biennial at the Walker Art Gallery. Chair of the Organising Committee for the Critic Awards, Henry Hughes thinks there’s a distinct lack of prizes for people who write about art and hopes the awards will encourage emerging talent, he told JMU Journalism: “There are very many prizes for artists and a few for museums people and curators, but individuals who write about art almost always get left out. The UK award closes on Sunday 28 October and winners will be publicly announced at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Friday 16 November.

by Hannah Ashraf

Do food price ri

by Joshua Nevett

Shoppers at a Liverpool produce market stall

Summit to tackle global food issues Minister and officials are meeting in Rome today to discuss the current global food situation. As World Food Day is marked across the globe, the meeting is likely to focus on the high food prices across the world and addressing any fundamental causes. It will see a round of UN-hosted talks on how to keep global food prices in check and help prevent future commodity market crises. October 16th was named World Food Day in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture

Organisation of the United Nations in 1945. At the FAO’s 20th session in Rome, Italy, in November 1979, the conference called for the observance of World Food Day on October 16, 1981, and on the same date each year. In 1980, the General Assembly endorsed observance of the Day in consideration of the fact that “food is a requisite for human survival and well-being and a fundamental human necessity” The aim of the World Food Day is to heighten public awareness of the world food problem and

strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations is holding a week-long meeting, which is made up of UN officials, farming experts and civil society representatives. The meeting is aimed at leaders of political and non-political organizations at all levels and at increasing press attention on topical issues around food supply. French Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll will host talks focusing on pric-

es and at least 36 ministers are expected to attend the meeting in Italy today. The meeting is likely to focus on three issues: transparency of the market, limiting price volatility and the possibility of creating and managing stocks in the most vulnerable countries. Thierry Kesteloor, an expert on food security at the charity group Oxfam International said the coming week was likely to see “a declaration of intentions rather than a real effort to the relaunch the political process”. The UN General Assem-

bly designated 2012 as the ‘International Year of Cooperatives’ which coincides with the theme for World Food Day: “Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world”. This theme has been chosen to highlight the role of cooperatives in improving food security and contributing to the eradication of world hunger. Since 1982, World Food Day has adopted a different theme each year, in order to highlight an areas needed for action and provide a common focus.

Wet summer is a real washout UK food prices have increased by 32% between 2007 and 2012. Britain’s farmers have faced the worst possible conditions this year as the wettest early summer in the UK was recorded and the severe drought early on in the year. These climates were devastating yields and leaving crops prone to disease. Wheat was the crop worst hit by the heavy rainfall, with a 14% fall in yields, according to the National Farmers’ Union. Last week the NFU revealed that wheat yields in

England are down by almost 15% on the five year average, with productivity down to 1980s levels. The USA has seen its worst drought in 50 years while Russia has experienced a heatwave and Eastern Europe has had a bad harvest. All this means that global food prices rose by 1.4 percent in September as cereals, meat and dairy prices climbed, according to FAO’s Food Price Index. Some experts argue that the

situation is nothing as bad as it was four years ago when droughts hit food production hard, sending prices to record highs. Prices are measured against expectations, and harvests have not been as bad as many had feared and stocks are in better shape. This week cash-strapped consumers were warned to expect further food price rises as a result of the drought in the US and the washed out UK summer that have affected the supply and quality of crops.

Satterthwaites shuts down after 100yrs of baking

Satterthwaites served Bootle for over 100yrs ©Satterthwaites

by Jamie Allen After more than 100 years of trading Satterthwaites bakery closed its doors this weekend and handed their keys over to administrators. The bakery was due to shut down seven stores across Bootle and Crosby resulting in the loss of 70 jobs. Owner, Roger Wilson, 71, who is the grandson of the original owners Walter and Miriam Satterthwaite, talked of his disappointment in having to close down. He told JMU Journalism: “I was devastated because we had been hoping against hope that we were going to be able to weather the difficult trading conditions experienced last year.” Mr Wilson announced last month that the company was looking for buyers to potentially save the business but none

were forthcoming. He said: “It became clear that we should seek a buyer, but although there were several interested parties we were not able to reach agreement with any.” Roger’s earliest memory of the company was in 1946 and, although working as a deep ocean marine chemist for 30 years, he has been in daily contact with the business. He said: “I only returned to Crosby and Satterthwaites about 20 years ago, so I haven’t been in charge for that long compared to my grandparents.” He thanked the customers and staff the company had had over the past century, stressing that he tried his hardest to find a buyer. Wilson believes that many small businesses will also suffer.

s f r y ”. n e d r. d n d s.

rises leave you with a bitter taste? Liverpool Life reporting team Alice Kirkland Tara Lamb Hannah Ashraf Lauren Kelly Paul Collins Rachael Bentham Calum Metcalfe

As World Food Day is celebrated around the globe, Liverpool Life investigates... What does 8% hike mean for a pan of Spag Bol?

October 2012 Tesco Everyday Value Beef Mince 500G- £1.56 1 onion- 19p Tesco Everyday Value Chopped Tomatoes 400G- 31p Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti 500G- 30p Tesco White Mushrooms 230G- 85p Tesco Dried Oregano 14G75p Tesco Grated Parmesan Cheese 50G- £1.25

Total= £5.21 October 2013 Tesco Everyday Value Beef Mince 500G- £1.68= Increase of 12p 1 onion- 20p= Increase of 1p Tesco Everyday Value Chopped Tomatoes 400G- 33p = Increase of 2p Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti 500G- 32p= Increase of 2p Tesco White Mushrooms 230G= 91p Increase of 6p Tesco Dried Oregano 14G81p= Increase of 6p Tesco Grated Parmesan Cheese 50G- £1.35= Increase of 10p

Total= £5.60

Independent food retailers are struggling to survive against the battle of rising food prices, the superstore supermarkets and the gloom and doom of the recession. Liverpool’s independent butchers, groceries and fish mongers are facing a massive decline in customers, as the public flock to the four supermarket megastores Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. St John’s butchers have been forced to compete with the leading retail brands. Their butcher, Rebecca Green, 18, Liverpool, said: “I think it’s a bad thing. It affects business, as less people are willing to pay that much for food. We’ve had a decline in customers. Less people are coming out to shop so we’re making less money.” Out of the UK’s 8151 supermarkets account for over 97% of total grocery sales and 76% of groceries are sold by the four biggest supermarket retailers. The greengrocer of Clayton Square, Mark Smith, 39, Anfield, said: “The customers can’t afford our prices, so we don’t get as many customers now. I’ve had to put the price up on most of my produce. It’s dearer now so no one will buy them. I’ve noticed a rise in prices in the supermarkets too. They’re going through the roof!” The combination of the summer’s bad weather and poor harvests has contributed to the 35% increase of fruit and vegetable prices. Mr Smith said: “At the minute I

Word on the street

know potatoes are dearer, all the veggies are dearer due to the rain over the summer. The farmers can’t get the tractors on the fields so that’s the reason for putting the prices up.” With the rise in fruit, vegetable and grain prices, this has a knock of effect on prices of meat, as there are fewer crops to feed the animals. The hot dog van of Clayton Square’s owner, Eileen Reverned, 29, Anfield, said: “I’ve noticed a price increase in meat the most, but everything has gone up. The rise in food prices is terrible. People aren’t getting paid enough to be able to afford food. It’s ridiculous. I’m spending as much as £30 to £40 more on my weekly shop” This dramatic increase in food prices is believed to cause a disaster for public health, with low income houses not being able to afford fruit or vegetables.

“I tend to look more for the bargains and own brands now” Denise Bailey, North Wales

“I just don’t buy as much as I used to as I haven’t got the money to do it” Debbie Lavender, North Wales

Fruit and veg prices are expected to rise 10-15% by 2013

Hollyoaks star’s marathon effort for food campaign Former Hollyoaks star Emma Rigby was to take part in Save the Children’s World Marathon Challenge today for World Food Day. The World Marathon Challenge is a simultaneous relay in which teams of 11 to 13-year-olds from across the globe raced against each other over the full marathon distance. More than 20,000 children from 500 schools and 40 countries

across the world have today competed against each other in a relay event, aiming to smash the current world record. They raised awareness of the millions of children who don’t have enough food to eat. The World Marathon Challenge first started five years ago at Helsby High School in Cheshire, through George Bunner MBE, founder of Sportshall Athletics.

Save the Children joined forces with Sportshall in 2011 to take the event around the world and link it to the worldwide campaign for child survival. Emma started the race today at Willesden Sports Centre in London and will be appearing alongside double Olympic 400 metres medalist Christine Ohuruogu who won the 50th gold medal in this year’s Olympics.


“I think the government need to look at everything; food, fuel. We’re one of the dearest countries to live in at the moment” Lisa Dooler, Liverpool, 38, florist

Festival marks city’s science heritage by Rachael Bentham The first ever Liverpool Knowledge Festival began this week to celebrate the city’s discoveries that have helped in shaping science and engineering in modern times. Liverpool has a £1 billion knowledge economy which currently includes planned developments in the knowledge quarter, such as a £451m teaching hospital, a £350m University of Liverpool investment, and a £28 bio-innovation centre. The city has discoveries attributed to it from as far back as 300

years ago when Toxteth amateur astrologer Jeremiah Horrocks was the first to note that the moon moved around the earth in an elliptical orbit. Other influential discoveries include the creation of the first ever radio transmission and medical x-ray, work on fertility and IVF, and the role played in the Higgs Boson particle and cancer treatment. The two-week celebration take places from 13th-27th October and will involve a mayoral knowledge summit for businesses, the launch of the British Society for Nanomedicine, lectures,

family events and celebrations of young scientists from schools across the region. Activities include a dockwatch organised by John Moores University and the Maritime Museum which will give families the chance to watch and touch real underwater sea life at the Albert Dock. The festival is being organised by the three city universities, Liverpool Science Park, the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals and Liverpool Vision. A vote for knowledge will be held as part of the events where readers can vote for the most

influential man or woman who has done the most through their knowledge to make the world a better place and be named a knowledge hero. The first ever Professor of Sports Science in the UK, LJMU’s Tom Reilly, is one of the nominees. He passed away in 2009. Liverpool Vision Chief Executive Max Steinberg said: “We talk about the Beatles as four lads who shook the world. “Our global impact across the worlds of everything from astronomy and physics to medicine has been no less revolutionary

– and that’s the point that we are making.” “The city’s knowledge economy is worth more than £1 billion a year and the impact of the work carried out reaches every corner of the globe. “We want our own people to feel proud of our tradition as scientific pioneers and innovators and we want to inspire a new generation to work and invest in the Liverpool knowledge economy.” For more information and the full event listings please visit the official website for the event at: www.itsliverpool.com


I’ve performed in front of millions but I get nervous in front of my family Mel C talks to Liverpool Life’s Hayley Minn, pictured,about her new role as Mary

With Jesus Christ Superstar coming to Liverpool tonight, Melanie Chisolm, also known as Mel C, spoke to Liverpool Life about her role as Mary Magdalene, performing at the Olympics and being a mother. “I’m very excited about tonight’s performance. This is a very special one for me. Obviously, this is my home city, so I’m going to have loads of friends and loads of family in, so I’ll probably be more nervous than on some shows, where I don’t know so many people in the audience. I know that a Liverpool crowd will be a fantastic crowd” Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show, Jesus Christ Superstar, first started in Broadway in October 1971, and, as part of a tour for 2012, is at the Echo Arena tonight. Affectionately known as Sporty Spice by her Spice Girl fans, Melanie will be performing in a company of 50, including Chris Moyles and comedian Tim Minchin. She told Liverpool Life: “It’s really different working in a cast to working in Spice Girls. As there’s so many of us on stage, it’s brilliant, because you’re like one big happy family, and, although that’s what touring is always like, with the girls it would be us girls, we’d have our dancers and we’d have the band. With this, it’s more like everybody is part of one team. I’ve made loads of new

friends, and I’m learning so much, because it’s quite different to be playing a role, rather than just being yourself up there.” The role of Jesus, in the show, was chosen through an ITV show, ‘Superstar’, for which Melanie was a judge. The winner was Ben Forster and, on whether it was strange working with someone that she helped choose, she told Liverpool Life: “I know Ben so well now, and he’s such a fantastic performer and we’re really good mates, so I just feel really comfortable with him.” With Spice Girls being one of the biggest girl bands of all time, Melanie, along with her other four band members, Emma Bunton, Geri Haliwell, Victoria Beckham and Melanie Brown, was asked to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. She told Liverpool Life: “It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my career, and I think all of the girls would agree. It was so much fun; so exciting, and the reaction internationally was so overwhelming. We just feel really lucky that people are still out there supporting us. It’s amazing.” Melanie went on to explain that juggling her role as a mother to 3-year-old Scarlet and her career is what she finds her biggest challenge, having recently had to spend 11 days away from her. “It’s hard when you’re touring,

because usually, if I’m working on my own stuff, I can cater to my own life, but because I’m in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production he’s my boss now, so I have to do what he wants me to do! What this has taught me is that if I am going to continue to tour, then I think she has to be with me, because it’s just too long to be away. She does come up to see me, and I pop back to see her, but I miss her a lot.” Melanie’s new album, ‘Stages’, is an album of musical theatre covers, that she performed throughout her school years, and for auditions. The first single from the album, ‘I Know Him So Well’, features Melanie’s old bandmate, Emma Bunton. On perfoming with Emma again, Melanie said: “I absolutely loved it. I love spending time with her. She’s one of my closest friends, and singing with her is quite emotional, because it makes us reminisce back to the Spice Girls days, and it’s very much the Spice Girls sound.” “Our voices work so well together, and we did a lot of songs together in the Spice Girls. It’s really nice. We’ve got loads of TV performances coming up, so we’re just looking forward to hanging out and having some fun.” Having gone to an arts school

when she was 16, Melanie spoke of how she wanted to do this album, as she always loved musical theatre, but working in pop music had taken over her life for the last 16 year, so she had never got round to making it. She told Liverpool Life that it was a big task covering such big songs, but her album producer, Peter Vetesse, sat down with her and discussed what songs should go on it. “I’m really lucky in the way that my voice is quite distinctive, and I think, especially because some of these songs are so well known and so well loved, it’s really scary, especially with Joni Mitchell songs. Me and Peter just listened to loads of stuff, picked what we liked, and just tried to put our own spin on it, and make our own little definitive version.” One of Melanie’s next big ambitions

A splash of colour is set to descend on New Brighton as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat comes to the Floral Pavilion at the end of the month. Starring Keith Jack, who came second in the BBC’s ‘Any Dream Will Do’ competition in 2007, the audience can expect a crash of drums and a flash of light as the historical biblical story comes to life on stage. Joseph was first shown in 1968 in Hammersmith. 44 years later, having been performed by amateur and professional companies worldwide, the production now incorporates a children’s choir with a prominent role in the story. The show will be in town between the 30th October to the 4th November. Tickets cost between £24 and £26 and are available from the Floral Pavilion box office.

is to tour with a big band. “I’m hoping that people enjoy this album, and if it goes well, it would be nice to go on a concert tour. “I also want to do an ‘Evening with…’ kind of show, which would be quite different to what I usually do. “The plan is to keep making music, keep performing, keep doing more theatre, and see where that takes me.” Melanie’s album, ‘Stages’, is out now, and her new single, ‘I Know Him So Well’, featuring Emma Bunton, will be out on November 11th. In the final leg of its tour, Jesus Christ Superstar will be at Wembley Arena, London, the Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, and the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield. Tickets are still available for these shows via the official Jesus Christ Superstar website.

Jesus Christ Superstar Timeline September 1969: Jesus Christ Superstar begins its life as a rock album March 1970: First Mary Magdalene is selected 1972: Sweden, Austrailia and the West End open stage performances 1983:First tour comes to Manchester July 2012: ITV show ‘Superstar’ begins it’s search for Jesus

Andrew Lloyd Webber




Dressed to kill in city of style By Vanessa Gainford Last night Liverpool set out to celebrate its fourth Fashion Week. Guests were greeted by 4 giant puppets of The Beatles and Goldie Cheung a contestant from last year’s X-factor series. The event was held in the Leo Casino and the event just oozed glamour. As the catwalks commenced the men began to gamble and the women fought their way to sit on the front row. The show was opened by 80’s singer Sinitta along with girls on the catwalk sporting the “Liverpool look” which earlier this year director, Amanda Moss, banned from Fashion Week. The girls wore Scouse brows, rollers in their hair and were in their pyjamas holding cigarettes. Sinitta said: “This is not what Liverpool fashion week is about.” Then the music began and a quote from John Lennon was played over the speakers as the first designs graced the catwalk. “Those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands the rest of you just rattle your jewellery.” The event was hosted by Angela from Heart Radio, who told the fashion lovers that, a recent survey put Liverpool ahead of London as the most fashionable city in the UK. All models sported their hair in a side pony tail with a smoky eye look and the first show was from the UK’s fastest growing seller, Boohoo. Black and gold are definitely the top colours for the winter trend, anything that sparkles, goes. For casual looks keep it neutral and natural and accessorise with fur. It’s clear from the catwalks that

it is acceptable to mix summer trends in with your winter clothes. The next catwalk was for Pretty Little Thing, the gothic look is very much in here; leather, studs , sheer fabric, , crosses , the biggest shoe boots you have ever seen and Ozzy Osbourne style glasses. Pearl boutiques designs were next on the catwalk. Detail is everything with this designer, from pearl necklines and lace sleeves. The designs were very much “dare to bare” as models wore leather jackets with their bras on show, hot pants and plunging necklines. One particular red floor length dress stole the show. After only two months in the industry designer Gemma launched her collection for Sempre Bella, she said; “Fashion is there, day in day out.” For her collection it was all about shapes accentuating the female figure. Military designs and shades of nude and black played a key part. There was a short performance by local talent Poisonous Twin, who made it through to the judges houses in Vegas of this year’s X Factor. The duet performed covers of Lady gaga and Lana del Ray They told JMU Journalism “Our performance we were unsure of but we are sure of the designs. We love the long dresses and sparkling bodices, so glamorous.” The next designer to debut her collection was Patty who’s designs are all hand made. Her designs are very light and about being ‘glamorous and girly’. Her collection featured feather skirts, sweetheart necklines, floor length dresses and jewelled necklines. Patty also hand made the dress Sinitta wore to the event, the singer later asked if she could

Liverpool singer Christopher Maloney has survived for another week as the public voted for him to stay on X Factor. The judges gave a mixed review of his performance of Heart song ‘Alone’ – having called him “too cheesy” last week with judge Louis Walsh also branding him a “backstage diva”. Judge Nicole Scherzinger said: “I’ll take the cheeseburger as long as it’s filled with a performance that shows the song means something to you and you did that. It was effortless.” Walsh was harsher still, telling the



21st October: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – O2 Academy, 7.00pm Following the release of his debut album ‘Trouble’, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs goes on tour. Tickets £12 online from: http://www.ticketweb. co.uk

19th-28th October: Southport Comedy Festival 2012 – Venues across Southport Over 40 comedians, from around the world, including Roy Walker and Patrick Monahan, will descend on to the lovely seaside town for 10 days of hilarity. Tickets Free to £13.50 from http://www.southportcomedyfestival.com/diary.html

The Proclaimers – The Liverpool Philharmonic, 7.30pm 26 years after the twin brothers released their first album, they return for their tour. Tickets £24.50-£30.50 online from http://www.liverpoolphil.com 23rd October: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Guild, 7pm Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’ Benjamin Francis Leftwich plays The Liverpool Guild of Students. Tickets £12 online from http://www.ticketweb. co.uk

Sanita, pictured left, stutting her stuff on the catwalk at Fashion week keep the dress. She said: “London is first in fashion but Liverpool is definitely second, it is definitely an inspirational city. The girls are so into fashion, they go to the shops in heels and look fabulous. It is so surreal.” There was a short performance by Liverpool band FTW, who covered Rita Ora’s hit single, Party. Henri Lloyd was next to hit the catwalk, this collection was all about being cosy and comfy, natural colours were definitely a key trend. Millie J shoes showcased her designs at the back of the event. She dedicates all her work to her

artistic brother who passed away; her aim is to incorporate art into shoes. She said; “My designs are for people who want to stand out, they’re hand made, and are made for you. Jodie Marsh has worn a pair; it’s basically about summing up your personality in a pair of shoes. Illumani jeans launched their first collection for last night’s finale, it is safe to say that the attention was off the jeans and on the bodies. Especially when female models graced the catwalk in nothing but hot pants carrying snakes. The event closed with a performance from Wenlock music.

‘Cheesy’ Maloney safe on X Factor By Hayley Minn

What’s On...

34-year-old: “It was very cruise ship; very cabaret. It was a lazy song choice, and that little bit too cheesy for me.” Maloney’s mentor, Gary Barlow, defended his act saying: “Don’t listen to these guys. You are perfect just as you are.” The Liverpudlian responded to the comments about his song choice, saying that he and Barlow decided that ‘Alone’ would be the “perfect song for this week’s love and heartbreak theme”. The Sunday results show also saw former X Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson perform her new single, ‘Backtrack’. She said she was supporting Christopher Maloney, Christopher Maloney belts it out . © Ken McKay/Thames/Rex Features as he was a fellow Scouser.

3rd November: MOBO Awards – Echo, 7pm £29-£100 The MOBO Awards will have performances from the likes of Conor Maynard and Labrinth. Tickets £29-£100 from http://www.echoarena.com

Theatre 30th October-4th Nov: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – Floral Pavilion, Starring Keith Jack, who was one of the most popular finalists in the hit BBC series Any Dream Will Do. Tickets £24-£26 from http://www.floralpavilion. com 7th-10th November: The Sound of Music – Liverpool Empire, 7.30pm Originally opening on Broadway in 1959, this was Rodgers & Hammerstein’s final musical, and tells the story of Maria, who is sent to be the governess for the von Trapp family’s seven children. Tickets £11.90-£26.90 from http://www.atgtickets.com

22nd-24th November: Michael Mcintyre – Echo Arena, 8pm Star of Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Britain’s Got Talent and winner of the 2010 British Comedy Award for Best Male TV Comic, Michael McIntyre returns to the road for his third and biggest UK arena tour to date. Tickets £35 from https:// www.ticketing.accliverpool. com

Fashion 18th October: Liverpool Fashion Live – Pan Am, 7pm-1am The event will host catwalk shows from top fashion designers to local brands, and will include live entertainment from musicians, dance acts and talented new performance artists. Tickets £10-£30 from http://liverpoolfashionlive. eventbrite.com/#

Charity 26th October: Mersey Walk of Hope - Albert Docks, 8pm-Midnight The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity is joining forces with Liverpool Unites for Alder Hey to organise the second Mersey Walk of Hope. Registration£5-£10 a t h t t p : / / w w w . clatterbridgecc.org.uk/ events/booking/

Festival 19th-21st October: The North West Food Lovers Festival – Tatton Park, Knutsford, 10am-7pm With over 120 delicious food and drink stalls selling the best produce available from across the region, this year’s festival will bring a feast of fun to all the family. Tickets £3.50-£5.50 at the door 28th October: Halloween Lantern Carnival – Sefton Park, 5.30pm9.30pm - Free entry

Cheryl Cole shines at the Echo Arena by Steph Niciu

Pop songstress Cheryl Cole put on a spectacular show as she brought her ‘A Million Lights’ tour to the Echo Arena last night. Cheryl, 29, made her entrance in style, as she swan-dived into a production filled with bright lights and fireworks, wearing a shimmering gold outfit that highlighted her figure. She kicked proceedings off with the song ‘Sexy Den a Mutha’. After which, she launched into the lead single from her album, the Calvin Harris produced track ‘Call My Name’ which didn’t fail to get the party started. From then on, the hits just kept coming, from all three of her solo albums, songs included: ‘Girl in the Mirror’, ‘Promise This’ and ‘The Flood’. Cheryl also treated fans to some Girls Aloud classics, which got an excitable shriek from the audience, no doubt as the band

is days away from re-uniting for their ten year anniversary, she treated them to ‘The Promise’, ‘Biology’ and ‘Love Machine’. Other highlights included ‘Ghetto Baby’ which saw the fomer X Factor judge in a saucy routine with her backing dancer boyfriend, 27-year-old Tre Holloway. She showed her appreciation for her Liverpudlian fans throughout the show, saying: “I love Scousers” and that they were “just like Geordies… the salt of the Earth”. She continued her interaction by walking through the audience to a smaller stand-alone stage which allowed her to see and wave to her excitable and screaming fans much more easily. Known for her fashion, Cheryl didn’t overwhelm the audience with too many costume changes but kept her choices to a minimum with four in total. From a dark grey peplum dress to a floor length purple gown, such simple choices

were picked well as they high lighted her beauty but didn’t distract from her performance. Performance-wise Cheryl is not known for being a strong singer and this was made even more evident as she used a mixture of live and pre-recorded vocals. Even though the production around her was of a very good standard, her lack of vocal ability made this element of the show fairly middle ground and mediocre. Another disappointment was that the concert lasted only an hour and 15 minutes, something which could have been made longer if she had more material at her disposal. All in all, for her first solo headline tour, fans of Cheryl wouldn’t have been disappointed by the show and she did her best. It was a production that she put every effort into even if it wasn’t perfect throughout. A born trier, the Arena is sure to see her back very soon.

“Cheryl also treated fans to some Girls Aloud classics, which got an excitable shriek from the audience, no doubt as the band is days away from re-uniting for their ten year anniversary.”

Interactive Game, ‘Deadline’ at Biennial A group of emerging artists are trying to change people’s perception of art by creating a daylong interactive game, ‘Deadline’, as part of the Biennial. The director, Tamsin Cook, is a Liverpool John Moores University graduate, and was chosen to have a six month internship on Hope Street Limited’s emerging artists’ programme. She told JMU Journalism: ‘We’re all selected artists from around the area. We all had auditions, a nd had to show our portfolios. There’s a team of designers, actors, filmmakers, stage managers, a production manager, creative producer, and I’m the director.’ ‘Deadline’ is an interactive action game, which will be played across Liverpool on Saturday. Participants will be in teams

of ten, and will have to find clues across the city, and meet a deadline in order to win; all while being chased by assassins, dressed in red headscarfs and holding black umbrellas. Tamsin told JMU Journalism: ‘The live action roleplay is a really expanding form, and people are getting in to it. We did a rehearsal the other day, and made the actors play the game, and the production team set up some clues. They loved it; they went absolutely mad. They found the assassins so eerie.’ With ‘Deadline’ being part of the Biennial, the nine teams will have to fight to find clues within other pieces of art from the other various Biennial exhibitions. Tamsin told JMU Journalism: ‘I’m really excited about the art, as the Biennial has procured some really good spaces this year, and what we’re trying to do is intro-

Carol Ann Duffy unveils new poem for Hillsborough by Hannah Ashraf

Liverpool Cathedral has welcomed the work of poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s sonnet which is inspired by the Hillsborough report. The poem called “Liverpool” was written to mark the day of disclosure of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report and is on display at Liverpool Cathedral. Stuart Haynes, director of communications for Liverpool Cathedral, said: “The poem is a very good representation of the feelings felt in Liverpool; it does not just refer to feelings or emotions in the abstract, but to some very real moments that form a lot of people’s memories of Hillsborough.” The Cathedral which held the Hillsborough memorial service in 1989, features a memorial stone in the grounds and the Hillsborough Disclosure took place there this September. Mr Haynes said: “It seemed natural that the poem should go on display here. It acknowledges the pain felt, and it is also a testament to the hard work put in over the years by the families and the people of this city to see justice done. Having the poem as a focus for those who come to specifically reflect on Hillsborough is a great comfort for many.”

The University of Liverpool philosophy graduate, Ms Duffy, was granted her poet laureate position by the Queen in May 2009. Her poems expose society’s problems with violence, identity and oppression and are included in her first Standing Female Nude collection. The spokesperson said: “The public have really welcomed the artwork to the Cathedral, as has the Bishop. Many people have come to the Cathedral specially, to see it in the Memorial Chapel.” A copy of the poem is available to buy at the Cathedral shop for £7.95 with all proceeds going to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

Poet Carol Ann Duffy

Gary Barlow announces solo tour

Gary Barlow will be playing in Liverpool in January

Cheryl Cole performing live © Official Cheryl website

by Hayley Minn


duce people to the art in a new and exciting way. Deadline is not exactly theatre in a theatre setting, but it’s peppered with theatrical intervention, and multimedia in some places, that our filmmakers have been working on.’ Graduating with a First in Drama in May, Tamsin told JMU Journalism why this internship was right for her. ‘JMU are really supportive to graduates throughout the city. It works differently for different people, but, for me, this is a step between university and the professional world. For me, people will only pay you if you have experience, and this is a really good way of getting that and meeting new people.’ ‘Deadline’ starts at 11am on Saturday 20th October at Everton Park. Tickets are £5 from www.liverpoolbiennial.co.uk Interactive Game at Biennial

by Lauren Kelly Gary Barlow yesterday announced his plans to do a solo tour over the next three months. Somehow managing to balance his X-Factor commitments around the new tour, the Head X-Factor judge and Take That singer/songwriter will perform around the UK and Ireland.

Following the success of his solo tour last year, the Take That singer wrote on Twitter last night that he was really excited to kick it off in November. Barlow will perform at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall in January, however given his recent tantrums in this year’s X-Factor, nobody knows how popular the tour will be this time around.

Rovers’ flying start continues by Rory Kelly

Tranmere Rovers came back from 2-0 down against Yeovil Town to win 3-2, and extend their unbeaten start to season. Goals from on-loan striker Paddy Madden and Sam Foley gave Yeovil a deserved 2-0 lead, but goals from captain James Wallace, Jake Cassidy and Danny Holmes earned Tranmere the three points. Tranmere keeper Owain Fon-Williams had to be at his best throughout, denying Madden and strike partner James Hayter on several occasions. The Rovers keeper had rushed back from International duty with Wales to play in the game, before linking up with the Wales squad afterwards.


Everton Ladies coach Marley steps down to take FA job by Tara Lamb Everton ladies manager Mo Marley resigned from her post as Everton ladies manager last week. Mo, an ex Everton captain, took over as manager in 2002 from her husband Keith. Since joining as manager, Marley has helped Everton ladies gain silverware in the 2008 FA Women’s Premier League Cup and in the 2012 Women’s FA cup. She was recognised for service to women’s football in 2005 with an MBE and in 2001 became England under 19 coach – a role she will now continue with. Reaction to Marley’s decision to resign was shown on social network site Twitter as players express their admiration to their boss. Everton and England defender

Lindsay Johnson tweeted:“Sad news today…Mo stepping down! As dedicated and committed as you will find anywhere, a true ambassador for football. “We as players and a team will miss her leadership and knowledge. Personally I have a lot to thank Mo for. We wish her all the best for the future.” Jill Scott, England international said: “Gutted about Mo leaving Everton. No-one more committed than her to the Club and the game. Wish her every success for the future. Amy Kane, who scored the winner in Everton’s 2009 League Cup triumph, tweeted: “Sad day all round at Everton. Gutted to see Mo leave, she has been at the heart of Everton since I can remember and turned the club around. Will be strange not having her around but

I wish her all the success in the future. Good luck Mo.” Recently capped England international Toni Duggan said: “Emotional day. 140 characters isn’t enough to tell you how much I appreciate what Mo Marley has done for both myself and EFC ladies.” Marley said: “It is a sad day but I would like to thank everyone I have worked with at Everton over the years, especially the players. It is a great club, with great people and fantastic supporters. “It has been an unbelievable journey for me personally and I am delighted to have played a part in ensuring women’s football has developed into the game it is in 2012. “But I feel now is the right time for me to move on and concentrate on my commitments with the Football Association. “As the game has progressed,

Everton Ladies coach Mo Marley, who has left the club both internationally and from an Everton perspective, you have to be more innovative and you have to keep looking for new challenges. With that comes extra demands. “It is clear in my mind you can only do one or the other and now is the right time. It’s a good time for

Everton for a change, good for new ideas and a fresh stimulus. “I can now challenge myself on a world stage.” Marley will continue working with the under 17 girls at the Everton centre of excellence until the

Records broken at Liverpool Marathon by Eoghain McKane The sun-soaked streets of Liverpool saw thousands take part in Liverpool Marathon on Sunday.

Tranmere scorer Danny Holmes

In the second year of the revival of the Liverpool marathon, over 3,500 runners set off from Birkenhead Park for the 26.2 mile run, whilst around 1,000 others ran the 10k Wirral event.

Manager Ronnie Moore said: ““We were awful in the first half. That wasn’t the way we have been defending this season. It was like Fred Carno’s Circus at the back. “We pulled a goal back just at the right time, just before half-time. It was important we got back into the game because I always felt we could get at Yeovil’s two centre backs, which we did.

The full marathon continued through Birkenhead Tunnel, to and around Sefton Park and finished under the Liver Buildings.

“I’ve got to give the lads a pat on the back for their never say die attitude.”

The first to cross the line was Thomas Abyu of Salford Harriers who notched the impressive time of 2 hours 28 minutes, which broke the course record. Katie White was the first woman runner home, running an impressive time of 3 hours 1 minute.

Gerrard returns to England XI by Ryan McCann and Eoghain McKane

England midfielder Steven Gerrard returns to The Three Lions team-sheet and reclaims the captain’s armband against Poland tonight, after missing his side’s 5-0 win over San Marino through suspension. England’s draw with Ukraine last month damaged hopes of a calm passage from Group H, and the pressure is now on to get a result in Warsaw. Poland are without their star wide-man and captain Jakub Blaszczykowski for this vital qualifier, but have won seven of their last eight internationals at home, excluding the high-pressured environment of Euro 2012. As Gerrard makes his 99th appearance for England, he could be joined in the England team by fellow Liverpool team mate Glen Johnson and Everton defenders Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines could also be in the team to face Poland. Elsewhere, Liverpool Defender Martin Skrtel could feature against Greece, and fellow Liverpool defender Daniel Agger is set to start against heavyweights Italy. Joe Allen is set to start for Wales, against Everton striker Nicola Jelavic’s Croatia team, and Everton’s Tim Howard is set to start between the sticks as they take on Guatemala. Blues defender John Heitinga will feature against Romania and Liverpool’s Uruguayan duo Luis Suarez and Sebastian Coates will travel to play against Bolivia, while Nuri Sahin will play for Turkey against Hungary.

Salford Harriers runner Thomas Abyu crosses the line first to win the Liverpool Marathon. Photo: Alice Kirkland

Race director Alan Rothwell was delighted with how well the event went, saying: “From the off, everything went to plan. It’s been a really good day. We’ve seen more runners from across the country this year and our five year plan is to reach 20,000.”

Fury confronts Price in Funding joy Twitter rampage for Katarina by Joe Lanigan Smith and Rory Kelly

David Price has become embroiled in a war of words with fellow boxer Tyson Fury on the social networking site Twitter. The 24-year-old appeared on live television at the weekend, making abusive comments about Price, his promoter Frank Maloney and Tony Bellew, as well as making remarks on Twitter. One tweet read: “I’m gonna smash your face in u ****house scouse **** I look in your eyes and c fear! Ill take your sole and give it the devil,” which is believed to have come from Fury’s official account. Several other tweets were posted

from the account, including one particularly homophobic tweet targeted at Price, Bellew and fellow boxer Rock Fielding. The British Boxing Board of Control are also investigating the tweets and see whether the tweets should incur either a fine or a ban for the Manchester fighter.

Following his 90 second knockout of Audley Harrison at the Echo Arena on Saturday night, many expect Price’s next bout to be against Fury. Immediately after the fight, Fury’s promoter Mick Hennessey was reportedly offered £500,000 for a fight with Price. A fight between the pair seems some way off though, after Hennessey was quoted as saying that Fury’s main priority was a world title fight. The row seems to have been instigated

by Frank Maloney, who originally said after Saturday’s fight that he could see a fight happening in the near future, something that the Fury camp claim is some way off.

Price remains highly sceptical Fury would accept the offer to fight him, admitting that because of different broadcasting deals, the fight in the near future would be highly. However, Maloney remains keen on negotiating with Hennessy and hopes they can reach an agreement to stage a blockbuster fight in 2013, saying: “We’re happy to sit down and start negotiating and get this fight on. “We are willing to sit down and talk. “We are opening the door to Mick Hennessey and Tyson Fury to come forward and start talking.”

by Tara Lamb

LJMU student and Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson (right) has been awarded with National Lottery funding. The 19-year-old finished 15th in the heptathlon in London this summer. Johnson-Thompson was competing in her first Olympic games alongside 2012 poster girl Jessica Ennis. UK Sport have narrowed the focus for funding for athletes across sports from those with top-eight potential to those who are medal contenders in the next Olympic cycle. Other athletes that have received funding from the National Lottery include high jump bronze medalist Robbie Grabarz

and sprinter Adam Gemili. However, 800m runner Michael Rimmer and marathon runner Paula Radcliffe have had their lottery funding axed. Johnson-Thompson began her sports science course at Liverpool John Moores University in September and will carry on her training whilst at university.

16 - October -2012

Bad start continues for Mersey Tigers by Rory O’Reilly Liverpool’s Mersey Tigers have suffered their second straight defeat by 50 points or more, after being thrashed away from home by Worchester Wolves on Saturday. The Tigers, who lost 103-51 to Surrey Heat the previous night in the BBL Cup, were outclassed the entire evening. Wolves recorded their second win of their BBL Championship in style as the outof-form Tigers struggled to get into the game. Wolves’ Alex Owumi impressed with his attacking ability and youngster Daniel Belgrave netted three consecutive three-point baskets to give the home side a massive a 30-8 lead at the end of first quarter. Wolves started the second quarter in similar fashion, dominating with Kalil Irvine netting twice. Baskets from forwards Ryan Gallagher and Kieran Forthsythe helped push the Tigers back into the game as the visitors went into the final period 80-43 behind. However Wolves maintained their pressure throughout the fourth quarter with 19-year-old England junior Harry Turner adding to his earlier baskets and Karl Noyer hit a final three pointer to put the game well and truly to bed with a 98-48 win. The Tigers currently sit bottom of the pile in the BBL League Table and travel to Manchester Giants this Friday.

Pitch cost rise Suarez hits back at FIFA angers parents following diving row Local junior footballers, coaches and parents are protesting against proposed Sefton park football pitch rises. Councillor Ian Moncur who was there to open the new changing rooms at Meols Park, had to endure ‘save our pitches’ chants from the those gathered who hijacked the event because they were frustrated at the prospective pitch price rises. The junior players got together in their football kits and chanted at local Councillor Ian Moncur who had to endure ‘save our pitches’ chants from those gathered who were frustrated at prospective pitch price rises. The protest comes as Sefton council tries to introduce a £20.5m budget cut, which was

by Ryan McCann

Snooker’s Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jimmy White will lock horns in a mouth-watering match-up as Snooker Legends comes to the Echo Arena for the first time, later this month. Four-time, and reigning World Champion O’Sullivan, is famed for his rapid playing-style and has been ranked world number one on five occasions. Jimmy White, affectionately known as ‘The Whirlwind’, has been a professional snooker player since 1980, and is renowned for losing all six of the World Championship Finals he has appeared in. Legendary snooker commentator and personality John Virgo will be at The Echo Arena, providing fans with expert analysis and humour. Commenting on the event, Ronnie said: “I’m really looking forward to playing in Liverpool, I had some great times living there in my early days as a pro and have some lifelong friends still in the city - and playing against Jimmy you know you’re in for a heck of a game!” Prices for the October 25th event are: Adults £20.00, Under 16’s £15.00 and VIP £70.00. For more details and booking information, please visit The Echo Arena website.

Mersey Tigers players hope to improve the fortunes of their side as they continue to struggle in the league

by Eoghain Mc Kane

Snooker Legends play Echo

agreed earlier this year. The plans if they go ahead would mean that the seven-a-side pitches could rise from £180 per club per season to around £750. For the 11-a-side pitches, used by players from 12 and up, fees could spiral from £700 to around £1,700. The coaches of the football teams now fear withdrawals following more charges for the parents. To add to the fact that they are already paying for football kits, subscription fees and match day costs. Alice Sumner, secretary of Hesketh Colts Junior football club said: “If the children and teenagers don’t play football we are going to get more kids watching television, more kids on street corners causing trouble-everything has a knock on effect.”

by Ian Bolland Luis Suarez has hit back at claims from a FIFA Vice-President who claimed he was a cheat whilst on international duty with Uruguay. Suarez was reacting to comments made by Jim Boyce following Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Stoke, when Boyce labelled the Reds’ forward a cheat after appearing to go down easily in a bid to win a penalty. After his participation in Uruguay’s 3-0 defeat in Argentina, Suarez told Argentinian radio: “This guy (Boyce), I’ve no idea who he is. I don’t know why he has been talking about me. “He certainly can’t be wellknown and he wants to get publicity.

“Let him carry on talking. My job is to play football and to try to do so in the best way possible. “What he has said does not affect me. I am not interested in what he has to say. It’s been important to have the support of the Uruguayan FA and the people. “I have lived through a lot in the past year, with people saying things about me, but I have continued playing and proving my job is what happens on the pitch.” The Uruguayan FA wrote to FIFA last Thursday claiming that Boyce’s comments are ‘at odds with the principles governing world football’. Suarez is expected to be in action tonight for Uruguay.

Liverpool youth team hold safety classes byTara Lamb

Liverpool Football Club have joined forces with Merseyside Police’s Roads Policing Department to promote road safety. The players from the reserve and youth teams took part in driving demonstrations using impairment goggles to highlight the effect of driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They were also shown presentations from the officers on safe driving. The two day event last week, which also involved driving instructors from the Engage scheme, was held at the Liverpool FC Academy and highlighted the pitfalls and dangers faced by young drivers on the road. Sergeant Paul Mountford said: “Novice drivers going out on the roads for the first time after passing their test have a lot to deal with and unfortunately one in five have a collision within the first six months. “The Engage scheme aims to reduce that risk by adding extra training about how to deal with real life hazards so that as well as learning how to pass their test, they also learn how to say safe on the road.”

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Liverpool Life issue 2  

Liverpool Life is a weekly newspaper produced by final year undergraduate students on the Journalism and International Journalism programmes...

Liverpool Life issue 2  

Liverpool Life is a weekly newspaper produced by final year undergraduate students on the Journalism and International Journalism programmes...