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Life 12th March 2013


‘My favourite exhibition has to be the Overhead Railway. I’d like to see more about the Liverbirds but overall it’s a great experience’ Peter Kemp, 67, West Derby

‘I only went in to see my old mate but I’ve been here a few times and it’s fantastic. The Overhead Railway takes me back and it’s a tragedy that they pulled it down’ Albert Brooks, 72, Huyton

A view of the Museum of Liverpool from the Albert Dock, where visitor numbers have risen by over half

Picture by Arild Skjaeveland

Mersey museums named among best in UK

By Emma Callum and Joel Richards

Liverpool received a rousing thumbs-up today from visitors after the city’s new museum was named the most popular outside London. A report released on Tuesday by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (AVLA) revealed visitor figures for Liverpool were some of the highest across the country. The new Museum of Liverpool, which opened in July 2011, saw an increase of 53% of visitors, one of the largest in the UK. Outside of

London, it was the most visited museum attraction in England last year, with more than 1million visitors. The Walker Art Gallery has also seen a big rise in tourists, crediting their 40% increase in visitor numbers to Australian artist Rolf Harris for his exhibition ‘Rolf Harris: Can you tell what it is yet?’ which ran from May through to August 2012. There were also increases at the Tate Liverpool (6%) and The International Slavery Museum (9%). The stellar year for Liverpool’s attractions meant that 2012 was National Museums Liverpool’s most

successful year, with more than 3.3million visits. Dr David Fleming, Director National Museums Liverpool, said: “We attract more people now than we did during Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture five years ago and nearly five times as many as a decade ago.” He added: “We are thrilled that the Museum of Liverpool is the country’s most visited museum outside of London. We are equally thrilled that it has been awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize for 2013, proving that the Museum’s success

has been noticed internationally.” Dr Fleming said the biggest challenge the museums have faced is keeping up the success after the public spending cuts. The changes to the National Museums Liverpool spending meant they had to cut their expenditure by £3million a year. However, Dr Fleming thinks the quality of the museums are helping them to stay successful. “Our eight museums and galleries are exciting and emotional places to visit - that’s the secret of our success. We want our venues to inspire and educate, and also be fantastic for

families. Across all our museums we like to try new things and reach new audiences,” Dr Fleming added. Chester Zoo has also been named in the report as the most popular paid for attraction outside of London, with just under 1.5million visitors, now making it the 15th most popular attraction in the UK. To add to Liverpool’s reputation as a tourist hot-spot, its bars and nightspots are gearing up for a bumper weekend, with Sunday being St Patrick’s Day. City celebrates St Patrick’s Day: page 11

The news this week... ‘All the investment in the world will mean nothing if the poorest in our communities can’t get jobs’

Every hour, one man dies as a result of prostate cancer - a new campaign aims to fight the disease

Cheltenham out of the gate today but is missing some of the really big names such as Kauto Star and Denman

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‘I live over the water but this is only the first time I’ve been here. I think it’s wonderful to be able to look back at local history and find out interesting things I did not know’ Ruth Cohen, 68, Port Sunlight


Liverpool Waters won’t help jobless by Sam McDonnell

Jobs coming into the city with the Liverpool Waters scheme are in danger of bypassing the people who need them due to the public spending cuts, according to a government-funded work liaison programme. Liverpool in Work say that cutting their services, which connect the unemployed communities in Liverpool to jobs, means that they are in danger of losing up to half of their budget and will be unable to help those in need in to the 20,000 slots brought to the city by Peel Holding’s £5.5billion plan. Paul Amman, a steward for Liverpool in Work, which was formerly known as JET, said: “Liverpool Waters and all the investment in the world will mean nothing if the poorest in our communities can’t get jobs. The fact is that at the moment we’ve got 50% cuts happening to Liverpool in Work. The advice and guidance staff are being slashed.” Attending the protests at the Council’s budget meeting last week, Mr Amman joined hundreds of others to try to influence Liverpool City Council’s budget plans for the 2013-2014 period, which include having to deal with a £32million public spending reduction. Mr Amman, a member of Unison, the country’s biggest Trade Union, explained why it was vital to make his group’s voice known: “It’s important that we make a stand to say

to councillors that unless we save services like Liverpool in Work we will not be able to get the jobs in to the community that need it most.” A spokesman from the Joint Trade Union Committee (JTUC) addressed the council in the town hall to express the group’s dismay at the latest round of cuts announced by the council this month. John Gibbons of JTUC said: “The cuts can no longer be described as efficiency savings. Like many Northern cities Liverpool suffers from great levels of poverty and deprivation which need to be addressed by investment programmes and infrastructure projects. Instead we’re seeing cuts that are deepening the recession and will eventually leave many families and vulnerable people suffering from Victorian levels of hardship.” The spokesman continued by laying the ultimate blame for the situation on the coalition government. Mr Gibbons concluded: “Whilst JTUC cannot and will not stay silent on the need to maintain the fight for jobs and services, it is our view that we will continue to work with the democratically elected council and mayor of this city, unlike the rabble that stole into power, to protect the jobs and services that Liverpool not only deserve but need.” The fresh concerns for Liverpool’s unemployed come at the same time as Mayor Joe Anderson’s budget plan was passed by the council last


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week, which included plans to raise council tax by 1.8%, close libraries and cut funding for public golf courses. Mayor Anderson said: “The government is determined to cut its way to the past rather than grow its way to the future. The systematic dismantling of the public sector takes us back 50 years. It will reap more harm on those that need our support most. It will create more vulnerable families and undo generations of progress. That’s where we are, not where we want to be.” He continued: “Our job and my job and your job is to do right by the people of Liverpool, whatever challenges we face.” However, the Labour Mayor Anderson’s system of designing the city’s budget was criticised by opposition Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Richard Kemp. Councillor Kemp said: “The way we do the budget isn’t good enough. Decisions at the moment are taken by five people in a room, in secret, and then the rest of the council is informed about it before the rest of the city is informed about it. “We believe the only way you can deal with the problems is to involve all the users, whether it’s people at the golf course, people at the libraries or people in social services and say ‘What are your priorities, how would you do things’? When we do ask, people have loads of ideas of how to do things both better and cheaper.”

Well heeled: call for shoes

Heel appeal for Oliver King by Sophie Marsden

The Living Room in Liverpool has launched a campaign for customers to donate their old shoes to raise money for charity. The campaign will run throughout March and all donated shoes will be recycled to raise 40p per kilo for local charity the Oliver King Foundation. People in Liverpool are being encouraged to donate any kind of shoe, and the condition of the shoe does not matter. The Living Room is accepting shoe donations from men, women and children.

Campaigners fight for jobs to help city’s poorest communities

£1.5m play area despite city cuts

by Sam McDonnell

The Liverpool Schools Parliament has been given £1.5m to create a new play area and will make all the decisions about where the money is spent. Mayor Joe Anderson officially announced the grant to Liverpool City Council, despite this year’s budget for the city having to make up for a £32m reduction, which means an increase in council tax and the closure of libraries and leisure facilities. Mayor Anderson explained that the funding was given to the Schools Parliament as the capital came from the sale of a play area in Rathbone Road Park, the grounds of which are to become part of the Edge Lane Retail park project. The Mayor insisted it was ‘absolutely fair’ for the money to be reinvested in similar infrastructure, with the Liverpool Schools Parliament being completely autonomous over how the budget is spent. Mayor Anderson said: “They can decide where that money is spent so that they can use it on facilities or to help develop facilities, which is great to see. “I hope this actually shows

Joe Anderson © Gavin Trafford the commitment and the determination to back young people and make young people a top priority in the city. I hope those announcements go down well with the Schools Parliament and I look forward to working with you over the next couple of months as you start working out how to manage a budget.” The LSP was formed in 2001 and has been officially recognised by the city council ever since. It was set up to give young people the chance to have a voice on matter of concern

within the city and consists of two houses, with the Lower House being for seven to 11year olds and the Upper House involving those from 11 to 19. The Mayor concluded: “One of the best things that we’ve done is having a dialogue with the Schools Parliament and that’s why I want to make it absolutely clear that we’ll fund young people in the best way we can.” LSP is also liaising with the city council on rising travel costs, with Chair of the Upper House of the Schools Parliament Ciara Brodie addressing the council in chambers. Ciara told the council: “Costs of bus fares went up again last Sunday with a single journey for a 16-year-old costing £2.10. What is the point in having a free Lifestyles pass and the opportunity of a free swim if you can’t afford to travel to the Lifestyles centre?” Ciara, 14, explained that due to the increase in absences at the end of school weeks, one deputy head teacher in the region suggested that students were taking time off to ‘get ready’ for weekend activities, but the LSP’s conclusions are quite different.

Green ‘Heel Appeal’ collection boxes will be situated in the restaurant and bar located on Victoria Street in the city centre. Victoria Barrett, Sales Manager at the Living Room, told Liverpool Life: “We have chosen The Oliver King Foundation as our Charity because we believe that fitting defibrillators in all public places is crucial. Oliver King died of SADS at 11 years of age and he was fit and healthy. “There needs to be more awareness and money raised to help Oliver’s Dad with his mission. I have had around 30 bin bags full of shoes donated to me.” The campaign is being heavily promoted through social media, word of mouth and adverts. The Living Room has also contacted Liverpool marathon runners to ask them to bring a pair of shoes to donate before they start the race. As the Living Room is part of a large chain, all 14 locations across the UK will be participating in the appeal, including Manchester and London. Each Living Room branch is fundraising for a local charity from their area.

Time to vote

by Sanna Zahid

Voting has now begun for Liverpool student union elections. This is your chance to have a say on who leads your student union. The deadline for votes is on Friday the 15th March at 5pm. The results night will then begin at 7pm in LiverpoolSU. Vote online via, or at one of the official Ballot Stations situated around the main campuses.


Campaigners to run 96 miles for charity News in brief by Emma Callum

Seven runners and their support team are planning to run 96 miles in three days to raise money for Alder Hey Hospital and The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield. The runners will be covering the distance from Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield to Anfield football stadium in Liverpool, covering an average of 32 miles a day, which adds up to the same number of miles as Liverpool fans who lost their lives in the 1989 disaster. Last year’s run raised £15,000 for The Hillsborough Families Support Group and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. The team are hoping that this year they will raise even more money.

Speaking on Hillsborough-, Margaret Aspinall, Chairman of the Hillsborough Families Support Group, applauded the team for what they are doing. Ms. Aspinall said: “I can only offer my own personal support for the team as they prepare for the 2013 event. “This year will be very special as the aim will be to raise funds in memory of the 96 people who lost their lives at Hillsborough. “I can’t think of a better legacy than one that will help children who are ill.” The run is taking place on the 4th to 6th April. Visit to donate towards the marathon cause.

Liverpool fans will begin their marathon in Hillsborough and finish at Anfield Football Stadium

Shoppers’ anger at beauty kiss advert by Sophie Marsden Controversial adverts for Liver-

pool’s new Beauty Bazaar have prompted 17 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). Harvey Nichols opened their Beauty Bazaar department store on November 7 last year, and have since launched a new advertising campaign to promote the Liverpool One store. The ‘Love Thyself’ campaign which can be seen online, as well as on posters across the city centre and various other locations in Merseyside, features what appears to be two women kissing. On closer inspection however, the image actually shows just one woman kissing herself in a reflection. According to the ASA, they received complaints about the advertisements “overly sexual depiction of women.” Most of the complaints were because the adverts were claimed to be unsuitable for children and sexually explicit. There were also complaints that the images shown alongside the phrase ‘Love Thyself’ were offensive on religious grounds. Julia Bowe, Group Press and Marketing Director at Harvey Nichols said: “We wanted a campaign that would be iconic, beautiful and break the mould of normal beauty advertising, as this is a

totally new concept in the beauty market. “These advertisements bring to life the promise at the heart of our Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols store which is; after pampering and indulging yourself from head to toe across three floors of beauty, looking in the mirror will be a captivating experience and you’ll fall in love with yourself all over again.” The ASA has cleared the campaign after an investigation concluded that the adverts do in fact just show a woman kissing herself. This has caused controversy from gay and lesbian rights groups, who don’t understand why a reference to homosexuality in an advert would cause offence. Harvey Nichols also argued that even though the adverts were not intending to be graphic, images of lesbians were not offensive and should be accepted by the ASA. The retailer argued that: “The advertising industry should be in the vanguard of those promoting and supporting the equalities espoused by anti-discrimination laws, including those concerning sexual orientation”. The Harvey Nichols beauty department store is unique to Liverpool, and offers a luxury beauty and shopping experience. Beauty Bazaar is also the UK’s first onestop beauty store. The beauty store is on Peter’s Lane in Liverpool One.

Merseyside Police are amongst the regional departments who have been criticised after a new report into the Jimmy Savile abuse case declared that more could have been done to apprehend the DJ and television host as early as 1964. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary released the report which also questions Cheshire, Surrey and Sussex forces and has warned that the same mistakes could be made again. Operation Yewtree was launched by Scotland Yard in October of last year to investigate sexual abuse cases and claims against Savile and other media personalities, but the HMIC says that complaints made to police before that time were not dealt

with properly. The findings say that eight people came forward with allegations of abuse, including one in Merseyside and one in Cheshire, but ‘for whatever reason were not treated as they should be’. The police watchdog report says: “In 1963, in Cheshire, a male victim reported an allegation of rape by Savile to his local police officer the day after it occurred but was told to ‘forget about it’ and ‘move on’. “The officer did not make a report of the allegation and, consequently, an investigation was not undertaken.” It also describes how one man made a complaint about Savile abusing his girlfriend during a Top of the Pops filming but was told he “could be arrested for making such allegations” before

by Sanna Zahid

You can live longer by looking after your legs, according to a vascular consultant at the Liverpool Royal University Hospital. As a part of Vascular Disease Awareness week, Dr Rao Vallabhaneni is trying to reduce the risk of people in Merseyside developing peripheral arterial disease by encouraging individuals to walk regularly. PAD is a common condition in which a build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries restricts the blood supply to the leg muscles. Dr Vallabhaneni has said that certain things can increase your chance of developing PAD, such as smoking and high blood pressure and cholesterol. He said: “We are therefore urging Merseysiders to make the right lifestyle decisions which will help them reduce their risk of developing PAD.” Vascular Disease Awareness Week runs from 11 March to 17.

City centre crime rises by 20% Crime statistics for the L1 postcode area have risen by almost one-fifth in the last year. According to the figures, which show the number of crimes in January 2012 and January 2013, anti-social behaviour rose by 22% and criminal damage and arson increased by 40% from January 2012. Although burglary has seemed to slightly decrease other thefts have amplified by 30%. However, the figures may not necessarily mean there was more crime, just that more crime was reported to the authorities.

The Advertising Standards Agency received 17 complaints about new Harvey Nicols poster

Mersey police under fire as Savile enquiry continues by Sam McDonnell

Live longer by regular walking, advise doctors

being sent on his way ‘presumably without a report’. The HMIC raised questions over how such cases are and will be dealt with in current times, saying: “While policies and practices designed to improve the experience of child victims are now available, we raise serious concerns over why so many victims felt unable to come forward and report what had happened to the authorities.” Five allegations were made against Savile during his lifetime but over 450 claims of abuse have been made since the DJ’s death, aged 84 in 2011, including ‘214 allegations [of] crimes that were capable of being recorded against Savile at the time of their commission’, says the HMIC. Jimmy Savile presented the first-ever Top of the Pops.

Inquiry: Jimmy Savile

Flickr/ © Beacon Radio

St Paddy’s day half marathon While much of the city will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day on Sunday, two of the stars of BBC Three’s documentary series ‘Junior Doctors’ will be running the Liverpool Half Marathon. Tristan Townsend and Jen Whiteley, two first year doctors at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and stars of the BBC series, will be running the 13 mile course to raise money for the hospital’s charity, along with two other staff members. Dr Townsend said: “My colleagues and I are extremely proud to be a part of the Royal and want to raise money to help improve the care and treatment patients and their families receive whilst with us.” Focus on St. Patrick’s Day: Page 10


Families’ relief at benefits tax ruling

by Sarah Bold, and Emma Kemmery

Families with disabled children will be exempt from the

proposed bedroom tax, it has been announced today. Ministers have published guidelines to local governments stating that families with disabled children who cannot share a room will be exempt. Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has told MPs that he would keep the new system “under review” “As the law stands right now where a local authority agrees that a family needs an extra bedroom because their child’s disability means they are unable to share, the family can be entitled to the spare room subsidy in respect of that extra bedroom. “As with the housing benefit claim, the determination as to whether their disability requires them to have an extra bedroom is a matter for the local authority to decide.” The government has introduced the ‘bedroom tax’ as a part of the Welfare Reform Act. The new tax will affect those receiving housing benefit living in a home that is ‘under-occupied’. The reform will see an estimated 660,000 social housing tenants of

working-age facing cuts made to their benefits. A Liverpool based benefits advice charity has warned those concerned about bedroom tax they need to speak to their housing association as soon as possible. RAISE is an independent benefits advice charity that offers people across Merseyside advice on benefits, debt and money guidance issues. A spokesperson for RAISE said: “The whole matter of bedroom tax is unfair, whether you’re a child or an adult with disabilities you should be exempt. “I think it should be abolished. They’re going to have to do something, people can’t afford bedroom tax, they’re going to lose their homes. “The government want people to downsize their properties, but there are no one bedroom properties for people in Liverpool to move in to.” Liverpool City Council has already been faced with a large backlash from members of Merseyside that the tax will negatively impact on, hundreds of people have protested against the tax, and many attended a meeting to discuss how the plans could be stopped. The tax will take away between £40 and £80 a month from social housing tenants with spare

The Real thing: Presenter David Dickinson

David’s Real Deal visits Merseyside Crowds gather outside the Town Hall to protest against the bedroom tax

by Sarah Bold

bedrooms in their home. Negativity over the plans has not only come from residents of Liverpool, Knowsley Housing Trust, a local housing association said the changes to the welfare system will lead to “a hike in homelessness.” KHT has backed The National Housing Federation’s campaign to prevent disabled people being affected by the cuts. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson however told councillors that he would not listen to those

Antiques expert David Dickinson is bringing his hit TV show to Liverpool. The programme, now in its ninth series and the most popular daytime show on ITV, travels around the UK searching for antiques brought in by members of the public. It offers people a chance to make money from antiques, with an option to accept a cash deal from an antiques expert or risk putting their item up for auction if they believe it is worth more. David Dickinson will be on hand to offer his expert opinion on the value of people’s antiques. He said: “I’m very much looking forward to visiting Liverpool, an area of the country I love bringing the show to. I remember visiting the area before in a previous series and the quality of items brought in by members of the public was fantastic with lots of history and stories attached to their items. “It’s great to bring the show back to Liverpool, a city we haven’t visited for a while. People of Liverpool come along and get the Real Deal!” It will be filmed at the Liverpool Cathedral after the Real Deal team looked for iconic buildings in which to host the show. Stuart Haynes, Director of Communications for Liverpool Cathedral, said: “They approached us and we felt we could offer the space they needed with our magnificent building proving an impressive backdrop for the show. “We hope that Real Deal will bring many visitors and we would love for all those coming to the recording to be able to take time to enjoy our building and view its delights while they are with us. “We think this is an ideal opportunity for people to dust down those treasures they think they may have in their homes, bring them along to our Cathedral and let the experts see what they are worth.” The free event takes place on Saturday, 16th March, 9am-5pm.

protesting the plans, and the tax would be implemented regardless of the public’s view. This is the latest budget cut approved by the council, the three recent cuts including the ‘bedroom tax’ now total £32 million for the 2013-14 period. Disability living allowance claimants will be reassessed on harsher criteria and several million people across the UK will also be affected by hits to council tax relief. Mayor Anderson warned that a further with £149 million needs to be

found from the next three years’ budgets. Mayor Anderson, said: “The systematic dismantling of the public sector takes us back 50 years. It will reap more harm on those that need our support most. It will create more vulnerable families and undo generations of progress. That’s where we are, not where we want to be.” Those in protest of the cuts are asking for the tax to be held off for one year to give them the opportunity to find an alternative .

Charity shop hit World-class designs just after repairs exhibited at LJMU by Ryan McCann

A Roy Castle charity shop in Mossley Hill has been defaced by burglars just a number of weeks after repair work had been completed in connection to an earlier act of vandalism. On both occasions, the offenders gained access to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation shop by scaling fences and jumping inside the building from damage they caused to the shop roof. Paula Sharp, who works in the shop, told Liverpool Life: “We repaired the roof after the last break-in. We needed to get the whole roof replastered and painted but now we are just back to square one. “It is just disappointing that people would target a charity shop that is trying to raise money to improve and save people’s lives. The thieves stole the shop’s jewellery and destroyed other items that had been donated, leaving them smashed on the floor. Paula maintains that it will take a thorough stock take to work out just how much has been stolen

and damaged, but early estimates suggest the damage could be at least a couple of hundred pounds. The shop will now have to fix the roof after this latest break-in and the carpet has also been damaged from rain that fell through the hole in the roof. The shop is going to have to put this latest break-in through insurance, and come up with a way of preventing future attacks on the shop. Local residents and volunteers have been helping out with the cleaning process. Police were summoned to the scene at around 11pm on Thursday night after the burglar alarm had been triggered. The shop received donations from Housing Maintenance Solutions and member of the local community, but Paula realises that people’s generosity can only stretch so far. “People have been fantastic and it just shows how strong our community is, but in this current economic climate we can’t expect people to constantly help us out. We can only hope that this doesn’t happen again and we have more luck in the future.”

by Sanna Zahid The Royal institute of British Architects (RIBA) comes to Liverpool school of art and design for the second year running. The Presidents Medals Students awards will be exhibited in the Art and Design academy (ADA). The national touring exhibition began yesterday on the 11th and will stay until the 29th of March in the Public Exhibition Space on the lower ground floor of the ADA. The exhibition shows work from this year’s exceptional architecture students from all over the UK. Each year the RIBA invites over 300 schools of architecture from all over the world to exhibit and nominate their students’ design projects and dissertations. Winners will be announced in December at the annual Presidents Medals ceremony at the RIBA headquarters in London and will have the opportunity to travel across

Designs on display at LJMU Art and Design Academy the UK to different intuitions to showcase their work. Talking about the show. Lizzie Edge, the programme leader for architecture said: “With my thesis on the MRes course exploring the historical development of architectural exhibitions and the display of architecture, I saw it as an opportunity to develop my interest and skills” Fellow postgraduate student and organiser, Connor Craig,

said: “I became involved in the exhibition because I saw it as the perfect chance to use some of the skills I had acquired during my undergraduate degree. I had a great time getting to grips with the ins and outs of helping to put an exhibition together.” The RIBA reaches a worldwide audience with it being the most influential architectural institution in the world. It has over 43,000 members internationally.

Ready for St Paddy’s party

by Sanna Zahid

St Patricks Day is almost upon us, and it is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the Irish calendar. The festiveness is always apparent in Liverpool, a city filled with Irish heritage and a huge Irish community. Liverpool has undeniably become the best city, outside of Ireland, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in, along with cities across the world such as Chicago, Boston and New York. Most people see the event as a great excuse to party and have a drink. The city will be buzzing with different things to do. Come March 17th the Pogue Mahone on Seel Street offers a great spot to have a beer and enjoy a bit of traditional Irish music. Close by, you’ll find The Liffey, named after Dublin’s famous river. with live entertainment from 12.30pm. It is a must-visit venue whenever St Patrick’s Day comes round for the music, the food and the Guinness! You could learn about the history and heritage of Ireland by popping down to the St Michaels Irish Centre where you can watch Irish dancing and learn a bit of the Irish language. There’s a parade which starts at around 10am on Smithfield Street, just off Tithebarn Street to come down and join in the celebrations. Public transport systems run to their normal timetables. Local events, such as parades, may cause some disruption to local traffic. St Patrick’s Day focus: P10

Big Chill back again by Maddi Cornforth

Liverpool is set for further chills with temperatures remaining at just above freezing. The city saw a snow storm yesterday which was paired with blistering winds. The cold blast is set to last until the end of this week as wintry rain showers continue in the North West. Experts have said it could even be the coldest weather of the winter in a few areas. The temperature drop is said to be very noticeable with severe frost forecast overnight. Tonight and tomorrow night are said to be particularly cold, despite today’s sunny spells. The Met Office has listed official warnings for numerous areas across the country but Liverpool appears to have escaped the worst of the wintery weather. Additional weather reports have forecasted a cold Easter, further delaying the sunshine of spring. Meanwhile, there are concerns for birds returning from migration in Africa for the spring. The current conditions will be especially harsh for the wildlife and flowers. Grahame Madge, a spokesman for the RSPB, said: “They are going to come back and find that there’s no food. The cold weather will kill off any insects that have emerged, therefore leaving insect-eating birds hungry. “There’s a limit to the amount people can do. We would ask people to carry on putting food out.

Life/News/5 Bank’s new work plans

MP Rotheram labels trolling a ‘sick hobby’ by Sophie Marsden

Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram has blasted the “sick hobby” of internet abuse known as “trolling”. The Labour MP for Walton wants a change in the law to allow police more time to build up criminal cases against online abusers. As internet use rapidly increases, particularly on social media websites, so has the volume of offensive material posted online. Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate, Steve Rotheram disagreed with the Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) guidance on social media prosecutions. He believes the current guidance is insufficient to protect the public from potentially criminal acts. A notable example of internet abuse is that posted to a Facebook page in memory of Liverpool teenager Georgia Varley, who was killed after falling between a platform and a train in 2011. Soon after creating the memorial page, it quickly became rife with aggressive and personal abuse, towards both Georgia and the rail guard on duty at the time. Steve Rotheram highlighted a particular problem of maintaining

Walton MP Steve Rotheram © free speech, but spoke about a difference between: “Fair comment and wilful denigration without validity aimed at simply causing as much hurt as possible”. He said: “The topic transcends the usual petty party politics. It is not about attributing blame, or even urging a particular Depart-

ment to take ownership of the issue. Indeed, I am aware that Members on both sides of the House have been victims of trolling, as have I. “Trolling has become a sick hobby for some and an increasing problem for dedicated police trying to monitor and respond to

reported cases. Trolls are individuals intent on upsetting and offending people.” Last year, major reforms of the libel laws mean that websites will now be legally obliged to provide victims of internet abuse with the identity of the so-called trolls. The reforms will also mean that Internet Service Providers will be given greater protection against being sued, if they agree to divulge personal information of the online abuser. A vInspired survey recently revealed that youngsters are facing a rise in online abuse, but also that more youngsters are actually becoming trolls themselves. As much as a third of 14-18 year olds have fallen victim to internet trolls in the last six months. On the contrary, one in ten youngsters admit to being trolls themselves. There has also been a particular problem with vile internet postings made to celebrities and people of interest on social media websites. Earlier this week, boxer Curtis Woodhouse became a Twitter sensation when he tracked down the address of an internet troll who had been directing abuse at him.

by Sophie Marsden

Barclays bank is holding an event in Liverpool to announce its plans to create thousands of new apprenticeships across the UK. The banking giants have revealed they will be employing 1,000 new banking apprentices in Merseyside and other locations across the UK. The event, held at the ECHO arena and BT convention centre, will mark the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week. Alongside the apprenticeships, Barclays is also celebrating the launch of its Barclays Bridges into Work scheme. This will involve offering businesses in the UK support and training with the aim to create 10,000 new apprenticeships in total. The scheme will help match up businesses with apprentices in their area. The programme is being delivered in partnership with the National Apprenticeship Service, charity partners Tomorrow’s People and The Princes Trust. Ashok Vaswani, chief executive of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, said: “We’ve seen firsthand how our apprentices are incredibly productive and valued members of staff, which is why we are now doubling our recruitment to 2,000. Santander has also announced that it will be creating 275 apprenticeships, 40 of which will be in Bootle with similar events taking place elsewhere in the UK .

Welcome for Europe War on gun animal testing ban crime

by Rachael Bentham

Provisions have been completed to ban the sale of products that have been tested on animals within the European Union. This includes bans of practices such as force feeding, injections and visual irritants which can lead to an untimely and painful death. This might sound like the description of a torture scene from the latest horror film. But the reality is that before Monday it could have been the process behind your favourite lipstick or aftershave. This signals the completion of a campaign that started in 2003 to ban the sale of all cosmetic products with ingredients which were tested on animals in the EU. Since 2009, it has been illegal to test any ingredients used in cosmetics on animals in the EU but it was allowed if they were made elsewhere and shipped over from abroad. After years of protesting from animal rights lobbyists, commissioners have now listened to the concerns around animal cruelty where animals suffer and most die after and during cosmetic testing. On Monday, European Commissioner in charge of Health & Consumer Policy, Tonio Borg, stated: “Today’s entry into force of the full marketing ban gives an important signal on the value that Europe attaches to animal welfare. The Commission is committed to continue supporting the development of alternative methods and to engage with third countries to follow our Eu-

by Sarah Bold

A rabbit being tested

ropean approach. “This is a great opportunity for Europe to set an example of responsible innovation in cosmetics without any compromise on consumer safety.” Between 2007 and 2011, the commission had provided 238 million euros for research into alternative methods as there are not yet replacements for all processes using animals. Other countries who allow animal testing such as China and America are being urged to follow in Europe’s footsteps. The chances of a global ban seems improbable with many countries practicing poor human rights never mind rights for animals. In 1996 eight animal protection groups came together to form The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cos-


metics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program. For years, customers could be assured that the products they bought were made cruelty free if they were adorned with ‘leaping bunny’ logo and other groups joined in the fight. Major cosmetic companies Lush and the Body Shop, who both have stores in Liverpool, have never used animal testing and have supported the cause throughout their work. Lush used a particularly shocking demonstration last year, to raise awareness of the testing on London’s Regent street when a female model was kept in a glass box and treated the same as an animal being subject to painful and humiliating tests. Along with demonstrations, a number of celebrities have

supported campaigns with Liverpool legend Paul McCartney backing the cause. The European Coalition to end animal experiments teamed up with BUAV and their campaign ‘No Cruel Cosmetics’ to call for the ban gaining the support of Ricky Gervais, Sienna Miller and others in the public eye. ECEAE Chief Executive Michelle Thew, said: “We have been campaigning for this moment for over 20 years and congratulate Commissioner Tonio Borg and his team for overseeing the introduction of this ban. “Our No Cruel Cosmetics campaign has shown the strength of feeling throughout Europe on the cruel use of animals to test cosmetics and we are delighted that the Commission has listened to the people.”

Merseyside police and crime commissioner Jane Kennedy has given her support to local communities in their fight against gun crime. There have been four shootings in the last year in Sefton, the latest on Parkbourn Square, Maghull, yesterday. Local councillors invited Ms. Kennedy to the Sefton East Parishes Area Committee in Lydiate on Thursday to discuss their issues with the high number of shootings in the area. As a result, Ms. Kennedy announced the creation of two police task forces to tackle gun and gang crime in Sefton after a meeting with Sefton Labour MP Bill Esterson. She also announced that the police would be working more closely with Sefton Council and that they had been granted access to Sefton’s live network of CCTV cameras. She said: “I’ve been kept briefed by the police on all incidents as they have happened. I want to know what we can all do to help. The police are making every effort to bring anyone involved in gun crime to justice, but in many cases the police can’t do it on their own. “I had a meeting this morning with Bootle MP Joe Benton, the police and Sefton Cllr Mark Dowd. “We are talking about a problem-solving task force approach, which will pull together everyone who has anything to contribute.”


Powerful message to beat hate crime

Campaign: Anthony Nolan

The Anthony Walker Foundation is putting on events in a new bid to break the silence about hate crime and raise awareness of it. The foundation, based in the city centre, was established by Anthony Walker’s family following his tragic death in July 2005. Anthony, from Huyton, was brutally murdered with an ice axe in an unprovoked attack, purely because of the colour of his skin. Paul Taylor and Michael Barton, who is the half-brother of footballer Joey Barton, were found guilty of the racially motivated murder. The current campaign is a response to the government’s plan to tackle hate crime released this time last year: ‘Challenge it, Report it, Stop it’. The programme aims to raise awareness of hate crime and also what people can do once they have become a victim of the crime and how to report it. The events will also discuss issues of why it is under-reported. Additionally, it will seek to ensure members of the community can recognise when, where and how a hate crime occurs and what steps they can take on a personal level.

A new campaign in memory of murdered teenager Anthony Walker aims to raise awareness of raciallymotivated attacks. Maddi Cornforth reports Irrespective of whether they are the primary victim, or whether they witness the incident. Liverpool’s first police and crime commissioner, Jane Kennedy, who was appointed at the end of last year, has listed tackling hate crime as one of her top six priorities. In her ‘Police and Crime Plan’ it states: “Hate incidents and hate crimes are those which are perceived to be motivated by prejudice or intolerance. “These crimes are often greatly under-reported. I will work with partners to improve the methods of reporting for such incidents and work with Merseyside Police to ensure that a robust response is provided.” In September 2012, the Home Office published statistics on hate crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales for the first time. In 2011/2012, almost 44,000 hate crimes were documented, over 80 per cent of which were racially motivated. However, The Anthony Walker

Foundation believes that, despite this large figure, the majority of racially motivated crimes go unreported. As a result they want to break down the barrier between victims and reporting crime and are putting on these events in a bid to help to do so. John Au, Victim Support Worker at the AWF, said: “We hope to make a significant impact on the way services are delivered to people affected by hate crime and incidents. By listening and responding to their views, acknowledging their feelings, recognising their needs we can then begin to demonstrate we are putting individuals first and offering them a genuine personal service. “We want to send out a collective message to the communities within Liverpool that there is absolutely no place for hate crime whatsoever and that by working together individuals, families, communities and agencies, we can make a difference and build safer, cohesive and more confident communities.

“This will reinforce the image we are striving to achieve in Liverpool of a city welcoming diversity, valuing individuals and promoting harmony.” The events will take place on: 16th March, 1:30pm – 4:30pm at Liverpool Pakistani Centre on Mulgrave Street, L8 21st March, 11am – 2pm, at Al-Ghazali Multi-Cultural Centre, Earle Road, L7 26th March, 10:30am – 1:30pm, Alive Believers Centre, Boaler Stree, L6 Anyone who has ever been a victim of hate crime is encouraged to go along to share their views and experiences in relation to the offence.  If you have been a victim of a hate crime, call the Anthony Walker Foundation’s confidential support line on 0800 876 6646. Alternatively, call the 24 hour Stop Hate UK confidential hotline on 0800 138 1625. To find out more, visit www.

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First rule of film club... By Jess Etherington

After a first glance at Dr. David Sorfa it might come as a surprise that one of his favourite films of all time is the stereotypically “girly” film Bridget Jones’s Diary. This is the exact attitude that the Head of Film Studies at Liverpool John Moores University would like to see banished in the film world. Dr. Sorfa believes that no matter what the genre is, films should be appreciated and should not be discriminated against on assumptions. He wants everyone to enjoy a variety of films, which is one of the reasons he started the JMU Film Club. He said: “It basically started off with thinking film students and other students didn’t have enough opportunity to explore films that they might not normally see at the cinema or elsewhere. “We did a whole season of Tarantino films last semester and this semester we asked students to vote for the top 10 films of all time. We are trying to do a mix of art-house films as well as films people want to see.” The Redmonds Building on Mount Pleasant has a large lecture theatre that is comparable to a cinema, giving students the surround-sound, large screen experience free of charge. John Moores works with the British Film Institute and has done for over 10 years and David is eager to encourage young people to get involved in making longer films. “The problem is is time, film students tend to concentrate on making short films which I think is fine and interesting but my aim is for them to make feature films. I think we are on the cusp of a new wave of students beginning to make feature films. If you have an iPhone you can shoot something you could show in a cinema, the technology is there. I think we are seeing a new wave of British film.” Romantic comedies are David’s



17th March One direction, Liverpool Echo arena 7pm The xfactor superstars have had massive success on their latest arena tour taking them across the country from London to Manchester and they’re stopping in Liverpool along the way. The boys will take to the stage at the Echo Arena on Monday 17th March performing to a sold out stadium of 12,000 fans. The band will be joined on their 110 world tour by Poprock band 5 Seconds of Summer who were discovered by 1D band member Louis Tomlinson on youtube. Expect catchy pop songs, screaming fan girls and a lot of fun.

The Blues Brothers, Liverpool Empire, 21st -23rd March, tickets £10-£29.50 The police, theatres and members of the public are hereby warned to be vigilant and on the lookout for two men dressed in black hats, black ties and sunglasses. Otherwise known as The Blues Brothers Direct from a residency in Chicago and a tour around the USA. The boys are joined on their mission to bring soul and blues back into your heart by the fabulous Bluettes; three sassy ladies with attitude and voices to knock you off your perch and an incredible Blues Brothers Band who are the best of the best. Songs will include Everybody, Gimme Some Lovin’, Think, Shake a Tailfeather, Sweet Home Chicago, plus loads, loads more.

Family 1st January – 31st December 2013 Big Art: for Little artists The Walker Art Gallery is holding a sensory workshop giving families the chance to take their children to explore a vibrant and exciting multi-sensory experience. The gallery enhances a child’s drawing, reading and writing skills. 15th March Ugly Duckling Liverpool Playhouse will be home to the ugly duckling for this one off chance to watch Northern Ballet’s Ugly Duckling. You can go along and watch how a poor duckling, who is fed up of everyone calling her ugly, turn into a beautiful swan. A must watch for the whole family.

favourite film genre and he firmly believes you shouldn’t condescend to anybody’s enjoyment of film. Everyone is welcome to the Film Screenings on Tuesdays 5.30pm to 8pm at Liverpool John Moores University Redmonds Building Large Lecture Theatre. The last three films to be shown in the coming weeks are Drive, The Dark Knight and Fight Club.


Film fanatic Dr David Sorfa’s favourite movies range from Bridget Jones’s Diary, top, to Fight Club

Youngsters ready for spotlight A local children’s charity is holding auditions for a performance giving Liverpool children the opportunity to appear on the big stage. Toxteth charity Team Oasis is planning to put on the musical ‘Hairspray La’. The popular musical ‘Hairspray’ with a Liverpool

What’s On...

twist. Team Oasis has put on large scale productions in the past such as ‘Oliver’ and ‘Annie Meets Danny’. Paul Nilson, founder of the charity, said: “It really makes the children’s confidence grow and gives them opportunities they would not have got anywhere else.”

Team Oasis worked with able-bodied and disabled children and aims to break down the barriers between the two. They are looking for around seventy children to take part in the production, which is set to hit the big stage in November. Auditions will take place on Saturday 30h

March at the Christian Life Centre on Belvidere Road, Toxteth. Mr Nilson said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity to perform in one of Liverpool’s top theatres.” To take part and audition children of all ages can turn up on the day or email theteamoasis@hotmail. com.

Robyn Woolston: Strangers in a Strange Land 23 March 2013 - 23 June 2013 Walker Art Gallery New work created for the Walker gallery by Robyn Woolston, winner of the 2012 Liverpool Art Prize is to be displayed in a unique exhibition. Woolstons creative artistic interpretations are taken from experiences of society such as consumption, power and identity. She often examines issues that others shy away from, from difficult emotions to consumer waste. This controversial and thought-provoking art display raises questions that concern social, economic and ecological perspectives her work considers how connected we really are to the Earth’s resources.

Comedy 10th April Hormonal Housewives Liverpool Empire Following a successful UK tour, the comedy act return to the stage in Liverpool bringing with them hilarious sketches which explore all the daily trials and trivia’s of womanhood. The tour will take to someof the most famous theatre stages in the UK before performing at the Liverpool Empire. The all new sketches look at the things that make 21st century women ticket in an upfront and controversial way. The all-female cast, led by Toyah Wilcox delve into everything from the joys of teenagers, the madness of DIY and the madness of holiday reps. Perfect for a girl’s night out.

Dance Juste Dance at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool on Sunday 17th March 2013 The Juste Dance competition celebrates the upcoming art of dance, ranging from alternative styles to suit everyone’s taste. A selection of performers will compete in a range of categories in front of an audience and a tough judging panel.

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The musical mastermind behind beating X Factor to the Christmas no.1 spot

JMU jukebox

by Joshua Nevett In 2009, more than half a million people downloaded rap metal band Rage Against the Machine’s expletive-laden track ‘Killing In The Name’ to defeat the X Factor’s Joe McElderry to Christmas number one in what will be remembered as seminal protest in defiance of manufactured pop music. The Facebook campaign ‘Rage Against the Machine for Christmas number one’ ended the X Factor’s run of four consecutive Christmas number ones and has since spurred annual challenges from online activists and novelty hits to try and emulate its success. Social media hell-raiser, Jon Morter and his wife Tracy were the people behind the campaign who launched the group on Facebook after becoming bored of the X Factor winner topping the charts every year. Jon Morter, former hi-fi technician from Essex talked to Liverpool Live and revealed his reasons for starting the campaign. He said: “I’ve been a music fan since I was very small and I was always interested in what the Christmas charts would throw up. Then the X Factor came along and it just killed he whole thing in one swoop really.” Jon continues to reveal how he used Facebook as a conduit for his campaign: “I worked out a way of getting lots of people to join a Facebook group, because in those days the Facebook group was quite powerful.

ALUNA GEORGE ATTACTING GEORGE “Knowing the rules of the charts themselves and knowing that a download counts as a single, so I thought hold on a minute, if I get enough to people to download a song by me then we could have a number one.” Jon, 38, said he and his wife even got offered a job by Simon Cowell to which they “politely declined” after he initially branded the campaign as “stupid” and “cynical”. “It would have meant that he would have been our boss, and we couldn’t have that. We toppled him, and we wanted it to stay that way.” In 2012, The Justice Collective, a campaign launched to commemorate the victims of the Hillsborough disaster asked Jon to figurehead their social media campaign in an attempt to get their charity single, ‘He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother’ to Christmas number one. After receiving a phone call from MP Steve Rotherham, avid football fan Jon said he was more than happy to get involved.

He said: “It was an absolute privilege to be involved, I was like right, let’s go then, and at the start of November, I started up a Facebook page and a Twitter account.” The single beat the X Factor’s James Arthur to the top stop and raised thousands of pounds for charity, something Jon says made his second victory over the talent show all the more sweeter. “It was nice because James Arthur’s winning single was one of the biggest selling X Factor winning singles that they’ve ever had. “Yes we wanted the number one, but realistically we just wanted justice. If it meant that we put the word out there as much as possible and made some noise, then it can only be seen as a good thing.” Jon Morter is due to make an appearance in the city in May as he’s been booked as a speaker at Liverpool Sound City Festival to divulge his expertise on social media and online activism.

REVIEW: Deap Vally @ Shipping Forecast Deap Vally takes on the Shipping Forecast with their dirty rock and roll by Joshua Nevett With a smouldering pout and two dock off amps whacked up to 11, DEAP VALLEY are the epitome of the girl-girl blues-riffing two-some, it’s just as well their melange of outspoken smut and JD-soaked skullduggery makes them all the more authentic. “Do you want to know the best way to cure congestion, have an orgasm” claims drummer Julie Edwards as she imparts her most studious of remedies. Chances are you’ll leave the Shipping Forecast with more than a common cold after this LA duo suck out your marrow through a straw and spit it back out in a splutter of dirty rock’n’roll. Riffed and ready with sordid guitar licks more intoxicating than the contents of Pete Doherty’s nostrils, Lindsey Troy (Guitar/Vocals) howls like a deprived sexual deviant for Baby I Can Hell,

while your brain spontaneously combusts for new song Draught which sounds like one of Black Sabbath’s skulking riffs fired out of a jet-propelled cannon. When Deap Vally’s debut album drops later this year, the three or four-minute spikes of primal aggression that surmises every song will have you plastered to the wall drenched in your own blood and sweat. Debut single Gonna Make My Own Money screeches and grinds with such ferocity it’s as if Jack White has just strode in mid-riot mounted on a police horse. Although tonight is the last date of their first UK tour, it’s as good a night as any to pilot new songs which is testament to the pair’s unyielding energy as at no point do they tone down the intensity to a lower frequency. In between an off-kilter melee of percussion (Raw Material) and cautionary tales of promiscuity (Walk of Shame) - If Karen O and Courtney Love immaculately procreated, these songs would be the love-child. End Of The World is simplistically sonic – Lindsey’s cackling guitar emits a similar smog of fumes to those exhaled by any one of Josh Homme’s sludgy incarnations. And that’s not to mention the slow-burning rendition of J Hawkins’ ‘I Put A Spell on You’, which is impassioned with lingering sexual tension so steamy, you’ll be fanning yourself with your G-string. You better lock up your sons, because this desert duo is coming for them whether you like it or not.

In culmination of the rhythmic canter of R&B, the jagged glitchiness of two-step and the percussive jolt of UK garage, London duo Aluna George have tapped into the blood-line of their forbears to bring pop music full-circle. Their latest single ‘Attracting Flies’ is an amalgam of all the above, and while Aluna Francis’s sultry, soulful vocals flutter gently, George’s Reid’s wonky production is more penetrating than a jackhammer to the temple. It’s glitch-pop with commercial crossover, the kids will love it - Joshua Nevett

FOALS MY NUMBER Foals’ first single off their latest album, ‘Holy Fire’ glares in the face of 2008 debut album ‘Antidotes’ and tears it a gaping new hole, while subverting the navel-gazing afro-pop of ‘Total Life Forever’ for a more populist agenda. Its jacking funk laden guitar intro is more devious than a child yielding a slingshot in a classroom, and Yanni’s infectiously catchy lyrical hook “You don’t have my number, and we don’t need each other now” grips you on an abject emotional common ground that’s juxtaposed against the song’s gleeful melody - Joshua Nevett

PINK FT NATE RUESS JUST GIVE ME A REASON With arms more butch than a silverback gorilla on steroids, Pink may snarl like a bruiser in a bar brawl, but her latest single ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ retains a heart-warbling delicacy unbecoming of her usually anti-femme demeanour. Pink’s like the vestigial tail of chart music, no one really knows why or how it got there, but it’s still kind of interesting/weird to gawp at all the same. It’s just a shame FUN’s Nate Ruess is about as authentic as a cardboard cut-out of Paris Hilton Joshua Nevett


Reporting by David Williamson So why choose a motorcycle? For one it’s cost effective, giving up your heater and metal cage might not be for everybody but for those who just want to be able to cheaply travel the motorcycle’s the way to go. The average cost for 18-21 year olds to be insured on a car can range between just under £1,000, and £2,500. This doesn’t include driving lessons, tax, or petrol, and the biggest hitter on-going maintenance costs. A motorbike is extremely cost

efficient, even in petrol, being able to get 150-200 miles out of the gallon is a huge cost cutter. It usually has low insurance costs and the road tax is virtually non-existent. A motorcycle also has its little perks for example free parking in most places, and if you commute through the tunnel there are no toll fees. Not to mention you don’t have to wait in all that busy city traffic! Kick starting your life on two wheels is probably the most costly of the entire riding process.First you have to complete your CBT, which

is a basic riding trainer test which will allow you to ride a motorcycleup to 125cc. This can cost between £85, £105, depending on the time of the year you decide to begin riding. Once you have your licence it’s time to get your gear, Helmet, which cost £30 and upwards, padded motorcycle pants, which can be anywhere from £25 upwards, and a motorcycle jacket which can cost from around £30-£50 and upwards depending on if you wear leather or textile. Then there’s the bike. A 125cc

motorbike can cost anywhere between £200 and £3,500. The most important thing to remember when buying a bike is not buying the first one you see, shop around, make sure it’s comfortable. A bonus of a 125cc bike is they don’t really depreciate in a value you can buy a 125cc for £800 and sell it years later for £800 provided you look after it. Now for the good news, the most new riders will only have to pay between £290 - £500 insurance a year, even if you’ve never ridden before! If you buy a new motorbike you

don’t need to MOT your bike for three years, but those who bought second hand shouldn’t worry, MOTs for a 125cc are usually around £30-£40 provided they don’t find anything wrong. Last but not least, road tax. Road tax for a 125cc is usually around £16 a year so compared to their car counterparts it’s very cheap. When you add it all up you can start to think it’s expensive to begin your two wheeled adventures but you can get lucky. When I first started I was on the road for just under £900.

Best Buys

MDS Sprinter £89.99

RST Raptor Black £79.99

One can be the loneliest number

On the road you can feel outnumbered, surrounded and vulnerable. Towering metal cages can be quite daunting especially for a new rider, everyone remembers their first bus, lorry and tailgater. But that shouldn’t stop you from riding. There are huge communities of bikers, Merseyside being a very large one so make sure you go to events meet people, start riding with people and suddenly you feel like the road is yours. Not every club is like the T.V show‘Sons of Anarchy’ most people you meet will just want to ride and have a passion for motorcycles Sometimes its easier said than done to find a group and join, but if that’s not your style start a group! One of the best things I have ever done was start a small club. When I first started riding I only

knew one friend who also felt the need for two wheels, but over the last twelve months we have really been converting people to our side of the road. There are now ten of us, riding around, meeting regularly going out on runs, and even helping each other out financially. There’s a sense of safety in numbers when I ride with my friends, knowing you have someone watching your back on the road makes the ride a lot more enjoyable, that and there really is nothing like rolling around your local town with ten bikes. There are ups and downs to riding with a group but at the end of the day it’s great to be a part of something that matters to just you and a small group of friends. If we were to start again I’d definitely advise befriending a good mechanic though!

RST Tractech Leather Motorcycle Jean £127.99

125cc on and off road bikes: The most fun you can have on two wheels

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32 shades of Green by Rory Kelly

There is one thing you are always sure to hear in Liverpool. Whether you are walking through Church Street; sitting in a bar on Mathew Street; sitting on a bus; waiting on a train. You can always be sure to hear an Irish accent. As St Patrick’s Day looms, the Irish community in Liverpool are preparing to paint the town green in recognition of Ireland’s patron saint. However, it is not just the current batch of Irish people located in the city that are set to celebrate, with hoards of locals set to come out and

celebrate in a city steeped with Irish tradition. Throughout the number of Irish bars in the city, there will be stories told of how so-andso’s parents, or grandparents, or great-grandparents, made their way across the Irish Sea from Ireland’s 32 counties to Liverpool many moons ago. Indeed, up to three quarters of the city’s population are believed to have Irish roots. However, it is likely that you will also find inebriated students discussing their travels to Merseyside after over-indulging in the Black Stuff.

But in reality, it is well documented that Liverpool is a city filled with Irish culture, and steeped with Irish history. During the Irish Famine of 1840, Liverpool was one of the main ports of call for Irish people hoping to escape the barren state at the time, with tens of thousands of Irish people inhabiting the city. One of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks, the ‘Bombed-out Church’ bares a statue commemorating the Irish famine, unveiled by then-Irish President, Ms Mary McAleese in 1998. There have been some notable

Irish exploits in the city since the Famine. For example, Liverpool is the only place in Great Britain to have ever elected an Irish nationalist MP. Thomas P. O’Connor, was elected in 1885 and served the Scotland Road area for over 40 years, for which most of the time, was under Protestant party rule. Another person who many people do not know of, was Irish man, namely Michael James Whitty, who established the city’s Fire Service and the newspaper ‘The Daily Post’. There have also been notable Irish women to have made an

impact in the city are Agnes Jones from Donegal, and Kitty Wilkinson from Derry, who both made improvements to the development of public hygiene. Three of Liverpool’s most famous sons, The Beatles have Irish ancestry, with Paul McCartney (maternal grandfather and paternal great-grandfather), John Lennon (paternal grandparents) and George Harrison (maternal grandfather) all having Irish roots. On a sporting front, several of Liverpool and Everton icons from throughout the years have represented Republic of Ireland

at international level, with the likes of Steve Heighway, Ronnie Whelan, Ray Houghton, Jason McAteer, Kevin Sheedy and Tommy Eglington all having plied their trade for either the Reds or Blues of Merseyside. What is unique about Liverpool and its Irish connection, is the manner in which they overcame the animosity of sectarianism despite the city’s Catholic and Protestant demographics. Having overcome such difficulties, the Irish community of Liverpool are welcomed as part of the city itself, and will be celebrating duly this weekend.

Gearing up for biggest city parade

by Eoghain Mc Kane

Liverpool will have its biggest ever St Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday. The decision on holding the parade has been a contentious one, claim the organisers, with far-right groups wrecking previous attempts at arranging St Patrick’s Day marches meaning that their planned celebrations were delayed and scaled down in previous years. Recently, Liverpool has become the city in the UK outside Ireland that celebrates the legacy of Patrick on a par with cities across the world such as Boston and New York. The gathered group of people will not actually go through the town centre, but rather pass through the Vauxhall area, which is historically linked to Irish people. In the past Liverpool has been called the ‘33rd county’ and an estimated 50-75% of Liverpool people having some Irish roots. Although there are marches every 12th July in celebration of the Orangemen, there has never been a significant celebration on the 17th March. This is something that the campaigning group Cairde Na hEireann (Friends of Ireland) has been active in trying to change. They said: “Unlike other cities across England, Scotland and Wales, Liverpool has never quite managed to reach the lofty heights of offering a St. Patrick’s Day parade for the city.” Liverpool is twinned with the Irish capital Dublin, which further enhanced the relationship that has been intact since the time of the Famine which saw

almost 1.3m Irish people fleeing from hunger, and arriving through the city’s ports. The link was further strengthened last year when Irish arts minister Jimmy Dennihan signed a cultural corridor agreement to strengthen ties. Last year, a parade to commemorate Liverpool-born Jim Larkin, founder of the Irish trade union movement, was met with a counter-demonstration by a far right group, the North West Infidels, 25 of whom were arrested. However, Cairde na hEireann, which campaigns for the peaceful unification of Ireland, and against racism and fascism, says it has consulted with Merseyside Police in the lead-up to Sunday’s event. Cairde na hEireann’s Liverpool Clubmoor Councillor James Noakes, who comes from a mixed-religion Irish family, says sectarianism here has been consigned to history. “Those days are gone,” he says. “Liverpool today is a city where people of every creed and colour are comfortable in their identity while recognising they live alongside other cultures.” Cllr Noakes says that the city’s tradition of hospitality is a major draw for today’s Irish settlers and “any effort to have a more high-profile celebration of St Patrick’s Day would be supported by people of all religious traditions. “St Patrick’s Day is extensively celebrated in Liverpool, the bars are packed and St Michael’s Irish Centre has a number of events on,” he added. “Not forgetting that the city hosts one of the best Irish festivals in the country every October.”

Celebrations: Pogue Mahones geared up for busy St. Patrick’s Day

Best spots for pint of the black stuff As St Patrick’s Day comes closer, the bars will be the first port of call for many to kickstart the celebrations. Liverpool Life looked at the pubs where the best pint of Guinness is served and where the best craic’ will be.

1.Pogue Mahones

Based in Seel Street this quaint traditional Irish bar will play host to a packed line up of bands and singers covering Irish classics early from 11am until late.


On Hanover Street is another traditional Irish pub which opens its doors early at 9am, early enough to catch a traditional Irish fry washed down with a pint of Guinness. O’Neills will be packed from early on, with live music playing all day you are guaranteed a good night.

3.Flanagans Apple

Flanagans on Matthew Street is a must visit for anyone on St Patrick’s day willing to

sample their fine pint of their black stuff and food.


The smallest bar of the four. What Shenanigans based in Tithebarn Street lacks in size but makes up for in craic with its cosy warm fire and delicious pints of the black stuff. Live acts throughout the day will end St Paddy’s weekend in style.




by Elisha Storrow That time of year again is looming where betters and spectators alike come out in force in their fashion fancies, as Aintree prepares for its biggest annual event. Many Liverpudlians will have already booked in for spray tans, manicures and hair appointments for the weekend of Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th April. For many Liverpool people, the John Smith’s Grand National is the biggest event in their betting calendar, for others, it’s an excuse to get dolled up and suited and booted. The Grand National kicks

off with Liverpool Day and is then followed by Ladies’ Day, which is popular amongst both fashion conscious men and women. It is the main social gathering of the three day event where local lads and ladies are always out in their finest for the world’s most famous steeple chase. This year, thousands of racegoers will flock through the gates of Aintree dressed in their unique and eye-catching or simple and classic attire. HANNAH ASHRAF has her top picks for both men and women ahead of this year’s Grand National.

Pretty in pastels with this baby doll dress finish with a touch of sequin sparkle. Lipsy £70

Look stunning in a maxi dress with a contemporary twist. Aqua £160

Add a fresh pop of Spring prints with this graphic floral design mini dress. ASOS £40

Tone down in a classic slim fitted suit jacket in a pale blue. River Island £100

Add an edge to a white shite with coloured buttons. Fred Perry £75

Stand out from the crowd in a slim fitting bird motif shirt. Volklore £60

Experiment with a wine coloured suit. A fresh twist on a black suit. Topman £150

Go chíc in a sleeveless fusia maxi dress with gathering details. Mango £59.99

Be classy in a nude peplum pencil skirt. Hybrid £90

Life/Health /12

Celebrities cracking nuts to help UK’s prostate problem by Kate Molyneux

Every hour, one man in the UK dies from prostate cancer - which is set to become the country’s most common form of the disease. Often men have no signs or symptoms and little awareness of the dangers, which is why Prostate Cancer Awareness Month aims to change attitudes with its Sledgehammper campaign. During the month-long series of events, celebrities such as the comedian Bill Bailey have been spreading the word about the most common disease in men in the United Kingdom. Around 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in the UK and 10,000 will die because of the illness. Every March, campaigns get under way to provide information, support, and raise money to help combat this disease; the most recent is the Sledgehammer Fund from Prostate Cancer UK, which has celebrities giving information about the prostate and what you can do to help the fund. Magic FM DJ Neil Fox, television presenter Diane Louise Jordan, comedian Rebecca Front, actress Kazia Pelka, and many

more are all involved in the campaign, which aims to see 10,000 walnuts being cracked with sledgehammers for the charity, in order to raise awareness of the walnut sized prostate gland that is causing problems for one in eight men. Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trust has made a statement for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to try and encourage all Merseyside males to educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer and how to get tested. Dr Craig Gradden, Medical Director for LCH, said: “It’s not always easy for men to talk about their health, but this can be hugely detrimental to their health in the longer term - especially when it comes to cancer as identifying the signs early can significantly improve your chances of beating the illness.” “Throughout Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we want to encourage men of all ages to find out about any family history of any cancer, and to visit their GP early if they have any active health concerns at all.” The prostate gland can only be found in men and sits under the

bladder. Some of the symptoms for prostate problems to look out for can range from difficulty starting to urinate, pain when urinating, or blood in your urine or semen. If you feel you are having problems or would like to go for a check-up, make an appointment with your local GP for a blood test. Today, prostate cancer UK and the Scottish Government have announced a £500,000 boost into prostate cancer research. Dr Iain Frame, Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK, said: “Due to decades of underfunding and neglect we still know far too little about why prostate cancer kills one man in the UK every hour. Working with our partners, the Movember Foundation, we have recently been able to triple our research spend to a record £25million over the next three years. “Whilst we are incredibly proud of these investments, we must remain acutely aware of how much more still needs to be done to get prostate cancer research on a level footing with other cancers, and crack the disease once and for all.”

Sledgehammer Fund: Celebrities including Magic FM DJ Neil Fox, television presenter Diane Louise Jordan, comedian Rebecca Front and celebrity builder Tommy Walsh team up to help beat prostate cancer

Hair today ... gone tomorrow by Katie Croft

Katie Croft’s hair before and after her extensions

For many girls across Liverpool, getting ready for a night out would not be complete without their staple accessory, a set of long, lavish hair extensions, but in reality they have left hundreds of women all over the city wishing they hadn’t gone near them. Hair loss, bald patches, scabs on the scalp and split ends are just a few of the risks girls will take to look glamorous on a night out. There are a range of ways to wear hair extensions nowadays and Victoria Hughes, a primary

school teacher from the Wirral used clip-in hair extensions but decided to get them weaved in. “My hair went from being in healthy condition to a mess. I had them for under a year and my hair had split ends in rough condition, it was down to my shoulder on one side and then to my chin on the other.” Other ways to attach the hair to the scalp can include bonding which involves applying glue to the hair extensions then attaching it onto a section of natural hair. This technique is considered to be the most dangerous as the adhesive pulls on the hair and can leave a person

with bald patches. Micro rings are the newest technique to hit the salons and are generally considered to be the safest way of attaching the extension hair because there is no glue and no harsh chemical needed. Hollie Williams, freelance hair extensions specialist from the Wirral, said: “Extensions can damage hair but micro rings they are very easily added and removed with no stress on the hair like tight braids, there is a very small amount of hair added over separate strands of the natural hair so no heavy wefts are pulling the hair down.”

By Dani Baldwin

Comic Relief celebrates its 25th anniversary this Friday with celebrities such as One Direction and Jessie J donning a red nose especially for the occasion. Since launching in 1988, the charity has raised a massive £600m towards helping some of the world’s poorest countries, as well as communities right here on our doorstep. Merseyside is hosting a range of events in the run up to the official comic relief fundraiser on Friday 15th March. Will you be wearing your red nose on Friday?

TK Maxx on Church Street is selling a unique Red Nose range which covers everything from T-shirts to kitchenware. Fashion designer Linda McCartney has designed a collection of Comic Relief clothing including a Beatles t-shirt which will retail at £9.99. The collection was wholly manufactured in Africa and 100% of the cotton has been sourced from Fairtrade certified, organic farmers in Mali. An exclusive homeware collection, designed by Emma Bridgewater, will see the funny red nose mugs and kitchen aprons adorn the shelves. The campaign raised £3million for Comic Relief last year and TK Maxx is confident that they will beat this figure and raise even more for the cause which helps impoverished people both at home and abroad. LFC footballers, Jonjo Shelvey and Martin Kelly swapped their football boots for oven mitts as they joined Comic Relief charity Positive Futures to bake the best red sponge on 6th March. The pair had 30 minutes to bake their red nose cakes and both were judged by celebrity chef and TV personality Simon Rimmer. The event took place at the Boot Room Café in Cheshire Oaks. Martin Kelly, who plays in defence for the club, said: “I hope us showing our skills in the kitchen might inspire other people in Liverpool and beyond to bake and raise vital funds for people living tough lives in the UK and Africa.”

Hampson Hughes solicitors raised a massive £6000 with their shimmy shaking and Zumba moves. They teamed up with council-run Lifestyles gyms to hold a red nose themed Zumba marathon on Friday the 8th at the Wavertree tennis centre with over 400 people turning up to dance in the name of charity. The session was led by instructor, Kesiena Ovien . Lisa Pearson from Hampton Hughes solicitors said: “Kesi & the Zumba community worked incredibly hard to put on what was a very entertaining and exciting night and you could tell that everyone taking part really enjoyed it too! It was great to be able to do something which was so much fun for a very worthy cause.

Liverpool’s Spire Hospital will be hosting a cake sale and arm wrestling competition amongst staff on Friday in order to raise cash. The hospital supported Comic Relief last year hosting similar fundraisers around the site, going the extra mile by having a treadmill in reception where staff could run for charity.

Marco Pierre White is going red this Friday with his Liverpool restaurant offering a Comic Relief menu. The 3 course meal, available at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill, will cost £30pp with £5 going straight to charity.


Why we are back in love with pedal power by Jamie Allen and Daniel Farrell

Cycling’s popularity has gone through the roof in the UK since Bradley Wiggins triumphed last summer in the Tour de France and the London Olympics. It is no surprise that since then the UK has seen a rise in cycling club membership, with a 200,000 rise in regular riders announced by British Cycling in December last year. Cycling is not only a great way to get people fit, but it could see another superstar uncovered to be the next Chris Hoy or Victoria Pendleton. With the road cycling season getting under way this week there is no better time for cycling to come back into public focus. The North West has been a heartland of British Cycling, with the Manchester Velodrome being the base of the success of both Team GB and Team Sky. Now Liverpool is trying to get in on the act as it was announced last month that a scheme, nicknamed ‘Boris bikes’, that has been a staple of London’s streets for nearly three years now, will be rolled out in Liverpool within the next 18 months. The plans have been backed by big names in cycling such as Chris Boardman, the mastermind behind British cycling success of the past four years. Unaware to many, but Merseyside has a deep connection with the biggest bike race in the world Le Tour de France reaching as far back as the 50s and 60s. Stan Brittain, born in Knotty Ash, was one of the first Brits to ride in the Tour, competing alongside some of the sports greats at a time when cycling had little to no exposure.We know we waited over 90 years for a British winner of the race but Britain was at the time only the third Briton to even finish the race at this time. His success was not only confined

to the roads of France, but he also rode to silver in the 1956 Olympic Games road race in Melbourne. Cycling has also gained another foothold within the region, with a new magazine that has been set up catering for the needs of cyclists in Merseyside.Spin Cycle Magazine created by Liverpool Echo photographer and cycling enthusiast James Maloney explores cycling’s past in the North West as well as bringing new fans to a bike. Cycling clubs such as Liverpool Mercury and Liverpool Phoenix clubs are offering their members different events around the city, anything from competitive races to road safety sessions. Liverpool Mercury Cycling is one of the largest in the UK and has seen a huge boom in intakes over the last two years; it boasts an impressive cycling circuit designed for their use by British Cycling. Despite being around for more than half a century the club is finally getting recognition for the work it does for its members. It helps that Liverpool and the North West have had a rich history of producing some of the best cyclists Britain has ever seen from Olympic Gold medallist Chris Boardman to adopted son Bradley Wiggins. He was born in London but now resides and trains near Wigan. Add to the current Olympic sprint champion Jason Kenny hails from nearby Bolton. It speaks volumes for the strength of the set up in the North West that British Cycling have opted to stay based in Manchester rather than move to the velodrome in the Olympic Park. Time will tell if this cycling craze will continue in the afterglow of the Olympics or whether, like other sports which gained massive popularity during the Games, the fans will fade away along with the memory of the Olympic. Either way Liverpool’s cycling clubs are doing their best .

Cyclists in action on the Tour of Britain as cycling makes a comeback in Merseyside

Legends host charity dinner by Eoghain Mckane

A fundraiser will be held on Saturday the 11th of May at Anfield with Liverpool legends Ian Callaghan, Phil Neal, Jimmy Case and Roy Evans telling tales of their time at the club. The fundraiser called Relive the Magic of Rome is in aid of Ormskirk FC, it will include a three course meal and will help the club set up three new youth teams and get them enough equipment and kits to help set them up. The fundraiser will give the chance for young and old to hear about the time when Liverpool won the European Cup in 1977. Kevin Duffy, 28 has been with the team 13 years and has also been involved with the team that organises events with appearances from former Liverpool greats such as Alan Kennedy, John Aldridge and Jan Molby. Kevin told JMU Journalism: “We’ve been arranging sports community events at Anfield for 4 or 5 years now, and with appearances from former Liverpool greats such as Aldridge we decided to step it up

and get some of the squad that played in the squad the first time Liverpool won the European cup. Our aim is to raise between £4,000 and £5,000 so we can set up three new youth teams and qualifying coaches. We want to get as much kids playing for us as possible and we’ve managed to increase our participation numbers. “Our aim for the kids is to get help them understand it’s not all about winning or losing we want to help them on more of the social side of things and give them confidence.”

Legends: LFC ©OrmskirkFC

© LeftHand Flickr

Mersey Tigers suffer another loss against Surrey Heat

Tigers falling by Jamie Allen The Mersey Tigers lost 99-71 to the Surrey Heat to drop to a league worst 0 and 27. Having won the treble only two years ago the Tigers have suffered a fall from grace that has seen them lose every game they have played this season. Most of their defeats have been by huge score lines but it was a credit to the Tigers that they only lost by a margin of 28 points; in previous games they have suffered defeats of 50 points or more. Head coach Tony Walsh stated last week that he was positive that his team could grab their first win of the season, despite this rallying call

the win still seems elusive. He told Liverpool Life last month: “This season’s all about development.” He also stressed that he had faith in his youth approach. He said: “The new owners are 100% behind my vision of offering local young basketball talent in the North West a chance to play in the BBL.” The closest they have come to grabbing a win was in November when they lost by an agonising six points to local rivals Cheshire Jets. Since the BBL was launched in 2007 the Tigers had been one of the most successful teams. The Tigers have six games left to try and scrape together a few wins to make their record respectable.


Fan fury as season ticket prices to rise by Eivind Haugstad Kleiven From next season some Liverpool FC season ticketholders will see a 9% price rice as the club will introduce a new six-tier ticket structure. The Premier League matches will be split in to three categories, with six different price groups depending on where you’re seated. The tickets at Main Stand and Centenary Stand will see a price rise from £815 to £850 as they are part of price group 1 and 2. For the 2013/14 season the most attractive matches will cost up to £52, which is a rise of £4 per ticket. The Liverpool Supporter Union, Spirit of Shankly, said in a statement:” In the midst of austerity, with redundancies and cut-backs a daily reality for many supporters, these inflationbusting price rises are an insult to long-standing supporters who have already suffered a massive 716% price rise since 1989.” There are both winners and losers with the new price system

based on a seat’s location and view. According to Liverpool FC category 3-6, which are located at, the Kop and Anfield Road End, will remain at the same price level or cheaper. Season ticket holders in the corner sections of the Kop will see a reduction on £15 to £710, while those in the central sections of the Kop will be unaffected as they will remain at the current level of £725. Spirit of Shankly added: “Supporters in the Main Stand and Paddock endure facilities that survived the Shankly era redevelopment, with so-called “concourses” dating back to 1907.” Spirit of Shankly is currently working to build a national campaign to fight for a reduced price for away tickets. They are urging away supporters all over the land to join in under the banner, “Enough is enough - football without fans is nothing”. The prices for the away fans will stay the same.

Tranmere in injury crisis by Rory Kelly

Tranmere Rovers’ superb win over FA Cup surprise package Oldham Athletic on Sunday has come at a cost to the promotion chasing side, with the team set to be without several key players for this evening’s trip to Walsall (kick-off at 7.45pm). Ronnie Moore’s side will travel to Walsall without Michael O’Halloran, who was forced off after just 21 minutes on Saturday. He joins long-term absentees James Wallace, Andy Robinson and Adam McGurk on the club’s treatment table. Mama Sidibe, currently on loan from Stoke City, is also doubtful for the game having only returned to training this week. Rovers’ 1-0 victory over Oldham left Moore praising 40-yearold centre-half Ian Goodison

as a ‘man mountain’ after the defender’s powerful performance. Having picked up a knock prior to the game, Goodison managed to get through the 90 minutes and is also expected to feature again in tonight’s clash. Speaking on the injury woes, Moore was understandably devastated at how much of a role injuries are playing in his side’s quest to achieve promotion. He said: “It is ridiculous the way things have gone. But great credit to our players to be in and around the play-offs – and only two points off the automatic promotion places – with the injury season we’ve had, is fantastic and just shows the spirit we’ve got there. “We’ve got nine games to go but are still in a great position, even with all the injuries we’ve had. It’s been inspirational.”

Doubts over Moyes’ future by Rory Kelly Doubts have once again surfaced among Everton fans regarding the future of Blues manager David Moyes, after seeing his side fall to a 3-0 defeat against Wigan in the FA Cup 6th Round on Saturday. Moyes’ contract is set to expire at the end of the season, and many of the Blues faithful have expressed concerns at the Scot not having committed to the club for next season. Saturday’s defeat at home to Wigan ended Everton’s hopes of lifting any silverware this season, and sections of Blues fans are questioning whether Moyes is the man to change the club’s fortunes. Speaking after Saturday’s game, Moyes reassured fans that he is still committed to the club, saying “I still have the same appetite for that job.”

However, having failed to sign a new contract with the club, many fans believe that this uncertainty is contributing to the club’s poor form. Everton skipper Phil Neville hopes that Moyes stays at Goodison Park, saying that ‘he has brought stability to the club’, however, he rebutted any views that this had contributed to the team’s poor showing against Wigan. Neville said: “Only he can answer (if he will stay). Only twice have we finished outside the top 10 and that is a massive achievement for a club like Everton “The foundations are strong and there is no-one better you would want in charge. We all feel the pain together. “I’ve loved every minute playing with him and we all want him to stay, but that’s up to him.

Cup stars: Ryan McCann and Josh Kelsall jostle for the ball after both scoring in the first half

©John Mathews

Journalism World Cup final looms

After Level 3’s dominant showing in their 4-1 victory over Level 1, the second semi-final of the JMU Journalism World Cup is set to take place this Sunday at IM Marsh. The Alumni are set to face Level 2 in a much anticipated encounter, but with many graduates scattered around the country, the Alumni team is at present short of numbers. However, this presents an opportunity for some of the first years who lost their semi-final, to join the Alumni as guest players. Alumni captain Chris Shaw will be

able to call upon veteran striker John Mathews, who has declared himself fit, having suffered with a crippling back injury, as a result of his old age. However, the Alumni side will have to do without tournament supremo Liam Devaney, who announced his retirement having undergone knee surgery last year. Hat-trick hero from last year’s final, Adam Smith, is expected to answer Shaw’s call and will prove an attacking threat to the Level 2 side. Having reached the final of the

tournament last season, Level 2 will be hoping to repeat that feat again this year. On the squad front, captain Nick Seddon has retained the majority of last year’s team, but will be without the influential Joshua Weale due to work commitments. Seddon will also have to plan without Irish dynamo Derek Walsh, who put in a fiery performance for Level 3 in the other semi-final. Speaking after the draw, Seddon said: “The defeat in the final last year was tough to take. After being so impressive in the semi-finals we

were taken apart by the third years and taught a tough lesson. “However, I feel we are a stronger team this year. We know each other better and we are confident that we won’t make the same mistakes again. With the absence of the reigning champions, I feel we have a great chance of getting our hands on the trophy and I consider us to be favourites.” The game will kick-off at 11.30am, at IM Marsh on the 24th of March. Anyone is welcome to attend the game.

JMU football league success by Rory Kelly

The LJMU Men’s football team secured their status as the ‘kings of the north’, having claimed BUCS glory last week with a 2-2 draw with University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). LJMU went into the game at Heron Eccles, knowing that a draw would secure the title for the side, having previously went on an eight-game winning streak in the group. Goals from Darren Coyle and Ryan Adam cancelled out UCLAN’s opener, before a late equaliser left the teams level. However, the game was overshadowed by a horrendous double leg-break suffered by LJMU midfielder Dan Mason, causing the game to be delayed for 45 minutes. Speaking to Liverpool

Life, goal-scorer Coyle was understandably delighted with winningthe title. He said: “It’s a massive achievement for us. We’ve worked really hard as a group this season, and we have been well organised in each game. “Obviously, we knew coming into the game how tough it was going to be, but I think we dealt with the challenge and although we conceded a late goal, I think we still performed well.” LJMU captain, Bennie McFadden, was also pleased with the result, saying that the ‘hard work has finally paid off.’ The third-year sport student said: “We have been unlucky in recent years, but this year, under Guido Seerden, we’ve been focused and set up well. It’s good to finally get our hands on the

cup.” McFadden also paid tribute to his midfield partner Mason saying: “It was really unfortunate for Dan, but he’s a good lad and will no doubt come back stronger.” The well-organised LJMU side have been in excellent form this season, they responded quicklywith captain McFadden and the livewire Coyle both testing the UCLAN ‘keeper in the opening stages. It was Coyle who netted the equaliser for LJMU, latching on to a through-ball from Mason before slotting it coolly into the bottom corner from ten yards. McFadden and Mason were proving to be the engine of the side, winning the midfield battle and setting up attack after attack. Indeed, a cross-field pass from

Mason found full-back Decky Lynch, who crossed in for Adam to tap home. Lynch displayed his defensive capabilities as well as his attacking, when making a superb last ditch tackle to deny a UCLAN striker with the goal gaping. Goalkeeper Craig Unsworth also had to be at his in the second half, thwarting the UCLAN attack on several occasions. The game was marred by the injury to midfielder Mason, who having gone into a tackle, suffered a double compound leg break, forcing a delay of over 45 minutes as medical staff waited on an ambulance. After the break of play, UCLAN continued to pile the pressure on a shell-shocked LJMU, and the pressure paid off when they equalised in injury time.

LFC ambitions by Jamie Allen Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard believes that his side do not belong in sixth, seventh or eighth place. Gerrard, who scored his eighth league goal of the season last weekend, feels that they need a perfect finish in the league in order to have a chance of securing Champions League football next term. With 27 points up for grabs the Reds will have to rely on teams above them dropping points in order to climb the league. The Reds are on a good run of form after beating third placed Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 on Sunday at Anfield and have built up a run

of five games without defeat in all competitions. Brendan Rodgers’ side are currently in sixth place seven points behind fourth place Chelsea, although the West London side have played one game more. They will hope their meeting with the Blues in April will be pivotal in the race for top four. Liverpool last played in Europe’s premier competition in the 200910 season where they failed to get out of the group stages after suffering a defeat at the hands of Italian side Fiorentina, led by Montenegrin striker Stevan Jovetic. Liverpool have since played in the Europa League.

Captain Gerrard wants top four finish

©SG Foundation


LifeSPORT 12- March - 2013

Aintree race day draws closer

by Daniel Farrell

FESTIVAL GETS UNDER WAY Under starter’s orders: Bookies prepare for a chaotic day at Cheltenham

by Ian Bolland

It comes around so quickly - but it is like Christmas has come early for the national hunt racing fan with four days of top-class racing. But you might have a weird feeling about the Cheltenham Festival this year. For the first time in several years the great Kauto Star doesn’t feature as Silviniaco Conti is Paul Nicholls’ big hope for the gold cup, and Big Bucks isn’t about for his customary victory in the World Hurdle, and events at last year’s Grand National denies

Synchronised the chance to defend his gold cup crown. Last year was special for many reasons. After Kauto Star had shown signs of a revival with victory in the Betfair Chase and King George VI chase, the fairy-tale ending wasn’t to be. Before the festival he picked up an injury that would ultimately send him into retirement after he was pulled up – but the ovation gave many people goosebumps This year we see a pretty open gold cup, Sir Des Champs, Silviniaco Conti, Bobs Worth all in

contention with the 2011 winner Long Run not as fancied as he has been in years gone by – but looks tempting given that he has never finished outside the top three. Cheltenham can bring out the best in some horses, there is something about the place, just ask A P McCoy when he’s on Alberta’s Run, a horse that seems to always be in the mix for the Ryanair Chase despite his injury problems in the past. For the fans it is also brilliant, if you’re not having the best of days you are welcome to drown your

Picture: Scott Rumsey

sorrows in Guinness village, a truly wonderful place to either drown your sorrows or if you are up for the day – not to mention when the bands get going and everyone is merry, it can be pretty lively. Sprinter Sacre is odds on to win the Queen Mother Champion Chase on the Wednesday with Sizing Europe keen to right the wrong of last year after coming up short to Finian’s Rainbow despite being heavily fancied – and allowing the bookies to celebrate. Dynaste and Boston Bob are the pair to watch for the RSA Chase as

last year’s winner Bob’s Worth has stepped up to the Gold Cup on Friday – and is heavily fancied for it. Without record breaking Big Bucks on Thursday the World Hurdle looks like one of the most open. Oscar Whisky was tipped to challenge the unbeaten four-time winner, but disappointed on the day. This time he’s back along with Reve De Sivola but an eye should be kept out for Donald McCain trained Peddlers Cross who has raised a few eyebrows with his performances of late.

Bill Kenwright poised to sell by Eivind Haugstad Kleiven

In the aftermath of the embarrassing 3-0 defeat against Wigan at Goodison Park in the FA Cup Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has expressed that he would be open to sell the club but only for £125 million. There has been rumoured interest from the Middle East, who have already changed the face of European football with the likes of Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City spending their way to success. TalkSport had a heated debate on the subject last night where fans voiced their displeasure about the

weekend’s result and the general running of th club under Bill Kenwright. Goodison Park has been seen as a burden around the clubs neck along with the club’s current debt of £48 million seen as negative factors in selling the club. Kenwright failed to mention the debt when stating his intention to sell the club. On the other side of Stanley Park, Liverpool moved above their rivals at the weekend and are currently planning a renovation of Anfield. The suggestion of a ground share has been discussed many times in both camps. However it seems as though

neither set of fans would want to share with each other and they have never been able to put together a viable plan. The news comes as Blues manager David Moyes is still reluctant to sign a new contract with the Toffees which could be a potential stumbling block in any takeover deal as manager instability will not be desirable to buyers. A bad week culminated in a defeat against Wigan that sent them out of the FA Cup, which ended Everton’s trophy hopes for this season and it may very well turn out to be a grim end of the season for the Toffees.  Manager Moyes’ future at the club: Page 15

The official countdown to the Aintree Grand National has begun. With little over 20 days until one of horse racing’s major events of the year, Liverpool is getting prepped. In early April each year, the world and its media descend upon Aintree. This year it will take place from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th April. The Grand National attracts over 154,000 race-goers to the city for three days of racing. The Aintree event includes the Grand Opening Day, Ladies’ Day and the John Smith’s Grand National Day. Over 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the 2012 race and were witness to many firsts; a photo finish deciding the winner and a first Grand National victory for champion trainer, Paul Nicholls. As well as this, Neptune Collonges made it into the history books as only the third grey to have ever won the race in its rich 165-year history ridden by jockey Daryl Jacob. Build up to the Aintree race last year saw Liverpool One decorated with Grand National sized fences reaching well over six foot. This year was no different as channel 4 filmed jockeys jumping over Aintree neighbours fences for a unique advert that will be aired closer to the event. In recent years the Grand National has come under criticism by animal rights groups after numerous horses have had to be put down. Last year the joint favourite and Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Synchronised had to be put down after falling at fence six of the course. However, course managers have introduced new safety measures to the course, including new fences. Fences are still covered in spruce but timber posts, which were originally used, have been replaced by a softer material. Tickets for the event are still available and can be found on the official Aintree website.

Inside this week

Goodison Park

Photo © Fabiopaoleri/Flick

Why city is going cycle-mad: Page 14

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