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WELCOME 2017 LJA is a unique place. We are home to 650 people in 22 offices - and growing - providing nearly 100 different services and solutions for every client across the globe. We have a strong presence in the southern United States, but did you also know we have designed infrastructure with construction costs of over $1 Billion in the Middle East? Yes, LJA is global.

We take our talent and resources wherever and whenever they are needed. 2016 saw a lot of firsts. We won the Trifecta Award for the first time from Zweig Group which is given to firms that rank as a Hot Firm, a Best Firm to Work For, and receive Marketing Excellence awards. Achieving these accolades has allowed us to springboard off an extremely successful 2016, and position us for the year ahead. We will be growing our service offerings and geographic reach even farther, unveiling our new website, welcoming new staff, observing the kickoff of major projects, and celebrating our 45th Anniversary. “Grow or die” is our motto, and we’ve started 2017 stronger than ever.

Clearly, there has never been a better time to be at LJA Engineering. Our 45th Anniversary celebrates you, the employees and clients of LJA. Without you, we would not be who we are or where we are. Thank you for your support and years of trust. We look forward to the next milestone, building civilization, and creating better lives for staff, clients, and communities.

Calvin Ladner, PE President and CEO LJA Engineering

“The main ingredient of our success that has fueled our growth stems from the great employees and clients of LJA. Thank you!� - Calvin Ladner, PE, President and CEO

Spring Creek Greenway Hike and Bike Trail 2017

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01 The Future of Infrastructure

14 Expanding Services to Florida

The 2017 goals are laid out by Director of Public Infrastructure, Jeff Collins, PE, PMP, EVP.

02 Lake Anahuac East Levee

Allen Sims, PE discusses how his project will impact this community for years to come.

07 Grand Parkway Comes Around

LJA provided planning and design for four of the direct connectors.

A key new hire and a new office in Florida provide opportunities for growth.

ENERGY 16 Start of a Growing Economy

Atmos Energy reaches out to our energy and surveying team for laser scanning and 3D modeling.



08 Surveying Technology

18 Women of Transportation



12 Stormwater Quality Coalitions

20 SAME Young Engineer of the Year

Jeremy Russell, RPLS describes how we are integrating new surveying technology at every opportunity.

We manage eight of the nine stormwater coalitions in Texas. Find out how we can help your MS4.

Through years of support and advocacy, LJA helps TAG highlight the Women of Transportation in Houston.

One of our Flood Control and Drainage division employees wins the SAME award.

LUKE is your community assistant LUKE assists management companies, cities, or HOAs in handling requests and choosing the correct staff to help; all while communicating directly with the public, residents, or tenants.


 iPhone



A modern approach to 311

There’s a problem:

The public:


Water leaks

Opens the app

Knows where to go & what to expect

Potholes & streetlights

Describes the problem

Creates a work order


Takes a photo

Resolves the issue

Safety items, etc.

Sends it to operations

Generates a report



THE FUTURE OF INFRASTRUCTURE The LJA Public Infrastructure sector provides engineering,

Over 73% of Texas voters recently passed constitutional

surveying, and construction management services primarily

amendments to increase funding for state highways and

to cities, counties, state agencies, and other government

water projects, and many of our local government clients

organizations to ensure that the infrastructure will safely

have also passed similar financing programs.

and adequately support our communities, now and as they expand in the future. Project types routinely include highway widenings, bridges and interchanges, water and wastewater systems, flood control improvements, and construction management/inspection. Each project we undertake is a major investment of public funds and can impact mobility, connect people, provide

LJA has certainly done our part to build, repair, maintain, and assess the roadways, highways, and bridges traversing our great state. For 45 years, LJA has worked with our public clients to deliver successful and safe projects to keep Texas moving forward while protecting our great quality of life.

economic stability, and fuel growth. Whether it be the roads and bridges that keep us moving, ensuring safe water resources for our neighborhoods, or analyzing, planning, and designing systems that you may never see, keeping water, traffic, and people on the go is our priority. The common theme is that governing entities must maintain stride with population growth and provide the foundational groundwork that residents expect and businesses require in order to fuel economic development. LJA is ready to serve our clients because we are located within the fastest growing regions of Texas. With several offices in the Texas Triangle (the area bounded by Houston, Austin/San Antonio, and Dallas), we expect to support infrastructure development for many years to come. This region alone is projected to add 6 million people by 2030. In addition, our recent expansion into Corpus Christi allows LJA to provide signature services along the entire coastline and deep into south Texas. With growth comes infrastructure needs. Governments must provide new infrastructure as populations increase, but they need to maintain and operate their existing systems. Adequate funding remains a growing concern.

Jeff Collins, PE, PMP, EVP Director of Public Infrastructure 01


Lake Anahuac East Levee

LAKE ANAHUAC EAST LEVEE by Allen Sims, PE, Vice President Hurricane Ike made landfall on

In the years following the storm,

Chambers County was granted

September 13, 2008, bringing 10 to

the Texas Department of Rural

approximately $44.5 Million from

15 foot storm surges affecting major

Affairs (TDRA) was entrusted by the

TGLO for infrastructure projects.

parts of Galveston Island, Galveston

U.S. Department of Housing and

These funds were used to complete

Bay, the Bolivar Peninsula, Houston,

Urban Development to administer

36 projects, the largest being the

and Chambers County.

the Disaster Recovery Program. In

construction of the Lake Anahuac

2012, the TDRA transferred this task

East Levee.

The storm caused $29 Billion in damage to homes, commercial businesses, schools, coastlines, and communities. Hurricane Ike tops the charts as one of the costliest storms ever to hit the United States. Damage of this magnitude takes years to assess, process, clean up, rebuild, and recover from. 02

to the Texas General Land Office (TGLO). The Disaster Recovery

LJA Engineering was contracted by

Program provided $3.1 Billion to

TGLO to provide engineering and

Texas communities for housing and

construction management services

infrastructure projects to mitigate

for most of the Chambers County

storm damages.

projects, including the levee.

The eye of Hurricane Ike passed directly over Chambers County causing significant devastation.

LJA evaluated multiple methods of repairing the extensive damage to prevent future erosion.

A new sense of security for Lake Anahuac homeowners


LAKE ANAHUAC EAST LEVEE CONTINUED... The resulting $7.5 Million, 5.2-mile long levee features a reinforced front slope to reduce future erosion caused by storm surge and wave action and was built to a top elevation of 8.5 feet mean sea level with a top width of 20 feet. Property owners who have historically lost two to three feet of land per year from storms and resulting erosion will reap enormous benefits from the new levee. The final design protects the 96 homes located along the project from all but two storms that have occurred over the last 120 years.

Nearly six years of preparation and construction went into the Chambers County projects in order to protect the community from future storms. We are proud of this project and the expertise we applied to mitigate future damage. LJA worked hard to help the community rebuild their lands and create the opportunity for growth. We cannot control the weather, but we can help alleviate some of the impacts that weather causes.

”There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a job that directly impacts the lives of hundreds of people.” – Allen Sims, PE, VP


“We were given the opportunity to save the community from erosion, so that’s what we did.” - Allen Sims, PE, VP


Your GIS digital assistant for all stormwater compliance needs!

Manage all compliance data Stay organized Inspections on the go Visualize your stormwater program Report your accomplishments



GRAND PARKWAY AT HARDY ROAD by Robert Barnett, PE, Vice President LJA recently provided preliminary and design phase engineering for the direct connectors from the Hardy Toll Road to the Grand Parkway/SH 99. The Hardy Toll Road provides a third controlled access route from the north Harris County/Montgomery County area into the heart of central Houston. Allowing high speed interchange for traffic on the Grand Parkway is a key feature in linking SH 99 into Houston via the Hardy Toll Road.

LJA managed the design team, and provided planning and design for four of the direct connectors. In order to meet the planned opening scheduled for SH 99, the interchange designs were prepared on a fast-track schedule and put out for bid within only seven months in early 2015 for $34 Million. On top of a tight schedule, we realigned the north bound direct connectors to avoid potential impacts to the newly reconstructed facilities at Harris County’s Dennis Johnson Park. Additionally, great efforts were taken to avoid creating drainage issues or environmental impacts to areas in and around the construction. The ramps connect a recently widened Hardy Toll Road to a newly constructed Grand Parkway/SH 99. This project was completed in 2016.


Innovation through advanced technology 08


BIG PROJECTS, HIGH EXPECTATIONS by Jeremy D. Russell, RPLS, Vice President Our Survey team recently traveled to

provided our clients with accurate

central Texas to perform a topographic

representations of the surface area.

survey on a 240-acre facility. Through utilization of advanced Unmanned

3D Laser Ground Surface Scanning

Aircraft Systems (UAS), we were able

was also performed at locations

to collect data on the expansive project

identified by the client. These areas

within days.

were processed and delivered in both 3D Point Cloud and LFM formats for

We began the project by establishing

the design team. This project was

control and setting ground control

performed in the field, and all the data

points for the aerial flight. Our field

was delivered within a quick 14-day

crews then collected approximately


30-percent coverage to ground truth all flight data. Once these two data

Our expertise in these technologies

sets were processed and combined,

gave the client overlapping data that

Digital Surface Models and Digital

can be used in a variety of softwares

Terrain Models were created for

for project design and planning.

delivery to the design team. By using Orthomosaic Photogrammetry, we 09


NATIONAL SURVEYORS WEEK by Heather Sides, RPLS, West Houston Survey Manager connections to city services. Next

something in me that I didn’t yet see

summer, I was again contracted to the

and started me on my way to getting

city, but this time I was running level

my SIT (Surveyor in Training).

loops and setting benchmarks. We did

Heather and her dad, Larry, December 2015

Who inspired you to become a surveyor? Many times in my career, I’ve had people ask why I got into surveying.

bluetops, and I could “see” the plans in

Then, along came Rocky, as tough

my head. I recognized when something

a surveyor as they come. If you

was incorrect, and communicated

asked for an example of how to do

directly with city engineers when curb

something, he would bark “There’s

cuts were not going to work for the

a thousand examples over there in

wheelchair ramps.

the filing cabinets. Figure it out.” And,

This was the beginning of my love of surveying, mathematics, geometry, and mapping of the world. But, I was GOING to be an engineer.

I always say that people are either born into the profession, or they

After graduating, I applied for an

fall into it. Kids will play “teacher,”

engineering job and got it. I learned

“doctor,” “police,” or “robber,” but never

about concrete tilt-wall construction

“surveyor” - unless their parents are

in six weeks, and I hated it. I applied

surveyors. I fell into it. My story is

to another company and was told I

probably unique because I’m female,

was not a good fit for engineering,

but I’ll bet that most surveyors can see

but they had an opening in the

parts of their stories in mine.

surveying group. I needed a job and I knew surveying. Little did I know that

I went to college to get a degree in

decision would open up a whole new

Architecture and ended up getting a

world for me!

degree in Architectural Engineering. When I decided I wanted to be an

The first woman I met in construction

engineer, my father, who was a

instantly became a role model to me.

construction inspector, told me I

Stephanie was intimidating, smart,

needed to work outside and see the

very direct, six feet tall, and was

real world. I already had my head full of

known as the “boss lady.” She did

textbooks and theories, now I needed

not take anything from anyone, but

blisters and callouses.

she was, and is, a caring, wonderful friend. She showed me the office

That summer I worked at the company

side of surveying: the history, the

where my dad worked, going door

art of boundary, and the balance of

to door inspecting sump pumps and 10

budgeting and production. She saw

I did. I also passed my RPLS exam. Soon after, Rocky had a heart attack and came back to work more patient, kind, and soft-spoken. I believe Rocky realized that people were more important than the job in front of us. I had the education, experience, and knowledge to become a surveyor, but it was the in-between moments that made me a good surveyor. The biggest change came from the people who stood by me and challenged me to do more. They got me into surveying, and they are the reason I stayed.


YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO TECHNICAL by Heather Sides, RPLS, West Houston Survey Manager Congratulations to our newest Certified Survey Technicians!

Our clients expect accuracy and

comprehensive certification

precision, and so do we. Quality work

sponsored by the National Society

starts at the staff level. We believe

of Professional Surveyors. It tests

in educating and certifying our

technical capabilities and general

survey technicians, increasing their

knowledge of workplace safety

knowledge base. Our clients can be

and procedures through four levels

confident in the services we provide

with an “office” or “field” track for

• William Hock, CST I

by our Registered Professional Land


• Brandon Holt, CST II Office

Surveyors and Certified Survey Technicians (CST).

• Michael Carpenter, CST I • Michael Doring, CST I

• Barry Hood, CST I We’re proud to announce that LJA is hosting the April CST exam. For an

• Eric Neyhart, CST III Boundary • Aaron Ostertag, CST I

Several of our employees have taken

application, visit http:\\www.nsps.

steps to further their credentials

us.com, or contact the CST Proctor,

• Jason Sorrels, CST I

through the CST Program, a

Heather Sides, at hsides@lja.com.

• Göran Svenman, CST I




STORMWATER QUALITY COALITIONS by John Concienne, CPESC, Senior Environmental Project Manager While LJA’s Environmental sector

representation, TMDL compliance,

guidance documents, contractor

offers a variety of services to our

annual report development, and

training seminars, and holding public

clients, one of our primary areas

audit representation.

meetings. Additionally, as part of

of expertise is in assisting entities

the field services our environmental

in complying with stormwater

Of the eight Stormwater Quality

team provides, LJA has mapped over

discharge permits. Most of our

Coalitions we helped develop, our

1,200 outfalls and inspected more

existing Municipal Separate Storm

team is still currently managing

than 1,000 construction sites for the

Sewer System (MS4) clients are

seven of them:

Brazoria County Stormwater Quality

covered under the TPDES General

Coalition since implementing their

Permit No. TXR040000. When this

• Brazoria County

permit was originally issued by the

• Jefferson County

Texas Commission on Environmental

• Orange County

Quality (TCEQ) on August 13, 2007,

• Hardin County

our team sought to develop a

• Fort Bend County

strategic approach for our clients that

• Montgomery County

would not only achieve a high level

• North Austin

of effectiveness and compliance, but could also be utilized by multiple

Our largest coalition is the Brazoria

entities in a common geographic

County Stormwater Quality Coalition,

area. The result was the development

which has a total of 11 entities: City

of shared stormwater management

of Lake Jackson, City of Richwood,

programs and the formation of

City of Clute, City of Freeport, City

Stormwater Quality Coalitions across

of Angleton, City of Alvin, Brazoria

the state.

County Conservation & Reclamation

SWMP in 2008.

The coalition approach has proven throughout the years to provide our clients with a range of benefits including cost savings and overall compliance with permit regulations.

District No. 3, Angleton Drainage To date, our team has helped

District, Brazoria Drainage District

form a total of eight coalitions and

No. 4, Velasco Drainage District, and

currently manages stormwater

Brazoria County. In order to educate

management programs (SWMPs)

the citizens in these communities

for more than 40 MS4s in the states

about the importance of stormwater

of Texas and Louisiana. As part

quality, the TCEQ requires that

of LJA’s role, our environmental

each regulated entity implement

scientists and technicians provide full

a public education program. The

implementation services including

program we implemented in Brazoria

the development of SWMPs,

County has consisted of numerous

public education programs, outfall

flyers/brochures, development

mapping/inspections, municipal

of a stormwater quality website,

facility inspections, construction

production of public service

site inspections, TCEQ stakeholder

announcements, development of 13


Expanding our expertise and reach to Jacksonville, Florida


WELCOME MICHAEL BELL, TEAM MANAGER by David Harris, PMP Michael G. Bell, PE is our newest Senior

design. He brings tremendous expertise

On the personal front, Mike embraces

Project Manager in LJA Rail, joining the

and client-focused solutions to the LJA

a favorite quote: Attitude is everything,

Jacksonville, Florida office in December

family of multi-disciplinary services.

pick a good one. He says, “People like

2016. Mike is a railroad veteran of over

being around and doing business with

25 years and an expert in intermodal

Mike previously worked with CSX

others who have good attitudes, and

terminal development, railroad

Intermodal Terminal Development and

good attitudes are contagious.”

engineering, and freight railroad

Environmental Affairs. While working

Michael G. Bell, PE

as director, he provided oversight

He also believes that exercise supports

of team members in all aspects of

this theory. An avid tennis player, Mike

planning, sizing, engineering, and

took up the sport 15 years ago with the

building intermodal terminals. This

encouragement of his wife. Although

unique insight allows Mike to see a

he concedes that Roger Federer could

project through both the owner’s and

beat him playing left-handed, he is

engineer’s eyes. In fact, his advice

still hopelessly addicted. Mike plays

to fellow engineers is “think like an

on a local men’s 4.5 league and won a

owner,” which has resulted in many

doubles “A” division tournament several

successful and collaborative projects

years ago with his son. Make time to

and served him well throughout his

say “hi” to Mike on the court or around

long-standing career.

the railyard!

NEW EXPANSION, NEW RELATIONSHIPS by Mike R. Baker, PE LJA Rail was recently selected by

LJA Rail has also been selected

operating requirements for each

Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) to

by Bay Coast Railroad (BCR) to

project assignment.

provide engineering design services

provide professional services

associated with the development of

under a Systemwide Pipe and

LJA Rail’s recognition in the industry

its capacity expansion project to serve

Wire Services Contract. Patrick

is growing quickly. We now have

a major customer near Greer, South

DesMarais will manage this contract

significant work from three of the


by working directly with applicants

nation’s major Class I railroads. Our

throughout the permitting process.

reputation for quality is only possible

This is our first engagement with

We will support BCR by reviewing

given the years of expertise and

NS since being awarded a Master

and coordinating proposed utility

dedication of our personnel and their

Services Agreement last year. The

encroachments of their right-of-

consistent exemplary performance.

project will be managed by Michael

way and assist them in efficiently

Bell, PE.

managing safety, engineering, and 15


THE START OF A GROWING ECONOMY by Robert Hickman, PE, Vice President Atmos Energy, a natural gas provider,

Surveying was up first, performing

team created a new site index with

purchased a new LAPAN storage

laser scanning of all the sites and

piping drawings detailing dimensions

facility and six well pads in Clay

creating a point cloud, inclusive of a

based off of the model data.

County, Texas. The storage facility

natural ground surface. The resulting

had undergone multiple upgrades,

data included pictorial documentation

modifications, and renovations in the

with each scan. The design team then

years prior to purchase, and Atmos

extrapolated the point cloud data

found themselves with missing and

and, utilizing specialized software,

unreliable documentation of their new

developed a working model complete


with modeled piping indicating

In August of 2016, the company asked LJA to step in and provide laser scanning and 3D modeling for the storage facility and the well sites. Our Energy Services and Surveying sectors teamed up on this major effort. 16

The collaborative effort of the Energy Services and Surveying teams has produced a fully functioning, 3D model of the storage facility site and the well pads.

fittings, valves, structural supports,

The working model is supplemented

and cable tray runs.

by both the piping drawings and point cloud data with photographs for

The team used the scant historical


information provided by the client to verify the actual sizes of the piping. In

The completed information has

order to allow for anticipated facility

been disseminated to Atmos’

expansion in the future, the design

engineering and operations staff, with

overwhelmingly positive feedback. Based upon comparisons with other firms accomplishing similar projects concurrent with ours, Atmos’ staff noted LJA was the most responsive and accurate and produced the highest caliber of work. With our stellar performance on this project speaking volumes, Atmos has asked us for proposals on five new projects with a total value of nearly $500K.


COMMUNITY REACH | Organizations

THE WOMEN OF TRANSPORTATION by Karina Moreno, External Communications Manager This year LJA was grateful to be a part

of METRO. Drawing from their

TAG Houston is a local advocacy

of a new program by Transportation

unique experiences in infrastructure,

group for all modes of transportation

Advocacy Group (TAG) Houston, the

the secrets of their success, and

and infrastructure. TAG’s mission is

Houston Contractors Association,

the future of their agencies, they

to obtain adequate funding for the

and BayTran which highlighted the

held an intimate and very inspiring

region’s mobility needs at the state

Women of Transportation in the

conversation with other women and

and federal levels and to secure the

Houston area.

men in the industry.

authority to fund local improvements.

Building our future is no small feat,

“Hearing these fearless female leaders share their messages of strength, collaboration and perseverance left attendees inspired and enlightened - the future of our region’s connectivity is in good hands.”

LJA is a proud member and advocate

which is why these three strong leaders were asked to join in the discussion. The honorable panel included Chairman Janiece Longoria of the Port of Houston, Union Pacific’s VP of Public Affairs Brenda Mainwaring, and Chair Carrin Patman 18

of TAG with LJA EVP, Jeff Collins, as the vice chair. It is through this relationship that LJA has had the opportunity to volunteer and assist with the coordination of events in

- Andrea French, Executive Director,

Houston. We look forward to the

TAG Houston

organization’s continued successes.

COMMUNITY REACH | Professional Memberships

TFMA DAY AT THE CAPITOL by John Grounds, III, PhD, PE, CFM, D.WRE, Director of Water Resources As a response to the Memorial

High-resolution land-surface

Day Flood of 2015 that devastated

data sensors (LiDAR) for

Wimberley, and the Memorial and Tax

improved flood plain and flood

Day Floods of 2016, Governor Abbott

level prediction

has requested $12.5 Million for the

State flood plan

Texas Water Development Board for: As the Past-President of the Texas •

Intelligent networked flood

Floodplain Management Association


and a current member of the TFMA

Flood data at TexasFlood.org

Board of Directors, I participated

Weather stations and

in TFMA Day at the Capitol. We

soil moisture monitoring

personally sat down with several


state senators, representatives, and

Grants for early flood warning

their staffs to promote the governor’s

systems and local flood

plan and to educate the legislators on

mitigation planning

floodplain management.

We found it equally important to stress the roles that education, science, and engineering play in reducing the loss of life and property damage resulting from floods. We hope our efforts will continue to raise awareness about flooding, and we hope positive change at the state level will occur.



SAME Young Engineer of the Year LJA offers congratulations to Tommi Jo Scott, PE, CFM in our Flood Control and Drainage division. Her hard work and years of unwavering service earned her the 2017 Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Young Engineer of the Year award. SAME works to recognize achievements of individuals or organizations in both the public and private sectors in the A/E/C industry. Tommi was nominated by an SAME committee. “I was one of those kids who knew what they were going to be when they grew up, a civil engineer. I went to Texas A&M for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and entered the workforce putting my best foot forward. Luckily, I have had great mentors and coworkers who make constant learning a priority. My parents and LJA team have helped show me what it means to be a good engineer,” stated Tommi Jo upon winning the award.

Spring Economic Forecast Featuring Dr. Mark G. Dotzour Each year LJA offers our clients invaluable insight into the local, national, and global economies from local experts. This year’s Spring Economic Forecast with Dr. Mark Dotzour proved to be another popular event. Reaching crowd capacity, LJA hosted several elected officials, major land developers and builders, financial advisors, and local legal counsel whose practices are affected by the state of the economy. Dr. Dotzour’s presentation was an upbeat and lively conversation covering the residential and commercial real estate markets, interest rates, inflation, and job growth. His outlook included a widespread span across the globe, focusing internationally on Europe, China, Japan, and the Middle East and their impacts on the U.S. Economy. Locally, his presentation on rising U.S. home prices as an indication of a “new bull market” for single-family housing was especially inspiring for most of our audience. Other key points conveyed a strong and energetic economy, a rebounding oil and gas industry, and a stronger U.S. dollar. 20

Engineers Week 2017 Jeff Cannon, PE, VP What inspired you to become an engineer? My inspiration to become an engineer was the culmination of the efforts of several individuals and groups of people. My advancement into this profession is a small chapter in the very long novel known as the American Dream. It started with two parents wanting a better life for their son. I was raised in a blue collar home with both parents working hard to earn a living. They wanted me to have an easier life than theirs and saw opportunities the engineering profession provided. From the beginning, they encouraged me toward this profession. Fortunately, I developed the skills in math and science required for a career in engineering. Soon, I had teachers investing in my life as well as family, friends, and others in the community who offered guidance and encouragement. Advice from people you respect is a powerful thing. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a civil engineering degree and became a licensed engineer, fulfilling my parent’s hopes. I owe them, my teachers, and my friends who encouraged me on this career path a huge debt of gratitude. I appreciate all of them.

LJA Turns Up the STEAM LJA Cares teamed up with Briarmeadow Charter School for the third year to present STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Night. STEAM is the brainchild of LJA’s John Grounds, who started engaging the minds of children at T.H. Rogers Elementary School over ten years ago. Now, John and LJA have brought this night of learning to Briarmeadow with our employee volunteers presenting on topics including chemistry, electricity, gravity, kinetic energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, and more!