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路 196t-68

Board of Trustees

RO W I. left to right: Mr. Thomas Matia, Mrs. Thomas Ham , Vice Chairman; Mr. Frank Kelker, Chairman . ROW 2. Mr. David Forrest, Dr. Webster Simon, Mr. James O ' Meara, Mr. Robert Lewis .

Behind the scenes, ever interested and always involved in the college affairs is the administration . The Board of Trustees became a group of nine when Mr. Robert E. Wendling, and Mr . Arthur McBride, J r. joined their ranks . The school year was a year of many events. A successful levy drive, planning the move to the new campus, and changing to the quarter system were just a few of the problems that the administration had to overcome this past year.

STANDI N G: Mr. Arthur B. McBride, Jr. , and Mr. Robert E. Wendling



Dr. Fred Sutton Dean , Technical-Occu pational Education

Dr. Dav id Stevenson Dea n, Arts a nd Science

& ..-....

Dr. Charles E. Chapman President

~V :-

'f" ). Dr. Frank Liguori Dea n, Business Admini stration

Dr. Russell Bloyer Dean , Student Services

James E. Lorion Director, Admissions-Records

Dr. Culbreth B. Cook Director, Student PlacementFinancial Aid

Irwin Bailey Campus Business Manager

Dr. George Traicoff Dean , Community Services

Dr. Charles N . Pappas Vice-President , Campus Directo r


Herbert Ag nor Direc tor, C oun se lin g

Major Ha rri s Direct or , Proj ect Sea rch

Eld on Lawso n Coo rdin a tor, Food Se rvices M a nagem ent

Edwa rd S olin s ki C oo rdin a tor , Dat a P rocess in g

Ri c ha rd Decke r Coo rdin a to r, In stru ction a l Medi a

J a mes Dodge Coordin ator, Law En ro rcement

Gran ville Rudy Depa rtm ent Head , Bi ology

Loui s Kotnik Depa rtm ent Hea d , Phys ical Science

C urti s Jefferson Depa rtment Head , Mathem a ti cs

Helen Burnside Depa rtm ent Head , N urs ing

Barba ra Schnurr Coo rdin a to r, Dent a l Hygiene

Robert Pa rill a Direct or, Evenin g Progra m

Lynn Bell Depart ment Hea d , Engin ee rin g Tech no logy

J a mes Robenstin e Co ord inator, Ma rk etin g

May Simon Depa rtm ent Head, Foreig n La ng uages

Fay Til er- N orton Depa rtm ent H ead , Socia l Sciences

Ray mond Fredm a n Depa rtm ent Head , Engli sh

G a lo Bl a nco Coo rdin a to r, Industri a l Supe rvision

Richard W atzulik Depa rtm ent Head Humaniti es

Lowell W a tkin s Depa rtm ent Hea d , Gen era l Busin ess

Ca rol Ru sse ll Coo rdin ato r St ud ent Acti viti es

J e rry Yo un g Directo r, S tudent Acti vit ies

Dani el Holm gren Depa rtmen t Head , Hi story, Politi ca l Scien ce, Geog ra phy

Lovid Owens Departm ent Head , Secreta ri a l Sci ence

Elea no r Frome r Departm ent H ead , N urse ry Schoo l Accounting

Howa rd Lutz Counselor

Dr. Ernest Long Psychologist

Evelyn Rusk Co unselor

Eleanor Morrow Co unselor

J oan Baker Counselor

Richard Gwarek Counselor

Marsha Julian Co un selo r

E. Ba rt Johnson Counselor

J ohn Carbone Coun se lo r

John Tso lai nos Admissions Counselor


Lynne Morgan Co ll ege Nurse

I Catherine Glenn College Nurse

CCC's counselors are willing to help students with schedule problems and able to help their counselees meet their educational needs .


Harvey Brown Business

Andrew Pi ck up Psychology

Patri cia Gorman Ph ys ical Education

Russell Duino Libra ri a n

Pamela Reeves Librarian

Russel McWinney Librarian

Di a na Dawson Foreig n La nguage

Raymond Elish Psychology

Robert J a meson Data Process ing

Florence Ha rdesty Nursing

Aura Perez

Tho mas A. Riggles

Jea n Rycha k

Carl Zander Data Processi ng

George Wetherbee Intramural Director

Verne Zubricky Nursing

Elizabeth Lang Speech

The faculty members of Cuyahoga Community College played a major role in the lives of CCC students. Their knowledge and teaching skills have been used to help make better young people.


Richard Karberg Art

Rosemary Prosen English

Margaret Taber Engineering

Elizabeth Redstone Secretarial Science

Marilyn Pukey Nursing

William Thomas Engineering

Betty Jane Richards Data Processing

Christine Rakowsky English

Harold Gaines Sociology

Hester Nixon Business

James Kilgore English

Michael Kirlik Political Science

Harry Gasker Business

Michael Laquatra English

Thomas O'Brien Mechanical Technology

"Psychologically speaking, necking in the student

annex is ... " Richard Browning Speech

Genevieve Cahoon Health Education

Carrie Beal Nursing

Johnetta Bonner Nursing

Gertrude Alpern History

David Shriver History

Noel Slagel Health Education

John Elve English

Joan Dashield Nursing

Bell a Wang M a th emati cs

Erwin Wolff Foreign Languages

Win ston Carrin gt on Technolo gi es

Em il y Mikli s Business

Te resa Miller Socio logy

Dav id Mitche ll Busin ess

Richard Pa rri sh Geograp hy

Joa nn e Perko Nursing

Jerry Per ry Speech

Dolores Heinle in N urs ing

Marcus Hendersh ott Bi ology

Nancy Holm an Eng lish

Fra nces C hit wood Eng li sh

Wil a nna Rigga r Nursin g

William McCarth y Mecha ni cal Tech nology

J ohn Ha rbert Bi ology

" Sociolog icall y Speak ing, necking in the student

ann ex is ... "

Alex Rubins Hea lth a nd Phys ical Educatio n

Steven Laver Data Processi ng

Otto Santos Bus in ess

John La wson Mathema tics

Co rn eliu s Scheffer Engin eer in g

Ral ph Loewe Eng li sh

Dr. Loui s Spronz Dental Hyg iene

Edward Lukacevic Biology

Karyl Mariner Dental Hyg iene

Rona ld Sobel Social Science

Anita Schmidt Nursing

Richard Shapiro Business

Muriel Shear Business

Robert Sexton Business

George Plavac Business

Jack Porter Mathematics

Charlene Moskal Theatre Arts

Barnet Krinsky Physics

Gloria Krupnick Sociology

Ruth Solis Foreign Languages

"They' re doing what. .. in the student annex!? . .. "




June Morgenstern Psychology

Dorothy Johnson Library Technology

Lester Kale Engineering

Dr. John Hurley Education

Miriam Jenkins English

"I couldn ' t care less "

Margaret Fabry Mathematics

Werner Goldstaub Foreign Language

Katherine Hallan Nursing

Mary Fording English

Francis Bowman Nursing

John Cise Physics

Elizabeth Boyer Business

John Coleman Business

Donald Plagens Business


• .'


Student Dian a Heimer


Bob Vidd Sophomore Representative

Edith Milner Representative at Large

E. Fortney; E. Turza; J. Anderson; D. Zemba; S. Turocy, Chairman; L. Lackner; Hy Sockel; Gail Shafranek; P. Osterling; K. Niznik.

Diana Walsh Representative at Large



Government Kathy Niznik Representative at Large

Dennis Moran Freshm an Representative

Elaine Fortney Freshman Representative Ed Simon Representative at Large

Students Stop Traffic



Help our college grow

Back Issue 3


VOTE FOR ISSUE 3!! This was the cry as CCC st udents and faculty participated in the campaign for a one mill levy tax to provide operating funds for the new campus . Speeches were given, miles were walked and tons of literature were passed out in a few short weeks. Highlighting student participation was a parade which blocked traffic in downtown Cleveland. When all was said and done, the levy passed! Students took a short, quick breath and then were thrown into semester midterms . Bob Stern , Campaign Head, speaks on the square.

A job well done


Queen Can didates


Wooden Nickel Dance BIG BIG lOW LOW







?;?~( NICKEL MIXER ,~,



The Student Cabinet Wooden Nickel Mixer, held on September 23, 1967, was the first social event for the new semester. The Baskerville Hounds, along with Jay Lawrence, from WKYC, added the extra touch to the fun-filled Saturday night program .

"One more time .. "

"The Jay Bird"






Dance music provided by Count Basie and his band.


MAY 24, 1968

The Count himself!

Elaine Fortney, Social Chairman and Steve Turocy, Master of Ceremonies.

Before May 24th of this year, members of Student Government were found busily working to make the Spring Formal the success that it was. The Count Basie Soundsational included a top roast sirloin of beef dinner plus dancing until I a.m. The Formal was a gala affair for all and especially for Iris Grattan and James Burks who were crowned king and queen at the event.

Dancing is such fun!

Count Basie congratulating this year's king.

Tom Morrill and Elfreda Boyd escorting Queen Iris and King James to the stage. King James and Queen Iris



Paul Sithi Amnuai, Economist "U .S. Military Intervention in Civil Conflict"


Hazel Brannon Smith, Journalist "A Social Conscience in the Deep South"


John Goddard, Explorer "Andes to Amazon " Bob Stern , Vice President of Student Government introduces John Goddard


Robert St. John, Radio Commentator and Author " What Next in the Middle East?"

VARIETY SHOW Sponsored by Student Cabinet, the annual Variety Show was held Friday, May 3, in the Brownell Little Theatre. Director Donna Sedlovsky awarded trophies to the winners. The show was highlighted by the performance of Simon McNeal's vocal solo. Beta Alpha's first place novelty was judged a huge success by the reaction of the audience. All participants in the show were greatly enjoyed by those who attended .

First Place Vocal Solo Simon McNeal

First Place Instrumental Sigma Phi Xi Elliott Geller

Zeta Sigma Chi Pledges


AN c)T\-\'ER ~ANN\~A. Anyone in the ma rket ...? First Place Novelty-Beta Alpha

Beta Alpha Fraturnity

First Place Group Vocal- Zeta Sigma Chi Bob O' Connell and Dan Sal at

Master of Ceremonies Bob Stern Linda Smith and Terry Dow


Frank Pollock, guest speaker.

Vera Helmick accepts COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD for University Christian Movement.

The College annual Awards Banquet offered a chance for recognition for those individual students and organizations who worked behind the scenes contributing to the activities programs . Those not pictured but honored were: Wayne C. Fox, Scholar of the Year, Mart ha Maloney for special contributions in journalism, and Annette Poindexter for individual service in the community.

Bob Stern , Man of the Year, and Elaine Fortney, Special Service Award.


Kathy Niznik accepts Woman of the Year award from Dr. Pappas.

Don Tomey honored for special contributions to student government.

Bob Vidd, President of Sigma Kappa Psi, accepts Intramural Team of the Year Ward .

Mike O'Meara accepts CLUB OF THE YEAR award for Newman Apostolate.


The Sweetheart Dance

1 9 6


Queen Diana Walsh

The 1968 Sweetheart Queen Candidates and their escorts await the crowning of Diana Walsh as this year's Sweetheart Queen.


John Wirtz, Editor

Mrs. Carol Russell, Advisor


Marc Becker, Busi ness Manager


FRANCIS POLLOCK , newspaper advisor , faculty member, and shining example of the integrity he taught his students.

The Second Best Weekly in the Nation w






After Deadline . ..


BACK ROW: E. Pekarek , L. Fiebig; G. Mark, T. Fousek, T. Noll, T. Garnis, C. Vlchek , FRONT ROW: H. Selzer, L. Koth, D. Fink, D. Michalik, B. Pappas, Blanche Winston.

S.N.E.A. The C. B. Allen Chapter of S.N.E.A., composed of students who are prospective t\!achers, is one of the largest and most active groups on Campus . The main objectives of SNEA are: to acquaint students with the teaching profession and its opportunities; to provide learning experience; (see facing picture of a student nurse teaching elementary school children health) to provide social activities for the student body; and provide counsel by experienced teachers . With these purposes in mind, SNEA has sponsored many programs and services for the members of the organization and the Student Body it serves. 51

Everyone works in this organization!

Left to right: Jean Hiller, President; Cathy Kandrach, Cynthia Klinkiewicz, Bernice Earle, Larry Kloos.


industry and management. The club offers field trip service to any organization within the college. For a small fee, S.A .M. will make all arrangements for the trip, including meals and transportation. The money from the service will be donated to charity.

The Society for the Advancement of Management is a professional business club. Its purpose is to bring together business executives and students preparing to go into business and to act as an effective medium for the exchange and distribution of information on the problems , policies, and techniques of


Left to Right: T. Saxten; R. Glasser; Mr. G. Killeen, Kiwanis Advisor; G. Turner; R. Coppolino; J. Kinney; J. Jurgelis; H . Sockel; G. Woskowski ; E. Glinka; E. Roth ; Mr. D. Connors, Kiwa ni s Advisor.


Circle K is a leadership and character-building service organization which provides college men with the opportunity to serve their campus and their community. "Service with a purpose" is the Circle K International's theme. The men have done many service projects this year, and have been acti ~e supporters of the basketball team ; and other school functions. Along with actIVItIes including bake sales, the members have found time to attend statewide and international conventions. 53

Left: Bottom to top; L. to R. S. Rusk, M. A. Evans, M. Murphy , Jessie Sexton , B. Cate, M. Corbett, M. Hackney, S. Horner, S. McFarlane, A. Grospitch, M. Progidich , L. Lyons, Tom Bauch , S. Papalko, J. Farone, J. Altenburg, Gail Soinski , M. McGuire, B. Boll , B. Marguard , R. Waybretcht , Mike Meara, J. Flanagan , T. Mueller, D. Lerch, D. Fridrich , J . Barker, Dave Grospitch.


The Newman Club this year fulfilled a three-fold purpose for its members through its participation in school events, including sponsoring Monte Carlo Night and co-sponsoring programs with other organizations including the University Christian Movement and the Afro-American Society , with outside service projects and a well-rounded program. All these have brought Newman Apostolate recognition as Club of the Year. President Mike Meara, secretary Gail Soinski, treasurer, Tom Bausch , Jessica Sexton .

The University Christian Movement




I ,,

SKI CLUB The Ski Club, in its fifth year of operations, is one of the biggest organizations on campus . Among its activities are numerous skiing trips to local areas, and one or more outof-state trips . The most unique feature of the organization is its method of finance. The cost for the student is minimal , and the funds are obtained through car washes, bake sales, and an annual raffle. Parties and other social activities are also on the agenda .

ROW I . leji 10 righl; K. Roberson , D. Charvat, J . Speth , ROW 2; Mr. Cise, Advisor. T . Boyle, J. Berlin, P. Scandell , E. Ludwig, K. Niznik, J. Walker, D. Grey. RO W 3; S. Nelson, L. McCoy, S. Goldstaub , J. Mulhern, D. Jones, T. Tu snak , T. Wilson , B. Breunig.

What Style! What Form! Whal Grace!?!

Dick Charvat, Joan Tokarz, and Stu Nelson are experts in their field!

Jim Berlin shows perfect form?


J. A. D. H. A.

ROW I. D. Poha nna, V. Henrietta, B. Sorbello, A. Logan , ROW 2 . V. Botts, C. Darr, J. Shinheari, P. Davis, ROW 3. J. Murphy, K. Lamkin, P. Odea, S. Lieberman, ROW 4. P. Cmunt, C. Nagy , M. Martuch , M. Bommer, RO W 5. Scharer, P. Siwik, J. Schewan, D. Barris, RO W 6. K. Fergus, P. Plesic, P.

Miller, and A. Krzyejwicki.

Financing a trip to the National Convention of Dental Hygienists, was the foremost goal of J.A.D .H.A . this year. The Association sponsored many fund raiSing projects such as bake sales, TV raffles, rummage sales, car washes and an apple sale in order to earn enough money to send delegates to this convention in Washington. The Association is open for membership to all students studying in the field of dental hygiene.


Bob Stern



G President John Matsko Faculty Advisor Mr. George Goldstaub.


Heidelberger Klub is an opportunity to participate in an organization which is designed to strengthen understanding of the German language and the culture of the German people is provided by the Heidelberger Klub. Activities center around lectures, discussions, slides and movies.







The French Club, known as Le Quartier Francais, is open to all students who are studying French. Its objectives are to provide its members with a better knowledge of France, and to enable them to speak French more fluently. These objectives are accom plished through movies , guest speakers, and outings sponsored by the club. . ,



o A M E R I lSI RO W. left to right: Lorin Powell , She rry Sea rcy, J a mes Ba ke r, Wyman Thi gpen, 2nd RO W: Tommy Chuppa, Ulysses Glen, Iri s Gra tt a n, W a lter Gra ntlin g, J a mes Burks.

The Afro-American Society of Cuyahoga Community College received its charter this year as a new organization. An active group, the Society sponsored an Afro-American Week featuring guest speakers and a dance. Spring semester. Iris Grattan and James Burks, members of the Society were crowned King and queen of the college annual Spring Formal.



s o C I E T



............ ; ......

. -


.. ..


~ .-- ~


ROW I. S. Robbins, Y. Miller, S . Haw kins, E. Boy d ROW 2. A. Bell a my, M. Carvick , R. Odom.

The Human Relations Forum is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of better intergroup relations. This year, the club supported some needy families in the Cleveland a rea . During the first semester this was done by spon so ring a Thanksgiving food drive and a Christ mas clothes and toy drive. During the second semester the club held an auto wash and used the proceeds to support one of these families. The club is affiliated with the Cleveland Council on Human Relations .




o N S

c o N

c o R D I A

Concordia Club's aim is the attainment of a harmonious relationship between the Spanish-speaking culture and our own. Guest speakers, colorful films , cultural excursions, programs for enrichment , fun-filled fiestas as the one pictured, and dances help to fulfill this aim.


U K R A N I A N TOP ROW: 1. Yaworsk y, R. Pecuch, V. Slobodian , W. Kastra nec, BOTTOM ROW: S. Shyjka, W. Pocztar, 1. Stolar, L. Holo waty, T. Stachur, B. Sa mokyszy n.

The club was formally ac' ,,cepted by the Student Cabmet in February of 1968. Since then, . their members have been gathering for meetings and discussing future plans. On March 4, the club entered the Intramural Volleyball League under the name "Ukes" . After beating Sigma Kappa Psi and the Newman Club, they played Sigma Kappa Psi for the Championship, beating them 15- 9 and 15- 8 on April 4, to win the trophy .


(Left to right) FIRST ROW: Terri Bunsey . SECO N D ROW: Wayne Verish , Debbie Psihountas, Carm Arida, Ed Milota. THIRD ROW: Wesley Haddad, Howard Grodsky, John Jugan , Harry Miller, Rich Hodar.



The Data Processing Students' Association was formed this year, one of CCC's newest organizations. The constitution was submitted and D.P.S.A. became chartered in January. One of the club's chief projects was a computorized teacher evaluation. They also had a seminar on employment for graduating students .









Greek Week, 68, became the action-packed week of the year, a potpurri of talent, comedy, and fellowship through activity. Theme Day found the Greeks in various costumes representing the wild, western plains, the romantic isles of the Pacific, the old days of the Bonnie and Clyde era, and even our own back door on Bolivar Street. The box lunch sale offered home baked goodies to the highest bidder. (We' re not sure whether the motivation was hunger or curiosity, or both, but the lunches sold in record time.) Competition was strong as the groups participated in the bed races, softball, and the pie eating contest. Greeks were represented well as they placed in the college annual variety show. As a climax to the week, Jack McNamara ana Linda Branzel were crowned Greek King and Queen at the Greek Ball in the Royal Oak Room at the Cleveland Shereton Hotel. As a result of the weeks activities, Beta Alpha and Sigma Tau Alpha tied as outstanding fraternity of the year, and Beta Gamma was named outstanding sorority.






Jack McNamara Sigma Tau Alpha 1968 Greek King


A L L ,

6 .8

Linda Branzel Zeta Sigma Chi 1968 Greek Queen


Beta Alpha fraternity tied as outstanding fraternity of the year . During fall semester, they were active canvassing shopping centers for the levy drive . Spring semester brought with it Greek Week . As the "Bums of Bolivar" for theme day , Beta Alpha showed some originality in their choice. They finished the year with a Hawaiian holiday party sponsored by the pledge class .

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13 . 14. 15 . 16. 17 . 18 . 19 . 20. 21. 22.

D. Pastula B. Drake G. Majczenko A . Zakraysek F. Bindus G. Pandak M. Hariani P. Spinucci D. Eicher G . Shoham T. Koskey


R. Koceva r C. Lynch A. Theon P. Ware L. Hetyzel R. Work J . Nobie G. Dixon C. Raibbi R. McCafferty D. Spahn

23. A. Klesh 85


Left to right: Amy Nix, Chris Orrick, Kathy Obermyer, Alice Stroh, Karen Maag, Ginny Timm , Ruby Chan , Bev Buriss, Sharon Sickels, Dianne Thompson, Marge Plumm, Mary Gaglione. We deliver sunshine!

Beta Gamma has accomplished much in the realm of sisterhood in all around Greek activity. They received the award as outstanding sorority for their successful participation during Greek Week. Among their many energies was the participation in the passage of Issue # 3. Other service projects included helping with preparations for the Spring Formal, making Easter baskets for the children at Metropolitan Hospital and serving refreshments at the annual variety show. The climax of the year was the winning of the award for selling the most tickets for the Spring Formal. Altogether it was the most successful year for Beta Gamma.



ROW, Left to Right: John Scanlon , Paul Schendel, (President), Ronald Placko, Herman Alveras, Gordon Schmid; 2nd RO W: Lee Carrier, Don Jones, Marshall Kametz, Don Temey, Jim Pugliese. lSI

Chi Gamma Iota, the fraternity for ex-servicemen has led the fraternities this year as the outstanding group in scholastic achievement. With the initiation of the Chi Gamma Iota-sponsored gymkhana races something new hit the activity scene at Cuyahoga Community College. Greek Week , involvement in the college levy drive, and participation in the Memorial Day Parade rounded out their program for the year.

Have you bought your ticket for the gymkhana yet? 87





s I


6 8

Delta Theta Psi

pelta Theta Psi led the other sororities in scholastic achievement for the school year 1967-68. This socialservice oriented sorority initiated projects that included the distribution of food baskets to needy families, the collection of money for the Heart Fund, an Easter party for children in the St. Vincent area and volunteer work at the county nursing home. Kathy Niznik, an officer for fall semester, was named outstanding woman of the year at the college annual awards banquet.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Kathy Shannon Nancy Casey, President Andrea Ranta Sue Harriott Diane Dorenkott Sandra Carr Rose Hadjar Claire Huntington Kathy Niznik Marianne Brody


/sl ROW. Left to right; Ramsey Peugnet, Sam Macron (President), John Scarpucci , Dan Joyce, Tom Wilson. 2nd ROW: Mike O'Meara,

Jerry Ehrmantraut, Bob Wheeler, Jr. , Egllis Dukurs, Dwight Vidmar. 3rd RO W: Jack Flanigan, Bob Wheeler, Bill Reilley Sigma Tau Talent at variety show!

COME AND SEE THE W. C. FIELDS MOVIES! Sigma Tau Alpha sponsored the Fields Films as a money raising project for CLEVELAND NOW for their Spring Semester service project. Fall semester, the pledge class built a ballot box for the college elections board. The highlight of the semester was the election of Dianne Heimer as college queen who was sponsored by the Sigma Taus. Tied as the outstanding fraternity of the year, Sigma Tau Alpha also participated in full force during Greek Week. Also among the honors of the week, Jack McNamara, Vice-President of Sigma Tau Alpha was elected Greek King.


(Left to right) FIRST ROW: Sue Hrach, Thea Dehlinger (President), Lori Krull . SECOND Fran Gangidino, Linda Bran zel, Linda -Klein , Phyllis Golembiewski , Barb Mantkowski. THIRD Donna Rand azzo, Vicki Zingales, Fran Handsel, Diana Walsh, Robin Alexander. FOURTH Li z Schroeter, Mary Buvalich , Pat Padden , Kathy Sanfilippo . FIFTH RO W: Linda Collier, Kroeger, Kathy McCalligan, Bonnie Solsky, Jan Czekala.

ROW: RO W: ROW: Karen

Zeta Sigma Chi devoted their energies in many areas of interest this year. Fall Semester they participated in the levy drive and provided a Christmas party with presents for underprivileged children. Spring semester found Zeta Sigma Chi right in front ,with top honors in the annual variety show_ Linda Branzel represented them well as Greek Queen 1968.


Left to Right: Evan Strom berg, La rry Reyn olds, Bo b Vidd (Pres id ent ), J ohn Speth , Ra lph Messuri , Ri cha rd Wickens, Geo rge T oy, Mik e Pu ska r, John Hl avaty, Rich a rd J a rden.


As Intramural Team of the year, Sigma Kappa Psi demonstrated athletic prowess, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship in their participation in intramural team events. Their energies did not stop at the football field. Fall semester they carried levy campaign literature throughout a designated school district and sponsored a float in the levy parade. Spring Semester they sold home baked goods for the benefit of CLEVELAND NOW.


Sigma Kappa Psi in action!

Theta Gamma Psi, the oldest sorority on campus, found themselves involved in a busy year. During the levy parade, the girls won the trophy for the best participation. The south sea isles gave a call as they dressed in bright colored dresses for theme day . A burmuda short dance gave climax to a successfu l year.



Left to Right: Cynthia Wilson , Eloise Anderson, Barbara Mason, Lottie Moore, Janise Osborn .


PHI XI In this year's Variety Show talented Fred Recko took second place as vocal soloist. He was in the first prize-winning instrumental group, too. Sigma Phi Xi had a successful New Year's Eve party and also participated in the annual football game with Newman Club. As "Bonnie and Clyde" the fraternity placed first in Greek Week's Theme Day.

FIRST ROW: Lennie Root , Elio Sardin, Paul Mayernik, Rich Ferrone, (Left to right: ) SECOND RO W: Wayne Warcowski, Danny Dannun zio, Torris Niro, Chuck

Dubber, Danny Butler. THIRD ROW: J oe Stransky, Fred Recko, Bruce Glick, Gary Smith.






S •

1 9

6 7 •

6 8


The 1967 Cross Country squad was the first team ever fielded by Community College. Lead by Dennis Heydanka, and coached by Mr. George Wetherbee, the harriers dropped both of their meets this season. After a late start, the team .had trouble setting up its schedule, but looks forward to a promising next season . As everyone is returning next year, an enlarged schedule is already in the planning.


Kenny Paine drives around a pic set by center Bill McCoy.

Two for Mac against Erie Tech

Ray Strnad and Amos Carter move the ball.

Bill McCoy takes the ball out of bounds after a free throw by Robert Morris.

Ken Paine takes ajumper.

Ray Strnad fights for a rebound .

Bill McCoy tips one in ...

Coach Potopsky

One of our more avid basketball fans, , ,

Ken Paine is up, over and scores,

A Basketball player's Dilemma, , , Bill White

Elliott Viktoryn

The Cougars poised for ajump ball at Niagra

It was a long, hard season this past year for the 1967-68 Cougar Basketball team, as they compiled a very dismal 5- 17 record. Coached by Dan Potopsky, the team however did finish the season strong in defeating Monroe, B-Wallace freshman, while losin g in the last second to the Kent State frosh . Billy White, a second-year letterm an, was chosen both captain and Athlete of the year for his outstanding efforts on the court this season . Kenny Paine was also chosen the most valuable player.

Ken Paine, Most Valuable Player

Ron Woody







Coleman Gulden Amos Carter Rodney Hughs Bill McCoy Kenny Paine Lorin Powell Ray Strnad Elliot Viktoryn Billy White John Wirtz Ron Woody totals

15 19 12 13 23 13 12 22 23 20 14

51 184 45 198 301 123 67 265 192 23 298 1780

25 73 15 89 124 41 23 112 91 9 103 722

49% 40% 33% 45 % 41 % 33 % 34% 42% 47% 43% 31 % 43 %

63 168 34 225 277 96 66 242 185 21 284 1703


H. SCHOOL St. Edward Maple Hts. C. Latin Bedford Berea Washington Warrensville C. Latin J. Adams C. Latin J. Adams


Sharon Sickles

Diane Thompson

SA CK; Left to right: Captain Amy Nix, Ruby Chan, Sharon Sickles, Diane Thompson, Michelle Mahon FRONT; Eloise Anderson


• • •

Ronny Mahon has the sign ...

. . . is into hi s windup ...

. . . sna ps his

Coach Dave Starrett gives one of his better poses . ..

Frank Udovic doesn ' t like worms.

Catcher Joe


• • •


wrists . . .

. .. and here's the pitch . ..

" ... st rike three, you' re out !"


" ... its all in a day's work. Bors gives the pitcher the pick-off sign.

Ronny raps one of his three hits against Tiffin University at Edgewater Park

Captain Steve Drotleff checks his swing .. .

The Cougars seem quite distressed as one of the seven games that were rained out this year is called.

As Coach Dave Starrett said at the awards banquet, Ulysses didn't have anything on his team when it comes to bad weather. The Cougar varsity had games called off and postponed for high winds, hail, too cold, and more often than not, rain. However, led by team captains Frank Udovic and Whitey Drotleff, the hardballers still compiled a fine 7-4 win-loss record. 104


"Told ya you wouldn't make it ... "

Gee, I hope Coach doesn't find me after that shot!

Coach John Coleman

Left to Right: Gary Demko, Jim Joseph, Paul Bollinger, John Petruzzi, Rich Stands. Missing are Elmer Farkas and Dan Folley.

1968 Sports Awards Banquet

Baseball Coach Dave Starrett

Steve Drotleff, Frank Udovic, Joe Labella and Rich Shisla pose after receiving their baseball awa rds a nd recognition.


Steve Drotleff, Most Valuable Baseball Player.

Mr. George Wetherbee gives the awa rds for the Intramural leagues.


Basketball A wards


Men's Champion- The Dudes Men 's Runner up- Hustlers Women's Champ-The Team Women's Runner up- Troopers

Men's Champion- D. Hover Men 's Runnerup- J. Pitts Women 's Champion- L. Wand Women 's Runner up-L. Lyons

Table Tennis

Free Throw

Fall SemesterChampion- C Cummings Runner up- So Nelson Spring SemesterChampion- A. Cornelius Runner up-C Cummings Metropolitan ChampionArt Cummings

Men's Champion- R. Wiggins Men's Runner up- D. Heydanka Women's Champion- C Nesky Women's Runner Up- B. Wilkens Volley ball

Men's Champions- Ukes Men 's Runner up- Sigma Kappa Women 's Champions- Soul Sisters Women's Runner Up- Troopers

Football Champions

Sigma Kappa Psi Most Outstanding Team Golf Champions

Sigma Kappa Psi Bob Stern

Mr. George Wetherbee, Intramural Advisor, Varsjty Cross Country and Track Coach. Swimming Champions

Chess Championships

Men's division 25 yd Freestyle Champ- J. Trzop 25 yd Breast Stroke Champ- T. Ansberry 100 yd Individual Medley Champ- L. Yamahiro 100 yd Freestyle Champ- L. Yamahiro 100 yd Breast Stroke Champ- L. Yamahiro

Fall Semester Champion-Bob Wdowiak Runner up- Gary Reid Spring Semester Champion- Bob Wdowiak Runner up- Rich Jarden Metropolitan Champions Bob Wdowiak

Women's Division 25 yd Freestyle Champ- C Yamahiro 100 yd Individual Medley Champ- C Yamahiro 100 yd Breast Stroke Champ- M. Mahon

Most Outstanding Participant Larry Yamahiro 110


Track 1968

Dennis Heydanka leads a Flint runner in the Mile.

James Smith di splays his good long jump form at Flint.

, ..


-.. '''' Javelin thrower Bill Synk gives it a whirl in the Muskingham meet.

As he lands , his good form is not so good . ..

Greg Shoham is beaten in the two mile relay's final leg . .. something that didn't happen too often .

Fred Hobbs hands the baton to Don Lucci in the 880 yd relay.

Sammy Speed closes the gap on the final turn of the 440 yd dash at oberlin. Bill Synk displays the form that helped him to place in the high hurdles.

Fred Hobbs hands the baton to G reg Shoham in setting th e 2 mile relay school reco rd . .

Dennis Heydank a runnin g the mile at Oberlin.

The CCC track team warms up for their first meet.

Sam Speed gives th e baton to Dale Solly in th e mile relay in the Monroe CC meet in Michigan.

Sammy Speed setting him self in the Blocks.

Dennis Heydanka fights off a Flint runner on the last turn.

Tom Ansberry



Carolyn Arnold

Larry Ball

Carolyn Anthony

Bernice Baker

Aslean Bell

It all started with orientati on .

Charles Bierer

John Bohecke r

Henry Boone

Pat Borkows ki

William Boich

Matilda Brown

Theresa Bunsey

Karen Cackowski

Gary Canton

Alfreda Cloud

Thelma Coles

Steven Dabrowski

Lynn Dostal

Richard Coppolino


Sam Dragoi

Denise Butler

Diane Calascibetti

Beverly Cesarl

Allan Cyka

Kathleen Ecker

Thelma Evans

Raymond Epp

Edward Ellis

Mary Ann Elek

Donna Fitz

Faith Ford

A nose to the grindstone. Mickey Fujii

Nick Grassi

Grazyna Gockowski

John Gregory

Howard Grodsky

George Hall

-'ft.'-路路,,. rw' Loretta Holnapy

Rachel Grunspan

Shirley Hach

Jean Hiller

Janet Hlavna

Sylvia Holt

Harvey Hoff

Nancy Howard

Jim Jennings

John Jugans

Robert Kacyniarer


Kathy Joy

Ralph Kotyk

Edith Keller

Diane Lawrence

Adrian Klesh

Rae Layzer

Marion Lettan

Sandra Lofton

Barbara Lowma n

Hey, thi s is better th an sitting in class.

Education has ma ny forms.


Ba rbar a Lutz

Carol Lyons

Charles Lyons

Lind a Lyons

Sam Macron

Shirley Manchek

Ralph Marcus

Judy Millin

Nancy Misciasci

William Mitchell

Eileen Mittleman

Mary Masters

The hours passed by.

Lottie Moore

,..,•.. •, .

Louise Moore

Evelyn McMichael

Helen Martin

Rosa Martin

Shelia Mooney

John Ma tsko




Ramon Pecuch

Phyllis Perhala

Karen Pocross

Anita Potts

Ronald Prosek

Andrea Ranta

Erlyne Register

Roberta Rick

William Biedthaler

Edith Ross

Good sportsmanship? ... we practice what we preach .

Donald Niznik

Janice Nemeth

Martin Palicka

Geoffrey Nigoff

John Napolz

Tommie Parnell


Stephen Spisak

Robert Stern

Anita Stapelton

Mary Ann Stratton

This was one way to get levy material passed out.

Susan Stylinski

Joan Taylor

Extracurricular activities~~~

~路 DUU


DODD DC ODGBDDC Helene Schildhouse

Ernestine Sledge

Bruce Sidaway

Layton Smith


Willian~ Telegryhazi

Loui se Terrentine

Bruce Travi s

Mi ldred Tso lapis

. ,

., J: •



John Tolcyek i

Leah Turnbull

Ronald Townsend

Larry Turner

Steve Turocy


Graduation . . . a long awaited moment.


Su zanne Tusick

Eva Wa ll

Gary Warchock

Donley Tomey


Janie Watson

Joyce Weinberg

Richard Wick ens

Cynthia Wilson

( Blanche Win ston

Julian Wynne

Marian Yakarowsky

Joyce Yorkievitz

Pat Corcoran

Ray D. Glasser

Jean Maxwell

Eddie Fryer

Last minute preparations!

Toni Gialoombardo

Cindy Seaman

Gerald Turner

Mary Ann Koeneman

Special Thanks to: Mary Ann Stratton Ray Vladar Joy Wilcox Jerry Zalben Bob Vannice Rich Skopin Mr. Francis Pollock Tony Chichan ... and especially to MRS. CAROL RUSSELL Thanks for all the help, John Wirtz, editor

1967-1968 Metropolitan Yearbook  

1967-1968 Metropolitan Yearbook

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