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Published by The Students EDITORS Peggy A. Robeck Walter A. Smolinski







Miss Sharon Flood

Miss Janice Sue Grossman

Miss Faith Schuszler, crowned by last year's queen , Miss Helen Boyko"

Miss Gail Pogalies

Miss Rose Marie Schuplinski







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Seated, left to right: David R. Forrest, Chairman; Mrs. Thomas Hale Ham, Vice -Chairman; Robert L. Lewis. Standing: Thomas O. Matia, Patrick 1. O'Malley, Webster G. Simon, Frank L. Kelker.



Charles E. Chapman, President

Donald Swank Dean of Student Personnel

Ellis M. Benson Dean of Instruction

Fred C. Sutton â&#x20AC;˘ Dean of Technical Educatiol!


Helen H . Burnside Assistant Dean, Health

John C. Corfias Assistant Dean, Business

Philip J. D alby Assistant Dean, Instruction

James E. Lorion Assistant Dean, Admissions

Camera Shy Morton S. Shan berg Assistant Dean , Part-time Students

Lynn S. Bell Assistant Dean, Technologies



Nancy E. Dowding

Richard C. Curtis

Ernest S. Long

Culbreth B. Cook

Emily L. Leedy

Eugene B. Johnson


John N. Tsolai nos

Thomas L. Riley Bookstore Supervisor

Dante N. Biello Business Manager

Clark E . Biggins Purchasing Agent


James N. O'Leary Assistant Librarian

W. Russell McWhinney Librarian


Evelyn Rusk Administrative Assistant

Robert Carman Director of Public Affairs

Richard P. Karch Director of Co-Curricular Activities

Linda R. Simon College Nurse


Seated, left to right: E. Johnson, H. Nixon, F. Sutton, E. Laughlin, 1. Corfias, J. Budin, D. Swank, L. Simon, C. Danko, J . Palmer, M. Simon, E. Benson. Standing: R. Karch, C. Hall, R. Matthews, L. Kale, G. Blanco, J. Hurley, J. Koral, A.


Pickup, C. Chapman, President; R. McWhinney, J. Schmelzer, C. Jefferson, J. Lorion, E. Rusk, D. Schaded, N. Dowding, L. Walczuk, M. Shan berg, H. Gaines.


Through the work of many dedicated men and women, Cuyahoga Community College became a realization. The College was chartered by the State of Ohio on December 5, 1962. In the fall of 1963, Community College opened its doors to over 3,000 students. The Brownell School, one of Cleveland's his tor i c buildings, was painted and modernized to receive the first influx of students . The enrollment increased so rapidly that by the second semester of 63-64 school term, the YWCA had to be used to accommodate the ever-increasing student body. Exten~ions, serving the suburban areas of Cleveland, were opened and night classes made available. When Community opened its doors in the fall of 1964, with an enrollment of 6,500, another building had been added at 626 Huron Road to serve the growing student body. This institutiQn has enabled the people of northeastern Ohio to obtain a high education at a low cost. It

has served to provide the people of Cleveland with useful and educated citizens trained in many fields. Soon, there will be a new and permanent campus on forty acres in the St. Vincent Urban Area. The planned campus is being designed to accommodate a minimum of 15,000 students. It is contemplated that the entire facility will be occupied by September of 1967. Cuyahoga Community College is already the 12th largest college in Ohio and the largest new college in the United States . Community College is dedicated to the concept that "individual talent and integrity constitute the nation's most valuable resources and should therefore be developed and protected to the fullest possible extent." Accordingly, the College has established the goal of providing full educational opportunity for the youth and adults of its community and has instituted the corollary requirement of high standards of performance on the part of all who participate in its benefits.



Donald R. Bethe Physical Education

Edith O. Brashares Political Science

Galo W. Blanco Industrial Supervision

J ames Belton English

Felix F. Buttar Business

Joseph M. Budin Speech and English

Alvin G . Bufalini English

Richard Browning Speech

Herman S. Buxbaum English


Charlene M. Danko Speech and Theater

Frances Chitwood English

Joseph F. Clovesko Biology

James K. Dodge Law Enforcement

Zsolt J. Domotorffy Mathematics

Thomas Egerman Art

Harold L. Gaines Sociology Harry Gasker English

Elizabeth H. Fleming Sociology


Angela Hergenroeder Business

Werner A. Goldstaub Foreign Language

Marcus D. Hendershott Biology

Sharon Gioia Physical Education

Lester W. Kale Engineering

John A. Hurley Education

Curtis F. Jefferson Mathematics Ruth Ester Hillila Music

John J. Koral Biology


Ethelreda Laughlin Chemistry

Louis J. Kotnik Chemistry

Sheila Kowal English

John L. Lawson Mathematics

Ral ph E. Loewe English

Leonard H. Manheim English

Richard D. Matthews English Emily Miklis Business

Margaret R. Martin English


David C. Mitchell Business

June Morgenstern Psychology

Joseph Moran English

Jack D. Miller Biology

Thomas P . O'Brien Mechanical Technology

Fay-Tyler M. Norton Psychology

Elizabeth L. Nypaver Mathematics Hester Nixon Business

Lovid Owens Business


John W. H. Palmer Business

Richard J. Poore English

Robert E . PariUa Chemistry

Miriam Porter History

Harry G. Reader Social Sciences

Jerome H. Schmelzer Journalism

James A. Scott English Bernard Silk Psychblogy

Barbara J. Schnurr Dental Hygiene


Paul J. Vincent English

Ruth E . Solis Foreign Languages

May K. Simon Foreign Languages

Margaret R. Taber Electrical-Electronic Tech.

Leo Walczuk Physical Education

Camera Shy Annette Baer Bettie J. Baker Marian Candon George H. Faust Daniel M. Holmgren Sheila M. Koster Norman Luxenberg John M. McLellan Andrew T. Pickup Jack O. Porter Allan Raphael Wilanna Riggar James D. Robenstine Diane T. Schaded William A. Thomas John T. Zubal

Lowell A. Watkins Business

Richard M. Watzulik Music





Cleveland, Oh io 44115

Phone: 241-1556, Area Code 216

June 1965 TO THE CLASS OF '65 You belong to Cuyahoga Community College's first graduating class. You are the prime reason why Cuyahoga Community College came into being. You came to a found1 ing institution in September of 1963 as part of the largest initial junior college enrollment in the history of American education. You were one of 3,000 youths and adults, fu11- and part-time students --- all drawn to Cuyahoga Community College for a diversity of reasons. You studied and attended classes in a building which had seen long service as a pub1 ic elementary school. and, later, as a junior high school. You were part of what has been described as the'tlirac1e on 14th Street". It was only fitting that the venerable structure called Brownell should become the starting point for another vitally needed institution, Ohio's first public community college. You will be graduated on June 11. You will take divergent paths. Some of you will go forth prepared for employment in accounting, business management, secretarial science, industrial supervision and other semiprofessional vocations. Some of you will transfer as juniors to senior institutions. Those of you who do will pursue degrees in teaching, law, business administration, medicine, engineering and other fields. Some of you may discontinue your formal education. All of you will leave the College better prepared to assume a meaningful role as an individual, in marriage and as a citizen. We --- the Board of Trustees, the Administration, the Faculty, the Staff are proud of you. You a member of the Class of 165 wishes of us all.

will take with you the best Sincerely,

E ~~-._ --.. ~r1es E. Chapman-



Ohio's First Public Community College Chartered December 5, 1962


Terrence C. Basch

Loren E. ArnofJ

. Gwendolyn D. Blake

John C. Bohnert

Helen Boyko

Eloise Cain

Normajean A. Bujak


Noreen A . Castle

Daniel V. Clark

Roger J. Cansler

Constance S. Coffman

Joel B. Cook

Kathryn Connolly

Margaret E. Conway


Lynn A. Cow ley

Barbara L. Cur/is

Ross J. Damiano

Michael C. DeBow

Beverly S. Defibaugh

Ann Duffy

Kevin F. Duffy

Culver F. Eyman


Monroe S. Finkelbrand

Donna F. Fedorchak

Jerri N. Flinn

Gail M. Gatautis


Sharon A. Flood

Sarah L. Floyd

Frederick M. Goerz

Carl M. Gottschalk

Luba Grejniman

Jane C. Goerz

Darlene J. Grlicky

Paulette Gruber

William R. Haas

Katherine M. Gyekensyesi

. 40

Gera ldine P. Hamilton

Duane J. Hallon

Dan J. Hamalaillen

Katharine I. Hermon

Curt L. Johnson

Jean C. Hogan

Andrea H. Ja cobs


Karen Kerata

James M . Kearney

Lawrence D. Kletecka

Valentina Levzun

Everett Lee

Norman J. Kurcsak

Sarah L. Mack


Audrey A. Mallinak

Cheryl A. Maruniak

Eartha J. McMichael


John R . Mancini

Timothy D . McCarthy

Agnes M. McCormack

Eva Meszar

Andrew J. Moodry

Marie S. Mikovsky

Raymond R. Neville

Kathleen E . O'Haren

Terrence G. Paul

Richard C. O'Neil

Jeanette M. Paster


Eileen Phils

Wanda E. Plocharski

Larry P. Pfenninger

Howard S. Rosenberg

Carol F. Schupp

Joan E. Schiffer

Rose M . Schuplinski


Faith L. Schuszler

Judie L. SCali

Patricia A. Shipta

Anita F. Schwartz

Audrey A . Scuba

Victor Sedivec

Barbara S. Siegel


Dolores C. Spriggs

Burma L. Stevens

Beverly A. Tabacco


Jallet R. Starrett

Mary Ann Sustarsic

James J. Szudarek

Daniel A. Thomas

Andrew J. Warcaba Jr.

Martha M. Vannice

Catherine M . Vargo

Phil F. Weinberg

GayleA. Ward

Linda A. Weardon


Sandra E. Wright

David E. Wilms

Warren C. W oods

Jan e H . Zimm ermall

Jan et A. Wunderle

Mitchell H . Y o ung


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First Row, left to right: D. Jankowski, T. Somerville, L. Davidson, R. Henry, G. Rinella, C. Holt. Second Row: G. Strong, Manager; R. Agnew, L. Powell , R. Juby, M. Kvosnik, N. Clay, W. Griggs, W. Habel , D. Potopsky, Coach .

VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES 1964-65 Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars .. Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Total Points

.. .. .

67 69 76 67 82 76 . 100 70 89 82 74 74 68 74 68 78 72 1286

Won 8


Niagara, N.Y. 69 Baldwin Wallace JV 96 Point Park, Pa. 84 Fenn JV 59 Kent-Ashtabula 63 Salem Institute 83 Niagara 83 Kent-Canton 68 Kent-Ashtabula 93 Dyke Institute 62 Kent-Canton 90 Salem Institute 71 Jamestown, N.Y. 63 Robert Morris, Pa. 111 Point Park 87 Baldwin Wallace JV 95 Fenn JV 62 Total Points 1339 Lost 9




SCORES Cougars 13 8 8 0 3 3 1 1 10 9 2 4

Concordia CC Concordia CC Jamestown CC Jamestown CC Case Tech Ohio Univ Fr. Ohio Univ Fr. Baldwin Wall. Oberlin JV Oberlin JV Ohio Univ Fr. Case Tech Won 5

Opponents 4 5 5 5 6 13 5 7 7 7 3 10

Lost 7 54


Kneeling, left to right: T. Somerville, J. Zupancic, A. Fetchik, Captain; R. Plechaty, J. Szemer, W. Goetz. Standing: R. D ami ano, Manager; J . Oleksey, K. Hrabak, W. Schneider, T.

Jevcak, D. Fuente, J. Trzop, J . Nebe, T . Kihm , T. Pusey, R. Chesney, H. Reader. Coach.

. I Left to right: F. Beavers, S. Deutsch, W. Haas, T. McCarthy, E . Stoch, Coach; R. Leonard, W. Schneider, W. Topa, Captain.


TALLY SHEET Cougars Ph. Ph. 8 1/2 3 2 2

0 0 3 8 8 4 8

Opponents Baldwin Wall. Hiram Kent Ashtabula Concordia Niagara CC Fredonia State Jamestown CC Robert Morris Univ. Pittsburgh (Bradford) Tiffin Univ Kent Ashtabula Niagara CC . Tiffin Univ Won 3

22V2 22 V2 61/z

15 16 16 18 15 12 4 10

"II 7

Lost 10


Kneeling, l eft to right: T. Conde, L. Crist, P. Regul a, J . White, G . Lesko. Standing: G . Am ari, Coach; A. Hunsicker, D. Gdovin, B. Brown, R. Juby, R. Pope, F . Andel, Manager. Absent: C. Moss.


SCOREBOARD Cougars 14 11 19 19 22 12 12 26

Jackson CC Concordia Flint JC Jackson CC Univ Toledo Baldwin Wall. Slippery Rock Case Tech Won 0


Lost 8

Opponents 125 84 44 40 76 94 53 88

CHEERLEADERS SQUAD-Front Row, left to right: S. Heil, E. Simmons. Middle Row: S. Moore, Captain; D. Buntin ,

H. Lupton, E. Rollins. Back Row: K. Balazs, J. Stypczwski, D. Brown. Absent: E. Rusk, Advisor.



ALL-STARS, victors of the Men's Division Volleyball Tournament. Kneeling, left to right: M. Campbell, G . Frain, M. Mastroianni. Standing: R. Juby, R . Albu , Co-Capt.; R . Wright, T. Jevcak, Co-Capt.

CHI-DELTS, champions of the Women's Di vision Volleyball Tournament. Kneeling, left to right: D. Buntin, F. Appling, B. Jordan, Captain . Standing: E. Simmonds, E. Rollins, E. McCloud, C. Creel.



The Nads, along with being divisional champions of the Brown League, won the CCC Intramural Basketball Championship. They are: Left to Right kneeling: J. Stewart, R. Moses, W. Gragg. Standing: G. Strong, Captain; G. Jennrich, M. Greenblatt, J. Mandel.



The ROLLING BONES, victors of the Tangerine Division are: Left to Right, kn eeling: T. Saunders, C. Day, B. Biondi. Standing: T. Palfy, D. Kulbago, co-capt.; J. Taylor, co-capt.; E. Saxton. Absent: B. Reynolds, J. Barle.

The C.C. RIDERS, winners of the Crimson Division are: Left to Right, kneeling: J. Yuhas, captain; K. Hrabak, P. Christopherson, B. Koerner. Standing: N. Bernstein, S. Kaselak, B. Kaselak, B. Vitarius. Absent: M. Campbell.

The LEDGEMONT team, winners Division are: Left to Right: G. Kihm, M. Walker, J. Penyin, Demery, T. Koberna. Absent: T. ski.


of the Gold Branch, T. captain; O. Lewandow-


Top to Bottom: K. Sorensen, R . Wright, P . Dixon.


CHAMPIONS 25 yd Free Style 50 yd Back Stroke 50 yd Butterfly 50 yd Breast Stroke 50 yd Free Style 100 yd Free Style 100 yd Individual Medley 200 yd Free Style Relay

Pete Dixon Tim Patton Gary Gaile Keith Sorensen Pete Dixon Keith Sorensen Keith Sorensen Ronald Wright Paul Regula Pete Dixon Donald Mock




Walter Topa, College Champion

INTRAMURAL FREE Joyce Harris, Women's Champion made 35 out of 50 attempts

THROW Robert Henry, Men's Champion made 46 out of 50 attempts


Rick Ibosh, 130lb Division

Robert Wilk, 1501b Division


Terry Moran, 140lb Division

James Petz, 170lb Division

Robert Vitarius, Heavyweight Division


Rick Bendick, Class C

Melva Joseph, Class D


Don Niznik, Class D Tim Dzilinski, Class B

Ai Wiederwohl, Class A

Jeanne Meyers, Class C


0 Z

en z







::J -I



« (!) a::


Front R ow, left to right: J. Peiper, J. Mancini, Treasurer; R. Schuplinski, Secretary; D. Grlicky, President; E . Lee, Vice-President; R. Karch, Advisor. Second Row: B. Siegel, C . Schupp, E. Cain, G. Blake, G. Gatautis, S. Flood . Absent: D. DalPra, T. Brennan.

STUDENT CABINET When students look beyond the scope of academic life filled with many pounds of books and more hours of toil and frustration, they look ultimately to the Student Cabinet, the elected student controlling body of the College. All clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities are chartered through the Cabinet so that groups of similar interests may unite for fulfillment bf common goals. Its six standing committees and many special committees and appointments influence every phase of a student's life at Tri-C, from formal dances to mixers, from convocations on world affairs to variety shows, and from student policy formulation to recommending college improvements to the administration. Its four officers (Executive Board) and its eight representatives (Student Services Committee) meet weekly to discuss the problems of concern to the student population that occur, particularly those that are peculiar and vital to an evergrowing Community College. Meetings are open to all students, faculty , and administration, all of whom are encouraged to offer

suggestions for improving any phase of life at Tri-C. Student Cabinet also maintains a Student Activities Office which is used by all student organizations on campus. With all its work and worry, the Student Cabinet has functioned efficiently and, although unaware at first of the many problems that would arise, met them with confidence, research and good judgment.


Chartering and Constitutional Committee

Financial Committee

Social Committee


First Row, left to right: J. Greene, S. Sanders, J. Cefaratti, H. Zabawski, B. Jordan, L. Sterrett, D. Epps, M. Kendrick, J. Elstone, N . Kaston, A. Scuba, C. Reed, J. Rose, P. Downes, L. Sloan, E . Williams, A. McCormick, J. Tsolainos, Advisor. Second Row: L. Kalen, B. Gaddis, N. Bujak, C. Beaver, I. Pearson, J. Dixon, A. Jacobs, J. Flinn, M. Mikovsky, F. Schuszle~,

M. Muraski, Z. Robertson. Third Row: K. Oliver, R. Novak, M. Basie, N. Williams, J. Riley, D. Davis, K. Griffin, T. Tuma, L. Watkins, K. Griffin, F. DeTardo. Fourth Row: P. Mendelsohn, R. Townsend, W. Schumake, R. Johnson, E . Paul, M. Moskowitz, A. Lohanick, 1. Starnes, R. Banks, C. Lehman, F. Bill, B. Nance, L. Pfenninger, D. Thomas.

CHOIR "The Sound of Music"-vocal music, that is-has always been (and will always be) a cherished part of college life, from the nostalgic strains of fraternal and sorority groups to the more sophisticated offerings by the college choir. For Tri-C, the choir has been just one phase of public relations, performing in two annual concerts, several guest performances, including those with local radio and television stations. Meeting just two and one-half hours each week, the choir has become an accomplished group through its combined excellent direction and work of its individuals members. For the student, choir provides the opportunity for musical enjoyment, as well as a vehicle for artistic expression. For the college, it provides a performing organization available for appropriate occasions. For the community, it provides another means of enhancing the thriving cosmopolitan culture of greater Cleveland. 70




EDITION Thursdoy, October 24, 1963

Community College Opens to 3,039 Students; Governor to Attend Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies School Issues Ga to V nfpr<:

Cuya hoga Com munity Coll ege opened its doors t o more t ha n 3,000 students-3,039 officia lly-amid the g reetings and warm we lcomes of polit ical dig nitaries. Marking the birth of Ohio's firs t jun ior coll ege, Th e C omHlll t f' r, the schoo l's new~paper. uegan puLlication .iu ~t a

U,. JEI A stat(' i ~ w ill ('OIlH'

n formal S und ay, ler mileuy Cuya liege."

1\o\'(-'lllht.'r t s ur\'i \' al a lii hoga Co tll II I Statl' Isst $ 175,01111.1 1011 ti (-'s a nd {'o l

th l' ('n ro lllw til'S a nd (-Or I1IlIst of thi~ {'1It1strudilln " UIlIPUS ('S.



I ~\'e l

lIot be im'r wi ll only ('n pac k of l"igf ~ h(' voters i

Then- an expenses: f. second i!'i n Cauilal

. nt

First Row, left to right: J. Kemetz, Ph oto Editor; D. Spriggs, Associate Editor; J. Schmelzer, Advisor; J. Scott, Clubs Editor; D. Clark, Art Editor; H . Greenberg, News Editor. Second Row: B. Carnall , K. Srpan, Associate Sports Editor; J. Stewart, Associate Sports Editor; E. D'Arcy, E. Zannes, C. Yaczo, W. Romfh , A ssociate Ph oto Editor. Absen t: E. D avis. Editor; W. Smolinski , W . Sado, Associate Editor; Helen Boyko, Circulation M gr.



First Row, left to right: B. Gordon, M. Vannice, K. McDonald, President: E. Cummings, Vice-President; J. Baker, T. Campensa, S. Flood, J. Schiffer, E. McKenzie, D. Reed, W. Goldstaub, A dvisor. Second Row: E. Cain, Secretary; E. Christy, M. Zitnak, L. Sterrett, P. White, J. Carter, A. Liggins, E.

Meszar, C. Cohen, C. Hunt, M. Hardy, M. Simancas. Third Row: S. LoPresti, J. Kearney, Treasurer; C. Fiorilli, H. Jacobs, F. Bill, K. Klein, G. Kamenik, E. Kirkman, O. McHugh, R . Damiano, ICC Representative.





First Row, left to right: V. Gorski, Secretary; P. Smyth, L. Pfenninger, President; J . Z i m m e rman, P. Conway. Second Row: L. Thomasson, H . Jacobs, C. Meyers, D . Fedio, J. Cahill, L. K ale n , Vice-President. Absent: R. Karch, A dvisor.



First Row, left to right: D. Holmgren, Advisor; T. Brennan, R . Rauchfleisch, J. Schiffer, Sutton, P. Molay. Second Row: S. Bozik, P . Bewley, President; D. Michalik, C. Cohen, Sharpe, Secretary; T. Turner. Third Row: S. Katz, B.Mobloin, J. Tutak, R. Holdstein, Silver, Treasurer; S. Korb, ICC Representative. A bsent: McGloin, Ass't. Vice-President; Vannice, Vice -President.

D. B. E. M.


"Everybody swing" says the caller, and everyone in the Haylofters does: The Haylofters is a club, chartered as a !esult 111 â&#x20AC;˘ of the work of some students enrol ed Ill,l" ~ a social dancing class, that devot[ s tinfu' to learning, perfecting, and really/enj'oy(/f" ing square-dancing. After their weekly business meetings, //r'/lo,;, ( the members spend some time swinging,_ do-si-do-ing, and skipping thro~ a

First Row, left to right: B. Kelly, J. Starrett, C. Schupp, President; B. Boehm, Vice-President; A. Corea, Secretary; W. Romfh. Second Row: J. Zucker, K. Snyder, ICC Representative; L. Cowely, Treasurer; D. Mehalik, F. Chitwood, Advisor; D. Marcin.


HEIDELBERGER First Row, left to right: V. Levzun, K. Gyekenyesi, R. Katiapis, L. Davis, W. Plocharski , Secretary; S. Kavran. Second Row: D . Frankel, A. Nowak, President; M. Weaver, Treasurer; B. Loeschen, Advisor; 1. Heffner, Vice -President; P. Dixon. Absent: L. Grejniman.

HUMAN RELATIONS Students interested in studying and discussing 'nter-grgup relations in the community- in the $nation('"and in the world, find ample 0l2portunity to \do so in the Human. Relations~ ~Phlim. Tile forum is dedicf ted t~tit~e de. eJopmen of social and cultural programs designed to promote fellQwship and to \ im(rove inter('" .. I group commUlllcatlOn. !,I;!;, The neces'sity.! for man to live amicably with his fellow ' man is / the dyhamic and vital issue with wh ictl die Human Relations Forum is prima iIy;~o cerned. With a sudderi~burst~6f enthusiasm in . " orgalllZ, /'j . attlOn 路'!路., IS 路 d'ISspnng 0 f ,1965 ,/ 'th IS playing the potentiality of""a very influential club on campusy as it si}I'ves both its individual students and the college. First Row, left to right: W. Armwood, E. Cummings, J. Goerz, Secretary; E. Richardson, K. Kyler, C . Bailey, J. Cook, President. Second Row: S. Lofton, S. McDonald, L. Hudson-Bey, B. Howse, F. Appling, R. Mixon, Vice-President; B. Sharpe. Third Row: M. Moskowitz, N. Clark, E. Fleming, Advisor; G. Reynolds, C. Dent, Treasurer; R. Poplar.

First Row, left to right: P. Rampe, H. Rosenstein, S. Flood, S. Korb, Treasurer; E. Lee, Chairman; K. Gyekenyesi, Secretary; R. Mixon, P. White, E. Cummings, J. Cook, R. Karch, Advisor. Second Row: J. Heffner, A. Nowak, L. Davis, M. Wolansky, C. Schupp, T. McCarthy, K. McDonald, N. Lee, E. Cain, N. Castle. Third Row: J . Szuderarek, P. Monmurr, G. Blake, K. Snyder, F. Schuslier, A. Hunsicker, J. Saccany, T. Brennan, R. Juby. Absent: L. Falinski, Vice-President.

Problems that would occur if each organization on campus functioned autonomously h a v e been eliminated through the co-ordinating efforts of the Inter-Club Council. The ICC, chaired by the Vice-President of the Student Cabinet, is composed of all club presidents and one elected delegate from each club. Through this system, methods of com-

I. c. c. munication have been improved and conflict of events avoided. To maintain a successful program of student activities, the Council relies on the joint efforts of all its members. It sponsors the College Queen Contest, assists the clubs in planning some of their respective activities, and supports all functions of its member organizations.


Members of Le Quartier Francais, CCC French Club, have opportunities for

exposure to the language through dinner parties at French restaurants, where they must order in French. By taking vacation tours through French-speaking Quebec, Canada, many students gain a working knowledge of the language. One aim of the club is to broaden its members' knowledge of France and French culture by showing movies and slides and celebrating French festivals at small parties.




First Row, left to right: L. Varga, S. Taylor, Secretary; S. Flood, ICC R ep"r esentative; 1. Schiffer, Vice-President; G. Gatautis, T. McCarthy, President. Second Row: E. Meszar, P. Ferrin, 1. Abounader, B. Blake, Treasurer; S. Floyd, R. Solis, Advisor. Third Row: 1. Kearney, E. Zannes, R . Taylor, M. H ardy, A. Walker, 1. Fillinger.


First Row, left to right: L. Friedman'/ E. Whi te, President; L. Thomas, Secretary; C. Young, C. Danko, Advisor. Second ~IV/ L. orne, [. Cook, L. Pistilli, D. Franetic, T . Lowery, G. Kalina. Third Row: H. oe,~C: Badger, G. Gutschow, F. DeTardo, Vice-President; 1. Zucher. Absent: D . Spriggs, Treasurer.

(,T /---.: -

짜It 'n





Seated, left to right: R. Hardon, N. Epple, A. DiPalma, K. Lester, Treasurer; L. Falinski, President; Father Yahner, Chaplain; 1. Szudarek, Vice-President; M. Edwards, Secretary; R. Albu, M. Talik, R. Ravchfleisch. Second Ro w: D . Abramoski, 1. Szubski, N. Recdick, K. Mott, J. Hufgard, K. Harvan, G. Vinicky, M. Skully, 1. McGreevy, 1. Gedeon, T. Paul, M. Zehe, B. Nicastro, 1. Heffernan, C. Hrdlicka, A. Membur, T. Brennan . Third Row: R. Harsa, J. Kuhel, N . Cacowski, S. Cloonan, R. DiVicenzo, B. Kinghorn, R. Stalzer, A. Franklin, R. Kotyk, V. Fevetti , R. Kelly, M. Kingzett, J. OBe, K. O'Haren .




RUSSIAN First Row , left to right: K. Duffy, H. Boyko, Secretary; A. Scuba, G. Blake, M. Simon, Advisor. Second Row: E. Goldstein, 1. Cook, J . Schiffer, Y. Levzun, M. Lanckiewicz. Third Row: E. Cain , President; W. Shay, C. Varga, D . Schmidt, R. Juby. Absent: R. Schuplinski, Vice-President; C. Lowe, Treasurer.



First Row, left to right: G. Kriner, D. Cody, S. Covert, K. Ricci, Treasurer; E. Hudson, G. Benditz. Second Row: L. Kyman, P. Rampe, President; F. T. Ondrus, Vice-President; T. Hirsch, H. Berenberg. Absent: C. Navratil, Secretary; S. Gioia, Advisor.


First Row, left to right: F. Schuszler, G. Motley, M. Kendrick, A. Coles, A. Lemon, Chaplain. Second Row: R. Hardy, R. Walker, President; G. Oldham, G . Haynes, D . Chapelle, F. Norton, Advisor. Third Row: L. Smith, B. Jackson, B. Love.

s.c.u. Students, faculty, administrators, and clergy from nine Protestant denominations combinea tUei . effbrt~ with the ~H~ .I , ~ . YMCA and tlie l' vvCA t()~form the Student Christian /tfnid' . / Thr.6ugh life to, I gether in worship, study, fellowship, and community action!l mem~er;s seek to know, to strength In, an to live their faith. .... Event~ of sc~h calendaF encompasses many kindsl: of !ctiviti~s; deputation teams to pre-college studbnts, proctors for SCD stuqy 'hall, tutorial service, weekend wor; c mps, choi concerts, and convocation grdups. With this wide range 0 activities, SCD provides a means for members to practice Christianity in all aspects of life.




s. N. E.A.

to acquaint them with current trends, methods, and problems in teaching. Members participate in monthly social activities and may be extended the op-

First Row, left to right: T. Palmer, Trepsurer; L. Weardon, Secretary; E . Phils, Vice-President; G. Blake, President; L. Kapral, B. Boehm, J. Zimmerman, J. Wolansky, M. Hatcher, J. Hurley, Advisor. Second Row: R. Schwartz, C. Mims, P. Smyth, J. Starrett, C. Schupp, G. Ward, E. Richardson, P. Ferrin, S. Prater, D. Mehalik. Third Row: G. Frank, D. Marcin, J. Bohnert, P. Gruber, K. Snyder, M. Staten, E. Hudson, G. Javitch, D. Hamalainen, F. Pauer.

From Alpha to Zeta, the fraternities and sorontles provide a wide range of activities for all their members. Their crowded schedules include cultural and educational activities as well as social events . Pledges are kept busy with memorizing handbooks and performing the many duties that accompany their "special" status. Since the beginning of the college in September of 1963, the students expressed interest in fraternal organizations. When CCC's first Student Cabinet was established, there was some controversy as to whether or not Greek organizations would be functional at the college. But after the first fraternity was chartered in the Fall of 1964, Greeks gained status and numbers. Of the twenty-two clubs now chartered, over twenty per cent are flying banners with Greek letters. One of the more recent developments has been the formation of an Inter-Greek Council. As the hub of all Greek activities, it hopes to strengthen Inter-Greek relations by fostering a spirit of fellowship, friendship, and fun. Through the work of the Council, there will hopefully be laid a firm foundation of a workable Greek system in a commuter college.


First Row, left to right: D . Thompson, .Treasurer; S. Zimmerman , Secretary; S. Swain, President; S. Rhodes, Vice-President; E. Nypaver, Advisor. Second Row: P. Marconi, R. McCarthy, V. Favetti, P. Neforos, N. Cackowski, R. Gannarelli , M. Harsa, K. Flynn, E . Johnson, K. O'Haren, C. Georgeff.



THETA GAMMA PSI First Row, left to right: S. Prater, N. Lee, ICC Representative; C. Payne, R. Bolser, P. Downes, P. Downes, B. Bronek, P. Pawlak. Second Row: K. Connolly, K. Flynn, E. Zielinski, J. Schanz, E. Hudson, P . Traina, S. Kerstetter. Third Row: J. Fletcher, M. Arnold, Vice-President; N. Bujak, Secretary; N. Castle, President; J. Dixon, P. Thompson. Absent: I. Wolf, Treasurer; J. Morgenstern, Advisor.

ZETA SIGMA CHI First Row, left to right: N. Caskey, C. Reed, M. A. McNeeley, C. Boehm, K. Gove. Second Row: M. T. McNeeley, J. Zimmerman, S. Bramley, Secretary; W. Plocharski, S. Lazarus. Third Row: M. Wolansky, ICC Representative; K. Gyekenyesi , Treasurer; F. Schuszler, President; H. Zabowski , Vice-President. Absent: S. Koster, Advisor.

First Row, left to right: T. Merriman, Pledge Master; J. Saccany, Vic e-President; T. Brennan, President; T. Snow, Treasurer; R. Bendick, Secretary. Second Row: J . Loas, R . Gesso, M. Lough, R. Dunford, G. Levy, K. Razh, S. Pales, R. Honrath, D. Schraegle, D . Clark, Third Row: D . Grabowski, J . Heffner, R. Hepler, L. Kontosh, D. Sutton, G . Budd, T . Conway, T. DiPalma, R. Jedlicka, B. Izzo, M . Hockman, D . Clark, L. Faecking. Fourth R ow: C. Meyer, J. Zeli a, D. Pilny, B. Bakllm, L. Pfenninger, M . English, S. Nachamkin, D . Kelsch, T. Surovy, B. Wing. Absent: R. Blake, E. Christly, W. Gunther, Advisor.



First RolV, left to right: R. Knight, Vice-President; C. McDowell, President; J. Moran, Advisor. Second Row: R. McMillan, Jr., J. Hudson, R. James, D. Mangum.



First Row, left to right: J. Klingbeil , B. Chester, J. Szudarek, President; P. Stratoti, VicePresident; H. Rosenberg, I. Abrams. Second Row: R . Messuri, R. Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer; T. Palmer, H. Tucker, D. Fedio, J. Robbins, J. Certo, B. Kelly, H. Berenson . Absent: F. Buttar, Advisor.



First Row, left to right: M. Merriman, N. Bernstein, P. Christopherson, S. Cammarata, M. Hrabik, J . Mancini, C. Knable, Vice-President; K. Czelusniak, Pledge Master; W. Holdash, P. Maruszak, 1. Swantek, M. Tarrill, T. Kollin. Second Row: 1. Johnson, Secretary; P. Monmuir, D. Kramer, J. Johnson. Third Row: B. Vitarius, President; D . Fetchik, B. Brauno, D. Mock, S. Kowalski, R. Koerner, B. Sibul, S. Seltzer, J . Yuhas, G. Kamenik. Absent: R. Curtis, Advisor.



Peggy Robeck, Co-Editor

METRO STAFF Dennis Grabowski and Ron Rardon




Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Phone: 241-1556, Area Code 216

A Word of Thanks Dear Cougars, As editors of the college's first yearbook, we would like to thank everyone who helped m~ke it a succ~ssful publication. It takes a great amount of work and time to complete a project such as a yearbook. Without the help of our staff and the co-operation of many people in COMMUNITY COLLEGE, this book could never have been completed. We would like to personally thank all our editors for having done such an excellent job of leadership. Also, for relinquishing their time and efforts to make the book a success: Dennis Grabowski and Ronald Hardon for the fine job they did handling Clubs and Organizations; Penny Smyth and Marilu Capper whose job was to put together the Sports and Senior Section; Celeste Harkai and Sally Heil for assembling the Faculty Section; Dohn Clark and Tom Brennan for their exact and imaginative art; and Eloise Cain and Rose Schuplinski for their excellent copy writing. Also, sincere thanks to Mr. Richard Karch, our faculty advisor, who was always willing to help us whenever we had difficulties. A special thanks m!.l st be given to Mrs. Kathryn Righter for keeping our records of sales. Being editor of a yearbook is a tremendous job, but with its responsibility is the fun of seeing the development of plans flourish into a yearbook. Rather than tell you how much we have enjoyed it, we especially hope that you, the students of CCC, have enjoyed it, for the main purpose of the "Metropolitan" was to put together memories that all students will look back fondly to in future years. In closing, we would like to thank all, for helping make this first edition of the college IS yearbook a reality. Sincerely, )



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L.<-' C-...k.-I!'J ....; iYlk~ 路""',"'..L.,{L l.. Wally Smolinski

Ohio's First Public Community College Chartered December 5, 1962

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Photographs courtesy of Dennis Grabowski, Ronald Hardon, Richard Karch, Pete Romfh, Commuter, May Company, Hastings Studios, and Mather Studios.


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1964-1965 Metropolitan Yearbook  

1964-1965 Metropolitan Yearbook

1964-1965 Metropolitan Yearbook  

1964-1965 Metropolitan Yearbook