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ON THE COVER: 228 Monroe Street, Denver Photography by Andrew Forino Details on page 31 Property ID: RXD4TF


1675 Aspen Ridge Road, Vail Photography by Kent Pettit Property ID: PHWVGK




Out to Lunch with Nobu Matsuhisa The union of mind, body & spirit in Japanese cuisine


Spaces with Intention Homes that define the flawless expectations of Colorado’s ultra-luxury market through art, architecture and entertaining


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OUT to

LUNCH with



s culinary fads come and go, facing no

Award, in 2017, Chef Matsuhisa’s professional

shortage of new materials and ingredients

success is a reflection of harnessing this union

to spur evolution, few culinary masters can

as it relates to the culinary arts, however he

be credited for possessing the dexterity

pointed out that the concept of kokoro is not

to create cuisine both conceptually, and

The Union of MIND, BODY & SPIRIT in Japanese Cuisine

with style, like chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa. His approach to the dining

experience is as thoughtful and heartfelt as the Japanese culture that the cuisine he specializes in






limited to only food.

“Cooking, architecture, music, painting, real

estate, film—I think basically everything is the same,” he says, noting they all require a similar execution of passion. “Kokoro is very important for me because it is my job as Chef to put my

restaurants, spanning across five continents

heart into my dish. I grew up in Japan and now

worldwide, Matsuhisa is like no ordinary Chef—

Japanese food is enjoyed all over the world.

in culinary circles, he is a legend.

I am very proud.”

When I learned that Chef Matsuhisa

Coloradans enjoy more opportunities

would be in Cherry Creek, Denver, visiting the

of preparing fish, I soon discovered that the

than most to experience the Chef’s creations,

Matsuhisa location that is a neighbor to the LIV

culinary heights Matsuhisa has achieved, are

with three out of nine of the Matsuhisa

Sotheby’s International Realty office at 100 St.

less about the exceptionally high quality of

restaurants located in Colorado. I asked the

Paul, I jumped at the opportunity to interview

food he creates, and more about the passion

Chef if the mountains hold a special meaning

him. Interestingly, a small collection of only nine

in which he creates it—a notion the Japanese

to him and why.

out of the dozens of restaurants that amass his

refer to as kokoro.

empire (three of which are in Colorado), are befit

“Kokoro means, ‘from the heart’,” said

in Aspen in 1998 after the Chef visited the

with the chef’s surname, Matsuhisa, and thus

Matsuhisa. While difficult to translate, the word

resort town for the first time to participate in

considered by many to be the most revered.

in English means the notion of conceptually

the Aspen Food and Wine Festival. The debut of

As I sat down across from the Chef, in

uniting the mind, body and spirit; making the

Matsuhisa’s eclectic blend of Japanese cuisine

an austere, reclaimed teak-encased private

elements indivisible from one another. While

was so successful, his business partners

dining room, the initial nervousness I felt about

Matsuhisa describes his craft in the simplest of

encouraged him to open a restaurant there,

interviewing the acclaimed chef immediately

terms, “We make food, customer eats, customer

which he did as the first Matsuhisa location

dissolved at the first upturn of his cheerful

pays,’ it is the kokoro, or passion, that goes into

outside of Chef Nobu’s original Beverly Hills

smile—an occurrence that took place regularly

the process, that gives true meaning to why

location, in a 120-year-old Main Street Victorian

throughout the course of our interview.

Matsuhisa is viewed globally as a leader in the

house in downtown Aspen.

The first Matsuhisa location was established

curation of fine Asian cuisine.

the reasons behind the celebrity chef’s thirty-

And while it is evident from his recognition

of the first Matsuhisa in Aspen. At first, it was

plus years of culinary success, a secret I

as a multiple James Beard Foundation award

very seasonal—but after 20 years, Aspen grew,

might have naively suspected to be the result

winner, and most recent recognition, winner

and more restaurants are opening. I also like

of a unique seasoning or Japanese method

of GQ Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement

coming to Aspen for nature.”

While I hoped our discussion would unearth


“We just celebrated the 20th anniversary

It is the ‘kokoro’, or passion, that gives true meaning to why Matsuhisa is viewed globally as a leader in the curation of fine Asian cuisine.

For Matsuhisa, a trip to check in on his

three Matsuhisa locations. Chef Matsuhisa

restaurant locations in the mountains is a

has also taken inspiration from local favorites.

welcome respite when his businesses have him

For example, as a play-off of his famous dish,

traveling most of the year.

miso black cod, he developed a dish featuring

“I travel ten months a year—I’m always on

Colorado Lamb with anticucho sauce, which

planes to New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo. I see a lot

offered in Aspen, Vail and Cherry Creek, is a new

of people, so when I come to Aspen and Vail in the

crowd favorite.

big snow seasons, a lot of my customers come to

One thing that has not changed with

see me from all over the world. I enjoy spending

Matsuhisa’s expansion to Colorado, is the

time with all of my teams and in nature.”

quality of fish served at Matsuhisa.

Each of the Matsuhisa restaurants, whether

“In the beginning, it was very challenging to

built at altitude or sea level, present Chef

bring sushi to the mountains. We have different

Matsuhisa and his team unique challenges. At

restaurants in different cities, but Japanese

Matsuhisa’s mountain locations, altitude is both

fresh fish [was delivered only] three or four

an inspiration and a challenge.

times a week,” said Matsuhisa.

“In Aspen and Vail, because elevation is so

Where Matsuhisa had to once rely on the

high, cooking the rice, making the noodles—it was

delivery of top quality fish by truck, today,

a little difficult in the beginning. But every year,

modern technology makes it much easier for

this gets easier—the chefs know how to cook the

suppliers to meet the restaurants’ demands,

best way.”

with fish delivered daily via direct flights from

his long-time suppliers in Tokyo.

In fact, the higher altitudes have helped

to inspire new dishes. As a result of having to


And while the fish served at any one of

adapt to more challenging cooking conditions,

his establishments is excellent, creating a

his expert teams have developed new and

connection between customer and restaurant

innovative techniques, which offer Matsuhisa’s

is, to Matsuhisa, one of the most important

guests unique experiences at each of his

parts about the entire dining experience.

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303.893.3200 9

[to write a book] to me, and I always said ‘no, no, no’. I do not like the

“I’d like people to understand that passion is important. It’s how to make good teams, grow leadership, and to keep being inspired about your craft every day.”

attention on me,” said Matsuhisa. “But now, we have restaurants all

-Nobu Matsuhisa

From the reservation process, to the warm welcome from the host,

culminating with the last bite of [omosakye], it is the entire experience of the meal at a Matsuhisa restaurant that Chef Matsuhisa takes pride in. “People come, not to just eat the food, they come for the experience, from beginning to end—just like a show,” said Matsuhisa. “My job is to make customer happy from beginning to end.”

With partners, patrons and staff of his restaurants all wanting to

learn more about Matsuhisa’s simple, but profitable philosophies, many encouraged him to share the story of his success, which he does in his recently published book titled, Nobu: A Memoir.

“Before the memoir, lots of publishers offered this opportunity

around the world, but a lot of people don’t know how we grew and how we got here.”

To Matsuhisa, now 68, more important than recapping his success,

is to outline for readers the important, and sometimes difficult, experiences that shaped his life, inspiring them to conquer their own life challenges.

Early in his career, the first restaurant Matsuhisa opened in the

United States, in Alaska, burnt to the ground within three weeks of opening. He considered giving up, but decided to start over, and to continue to pursue his dream of making quality food for people with kokoro, despite the odds. It’s this ‘never give up’ philosophy he hopes to pass along to readers.

“I’ve had a long history, with many problems. Not only good news

came to myself but also, problems that taught me. Never give up, learn from other people—these are the philosophies I like to introduce from this book.”

Today, Matsuhisa said he receives letters from chefs, and his own

managers and employees thanking him because they understand his philosophies better than before. They in turn, try to infuse the passion that drove Matsuhisa’s success in their own work.

“In any kind of business, you have to work with passion,” said the

Chef. “I’d like people to understand that passion is important. It’s how to make good teams, grow leadership—and to keep being inspired about your craft every day.”

As we wrapped up our interview, I glanced back toward the long,

gleaming bank of glass, which encased an assortment of vibrant, jeweltoned colored fish, like a cresting wave. I watched as Chef Matsuhisa, in his stark-white chef coat, posed for photos, his arms slung around the shoulders of the restaurant’s local sushi chefs, with other members of the kitchen staff eagerly lining up, awaiting their turn for a photo with the prodigy. And while few might ever reach the status of being known as one of the great Japanese culinary masters of all time, I suspect, based on their visible delight at being in the presence of Chef Matsuhisa, that these employees grasp the vison of kokoro, and smile to myself as I walk out of the restaurant doors.

情熱 10

SPACES WITH INTENTION Homes that define the flawless expectations of Colorado’s ultra-luxury market through art, architecture and entertaining By Amy Puchaty


hree architectural styles, three unbeatable locations, three

Aside from our favorable climate, outdoor recreation, thriving

price points over a million—but what makes each one unique?

economy, and over 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s a desire for

The way they live. You no longer have to move to a coastal city to find

the exceptional, the extraordinary, the unique, that keeps Colorado’s

artful luxury’s been here all along.

luxury market humming.

Denver is officially ranked the most expensive non-coastal real estate

Whether you have a penchant for museum-quality art and

market in the U.S., and as Colorado’s housing market continues

architecture, a desire for gracious family entertaining near the

to soar, luxury homes priced over $5 million are seeing increased

slopes, or a dream of owning a luxurious sporting retreat in the

demand from buyers in all corners of the country and the world.

mountains, we have the home for you.


DENVER ART HOUSE 576 S. Elizabeth Street, Polo Club, Denver, Colorado



The tranquil and airy spaces live more like modern garden rooms,

bringing the outside in to evoke a feeling of space flowing throughout. Olson’s team relied on landscape architect Charles Anderson, the lead collaborator for Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park, to masterfully weave the indoor/outdoor spaces together for effortless entertaining. The result: enchanted woodland “rooms” inspired by Colorado’s landscapes.

ew homes master the relationship between light and space quite

“The jewel of the home is the living room with the rest of the house serving as a ring that supports it,” says Olson.

like the Jim Olson designed masterpiece at 576 S. Elizabeth Street in Denver’s prestigious Polo Club. The exquisite, lightfilled beauty was designed by architect Jim Olson of Olson

Kundig architecture firm based in Seattle, and sits on a spectacular

3.5-acre piece of land in the heart of Denver. Olson also designed the

new Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, which recently opened

through aspen forest and open wildflower prairie. A series of small and

in Denver’s Golden Triangle, and The Red House in LoDo.

large terraces provide places to spend time outside, entertain, and

watch the seasons change,” writes Anderson.

The world-renowned architect has been exploring the relationship

“A quarter-mile private, meandering path offers a place to wander

between light and space for nearly fifty years, known for creating

architecture to frame individual works, and mastering the aesthetic

anchored by the soaring central gallery designed for the display of art.

Inside you’ll discover 13,000-square-feet of meticulous design

interplay of art, nature, and architecture. 576 S.

The public rooms face south to a landscape of native

Elizabeth Street is a shining example of this endeavor

grasses modeled after Colorado’s eastern plains. To the

with a minimalist interior featuring enormous windows,

north, a set of offices with built-ins, a gourmet kitchen

a restrained palette, and a two-story central art gallery

with Viking, Thermador and Miele appliances, and other

that divides private family quarters from public spaces.

functional areas looking out to a densely-planted garden.

“The main gallery of the home gives you a feeling

The generous bedrooms are all located on the

of translucence. This is from the skylights made softer

second floor, including an impressive master suite

by the fabric and materials we used to soften the

with marble soaking tub, marble walk-in shower,

space. We were really going for balanced light,” says

heated towel racks, his/hers solid wood closets, plus a

Olson. In fact, the AIA award-winning architect says

separate sitting area and study, all positioned to take

light is the first thing that comes to mind when reflecting on his design.

advantage of the home’s breathtaking views.

At the beginning of the project, the owner gave Olson a book

Venetian plaster walls lined with plywood for ease of art installation,

entitled The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton. He was

geothermal assisted heating and cooling system, ThyssenKrupp

heavily influenced by the idea of using architecture to lift the spirits. His

commercial-grade elevator, basement level art storage, silver room

goal was to maximize the beautiful Colorado sunlight yet screen out any

with lined walls and drawers, and a state-of-the-art security system

harsh contrasts. The effect is mesmerizing, much like a see-through

are among the home’s unparalleled amenities.

lattice work with no detail left unturned. “The house is so much more

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than a house, it’s the whole property,” he says. “It’s modern architecture in all the good ways, but not cold or off-putting.”

Step foot on the property and you’ll be greeted by a number of

elements designed to pique your senses—the soothing ripple of an infinity-edge fountain, the rustling of mature trees, the timelessness of an endless limestone wall, shimmering glass, steel beam lattice work, and a custom-crafted bronze door to welcome you inside.

Built by Saunders Construction in 2008, every material, finish and

system was carefully selected and designed to work together. The exterior is comprised of honed limestone that was quarried in France, fabricated in Italy, and shipped here for construction. The double pane UV windows, structural steel columns, and thinly detailed metalwork are among Olson’s favorite details—but it’s the “jewel” of the home, the spacious living room, that really makes a lasting impression.

576 S. Elizabeth Street is currently listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty for $12,950,000. See additional property details on page 22. Art curated by Ann Benson Reidy and Associates, individual pieces from Robischon Gallery.

VIA LA FAVORITA 1548 Via La Favorita, Edwards, Colorado


was planned for building. It turned out well

he adds, and even veteran Coloradans are


for us since the developer, who wanted to

stunned to see that every direction yields

construct 22 houses on the 230-acres we

breathtaking views. Our favorite overlooks

coveted, could not find a practical way for so

the beautiful and pristine lake creek valleys

many homes to access the land by vehicle.

onto the New York mountain range. Most of

This opened the door for us to buy the entire

the home’s windows and patios, including

acreage and find a way that one or two

the pool, look out on this view.”



hen toy manufacturer Dick Rothkopf

houses could be accessed.”

noticed the top of his favorite

hiking trail had been staked out for

in La Favorita, a 16,599-square-foot family

development, he knew he had to

homestead that came to life as each child

act. The dedicated family man and prominent

had a say in the design. For one, it was an

Vail figure spent countless summers with his

indoor basketball court, for another, a first-

wife Annie and their four teenagers making

class cinema with state-of-the-art audio,

memories on that mountain and he wasn’t

for another, a hotel-quality gym and spa,

about to let it slip away.

and for another, a swimming pool with a

drop-dead view.

“We spent each summer together in a

The Rothkopfs’ good fortune resulted

“The entire family—whose residences are now spread out around the world—meet here for at least three weeks every year, and although they are all great skiers and riders, it’s not often they want to leave the compound, even for the short trip to our club at Vail or Beaver Creek,” says Rothkopf.

house not far from the one we eventually

built. Each day, we would go on a “forced

for the centuries, including a tennis court

march” to a picnic site where we’d unpack

and a huge chef’s kitchen with an indoor

one of Annie’s delicious lunches and sit back

wood-fired pizza oven. They decided on

to enjoy the best of the outdoors: family,

all these features and more, and then held

mountains, wildflowers, nature’s silence and

a competition among four architects. Not

to enjoy the Colorado outdoors and sled

splendor, all enhanced by the exertion to



down 1.5 miles of the private driveway that

reach a special spot,” says Rothkopf. “The

Gordon Pierce, whose firm designs both

is perfectly groomed for such occasions, or

spot we loved the most was perhaps two

resorts and luxury homes, won.

they snowmobile or snowshoe over the miles

miles from our summer quarters: a place on



of private trails to their neighbors house for

top of a little mountain with unobstructed

is situated on its own mountaintop with

cocktails or dinner. The land is great for cross-

views of the New York and Sawatch Ranges.

142-acres, bordered by an additional 88-acres

country skiing and setting up fun terrain park

One summer we found developer’s stakes

that Rothkopf turned over as restricted open

areas for skiing and snowboarding tricks.

in the ground there and realized our ‘spot’

space. “This territory has the feel of Tuscany,”

Summer won’t be outdone by the winter at

Annie and Dick wanted a place built




Family and friends gather in the winter

La Favorita where snowmobiles are traded in for “the mule”—which

basketball, billiards room, professional-quality cinema, 1,200-bottle

can be described as a suped-up golf cart—or four wheelers and hiking

wine room, exercise room, spa-quality sauna and steam room,

boots instead of snowshoes.

outdoor year-round heated pool with pool house, outdoor infinity-

edge hot tub, miles of manicured private trails, numerous gardens,

Winter or summer, everyone enjoys wine and conversation in the

living room while sitting before the 15th century hearth and fireplace,

and a recirculating stream with waterfall.

and the gourmet kitchen, designed for comfort and mountain beauty

with two sides that can open completely to the outdoors. An authentic

Creek, the home has hosted all sorts of memorable family events

pizza oven in the kitchen has seen hundreds of homemade pizza

including a summer wedding held mainly outside for 130 guests

variations over the years—the kitchen island has a trough that houses

who were treated not just to dinner, but to 360-degrees of green

a collection of herbs which were transplanted from the home’s own

hills, lush verdant valleys, and majestic snow-capped mountains.

green-house, and readily available to pick fresh while cooking. It has

The best part? “The absolutely solid construction of the house

also been the site of rivalrous “cook-offs” between Annie and famous

makes it quiet no matter how many children and grandchildren are

Vail chefs, including Luc Meyer of Left Bank fame.

enjoying it,” says Rothkopf.

As the closest large acreage luxury residence to Vail and Beaver

The eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate is an ideal vacation

home or corporate retreat, and comes well-equipped with smart home technology, a full outdoor tennis court, indoor/outdoor

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1548 Via La Favorita is currently listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty. See additional property details on page 82.

SERENITY FALLS 6917 Timbers Drive, Evergreen, Colorado



CASCADING WATERFALLS. entrally located within the gated Timbers Estates of Evergreen rests Serenity Falls — the epitome of outdoor sporting retreats, boasting sought-after Mt. Evans views on over 30 manicured acres. “Serenity Falls is a perfect entertaining

home. With the main home, barn, guest house, and basketball gym, it creates a perfect mixture for friends and family to just let loose and enjoy the experience,” says owner, NFL player, Paul Kruger.

The property includes a luxurious 9,371-square-foot main

house, separate 1,648-square-foot two-bedroom guest cottage, impeccable equestrian facilities, home gym, and unrivaled water features on the Front Range, but the real story is in the rhythm of its mountain contemporary design. It draws on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian concept and Asian notions of balance, texture, and wabi-sabi. taking Serenity Falls and its sporting lifestyle to the next level. It’s a place where you unwind outdoors by cascading waterfalls that descend over large native boulders, shoot hoops in a half-court basketball gym with steam shower and wet bar, train your prized mare in the equestrian center with riding arena, and host guests in the formal living room with double-sided fireplace built to entertain.

Step through the home’s pair of antique wooden doors, originally from a seventeenth century monastery in Spain, and it’s obvious that owners Paul Kruger and wife Jacqueline leave no stone unturned.

“Our favorite additions to the home are the beautiful and unique

features and more, and have made the home more comfortable for the new family to enjoy and love,” adds Kruger.

When it’s time to watch the big game, the custom home theatre

with Runco 103” plasma flat screen and THX Dolby Digital surround sound are ideal for epic viewing parties. The wet bar is slab front with Wenge veneer featuring a natural lacquer topcoat with features by Irpinia, plus lead glass accents, a unique LED lit faucet, KitchenAid stainless steel refrigerator, four Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers, Miele dishwasher, and KitchenAid ice maker. And no luxury estate would be complete without a wine cellar—this one is nestled behind glass doors at the back of the bar.

After a long day filled with activity, nothing could be more relaxing

than the inviting master suite accessed through a dramatic circular passageway with arched wood beam. Tucked behind two twelve-foot century-old Chinese doors, you’ll find an artful place to restore and renew, met by a spa-bath with natural tile and marble accents, double vanity with custom stone sinks, oversized tub with built-in water feature, and a glass jet shower with rain showerhead situated beneath a beautiful skylight. Radiant heated floors and heated towel racks are an added bonus.

“Serenity Falls is truly a perfect full-time or second home,”

says Kruger. “We lived there full-time and loved it. Great privacy yet extremely convenient and close to anything you need. It has 35-acres to enjoy hiking and ride horses as it adjoins to open space. The house is large and can sleep plenty but still feels homey and intimate. Just a magical place honestly. It would be absolutely perfect for a luxurymini-ranch second home, with the perfect summers, close proximity to all the nation’s top ski resorts, and an easy drive from Denver International Airport. It’s literally ideal for those who want to escape into the majestic Colorado mountains.”

The NFL star’s residence comes fully equipped with state-of-the-

art Creston touch screen automation, and a “Smart House” security system that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Hawaiian lava rock which covers the exterior of the home and out buildings—we have never seen it on another home and absolutely love the look and feel it gives. We have updated lighting, paint, kitchen

6917 Timbers Drive is currently listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty for $7,995,000. Property ID: CGF76H



Focusing on just one room or one feature can transform where you reside. Here we showcase superb examples of intentional spaces from luxe homes spread throughout Colorado.


3 Countryside Lane, Cherry Hills Village


19619 Glen Shadows Drive, Colorado Springs



56 Rose Crown, Beaver Creek


Aspen Grove Ranch, Kremmling

1133 Timber Lane, Boulder


373 Strawberry Park, Beaver Creek

EXPERT WINE CELLAR 930 E. 7th Avenue, Denver

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Pictured: 251 Stone Pointe Trail, Castle Rock, $3,250,000. Details on page 53.


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POLO CLUB 576 S. Elizabeth Street $12,950,000 Trish Bragg 303.638.6355 Maggie Armstrong 303.241.9244


Inspired by the Denver landscape of mountains and great plains, this home was designed by Seattle-based architect Jim Olson of Olson Kundig for entertaining and the display of artwork. Modern, simple and symmetrical, this architectural masterpiece is located on a private 3.5 acre site in Polo Club. It features a two-story central gallery that divides public areas from private spaces. A one-quarter-mile private walking path meanders through the property. 4 bedrooms, 13,000 square feet above grade.


CHEESMAN PARK / DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS Exceptional and limited opportunity to own one of Denver’s most architecturally stunning homes. Backs directly to Denver Botanic Gardens with great views of the gardens from numerous windows. It’s remarkably private and quiet. Located on a prime half-acre site at the end of a private street shared by only two homes. Jacques Benedict designed and inspired. Renovated with beautiful transitional style while honoring the historic landmark’s treasured past.

910 Gaylord Street $5,675,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

303.893.3200 23


DOWNTOWN DENVER A privileged few own an exquisite piece of art. Four Seasons Private Residences #4100, high above downtown Denver, is such a place. Masterfully crafted utilizing only the finest materials and accoutrements, and conceived as a combination of practicality and artistic sensibility, this beautiful one-of-a-kind living space is nothing short of world class. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5,092 square feet, 2 reserved parking spaces.

1133 14th Street #4100 $6,945,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

HILLTOP 50 & 60 Clermont Street $5,200,000 Susan Mathews 720.840.7200


“The Clermonts” are a great opportunity to own a multi-generational compound in the heart of the city. With an office/guest quarters alongside your home, this entertainer’s paradise is complete with a sports court, swimming pool, and entertaining area with fireplace. Both newer homes, 60 Clermont has 6 bedrooms, contemporary flair, high ceilings and large rooms. 50 Clermont has 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and richly imagined finishes. Live your dream, as you walk to parks, schools, shopping and restaurants.


DOWNTOWN DENVER 1133 14th Street #3750 $4,745,000

Four Seasons Private Residences #3750 is indeed a serene sanctuary. Completely custom, it comprises one-half of an entire floor and presents absolutely stunning views of the mountain and city skyline. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4,903 square feet, 2 reserved parking spaces.

Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

DOWNTOWN DENVER Perched atop the 41st floor at the Four Seasons Private Residences, this luxurious home is an architectural masterpiece; a rare offering that spans 4,723 square feet across an entire half-floor of the building. The calculated palette of designer finishes and the level of customization throughout the residence redefines modern luxury living. Homeowners enjoy amenities only found at the world renowned hotel: 24/7 concierge, valet, room service, outdoor pool and more.

1133 14th Street #4150 $4,350,000 Steve and Jared Blank 303.521.5025

303.893.3200 25


DOWNTOWN DENVER The epitome of urban luxury living. This home, with its precise location in downtown Denver, gives in to a stimulating living experience from Coors Field to Union Station. The excitement and vibrancy of the city is right outside the building, while privacy and exclusivity is enjoyed from inside the lavish, custom confines of the flat. 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5,358 square feet, 2 reserved parking spaces.

1735 19th Street, Flat 4C/D $4,000,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

CHERRY CREEK NORTH 395 Monroe Street $3,700,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.324.0825


This stately Georgian residence blends a traditional brick exterior with its modern sophisticated interior. Remodeled in 2017 by Diamond Homes with no expense spared, this home boasts an open floor plan, designer finishes, and light-filled spacious rooms. Features include 5 bedrooms, high ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors, custom moldings and walls of windows. The master suite presents a fireplace, mountain views and a stunning five-piece bathroom. The lower level has 2 guest suites with home theater and wine cellar.


DOWNTOWN DENVER 1601 Arapahoe Street #17 $3,500,000 Stuart Crowell 269.598.0003 Nicole Scholle 720.326.2363

On rare occasion, truly iconic properties present an opportunity for new ownership. The historic Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower in the heart of Denver was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The top five levels of the D&F Tower is now available for sale, providing an opportunity to create one of the most exquisite and timeless residences that the city of Denver has ever seen.

7TH AVENUE HISTORIC DISTRICT This historic Fisher & Fisher estate was featured on the current season of Top Chef. Step into the newly renovated setting of this extraordinary residence and experience the romantic era of days gone by coupled with the latest features, situated on a half-acre of glorious gated grounds in the heart of Denver. Unique and special features include original woodwork restored to perfection, lovely outdoor spaces including an awardwinning patio, huge backyard and several patios/terraces, and a separate 765 square foot carriage house.

930 E. 7th Avenue $3,495,000 Janet Kritzer 303.883.2474

303.893.3200 27


HILLTOP Modern architecture meets unparalleled design. Designed by famed architect Collin Griffith of Griffith Interior Design, and exclusively built by Forte Distinctive Homes. 1 Fairfax features highgloss cabinetry, chrome accents, reclaimed wood, elevator, marble fireplace wall, Nano door systems and a 15-foot kitchen island. 5 bedrooms plus study, 8 bathrooms, exercise room, theatre, 2 laundry rooms, 3 car garage, 5,605 square feet, 2,354 square foot basement, 9,375 square foot lot.

1 Fairfax Street $3,200,000 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

CEDAR LANE AT CHERRY CREEK 2821 E. Cedar Avenue #5 $3,195,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818


Positioned behind the gates of Cherry Creek’s most exclusive new enclave, Cedar Lane at Cherry Creek, this private gated community provides a rare opportunity. 2821 East Cedar Avenue #5 boasts chic lines, unrivaled excess and incredible craftsmanship combined with luxurious materials to provide an alluring aesthetic not often put forth in residential properties. 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 7,127 finished square feet, elevator, 3 car garage.


CHERRY CREEK COUNTRY CLUB 2481 S. Yosemite Street $2,495,000 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.290.4802

Prime location in Cherry Creek Country Club with panoramic golf course and mountains views. The chef ’s dream kitchen is the heart of the home with a custom, hand-carved stone hood and professional-grade appliances. The finished walk-out basement features a wine cellar and media room. Upgrades can be found in every room of this French-inspired estate making this a one-of-a-kind home in an opulent enclave. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 8,776 square feet.

BELCARO Incredible one-owner custom home with soaring ceilings and endless entertainment options. Over 7,000 finished square feet on a 9,370 square foot lot. 5 en-suite bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. Expansive space, yet in the city. 6 gas fireplaces, huge professional fitness room, library, two wine cellars, bar with LED accent wall, top-of-the-line finishes from Porcelanosa, extensive outdoor upgrades, 3 car garage and elevator.

1030 S. Adams Street $2,250,000 Casey Miller 720.201.2755

303.893.3200 29


CORY-MERRILL This thoughtfully designed house by Paragon is the perfect blend of Colorado contemporary and transitional style, and located on one of the best blocks in Cory-Merrill. Inside you’ll find high-end, quality designer finishes throughout—beautiful walnut floors, a grand two-story foyer, study with wood ceiling beams and tiled fireplace, dining room, kitchen with breakfast nook, and an open living room. Spectacular master with his-and-her bathroom suites. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 5,159 total square feet.

1447 S. Clayton Street $1,500,000 Coleen Sanders 303.921.2964

CHERRY CREEK NORTH Easy low maintenance living in hot Cherry Creek North. Elegance and quality define this magnificent single family home. Timeless decor with exquisite finishes and details throughout. Dream kitchen, great floor plan, lovely outdoor spaces, elevator, 7,292 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 car garage. 520 Madison Street $4,250,000 Bob Chase 303.748.7240

CRESTMOOR This Crestmoor Tuscan home boasts an open floor plan with high-end finishes, 5 bedrooms, finished walk-out with theater, exercise room, wine cellar and wet bar. The grounds include a fountain, terrace with built-in kitchen and fireplace, and the lower level patio boasts an outdoor living room with gas log fireplace. 210 Jasmine Street $2,950,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.669.4449



CHERRY CREEK NORTH A departure from the typical Cherry Creek townhomes, this residence provides a wide-format living space. This execution allows for a comfortable living environment as opposed to the tight narrow feeling of the norm. Engineering precision and artisan craftsmanship complete this astounding home. 228 Monroe Street $2,649,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

BELCARO This stunning new Belcaro ranch has been masterfully reinvented from the ground up. The perfect home for entertaining featuring indoor/outdoor space, beautiful finishes, abundant natural light, and a thoughtful modern floor plan. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,491 finished square feet, 4 car garage. 910 S. Garfield Street $2,490,000 Gina Burke 303.570.7649

BELCARO Stunning and sleek home on a 10,800 square foot lot in the heart of Belcaro/Stokes. Main floor study, gourmet kitchen, large master with sitting area and five-piece bathroom, plus 3 additional en-suite bedrooms upstairs. Third level has loft, wet bar and rooftop deck. Finished basement. 4 car garage. 520 S. Garfield Avenue $2,390,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.809.3531

HILLTOP Situated on one of the most picturesque tree-lined blocks in Hilltop, this is one of the most significant Country English Tudor homes to come to market in recent memory. With a beautiful composition of shapely architectural features, and decorative details, this home is sophisticated perfection. 80 S. Bellaire Street $2,250,000 Steve and Jared Blank 303.520.5558 Ron Martinez 303.881.4662

303.893.3200 31


LOHI Tucked away among Denver’s hottest restaurants and shops, this abode is situated on a 8,334 square foot lot—a rarity in LoHi. Architectural beams, hardwood floors, floating staircase, indoor/ outdoor connection, and 3rd floor private tree-top retreat. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3,468 square feet. 2345 W. 32nd Avenue $2,200,000 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615

RIVERFRONT PARK Stunning Brownstone features sleek and sophisticated finishes, open floor plan, dramatic ebony fireplace, gourmet kitchen, 3 bedrooms plus study, balconies off every bedroom, 3 car garage, and a rooftop deck with city and mountain views. 1804 Little Raven Street $2,150,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.669.4449

HILLTOP Mesmerizing Tuscan villa. Wonderful gourmet kitchen, patio with fire pit, indoor/outdoor connection and master retreat. Classic finishes with dramatic staircase. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5,802 square feet. 121 Elm Street $1,800,000 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

GOLDEN TRIANGLE Stunning contemporary pied-à-terre offering spectacular mountain views and only steps to Denver’s prestigious Art Museum and award-winning ‘the ART’ hotel. Seldom found at this price is the combination of 2 bedrooms and 2 studies with a 900 square foot deck for al fresco dining and entertaining. 1200 Acoma Street #604 $1,695,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.324.0825



HILLTOP Storybook 1948 Cape Cod home on coveted Ivy Lane in Old Crestmoor. Old school elegance, charm and style. 3 bedrooms plus study upstairs, and a newly finished, fabulous basement. Spectacular 12,000 square foot yard—so rare to find such a beautiful backyard in the city. 3 Ivy Lane, Price upon request Trish Bragg 303.638.6355 Maggie Armstrong 303.241.9244

CHERRY CREEK NORTH 2015 Designer Showhouse. Open and light with modern finishes, south exposure and windows on almost every wall. Master bedroom suite with his-and-her bathrooms and attached office on second floor. Additional 2 bedrooms and bathroom on third floor. Elevator to all floors. 512 Cook Street $1,695,000 Trish Bragg 303.638.6355 Maggie Armstrong 303.241.9244

LOWRY This modern home boasts an open floor plan, 30-foot ceilings, gleaming hardwood floors with radiant heat, walls of windows throughout, two-story great room with built-ins and double-sided fireplace, gourmet kitchen, 5 bedrooms plus main floor guest suite, finished basement, fantastic large yard and 4 car garage. 213 S. Pontiac Street $1,599,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.809.3531

HILLTOP Luxurious Tudor in the heart of Hilltop. This custom estate boasts almost 6,000 finished square feet and is situated on an idyllic, tree-lined street. Chef’s kitchen, 4 bedrooms upstairs including a master suite with relaxing retreat and spa-like bathroom, and finished basement with 3 bedrooms and bathroom. 130 Elm Street $1,550,000 Jennie Parson 303.564.3983

303.893.3200 33


CORY-MERRILL A celebration of brick, steel and glass. Rock star open floor plan, salt water pool and spa, dramatic kitchen, and twostory office/library. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,315 square feet, 6,540 square foot lot. 1125 S. Jackson Street $1,550,000 Peter Blank 720.849.1956 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913

SLOANS LAKE Sleek and sophisticated single family home with 3 bedrooms plus office, 4 bathrooms, incredible outdoor entertaining space, and a rooftop patio with views overlooking Sloans Lake. 2475 Zenobia Street $1,195,000 Taylor Heslop 720.663.8545



2495 S. Madison Street $1,898,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467

1392 S. Vine Street $1,499,900 Todd Crosbie 303.887.9992



1590 Little Raven Street #1003 $1,475,000 Dena Pastorini 720.233.9096

2920 Clinton Street $1,425,000 Trish Bragg 303.638.6355, Maggie Armstrong 303.241.9244

Beautiful new construction by Wiggs Custom Homes on a corner lot. Two-story home with Texas limestone, brick and timber faรงade. 6 beds, 5 baths, 5,519 total square feet.

Riverfront Tower 10th floor corner residence boasts coveted penthouse views of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver. 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,247 square feet.


This sunlit home has been meticulously maintained by the original owners and features a bright garden-level basement. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4,955 square feet.

Stylish and traditional brick home on Westerly Creek Park open space with expansive mountain views. 5 bedrooms, 7 baths, 4,281 above square feet.




Stately brick residence in Cory-Merrill. Solid construction, well appointed, intelligent design. 5 bed, 6 bath, 5,447 square foot home perfect for your family.

Superb renovation nestled behind Dinosaur Park with unparalleled views and exceptional attention to detail. Full of charm and an abundance of natural light.

1175 S. Fillmore Street $1,400,000 Michael Berman 303.549.5942

2630 S. Saint Paul Street $1,350,000 Claudia Garza 720.308.3453, Marcela Robbins 720.907.3635



Entering the home, one is greeted with interior finishes that are as lavish as the richness of the exterior. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2,511 square feet.

This beautiful updated home features modern amenities, while maintaining the warmth and history of its original character. 3 beds, 4 baths, 3,879 square feet.

3100 E. 17th Avenue $1,225,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

670 N. Ogden Street $1,195,000 Nate Postlethwait 303.345.5702



Superior layout and location in one of Cherry Creek’s most desirable condo residences. Complete with luxurious unit upgrades and amenities.

Crown jewel of Sunnyside. Newer built custom home. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,525 square feet, 6,248 square foot lot.

250 Columbine Street #220 $1,075,000 Keith and Lisa Rosenhagen 303.520.5976

4030 Bryant Street $1,025,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615, Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913



Prime LoHi location with sleek and sophisticated finishes, plus an expansive outdoor deck. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2,486 square feet.

Bungalow heaven in Park Hill. 5 beds, 3 baths, 2,622 square feet plus 1,348 square foot basement. Previously in Style 1900 Magazine. Gorgeous original woodwork.

3218 Zuni Street $915,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615, Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913

2572 Eudora Street $900,000 Steve Ciancio 303.860.8444, Dee Ciancio 303.246.8623

303.893.3200 35




2551 S. Sherman Street $889,000 Todd Groth 720.203.9624

2001 Lincoln Street #811 $875,000 Robin Lake 303.875.2246



648 S. York Street $849,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.669.4449

1406 Monroe Street $825,000 Crystal Hodge 303.941.7041



3336 Tejon Street #5 $739,000 Mckinze Casey 480.220.8597

3632 Navajo Street $674,900 Adam Moore 303.956.8069, Peter Blank 720.849.1956



925 N. Lincoln Street #9D-S $655,000 Adam Nick 772.633.1151

1120 Madison Street $645,000 Trish Bragg 303.638.6355, Maggie Armstrong 303.241.9244

End-unit of a triplex in Harvard Gulch with mountain and park views. Stylish contemporary design with entertaining in mind. 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.

Storybook Tudor with a fabulous kitchen in East Wash Park. Features include 4 bedrooms, family room with fireplace, finished basement, and a wonderful yard.

Situated in the best location in LoHi, this bright, modern end-unit townhome features a private rooftop deck with unobstructed views of downtown Denver.

1,757 square foot condo in the coveted Beauvallon. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence features two balconies with west and north-facing views of downtown.


One-of-a-kind residence with dramatic art gallery entrance that highlights wrap-around walls of glass with architectural city and mountain views.

Charming Craftsman bungalow in Congress Park. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and over 3,200 finished square feet. Beautifully updated.

Smack dab in the center of LoHi, this urban rowhome is seriously cool. Abundant interior upgrades complement an absolutely sensational rooftop terrace.

Adorable Congress Park bungalow, stylishly updated with an open floor plan. One block to popular shops and restaurants. 2 beds, 2 baths.




Stunning 20th floor corner residence with floor-to-ceiling windows, mountain and city views, one deeded parking space, storage and amenities galore.

Fully renovated with chef ’s island kitchen, huge windows, spacious floor plan and great outdoor living. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and oversized 2 car garage.

891 14th Street #2017 $635,000 Leisa Sollenberger 303.304.9383

2716 S. Adams Street $625,000 Stacy Resop 303.506.3128, Dan Fead 720.300.9500



Charming, completely remodeled Victorian in the historic Baker neighborhood. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new kitchen and baths, ideal central location.

41st floor Sky Club residence with views of downtown Denver and the Front Range. Floor-to-ceiling windows, 1 bedroom plus office, 1 bathroom, 900 square feet.

123 S. Bannock Street $599,000 Kate Perry 303.810.0474

891 14th Street #4106 $595,000 Dena Pastorini 720.233.9096



Fully remodeled 3 bed, 2 bath home with incredible flow and wide-open entertaining spaces. Huge lot with newer 2 car garage, plus 2 off-street spaces.

Remodeled 2 bed, 2 bath condo with incredible floor-to-ceiling mountain and city views. Best location at corner of 16th & Larimer. Walk to everything.

2404 W. 38th Avenue $575,000 Casey Miller 720.201.2755

1625 Larimer Street #2207 $550,000 Kathy Staiano 303.333.9489



Contemporary City Park West townhome. Enjoy the Denver lifestyle in your rare corner property with City Park and local restaurants just a short walk away.

This impressive west-facing condo has been remarkably remodeled by Worth Interiors’ world-renowned interior designer. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1,368 square feet.

1883 Vine Street #106 $535,000 Andrea Webber 303.475.7057

3100 E. Cherry Creek South Drive #604 $514,900 Todd Crosbie 303.887.9992

303.893.3200 37


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE 4580 S. Franklin Street $5,495,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767 Nancy Wolfe 303.324.0825


Magnificent English country manor that captures the essence of refined craftsmanship and timeless design. One of the most inspiring properties in Cherry Hills Village on a highly coveted tree-lined street. Superb construction and elegant appointments. Designer interior with hand-hewn beams, natural limestone, designer hardware and an elevator to all three levels. Fully gated, meticulously manicured grounds, black-bottom infinity pool, multiple patios and pool house. 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms.


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Beautiful Old Cherry Hills estate on one acre available for the first time. Custom built by Diamond Homes using old brick and traditional finishes, exhibiting stunning craftsmanship, detailed woodwork and a perfect combination of formal and informal living. The elegant floor plan with a circular flow throughout is made for entertaining. Expansive outdoor patios provide the perfect backdrop for special moments and vacationing at home in the private lush grounds and large swimming pool with electric cover.

4810 S. Lafayette Lane $3,275,000 Janet Kritzer 303.883.2474

303.893.3200 39


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE This is the ultimate modern estate. Perfectly situated on 2.5 private and pastoral acres in Cherry Hills Village, this spectacular residence has an open floor plan with a seamless, organic flow. By utilizing floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls, there is a smooth and flawless transition from inside to outside. This breathtaking modern design showcases the very finest materials and focuses on space, proportion, light and the extraordinary architectural design elements. 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 10,070 total square feet.

3 Countryside Lane $7,950,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE 6 Cherry Hills Park Drive $6,350,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767


Dramatic ambiance in the most exclusive gated community of Cherry Hills Park. Directly across from the highly acclaimed Cherry Hills Country Club, this home exudes luxury on one of the most stunning sites in all of Denver. Featuring a one-of-a-kind pool with expansive views of the Rockies. Detached pool house and pergola is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Backyard is incredibly large and meticulously manicured. Unparalleled mountain views with a spectacular setting. 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms.


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE 85 Glenmoor Place $4,500,000 Susie Dews 303.521.9009

Spectacular mountain views in Cherry Hills Village. Brilliant, no expense spared, renovation of every square inch of this incredible home located in Glenmoor Country Club, a 24/7 guardgated golf community. Two exquisite master suites, the original on the main level and the new one on the second level—both with huge mountain views. Fabulous lower level with exquisite wine room, spa/massage room and a third master suite. Truly a home and lifestyle like no other.

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Amidst 3 acres of serene land in Old Cherry Hills, this private residence is a welcome departure from city life. Connected directly to bridle paths and complemented by Little Dry Creek meandering through the property, homeowners are afforded a unique perspective of Colorado’s lifestyle. The interior maintains an omnipresent connection to the outdoors with picture windows and large terraces. Upstairs, 4 en-suite bedrooms and a host of interior upgrades create a one-of-a-kind experience.

1645 E. Layton Drive $4,250,000 Adam Moore 303.956.8069 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

303.893.3200 41


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE This masterpiece provides the essence of Colorado styling in a magnificent setting on Buell Lake. A creative blending of natural materials and custom finishes in travertine, cherry, stone and copper that add warmth and drama to this light and bright contemporary treasure of timeless style and sophistication. Optimally designed so every room frames an outstanding view. 6 bedrooms plus study and nanny’s suite, 9 bathrooms, 10,507 total square feet, 21,432 square foot lot, 4 car garage.

6 Gooseberry Lane $3,795,000 Janet Kritzer 303.883.2474

GREENWOOD VILLAGE 2501 E. Willamette Lane $3,385,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467


Artful and refined with designer features and exceptional appointments throughout, this classic masterpiece blends magnificence, comfort and warmth. Poised on 2.5 private acres and recently renovated throughout, combining modern amenities and classic craftsmanship and design. Highlights of this home include a vaulted and beamed entry, natural stone floors, chef ’s kitchen with chestnut floors, tall ceilings, and significant stone fireplaces. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 11,849 total square feet.


GREENWOOD VILLAGE 5503 S. Franklin Lane $2,795,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

Exceptional custom-built home by Jason Squibb located in the highly coveted neighborhood of Greenwood Acres. The home offers an immaculate transitional style with large, spacious rooms. Sitting on a fully-fenced acre with large trees, flat grounds and tremendous privacy. Gourmet kitchen with Wolf appliances, enormous center island and custom cabinetry opens to the large great room surrounded by white wood casement windows overlooking the backyard. 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms.

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Everything about this home is “Grande Scale�, including the spectacular waterfront/golf course setting. Exceptionally rare, two master suite home with identically-sized master suites on both the main and upper level. There are 5 en-suite bedrooms, all on the first two levels. Upper level balcony has glorious views from the newly renovated master suite where no expense was spared. Glenmoor is a 24/7 guard-gated golf community where you will experience a lifestyle like no other.

71 Glenmoor Drive $2,295,000 Susie Dews 303.521.9009

303.893.3200 43


GREENWOOD VILLAGE This is the quintessential location on 0.84 acres for a charming, completely updated, brick ranch home on coveted Cherryville Road. Personal residence of a luxury homebuilder. The extraordinary gourmet kitchen and great room addition with walls of glass doors opening to the beautiful backyard is perfect for those who love to entertain. Enjoy a peaceful and serene setting with 255 feet of High Line Canal trail frontage that provide a recreational bonanza.

2225 Cherryville Road $1,299,000 Janet Kritzer 303.883.2474

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Situated in the heart of Old Cherry Hills on a quiet country lane, this stunning shingle-style residence boasts privacy, walls of windows, soaring entry, beautifully appointed rooms for entertaining, 6 bedroom suites, and a finished walk-out lower level. On 2.4 lush acres with pool, spa and guest house. 1701 E. Tufts Avenue $3,998,000 The Wolfe-Bouc Group 303.324.0825

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Privacy and serenity within Cherry Hills Village’s most exclusive enclave. Nestled on 2.4 acres featuring a wide-open floor plan with great functionality. Cherry wood beams, paneled walls, stained glass, natural stone elements throughout, and expansive outdoor spaces. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. 19 Cherry Hills Park Drive $3,900,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767



CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Opportunity to own over 4 pastoral acres in the heart of Cherry Hills with High Line Canal access and tremendous mountain views. Cape Cod-style horse property on a private and peaceful setting with pool, 6-stall barn, pasture and very functional floor plan. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. 1 Countryside Lane $3,195,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Gorgeous custom home in a beautiful and private setting. Professionally landscaped yard with a large pool, hot tub, fire pit and putting green on a 38,855 square foot lot. 4 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 9,661 total square feet. 5485 Pemberton Drive $2,885,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Rare find in Greenwood Village backing to High Line Canal (with private access) at the end of a peaceful cul-de-sac, this property has a resort-type feel with incredible pool, hot tub, fireplace, huge play area with in-ground trampoline, tons of mature pine trees and partially gated. 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms. 955 E. Westglow Lane $2,795,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Stunning architectural design with limestone exterior, this sprawling home features an open floor plan allowing for an abundance of natural light throughout. Park-like backyard with tennis court, waterfall, and stone terrace with outdoor fireplace. 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 9,909 finished square feet. 4980 S. Lafayette Lane $2,775,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467

303.893.3200 45


CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Modern, open concept, recently updated, custom home on 1 acre. Grounds feature a patio perfect for parties that overlooks the pool with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5,947 finished square feet. 27 Martin Lane $1,950,000 Jennie Parson 303.564.3983

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Poised on a premium 0.74 acre walk-out site, this remarkable custom home showcases beautifully manicured grounds, a porte-cochère, and exceptional street appeal. Exquisite decor, updated finishes and superbly equipped gourmet kitchen. 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 7,100 finished square feet. 4601 E. Linden Lane $1,895,000 Bob and Nancy Kosena 303.818.9114

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Beautifully remodeled, two-story brick home with modern, high-end, designer finishes throughout. Poised on a treed, corner lot in the desirable Preserve at Greenwood Village. 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 6,513 total square feet. 5350 Preserve Drive $1,875,000 The Behr Team 303.917.4467

CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE Stunning 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home situated on over a half-acre in Cherry Hills. New master suite addition over the garage. Kitchen and bathrooms beautifully updated. Australian Cypress hardwood floors throughout. Private park-like backyard for outdoor entertaining. 5,401 finished square feet. 5133 E. Oxford Avenue $1,695,000 Jane Brennan 303.807.0135 Beckett Brennan 303.810.8601



GREENWOOD VILLAGE This serene and sprawling mid-century one-acre estate boasts spacious rooms, privacy, ample light and access to outdoors. Spacious main floor master suite includes sitting area, fireplace, and five-piece bathroom with steam shower and jetted tub. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 3+ car garage. 5463 S. Franklin Lane $1,575,000 Stacy Resop 303.506.3128 Dan Fead 720.300.9500

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Fantastic Greenwood Village home that has it all. Meticulously maintained with the original character and charm. Private setting, open layout, pool, great schools, waterfall, main floor master and multiple kitchens. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. 5367 S. Boston Street $1,495,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Wonderful remodeled 2 story home sitting on a 3/4 acre lot. Open, spacious floor plan flooded with natural light. Perfect for entertaining or relaxing with formal living, dining, and sizable open kitchen leading to an expansive backyard and patio. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,714 square feet, 3 car garage. 9642 E. Orchard Drive $1,250,000 Laura Sperry 303.520.3328

GREENWOOD VILLAGE Wonderful executive home in the coveted family community of the Hills West. Classically unique with a dramatic vaulted cherrypaneled family room, floating open staircase, updated kitchen, large master with cozy sitting area, and professionally landscaped backyard. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,144 square feet. 5267 S. Geneva Street $1,098,000 Terry Oakes 303.809.9259 Cindy Oakes 303.807.5281

303.893.3200 47


LONE TREE 10385 Grande Vista Court $3,450,000 Maureen Clark 303.888.9726 Tim Clark 303.520.6860


This stunning home is situated on 4.26 acres in a private enclave of exquisite properties adjacent to McArthur Ranch in Lone Tree. The sprawling 12,000+ square foot custom-built estate is positioned on a gently sloping lot designed to capture spectacular mountain sunsets and twinkling city lights. Outdoor living spaces include a three-sided deck, upper and lower covered patio spaces, two gas fire pits and an expansive patio. Also included is a private, attached 1,300 square foot guest wing and 2,200 square foot barn.


LITTLETON Extraordinary 20 acre estate in the most beautiful setting you can imagine. Perched high on a hill, this stunning castle-like home is perfectly positioned to capture commanding 360-degree views of the entire Front Range. True artisan craftsmanship in every detail: Turkish imported marble floors, reclaimed 100-year-old whiskey plank hardwood, custom iron work, Irpinia maple cabinets, hand-carved solid alder doors and trim, bronze features throughout, and 3 carved stone fireplaces. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 8,067 square feet.

7755 N. Moore Road $2,900,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464 Alissa Skildheim 303.888.4814 Lee Merreot 303.808.2311

LITTLETON Stunning mountain views provide a backdrop for this custombuilt luxury estate on 5.25 acres in McArthur Ranch. This home is a rare find located minutes from Rock Canyon High School, Valor and walking distance to The Lone Tree Bluffs. 10714 Flatiron Road $2,300,000 Tarah Kuna 303.564.9723

LITTLETON The home of a lifetime in the great community of Brookhaven adjoining new Columbine Country Club. Quality that is irreplaceable at the price. Main floor master, 5 bedroom suites, beautiful kitchen/great room area, and fully finished garden level with walk-out. Half-acre park-like site with covered deck. 29 Brookhaven Lane $1,999,000 The Ernstsen Team 303.888.1985

303.893.3200 49


LITTLETON One-of-a-kind acre site, surrounded by Eaglewatch Lake and South Platte Park, at the end of a gated private community of 15 homes. The 4,400 square foot custom ranch-style home has a contemporary open floor plan, walls of windows, 3+1 bedroom suites, separate summer house, and in-ground swim-spa pool. 7640 S. Polo Ridge Drive $1,895,000 The Ernstsen Team 303.888.1985

LITTLETON This home is a celebration of quality and style. Spacious rooms at every turn with quality outdoor living at its finest. Finely crafted woodwork enhances every room. Enormous great room and gourmet kitchen. Wood-paneled study with fireplace. Sought-after main floor master suite with outdoor access. 21 Brookhaven Trail $1,885,000 Janet Kritzer 303.883.2474



8047 S. Fairfax Court $990,000 Patti Williams 303.918.6769

9506 E. Hidden Hill Lane $835,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464



8808 S. Murphy Gulch $825,000 Alissa Skildheim 303.888.4814, Lee Merreot 303.801.2311

35 Elk Lane $799,000 Crystal Hodge 303.941.7041

Exquisite custom home in desirable Heritage Greens with a walk-out basement and gorgeous mountain views. 5,660 finished square feet.

Custom-built mountain retreat with views. Located 10 minutes to Lockheed Martin. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4,306 square feet, 2005 build, 2 acres.


Gracefully poised on a corner, cul-de-sac lot in gated Heritage Hills, this 6 bedroom custom estate captures the essence of refined craftsmanship.

Main floor living in Ken Caryl North Ranch. Main floor master suite. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and over 3,600 finished square feet.




Beautifully updated two-story home in Stratton Ridge. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,913 square feet.

Lovingly maintained by the original owners, this impeccable two-story home offers dramatic sweeping views. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,957 finished square feet.

2191 Terraridge Drive $745,000 Doreen Sanford 720.201.5419

14600 W. Amherst Place $725,000 Maureen Clark 303.888.9726



Updated, bright and impeccably maintained home in Heritage Greens. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,840 total square feet.

Beautiful Cardel home in Solterra. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and over 3,000 finished square feet.

4849 E. Links Drive $699,500 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

15155 W. Washburn Avenue $675,000 Crystal Hodge 303.941.7041



Stunning home with a bright and open floor plan features a finished walk-out basement and new deck overlooking green belt.

Like-new 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 4,554 square foot home on a fenced corner lot. Open floor plan, professionally landscaped, community pool, Aurora reservoir close by.

9775 Tall Grass Circle $660,000 Nicole Leininger 720.728.9015

5977 S. Langdale Court $649,000 Mary Haling 720.273.5769



Updated home just steps from the neighborhood pool in The Knolls. Open floor plan, wood floors, updated windows, natural light, move-in ready.

Spacious 6 bedroom plus loft home in the highly sought-after Cherry Creek School District. Featuring dual masters, including one on the main level.

3607 E. Geddes Avenue $589,900 Todd Groth 720.203.9624

6371 S. Florence Way $550,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

303.893.3200 51


LARKSPUR The Running Bear Ranch is a rare treasure of natural and scenic terrain, nestled in the heart of Douglas County, the home of some of the largest ranches on the Front Range. This magnificent 12,810 square foot, 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom estate boasts 333 acres (m/l) of gentle rolling meadows and towering Ponderosa Pines. At every turn, you are immersed in some of the most dramatic, sweeping views of the Colorado Rockies along with the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the world.

9268 S. Perry Park Road $7,500,000 Bob Hier 303.901.8323 Tim Clark 303.520.6860

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE 617 Cliffgate Lane $3,790,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901


European-inspired masterpiece ideally situated on 1.62 private acres. Luxury living, craftsmanship, and artful design, the home affords a spacious open floor plan with 6 fireplaces, resort-style pool and spa, custom wine cellar, home theatre, gourmet chef ’s kitchen, billiards room, mirrored gym, and stainless outdoor kitchen. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 9,641 total square feet, 4 car garage.


CASTLE ROCK 251 Stone Pointe Trail $3,250,000 Elaine Stucy 720.881.5718

A modern pioneer farmhouse on 38 acres that is rustic in appearance, fine in architectural significance, and graced with authenticity. Materials exemplify the careful selection process for ease of maintenance that only a generous budget affords. Gated community two miles from Castle Rock and commuting distance to Denver. Truly the finest home in its class, and perfectly located. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 7,803 square feet, 4 car attached garage, and 1,176 square foot barn.

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE Reminiscent of a European chateau, in a setting that is simply lovely, this mountain retreat offers private, peaceful surroundings filled with light. The entry and formal living room are center stage with a main floor master suite facing southwest. Open kitchen with breakfast nook and cozy hearth room. High ceilings, double doors and dramatic windows bring the outside in and showcase mountain views to the west. Located on a cul-de-sac in the heart of the Village on a generous lot with a heated driveway.

228 Hidden Valley Lane $2,300,000 Laurie Brennan 303.995.1710 Caitlin Brennan 303.898.1473

303.893.3200 53


CASTLE ROCK Perhaps the most recognized home in Pinon Soleil. This Old-World European-style manor commands alluring views from its wooded and private cul-de-sac position. Occupying two parcels and at one with its setting, you feel far from it all, yet minutes from everything. Extraordinary design and materials are fused together, creating the substance and distinction that are the hallmarks of this home. Inside, intricate installations of stone and carved wood accent the substantial, yet relaxed over-scaled rooms.

1895 Via Los Pinon $2,295,000 Elaine Stucy 720.881.5718

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE 143 Capulin Place $1,690,000 Laurie Brennan 303.995.1710 Caitlin Brennan 303.898.1473


Breathtaking location on the signature #16 fairway of the Country Club at Castle Pines where the back deck overlooks the golf course facing west—perfect for sunset gazing and entertaining. Natural balance of traditional “East Coast-feel” design elements but with significant renovations. The kitchen was expanded and updated in 2008. The curb appeal is spectacular with an all-stone exterior with freshly painted black shutters. New roof 2018. Secluded tree-lined cul-de-sac in the heart of the neighborhood.


CASTLE PINES VILLAGE Set in a private cul-de-sac location with a contemporary open floor plan adorned with beamed ceilings, crown molding, intricate millwork, stately stone accents and quality craftsmanship. Abundant windows provide natural light and capture the unbelievable mountain views. 1023 Anaconda Drive $2,980,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE Top-of-the-world mountain views. This extraordinary, custom ranch estate offers a rare, completely private 4 acre+ setting amidst majestic pines, backing to open space. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 7,876 total square feet and walk-out lower level. 5 Borealis Way $2,950,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

SEDALIA Breathtaking mountain views from every room in this timeless mountain chalet. This 35 acre estate was created as the ultimate retreat for those seeking privacy, serenity and quality, while only 15 minutes from town. From koi ponds to the evergreen forest, come home to the lifestyle you deserve. 5074 S. Perry Park Road $2,795,000 Erin Susser 303.887.4008

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE Classic elegance amidst nature’s splendor with golf course and forest views. Overlooking the 15th hole of Castle Pines Golf Course, this immaculate home is the perfect blend of richness and luxury with warmth and livability. Exquisite finishes and quality craftsmanship. 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms. 323 Paragon Way $2,735,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767 Larry Simpson 303.808.6100

303.893.3200 55


COLORADO GOLF CLUB Fabulous new custom home by Monarch in prestigious Colorado Golf Club. Nearly 2 acres located on a quiet culde-sac features a perfect mix of stately Ponderosa Pines, sunny meadows and mountain views. Sharp ranch plan with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and the finest custom finishes. 8278 Whisperwood Court $2,600,000 Rob and Renee Molitor 303.868.3232 Max Molitor 970.596.9677

CASTLE PINES VILLAGE An elegant and livable custom mountain contemporary home on a private lot with great Rocky Mountain sunset viewing. Live both indoors and out with an entertainer’s dream lower level and outdoor kitchen with expansive seating, plus fire pit and hot tub. 1121 Northwood Lane $2,599,000 Felicia Jenkins 303.810.1200 Joyce Paloma 303.741.5000

LARKSPUR An architectural stunner in Perry Park. 360-degree views of Pike National Forest, red rock formations, and far beyond. Completely remodeled, all while preserving the original masterful design elements of the home. 2 master suites, in-laws quarters, 4 car garage and serene outdoor living spaces on 3 spacious acres. 7185 Fox Court $2,199,000 Felicia Jenkins 303.810.1200 Joyce Paloma 303.741.5000

CASTLE ROCK Custom residence on 1 acre with 180-degree views of Pikes Peak and South Range. Main floor master bedroom, media room, over $200K in landscaping, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 7,352 finished square feet and 4 car garage. 4433 Tierra Alta Drive $1,999,000 Richard Berst 303.809.6771



LITTLETON / RAVENNA Hollister Michaels Design + Build handcrafted masterpiece located just off the #2 green at The Club at Ravenna with forever views into the Pike National Forest. 4,697 finished square feet of Mediterranean charm. Beautiful gourmet kitchen, pub-style bar, 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. 7901 Galileo Way $1,995,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176 Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

COLORADO SPRINGS Unparalleled in beauty and design, this rare mountain ranch boasts unobstructed Pikes Peak views on over 5 acres. The 6,983 square foot open floor plan is luxuriously appointed with whitewashed 7-inch plank reclaimed oak floors, soaring 15-foot ceilings, walls of windows, and the highest level of craftsmanship. 19619 Glen Shadows Drive $1,850,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901 Elaine Stucy 720.881.5718

CASTLE PINES Nestled on the 18th hole of The Ridge Golf Course in Castle Pines with effortless flow between the home and the grounds, this zen-like oasis is the most sought-after home in the pinnacle of Forest Park. Masterfully updated for today’s lifestyle—your dream home awaits. 1255 Forest Trails Drive $1,799,000 Tarah Kuna 303.564.9723

LITTLETON / RAVENNA Meticulous 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom custom home in Ravenna. 6,193 finished square feet of quality craftsmanship including an elevator, laundry on each level, office and gym. All private outdoor living spaces total over 1,500 square feet. This home is in pristine condition with elegant touches throughout. 8207 Raphael Lane $1,799,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176 Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

303.893.3200 57


PARKER Exceptionally constructed, well-designed and exquisitely appointed masterpiece overlooking the 4th hole of the Pradera Golf Course. Located on a fabulous cul-de-sac with an incredible pool and hot tub. The floor plan incorporates formal living spaces with a contemporary open design and flow. 4945 Caballo Place $1,795,000 Jeff Hendley 303.877.6767

LITTLETON / RAVENNA This Tuscan-style estate was designed for grand entertaining and to embrace sweeping views of Ravenna’s stunning rock formations. Elegant style and tremendous attention to detail are the hallmarks of this Thomas Sattler designed, ranchstyle villa. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,934 total square feet. 8040 Galileo Way $1,625,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

COLORADO SPRINGS Extraordinary custom home centrally located on a fabulous golf course with panoramic mountain views. Old World elegance with a touch of Tuscan complete the style inside and out. Magnificent Pikes Peak views from just about anywhere in the home. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. 3244 Muirfield Drive $1,550,000 Doug Osinski 719.310.1875



Golf course and mountain views on a 1.8 acre lot, radiant heat, main floor master suite, private pool, gourmet kitchen and a rustic contemporary style all its own.

Hollister Michaels Design + Build Italian Farmhouse located above the 18th fairway at The Club at Ravenna. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,671 finished square feet.

95 Crown Point Place $1,979,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

8100 Palladio Court $1,859,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345





Spectacular custom home by Sterling Custom Homes with stunning golf course, red rocks and city views. 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, over 4,700 finished square feet.

Bavarian-style custom home boasting a main floor master suite and 6,448 square feet of artful luxury living surrounded by nature and gracious outdoors views.

7650 Dante Drive $1,799,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

26 Columbine Place $1,599,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



Sophisticated English Cottage by Hollister Michaels Design + Build. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,606 finished square feet with attached casita on the #2 tee box.

Capture your Colorado dream with this magnificent one-of-a-kind home perfectly situated on over 1 acre.

8095 Galileo Way $1,579,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

644 Ruby Trust Way $1,550,000 Jessica Northrop 303.525.0200, Laurie Brennan 303.995.1710



Breathtaking panoramic views of the Front Range and backing to the golf course. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5,922 finished square feet.

Sterling Custom Homes presents ‘The Lazio’ ranch walk-out located at The Club at Ravenna. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,354 finished square feet, 3 car garage.

912 Dakota Drive $1,549,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

8200 Raphael Lane $1,539,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345



Exceptional custom ranch with spectacular views from every direction. 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 6,690 total square feet.

Exceptional ranch-style home by Thomas Sattler Homes located in Ravenna, a gated golf club community. 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 4,590 finished square feet.

769 Valderrama Court $1,535,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

7912 Galileo Way $1,498,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

303.893.3200 59




140 Capulin Place $1,490,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

8246 Raphael Lane $1,449,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345



8230 Raphael Lane $1,297,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

7221 Prairie Star Court, From $1,285,000 Mimi Sturtevant 720.217.4393



836 Diamond Ridge Circle $1,275,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

639 Ruby Trust Way $1,249,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



8186 Donatello Court $1,195,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

6876 Vista Lodge Loop $1,190,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

On the 16th hole of the Country Club Golf Course, a 0.62 acre lot boasting golf course views, main floor master suite and finished lower level walk-out.

Sterling Custom Homes presents ‘The Siena’ ranch walk-out located at The Club at Ravenna. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,548 finished square feet, 3 car garage.

Custom estate on a 1.4 acre lot in Diamond Ridge Estates. Open floor plan with incredible details throughout. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 8,101 total square feet.

Thomas Sattler Homes luxury golf villa in the gated community of The Club at Ravenna. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3,698 finished square feet. Available Summer 2018.


Sterling Custom Homes presents ‘The Verona’ ranch walk-out located at The Club at Ravenna. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,859 finished square feet, 3 car garage.

Main level master floor plans, rich finishes, walk-out lower levels, half to one-acre lakeside home sites. Enviable lifestyle, uncompromising value.

Enjoy a spacious 0.64 acre lot, open concept floor plan, gourmet dine-in kitchen, main floor master suite, and a finished lower level walk-out.

Enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle in this immaculate ranch with stunning mountain views, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and a main floor master suite.




Thomas Sattler Homes luxury golf villa in the gated community of The Club at Ravenna. 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3,455 finished square feet. Available Summer 2018.

Private 3/4 acre lot, show-stopping Hollywood style dedicated theater, finished walk-out lower level and numerous recent upgrades.

8174 Donatello Court $1,159,000 Dale Schossow 303.919.7176, Nick Schossow 303.903.2345

516 Prospect Drive $1,124,900 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



Private one-acre lot surrounded by towering pines has a sprawling ranch floor plan, main floor master and finished lower level walk-out.

Close-in horse property on 10 acres with a beautiful custom ranch-style home. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 5,650 finished square feet and huge 30x50 outbuilding.

315 Prospect Drive $1,119,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901, Tim Clark 303.520.6860

47992 Monarch Circle $1,100,000 Jennie Parson 303.564.3983



Elegant patio home, ranch walk-out with stunning mountain views. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5,392 square feet.

This Colorado mountain vista is your dream home located in The Pinery. Nearly one-half acre of mature landscaping with towering Ponderosa Pines.

5113 Pine River Trail $1,075,000 Doreen Sanford 720.201.5419

9038 Rambling Oak Place $1,025,000 Patti Williams 303.918.6769



Gorgeous mountain views, 2 main floor master suites and a resort-style yard. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,384 square feet.

Elegant mountain contemporary ranch home with an open floor plan, spectacular views, privacy and amazing outdoor living spaces.

254 Lead Queen Drive $1,000,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

2568 Saddleback Drive $1,000,000 Erin Susser 303.887.4008

303.893.3200 61




12525 Ventana Mesa Circle $995,000 Tarah Kuna 303.564.9723

6201 Oxford Peak Lane $919,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



24745 Ben Kelly Road $899,000 Jo Nestor 303.968.8910, Doug Osinski 719.810.1875

856 Swandyke Drive $898,900 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



1649 S. Peak View Drive $895,000 Elaine Stucy 720.881.5718

4516 Silver Cliff Court $865,000 Felicia Jenkins 303.810.1200, Joyce Paloma 303.741.5000



5006 Esmond Lane $799,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

823 Good Hope Drive $779,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

Have you ever dreamed of living inside a house that is straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog?

Truly remarkable fly-in/fly-out property in Kelly Air Park CO15. Situated on 3.73 manicured acres with over 150 trees and stunning Front Range and Pikes Peak views.

Peaceful country living located 10 minutes from downtown Castle Rock. Traditional home with mountain views and recently modernized kitchen and master bath.

Low maintenance patio home, recently updated with a walk-out lower level and an open two-story floor plan with 3 master suites, plus a versatile finished casita.


Two-story home on nearly a half-acre lot featuring beautiful Castle Pines Village views, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 4,504 finished square feet.

Surrounded by towering pines on a 0.37 acre lot, open concept floor plan provides ideal spaces to entertain both indoors and out.

Highly coveted Starbuck patio home with finished basement and completely updated in 2016 with the latest dĂŠcor. 4 beds, 4 baths, 4,385 finished square feet.

Nestled on a pristine 0.41 acre lot, this two-story home showcases 4 beds, 5 baths and a gorgeous backyard setting surrounded by native foliage and Ponderosa Pines.




A spacious patio home with a truly charming setting. Convenient location, main floor master, and an expansive lower level with bar and wine room.

Exceptional 5 acre horse property with a 3-stable barn, 13,500 square foot arena, and 3,000 square foot, 4 bedroom character-filled home.

5014 Vermillion Court $775,000 Felicia Jenkins 303.810.1200, Joyce Paloma 303.741.5000

1859 Gold Camp Way $725,000 Holly Carpenter 303.589.7449



With stunning mountain views, this two-story home was built for entertaining and boasts 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 5,711 finished square feet.

Nestled among the picturesque Colorado Pines, this home is ideal for those who favor a low maintenance, luxury lifestyle. Main floor master suite plus 5 additional bedrooms.

3814 Sky Hawk Court $689,900 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901

3127 Ramshorn Drive $689,000 Wanda Ford 720.320.8901



This beautiful, low maintenance ranch home in Canterberry will be hard to resist with light-filled interior spaces and a spacious, open floor plan.

Two-story contemporary home with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, main floor office, 4,856 finished square feet, walk-out basement and 3 car attached garage.

12014 S. Allerton Circle $595,000 Anne Dresser Kocur 303.229.6464

593 Stonemont Drive $574,900 Jessica Northrop 303.525.0200



Majestic views from tranquil one-acre home site on cul-de-sac. Backs to open space with mature trees in exclusive gated Championship golf community.

An exceptional 4 bedroom, 4 bath home in Parker. This home features an open floor plan with a professionally finished basement. 3,440 finished square feet.

8418 Witez Court $560,000 Mimi Sturtevant 720.217.4393

13034 Coffee Tree Street $519,900 Brad Brallier 303.396.8987

303.893.3200 63


BOULDER The Bradley Inn—downtown Boulder’s favorite boutique hotel located just steps from Pearl Street. Featuring 12 en-suite beautifully appointed guest rooms, spa tubs, balconies, mountain views, dramatic great room, dining room, 2 bedroom/2 bath manager’s unit, and plenty of off-street parking. 2040 16th Street $7,500,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384

BOULDER A tranquil estate and equestrian property with stunning views and amenities of a five-star resort, located just 7.3 scenic miles from downtown Boulder. Cascading terraces, multi-milliondollar landscaping and gardens, sparkling pool, spa, imported English greenhouse, and modern barn and horse facilities. 7321 Flagstaff Road $5,995,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384

BOULDER The Alps Inn is situated in the most spectacular Colorado mountain setting, just 2.5 scenic miles from downtown Boulder’s historic district and Pearl Street mall. Featuring 12 distinctive guest rooms and a 2 bedroom owner’s unit. Located on Boulder Creek with over 14,000 square feet of grand living spaces. 38619 Boulder Canyon Drive $4,750,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384

BOULDER Beautiful contemporary custom home nestled on 1/3 acre. Premier Boulder location with spectacular Flatiron views in your back yard and steps from hiking/biking trails. Quality construction with gorgeous landscaping and balconies off each level. Most sought-after schools and easy commute to Denver. 1820 Deer Valley Road $3,182,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384



BOULDER Gorgeous home with contemporary finishes on a large beautifully landscaped lot in the highly coveted Knollwood neighborhood of West Boulder. Walk the secret path to Pearl Street for shopping or a night on the town, and walk right across the street to the Mt. Sanitas trailhead. 145 Green Rock Drive $2,600,000 Brody Stinson 720.989.5895

BOULDER Exceptional Colorado Craftsman home in White Hawk Ranch. Stone and wood entrance opens into the perfectly designed open floor plan and great room. Black walnut wood floors. Terrific chef ’s kitchen. Wrap-around decks. Over oneand-a-half acres. Exquisite architecture, light and bright. 1459 White Hawk Ranch Drive $2,500,000 Michael Hughes 303.359.6627



Spacious custom home built by renowned M. Markel in one of Boulder’s most desirable neighborhoods. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 20,363 square foot lot.

Murphy Homes custom Craftsman in the Island at the Broadlands. Features an expansive main floor great room, chef’s kitchen and private outdoor patio kitchen.

3890 Norwood Court $2,100,000 Stacy Resop 303.506.3128, Kathleen Murray 303.775.5782

14165 Dorado Court $1,079,000 Jason Kloss 720.253.6244



Urban contemporary loft completely remodeled in 2017 and located in the heart of Fort Collins. Walk to restaurants, parks, shopping and more.

Urban living at its finest at North Boulder’s Uptown. Amazing end unit with numerous upgrades and 2 en-suite bedrooms on the main floor.

261 Pine Street #206 $829,000 Marybeth Friesz 720.480.6145

1310 Rosewood Avenue #5C $779,000 Nick Duncan 303.596.5030

303.893.3200 65




14217 Downing Street $710,000 Jennifer Antonio 720.275.9695

1140 Portland Place #208 $699,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384



3701 Arapahoe Avenue #301 $665,000 Carliss and Jeff Erickson 303.249.8384

1700 Rapid Lane $665,000 Marybeth Friesz 720.480.6145



5864 Rustic Knolls Drive $595,000 Jim Bodin 303.884.4690

0 W. Coach Road $595,000 Jim Bodin 303.884.4690



3420 Cripple Creek Square $509,000 Chris Angelovic 720.438.9232

1254 E. 100th Lane $500,000 Patrick Hallacy 303.641.1272

Rare opportunity for 3.65 acres of close-in horse property with views, 6 garage spaces, RV parking, and a separate apartment. Enormous deck and pool.

Bright Peloton end-unit condo with 2 beds and 2 baths. Located on the third floor with Flatiron and foothill views. 1,246 square feet, 2 parking spaces and bike bin.

Dream home site with 360-degree views of the Flatirons, back range and plains from this promontory site. 1.7 acres with Left Hand Water stubbed in.

Fantastic location within coveted Shanahan Ridge close to multiple trailheads, pool and open space. Private and quiet 2 bedroom, 2 bath two-story townhome.


Live in downtown Boulder, located just off Broadway, one block from Mapleton. Walk to everything. End unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 balconies and views.

1.86 acres of country living backing to private open space with views. Ranch-style home with walk-out basement, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and 3,555 finished square feet.

Attractive 34 acre south-facing lot with views of the city. Paved road, gated community.

Incredibly spacious 4 bedroom plus study home with finished basement in exclusive Lambertson Lakes. Recently remodeled and painted.


GOLDEN 623 14th Street $2,850,000 Debbie Zucker 720.530.5580 Steve and Jared Blank 303.521.5025

Excellent rare opportunity to build in the heart of downtown Golden. Zoned C-2, this parcel consists of three contiguous lots for a total of 28,410 square feet. Great views of North and South Table Mountains, Golden and Lookout Mountain. Conveniently located with easy access to the School of Mines, shops, restaurants and recreation. Sustainable energy features on the property include a wind turbine with 6V of PV and electric charging station.

EVERGREEN Indulge in your passion for sleek design, standout architecture, and amazing use of light and space with this dramatic home. Spacious rooms and windows bathe the interior with natural light, and the intelligent design coupled with the finest materials create a gracious home with flow and comfort in mind. 1118 Soda Creek Drive $2,250,000 Heather Graham 720.201.4187 Sean Endsley 720.201.4187

GOLDEN / GENESEE Amazing Mt. Evans views. Chef’s kitchen has custom cabinets, leathered granite, Viking gas range, copper hood. Vaulted master offers fireplace, deck and sumptuous bath. Second kitchen, wine cellar, media room, home automation, natural stone, his-and-her offices, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6,509 square feet, 5 car garage. 1874 Foothills Drive S. $1,850,000 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891 Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

303.893.3200 67


EVERGREEN / SODA CREEK Snowcapped Continental Divide plus endless mountain vistas provide an irresistible backdrop to this updated, close-in and private home. Extensive hardwood flooring, built-ins, walls of glass, family floor plan, remodeled kitchen, and new master bathroom. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6,616 square feet, 10.74 acres. 484 Humphrey Drive $1,749,000 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891 Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

EVERGREEN Unique contemporary architecture in the Island at Hiwan. Artistically designed to provide an extremely private setting with a spectacular wall of south-facing windows overlooking the golf course and Bergen Peak. Gated community, close to schools, town and I-70. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 6,500 square feet. 31281 Island Drive $1,429,000 Lark Stewart 303.880.5555

EVERGREEN For those who favor the luxury lifestyle, this stunning contemporary residence with a main floor master suite offers unbeatable accessibility in and out of the city. You’ll live effortlessly, just a short drive from world-class skiing, hiking and more. 28444 Tepees Way $825,000 Dyllan Nguyen 720.297.0340



1662 Sand Lily Drive $1,379,900 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891, Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

1870 Larkspur Drive $1,339,000 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891, Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

Remodeled post and beam, dramatic great room, mountain views, 4+ bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,921 square feet, 4 fireplaces.


2003 built, main level living, flat 2 acres, mountain views, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 4,997 square feet, 4 car garage.




Immaculate property in desirable, close-in neighborhood. Walk or bike to schools, Hiwan Country Club and open space. 5 beds, 5 baths, 5,400 square feet, 3 car garage.

Sunny close-in hilltop view home. Privacy adjoining acres of open space. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,164 square feet.

2050 Island Lane $1,275,000 Lark Stewart 303.880.5555

1424 Solitude Lane $1,199,000 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891, Emily Henderson 303.717.3418



Elegance and livability meet the ideal location. Enjoy a sun-bathed interior, mountain views, and a spacious 5 bedroom, 5 bath floor plan with great outdoor living spaces.

Total renovation in The Island. Main floor master with 4 beds on upper level. Open floor plan. Huge outdoor space with flat, grassy yard. Close to town.

7026 Timbers Drive $1,175,000 Heather Graham 720.201.4187, Sean Endsley 303.895.4663

2090 Island Lane $1,150,000 Lark Stewart 303.880.5555



Beautiful, level lot in the desirable Ridge at Hiwan. Flooded with natural light and offering privacy and views. Adjoins open space. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.

Sun-filled home in Ridge at Hiwan. Sears Barrett design with spectacular mountain and valley views. 3+ bedrooms, main floor master, 4 baths, 5,811 total square feet.

2418 Keystone Drive $1,100,000 Kerry Endsley 303.570.0267

30135 Boyne Court $1,100,000 Deborah Simon 303.949.3449



Stunning home with amazing mountain views, gorgeous open main-level renovation with reclaimed wood floors, slab granite, stainless steel appliances and 5 car garage.

Ideal 38 acre custom home site (4 lots total) with incredible, expansive views in Coal Creek Canyon. Private, secure and gated access.

8485 Armadillo Trail $1,075,000 Lark Stewart 303.880.5555

31585 Coal Creek Canyon Drive $995,000 Jonathan Danton 720.403.1587

303.893.3200 69




445 Mesa View Way $889,000 Debbie Zucker 720.530.5580

30194 Wild West Trail $860,000 Adam Nick 772.633.1151



350 Old Y Road $849,900 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891, Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

2260 Interlocken Drive $835,000 Alissa Skildheim 303.888.4814, Lee Merreot 303.801.2311



32173 Soda Creek Drive $799,000 Alissa Skildheim 303.888.4814, Lee Merreot 303.801.2311

33278 Bluebell Circle $729,000 Andrea Webber 303.475.7057



31147 Shawnee Lane $719,900 Jennifer Davenport 303.919.4891, Emily Henderson 303.717.3418

26335 Sweetbriar Trail $699,999 Kay Bohan 303.915.1563

Live in the heart of Golden on a quiet cul-de-sac at the top of Mountain Ridge. Beautifully updated. Don’t miss out on these amazing views.

1940’s stone fireplace, hardwood and stone floors, top-end appliances, 2+ bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4,017 square feet.

Soda Creek re-model with privacy. A-2 zoning, domestic well, no HOA. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,229 square feet, 6 acres.

Main level living, remodeled master bath, great outdoor areas, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,635 square feet and sunroom.


You will absolutely love this southwestern-style home sitting on over 11 acres. Enjoy relaxing in your hot tub while being surrounded by nature.

Live in the heart of Evergreen. Remodeled Hiwan gem with privacy. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3,825 square feet, 1 acre.

Wooded Hangen Ranch retreat. Enjoy the tranquility of a Colorado lifestyle with the convenience of close proximity to historic downtown Evergreen.

Mountain views, backs to open space, upper level master retreat, and walk-out lower level with recreation room. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 car garage.


COPPER MOUNTAIN This new construction, mountain contemporary home brings to life the epitome of slopeside living with unrivaled ski-in/ski-out access. This home will embody excellence, practicality and pure fun. Expect unbeatable access to the slopes, enormous views, unparalleled in-home conveniences, and extraordinary outdoor living areas. The ultimate legacy home, or investment opportunity. Conveyed beautifully furnished and turn-key. Anticipated completion November 2018.

1028 Beeler Place $4,295,000 Don Thomas 970.409.9133

BRECKENRIDGE New construction mountain modern home by Allen-Guerra on one acre. Open layout throughout the home with room for everyone. Exceptional master suite with double-sided fireplace. Unbeatable kitchen with high-end appliances. Office space, loft, 4 bedrooms, mother-in-law apartment. Walk to town. 1003 Boreas Pass Road $2,300,000 Jack Wolfe 970.368.0018

BRECKENRIDGE Prime Breckenridge location with panoramic ski area views. This 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom, Family Legacy Home offers a main floor master suite and lower level guest living with recreation room, and kitchenette. Enjoy panoramic views from the expansive multi-tiered decks and private hot tub. 63 Rounds Road $2,050,000 Eric Dahman 970.485.5213

303.893.3200 71


BRECKENRIDGE Impressive 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom slopeside retreat at Crystal Peak Lodge. High-end finishes and furnishings with expansive Continental Divide views. Steps to the ski lift with numerous luxury amenities including those at One Ski Hill Place—hot tubs, aquatic center, theater room, bowling alley and more. 1891 Ski Hill Road #7210 $1,549,000 Justin and Krystal Knott 970.333.9050



264 Little Sallie Barber Trail $2,399,000 Justin and Krystal Knott 970.333.9050

322 Forest Drive $1,990,000 Tom Day 970.390.1801



42 Snowflake Drive #608 $1,429,000 Barrie Stimson 970.390.2560

93 Last Chance Lane $1,120,000 Barrie Stimson 970.390.2560



3001 Homestead Lane $998,000 Bret Amon 970.376.3813

665 Four O’Clock Road #214 $989,000 Bret Amon 970.376.3813

Secluded alpine estate on 7.45 acres with ski area/mountain views. An ideal setting in one of Breckenridge’s only gated communities.

In-town luxury mountain living with ski-in/ski-out lift access to Peak 8. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. Vaulted top floor. Front desk. All of the amenities.

Located in a quiet enclave of ten private residences, this elegant home boasts majestic views of the Williams Fork mountain range and Raven golf course.


Stunning 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom open concept home features main floor master, wine cellar, gorgeous backyard, hot tub, movie room and updates throughout.

One of Keystone’s rare homes overlooking the Snake River. Natural landscaping with mountain vista views. Two living areas, 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 4,385 square feet.

Look no further for the best ski-in/ski-out condo in Breckenridge. The Snowflake Lift is right outside the door to whisk you away to the ski slopes.




Updated ski-in/ski-out, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Beaver Run Resort condo. Beautiful views of the Breckenridge Ski Resort and surrounding mountains.

Ski-in/ski-out at Keystone Resort. Enjoy your private hot tub and patio with ski slope views. Updated and spacious 2 bedroom ground floor condo.

601 Village Road #34490 $699,000 Sharon Stanley 970.389.8687

Chateaux D’Mont #2716 $650,000 Doyle Richmond 970.390.9240



Amazing views in Angler Mountain Ranch. 13 homesites ready to build. Fishing rights, trails in your backyard, and beautiful Aspens all around.

This property features a nice open main floor plan with vaulted ceilings, great mountain views, in-floor radiant heat, and a 2 car heated garage.

81 Mayfly Drive $650,000 Doyle Richmond 970.390.9240

1121 Rainbow Drive $639,000 Stuart Reddell 970.485.2178



6 sunny lots available in the Sanctuary at Keystone. Flat lots that are easy to build with nearby amenities and views of the Keystone Ski Resort.

Beautiful views with private fishing rights and trails in Angler Mountain Ranch, ready for your dream home. Just a few minutes to town and ski slopes.

10 Sanctuary Lane $638,000 Jack Wolfe 970.368.0018

84 Mayfly Drive $550,000 Doyle Richmond 970.390.9240



Premier homesite in the exclusive Angler Mountain Ranch subdivision. 13 homesites ready to build. Great trails, fishing, and huge views.

Top floor 2 bedroom in Seasons at Keystone featuring a completely remodeled kitchen, abundant natural light and a deck overlooking the snake river.

73 Mayfly Drive $550,000 Doyle Richmond 970.390.9240

97 Lake Ridge Circle #1859 $549,000 Justin and Krystal Knott 970.333.9050

303.893.3200 73


GATEWAY / WEST CREEK RANCH West Creek Ranch $149,000,000 Kerry Endsley 303.570.0267


One of the most significant listings in the American West. West Creek Ranch is a spectacularly diverse private land and estate property boasting four unique land parcels totaling 6,919 acres, along with a 22,000 square foot estate featuring exquisite finishes and craftsmanship throughout. On-ranch treasures include a natural bear and mountain lion habitat, real dinosaur footprints, and the historic ruins of Driggs Mansion. Also included in the sale are a guest house and cabin, irrigated equestrian and bison pastures, fishing ponds, a grass airstrip and hangar, helipad, stables, astronomical observatory, and trout stream.


KREMMLING Aspen Grove Ranch $28,500,000 Jack Wolfe 970.368.0018

Spectacular 24,000 square foot family lodge on 350 acres, located within Grand River Ranch. This one-of-a-kind property includes a private owners’ wing, a main house and guest house, all connected with extensive landscaping and deluxe, custom finishes. Just a two hour drive from Denver and minutes from the jet-accessible Kremmling airport. Amenities at Grand River Ranch include a homeowners’ lodge, fishing camps, equestrian center and sporting clay shooting range.

WINTER PARK This amazing custom home is one of only 20 ski-in/ski-out properties at the base of Mary Jane and Winter Park’s world-class skiing. Nestled in Arapahoe National Forest and surrounded by mountain views, this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom mountain retreat is a home you won’t want to miss. Located just minutes from the town of Winter Park and an hour-and-a-half from Denver.

165 Bridger Trail $2,795,000 Michelle Campbell 303.514.6164 Ron Martinez 303.881.4662

303.893.3200 75


FRASER Enjoy the mountain lifestyle with this stunning custom home nestled on 3.23 acres in the prestigious Reserve at Elkhorn Ridge. Ideally located, adjacent to Devil’s Thumb trail system, this home offers easy trail access and captures expansive mountain and meadow views. Within minutes from your doorstep you can enjoy year-round activities. The open and warm great room provides an inviting atmosphere with a handsome stone fireplace. Main floor master suite with a gas fireplace, 5-piece bath, custom closet and deck access.

25 Browsing Meadow $1,450,000 Melinda Lee 970.281.2646

GRAND LAKE Located on the shores of Colorado’s largest natural lake and just west of Rocky Mountain National Park is a property unlike any other on Grand Lake. The combined lots encompass 210 feet of shore line, two boat houses with living quarters, and room to dock 14 boats—moorage that cannot be replicated. 500-504 & 514 County Road 697 $5,750,000 Kelly Birner 303.917.6530

FAIRPLAY Immaculate home with exceptional attention to detail. Custom 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home on 35 acres perched in Breakneck Pass Ranch. Thoughtful 3,725 square foot layout with sweeping valley and mountain views. This gated ranch is home to only 5 other homes. 600 Breakneck Pass Court $899,000 Jeni Friedrich 970.485.3837



BEAVER CREEK 246 Strawberry Park Court $14,500,000 David McHugh 970.376.7171

Welcome home to this architectural log masterpiece in the exclusive gated community of Strawberry Park. One can appreciate how the architect positioned this 7-bedroom estate with a main floor master, grand double-sided fireplace and sun-drenched outdoor patios. It’s not very often that such a special property, situated on President Ford’s ski run with grand views of the Gore Range, Beaver Creek Resort and Beaver Creek Village, becomes available. Please call for additional information.

BEAVER CREEK Experience first-class living at this 8 bedroom ski-in/ski-out estate situated on 2.75 acres in one of the most coveted communities in Beaver Creek. Featuring en-suite bedrooms punctuated with fine craftsmanship, no detail was spared during a recent renovation. Enjoy endless entertainment with an outdoor heated living area, large patio overlooking the ski slopes, indoor basketball court and climbing wall, state-of-the-art movie theater, and a game room with full bar.

373 Strawberry Park Road $13,995,000 Andie Ohde 970.471.5233 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

303.893.3200 77


VAIL Located on Vail Golf Course and around the corner from Golden Peak, this iconic residence is the epitome of elegance and privacy. The stunning cathedral ceilings featuring hand-hewn trusses and beams frame the great room with majestic Gore Range views. To add value and privacy, the previous owners donated 4.25 acres south of the estate making it one of the finest residences in ski country.

1119 Ptarmigan Road $11,950,000 Joni Taylor 970.390.1402 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

VAIL 1067 Ptarmigan Road $8,500,000 Joni Taylor 970.390.1402 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041


Recently remodeled, this elegant home features a gourmet kitchen, stone fireplace and folding glass doors that completely open to the pool and patio area. The refined finishes of plaster, stone, marble and granite continue throughout the home for a timeless feel. Relish in the beauty of the outdoors from the stone patio overlooking the Vail Golf Course while taking in the iconic and picturesque Gore Range views.


VAIL The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Vail #315 $6,990,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

One of the best 4 bedroom south-facing residences featuring a great entry area, wrap-around deck overlooking the pool, and a large laundry room. An Arrabelle Club Social Membership option is included providing ski-in/ski-out access to Vail Mountain and more. Property amenities include 24-hour Ritz-Carlton concierge service, year-round outdoor heated pool and hot tubs, fitness center with movement studio, in-room dining and more.

LAKE CREEK Located within the gates of prestigious Pilgrim Downs lies an enchanting 10,000 square foot English estate. Soak in the sights of colorful gardens, Monet bridge atop a cascading creek, and sprawling Aspen trees all set upon 10 acres. Located only minutes to the ski slopes, golf courses and amenities of a world-class ski resort. Constructed by Beck Builders and fashioned after a castle in Normandy, this treasure is not to be missed.

157 Pilgrim Drive $5,800,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

303.893.3200 79


VAIL This sprawling 4 bedroom, sixth-floor penthouse exudes a luxury mountain resort home feel with views of Vail Mountain. Uniquely designed by Worth Home Interiors, this retreat has a mountain-elegant style to complement award-winning construction standards. Situated at the base of Vail Mountain within walking distance to exceptional shopping, restaurants and the Eagle Bahn Gondola, this turn-key property is ready to move in and ready for the beautiful summer season in Vail.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Vail #625 $5,500,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

ARROWHEAD 12 Cabin Creek Lane $4,295,000 David McHugh 970.376.7171


This cabin in the woods will refresh your spirit and inspire you to live your best life, whether you prefer curling up by the fireplace or listening to water cascading down the creek. This 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home embraces its surroundings to create something spectacular. With log-treaded stairs and exquisite detail throughout, this home incorporates the natural beauty of the outdoors while honoring and upgrading the cabin style. Be inspired by the raw power of nature.


BEAVER CREEK Royal Elk Villas, Residence 3 $3,495,000 David McHugh 970.376.7171

Every aspect of your home should reflect who you are and the life you aspire to live. Tastefully and timelessly remodeled, this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom townhome is tailor-made for a winter retreat. Situated in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, this ski-in/ski-out residence offers some of the area’s best views from its grand living room. With your feet nestled on an ottoman in front of a crackling fire, your best life begins with a home that inspires you.

BEAVER CREEK Your best life begins with a home that inspires you. With mountain views and vaulted ceilings, this 5 bedroom penthouse at St. James Place in Beaver Creek Village will be perfect for your new mountain life. The views and luxurious amenities, which include front desk, pool, hot tub and fitness center, are best experienced in person. Schedule a private tour today of this exclusive penthouse residence.

St. James Place, Penthouse $3,450,000 David McHugh 970.376.7171

303.893.3200 81


VAIL Get in early and pick your finishes for this new mountain modern single family home. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac in West Vail, this home offers an open floor plan, 4 bedrooms, 2 living spaces, and a large 2 car garage. Vaulted ceilings in the great room capture the mountain views while bringing the outside in. Modern design and spacious outdoor living make this luxury residence perfect for a local family or second homeowner in search of a Town of Vail address.

1740 Sierra Trail $3,195,000 Tom Dunn 970.390.5737 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557

EDWARDS With a commanding presence encompassing 142 acres with an additional 88 acres as open space, this family compound is the epitome of timeless elegance coupled with boundless fun. Enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling and more with unparalleled 360-degree views. 1548 Via La Favorita, Price Upon Request Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

VAIL This exclusive 4 bedroom, 3,575 square foot penthouse on the slopes of Vail Mountain is the pinnacle of the ski-in/ ski-out mountain lifestyle. Modern in design and beautifully appointed, one will enjoy multiple decks with Gore Range views just steps to Vail Village. Golden Peak Penthouse, Residence 2 $9,500,000 David McHugh 970.376.7171 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223



ARROWHEAD Nestled among the aspens yet ski-in/ski-out onto Arrowhead Mountain, this elegant home boasts 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 indoor and 1 outdoor fireplaces, hot tub, 3 car garage, 2 wraparound decks, and the most amazing kitchen and hearth room plus a formal dining and living area. 1860 Cresta Road $8,750,000 Heidi Bintz 970.390.8383

BEAVER CREEK Spectacular 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom open concept penthouse with modern design elements, newly remodeled in 2012, and offered furnished. Featuring high volume ceilings, air conditioning, private elevator access, and coveted use of the lavish amenities of the Park Hyatt. Park Hyatt Penthouse #10 $7,995,000 Matthew Blake 970.390.2692

CORDILLERA Relish in big sky vistas of Red Table and Seven Hermits Mountains from the privacy of this 35+ acre mountain modern ranch compound in the Territories of Cordillera. The 5 bedroom estate with a 2 bedroom guest cottage boasts a pool, spa and 6 car heated garage. 318 Kicking Horse Trail $6,400,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

LAKE CREEK Build a legacy estate on this prestigious and pristine land in the Vail Valley. It feels remote but is located just minutes to Main Street in Edwards, 25 miles to local airports, and 6 miles to skiing. 38+ acres with water rights, electricity and gas at the site. 2000 W. Lake Creek Road $4,500,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

303.893.3200 83


RED SKY RANCH Spectacular 5 bedroom, 7,999 square foot new construction in Red Sky Ranch with an open floor plan and breathtaking views from Castle Peak all the way to Game Creek Bowl. The grand entrance presents a living room with picture windows framing the golf course and mountain vistas. 94 Eagle Feather Drive $4,395,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

CORDILLERA Magnificent, creative and luxurious custom home with main floor master located in the gated community of Cordillera. Big views of the 3.95 acres with many perennial gardens, outdoor fireplace, putt and chip golf practice area, and a stream running around the entry. 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms. 605 Andorra Road $3,675,000 Heidi Bintz 970.390.8383

CORDILLERA Exquisite custom home in the gated community of Cordillera with wrap-around decks on two levels to immerse you in the mountain lifestyle. Main floor master, 2 additional master suites, 2 more bedroom suites, large kitchen with informal and formal dining areas, and 3 car garage. 45 Graham Road $3,399,000 Heidi Bintz 970.390.8383

ARROWHEAD Ski-in/ski-out at the base of Arrowhead. Luxury 4 bedroom plus loft, 5 bathroom duplex recently remodeled and designerdecorated with an expanded deck and private hot tub. Located in the prestigious ski/golf community of Arrowhead and part of the village-to-village ski experience of Beaver Creek. 348 Cresta Road $3,250,000 Heidi Bintz 970.390.8383



CORDILLERA With exceptional views up Lake Creek Valley and to the Sawatch Range, this outstanding 6 bedroom, 6,100+ square foot Cordillera Valley Club home was completely remodeled in 2016. An open floor plan and extensive outside living areas welcome family and guests alike. 1398 Beard Creek Trail $3,250,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

CORDILLERA Located on the 8th hole of the Summit Course, this stunning 7 bedroom custom single family home features an ideal layout and endless views from every window. Gaze onto the Sawatch Range to New York Mountain or Mount Jackson and enjoy Castle Peak, Red Mountain and the Flat Tops. 1117 Summit Trail $2,950,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

CORDILLERA This impeccable 6 bedroom custom mountain home has both contemporary and European influences. Offering everything one could want in a home—incredible privacy, panoramic views, wonderful outdoor living space, a beautiful yard, and a custom chef’s kitchen. 382 El Mirador $2,700,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

VAIL This sunny, south-facing 4 bedroom home is thoughtfully designed to capture the views of the Gore Range, Vail Golf Course, waterfalls and Vail Mountain. An oversized, 2 car heated garage has a large adjacent workshop that can double as a storage area for your mountain toys. 2665 Bald Mountain Road $2,495,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

303.893.3200 85


CORDILLERA Bask in the glorious sunsets of the Gore Range or watch the elk pass by from this custom-built home nestled in an aspen grove within the Elk Springs neighborhood of the Ranch at Cordillera. This palatial home features main floor living with copious entertaining space for friends and family. 45 Elk Spring Court $2,295,000 Eileen Duke 970.390.5998 Johanna Johnsson 970.390.8542

BEAVER CREEK Extraordinary craftsmanship inside The Charter—a local icon with every amenity and convenience at your door. Fabulous ski-in/ski-out setting near Creekside Park. This is the artful result of combining two units into one luxurious, familyfriendly home. Full service staff. Excellent rental potential. Charter Residence #5340 $2,250,000 Kraig Forbes 970.390.3006 Scott Bandoni 970.390.9400

VAIL Located in sunny West Vail with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, this 4 bedroom residence was fully remodeled in 2009, featuring black walnut hardwood floors and custom cabinetry woodwork. Large, private outdoor patio with fireplace, 1 car garage and ample parking. 2338 Tahoe Drive #B $2,195,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

BEAVER CREEK Ski-in/ski-out access and views of the ski slopes do not get any better than this in Beaver Creek Resort. Spacious 3 bedroom condo with updated finishes, offered fully furnished and accessorized. Great amenities with underground parking. $9 million renovation to the building just completed. Highlands Slopeside Condo #215 $2,195,000 Patrick Welch 970.471.5554



BEAVER CREEK Direct ski-in/ski-out access to your back door from this 3 bedroom plus den condominium with updated finishes, offered fully furnished and accessorized. Premier location directly on the slopes in Beaver Creek Resort with great amenities. $9 million renovation to the building just completed. Highlands Slopeside Condo #210 $2,150,000 Patrick Welch 970.471.5554

VAIL Nestled along Gore Creek in the heart of Vail Village, this twostory, 3 bedroom, platinum-rated penthouse is steps to Gondola One. Pamper yourself in Mountain Haus amenities including continental breakfast, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, outdoor heated pool, fitness room and more. 292 E. Meadow Drive #685 $2,100,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

EAGLEVAIL An exceptional 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom, plus family room residence on Whiskey Hill. Take in gorgeous sunsets from the main living space, or lounge outside by the fireplace beneath a covered terrace. Meticulously maintained, built in 2008, with high-end finishes and fixtures throughout. 589 Eagle Drive $2,050,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

BEAVER CREEK Spacious, remodeled 3 bedroom plus den townhome with a modern mountain design and captivating ski views. Open living spaces and family room large enough for entertaining friends and family. This home has a modern mountain feel with vaulted ceilings on a multilevel living floor plan. 355 Offerson Road, Meadows #P3 $1,775,000 Christopher Scherpf 970.948.0615

303.893.3200 87


BACHELOR GULCH Unparalleled ski-in/ski-out location featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 luxurious marble bathrooms, a living room with fireplace, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Pamper yourself in the worldclass spa, swim in the year-round pool, work out in the stateof-the art facilities, and much more. 130 Daybreak Ridge Road #645 $1,699,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

VAIL Incredible ski slope views of Vail Mountain from this 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom beautifully furnished townhome. Enjoy the spacious and open layout of the living room, ideal for family gatherings. Located only minutes to town, the slopes are calling with direct views out your window. 770 Potato Patch Drive #B $1,650,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

VAIL 2 bedroom residence next to scenic Gore Creek and just steps from the Lionshead Gondola. Relax on your secondfloor balcony while taking in gorgeous Vail Mountain views. Enjoy in-town living in one of Vail’s most private locations, with huge rental potential. Lodge at Lionshead #260 $1,525,000 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

CORDILLERA This 4 bedroom home has several hundred thousand dollars in recent improvements and sits on 1.57 acres. Fireplace, vaulted ceilings, gorgeous deck and views—this home has it all. Incredible amenities with multiple golf courses, trailheads, clubhouses, tennis, pools and more. 123 Peregrine Drive $1,475,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223



CORDILLERA Main level master in addition to two Junior master suites for guests or family to relax. A huge deck for everyone to gather around. Open concept main floor large kitchen, dining, and living rooms. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms at Summit, huge deck with spectacular views, 3,939 square feet. 21 Pommel Place $1,375,000 Andie Ohde 970.471.5233

AVON Located along the Eagle River and walking distance to The Westin Gondola at Beaver Creek, this meticulously maintained 3 bedroom plus loft residence features new carpeting throughout, vaulted ceilings, two south-facing decks, remodeled kitchen, huge storage room and a 1 car garage. 400 Hurd Lane #I-302 $925,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223

ARROWHEAD VILLAGE This beautifully updated penthouse is a very short stroll to the Arrow Bahn chairlift. Its two-level living provides a wonderful townhome feel. Expansive master suite. Additional loft square footage potential. Private ski and bike storage locker. Resident pool, hot tub and tennis courts. Aspenwood Lodge Penthouse #303 $869,000 Scott Bandoni 970.390.9400



Ideally situated in sunny Wildridge with spectacular views of Beaver Creek and the surrounding mountains. Fully furnished, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths.

This large 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 2,769 square foot home is located in the heart of downtown Minturn. Incredible hiking, biking and fishing access.

2510B Old Trail Road $1,299,000 Heidi Bintz 970.390.8383

93 Nelson Avenue $1,150,000 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

303.893.3200 89




37 Knudson Ranch Road $1,080,000 Andie Ohde 970.471.5233

2832 Kinnikinnick Road #C $1,050,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041



Kiva Residence #234 $999,000 Christopher Scherpf 970.948.0615

422 Gold Dust Drive #W $945,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041



64 Wilmor Drive $689,000 Barbara Scrivens 970.471.1223, Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

16 Vail Road #407 $675,000 Leigh Flanagan 720.352.5006



4560 Vail Racquet Club Drive #1-9 $610,000 Malia Nobrega 970.977.1041

2199 Chamonix Lane #1 $525,000 Corey Lamothe 970.476.7944

This turn-key duplex sits within a quaint enclave and has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, new Davinci roof, granite counters and hardwood floors.

This turn-key 2-bedroom, 3 bathroom Beaver Creek condo is perfect for a ski family looking to be close to the action.

Rare opportunity to own a 1.3 acre lot in Cordillera Valley Club with direct views to the Sawatch Range and Arrowhead Mountain.

Wonderful turn-key and fully remodeled Vail Racquet Club 2 bedroom unit with westerly mountain views.


Adorably furnished 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom duplex with a two-car garage in Vail. Less than 500 feet via in-town bus to Vail Village. Great rental potential.

Perfect opportunity to own a reasonably priced beautiful Homestead residence. Separate driveway and entrance for a single family feel.

Penthouse residence at The Sebastian with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 1,779 square feet. Fractional ownership with exceptional amenities.

Sunny 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhome that is walking distance to West Vail shopping and restaurants. Wood floors, granite counters, and a cozy wood-burning fireplace.


IRON WORKS VILLAGE / ENGLEWOOD Iron Works Village is a brand new traditional-style neighborhood development of 136 homes with narrow tree-lined streets, wide front porches, open living floor plans, private master suites and alleyloaded garages. Premier location near the South Broadway retail and restaurant scene, Englewood light rail station and the Platte River bike trail. Built by BLVD Builders, the first release is already 50% sold out. Prices start for townhomes at $362,500, paired homes at $487,500, and single family homes at $554,500. Sales Center is located at 601 W. Bates Avenue, Englewood.

Iron Works Village Price upon request Barb and Larry Fullerton 303.888.0520

303.893.3200 91


COLORADO GOLF CLUB / PARKER Colorado Golf Club Mimi Sturtevant 720.217.4393


If you can imagine your perfect Colorado home, you can have it at Colorado Golf Club! One of the most desirable communities in metro-Denver offers an enviable lifestyle and a world-class golf experience. Perched to enjoy sweeping Rocky Mountain views and spectacular sunsets, this tranquil community boasts 1,700 acres of rolling hillsides with preserved open space and an extensive trail network. Private club features resort-style amenities overlooking the Championship course. Lockand-leave Lakeside living from $1,285,000. Estate living from $2,000,000. Home sites from $265,000.


THE CLUB AT RAVENNA / LITTLETON 11118 Caretaker Road Dale Schossow 720.956.1600

Golf Villa Homes from $1,100,000 | Sterling Custom Homes Terracina Collection from $1,200,000 Thomas Sattler Estate Collection from $1,300,000 | Hollister Michaels Collection from $1,600,000 Custom Home Sites from the low $300,000’s | Custom Home Opportunities from $1,500,000 Open by appointment 7 days a week.

ESTATE LOTS AT GREEN GABLES / LAKEWOOD Extraordinary and very limited opportunity to own one of six estate lots at Green Gables with lake frontage for your home, plus dramatic mountain views. One of only 12 properties on Ward Lake with exclusive use of Ward Lake. Build your dream home and create a Colorado legacy property. Be in a world of your own at home, yet easy commute to downtown Denver and the mountains.

W. Adriatic Avenue $700,000–$750,000 Barb and Larry Fullerton 303.888.0520

303.893.3200 93


CEDAR LANE AT CHERRY CREEK Nestled within the highly desirable Cherry Creek district of Denver, Colorado, Cedar Lane at Cherry Creek will comprise a neighborhood of 23 custom lots on a prime infill location. Cherry Creek is one of the most sought-after destinations and features densely packed amenities not offered anywhere else. Cedar Lane at Cherry Creek presents a unique design opportunity and a choice real estate location within the Cherry Creek district. Only 10 lots remain. Priced from $950,000 to $1,300,000.

Cedar Lane at Cherry Creek $950,000–$1,300,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818

OGDEN FLATS / CAPITOL HILL 1300 Ogden Street $595,000–$1,150,000 Douglas D. Kerbs 303.898.7818


Recently completed new construction, move-in ready and nearing sell-out. Ogden Flats, a brilliant modernist installment into one of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods, Capitol Hill. The creation of such a gem is birthed from the collaboration of old and new. The modern European design is anchored by one of Denver’s historic structures and the most recent site of the Penn Garage. 2 and 3 bedroom residences remain. Priced from $595,000 to $1,150,000.


3198 Blake Street Priced from $479,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

RAILHOUSE / SUNNYSIDE 29 townhomes featuring stunning modern design 2 and 3 bedroom residences Concrete and hardwood flooring Conveniently located in Sunnyside One block to the light rail For more details visit —

FACTORY FLATS / RINO Final units remaining Move-in ready 1 bedroom designs Sustainable and solar power living Ideal RiNo location For more details visit —

4000 Inca Street Priced from the $500,000’s Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

303.893.3200 95


29 ZEN / WEST HIGHLANDS 14 luxury townhomes High-end, modern European-style finishes Floor-to-ceiling windows Rooftop patios Close to Highlands Square and Sloans Lake For more details visit —

3734 Tejon Street Priced from the $600,000’s Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956


5115 W. 29th Avenue $650,000–$1,100,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

THE CLYDE / LOHI 6 urban townhomes High-end design and finishes 1-2 bedroom, 1.5-2.5 bathroom floor plans Prime LoHi location Dramatic city and mountain views 1 and 2 car garages


3400 W. 18th Avenue $599,000–$619,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

GROVE 16 / SLOANS LAKE 16 brilliant and modern townhomes—final units remaining 3-4 bedrooms with open floor plans Units with income potential available Spacious rooftop terraces with panoramic views Move-in ready For more details visit —

3400 WEST / SLOANS LAKE 15 modern new townhomes—final units remaining Open concept 2-3 bedroom floor plans Elevators available Spacious rooftop terraces with panoramic views Spring 2018 completion For more details visit —

1600 Grove Street $599,000–$699,000 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

303.893.3200 97


ASPEN ROW / SLOANS LAKE 12 designer residences 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom open floor plans European-style finishes Sleek, luxurious interiors Rooftop patios with city and mountain views 2 car garages

2600 E. Cedar Avenue Priced from $1,150,000 Peter Blank 720.849.1956 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615


1722 Irving Street Priced from the $500,000’s Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

CEDAR CHERRY CREEK Rare opportunity to build in Cherry Creek 8 custom homesites Modern architectural community Walking distance to Cherry Creek Denver’s best architects represented For more details visit —


900 Pennsylvania Street Priced from $2,000,000 Peter Blank 720.849.1956 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615

1616 SOUTH / PLATT PARK 40 urban flats 70% pre-sold—mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms Modern design and finishes Ideal Platt Park location Delivery Spring 2018 For more details visit —

NINE HUNDRED PENN / GOVERNORS’ PARK Seven luxury residences, one residence per floor Architecturally beautiful, meticulously designed and amenity-rich Exclusive private in-unit elevator access Minutes from Downtown, Cherry Creek and several parks Move-in ready For more details visit —

1616 S. Broadway Priced up to the mid-$500,000’s Michael Berman 303.549.5942 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

303.893.3200 99


317-325 GARFIELD STREET / CHERRY CREEK NORTH 4 stunning modern residences Neutral palette of luxury materials and strong architectural detail Dramatic skylit ceiling and custom open staircase Integrated custom kitchen from Pedini Naturally light filled and generous master suite 3rd floor bonus room with walk-out roof deck/terrace plus basement with walk-out terrace

512 Washington Street Priced from $1,200,000 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Peter Blank 720.849.1956


317-325 Garfield Street Price from the low $2,000,000’s Rachel Gallegos 720.308.2615 Carmelo Paglialunga 303.396.9913 Peter Blank 720.849.1956

512 WASHINGTON / ALAMO PLACITA 4 posh new residences with modern high-end design Up to 4,117 finished square feet 4 bedrooms with wide open floor plans Finished basements Expansive roof decks Private rear yards and 2 car garages


MODA LOFTS / STAPLETON 2958 Syracuse Street Price upon request Kacey Bingham 720.245.0356 Steve and Jared Blank 303.521.5025

Situated steps from the Stapleton Town Center, MODA Lofts is more than a residence— it’s a lifestyle of what defines modern maintenance-free condo living. Developed by Infinity Homes, a name that is synonymous with high-end homes throughout Colorado, and built by Swinerton Construction, the build quality is second to none. Compare to any other home in this price range and the difference is clear. Pricing and floor plans at

TREMONT PLACE TOWNHOMES / FIVE POINTS Brand-new townhomes with the best city lifestyle and location available. Each townhome includes a rooftop deck with unobstructed city and mountain views. Enjoy the best in contemporary open design and finishes in these 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom residences with a 1 car attached garage. Quality interiors with approximately 1,500 finished square feet will include hardwood floors, quartz counters, Pella high-performance windows, stainless steel appliances, 9-foot ceilings and more.

2200 Tremont Place $595,000–$650,000 Susie Langford 303.493.1455

303.893.3200 101


Dream it. Build it. LIV it. 1

p. 28

1 Fairfax Street


2821 E. Cedar Avenue #5


228 Monroe Street


3100 E. 17th Avenue


3218 Zuni Street





8278 Whisperwood Court


7901 Galileo Way


8100 Palladio Court


7650 Dante Drive


8095 Galileo Way


8200 Raphael Lane


7912 Galileo Way


8246 Raphael Lane


8230 Raphael Lane


7221 Prairie Star Court


8186 Donatello Court


8174 Donatello Court


8418 Witez Court


5864 Rustic Knolls Drive


0 W. Coach Road


623 14th Street


31585 Coal Creek Canyon Drive




1028 Beeler Place


81 Mayfly Drive


10 Sanctuary Lane


84 Mayfly Drive


73 Mayfly Drive




1740 Sierra Trail


2000 W. Lake Creek Road


64 Wilmore Drive



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Prepare to be moved. Any Origin, Any Destination | Full Service Relocation Department

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AWA R D S A N D R EC O G N I T I O N S Contact us:

2017 MASTERS CUP WINNER 4x Platinum Excellence Award Best Destination Services Award for Corporate Relocation Best Relocation Department for USAA & NFCU Affinity Services Five Star Award for Outstanding Broker-to-Broker Referral Performance NFCU AIMS Award


Strategically located in the SPIRE, a luxury condominium building in the heart of downtown, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty’s unique sales office provides unsurpassed expertise and knowledge of the SPIRE that no other building in the downtown area can offer...creating an advantage for both buyers and sellers. While we take pride in the building that we reside, we continue to remain experts in the Denver market in total. Meanwhile, our world renowned and highly respected brand provides distinguished services to buyers and sellers on a global scale.

SPIRE DENVER.CO M • 720.4 57.75 5 0




ASPEN, COLORADO | $6,250,000 Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: H4PN3N

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO | $4,295,000 Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 4WB73H



CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO | $3,995,000 Crested Butte Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: TR3GME

TELLURIDE, COLORADO | $3,600,000 Telluride Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 7BG85B





HELENA, MONTANA | $18,900,000 Big Sky Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 6Z9Y32

JACKSON, WYOMING | $7,800,000 Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: HKXNWN



SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA | $5,495,000 Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 449TKV

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO | $5,100,000 Sotheby’s International Realty – Santa Fe • Web ID: 0576060



SUN VALLEY, IDAHO | $4,795,000 Sun Valley Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: QYSM4H

PARK CITY, UTAH | $3,149,000 Summit Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: BEK3BR 303.893.3200 113


VENTURA, CALIFORNIA | $2,300,000 LIV Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: FN437Q

DALLAS, TEXAS | $7,745,000


Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 7Z8Z2R

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 3KX5WY

ORLANDO, FLORIDA | $6,900,000 Premier Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 4G8YCK


ATLANTA, GEORGIA | $5,200,000

Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: VDS6DJ

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: JQEJ98


Around the World

JURMALA, LATVIA | $3,607,142 Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 34ECH8

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA | $2,995,000


TTR Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: 7PTET7

Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: JDEQRB

WESTON, MASSACHUSETTS | $3,745,000 Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: QSXT2W


BARCELONA, SPAIN | Price upon request

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: ZGLZS2

Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby’s International Realty • Web ID: DY9RV2

303.893.3200 115

MegaStar’s LIV | Sotheby’s Team: Mike Stone, Leah Johnson, John Palmer, Pamela Todd, Becky Smith, Michael DelVecchio

A local lender is critical to having your offer accepted. With Megastar’s LIV | Sotheby’s Team, you’ll find that our Loan Officers focus on buyers’ short and long-term goals while offering some of the most competitive financing terms in our local market. Our clients depend on the MegaStar Team to make the home buying process fast and easy.

We invite you to see for yourself how our one-on-one guidance is why MegaStar Financial is America’s Most Trusted Mortgage Company®. 1080 CHEROKEE STREET, DENVER, CO 80204 303.321.8800 | TOLL-FREE 877.922.8800

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Discerning buyers and sellers have trusted First American Title with the closing of their largest asset for 127 years. As a global provider of title insurance and settlement services, and as the most conservatively capitalized title insurer in the industry, our clients rely on our financial stability, depth of knowledge, and our devotion to unparalleled client service.


Make the simple choice for your next closing.

Choose First American Title. Contact your local Account Executive to be connected with a client services team in your area, or call our main office at 303.305.1300 ©2018 First American Financial Corporation and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | NYSE: FAF

WHERE IN THE WORLD? Demonstrating the Power of the Sotheby’s International Realty Network

Top, left to right: Jameson SIR Chicago, IL/Tom and Denise Barnwell | Costa Rica SIR Guanacaste, Costa Rica/Brad Hendrix | Pacific SIR Encinatas, CA/Brad Brallier Middle, left to right: Fontana SIR Lugano, Switzerland/Lana Cordier Shelton | Realogics SIR Seattle, WA/Rado Goranov | Pacific SIR Coronado, CA/Mackenzie Ehring | Island SIR Napili, HI/Rob and Renee Molitor Bottom, left to right: Cascade SIR Portland, OR/Mckinze Casey | Kuper SIR Austin, TX/Susie Langford | Telluride SIR Telluride, CO/Scott Bernard



950 Global Offices



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Locally Owned Offices

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Exceptional Brand


Full-time Relocation Specialists

22,000 Sales Associates Worldwide



2.7.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR hosts kick-off meeting at the University of Denver to discuss company-wide partnerships and initiatives for 2018.


1.25.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR brokers participate in a powerful business development seminar.


2.15.18 / Winter Park, CO LIV Sotheby’s International Realty broker, Ethan Bullock, starts off his Thursday with a ski trip through Grand County, CO.


1.23.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR broker, Delroy Gill, launches the Denver Gents club with an exclusive ‘Suits and Sushi’ event.


2.21.18 / Ventura, CA LIV Sotheby’s International Realty open its doors in Ventura, CA.


1.19.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR’s Relocation and Referral Services team proudly sponsors the ‘Mile High’ Society for Human Resource Management’s annual HR Conference.



3.1.18 / Boulder, CO LIV SIR’s Boulder office attends a yoga class at Boulder’s hottest new studio, Bulldog Yoga.




1.13.18 / Kolkata, India LIV SIR brokers, Keith and Lisa Rosenhagen, work in partnership with Kolkata City Missions to provide spiritual, physical, economic, and social needs to those living in poverty.


3.3.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR broker, Kylie Russell, hosts a reveal party for her recent appearance on the famed HGTV show, House Hunters. BRECKENRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SNOW SCULPTURE CHAMPIONSHIPS

1.29.18 / Denver, CO LIV SIR broker, Tom Day, poses in front of his ‘Catch and Release’ snow sculpture at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships.


2.28.18 / Castle Pines, CO LIV SIR brokers, Laurie Brennan and Caitlin Brennan, host the Brennan Design Event, including a design panel and luncheon, at the Castle Pines Country Club.


2.27.18 / Breckenridge, CO LIV SIR brokers and staff warmly welcome a furry visitor to the Breckenridge office.


3.5.18 / Reno, NV LIV SIR’s sister company, Sierra Sotheby’s International Realty, celebrates the grand opening of their Reno office with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


2.21.18 / Fort Collins, CO LIV SIR broker, Maria Vitale, speaks as a guest panelist at the 2018 Real Estate Summit. 303.893.3200 121

LIV Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 1 2018  

Volume 4, Issue 1 of LIV Magazine features homes that define the flawless expectations of Colorado’s ultra-luxury market through art, archit...

LIV Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 1 2018  

Volume 4, Issue 1 of LIV Magazine features homes that define the flawless expectations of Colorado’s ultra-luxury market through art, archit...