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Five Interior Design Trends For the Home this Winter with Heidi Sherrat

Gateway To The Gunnison Valley

Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport Improves Passenger Experience

Places We LIV to Love Reasons why we Love to Live Here

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s we approach the winter season, I can’t help but be astonished at how fast 2021 has gone. The seasons, each unique in their own ways, almost blend together as I reminisce of this years’ achievements, and I find myself repeatedly asking “what month is it?!”. 2021 has been fast and furious, but filled with so much to be thankful for. After a 15-year career in real estate sales, 13 of which have been spent with Sotheby’s International Realty, I was honored to be given the opportunity to expand upon my business and become the Managing Broker for the LIV Sotheby’s Crested Butte office. Consistently ranked as the #1 brokerage in Gunnison County, and surrounded by the top professionals in my industry, this opportunity was both exciting and daunting. But I took a deep breath, dove right in, and didn’t look back. With over 45 years of combined experience, the Realtors in the Crested Butte office exemplify professionalism. The level of honesty, integrity, grit, and support that exists in this office and within the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is inspiring, and the results speak for themselves. Every salebig or small- is handled with care from start to finish, and each transaction results in relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. I’m privileged to be able to “pay forward” the support that I’ve been given throughout the years, and to lead such a fine group of individuals to the next level. As you read through the pages of this magazine, it’s clear that the LIV Sotheby’s Crested Butte office is a local community of Realtors with global reach. We love our community, we love our clients, and we love what we do…at the highest level. Enjoy the winter season, and we look forward to seeing you on the slopes this winter!


Jaima Giles-Alsum Managing Broker | 970.349.6653 3

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The Places We LIV to Love Reasons why we love to live here


Interior Design Five interior design trends for the home this winter


Gateway to the Gunnison Valley Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport renovation improves passenger experience


Artist Spotlight: Austin Pedersen Local landscape and adventure photographer capture's Mother Nature's canvas


Winter Adventure Guide Six ideas for your winter activity list


Martket Report A year-to-date market analysis from January through September 2021


Property Showcase Local listings and new developments


Agent Directory Your local real estate experts


Event Calendar Local events from November through April 5

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Story by Kendra Walker

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friendly service

Reasons Why We Love to Live Here

here are so many reasons to love Crested Butte

local establishments that help keep this town spinning for

and the entire Gunnison Valley. And while

residents, visitors, and everyone in-between.

we’ve got some of the most breathtaking views

We asked our LIV Sotheby’s International Realty team

and a nd explorable trails in the country, it’s the hard-working

in Crested Butte for their favorite local restaurants, shops,

and fun-loving characters that make up our charming

and nonprofits around town. Why do these spots make the

and quirky community. This community is there for each

Gunnison Valley feel like home? Here are some highlights of

other through thick and thin, and we love to support our

the places we love to support:

Featured Restaurant The Sunflower This one was a clear favorite amongst our agents, and this highly

menu that it is constantly changing with seasonal offerings. The

reviewed farm to table restaurant is a beloved “treat yourself”

dishes are prepared in a fresh, innovative way that awakens your

experience in Crested Butte. “Great atmosphere, great food, and

taste buds and delights the senses!”

great service,” says Martin Spencer.

Tara Spencer agrees, “I love that they source their ingredients

Look for the quaint, friendly yellow building along Elk, which

from local farms, changing the menu with season availability. Small

offers cozy ambience and engaging, hospitable staff. A rotating

plates are served family style, with impeccable attention to detail of

seasonal menu supports local farmers, ranging from fresh salads

the presentation while also challenging your palate and introducing

and hearty soups made from local produce to splurge-worthy

you to new flavor combinations. The ambiance is quaint and warm,

entrees featuring pasture-fed, humanely treated meats.

and the restaurant has a hip energy and vibe. We usually just say

“I love the atmosphere. The staff is amazing, they create the

‘feed us and pair the wine,’ entrusting the knowledgeable servers

most spectacular dining experience every time,” says Nikki Pulitzer.

to pick the meal for us!”

“And the food is mouthwatering. Sunflower delivers a farm to table

Photo courtesy of The Sunflower

Featured Adult Drink The Public House For a night-out beverage, our agents love to pop over to the Public House. ”The Public House is a great place to grab a drink and catch some live music,” says Tucker Brown. This modern Colorado saloon offers a welcoming atmosphere with rustic, mountain deco and a music venue and stage downstairs in the cellar level. Thirst-quenching beer is always on tap, including local Irwin Brewing Company, along with specialty cocktails. They even have homemade root beer for the kiddos. Photo courtesy of Public House 7

Featured Non-Alcoholic Drink Camp 4 Coffee Anyone in this town will tell you, Camp 4 is a Crested Butte staple. Between the iconic and whimsical license plate-covered building, to

can also venture over to Camp 4’s second location in CB South for a chance to see the roasting and bagging in action.

the sociable baristas, to the excellent small batch coffee, you can’t

“First of all, it is nostalgic,” says Nikki Pulitzer. “My whole family

go wrong for your next cup of Joe. Our agents love getting their

have been patrons since the ‘90s. The way that Al roasts his beans

daily fix here (and it’s not just because it’s a short walk across the

is rich, strong, and so tasty, you really become addicted to the

street, says Jill Matlock). Owner Al Smith keeps his roasting recipe

aroma and flavors. The baristas always have a smile on their face

top-secret, and is passionate and dedicated to helping the people of

and know how to make the exact perfect specialty coffee or tea."

Crested Butte get through their day with a warm cup of coffee. You // Photo courtesy of Nia Morales

Featured Local Shops Misty Mountain Floral Scout Walton recommends Misty Mountain Floral, a florist and flower boutique for everyday occasions and special events. Owner Keli Massey draws inspiration from the Valley’s mountain landscape and utilizes native wildflowers in her rustic arrangements. “Keli Massey is a real florist pro,” says Scout. “She always has a great selection of arrangements large or small for every occasion and some hilarious greeting cards.” Photo courtesy of Misty Mountain Floral


Little Sparrow Little Sparrow is Tara Spencer’s go-to. “You would never guess when you walk in that it is a consignment store,” she says. Family owned and operated, Little Sparrow includes a hand-picked inventory of women’s and children’s clothing, toys, room decor, and unique gifts. “Erica Woodward has beautifully unveiled her creative energy into making her shop an enchanting shopping experience,” says Tara. “Little Sparrow accepts only the highest quality clothing, gear, and home decor pieces. Little Sparrow carries men, women and children’s sizes, so there is always a treasure to find for everyone in your family. I always recommend this store as a first stop shop if you are visiting and realize your kid outgrew his ski pants, or you left a glove on the bus, or you didn’t realize you needed a fleece after dinner in the summer!” Photo courtesy of Eric Phillips

Mabuhay Cathy Benson loves a visit to Mabuhay, which specializes in Asian imports with an emphasis on antiquities, handcrafted jewelry, art, interior design, and furniture. “Mabuhay always has unique gifts, clothing, art, and jewelry,” she says. “Long-time locals traveling the world to share their treasures with all of us!" Photo courtesy of Nia Morales | 970.349.6653 9

Featured Non-Profits // Adaptive Sports Center & Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation Among the many cherished nonprofits in the Gunnison Valley is the Adaptive Sports Center, a therapeutic recreation program that operates year-round to provide adaptive activities for groups and individuals. “I love Adaptive Sports,” says Tucker Brown. “They do a lot of good, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.” The Adaptive Sports Center works with anyone with any type of disability, and each year nearly 800 individuals from all over the U.S. and overseas come to Crested Butte to participate in Adaptive’s programs and activities. Adaptive’s new Kelsey Wright building is located at the base area right off the ski slopes, and hosts groups onsite complete with lodging. Activities range from skiing and ice climbing to mountain biking and kayaking, and many Crested Butte locals love volunteering their time to assist with the outdoor activities. “I love seeing the volunteers and participants out skiing and mountain biking!” says Tara Spencer. “I also believe that their organization is well-run financially seeing as their latest building renovation was on time and under budget.” This winter on the mountain, look for Adpative’s instructors and volunteers in green jackets and give them a friendly wave, and consider donating to help support the organization’s lifechanging mission. Photo courtesy of Adaptive Snow Sports Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation (CBSF) provides financial support for the youth in the Gunnison Valley in their pursuit of recreational opportunities and experiences. Through scholarships, grants, and support of partner programs, CBSF aims to make snowsports accessible and inclusive for all youth in the Gunnison Valley. In addition to real estate, Jill Matlock serves on the CBSF board. “Because I am passionate about skiing and what it has done for me, and because Crested Butte is a ‘ski town,’ I believe all the youth of this valley should have the opportunity to get out in the snow and SKI!” she says. “Whether it’s alpine skiing on the mountain, Nordic skiing on the trails, skinning up the resort, or heading out into the backcountry, the CBSF is here to provide financial support for the youth of this valley, from Gunnison to Gothic, in their pursuit of sportsmanship, passion, excellence, and discipline through snowsports experiences.” Help support the student athletes in the community, and consider becoming a member to support CBSF’s mission. Photo courtesy of Jill Sickels Matlock 10



Story by Kendra Walker

trends for the home this winter


hether you’re settling into a new place, revamping your current space, or somewhere inbetween, there’s nothing better than making your house uniquely your home. The LIV Sotheby’s I n t e r n a t i o n a l Re a l t y team in Crested Butte loves collaborating with designers in the G u n n i s o n Va l l e y t o share ideas on what current and prospective

homeowners are looking for in their overall winter home style and aesthetic. Heidi Sherrat Bogart, owner, and Kelly Gallen, full-time designer of Crested Butte’s Interior Visions share some of the latest interior design trends in home builds and remodels the team has been working on in the Valley and what we can expect to see in the cozy homes of Crested Butte this winter.

Things are warming up, and in general everything has a warmer, earthier feel.

Heidi Sherrat // Owner and Designer at Interior Visions 13

Textured walls & Warm Whites “We’re seeing more wallpaper like we’ve never seen it before,” says Heidi, noting the rise in popularity of wallpapers with textures. “People are gravitating toward really fun textures, using the wallpaper for an accent wall and playing into that modern, natural feel.” Heidi has noticed a lot of textures with tiling as well. Monochromatic tile, consisting of one color or hue, in bathrooms has been a favorite. “Monochromatic tiles have a lot of texture to them, they’re the same color but it’s the texture that makes it interesting,” she says. “People are mixing up different sizes, or maybe one wall is decorative tile and everything else is monochromatic.” For painting, Heidi notes that she’s seeing more and more muted, watered-down colors. Another common move is to paint walls with warm whites or off-whites, as well as for the door and window trims. “That’s been fairly popular and continues to be,” says Heidi.


Colorful Cabinets & Quartize Countertops Quartzite continues to be popular for countertops, says Heidi. “It’s a natural stone that is really strong, and it has that marble feel to it. But it’s better to use it for countertops because it’s a lot stronger.” Heidi has also noticed fewer gray countertops. “Which can have a utilitarian, cold feel to them. We’re now seeing warmer browns and creams being mixed in more,” she says. One trend that has emerged is cabinets in mixed colors. “We’re seeing a lot of unique mixes of colors in the kitchen with stained and painted cabinets, where some cabinets are painted and some are not,” says Heidi.

Organic & Natural Elements



Interior design is taking inspiration from Mother Nature right now and pulling from many of the natural aspects that have drawn so many of us to the Gunnison Valley in the first place. “We’re definitely seeing a lot of organic, natural elements,” says Heidi. “Things are warming up, and in general everything has a warmer, earthier feel. The raw wood look has been very popular recently, and we’re using a lot of natural stained woods and white oak floors that aren’t stained dark,” she says. Overall, “It’s a very clean, simple, natural, and slightly farmhouse-y feel with a more modern edge to it,” she says. “We’re seeing clean lines and finishes that are not over the top. It’s really setting the kind of vibe that you’re outside in your garden, you’re picking your lettuce, and then you go and make your big salad.” Additionally, Heidi notes that homeowners are paying more attention to environmentally friendly items and design elements that are made in the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Sheratt | 970.349.6653 15

Softer Light Fixtures & Cozy Decor To go along with the warm, organic feeling, folks are veering away from metal light fixtures and replacing them with woven, wicker, and fabric fixtures. “We’re seeing fixtures that look like woven baskets,” says Heidi. “It’s almost a little bit of that beachy vibe.” As for textiles and furniture, Heidi says her team is also doing a lot of custom furniture that mixes in soft textiles and wool fabric. “Bedding is trending toward washed linen, wools, and beautiful textiles that feel really natural and organic. Things that are warm and cozy and natural-feeling,” she says. “Especially in the winter months, people are using a lot of really pretty fabrics, pillows, and throws that are cozy and inviting.”


Creative Outdoor Spaces & home offices With a stunning backyard like the Gunnison Valley, it’s no surprise that people are putting some thought and time into their outdoor spaces as well. From outdoor seating areas to built-in fire pits, to outdoor bocce ball courts, Heidi says homeowners are getting creative and are really trying to use their outdoor spaces more to their fullest. When it comes to new homes, Heidi notes that home office spaces are mostly always part of the design. “New homes are definitely incorporating a designated office space,” says Heidi. “That’s been something we’ve done for a while, especially since COVID, that people are pretty adamant about having. So many of our part-time homeowners are now becoming full-time homeowners. They want to be in Crested Butte full-time where they can work from here, put their kids in school here, and can go outside.” But it’s not just designated office rooms, folks are also mixing in small workspaces in multiple places within the house. “Maybe they’re adding a little desk area in a master bedroom or in the kitchen,” says Heidi. She notes that a lot of homeowners are considering the needs of their visitors and incorporating desks into guest rooms. “We haven’t really done that before, but these smaller workspaces are very thought-out.”

Photo by Eric Phillips | 970.349.6653 17

18 Images courtesy of John Cattles & GUC

Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport Renovation Improves Passenger Experience Story by KENDRA WALKER

Jon Cattles // Gunnison County Sustainable Operations Director


appening this winter, the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport (GUC) will transform into a reimagined space ready to welcome a new wave of visitors and residents to the Gunnison Valley. Crews are hard at work to bring the $24 million airport renovation to the finish line and once complete, passengers can expect a modernized terminal and overall improved experience from arrival to departure. The 40-year-old facility is getting a much-needed makeover - from an updated exterior, more efficient arrival process, a remodeled interior, and a more energy efficient building. The goal of the project remains steadfast in improving passenger flow and passenger experience. “Our North Star is the passenger experience,” says John Cattles, Gunnison County Sustainable Operations Director.

Over the last 10 years, the airport has experienced steady traffic and is considered one of the nation's 400 primary commercial airports, with 30,000-50,000 passenger traffic enplanements each year. According to a recent study by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), GUC’s economic impacts to the region are significant, contributing 1,000 jobs, $44 million in payroll, $71 million in value added re-spending and $121 million in related business revenues to the surrounding community. The $24 million airport project will be debt free, made possible by a surprise $18 million grant from the federal CARES Act stimulus bill, and additional funds from the federal Airport Improvement Program. Thanks to these funds, the full scale of much-needed renovations and improvements are now possible, helping the airport reach its full potential for locals and visitors alike.


Interior Improvements While the building envelope will stay fairly similar to the existing 34,800-square-foot building, the additional usable floor space will increase significantly, says Cattles. The improvements will add 5,000 square feet of space and expand the usable floor space on the upper level. “For the customer experience, the building is going to be 50 percent larger,” says Cattles. And while many of the improvements will be visually obvious to guests, Cattles notes that people might not necessarily notice many of the details designed to make the airport more reliable and efficient. This includes the replacement of the baggage handling systems and jet bridges, which were used equipment from the Stapleton Airport. “We’re catching up with the world right now,” says Cattles. “A lot of these things people take for granted, like jet bridges and loading belts, things you don’t notice unless they’re broken.” For arriving passengers, the ticket hall will be reworked for functional and efficient passenger flow. This includes the addition of a baggage belt for customers to leave their bag with the ticketing agent. “It’s eliminating all the cross traffic we have now,” says Cattles. “It’s a better process for the customer.” Other additions include new carpeting over the existing concrete floor, sound mitigation panels in the ticketing area, and more circulation space added to the baggage claim area. Cattles notes that the baggage claim area will now have room for a food truck for coffee and snacks. “We’re not sure there’s a demand for that yet, but we will try to develop that to serve the need in the future as well.” The security area, which was originally added after 9/11, will expand significantly with screening almost twice as large as the current space. The queuing line will be more efficient and include a TSA pre-check line. “It will be more comfortable for passengers as they prepare for boarding. The whole thing will move faster through security because there’s more room for everyone, including TSA, to operate,” says Cattles. 20

Images courtesy of John Cattles & GUC

Post security, Cattles says travelers can look forward to many more amenities that weren’t available in the old terminal. Passengers will be able to take advantage of the expanded floor plate with a restaurant and bar, comfortable “living room” seating area, interactive kids’ play garden, escalators to the upper level, and full restroom suites. “We will have a family restroom and a room for nursing mothers as well,” says Cattles. The restaurant and bar will have quick service food and a grab-and-go section, with the ability to expand in the future if needed. Cattles says the goal is to try to solicit local restaurants to operate in the space during peak flight windows. Exterior Improvements “Architecturally, the building is not changing much,” says Cattles. “We wanted to stick with the simple building design, but it will look a lot cleaner and include more durable materials. It will have an updated look, with a new roof and siding as well.” Both the curbside drop-off and parking will be covered, and the parking has been moved closer to the terminal. “If you’ve ever arrived in Gunnison and had to shovel snow off your car, the covered parking will be a huge upgrade,” says Cattles. Additional landscaping and small shady areas with benches are also included in the design. “Whether you’re arriving or departing, we don’t want it to look like a big sea of asphalt, so we’re going to soften that approach to the building and make it more welcoming,” says Cattles. “We want it to be an inviting outside place for people to wait for their ride or before going inside to catch their flight.” Cattles notes that a bus stop area will also be included to accommodate future public transit, should the Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) choose to include a stop at the airport at some point in time. An additional building has been built to store all the ground service equipment, such as baggage carts, and is prepared for the eventuality that the equipment becomes electric, says Cattles. | 970.349.6653 21

Energy Efficient A renovation wouldn’t be complete without the addition of environmentally friendly features, which will significantly improve the airport's energy efficiency. Added insulation, geothermal heat pumps, and a solar array on the covered parking will contribute to a net-zero energy use goal. Electrical and mechanical systems, which have reached the end of their useful life, will be upgraded. Cattles forecasts the gross energy use to be less than half of the current building. “We expect to drop our energy use significantly. It made sense to improve the envelope while we have the building under construction and bring it up to meet or exceed the current energy codes.” Electric vehicle charging stations will also be stationed in the parking lot, and Cattles says that a LEED designation will be pursued after the building’s completion. Finishing Touches The airport’s theme will focus on trails, outdoors, and authenticity. “We really tried to make that our design cue,” says Cattles. “The Gunnison Valley is real and authentic, so the airport has got to be real and authentic.” Materials for the design are inspired by the natural surroundings and the local character of the Gunnison Valley which includes stone, oak, log, leather, earth tone colors, metals, and glass. Reclaimed steel and timber materials will be used as focal points around the entrance to the terminal, as a nod to the area’s ranching heritage. Brightly colored panels on the ceiling will match the quirky homes and shops found along Elk Avenue. Art installations throughout the building will reflect the community’s love for the trails and outdoors, with airport signage modeled after the U.S. Forest Service signs found throughout the Valley. A large feature wall will display a wooden 3D topography map of Gunnison County. “It’s a really beautiful art piece as well as a map,” Cattles says of the topography feature. “It came out of this idea that our place is really what’s important around here, it shows the 22

Images courtesy of John Cattles & GUC

vastness of the county. We want visitors to realize everything they may have missed so they come back.” Cattles notes that the airport hopes to collaborate with local and regional artists for the art installations. “We’re seeking art that represents that authentic feeling and captures those outdoor connections.” Timeline Construction is still in full swing, and like many building projects both in the Gunnison Valley and nationally, the airport has experienced some delays. Interior improvements are slated for completion by February or March. “By then we should have the interior of the building operating for the passenger experience at full capacity and working the way we want it,” says Cattles. Until then, flight service will continue as normal, and passengers can expect temporary changes to the arrival and departure flow during construction. “We ask that folks be patient as we’re working to get this to a higher comfort level in the interim,” says Cattles. “We’re doing our best to make that in-between experience a little better and ultimately shorten any inconveniences as much as possible.” Despite all the challenges in the schedule, “The budget looks good, and we’ve been able to avoid a lot of cost impacts,” says Cattles. “We’re going to be able to finish the building the way we want to and maintain the integrity of our vision. We’ll be able to ensure this facility is finished to the state we think this community is worthy of.” The Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport upgrades are anticipated for final completion in July, just in time to greet the full swing of summer in the Gunnison Valley. For updates on the airport’s progress, visit


virtual experience!


Photography quickly became the only reason I would go on a hike. Now I can’t imagine spending my time doing anything else.

Photo by Hayden Kast



Local Artist Captures Mother Nature's Canvas

t took a global pandemic for Austin Pedersen to realize his love for photography. “I really had nothing but time,” he says, on being gifted a camera in February 2020, right before the Coronavirus hit Gunnison County. “I already loved hiking all the time, and photography just added a new element and challenge to it. Photography quickly became the only reason I would go on a hike. Now I can’t imagine spending my time doing anything else.” Born and raised in Kansas, the now adventure and landscape photographer felt the pull of the mountains and moved to Gunnison in January 2019. “At that point I hadn’t started any

by Kendra Walker

photography yet, I just knew I wanted to be in Colorado and the mountains,” he says. Still exploring his calling, Austin then attended barber school in Colorado Springs and bounced around other Colorado mountain towns working various odd jobs. Soon after he was gifted his camera, the pandemic shutdown was in full force so he began to teach himself the art of photography. With a little help from some of his buddies, also photographers, Austin developed his skills and a love for taking photos quickly ensued. “With that my whole life and trajectory changed. I lived out of my Jeep for three months that year just taking photos,” he recalls. After experiencing other mountain towns, Austin knew the Gunnison Valley was his favorite


I can’t think of anywhere better to live. The Valley, in my opinion, is the best place to be in Colorado.

Photo by Will Haack


and he eventually found his way back here. “I can’t think of anywhere better to live. The Valley, in my opinion, is the best place to be in Colorado,” he says. “And the beauty of this valley is hard to beat - the summer is very unique with all the wildflowers and how colorful it is, and the fall colors are insane. There are a lot of different opportunities in the backcountry and Crested Butte Mountain Resort has some of the most extreme ski terrain in the state. Winter is a different monster for me because I haven’t spent much time in places that get so much snow. The amount of snow we get here to me is mind blowing. It’s just like living inside of a snow globe.” Austin’s love for the area shines through in his photographs, as they capture the spectacular landscapes of the Gunnison Valley and beyond. He playfully calls himself a certified light chaser, and his photos validate his knack for catching those “right time, right places.” He says Mother Nature’s canvas is the inspiration for his style. “I try to capture scenes that look like paintings, I’m inspired by big landscape paintings, like Bob Ross paintings,” he says. “I want my photos to mirror that feel and look.” Austin is also inspired to tell a story through each of his photos, and looks up to other landscape photographers with storytelling styles, like Chris Burkard. “He is one of my inspirations because of his storytelling and the adventures he goes on. I would love to be known for that, not just for the beautiful photos but for the stories that go with them.” Despite the fact that he’s only owned a camera for a year and a half, Austin has dedicated all of his energy into fulltime photography and is grateful for the opportunities it has allowed him to experience. Landscape photography is his first love, but he also looks forward to partnerships and projects in the future that will allow him to travel and document unique events.

Photo by Julio Diez

Photography has also helped him get to know the area’s hidden gems very well. “Photography has really connected me to this Valley and I’ve learned more about it and explored a lot of places I normally wouldn’t have gone without a camera,” he says. “It’s given me a new outlook on the Valley in general, as I seek different things to photograph. It’s such a versatile place to be with a camera, which has really helped me grow my craft. I don’t think I would have had the same drive or ambition to put so much time and effort into photography otherwise. Just being here in the Valley with where it’s situated and its ease of access is inspiring in itself.” Austin recalls one of the most memorable photos he’s taken here. “I got to take a flight over the Valley, we circled around the Maroon Bells and back. We were somewhere over Gothic and I got this shot looking back at Mt. Crested Butte. It was right at sunrise, and the valley was completely covered in snow, it was just beautiful,” he says. “Everything had to be perfect with

Photo by Austin Pedersen

that one shot - the plane’s position, the angle, the lighting, my camera settings - it was just three seconds, I snapped and then we kept moving. In the moment you don’t know if you’re going to get it right. It’s the shot that I wanted more than anything else that day, and I got it. It’s one of my favorite photos.” Austin is happy this is now home for him. “I love the people here and there’s a lot of like-minded people that just want to be outside, have fun in the mountains, and do what you have to do to make that happen,” he says. “This valley has definitely changed my life in a pretty dramatic way. It gave me a whole new outlook on life. I’m spending my time doing what I want to do, being in the mountains, hiking, biking, photography, not chasing money or in the grind of it all. I think I’ve found my home for a long time.”

I think I've found my home for a long time.

See Austin’s work on the cover, pages 50 & 51, at or follow him on Instagram at @austinpedersen_ | 970.349.6653 27

ideas for your



Become Avalanche Aware Looking to go off-piste and explore the incredible backcountry ski terrain the Crested Butte area has to offer? First thing’s first, know before you go. The Crested Butte Avalanche Center advises backcountry users to recreate responsibly by seeking education, resources, and snow forecasts prior to venturing out on the trails. Irwin Guides offers avalanche training courses to help you develop skills and knowledge to make smart decisions in the backcountry. Using the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) curriculum, Irwin’s AIARE trained, and certified instructors teach beginner to advanced level avalanche courses throughout the winter, including Level 1, Level 2, and Refresher courses. To register for a course, visit avalanche-education To view the daily avalanche report and forecast: Photo courtesy of CBAC

Enjoy Live Mountain Music Opportunities to hear live music in Crested Butte do not slow down in the winter, and this year is no exception! Many of the fine establishments along Elk Avenue offer live music and showcase local and traveling talent, including The Princess Wine Bar, Public House, and The Eldo. The Center for the Arts’ new building and state-of-the-art Steddy Theatre is equipped for all your live music needs, from intimate solo concerts, to jam band dance parties. This winter’s lineup of talented, nationally recognized musicians includes performances from Leftover Salmon, The Motet, The Wood Brothers, Keller Williams, Anders Osborne + Jackie Greene, and much more! For more information about this year’s lineup at the Center, visit | 970.349.6653 29

Nordic Ski the Alleys of Crested Butte Experience the true spirit of Crested Butte with the Crested Butte Nordic Center’s Alley Loop Nordic Marathon! As one of the Gunnison Valley’s most celebrated costume parties of the year, the course winds through the snowy alleyways, streets, and bridges of downtown Crested Butte. This event is fun for all ages and abilities, participants can choose from several lengths: the 42K Classic, 21K Classic, 10K, 5K, 3K, or 1K courses. No matter which you choose, bring the whole family to race or spectate, and don’t forget your costume! To register for the Alley Loop, visit Photo courtesy of Xavier Fane

Explore the Snowy Wilderness by Horseback Looking for an unforgettable way to get around in the snow? Try riding the backcountry trails by horseback with Fantasy Ranch Horseback Adventures. Located at Almont Resort in the winter, Fantasy Ranch’s experienced wranglers and horses will take you on a snowy adventure through the mountains and valleys of the Gunnison Valley. A winter horseback ride wouldn’t be complete without hot cocoa by the fire, and feeding the horses treats following your outing. To schedule a ride, visit


Mush Your Way Through the Backcountry Adventure in the backcountry with style! Dogsledding is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, fun for all ages and abilities. Cosmic Cruisers Sled Dog Tours offers dog sledding tours through the wilderness just outside Crested Butte. With over 14 years of experience, the Cosmic Cruisers guides love sharing their passion for running dogs. Learn the basics of mushing and running a team of huskies in the heart of Gunnison National Forest. To schedule a tour, visit

Dine in a Magical Yurt You’re in for a unique treat with an evening of dining at the Magic Meadows Yurt! Brought to you by the Crested Butte Nordic Center, the Magic Meadows Yurt is the ultimate snowglobe experience: skiing in the woods under the stars followed by an evening of libations, fine dining, and live music by the fire. Meet with Crested Butte Nordic Center’s friendly guides to ski or snowshoe to the yurt, then enjoy the yurt’s cozy atmosphere with specialty cocktails from Montanya Distillery and a gourmet meal from local private chef Tim Egelhoff. To make a reservation, visit Photo courtesy of Xavier Fane | 970.349.6653 31

Crested Butte MARKET UPDATE by Ingrid Palmer

January-September 2021



rested Butte, located in north-

back hundreds of years to the original Ute

quarters of 2020. Gunnison County had

central Gunnison County,

population. Ranching and mining ruled

a strong showing between January and

receives an average of 300

the region before skiing became the

September, with an overall 60.5% increase

inches of snow per year and is known

predominant industry, luring tourists from

in properties sold over this time last year.

for its challenging ski slopes and 1,200+

Denver and beyond. Today, both Crested

Every neighborhood saw an increase in

miles of trails. Dubbed “The Wildflower

Butte and Gunnison are known for their

the number of sold listings, ranging from

Capital of Colorado,” Crested Butte

historic downtown squares with shopping,

a 67.4% increase in the Town of Crested

and its surrounding wilderness provide

museums and a range of dining options.

Butte to a 139.4% increase in Crested

gorgeous vistas and flowering meadows

It is no surprise that the county has

Butte South. The total dollar volume sold

throughout the warm summer months.

seen a steady influx of potential buyers

in the region grew an incredible 123.1%,

For locals, life here centers around the

cruise into town hoping to own a slice

from $291,906,760 to $651,293,514.

endless outdoor recreational activities in

of this mountain wonderland. The Micro

As the exodus from large cities and

any season—hiking, biking, skiing, water

Market Report produced by LIV Sotheby’s

congested suburbs continues, a desire to

sports at Blue Mesa Reservoir, and more.

International Realty analyzes the real

own something off the beaten path fueled

The County of Gunnison, which includes

estate market for the first three quarters

competition for Crested Butte properties

Crested Butte, has a rich history dating

of 2021 compared to the first three

in the first three quarters of 2021. Single

Based on data from the Gunnison – Crested Butte Association of REALTORS® MLS, Colorado Real Estate Network (CREN). Verify with a local REALTOR®. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Data maintained by CREN MLS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.

LIV Sotheby's Internatonal Realty produces Micro Market Reports on a quarterly basis. The Featured data represents Year-to-Date data from January-September 2021. To view the entire market report, visit

Gunnison County All Properties

January through September

Town of Crested Butte All Properties



% Change

Sold Listings (All)




Average Price

Sold Single Family




Sold Condos/TH




Average Days on Market










Average Price % Sold Price to List Price

$291,906,760 $651,293,514

Total Dollar Volume Sold


January through September



% Change




Average Price per Square Foot




Average Days on Market













Highest Price Properties Sold % Sold Price to List Price

Mt. Crested Butte All Properties

January through September Average Price Average Price per Square Foot Average Days on Market Highest Price Properties Sold % Sold Price to List Price

Crested Butte South All Properties



% Change

January through September




Average Price




Average Price per Square Foot




Average Days on Market




Highest Price




Properties Sold




% Sold Price to List Price



% Change



















family homes were especially popular, but condominiums and

some neighborhoods, others saw dramatic increases in the number

townhomes also sold well. Land sales went like hotcakes in all

of properties sold, specifically a 433.3% increase in the number of

areas except the City of Gunnison, which saw a 50% decrease in

residential and commercial lots sold in Mt. Crested Butte compared

land sales. However, the City of Gunnison also experienced the

to last year, from 9 to 48. In Rural Crested Butte, the highest price

highest price increase—at 340%—for a single land parcel sold.

paid for a parcel of land over 10 acres was $4.3 million—an incredible

Despite the overall rise in housing and land prices across most of

increase of 224.5%. In Almont & Rural Gunnison, condominium and

Gunnison County, properties in some neighborhoods didn’t sell as

townhome sales rose 200% over the same time frame last year. All

fast as they did over the same time frame in 2020. Even though the

this market activity shows that Gunnison County, like other Colorado

average number of days a property stayed on the market increased in

resort communities, remains a popular choice for buyers in 2021.

The number of properties sold in the City of Gunnison increased by 38.9% January through September 2021 compared to that of 2020.

Property Showcase


ocated at the foot of the Elk Mountains and incorporated in 1880, the Town of Crested Butte is a National Historic District that rests at an elevation of 8,885 feet . Explorer Ferdinand Hayden referred to the dominant peak guarding the residents as a “crested butte,” and the namesake was born. In the late 1800’s Crested Butte thrived as a coal-producing supply town to the many mining camps nearby, which attracted a mix of immigrant workers from Europe, especially the Slavic countries. Colorado Fuel & Iron was the dominant employer at the time operating mines whose names are familiar to skiers; Jokerville, Keystone, Twister, and Peanut. By the late 1950’s, the mines closed and the tracks of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad were pulled up making way for a new era built on another plentiful resource; snow. The Crested Butte ski area opened in 1961 and serves as one of the primary economic drivers of the Valley. With skiing came a new breed of local leaders who diversified the town’s identity to include cultural heritage. The town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has received state and national accolades for historic preservation. In addition, demand for the “off season” grew such that the Town’s summer sales tax revenues have outpaced the winter. A diverse collection of restaurants, bars and shops animate Elk Avenue, which are complimented by an amazing line-up of special events, long-running festivals—Wildflower, Arts, Music, Film— athletic competitions—Grand Traverse, Alley Loop, Chainless Race— and regular programming offered by a host of local nonprofits—Center for the Arts, Mountain Theatre, Land Trust, Mountain Bike Association, Nordic Center, KBUT Radio. Other drivers of the Crested Butte socio-economic scene include the acclaimed Crested Butte Community School, Western Colorado University, Gunnison Valley Hospital, the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport and now mountain biking and hiking trails. •



and surrounding neighborhoods


Map not to scale.

1st St

1st St

Ha laz on Dit ch

5th St

4th St

3rd St

2nd St Red Lady Ave

Crested Butte Town Park

7th St 7th St

2nd St

1st St



gh w

13 5

Eighth St

6th St

5th St

4th St Red Lady Ave

Bellview Ave

Whiterock Ave

5th St

Whiterock Ave

2nd St Sopris Ave

6th St

Sopris Ave

Elk Ave

Eighth St

Elk Ave

Maroon Ave

Eighth St

6th St

5th St

4th St

3rd St

Crested Butte Community School

Red Lady Ave

Bellview Ave

Whiterock Ave

Sopris Ave

McCormick Ranch Rd

Rainbow Park

Gothic Ave

Teocalli Ave

Butte Ave

Nineth St

Beckwith Ave

Ruth’s Rd

Elk Ave

Maroon Ave

Rd Teocalli Ave

7th St

Maroon Ave


Gothic Ave


Gothic Ave

Teocalli Ave


Teocalli Ave


Butte Ave

Creek Coal

Butte Ave

Tenth St

Nineth St


223 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte 7,312 SQFT | $9,250,000 223 Elk Avenue, home to the Brick Oven Pizzeria & Pub, is a landmark community gathering place in the heart of Crested Butte. Located on the “sunny side” of Elk Avenue’s core business district, the property, built in 2006, has been meticulously maintained by its original owners and offers unrivaled potential with no historical limitations or deed restrictions. Situated on two town lots, the building encompasses over 7,300 square feet with four income producing office spaces and an established restaurant and bar built to perfection with the community’s best beer selection. The outdoor patio offers an additional 1700+ square feet of enjoyable space. With ample seating and a wrap-around gazebo/bar, locals and tourists are often seen basking in the sun enjoying pizza and libations after a long day of skiing or biking! Move right in and take advantage of the building’s current successes…or create your own within this iconic Crested Butte location! Jaima Giles | 970.275.9357 & Betsy Wiebe | 970.209.8643 MLS 787649 | 970.349.6653 37


113 Fourth Street, Crested Butte 5 BD | 6 BA | 2,821 SQFT | $5,195,000 An amazing mountain modern home design-build by Midtown Mountain is underway and set for summer 2022! 113 Fourth St. enjoys commanding views of Mt Crested Butte to the East and Mt Emmons to the West. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 786349

922 Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte 4 BD | 6 BA | 3,400 SQFT | $4,850,000 The Town of Crested Butte’s latest custom spec build, 922 Belleview is underway and scheduled for completion Fall of 2021. The location enjoys big time mountain views, excellent solar gain and a peaceful address on this quiet cul-de-sac street! Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 775047 38


215 Butte Avenue, Crested Butte 4 BD | 5 BA | 3,963 SQFT | $4,750,000 An absolutely incredible location in Crested Butte, 215 Butte borders open spaces and enjoys stunning and forever protected views of the Paradise Divide mountains, Gothic Mountain, Mt. Crested Butte and the Slate River valley. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 783373

222 Whiterock Avenue, Crested Butte 5 BD | 3 BA | 3,019 SQFT | $2,998,000 222 Whiterock is a brand new, just finished, custom built home in the historic district of downtown Crested Butte. An amazing location, two blocks from the center of town, near all of the dining, shops and amenities on Elk Avenue. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 785959 | 970.349.6653 39


503 Whiterock Avenue, Crested Butte 3 BD | 3.5 BA | 1,857 SQFT | $2,322,000 The Mariposa Lily Cottage at Academy Place features vaulted ceilings, beautiful designer furnishings and decor, a chef’s kitchen that opens to the dining and living area and three well-appointed bedroom suites with attached baths. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 782764

507 Whiterock Avenue, Crested Butte 3 BD | 3.5 BA | 1,846 SQFT | $2,308,000 The Valerian Cottage is a special ownership opportunity located in one of the most beautiful historic mountain towns, Academy Place is Crested Butte’s newest enclave of thoughtfully designed upscale cottages and condos. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 782765 40


107 Gothic Avenue, Crested Butte 3 BD | 3 BA | 2,044 SQFT | $1,925,000 Built in 1926, the Historic Byouk House is one of 20+ homes built by the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, then Crested Butte’s largest employer and is located in the desirable West End of Town. Scout Walton | 970.846.3297 MLS 787874

405/407 & 409/411 Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte 0.36 ACRES | $1,920,000 This commercial and mixed-use development site including 5 adjacent Town lots is an ideal opportunity for a new commercial and residential complex in Crested Butte and is located in the center of Town. Sam Lumb | 970.275.2448 MLS 786191 | 970.349.6653 41


413 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte 1,529 SQFT | $1,800,000 An iconic address in the commercial core of the historic Town of Crested Butte, 413 Elk Avenue is currently home to a successful retail tenant, and the property offers the potential for future expansion and commercial or residential uses. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 787415

429 Maroon Avenue, Crested Butte 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,753 SQFT | $1,730,000 Charming home in the heart of Crested Butte! With incredible curb appeal and a convenient location 1 block from Elk Avenue, it’s impossible NOT to fall in love with this adorable bungalow! Will you be the next owner of this one of a kind CB home? Jaima Giles | 970.275.9357 MLS 787871 42


327 Elk Avenue Units 2 & 3, Crested Butte TWO CONDO UNITS | 2,112 SQFT | $1,395,000 Located on the top floor, Unit 3 is a four bedroom, two full bath, 1,583 square foot unit, offered fully furnished. Unit 2 is a one bedroom, one full bath, 529 square foot, ground level condo unit. Both units have off-street parking available. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 787750

405 First Street, Crested Butte 2 BD | 2 BA | 1,331 SQFT | $1,100,000 A rare opportunity to purchase a historic cabin in the heart of Crested Butte! Originally built in the 1800’s, this charming residence resides in the commercial/ residential core of Town, providing a buyer with multiple opportunities for use. Larry Neilson | 970.209.7849 MLS 786421 | 970.349.6653 43


714 Maroon Avenue, Crested Butte | SOLD 2 BD | 2 BA | 941 SQFT | $950,000 Great location in town with a commanding view of Crested Butte Mountain. Easy walking or biking distance from Elk Ave, 714 Maroon features an open kitchen and living area, a powder room, plus an extra living space on the first floor. Jill Sickels Matlock | 970.275.0595 MLS 784680

624 Butte Avenue, Crested Butte 0.136 ACRES | $729,000 Sam Lumb | 970.275.2448 MLS 766941

215 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte 2,529 SQFT | $410,000 Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 788480



Our mission is to provide financial support, emotional therapy, weekly homemade meals, transportation assistance, and more to cancer patients and their families.


Property Showcase


ising above Crested Butte by 500 vertical feet, the Town of Mt. Crested Butte (Mt. CB) lies across the Upper East River Valley from the protected West Elk Wilderness Area, where 6 of Colorado’s 54 fourteeners are located — Castle, Maroon, Capitol, Snowmass, Pyramid and North Maroon. These together with Gothic, Teocalli and the Town’s namesake peak wrap Mt. CB with dramatic panoramas. Approximately 800 people live in the Town, which was formed in 1974 to gain local governance at a time when development was taking off around the fledgling ski area. Skier visits peaked in the late 1990s with over 500,000 skier-days recorded thanks to the expansion of direct jet service into Gunnison, the local bed base and notoriety from Ski Free, ESPN X-Games, U.S. Extreme Skiing Championships and other events and promotions. Following family ownership during its first 57 years, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) is now owned by the publicly traded industry leader, Vail Resorts. Today, CBMR operates 15 lifts and 121 trails on 1,500+ acres in the winter and has a robust summer business built around mountain biking, scenic lift rides, zip line tours and other adventure activities. In addition, restaurants, shops, condominiums, hotels, lodges, summer concerts and mountain bike race series energize the base area. The concrete recreation path and Mountain Express connect Mt. CB to its older sister, three miles down Gothic Road (CR317). It should be noted two longstanding beacons of the community have targeted Mt. CB for their headquarters. The Adaptive Sports Center, delivering exceptional year-round adventure activities to people with disabilities since 1987, opened their $14 million administrative and programming building in 2019. The Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, active since 1928, is studying a new campus on the North Village parcel. •



and surrounding neighborhoods


R iver




xW ay




Cir ine te Sta


Pristine Pt Wy

Pristine Pt Dr

Peanut Ln

Nicholson Ln


eD r

Snodgrass Ln



Slate R iv

nix W ay



Smit h H il Rd

l Ro ad


e Got hic Rd

Gothic Rd Moon Ridge Ln


Mariposa Ln

ok ag

ra cit e Dr

Daisy Cir Aspen Ln

Red Lady Ln





Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Peakview Dr

Ridge Ln

Hunter Hill Rd Forest Ln

Summit Rd

Black Diamond Trace

Summit Rd














Timberland Dr

Rd hic Winterset Dr Gold Link Dr Got Anthracite Dr

Cinnamon Mountain Rd


Dr Copper Ln

spe ct Dr

spe ct Dr

Expert Trails

Intermediate Trails

Beginner Trails


Pr o

Walking Deer Ln

Appaloosa Rd







y Fo


Map not to scale.


G re


x La

Bear Scratch Ln

Kokanee Ln


Juneberry Ln

rlo ll Vi


Saddle Ridge Ranch Rd

O ve

Glacier Lily Way


Snowfall Dr Big Sky

Mineral Point

Buttercup Ln

Treasury Rd

Whetstone Rd

Morning Glory Way Sunflower Dr

Outrun Rd

Bellview Dr

Cockleburr Cir

Bitter Root Cir

Arrowhead Cir

Paradise Rd



Silver Ln


Pr o

Wildhorse Trail Stetson Dr

Deer Creek Cir


Peanut Lake


East Ln

Peeler Ln

Meridian Lake Dr



icholson Lake


Creek Cove

Stream View Ln


t ck C le Ro Cast

Lapis Ln

th An

Dr i te ra c

Meadow Ln

ic Rd Goth

Marc ellina Ln

Perry Creek St


Meadow Dr

ng lch


n aL llin rce Ma


d cR thi Go

d hi Gu

r ys t al

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Rd Rd

d r Hill

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pe AD IS




P s ro




13 Kokanee Lane, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD 6 BD | 6 BA | 6,377 SQFT | $5,500,000 13 Kokanee Lane in Prospect at Mt. Crested Butte could be one of the best ski in ski out designed homes in the area! This top of the line home is the product of Andrew Hadley Architecture and Hargrove Construction. Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 784687

39 Whetstone Road, Mt. Crested Butte 10 BD | 12 BA | 11,323 SQFT | $3,195,000 The Crested Butte Retreat, a special opportunity in the beautiful ski and summer resort of Crested Butte, is located on the flanks of stunning Mt. Crested Butte and just a short walk to the ski slopes and the evolving resort base area. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 778295 | 970.349.6653 49


63 Paradise Road, Mt. Crested Butte 3 BD | 3 BA | 2,372 SQFT | $2,275,000 This gorgeous ski chalet backs up to 1,000s of acres of open space, with stunning great room and kitchen views of Snodgrass Mountain and into the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness! Impeccably maintained and recently refreshed. Di Bridges | 970.901.0888 MLS 787900

15 Cinnamon Mountain Road, Mt. Crested Butte 3 BD | 3.5 BA | 2,621 SQFT | $1,795,000 Set within close proximity to the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area, 15 Cinnamon offers a rare orientation of mountain views for dramatic winter and summer sunsets. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 787230 50


125 Snowmass Road, Mt. Crested Butte 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,870 SQFT | $1,295,000 Warm and cozy, 125 Snowmass has THE most fabulous views of Mt. Crested Butte. This villa in the coveted Villas at Mt. Crested Butte comes completely furnished with hardwood floors throughout the upstairs level. Nikki Pulitzer | 970.209.9004 MLS 784426

107 Bear Scratch Lane, Mt. Crested Butte 1.45 ACRES | $1,275,000 Incredible ski-in, ski-out homesite at Prospect’s finest neighborhood, this property enjoys amazing and dramatic views of ski terrain to the south and stunning mountain and East River Valley views to the north! Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 787909 | 970.349.6653 51


30 Paradise Road, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,576 SQFT | $1,195,000 Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to own close to the ski area and on the bus route in Mt. Crested Butte. Enjoy mountain living at its finest with world class skiing and mountain biking just minutes away. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 787656

40 Marcellina Lane Unit 24, Mt. Crested Butte 2 BD | 2 BA | 1,024 SQFT | $630,000 Jill Sickels Matlock | 970.275.0595 MLS 788287

72 Hunter Hill Road Unit I-103, Mt. Crested Butte 2 BD | 2 BA | 993 SQFT | $565,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 783363



25 Emmons Road Unit 13, Mt. Crested Butte 1 BD | 1 BA | 717 SQFT | $498,900 Jaima Giles | 970.275.9357 MLS 787326

6 Emmons Road Units 412 & 414, Mt. Crested Butte 2 STUDIOS | 2 BA | 786 SQFT | $310,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 781958

6 Emmons Road Units 251 & 253, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD 2 BD | 2 BA | 940 SQFT | $299,000 Larry Neilson | 970.209.7849 MLS 786803

6 Emmons Road Unit 504, Mt. Crested Butte 1 BD | 2 BA | 742 SQFT | $289,990 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 787627 | 970.349.6653 53


6 Emmons Road Unit 256, Mt. Crested Butte 1 BD | 1 BA | 427 SQFT | $175,000 Tucker Brown | 303.810.4799 MLS 788232

6 Emmons Road Unit 176, Mt. Crested Butte 1 BD | 1 BA | 435 SQFT | $160,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 776300

6 Emmons Road Unit 414, Mt. Crested Butte STUDIO | 1 BA | 391 SQFT | $155,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 781954

6 Emmons Road Unit 412, Mt. Crested Butte STUDIO | 1 BA | 395 SQFT | $155,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 781953



6 Emmons Road Unit 375, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD STUDIO | 1 BA | 443 SQFT | $150,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 776297

6 Emmons Road Unit 574, Mt. Crested Butte 1 BD | 1 BA | 439 SQFT | $148,000 Betsy Wiebe | 970.209.8643 MLS 787660

6 Emmons Road Unit 477 & 472, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD TWO UNITS | $147,900 & $ $138,900 Sam Lumb | 970.2752448 MLS 774929 & MLS 764995

6 Emmons Road Unit 377, Mt. Crested Butte | SOLD 1 BD | 1 BA | 443 SQFT | $129,000 Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 781262 | 970.349.6653 55

Property Showcase


utside the limits of the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte lie several prominent Upper Valley neighborhoods and lower density 35-acre subdivisions, which profit from intoxicating views of the stunning peaks, lush drainages and alpenglow colors. Some even enjoy fishing access on the Slate and East Rivers. Many of these surrounding lands are held in conservation either by the Crested Butte Land Trust, the Town of Crested Butte or the Gunnison Ranchlands Conservation Legacy for open space protection, ranching preservation and winter and summer trail systems. Located in the corridor off the Gothic Road (CR 317), are higher end homes and homesites in Glacier Lily, Saddle Ridge, Three Valleys, Moon Ridge and Aperture. Tucked back off County Roads 811 and 734 following the Washington Gulch and Slate River drainages is local-friendly Meridian Lake and several more exclusive enclaves— Pristine Point, Smith Hill Ranches, Wildbird and Alpine Meadows. Perched above Crested Butte and the Coal Creek drainage are various filings of Trapper’s Crossing and the McCormick, Whetstone Mountain, and Hidden Mine Ranches on the Valley floor. Skyland, only two miles south of Crested Butte, boasts many luxury properties surrounding Lake Grant, the Robert Trent Jones Jr. championship golf course and other amenities of the Club at Crested Butte. Also served by Brush Creek Road (CR 738) are the newer communities of Buckhorn Ranch—home to the Crested Butte Airpark— Larkspur and Silver Sage. Riverbend and the Crested Butte South area are preferred by many locals, while Hidden River Ranch, East River Ranches and Red Mountain Ranch offer more exclusive larger tracts. All of these properties on the outskirts of Crested Butte cater to those prioritizing more privacy and commanding views of Whetstone, Axtell, Emmons and the Paradise Divide. •


RURAL CRESTED BUTTE and surrounding neighborhoods

Photo by Austin Pedersen


Riverland, Riverbend, Skyland & Buckhorn

Crested Butte South


1515 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Rural Crested Butte 4 BD | 4.5 BA | 4,975 SQFT | $4,750,000 Nestled into the forested hillside you immediately see the quality and a remarkable design, all in a fabulous private setting. Outstanding finishes begin your journey into this special home! Cathy Benson | 970.209.5015 & Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 772061

82 County Road 740, Rural Crested Butte 4 BD | 6 BA | 6,935 SQFT | $3,750,000 82 County Road 740 exemplifies fine construction in every detail. This river estate features nearly 7,000 square feet of livable space and an exquisite patio overlooking the East River, which is perfect for entertaining. Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 778669 | 970.349.6653 59


1610 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Rural Crested Butte 4 BD | 4 BA | 5,450 SQFT | $3,500,000 Arguably one of the most spectacular locations in the Upper East River Valley.The panoramic views, mature forest and meadows and privacy of this property will stop you in your tracks providing unparalleled peace, quiet and seclusion. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 764320

TBD County Road 740, Rural Crested Butte 166 ACRES | $3,950,000 An incredible opportunity in the upper East River valley, this County-zoned land is adjacent to 9,400 acres of US Forest Service land, and the various homesite location options all receive excellent solar gain with amazing mountain and valley views. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 788306 60


1360 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Rural Crested Butte 35 ACRES | $1,250,000 Beautiful up-valley Paradise Divide and Mt Crested Butte views, mature forest, and meadows make 1360 Red Mountain Ranch a special offering at Red Mountain Ranch in Crested Butte and a great spot to build a dream home. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 770639

253 W Silver Sage Drive, Rural Crested Butte 1.46 ACRES | $1,250,000 Do not compromise when it comes to securing the best parcel for your mountain home design. Lot 8 on Silver Sage Drive is an absolutely incredible home site opportunity at the coveted Silver Sage community in Crested Butte. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 757174 | 970.349.6653 61


34 Elk Valley Road, Rural Crested Butte 3 BD | 2 BA | 2,100 SQFT | $1,250,000 New construction townhome in Buckhorn Ranch with huge views of Whetstone mountain, Crested Butte Mountain. Just minutes from town and a short drive to the ski area, this is a prime location for full-time living or a vacation home. Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 786757

120 S Avion Road, Rural Crested Butte 3 BD | 2 BA | 2,100 SQFT | $1,250,000 New construction townhome in Buckhorn Ranch with a beautiful open concept with kitchen, living, dining, laundry, pantry and guest bath on the main floor. The townhome also includes an attached, heated two-car garage. Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 786759 62


25 Wapiti Trail, Rural Crested Butte 35 ACRES | $1,200,000 Welcome to The Reserve on the East River. The Reserve encompasses 1,500 acres of undisturbed mountain beauty surrounded by National Forest. Enjoy two miles of private access on the legendary East River for incredible fly fishing! Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 783251

710 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Rural Crested Butte | SOLD 35 ACRES | $1,100,000 Located in a pristine area, 710 Red Mountain Ranch Road is an incredible horse property just a short distance from the Town of Crested Butte. The 35-acre parcel is completely fenced and includes a 2,208 sf 4-stall barn. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 771345 | 970.349.6653 63


222 Brackenbury Street, Crested Butte South 3 BD | 3 BA | 2,072 SQFT | $945,000 222 Brackenbury is located on one of most desirable streets in Crested Butte South. Enjoy amazing mountain views from this immaculate single-family home in a great CB South neighborhood. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 787075

19 Ridge Road, Rural Crested Butte 36 ACRES | $899,000 The rarest of vacant land offerings, this 36+acre parcel is located in the coveted Ridge at Crested Butte and a short drive from historic downtown Crested Butte. The elevated south facing home-site offers incredible mountain views. Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 781388 64


674 Shavano Street, Crested Butte South 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,427 SQFT | $895,000 Located on a quiet street in Crested Butte South, this home sits on the subdivision boundary, providing breathtaking unobstructed views of the surrounding Elk mountains and the lot allows for expansion. Betsy Wiebe | 970.209.8643 & Cathy Benson | 970.209.5015 MLS 787959

841 Hidden Mine Road, Rural Crested Buttee 35 ACRES | $850,000 This location is an excellent option for your mountain home design-build if you like forest, meadows and views. The Town of Crested Butte is just a few minutes away yet Hidden Mine Ranch offers privacy, peace and tranquility. Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 783867 | 970.349.6653 65


156 E Silver Sage Drive, Rural Crested Butte | SOLD 1.55 ACRES | $750,000 Having 1.55 acres to build gives you an expansive building site to arrange your home for the best of the best views. Get a great architect and builder, and you’re set with one of the most coveted locations with river and mountain views. Cathy Benson | 970.209.5015 MLS 777164

TBD Hidden Mine Road (Lot 11), Rural Crested Butte 91 ACRES | $750,000 This low lying parcel has a level building site, a well in place, immediate river access and more views and sun anyone could ask for! Located only minutes from Crested Butte, Hidden Mine Ranch offers pristine wilderness and ranch living experiences. Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 780247 66


TBD Hidden Mine Road (Lot 18), Rural Crested Butte 35 ACRES | $725,000 Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 782935

496 N Avion Drive, Rural Crested Butte 1.25 ACRES | $699,000 Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 786647

1175 Red Mountain Ranch Road, Rural Crested Butte 35 ACRES | $500,000 Kathryn Johnson | 303.809.8327 MLS 777880

453 Lake Ridge Drive, Rural Crested Butte 0.86 ACRES | $495,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 782531 | 970.349.6653 67


63 East Lane, Rural Crested Butte 0.33 ACRES | $359,000 Katy Mattson | 970.275.4601 MLS 783911

350 Country Club Drive, Rural Crested Butte 1 BD | 2 BA | 584 SQFT | $325,000 Nikki Pulitzer | 970.209.9004 MLS 786948

20 Appaloosa Lane, Rural Crested Butte 0.17 ACRES | $250,000 Cathy Benson | 970.209.5015 MLS 788503

560 Country Club Drive, Rural Crested Butte | SOLD 0.52 ACRES | $250,000 Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 781640



77 Coyote Ridge Road, Rural Crested Butte 0.17 ACRES | $230,000 Jaima Giles | 970.275.9357 MLS 788380

TBD County Road 740, Rural Crested Butte 17 ACRES | $225,000 Channing Boucher | 970.596.3228 MLS 783622

528 White Stallion Circle, Rural Crested Butte 0.17 ACRES | $215,000 Scout Walton | 970.846.3297 MLS 787926

TBD Sixth Schofield Avenue, Rural Crested Butte 1.49 ACRES | $38,000 Larry Neilson | 970.275.2554 MLS 757749 | 970.349.6653 69

Property Showcase


lmont is located halfway between Crested Butte and Gunnison, where the East and Taylor Rivers meet to form the Gunnison River. On the way along Highway 135 are three high-end ranch subdivisions south of Round Mountain—Reserve at East River, Danni Ranch and Roaring Judy Ranch. Almont is home to three long time dude ranches offering multiple options for cabin lodging, dining, drinking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding and other excursions. County Road 742 winding through the Taylor River Canyon leads to more real estate options at Wilder/Wapiti Canyon Ranch, Spring Creek and Crystal Creek subdivisions. The legendary trout fishing on the Taylor River is enhanced by the Taylor Park Reservoir, 20 miles upstream from Almont, which has a small marina. County Road 209 is a newly paved scenic wonder leading to Buena Vista over Cottonwood Pass (summer route only) topping out at a breathtaking 12,119 feet. The City of Gunnison sits at the intersection of Highways 135 and 50 and is named after an explorer charting routes for the transcontinental railroad in the mid-1850s. Like the Town of Crested Butte, Gunnison prospered from a mining boom and then later the cattle industry, which has been celebrated for 120 years by the Cattlemen’s Days Rodeo. Gunnison serves as the County seat and is home to many important community assets— Western Colorado University (founded in 1901), Gunnison Valley Health System (since 1938), Black Canyon of the Gunnison (awarded National Park status in 1999), Curecanti National Recreation Area, three State Wildlife Areas, Dos Rios Golf Course, Recreation/Aquatic Center and Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport (9,400’ runway). Real estate options include more affordable properties in and around the city limits and large tract options in the verdant Ohio Creek Valley of Eagle Ridge Ranch, Star Mountain Ranch and Wilderness Streams. •



and surrounding neighborhoods



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Spencer Ave A Meadow Park

Athletic Dr

Sunny Slope Dr

N Main St

N Wisconsin St

Lerroy Ave Le Ave

N Pine St

N Spruce St

N 14th St

N 12th St

N 11th St

Boulevard St Bouleva

W Elizabeth Ave



Charmar Park

Arther Ave Ave

Knowles Ranch Rd

Escalante Dr W Denver A Ave ve

E Denver Ave A

S 10th St


Adams St

Loveland St


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Jorgensen Park






San Juan Ave A




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US Hwy 50

S Main St

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11th St

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S 10th St

S 9th St


Escalante Dr

N Pitkin St

College A Ave

Teller St T

E New Y York ork Ave Ave

S 14th St

S 6th St

Thornton Way

Frontage Rd

Gunnison- Crested Butte Regional Airport

N Teller St

N Colorado St

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S Reed St

S Boulevard d St

N 12th St

S 7th St

S 3rd St


N Taylor T St

N Pine St

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N Main St

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N 3rd St


Rio Grande A Ave ve

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E Gunnison A Ave ve

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W Tomichi Ave T A

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N 11th St

N 8th St

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Map not to scale. 72


347 Overlook Trail, Rural Gunnison 4 BD | 4.5 BA | 7,590 SQFT | $4,500,000 This perfectly appointed Rustic contemporary home on 35 acres within the prestigious Ohio Creek Valley overlooks the most breathtaking sweeping meadows and is an absolute dream property, truly a one-of-a-kind must see! Nikki Pulitzer | 970.209.9004 MLS 784871

TBD Highway 135, Gunnison City 4.24 ACRES | $3,500,000 One of the last sizable parcels available within the Gunnison City limits. This prime commercial development parcel is situated on the corner of Highway 135 and Colorado Street. Gary Huresky | 970.209.2421 MLS 784520 | 970.349.6653 73


611 Mountainside Drive, Rural Gunnison 4 BD | 3 BA | 2,430 SQFT | $1,299,000 Perched on a hillside with fantastic views to the West toward the Ohio Creek Valley, the Anthracite range and Carbon Peak, this home is situated on 40 Acres, is close to Gunnison and has year round access. Jill Sickels Matlock | 970.275.0595 MLS 786761

230 Bevington Road, Rural Gunnison 3 BD | 4 BA | 2,323 SQFT | $1,100,000 Lock-log single family home located on the Gunnison River with Excellent fishing right out your back door. Great home for entertaining family and friends and designed for comfort and relaxation next to the river. Larry Neilson | 970.209.7849 MLS 785859 74


TBD County Road 36, Lake City 305 ACRES | $925,000 A unique opportunity to own a well-maintained piece of Colorado’s mining heritage. Turn this historic masterpiece into a family retreat, hunting lodge, summer camp, back county ski outfit or anything else you can imagine! Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 773535

TBD W Denver Avenue, Rural Gunnison 14 ACRES | $695,000 Kiley Flint | 970.596.3219 MLS 776291

4080 Chicago Park Road, Pitkin 1 BD | 1 BA | 964 SQFT | $600,000 Nikki Pulitzer | 970.209.9004 MLS 781909 | 970.349.6653 75


70 Candlelight Lane Rural Gunnison 3 BD | 1 BA | 1,224 SQFT | $305,000 Jill Sickels Matlock | 970.275.0595 MLS 783757

TBD TBD Road Pitkin 160 ACRES | $275,000 Larry Neilson | 970.209.7849 MLS 784307

901 S Water Street Lake City 11 ACRES | $190,000 Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 783849



Basin Mountain Village at Buckhorn Ranch is one of Crested Butte’s newest townhome projects. The first phase of the project consists of six townhomes featuring three bedrooms and two baths, and six townhomes featuring two bedrooms and two baths. Mountain modern exterior design with clean lines utilizing complementing colors and materials. The project has been laid out to maximize views and space for every new owner. Come enjoy all that Buckhorn Ranch has to offer including private ponds, tennis court, runway and a growing community. Just minutes from downtown Crested Butte and world class downhill skiing at Mt. Crested Butte. • Two-Car heated garages • Radiant in-floor heat • Quartz countertops • Stainless steel appliances • Covered balcony • Marvin windows and doors • Full-sized laundry • Open plan upstairs living space • Mountain views 78

231 Elk Valley Road, Rural Crested Butte 3 BD | 2 BA | 1,144 SQFT | $835,000 Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 787699 & MLS 787700

231 Elk Valley Road, Rural Crested Butte 2 BD | 2 BA | 957 SQFT | $699,000 Martin Spencer | 970.452.9700 MLS 787702 & 787701 | 970.349.6653 79
















Managing Broker | 970.275.9357
































Marketing Coordinator

Office Manager | 970.349.6653 81




13 // Opening Day: Crested Butte Nordic Center

4 // Avalanche Awareness Night: Crested Butte Avalanche Center

18 // Literary Arts & Lecture, CFTA: John Hausdoerffer

9 // Kinder Padon Gallery Opening Reception: Teri Havens

18 // Film Night: Center for the Arts (CFTA) "School of Rock"

16-19 // "A Christmas Carol", Crested Butte Mountain Theatre

24 // Opening Day: Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR)

30 // ArtWalk: Downtown Crested Butte

25-27 // Thanksgiving Camp: Nordic Center

31 // New Year's Eve Torchlight Parade and Fireworks: CBMR

28 // Pinnacle Orthopedics Nordic Community Race

31 // New Year's Eve Party: CFTA



2 // Film Night: Center for the Arts "Stop Making Sense"

1 // Film Night: CFTA "The Heathers"

15-16 // Leftover Salmon: Center for the Arts

5 // The Alley Loop Nordic Marathon Race

15-16, 30 // Pinnacle Orthopedics Nordic Community Race

11 // The Motet: CFTA

16 // ArtWalk: Downtown Crested Butte 22 // Scottish Burns Supper & Whiskey Tasting: CFTA 28 // Shamarr Allen + The Underdogs: CFTA

18 // Heartless Disco: CFTA 19 // ArtWalk: Downtown Crested Butte 20 // Historic Pub Crawl: Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum 27 // Gothic Mountain Tour

MARCH 7 // Film Night: CFTA "Cool Runnings"

1-3 // Flauschink end-of-season celebration

10 // Keller Williams: CFTA

2 // Pond Skim Contest: Crested Butte Mountain Resort

13 // Chris Pierce: CFTA 18-22 // Ladies Session Camp: Adaptive Sports Center 19 // Al Johnson Memorial Telemark Race: CBMR 19 // Ski Town Breakdown: CBMR 24 // Anders Osborne + Jackie Greene: CFTA 82


3 // Elk Mountains Grand Traverse 3 // Film Night: CFTA "Fantastic Mr. Fox" 3 // Ski Resort Closing Day: Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Pictured: 1515 Red Mountain Ranch Road Photography: Eric Phillips


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