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A Community Resource H O W T H E C R E ST E D B U T T E C E N T E R FO R T H E A R TS T U R N E D PA N D E M I C L E M O N S I N TO L E M O N A D E By Kendra Walker

Like most organizations and businesses in the community, the Crested Butte Center for the Arts faced a lot of challenges this past year. With the coronavirus knocking on Crested Butte’s door in early 2020, it seemed a performing arts center that relies heavily on events, fundraising, and community participation would not thrive through the pandemic. The newly built, state-of-the-art building seemed doomed to stand empty as the rest of Crested Butte sheltered at home. Or was it? “We were in mourning along with the rest of the community,” says Brooke MacMillan, director of Literary Arts & Lectures.

The board had made the tough decision to lay off most of the staff, leaving a very small staff to run the ship. Luckily the Center was in the hands of three powerhouse females passionate about bringing the arts to Crested Butte: Brooke MacMillan, Jillian Liebl, and Melissa Mason. “In the midst of trying to keep our doors open, the stress of COVID and facing so many questions around the pandemic, we were really asking ourselves what can we do for the community? How can we help in this?” says MacMillan.

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the arts are back. PERFORMING


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And almost serendipitously, the Center found a way to keep its doors open. Many organizations had lost their spaces during the pandemic and were in need of a home, a safe space for meetings, classes, and rehearsals and still be able to follow the county’s social distancing protocols. The Center had room. “With this new space, we’ve been able to keep the building safe by dividing it into different zones and people can really spread out,” says Jillian Liebl, associate director of development. Throughout the pandemic, the Center created partnerships with nine organizations it had not worked with before, and worked with a total of 18 different local non-profit or government organizations. “We would have never made those relationships if not for COVID,” she says. “It’s been so cool to see how we were able to pivot from mostly our own programming to really serving the community. The silver lining here has been that people have really needed it. We’ve been able to step in and fill that gap,” says Liebl. “We’re seeing the Center step into that role that we had envisioned it to become, to be a true community center of Crested Butte. That’s what this building is for. It’s for everybody and it’s been amazing to see it come to life.” Additionally, the Center’s small team was able to come up with a plan to create thoughtfully curated events that were small and safely distanced, pivoting to online classes and workshops. “It was kind of wonderful,” says MacMillan. “We were poised to really do things right and work with the community. It felt

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really good to keep people connected with the arts and cultural activities, which are so important in times of stress.” Over the past year, only 6 percent of the events taking place have been Center-specific programming, compared to 57 percent in 2019. From the Crested Butte Yoga Co-op, to Crested Butte School of Dance, to the Trailhead Children’s Museum, and other local organizations holding meetings, events, and programming, the Center is bustling with activity every day of the week. “I’m amazed at how many people are in and out of here every day,’ says Carrie Wallace, the Center’s new performing arts coordinator. “The Center definitely pulled through for us at the Crested Butte Snowsports Foundation this year,” says LIV Sotheby’s agent Jill Matlock. “We worked with them to do our ski and snowboard swap fundraiser in the fall through all of the COVID regulations, and it was great and amazing that they worked with us to make it happen. They helped us continue to fulfill our mission to serve the community and help the youth in this valley.” The Center is slowly starting to regrow its staff, and the board of directors is focusing on a search for a new executive director. “We have an incredibly talented team and it’s a very resilient organization,” says Liebl.

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In the meantime, the team is dedicated to bringing an exciting 2021 lineup of summer events and festivals to the community, including the beloved Alpenglow summer concert series. “We’re all incredibly excited for Alpenglow,” says Liebl, reflecting on how difficult it was to make the decision not to hold the free outdoor concerts in 2020, due to finances and COVID event capacity restrictions. “The spirit of Alpenglow is that it is for everyone. It’s that magical place where long-time locals and part-time residents and visitors and young and old can all come together. If it weren’t free and accessible to everyone it wouldn’t be Alpenglow,” says Liebl. “We didn’t want to turn people away.” But Alpenglow is back in action, and it will be a cathartic experience for everyone, notes Liebl. The Alpenglow concerts this year will focus primarily on local bands. “Our local musicians and local artists have also had a tough year and we wanted to support them first and foremost,” says Liebl. “What a great way to introduce Alpenglow back into the mix.” The Center’s summer lineup this year has a little something for everyone; from an inaugural Watercolor Symposium in June, to the ever-popular Wine and Food Festival in July, to the Murder in the Mountains genre fiction festival in September, back by popular demand. Additionally, the Center has made a commitment to hire at least 50 percent of all its performers, musicians, and writers from underrepresented backgrounds. At the beginning of the summer, the Center had already hit 40 percent. “It’s something our community is really interested in and hungry for, is these different perspectives and voices,” says MacMillan. “We want to present voices of authors and performers of different cultures throughout the year.” This summer the Center will be hosting a Pride Month film series, and also worked with the Crested Butte Black Lives Matter Community Coalition and the Melanin Mountain Project

to host a Juneteenth event. “There has never been a formal Pride event in Crested Butte before. We’re trying to provide a space for that,” says Wallace. “Those people in our community need something like that to give them representation and acceptance. I’m so excited to work here with a community that is supporting underrepresented groups and bringing in performers with different backgrounds.” MacMillan says the Center also plans to continue some virtual opportunities to work with artists and authors from other countries. “It’s nice for people to be able to drop in on a workshop and programming that’s online. The convenience of Zoom is phenomenal and we’re glad to be able to incorporate that moving forward.” In planning for events for this summer and beyond, Liebl has felt a shift in optimism as indoor gatherings and concerts are becoming a possibility again. “I can’t tell you how freeing that’s been,” she says. “Our staff hopes to produce as much programming for the community as it possibly can moving forward.” “I dream of the day when we can have 400 people rocking out to live music here,” says Wallace. “I’m constantly in awe of my coworkers and how much they’re doing to include everyone at this space. It’s hard logistically sometimes, but we’re doing our best to make it a place where everyone feels at home. We’ve got a really great team who cares about the community and hopefully we’ll be back fully in action soon.” “It’s so important for the community to have an arts center,” concludes MacMillan. “It’s a place to come together and be renewed and inspired by the arts, to feel connected to the community, to get to experience outside voices and cultures, and to be able to really live our best lives by exploring creativity through the arts.” •

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Preserving These Lands: L a n d C o n s e r v a t i o n i n t h e G u n n i s o n Va l l e y By Kendra Walker Over the years, Crested Butte has drawn people here for many different reasons. From European immigrants coming here to work the mines, to multi-generational ranching families working off the lands, to recreationists enjoying the year-round outdoor opportunities – Crested Butte’s stunning landscape is what inevitably ties us all together. It’s the endless fields dotted with grazing cattle, the hundreds of miles of recreational trails, the precious wetlands and wildlife habitats, the unobstructed views of the surrounding West Elk Mountains – the landscape is the focal piece of what makes this place so special. “Crested Butte still looks like it did the day I moved here 30 years ago,” says LIV Sotheby’s agent Channing Boucher. “Because this place is preserved and conserved is why Crested Butte looks the way it does today. Because of land conservation, it keeps all of these open spaces open for all of us to enjoy.” Crested Butte’s majestic landscape has inspired and instilled a strong community-driven culture of land conservation. Led by various groups with diverse interests ranging from trail creation and stewardship, habitat protection, and ranching advocacy, the goal is the same: to protect and preserve the lands of the Gunnison Valley. One such group is the Crested Butte Land Trust, a local non-profit that has been protecting and stewarding the Crested Butte landscape for 30 years. Serving as a community ambassador for open space, the Land Trust has helped protect nearly 6,000 acres of land in the Gunnison Valley through land purchases, establishing conservation easements with landowners, and continuous stewardship management. Some of Crested Butte’s most beloved trails and wetlands, including Long Lake and the Lower Loop trails system of the Slate River Valley, are protected thanks to the Land Trust and its collaboration with donors, local partners, and landowners. “Personally I’ve always been very connected to the land that has been conserved and protected through the Land Trust,” says Crested Butte Land Trust executive director Jake Jones. “I love the environment here in Crested Butte as much as I did when I moved here so many years ago. The Land Trust and the community have been very successful in protecting scenic vistas and recreational opportunities, and so much has been facilitated in partnership with a lot of other stakeholders. I’m proud of that and we will continue with those efforts.” “When I first came to Crested Butte and what attracted me was all of the open space and the beauty of Crested Butte itself,” says LIV Sotheby’s agent Kiley Flint, who serves on the Land Trust board. “Being affiliated with the Land Trust is something that’s been very important to me in giving back to the community and to protect what Crested Butte is all about; from the ranching heritage, the recreation, the wildlife, these vistas, everything. That foresight this community had to be able to protect our valley is huge and it’s important to value that.” The Trust for Public Land, a national non-profit organization, has also been involved in many of the key conservation projects in the valley, including Town Ranch Park, Kochevar open space that includes the Lupine Trails, and much of the scenic ranchlands along Highway 135 between Gunnison and Crested Butte. The Trust for Public Land works on a full range of conservation and outdoor recreation-based land transactions, working with communities to create dedicated public funding for open space, parks, and trails. In total, it has permanently conserved nearly 8,500 acres in the Gunnison Valley. ...continued on page 9 8 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

“None of this happens by itself. Everything we do is achieved through collaboration with partners, from the U.S. Forest Service, Gunnison County, the City of Gunnison, the Town of Crested Butte, the Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the National Park Service,” says Colorado & Southwest Region director Jim Petterson. “Collaboration is the hallmark of the Gunnison Valley.” While The Trust for Public Land does not hold conservation easements itself, it works with partners to help make those land protections happen. The Trust also worked with Crested Butte to put forward a sales tax for town parks and trails which, according to Petterson, generates about a half million in funding each year. “The Gunnison Valley is one of our priority areas because it is such a special place,” says Petterson. “And what’s great about our work here is it’s so broad. It’s still an intact, opportunity-rich valley with a healthy mix and ranching, residential, and recreation. I believe the Gunnison Valley is truly unique in that way - having a mix of the ski mountain while still having a strong and vibrant ranching community that provides an enormous scene of open space. It took a lot of players to make it happen to keep it that way.” The Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy was created in 1995 to establish support for conservation efforts in the ranching community of the Gunnison Valley. Like The Trust for Public Land, Legacy does not hold easements but rather serves as a project manager to facilitate conservation easements between ranchers and land trusts. “We act as a landowner advocate in the conservation process. We support and protect the agricultural use of these lands,” says Legacy executive director Stacy McPhail. Legacy has helped protect more than 50,000 acres of ranchland in the Gunnison Basin, about 48,000 of that being in sage grouse habitat. “Almost 50 percent of the private agricultural land in the Gunnison Basin is under permanent easement,” says McPhail. “And we’re getting more interest now more than ever.” “Our primary goal is ranchland. In addition to the ranching legacy, the scenic beauty it creates is beyond compare. When you’re going down the highway here, you look up and see BLM or National Forest land, but the bottom half of that view is ranchland,” says LIV Sotheby’s broker Cathy Benson, who sits on Legacy’s board. “This is an amazing and unique group of people. We continue to keep open space in the valley, which most resort valleys don’t have. It makes us unique.” While Legacy focuses specifically on ranchlands in the valley, McPhail is grateful the community has the full spectrum of land conservation efforts. “We have a lot of conserved space as a result. I’m proud that we have such a concerted effort across a wide array of groups working toward that goal between public and private land,” she says. “That’s a crucial part of the health of our landscape. That’s what makes it unique. These partnerships were purposeful and meaningful. Our community decided to do something proactive about land conservation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreationist or a rancher, most people have a compelling pull to protect it.”

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But it’s not just up to these organizations to conserve our lands, it takes the entire community – locals, part-time residents, and visitors - to treat this beautiful valley with respect. It’s not just about investing in the properties here, it’s about investing in the community and the surrounding landscape to ensure it stays vibrant into the future. Otherwise the very thing that attracted us here in the first place will disappear altogether. With significant increases in trail use and backcountry access in the Crested Butte area in recent years, it’s more important than ever that people follow Leave No Trace principles and backcountry etiquette. Respect for our lands is critical, as many of the trails we access cross over conservation easements and private conserved property. And as U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management areas continue to grow in popularity for recreation and camping, it’s imperative that we work together to keep open space open for generations to come. “We ask folks to be more mindful of their impacts and their surroundings than ever before,” says Jones. “By practicing attentive trail stewardship, you’re helping us to not only mitigate the increased recreational use we anticipate this summer, but also to help us fulfill our mission in protecting our conserved lands for future generations.” This summer, LIV Sotheby’s has sponsored a public outdoor toilet at Lake Irwin, on behalf of the Adaptive Sports Center, to help with trailhead waste management. “I’m a huge supporter of land conservation. These sponsorships organized through the Chamber of Commerce ensure that the porta potties in the backcountry will be maintained, cleaned, and useful for the public,” says LIV Sotheby’s agent Gary Huresky. Huresky also supports the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association and the Crested Butte Conservation Corps (CBCC), who advocate for a sustainable recreation landscape through building, maintaining, and stewarding trails. During the summer, the CBCC crew is in the field seven days a week maintaining trails, picking up trash, and educating recreation users. On average each year, the CBCC removes 1,164 pounds of trash from trails and the backcountry. I appreciate what the Conservation Corps is doing,” says LIV Sotheby’s agent Jill Matlock. “So many people are hitting our trailheads. There needs to be management in the backcountry and it’s critical that we all work together to educate people how to enjoy this place responsibly.” LIV Sotheby’s agent Betsy Wiebe agrees that education goes a long way. “It’s so important to educate ourselves and others about conserving the area and conserving it respectfully,” she says. “This place is for all of us. We’re all sharing this beautiful place that we get to enjoy.” •

To learn more about and to support land conservation in the Gunnison Valley, visit: cblandtrust.org, gunnisonlegacy.org, and tpl.org To learn more about best practices while out on trails, conserved lands, and backcountry, visit: crestedbuttemountainbike.com/trail-information/etiquette, crestedbuttemountainbike.com/camping, and travelcrestedbutte.com/mountainmanners

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Artist Spotlight S a n d ra C o r t n e r C a p t u re s C re s t e d B u t t e T h ro u g h H e r Le n s By Kendra Walker

Image Courtesy of Merrick Chase and www.BackcountryPhotoCB.com

Unlike most folks who find their way to Crested Butte, it wasn’t love at first sight for Sandra Cortner. It was not love, says Sandy. “I did not come here for the skiing and fall in love the very second I drove down the hill. It was June and it was snowing when we arrived. I didn’t know how to ski. There was nobody here my age and I missed my boyfriend back home.” Sandy first came to Crested Butte in 1964 at age 17, having graduated two nights before from her high school in Tucson, Arizona. Her stepfather was attending a conference with the Law Science Academy. Her family stayed at the Academy Arms, now known as the Forest Queen Hotel, and then moved into a rental house in town for the summer. “It was going for the outrageous price of $100 bucks a week,” says Sandy. “The day we arrived at that house,” she recalls, “we found a loaf of beautiful homemade bread on the table. We learned that it was from Grama Stimac,” the woman next door who always baked bread for a new neighbor. “It really began to grow on me the fact that you could know people so easily. When I first came there was hardly anybody here, all 250 people or something. We would go to the Grubstake and we knew the owner and you just got to talking and it was easier to develop friendships with everybody.”

It didn’t take long for Sandy to warm up to Crested Butte and all it had to offer. Coming from the desert, the beauty of the mountains definitely stood out for her. “It was cool weather and there was green grass growing and there were little streams flowing and cows,” she recalls, a similar scene Gunnison Valley locals and visitors are fortunate to enjoy still to this day. During her second summer in Crested Butte, Sandy’s mother started the Village Store, which sold liquor on one side, and staple items like bread, milk, cheese, butter, and canned goods on the other side. “I would help in the store and my sisters would help and we’d take turns manning the cash register and there was hardly any business,” says Sandy. “If we did $50 bucks a day, it was a good day. We were just begging for tourists to come by and when they did you were on your best behavior.” During those first few years in Crested Butte, Sandy held several jobs around town. “I had three or four part-time jobs, working in my mom’s store, taking photos, waiting tables.” Sandy spent her college years at the University of Arizona and then transferred to the University of Colorado - CU Boulder. After graduating from CU, “I just put all my stuff in my little Volkswagon bug and drove straight to Crested Butte.”

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Raising the Totem Pole, 1973(far left), Tony Kapushion, rancher and owner of Tony’s Tavern, now the Wooden Nickel, 1969(middle), and The Crested Butte Pilot and Grubstake Buildings(far right). Photos taken by Sandy.

Upon graduating, Sandy went to George Sibley of the Crested Butte Chronicle and asked him for a job. “He said if you want to go take a picture of Frank Starika, I’m doing a story about him. So I went and took a picture of Frank Starika (owner of Frank and Gal’s Restaurant), that was my first old-timer picture. George liked it so well that he asked me to take Emil Lunk’s picture. That’s how the old-timer series got started.” Sandy recalls taking pictures since she was a little kid. “I had a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, and I was running around taking pictures all the time. They were all black and white photos back then, and you’d send them off to get printed to see if they were any good.” At CU, Sandy had also worked as a copyeditor and took a photo course. Taking portraits of Crested Butte’s old-timers, whose families had emigrated from Europe to work the coal mines, became a part-time hobby for Sandy. “It kind of happened by accident. I would go to the bar, that was where you went to socialize and the old-timers would go there and you bet they could nurse a beer all afternoon. I would take my camera and say, ‘Oh let me take your picture.’ And then you’d schmooze around and snap a photo and have a sip of your drink and then go take another picture. Once I had about 12 of these faces, Frank Starika let me put them up on the wall of his bar,” says Sandy. “‘The Rogue’s Gallery,’ that’s what they called it.” Sandy remembers fondly how Frank let her go behind his bar because the light was better coming from the window. “There was no photoshop, it was a craft,” she says. Sandy also quickly learned to always carry something to write with. “A lot of times folks would be sitting in the bar and they would be telling stories. I would write down their stories and then go home and type them up.” Throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, Sandy took candid portraits of Crested Butte old-timers at events, gathering, weddings, anniversaries; capturing the essence of the local characters who helped shape this mining-turned-ski-town. 12 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

There’s the one of Tony Mihelich, owner of the historic Tony’s Conoco, now home to the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. “I stopped to get gas and he came out to pump the gas,” says Sandy. “I asked, ‘Hey Tony, can I take your picture?’ I shot two frames and he kept pumping the gas.” And the one of Tony Gallowich, an ex-miner who worked at the ski area. “I went down to ski at the T-Bar where he was the lower lift operator. The light was perfect and there was nobody else skiing. I shot three or four frames of him. He didn’t really want to smile, and I didn’t find this out until later, but he didn’t have his teeth in.” Whether consciously or subconsciously, Sandy felt a draw to capture the old-timers’ stories. “I’m not sure if I knew why, but I just found them interesting. I worked in stories and I worked in pictures. I wrote everything down, even though you’re not sure you’re going to need it or use it. I’ve gone back over my notes and forgotten stuff that I had. That was the beauty of doing the books.” Sandy compiled her old-timer series along with her 40 years of photojournalism experiences into her two books, Crested Butte Stories...Through My Lens published in 2006, and Crested Butte... Love at First Sight published in 2015. Her black and white portraits and personal storytelling capture the old-timers’ lives, historically significant events in the valley, and uniquely Crested Butte celebrations; from Flauschink, to Vinotok, to the Red Lady Ball. Her books are available at the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum, Townie Books, Pfister’s Handworks, the Old Town Inn, and the Bookworm in Gunnison. But photos weren’t Sandy’s only forte as she wore many hats around town over the years, working as a ski hostess supervisor at the ski resort, acting in Crested Butte Mountain Theatre plays, directing Flauschink, playing in the town softball league, a founding member of the Paragon Gallery, and serving as the director of the Crested Butte Arts Festival for 16 years. ...continued on page 13

In 1971, Sandy and her then husband started the Butte Pilot , an ad flyer that was distributed around town, highlighting local entertainment schedules, social tidbits and maps of the town and ski area. In 1972, it morphed into the Crested Butte Pilot newspaper, which Sandy ran through the ‘70s. “We bought the building on Elk Avenue that was originally called the Crested Butte Limited building, and we ran the Crested Butte Pilot out of that,” she says of the little red building now home to Butte Bagels. “My husband built a darkroom for me in the back, and boy, was that the coolest thing in the world to have my own dark room. That was a real treat, I was in heaven.” Sandy ran the Pilot until 1976, and went on to write for the Gunnison Country Times and the Crested Butte Chronicle. “I’ve worked under eight different mastheads,” she says. Sandy still writes these days, including for Crested Butte Magazine , and she shoots photos of the Memorial Day Parade every year. “It’s my favorite, when all the guys and their relatives visit next to the Old Town Hall before getting into formation and marching down Elk and out to the cemetery.” She also still enjoys photographing the “has-beens’’ float during the annual Flauschink Parade. “I love doing it and I love seeing all the familiar faces.” She and her husband now live on 48 acres just south of town, and they spend their time walking and hiking Crested Butte’s scenic landscapes. “We get so much wildlife - foxes, golden eagles, bald eagles, grouse, elk. And we’ve got beautiful flowers down our hill.” Sandy feels fortunate to have had the opportunity over the years to photograph the people of Crested Butte and capture their stories in time through her lens. “I’ve seen a lot of people come and go and still have many good friends that live here. It’s easy to bemoan how town is not the way it used to be, well, that’s because we can’t go back. Looking back we forget about the hard times. I met really good people, I knew good people, some of the best. I’ve been lucky.” •

To learn more about Sandy’s books, visit crestedbuttestories.com All photos on pages 13 and 14 are copyright to Sandra Cortner 2021. Please! No reproduction without permission.

Sandy’s first book - Crested Butte Stories... Through My Lens (Wild Rose Press 2006) Cover featuring Tony Gallowich, 1969(top) Sandy’s second book - Crested Butte...Love at First Sight (Wild Rose Press 2015) Cover featuring Gal and Frank Starika, 1968(bottom) crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 13

Why We Love to LIV here Our favorite summer activities in Crested Butte By Kendra Walker

While winter draws most of us to this mountain town gem, it’s the summers in Crested Butte that really seal the deal. “You spend a summer here and you’re hooked,” says LIV Sotheby’s International Realty agent Betsy Wiebe. “I’ve lived here over 20 years and I’m still taken aback that just a few months ago everything was completely blanketed in white snow. This time of year you look around and see every color of the rainbow; the purples that these mountains are named after, the soft carpet of yellow dandelions on the hillsides, the striking greens and colorful wildflowers, the cool blue rivers flowing. There’s so much to offer here and we’re all so fortunate to live in nature and enjoy the beauty of this place.” During the summertime in Crested Butte, the activities are endless with choose-your-own-adventure fun, whether you’re exploring around town or getting lost in nature. Our LIV Sotheby’s agents share some of their favorite activities to do in the summer - on foot, pedal, paddle, and motor. Enjoy responsibly, and please remember to respect this precious valley with kindness and Leave No Trace principles.

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HIKING A go-to activity in this mountain town, the hiking in the Gunnison Valley offers a wide spectrum of options, from easy, walkable trails to challenging, peak-bagging adventures. The trails near and around town bring fun day hike excursions, and the trails deeper into the valley’s drainages of the West Elk Mountains encourage longer day or multi-day backpack trips. And if you time it right this time of year, most every trail will reward you with the blooming wildflowers that inspired Crested Butte’s namesake as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado.” “One thing I really enjoy about this town is it doesn’t even feel like you’ve gone a block from town and all of a sudden you’re on the trails in paradise. I’m in the forest just steps from the front door - it’s incredible,” says Michelle Rampelt. “With three kids and dogs, there’s a lot of hiking in my family,” says Tucker Brown. “We’re always excited to do more exploring of the trails around here, anything to get the kids outdoors and wear them out.” “I’m a huge hiker,” says Nikki Pulitzer. “I love to explore and treasure hunt when I hike, especially near old miner’s camps. It’s my most favorite thing to go exploring.” “I do a lot of hiking because you’re just putting one foot in front of the other, in some of the most incredible scenery imaginable,” says Michelle Rampelt. “And even though I’m not much of a flower peeper, the wildflowers are a bonus. But there’s all these hidden treasures and things to do, and it doesn’t have to be a mega Fourteener. There are so many spots to explore here at the end of the road.”

MOUNTAIN BIKING It’s no secret that Crested Butte is home to world-class mountain bike trails, and biking is certainly at the top of the list for many of our agents. As soon as the trails dry up every spring, the locals quickly switch out their skis for wheels. “There are so many mountain bike rides you can do within quick proximity to town under two hours,” says Channing Boucher. “You can just get on your bike and go, and you’re on a world-class track right there next to town.” The Gunnison Valley offers more than 750 miles of singletrack, ranging from high alpine thrills on the 401 Trail in the north valley, to expansive desert riding south-valley at Hartman Rocks. “The trail system out there at Hartman’s is amazing, there’s something for everybody. Even my 4-year-old on his small little bike is able to do some of the green trails,” says Tucker Brown, who also utilizes youth bike programs in town like CB Devo for his kids. Favorite rides around town always include the Lower Loop and Upper Loop systems, Lupine, Strand Hill and of course the trails at the Crested Butte Mountain Resort bike park. “I love riding in the evenings,” says Di Bridges. “In the summer I can hop on my bike from our office downtown and get a nice ride in before sunset and my day is complete.” No matter what trail you find yourself on, the views are always guaranteed to be stunning. “There’s nothing like mountain biking in Crested Butte,” says Michelle Rampelt. “Trail 401 has to be the prettiest mountain bike trail in America. And if you do want to ride something different, like the desert, you can go to Hartman’s or Doctor Park. Doctor’s is my favorite, it’s one of the epics and a highlight every summer.” ...continued on page 15 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 15

WATER ACTIVITIES Water is a precious resource in Crested Butte, and residents soak up as many water activities as possible during the summer months. The rivers, alpine lakes, and reservoirs offer ample opportunities to cool off from a hot summer’s day. “I love just getting out on the water in any form this time of year,” says Betsy Wiebe, who enjoys rafting the Taylor and Slate rivers. Stand up paddle boarding near town is always a hit. “You’ll find me stand up paddle boarding the Slate,” says Michelle Rampelt. “That’s a must, it’s so fun.” Just remember to respect the voluntary no-float section of the Slate River to help protect the Great Blue Herons during their nesting period. Taking a refreshing dip in the area’s alpine lakes, such as Lake Irwin and Long Lake, is another favorite summer pastime, and the Blue Mesa Reservoir just west of Gunnison is a draw for boaters and beach-goers. “It’s the largest body of water in Colorado, it’s a huge attraction,” says Gary Huresky, who enjoys taking his boat to Blue Mesa. “It’s a great community asset,” says Tucker Brown. “We love getting on a boat out there and swimming, fishing, and paddle boarding.” The Gunnison Valley also offers some of the best fishing in the state, as the home to lake trout and brown, rainbow, and kokanee salmon. “There’s gold-medal trout fishing all over the place here,” says Gary Huresky. From the East River, to the Slate and Gunnison rivers, and along Taylor Canyon, the anglers in this valley have plenty of favorite river, stream, and lake fishing spots. “I love trout fishing, I’ll go down to the Gunnison area and do a lot of fishing in those streams. The Oh Be Joyful is brimming with trout,” says Nikki Pulitzer, who like most locals, enjoys catch and release. “I grew up in the mountains fly fishing and I look forward to getting my kids into it. Going out along the Taylor is probably a favorite spot of mine,” says Tucker Brown. “I enjoy the smaller streams and rivers too, and we’ll go out right along the Slate by our house. Being out alone on the river is always such good mediation. Just to get outdoors and enjoy being out there.”

OFF-ROADING Many folks enjoy an extra oomph of power in their playtime and you’ll find plenty of motorized toys up the various drainages in the valley. Crested Butte’s old mining roads and mountain passes have become popular destinations for off-roading, ATVs, and dirt bikes. “I ride my dirt bike a lot in the summer,” says Gary Huresky, who also enjoys taking his son out. “I would say Cement Creek probably hosts some of the best moto riding in the state. It’s so nice to ride right out of our garage.” Betsy Wiebe enjoys exploring the various drainages in her jeep, “I have an old 1970 CJ-5 and I like just driving down the dirt roads in the backcountry.” In addition to Cement Creek, Brush Creek and Taylor Park are meccas for 4X4, ATV, and dirt bike use, along with Hartman Rocks in Gunnison. Just be sure to stay on motorized-friendly trails and roads, and check road conditions in advance. ...continued on page 17

16 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

EXPLORING AROUND TOWN It’s not always just about recreation, and there’s plenty of magic that happens in downtown Crested Butte during the summer. “There’s always an event in Crested Butte, there’s always something going on,” says Gary Huresky. “It’s always been a festive town and we still love our costumes.” Many activities in town allow for great spectating, but participation is always encouraged; happy hours on Elk Avenue, buying fresh, local produce at the Sunday Farmer’s Market, browsing the artist tents at the Arts Festival, taking a local class to learn a new artisan skill, catching an evening town league softball game. Michelle Rampelt enjoys soaking in the town’s history and visiting the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. “I love walking around town when it’s nice out and reading all the gold placards about the history of the old buildings. You can learn so much.” “I love exploring town and going to restaurants,” says Betsy Wiebe. “And I love riding the alleys of Crested Butte on a townie. I enjoy noticing the different flowers that bloom different times of the year, finding the slower path, and taking the bridges around town.” Sometimes the event comes straight to you, no planning required. “We put our chairs in our front yard and chat with neighbors who walk by,” says Kathryn Johnson. “It’s a lifestyle choice. You’re going to get that close, small community with Crested Butte. I love it here.”

LIVE MUSIC Live music rings sweeter in the mountains, and that’s no exception in the Gunnison Valley. Between outdoor concerts, festivals, and funky bar venues, the music lovers in Crested Butte can always find a good toe-tappin’ time. “I’m a big fan of live music. That’s always been a big part of my life,” says Di Bridges. “We have such incredible opportunities for live music here for being such a small town. Between here and Gunnison we’ve got some great venues and some big names that come to perform.” As far as outdoor music, the Center for the Arts’ Alpenglow outdoor concert series is always a huge hit. “It’s super social, super popular, and super fun,” says Betsy Wiebe. “This is a free concert in the park and they do a great job with the caliber of bands they get to come here.” Nikki Pulitzer agrees, “I love all of the outdoor activities like Alpenglow and whatever free music there is. Those are always great ways to socialize in Crested Butte.” There’s always an opportunity to catch live music along Elk Avenue, whether at a local bar or during a town festival or event. Channing Boucher enjoys going to the Public House for live music. “In the summer they always have a really good lineup,” he says. “In Gunnison, I have to say my favorite venue hands down is the I Bar Ranch,” says Di Bridges. “It’s this big hay barn in this beautiful pastoral setting.” There are also live music events at the Black Box Theatre at the Gunnison Arts Center. “It’s super intimate, you can literally see the eyelashes of the person on stage,” she says. • crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 17

Our Real Estate Market SURGES FORWARD By Scout Walton, VP & Managing Broker

Newly constructed home at 821 Elk Avenue closed for $3,700,000 this year Sellers and buyers represented LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Since our last issue published in early December, the Gunnison/Crested Butte real estate market as continued its torrid pace. Below we consider the County-wide market and then we zoom in on the Crested Butte area. We close with a shout out to the brokers at LIV Crested Butte, leaders in this dynamic marketplace. Please note that unless otherwise noted, all data was sourced from the Colorado Real Estate Network multiple listing service.

COUNTY-WIDE MARKET GROWS 188% For the five months ending May 31, 2021, property sales across all classes in Gunnison County increased from the prior year by 188% on the number of transactions and by 306% on the dollar volume of those transactions. On a twelve-month basis, this increase is modulated somewhat (107% on transactions and 144% on dollar volume), but still extraordinary. Annually, the overall market has leaped to $785 billion from approximately $350 billion in recent years. The two charts put these amazing numbers in context. ALL GUNNISON COUNTY PROPERTY SALES


# Sold 5 & 12 Months Ending May 31, 2021

# Sold 5 & 12 Months Ending May 31, 2021










400 1,000









250 600









100 200



200 50



2019 5 ME 5/31/XX (Left Axis)

2018 12 ME 5/31/XX (Right Axis)






2019 5 ME 5/31/XX (Left Axis)




12 ME 5/31/XX (Right Axis)

...continued on page 19 18 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

As with most markets around the country, particularly in ski towns, rising transaction volume has reduced the available residential and land inventory. Across Gunnison County, the supply of residential inventory has fallen 64% over the last twelve months to five months of supply while land inventory has fallen 73% to ten months supply (see chart below). Months of supply is the measure of how many months it would take for the current inventory of properties on the market to sell, given the current pace of sales.

GUNNISON COUNTY MARKET ABSORPTION Residential & Land Months of Supply
























Residential (Left Axis)








Land (Right Axis)

So, with rising demand represented by transaction volume increases and falling supply represented by months of supply, average and median prices are climbing. County-wide during the last twelve months, the average price for homes increased 21% (median: +17%) and land increased 6% (median: +9%). In the Crested Butte area, the price increases were more pronounced, especially with land: average home prices increased 19% (median: +32%) and average land prices increased 28% (median: +55%).

...continued on page 20

3 Black Diamond Trail closed for $3,825,000 this year Sellers represented LIV Sotheby’s International Realty crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 19

NORTH VALLEY SINGLE FAMILY SALES # Sold 5 & 12 Months Ending May 31, 2021



60 200 50





20 50 10





2019 5 ME 5/31/XX (Left Axis)

The North Valley real estate market around Crested Butte accounts for approximately 60% of the transactions in the County. For the five months ending May 31, 2021, transaction volume across all classes in the North Valley increased from the prior year by 251% (138% over the last 12 months). The North Valley transaction volume is split 60-40 between residential and land sales. The North Valley residential transaction volume is split 60-40 between condo/townhome and single-family sales.




12 ME 5/31/XX (Right Axis)

NORTH VALLEY CONDO/TOWNHOME SALES # Sold 5 & 12 Months Ending May 31, 2021



90 250 80

70 200 60



40 100 30

For the five months ending May 31, 2021, the number of North Valley condo/townhome sales grew 138% (90% over the last 12 months). Single family sales grew 181% (153% over the last 12 months) and land sales grew an astounding 571% (196% over the last 12 months). Please see the three charts.

20 50 10




2019 5 ME 5/31/XX (Left Axis)




12 ME 5/31/XX (Right Axis)


# Sold 5 & 12 Months Ending May 31, 2021

...continued on page 21



100 200

80 150


100 40

50 20




2019 5 ME 5/31/XX (Left Axis)

20 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

2018 12 ME 5/31/XX (Right Axis)



The rising prices and falling inventory of North Valley residential properties have impacted the land market. More folks today are considering land purchases for investment or to build. Projections for new home starts are off the charts and general contractors and their subs are maxed out pushing construction costs ever higher. Therefore, rising construction and land costs are likely to push residential prices higher into 2022. Even so, Gunnison/Crested Butte remains a value compared to other Colorado ski towns (see 2020 comparisons in the table below).

Crested Butte



















Properties Sold


























Total Volume

Average Price Increase

Source: 2021 Resort Report, LIV SIR

LIV CRESTED BUTTE LEADS THE MARKET For the five months ending May 31, 2021, the brokers at LIV Crested Butte have combined to close 146 transaction sides representing $131 million (see the chart below). We are proud to be home to six of the top 30 brokers in our market as ranked by dollar volume, including the perennial number one agent. Our local team consists of 21 brokers and staff backed by marketing, operations, finance and legal pros located in our Colorado sister offices. We average 14 years in the brokerage industry and 24 years living in Crested Butte, 5 brokers with over 40 years of history here and 7 alumni of Western Colorado University. We draw upon a diverse mix of industry backgrounds, including restaurants, hospitality, software, financial services, ski industry, development, education and ranching. We tap into a global network of 23,000 Sotheby’s International Realty brokers, including Colorado, Texas, California, Georgia and other key feeder mar­kets. Navigating this crazy market requires the local market knowledge and professional experience offered by LIV Crested Butte. Please reach out or stop by and we will help you LIV the life that you love! • TOTAL TRANSACTION SIDES 5 Months Ending May 31, 2021











Firm #2

Firm #3 # Trx Sides

Firm #4

Firm #5

$MM Trx Sides

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 21

A NATIONAL HISTORIC DISTRICT AT THE FOOT OF THE ELK MOUNTAINS Incorporated in 1880, the Town of Crested Butte rests at an elevation of 8,885 feet and serves as “the Gateway to the Elk Mountains.” Explorer Ferdinand Hayden referred to the dominant peak guarding the residents as a “crested butte,” and the namesake was born. Crested Butte thrived as a coal-producing supply town to the many mining camps nearby, which attracted a mix of immigrant workers from Europe, especially the Slavic countries. Colorado Fuel & Iron was the dominant employer of the day operating mines whose names are familiar to skiers; Jokerville, Keystone, Twister, and Peanut. By the late 1950’s, mines had closed, and the tracks of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad were pulled up making way for a new era built on another plentiful resource, snow. The Crested Butte ski area opened in 1961 and serves as one of the primary economic drivers of the Valley, especially with the advent of Vail Resorts’ ownership and their Epic Pass. With skiing came a new breed of local leaders who diversified the Town’s identity to include cultural heritage. The Town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has received state and national accolades for historic preservation. In addition, demand for the “off season” grew such that the Town’s summer sales tax revenues have outpaced the winter. A diverse collection of restaurants, bars and shops animate Elk Avenue, which are complimented by an amazing line-up of special events, long-running festivals—Wildflower, Arts, Music, Film—athletic competitions—Grand Traverse, Alley Loop, Chainless Race— and regular programming offered by a host of local non-profits—Center for the Arts, Mountain Theatre, Land Trust, Mountain Bike Association, Nordic Center, KBUT Radio. Other drivers of the Crested Butte socio-economic scene include the acclaimed CB Community School, Western Colorado University, Gunnison Valley Hospital, the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport and now mountain biking and hiking trails. The evolution of the local economy has attracted an interesting mix of sometimes irreverent “locals” that match up with the still applicable tagline, “Like Aspen used to be and Vail never was!” 22 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 23


922 BELLEVIEW AVENUE $4,850,000 MLS 775047 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

The Town of Crested Butte’s latest custom spec build, the very special mountain modern design at 922 Belleview is underway and scheduled for completion next Summer 2021. The location enjoys big time mountain views, excellent solar gain and a peaceful address on this quiet cul-de-sac street at the east edge of town. This 1/4 acre parcel is one of the biggest in the town limits of Crested Butte creating an opportunity for this 2-story layout with traditional main level spaces.

215 BUTTE AVENUE An absolutely incredible location in Crested Butte, 215 Butte borders permanent open spaces and enjoys stunning and forever protected views of the Paradise Divide mountains, Gothic Mountain, Mt. Crested Butte and the Slate River valley. The almost 4,000 SFT layout is perfect for large family gatherings and Colorado style entertaining with an open plan that puts the living, dining, kitchen and master suite on the main level that connects to the huge deck via double doors. 24 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

$4,750,000 MLS 783373 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228


404 BUTTE AVENUE An extraordinary home with the best of Paradise Divide valley views, 404 Butte Avenue is located on a quiet, cul-de-sac on the north edge of Town. Step out the front door to a wooden foot-bridge that overlooks the Coal Creek wetlands and the beautiful Elk Mountains beyond. Among the magnificent living spaces are the living room with natural stone and antique cathedral timbers wrapped in artisan ironwork, master stonemason fireplace, reclaimed hardwood floors and the very best mountain horizon views.

$4,315,000 MLS 780515 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

217 MAROON AVENUE $2,233,000 MLS 779738 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

217 Maroon Avenue is a prime property, offering an opportunity to acquire two classic Crested Butte homes on one full-size lot parcel along Coal Creek and located on the prized west side of Crested Butte. In front is a one-story home situated along the creek on the sunny side of Maroon Avenue. The front home features two bedrooms, wood floors, a sunny deck off the kitchen for morning coffee amid the sounds of the water, a classic bay window in the front bedroom and an ample, fenced front yard and patio for summer entertaining. crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 25


503 WHITEROCK AVENUE AND 507 WHITEROCK AVENUE ACADEMY PLACE A special ownership opportunity located in one of the most beautiful and well preserved historic mountain towns in the USA, Academy Place is Crested Butte’s newest enclave of thoughtfully designed upscale cottages and condos. At 1,857 SFT, the Mariposa Lily Cottage enjoys a beautiful designer furnishings and decor package, a chef’s kitchen that opens to the dining and living area and three well-appointed bedroom suites with attached baths. At 1,846 SFT, the Valerian Cottage enjoys a beautiful designer furnishings and decor package, a chef’s kitchen that opens to the dining and living area and three well-appointed bedroom suites with attached baths. 26 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

$2,322,00 and $2,308,000 MLS 782764 and 782765 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228


322 GOTHIC AVENUE 322 Gothic Avenue provides an extraordinary opportunity to own and enjoy living in a fine location on a large lot in a quiet, beautiful setting in Crested Butte. The property includes two homes with the main 1 ½ story residence providing prime Paradise Divide views looking over a broad stretch of Coal Creek. The cul-de-sac location on Gothic Avenue is a quiet and convenient setting.

$2,100,000 MLS 782477 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

327 ELK AVENUE 327 Elk Avenue, Unit 3, is a rare residential opportunity located in the heart of downtown Crested Butte. Located on the top floor, this four bedroom, two full bath, 1,583 square foot unit is offered fully furnished. Completely remodeled, Unit 3 features granite countertops, stainless appliances, full size washer and dryer, gas fireplace, and Lutron lighting system with recessed LED lighting. In addition, an extensive renovation was done to the entire building with many upgrades.

$1,479,000 MLS 782241 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 27



$900,000 MLS 783012

A true Crested Butte Original. Charming character in this small abode with lots of possibilities for expansion. Oversized site of .16 of an acre. The main house is historic yet may be allowed to be the accessory dwelling due to it’s size. The town will allow another complete home to be built on the property after relocating the home and, if you decide to keep it, the shed to within town setbacks.

Cathy Benson 970.209.5015

118 7TH STREET 118 7th St. Unit E is a sunny, attractive 3-bedroom condominium residence easily located at 7th St. and Gothic Avenue in Crested Butte. This three-story condominium includes large, south-facing glass in the living room and patio doors off the dining room opening onto a sunny, south-oriented dining deck with views to Mt. Crested Butte and over the neighborhood. $725,000 MLS 779518 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

624 BUTTE AVENUE An in-town duplex or single-family homesite well located on Butte Avenue with great views. $719,000 MLS 766941 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

28 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


300 BELLEVIEW AVENUE Adorable two bed/two bath condo on the corner of Third Street and Belleview Avenue in downtown Crested Butte. Unit 4 is the corner unit therefore the additional windows provide spectacular views and natural light. The deck is perfect for relaxing and watching the Crested Butte sunsets. $439,000 MLS 782259 Gary Huresky 970.209.2421

214 SIXTH STREET, UNIT 8 Enjoy this second floor, 538 square foot office space located in the Ore Bucket Building in downtown Crested Butte. The location is just a 1/2 block away from the 4-way stop and right across the street from the bus stop. $270,000 MLS 783261 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

612 3RD STREET 612 3rd Street Crested Butte is a centrally located vacant commercial lot in Crested Butte. This downtown building lot is situated in the Belleview Avenue/3rd Street commercial district and is located only a short walk to Elk Avenue. $225,000 MLS 780369 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

204 ELK AVENUE Primo and high profile commercial core location on Elk Avenue and adjacent to The Last Steep and Public House. Steps away from Crested Butte’s main shuttle stop on 2nd Street. 204 Elk Avenue is brand new construction by Crested Butte Builders. LEASE: $4,330 per month MLS 782987 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 29

HOME TO CRESTED BUTTE SKI AREA & YEAR - ROUND MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE Rising above Crested Butte by 500 vertical feet, the Town of Mt. Crested Butte (Mt. CB) lies across the Upper East River Valley from the protected West Elk Wilderness Area, where 6 of Colorado’s 54 fourteeners are located — Castle, Maroon, Capitol, Snowmass, Pyramid and North Maroon. These together with Gothic, Teocalli and the Town’s namesake peak wrap Mt. CB with dramatic panoramas. Approximately 800 people live in the Town, which was formed in 1974 to gain local governance at a time when development was taking off around the fledgling ski area. Skier visits peaked in the late 1990s with over 500,000 skier-days recorded thanks to the expansion of direct jet service into Gunnison, the local bed base and notoriety from Ski Free, ESPN X-Games, U.S. Extreme Skiing Championships and other events and promotions. Following family ownership during its first 57 years, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) is now owned by the publicly traded industry leader, Vail Resorts. Today, CBMR operates 15 lifts and 121 trails on 1,500+ acres in the winter and has a robust summer business built around mountain biking, scenic lift rides, zip line tours and other adventure activities. In addition, restaurants, shops, condominiums, hotels, lodges, summer concerts and mountain bike race series energize the base area. The concrete recreation path and Mountain Express connect Mt. CB to its older sister, three miles down Gothic Road (CR317). It should be noted two longstanding beacons of the community have targeted Mt. CB for their headquarters. The Adaptive Sports Center, delivering exceptional year-round adventure activities to people with disabilities since 1987, opened their $14 million administrative and programming building in 2019. The Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, active since 1928, is studying a new campus on the North Village parcel.

30 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 31



$5,900,000 MLS 783415 Jaima Giles 970.275.9357

32 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

Rare offering in a prestigious neighborhood where estate-sized homes, slope-side ski access, tremendous views and sunshine reign! As you enter the home, your breath is immediately taken away by the “wow factor” views of Gothic Mountain, the East River Valley, and the Maroon Bells Wilderness, captured from every room. Offering over 6400 finished square feet, the main living area’s cathedral ceilings and oversized windows highlight the natural light and epic views of the East River meandering down the valley. And impressive beam work, intricate iron work, and stone fireplaces enhance the spaces within. Additional amenities include 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, 2 living areas, an office, a wet bar, and a gear room with direct access to the slopes. Inventory for single family homes is non-existent in the Prospect development and there is a reason why; people don’t leave Paradise! Come see this home for yourself and discover this spectacular Gem in the mountains!


39 WHETSTONE ROAD $3,249,000 MLS 778295 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

The retreat is located on the flanks of stunning Mt. Crested Butte, just a short walk to the ski slopes and Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s evolving base area. Bask in south-facing sunshine from this elevated parcel with forever protected panoramic vistas of the surrounding peaks. This 11,323 s.f. luxury ski lodge was completely remodeled in 2005. Highlights include 11 total bedrooms — including 4 master suites with outdoor private hot tubs — and a large common area that includes a living room, dining room, kitchen and lounge.

2 RIDGE LANE $2,595,000 MLS 782586 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

The total package! 2 Ridge Lane at the Overlook at Mt Crested Butte is the one you’ve been waiting for. Beautiful architecture and interior design, mountain views, four bedrooms with three full en suites, wrap around decks and a very peaceful end-of-the-road location across the street from the Upper Loop National Forest trail system.

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 33


159 SNOWMASS ROAD Primo low density multifamily development opportunity in Mt Crested Butte on Snowmass Road and adjacent to the Villas community. 159 Snowmass Road formerly known as the Enclave at Andesite Point comprises 3.23 total acres. The original approved plans called for 15 upscale townhouse style properties in a five building configuration.

$2,400,000 MLS 778909 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

THE LODGE AT MOUNTAINEER SQUARE, UNIT 601 A One-of-a-Kind offering located right at the base of the ski resort. This unique penthouse unit is the largest unit in the Lodge at Mountaineer Square with 4+ bedrooms, 4 baths and 2800 sq ft of space, and has great views of Crested Butte Mountain, Whetstone and Axtell . The unit includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, plus an extra den/ living area with a pullout couch. (that is 5 sleeping areas!). $1,750,000 MLS 776960 Jill Sickels Matlock 970.275.0595

840 GOTHIC ROAD Opportunity in Mt Crested Butte! Conveniently located on Gothic Rd., this home is perched on a .73 acre lot. This 5 bedroom/2.5 bath home offers numerous possibilities for customization and improvement. An entry level apartment offers recent updates including the bathroom, stackable washer and dryer, and on-demand water heater. $910,000 MLS 781646 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015 Betsy Wiebe 970.209.8643

34 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


SAN MORITZ CONDOS, UNIT J202 This spacious, completely remodeled, turn-key condo is located in one of the best ski-in/ski out locations on the mountain. A large open floor plan graces this fully furnished Mt. Crested Butte condo which sleeps eight comfortably. $850,000 MLS 781672 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

CASTLE POINT CONDOS, UNIT 5 Castle Point Condominiums Unit 5 is a fine end-unit, townhouse-style, condominium home well located in this appealing complex. The 2-bedroom, 2 full bath home features decks off both bedrooms with great, open mountain views and a third deck off the living/dining area with a commanding view to Mt. Crested Butte. $703,000 MLS 782794 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

SNOWCREST CONDOS, UNIT 18 40 Marcellina Lane, Unit 18, is ideally located directly across the street from the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area. This very well kept, fully renovated condominium unit offers three bedrooms, two full baths and 1,042 square feet of living space, sleeping 6 comfortably. $625,000 MLS 782214 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219



This great ski-in/ski-out condo unit is located in the coveted International Building of the San Moritz condo complex. With two bedrooms, two full baths and 993 square feet, this is the ideal mountain getaway or short term rental.

Unit R303 is an ideal mountain getaway. This two bedroom, two full bath condo unit is offered fully furnished and has good rental history. Kitchen updates include stainless appliances, tile backsplash and wood flooring..

$595,000 MLS 783363 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

$350,000 MLS 781147 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 35



These two connected units are located in the East Tower of the Grand Lodge and in the heart of Crested Butte Mountain Village. Only 200 yards from the ski lifts. $310,000 MLS 781958 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

UNITS 251 & 253

UNITS 252 & 254

Classic connecting condominium unit set up with quick access to the winter slopes/summer trails of Crested Butte Mountain Resort and frees shuttle service.

Units 252 and 254 have several updates such as new sofas, tables, TVs, and beds. Corner location with amazing rental history.

$299,999 MLS 774505 Larry Neilson 970.209.7849

$299,000 MLS 776435 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

UNIT 568

UNIT 375

A Grand Lodge king suite condominium residence with views north to Snodgrass Mountain and the Elk Mountain Range.

Located steps away from the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area and provides easy access to the ski slopes, shopping, restaurants, and Town Shuttle.

$178,000 MLS 776790 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

$160,000 MLS 776297 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

UNIT 176

UNIT 477

Unit 176 is conveniently located on the ground floor away from the hustle and bustle of the lobby, is dog friendly and has easy access from outside.

Studio condo at the center of Mt. Crested Butte steps from the lifts. Holding is full ownership. Complex includes pool and restaurant.

$160,000 MLS 776300 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

$157,500 MLS 766803 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

UNIT 472

UNIT 512

Studio condominium with ADA features located in the center of Mt. Crested Butte. Holding is full ownership. Pool, restaurant.

An appealing, full-ownership Grand Lodge studio condominium located in the East Tower with views west to Sunlight Ridge.

$155,500 MLS 764995 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

$154,500 MLS 778884 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

UNIT 377

UNIT 363

Unit 377 is a 443 SF condo unit and includes a kitchenette with fridge, cook top and microwave. Walk to the ski slopes from this spot.

Located in the West Tower of the Grand Lodge, this is the perfect ski condo. The Grand Lodge is located in the heart of Crested Butte Mountain Village.

$149,000 MLS 781262 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

$140,000 MLS 776301 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

36 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 37

LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS, A GOLF COURSE COMMUNITY AND LARGER TRACTS Outside the limits of the towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte lie several prominent Upper Valley neighborhoods and lower density 35-acre subdivisions, which profit from intoxicating views of the stunning peaks, lush drainages and alpenglow colors. Some even enjoy fishing access on the Slate and East Rivers. Many of these surrounding lands are held in conservation either by the Crested Butte Land Trust, the Town of Crested Butte or the Gunnison Ranchlands Conservation Legacy for open space protection, ranching preservation and winter and summer trail systems. Located in the corridor off the Gothic Road (CR 317), are higher end homes and homesites in Glacier Lily, Saddle Ridge, Three Valleys, Moon Ridge and Aperture. Tucked back off County Roads 811 and 734 following the Washington Gulch and Slate River drainages is local-friendly Meridian Lake and several more exclusive enclaves— Pristine Point, Smith Hill Ranches, Wildbird and Alpine Meadows. Perched above Crested Butte and the Coal Creek drainage are various filings of Trapper’s Crossing and the McCormick, Whetstone Mountain, and Hidden Mine Ranches on the Valley floor. Skyland, only two miles south of Crested Butte, boasts many luxury properties surrounding Lake Grant, the Robert Trent Jones Jr. championship golf course and other amenities of the Club at Crested Butte. Also served by Brush Creek Road (CR 738) are the newer communities of Buckhorn Ranch—home to the Crested Butte Airpark— Larkspur and Silver Sage. Riverbend and the Crested Butte South area are preferred by many locals, while Hidden River Ranch, East River Ranches and Red Mountain Ranch offer more exclusive larger tracts. All of these properties on the outskirts of Crested Butte cater to those prioritizing more privacy and commanding views of Whetstone, Axtell, Emmons and the Paradise Divide.

38 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 39


180 UPPER ALLEN ROAD $4,995,000 MLS 767630 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

An outstanding large riverfront ranch just 6.5 miles from Crested Butte. This extraordinary 540 acres includes 1 mile of the East River, conserved, irrigated meadow, aspen and evergreen forest, river wetlands, dramatic rock formations, a prominent hilltop homesite with panoramic scenic views and generous 31 cfs priority water rights. This is a very private large ranch for a legacy home and convenient to all the fine advantages of living in Crested Butte and the East River Valley.

1515 RED MOUNTAIN RANCH ROAD One of the most exciting and beautiful homes in the Crested Butte area. The house appears to emerge from the mountain with the massive boulder formations and natural stone that comprise the exterior. This sets the stage for the magnificent entry to the great room of the home. Filled with beautiful furnishings, expansive windows, dining and bar area and a kitchen suitable for a chef. The family has their own side entry for shedding ski or hiking gear, enough space for skis, outdoor gear, and the laundry. 40 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

$4,750,000 MLS 772061 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015


820 COUNTY ROAD 740 $3,750,000 MLS 778669 Gary Huresky 970.209.2421

82 County Road 740 exemplifies fine construction in every detail. This river estate features nearly 7,000 square feet of livable space, an exquisite patio overlooking the East River, which is perfect for entertaining. The well equipped Thermador kitchen has ample room with double ovens, a five burner cook top, a prep sink, a generous pantry and plenty of room to share conversation around the island. The open layout provides a seamless flow into the living room to enjoy the floor to ceiling windows.

1610 RED MOUNTAIN RANCH ROAD $3,500,000 MLS 764320 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

Arguably one of the most spectacular locations in the Upper East River Valley, the panoramic views, mature forest, meadows and privacy of this property will stop you in your tracks. Sitting on the western edge of Red Mountain Ranch, the home enjoys stunning views of Whetstone, Mt. Crested Butte and the Paradise Divide. Featuring an open and flowing floor plan anchored by amazing vaulted and beamed ceilings, the two-story ranch-style home is comprised of 5,450 square feet and 4 bedrooms. crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 41


BASIN MOUNTAIN VILLAGE AT BUCKHORN RANCH Now taking reservations for phase 1 Martin Spencer 970.452.9700

42 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

Mountain rustic meets mountain modern. 12 - 3 bedroom, 2 bath units and 12 - 2 bedroom, 2 bath units. Each unit has a private 2 car garage, Marvin windows and doors, granite countertops and radiant in floor heat. Located just minutes from downtown Crested Butte, MT. Crested Butte Ski Resort and seemingly endless single track out Brush Creek.


356 FOREST LANE $2,550,000 MLS 781998 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

Beautifully renovated in 2017, this cool and stylish mountain home is perfectly nestled in the aspens above Skyland. Peerlessly designed by the distinguished architect Daniel J Murphy, this home’s inviting spaces frame stunning views of Whetstone Mountain. Featuring four bedrooms, three full and two half baths, this property is ideally-suited for family, friends, and entertaining.

1099 MCCORMICK RANCH ROAD Surrounded by open spaces, this one-of-a-kind 36 acre ranch parcel captures the commanding, panoramic views of the surrounding Elk Mountains. Located in the gated McCormick Ranch subdivision, enjoy fishing rights on the Slate River and easy trail access just out your door.

$1,950,000 MLS 770316 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 43


890 JOURNEY’S END ROAD A very special opportunity in Crested Butte. Lot 1 at Trappers Crossing South is the offering you’ve been waiting for. Over 35acres, flat topography for plenty of design-build options, views, end of the road privacy, a great mix of forest and meadow and you can be on Elk Avenue for dinner in less than 10 minutes. $1,750,000 MLS 775696 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

528 SLATE RIVER DRIVE 528 Slate River Drive is a wonderful home with plenty of room to spread out. It has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, an office on the main floor which can be used as a main floor bedroom, a walk-out dining room to an amazing back yard with a brick paver patio and an attached large 2-car garage. $1,650,000 MLS 783076 Gary Huresky 970.209.2421

10 ZELIGMAN STREET Perched high above the valley floor with stunning and forever protected mountain views and all day sunshine and solar gain, the 35 acre ranch property at 10 Zeligman is a special offering in Crested Butte. The four bedroom house features an open floor plan with kitchen, dining, living and the master suite on the main level, three bedrooms upstairs, a spacious wrap around deck, vaulted ceilings and a wood burning stove. $1,500,000 MLS 780921 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

19 RIDGE ROAD The rarest of vacant land offerings, this 36.47 acre parcel is located in the coveted Ridge at Crested Butte and a short drive from historic downtown Crested Butte. The elevated south facing home-site offers incredible 180° mountain views up and down valley. The location will provide the peace one desires with 1500’ of USFS frontage. $1,350,000 MLS 781388 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

44 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


25 WAPITI TRAIL 5 acres at Reserve on the East River. 1,500-acre community: 24 homesites, private fishing, trails, dramatic vistas, horse facility, Lodge and guest house. $1,300,000 MLS 783251 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

710 RED MOUNTAIN RANCH ROAD Located in a pristine area, this incredible horse property is just a short distance from the town of Crested Butte. This 35.10 acre parcel is completely fenced with a 4-stall barn. The barn also offers 1,730 sqft of unfinished living space on the second floor. Well, septic, and electric in place. $1,295,000 MLS 771345 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

253 W SILVER SAGE DRIVE Do not compromise when it comes to securing the best parcel for your mountain home design. Lot 8 is an absolutely incredible home site opportunity at the coveted Silver Sage community in Crested Butte. The location enjoys a 1.46 acre home site bordering another 6 acres of private and protected open space. $1,250,000 MLS 757174 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

376 WAPITI TRAIL Arguably one of the best view parcels in our valley. At 9+ acres it is also one of the largest pieces of land available close to the historic Town of Crested Butte and the world class skiing at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. From this spot it’s about 2miles to Elk Avenue. $1,250,000 MLS 779312 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 45


1 COYOTE TRAIL 1 Coyote Trail is an exceptional property in Gunnison County that must be seen to be truly appreciated. Only fifteen miles from the historical resort town of Crested Butte, this 36.57 acre property is part of the Roaring Judy Ranch Subdivision situated near Cottonwood Pass and the Taylor River. $1,070,000 MLS 782317 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

1360 RED MOUNTAIN RANCH ROAD Beautiful up valley Paradise Divide and Mt Crested Butte views, mature forest, and meadows make 1360 Red Mountain Ranch a special offering at Red Mountain Ranch in Crested Butte and a great spot to build a dream home. $1,000,000 MLS 770639 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

598 SHAVANO STREET Arguably one of the finest home sites in CB South. With rare fence line location, the perfect setting is yours with this 3 bedroom, 2 bath dove tail log home. $955,000 MLS 779538 Betsy Wiebe 970.209.5643

46 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com



Arriving to the site... the views take you by surprise, encompassing the entire upper East River Valley; Paradise divide, Red Lady, Whetstone. $800,000 MLS 777164 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015


Stunning 36.60 acre parcel bordering National Forest. Located in one of Crested Butte’s most distinguished, gated ranch communities. $765,000 MLS 781643 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219


Looking for “Wow Factor” views? This 35-acre parcel is surrounded by open meadows and mountain vistas. Driveway and well are in place. $739,000 MLS 770712 Jaima Giles 970.275.9357



A masterpiece in progress, this distinctive 2 bed/2 bath home has undergone all of the major finish work, enabling a Buyer to complete the project to suit their personal style. $799,000 MLS 783387 Jaima Giles 970.275.9357


Level building site, well in place, immediate river access and large views and plenty of sun. Fishing and hiking within the subdivision. $750,000 MLS 780247 Gary Huresky 970. 209.2421


Lot 18 is located at the end of Hidden Mine Road to ensure the utmost of privacy and mountain living experience. $725,000 MLS 782935 Gary Huresky 970. 209.2421


This is only one of a handful of properties that allow for the main home and a fenced pasture and barn.

Offers seclusion, spectacular views and mature forest all around. This is an excellent spot to design and build that dream mountain getaway.

$690,000 MLS 782470 Cathy Benson 970. 209.5015

$650,000 MLS 771107 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 47




$585,000 MLS 774875 Kathryn Johnson 303.809.8327

$550,000 MLS 770614 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219



$550,000 MLS 782531 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

$500,000 MLS 774870 Kathryn Johnson 303.809.8327

Spectacular 35 acre parcel located in the coveted Red Mountain Ranch Subdivision. Gently sloping and offers easy access to highway.

453 Lake Ridge Drive is a rare opportunity to be located in the River Club neighborhood at Buckhorn Ranch.


Spectacular 35 acre parcel located in the coveted Red Mountain Ranch Subdivision. The neighborhood is located roughly halfway between Crested Butte and Gunnison. $500,000 MLS 777880 Kathryn Johnson 303.809.8327


A beautiful 1 acre parcel located at the top of coveted Meridian Lake Meadows, 414 Meadow Drive is the homesite opportunity you’ve been waiting for. $400,000 MLS 780184 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

48 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

Red Mountain Ranch Lot 3 offers 35.10 acres with beautiful aspen and pine tree groves that command the most cherished of all qualities – seclusion and peace.

Stunning views from this 38.43 acre Crested Butte lot in Trappers Crossing at Wildcat! Lot 16 is situated on Gibson’s Ridge overlooking the Crested Butte Valley.


Great business opportunity. 16 total units. Lots of possibilities to add on, change use, modernize, heat and or the many allowable uses for the zoning. $419,000 MLS 774899 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015


Outstanding views facing south toward Whetstone then to the East and West. An elevated lot of more than half an acre. $375,000 MLS 777165 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015


Very nice lot located in the Back Nine of Skyland. Easy building site with big views and lots of sun. Enjoy this convenient location just past the Club House. $299,000 MLS 781640 Gary Huresky 970.209.2421


Slightly elevated lot with views up and down the valley! Should give you plenty of great sunshine from morning to night and the views. $210,000 MLS 778605 Cathy Benson 970.209.5015



1.6 acres at CB Airpark. Private access to airstrip and detached hangar allowed. Mountain vistas, excellent solar gain, and only 4 miles to Town. $250,000 MLS 782132 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228


A fine homesite high up on Barbra Place near the cul-de-sac. Large tract to the rear and adjacent parcel also available. Easy build. $179,000 MLS 768654 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448


Affordable opportunity close to town! Backing up to permanent open space, this premier parcel sits on .17 acres, offers a level building site, and boasts incredible views.

Level mining claim tract located only a short distance from Irwin on a two-track road connecting Irwin to the Elk Creek Trail.

$177,500 MLS 781811 Jaima Giles 970.275.9357

$135,000 MLS 782040 Larry Neilson 970.209.7849



This sloped lot provides several options for the new owners when they go to build their home. CB South has long been a family friendly subdivision.

This bird’s eye view parcel in CB South is perched high above Ruland Place, and features rock outcroppings and incredible views into the Cement Creek drainage.

$115,000 MLS 763932 Larry Neilson 970.209.7849

$100,000 MLS 775952 Di Bridges 970.901.0888 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 49

OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST MECCA AND HUB OF COUNTY ASSETS Almont is located halfway between Crested Butte and Gunnison, where the East and Taylor Rivers meet to form the Gunnison River. On the way along Highway 135 are three high-end ranch subdivisions south of Round Mountain—Reserve at East River, Danni Ranch and Roaring Judy Ranch. Almont is home to three long time dude ranches offering multiple options for cabin lodging, dining, drinking, fishing, rafting, horseback riding and other excursions. County Road 742 winding through the Taylor River Canyon leads to more real estate options at Wilder/ Wapiti Canyon Ranch, Spring Creek and Crystal Creek subdivisions. The legendary trout fishing on the Taylor River is enhanced by the Taylor Park Reservoir, 20 miles upstream from Almont, which has a small marina. County Road 209 is a newly paved scenic wonder leading to Buena Vista over Cottonwood Pass (summer route only) topping out at a breathtaking 12,119 feet. The City of Gunnison sits at the intersection of Highways 135 and 50 and is named after an explorer charting routes for the transcontinental railroad in the mid-1850s. Like the Town of Crested Butte, Gunnison prospered from a mining boom and then later the cattle industry, which has been celebrated for 120 years by the Cattlemen’s Days Rodeo. Gunnison serves as the County seat and is home to many important community assets— Western Colorado University (founded in 1901), Gunnison Valley Health System (since 1938), Black Canyon of the Gunnison (awarded National Park status in 1999), Curecanti National Recreation Area, three State Wildlife Areas, Dos Rios Golf Course, Recreation/Aquatic Center and Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport (9,400’ runway). Real estate options include more affordable properties in and around the city limits and large tract options in the verdant Ohio Creek Valley of Eagle Ridge Ranch, Star Mountain Ranch and Wilderness Streams.

50 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com


crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 51


321 TOMICHI TRAIL, GUNNISON With a perfect setting along the Gunnison River, and close proximity to the Dos Rios Golf Course, and Hartman’s Rocks, this exquisite Purcell Post and Beam, Mountain Modern home will take your breathe away. This one of a kind home was constructed in 2017 with Mature Douglas Fir from Canada. The large outdoor covered patio complete with a Hot Spring salt water hot tub and fire pit, overlooks the river and is the perfect setting to relax or entertain guests.

$1,125,000 MLS 781941 Katy Mattson 970.275.4601

COUNTY ROAD 36, LAKE CITY $925,000 MLS 773535 Martin Spencer 970.452.9700 52 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

A unique opportunity to own a well maintained piece of Colorado’s mining heritage. This holding consists of 31 patented mining claims, 305.7153 acres and multiple historic mining buildings. When you arrive on the property you can feel the history. Ore was originally found in the Carson Mining District in 1881, and countless people came to the area over the years in search of their fortune. The remaining buildings are considered to be one of the most famous Colorado ghost towns.

ALMONT, GUNNISON AND LAKE CITY W DENVER AVENUE, GUNNISON This is your opportunity to own 14.28 acres of irrigated meadow on the edge of Gunnison city limits. 1 cfs of deeded water rights. Access from Spencer Street as well as access to Van Tuyl walking paths and the Gunnison River from across the street makes this a truly incredible opportunity. This parcel is able to be subdivided to have three homes and borders Gunnison City open space. $695,000 MLS 776291 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

4080 CHICAGO PARK ROAD, PITKIN Beautiful 50+ acre parcel for sale in Alpine Meadows / Quartz Creek. Breathtaking southwest views over storybook alpine meadow. The sweeping property includes 5 contiguous ten acre mining claims with original government surveys. Custom built 1 bedroom 1 bathroom with loft,wrap around deck, and wood burning stove. This lovely cabin-style home has running water, propane for lights, fridge and stove. $600,000 MLS 781909 Nikki Pulitzer 970.209.9004

481 RIVERWALK DRIVE, GUNNISON Lot 14 is located directly on the Gunnison River with amenities that include fishing access on the Gunnison River, network of private walking trails, fishing in stocked ponds, and a cabin for your guests. Riverwalk Estates is centrally located in the Gunnison Country; only a seven-minute drive to downtown Gunnison and a twenty-five-minute drive to Crested Butte. $400,000 MLS 782857 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 53


CASTLE DRIVE LOT 33, GUNNISON Beautiful ranch parcel on top of Star Mountain Ranch. Absolutely stunning panoramic mountain and valley views, with miles of views from the elevated portion. $399,000 MLS 770590 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

116 N TAYLOR STREET, GUNNISON Located in the heart of Gunnison in the central business district, this adorable property offers 2 buildings and a variety of uses. $375,000 MLS 778494 Jaima Giles 970.275.9357


Lot 13 is located directly on the Gunnison River with amenities that include fishing access on the Gunnison River and a network of private walking trails. $350,000 MLS 778442 Kiley Flint 970.596.3219


Arguably the best views at Star Mountain Ranch; 35.4 acres; elevated home site; located on the flank of Carbon Peak. $295,000 MLS 757876 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228



$239,000 MLS 762420 Channing Boucher 970.596.3228

$190,000 MLS 781379 Sam Lumb 970.275.2448

With panoramic mountain and valley views and all-day solar gain, this ranch parcel has a variety of building options.

54 crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com

Four acre homesite in Ohio Creek Valley with a fine grassy meadow and creek to build your cabin or home.

crestedbuttesothebysrealty.com 55


Betsy Wiebe

Cathy Benson

Channing Boucher

Di Bridges





Katy Mattson

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Larry Neilson





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Leadership Team “Our team of broker professionals averages 24 years living the Crested Butte lifestyle. We attack the local real estate market from backgrounds as diverse as ranching, restaurants, property management, education, skiing, software and financial services with a firm commitment to helping you LIV the life you love!” Scout Walton 970.846.3297 VP & Managing Broker

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