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METZ Tea launches in Hong Kong to redefine quality and taste

Hailing from Canada, METZ Tea sources only the finest raw materials from trusted suppliers to create its delectable blends. Founded at The Metropolitan Tea Company by world-renowned Tea Master Gerry Vandergrift in his Toronto basement in 1991, METZ Tea has since expanded worldwide, going on to enjoy an enviable reputation for producing delicious, sustainable and fully traceable certified organic teas and tisanes.

With decades of experience in tea production, METZ Tea blends hail from some of the best farms around the world, from South Africa to Kyushu, Japan. All partnering tea plantations are committed to quality products, and also the principles of sustainability and social equity. The pyramid teabags, designed and manufactured in Japan, are 100 percent plastic-free and fully compostable, for an even more sustainable cup.

At METZ Tea, there are seven tea families to choose from, with more than 25 individual blends. From black, green and herbal teas, fruit and herb tisanes, functional blends, rooibos and chai, there truly is something for everyone.

Orange Pekoe 940

METZ Tea's ultra-premium tea blend is a classic and versatile tea with a rich malty flavour.

Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose 131

A delicate and refined rose-infused green tea that evokes the Japanese cherry blossom festival.

Organic Earl Grey 906

A classic British tea, METZ Tea's Earl Grey blend is drumrolled in natural bergamot oil for a refreshing citrus taste.

Organic Turmeric Ginger Peach 90H

Packed with immunity-boosting ingredients, this spicy blend harnesses Ayurvedic wisdom to heal the body and boost digestion.

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New happenings on the wellness scene

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The best mocktails in town

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Kids' fitness class at Asphodel

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Local shops and brands promoting a circular economy

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The winners of our 2022 Wellness & Lifestyle Awards, announced!


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Where to find non-toxic nail polish in Hong Kong

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Create a clutter-free children's playroom in your home

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Next-level animal fashion accessories

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Another October is upon us, and what an exceptional one it’s shaping up to be!

The recent (long overdue) news of Hong Kong’s famously unpopular quarantineon-arrival policy being scrapped has sent spirits soaring in this city, and I’m so delighted I was here to witness it. It’s been a long 2.5 years under this mandate, and I know firsthand what a toll it’s taken on the people living here.

Although it’s just a first step, and there are many more that must be taken if we’re to resume any sense of pre-pandemic normality, to me it still feels like a momentous time. It’s like Hong Kong has collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Imagine the joy of knowing you can finally visit your family for Christmas, or stand by your sister’s side at her wedding, or meet your best friend’s baby. In this city, we’re at long last moving in a direction that’s conducive to a happier, healthier, more connected existence; I believe it’s a new era for Hongkongers to begin prioritising their wellbeing again, and start healing.

How fitting then, that this month is also the month we announce the winners of our 2022 Wellness & Lifestyle Awards. When we’re talking about how to prioritise our wellbeing - these are the people who are forging the way. Over the past three years, it hasn’t been easy for gyms, studios, spas, health clinics, or any small, locally owned and operated business, for that matter. The resilience of this city is on full display with the inspiring people who made the cut this year, and I highly recommend reading all about them and learning their stories on p.20

As much as we may be in the mood to celebrate the end of quarantine by popping some corks, we also find ourselves in this traditional autumnal period known as “Sober October”. If you’ve chosen to give up the hooch for the month, we’ve rounded up some top-shelf bars and cocktail lounges that do a mean mocktail. Read more about them on p.12

We also found some banging nail bars that use non-toxic nail polish (p.40), très chic pet accessories for spoiled fur babies (p.44), and spoke to a local decluttering expert for advice on organising kids’ playrooms (p.42).

Hope you all enjoy your October, and raise a mocktail to all the places you’ll (finally) go this year.


Pet fashion is all the rage, as Sarah Fung finds out in this month’s pet column on p.44.

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This reusable coffee cup is made with borosilicate glass, so it’s more sturdy and heat-resistant than silicone. Plus, it won’t shatter like regular glass if you drop it while you’re out and about!

$200 from BOMSHBEE


Uncover your hidden self with a set of conversation cards by local NGO Teen’s Key. They’re designed to encourage young women to reflect, share and self-discover, and all proceeds go to supporting this women-led charity.

$150 from


We love a neutral wardrobe addition, which explains why we’re feeling this versatile fall jacket from lululemon’s latest men’s collection. It’s the perfect garment for the minimalist fashion bro!

$1,180 at lululemon


We’re not exactly sneakerheads, but we could definitely be converted by the showstopping colourways from the latest LeBron James shoe release. She’s giving us early ‘90s childhood, and we love it!

$1,599 at Nike

Here's what we're crushing on this month
6 Retail Therapy


These wireless headphones by Swedish brand Urbanears are made almost entirely with recycled plastic, and use an optimised charging technology designed to deliver longer battery lifetime. Longer wear means less consumption and less waste in landfills - which we love!

$799 at Lane Crawford of LOG-ON


Cutting corners has never looked so chic! Embrace the infinite elegance of a classic black-and-white circular tote bag, while you channel your inner Audrey Hepburn this autumn.

$3,390 at agnès b.


Dial up the drama with a statement lip this fall! We’re loving this super-pigmented, 90’s-inspired pinky brown gloss, and bonus points for it being a vegan formulation.

$400 at BYREDO


Have a little fun with your next cuppa, with the creative brews from luxury tea brand Metz. We’re personally hooked on the Salted Caramel black tea, with bits of real popcorn mixed in! $158 from

7 Retail Therapy



The MD of Vegware Hong Kong, a global compostable food packaging company originated in the UK, Ceicy Wong is on a mission to divert food and packaging waste from Hong Kong's landfills. She tells Liv about Hong Kong’s plastic crisis, and what she plans to do about it.

Q Tell us about Hong Kong’s disposable plastic situation. It’s overwhelming. About 30 to 40 percent of the waste that goes into landfills in Hong Kong is food waste, much of which comes in various types of plastic packaging. We urgently need a solution, as our landfills are already at capacity. At Vegware, our focus is on developing compostable food packaging using plant-based materials. It breaks down along with the food, and turns into compost.

Q Has the situation improved in recent years? Definitely. People are much more aware of recycling, and everyone tries to reduce waste and reuse containers. But we have a population that’s only getting bigger - we’re at 7.96 billion people in the world now, and our population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. We need to think of a solution that goes beyond simply manufacturing more products to meet demand. Let’s face it: how many reusable totes and water bottles do we have in our cupboard? A compostable option that closes the loop is one sustainable alternative to our waste problem.

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Q How have local businesses responded to the products?

Very positively. People are keen to use compostable or biodegradable packaging, and the knowledge of this type of product has increased in our seven years of operation; people are keen to move away from plastics. Our challenge now is to achieve zero waste in Hong Kong’s food sector. There are no guidelines or regulations right now that say that businesses must use compostable or plant-based packaging, and we want to do our part to move the needle in the right direction.

Q Tell us more about PLA cups. Are they really fully recyclable?

PLA, or polylactic acid, is a bioplastic made entirely from corn. It’s almost indistinguishable from plastic to the average consumer, and is a very effective material to make containers for cold drinks and straws. It’s designed to break down with food, but it requires certain conditions - a moist environment and bacteria - in order to decompose effectively. We work with a local recycling firm, ECPAL, to compost our PLA cups at their dedicated facility. It’s unfortunate that nothing truly degrades in the landfill, but processed responsibly, PLA cups are a wonderful solution.

Q What does success look like to you?

I’ve been asking myself this question too; it’s something I reflect on a lot. What are my goals to help Hong Kong become more sustainable? For me, I want to work with the government to ban polystyrene in the F&B industry, and to restrict plastic packaging as a whole. Sometimes I take a walk through the supermarket, and when I see all the different plastic containers, all destined for the landfill, I think about how much work there is still to do.

Q What else do you do to promote sustainability in Hong Kong?

Education is a huge part of what we do, and we are passionate about knowledge sharing. We are always happy to educate the public about compostable packaging and why it’s so important. Our social media accounts are full of information in both Chinese and English - follow us @vegware on IG, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more!

Q Where do you see your business going in the next five years?

We really want to promote composting outside of Hong Kong, moving into mainland China and Taiwan. We want to share compostable packaging with the region and reduce landfill waste across Asia. We also want to set up a community fund to support more local farmers. There is actually a high demand for compost in Hong Kong, so we want to enhance the circularity of our products by sharing our compost with them to help them grow their crops.

Q What’s something you wished more people knew about the plastic crisis?

That it’s truly an uphill battle. There are so many different forms of plastic, and so many uses for it. Just think about all the testing kits that have been used and discarded in the past few years. At Vegware, we want to help with reducing waste to landfill food waste crisis. Creating excess food generates unnecessary methane, which is then released into the air and contributes to climate change. We want to get really good at helping to reduce food waste, and to encourage everyone on composting, as well as do their part to reduce, reuse and recycle.




If you’ve watched the eco-documentary “Chasing Coral”, you probably already know how coral reefs foster marine biodiversity and protect against natural disasters and land erosion. Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong’s coral communities have suffered in modern times, thanks to massive land reclamation and worsening climate change. CORAL REEFstoration - a groundbreaking new environmental initiativeoffers a much-needed solution. Here’s how it works: coral fragments are planted onto special 3D-printed terracotta tiles at a coral nursery facility, then transferred to a monitoring and conservation site off Deep Water Bay. The project aims to regenerate 20 square metres of artificial reefs over the next three years, and provide a liveable habitat for the city’s marine life. As a collaboration between Ocean Park, The Fullerton and archiREEF, an environmental-social enterprise of HKU, the project will also engage local students through educational programmes and internships. When innovation meets conservation, we’re always amazed! Learn more about the project at


There’s a fab new place to shop for all your yogi-tastic bits and bobs. KURIOS is PURE Group’s new lifestyle store, selling a select line of activewear, accessories, crystals, lifestyle products, skincare, haircare, and more. The brand was just launched in collaboration with Rue Madame Fashion Group, which worked closely with PURE to curate a lineup of awesome wellness products, sourced from both Hong Kong and overseas. On the fashion side, you’ll find yoga wear from alo yoga, Beyond Yoga, and Spiritual Gangster, as well as mats by Manduka and Liforme. Also on offer is an array of healing products such as palo santo, sage sticks and crystals, as well as vegan, eco-friendly sunscreen, hair care, and candles. On a recent visit to the TST store, they also had an abundance of the much-coveted T8 masks! It’s a real treasure trove of goodies at a range of price points - we challenge you to leave empty-handed! Available in 14 PURE outlets.

Photo by Eric Keung
10 Cool Stuff


With mental health issues on the rise, it’s always a good time to speak to our kids about the importance of emotional support. Local psychologists Dr Melissa Giglio and Daisy Geddes co-wrote “Bravery Grows”, a kids’ book about a little girl struggling with anxiety and worry, and how she learns to overcome them. What’s useful about this book is that the authors have embedded tools and strategies used by therapists within the story, providing a useful blueprint for parents and caregivers to follow. The plot also raises awareness of conditions like selective mutism and anxiety disorders in children. “Bravery Grows” is available at Bookazine and on Amazon. Currently only available in English, it will also be published in Putonghua from next month. Costs $175.


We previously reported on the growing incidence of adult attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), and the vital importance of promoting neurodiversity in Hong Kong. That’s why we’re proudly supporting ADHD Awareness Week, a series of free webinars and workshops aimed at educating Hongkongers about the disorder. Running from October 23-29, the week-long event will feature leading experts, academics and medical experts, as well as firsthand accounts from people living with ADHD. Even if you don’t have ADHD, it’s well worth showing your support for this free event - you never know what you’ll learn and it helps create a more inclusive community for all Hongkongers! Register before October 22.

End of Quarantine

It’s the end of an era... and we’re not sad about it! Good riddance to overpriced, forced staycations, and one step closer to being a world city again.


After three years of restrictions, we’re ready to bring on the brats with a knees-up Oktoberfest celebration! From BaseHall to The Murray, you’ll find good times a’plenty this month.

One-and-Done Halloween Costumes

It’s spooky season, which we love! The use-onceand-dispose costumes? Not so much. Try making your own outfit, or investing in great costumes you can wear every year.

Social Media Diet Fads

Would you rather get dietary advice from a dancing teenager, or a qualified health professional? Actually, don’t answer that.


11 Cool Stuff




Nicole Slater rounds up the best bars and restaurants to enjoy an alcohol-free drink this October.

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is home to some of the best bars in Asia, and across the world! From sophisticated rooftops to laidback speakeasies, there’s something for everyone - even if you’re a non-drinker. Whether you’re abstaining this month, or simply trying to reduce your alcohol intake, these bars and restaurants are sure to curb your cocktail cravings with their range of delicious mocktails.


After a long day at Repulse Bay, there’s nothing better than a frosty sundowner. Amalfitana has you covered with a section dedicated to mocktails, shaking up refreshing alcohol-free twists on classic cocktails. If you’re feeling extra fruity, this upscale beachside restaurant offers a signature fruit punch with pineapple juice and mixed berries. The Pulse, G/F, Shop 105, 28 Beach Rd., Repulse Bay,


Settling into its new home in H Zentre, Aqua has seen a lot of changes over the past year, including a newly revamped cocktail menu by Creative Director, Lorenzo Coppola. Coppola has also designed three stunning mocktails to enjoy on the expansive terrace, including The Virgin Coco Garibaldi, that’s as comely as it is delicious, with coconut milk, orange juice and non-alcoholic bitters, while the Virgin Tropical Sour mixes the refreshing flavours of guava, mango and lime. 17/F, H Zentre,15 Middle Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 3427-2288,


The modern Middle Eastern restaurant tucked away on Gough Street is the perfect spot for a light lunch or casual dinner. BEDU’s fresh ingredients and bold spices trickle through into the drink selection with a range of fresh and fruity cocktails and mocktails. Sip on the toothsome Sunrise, with orange, grapefruit, pomegranate and ginger, or for something a little more refreshing, sample the Green Garden with cucumber, lemon, mint and black pepper. 40 Gough St., Central,


Experts in all things rum, The Daily Tot offers a tropical escape on Hollywood Road with bright interiors and Caribbean beats. While their extensive collection of rare, aged, and blended rums is sure to impress, the bar also offers expertly crafted mocktails, packed with bursting colours and flavours. The Berry Bang mocktail features non-alcoholic spirit brand Seedlip Garden Blend with berries, pineapple, green tea, cherry and lemon.

G/F, Shop E, Felicity Building, 58 Hollywood Rd., Central, 2366-6836,

Maka Hiki
12 Fresh Cuts


Located in the Pottinger Hotel, The Envoy is a secret haven in the centre of the city. Taking inspiration from the British colonial era, their extensive drinks menu has something for everyone, from tea-lovers to classic cocktail connoisseurs. The spirit-free selection features five unique mocktails curated by award-winning mixologist Antonio Lai, including Morning Dew with green tea and pandan syrup, and the Baby Sunbird with beetroot and carrot juice, topped with ginger beer. 3/F, The Pottinger Hong Kong, 74 Queen’s Road Central, 2169-3311,


With an expansive terrace overlooking the understatedly hip Tai Hang neighbourhood, this tropical-themed bar and grill is the perfect spot for an evening drink. This October, the bar has partnered with non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s on a special zero-proof cocktail menu, featuring alternatives to popular tropical drinks including the pina colada, dark and stormy, and tropical storm.

2/F, The Corner House, 98 Tung Lo Wan Rd., Tai Hang, 2155-1777,


As one of the highest bars in the world, Ozone offers panoramic views across Victoria Harbour, stylish decor and an extensive range of zero-proof cocktails to sip on as you watch the sun go down. Collaborating with non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s, the bar has created alcohol-free alternatives to their entire Five Elements cocktail menu, so guests can enjoy the unique combinations regardless of whether they choose to drink or not. 118/F, The Ritz-Carlton, 1 Austin Road West, West Kowloon, 2263-2270,


Showcasing the exotic tastes of the Middle East, ZZURA is a sophisticated speakeasy that serves a range of well-crafted drinks designed to evoke the imagination. Enjoy the fresh tasting notes of the Once Upon a Time in Asia mocktail, with kaffir lime leaf, clarified fresh mango juice, and grapefruit soda, or for something more floral, the Prince of ZZURA features rose, citrus, and orange blossom water.

2/F, Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Rd., Central,

BEDU AquaOzone The Daily Tot The EnvoyZZURA
13 Fresh Cuts


Anyone missing the roast chicken meals from the now-defunct chain La Rotisserie will be keen to check out ChullsChick Inspired by Peruvian comfort food and culture, ChullsChick first opened its doors in 2018 in Soho, and quickly became a prized spot in the neighbourhood for a macro-balanced lunch or dinner. ChullsChick has just expanded into its second location in trendy Star Street Precinct, with a vibrant menu of South American dishes. The restaurant’s speciality is “Pollo a la Brasa,” a style of roast chicken native to Lima that is cooked in specialised ovens shipped from Peru. A fitting substitute for your lean protein hankerings! Shop D, E & F, 2-12 Moon St., Wan Chai, 6538-0188,



Much like red wine, sherry - a fortified wine from Spainactually offers some moderate health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. So we’re intrigued to hear about a new sherry-based cocktail bar that’s just opened up in the heart of Soho. Lola is a blinkand-you’ll-miss-it watering hole, located just behind raucous izakaya Musubi Hiro (who incidentally, also owns and operates the space.) Tiny in space but big on charm, Lola does expertly crafted cocktails that highlight this little-understood Spanish drink, as well as authentic tapas. LG, 37 Cochrane St., Central, 5348-4775,


We’re on record as being big fans of bistro Le Garcon Saigon for its shredded chicken salad and DIY lettuce and rice paper rolls. Newly appointed Head Chef John Nguyen has just crafted a dazzling new menu of mouth-watering dishes inspired by both his Vietnamese heritage and American upbringing. Get stuck into the bánh xèo ($198), a cross between a rice pancake and grilled cheese, or the charcoal-grilled white eel ($358), which comes swimming in a highly addictive pineapple anchovy dressing. There are also plenty of noteworthy veggie dishes, like crispy eggplant with a ginger glaze. Definitely worth checking out this month. 12-18 Wing Fung St., Wan Chai, 2455-2499,

14 Dining FOOD NEWS



The Buzz: Asphodel might be known as an elite training and conditioning gym, but it’s also been quietly developing a first-class kids’ offering that’s gone from a few holiday camps to a full-fledged programme, designed to foster a love of movement, confidence, and familiarity in a gym setting. The classes’ success is down to trainer and coordinator Michelle O’Brien, a powerhouse and mum of two who knows exactly how to motivate a room full of kids of mixed ages and abilities to get the best out of everyone.

The Class: Our two mini reviewers, aged eight and 10, signed up for the Friday afternoon class. From the moment we set foot inside, we were blown away by how engaged and enthusiastic the kids were, and how they responded to Michelle’s energy. They kicked off with a dynamic warmup, comprising bear crawls, forward rolls and squats, with an element of competition to keep things fun. Then the kids split up into groups to try the gymnastic rings; older and braver kids were hoisted up to the adult equipment, while beginners and younger kids were supervised by fellow coaches on lower-hung rings. They practised their “banana-superman” movements, before moving onto handstands against the wall.

They finished off with a mini crossfit-style workout with circuits of rowers, skiing machines and shoulder taps. The kids were encouraged to log their results, which all went up on the whiteboard with plenty of encouragement from Michelle and her fellow coaches, Joy and Rachel.

The Verdict: We just loved this class - and so did the kiddos! It combines the best elements of gymnastics, strength-training and dynamic movement, without intimidating anyone. It was great to see the children test their limits, gain confidence on gym equipment and take pride in their progress. We wish there was something like this when we were children! A huge thumbs up from the Liv team - we expect there to be a waiting list for these classes before too long.

Details: There are three age groups currently served: ages 6+ (12 classes per month); 3.5-5.5 (eight classes a month) and toddlers aged 2-3.5 (four classes a month). Costs $1,000 per month for unlimited classes; or $800 per month unlimited for families with two or more children enrolled.

G/F, Nam Hung Mansion, 22 Praya, Kennedy Town, 3568-7719,

Liv checks out the newest workouts and wellness trends
15 Reviews


The physical benefits of a regular yoga practice are well documented. But less known - outside of India at least - is the powerful effect yoga can have on your mind and soul. We speak to PURE Yoga instructors Ujjawal Sharma and Arun Rana about how yoga - when practised in a certain way - can lead to a deeper sense of contentment and gratitude.

Yoga is an ancient system dating back more than 2,000 years. Although these days, people typically associate yoga with asanas, or poses, there is in fact much more to the practice. “Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘union,'” says Ujjawal. “The intention is to create a union between your body, mind and your true nature, through chanting, breathing, meditation, or physical movement.”

Arun adds: “Hatha yoga was originally performed to prepare the body for long periods of meditation. However, the current focus of yoga - as it is typically practised in the West - is on physical fitness. But yoga can indeed be a spiritual experience, if you choose to use it as such,” he says. Both instructors advocate yoga as a way to better understand yourself, calm the mind and develop better mental resilience when facing life’s stresses.

So how does yoga benefit our mental health? Both instructors agree that yoga’s focus on breath can help to slow us down and live in the present. “As our breathing slows down our movements, it can also gradually bring our walking, eating and talking back to the present. Breathing techniques help to calm our nervous system, which in turn positively impacts upon our daily lives," says Arun.


There’s a lot of chatter about “gratitude” these days, but what does it mean exactly, and how can gratitude benefit our mental health? “Gratitude is a divine positive attitude that can be developed by continuous practice,” says Ujjawal. “When we combine gratitude with yoga, we learn how to cultivate positive emotions and wellbeing. We learn to look beyond our problems and challenges, and

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focus on the good things in the present moment.”

Studies are also emerging that demonstrate the importance of gratitude. “A growing body of scientific literature is pointing to the efficacy of gratitude practice as a tool for improving your mood, your sense of optimism, and your overall wellbeing,” says Ujjawal, who believes that a sincere gratitude practice can improve our interpersonal relationships and drive us to act more compassionately.

“It can be said that cultivation of gratitude may be one of the most effective ways of harvesting happiness,” he adds. But cultivating gratitude takes time, focus and effort, and finding a yoga instructor to guide your spiritual development in addition to your postures is a worthy endeavour if you’re serious about taking the next step in your practice.


Another vitally important aspect of yoga, often overlooked by modern practice, is service. Closely linked to gratitude is a sense of compassion, which can be cultivated through movement, breath, self-study and meditation. “Serving the community creates harmony between the individual and their surrounding environment,” says Ujjawal. “As

your yoga practice develops, so too does your spirituality, awareness and compassion. We become more alert to the suffering around us.”

Compassionate acts are known in yoga as seva, or selfless service. “Being present in the act of giving is something we can all do off the mat,” says Arun. “Seva is considered an essential part of most spiritual practices, from Christianity and Hinduism to addiction recovery programmes or self-improvement courses. It is the simple act of being a decent human being,” he adds.

So what does seva look like in practice? Arun suggests a few simple ways to start. “Let someone cut ahead of you in line, listen to someone who needs an ear, give a compliment you really mean. Make your default mode one of generosity, with no expectations of reciprocity or personal gain. It's a nice way to live and it's contagious.”

Once you begin on your journey of compassion, you may find that your mental state and overall sense of contentment improves, too. Arun concludes: “It is this way of living that - as Krishna says - can help free the mind from the binds of anxiety and anguish and propel us towards a life of true purpose and enlightenment.”




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a free
Yoga class with Ujjawal at Kwun Tong Millennium City 5 or Arun at Quarry Bay Lincoln House! Enjoy up to 3 free visits for yoga + fitness across any 22 PURE locations in Hong Kong!



There’s no two ways about it: Hong Kong has a waste problem. In fact, Hongkongers generate about 1.53 kilos of waste per person - double that of Tokyo - and our recycling rate lags at a pitiful 30 percent. These four Hong Kong brands take a bold stance against the take-make-waste model, and instead do their part to promote a circular economy.


“Nothing goes to waste on Peng Chau,” says Canna Chin. That’s certainly true at her eclectic boutique, Cinpou, located on the outlying island’s main commercial street. Chin uses everything from old manga magazines to fabric scraps to functional yet aesthetically appealing home goods and apparel. Think pet-friendly trinkets, kimonos and qipaos crafted from upcycled fabrics, and greeting cards with hand-sewn vintage stamps. If you’re looking for a gift or souvenir, Cinpou

is bursting at the seams with unique options. Chin can also help alter or totally redesign a garment for youbut don’t twiddle your thumbs, her schedule fills up fast!

G/F, 3A Wing On St., Peng Chau,,

Leung So Kee

Rain or (scorching) sunshine - in Hong Kong’s tropical climate, you can’t go far without a reliable umbrella. And there’s none more historic than Leung So Kee, where your handmade umbrella comes with free repairs for life! Established in 1885, founder Leung Chi-wah got his start fixing parasols for Europeans living in the city. In 1940, the first Leung So Kee storefront opened on Des Voeux Road Central, catering primarily to upper-class patrons. During its heyday in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the homegrown brand boasted dozens of locations across southern China, and its famously sturdy umbrellas were even

featured in a number of kung fu films. Today, only one store in Sham Shui Po’s maze-like Dragon Centre still stands, but the Leung So Kee promise - repairs without charge, minus the ferrule (the tip of the umbrella) - remains unchanged. On the hunt for an unconventional DIY? Head to the shop for a course on umbrella assembly. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the art and craft of making umbrellas the old-school way.

Leung So Kee, Shop 629, 6/F, West Kowloon Centre, Sham Shui Po, 2386-5629,

Kaz Ma

We’re all about picking plant-based leathers over the animal-made stuff, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately purge your closet, either. Instead, cherish and extend the life of your existing leather items through maintenance and repair. If you’ve got a leather jacket languishing in your wardrobe, you can trust it will be in safe hands at

Cinpou Leung So Kee WOODCOKaz Ma
18 Community

Kam Ma. With decades of experience crafting bespoke and repairing leather apparel, the veteran artisans at Kam Ma understand that clothes carry sentimental value, and treat each item with the utmost care. Although the shop specialises in leather, they also accept requests involving other fabrics.

Kam Ma Leather, A4, 13/F, Mirador Mansion, 54-56B Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 6144-1583,


Looking for a new way to reuse glassware that also adds some ambiance to a room? Send your used glass vessels to WOODCO, who will return it filled with a scented candle poured by hand! The process is simple: take a picture of your glass container - it should be 180 grams or larger - and email it to hello@thisiswoodco. com. Then, deposit the container at SpiceBox Organics, the official drop-off location, or mail it to the company. Choose your scent - the

options abound but some of our faves include Spring Rain, Fresh Sheets, and Negroni. Pay online ($90 per 100g of wax), and you can expect to receive your non-toxic coconut wax candle in a week or so. Also, it’s worth noting that the folks at WOODCO are not daunted by a challenge; they’ve previously filled jars with up to three litres of wax, and have even upcycled old whiskey bottles into holders for their heavenly smells.




For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people heal. From families, to corporate professionals and athletes, thousands have placed their trust in our practitioners to help them achieve optimal health.

We offer:

• Naturopathic

• Family medicine

• Functional medicine

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After much anticipation, the results of our Wellness & Lifestyle Awards are finally here! With more than 62,500 votes cast across 50 categories, our community has identified the very best brands and individuals committed to boosting Hong Kong's collective wellbeing. A huge congratulations to all our finalists - your hard work is spreading some much-needed wellbeing across our city.


The Vault Fitness D AN K AN

With years of experience in gyms across Hong Kong, Dan Kan set out to create a personal training gym with a difference. With a focus on sustainable progress and a holistic approach to wellbeing, this 8,000-square-foot space is a must-visit for anyone serious about their health.

What sets The Vault apart? We are an 8,000-square-foot boutique membership-based gym, with flexible purchase options. We aspire to ensure the highest quality of performance and customer relationships, without saturating our space, hence why we limit our gym to only 300 memberships.

We’ve also taken into consideration the finer details, installing filtered water in our showers and air filters throughout the facility. Toxins can disrupt our endocrine system, especially in Hong Kong with its high pollution levels, so we practise what we preach by hoping to aid in detoxification at a cellular level. We also offer an on-site physiotherapist that allows us to have a holistic approach providing clinical assessments, rehabilitation and manual therapy, to body composition and sports performance.

What inspired you to open a gym during the pandemic? My business partners - Ken Hon and the Owlsome Group - and I saw an opportunity in the market during the pandemic. Rental prices were lower, so we took our chances! We were tired of “quick fix” studios and commercial gyms with a “hard-sell environment”. We wanted to create a motivating environment, not another place where members are just training their thumbs on their phones.

What do you hope to achieve at The Vault? We hope to educate and set clients up for long-term success without relying on band aid solutions or the latest fitness fads. We hope one day all our clients and members are able to execute efficient and effective fitness protocols with the fullest confidence in their own abilities.

What kind of clients and members do you work with? Are they athletes, older people, unfit people looking to make a change?

We host a range of clientele! From people working from home who need a break in their day, to semi-pro bodybuilders or

parents popping in after the school drop-off. From entirely novice lifters, to fellow fitness professionals who just want a space to train away from their workplace gym - all are welcome at The Vault.

What’s the most rewarding client testimonial you’ve received so far?

I received a really positive comment from one member, who had previously been a member of large chain gyms in Hong Kong. They were looking for a change in training environment, something that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the city. From our massive variety of brand-new equipment and specialised machines to a super-clean and modern space populated with like-minded members, The Vault was exactly what they were after - which was so encouraging to read!

I really appreciated that they wrote: “You can cut and paste any gym, but you can’t create a community out of nothing.” That stuck with me, as I’ve always wanted to foster a community in our environment. Our clients know everyone who walks through the door is here for one reason only: to train smart and make progress. They see the owners and managers out on the floor every single day, and watch them going out of their way to give clients everything they need, whether it’s a spot, some advice, or just checking in to see how you’re doing that morning.




O:RIN Tsim Sha Tsui

Offering private and small group Pilates and Gyrotonic classes, O:RIN has expanded from its Quarry Bay premises to a beautiful new studio in Kowloon. We speak to founder Karen Chen about her Pilates journey.

Tell us about how you came to discover Pilates. When I worked in the finance industry, my body was always tired and I suffered from chronic back pain. To heal my fatigue and relieve the constant pain, I tried Pilates and Gyrotonic. Both disciplines helped me to rebuild my body, mind and spirit. I wanted to help others discover these transformative modalities, and so I decided to open O:RIN. Through Pilates, I strengthened my core muscles, which supports a proper alignment of the spine and improved my posture. The stretching and pulling alleviated my back pain as well. Gyrotonic greatly increases my range of motion, reduces joint stiffness, and improves blood circulation around the joints. This is particularly helpful for me as I suffer from arthritis, and I find that Gyrotonic helps me maintain mobility.

Your studios are known for being design-driven. Why do you think it’s important to work out in beautiful spaces? Our goal is for every student to leave O:RIN with improved physical abilities and a rejuvenated state of mind. Our TST branch uses a gentle palette of neutral earth-toned colours to calm the mind and provide a sanctuary from the city outside. We chose curved furniture to make the space more welcoming and intimate. The big windows take in natural sunlight and offer great views. The overall look and feel is

very different to our Quarry Bay outlet, with its terrazzo tiled floors and pink and forest green palette. What do you think so many readers voted for O:RIN TST? I think we won this award because our clients appreciate the thought and effort we put into the design of our new studio. We emphasise the body-mind connection and strive to create a very special experience at O:RIN. By offering small classes with a maximum of four students, we are able to focus on fluid movements between exercises, allowing our clients to reconnect with their body, breath, and sense of wellbeing and wholeness.

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Central & StanleyWellness

Congratulations on winning best osteopath! What does this award mean to you?

I am certainly very pleased to have won the award for this year, but I am also surprised by how many people turned out to vote! I take it as an uplifting sign that there’s still a strong community keeping Hong Kong’s wellness scene alive after such a difficult time.

What kind of ailments do patients come and see you for?

Personally, I treat a broad spectrum of ailments and conditions that range from acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders to systemic conditions with varied symptoms. I see a lot of patients who have had little success with symptomatic relief and want to address the source of their issue. My role as an osteopath is to assess which symptoms stem from the original condition, and which are due to the patient’s compensation to discomfort. Doing so allows me to correlate cause and effects and identify the primary issue.

What kind of injuries and disease does an osteopath treat? An osteopath generally treats disorders within the musculoskeletal spectrum of health, including sports injuries, back and neck pain, rotator cuff tendinitis, hip and knee pain, arthritis, trapped nerve, headaches and jaw pain.

How have you noticed your patient profile shift over the past two years?

At Central & Stanley Wellness, we have seen families that have been part of the city’s wellness community for decades leave the city. However, we have also seen a rise in the number of younger individuals who want to focus on their health and

lifestyle. This shift from primarily caring for whole families who incorporate both osteopathy and allied health practices to a broader range of patients has allowed us to adapt to these seismic changes. After so many difficult months for the wellness industry, I think the solution is to think creatively about how to showcase what we offer through promotions, educational opportunities and trials.

As an osteopath, what is one thing that people can do right now to avoid pain later?

As an osteopath and functional medicine practitioner, I believe the key to good health is reducing systemic inflammation to avoid chronic degenerative conditions and severe illness. An anti-inflammatory diet which is low in carbs and rich in fibre, adequate hydration, and regular exercise are essential factors to maintain joint mobility. It is also important to address health issues at an early stage, as often a chronic joint issue is a result of a past injury that was not addressed properly.

What do you think Central & Stanley Wellness offers that other clinics in Hong Kong don’t?

At Central & Stanley Wellness, the practitioners treat the patient as a whole. Both of our locations offer a wide range of services which allow our practitioners to tailor treatments and therapies for a diverse range of patient needs. This holistic approach is appreciated by our patients as they know they will receive comprehensive care when they visit our centres.

BEST OSTEOPATH The founder of Central & Stanley Wellness, Damien Mouellic was voted the best osteopath in Hong Kong. He tells us about the scope of his practice and his approach to whole-body wellbeing.



Choy Sum Health

Following a period of burnout and depression from his job as a mining engineer in Australia, Dino Hira embarked on a journey of healing and self-discovery in India, where he practised various healing modalities. He recently co-founded Choy Sum Health, a medical and holistic clinic in Central.

Congratulations on winning best alternative healer! Tell us about your journey to alternative wellness.

Firstly, a big thank you to all our supporters who took the time and energy to vote for us. After working in Australia for 15 years as a mining engineer, this highly demanding role took its toll on me through depression in 2014. I travelled to Rishikesh, India, and experienced a personal transformation by staying at various monasteries, ashrams and temples alongside sages and monks. It is then that I learned 112 various meditation and healing techniques. I’d never felt better and at that point, I decided to share this gift with the world. My approach with those I guide is to respect their background and their own goals. I customise my therapy to suit the patient. With our holistic clinic practice, Choy Sum Health, I am given the freedom to apply a mix of hypnotherapy, along with reiki, past life regression and pranayama (breath work), depending on what the patient requires in their wellness journey.

Tell us more about the modalities you work in, and what ailments people come to see you for.

At Choy Sum Health, there is a great union between medical science and spirituality. Our functional medicine approach combines lab work, to identify inflammation, nutrient levels, food allergies, hormones and gut health, with a clinical evaluation to identify the root cause of symptoms and conditions. On the alternative healing side, we have patients visiting us who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the impact from Covid-19; patients who may have lost a loved one in recent times; clients going through sleep issues; or going through anxiety, stress and depression. As each person is different, we try to determine the root cause and

coach them through the various therapies we have available. It’s a collaborative effort where certified health coaches work with doctors and practitioners to provide clients with support and accountability throughout this process.

What’s your relationship with conventional medicine? Conventional medicine has many benefits in life. Doctors and specialists are very good at diagnosing disease. However, with the growing burden of lifestyle-related chronic illnesses that take up 80 percent of the healthcare burden, most solutions are not readily found in a pill, machine or procedure. We’re faced with many challenges from modern living, such as heavily refined or processed foods, environmental toxins, physical inactivity and chronic stress. Rather than a disease focus, Choy Sum Health aims to transform health through six pillars of lifestyle medicine, which are: healthy sustainable eating patterns, movement, stress management, restorative sleep, addressing toxic or addictive substances, and providing a supportive community.

What’s one thing that you wish people knew about their own wellness? Think of wellness in terms of your unique biology and ways in which you can prioritise and invest into your health, just like you would with a bank. When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. All of our foods, exercise, meditation or stress-coping mechanisms are unique to each of us. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to figuring out what works best for you!

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Sioban Guilfoyle is the owner of Glow, a beloved salon and spa located in the heart of Central. Having led the 35-strong team Glow through Covid closures, three renovations and a move to a fabulous 4,500-square-foot space, she tells us the secret to her success.

What do you think it is about Glow that has people voting for you in such a competitive market?

I think people love Glow because we make our clients feel welcome, we listen deeply, and we offer appropriate and competitively priced, quality-driven experiences in both our hair salon and our spa. Our team is highly trained; they have years of experience and are immensely knowledgeable in their area of speciality. In addition, we make sure that on the rare occasions when we have problems, we manage them with care and professionalism, find solutions, follow up, review feedback, learn and improve.

The pandemic was a challenging time for spas and salons. How did you get through that? The last three years have been very challenging. The closures of our spa and salon combined amounted to 37 weeks, plus an additional two weeks in December 2020, when the entire team of 30-plus staff was sent to quarantine. However, despite these difficulties, we have stuck together and we have pushed through. Our spa team were fantastic; they have become experts at online skin care consultations. While we were closed, the team read up on the latest treatments, finished pending qualifications, and made detailed treatment plans for clients.

During the fifth wave, we recreated our business overnight. Within days of the announcement, we had launched a new website detailing our in-home services for both the hair salon and spa. We ordered portable equipment, arranged new payment services, and set the team up with taxi accounts so they didn’t have to worry about travel fees. Although the turnover in no way covered our losses during that period, it was

fantastic to see the overwhelming support from our clients.

You’ve gone from a relatively small space to an enormous facility in the middle of Central. What’s some advice you’d give to other entrepreneurs?

When I took over seven years ago, Glow was in a 750-squarefoot space on Queens Road Central. In the following four years, we took on additional floor space, grew our team of professionals and went through three major renovations. For the past three years, we’ve had a team of 35-plus in a beautiful 4,500 square-foot space on Wellington Street.

On the operations side, we introduced new booking, payment and accounting systems. We created a new website, refinanced the business several times, leaned into our marketing efforts and introduced new spa and salon services.

My advice to other entrepreneurs is to work on your business, not in your business. It is essential to know your numbers, you must have a vision of where you see your business going, and I suggest making that vision really big.

What are your plans for Glow in the coming months?

We are planning exciting new treatments at the moment, upgrading existing machines and introducing new “peel” treatments into our skincare and aesthetics service menu. We have a new colour range ready for use in our hair salon, and we are currently testing treatments that we plan to start offering in summer 2023. We have a lot going on at the moment and all will be revealed soon!





Asphodel Fitness

Hong Kong’s original CrossFit gym, Aspodel is known for its intense workouts that are scalable according to your abilities and fitness levels, its supportive community and its focus on safety. We speak to owner Cris O’Brien about their plans for the future.

Congratulations on winning most hardcore workout, as voted by Hong Kong’s wellness community! What does this win mean to you?

Thanks to everyone who voted! We are truly honoured to win such an award and we could have never done it without the dedication from our community.

Asphodel is Hong Kong’s first Crossfit gym - it’s been in business for 12 years now! What do you think is the secret to your longevity?

I am really proud of the hard work from our coaches that made turning 12 possible. Reaching that milestone doesn’t happen by accident; the culture we have painstakingly built over the years attracts high-performing teammates, and in turn, our team attracts amazing members. Together, we have established a community that supports each other through everything life throws at us.

Why do you think people love working out at Asphodel? In addition to the element of community I mentioned before, we spend a lot of time and effort developing the space, investing in top-of-the-line equipment, intelligent programming, and professional coaches who know how to individualise and tailor everything according to your level and needs.

You were voted most hardcore workout. Should newbies be intimidated?

We have a specific onboarding programme for new clients that moves at the pace set by the new member. Over the

course of five to seven days, they learn the basic skills and movements required to make sure their fitness journey is a success. Our professional coaching team knows how to customise to the individual (some people call this scaling) all of our workouts to achieve the desired goal. What kept you going through all the gym closures? The pandemic definitely threw some surprises at us, but we managed to think things through and never react too hastily. On the contrary, we actually used it as a time to redefine ourselves and develop new initiatives, including an amazing - and free - movement video library on YouTube with over 1,000 clips; our free home-based program Broke AF; our sports training programmes, and our first ever nutrition coaching courses through Asphodel Wellness and Lifestyle.

What’s next for Asphodel? We’ll be opening a second location in between Sheung Wan and Central sometime in early 2023. This will be our first experience running multiple locations and we’re really being deliberate at how to do it best so that we have the same positive impact on people’s lives that we’ve had at our original location.

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Medical practice LifeClinic, and its affiliated complementary wellness practice, LifeHub, both came out top in this year’s Wellness & Lifestyle Awards. We speak to group CEO Kenneth Wathall to learn more about how these two spaces complement each other, and how they help their clients achieve a deeper sense of wellbeing.

What’s the difference between LifeClinic and LifeHub? This really depends on your needs. LifeHub was designed to support essentially healthy people who want to improve their health, or “biohackers” who want to get deeper insights into how their body works. Customers walk in and, with the guidance of our wellness coordinators, select their own treatments, which include functional medicine tests, IV wellness therapies or supplements. Our supplements are almost all pharmaceutical-grade, which means they are made to the same purity and standards as pharmaceutical drugs. Most supplements found over the counter are “food grade” and as such often contain lots of additives, fillers and non-active substances.

On the other hand, LifeClinic is where you would go if you have a more complicated or chronic health issue. These individuals often need focused attention and require a more in-depth consultation with a member of our functional medicine-trained team. Often, the patient’s health condition is due to several factors coming together, sometimes nutritional, environmental, or stress-related, and they find it impossible to tease them apart through trial and error. Our medical team has many decades experience in this area, and can help them find a path out of their current health situation and toward a much brighter future.

What are your main focuses as we come out of the pandemic?

We continue to focus on what we are best at. For LifeHub, we are popular for our IV therapies. Overworked, overstressed patients in Hong Kong tell us that our proprietary IV boosters are absolute life-savers! As nutrient-based IVs get more popular in Hong Kong, we are proud to have been one of the first facilities to offer these, in a professional and safe manner.

For LifeClinic, our focus will be on Functional Medicine. One of the differences between LifeClinic and other health groups is that we look much deeper to unmask the underlying root causes of any health issue. We work with advanced functional medicine laboratories from all around the world, which are experts in detecting imbalances in one’s nutrition, hormones, toxins and metabolism. Identifying and addressing these imbalances allow us to help patients find a way out of their chronic ill-health cycle.

One of the reasons that I joined this organisation is because I have personally benefited from the services and medical guidance. I tested my biological age and NAD levels and now have a personalised health plan to optimise these in pursuit of becoming my best self. It is also motivating to see the many benefits such an approach can have on our clients, from children suffering from allergies to adults dealing with everything from fertility issues to burnout.

LifeClinic BEST



An outreach arm of St. John’s Cathedral, St. John’s Cathedral Counselling service has been serving the Hong Kong community for more than 40 years. Committed to making counselling accessible for all, it offers low-fee or free services to people facing financial difficulties. We speak to Dr. Elda Chan, Director of St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service.

Have you gotten more busy since the pandemic? Have you noticed any changes in the types of people that come see you, and what their problems are?

Due to the pandemic, we’ve noticed a surge in people seeking counselling and mental health support on different issues such as: work-life balance issues; stress and job insecurity; panic and anxiety; loneliness and isolation; family tensions; and negative impact on children from internet overuse and excessive gaming. It’s been a challenging period for pretty much everyone in Hong Kong.

Tell us more about the services that SJCCS offers, and about your pricing system.

St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service (SJCCS) is a nonprofit organisation. We offer a range of mental health services that include children and teenage counselling, individual counselling, pre-marital counselling, mediation services, relationship and marital counselling, and psychological testing and assessment. We also offer employee assistant programmes and mental wellbeing workshops and training for schools, institutions, organisations and corporates. We have a gender-balanced team comprising over 40 qualified and experienced counsellors, clinical social workers and psychologists, with 14 languages and dialects including Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Sindhi and Hindi, Spanish, Tagalog and Urdu!

In order to provide an affordable counselling and psychological service to the Hong Kong community, we offer a structured fee scale that is based upon the experience and training of the counsellor or psychologist. We also offer a sponsorship system for people who are under financial difficulties to receive either low-fee or free-of-charge counselling support.

Your organisation has been around for more than 40 years! How has the perception of therapy in Hong Kong changed during that time?

At our inception, we operated out of a small room serving a limited pool, and today, we’re providing services in a 3,000-square-foot office space! The demand for mental health services has grown exponentially in recent years, and the stigma of seeking help has reduced significantly. It’s really encouraging that people are more open to seeking counselling and psychotherapy even without a referral these days.

Given your connection to St. John’s Cathedral, some of our readers may wonder if there is a religious angle to the care you provide?

St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service is proud to be an outreach ministry for St John’s Cathedral. But we provide services to community members in Hong Kong regardless of religion, faith, age, race, gender, nationality, residence status, or income. We serve all those who come to us for support and do not impose religious or faith beliefs onto our clients.

At the same time, we do also provide Christian counselling services, if that is what is sought by our clients.



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Best Mental Health Resource Mind HK St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service Central Minds

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Sense of Touch Glow Spa

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Best Local Skincare Brand PureEarth GLOHS

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Feather & Bone Bones & Blades

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Jenny Fielding, Joint Dynamics Angela Leung, Prohealth Sports & Spinal Caroline Rhodes, The Body Group

Damien Mouellic, Central & Stanley Wellness Ines De Beer, The Round Clinic

JC Monnerville, OT&P

Elaine Leung, Hong Kong Sports Clinic Alexander Pak, Chiropractor Hong Kong Michelle Zhou Mcculloch, UP!Health

Master Ruth Lee, Master Ruth TCM Clinic Michelle Zhang, Balance Health

Tricia Yap, Limitless

Dino Hira, Choy Sum Health

Ziggy Makant, Joint Dynamics

Georgia Cutt, Joint Dynamics

Beth Wright, BFit the Wright Way Nomita Hathiramani, CocoGlo

Dani Figueiras, The Body Group Michelle Harris, Michelle Harris International

Steph Poelman, Pherform

Jen Mackay, The Gym

Best Sound Healer Malbert Lee Mona Choi, Ancient Healing Hands

Best Life Coach

Best Therapist

Wellness Entrepreneur of the Year

Trixie Velez, DEFIN8 Fitness

Nate Solia, Elite Personal Training

Candace Cheung, Crystal Bowl of Light

Coco Alexandra Chan Monica Browning, Courage Through Coaching Tiara Hoquee, MINDFIT

Angela Watkins, Red Door

Kathryn Gale, Joint Dynamics

Wil Fang, Cookie DPT, RE/NATION, Carbon Anna Flores, The Chaless

Priyana Mirchandani, Mindish

Amelie Dionne-Charest, Alea; Charlz Ng, Hybrid (tied)

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Best Bedding Brand Hush Home Naked Lab Sleep Naked Best Home & Lifestyle Brand Slowood Indigo Living TREE Best Crystal Store The New Moon The Crystal Van The Modern Yogi Co Best Sustainable Fashion Brand The Hula Lane Eight Flow With Me Best Mindful Jewellery Flo Jewellery, Kajal Naina (tied) niin Nishita Fine Jewellery Best Staycation Hotel Rosewood Hong Kong Four Seasons Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Best Quarantine Hotel Kerry Hotel Ovolo Southside Four Points by Sheraton Best Kids' Sports Club Rugbytots HKU Sandy Bay Mini Rugby Minisport Hong Kong Best After School Activity Move Studio Kids' Gallery Faust Best Kids Brand Mothercare Retykle Baby Central Best Pregnancy/Maternity Service Provider Matilda Annerley The Family Zone Best Learning Support & Child Assessment Centre SPOT Centre Mindish Jadis Blurton Family Development Centre Best Veterinarian SPCA Acorn Veterinary Hospital Valley Veterinary Centre Best Pet Brand Whiskers N Paws Buddy Bites Pawtners After tallying more than 62,500 votes across 50+ categories, we have identified Hong Kong's best wellness and lifestyle brands. Congratulations to all our winners! WINNERS' LIST PLATINUM SPONSORS: GOLD SPONSORS: SILVER SPONSORS:



A British-Chinese physiotherapist based in Central, Angela Leung moved to Hong Kong in 2019. Since arriving in Hong Kong three years ago, she’s been featured in local media, including the SCMP where she taught WFH exercises, garnering over 1.3 million views online. For the second year running, she has been recognised as one of the city’s best physios. Angela loves nothing more than fixing and balancing a wonky spine and supporting Hongkongers in their recovery and health journeys.



Coco Alexandra Chan is the co-founder of one of Hong Kong’s leading digital communications agencies, Voltage X, as well as a soul coach, mystic teacher and best-selling author. She serves clients globally, supporting conscious leaders, visionaries and soulpreneurs, guiding them to create sustainable and soul-led businesses with lasting impact for future generations. With 17 years of marketing experience integrated with parapsychology and energy healing modalities, Coco is a passionate force for healing in the world.



As the founder of The Chaless - an acclaimed spa, beauty and wellness concept - Anna Flores is a transformative leader in the city’s beauty industry. With two decades of experience, she has launched multiple multi-awardwinning independent spa brands in her career, utilising creativity and ingenuity to get results. She boasts a vast knowledge of skin management, helping clients to bring out their inner glow. She’s also won numerous international and local accolades, and is a highly regarded expert in her field.

Feather & Bone are premium merchants of food and drink. They offer a butcher, deli and grocer spanning 10 locations across Hong Kong, with a 24/7 online shop too. The company works directly with farmers from around the world, allowing them to inspect and select their cuts of meat first-hand, without a middleman. They only select premium, top-quality beef and meat that is free from hormones, antibiotics and growth stimulants.

Cover Story 30


Georgia Cutt is a women’s health-specific exercise physiologist and personal trainer. Her clients include women seeking to optimise their health during pregnancy, return to the gym after childbirth, and elite athletes, as well as those seeking guidance with chronic pain or transitioning towards menopause. She expertly blends research and science with practice, making her one of the city’s most qualified experts. As a professional athlete, she understands grit and hard work, integrating her clients’ unique rehab needs in every session.


Founded in 2016, GLOHS is a natural skincare and health product line that strives to source globally from small, sustainable farms with high ethical standards. They work exclusively with producers who care about how their plants are grown, and minimise their impact on the environment. The result is high-quality, potent and effective products that work. GLOHS Community was founded in 2019 with the aim of sharing knowledge and news in the health and wellness space through blogs, events and workshops.


Developed by a wife-and-husband team for their family, Hush Home’s sleep products and bedroom furniture range from comfortable mattresses and solid wood bedframes to insanely soft Egyptian cotton bedsheets. All products are sustainably made from the highest quality natural materials, which are certified to be the safest and best for families looking to sleep better and live better. This one-stop shop is the perfect place to up your sleep game!


JAN is a tailor-made beauty brand launched by an accredited aromatherapist, which offers products and a bespoke beauty service designed to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. Harnessing the power of aromatherapy, customisation is at the core of JAN’s philosophy. After an initial consultation to better understand a client’s skincare needs, JAN’s beauty experts will advise and develop a skincare regimen supported by the brand’s effective and extensive product lines.

Cover Story 32


I see this question all the time! Eating less and exercising more, is a myth that the diet and fitness industry wants to promote. At some point, you cannot eat any less and you cannot exercise any more. Here are 8 factors (of many more!) that influence weight loss:

1. Age and gender: Women require more body fat than men for health. Metabolism slows 5% per decade. After 40, women lose muscle twice as fast as men and burns more calories than fat. Menopause will also have a significant impact.

2. Exercise: The right training program builds and maintains lean muscle mass without excessively draining you. Smash and bash workouts can work against fat loss by overstimulating the sympathetic system.

3. Chronic stress, inadequate sleep, insufficient recovery between workouts, poor insulin and blood sugar management, and/ or starvation will cause the body to hang onto fat.

4.Calories : too much or too little will cause weight gain. For context, a toddler needs 1000 calories daily. If you are eating 1200 calories as an adult, your body will slow metabolism in response.

5. State of your gut health dictates how well you digest and absorb food, so nutrients move from the gut to bloodstream. Poor gut health means the body will store more fat.

6. Adequate hydration: Dehydration can hinder fat loss, as mobilisation of fat for fuel and after food is digested, the assimilation of nutrients from bloodstream to cells requires water.

7. Disordered eating behaviours such as restrictive dieting, bingeing, emotional eating will affect body weight.

8. Your physical and mental environment around you will make or break how successful you are with weight loss, especially if you are trying to establish healthier habits.

Want to learn more? The Metabolic Reset program starts 10 October! Get your LIV discount now!

Limitless is not just any personal training gym Combining nutrition and health coaching, habit change, hormonal testing such as DUTCH and GI mapping with personal training, we want you to lose weight sustainably and keep those changes for life!

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Kajal Naina Fine Jewelry is an award-winning global fine jeweller known for celebrating different cultures and symbolism in their thoughtful line of spirituallyinspired accessories. Each piece of jewelry is made to last and beautifully designed, and crafted with topquality solid gold, diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Offering both a range of ready-to-buy collections and bespoke services, Kajal Naina breathes new life into everyday jewelry while striking the perfect note between meaningful and stylish.



Malbert Lee is Hong Kong’s leading sound experience facilitator. Driven by a passion to use sound to heal and de-stress, he is a lululemon brand ambassador and has trained under several internationally renowned masters. Malbert specialises in various instruments, such as gongs, singing bowls and crystal bowls. Besides offering classes and training workshops, he also performs at wellness festivals both in Hong Kong and beyond, including London, New York and Vietnam. Malbert’s clients includes international hotels, luxury brands and corporations.


Best-selling author and sought-after local healer Michelle Harris has guided others to self-empowerment for 25 years. Drawing upon her inspiring journey, she shares authentic teachings through pioneering initiatives and signature programmes, mentoring clients to greater peace, growth and transformation. A mum, natural counsellor, master healer and empowerment mentor, she is also the founder of a crystal healing system, The Empowerment School, for kids and teens, and the highly popular Empowerment Dayfest Events and Women’s Retreats. michelleharrisinternational. com


Helmed by life coach Monica Browning, Courage Through Coaching guides her clients through an empowered journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through supported coaching, she helps others discover what it feels like to make life-affirming choices and value-based decisions that are right for them. Her specialty is helping anyone that is ready to connect with themselves at a deeper level, guiding them towards their dreams and goals, and a life of greater joy and purpose.

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MOVE Studio is a unique boutique movement and wellness studio for people of all ages, located in the heart of Central. They offer a wide variety of open classes and kids’ programmes, including various styles of dance, yoga, fitness and The Island GLEE Club, a performance school for aspiring young singers. MOVE welcomes everyone into their space, empowers kids through creative expression and inspires them to believe in their innate potential. Learn from the best and get ready to move at this fun-filled space!


With his own boutique studio and osteopathy clinic, Elite Personal Training, Nate Solia and his team strive to support clients with corrective exercise, fitness, and nutrition coaching. This dedicated fitness practitioner started his PT journey in 1999, training stars like Taika Waititi back in his native New Zealand, before moving to Hong Kong in 2002. With decades of experience, Nate specialises in holistic training and wellness, offering one-on-one, small group classes, virtual training, and osteopathy.



Nishita Fine Jewelry is an affordable, beautifully crafted fine jewelry company that emphasises responsible sourcing, ethical production and mindful design. Their delicate and modern accessories use sustainable practices, including upcycling heirloom pieces, using recycled materials, and minimising waste. Drawing inspiration from textiles, geometry, art and architecture, designer Nishita Mehta-Jasani brings impassioned creativity and innovation to all her pieces. Designed for real, smart, mindful women, this brand’s pieces go from day to night and last a lifetime.


Pirata Group’s bakery cafe, Pane e Latte, evokes home comforts in a photogenic space right on Stanley’s waterfront. Customers flock to this all-day dining destination for their artisanal breads, pastries, cakes, pizza al taglio, and focaccia sandwiches, all displayed on their enormous marble countertop. Come for the Italian coffee, stay for the wine and cocktail menu to pick you up after a day by the sea. With its high ceilings, sugary pink and pistachio interiors and candy-striped details, it’s no wonder it’s an Instagrammer’s favourite.

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For the second year in a row, Rugbytots Hong Kong tops the list for best children’s sports club! Their structured yet undeniably entertaining rugby-based play sessions take kids on a journey of sporting discovery and adventure, with the city’s most engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way. Their classes are fast-paced, fun, and educational, with children learning how to work both independently and in team settings.



SPOT Children’s Centre is Hong Kong’s leading paediatric clinic, with a team dedicated to holistic, evidencebased care of children and families. SPOT offers assessment, support and therapy for kids with medical, developmental and learning needs, and employs a trilingual team of passionate psychologists, counsellors, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and specialist teachers. Families are in safe hands at this top-ranked clinic, which supports children from birth up to 18 years. Locations in Central, Wong Chuk Hang, Kowloon Bay and Discovery Bay.


Open since 1999, The Feel Good Factor was Hong Kong’s first specialist nail salon. Not just another day spa, this pioneering establishment boasts clients from ages three to 93, offering a welcoming and relaxing ambience where customer care and hygiene are the top priorities. Owned and managed by mother-anddaughter team Helen and Emma since 2008, this wellloved gem in the heart of Central is a must-visit for the city’s beauty buffs.


The Blurton Family Development Centre has been one of Hong Kong’s leading psychological practices since it was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jadis Blurton. Their accomplished multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, speech and language therapists, and assessment specialists have both the compassion and pragmatism to ensure that their clients are equipped with the tools to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Their team finds fulfillment and a sense of community in advocating for those who face social, emotional and learning challenges.

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The LFG Squad is an athletic activewear brand known for its collection of comfortable yet functional clothing and training gear. Founded by powerlifter Stella Lee, LFG was created in response to a gap in the sportswear market for women in strength sports, particularly in Asia. The brand reflects the grit and tenacity that its wearers put into the gym day in and out, and has expanded beyond the shores of Hong Kong to become an international brand offering global shipping.



Established in 2008, The Yoga Room is a boutique studio offering over 10 classes daily across four floors in Sheung Wan. Their schedule features yoga and fitness offerings in small, personalised groups including antigravity aerial, singing bowl and gong meditation, pre/post natal, HIIT, TRX, Pilates, and more. This community-centric small business is also home to workshops and teacher trainings by renowned local and international experts. This safe space brings balance and positive energy to Hong Kong’s fitness community.

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GOLD WINNER, BEST LOCAL ACTIVEWEAR BRAND Liesbeth van der Linden MBA PCC Global Executive Coach Reach a new level of CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND SUCCESS My mission is to help high-level leaders with international careers thrive. Together we work on the clarity and focus you need to create the growth and impact you want. CHECK OUT MY PROGRAMS Liv readers enjoy 10% off any program until 31.10.2022. |



In a bid for cleaner, greener manicures, Chrissy Denton explores where to pick up non-toxic nail polishes in Hong Kong.

As we strive to find ways to live healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles, one of the best ways to start is by reducing our chemical load. Nail polish tops the list of products containing harmful toxins, with nasty ingredients that may lead to headaches, dry skin, eye irritations and dizziness. But don’t give up those luxurious pedicures and fabulous spa days just yet! Instead, seek out spots that use non-toxic nail polish brands.

First, we need to understand the chemicals to look out for and what defines a good toxicfree nail polish. Let’s dive into the top three things to avoid:

1. Toluene is a toxic ingredient used as a solvent that helps keep the polish smooth and even when applied.

2. Formaldehyde is used to harden and strengthen nail polish, and in larger amounts is a carcinogen (aka, a cancer-causing chemical - eek!).

3. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is used to minimise chipping and create a long-lasting polish effect. DBP has been linked to birth defects and may be particularly harmful to pregnant women.

When shopping for the best non-toxic nail polish brands, you’ll probably hear the terms 3-Free, 5-Free, 7-Free and 9-Free thrown around. This refers to how many toxic ingredients have been removed. At a minimum, it’s best to avoid the toxic trio (toluene, formaldehyde and DBP). But to go that extra step, check out these eco-friendly salons and nail bars.

from the beauty
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Located in Central, the Nail Library is known for its premium beauty brands and stylish nail art. One of their featured lines is Madam Glam, a New York-based beauty line that caters to nail polishes and gels. With over 2,000 shades, they tick all the boxes with their vegan-formulated, 21-free, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free products. 2/F, 76 Wellington St., Central, 6298-8391,


For an at-home manicure, pick up your own non-toxic nail polish at this trove of organic goods. They sell only the best natural skincare brands, imported from Europe and elsewhere, with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients. We love German nail brand Kia Charlotta, which is free from 15 toxic chemicals. Room 13, 25/F, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa St., Yau Ma Tei, 5377-6246,


With three branches in Hong Kong, Nail Me creates an eco-friendly pampering experience using Ella + Milla and NCLA non-toxic products. Both made in the US, Ella + Milla is known for its 17-free and vegan-friendly products, which feature a quick-dry, chip-resistant formula, while NCLA is a 7-free line popular with Hollywood celebs. Locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tai Koo and Admiralty.


Known for their organic and chemical-free products, as well as their steadfast environmental ethics, Emmanuel F is a pioneer of organic hair and beauty care. Their featured non-toxic nail polish brand is LVX, a vegan-friendly and 5-free, long-lasting nail polish that doesn’t chip. G/F, 176 Wellington St., Central, 2167-8280,


Specialists in Instagrammable nail art and luxury mani/ pedis, Tinted. is a hidden gem in the belly of Causeway Bay. The salon uses predominantly Green Flash, a French brand formulated without toxic ingredients and made from bio-sourced ingredients like potato, cassava, cotton and sugarcane. 5/F, 18-20 Pak Sha Rd., Causeway Bay, 60126444,

The Organic Store Nail Me Tinted.
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Kids’ play areas are one of the most challenging places to keep organised, but it’s well worth doing: a neat and tidy space can help your children feel calm and secure. We speak to Nassim Secci of The Happy Space Co, a home organisation company, for her tips on how to create a clutter-free play room.

Tell us your overarching design philosophy when it comes to organising children's bedrooms and play areas.

Our philosophy is to create environments that empower children and nurture their development, foster independence and help them thrive. To achieve this, we design spaces that are uncluttered, accessible, beautiful and calming.

Why is it important to have a well-organised space for toys and play?

Children have a natural desire for order. When they know where their belongings are, it increases their sense of security, boosts their confidence, and promotes independence. Overcrowded spaces and

excessive toys tend to overwhelm and overstimulate children. When you eliminate the visual clutter, as well as the physical clutter, you invoke a sense of calm and beauty.

What is parents' main frustration when it comes to playrooms?

Too many toys and not enough space! That’s the number one reason parents reach out to us for help. They are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and they don’t know where to begin. They want to use their space more effectively and have run out of ideas on how to do so.

What are some common mistakes that you see when it comes to kids' storage? These are the four most common storage mistakes that I encounter:

1. Trying to store too much. Not purging

Nassim Secci
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consistently to get rid of the little random toys that kids tend to accumulate, or that no longer suit them developmentally.

2. Using the wrong containers. For example, narrow and deep containers don't work well for smaller toy pieces, like Lego. For those, wide and shallow works better.

3. Not having a designated place for each category of toys. Without this, it is difficult to know where to put things, so they get mixed up with everything else. Labels are key here.

4. Having everything accessible. Having all the toys available can make for a lot of clutter. It's okay to put some away to reduce the number of choices available.

How does a child's storage and display needs change as they grow?

As children grow, they become more capable of accessing different spaces. Therefore, you won’t need to keep as many toys out on display. Their interests also change, which might mean you need to reconsider the storage solution you're using. If they loved pretend play when younger, you might have had a station with accessories and costumes in baskets. But if they have grown up to become diligent Lego-lovers, then you might need transparent drawers to store pieces by type. We like to use storage systems that are versatile, especially in homes with multiple children, but adjustments do need to be made as they grow.

Teddies are one of the biggest storage bugbears. What are your tips for effective plush toy storage? There are lots of great storage solutions for teddy bears and other stuffed animals: baskets, small “hammocks” in the top corners of the room, storage bean bags, back of the door shoe organisers, benches or ottomans with storage.

But be sure to think about whether you need all the stuffed animals. Kids tend to accumulate a lot of theseas gifts and souvenirs - but they might not play with them much. They also tend to gather a lot of dust. Try to purge the ones that are never played with. For the ones that you keep, be sure to clean them often using the vacuum cleaner.

What about tiny toys, or toys that come with a million tiny parts? How do you store those? Mesh zipper pouches (also known as document holders) are a lifesaver. They save so much space because you can ditch the boxes the toys come in. They are fantastic for puzzles, activity sets and games. You can get them in A3, A4 and A5 sizes. Toys with tiny pieces can be put in the smaller bags. If it comes with larger pieces, you can store the small bag of pieces in a larger bag with the rest of the toy. Don’t forget to cut out the name and picture of the toy from the box, for the pouch's label.

Can you share your three most useful storage hacks or solutions when it comes to children's spaces?

1. Edit by pulling everything out. It will feel overwhelming and maybe unnecessary, but by holding everything in your hands, it will be easier to decide if you need to keep it. Remember, your kids need less than you think.

2. Decant activity sets, puzzles, games and anything else being stored in bulky boxes. You will be surprised how much space you can save this way.

3. If your space is limited, go vertical. Add storage solutions that go up on the walls and be sure to keep items that are out of rotation up there. Keep the daily use items down low for easy access.

What toys do kids need, and what toys can they do without?

Kids need more open-ended toys, the ones that don’t “do” much. These toys stimulate creativity, promote development, and last the longest. They also save you space because they are multi-use. Toys with staying power include Lego, blocks, and dolls.

Kids need fewer toys that can be used only in one way - the ones with lights and sounds, for example. They get bored of their limited use and they break more easily.

Learn more at

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Five local pet gear brands that will have Fluffy serving a lewk in no time.


Headquartered in Hong Kong, this pet accessories brand specialises in adorable, vibrant prints (dim sum pattern, anyone?) and breathable mesh material. Perfect for active pups accompanying their humans on hikes or beach trips. In addition to their collection of matching collars, harnesses and poop bag holders, they also have cotton rope leashes in a range of cute colours, and a small selection of bandanas. Shop online or visit Lego Pet outlets citywide.


Fed up with traditional name tags that jangle annoyingly and get lost or snagged? Local dog collar brand Sam & Dot has come up with a new way of displaying your contact details: by engraving them directly onto the stainless steel buckle of your dog’s collar! Simply place your order online, choose between gold, silver or rose gold metal, and your preferred colour, and Sam & Dot will send you a customised collar. These neckpieces are also designed to be durable and washable, ideal for dogs that swim, hike, run and get smelly. Pair with a matching leash, bowtie or harness - there’s a rainbow of cute and quirky prints on offer - to complete the look.


Love dressing up your furry pal? Local pet fashion brand Momoji has come up with bib-style outfits that clip comfortably onto your pet’s collar for an adorable look that they won’t immediately try to chew off. Available for dogs, cats and even rabbits, the ensembles range from the formal (bow tie, waistcoat and pocket watch combo, fur-trimmed cape à la Dr. Zhivago) to the casual (denim biker jacket, dungarees). You can even find seasonal getups for Chinese New Year, and various uniforms, from schoolgirl to airline pilot, if that’s what floats your boat.


Proudly handmade in Hong Kong, Take a Bow was founded by Kelly and Carmen, two friends and loving pet owners who wanted to create truly beautiful and practical accessories using quirky and unique prints. In their collection, you’ll find collars, bows, bandannas, felt pom pom necklaces and birthday hats for both dogs and cats. Get a special deal by purchasing a “mystery bundle” of three bows, and be surprised by the cute prints you end up with!

Buy online, or in store at local pet shops: Pawtners, Hidden Gems and Lilidays.

with Sarah Fung Momoji
44 Pet


Headquartered in Hong Kong but with a global customer base, Eightmade offers high performance gear for active dogs and their owners. Eightmade has a small but perfectly formed collection of accessories and gear, all carefully engineered to be comfortable and long-lasting. For instance, their leash comes with a neoprene-padded hand loop, reflective detailing, adjustable grab handles and their patented shock-absorbing anti-jerk design for a more enjoyable walk. Expect a similar attention to detail in their collars, harnesses, rain gear and - yes - their poop bags.


As volunteer dog walkers for Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Pawbies founders Nana and Chris Listl were inspired to design a line of leashes and collars that are sturdy, waterproof and highly functional. They came up with a 2.5-metre-long leash that can be held in your hand, or worn on your shoulder or waist. It can also be adjusted to four lengths, depending on your needs. Rather than cotton webbing, these durable leashes are made with soft, flexible polyurethane covering a PVC core, making them wipe-clean, highly resistant to tearing, antibacterial and odourless. Available in eight bright colours, and with matching collars available.


Looking for a fur-ever friend? We’re working with local animal charities to help find animals a loving home.

SANDY Female, 5 Sandy is a calm and gentle girl who was surrendered when her family left Hong Kong. As she's used to living in a home, it won’t take her long to settle with another family. She's not shy to show her affection for her favourite people by wagging her tail and following them around. She is also happy just quietly lying down by your side.

LUFIS Male, 4 Lufis was rescued from an animal cruelty case. Despite his unfortunate beginnings, he is very friendly and trusting. A very energetic pup, Lufis would be suited to a family that can provide him with lots of exercise and outdoor time.

Sarah Fung is the publisher of Liv Magazine. A recent pet-owner, she's on a mission to learn all she can about caring for animals in Hong Kong. Email her with your pet news at
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