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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PART 2 Post-Holiday Relationship Rejuvenation Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy Resolving and Preventing Shoulder Problems in Athletes of All Ages

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The Four Portals of Transformation: GIFTS TO YOURSELF THAT KEEP ON GIVING



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December 2018


words from the editor and publisher:

This holiday season, we are focused on doing our part to make this planet a more peaceful and welcoming place to exist. Although we are planning on spoiling our first grandson with plenty of fun gifts (and other family members too), we have decided as a family to find ways to make our community a place for all to enjoy and prosper. We ask that you do the same. There are a host of opportunities to give back to the community. Sometimes the calls for help seem overwhelming. But we are encouraging our readers to pick one and follow through. Make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by helping at a soup kitchen, adopting a pet, donating to worthy charitable causes, or just lending a hand to your neighbor. We recognize that not many people are in a position to donate sums of money to charities. Your time, in our opinion, is far more valuable, anyway. Indeed, there truly is no greater gift than applying your experiences and skills to assisting those who need it most. If you’re a lawyer, take on an extra pro bono case. If you’re roofer, offer to assist a veteran whose home is in need of a new roof. If you’re an artist, paint a mural for a homeless shelter to lift its residents’ spirits. If you own a vehicle, deliver meals to seniors for Meals On Wheels Delaware. Whatever it is you do, offer it to someone or some cause that needs it most. People aren’t the only beings in need. Dogs, cats, and many other types of animals spend the holidays in shelters, hoping the right family comes along to adopt them. If you’re thinking about surprising the family with a puppy, head over to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, or your local shelter first to see if one of their tenants is ready to move out. Adoption isn’t for everyone, however. So please be sure you understand the responsibility you’re undertaking by adopting. Determine whether you’re bringing them into a suitable environment—one that is mutually beneficial for you and the animal. Regardless of what you do this holiday season, always remember the impact will be felt by many others for many years to come. It is a privilege to live on this amazing planet, in this incredible country, and in our small, yet big-hearted community. Help others experience the happiness you get to feel during this time of year. We wish all of our readers a happy and healthy holidays and New Year. See you in 2019. —Enjoy & Share Everything! Diane Strauss

Editor / Publisher Diane Strauss Associate Editor: Michael Strauss puppy love™ Creator Sean Strauss Media Development Jonelle Strauss Resident Artist and Creator of the Valentino caricature. Liam McWilliams Design and Graphics Diane Strauss

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The perfect gift for Chief would be to have a home for the holidays and all the holidays to come.

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Chief survived homelessness then Hurricane Florence. Now it’s time for a forever family. At two years old, Chief is a fun pup hoping for an active family. He knows how to sit and give paw, and he’s done well with other dogs in the shelter playgroups. He’s a friendly guy who should do well in a home with kids. Stop by to be charmed! (Brandywine Valley SPCA, 600 South Street, New Castle, DE 302-516-1000,

December 2018

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• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy that • Gestalt Therapy addresses specific sexual • Group Psychotherapy issues and concerns. • Body-Oriented Psychotherapy There is no physical contact between the therapist and • Erectile Dysfunction the client. The therapist is a licensed mental health • Negative Body Image professional, trained • Low Sex Drive to provide in-depth psychotherapy with a • Postpartum Depression specialization in clinical • Relationships human sexuality. • Fertility Concerns December 2018


inside Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy Karen Verna Carlson The Four Portals of Transformation: GIFTS TO YOURSELF THAT KEEP ON GIVING Suzanne E. Eder




Resolving and Preventing Shoulder Problems in Athletes of All Ages Dr. Scott Rosenthal


Sexual Health and Healing: Post-Holiday Relationship Rejuvenation with Dianna Palimere


EARTH TALK: WHAT ARE PFASs AND WHY SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEM? Gatherings– Recipes From Chef Andrew Thorne, The Executive Chef At Home Grown Cafe

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December 2018

Where’s Valentino?

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December 2018


As the days grow colder, half of our mind tells us to hibernate, while the other half craves friends and family. We are sharing some recipes that are great for these gatherings. ĚśBon Appetit!

Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Jalapeno Popper Roasted Beet Salsa over Goat Cheese and Crackers

Herb Cider Bourbon Cocktail

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus Recipes on following page. 8

December 2018

Herb Cider Bourbon Cocktail

Bacon Wrapped Cranberry Jalapeno Poppers

Serve warm or cold 4 oz apple cider 2 oz bourbon of choice 1 tbsp honey 2 tsp lemon juice ½ sprig fresh rosemary 1 sprig fresh thyme (Ice if you want it chilled) Garnish 1 cinnamon stick 1 orange wheel 1 sprig rosemary (optional) Iced In a cocktail shaker, combine the apple cider, honey, rosemary,and thyme. Shake well. Combine remaining ingredients. Shake over ice. Strain and serve Garnish with cinnamon, orange, and rosemary Warm Stove top: warm apple cider, honey, rosemary, thyme, lemon juice warm to your likings. The Remove the herbs. Add bourbon. Stir. (Cider may be warmed in a mug in the microwave instead of stove top.) Garnish with cinnamon, orange, rosemary

Makes 20 pieces 10 large jalapenos 8 oz cream cheese ½ cup pepper jack cheese 1 tsp chili powder ½ tsp cumin ¼ tsp garlic powder ¼ tsp onion powder ½ can (6 oz) cranberry sauce ¼ tsp salt 5 strips raw bacon - cut in half (10 pieces)

Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus 2 cup diced butternut squash (or winter squash of your choice) 4 garlic cloves skin on 1 Tbsp olive oil 4 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 2 Tbsp lemon juice 15 oz can chickpeas ⅓ cup tahini 4 Tbsp olive oil 1/2 tsp salt ½ cup fresh parsley ¼ tsp cinnamon ½ tsp cumin ¼ tsp smoked paprika (optional) Preheat oven to 400* Place the butternut squash and unpeeled garlic cook on a sheet pan. Bake for 15 to 20 min until fork tender; remove and cool. Remove skin from roasted garlic In a food processor place all the ingredients and blend till smooth and cream if it is to thick add a small amount of water until your desired consistency is reached. Serving Suggestion: Serve with roasted carrots, pita chips, and fresh veggies of your choice

Preheat oven to 375* Cut jalapeno in half; remove seeds and ribs. Set aside In a bowl mix cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, chili powder, cumin, garlic, onion, mix well Fold in cranberry sauce Fill each half jalapeno with the cheese mixture. Wrap bacon around each filled half and place it on a lined baking sheet Bake until the bacon is cooked as well as slightly crispy Remove from oven place on paper towel and to let any bacon fat drain off before serving

Roasted Beet Salsa over Goat Cheese and Crackers 2 large beets ½ red onion ½ cup cilantro 2 small jalapeno 2 Tbsp lime juice 1 orange juice and zest ½ tsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 8 oz pack goat cheese of your choice 1 pack of crackers - of your choice

Beet Salsa Preheat oven to 350* Wash beets to remove any dirt Rub each beet with oil salt and black pepper and wrap in tin foil. Bake until fork tender; remove and let cool. Peel and slice the red onion. Roast it for 10 to 15 min until golden brown. Remove and cool. Peel beet, rough chop them (small pieces) and place in a bowl Rough chop the onion, cilantro and jalapeno and add them to the bowl Add the lime juice, orange zest, and juice sugar. Let it sit or a few hours or overnight. Serve over goat cheese and cracker of your choice

December 2018


Spa Repair


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Wow! There are thousands of readers who are searching for Valentino. He

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We hope you have fun looking and will continue your quest to find Valentino. When you find him please email us at:

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line — keep searching and entering the “Where’s Valentino!” Contest every

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t Ka

Karen Carlson December 2018


HANDS ON HEALTH Ann Wilkinson P.T.M.S,


I am adult with Cerebral Palsy. I have come a long way with holistic medicine having addressed more of the dietary and Chinese medicine perspectives. How can you help me from a homeopathic and osteopathic perspective?


Osteopathy will address the tightness in specific joints and musculature. Making space in the joints, allows for much improved posture and function of the entire body against gravity. This means you will likely stand straighter, have improved joint ROM, have more energy at the end of the day, have more efficient movement and better productivity with life tasks. Pain may be present and likely chalked up to your diagnosis of cerebral palsy when indeed relief may be found regardless of your diagnosis when the structural compensations are addressed. Aligning your body and allowing for a more upright posture and ease of motion allows for a more fluid gait and easier transitions from one position to another. Muscles when at their optimal length are the strongest. Overall health is also affected when blood vessels and nerves are free from restrictions and adhesions. Homeopathy affects what is like your life saving net as you fall from a high place. It holds you while aligning you electromagnetically. Homeopathy addresses many seemingly unrelated symptoms and clears the energetic pathways making the structural needs more evident and easier to address. Having the fascia aligned and free makes acupuncture, homeopathy and other healing adjuncts more effective by creating a clean pathway for information to travel via the blood stream, nervous system and fascia. Even digestion can be enhanced with improved posture and alignment against gravity. Sometimes it is good to detach from diagnosis and labels in order to focus on how the body is responding to the issues. Enhancing the bodies innate ability to heal itself, gives it a jump start. A person with back pain and Cerebral Palsy will have resolved back pain as someone without cerebral palsy. Limitations are taken into account and the treatment focus may change slightly as all osteopathic treatments are individualized and vary treatment to treatment even for the same person depending on the symptoms presented at each session. The original injury or lesion of the brain can be greatly affected with craniosacral mobilization which is one aspect of osteopathy. It is never too late to address the cranial issues.

Ann is an award winning writer,teacher and speaker. Ann is the personal body worker of Her Holiness “Sai Maa�. Ann practices osteopathic physical therapy. Ann is also an expert on the use of healing foods, homeopathic and herbal consultations, and therapeutic horseback riding. Ann treats her patients in a beautiful country setting which enables her to utilize all of her learned skills as well as some of the healing properties that only Mother Earth can bestow. Ann is available by appointment. Book online at The farm is also available for birthday parties, women’s circles, and retreats.

December 2018


Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy

Karen Verna Carlson

Finding and bringing forth the very best within me has gained greater prominence as my life unfolds. Those qualities that constitute my core goodness, as well as yours, are reflected in the common words that infuse this season whether they stem from culture, religion, humanism or nature. Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy. We bake these sentiments into cookies. We wrap and ribbon them. Each of us is a unique messenger delivering our gladness. Be Present With Presents Mindfulness practice facilitates more of this goodness that connects us all at our deepest levels. It enhances awareness like a high interest financial investment. And this is a month for making even more deposits than usual. Being fully present in the preparation and giving of presents, as well as in receiving them is a gift of the greatest magnitude, with mind boggling ripple effects. And the more time and attention we invest to practice totally being here right now, the greater our experience and expression of Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy. Guaranteed. Be Curious All it takes is a moment to open the always available gift of wondrous possibilities. Simply observe your breath. Notice the sensation of air entering your nostrils. Notice the sensation of air leaving your nostrils. Don’t make changes or adjustments. Just notice. Inhale, exhale. Are the sensations different when you breathe in compared to the sensations when you breathe out? Please answer yes or no to that question before reading on. Does the temperature of the air that you breathe in feel 12

different than the air temperature you breathe out? Be curious. Please answer yes or no. Does the speed of entering air exactly match the speed of air leaving? Yes or no. Notice how far up your nostrils you can detect sensations when you inhale. Simply observe. When you exhale how far up your nostrils can you detect sensations? Paying attention is what’s important, not the confidence of your answers. Enlarge Awareness As you breathe naturally, enlarge your awareness to also include the sensations of your chest expanding and releasing. While doing that, do you feel any movement in your abdomen? Did thoughts come up during these observations? What were those thoughts about? Bring your full attention back to your nostrils drawing in and expelling air. Can you discern any moisture difference between the air that enters and the air that leaves? Which reminds me to mention that plants indoors and out, through whatever leaves and needles and are on them, are breathing in what you breathe out. Carbon dioxide from animals is essential to the lives of plants, as their released oxygen is essential to us. Redirect Focus Oops. I’ve gone from mindfulness of present moment practice to intellectualizing, to thinking. That’s okay. I simply redirect my focus to my breath. Practice time is just 20 or 30 minutes a couple times daily, with hopefully intermittent, informal moments of mindfulness cobbled into life’s busyness. For example, “I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out” is a reliable mantra to occupy your mind while focusing on your natural breath rhythms as you walk from car to building, as you stand in line, as you wait for the phone call to go through. Aristotle claimed, “Nothing is understood by the intellect which is not first perceived by

December 2018

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the senses.” Developing sensory awareness with mind training—formal and informal—leads to clearer understanding. Disengage From Distractions Thus far, if you’ve taken the time to discern answers to my questions, reading these words has been close to an actual meditation process for you. Let’s continue practicing for a few moments more. Not only is the moisture content different between air that enters your body and air that exits, the molecular composition of each is different. I can smell that pumpkin pie baking as I breathe in without thinking about eating it. Uh, well, I guess not. My salivary glands are obviously contributing to the distraction. Another fabulous practice opportunity! When I breathe out, I notice that olfactory event as neutral. I watch my pumpkin pie thoughts lure my attention like cartoon cat Tom floating towards his gastronomical desires and just let them pass. I allow distractions without engaging in them for very long. I gently shift my focus to how the air feels, to my pure inner experience, sans commentary. In. Out. In. Out. Thoughts come and go like puffy clouds floating across a blue sky.

Results Are Documented These results have been realized and logged for nearly 40 years by thousands in groups of 30 or so who have participated in eight-weeklysession programs at the UMass Medical Center. The founder is Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, internationally known for his work using mindfulness meditation to help medical patients with chronic pain and stress. I recommend his in-depth, user friendly, practical, uplifting books Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness (Bantam Doubleday, NY, 1990), and Wherever You Go There You are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life (Hyperion, NY, 1994). Practice Ripens Benefits

Does the air flow pause during the transition between in and out? How about between out and in? Is that rhythm always the same? Are there times when the flow seems more like a continuous loop? Can you detect any softening through the transitions?

He explains, “We are using the word practice here in a special way. It does not mean a ‘rehearsal’ or a perfecting of some skill so that we can put it to use at some other time. In the meditative context practice means ‘being in the present on purpose.’ The means and the end of meditation are really the same. We are not trying to get somewhere else, only working at being where we already are and being here fully. Our meditation practice may very well deepen over the years, but actually we are not practicing for that to happen. Our journey toward greater health is really a natural progression. Awareness, insight, and indeed health as well, ripen on their own if we are willing to pay attention in the moment and remember we have only moments to live.”

Open Your Posture

Radiate the Source

Now, please notice your posture. Imagine a sky hook at the top of your head gently lifting, ever so slightly stretching you upwards through your spine, honoring the natural normal curves, yet facilitating a more open torso, softer shoulders, easement around your neck and jaw. Feel the flow of your body readjusting to a more upright, but not rigid posture.

Joy, Peace, Merry, Light, Happy—those qualities are within each of us. They are especially visible in babies and children. They are especially visible this time of year. Mind training helps us find them at their source and radiate them into our world.

Detect Transitions

Surrender to Wonder and Awe Return your attention to your nostrils and the air moving in, moving out. Has anything changed since your postural opening? Consider this practice moment a brand new beginning. Of course all beginnings are new. Redundancy here is intended to emphasize the fresh nature of a beginner’s mind—a child’s mind infused with wonder and awe. For just a nanosecond surrender into that possibility. Simply notice, just observe nostril sensations for a few breaths. You’ve never breathed these particular breaths before, and the next ones will be slightly different, but there’s no benefit to thinking about it. Just experience your pure simple experience as comprehensively as you can. Practice Succeeds How well you perform is not at all relevant to the success of your mind training practice. What is relevant is the conscious act of just practicing day in and day out letting thoughts and feelings like frustration, boredom, striving coalesce and dissolve. The dividends of that practice investment mobilize our inner capacities for growth and for healing. They clarify our beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities as well as how we see the world and the forces at play within it.

Karen Verna Carlson, N.D., Ph.D. (Hon.) is a naturopathic physician and professor credited with “the first major breakthrough in Swedish Massage—research demonstrating energetic interconnections”—since Peter Ling systemized it in the early 19th century. After 35 years running her own nationally accredited school of holistic healing and massage she has retired to provide a new kind of holistic care for individuals and families. In addition to her specialties of healing massage and bodywork, she provides sensitive, timeand cost-effective services for home or office, family members and staff, that include diverse holistic problem solving for garden, pets, children and elders. She has received international recognition for holistic healing and educational work, an honorary degree, silver medal, and Who’s Who listing. She’s appeared on TV and radio and has been featured in professional publications and mass media. Phone (302) 777-3964 December 2018


Post-Holiday Relationship Rejuvenation with Dianna Palimere

While the holidays may be a time of connecting with family and friends, it can also be a time of stress and disconnection for couples. Whether that is due to running around for gift shopping, preparing the home for out-of-town guests, putting up decorations, or all of the above—after the holidays couples may find themselves feeling too exhausted to plan a romantic date night (or date weekend) for some high quality time alone together. I recommend planning a getaway together, before the stress of the holidays hits—although it’s never too late! Planning a long weekend away together may be just the thing your relationship needs to reignite some of the passion and romance lost during the naturally-occurring stress of the holidays. For couples who have had ongoing issues or concerns due to problems with trust, intimacy, or communication; or just need help building better relationship skills, I’d recommend booking a weekend at an intimacy retreat. Intimacy retreats differ from generic retreats in their focus on helping couples overcome whatever has become a barrier to intimacy for them. Reputable retreats are run by licensed clinicians and there is no intimate/physical contact between the therapist(s) and the participants. Most intimacy retreats begin with identifying areas of focus for the couple and teaching some basic skills on the first day. Subsequent days focus on deeper issues, including loving touch and ultimately helping couples improve or enhance their sexual connection. Below are a few examples of intimacy retreats that are run by well-known, highly educated, sexuality experts. Couples Therapy Inc., offers locations worldwide which offer intensive sexuality counseling retreats & online marriage counseling. Not only do they have retreats near most major cities, they also have therapists who will travel to you, if you’d prefer more individual, personalized treatment. However, given the benefits of leaving your everyday lives and getting away together, I would recommend finding a retreat. They claim that their retreats “equal almost 6 months of conventional therapy” ( Another option would be an intimacy retreat run by the sexologist power couple, Diane and Richard Daffner, authors of “Tantric Sex for Busy Couples;” located in Sarasota, FL. Their retreats focus on teaching relationship skills, communication skills, helping couples learn loving touch and various tantric practices. They also teach “Tantric Thai Chi “a relationship exercise that blends the Tai Chi movement and internal 14

focus with tantric sexual energy, creating a strong intimate and emotional connection with one’s beloved partner” ( For couples who are able to travel a bit further, I would highly recommend the following resources for intimacy retreats: Intimacy moons, is “the premier luxury couples retreat where you and your loved one can escape to enhance your sacred connection, communication and understanding of each other” ( They are located in Barbados. Passion and presence retreats provide “tools to revitalize your sex life and create a loving, pleasurable, and deeply connected erotic relationship” ( They have locations in Austin, TX; Boulder, CO, and Portland, OR. I hope you all have a holiday season that is filled with laughter and love— and a post-season that is filled with deeper connection and renewed passions! Happy Holidays!

Sexual Health and Healing with Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW Dr. Dianna Palimere is a Psychosexual Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been working in the field of mental health for the past 16 years, dedicating the past 13 years to specializing in clinical sexuality. She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Social Work, a Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education, and a PhD in Clinical Human Sexuality. Utilizing a holistic approach to therapy, she incorporates a variety of clinical interventions in her work with individuals, couples, and families. She is devoted to helping people achieve sexual health and healing through her work as a psychotherapist in her private practice in Pike Creek, DE; as well as in her work with local nonprofit organizations. To learn more about her or to schedule an appointment, visit her website: Join her on Facebook, keywords: Sex Therapy in Delaware.

December 2018

WHAT ARE PFASs AND WHY SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED ABOUT THEM? PFASs—short for perfluoroalkyl substances—are synthetic chemicals of various formulations (including PFCs, PFOA, PFOS and GenX, among others) that are used widely in various products for moisture and stain resistance. Non-stick pans, rain jackets and carpeting are among thousands of different types of consumer goods that now contain one form or another of PFASs. “Sealant tape, ski wax and floor wax are waterproof thanks to them,” reports the non-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), “and in machinery they reduce gear friction.” NRDC adds they are found in our homes, our offices, our supermarkets—practically everywhere. But while it’s nice that we can’t stain our carpeting no matter how messy we are, are we paying for this luxury with our health? The fact that these chemicals are so hard to break down in their intended applications also means they don’t easily break down in nature when released into the environment. Not only is this bad for ecosystems and wildlife, but it’s also risky for human health. A wide range of animal studies has linked the chemicals to kidney, prostate, rectal and testicular cancers, not to mention hormone malfunction, liver and thyroid problems, and abnormal fetal development. NRDC cites research showing that the offspring of human mothers exposed to certain PFASs had lower-than-average birth weights. Another recent study found that women with high levels of PFASs in their bloodstreams take longer on average to get pregnant. “For years, bad-actor PFASs were used in food containers like pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, Chinese take-out containers and other food packaging to repel grease, and they could leach into the

food,” reports NRDC’s Erik Olson, adding: “PFASs that enter the body through the foods we eat and products we use every day can linger there for years before they are eventually flushed out,” In 2016 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned three of the worst PFASs from food uses in response to a petition from NRDC and other non-profit partners. “But we’re worried that chemical cousins of those PFASs are being used,” says Olson. “And the trouble is, manufacturers don’t have to disclose to consumers that they’re using them.” While the battle to eliminate PFASs entirely rages on, NRDC suggests consumers can take matters into their own hands to minimize their exposure. For starters, ask manufacturers whether their products contain PFASs since such chemicals likely won’t be listed on labels. Steer clear of non-stick cookware, Gore-Tex clothing, personal care products with “PTFE” or “fluoro” ingredients, or textiles made with the original (pre-2000) formulation of Scotchgard, as these likely contain significant amounts of PFASs. Avoid carpeting and clothing hyped to be “stain-resistant”—a dead giveaway that they have been treated with PFASs. And never order or heat up food in grease-resistant paper unless you want a healthy portion of PFASs with your meal or snack. Likewise, ditch the microwave popcorn—most of which comes in a PFAS-treated bag—and make it on the stovetop instead (it’s more fun that way anyway). CONTACTS: NRDC,; EPA’s Basic Information on PFAS, basic-information-pfas.

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1. Raw Spice Bar Subscription–Gift a spice subscription that gives all year. They’ll receive 3 spices, shipped quarterly, with plenty of recipes for all diets. 2. Mobot 40 oz Big Bertha - Foam Roller Water Bottle–Sometimes it just takes the right equipment to discover a whole new world! Originally engineered for athletes, so it can endure the most rigorous rocking and rolling. Each one is handcrafted to insulate and massage. Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity.



3. Rocketbook Everlast–The Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age. Looks and feels like a traditional notebook, the everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of your favorite cloud services.


4. Pet Tinctures –Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Used for various ailments such as pain relief, stress management, mobility and more. 5. Gold Paw Series Stretch Fleece Dog Popover Jacket–The Gold Paw Stretch Fleece contains recycled polyester and spandex for 4-way stretch. The finish is unbelievably soft, like velvet. It’s a piece of cake to put on and moves with your dog, making it the most comfortable coat around. Washes like a dream! Proudly made in the USA! 6. Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters The Local Espresso Blend 12 oz bag, Toby’s Estate Whole Bean Coffee Brooklyn Blend 12 oz bag, Whole Bean Coffee 7. Owl Car Cam–Dual HD inside/ outside cameras. Instant video access from anywhere.


Store up to 14-days of easily searchable videos. Live view your car from anywhere. Deters thieves with security beacon & flood lights. 100% private, only your phone can access the video


Opposite page 8. Tuxy Suit–The World’s Best Onesie! Comfort and style everywhere you go. Every Tuxy suit comes with a Tuxy Utility bag so it’s easy to pack and bring with you on all your adventures.


9. Q- Hand Restoration Cream Hemp Infused, exfoliating hand cream designed to nourish dry skin and prevent surface veins on the back of your hand. Gifts 10 thru 16 ontinued on page 16

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9 11


16 13




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From previous page. 10. LEVO G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand


Available with or without power to charge your device Sit, recline, or lie in bed and LEVO will securely hold your tablet or eReader at the perfect height and viewing angle. Flip lever height locks and 5 axis articulating swing arm for quick positioning. Simply grab the platform then swing tilt and spin it into perfect view. No clearance needed under your furniture. Includes wheels so you can roll LEVO from room to room and reap its benefits day and night. . Quickly spins from portrait to landscape so you can view your pages or photos at their best. Interchangeable platforms so you can quickly switch from electronic devices to books and magazines (book platform sold separately). Minimum height 30 inches, maximum height 56 inches (nice range) measured from floor to center of device. Height extension available for very high beds and treadmills. Compatible with all iPads (including iPad Pro), Galaxy tablets, Surface, Zoom, Nexus, Nook, Fire, and other tablets and eReaders measuring 12 inches or less, and weighing up to 4 pounds. Works great with or without cases. 11. Guild Series Chamomile Flavored Gin Delicate, rose-scented gin infused with botanicals to balance a foundation of juniper and citrus. Slightly sweet, warm spice finish. Voted Best Flavored Gin – 2018 SF World Spirits Competition Double Gold – 2018 SF World Spirits Competition

Skinny & Co. Rose Jojoba Body Melt Skinny Rose Jojoba Body Melt locks in vitamins and replenishes your skin’s ability to heal and correct imperfections - naturally! This silky body melt will delight both your skin and senses.

SmartCam N2 Full HD, Ultra-Wide Angle Lens Easy Installation via SmartCam+ App Human / Smart Abnormal Sound Detection Motion Zone Select Arm and Disarm Noise Reduction Two-Way Talk microSD and SmartCloud(Optional)


12. Therapedic® Reversible 20 lb. Large Weighted Blanket in Navy–Sleep deeply and wake feeling more refreshed with a Therapedic Reversible Weighted Blanket. Using the same comforting pressure as a loving hug to elicit a sense of calmness and relaxation, the added weight helps you sleep comfortably through the night. Bed Bath & Beyond 13. Twinkly Wall, Multi-Color 200-LED Wall Décor by Twinkly–Create custom wall art effects in any color with customizable decorative LED lights controlled via the Twinkly App for iOS and Android.Use as custom home décor, man cave décor, neon signs for bar accessories, and more. Use the pre-loaded effects, or draw your own designs! Twinkly’s LED lights are IOT ready! Sync them with your smart home for easy use; compatible with Google Assistant.Twinkly products include an integrated Wi-Fi connection, or can be connected to a local WiFi network. 14. Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm–Full Spectrum Topical NonGMO Made in USA. 1/2 teaspoon contains 50mg of CBD (for topical use only). Made with all-natural plant-derived scents. Ingredients: Organic Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Cedar Oil, Valencia Orange Oil, Hemp Extract, Oleic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate.

Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet Smooth Feet hydrates your feet by penetrating trulynatural organic ingredients into your skin and prevents evaporation of water from the surface. www.


15. Footsac Blanket: Mousse Swirl Phur Along the bottom of the blanket is an 18” pocket for your feet, which means your feet will never be sticking out in the cold. Mousse Phur has a unique rose-shaped bottle-cap-sized pattern that’s twisted into the nap of the phur, which makes it extra luxurious and toasty. 16. FIXD–The FIXD OBD-II Sensor connects to any vehicle model year 1996 and newer that runs on gasoline, and it acts as a gateway between you and your car. Relevant data from the car is relayed through the FIXD Sensor to the FIXD app on your mobile phone.


H.Hemp CBD Oil Tincture 500mg- Peppermint Honest Hemp Oil: Brain-boosting MCT oil infused with 500mg of US grown, full spectrum, whole-plant hemp cannabinoids. Honest Hemp is sustainably farmed without pesticides and tested by 3rd parties for quality and safety.


Turkish Cotton & Bamboo Towel Set 5-Pc Set made of 60% Turkish Cotton and 40% Plush & soft Bamboo (derived from Rayon). Comes in a tulle gift bag tied with our signature ribbon.

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GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK Brandywine SPCA 2019 Pet Photo Contest Calendar Buying merchandise from Brandywine Valley SPCA will help support lifesaving programs and services. Available at Brandywine SPCA locations. See their ad in this issue.

Gozques–No Chains Silver Bracelet Gozques Charity was started in January 2013 by Jimenas Hoyos, actress, photographer and animal advocate. Jimenas started this cause cause she couldn’t stand to watch the beautiful dogs dying on the streets of her country Colombia. So, Gozques was born to help stop the thousands of strays from dying on the streets. Since 2014 Gozques has set up more than 600 food and water stations in Colombia and more throughout Latin America. Also, Gozquez with Jimenas determination has spayed and neutered more than 6000 dogs and has adopted more than 8,000 in 6 years, but without your Donations her dream can’t survive so please if you can even donate $5 go to and click on donations.

Phenomenal Woman T-Shirt Every Shirt Sold Benefits Seven Fearless Organizations –Funds raised from this shirt benefit the Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, Essie Justice Group, Girls Who Code, Higher Heights, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Planned Parenthood, and The United State of Women. Learn more about each organization at: Stuffed Manatee Bring home an adorable plush gray manatee that bears a realistic resemblance to our favorite aquatic mammal. This stuffed manatee is 16” long from head to tail.

Stand Up To Cancer Join the movement and show your support for Stand Up To Cancer with SU2C apparel and clothing for men and boys! Shop the Stand Up To Cancer Official Store

Crimson Infinity Scarf Employs the Transitioning Homeless.Working hard to get individuals off the streets and into stable employment. This scarf will employ the transitioning homeless to package up each and every scarf and get them sent out the door to you. Giving to the Homeless: For each scarf purchased, we give an equal quality scarf to someone in need. Get + Give + Employ Made In The USA

(above, center) Femme Extraordinaire Pouch –Femme Extraordinaire translates to Extraordinary Woman. Each canvas pouch, featuring the exclusive Atelier Doré design, provides 25 school meals to children around the world, and here in America. In addition to helping kids stay healthy and focused, school meals also help empower girls. A free lunch incentivizes parents to send their daughters to school, in places where otherwise they might be kept home. This pouch is a celebration of the change that comes when women and girls are empowered to reach their full potential.

December 2018


Moulin Roty Le Voyage D’Olga Mother Goose Moulin Roty is a wonderful French toy company formed by a group of young families composed of craftsmen, farmers, philosophers and visionaries.

GOOD TIMES Moosh Moosh Kandy Kat Oswald Bat Crush the Shark Soft and Squishy Animal Pillow Plush Toy. Adorable and Snuggly.

Sculpta Palooza 10+ years old The Squishy, Squashy, Sculpting Party Game Squish and squash your way into sculpting superstardom with Sculptapalooza from Educational Insights. This fast-paced, hands-on, party game gets teams racing against the clock to sculpt their way through hilarious challenges for laugh-out-loud family fun.

Crated with Love Tropical Escape Date Night Box You and your partner are trapped on a deserted island and must work together to escape! This date focuses on strengthening your teamwork skills with fun “island-inspired” games and activities. Happy Dating!

Reindeer In Here Book And Plush Gift Set Sent by Santa as the First Gift of the holiday season, preferably several days before Christmas to start a new holiday tradition. Each day the child and the reindeer go on adventures as the reindeer learns about each child’s likes, dislikes, friends, family, dreams, desires, and most importantly their true Christmas wishes.

Vertell?s Vertellis means ‘tell me more’ in Dutch and the game is played with friends, family, or colleagues. Through questions that trigger memories and stories, you will get to know those closest to you in a new (deeper) way. Winning isn’t the goal with Vertellis, as it is more important that you will have meaningful offline conversations with your loved ones and experience even more togetherness. NCAA Collegiate Star Sports Backpack Collection Bed Bath & Beyond 20

December 2018

Sonic Mania Plus for Xbox One Experience the ultimate celebration of past and future in Sonic Mania, an all-new 2D Sonic adventure running at a crisp 60FPS with stunning HD retrostyle graphics. Multiple playable characters give you the ability to go explosively fast as Sonic, soar as Tails, or power through tough obstacles with Knuckles’ brute strength.

Motorized Thomas & Friends– Sodor Island and Delivery Set by Tomy It features multiple loading areas and a motorized engine that magically transfers from Thomas to Percy to Terence, and back again!

Learning Resources Ages 5+ Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab HABA Magnetic Game Box Ideal for travel. The magnetic pieces safely store in the box. Contains 51 magnetic pieces, and 3 background images.

Max Flex RC 300 Combo Combining flex track and straight track racing to provide a challenging experience for beginning and advanced racing fans Each set includes 2 Tracer Racers RC cars which beam down purple light rays from their undercarriage onto track specially engineered to emit glow remnants long after the racer has passed.

Phil The Fridge Game by Tomy 4+ Just push Phil’s head down to set him spinning. Each time he stops, quickly fill him up with your colored food pieces. But be quick and get them in before he goes for another spin! As you’re playing, Phil will randomly pop open his door. Any of the colored food pieces that fall out must be collected by the player they belong to.

Derwent Academy Twin-Tip Markers, Brush/Fine Tip, 8 Pack and Watercolor Pencils, 3.3mm Core, Metal Tin Speed Stacks Sport stacking not only promotes physical fitness, but also academic learning. Kids that sport stack on a regular basis have shown increases in test scores and levels of concentration.

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For book, journal and calendar descriptions and additional recommendations go to: 22

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Resolving and Preventing Shoulder Problems in Athletes of All Ages Playing sports causes a great (and often unnatural) demand on the shoulders. As a guy who played competitive sports for years into adulthood, I now observe this more as a spectator and father of a daughter who plays club volleyball. My stress is two-fold—I get to watch both as a prideful parent and as her sports chiropractor monitoring her every move and level of performance. If you or your child wrestles, shoots baskets, dances, swims or participates in any demanding activity, you will get to see shoulders working their hardest. During this exertion, shoulders are subjected to problems that can decrease athletic performance or cause injury and loss of play. Shoulder problems can be subtle or exist without symptoms, and may only show up as poor performance. Missing hits or shots too frequently, and losing vertical jump height, power or time on the clock may wrongly be dismissed as simply having a bad day or week. An athlete will often mention to me that “things are just not clicking, I feel out of sync or I just don’t know what’s wrong.” It’s desirable to catch a shoulder problem early before a major injury occurs. Earlier warning signs may include: Pain, even if minor. A stiff or pulling feeling when holding certain positions or during movement. Range of motion loss (especially compared to the other side). A general sense of weakness in the shoulder or being quick to fatigue. Clicking sounds. The shoulder is complex and is influenced by the function of other parts of the body (it’s all connected). In my practice, the best results occur when I combine multiple techniques that address many possible

Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal

influencing factors. After years of refinement, I have found that the combination of four techniques described below enables me to help more athletes (and non-athletes) improve performance and/or overcome injury. Best of all, it’s drug-free (an important consideration in light of America’s opioid epidemic). Biostensegrity Restoration Technique This method addresses and corrects muscular weaknesses. Just like when you blow an electrical circuit in your house with too many appliances, you can overwhelm the nerve that controls a muscle. In this case, the function of the nerve feeding the muscles does not fully switch off but appears diminished or dimmed down. The muscle is left stuck in a weakened state. Joint instability and dysfunction ensue. When left with one or several weak muscles, the shoulder joint loses its proper mechanics. Compensating muscles over-contract and inflammation develops. With the use of a special type of laser therapy, the weakness is painlessly corrected. To learn more about this method, please go to and read the article: “TENSEGRITY 101: Understanding the Bone- Muscle Relationship” Chiropractic Spinal Adjusting The segments of your spine house and protect the spinal cord and the delicate nerve conduits (carrying thousands of nerve fibers) that exit between the bones. Misalignment of these bones can cause interference to the nerve fibers. The lower half of your neck contains the wiring harness of nerves that feed and control the shoulders and the rest of the upper extremity to your fingertips. Clarity here is vital for normal shoulder function. Gentle chiropractic adjustments realign the bones and allow for normal control to be restored. Interestingly, I have found that proper hip bone alignment is also essential for normal shoulder mechanics to exist—as stated earlier, it really is all connected! –continued on next page–


December 2018


Chiropractic Extremity Adjusting Again, gentle adjustments are used. The focus is on the joints of the shoulder and shoulder blades. Please do not confuse this with manipulation under anesthesia which is an invasive procedure used in medicine to tear adhesions while the patient is under moderate to deep IV sedation. I use an instrument that applies gentle pressures to the bones of the shoulder. Although receiving chiropractic adjustments tends to be relaxing, my patients are all awake.


Soft Tissue Percussion With the use of a percussion instrument, tensions in the muscles and torsions in the fascia (connective tissue) are released. The procedure feels a bit like a vibrating massager, but more powerful. Administering it is comfortable for the patient, easy to use, and takes only seconds. The real trick is in finding the exact points and vectors of correction. The most common spots that affect the shoulders are around the junction of the hip bone and tailbone (called the sacroiliac joint) and above the crest of the hip where your belt sits. I keep mentioning that it’s all attached and that the body is one giant interconnected functional unit because, without this understanding, getting past the shoulder problem will never occur. A word of caution—relying on approaches that only mask or treat the symptoms can be dangerous. Silencing the warning signs while continuing vigorous activity is a recipe for serious injury. I can’t stress this enough and I have heard all too often how pain or loss of function was ignored week after week only to end with a devastating injury! Commonly I am asked how long will it take? The answer varies depending on the patient and what is wrong. The good news is that I have found that most people will respond to some degree in just the first visit. This is helpful because if I find that a shoulder remains unchanged within the first few sessions, it is revealed early on and the commitment and cost of finding out are minimized. Shoulder issues can be complex and difficult to overcome. They are often stealthy and responsible for poor performance or can be outright painful and inflexible. Serious athletes would be wise to get a checkup periodically in order to maximize performance and to help prevent injury. If any of the warning signs exist, I recommend taking action immediately. With the comprehensive approach mentioned above, athletes of all ages now have a drug-free strategy for a successful, injury-free season.

Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal is a second-generation Doctor of Chiropractic and a past president of the Delaware Chiropractic Society. He graduated with honors from Life University in 1993. Dr. Rosenthal has an undergraduate degree in nutrition and he is a Registered Yoga Teacher. Dr. Rosenthal is an expert in the field of health and wellness and a member of the Delaware Chiropractic Society, American Chiropractic Association and International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. He practices state-of-the-art care with modern forms of chiropractic and is the first to offer the Koren Specific Technique and Biotensegrity Restoration Technique in Delaware. Also offered are chiropractic pediatric and prenatal techniques (including Webster Technique certification). Dr. Rosenthal practices in Wilmington, Delaware where he took over his father’s practice which was founded in 1965.




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Intention Awareness Willingness Practice The Four Portals of Transformation: GIFTS TO YOURSELF THAT KEEP ON GIVING Suzanne Eder

By the time you read this, the 2018 holiday season will be in full swing. For most people it’s a hectic time even when things are flowing well, because a sizable increment of things to do has suddenly been added to already-overflowing lists. It’s not exactly a time that seems ideal for focusing on personal transformation, given the more immediate tasks that demand your attention. And yet, in a certain way, the holiday season IS an ideal time for personal transformation. The busy-ness of it provides the perfect opportunity for transforming how to relate to yourself when there are seemingly endless demands on your time. I’ve noticed that, with many people, the more they expect of themselves, the more punitive they are with themselves for not meeting those expectations. It’s as if the sheer quantity of things to do gets the inner judge really excited, what with all the opportunities it provides for dropping the ball or making mistakes or flat-out forgetting things. What rich fodder for a judge-fest! But that kind of fest is not at all fun, so let’s turn this around, shall we? Let’s transform the mindset of, “The more I have to do, the harder I have to be on myself to get it all done” to, “The more I have to do, the kinder I must be to myself in order to get what actually needs to be done, done with Grace.” If you’re on board with me, then you’ve just opened the first portal of transformation: Intention The heart of intention is desire, and the body of intention is commitment. Loving commitment. You have to want to be kinder to yourself, and decide that you’re committed to it. (And, frankly, that you’re deserving of your own kindness.) I hope this one is really, really easy for you. 26

So now what? What’s the next step? Follow me, please. Just take a nice, big, deep breath and put a little Mona Lisa smile on your face. (Really, do that – and notice how you feel. Maybe a bit lighter and more relaxed?) Welcome to the second portal of transformation: Awareness This one is a bit more challenging than the first. What you need to do is imagine you can “turn up the dial,” so to speak, on your selfawareness, paying particular attention to the ways and times in which you are unkind or judgmental toward yourself. The reason this step is challenging is that, for many people, the unkind thoughts have become so familiar they just seem true. I assure you they are not. But they can be difficult to detect, given how seamlessly they’re integrated with things you believe are true. The most direct way to uncover those thoughts is by paying attention to the way you feel – perhaps rushed, impatient, guilty or frustrated – and then noticing what you’re thinking at that time. And just as importantly, noticing what other assumptions and conclusions lurk just beneath your initial conscious thought. For example, you may be feeling rushed and impatient, and the thought in your mind is, “I don’t have time for this!” (“This” being anything from standing in a long line at the grocery store, to waiting on hold for the Comcast representative to pick up your call, to your teenager’s stubborn refusal to do whatever you’ve asked him or her to to.) Underneath that may be a constellation of other thoughts such as, “I shouldn’t have waited so long before I got started” or “Now I’m going to be further behind than I already am” or perhaps “I shouldn’t let this get to me!” Remember you are in the portal of Awareness. In neutral observation, simply acknowledge the unkind tone of these thoughts and how unhelpful they are to you. Then take a deep breath.

December 2018

— continued on next page

— continued from previous page

Good. Now you’re ready to move through the third portal of transformation: Willingness Ah, willingness. The word itself has a graceful, fluid quality to it, doesn’t it? The very quality we want to bring into our experience of moving through the holiday season. So what are you now willing to do? You’re willing to withdraw your attention from these thoughts and focus in a more loving direction. No judging yourself for having them, no inner debates, no wringing of hands or gnashing of teeth. Just another one of those nourishing deep breaths – and maybe another Mona Lisa smile – and then you simply anchor your attention into something comforting or funny or kind. You’ll do yourself a tremendous service by thinking of a few of those things right now and committing them to memory. That way you can shift focus to one of them quickly and easily, in the very moment of having become aware of an unhelpful thought. You won’t need to call a time-out, sit down with your journal and try to craft something from scratch. (Although I highly recommending calling time-outs and spending loving, reflective time with your journal whenever you can.) Here are a few you might consider adopting or adapting to your personal preferences: The more relaxed I can let myself be right now, the better everything will flow. (Shorter version: The more relaxed I am, the better everything flows.)

Hopefully you get the idea. With these statements you’re capturing reminders of things you know or believe that help you put things into a larger, more loving perspective. Those of you who know me well also know that I refer to these statements as anchor statements, because you’re using them to anchor your focus into something loving so it doesn’t drift back into judgment-land. Don’t let their simplicity fool you into thinking they aren’t effective. They are tremendously helpful in literally transforming your diminishing thought processes into ones that are supportive - when you carry them through the fourth portal of transformation: Practice As with virtually all transformational changes, moving from self-judging to self-loving isn’t usually a one-and-done kind of experience. It takes practice. It actually takes a willingness to practice rather than the sheer force of willpower, so you may need to double-back on the third portal. Just be willing, time and again, to pause as soon as you’re aware of unkind thoughts, take a deep breath, and anchor into something loving or helpful or kind. Those three steps are your practice. That’s it. Just keep practicing them. Over time they become easier, then easy, then automatic…and then, gloriously, the unkind thoughts just don’t emerge anymore. Can you imagine how good that will feel? I’d say it’s the best gift you could give yourself…and the holiday season could be the perfect time to begin. I hope you’re with me in this. Wishing you peace, ease and Grace this season and always.

The things that really need to get done always get done. Formerly a successful finance director in the corporate world, Suzanne Eder is now an award-winning writer, healer, transformational teacher and personal guide. She completed a comprehensive 4-year program in mind-body-spirit healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and she has devoted her life and work to an ever-deepening understanding of how to create deeply fulfilled lives through an understanding of our spiritual nature. She was a featured speaker at the 2015 TEDxWilmington conference and her popular talk is available on YouTube. She offers inspired and practical counsel in all areas related to personal growth and transformation. Visit her at or email her for more information at

Something good could come from this. Something good IS coming from this, if I allow it. I have all the time I need. The Divine is always on time. I’m doing the best I can, it’s all I can do, and it’s more than enough.

“Helping you change your world, one breath at a time”

Cell: 302.383.5500 Email:

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Green Giant Fresh Green Giant™ Fresh is the “fresh” branch of this iconic company. These unique new items – many of which are microwavable right in their package – are not only easy and convenient options valued by timestarved consumers, but also offer healthier alternatives for a variety of dishes.

Beekeepers Naturals B.Powered combines all the superfoods of the hive to fuel your mind and body! Our healing blend includes immunesupportive propolis, brain-nourishing and skinbeautifying royal jelly, energizing bee pollen, and—of course—our signature raw enzymatic honey.

Quantum Energy Squares Coffee infused bars + 1 Bar = 1 Shot Of Espresso + Clean, Whole Ingredients + High Protein, Low Sugar

Biomebliss Berry-Flavored Blend A berry-flavored prebiotic blend promoting metabolic and digestive health by Nourishing, Shifting, and Protecting the microbiome in your gut for the daily price of your morning cup of coffee. 15 servings per canister (1 to 2 week supply).

Beetology Delicious, Organic, ColdPressed Beet Juice Beetology: The art of creating healthy and delicious beverages from one of nature’s most nutrient dense vegetables and the finest organically grown fruits.

Vita Cup Coffee Pods: MMM Vitality Bundle This bundle gives you 16 pods of each caffeinated flavor, (including the new Genius Blend!) for a total of 96 pods. Every pod contains a unique vitamin blend, which contains Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, and D3, as well as Antioxidants. Our Green Tea contains all the above, plus Matcha and Moringa, and the Genius Blend contains all the above vitamins, plus MCT, Cinnamon, and Turmeric! Their high-quality Arabica beans are sourced from farmers in South America who use responsible farming tactics. All pods are BPA-Free plastic, are nitrogen sealed to preserve freshness, and 100% recyclable. 28

Manitoba Milling Co. Flax Milk Manitoba Milling Company flax milk is made using 100% of the flaxseed, it is not filtered. As a result, the milk contains not only the nutritious Omega 3 oil, but also dietary fiber and protein naturally found in flaxseed. It can be used as a dairy alternative on granola or cereal or in your favorite shake.

December 2018


TripleLite 180 Degree LED Flashlight Super Bright over 420 Lumen Light Illuminates 180-degree in front of you. Flash light is portable, lightweight, water resistant, and drop resistant. Batteries included.

Leather Care & Repair Specialists Leather Care Kit Excellent leather care set combining our leather cleaner and protection cream. Cleans, feeds, and protects whilst reinstating the original leather aroma. Enviro Test Kits Safe Home Water Quality Test Kit Tests for 20 different contaminants including lead, mercury, and pesticides.

Holiday Scented Poo Pourri

Lotus Trolley Bag Set of 4 Bags with Large Cooler Bag Egg & Wine fitting pockets Large cooler/ insulated bag Machine washable Removable rods Reinforced double stitching Strong mesh bottoms ensure spills don’t pool Fits most standard U.S. grocery carts Detachable & Multi-Purpose

Joseph Joseph Nest™ Lock 10- piece compact storage container set Leak proof Snap together lids Dishfish Scrubber The revolutionary new dish-cleaning tool with the ergonomic shape that introduces PowerCell Technology for powerful, scratchfree scrubbing—even on your most sensitive surfaces. Never smells!

December 2018


Jenifer Jurden is the CHO (Chief Happy Officer) of SHOUT b cause, LLC and the creator of JurdyÂŽ, the cartoon hero of hopes, dreams and happy-ness. Jurdy spreads the word about anti-bullying, great choices and living a happy life through the use of humor and positive outlooks. Follow Jurdy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at:

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We accept most major Vision Plans Convenient Location and Appointment Times Saturday and Evening Hours Kate Spade Eyewear

1207 N. Scott Street | Wilmington, DE 19806 | 30

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Winter Is Here!

Welcome The Season With Health And Holiday Cheer! Lose up to 10 POUNDS the first week and up to 20 POUNDS the first month!†

Antoinette, actual patient, lost 22.4 lbs.†

• Medically supervised program using proven nutrition, lifestyle modification, and accountability protocols • Individualized plan and weekly 1-on-1 visits based on your goals, health status, and food/exercise preferences • Anti-obesity medication evaluation, supplements, vitamin based injections, metabolic testing, and more • Eat real food, learn how to cook delicious recipes, and order healthy options while dining out


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302.763.3455 MEDIWEIGHTLOSS.COM BEFORE *Not all providers are in-network with all carriers. Not all services and products are covered. Contact your carrier for details. † On average, patients compliant with the Medi-Weightloss® Program lose 6.4 pounds the first week and 14 pounds the first month. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate. © 2018 Medi IP, LLC. All Rights Reserved.