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My Fitness Journey The Beginning


10 Ways to lead a Healthy & Active Life FITNESS BEAUTY

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June 2014 Volume 1 Issue 1

13 Dermatologists approved skin care trends

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Dress for Success


Tips for Building a Professional Wardrobe



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18 The Fitness Journey with

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RATAN SETHI Retired from a 9 to 5 job, Ratan feels blessed that he is able to travel to his heart’s content.

SANDEEP SACHDEV Motivational Speaker Ambassador, WICL 2014 Celebrity Nutrition Counselor Fitness First Fitness Consultant Personal Training Ambassador & Celebrity Winner of Biggest Loser

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A New Beginning Every thing known to us has had a beginning at some point of time. The birth of us humans, the existence of planet earth, the invention of wheel, you name it and it has had some beginning to get to where it is today. “I can’t wait to Begin”. The excitement of beginning something new is a common human emotion. I remember when the thought of starting this venture first crossed my mind. The little buzz that you get when you get an idea and then you fire it up with your desire to execute it. And here it is this June of 2014 that we have a New Beginning. A New Beginning to connect, to create that bond, to be part of something that makes us say-“That’s ours”. And this is yours- YOUR Andheri west community (locality) based magazine. You live in a society building and its Your Society Building, you go to a gym and its Your Gym, you go outside the city and you say “I am from Mumbai”. The sense of belonging is a human need. I have lived in Andheri West for over 8 years ever since I moved to Mumbai. This place is home. Just like me, a home to so many people from different places and different walks of life who chose to settle in this area. There is that unsaid bond – I am from Andheri West. If a Yash Raj Studio stands tall in this area, so does an upcoming production house. If a Priyanka Chopra stays in this area, so do the countless upcoming aspiring actors. If there are Café’s and fancy restaurants mushrooming from Oshiwara to Yaari road, so are the chai tappli waalas on cycle stands and bhel-puri/ chaat corners. That’s Andheri West for you. You may be traveling global but you’ll always be Living Local.

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DRESS FOR SUCCESS Tips for Building a Professional Wardrobe

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(BPT) - Whether you are a recent grad or someone re-entering a professional work environment, building a work wardrobe that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal style is key.

Suit up

“I know it sounds boring, but a suit is an absolute must,” says Thomas. “Look upon your suit purchase as a long term investment,” adds Pierotti. “This is not an area where you’ll want to skimp. Seasonless fabrics, “Dress for the job you want, not the like lightweight wool, worsted wool job you’re being hired for,” says and wool crepe are your best bets.” Stephanie Thomas, fashion instrucShe recommends purchasing a suit tor at The Art Institute of California in a classic color such as black, gray, - Los Angeles, a campus of Argosy tan or navy blue and saving the more University. “Your job description, and trendy colors and patterns for your that of the next step up your career accessories. ladder, should be the driving force behind your apparel purchases,” adds Thomas says to also think about the Stephanie Pierotti, fashion instructor colors in your current wardrobe and at The Arts Institute of Las Vegas. To look for a suit that can be interget you started, fashion experts from changeable with pieces you already own. For women, a suit with both The Art Institutes system of schools offer tips to have you dressing for the pants and a skirt will offer more variety. You should also feel comfortcorner office.

able in your suit. A good fit will make you look polished, professional and more confident. “The chances of you finding a suit that fits you perfectly off the rack is slim to none, so be sure to budget some funds for tailoring,” says Thomas. Wardrobe building blocks You will also need some staples that will serve as wardrobe building blocks that enable you to walk right into a new job. “Women should purchase two or three button-down shirts of a good fit and quality. Men may want to purchase five, if button-downs are a staple in their field,” says Pierotti. For women, a wrap dress is a great alternative to pants and a button down. Women can also incorporate knit shirts that will mix and match with their suit separates. 9

professional trench in your wardrobe. Tailoring and maintenance Once you’ve built your wardrobe, you’ll want to keep it neat and polished. To make you clothing look custom made, find a good tailor who can make small tweaks to your garments. A garment steamer, a clothes shaver, stain remover sticks and fabric freshener sprays will help save on dry cleaning costs, by helping your garments looking and smelling fresh.

For men, a sports jacket in an all-weather fabric is a good investment. “Think less trend, more modern classic that will cut across many seasons,” says Thomas. “Men and women need a great blazer and some type of sweater they can dress up or down.” Both men and women can mix in sweaters and cardigans to go with their separates. Pierotti advises, “Look for versatile items that can take you from desk to dinner and from workdays to weekends. Also consider a dark or black jean for casual days at the office.

“Investing in core pieces lays a solid foundation for your new professional wardrobe,” says Pierotti. “You’ll create a classic yet stylish work collection that makes you feel confident and professional.”

Shoes To put your best foot forward at a new job, make sure you also have professional footwear to go with your new wardrobe. Pierotti recommends two pairs of practical shoes for day-to-day work life and one or two for more formal events, in neutral colors such as brown, gray and black. And for women, 4 inches should be the maximum height for a professional setting. Accessories Don’t forget about accessories, which can add personality to your outfits. “Men should have a couple of ties with a little bit of personality, meaning different patterns or maybe a bold color,” says Thomas. For women, necklaces and bracelets can add a pop to an outfit, but less is more when considering jewelry. Make sure you don’t forget to use an appropriate purse or messenger bag and no matter where you live, you should have a 10

Phil Date /


TIPS TO ACCESSORIZE YOUR ACCESSORIES FOR THE LATEST FASHION TRENDS (BPT) - It’s not enough to have just any handbag if you want to keep up with the latest trends. Now you need a handbag with bling, a scarf with a clip, a smartphone with a personalized cover or a wallet designed to match the day’s outfit. The latest in the fashion industry is all about accessories and how you accessorize the accessories. Here are some of the latest trends that can keep you on top of the latest in fashion accessories without costing you beaucoup bucks: * Scarves - For women, scarves are being combined with neck jewelry for a unique new look. Try blending a single-colored scarf with a matching-colored clip at the throat, or you can thread a hoop around the scarf and hang a silver pendant like a necklace. Men are wearing scarves more frequently now to accentuate sports jackets, too, but they are not adding any decorations like women are. * Cellphones - Cellphone cases, headphones and power cords used to be merely practical add-ons for keeping your phone protected, charged and playing your music. Now you can personalize your smartphone with colors, pictures, designs or even a pattern that matches your tie, if you want. has the accessories you need to accessorize your phone - screen protectors, chargers, data cables, pouches and cases. With 10,000 cases available for all the latest cellphone models, Forewer / you’ll be able to find exactly what you want at very reasonable prices. Plus, you can get a second phone charger with free shipping. * Wallets - Like cellphones, wallets and clutches are coming out in bright colors and featuring beautiful pictures and fun patterns. Black leather is always a classy option, of course, but if you’re into color, you may want to look for wallets and clutches to match your handbag, scarf, tie, eyeglasses or even your shoes. Some people prefer wallets that depict images of a favorite pet, television show or flower, while others just want one that matches the colors in their wardrobe. * Handbags - It seems busier is better when it comes to the look of handbags these days. Currently available handbag accessories include belts, hanging pendants, decorative handles and even weighted hangers so the bag can hang from a table or desk while the woman is at a restaurant or at work. There is no set rule for what styles a woman must use and a unique look is preferred above all else. With these tips for accessorizing your accessories, you’ll be current with the latest fashion trends to show off your stylish look. To find the coolest cellphone cases and matching power cords, visit CellPhoneCases. com. 12



ermatologists approved Skin Care trends

Yuganov Konstantin /

(BPT) - Looking to achieve naturally glowing skin, but have no clue where to begin? You are not alone. With today’s deluge of complex beauty treatments and seemingly endless beauty aisles, it’s time to simplify. Dr. Ellen Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty and spokesperson for Dove Advance Care Deodorant, helps us cut through the clutter with these dermatologist approved skin care trends.

Natural Skin Beauty In my practice, I see more and more women embracing a natural look when it comes to their beauty routine - limiting the amount of makeup and focusing intently on skin care. When it comes to achieving a naturally glowing look, my mantra is “protect, enhance and troubleshoot.” Protection begins with regularly cleansing the skin and replenishing its moisture to restore balance. Enhancing is

where we get to embellish our best features by evening the skin tone using a light tinted powder and playing up the natural highlights of our face. For trouble spots, it’s important to treat only the affected area with a dermatologist recommended or prescribed treatment. Multi-Tasking Beauty Products In a world where every minute counts, it’s not surprising that 13

women are continually looking for ways to streamline their morning routines. With advances in skin care technology, multi-tasking beauty products are rapidly increasing in popularity. These products are not only limited to makeup and moisturizers; they have now expanded into other categories such as deodorant. We do not always think of our underarms as being beautiful, but it’s an area that requires special attention and care. I suggest using New Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, which is the only deodorant formulated with NutriumMoisture to provide softer, smoother armpits in just three days. Plus, it offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection for confidence all-day long. Sunscreen Gets Glam For years you have heard about the importance of sunscreen, but with natural skin beauty on the rise, it has now taken center stage.

Sun protection is important 365 days a year to help keep wrinkles and discoloration at bay. Depending on how you apply your sunscreen, you may be getting only a fraction of the protection listed on the bottle. Therefore, I recommend women opt for higher SPF protection - between SPF 30 and SPF 50 - and reapply every two hours or even more frequently when in direct sunlight, swimming or working out. Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. These dermatologist approved beauty trends from Dr. Marmur will help you achieve better results with less hassle and confusion. Visit for more information on New Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant with NutriumMoisture.

brickrena /





rotect your Eyes ear-round from UV exposure

(BPT) - Eye protection may not be a top priority for people when they are going about their daily lives, but it should be. Protecting your sense of sight is extremely important and often overlooked. All individuals should protect their eyes so they can stay sharp whether they’re at a sunny park, watching a football game, or simply driving to work. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Wearing a pair of comfortable sunglasses while you are staying active outdoors will not only prevent eye strains and squinting - which will help keep you looking younger, longer - but can actually help protect eyes from cataracts, keratitis and other eye ailments as well. When selecting sunglasses, look for a pair that will be lightweight and durable, so it will be comfortable to wear, and hold up to your daily activities. Charmant Titanium Polarized Sunglasses for example, are made with pure titanium, a hypoallergenic metal that is 48 percent lighter than conventional metals and is perfect for all seasons. Titanium is used in everything from airplanes to surgical instruments, so you know it will last in a sunglass. To protect the delicate eye area, look for a lens that has UVA and UVB protection as well as a polarized lens to reduce glare, which is much more harmful when it’s reflected off of the snow. Make sure your lenses offer the best visibility possible so they don’t interfere with your activities. Lenses with anti-smudge, anti-static, and water-repelling properties keep the lenses free of debris that can block your vision. Invest in your sight. Your vision has an important role in maintaining your active lifestyle. Invest in your sight by ensuring you wear the best in corrective lenses and sunwear for you. Many people need their vision corrected through eye glasses or contact lenses. If you choose contact lenses, wearing sunglasses to prevent glare and protect your eyes from UV light is still very important.

Syda Productions /

If you prefer to wear eye glasses, a pair of prescription sunglasses is ideal, to be worn whenever you are outside in daylight. These prescription sunglasses will provide the best possible coverage in sunlight while also correcting your vision. Either way, one should look for a quality pair of sunglasses that will provide consistent optical clarity throughout the lens, and a durable frame that will last. Don’t forget to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes as well with a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30. Even if the sun isn’t shining bright the UV rays can still penetrate the cloud cover. Make a broad sweep.

are more prone to skin cancer and sun-causing eye disease. Although sunglasses do wonders in protecting the eyes, UV rays can still reach the eyes and the surrounding skin through the sides and top of the sunglasses. Wearing a hat will help to reduce the sun exposure and prevent uncomfortable eye strain. A wide brim hat offers sun protection to your skin as well as eyes, creating natural shade and reducing strain. Choose a hat with a dark, non-reflective underside of the brim. This will help reduce UV glare from reflective surfaces like water or snow.

Staying active is great for your overall health, but be sure that you are safely Sometimes one layer of protection just engaging in activities. Taking steps isn’t enough. If you have fair skin, or light to strengthen and protect your vision colored eyes, you may want to wear a will help ensure that your eyes will be hat in conjunction with sunglasses on safe and healthy for years to come. a regular basis. These physical traits 17



Photo by: Haider Khan

18 long years of maintaining your abdominal muscles is no joke. Ashmit Patel shares the secret of his fitness and how it all began. As a student in school, Ashmit was always into sports - be it Badminton, table tennis, gymnastics or Rugby. “I had never hit a gym while I was in school. I was purely into sports, into athletics.” Before moving to the USA for his Undergraduation, Ashmit met with a knee injury while training with the India Rugby Team. “That was the time when i had stopped playing outdoors for a while and I first started gymming.” An already well oiled machinery thanks to his sports activities, he started training to build muscles.

I’ve maintained my six-pack abs for the last 18 years.

“The results came pretty fast because my body muscles were already in full use in my sports activities.” Even though today Ashmit maintains a 5 times a week gym routine, he still promotes sporting activities as the best way to keep fit. “Sports, whether its indoor or outdoor involves all muscle groups. It works on your reflexes, starting-stopping, the mind is on the job and there is a sense of an overall achievement.” “Your six-pack will come sooner if you combine your gym with sports activities,” says Ashmit who boasts about getting his six-pack abs within a month of the first time he hit the gym. The key, he says, is to set long term goals as they will last with you forever. Fitness is not something that you get only in the gym. It is a 360 degree approach that you have to have and accordingly train, feed, and rest your body. Every month Ashmit will be sharing a piece of his fitness journey with us to achieve the goals that will stay with you permanently. 18

Photo by: Haider Khan


Started Workout at Age - 18 Why is fitness important to you - I believe in the overall evolvement of my being by working on all aspects-mind, body and soul. Workouts are a great way to keep the body fit and healthy and in-sync with the mind. Favorite Healthy Meal - Love my ghar ka khaana cooked by my Man Friday Subhash. Best Workout Advice - Never skip a leg workout. Best Nutrition Advice - Eat 5-6 balanced meals comprising carbs, fats and protein in the correct proportion. Worst Gym Habits - I don’t think I have any bad gym habits to be honest although I do get annoyed when people don’t re-rack their weights and when they don’t use a napkin on the equipment leaving it all sweaty. Your Gym Bag has - Water, a napkin, workout grips, shaker with a protein shake and a banana. Biggest Vice - Potato chips and french fries. Upcoming Movies - Homestay- Stay Alive. Best Body in Bollywood (Male & Female) - Vidyut Jamwal, Sunny Leone Fitness Mantra - Your body is the temple Of your Soul, Worship it !!!


Q& A

with celebrity trainer/ nutritionist Sandeep Sachdev

Every month Sandeep will answer any fitness related questions that you have. Please email your questions to:

I do not like lifting weights. I am confused between all the new options from functional training or yoga or spinning classes or zumba. What’s the best option for fitness? Firstly taking a step of going to the gym is a big step. Fitness has grown over the last 5 years in India. So many varieties have been introduced from TRX to Viper Training to Kettlebell. Functional training is something that yields you the maximum results. If you want to build up your stamina you need to do some cardiovascular and you cannot focus on strength only. If you are looking at putting on muscle then of course strength training. If you want to maintain leanness plus show some good muscle quality then you need to focus on muscle endurance training. Most important is for you to know what your fitness goal is and what you want to look like. I lose weight when I diet. Then why should I go to the gym? Dieting of course helps you lose weight. But the fact is that only when you eat right and in proper portions that’s when you lose weight the right way. By going to the gym it will complement and accelerate the process of getting to your fitness goals faster. You can lose weight but if you are not fit, that didn’t help much. So combine the two – right diet and gym. Don’t go everyday but the least you should do is 3 times a week. Its like a car. No point having a car and not driving it. square logo /

Do I need to have a Trainer to have a celebrity kind of body? You just need a strong mind and the knowledge to build and get into that shape. Of course if I tell you to go to school without a teacher you won’t learn on your own. Initially, it would be nice to have a trainer to teach you the ABCs of fitness. It’s upon you to put that learning into practice. I just don’t like to exercise. How do I stay fit? This is the same mindset that I had in 2006 before I went into the Biggest Loser show. There are a few advantages of exercising that I have really learned in the last few years. Firstly, it helps you improve your personality. Secondly, it helps you be more positive; thirdly, it is one of the only avenues in the world where you get to spend time with yourself (apart from having a phone in your hand). It is a self-improvement technique. You create goals, you achieve goals, achievement of goals leads to motivation, motivation leads to results, results lead to getting to your dreams faster. That is what exercise and fitness can do to you. Fitness tip for the overweight. Whether you are working out of gym or the house always look at setting your goal-whether it is losing some weight or number of minutes on the treadmill. Just compete with yourself and only try to outdo yourself. You simply need to do better than your yesterday. Don’t compete with the world but with yourself. 20



(BPT) - More and more people are adopting a gluten free way of life for a variety of reasons. For some, gluten free living is due to celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. For others, the gluten free life just feels good. No matter the reason for living gluten free, it’s important to know that it’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle that affects many facets of everyday life including fitness and exercise performance. Dasha Gaiazova, a cross-country skier with celiac disease who is competing this winter in Sochi offers her tips on how you can


a stomach ache, your body is trying to tell you something so don’t tune it out. “A persistent sluggish feeling and decreased athletic performance led to my celiac disease diagnosis in 2008,” noted Gaiazova. “Your body knows best.”

1) Listen to your body. If you’re not feeling well, whether it’s a sore muscle or

your health and fitness plan. 4) Remember to refuel your body. Carbohydrates are im-

2) Keep a food journal either on your phone or on paper. You’ll be surprised to see how much you can learn about your eating habits and the way the body responds to certain foods. It’s a good tool to share with your doctors so they can

better understand your overall health.

live gluten free and perform at the top of your game.



3) Give your friends a personal training session. Your friends might not understand what it means to have celiac disease or how to live a gluten free lifestyle but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to learn. Teaching them about what you can and cannot eat will help keep them invested in

portant for an active lifestyle because they provide energy before a workout and help with recovery. Just because there are carbs in something doesn’t mean that it has gluten. If you’re craving bread with peanut butter, find the gluten free options, like Glutino bread, that will keep you satisfied and happy of course.

5) Drink up. Living a healthy,



ACTIVE LIFE you’re doing well - reward yourself.

gluten free lifestyle isn’t just about eating and exercising, it’s also about staying hydrated. Increasing your fitness level means you need to increase your fluid intake.

6) Don’t waste your workouts. Just because you exercised doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want. Be smart about your post-workout snacks. Glutino pretzels and hummus is a great go-to-snack because it delivers protein and carbs, which help you to refuel and recover more quickly post workout.

7) Set reminders. If you’re getting up for a morning workout, set your gym clothes and sneakers right next to your bed or right in front of the door. You won’t be able to leave the house without being reminded that you should be getting out the door for a workout.


10) Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you have a setback, like getting sick or going off your plan, that doesn’t mean your journey has to end. That setback is in the past and you have to keep looking forward. Like Willie Jolley said, “A setback is a setup for a comeback.” 8) Don’t abandon the plan. If your physician has recommended a gluten free diet, it’s with good reason - it’s for your health. Going off course can lead to decreased energy and an overall decline in exercise performance.

9) Reward yourself for good behavior. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has its benefits, but committing to a plan 100 percent of the time can sometimes feel like work. So when

Gaiazova is one of The Glutino Gluten Free Gurus(TM), a team of lifestyle experts in gluten free living. For more information of living a full gluten free life visit www.glutino. com.

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That’s Cheers in Spanish

Fabulous Cocktails to cool off with this summer - Kankshi Mehta Time and time again we lament and moan about our summers. “It’s excruciating,” we’ve heard many a people whine. Despite all of us airing our displeasure about how hot it is and confining ourselves to sitting in our refrigerators or air-conditioned rooms (we make them igloos at 16 degrees Celsius), you will find us nurturing, albeit savouring, a drink filled to the brim with ice. This is the time to awaken the bartender in you. Here are some awesome summer cocktail ideas which guarantees respite from the terrible heat.

Tamarind Martini

There are many culinary ways to use tamarind (Imli for us). I remember chewing on it with a pinch of salt when I was younger. You can now use it to make an exquisite summer thirst quencher. Pop out your cocktail shaker. Throw in some tamarind paste, vodka, fresh lime juice, lime slices, sugar syrup and ice. Thoroughly shake – be the ‘fancy-pants’ barkeep! Pour into a red chilli powder and sugar rimmed martini glass. Present your cocktail by saying, “Shaken, not stirred” in a British accent with a pronounced wink.

fotohunter /

Grilled Citrus Sangria This recipe requires a bit of preparation. You’ll be hailed as the King/Queen of the Cocktail Land after you serve it. Your friends will beg for seconds and might want you to make a speech. Reporters will be outside your house asking how you made this delicious potion which will be followed by a stint on one of the food and lifestyle channels. Exaggerations aside, although this cocktail does taste divine, it’s extremely simple to make. Grill red grapes (seedless), lemon and orange slices on high heat for about five to six minutes till they start to burst and char a little. Set them aside to cool. In a large glass jar or pitcher, mix wine (rose), brandy and sugar syrup followed by the cooled grilled fruit. Refrigerate overnight till all the flavours are well blended. Serve this over ice. Then watch all your summer complaints fly away into oblivion.

Oliver Hoffmann /

The only positive event that happens in summer is mango season. The wait for it is endless and painful. The withdrawal symptoms from mango deprivation are just the worst thing that can ever happen to you. But once they’re here, we rejoice. The social media pages are peppered with mango smeared faces and goofy happy monkey grins. What will widen that smile even more is when we mix alcohol and mango together. We call it a blissful sacred merriment. A halo of peace will hover over your head as you feel the temperature drop after the first sip of this cocktail. Muddle chopped pineapple and mango pieces, mint leaves, lime wedges and sugar syrup. Add crushed ice, some pineapple and mango juice and rum. Use a cocktail umbrella and a pineapple or mango slice and a sprig of mint as garnish and watch as this cocktail transforms into a work of art. Here’s a great tip. Pour this into an ice lolly or a kulfi mould and freeze. What you get is Pineapple Mango Popsickles – which is nothing short of perfection especially in the blistering heat.

Pineapple Mango Mojito mates /

Tip Box. Need to put up the perfect photo for all your social networking sites? Wear your best cocktail rings while holding your favourite drink. Here are a few hashtags you can use. #cocktails #summer #dontwelookhot #beachparty #jewellery #omg #thisissohot #beattheheat 27






Wine and food

Making a Perfect Match

(BPT) - If you’ve ever stood before an aisle of wine completely baffled by what to serve at your next dinner party, you aren’t alone. Whether red or white, dry or sweet, the options can be overwhelming. Two wine experts from The Art Institutes system of schools have teamed up to help you navigate the wine aisle like a pro. “It’s no longer necessary for wine to be just for special occasions,” says Chef T. Stella Bernard, certified wine professional and an instructor for The Art Institute of Tucson. For her, the first step is demystifying wine, and she says there is something for everyone’s taste. She encourages experimentation, which will help evolve your palate, but cautions against being dissuaded or oversold by the package. “Don’t be turned off if it comes in a box or has a screw top. Don’t worry if it doesn’t have a cork.” According to Chef Bernard and Chef Bradley Owen, a certified sommelier and instructor at The Art Institute of California - Orange County, a campus of Argosy University, you need to match the acidity, flavors and body of the wine to the dish with which it will be served. “The old adage of white wine with fish and red wine with meat is true and false,” he says. This will be true 80-90 percent of the time, but depending on how the dish is prepared, there are always ways to break this rule. He adds that chicken and pork are crossover proteins, which could work with Nejron Photo / whites or reds depending on preparation. Acidity is very important, and Owen explains that you want to match the acidity of the wine with the acidity of the dish. Fish prepared in a traditional way works well with white wine, but when prepared with something like mushrooms or with red wine influences, you can move to a lighter red. Filet mignon, typically served with a red wine, can be paired with a white when served with a salad with high-acidic vinaigrette. When matching flavors, Bernard recommends reading the back of the bottle. She says the same words that describe the wine should describe the food. For example, wines containing cherry flavors would go with something juicy such as a barbecue, since cherries are sweet and juicy. Strawberries are softer and would go with a more subtle dish, while black currants are more intense and would pair well with foods like venison, sausage or pepper steak. A simple way to remember this is the brighter the fruit on the label the lighter the food that goes with that wine, and the heavier or darker the fruits on the label the heavier the food. The body of the wine is the weight of the wine or the way it feels in your mouth. Owen says this body should also match the body of the food. Grapes have different body and richness based on the growing climate and decisions made by the wine makers. When looking to pair wine with meat, Owen recommends asking what you are pairing it with and what cut of meat is it. He says a rib eye with lots of fat, richness and flavor will need a wine with a rich body, such as cabernet sauvignon. A filet, which is less flavorful, could pair with a less full-bodied wine, such as a pinot noir. With red wines, tannins are a consideration when looking at food pairings. Tannins come from the grape skins and provide the natural astringency found in red wines. Bernard says heavy tannin wines go well with heavy proteins such as red meats.

mythja /

Regionality can also help you find the perfect complement, by pairing wine from the same area as the dish you are eating. For instance, if you are eating a French dish, consider a French wine. “Don’t be intimidated about going into the wine shop,” Bernard says. She encourages you to start with what you like, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from the people in your local wine store. “The wine you like is the best wine.”





SALT can reduce stress?

(BPT) - Stress can kill you and the longer you experience stress the worse your health can become. In fact, exposure to long term stress causes the body to produce several hormones that can lead to anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, trouble sleeping, obesity, and memory loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. Both men and women suffer from stress but women are more susceptible to stress-related conditions, which can also include infertility.

Stress levels can also increase significantly when economic times are tough. In England, the British Health and Social Care Information Centre found that stress increased by 47 percent during that country’s recession and that stress was the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK, affecting 20 percent of the population. Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University, a known expert on stress, was alarmed and told The Independent, “I have never seen figures like this before. Stress is a trigger mechanism for a whole range of conditions, from heart attacks to immune system disorders, mental illness and depression and anxiety.” Many times people will turn to food to help them relieve stress and there Dream79 / is a scientific reason for this. Salty snacks actually help your body reduce stress levels. Stress is characterized in the human body by high levels of the hormone cortisol, referred to as the “stress hormone.” Scientific research has shown, both in animals and in humans, that increased levels of salt consumption are very effective in reducing levels of cortisol. Now, new research from the University of Haifa published in the science journal Appetite (has confirmed the relationship between salt and stress in humans. Researchers found an inverse correlation between salt and depression/stress, especially in women. In essence, the body is self-regulating to prevent stress and depression by making us crave salt. Professor Micah Leshem reviewed data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) using 10,000 individuals and demonstrated that depression and stress were higher in individuals who consumed less salt, a trend more prevalent in women than men. He noted that the relationship of higher depression with lower salt intake in humans was consistent with the results of animal studies. He went on to question whether the voluntary selection of salty food choices was a biological defense mechanism that evolved to cope with daily stress. Professors Pavel and Leshem also found that young people, up to the age of 19, selectively choose foods that are higher in salt, indicating a natural feedback mechanism driving them to consume higher salt foods and rewarding them with more vigorous growth. This begs the question; if we restrict the salt intake of young people will their growth be diminished? Despite the many clear benefits of salt-intake in a person’s diet, various national and governmental organizations are calling for drastic reductions in the amount of salt people consume. However, a new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension found that the average American is already consuming the right amount of sodium for optimal health outcomes and that the low sodium levels currently recommended by the CDC and major health departments are now viewed by many in the scientific community as excessively and unrealistically low.

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The fact remains that whether they are called comfort foods or mood stabilizers, salty foods are incredibly effective at making people feel better and reducing heightened stress levels. 33

GEETA BASRA The world knows you as Geeta Basra. What’s Geeta’s pet name that her friends call her? Don’t have a specific pet name. Friends call me Geet or Geetu. What was Geeta Basra doing in life before she made her debut in Bollywood? Studying in the UK. Any filmy connection before you came to Bollywood? None whatsoever. What’s the one most important tip for a newcomer looking for a Bollywood break? Stay focused. Every girl has a Hero growing up? Who was yours? The Beautiful, talented and versatile actor Madhuri.

Has the hero changed? She has always been my biggest role model in terms of being an actor. I stand by my loyalties. Its summer time in India. Where do you recommend people go for a vacation in June? Someplace you’ve been and recommend. I love travelling. It’s not necessary to go to a cold climate but definitely someplace less humid. I go back home usually to UK. If across India – Kashmir (my friends say its amazing). If you want to go global the world is at your feet. To name one would be… I think US of A. Ok tell us something weird about yourself. There’s so many (she laughs). I think I suffer from OCD, too much of a clean freak, everything has to be in order. Another thing.. mmm (she thinks ..mmm..) I always get tongue-tied. (giggles like a kid) If offered to do a reality tv show like Big Boss, would you? No. Its just something that I wont feel comfortable with. Hats off to the people who have participated. Its an extremely difficult show to be a part of, it tests you to all limits. You have to be extremely strong to be a part of it. Also, I don’t think I could be cut off from the world for 3 months. When are you not acting? When the cameras are on or when they are off? I think everyone is acting all the time. You are not totally yourself in front of new people. Especially being an actor you are always under scrutiny. I think everyone acts at some point of time. I have to be comfortable with the people to be completely open. One of girls best friend – gossip. Share one with us. Harmless gossip is fine. I don’t indulge too much into it. (She thinks…) There’s this new Beyonce-Jay Z thing. I am up to date with the latest gossip but I don’t like to talk about it.

Photo by: Luv Israni 34

People talk about the bad side of Bollywood? Have you experienced any?


There’s good and bad to everything. Even in the corporate world my friends tell me. There’s pros and cons to everything. It’s about who you are and how you choose to deal with it. A food temptation that you just can’t seem to resist. Pizza. I don’t have so much of a sweet tooth. But I have been looking at these recipes of cheesecake and I have this urge to really have the most amazing cheesecake right now. Which incident has made you the happiest in life so far? I think it would be my decision to shift from UK to Mumbai. IPL Cricket or World Cup soccer? Aaah. Well I am a big cricket follower and a fan now. Also, I am going to the world cup soccer. I would say both right now. Your favourite gadgets that you possess. I am not a gadget person as it changes every month. I love Sonotech, it’s a cube mp3 player. I love my ipad and am addicted to Candy Crush. (She’s on level 150 as of last week of May.) Favourite choice of connect- Twitter. Facebook. Email. Whatsapp. BBM or in flesh and blood? I love my BBM. Its actually one of those applications that keeps me connected to my friends. I am not a facebook user. Twitter is how I connect with my fans. Whats’ next professionally? I am doing a Punjabi film. Being a Punjabi myself it’s something I am really looking forward to starting this new film. Then there is Bhaiyaji Superhit. And a south film. And personally? Lots to look forward to. I am starting a business venture so looking forward to launching that.

Photo by: Luv Israni

And spiritually? I think probably getting back into yoga. I used to love doing yoga. It keeps me connected.

Today Geeta is at what stage of her life? A very content and peaceful stage in my life.

If you were to pick a co-star to do a movie with who would you pick from the following: MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh or Virat Kohli. Can’t I pick all four? It’ll be mad with all four. It’ll be like Hangover 4. Still waiting… I’ll have to say Bhajji.

Where or how do you see yourself 5 years down the line? I probably see myself settled with maybe some kids. Parting words. Are they good-bye. I’ll be back or something else?

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celebrities with highest followers Singer


OTHERs IN THE LIST Shah rukh khan 7.77 million Salman KHAN 6.98 million PRIYANKA CHOPRA 6.12 million Sachin Tendulkar 4.31 million

Photo: Jaguar PS /



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ashton kutcher @aplusk 16.1 million I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.


Virat Kohli 3.21 million Mahendra Singh Dhoni 2.86 million Shreya Ghoshal 2.83 million Justin Bieber 51.9 million Lady Gaga 41.4 million Barak Obama 43.2 million

Photo: cinemafestival /

Photo: Entertainment Press /

Amitabh Bachchan @SrBachchan 8.87 million

deepika padukone @deepikapadukone 6.22 million

Actor ... well at least some are STILL saying so !!



CriStiano ronaldo Photo: Madridismo.ES /


@Cristiano 26.3 million

Karan Johar @karanjohar “BJP....the first major Blockbuster of the year!!!! Huge opening and no sign of a Monday drop!!!” Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk “As I leave for work I make it a point to kiss my kids’ forehead. It assures me no badness can coexist in the world with one of their smiles.” Shekhar Kapur @shekharkapur “Am fed up of ppl who say there r no good script writers around. if u had the talent 2 c a film in a script, u wld b a director.”


DID YOU KNOW? Photo Courtesy : Inni Singh

Santoor recital Abhay Rustom Sopori As a kid Abhay Rustum Sopori while accompanying his mother to the local market came across a bird who was whistling in an unusual rhythm. Inspired by this sound, he made his mother abandon her groceries and headed straight back home to compose a tune on his synthesizer dedicated to this bird. Today this man is the youngest recipient of honors such as ‘Bharat Shiromani Award’ , ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’ , ‘J & K State Award’ and he also happens to be the first Indian Classical musician to be invited at TEDx. The Sopori family has contributed immensely towards the preservation of Sufi music in Kashmir and the Santoor has been their family instrument for generations. His grandfather Pandit Shamboo Nath Sopori introduced music as a subject in the valley at a time when many social and religious taboos were associated with learning music. He was instrumental in educating musicians and listeners alike. Padma Shri Pandit Bhajan Sopori was determined to instill in his son Abhay that ‘miracles do not happen in palaces’, and encour-

aged him to work at the grass root level if he wanted to be taken seriously as a musician. After debuting professionally in the mid 90’s Abhay realized that he detested politics and groupism in the field of music and he hoped to explore the Divine aspect of his art. Furthering his career he collaborated with acclaimed musicians like the Moroccan Lute maestro Haj

Photo Courtesy : Inni Singh

Younis , Dr. Darius Saghafi the Iranian Santurist, Zunain Khan the principal exponent of the Jafferkhani Baaj and last but not the least the legendary Zubin Mehta with whom he had the honor to share the stage as a fellow composer and conductor. In Mumbai Abhay is often seen encouraging fellow musicians who look up to him for advice to never give up and always continue learning the art and finding their own voice. He himself is fulfilling his ambitions of a composer, creating soulful tunes in his compact apartment in Andheri.

- by Asheesh Kapur What worries him is that many forms of the folk tradition and classical arts are dying in our nation because no body is around to pursue them due to lack of proper patronage on part of the Government. Instruments like ‘Wasool’ are almost extinct now or are lying as show pieces of a far gone era in museums. Abhay feels that India must adopt a transparent policy in the field of culture to promote all forms of music and protect its rich treasure trove of tradition. Artists according to him must be patiently nurtured and respected. He hopes to contribute to his society , his country, by utilizing this life to the fullest in his pursuit towards excellence in his chosen field.

Youngest recipient of honors such as ‘Bharat Shiromani Award’ , ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’. - by Asheesh Kapur 37


EVEN Days in Sikkim by Ratan Sethi

The sheer enormity of mountains has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Which is why what used to be one annual trip to these majestic miracles of nature doesn’t feel like enough any longer. I can quite honestly say that I’ve rarely felt as close to mountains, as I did when I was in Sikkim last month. Driving by, I almost felt like I could reach out and touch them. Post the 2011 earthquake, the roads in the area can hardly be described as adequate. Which may be a blessing as it can be off-putting to many tourists, thus resulting in North Sikkim still being unspoiled, isolated and pristine. However, a trip to Sikkim can never be complete without the grueling drive to the frozen Gurudongmar Lake at over 17000 feet above sea level. Three adults with a 3 1/2 year

old boy left the hotel in Lachen at 4:30 am, embarking on this unpaved, pot-holed and sometimes muddy adventure. None of it fazed us though - the beauty of the surroundings magically took over all of our senses. I wished I had eyes in the back of my head so I could enjoy a 360 degree view, not missing out on any angle of the snow-capped mountains as the morning sun created an orange glow over them, the crystal clear streams flowing alongside us, the waterfalls and the valleys. We kept popping our heads outside our windows, having Tiger, our driver, make sudden stops so that we could capture an essence of it into our cameras. The folks at our hotel had packed us a breakfast of jam and cheese sandwiches, which were near frozen. We stopped on our way at a local home where we were welcomed by a beautiful, smiling family. Their little two-roomed house was warm and cozy - we got blankets to drape over our cold bodies and were offered piping hot tea, eggs and toast. Easily one of the most memorable breakfasts of my life.


We had been warned that our hotels at both Lachen and Lachung would be very basic, with no running hot water, room heaters etc. I’m fairly used to staying in modest places so wasn’t concerned as long as they were clean and had plenty of blankets. Both places, run by locals, turned out to be much nicer than what I was expecting. One of them had a dining room with the tables placed close together so within minutes we made friends with folks from across the country and had a fun meal together. The other “must visit” place in North Sikkim is the Yumthang Valley. A gorgeous one hour drive from Lachung, Yumthang, also known as the Valley of Flowers, is famous for rhododendrons turning the landscape purple in the early part of May. We were starting to see them bloom but it was still early. Most of the time we had the entire place to ourselves as the smattering of tourists would spend a few minutes at the valley and head to their next destination. We, on the other hand spent our entire morning at Yumthang, feasting our eyes, eventually being dragged away by Tiger who had to get us to Gangtok by dinner time.

Savoring every moment of our scenic drive back to Lachung, we felt blessed to have visited such a spectacular part of the country along with a little sorrow for having to leave it behind us.

Some tips if you’re planning to travel to Sikkim. 1. North Sikkim is only open to Indian citizens and you need permits. Carry plenty of passport size photographs and photocopies of your identification. 2. Have a travel agent plan your trip. The information on the net isn’t exactly reliable. 3. Do the North Sikkim part towards the beginning while you’re excited and enthusiastic. 4. Ask the taxi driver to take the less scenic but better road to Lachen/Lachung from Gangtok. All you will be missing are some waterfalls, which you will see plenty of. 5. Be sure to stop at the Army Cafe on your way back from Gurudongmar Lake for the best momo’s. 6. End your trip with a couple of relaxed days in Pelling, a charming little town located in West Sikkim. 7. Try the local cuisine whenever you get a chance. It may 39

Tr a v e l

Approximately 5 hours into our drive, Tiger announced that we had reached our destination. He smiled when he saw our puzzled faces because there was no lake that we could spot. In fact we were at this dry desolate terrain that reminded me so much of Ladakh. A couple of minutes later however, we went over what seemed like a bump and miraculously there was this stark white, icy lake in front of us. With oxygen levels being extremely low at this height, it literally took our breath away. Since apparently a picture’s worth a thousand words, I’ll save myself from describing our stunning new surroundings.


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In Your

- by Meera

Dear Parents, The winds of change are all around us and each one of us is an integral part of them. Times and values are changing and we are keeping abreast of them realising that so much of what we had seen or learned may not be of as much consequence today as it was some years ago. However, there are certain things which will remain constant and that is the love of parents for their children. We all want to bring up our children in the best way possible and yet time and again as parents we are at a loss of how to handle our children. Parents seek advice and guidance from their elders, teachers and counsellors. The pressures of society are endless and they are having their effect on each and every child coming into the world of today. We are going through conflicting values and unlimited exposure which is affecting the mind set of all concerned. Bringing up children is something that has been done from time immemorial. At times one even feels that our parents who may not have been as well educated or who didn’t have the internet and endless books to refer to, were better qualified at bringing up children and they did a wonderful job of it. What did they have that we don’t? Time, patience and TLC. Whatever the nature of the child, her needs, wants, desires, aspirations, dreams, growth, education, there is one thing which will

constantly stand her in good stead and that is Tender Loving Care from her parents and other family members. One of the first things a child needs is security and a sense of being loved and wanted. When a child is handled with tenderness, love and care they will automatically learn the values of these qualities and grow into children with good self esteem and confidence. There are endless challenges in bringing up a child and endless ways of handling them too. They could range from patience to ignoring them, to reprimanding them or to gently guiding and reasoning with them as to what is the right decision. As far as infants are concerned they need to be cuddled, fed appropriately, kept comfortable and their early years should be spent in a home full of love and warmth. A congenial atmosphere will help the child develop into a secure toddler. Bonding and interacting with the family members is of prime importance. At a later stage as toddlers the child’s temperament will undergo changes and parents will notice so many new and different things in the child. They are more expressive and the children of today are relatively clear as to what they want and don’t want. Parents too expose them to all the latest equipment’s and give off their best to them. But at times one tends to be rushed, or has too many things to

do on one’s mind and a parents patience gets worn threadbare. This is only natural and human but one needs to take a deep breath and calm down and spend bonding time with the child. Going together to the park, or for a swim or even a walk, playing together, telling a story or even a simple thing like throwing the ball will bring a smile to the child’s face and the parent will feel the glow of it too. Each day will bring a new situation, a new challenge and however difficult it may seem, any and every parent will come out a winner if they follow the basic rule of TLC and patience. Giving into a child’s demands is the easiest way out but not the best one in the long run and how can one prevent such a situation from recurring? Enjoy parenthood in all its forms and there will always be solutions to any given action or situation by setting the right example for your child. Keeping certain important factors in mind such as a sense of discipline, consistency, instilling values and always maintaining a sense of humour are just a few of the qualities and guidelines that can be discussed further to ensure that each one of us will be very proud of our child or children.

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I help make their Dreams come true.

The Beginning - January of 2009

I started my studio in early 2009, with not much in my pocket but a big dream in my heart, to design beautiful clothes for the rest of my life! And that was how my label, Dilnaz Karbhary was born in January 2009.

My Early Career in Design & the twist of fate

Sometimes you plan your life to go a certain way and it changes everything around, only for us to later realize it was for the better. I had applied for a design course at FIT, NY in the Fall of 1993, but had to cancel going due to my Father’s ill health. Staying on in India, my blessing in disguise came in the form Ace Couturier Tarun Tahiliani! He took me under his able wing to train me, and when I left Tahiliani Designs, 15 fabulous years later, it was as Head Of Design, Couture. It was indeed the most memorable learning a design student could ask for.

Present Day: A walk through The Dilnaz Karbhary Design Studio Could vary between Couture for private clients or for the Entertainment Industry Projects- in Films & TV. My strength lies in Embroidery & Couture, and future plans are for retail in India & Abroad. 44

TV, Advertisements & Films

Having a design studio in Bombay, the Bollywood Mecca, by default means you get sucked into the Film Industry. My studio dresses Farah Khan, Director, for almost all her projects & main stream actresses like Jacqueline Fernandes, Gul Panag, Katrina Kaif. There is also an occasional dabble in mens wear with Acclaimed Actor Boman Irani. Each project, whether Film or Advertisements, brings with it, its own unique excitement. The Film medium has been particularly delightful to work for, as it really challenges your creativity & you bring characters so far, on paper in a script, alive on celluloid with your design. I personally find it very interesting to research a look & really soak yourself into the character & understand the Directors vision and create an interesting & NEW look! In my repertoire of film work I have worked under the SLB banner, for Bela Seghal, for the Parsi Rom Com, Shirin Aur Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, and for Exclusive scenes in Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan & Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2. In the field of Advertisements I have dressed Jacqueline Fernades for the Lux Campaign, Farah Khan for the much well received IPL 2013 campaign, a commercial with acclaimed director Rajiv Menon for Jayalakshmi Silks, the Berger Paint 2014 calender. I have also worked on TV shows – Entertainment ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Dance ke Super moms, Dance India Dance, Special episodes of Koffee With Karan.

My real Love - Couture Couture is my real love and with Couture my life gets entwined with my Clients, very often making me a part of their love story, and this is the reason why I come back happily, to my desk every day! I help make their dreams come true. Nothing is more ecstatic than the joy of a well fitted garment with fine embroidery, and a client saying “ These clothes, are so beautiful, that I don’t feel like getting out of them.“

The Journey Onwards …… Onwards from here I want my work to be synonymous with finesse in make & beautiful design irrespective of the medium …. Films , Television or Custom Made. I believe my Clothing is symbolic of a Strong & Sexy but yet very feminine Woman. I would want my clothing to celebrate being a Woman….. and for me it will always be more than mere clothing, my designs for me is a Love Story affair for life!

Dilnaz Karbhary An Andheri West Resident since 1988 45


My Journey in




means clay and the best known use of clay is the craft of Pottery, which gives us an immense measure of identity in what we do. MITTY in todays time is a synonym for pottery with an edge, identity and exclusivity which is seldom found anywhere else. We at MITTY have been in the business of pottery and ceramic since the past 30 years, We our delighted that we hold patronage to almost all leading hotel chains in terms of exclusive designer pottery. We not only believe in being the best but also endeavour to spread such excellency to who ever is inclined to practice this craft, this is done through the teaching facet of the establishment which has been going on for the last 18 year’s. We at MITTY invite everyone who wouldn’t mind getting there hands messy to mould there imagination.




Animal Angels Foundation - by Asheesh Kapur

Priya an otherwise aggressive child , is the epitome of unbridled joy when she is with Oscar, a yellow Labrador Retriever. In spite of him being twice her size, she cajoles him while playing ball and showers him with kisses and affection. Manav, on the other hand, is scared of almost anybody and anything, which means he is incapable of meeting new people and interacting with them. But, this man is a whole new person when he is with his four legged therapist Abby. His favorite activity is to hold Abby’s leash and walk her around his society compound. Social, verbal, physical and cognitive Photo L to R : Rohini, Angel, Radhika

skills that normally take these individuals many months to learn are now picked up in less than half that time with a little help from these canine therapy pets. Rohini Fernandes & Radhika Nair are clinical psychologists and certified practitioners of animal assisted therapy (AAT) who believe in the power of animals helping human beings heal. Their organization, Animal Angels Foundation works with a specially trained team of canine ‘Angels’ to help treat children and adults deal with emotional trauma, behavioral problems, physical abuse, developmental disorders and mental illnesses by practicing animal-assisted therapy because animals do not discriminate against caste, color, creed, deformities or failures and thus easily reach out to a soul in need. Their team includes Labradors, Great Danes, Cocker Spaniels and mixed breeds. What is necessary is a pet with a friendly personality and a very good temperament. Therapy pets are carefully selected undergoing temperament tests and training. For each client a custom made program is meticulously constructed. This entire process is evaluated at various stages and documented. Through interacting with therapy pets, people understand the fragility of life. They learn to control their aggression and acquire gentility. They realize that violence, is not a healthy way to communicate and that all living creatures, animals and humans alike, respond positively to a loving touch. The main objective at AAF is to “enhance the quality of people’s lives through our therapy animals”. They are also very encouraging towards animal lovers and volunteers who aspire to join their team of ‘Angels’. In 2010 they were chosen for the Paragon 100 Fellowship organized by The Foundation for Youth Social Enterprise. Rohini and Radhika were part of 100 outstanding social change makers and entrepreneurs chosen from the Asia Pacific region. For those of you who know of a loved one who might benefit from animal-assisted therapy, AAF reminds you the wise words of Ben Williams, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”


Knumina Studio /



MISTAKES PAVE WAY FOR EVOLUTION by Saloni Bhardwaj The human ego makes one feel that he is eternal and error free, absolute and perfect. With such an ‘I am too good to be true’ attitude when one faces any ordeal, hardship or a calamity, the myth of perfection is shattered and reality sets in. Most of us do not develop the need for introspection or reflecting on life. We argue about karma, faith & only turn towards religious practices that guarantee us freedom from trouble if we wear an amulet, a stone or perform a certain ritual. Such is the instant gratification, asking for constant results driven life we lead. We are content in ignorance and no matter how much we suffer, we never stop and look inwards and accept the mistakes we are making. Neither we take responsibility of our actions nor do we stop playing the victim in any given difficult situation. If you eat unhealthy, do not exercise you will have a heart condition at any early age. If you play victim, ask why me and blame it on destiny you will be stuck in the same situation, life after life. Joyce Matthews (22) feels “we make mistakes because we are immature and inexperienced.’ Pratigya Singh (21) says “refusing to learn from a situation results in committing the same error repeatedly”. Joseph Matthews (27) ‘sometimes situations are such that the only way to save your skin is by making an error!’ Anjali Trehan (28) darts “you make mistakes because you are unaware that you are committing one. If you had known why will you make? You make mistakes to learn from them!” The reason we are born is to settle our karmic record. To learn and to evolve to the next level of understanding. Each obstacle or a stagnant stage of life is trying to tell us something. To teach us what we need to learn. The loss due to a mistake is the price we pay to learn a lesson. The sooner we learn, the faster we step on to the next level of life. The only reason why an obstacle comes our way is to help us evolve. It may take you a day to understand that, a week, a year or in some cases a lifetime. The job of our ego is to keep us away from this understanding. Or from a sense that helps us have faith. Or believe in the belief of spiritual growth. In times of trouble one undergoes a feeling where you question faith or the presence of some supernatural existence. In such a situation when there is more need of faith base practice, we usually turn away from what is right. Identifying that as an ego trick and going inwards to hear the silence of your soul is perhaps the only way. The insecure mind leads us into thinking that He has not protected us or has given us unjust troubles or has been unfair to us. But that is not true! All our troubles are self created and self subjected so that we have an accurate growth on a spiritual level. If one is aware of this understanding the journey becomes beautiful, not necessarily trouble free but definitely faith driven with a sense of light at the end of the tunnel. The problems which we have are a result of our own karma that we have churned out due to our negative thinking, impure living and faltering in improving our state of being. Sometimes we can see that we have created a mistake but most of the times we do not admit, so we add a karma, we could be taken to task in the same life but if your record keeps increasing you carry your ‘karmic record’ to the next life. You are born with about 80% of your previous life records that affect your present life. So you have to be constantly engaged in nullifying those and not accumulating more. On several occasions we fail to understand that why a particular person in our family, social circle or at work behaves in a crude manner or at times we feel repulsive of a particular person without any reason. So many of us feel stuck in a particular life situation. For days, months or years. We blame our destiny. Destiny appears when hard work fails. In such a situation one needs to stop and see what is that situation or that person is trying to teach me. What is the pattern that I am stuck in. Something needs to be done differently to build that spiritual muscle. Earth is a training institute where you can do well and go on a higher plane soon. One must learn to take responsibility of his own actions, face the problems with a smile, solve them prudently and get promoted to the next spiritual plane. Ask the universe for help, for signs and for direction. Be calm. Hear the language of your soul called feelings. Have faith. Shrug off anger, towards your own self and towards the situation. Remember, each obstacle, each hurdle, every mistake paves way for your evolution only so you could be free from suffering and become one with the eternal source. You are love. You are light.




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As we move into June, there is a lingering effect on us of the month of May … in the form of a need or a desire to take things forward into smoother roads. You could feel or experience the need for it, coming from a difficult or abrasive situation, or you could simply want things to be harmonious and balanced. If you want to take action on this effect, remember that it is action in the mind before it can be applied in your life. Make sure you have thought every move through and left nothing up to chance. The main focus of this month would be on revisiting earlier ideas and desires… dreams, even… in an effort to integrate them into the fabric of our lives. It is not a bad thing at all. However, what will make it very good is a recalibration of whatever you desire to your current situation. Imagine it to be a bit like getting into your favourite pair of old jeans. They may not fit you very well right now. Of course, you can have them altered or get another of a similar design. In the flow of things, why would you want to force yourself into that which does not fit you! Overall, it is an enjoyable time, so find out the zone in which you can enjoy heartily! It would be good to remember, even when you are enjoying yourself, to maintain clarity in your thought process. It is easy for some and difficult for others, but nothing being impossible, you can achieve this to a greater degree than you would give yourself credit for. The direct outcome of this effort that you will see by the end of June is akin to wish fulfillment! How does it get better than that! Any catch? Yes. The fulfillment is of the short-term variety… so make sure you do not set your heart on something long-term. The only thing that can cause any upset in all that you do this month is lack of knowledge and patience. So make sure that you empower yourself completely, or as best as you can, when you embark on anything. One way to head this energy off in another direction would be to exercise and build up your capacity for patience and tolerance! Not a bad idea, that! So, to nudge you in your proper direction, here is a pocket-guide… set according to your date of birth: Please note: The guide uses Zodiac Signs according to date of birth, and not according to your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Ascendant. There is no cusp. ARIES (March 21st-April 20th): Not an easy month for you, given the high emotional quotient. You can milk an advantage from keeping yourself level-headed. Try to remain focused.

LIBRA (September 23rd-October 22nd): This month will be right up your alley and amazingly smooth, if you allow people different from you to be themselves and focus on your own needs and wants.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 20th): You might find it difficult to remain very clear in your thoughts, but you will have ample help from people around you and from situation. So have patience.

SCORPIO (October 23rd-November 22nd): Many of your wishes can be fulfilled this month. Do try to pay attention to what is being said by people you think are wise.

GEMINI (May 21st-June 20th): In many ways, this is your month! So make sure you think things through. And have a great time!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st): Your energies can receive a boost by some clear-thinking. Don’t rush. Think through. And recognise wisdom, even if you don’t want to apply it.

CANCER (June 21st-July 21st): You may prefer going by your feelings most of the time, and this month will be no different. So just focus on being calm enough to read your feelings appropriately!

CAPRICORN (December 22nd–January 19th): If things are not exactly comfortable, you will be able to derive comfort from logical application of your reasoning. You will enjoy ruminating on wise words.

LEO (July 22nd-August 22nd): Don’t try too hard to win! You will do well for yourself this month if you go with the flow rather than trying to push at things.

AQUARIUS (January 20th–February 18th): A generally good month for you, if you pedal slow and observe even those happenings that do not have a direct relation to your course.

VIRGO (August 23rd-September 22nd): You should have it good, if you focus on formula-approaches, and on collecting information before taking action. Do not evade surprises; they may be of benefit.

PISCES (February 19th-March 20th): Much to make you happy and grounded will happen this month. Do try to be clear in your communication. Images: sunlight77 /

Have a great June ahead! - Mohini (MOHINI is a professional Tarot Card reader. She can be reached by e-mail at 53


he month of June comes from the Roman, or Julian, calendar. June was initially named Iunius. The name either comes from the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter, or from the word “iuniores”, the Latin word for “younger ones”. Symbols of June Birthstone: Pearl Flower: Rose Zodiac signs: Gemini and Cancer

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32 Qualified Teams

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New Country playing 1st time: Bosnia-Herzegovina MASCOT: Fuleco (the three-banded armadillo) The only other time Brazil hosted world cup: 1950 IST for Matches: Post 9:30PM INDIA vs BANGLADESH 3 ODI Series Dates: 15th 17th 19th

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Father’s Day 3rd Sunday

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MONSOON Season just around the corner

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