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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS Welcome to the November edition of magazine! Can you believe that it is November already? Seriously, where does the time go? Well, this means that Christmas is just around the corner and across Bedfordshire there are lots of festive events taking place. If you want to know what’s going on locally, then check out our What’s On Guide Festive Special. We hope that you enjoyed our recent Pubfest 2019 event. We had so much fun and look forward to organising the event again next year. As the event has only just taken place, we are unable to include a review in this edition, however, please check out next month’s magazine (December) as we will have a write-up and will include a selection of photos captured during the event. How many pubs did you manage to visit? We would love to hear your stories so please do get in touch and let us know how you got on.

| Andrew Martin |

This month we have a fantastic mix of articles. Our | John McBurney | FocusOn feature is ‘Money & Finance’, with an insightful article about pensions, plus we have our regular Money Matters update. Elsewhere in the magazine we have the latest news from Stondon Parish Council, a festive update from Arlesey Community Events, Jay K9 explains what Mantrailing is, and we get to meet the Stondon WI and the Stondon Scout Group.

Kind Regards, Andrew & John

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how much do you need to retire? trades needed at gothic mead money matters update from stondon parish council soundarc’s interview with... we catch up with the stondon wi what is mantrailing? delivery boys’ review pix brook academy opens... diddy directory 1st stondon scouts are recruiting november crossword beginners guide to birdwatching kid’s got talent what’s on guide - festive special


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Competition Winner


a big well done to:

Pet & Wildlife


Sandy Lane, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5QB.

01462 810190 | www. chandlersfe.co.uk

Amanda Devaney who found Billy the Squirrel and WON £25 4

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Contribution thanks to

Paul Savuto APFS

How much do you need to retire comfortably?

Chartered Financial Planner DGS IFA Ltd 07834 499595


eople on an average salary who wish to retire at the age of 65 will now typically require a pension pot of almost £450,000 in order to fund their retirement until they are 100 years old, recent analysis has found. (Source AJ Bell, June 2019)

Never too early to start saving The research also shows that an individual who starts saving into a pension at 25 years of age will need to invest around £235 a month in order to accumulate a retirement fund of that size. However, a delay of 10 years would see this monthly figure almost double to £428, while someone who only starts saving at the age of 45 would need to set aside £859 a month to attain a pension fund of that size.

This analysis vividly demonstrates the benefit of starting to save for retirement at the earliest opportunity, ideally from the day you first start work. While other financial challenges can inevitably make this difficult, investing regular amounts in a pension throughout your working life provides the best chance of building up sufficient money to enjoy a prosperous retirement.

Better late than never

Although it’s undoubtedly better to start saving for a pension early in your working life, it’s never too late to begin saving for your retirement. Employer contributions, including those made through automatic enrolment, allied with the favourable tax treatment pensions enjoy and their potential for investment growth means that any contributions you make later in life can also still make a huge difference to your standard of living in retirement.

Make pension saving a priority

While it can seem a long time until retirement, it does come around a lot faster than people expect. So, the sooner you engage with the topic, the better the chance of enjoying the retirement you deserve.


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Shout out to community minded trades people! Gothic Mede Academy needs your help

Contribution thanks to

Corinne Davies

Parents & Friends of Gothic Mede (PFGM) www.gothicmede.org.uk/pfgm


o you want to get involved in a project that will bring the community spirit to life? Do you have a little time to spare over a weekend or a school holiday?

As you’re aware, school funding isn’t what it used to be, funds are channelled to priority areas such as staffing and equipment. So, we’re looking for local trades to get involved and paint the school hall at Gothic Mede Academy, to bring a bit more colour into the children’s day. Your local school children will greatly value your support and generosity, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Get in touch with Thomas Pang at tomaspang@gmail.com or call 07427 650080


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s r y e e t Mon Mat

The Ups and Downs of Investments - Part 2 Last month I promised to ask my one time financial adviser friend how it was that he so often bucked the trend in the history of his years of giving advice. You see it is a matter of record that every time the markets fell over the past 20 years his advice meant his clients investments rose in value instead of down! Sitting with him now face to face I asked him how do you do it? “Ah well, you see, I was born in 1943 and technically died on arrival at under 2llbs in weight! My life was saved by a wonderful nurse who had many years in the nursing profession. Her years of experience, inner knowledge, and intuition cried out there was still life in that tiny body – so here I am today! You see, my saviour nurse was not cowed down by the powerful doctor’s routine advice or her exam passing knowledge – her years of nursing and experience had built up a knowledge of just ‘knowing’ I apply the same just ‘knowing’ with money and invest with conviction against the recognised trend. His eyes twinkled “next time we meet I’ll tell you where my conviction says your money should be right now” Funny that – when I walked away from the mirror my friend suddenly disappeared! If you have questions that you need answered to do with savings and investments you can contact Robert at harrisfinancialfriend@gmail.com Robert’s job is not to give financial advice but to use simple explanations that help you along the way

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Your Local Update from… Stondon Parish Council

Contribution thanks to

James Stirling Clerk to the Council

Stondon Parish Council clerk@stondon-pc.gov.uk

The Parish Council donated a small sum (£100) to Magpas Air Ambulance to help keep the service running and to support its efforts around Bedfordshire.

We raised a concern that traffic calming installed in Station Road by Bovis Homes was not to specification. Central Beds Council has raised the issue with Bovis and their contractor and advised them it needs to meet the agreed specification. Watch this space...

The Parish Council continues to work hard on responding to planning applications but really needs everyone’s help and getting involved in sending in their comments. One application for nearly 100 houses has had no comments submitted by residents even with the Parish Council posting the details on its website and Facebook page. We need everyone to be involved. All planning applications are listed on agendas published on the Parish Council website in the Documents area. Your comments do count, and volume helps. It does need to be a joint effort. (www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/information/planning)

We have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor is anyone is interested, just drop James Stirling (clerk@stondon-pc.gov.uk) an email from an application form. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting and there is a public session at the beginning of the meeting when you can ask questions. We deal with a wide range of local issues, just have a look at past agendas, this includes planning, park and play equipment improvements, as well as looking forward to what the community might need.

Would like to hear from business in Stondon as we are in the process of rebuilding the website and would like to list them on the website.

The allotments in Stondon still have a few plots left and the Council working closely with the Allotments Association would welcome new tenants. Currently have 6 plots left and 53 already rented. (www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/information/allotments)

Stondon has an active speed watch group and carry out frequent watches to try and reduce potential issues around the village. (www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/information/speeding)

The Parish Council continues to promote The Rands Educational Foundation as they provide educational grants to young people under the age of 25 years who live in Holwell, Ickleford, Pirton and Stondon (both Upper and Lower Stondon). Grants are given for secondary school pupils and pupils taking courses in further education at schools, colleges and universities. (www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/information/rands)


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local art

always something special at artisans in the yard.....

Contribution thanks to

Annette Glenn and collective Artisans

Artisans in the Yard FB@Artisansintheyard

In the nine months since we first opened in Shefford, our little gallery has become increasingly popular with an enviable reputation for high quality artwork. Whether you purchase a unique pair of earrings from Erika, a special piece of furniture by Adrian, or an original painting by one of our many talented artists, you won’t find it anywhere else! So, will you choose a diving swallow by sculptor Roger Davies, or a pair of loving cats by Jim Francis? A wooden bowl hand-turned by Henry Seebohm, perhaps? Or how about a fork handle centrepiece by Alan Hill? Oops! That should say “four candles” - a fabulous candelabra that’s sure to be a conversation piece for years to come! You will always find something different, interesting and original at Artisans In The Yard. It’s a changing scene in Shefford –

so do drop by! open Fri & Sat 10-4


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’s C R A d n Sou w e i v r e t n i with.....

The Soul Enforcement Bureau are the ULTIMATE Classic Soul Band that perform classic soul songs, and nothing other than classic soul songs which will have everyone up on their feet all night long!!

They are a seven to eight-piece band incorporating a two to three piece brass section that encompass a whole range of classic soul labels from Motown to Stax, Atlantic and beyond covering gigantic soul artists like: The Temptations, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Don Covey, Sam & Dave, Ray Charles, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Rufus Thomas, Junior Walker, Aretha Franklin, Edwin Starr, The Four Tops, Wilson Pickett and many more iconic soul legends. The band consists of former professional 5. What do you enjoy most about being a musiand highly experienced players that have cian been performing for many years and pro- Watching a jam-packed venue joining in with our duce a powerful and hard-hitting wall of show and dancing away the night on a rammed dance soul music while their charismatic vocal- floor. ist will have you up and moving the whole night long. 6. What do you prefer, Gigging or Recording? Gigging.

1. How did you meet?

Franky (the drummer) decided to put a classic 60’s soul covers band together with his mates, just to meet up once a week in a rehearsal room for some fun rather than everyone sitting at home midweek watching rubbish TV. After a few phone calls and a year of meeting up we decided to do a one-off gig which was so successful that we did more gigs and are now one of the busiest soul tribute bands about, and as they say… the rest is history!

7. Favourite song of yours to play live?

2. What does your band name mean?


Unchain my Heart (Ray Charles). The Joe Cocker version.

8. If you could play in any other band, who would it be? The Foo Fighters. 9. The Beatles or Rolling Stones?

The Beatles, then The Beatles and then The Beatles.

10. Bacon sandwich - Red or Brown sauce?

A collective of soul loving, top-end, ex-professional musicians bringing soul music with a punch into the popular forum.

3. Your biggest Influences?

Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, and too many more to mention!

4. In order of band members, who’d come first/last in a 100m sprint We would all come evenly last!


Connect via their facebook page @soulenforcementbureau

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Women’s Institute

Inspiring women of Stondon

Contribution thanks to

Thelma Endersby President Stondon WI

01462 850421


Stondon WI has been running for 84 years which shows a small village like Stondon can achieve. We meet every third Wednesday of the month at Stondon Village Hall at 19.45hrs. We run a varied program from speakers, garden party, activities and discussions. Our meeting for the 20th November is a craft evening to make a nativity scene out of wool. We also have a walking/lunch club once a month and during the summer break we have a coach trip to somewhere of interest. The County Head Office of Bedfordshire also run events and trips throughout the year. Being such a small WI, we would love to invite anybody from the village of Stondon to any meeting if they would like to join us and ask questions about the WI in general. The more members we have the more opportunities there are to run extra groups such as a book club, craft etc. Our village is expanding, and it would be great to see more Stondon residents joining us. We do run as informal as possible and pride ourselves to being very friendly and supportive to all our members.

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Pet TraininG

what is mantrailing? Every dog can do it...


Contribution thanks to

Gerry Moss

Jay K9

www.jayk9.co.uk 07775 924248

antrailing is a dog sport sweeping the Nation. It teaches owners and their dogs how to find missing people, but just for fun. It doesn’t train people to go on real-life search and rescue missions! Unlike search and rescue dogs (who air scent) our mantrailing dogs are taught to take scent from an item left by the missing person. Each person’s scent is unique (like a fingerprint) and the dog will use this scent to follow the trail left by that person. Police patrol dogs often use tracking to locate people where they use the scent left by footprints and ground disturbance. The scent molecules in the footprints will deteriorate and so tracking dogs are most effective between 0-4 hours after the person leaving the area. Mantrailing dogs use a combination of the two methods (air scenting and tracking) and will use any useful scent source to follow the trail left by the missing person. Mantrailing dogs have been able to successfully follow trails that are several days old. The dogs we work with are all pet dogs with owners that just want to try something new with their dog. It’s an on-lead activity that is suitable for all dogs and all dogs have the ability to trail. Most dogs do this every day when they follow the scent of a rabbit or another dog, we are just teaching them to follow a particular scent and to stick with it. Given the choice, dogs will often switch trails to the freshest scent e.g. if they are following a rabbit trail and come across another rabbit trail with fresher scent, the fresher one is most likely to lead to an actual rabbit! As the first training centre in the area to offer Mantrailing workshops and training sessions we’ve already seen many customers start their journey into Mantrailing and have had some amazing venues to thank for allowing us to trail. When greeting other dogs and people the first thing a dog will do is have a sniff, their nose and their sense of smell is so important to them... why not join them in a sport they already love? For more information about sessions and workshops contact Jay K9 @ info@jayk9.co.uk, on Facebook, or number above. 16

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food & drink

DELIVERY BOYS’ REVIEW by John McBurney & Andrew Martin

We check out the local restaurants & eateries peshwari naan. The food was delicious, filling and very satisfying, with tender pieces of lamb and chicken and aromatic spices. The service from the staff is top notch, a friendly team who are super-efficient. Our waiter for the evening was Raihan, who is in fact Akhie’s son – a proper family business! Raihan explained that the restaurant is busiest on Wednesday and Sunday, during Banquet Night Special, when diners can choose any starter, main dish, side dish, rice, nan bread and coffee all for just £11.95, which is amazing good value, however, it’s essential to We really do enjoy delivering our magazine; book a table to avoid disappointment. however, an eight-hour delivery day takes its toll and works up a huge appetite. Refuelling The restaurant also provides a take-away and is vital! This month we decided to visit the Raj delivery service, which is positively thriving, as Villa, a popular restaurant and familiar land- seen by the stream of customers who arrived to collect their evening meal. mark on Arlesey High Street. Arriving just after 7pm on a Thursday night, we immediately received a warm welcome from Akhie, the owner, whose family has run the business for the last 26 years.

We finished with coffees and then said our farewells and left feeling full and satisfied.

Once seated, we chatted about the restaurant. Papadoms and pickle trays soon arrived. Perfect timing, they were scoffed, or shall we say demolished, in a matter of minutes. Moving on to the menu, it’s comprehensive and traditional in style with a good selection of Chef’s special dishes, recommendations and exclusive fish delicacies. For starters John ordered the meat samosa, which are freshly made, and Andrew opted for the King Prawn Butterfly. Akhie provided some helpful guidance on what to order from the menu, Andrew choosing the Special Bengal Lamb Bhuna and John opting for the Villa Tikka Zalzala, which comes with a hot Bangladeshi chilli sauce, Akhie was kind and hinted he would ‘go easy’ on the chilli sauce. To go with, we ordered keema rice (something new to both of us), a mushroom rice and a 18

This Month’s Review Raj Villa Indian Cuisine 27 High St, Arlesey SG15 6RA

01462 835145

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Brand New Academy Officially Opened

Pix Brook Academy

Contribution thanks to

Steve Adams Principal

Pix Brook Academy



n the last few weeks we have a number of events that are worth noting. First and foremost, I would like to express my thanks to those of you who were able to come along on Friday 11th October to celebrate our official opening. We were very fortunate that a number of dignitaries were able to join us, and I am delighted to say that Alistair Burt MP was the guest of honour and officially cut the ribbon to open the school. I am particularly proud of the efforts made by all the staff, both teaching and non-teaching who have thrown themselves into all the aspects of the school. The grand opening was a great example of everyone pulling together to undertake an activity that is “outside the normal� and it was a great success. For those of you who had a chance to visit you will have seen the fantastic images of the pupils on the walls. These have really lifted the corridor spaces and will be something that travels with us to the permanent site next year. You will also note that we are beginning the process of preparing for the schools open evening. This is happening on Wednesday 27th November from 6pm until 8pm.


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Diddy Directory

the guide to local trades & businesses cost effective, contract free advertising

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SCENE BY YOU Your chance to share your favourite photos

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2 5 A big thanks to this month’s submissions

3 22


Jake Plumley


Keiron Jones


Linda Parcell


Nancy Campbell


Tim Vero

Sunrise Henlow

Who you looking at? Wrest Park Remembering the Fallen Pale tussock moth caterpillar found in Upper Stondon

St Mary’s church Henlow

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1st Stondon Scouts Invite You To Join Their Adventure 1

Contribution thanks to

Catherine Wakely 1st Stondon Scouts


07968 082620

st Stondon Scout Group have grown from nothing to a membership of over 60 children in the past five and a half years – and now they are looking for new Scout Leaders to join the adventure. Six years ago, there were no Scouts in Stondon, the last section having closed ten years before. Then, in autumn 2013 some local parents had the vision of re-starting the group, and the following Easter 1st Stondon Scout Group re-opened, with 11 Beavers and 7 Cubs. 18 months later the Scout Troop re-opened, since then the Group has grown and now provides weekly adventure, friendship and life skills for over 60 children.

Back in 2014 most of the Leaders were new to Scouting. However, the Scout Association provides training courses for leaders to learn all the required skills, and the District team provided support at meetings while the new leaders got going. Now the Group has a strong team of Leaders who support each other, though they can still call on the District at need. Kate says: “I wasn’t a Scout as a child, but when I heard about the new group opening in Stondon I thought it sounded like a great thing for the children. I’ve been a Leader for five years now and I love seeing their faces when we do exciting activities - watching them grow is so rewarding. We have fun every week and it’s a pleasure to see the children learning new skills and building relationships with their peers.” At Christmas the Scout section’s Leader is stepping down after three years of brilliant Scouting, and the Group needs new Leaders to keep the Scout section open. Volunteering as a Scout Leader can be very flexible, fitting around other commitments – most Leaders have busy jobs and lives, but find it hugely fulfilling to give something back to the community, helping the children learn new skills and have new experiences. Leaders receive training from the Scout Association and have support from the rest of the Leaders in the group as well as the District, County and National organisation. 1st Stondon’s Scout section is growing fast, providing much-needed adventure, activities and life skills for boys and girls aged 10½ to 14. Leaders attend weekly meetings (although this can be flexible as we understand that Leaders can’t always be there every week) and do planning as a team to provide a balanced programme of activities. The Scouts regularly go on hikes and nights away, and we’d love enthusiastic new Leaders who are keen on camping, outdoor cooking, adventurous activities and having a great time! For more information about joining our adventure, contact Catherine Wakely (details above). Don’t forget to mention LivingLife when contacting advertisers



The November edition

CROSSWORD Answers on P17


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Contribution thanks to

Mark Hogan

Wildlife Writer & Photographer 07769 666996 mark.hogan@live.com


have been birdwatching since I was five years old, my parents used to have a trailer tent and we would set off on a Friday night to the New Forest or the Wye Valley. We would go for long walks and look out for birds and wildlife. This is where I got my enthusiasm from, my parents. If you have a garden put out some feeders to encourage birds. I have four feeders, two containing sunflower hearts and two with suet fat balls. As the nights get colder birds need our help feeding because the ground is hard, and they are unable to get worms and bugs. Another thing you can do is put a birdbath out in a position where you can see it from your window and you might catch Starlings having a bath or a Carrion Crow dipping in bread before eating it, it is quite amusing to watch. You could also throw out some scone.


There are various places in this area you can go to see birds, Paxton Pits (near St. Neots), Pegsdon Hill (near Hexton), Rushmere Country Park (near Leighton Buzzard) and also the RSPB reserves at The Lodge (Sandy) and Fowlmere (near Royston in Hertfordshire), they are all worth going along to. Buy a pair of binoculars and have a phone or camera ready to take pictures too.


What type of birds might you see in your own garden? If you have feeders then Blue Tits, Great Tits, Goldfinches (they like Sunflower hearts), Greenfinches, Blackbirds on the ground looking for worms and breadcrumbs left out by yourself, flocks of Long Tailed Tits (they are beautiful little pink and white birds), you might even get a visit from a Woodpecker on your suet balls (they like them).


The strangest visitor I had to my feeders was last year. I opened my blinds and there was a Sparrow Hawk, it had bright orange eyes and was staring at me. They like to swoop down and catch unsuspecting birds and then land and eat them but that is the circle of life, I guess.


One visitor I really miss, is the Song Thrush, they are the size of a Blackbird and have an amazing song, google it and listen to it, you might just hear it one day in your garden or surrounding area. So, keep your eyes peeled. If you see anything unusual, take a picture of it and send it in and we will put it in the next issue. Good luck, enjoy nature, it is amazing! Don’t forget to mention LivingLife when contacting advertisers



Welcome to our monthly feature: ’Kid’s Got Talent’ The place where we showcase the amazing talents of local children. We hope this will help motivate and inspire other children to discover new sports and hobbies.

Name: Olivia Dunn age: 8 from: stondon Q. Briefly explain your talent. A: I am a dancer and go to tap and modern lessons. Q. When do you practice, with who and for how long? A: I practice at home, sometimes with my mummy. Q. Are you a member of a club/class? A: Yes, I go to JS Dance Academy in Hitchin. Q: What is your dance teacher like? A: Miss Jo is really cool because she wears cool leggings. She is really nice. Q. What do you love about dancing? A: It’s really fun! When you do a show or parents can watch, it makes people happy. Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions? A: My goal is to pass my next exams which will mean I go into Grade 2. I would also like to finish my Rainbow Awards. Q. Do you enter exams or perform in shows and have you ever won any prizes? A: I do both, I have been in one show, I also got a Silver Trophy in the Angela Ripon awards where I got a distinction and I have also taken 2 exams plus 3 Rainbow Awards, where I got merits and distinctions. Q. Who is your favourite dancer? A: Oti Mabuse (from Strictly) Q. Any advice or tips for anyone wanting to become a dancer? A: You need to keep your back straight when dancing, you need to practise and the most important thing is to smile when you are dancing.

Does your child have an amazing talent? If so, please get in touch at admin@livinglifemagazine.co.uk 26

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WHAT’S ON GU christmas & new year What:

Stotfold Community Christmas Fayre


Henlow Festive Walk 2019


Saturday 23rd November


Sunday 8th December

12-4pm at the Memorial Hall, Stotfold. FREE Entry, tombola, raffle, craft & gift stalls, Santa’s Grotto & Post Box plus refreshments. Fund-raising for Stotfold Guide Association.

A fun, festive walk around Henlow! Arrive 10:30am, start 11am. Raising funds for Raynsford C of E Academy. Registration forms from school office or Engineers Arms


Jack and the Beanstalk


Henlow Singers Christmas Concert


Saturday 30th November


Friday 13th December

Pippin Pre-School are hosting Jack in the Beanstalk Panto, 6pm at Stotfold Memorial Hall, tickets cost £5 each from the school office.

What: When:

Stondon Lower School Christmas Fayre Saturday 30th November

1-4pm, with Santa’s Grotto, Christmas games, Turkey lotto (Turkey from Holme Farm), Bottle Tombola, Christmas Raffle, Children’s entertainer, refreshments and stalls.

At 7:30pm, at St. Mary’s church, Henlow.


Christingle service


Sunday 8th December

Join us at 11am at the Parish Church in Stondon for this fun family service.


Stondon Church Nativity festival


Community Carol Singing


30th Nov & 1st Dec


Saturday 21st December

A display of Nativity sets from around the world and sets displayed by local charity groups. Open 10am to 4pm Sat and 12noon till 4pm Sun in church.

Arlesey Village Hall, join us round the Village Pump as we celebrate Christmas with a spot of singing. All welcome! Refreshments will be available


A Christmas Carol


Candlelit Carols


1st & 8th December


Sunday 22nd December

A one-man candle-lit performance, at 5pm, St. Mary’s Church, Meppershall (1st Dec), St. Mary’s Church, Henlow (8th Dec). No tickets needed. www.vintageverse.co.uk

Join us for traditional carols and readings in a candlelit service at the parish church Stondon starting at 3:00pm.


Santa’s Float


Christmas Day All Age Communion


Saturday 7th December


Wednesday 25th December

Santa’s float comes to Stondon from 4pm to 6pm starting in Plum Tree Close and finishing at The Pastures.

Join us at 11am for a short Christmas service at the parish church, Stondon. Come and see what Revd. Richard got for his Christmas present.


Scout Christmas Quiz


New Year’s Eve Party


Saturday 7th December


Tuesday 31st December

Come along and join us for 1st Arlesey Scouts Christmas Quiz plus fish and chip supper. Full pay as you go bar too! Info: 1arleseyscouts@gmail.com


Arlesey Social Club and DJ Billy M present New Year’s Eve Party, 7pm until late, Tickets: members £10, non-members £15, child (16 and under) £5

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family & music


Arlesey Indoor Short Mat Bowls


Gothic Mede Quiz Night


Every Friday


Saturday 16th November

Equipment & lessons provided (please bring flat soled shoes), Arlesey Community Centre, 1:15pm for 1:30-4pm. Interested? Contact Neil - 01462 731228

£10 per person, teams of 6, Fish ‘n’ Chip supper, Open Bar, Prizes for winning team. Entry at 7pm, starts at 7.30pm


Meditation Class



6th & 20th November


A group meditation session at the Arlesey Resource Centre. An opportunity to try and bring some relaxation into your life. Info: ‘Arlesey Meditation Group’ on Facebook.

Saturday 21st December

By Lamphouse Theatre at Lower Stondon Village Hall. Tickets contact Nancy on 01462 851942 / 07818 038842 £7.50/£5. Recommended for adventurous audiences age 6+


Henlow Netball Club



Every Tuesday Evening


Netball Training at Henlow Academy 7-8:30pm. Training costs £3.50. We always welcome new players! Contact Julie Hepburn 07766 492037 Juleshep82@yahoo.co.uk

The Jungle Book

Pat McManus Band + RedRock Friday 22nd November

Irish Rocker, Pat McManus, and his Band at Club85, Hitchin for a night of fantastic Rock and Blues. Tickets: wegottickets.com or see Club85 website


Back to Netball


Arlesey Musicians


Wednesdays 7.30pm


Every Tuesday

Weekly Netball session at the MUGA courts at Arlesey Recreation Ground, 7.30 – 8.30pm, £5 per week


Youth Cycling at RAF Henlow


Every Saturday

Available to all children aged 6-16, Saturday from 10am12pm, to come along please contact Mark Bradley on 07796 125996 What:

Callanetics exercise class


Tuesday Evenings

Toned muscles, Better shape, Stronger body! 7pm-8.15pm every Tuesday evening. Henlow Methodist Church (High St, Henlow) Call Cathy 01462 811568 What:

Boxing for Fitness with L-FIT


Wednesday Evenings 8.15pm

At Henlow Pavilion, 8.15pm. Limited spaces, booking in advance required. For more info get in touch! lauraozholl@ hotmail.com www.l-fit.co.uk

An informal collection of people who like to make music together, meeting at the Arlesey Social Club around 7:30pm. Info: steevc@gmail.com or 07952 002383

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LivingLife - Arlesey (Issue 5)  

LivingLife - Arlesey (Issue 5)