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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS A huge welcome to the October edition of the magazine! This month we have a bumper packed edition for you full of interesting articles from a mix of contributors from across the local area. Although the summer months have come and gone, we have lots to look forward to over the coming months including Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and of course Christmas. BIG NEWS! Over the past two months we have been very busy planning and working on a brand-new event which we are superexcited to launch! We have teamed up with nearly all the | Andrew Martin | pubs in the local area to bring to you PUBFEST 2019! Yes, indeed! During the weekend of 26/27th October our readers have the opportunity to visit participating pubs and take advantage of some amazing discount vouchers on offer. Call it a pub-crawl, call it Oktoberfest, whatever you call it, flick through to our special centre page ‘pull-out’ to find out more! Our FocusOn topic this month is all about ‘Pamper & Care’ | John McBurney | with insightful articles for both people, from Holistic Academy, and for pets, from Oaktree Dog Grooming. Elsewhere in the magazine we visit Luna Animal Rescue and find out about their LARCH Farm facility, we have an update from Arlesey Scouts, Mark Hogan describes where you can go for a nature walk, and James Jordan, an upcoming pool player from Arlesey, is this month’s ‘Kid’s Got Talent’.

Kind Regards, Andrew & John

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supporting women’s health it’s not just us that need a pamper artisans - meet the founder henlow royal naval assoc. to close money matters soundarc’s interview with... cub pack re-opens pubfest guide 2019 delivery boys’ review october crossword diddy directory welcome to larch farm local walks through nature kid’s got talent what’s on guide ed r ur se at rti Fe ve ad


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Supporting Women’s Health with Complementary Therapies

Contribution thanks to

Elie Pettitt

The Holistic Academy

07501 111758



n a world of juggling careers and family life there is little time for coping with issues of ill health, either physical or emotional, yet we are constantly fighting battles with our reproductive systems, hormones, digestive health, anxiety, depression, immunity and other major illnesses, be it small daily battles or larger, all consuming wars! Complementary therapies have been used for centuries to enhance the wellbeing of people of all ages and genders, but as conventional medicine advances we often overlook the profound benefits that these therapies can offer, not to cure, but to support, nurture, revitalise, and reenergise the mind and body. Reflexology, a foot massage treatment (alternatively hand or face) focuses on unblocking the reflex points along the energy pathways to assist the body in achieving a state of homeostasis, is fabulous for aiding imbalances of the whole body, such as menopause, digestive, nervous (stress and anxiety) and immunity health. It is also becoming recognised for supporting conception and pregnancy. For many women, the menopause or perimenopause can be debilitating. Not just physical changes and symptoms, but changes in hormones lead to mood swings, anxiety, loss of confidence and sometimes fear. Regular reflexology treatments are a powerful tool to giving all round support and relief of many of the issues that women experience. Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage address the physical aches and pains of stress, poor posture, sports or occupational strain. As well as easing the pain and improving movement, breaking down the knots in the fascia and muscles re-energises the localised area, meaning there is less chance of reoccurring problems. Indian Head Massage is fabulous for revitalising the mind, aiding clarity of thought, reducing pain and tension in the neck and shoulder area. Regular treatments may also reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Dry or damaged hair may also benefit from regular treatments. Aromatherapy and other relaxing massage treatments work well to sooth and calm the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, working to harmonise conditions connected with mental health, stress and anxiety. This is achieved by working in long rhythmic movements and connecting with the central nervous system. In more recent years we understand that massage itself does not affect the progress of Cancer. 6

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A gentle and soothing massage from a qualified practitioner, can offer a huge relief to symptoms of treatment and emotionalsupport. Digestive health disorders can be painful, debilitating and often embarrassing. They bring about exhaustion, weight problems and stress. Abdominal massage can help to alleviate symptoms with regular treatments whilst reflexology offers support for the more general concerns such as lethargy. Other immunity disorders such as frequent colds and viruses, ME and fibromyalgia can benefit from Lymphatic Drainage Massage as this very gentle style of massage assists the body in dispersing with unwanted toxins and water retention. Of the many health issues women may experience, the symptoms and emotions do not fall into neat boxes that can be cured by conventional medicine, and thus complementary therapies support the wellbeing of the whole person holistically. Should we not, therefore, put more importance on alternative healing as a necessity to supporting our holistic health.

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It’s not just us that deserve to be pampered!


Contribution thanks to Esme Sanders & Emma Dickinson

Oaktree Dog Grooming www.oaktreedogs.co.uk info@oaktreedogs.co.uk






ampering your animal, whether it be a dog or a cat, can be incredibly beneficial for their health. By taking your T R K pooch or feline friends to the groomers, it allows your E A dog or cat to be looked over with a fresh pair of eyes to spot any lumps, bumps or unwanted nasty pests- such as fleas and ticks. Not to mention that they get their claws trimmed too which can save some pennies with vet bills alongside getting their ears plucked to get rid of dead hair and create a clean ear G M canal where otherwise bacteria would fester and lead to ROO ear infections. Aside from the biology of it all, your pet’s coat should always be kept knot-free, glossy and healthy. Grooming ensures this by removing any dead hair which in turn promotes new hair growth and clean, clear skin. This is done by either clipping, de-shedding or hand-stripping – these are all effective methods of removing unwanted hair for many different breeds, from Cockapoos to English Bulldogs, wire-haired Viszlas to long-haired Chihuahuas, Persians, Ragdolls and Siamese. Once your pet has had their relaxing visit to the groomer, you should be able to notice how little their hair is being shedded around the house, this saves you lots of time which would have otherwise been spent cleaning! Instead, your time could be spent brushing your dog or cat to save any horrible knots from appearing, this should work wonders for making the bond between the two of you even stronger. Who doesn’t like a bit of time spent on themselves? This is the same for your canines and felines- a relaxing bath & blow dry, followed by a trim and a few sprays of pet friendly perfume.

y Simpl . .. Lovely


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Meet Adrian, Artisans’ Founder & Woodworker

Contribution thanks to

Annette Glenn and collective Artisans

Artisans in the Yard FB@Artisansintheyard

Artisans In The Yard opened in January as a premier art destination in Shefford, but Adrian Goulding has been working in what is now the gallery since 2017. Adrian is a craftsman in all things wood, with many years experience in cabinet making and extensive restoration and renovation skills. Since establishing his workshop behind Shefford Building Supplies, he has undertaken commissions from jewellery boxes to specialist doors, and restored pieces from a double bass to a Victorian oak sideboard. He also renovates mid century G Plan furniture. Adrian established Artisans In The Yard together with artist Annette Glenn, and the gallery has really taken off. Adrian is always happy to discuss his latest projects and inspirational creations, some of which are displayed in the gallery. So whatever you want made of wood, come and talk to Adrian – if you can describe it, he can almost certainly make it for you!


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Henlow Branch to Close

Contribution thanks to

Tom Vincent

Royal Naval Assoc. Henlow Branch

A message and invitation from Tom Vincent from the Henlow Branch of the ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION: It is with sadness we have to close the Branch through lack of members. We are laying up our Standard at St. Mary’s Church, Henlow, on TRAFALGAR DAY 21st October 2019 at 10.30am for 11.00 am start. You are invited to this very special Service. If you plan to attend, then please R.S.V.P. to: Shipmate Jack Stafford, M.N., R.N.A. 2 Hare Park Terrace. Hillside Road, Upper Stondon SG16 6LH. Telephone: 01462 850618

or Shipmate Tom Vincent, R.N. K.C.T. R.N.A. Telephone: 01462 814030


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s r y e e t Mon Mat

The Ups and Downs of Investments

A close friend of mine was a Financial Adviser for many years and somehow every time the Stock Market crashed his client’s investments rose in value rather than falling. He says he doesn’t know how he does it! The dot.com bubble in 2000/2002 sent UK equity markets crashing by 37%. In 2002/03 Gordon Brown sold 80% of UK’s gold reserves. My contrarian friend put all his client’s money into gold. In 2006 he foresaw the credit crunch coming. He was right. The UK equity markets crashed by 30.1%. Every time, his client’s investments rose in value instead of falling. If we can find his secret we would all be a lot richer would we not? Can any readers help me? Is this man a prophet? Does he work on gut reaction and instinct or is it just an awareness that he has built up during his years in the financial world? Your thoughts and answers are welcome on the email below or direct to the editors of Living Life. For next month’s Money Matters I am going to ask him what he thinks will happen to all our financial futures. Want to know? If you have questions that you need answered to do with savings and investments you can contact Robert at harrisfinancialfriend@gmail.com Robert’s job is not to give financial advice but to use simple explanations that help you along the way

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’s C R A d n Sou w e i v r e t n i with.....

Black Atlas are a four-piece band hailing from Bedfordshire, England and were formed in 2015. The first couple of years were spent shaping their sound into what it is today. Deciding that their songs would sound better heavier, slower and with more fuzz meant they drifted away from the standard rock band and down the rabbit hole into something with more of a stoner edge. They released their debut album ‘Weight of the World’ in 2018 and have spent the last year gigging and writing new material.

Black Atlas are: Mikey Ward (Vocals/Guitar), Simon Wilson (Bass), Peter Hunt (Lead Guitar), Lee Chitticks (Drums) 1. How Did You Meet? Pete and Wilson were in a band together previously, and Mikey answered a Facebook request for a singer. Lee just recently joined us answering an advert for a drummer 2. What Does Your Band Name Mean? We could give you a long-winded explanation about Black being a tip of the hat to Sabbath and Atlas meaning we want to see the world and play our music, but I don’t think any of us really know what it means. Lol. 3. Your Biggest Influences? Kyuss. Fu Manchu. Black Sabbath. Corrosion of Conformity.

7. Favourite song of yours to play live? Incoming Waves. 8. If you could play in any other band, who would it be? Soundgarden. 9. The Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Beatles. This isn’t even a discussion really. Lol. 10. Bacon sandwich - Red or Brown sauce? Red!

4. In order of band members, who’d come first/last in a 100m sprint? In a 100m sprint?! 1st Mikey. 2nd Wilson. 9th Pete. Lol. To be fair, 1st could be either Wilson or Mikey. 5. What do you enjoy most about being a musician? Being able to be creative and express feeling and emotion through song. 6. What do you prefer, Gigging or Recording? Gigging. 14

Connect via their facebook page @BlackAtlasBand

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Cub Pack Re-opens after 27 Years

Contribution thanks to

Sarah Colley 1st Arlesey Scout Group 1arleseyscouts@gmail.com

What a brilliant evening! 1st Arlesey Scout Group has just re-opened the Cheyenne Cub Pack which closed in 1991. As a result of this and a new Beaver colony opening earlier in the year, we have now nearly doubled our membership of young people and volunteer leaders. To make the evening even more special we had guests representing leaders from 1980 all the way through to present day as we also invested our latest Assistant Cub Scout Leader. It was very special to see so many previous members of the Group and to hear their stories and memories. To have an evening like this is what makes volunteering so rewarding. Seeing months of preparation and planning culminate in a special event like this has made our year. Our Group Scout Leader, Chris Dodds, can’t stop smiling!


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Pull out guide

26/27th October

19 Pubs - 1 weekend

Welcome to PUBFEST 2019! LivingLife Magazine have teamed up with your local pubs to bring to you the inaugural running of this brand new event! We’re not short of great watering holes and eateries in the local area and sometimes you need an excuse to try a new one. This is your chance!

What’s it all about?

The LivingLife PUBFEST 2019 will take place over 2 days during the weekend of 26/27th October. It is entirely up to you how you participate in this event. There is no mass start or timetable, basically you decide when and to which pubs you want to visit. You can visit 1 pub or visit them all. Visit them all in one day (if you can) or split it over 2 days (wise option). You might want to visit only the pubs in your village and create your own mini-pub crawl or you can simply visit your favourite pub and take advantage of their discount voucher. You can’t beat a cheap pint! Our PUBFEST 2019 GUIDE provides a list of the participating pubs and their amazing discount vouchers. Some pubs are offering a discount on food, instead of booze, an excellent way to grab lunch or dinner, as it is never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach! We recommend that you travel between pubs on foot, making use of local roads and public footpaths. As always, drink safe and if anyone is attempting to visit all the pubs in one day then we recommend no more than half pint in each pub. This event has required considerable organisation with some 19 pubs involved! We want to create an annual event that will grow year on year and because of this we are truly excited about it. We hope you can join in the fun and support your local pubs! As an incentive we have an amazing prize to give away!


Meal for 2 & bottle of wine at The Loft Shefford

(see next page on how to enter)

The Loft is a family run coffee shop in the daytime and a tapas/wine bar in the evening. Please take a look at their website

www.theloftshefford.co.uk Call on 01462 816009

brought to you by


a stamp at every venue along the ro

Remember 1 Stamp = 1 Ticket




you collect

oute and don't forget to submit your entry

How to participate? 1) Visit any participating pub on the list 2) Claim drink and ask for stamp 3) Submit your sheet (By 1/11/19) 4) The more stamps, the more tickets

The winning ticket is then drawn at random for the prize kindly supplied by ‘The Loft - Shefford’

How do I submit? a) Online www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/pubfest19 b) Hand this sheet to any of the participating pubs

Name....................................................................... Number.................................................................. Email........................................................................ Note: Entries received after the 1st Nov will not be counted, winner drawn on 4/11/19 and contacted directly

the more tickets into the draw


Route Map

One voucher per person, per guide. All alcoholic options may be substituted for a non-alcoholic drink at pubs discretion. ÂŁ1 off voucher is for a pint (50p for halfs) Please drink responsibly. For the facts visit www.drinkaware.co.uk

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DELIVERY BOYS’ REVIEW by John McBurney & Andrew Martin

We check out the local restaurants & eateries tasted amazing, faultless in every way, and came with perfect chips - nice and hot. Most importantly the haddock was cooked just right, perfectly fried with crispy batter, but also the fish was nice and moist with just the right amount of flakiness. We were hugely impressed. Dragan certainly deserves his award.

Last month the delivery boys hit the streets of Arlesey and with over 2600 homes and dwellings it’s a gruelling day of delivery. To refuel, we visited Arlesey Fish & Chips, a place we had heard great things about. There was a small queue when we arrived (always a good sign) and we were soon greeted by the owner Dragan Marjanovic, who runs the business with his wife Mirjana. Our orders were swiftly taken, both of us opting for medium haddock, chips and curry sauce.

The shop is open 6 days per week, both in the evening and at lunch time (closed on Sunday). Telephone orders can be placed so that you can simply arrive to collect your meal when it is ready. They also cater for birthdays, parties and events, and are well renowned for providing the fish & Chips supper at the annual Quiz Night at Etonbury Academy. A familiar landmark on Arlesey High Street, with some great reviews on TripAdvisor, Arlesey Fish & Chips certainly is a great place to get a delicious take-away!

Whilst we waited for our food to be cooked, we looked at the array of award posters adorned across the walls. Most recently the shop was awarded the ‘UK TOP 60 Fish & Chip Shops’ by the National Fish & Chip Awards 2020. Quite outstanding really, something that Dragan is very proud about. We were very impressed to see that everything was freshly cooked in front of us, the fish dunked in batter and straight into the fryer, fresh chips as well. Once our food was ready and wrapped, we said our farewells and headed off and found a nice bench in front of the Arlesey Resource Centre which is where we sat and scoffed our dinner. So, what about the fish & chips? Considering we ordered medium, the fish was huge and 22

This Month’s Review Arlesey Fish and Chips 9 High St, Arlesey SG15 6RA

07733 117899

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The October edition

CROSSWORD Answers on P21


Pet & Wildlife



Sandy Lane, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5QB.

01462 810190 | www. chandlersfe.co.uk


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Diddy Directory

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ÂŁ20 ÂŁ30 1 Area

2 Areas


SCENE BY YOU Your chance to share your favourite photos

Submit your photo for the next edition www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/myphotos

1 4

2 5 A big thanks to this month’s submissions

3 26


Ani Slade


Jeanette Pratt


Kayleigh Smith


Lynne Edwards


Mark Rodway

Sunday lunch at Wrest Park Lower Stondon

Harvest Time in Lower Stondon

Henlow Sunset

Bicycle Flower Basket in Stondon

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Welcome to LARCH Farm Update from Luna Animal Rescue

Contribution thanks to

Natalie Howe

Luna Animal Rescue

07970 800530 www.lunaanimalrescue.org


una Animal Rescue very proudly took over the farm at Etonbury Academy at the end of the summer term 2019, which has now been renamed Luna Animal Rescue Community HavenLARCH farm. The farm has some resident animals including a pair of pigs, a goose, 3 cats, some guinea pigs, a snail and a flock of chickens, and the plan is that the resident animals will remain, but will be accompanied by animals for rehoming who will join them and then move on to their new homes. Additionally, we intend to provide safe haven for animals who are unable to be rehomed, who can find sanctuary on the site alongside the other residents.

The farm is in a quiet spot bordering onto Etonury Woods, and as such we are in a fortunate position to also be able to work with local ecologists and charities who are interested in promoting and encouraging wildlife in the trees and areas within the farm. As part of our plans we intend to develop and expand the pond area, increasing the natural flora and fauna at pondside, and to strategically place bat boxes and bird nest boxes to encourage winged visitors to the site. We have spent the summer undertaking a big groundworks project and a fencing off task, which has been hugely helped thanks to Rick Cooper who has been fantastic and has done the most brilliant professional job for us. We have started painting and have created a new mural for LARCH farm on the school side wall. We have a huge list of jobs that we are working through, including developing and clearing large overgrown areas of the site, and will be spending the winter months painting and rebuilding additional areas, and upgrading existing facilities for the resident animals. We will be holding an open day for anyone interested in what we are doing, on Friday 25th October 11am-3pm. Please feel welcome to come along and meet us and the animals. Don’t forget to mention LivingLife when contacting advertisers



Contribution thanks to

Mark Hogan


Wildlife Writer & Photographer 07769 666996 mark.hogan@live.com


his is a great area for seeing wildlife, we have a lot of hills, rivers and lakes that we go to and see birds like Kingfishers, Herons and even Little Egrets. The river Ivel and Ouse are close by and always worth a visit, you might even see an Otter along the Ivel. I’m going to give you a few examples of where I go to see wildlife, some of them are close by and others are about half an hour away from this area but well worth a visit. PAXTON PITS, Little Paxton – Located just off the A1, past the main

route to Cambridge, it has lots of lakes and hides where you can see all sorts of birds. I visited recently and stood by the first fence viewpoint and saw a Kingfisher, they are beautiful little birds. There were also a lot of Cormorants, Grey Herons and Little Egrets, I think they must have a lot of fish available for them to eat. They also have a café where you can sit and contemplate your next outing, which makes a nice cup of tea.

Cormorants at Paxton Pits

RSPB FOWLMERE, near Melbourn – Just off the A10 on the way to

Cambridge. If you turn right instead of left at the Shepreth Wildlife Park turning and follow the RSPB signs, you will come to a lovely little reserve. It is FREE to all RSPB members but you may have to pay a small amount for parking. I am not sure if you are aware but RSPB membership is as little as £4.50 a month and you then get FREE parking at all the reserves and a nice quarterly magazine too, giving you advice on where you could go next. Fowlmere has 3 hides which are worth investigating, you may see a Marsh Harrier, Barn Owl or a even a Kingfisher at any of the hides, so keep your eyes peeled.

Little Egret at Fowlmere

JORDANS MILL near Biggleswade – If you have kids it is a great place

to go to see wildlife with Little Egrets, Grey Herons and even a resident Kingfisher which has been seen flashing past looking for a nice fish snack. The gardens and meadow are full of dragonflies, butterflies and the occasional Green Woodpecker, which likes feeding on the ants which can be found in various areas of the meadow. Grey Wagtails are often by the waters edge and you maybe lucky to see a Common Tern too, zooming around the water acrobatically.

Common Tern at Jordans

PEGSDON HILLS between Hitchin and Barton – You can park in the

‘Live & Let Live Car Park’ and cross the road further down on the lefthand side and then take the 2nd gate from the end opposite. From here you can walk up to the top of the Hill and see the spectacular views, it is quite beautiful. If you’re lucky you might see Red Kites, Buzzards and other birds like Skylark and even Muntjac and Fallow Deer.

Pegsdon Hills

RUSHMERE COUNTRY PARK near Leighton Buzzard – Well worth a

visit, a lovely place for kids to explore, with trees to climb and a really nice café with a great view of the Herons in May and June. You can walk from Rushmere through to Stockgrove Park and sit and have a coffee, you can also go and see the sundial at the top of the hill, which is quite interesting. 28

Rushmere Heronry

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Welcome to our monthly feature: ’Kid’s Got Talent’ The place where we showcase the amazing talents of local children. We hope this will help motivate and inspire other children to discover new sports and hobbies.

Name: James Jordan age: 16 from: Arlesey Q. Briefly explain your talent. I am an English Pool Association (EPA) pool player. Q. When do you practice, with who and for how long? I try and play at least 20 frames of pool a night, sometimes on my own, sometimes with other pool players. Q. Are you a member of a club or a team? I play for the Arlesey Social Club Pool team on a Monday night (in Baldock Pool League) and on Wednesday night (in Biggleswade and District Pool League). I am captain of the Bedfordshire County Youth Pool Team. Q. Do you enter competitions, have you ever won any prizes? There are lots of competitions you can enter as a pool player. I have only entered local competitions so far. I am 2018 under 21s winner for the Baldock Pool League. I have also won ‘Man of the Match’ trophies for the county team as well. Q. What do you like most about playing pool? I enjoy the competitive side of the game. I like a challenge and love the buzz of winning a game! I have also made a really great circle of friends too. Q. How does pool compare to snooker? Pool is a much faster paced game than snooker. I think Pool will soon become more popular than Snooker in the future. Q. What are your goals/dreams/visions? I would love to play for England and eventually become World Champion. I am currently on track for a chance to enter the England trials this year. 30

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Q. Who is the best pool player you have ever met? I was lucky enough to meet the 2018 IPA World Champion, Ben Davis, in November last year. He autographed my pool cue and I even played a frame of pool against him (I didn’t win!). Q. Any advice or tips for anyone wanting to play pool? Anyone can learn to play pool - but you must be dedicated and practice hard to progress in the game. Also, don’t be disheartened if you lose, it’s all experience and we try and learn from our mistakes. If you want to come and have a go, come and find me at Arlesey Social Club, I’ll be glad to give you a game!

Does your child have an amazing talent? If so, please get in touch at admin@livinglifemagazine.co.uk

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WHAT’S ON GUIDE it’s a date



Autumn Quiz Night


Arlesey Indoor Short Mat Bowls


Friday 11th October


Every Friday

Get your team of 8 ready now for the Autumn 2019 challenge! £10 per person + ploughman’s supper + bar, at Raynsford Academy (info FB @RaynsfordAcademyPTA)

Equipment & lessons provided (please bring flat soled shoes), Arlesey Community Centre, 1:15pm for 1:30-4pm. Interested? Contact Neil - 01462 731228


Quiz Night


Meditation Class


Saturday 12th October


Wednesday 9th October

At Arlesey village hall, 7pm for 7:30pm start, Fish & Chip supper, Teams of 6, Entry £10 per person + bar. Register arleseyeventsgroup@gmail.com 07790549021

A group meditation session at the Arlesey Resource Centre. An opportunity to try and bring some relaxation into your life. Info: ‘Arlesey Meditation Group’ on Facebook.


Gold Buying Event by HC Jewellers


Tuesday 22nd October

Henlow Netball Club



Every Tuesday Evening

We are coming to Henlow Pavilion to purchase any of your unwanted gold & silver. No obligation, Cash offers. 10am4pm.

food, drink & markets What:

Henlow Eat Feast


Friday 4th October

Great food, music, alcohol, child friendly, vegan & veggie, an array of international flavours. Millennium Field, Henlow, 4-9pm.


Netball Training at Henlow Academy 7-8:30pm. Training costs £3.50. We always welcome new players! Contact Julie Hepburn 07766 492037 Juleshep82@yahoo.co.uk


Boxing for Fitness Classes


Wednesdays 7.30pm

On the green at Henlow Pavilion. Please get in touch for more info and to book a space www.l-fit.co.uk


Youth Cycling at RAF Henlow


Every Saturday

Available to all children aged 6-16, Saturday from 10am12pm, to come along please contact Mark Bradley on 07796 125996


Stondon Village Hall AGM


Callanetics exercise class


Wednesday 9th October


Tuesday Evenings

The committee will review the past year & rental charges for 2020. Come along and share your views. 8pm, Jubilee Room, Stondon Village Hall.

Toned muscles, Better shape, Stronger body! 7pm-8.15pm every Tuesday evening. Henlow Methodist Church (High St, Henlow) Call Cathy 01462 811568


Read & Recommend


Walking Half Marathon


Last Thursday of the month


Saturday 26th October

At the Arlesey Resource Centre, 2.15-3pm. Pop along to our relaxed book group, for a chat and a cuppa.


13.1 mile walking event organised by ‘Fitness + with Chelby’, starting at Derwent Lower School with half-way stop for lunch. Info: 07583930994 or FB @fitnesspluswithchelby

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family & Children


Live Music with Katie Plus Juan


East Bedfordshire Youth Choir


Saturday 5th October


Saturday 5th October

Katie and Juan play a mix of their own material and covers, including some Spanish style music as well, arrive early to get a seat! 8:30-11pm at The Old Transporter, Henlow Camp.

An evening of songs from the Shows: Carousel, Jesus Christ Superstar and more! St. Andrew’s church, Langford, 7pm, tickets 01462 701750, £10 includes refreshments.


Dinner & Live Music with Jo Warren



Sunday 6th October


Tickets £20, including 2 course meal and entertainment at the Five Bells in Henlow. Organised by Henlow Events, proceeds to Henlow good causes. www.ticketsource.co.uk

Last Minute Comedy Club



Wednesday 9th October


Arlesey Musicians



Every Tuesday



24th Henlow Beer Festival


17 - 20th October

Gin and Beer it! Cheers to 30 years at the Engineers Arms, Henlow. 75 Beers, 40 Gins, 15 Ciders.


Halloween Disco


Saturday 26th October

Calling all Ghosts, Ghouls, Wizards, Witches, Vampires, Devils....We need YOU on the dancefloor! Free Entry event, 8:30-11:30pm at Arlesey Social Club. What:

Twango & Crash


Saturday 26th October

At The Old Transporter Ale House, Henlow Camp 9-11pm. Twango and Crash are an acoustic vocal duo with a large repertoire of songs covering all genres.

Baby Signing Classes

Every Wednesday afternoon

Baby Signing Classes at Henlow Pavilion. We teach BSL with puppets and songs. Contact Jules Hepburn 07766 492037 Jules@thesigningcompany.co.uk


An informal collection of people who like to make music together, meeting at the Arlesey Social Club around 7:30pm. Info: steevc@gmail.com or 07952 002383

Friday 25th October

Luna Animal Rescue Community Haven (LARCH) Farm, please feel welcome to come along and meet us and the animals, 11am-3pm, Etonbury Academy, Arlesey, SG15 6XS


Get your seat booked, it’s gonna be a great show! Bob Mills, President Obonjo, James Dowdeswell, MC Paul B Edwards. Engineers Arms, Henlow, 8pm, Advance tickets £15.

LARCH Farm Open Day

family events Weekly

Drop In Lego Club: Tues 3.30-5pm, Story & Craft: Fri 9:30 OR Sat 10:30 £1.50, Rhyme Time: Weds (term time) 9:3010.15am, at Arlesey Resource Centre.

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