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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS A big, warm welcome to the April edition of the LivingLife Magazine! We hope that you, your friends and family are keeping safe and healthy during these difficult times. We made the decision to go ‘to print’ with this edition of the magazine, but with so many uncertainties at the moment, we had no idea if printing, delivery and distribution would even be possible. If you are reading this edition then it is good news, we have managed to get it to you, and we hope that it brightens up your day. | Andrew Martin | Unfortunately, we did have to cancel several articles this month due to events being cancelled. Please note, that any events listed in the magazine and in our ‘What’s On Guide’ are subject to change and even cancellation. We suggest that you check with the event organiser to check if the event is going ahead. Last month we were superexcited to announce that we | John McBurney | had a lucky winner in our Golden Ticket competition! Hooray! The lucky winner received a rollover prize pot of £75! Remember to have a good look through this edition as there is a single Golden Ticket inserted into one lucky magazine. Keep your eyes peeled! From everyone at LivingLife Magazine, we wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

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Golden ticket

Groundcare Feature d advert iser

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Pet & Wildlife


Sandy Lane, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5QB.

01462 810190 | www. chandlersfe.co.uk


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Community pulls together to remove ancient tree

by John McBurney


n Saturday 14th March a local business and volunteers joined forces to remove a fallen tree from St. Mary’s Churchyard in Henlow. The ancient tree had been blown down during the recent storms. Miraculously, damage to gravestones was minimal, but the tree was in a dangerous position and needed to be moved, however the costs to remove the tree and make safe were significant. Local business ‘Branching Out Tree and Garden Services’ came to the rescue; they provided their time, equipment and highly skilled team of tree surgeons completely free of charge. Lots of people of all ages turned up to help out and show their support, helping to clear branches and logs. One onlooker exclaimed that they had never seen so many wheelbarrows! Teas and coffees were kindly provided by the church and even bacon rolls to help keep everyone re-fuelled. James Morris from Branching Out said, “It has been a truly amazing experience. Our team has worked tirelessly throughout the day but what we have achieved would not have been possible without the help from the local community. It was inspiring to watch the community working together in this way”.

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Contribution thanks to


We catch-up with Linda Parcell, Arlesey’s talented wildlife photographer Q. When did you take an interest in photography? A. Since my younger years. Q. What type of camera / lens do you use? A. Nikon camera with a 300mm Nikon Lense and a 600mm Tamron Lense. Q. What is it about wildlife photography that interests you? A. Animal behaviour - I find birds of prey very interesting! Q. What are the main attributes required by a wildlife photographer? A. You have to be passionate about wildlife, have a lot of patience, and a good eye for detail. Q. Is there anything that you really want to photograph that you haven’t managed to capture yet? A. Still trying to get a kingfisher. Q. Do you have a favourite time of year for wildlife photography? A. Winter and Summer. Q. Do you have any tips or advice for budding photographers? A. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the camera settings

Watching you. Watching me.


Linda Parcell Wildlife Photographer

Green Woodpecker at Glebe Meadows, Arlesey

Kestrel at Sunset

Barn Owl at Arlesey Millpits

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by Dan Connors


ave you ever wondered how the place you live in came to have its name? Many of the towns and villages we live in have been in existence for many hundreds of years and the name will have changed over time. There are several place name endings that can help give us a clue to the name and original reason for a settlement developing. In the days before substantial bridges people crossed rivers at places where the water was shallower and often settlements grew up here. Anywhere with a ‘ford’ at the end of the place name is likely to have been one of these places. The rivers in those days would have looked very different to those we see now and much of the surrounding land would have been marshy. ‘Hurst’ refers to a wooded area, usually a hill. ‘ Cote’ comes from the Saxon word for house. So, let’s go on a tour of some of our local towns and villages. Maybe we start off at the settlement on the now forgotten River Camel (Campton) before walking along the river to the Sheep Ford (Shefford). Crossing the river and wet marshy ground we head north to land occupied by the southern Gifla tribe (Southill). From there we walk east to the area of thorny bush (Broom) before heading south again, crossing the river somewhere along the long ford (Langford) before reaching Hen Hill (Henlow) and finally ending our journey at the dry piece of land known as Aelfric’s Island (Arlesey).

Note: Our local villages will have developed over a long period of time and not all of the place names may have been in use at the same time. Some of the place names may have had multiple meanings. If you are interested in looking up other place names then the ‘Key to English Place Names’ is available at http://kepn.nottingham.ac.uk/ 10


Original Meaning

Arlesey Biggleswade Campton Chicksands Clifton Gravenhurst Haynes Henlow Ickwell Langford Lower Caldecote Lower Stondon Meppershall Northhill Old Warden Shillington Southill Stanford Stotfold Upper Caldecote Upper Stondon

Aelfric’s Island Biccel’s Ford River Camel Settlement Cicca’s Sands Riverbank Village Coppice Wood Hill Enclosures Hen Hill Gicka’s Spring Long Ford Lower Cold Cottages Lower Stone Hill Maple Tree Nook of Land Land of the north Gifla’s Old Look-Out Hill Hill called the steep one Land of the south Gifla’s Stony Ford Stud Fold Upper Cold Cottages Upper Stone Hill

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Your Local Update from‌ Arlesey Town Council

Residents should have now received Council Tax bills for 2020/2021. Arlesey Town Council are pleased to have achieved a reduction of 0.5% to the Town Council element and will continue to work towards value for money for residents and strive to ease the financial burden whilst maintaining delivery of services and projects for the village. An area in which the council would like to deliver improvements in this coming year, is children’s play facilities in the village. Council will engage with residents to consult on facility provision in the coming months to gauge requirements. The Town Council currently comprises 7 members with 5 seats vacant. If you would like to find out more about becoming a Councillor, what is involved and how you can make a difference and contribute please contact townclerk@arleseytc.co.uk or ian.dalgarno@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

your village needs you!


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arts & Crafts


Encourage creativity in your child


Contribution thanks to

Philip Bowen The Puppet Workshop www.thepuppetworkshop.co.uk FB @ThePuppetWorkshopLtd

ave you ever wondered if puppets have uses outside the world of theatre and children’s entertainment? Several studies have been carried out using puppets to assess their value in child development and it has been found that they are useful in several different areas.

Social Skills

It’s well known that for children, role play is a vital way to develop empathy and an understanding of social situations. It also encourages communication skills. Puppets provide an ideal situation for children to engage in role-play because it allows them to communicate via the puppet, rather than directly. This makes it easier for the child to express themselves. A more structured play can create a situation where a child is motivated to communicate so they can tell the story and bring characters and creatures to life. Again, children perceive the puppet as performing rather than themselves and feel less pressure whilst speaking.

Motor Skills

Children are still developing their ability to move and interact with the world. Puppets require both fine motors skills (small, precise movements) and gross motor skills (larger movements and motions). Bringing a puppet to life requires patience and practice and a series of movements in sequence – children naturally become better at controlling their bodies, especially when using larger Bunraku puppets.


If you want to encourage creativity in your child, have a few puppets to hand. Children will use them to create their own games and stories. A single puppet will become a different character one day to the next in the mind of a child with a good imagination. They can even be used to bring to life stories you read with your child! Some children like to do this but change the stories and endings to suit their own view on how it should have ended! Why not have puppets to hand next time you read with your child?

For more details on creative puppet workshops for children please see the website.


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local art

Artisan (Fr) Artigiano (It) Shokonin (Jap)

Contribution thanks to

Marje Fitt

and collective Artisans

www.ArtisansInTheYard.com FB@Artisansintheyard

ARTISANS were the dominant producers of consumer products in the days before the Industrial Revolution. They were your glassmaker, silversmith, luthier, or baker. Here at Artisans In The Yard you will often hear the words - hand crafted, skilled, unique – as creative people today are still hand- producing objects of use, beauty, and symmetry. Oodles of airmiles and heavy carbon footprints don’t come into this. Just think about it! We support our local artisans wholeheartedly, with an ever-changing display of their wonderful products. If you want to browse for gifts, or for that unusual item for your home, visit our little gallery - we’re tucked away behind Shefford Building Supplies - alongside founder Adrian Goulding’s “Projects in Wood” workshop. Our stock comes at reasonable prices, and includes paintings, jewellery, turned wood, sculptures, candles, textiles, ceramics, greetings cards, and much more. Come and see for yourself!

We’re open Fridays & Saturdays from 10am - 4pm


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Steve Maddox, who is 62 and lives in Arlesey with his wife. Steve moved here 37 years ago. He is a project manager in the magazine publishing/print industry but for many years worked as a designer and illustrator. We caught up with Steve to find out what he would put into Room 101…

Food Adverts

Food adverts and food programmes. I consider myself very experienced at eating food. I have had a lot of practice and know what I like. I do like to try new things though but can easily research these myself. I am perfectly capable of going to the shop or fridge and getting something to eat. However I have in the past got to a stage where I sometimes eat more than I should have, so adverts and food programmes are only serving my over-indulgence. It would be good for me not to see these.

Walking - Not looking

People walking and looking at their mobiles. I walk every day either in a town or on footpaths and pavements. I encounter so many people who have to look up at the last minute and swerve to avoid me because they are not watching where they are going. I have more recently made it my policy not to change my direction to avoid the zombies coming the other way (unless they are bigger than me or look too aggressive of course). Sometimes people are completely unaware they nearly had a collision. Don’t get me started on people wearing headphones!

Careless Drivers

Stupid drivers. Being the age that I am, my driving habits are mostly cautious. Its not to say I drive slowly but I’d like to think I am careful. Recently I have encountered more stupid driving on all types of roads. People seem to obsessed with getting to their destination ahead of everyone else. I let them go first knowing they have only jumped ahead a few cars at the most. If you are really that late then leave earlier. Maybe the government could introduce a ‘Stupid Tax’ for this type of driving.

Now it’s your turn! Do you want to banish your top peeve or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101? Submit your top 3 at: www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/room101 18

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food & drink

DELIVERY BOYS’ REVIEW We check out the local restaurants & eateries



by John McBurney & Andrew Martin There’s also a vegetarian option as well as long as you order in advance.

Last month we spotted a board outside the Railway Steamer pub in Shefford promoting their ‘Sunday Roast’. Tempted, we popped in and reserved ourselves a table. Sunday soon arrived and after a morning spent delivering magazines in Clifton we made the short drive over to the Railway Steamer to enjoy a wellearned Sunday Roast. Located on Clifton Road the pub has ample parking in its private car park which extends around the side and back. We walked through the main door and entered the restaurant area, many of the dining tables were occupied, so we were quite relieved that we had pre-booked.

Our well-presented meals soon arrived, and they were a sight to behold, with freshly carved slices of roasted meat, a good helping of roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, stuffing, an amazing array of vegetables and of course a gravy boat filled to the brim with mouth-watering gravy. The delivery boys were in heaven. In terms of vegetables, we counted so many, including cabbage, broccoli, mashed carrot and suede, sliced carrots, parsnips, fine beans, sprouts, mange tout and cauliflower cheese - all perfectly cooked with just the right amount of bite. You will have no trouble getting your ‘5-aday’ eating here! For us, it was ‘game-on’, as we tucked into our meals, delicious and outstanding. We soon moved onto dessert, Andrew chose the cheesecake with fresh fruit and John had the apple crumble

We were greeted by Anne, the new landlady, who gave us a lovely warm welcome and escorted us to our nicely laid table. The pub was surprisingly busy, with a friendly atmosphere and a good mix of people dining and socialising. Since taking over the pub in December 2019, Anne has worked tirelessly implementing improvements, and she is doing a fantastic job of it. It was really pleasing to see how the hard work and effort has paid off. Anne prides herself on her Sunday Roast. It is home-made, prepared and cooked fresh on the day. The roast options included chicken, beef or lamb, or a selection of all three. Andrew went for the roast beef whereas John opted for all three. 20

This Month’s Review Railway Steamer 142 Clifton Road, Shefford, SG17 5AH

01462 81 44 14

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with toffee and vanilla ice-cream – the perfect time. So, this Sunday, why not treat yourself way to complete our meal. to a delicious, home-made, heart-warming Sunday Roast, we promise that you will not be There are so many good things to shout disappointed! about The Railway Steamer; with real ales on tap, a beer garden at the back (great for the summer), a large TV screen for live sports, a very popular pool table (free on Thursday between 7-9pm) plus full English breakfast is served at the weekend. The pub also has some fantastic events lined up. Why not celebrate St. Georges Day in style with at the Tug of War event taking place on Saturday 25th April, also a charity fund-raising event on 27th June which is supporting ‘Chloe & Hayley – Angels at Work’ – an amazing charity that provides special treats and gifts for children with life limiting conditions. Well, what can we say? We take our hat off and we congratulate Anne who has quite literally turned this pub around. It now offers something for everyone and most definitely the best Sunday Roast we have eaten for a very long

% 20 off

n l& tio pri en A d t M li as va ro w' ay vie nd Re Su ys on Bo y er iv el 'D

ay M

• Sunday Roast

• Free pool Thursdays 7 to 9pm

• Full English Breakfast Sat & Sun 09.00 to 11.00

• Happy Hour Tuesday & Friday 5 to 6pm

• Lunch Basket Meals

• Mystery box - Wednesdays at 8pm

• Live music on Saturdays

• Beer garden

142 Clifton Road, Shefford, SG17 5AH • 01462 81 44 14 • 07825 299 787 @railwaysteamershefford

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Street watch UPdate Arlesey Street Watch have become the first Beds Police Streetwatch group to pass the Bikeability assessment enabling patrols to take place on bikes as well as on foot. Six Arlesey Street Watch volunteers undertook the training and assessment at the beginning of March, Arlesey Streetwatch Co-ordinator Alex Morris said “Most of us had done the cycling proficiency course as children and been riding to those standards. This course was an eye-opener; we were given skills to ride safely and confidently, and within the law. All Streetwatch patrols take place with a minimum of 2 people. The same will apply to patrols on bike. We will be riding 2 abreast, as instructed on the course, as this is the best way to keep cyclists safe”.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that new laws for overtaking cyclists came into effect in early 2020: Make sure you give at least the same room overtaking as you would a car – up to 1.5 metres. We are looking forward to our first bike patrol. We have 2 Police Streetwatch bikes to do this and it will mean we can cover most of Arlesey in one go. If you’d like to join Arlesey Street Watch or find out more call

Alex on 07952 209722 or e-mail: alex.landman@ntlworld.com 22




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SCENE BY YOU Your chance to share your favourite photos

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2 5 A big thanks to this month’s submissions

3 24


Lukas Knight


Linda Parcell


Judith Crosier


Joshua Scourfield


Andy Kennet

Sunset Photo at Sandy RSPB Lodge Owl Arlesey Millpits Church of All Saints, Stondon Poppy Hill Fields

Ickleford at Harvest Time

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The April edition

CROSSWORD Answers on P17

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Exciting Times for Stondon Scouts

Contribution thanks to

Catherine Wakely 1st Stondon Group Scout Leader


07968 082620


st Stondon are celebrating new leaders in their Scout section and planning ahead for the coming year, helping over 50 local girls and boys aged 6-14 to gain Skills for Life.

You may remember in the November issue we wrote about 1st Stondon’s Scout section, appealing for volunteers who’d like to help young people gain skills to succeed. In December the Scouts bid farewell and many thanks to Ian Montgomery, who had led and supported them through many adventures in the past three years; in January we were joined by three fabulous new Scout Leaders who are busy settling into the group. This year’s biggest event for the young people (and the leaders!) will be BigJam – the Biggleswade District Jamboree – in June. This activity weekend will be attended by all three sections, with Beavers sleeping under canvas for one night, and Cubs and Scouts for two. BigJam happens every other summer at Boyd Field in Henlow, and is a fantastic opportunity for the young people and leaders alike. We can’t wait to see what the organisers have in store! Thinking back to the last BigJam, in 2018, Arthur said: “I really enjoyed BigJam last time, there were lots of great activities and my favourite was the caving. I can’t wait to go again!” and Xanthe said: “I liked going around all the different things to do with my group. We had hot dogs for supper.” All the sections will be doing other camps during the year, as well as the yearly St George’s Day and Remembrance parades. Last Remembrance Sunday we were proud to attend the service at All Saints’ Church in Stondon. Two of our Beavers laid a wreath on behalf of the group, and the Scouts laid wreaths which they had made themselves. In the First World War the Scouting movement was only eight years old and many Scouts took an active part in the war effort – carrying messages, watching the coast, and guarding railway junctions, telegraph and telephone cables against enemy sabotage. We are proud of this heritage, and that our young people in 2020 are as courageous and resourceful as those Scouts long ago. We always welcome new leaders to join with the children in learning new #SkillsForLife and having a great time along the way. For more information about joining our adventure, contact Catherine Wakely (details above). Don’t forget to mention LivingLife when contacting advertisers


WHAT’S ON GUIDE it’s a date



Business Focus Meeting


Back to Netball


Wednesday 8th April


Wednesdays 7.30pm

Business Focus Network Meeting, 2nd Weds of each month, 7pm at The Crown pub in Shillington, FREE! Info: FB ‘Business Focus’ or Emma Anthony, 07720 383320

food, drink & markets What:

Indoor Picnic Festival


Sunday 5th April

You bring the food, buy the drinks from us and we provide the entertainment. Crafts for kids and brilliant LIVE music. 12-8pm at Shefford STMA. FREE entry for all. What:

EAT Feast


2nd & 3rd April

An array of flavours. Food - Music - Alcohol - Child Friendly Gluten Free/Vegan/Veggie Options. From 4pm at Meppershall Village Hall (2nd Apr), Henlow Park Pavillion (3rd Apr)


Weekly Netball session at the MUGA courts at Arlesey Recreation Ground, 7.30 – 8.30pm, £5 per week


run shefford running club


Weekly Mon/Thurs

Run Shefford organise two running sessions per week on Monday and Thursday at 7.15pm. Starts at the Shefford STMA


Henlow Netball Club


Every Tuesday Evening

Netball Training at Henlow Academy 7-8:30pm. Training costs £3.50. We always welcome new players! Contact Julie Hepburn 07766 492037 Juleshep82@yahoo.co.uk


Shefford Netball Club


Every Monday Evenings

Shefford Netball Club at Robert Bloomfield Academy, Monday, 6-9pm, Year 4 to Adults. All welcome! Contact cpferry@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook


Henlow WI


Youth Cycling at RAF Henlow


2nd Thursday of the month


Every Saturday


Stondon WI


Callanetics exercise class


3rd Weds of the Month


Tuesday Evenings

Henlow WI meet at Henlow Park Pavilion each month (NOT August), 7.30pm. Just come along or for more information contact Anne Livesey on 01462-857938

We meet every third Wednesday of the month at Stondon Village Hall at 19.45hrs. For info, contact Thelma Endersby, 01462 850421, thelma.endersby@sky.com

Available to all children aged 6-16, Saturday from 10am12pm, to come along please contact Mark Bradley on 07796 125996

Toned muscles, Better shape, Stronger body! 7pm-8.15pm every Tuesday evening. Henlow Methodist Church (High St, Henlow) Call Cathy 01462 811568


Arlesey WI


Boxing for Fitness with L-FIT


2nd Tuesday of the month


Wednesday Evenings 8.15pm

Arlesey WI meeting, held on 2nd Tuesday of the month at the W.I. Hall, High Street Arlesey at 7.30pm. Info: 07814 654876 / 01462 625235


At Henlow Pavilion, 8.15pm. Limited spaces, booking in advance required. For more info get in touch! lauraozholl@ hotmail.com www.l-fit.co.uk

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family & Children


Reggae Night / DJ


‘CONNECT’ Support Group


Friday 3rd April


1st Tuesday of the Month

Reggae Night with DJ Nathan at The True Briton, Arlesey from 8pm. Come down for a great night with fab music and great beer.

Support group for parents of children with additional needs, 9-10.30am at Kings Baptist Church Hall Stotfold, £1 inc. unlimited tea/coffee/cake. Info: 07944 124891


Huggy Flares


Building a Hospital in Burundi


Saturday 4th April


Thursday 30th April

Back by popular demand… The Huggy Flares, at The Ivy Leaf Club, Langford. Doors open 7.30pm, band starts 9pm, £4 Non Members, Members Free.

How do people live and what are the challenges in the poorest nation on earth. A free talk by David Lambert at All Saints Church Shillington at 7.30pm


CATFISH Blues Band + Support



Saturday 4th April


UK and British Blues Award winners CATFISH are playing CLUB85 in Hitchin. Tkts : www.wegottickets.com/ event/488769 + usual outlets. £10 ADV / £12 OTD

Steam Fair & Country Show



9-10th May



VE Day 75th Anniversary


Friday 8th May

Revival Supper & Dance. Join us at Henlow Park Pavilion 7-11pm. 1940s dancing, live performance, Fish ‘n’ Chip Supper. www.ticketsource.co.uk What:



1st Saturday of Every Month

The Woolpack Pub in Shefford, Karaoke from 8pm. The 1st Saturday of every month


Arlesey Musicians


Every Wednesday

An informal collection of people who like to make music together, meeting at The Cricketers pub in Ickleford around 7.30pm. Info: steevc@gmail.com or 07952 002383

Saturday 4th April

An evening of popular Coronation Anthems including Zadoc the Priest. All Saints Church, Shillington at 7.30pm. Tickets £12 at the door or 01462 737533


Stotfold Watermill presents its 18th annual event, 9-10th May, 10.30am - 5pm daily. 20% discount on advance tickets: stotfoldmill.com/steam-fair

Vivace Choir

family events Weekly

Drop In Lego Club: Tues 3.30-5pm, Story & Craft: Fri 9:30 OR Sat 10:30 £1.50, Rhyme Time with Marie (term time £1.80), at Arlesey Resource Centre.

Running a local event? Promote it here? Simply submit your event at:

www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/event *Community & Charity events Free of charge, small donation of £3 for business listings. All donations go to our nominated charity

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Spot the Difference

Sponsored by:

Let our tricky puzzle put your observational skills to the test. Answers can be found on P17

Can you spot 10 differences between these two photos? You can a find the answers at www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/spot

Spring offer - Half price 2nd pair of spectacles Terms & Conditions Apply Paul Adler Optometrist, 50 High Street, Stotfold, Herts, SG5 4LL Tel: 01462 732393 www.eyezone.co.uk 30

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