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VE Day Special

A day of hope across Bedfordshire

Issue 19 June 2020

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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS Last month, when we were out delivering the magazine, we received so many inspiring messages of thanks and good will from our readers, as such, we are delighted to bring to you our second ‘lockdown’ instalment of LivingLife Magazine. This month’s cover photo is of an amazing piece of street art produced by artist Chris Hampton, whose fabulous chalk creations have helped keep children and families entertained during their daily walks. You can see further photos from the 8th May celebrations in our two-page VE Day special. Inside, we learn about Rink Hockey from eight-year-old Daniel Thorogood, we check out local ‘Knobs & Knockers’, and we also discover wellbeing ideas for life, not just for lockdown. Plus, don’t forget to check out our brand-new prize competition on page 19, ‘Spot the Drone Pilot’, an exciting way to win £25!

| Andrew Martin |

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VE Day celebrations knobs & knockers kid’s got talent scene by you

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VE Day remembered as ‘Day of Hope’


he 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) was marked against the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. It was on 8th May 1945 that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced to an exhausted but relieved nation that almost six years of conflict, costing millions of lives, was at an end. The historic news was the catalyst for jubilant celebrations of a size never before seen upon these shores. 75 years later, in the midst of a new crisis, people celebrated once more. Homes, buildings, offices and businesses were decked out in red, white and blue bunting and Union Jack flags. Typical street parties with trestle tables down the middle of the road were not allowed due to social distancing rules, but with beautiful weather, picnics and afternoon teas on garden front lawns were the choice of the day. Lots of folk dressed up in 1940s clothing and shared pictures on social media of their attire and retro meals they had prepared. Everyone raised a glass in honour of the war heroes at 3pm and to stepped outside at 9pm to join in a special nationwide singalong of Dame Vera Lynn’s classic wartime song ‘We’ll Meet Again’. With a glorious sense of unity, hope and patriotism sweeping through our local communities, it was a remarkable day, with fun, laughter, singing and dancing, but also some quiet moments of contemplation. VE Day is about commemoration, thanksgiving and reflection. All these can be fulfilled in the solitude of one’s own home. This year’s VE Day was different, but at the same time, it was an exceptional anniversary with a clear message for all.

Darkness is not endless, and light will, in time, always shine through.


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f o t i Ab . . . . n u F

Due to the coronavirus crisis our delivery boys have been unable to visit restaurants, cafes and pubs, as a result we are unable to feature our usual Delivery Boys Review, however, all is not lost!

Our delivery boys have now taken a keen interest in the local array of Knobs & Knockers that are proudly on display whilst they have been out delivering the magazine. What an array of amazing styles and designs to see. Here is a selection of knobs & knockers we captured during last month’s delivery. Who knew that they came in so many unique and different styles?


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Welcome to our monthly feature:

’Kid’s Got Talent’ The place where we showcase the amazing talents of local children. We hope this will help motivate and inspire other children to discover new sports and hobbies.

Name: daniel thorogood

age: 8 from: stotfold Q. Do you have a special talent? Can you explain what it is? I play Rink (Roller) Hockey. It’s similar to Ice Hockey but played with a ball rather than a puck and on Roller Skates. I have been playing for just over a year. Q. How did you get involved in Rink Hockey? One Sunday morning we came out of swimming at North Herts Leisure Centre and there was a game on in the sports hall, we watched it for a little while and I said to my Dad I’d like to try that. At the time I didn’t own skates and had never skated! Q. What sort of equipment and clothing do you need to play? As an outfield player you wear shorts and a t-shirt, gloves, knee pads and shin pads, some people will wear a mouth guard too. Goalkeepers wear much more padding and a protective helmet. You also need a pair of Rink Hockey Skates and a Rink Hockey Stick. Q. Are you a member of a club? Yes. I play for Letchworth Rink Hockey Club under 11’s and I am part of the England Development program. Q. How often do you practice? We train on a Thursday evening at Knights Templar School in Baldock. There is also National Training with England once a month which takes place in Peterborough. There are also development training camps for 4 days over Christmas and in the Summer. In February I was in Feira in Portugal for 6 days where I attended an England Training Development Camp. Q. Do you play in league or in competitions? Have you ever won a trophy? We play in the Eastern Counties League and there are also cup competitions. I’ve not won a trophy yet - but I hope to very soon! Q. Who is your favourite Rink Hockey player? Helder Nunes - he plays for Portugal and Barcelona. We were in Barcelona last October watching

Letchworth under 15s compete in the Eurockey Tournament and we got to watch the Barcelona team play and I got Helder’s autograph and a poster of the team. Q. Do you dream of being a professional player when you are older? I do yes, I would like to play for England and Barcelona. 14

Does your child have an amazing talent?

if so, please get in touch at admin@livinglifemagazine.co.uk

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SCENE BY YOU Your chance to share your favourite photos

Submit your photo for the next edition www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/myphotos

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Anca Weldon


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Sarah, Lois, Evie Shanley

Spring has Sprung Barn Owl taken locally Cormorant at blue lagoon Where the Hit meets the Flit.jpg Our Rainbow

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Spot the Drone Pilot



It’s competition time! The drone pilot who captured this image has been magically removed from the photo, can you deduce exactly where he is positioned? Place a cross (‘X’) where you think the drone pilot is standing (just like ‘Spot the Ball’ puzzle), then take a photograph of this page with your phone or device and submit your entry here: www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/drone Only 1 entry per person. Judge’s decision is final.

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Wellbeing ideas for life Not just for Lockdown


here is a sense that mental health will decline with lockdown. However, with many now able to truly stop and handed back hours spent in traffic or crowded trains, or the collective show of respect for our key workers and community ‘hellos’ received while on daily exercise, it is also probable that our mental wellbeing will benefit from increased mindfulness, perspective and gratitude for what we have.

Sleep. Keep yourself in a good sleep routine or start one. Sleep is so important for our immune

systems but also our mood. Don’t underestimate the power of eight hours! Focus on what you CAN do. Give your attention to what is possible right now. Natural light and nature are a wonder for sleep and for our mood. Get outside even when there is cloud cover, or the spring showers hit. An attitude of gratitude. Its a habit for life, it’s a super booster for wellbeing. Ask yourself ‘what has been good today?’ And please, stop comparing your experience to others. Just because Sue has redecorated her house in a week and Bob has learnt to play the guitar it doesn’t mean you have to. What do you want to do? Comparison really takes away our joy. It’s your life, not Sue’s or Bob’s.

Catherine Stacey - Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach MSc iMAPP. Chill Your Beans has free sessions taking place online for all. Pop to www.chill-your-beans.co.uk/events for all the latest information.


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June Lockdown Edition - Issue 19  

June Lockdown Edition - Issue 19