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Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to our festive edition of the magazine! As we come to the end of another year, we feel proud when we look back at how our magazine has grown and developed over the past 6 months. Our aim remains the same, to keep the community connected. We do this via our monthly magazine, our little publication that packs a punch, delivered through your door. We also have a growing following on Facebook, our regularly updated page contains all sorts of additional content. Why not | Andrew Martin | give our page a ‘like’ and keep yourself up to date. In this month’s magazine, we look back at special events that took place in November, including sombre moments of reflection at remembrance services across Bedfordshire, and the excitement of Children in Need’s Rickshaw Challenge passing through Shefford and Henlow Camp. It was great to be a part of these events. Elsewhere in | John McBurney | this edition, we get to chat to our lucky PubFest 2019 competition winner, Kelly Cripps, we have updates from our local town / parish councils, plus a selection of Christmas messages from our local churches. Finally, as we approach the festive season, we have a message for you; to all of our readers, advertisers, followers and supporters, we wish each and every one of you, a very happy Christmas!

Festive Regards,

Andrew & John

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a big well done to:

Talya Victory who found Billy the Squirrel and WON £25 4

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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All saints church, stondon

Dear Friends, What is the one thing you really have to have to make it Christmas? At the moment the high street shops and online companies are desperately trying to persuade us that Christmas just won’t be perfect without their products. It seems, according to the adverts, we need a multitude of things in order to make our Christmas perfect. It seems we need everything from a new sofa and a new dining room table through to the perfect double dipping snacks. What do we really need though to have a perfect Christmas? It’s different for all of us. It might be being surrounded by family and friends, endless parties or the opposite and a day of peace and quiet. I hope that you get your perfect Christmas. For the church, Christmas is not perfect without the celebration of the Christ child in services throughout Advent and the Christmas period. Christmas without remembering Christ seems rather pointless. Christians will still enjoy the food and the drink, the decorations and the trees and the time with family and friends but also the times of worship and praise in church. I do hope you will find time to attend a church service this year.

Richard Winslade Rector of Stondon

the churches of arlesey

A very Happy and Joyful Christmas from the Churches in Arlesey We look forward to welcoming you at any of our services and events St Peter’s Church Sunday 8th 10.00am Sat-Sun 14th/15th Weds 18th 7.00pm Christmas Eve 4.30pm 11.30pm Christmas Day 9.30am Sunday 29th 10.30am Arlesey Methodist Church Sunday 1st 10.30am Sunday 8th 10.30am Sunday 15th 3.00pm Christmas Eve 4.30pm Sunday 29th 10.30am 6

Christingle Service Christmas Tree Festival Town Carol Service Children’s Crib Service Midnight Mass Christmas Eucharist Joint Service at the Methodist Church United Service at Baldock Morning Worship Christingle Service at Baldock Carol Service at Baldock Joint Holy Communion

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas Messages

St. Mary’s Church, Henlow

What do we expect at Christmas? Mince pies, presents, festive music, and even jumpers we wouldn’t dare to wear at any other time of the year. The characters concerned in the Christmas story weren’t expecting any of those things, or the events that happened to them. The shepherds didn’t expect to be nearly scared to death at the appearance of a host of angels on the hillside outside of Bethlehem, and told that they would find the newborn Son of God laying in a manger; the wise men didn’t expect to find that the star which guided them on their journey, would come to rest anywhere other than a palace fit for a king; and Mary, heavily pregnant, didn’t expect to have to travel on the back of a donkey for miles, only to give birth in a lowly stable. What do we make of those unexpected events? What are our expectations of Christmas? What if we stripped away everything that we surround ourselves with at Christmas time? Would we be left with anything worth having? Christmas is a wonderful time and it is good to celebrate with all of the things that we associate with it. But when everything is stripped away what is it really about? Please join us at St Mary’s this Christmas as we discover together.

Revd. Shaun Speller

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Rickshaw Challenge 2019 T

here was huge excitement across Bedfordshire as Children in Need’s Rickshaw Challenge rolled through Shefford and Henlow Camp during the last leg of their 400-mile journey from Holyhead to London. Thousands of people, including many school children, came out and showed their support. After passing through Shefford the Rickshaw Challenge team stopped off at the Airman Hotel where Ryan Hobbs, aged 33 from Flitwick, presented Matt Baker with a cheque for £500 for Children in Need. Ryan, who has cerebral palsy, was absolutely thrilled to meet up with his hero Matt and plans to do further fund-raising next year. Matt Baker told Living Life Magazine, “The turnout today was so welcoming. Seeing everyone out in support really does give myself and Team Rickshaw the motivation to keep peddling!”


eque to Matt Ba

ch Ryan presents

Crowds line the

w Camp

streets in Henlo

Thousands lined

Team member

Josh powers the

efford to show

their support


Jack Careem helped raised over three thousand pounds for Children in Need by organising a 24-Hour Gameathon. Jack and his friends stayed up for 24 hours playing a selection of traditional board and electronic games. 8

the streets of Sh

Jack and his frie

nds hold up a

huge cheque for

Children in Ne


Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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lest we forget C

ommunities across the whole of the UK came together to honour those that gave their lives for their country. Arlesey, Stondon, Henlow and Bedfordshire villages gathered to pay their respects, with thousands of people attending local services.

Photo thanks to Simon and Sarah Triste 10

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Contribution thanks to

Juliet Wright

street watch

Street Watch Bedfordshire Police

Helping to keep your community safe


am not sure if you are aware of what Street Watch is all about so I will tell you a little about how the scheme works. At present we have 15 Street Watch schemes across the county including one at Shefford and Arlesey. Street Watch is about helping keep your community safe by recruiting local residents to patrol in pairs for two hours a month at a time that suits themselves. All members are covered by Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident and Injury Cover. All volunteers are required to undergo a vetting process and then are provided with initial training, induction training, patrols with members of the local policing team before they are allowed to patrol in groups of two or more. Volunteers will be offered first aid training and also Conflict Management Training and also receive ongoing training from Bedfordshire Police whilst they are a volunteer. Patrols are tasked in areas where there has been crime reported or where there are instances of anti-social behaviour. Our volunteers are not a replacement for Police Officers they are there to LOOK, LISTEN and REPORT. Their presence alone provides valuable reassurance for the community especially the vulnerable and the elderly. Street Watch volunteers engage in local issues that matter most to the communities in which they live, and this has a significant and positive impact within the community and helps to reduce crime. Street Watch work alongside local councils, Neighbourhood Watch and support the local policing teams which has a significant effect on the levels of anti-social behaviour.

For more information about joining Street Watch or how to set up a group in your area please feel free to contact me at :


Pet & Wildlife



Sandy Lane, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5QB.

01462 810190 | www.


Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

s r y e e t Mon Mat

Double whammy for your money?

The man in the mirror I talked to last month is back again. He promised to tell me the investments his convictions say we should make now. He tells me markets are volatile and heading for a major fall. So he suggests after holding cash in the bank for emergencies that 80% of our pension funds and other monies need to be in Gilts and Global Bond funds. These holdings could well rise in value when the market tumbles. Then use the volatile market to become a ‘profit taker’ so invest 20% in risky funds that rise and fall rapidly – every time your funds rise by 5% press the button and take just the profit in cash. Have a pile of cash ready to buy in at lower prices as markets fall leaving the original funds invested. This way when the markets correct, or fall, you will have the cash to buy in low and profit when the market rises again. So double whammy – 80% of your funds should rise when the market falls and profits from the balance, use a profit taking strategy to gear up larger profits as the markets rise again. Learn how to do this – email us as shown below and ask If you have questions that you need answered to do with savings and investments you can contact Robert at Robert’s job is not to give financial advice but to use simple explanations that help you along the way

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pubfest 19

we interview our cometition winner Congratulations to Kelly Cripps from Arlesey who participated in the PubFest 2019 event and well done for winning the fabulous prize which was kindly donated by The Loft Shefford. We caught up with Kelly to find out how PubFest went. Q. You visited 15 pubs in one day, that’s amazing, did you think you would visit that many pubs? Yes! We wanted to do more. We planned the route beforehand, but I can confess to driving between Henlow camp, Campton and Shefford before the real walking started Q. Who did you go with? A group of four of us went; myself, my husband (Chris) and another couple, Jane and Matt, who we met through our children. It was a nice excuse to have a child free catch up as that hasn’t happened in a while. Thanks mum!


Q. Did you have a plan? The plan was to start away from home and finish in Arlesey. Small drinks only, for speed (and to avoid hangover headache). Shefford needed to be quick as there’s a lot of pubs in a small area so we could make good time and we knew the walk to Clifton and Henlow would help afterwards. We were in it for the long haul. Q. Will you participate in next year’s event? Do you think you could visit them all in one day? We will definitely go again next year. Hopefully with lots more friends too. What started as a friends catch up became quite a mission. Had we started earlier than 4pm I’m confident we could have done them all. We simply ran out of time and only missed our own village pubs in Arlesey, so easy to fit in given extra time Q. What did you enjoy most about the event? It was great to spend the time with friends in a changing location. The walks provided good gossiping time and we also got to go to pubs we previously hadn’t been to. The Woolpack in particular was a pleasant surprise and we intend to return. The barman at the Railway Steamer was also really good fun. Q. It sounds like you had lots of fun, were there any funny incidents? Well, Matt had one job to do, looking after the papers. We got to the admiral (number 11) and we realised they were missing. Poor Matt walked all the way back to the Steamer, he found them, but in a puddle! We also had a bit of extra walking when we had forgotten to take a picture (my job) as we wanted one outside each venue. Unfortunately, we missed the Golden Lion and it was too far to walk back. But we got a photo of the rest Q. Hangover the next day? Nope. The walking and strict drink regime sorted that one out. 14

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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Contribution thanks to

Lindsay Edwards

A new year, a new you I

Reimagise Personal Styling

07942 866135 FB @Reimagise

f you are feeling more drab than fab then why not pledge to make 2020 the year that you look your best?

Every year, two of the most common New Year’s resolutions made by women are to overhaul their appearance and reduce their spending. But, can you look your best and spend less? You certainly can, by understanding which styles of clothing truly suit you and altering your approach to purchasing clothes. As a personal stylist I offer various services, including Colour Analysis and Style Consultations, to help women to discover their authentic style. It’s important to understand that looking stylish does not have to mean dressing expensively or being at the cutting edge of fashion. It is actually your style personality, body shape and colouring which needs considering when choosing clothes. Once you know what suits you, shopping becomes instantly easier because there is no more guess work involved. If you are going clothes shopping without a shopping list - you’re wasting your time and money. Start by reacquainting yourself with the contents of your wardrobe. Take out anything that doesn’t fit or flatter you and donate it to your local charity shop. Now, take a look at what you’re left with. What’s missing? What do you need? These are the items which you need to add to your shopping list. When you hit the shops, stick to your list and always allow enough time to try on clothing in the changing room. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. This is not a time to be critical about your appearance, but to be objective about the clothing you are trying on. From now on, you are aiming for your ‘best you’ - not a ‘that’ll do’. You may find it useful at this point to work through my acronym, FINANCIAL, to help you decide if the item of clothing is really worth your hard earned cash. Ask yourself:

f i n a n c i a l

Fit. Is it a comfortable and flattering fit for my body shape? Intermix. Does it ‘go with’ other items in my wardrobe, increasing its wearability? Need. Do I need it? Affordability. Is it within my budget? Natural colouring. Does the colour of the garment compliment my unique colouring? Cost per wear. Divide the price on the tag by how many times you expect to wear it. Individual style. Does this match my style personality? Attention to detail. Always check the quality of the fabric, stitching and seams. Love. Do I love it?

If you can answer yes to the above, then head straight for the till! You have found yourself an item of clothing which you will feel fabulous wearing for many years to come. If you use this mindful approach to shopping you will, over time, create a wardrobe containing outfits which make you look and feel a million dollars - and you won’t have wasted a penny! If you’ve found my article useful, why not check out my Facebook page where I regularly post style updates, or feel free to give me a call to discuss your individual needs. 16

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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food & drink

DELIVERY BOYS’ REVIEW by John McBurney & Andrew Martin

We check out the local restaurants & eateries the Ivel Safety bicycle. A Biggleswade man, he is celebrated throughout the restaurant through an array of bicycle related objects, including pictures, photos and artefacts which adorn the walls. There’s even a bike wheel shaped mirror on the wall, including spokes. It’s the attention to detail that makes the place so special, it’s nice that a popular venue like this celebrates its local heroes.

Last month, after a long day delivering in Henlow and Clifton, the delivery boys made the short journey up to Biggleswade to refuel at the delightful Stratton House Hotel. We had heard a lot of good things about the place and wanted to eat somewhere special to celebrate Living Life’s one-year birthday. Finding the hotel was easy, it has a prominent position on London Road, close to Biggleswade town centre and train station, with ample off-street parking. Using the main door, we entered into the bar area, which was bustling with Friday night chitter-chatter, a real sense of weekend excitement in the air. We were quickly greeted by Sibretta, the general assistant, and received a warm welcome. The restaurant area was quite busy and we hadn’t made a reservation, but luckily there was a table, so booking ahead is advisable. Sibretta escorted us to our table and once seated it was fascinating to hear about the history of the hotel and of Biggleswade itself. She was very positive about so many aspects of the hotel, refreshing to hear such enthusiasm from the staff. Looking around, the décor inside pays homage to Dan A lbone, a talented and successful cyclist from the late 1800s also famed for inventing the light farm tractor and 18

Sibretta explained that new owners took on the hotel earlier this year, with the bar and restaurant having a complete refurbishment in August and re-opening in September. And what a great job they have done. There’s plenty of space with 17 tables in the restaurant, 10 tables in the bar area plus a function room which is available to hire for special occasions. We were soon left in the capable hands of our lovely waitress Kerrie and whilst we perused the menu our ap-

This Month’s Review Stratton House Hotel London Rd, Biggleswade SG18 8ED

01767 312442

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

petizer arrived - sourdough bread with marinat- was big and chunky and cooked to perfeced olives. And so it began, the ravenous gannets tion, exactly how he had ordered it. Chef most began to eat. definitely knows how to cook a steak. For starters John ordered the Stratton soup of the day, mixed vegetable, which came with tasty bread & butter. Andrew ordered the King Shrimp Scallops cooked with garlic and chilli butter on toasted sourdough. The soup was just right, hearty, and perfect sized portion for a starter. Andrew went very quiet as he concentrated on eating his scallops which he claimed were ‘just amazing’.

John’s duck was exquisite, cooked just right, tasty and succulent and deliciously complemented with the tapenade. To be honest there wasn’t much conversation, we simply devoured the delicious food in front of us. It was one of those meals where you simply want to shake the chef’s hand with gratitude. After looking at the dessert menu, it was far too easy persuading ourselves to go for pudding. John deciding on the bread & butter pudding and Andrew the panna cotta. Beautifully presented desserts, equally pleasing on the palate.

For mains, Andrew selected from the Weekly Specials board opting for the Beef Fillet Salsa Verdi with hand cut chips, wilted spinach and sunblushed tomato. Recommended by our waitress, John chose the Seared Duck Breast with buttered mushrooms, apple, potato tap- We really did enjoy our banquet at the enade. Stratton House Hotel, with its fine dining menu, its friendly, tentative staff, and warm, welcomOur main courses were delivered to our table, ing surroundings, it is the perfect place to beautifully presented. The food was outstand- enjoy a really good meal, the ideal place for ing, completely faultless. Andrew’s fillet steak that special occasion.

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’s C R A d n Sou w e i v r e t in with.....

For the fu..ll. interview g Visit the bLlo ife’s on Living te websi

Lost Without Cause are a 3-piece original rock band from South East England. The

band were featured on MTV2 as part of their new talent initiative program, which involved an interview and live performance being aired worldwide throughout May/June 07 on MTV2. The band have also performed at London Astoria 2, Camden Barfly and Maida Vale studios. They have played with such acts as Bastille, Kids In Glass Houses, Fozzy, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis, China Drum, Sacred Mother Tongue, My Passion, The Crave, Koopa, Fei Comodo, None The Less, Saving Aimee and lots more. One of the bands videos, ‘Trigger’ was featured on the front page of Youtube and iGoogle which has gained them massive online success, racking up nearly 220,000 views for that video alone! Si, from the band, provides the answers... 1. How Did You Meet? I started the band back in 2004 with its original line-up. JJ joined the band and took the throne when our previous drummer left, I think I found him on a ‘musicians wanted’ forum. Tony joined to pick up the axe when our previous guitarist decided to call it a day. Tony used to be in another band, and we’ve been friends for a good few years now, so when I heard there was a guitarist vacancy coming up, I got in touch and he came on board. 2. What Does Your Band Name Mean? Originally, I was in a band called ‘Last Stop to Nowhere’ and it was catchy, and I liked the abbreviation down to LSN. So, when we were trying to come up with a name for the band, we were throwing around lots of options, I came up with a huge list, and we just couldn’t settle on one. Then on the way home, I just had the idea of ‘Lost Without Cause’. I sent it to the WhatsApp group, and they both liked it too… so it stuck. 3. Your Biggest Influences? For me, I find influences in so many places. I listen to so many different styles of music from different eras and areas of the world, sometimes I can just hear one lyric or one hook which sticks


in my head, and it’ll inspire me to create something new. I guess Therapy, China Drum, Dashboard Confessional are my biggest influences and inspired me to get into writing music to start with. 4. In order of band members, who’d come first/ last in a 100m sprint Jeeeez, we are all falling apart as it is! Probably JJ would win, he has age on his side, Tony second place as he does judo and stuff, and I’d be last, probably moaning about my bad knee or something. 5. Bacon sandwich - Red or Brown sauce? I am 100% a Ketchup fiend, until a couple of years back I’d only ever tried a bacon sandwich with red. But when Mc D’s started doing their bacon rolls with brown sauce, I tried it, don’t get me wrong it was delish… but this crown belongs to the red.

Connect via their facebook page @LostWithoutCause

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

SCENE BY YOU Your chance to share your favourite photos

Submit your photo for the next edition

1 4

2 5 A big thanks to this month’s submissions



Kate Bagley


Linda Parcell


Donna Litchfield


Ellen Gillespie


Lynne Edwards

Sunset over The Greenway Watching you, watching me Shepherd’s warning

Hot air balloon over Henlow Camp Lovely Evening

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local art

Contribution thanks to


Erika Price

and collective Artisans FB@Artisansintheyard

It’s all change again at the gallery, with new paintings by Karen Mangold, Linda Helliar, Susan Harrison and Tricia Scott, plus furniture from Projects in Wood and GiddyUp. We have new artisan gifts too including Jim Francis sculptures, Henry Seebohm turned wood, Nut Tree Design pyrography, Natural Grace candles, Lou Lou ceramics, Erika Price jewellery & stained glass, and Primrose Cottage bears. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect Christmas gift at Artisans In The Yard! There have been changes behind the scenes too, as Annette has hung up her gallery boots to pick up her paintbrushes again. New manager Erika, together with teammates Adrian and Marje, continue to build on the gallery’s success – and to display Annette’s paintings! We are open on Fridays and Saturdays, 10am-4pm, and look forward to welcoming you.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas season!


Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Diddy Directory

the guide to local trades & businesses cost effective, contract free advertising

Book your advert today - visit

ÂŁ20 ÂŁ30 1 Area

2 Areas



Problem to report? Which Council should you contact? Call 01462

733722 or visit the office:

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9am -12noon & 2pm -3pm Friday 9am -12 noon Arlesey Town Council are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of: Town Council cemetery Allotments – tenancies available for Arlesey residents Village Hall – facility available for hire MUGA courts/pavilion/showers - facility available for hire War Memorial St Johns Road play area and green open space House Lane green open space Recreation ground Skate Park and Trim Trail Play area behind Gothic Mede Academy (not field) Streetlights marked with an “A” number Village notice boards – located at Jubilee Crescent and Bury Mead Resource Centre – facility available for hire Christmas lights

Telephone :0300

300 8302

Or report online using the Central Bedfordshire Council Portal Central Bedfordshire Council are responsible for issues relating to: Highways – transport, roads & parking Waste and recycling services – bin collections, overgrown hedges/grass verges and fly tipping Streetlighting - labelled CBC Planning Environmental Services – bonfires, noise and potentially hazardous fumes Housing & Council Tax 24

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Stondon Parish Council Bite-size update

Did you know? Stondon Parish Council has a new website and is adding new content. There is also a mailing list option and you can keep up to date by joining it. The Parish Council recently objected to a planning application for 85 news homes but was not successful. We really need everyone in the community to get involved as we can make a difference. The latest news is posted on the website and this includes:

• • •

Ward Councillor Grant Scheme - funding option of £2,000 to help with your project. Improvements at Pollards Way open space Luton Airport developments

Why not subscribe and we will keep you updated.

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Contribution thanks to

The December Garden Preparing for Winter

Geoff Bysouth Garden Services

07411 051772


ith winter and Christmas fast approaching and the weather getting colder, it’s easy to forget about your garden, but there are still some things that need doing and others that will help improve things ready for next year.The end of the year is a great time to take stock and weigh up what works and what doesn’t. Making a plan and getting as much done as you can during the winter months will mean your garden gets off to a flying start in the spring. If you are considering work that you can’t do yourself, such as landscaping, fencing, creating ponds etc, garden contractors tend to be less busy in the winter and the work is often easier to do when the garden is dormant.

Beds and borders Perennials that have gone over can be cut back, but consider leaving them standing until spring to provide homes for over-wintering insects. You can lift, divide and move plants as long as the ground isn’t too wet. Trees and shrubs Many trees and shrubs benefit from winter pruning. For apples and pears, this is a good time to prune, but soft fruit like plums and cherries are best left until early spring as they can be vulnerable to silver leaf disease. Lawns Grass will continue to grow as long as the temperature is 50C or above so you may still need to mow. You don’t want to leave the grass too short for winter so raise your mower blades a notch or two. If you’re planning a new lawn, the weather will be getting too cold for seeding but you can prepare the ground for sowing in the spring. You can still lay turf if the conditions are right. Containers If you have containers that are vulnerable to frost, either bring them into a greenhouse or conservatory or wrap them in insulating material such as horticultural fleece or bubble wrap. Emptying soil from unused containers will help prevent frost damage. Equipment Before putting equipment such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers away for the winter, make sure they are clean and dry. Don’t leave petrol in powered machinery as it can cause the carburettor to clog up. Remove batteries from cordless power tools. Carrying out servicing during the winter will ensure you are ready to go in the spring. 26

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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WHAT’S ON GU christmas & new year What:

Henlow Xmas Tree Light-Up Event


Henlow Festive Walk 2019


Sunday 1st December


Sunday 8th December

4.15pm carols, mulled wine, mince pies at St. Mary’s Church, A fun, festive walk around Henlow! Arrive 10:30am, start 5pm Xmas Tree Light-Up at ‘The Pump’ Church Road. 11am. Raising funds for Raynsford C of E Academy. Registration forms from school office or Engineers Arms What:

Stondon Church Nativity festival


Sunday 1st December

Christingle service



Sunday 8th December

A display of Nativity sets from around the world and sets displayed by local charity groups. Open 10am to 4pm Sat and 12noon till 4pm Sun in church.

Join us at 11am at the Parish Church in Stondon for this fun family service.


A Christmas Carol


Henlow Singers Christmas Concert


1st & 8th December


Friday 13th December

A one-man candle-lit performance, at 5pm, St. Mary’s Church, Meppershall (1st Dec), St. Mary’s Church, Henlow (8th Dec). No tickets needed.

At 7:30pm, at St. Mary’s church, Henlow.


Concert at St Mary’s, Henlow


Community Carol Singing


Saturday 7th December


Saturday 21st December

Seasonal concert by Orpheus Choir of North Herts. Tickets £10 including interval refreshments. Box office inquiries 01462 815392

Arlesey Village Hall, join us round the Village Pump as we celebrate Christmas with a spot of singing. All welcome! Refreshments will be available


Scout Christmas Quiz


Candlelit Carols


Saturday 7th December


Sunday 22nd December

Come along and join us for 1st Arlesey Scouts Christmas Quiz plus fish and chip supper. Full pay as you go bar too! Info:

Join us for traditional carols and readings in a candlelit service at the parish church Stondon starting at 3:00pm.


Santa’s Float


Christmas Day All Age Communion


Saturday 7th December


Wednesday 25th December

Santa’s float comes to Stondon from 4pm to 6pm starting in Join us at 11am for a short Christmas service at the parish Plum Tree Close and finishing at The Pastures. church, Stondon. Come and see what Revd. Richard got for his Christmas present. What:

Chase House Christmas Market


New Year’s Eve Party


Sunday 8th December


Tuesday 31st December

Visit Santa in his grotto, stalls, crafts, spin the wheel, tombola, raffles, at Chase House Nursing Home, Arlesey, 2-5pm


Arlesey Social Club and DJ Billy M present New Year’s Eve Party, 7pm until late, Tickets: members £10, non-members £15, child (16 and under) £5

Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


family & music


Arlesey Indoor Short Mat Bowls



Every Friday


Equipment & lessons provided (please bring flat soled shoes), Arlesey Community Centre, 1:15pm for 1:30-4pm. Interested? Contact Neil - 01462 731228

Santa Canta 5K



Saturday 7th December


The Heatwaves

Saturday 21st December

Soul and Motown music at Meppershall Village Hall. All proceeds for Motor Neurone Disease Tickets £10 Contact Helen on 07989 914941


Henlow Netball Club



Every Tuesday Evening


Netball Training at Henlow Academy 7-8:30pm. Training costs £3.50. We always welcome new players! Contact Julie Hepburn 07766 492037

Saturday 14th December

The Redneck Jammers Rock n Roll band at the Arlesey Town football club. For a Rocking great night before Xmas, be there and shake rattle ‘n’ roll. 9pm


9am, Norton Common, Letchworth, Medals to ALL finishers, FREE Entry, register at 8am, info:

The Redneck Jammers

The Jungle Book

Saturday 21st December

By Lamphouse Theatre at Lower Stondon Village Hall. Tickets contact Nancy on 01462 851942 / 07818 038842 £7.50/£5. Recommended for adventurous audiences age 6+


Back to Netball


Cinderella A Rock n Roll Panto


Wednesdays 7.30pm


23&24 Jan 7.30pm, 25 Jan 2pm & 7.30pm

Weekly Netball session at the MUGA courts at Arlesey Recreation Ground, 7.30 – 8.30pm, £5 per week


Youth Cycling at RAF Henlow


Every Saturday

Available to all children aged 6-16, Saturday from 10am12pm, to come along please contact Mark Bradley on 07796 125996 What:

Callanetics exercise class


Tuesday Evenings

Toned muscles, Better shape, Stronger body! 7pm-8.15pm every Tuesday evening. Henlow Methodist Church (High St, Henlow) Call Cathy 01462 811568 What:

Boxing for Fitness with L-FIT


Wednesday Evenings 8.15pm

At Henlow Pavilion, 8.15pm. Limited spaces, booking in advance required. For more info get in touch! lauraozholl@

Henlow Village Drama Group 40th Anniversary, Tickets on sale from - 2nd Jan 2020, 85 High Street Henlow 01462 815392

Running a local event? Promote it here? Simply submit your event at: *Community & Charity events Free of charge, small donation of £3 for business listings. All donations go to our nominated charity

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The December edition

CROSSWORD Answers on P16


Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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