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NOTE FROM THE EDITOrS As we say farewell to 2019, we look forward to 2020 with hope that the new year will be a good one. Here at LivingLife magazine we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers, advertisers and delivery staff a Happy New Year! In the new year we have some exciting new features which we hope you will enjoy. We launch our very own version of Room 101, a place where you can banish your most annoying dislikes forever! What would you put in? We also have regular updates from your local Street Watch group, helping to keep your community safe. Elsewhere in the magazine we have a really useful article about ‘Display Until’ and ‘Use By’ dates on food, an interesting and fact-filled article that will help you reduce food waste. Kids’ Got Talent returns with a delightful interview with Chloe Brown, a talented 7-year-old dancer from Henlow Village, and our delivery boys pay a visit to the Airman Hotel and provide an insightful review of their restaurant.

| Andrew Martin |

| John McBurney |

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what can pilates do for me? henlow park run money matters update from stondon parish council display & use by dates pix brook academy update henlow academy mock elections *new* room 101 delivery boys’ review diddy directory january crossword spotlight - globe home improvements kid’s got talent what’s on guide the benefits of singing ed r ur se at rti Fe ve ad


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Contribution thanks to

What could Pilates do for me?

Zanna Newton

Zanna Newton Pilates 07719 862371 www.zannanewton.co.uk

The last 15 years of teaching Pilates has been a real journey, not just for me but also for those that have now made Pilates part of their life. Those that attend my classes come initially for a variety of reasons – those new to fitness, those looking to address back or joint pains and those wishing to improve flexibility or compliment other sporting interests. I introduced Pilates classes in Stotfold, alongside my other fitness classes back in 2004 and now teach 150 people Pilates every week. Pilates seemed like a natural progression for me as I learnt more about the effect of exercise on the human body and specifically on the way that it can improve posture, strength and flexibility. Now in my early 50’s, I am sure that my body moves in a better way than it did in my 30s! When I look back to my early Pilates classes, I can see how sessions have evolved. My own teaching skills continue to develop as I learn from my students as well as from the regular training that I attend. Pilates is a progressive conditioning exercise and I pay particular attention to technique to ensure all my clients achieve their full potential whilst also enjoying their Pilates sessions. With so many long-time regulars I have to keep classes varied, motivational and challenging. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles to improve core strength and posture and was originally developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate and train athletes, dancers and gymnasts. Improved posture reduces strain on all of our joints and minimises potential for pain or injury. Today’s Clinical Pilates has modified and adapted those exercises to ensure they benefit everyone, whatever your age or ability. I am frequently recommended personally, by doctors and physiotherapists, to help those with back pain and other difficulties. I am fully qualified in Pilates mat-work, Pilates studio equipment, exercise and the management of lower back pain and exercise in pregnancy. Clinical Pilates can dramatically improve joint mobility, rebalance the body to promote good posture and aid rehabilitation after injury. As strength and technique improve I introduce more Classical Pilates exercises, to add further challenge when appropriate. For more details on local classes, timetables and locations please see the website. 6

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henlow parish council‌ Parkrun - We need your feedback

Contribution thanks to

Cllr. Gordon Grove

Henlow Parish Council


Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, safe and easy to take part in. These events typically take place in pleasant parkland surroundings. They encourage people of every ability to take part. It does not matter if you are a novice or an experienced runner. Participants can run, walk or even a mixture of both. Parkrun events normally start at 9:00am on a Saturday morning. More information can be found at the following website www.parkrun.org.uk Henlow and Stondon Parish Councils are considering setting up a Parkrun event with the hope it will build a real community spirit, and help our community become a fitter, healthier place to live. Additional benefits are that these events can bring in people from outside the local area, which can have benefits for local shops and other businesses. What you can do to help: If you would like to be involved and help the community, you could become a Parkrun Volunteer. Volunteers are rewarded with a free Parkrun Volunteer shirt after 25 events. They are well respected within the Parkrun community for making Parkrun possible.



Parkrun events need run directors, marshalls, setting up and closing down, timekeepers, organising the finish funnel, scanning the runners’ barcodes with a barcode reader app and tail walkers. Training and hardware will be provided to those who assist in running the Parkrun events. Can you help with this? Perhaps you already volunteer at another Parkrun and would like to help get this one up and running, literally! Plus, we need your feedback on how the community can support such an event.

Can you help and volunteer with the running of the event? Alternatively let us know if you would like to participate as a runner?

Pet & Wildlife


Sandy Lane, Chicksands, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5QB.

01462 810190 | www. chandlersfe.co.uk

Please contact Cllr. Gordon Grove on the email address above. 8

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s r y e e t Mon Mat

How well is your money working for you?

If you are someone who has only ever put their money in the bank or building society, have you ever wondered where you could put your money to get more back than the low interest rates you get at the moment? Well, you would need to learn about the different types of investments available from the Stock Market. There are just two main ways of accessing this market place where there are many variations and types of these two main forms of investing. But to keep it simple, the two ways are either to lend your money through the stock market or to take part ownership of companies by buying shares in the companies of your choice. If you go with the first option, you will essentially be lending your money to governments and businesses, either in the UK or overseas. Each lending arrangement you make provides you with interest payments year by year at a fixed rate and a return of your capital at the maturity date of the loan. Always ensure you invest through a unit trust to reduce the risk of losing interest or your initial capital. Next month, I’ll go into detail on the second option, and how to buy shares in companies...... If you have questions that you need answered to do with savings and investments you can contact Robert at harrisfinancialfriend@gmail.com Robert’s job is not to give financial advice but to use simple explanations that help you along the way

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Your Local Update from… Stondon Parish Council

Contribution thanks to

James Stirling Clerk to the Council

Stondon Parish Council clerk@stondon-pc.gov.uk

We hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the illuminated tree on the roundabout supplied and paid for by the Parish Council. Unfortunately, we only had one organisation provide support for it and that was MVI Corporate Merchandise Ltd., they provided the banners. The next Parish Council meeting is on 15th January and we would love to see you attend. All meeting dates can be found on the website (www.stondon-pc.gov.uk/events). We will also be discussing at the meeting the following items: •Representative of Stondon Surgery will attend and bring you up to date on the plans to expand the Surgery & the move to electronic prescriptions. •Update on the works to Pollards Way •Parkrun and how we can move it forward •Planning applications •Budget and Precept for 2020/21

Have you signed up to receive the Parish Council newsletter? We send out updates, links to agendas and information on the website on an irregular basis but always before a meeting. Do you have suggestions for information to add to the website? Contact us via the website contact page.


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DISPLAY UNTIL AND USE BY! To sniff or not to sniff…

Contribution thanks to

Claire Donovan BSc 3i Technical Consultancy

07801 236505 threeitec@outlook.com

UK households waste 7 million tonnes of food every year. The average family wastes almost £60/ month on uneaten food. We are split into two types– those who take risks with food safety and those who quake at the thought. The former will laugh in the face of the expired date on a pack, or boldly scrape mould off cheese. The latter however are haunted by the best before, would not use the last of the floppy lettuce and probably have nightmares at the thought of last night’s takeaway. In ways both are right – it’s confusing – what’s the difference between ‘display until’ and ‘use by’? Is out of date cheese safe, and, how do you avoid food waste? ‘Use By’ dates are the important ones and are applied to products that may be harmful if eaten past the stated date. This shelf life is tested to check that at that final date the food is safe if it’s been stored according to the instructions. ‘Use by’ is usually for products including dairy, meat and ready meals. ‘Display until’. Usually so that staff can take food off the shelf before it looks old and tired. Veg can suffer from rots that look ugly but aren’t harmful, but we’re put off buying them. It’s for store management, rather than food safety. ‘Best before’. Found on fresh produce or things like tins, cakes (without cream), biscuits etc. Eating past this date is still perfectly safe. This indicates that the supplier tested it and found that after this date, it possibly wasn’t as good, maybe less crunchy. Most products won’t deteriorate after the date has passed. Stores can legally sell products that have passed their ‘Best Before’ date. The worst that can happen with produce past Display Until/Best Before is it might make you cross – a mealy apple, or dry orange but it’s worth taking the chance of mild disappointment rather than throwing away and never knowing.

Tips • • • • • •

Don’t take chances with meat (especially poultry), unpasteurised cheeses, and when feeding children, the elderly or those with health problems, the immune system that protects us from bugs isn’t as strong for them. Ignore ‘Display Until’ or ‘Best Before’ on fresh produce, dried, tinned goods (those that aren’t refrigerated on sale). Take a second look – if celery and broccoli looks limp, simply cut a little off the base and pop into water – it’ll be as good as new in an hour. Freeze veg rather than throw it out. Kale, Spinach, Watercress suit this –make a smoothie or make and freeze soup. Freeze hard cheeses, you can grate it into recipes whilst frozen, it won’t be dangerous to cut the mouldy bits off if you don’t catch it in time. For more tips have a look at this site www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

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Contribution thanks to


Steve Adams

Pix Brook Academy


News from the Pix Brook permanent site

Pix Brook Academy www.pixbrookacademy.co.uk


espite the somewhat wet and windy weather great progress has been made on the permanent site of the new extended secondary school in Stotfold. Willmott Dixon, the main contractors on site, are using a combination of modular and traditional construction to ensure the timely construction of the new school. Pix Brook Academy will be a 1260 place school designed to cater for pupils from Y5 to Y11. The building has been through an extensive design stage with the architects working with the local authority, BEST multi Academy trust and the Principal of PBA to ensure that the academy is of the highest quality and meet the demands of the 21 st Century student. The level of activity over the last month has resulted in over 60 workers on site to ensure that everything possible is done to meet the stringent construction deadlines. In addition, the site team is ensuring that the levels of sustainability and environmental impact of the construction process are a top priority. They have taken the opportunity to work with the current pupils at Pix Brook Academy to explain how

Arlesey Town Council would like to wish all residents a Happy New Year! these are considered when constructing a new building and have further visits planned for the pupils. It is an exciting time to be a pupil at Pix Brook Academy and the real-life learning that pupils are able to gain from this process is invaluable.


Following the Christmas break the Town Council Offices re-open 9am 2nd January 2020 and the Resource Centre 1pm 2nd January 2020

January Town Council meeting scheduled for 7pm 14th January 2020

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local art

Contribution thanks to


Erika Price

and collective Artisans


FB@Artisansintheyard Happy New Year! We’re introducing some exciting new artists in 2020. Yvette Jordan is a fabulously talented illustrative artist working in acrylics, ink and gouache. She loves to add crystal embellishments to her paintings, and we have several of her original works on display. If they seem familiar, it’s because Yvette’s work is regularly featured on commercial gifts and greetings cards!

Sue Nicholls is a wonderfully innovative textile, print & ceramics artist, who draws inspiration mainly from nature and the countryside. Sue creates gorgeous textile pictures by combining painting techniques with embroidery, and we have a stunning selection of her framed seascapes and landscapes on display. Finally, we’re thrilled to be showing a series of bluebell woodland paintings by Terry Wood. Terry loves to experiment with colour, which he has used to striking effect in these large and vibrant acrylic on canvas landscapes.

Open Fri & Sat 10am - 4pm


44 High St, Shefford, SG17 5DG (behind Shefford Building Supplies)

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Henlow academy goes green School holds mock election

Contribution thanks to

Caren Earp

Henlow C of E Academy info@henlowacademy.org.uk

The votes are in, have been counted and verified revealing a landslide victory for the Green Party winning a seat at the Henlow Church of England Academy constituency. Henlow Academy have been learning about politics by holding a mock election. Year 8 pupils worked in groups representing the main parties. The candidates were Adam Green (Brexit Party), Brenna Parkin (Conservative Party), Ben Springett (Green Party), Jess Gibson (Labour Party) and Daniel Batchelet (Liberal Democrat Party). Along with their teams, the candidates have worked tirelessly on their campaigns. Each party prepared presentations and answered questions from every class. Alexandra Rowlands in year 6 said, “They knew a lot about their party and answered our questions confidently. It was really fun and we learnt a lot.” All of the party’s presentations are available to see on the school’s website. The Labour campaign was visited by Julian Vaughan, the Mid Beds Labour candidate, who worked with them to help craft their message and answer their tough questions. Julian said, “the children were brilliant and so switched on.” Joe Irwin from the MBCA admin team worked with the Conservative party helping them understand key messages that would win over young voters. “I was surprised to see how mature the pupils were to talk about policies and current affairs.” On Election Day classrooms were transformed into polling stations and all pupils and staff had the chance to vote. Finley Chesney described his experience. “Our classroom had all of the elements of a real polling station: the Polling Clerk asked us to confirm our name and address then they gave us our ballot paper and directed us to the polling booth to cast our vote which was placed in the ballet box. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and learnt a lot about politics and our democratic process.” The day ended with a whole school assembly (recorded live on Facebook - 1200 views). All of the candidates took to the stage to hear the results ready with their victory speeches. However, it was Ben Springett, for the Green Party, who got to deliver his. “The Green party’s message of hope touched the hearts of the school and gained us this victory. I feel elated and very proud.” This experience created al buzz amongst the pupils and lead to some insightful and intelligent discussions. We hope that the experience will encourage the children to vote and get involved with politics. With any of the candidates, the country would be in safe hands. Don’t forget to mention LivingLife when contacting advertisers




We caught up with Steve Coxon, who is a local child minder, and also a talented presenter, who recently compèred the amazing Christmas Lights Switch-On Event in Shefford. We met up with him to find out what he would put into Room 101…

Place Mats

These completely pointless items serve no purpose. Now you might argue that they protect the table, but from what? A rogue pea intent on engraving its name into my dining room furniture? Perhaps you think the heat from the plate might mark the wood, but I would contest that you would need a red-hot poker to mark the table, not a plate that has been warming in the oven for a couple of minutes. To me, these useless things are just a target area, somewhere to try and place your plate, and I say ditch them, I’ll aim between the knife and fork.


These days if you don’t take your children to Disney you are in danger of being negatively judged by society, but why? We are victims of the Disney marketing machine creating this dream goal for all parents, but the reality is that they only want our money. I went to Disneyland recently and in an area bigger than Shefford there was not one swing or slide for a child to play on. There were hundreds of shops selling the same items, or restaurants offering character meals. Friends, it’s all a plastic con, go do something real instead!


The British Museum has a bowl dating back to 900BC, it probably wasn’t designed with the dishwasher in mind as they weren’t invented until 1850, but you would have thought that in the following 170 years the makers of the dishwasher and the bowls would have come up with a winning design. Friends, I’m sad to say my dishwasher claims it can take 14 place settings, but it lies! My bowls are too deep, I can wash no more than 3 at a time. First world problems!

Now it’s your turn! Do you want to banish your top peeve or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101? Submit your top 3 at: www.livinglifemagazine.co.uk/room101 16

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food & drink

DELIVERY BOYS’ REVIEW by John McBurney & Andrew Martin

We check out the local restaurants & eateries & Dinner Menu’. For starters, Andrew chose the traditional Prawn Cocktail with marie rose whilst John opted for the Lamb Kofta with salad garnish and minted mayo. Both starters really hit the spot. A good serving of fresh tasting prawns and tender, succulent lamb, very tasty but not too filling, everything a starter should be. For mains, Andrew went for the Gammon Steak with fried eggs and chips, and John chose the Rump Steak with grilled tomato and chips. In November the delivery boys decided to stop-off and refuel at the Airman Hotel. Located between Meppershall and Shefford, adjacent to Henlow Airfield, it is a familiar landmark on the A507. Having driven past the hotel on so many occasions it was about time we popped in to check it out. Actually, we did visit the hotel only a few days earlier when we were out capturing photos of Children in Need’s Rickshaw Challenge. On that occasion the hotel had kindly offered the Rickshaw entourage use of the hotel and its grounds as a stop off point during their arduous journey to London.

Whilst waiting for our main courses to arrive, we chatted some more with Diana who was very excited telling us about the restaurant’s brand new £5 lunch menu which was launched in December. The £5 menu is available on weekdays between 12-3pm and includes classic favourites like toad in the hole, hand battered fish & Chips, cottage pie and

Using the main door, we entered into the hotel lobby and proceeded to the bar area. Upon entering, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel bar looked and felt just like a traditional British pub; cosy and warm, with a friendly atmosphere, and a lot busier than we had expected. We were quickly greeted by the duty managers, Diana and Will, and we were soon escorted to our table. Looking around, there was a definite traditional pub feel, with open log fire and exposed beams. The restaurant has a daily ‘themed’ menu, but we decided to choose from the ‘Lunch 18

This Month’s Review The Airman Hotel 16 Hitchin Road, Meppershall, SG17 5JF

01462 850853

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vegetarian dishes plus many more menu options. It is perfect for those on a tight budget who still want to enjoy wholesome food in traditional pub surroundings. The hotel boasts 21 rooms, including a bridal suite, and between April and October has large marquee facilities which can accommodate up to 200 guests. As you can expect, it is a popular wedding venue. Also, Sunday Roast is served every Sunday between 12-5pm.

wonderful. Congratulations to the chef. We ended our meal with coffees and thanked Diana and Will for their warm hospitality, outstanding food, and perfect service - a template for how it should be.

It was also interesting to hear that both the hotel and restaurant are dog friendly, there is even a menu for dogs. How cute. Soon enough, our well-presented main courses were delivered to our table, both meals came with a big helping of homemade chips, which were absolutely amazing. Proper, fresh, homemade chips, and remarkably we both exclaimed that the chips were “just like mum’s” when we were growing up. These accompanied the meat perfectly well and both gammon and rump were cooked to perfection and tasted

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Arlesey street watch

Helping to keep your community safe


rlesey Street Watch is one of 15 Street Watch schemes across Bedfordshire. We launched in January 2017, initially with 4 members alnd now have 7 people who regularly patrol Arlesey and hopefully an 8th joining soon. The local co-ordinator for Arlesey Street Watch is Alex Morris. With the increase in bike thefts and damage to cars at Arlesey Station we have targeted our most recent patrols in this area. Over the last 2 months we have also been putting Street Watch signs up around Arlesey, you may have seen them?

Tina, Street Watch volunteer

In October we took delivery of 2 Street Watch bikes which means we will be able to cover the whole of Arlesey in one patrol. We took the opportunity to have the bikes marked at the recent cycle marking event held at the resource centre organised by Arlesey Rail User Group in association with British Transport Police and Govia (Railways). Crime prevention information was also given.

If you see us out on patrol do stop for a chat and if you’d like to join Arlesey Street Watch call Alex on 07952 209722 and leave a message or e-mail: alex.landman@ntlworld.com




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2 5 A big thanks to this month’s submissions

3 22


Anne Charters


Joe Buttrey


Linda Parcell


Sally Amner


Sarah Teale

Sunset Dog Walk In Lower Stondon Mushrooms, Longthorns Farm in Dorset Green Woodpecker at glebe meadows

Sunset Oak Drive Henlow Morning sunrise over Henlow Camp

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The January edition

CROSSWORD Answers on P27


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ou don’t have to make obvious changes to improve your home. A Globe Home Improvements customer contacted us recently upon recommendation from a friend. She had an old white wooden door which she loved the look of but needed to add some light in to her hallway and wanted some added security. Phil went around to take a look and within a matter of weeks her front door was replaced with a new, more secure multi point locking, maintenance free composite door. It was in the same style as her previous door, white with black door furniture but had the added benefit of two top windows to fill her hallway with more light. We also added a low threshold which is less of a trip hazard. She was delighted with the end result. Why not give us a call to see how we can help with any windows, doors, repairs or fascia/guttering problems you may have. Contact number:


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Welcome to our monthly feature: ’Kid’s Got Talent’ The place where we showcase the amazing talents of local children. We hope this will help motivate and inspire other children to discover new sports and hobbies.

Name: Chloe Brown Age: 7 from: henlow village Q: Briefly explain your talent? A: I love dancing in lots of different styles. Q: When do you practice, and with who? A: I practice with my dance teacher Miss Esme and in my spare time I often create my own dances to all sorts of music. Q: Are you a member of a club/class? A: Yes, I attend Dynamic Theatre Dance School, taking part in ballet, modern and tap classes. I also enjoy going to street dance club at my school. Q: What is your dance teacher like? A: Miss Esme is extremely funny and makes us all laugh a lot. She is always very cheerful and helpful. She never gets angry if we make mistakes. Q: What do you love about dancing? A: Dancing makes me feel happy and I have lots of fun with my friends in the class. Q: What are your goals/dreams/visions? A: I love the idea of being a performer on the stage when I am older. Q: Do you enter exams or perform in shows and have you ever won any prizes? A: We don’t take part in competitions but my dance school produce shows and we work towards exams regularly. I have been lucky enough to achieve distinctions for all my exams so far Q: Who is your favourite dancer? A: At the moment I am inspired by Karim and Amy from Strictly Come Dancing. Q: Any advice or tips for anyone wanting to become a dancer? A: Always enjoy yourself, keep smiling and if at first you don’t succeed then try and try again!

Does your child have an amazing talent?

if so, please get in touch at admin@livinglifemagazine.co.uk 26

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WHAT’S ON GUIDE it’s a date



Get Changed! For Alzheimers Society


Back to Netball


Saturday 18th January


Wednesdays 7.30pm

Swap your pre-loved items - clothes/shoes/accessories for something else. £10 pp incl. supper. Arlesey Village Hall, 7.30-10.30pm, arleseyeventsgroup@gmail.com

Weekly Netball session at the MUGA courts at Arlesey Recreation Ground, 7.30 – 8.30pm, £5 per week


Quiz Night at The Orchard


run shefford running club


Wednesday 15th January


Weekly Mon/Thurs

An evening of fun & food. Tickets £10 per person (includes dinner), arrive at 7pm for 7.30pm start at The Orchard, Fairfield, 01462 835525

Run Shefford organise two running sessions per week on Monday and Thursday at 7.15pm. Starts at the Shefford STMA


Curry & Quiz


Henlow Netball Club


Friday 31st January


Every Tuesday Evening

Ickleford Primary School PTA, feed on Mrs Palmers renowned curry with plenty of laughs and a great quiz. Info: www.facebook.com/icklefordschoolpta

food, drink & markets What:

Vegan Food & Gift Fair


Sunday 26th January

The Vegan Gift Fair coming to Biggleswade. 40 vegan stallholders. 10am - 4pm at the Weatherley Centre. Tickets: £1 in advance (eventbrite.co.uk) or £2.50 on the door.


Netball Training at Henlow Academy 7-8:30pm. Training costs £3.50. We always welcome new players! Contact Julie Hepburn 07766 492037 Juleshep82@yahoo.co.uk


Boxing for Fitness Classes


Wednesdays 7.30pm

On the green at Henlow Pavilion. Please get in touch for more info and to book a space www.l-fit.co.uk


Youth Cycling at RAF Henlow


Every Saturday

Available to all children aged 6-16, Saturday from 10am12pm, to come along please contact Mark Bradley on 07796 125996


Stondon WI


Callanetics exercise class


3rd Weds of the Month


Tuesday Evenings

We meet every third Wednesday of the month at Stondon Village Hall at 19.45hrs. For info, contact Thelma Endersby, 01462 850421, thelma.endersby@sky.com

Toned muscles, Better shape, Stronger body! 7pm-8.15pm every Tuesday evening. Henlow Methodist Church (High St, Henlow) Call Cathy 01462 811568


Arlesey WI


Boxing for Fitness with L-FIT


2nd Tuesday of the month


Wednesday Evenings 8.15pm

Arlesey WI meeting, held on 2nd Tuesday of the month at the W.I. Hall, High Street Arlesey at 7.30pm. Info: sheffordwi@gmail.com


At Henlow Pavilion, 8.15pm. Limited spaces, booking in advance required. For more info get in touch! lauraozholl@ hotmail.com www.l-fit.co.uk

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family & Children


New Year’s Eve Disco


PFGM Family Bingo


Tuesday 31st December


Saturday 25th January

The True Briton presents: New Year’s Eve Disco, with FREE buffet, DJ Nathan in the house.

Family Bingo at Gothic Mede Academy 4-6pm. Any size family £2.50 per head. Family of 4 Package £10 9includes 4 games & 4 meals).To book contact thom.pfgm@gmail.com


The Soul Man



Saturday 18th January


One of the most well known and loved local artists, The Soul Man performs soul classics, at The Old Oak, Arlesey, 9-11.30pm, FREE.

Cinderella Panto



11th & 18th January


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves



Various Dates/Times (31st Jan - 8th Feb)



Cinderella A Rock n Roll Panto


23&24 Jan 7.30pm, 25 Jan 2pm & 7.30pm

Henlow Village Drama Group 40th Anniversary, Tickets on sale from - 2nd Jan 2020, 85 High Street Henlow 01462 815392 What:

Rod Stewart Tribute


Saturday 15th February

Charity event at Meppershall Village Hall, tickets £10, contact Helen 07989 914941, proceeds for Children with Autism, doors open 7.30pm What:

Arlesey Musicians


Every Wednesday

An informal collection of people who like to make music together, meeting at The Cricketers pub in Ickleford around 7.30pm. Info: steevc@gmail.com or 07952 002383

Bingo Night

Saturday 22nd February

Arlesey Village Hall at 7pm. £10pp includes supper & first 2 Bingo tickets. Cash bar on the night. Book in advance: arleseyeventsgroup@gmail.com


Pantomine by HATS Drama Group at the Meppershall Village Hall, Tickets: £10/£7/£30 (Family) www.ticketsource.co.uk/ hats-drama

Wednesday 29th January

Watoto Children’s Choir concert is a fundraising event, choir consists of orphans and other vulnerable children. FREE event at the Sports Hall, Henlow CofE Academy.


The Meppershall Players present Cinderella at the STMA in Shefford. Tickets £10 (evening) £5 (matinee), ticketsource. co.uk/themeppershallplayers or 01462 816336

Watoto Childrens Choir

family events Weekly

Drop In Lego Club: Tues 3.30-5pm, Story & Craft: Fri 9:30 OR Sat 10:30 £1.50, Rhyme Time with Marie (term time £1.80), at Arlesey Resource Centre.

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the benefits of singing

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ave you ever sung along to the radio on a sunny day or in the car as you travel alone? Do you sing in the bathroom and enjoy the way the sound echoes off the tiled surfaces? Have you ever sung a child to sleep? Our voice is a marvellous instrument which all of us can enjoy. Karaoke nights at bars are enormously popular and some people love the limelight, but for others the comfort of a group can be more pleasurable. Some hardy souls sing in a quartet with each member having a differing voice part. This is not for the faint-hearted but very rewarding to achieve. Singing releases endorphins, feel-good hormones for pleasure. It uses the full capacity of our lungs, which exercises the body. It requires concentration and memory to get it right, which exercises the little grey cells in our brain. Singers learn to use their voices to produce different effects, they learn to blend with others or stand out by altering their mouth shape and breathing. They need to memorise words and project to an audience. Some groups learn from sheet music, some from teach tracks and some have several voice parts to suit men and women or for high and low voices. There are many openings in choirs or choruses and much fun to be had on a dark winter or summer evening – joining in and getting to know new people whilst enjoying a rewarding hobby. Singing for others is fun and giving concerts can be a highlight. Look around and find somewhere to join in today!


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