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Jan/Feb 2017

Behind the scenes in the theatre Declutter your life And... - Keep garden bugs at bay - Ross Noble in Richmond - Getting all steamed up Plus: local people, local lives, local events... and great local businesses

“The extent of market knowledge and professionalism was highly impressive, attributable to the insightful advice we received from Antony Roberts throughout�

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anuary is a time to think and plan for the year ahead. New ideas and even possibly a couple of resolutions can help you through the cold, dark days and into Spring. A good place to start is in your own home. Interior designer, Katherine Sorrell, has some great ideas for de-cluttering your house from pg 7, so you can start 2017 with fewer unwanted items and more space. And, in our health feature, on pg 30, there are some useful tips on how to keep going with those New Year resolutions, so they last longer than the first week of January! When you sit in a theatre, you are entranced by the stage and actors in front of you, but have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes? I had a lovely chat with Sarah Nicholson, Executive Director at the Orange Tree Theatre, about her work for this issue's A Day In The Life Of... find out more on pg 21. I hope you all have a stimulating, successful and fun-filled 2017! Pippa, Editor

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Business Profile 29 Rowena Grace Healing



Behind the scenes in the theatre Declutter your life  Tapas

And... - Keep garden bugs at bay - Ross Noble in Richmond - Getting all steamed up 




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homes & interiors

declutter for the New Year What could be a better New Year’s resolution for your home than to eliminate mess and create space?



hen the festive fun comes to an end, the presents are all opened and the Christmas pudding finally finished, it’s time to take a breath and assess just how much mess and clobber has built up in your home over the past year. If the answer is too much, then it’s time to declutter your stuff and sort your storage so that your home will be messfree and super-stylish in 2017. First, grab some rubbish bags and a few boxes or baskets. Work methodically through each room (it’s boring, but necessary – try doing just half an hour a day for a couple of weeks) and sort out obvious rubbish, things that can go to a local charity shop, items that could be sold second-hand, anything that needs mending, little-used things that can be put away in the garage or loft, and genuinely great stuff that you want to keep. Try to get rid of as much as possible (let’s face it: we all have too much stuff ), only holding onto things that you really need and/or love. With what’s left, it’s now time to work out where it will go. Often, our most persistent clutter arises from the fact that we haven’t made designated spaces where things can easily be put, so stuff just ends up lying

'Our most persistent clutter arises from the fact that we haven't made designated spaces...' around. Label your storage if necessary, and make sure the whole family knows what’s meant to go where. You’ll already have created extra storage space by having such a good clear-out; if you still need more, look for all the areas where you could fit additional storage, whether built-in or free-standing: from backs of doors to under the stairs, tops of wardrobes to under the bed. Think racks, hooks and shelves as well as conventional cabinets and chests of drawers and, where possible, ensure they co-ordinate with existing furniture,

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MAKING YOUR HOME SPARKLE Regular One Off Cleans Regular Cleaning | Spring Cleaning Moving In/Moving Out (tenancy) Cleans Pre-Builders/Decorators Cleans Post Builders/Decorators Cleans Party Cleans | Carpet Cleaning Oven Cleans | Ironing and laundry Services FULLY TRAINED STAFF



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'Store as much as possible near to where it's most needed, but don't store frequently used items below knee level...' enhancing your home’s style and even adding a soupçon of on-trend glamour. You may also wish to have a rethink about the location of some conventional storage spaces. If, for example, toys are always in the living room rather than in the children’s bedrooms, how about adding a toy storage unit somewhere handy, rather than having to tidy them away upstairs every day? There are a few rules of storage that might be helpful. Obvious, perhaps, but worth bearing in mind all the same. First, store like with like (it may take a while to go through the house and organise this, but it really is worth the effort for the ease of finding things later on). Never say: ‘I’ve got this box, what shall I put in it?’ Instead, match the size and shape of the container to what’s being kept inside (in other words, find small, lidded boxes for things like Lego and big squishy baskets for teddy bears).


Are you worried about your heating bills? Interlined curtains offer such great insulation for the cold days ahead and Curtain Call in Richmond have excellent quality nearly-new curtains at half their original cost that can offer you instant insulation. You can also have new interlined curtains and blinds made to measure.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm • Sat 10.00am - 6.00pm • Closed for lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

52 Friars Stile Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6NQ 020 8332 6250 •

Store as much as possible near to where it’s most needed, but don’t store frequently used items below knee level or above shoulder height, especially if they’re heavy. Avoid storing things on surfaces such as tables or desks – they’re where you want to put things while you’re organising them, not keep them there afterwards. And allow yourself room to expand – but only within reason. If you have allowed extra space, and then filled it… it’s time to start all over again. Easy ways to banish clutter • Write a list of where you want to declutter. Start with the hardest or the easiest – the important thing is that you now know what you need to do. • Have an intensive declutter workout and spend just five minutes clearing as much as you can in one area. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make. Repeat as often as you can. • Not sure which clothes to get rid of? Hang them all with the hooks facing one way. Every time you wear something, re-hang it with the hook facing the opposite way. After, say, six months, you can easily assess which items you never wear. You could try the same idea in the kitchen (turn the handles of your mugs in one direction, put glasses upside down, and so on), the playroom, the living room… • Make it a family competition. Who will be

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Alcoves Bookcases ●


Kitchens Shelving ●

the fastest to find three things to throw away, three things to give away and three things to tidy away? Offer prizes as necessary. • If what you need is some emergency decluttering, there’s no shame in popping everything into a big box and hiding it somewhere until you have time to go through it properly. Katherine Sorrell is the author of 17 books on design and interiors


from a single plant to an overgrown jungle Gardening masterclasses also offered

It's different, it's fun and the garden magic created will last and last

020 0208892 88929243 9243


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Made to order in my local workshop Superior quality and delivery within an agreed time span. Wood and painted finishes 07961 321126 Call Jamie for an informal discussion of your requirements


Fitted Furniture & Woodwork



Sometimes diagnosing a plant problem is more like being Sherlock Holmes than Mrs Green Hands. As the world around us changes, so do the unwelcome visitors in the garden. Last year was no exception!

© Valerie McBride-Munro 2017


e can divide garden pests into two groups – the biters and chewers and the piercers and suckers. The first includes slugs, snails, caterpillars and vine weevil etc; while the piercers and suckers are the aphids and their ilk. As each pest will leave its own unique set of teeth marks, normally it’s possible to identify who’s done what quite quickly. In the past few years we have seen the arrival of some new garden bad boys – the viburnum beetle, the rosemary beetle and the chestnut leaf miner to name a few. All three of these can, and will, cause devastating damage to plants. I’m not sure where the first two came from, but the chestnut leaf miner arrived in Wimbledon in 2002, travelling on the side of a lorry from Macedonia - you couldn’t make it up! Since then, the moth has had a complete predator-free hand, and each year we see the awful effects of it, with sad brown crinkly leaves by July. The area of influence increases annually, and the pest is now heading north and west. As yet, there is no ‘cure’. A tree’s ability to photosynthesize is reduced, so the whole system is weakened – in other words, the pest won’t kill a tree, but something else will knock it out. Well, there appears to be another new kid on the block, and I am playing garden detective to try and give it a name. If you have Erysimum linifolium ‘Bowles’ Mauve’ (everlasting wallflower) in your garden, you might have seen small round holes appearing in its foliage. Last year was the first time that I have seen this damage. The everlasting wallflower belongs to the

'In the past few years we have seen the arrival of some new garden bad boys...' cabbage family, so my route to finding the culprit took me to the brassica rogues gallery, as plant pests tend to maraud in family groups. Roll of drums please… here I found a bad boy that fitted the evidence: the flea beetle. ‘Makes small rounded holes on leaves (yes!), active April to May, and August (yes!), jumps off leaves when disturbed’ (that explains why they rarely stick around for an identity parade!). Flea beetles spend the winter in leaf litter, so clearing away dead leaves at the base of all vulnerable plants in the cabbage family will help to break its life cycle. Otherwise, careful use of some contact pesticide sprays could help (if you can actually find the beetles in the first place!). Always read and follow the label instructions carefully. Valerie McBride-Munro is a chartered horticulturist offering a plant problemsolving service. Tel: 020 8892 9243

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Kingsmere Care Home in Wimbledon now open


care home of outstanding comfort and luxury, Kingsmere is located by beautiful Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath. The home delivers the highest standards in senior living and care and is competitively priced – luxury you can afford. Avery delivers care with a difference and resident well-being is our primary concern. We ensure that residents have the highest quality of support for their physiological, psychological, social, and nutritional needs, all tailored to their individual circumstances. A wide range of healthy exercises, well balanced and freshly prepared fine dining, along with daily activities and outings in the home’s own private coach, are all part of a supportive lifestyle that helps residents enjoy life to the full. The spacious bedrooms are light, airy and beautifully decorated, all with en-suite shower rooms. There are several dining rooms and quiet lounges, and a private dining room where residents can entertain family and


friends for special occasions. Other features include a hair salon, barber, spa treatments, a dedicated cinema, a café serving home baked cakes and biscuits throughout the day and a quiet library room to peruse the papers or a good book. Tablet PCs are available for residents to use for Skype and social media, and use of the Wi-Fi for internet access is free to all, including visitors. Call 020 8031 0098 or search ‘Kingsmere

Care’ online or on

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o w nly Fro ee m k £1, al 4 l-i 50 nc lu siv e pe r

Kingsmere Care Home All-Inclusive Senior Living Wimbledon’s newest retirement and care home has opened its doors. This brand new Home from leading national operator Avery Healthcare provides the highest standards in hotel-style senior living for both singles and couples. It’s competitively priced too. Our approach is to nurture an atmosphere of care and community, all delivered in a luxury lifestyle. Your Well-being is our primary concern, and we will ensure that you have the highest quality of support for your physiological, psychological, social, and nutritional needs, all tailored to your individual circumstances. A wide range of healthy exercises, well balanced and freshly prepared fine dining, along with daily activities and outings, are all a part of a supportive lifestyle that will help you enjoy life to the full.

Call 020 8031 0098 or Search ‘Kingsmere Care’

Kingsmere Care Home 6 Victoria Drive Wimbledon SW19 6AB Please mention Living In Magazines when contacting




Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 through to 9. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Have fun! ANSWERS: pg 39

Market news...

Community Food, Arts & Crafts Market

On the first Sunday of each month 10am-2pm No market in January

* *

5th FEBRUARY * 5th MARCH *


At Station Parade, Kew (near the Station) SUPPORTING LOCAL CHARITIES




ne of the things that make Kew Village Market so special is the live music and in the last year we’ve had a fantastic line-up of bands playing in our sunshine-yellow music marquee. From local favourites King Ralph to Colombian sensation Los Hermanos Arias; from the incredible young talent of The Richmond Youth Jazz Band to the more, um, seasoned members of the ever-popular Elastic Band; with the cool sounds of Shifty Little Sister and Marimba Ariki somewhere in between... After our January break, in February, Rock The Line (pictured) will be lifting our spirits and getting the kids bopping with an eclectic mix of pop and soul hits and rock and blues classics.

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restaurant review

Tori Holcomb visits Putney's Casa Manolo for an evening of Tapas


s a mum of one lively toddler I was looking forward to a night off and the chance to review one of the newer restaurants in Putney and Casa Manolo which also has a deli - seemed like the perfect choice for myself and my oldest friend. We both love tapas and Spanish style dishes, so I was excited to see what they had to offer. Their website says that they are more than just a business, but a family - they started out in the small village of Salmoral in Salamanca before opening up in London, now with five restaurants. They certainly kept their promise to make you feel at home - Lucy and I were greeted by a friendly member of staff as soon as we walked through the door and were shown straight to our table. Throughout our meal we were served by a delightful waitress who was always smiling and found nothing too much trouble. We were pleased to see the restaurant was popular, with nearly all tables taken and many people also sitting at the small bar enjoying a glass of wine with nibbles. The restaurant itself had a simple rustic décor which did give you that Spanish feel – however, if we could have changed one thing it would have been the lighting, which was a little harsh and not very conducive to a cosy dinner. We started with a mixture of tapas dishes, Manchego cheese (£8), Patatas Picantes

'We were served by a delightful waitress who was always smiling...' (£6), Iberian spicy chorizo (£6) and garlic mushrooms (£7). Each dish was presented simply on white dishes and each tasted delicious. The Patatas Picantes were a particular favourite with us – the seasoning certainly made them rather moreish. After the large selection of starters we were feeling rather full, but decided that we would certainly like to sample a main. The waitress seemed rather surprised but, of course, happy to oblige. We decided to share the pork cheeks in red wine sauce with vegetables (£10). When this dish arrived, I did think it seemed a little small, but the pork was extremely succulent and melted in the mouth. The red wine flavor didn’t really come through, but was nonetheless very tasty. Finally, being the greedy girls that we are, we asked if we could hear what the dessert selection was. To our disappointment the choice was rather limited cheesecake or chocolate cake - so we decided to pass. All in all, the restaurant is a lovely place for some authentic tapas, but maybe not if desserts are your thing! 124 Putney High Street, SW15 1RG

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Read with Children Doorstep Library brings the joy of reading into homes of families in disadvantaged areas throughout Hammersmith & Fulham. We operate a team of volunteers who read with the children, lend them books, befriend the families and offer support.

Volunteer 3 hours a week to share your love of books If you are proficient in English and want to share a passion for reading, please email us at 020 8870 1476 Registered Charity: 1158197

SHOP LOCALLY Know your community

CHOOSE HANDMADE See what’s on your doorstep Get to know your butcher

talk to your neighbour

learn the name of the person on the till

Say hello to your street cleaner

Love your area


create an event find out what’s happening 18

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The Landmark Wedding Fair


he Landmark Wedding Fair is the perfect way to plan your perfect day. Brides and grooms-to-be will find inspiration, ideas and style from a hand-picked selection of over 40 wedding experts, from designer milliners and artisan cake makers to couture wedding dresses, handmade accessories and designer stationery. Highlights include two fabulous fashion shows, live music, live illustration and a ‘Wedspiration Zone’ for crafty brides with two ‘make and do’ creative sessions; DIY wedding theme glitter ideas and creating pretty paper baubles.

Review Of The Year 2016 1. After winning their first ever Olympic medal in 2016, which country's prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, announced they would no longer be progressing plans to change the country’s flag and that the union jack would stay part of it? 2. On March 1st, screenwriter Tony Warren died at the age of 79. Which longrunning TV show did he create? 3. Which three members of the Spice Girls reunited in 2016 and launched a new website called "The Spice Girls Gem"? 4. After a 12 year absence, which TV show returned in 2016 and was won by Apollo? 5. Words such as wondercrump, snozzwanger and scrumdiddlyumptious were included in a new dictionary that was compiled to mark the centenary of which author's birth? 6. Who was in the news in March 2016 for her use of meldonium? 7. In football, which Englishman refereed the final of Euro 2016? 8. Which country won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with a controversial song about Joseph Stalin's deportation of the Tatar people from Crimea in 1944? 9. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated in September 2016, with which one of the two filing for divorce? 10. In the week following the death of David Bowie, which five of his hit singles reentered the UK top 40 singles chart? Answers: pg39 Please mention Living In Magazines when contacting advertisers


Dance at


Arch 8 Kew Bridge Kew Green TW9 3AW 020 7018 0445

You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.

3 letters: 14 4 letters: 13 5 letters: 3 6 letters: 1 20

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Answers: pg 39



local people

a day in the life of... an Executive Director

Sarah Nicholson is Executive Director at the Orange Tree Theatre


ike most theatres, our office hours are 10am – 6pm, but I’ll usually have answered any urgent emails on my way in, which makes for a calmer start to the day. ‘My role as Executive Director is administrative, meaning I am the person responsible for people and money! I oversee our production, theatre management and fundraising colleagues. My role kicks in as soon as Paul [Miller, Artistic Director], starts considering programme ideas. There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a play, but it’s key to make sure it complements the programme for the entire year. The first thing is to find out if the rights for the play are available and then work on the financial and contractual negotiations. ‘Working within each budget is essential and, thankfully, our team is extremely diligent. For instance, our Technical Manager will communicate early on if he thinks a design needs further work to avoid compromising on the quality. Any overspend is likely to have a knock-on effect on other areas. ‘The casting process begins a few months before a play goes into rehearsal, but it has to be worked around a director’s other work and will depend on the size of the cast and what kind of audition schedule is deemed necessary.

‘Collaboration is at the very heart of how good theatre is produced so it’s important that we work with other theatres and companies. On average, I’ll see each production three times - it’s always fascinating watching a show 'There is nothing evolve. ‘I have regular we wouldn't deal meetings with with on stage...' colleagues – we have a team of 14, 11 of whom are full time – as we plan the short and long term future. Inevitably, an actor or a creative may be faced with something challenging outside of the production. It’s not possible to pre-empt but I believe it is part of my job to offer support. A highlight of the day is catching up with Paul as he makes me howl with laughter. I sometimes close our office door as I have quite a loud laugh! ‘I have been here for just over two years and it’s genuinely fun. I thrive on being surrounded by people who make theatre. There is nothing we wouldn’t deal with on stage, so it means working in an industry that inspires open and inquisitive thinking. I’d like people to think of the Orange Tree as a place to feel welcome and stimulated. 'My day often ends with me flying out of the door. I’m quite optimistic about how much I can achieve in a short amount of time and being so close to Richmond station means I often end up on the platform with seconds to spare!’

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2017 – Lower your energy bills and add value to your home with our stylish double glazing products; windows, doors & conservatories

Totally transform your home with our extensive bi-fold range! Guaranteed quality products at competitive prices We are an established family run business with over 35 years’ experience in supplying double glazing to householders within the community. TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME

TEL: 020 8288 8893 FAX: 020 8288 8894 l

164 Leatherhead Rd Chessington Surrey KT9 2HU l


Connecting local businesses to local people - 020 8878 1890

Browse our collection of high quality, luxury beds at our new showroom in Sheen. Our expert team are on hand to offer professional advice and deliver complimentary sleep consultations to help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep, every night.

Largest selection in the region

Official Flagship Store

215 Upper Richmond Road, Sheen, London, SW14 8QT Tel: 020 7723 2925

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Outstanding Patient Care

Allison Hill

Retired Primary School Teacher

Time and again our patients rate us as one of the best private hospitals* • Exceptional nursing care • Highly skilled Consultants • New state of the art operating theatres • New cardiac diagnostic facility • Recognised by all major insurers • Fixed price surgery and finance packages available


A private, charity owned hospital providing compassionate healthcare for almost 60 years

New Victoria Hospital 184 Coombe Lane West Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT2 7EG

*Over 99% of patients rated our overall quality of care as Excellent or Very Good.

T. +44 (0) 20 8949 9000 E. W.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Jan-Jul 2016businesses to local people - 020 8878 1890 Connecting local

local talk... east twickenham • Life is complicated A former Twickenham resident, Sara Stewart, has released a novel of dark comedy – Whilst I Was Out – which may get a few husbands a bit jittery. It tells the story of Alice, a working mother of three, whose life is complicated by domestic abuse, alcohol addiction and deciding in middle age that she’s gay. And when she falls in love with a woman for the first time it seems she just replaced her narcissistic husband with a sociopath.

Pegasus Press, £8.99

• Keep learning The University of the Third Age is a movement for retired and semiretired people to socialise and learn together – not for qualifications but for the interest in discovering new things. U3A meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month at the ETNA Community Centre, 2-4pm. Find out about U3A membership at For details of other classes and events for all ages at the centre, visit


•Keeping it local Don’t forget Kew has the great local website The website was created and is run by local people and offers an extended list of local groups, organisations, useful information, events and news.

richmond • Friends of Richmond Park The Friends of Richmond Park is a charity which has been helping to preserve the park for 55 years. It is dedicated to ‘peace and natural beauty for the benefit of the public and future generations’. It is run entirely by volunteers and has Sir David Attenborough and author Dame Jaqueline Wilson among its patrons. If you’d like to help look after our wonderful local natural environment, find out about volunteering at If you've got any interesting local news that should be shared, just email me at: and I'll try to include it.

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STEAM comes to Richmond

local history

Steam helped Richmond to grow into the popular town it is today

© John Moses 2017


e rightly connect steam with the railways, but the vertical steam engine was invented much earlier to meet commercial needs of the Industrial Revolution. The Kew Bridge Steam Museum, which opened in 1975, was originally Kew Pumping Station, built to supply water to London and opened in 1838. Its oldest steam pump is the Boulton and Watt engine, which came to Kew in 1840. However, the first use of steam locomotion in Richmond came with the arrival of the paddle steamers in 1816. These steamers provided a quicker and generally safer form of travel to and from London than on the road, particularly because of the danger of highwaymen, though the boats’ boilers sometimes blew up, causing terrible accidents. By 1840 there were three steamers each way. The coming of the railways actually gave a boost to the river steamers, because with cheap railway fares the public had a much greater opportunity to travel. The Bank Holidays Act of 1871 allowed people more time off and on the Bank Holidays they made even more use of pleasure steamers. The Times on 5 August 1890 commented that on the previous Bank Holiday the owners were able to double their prices and the boats were queuing up to get to the piers. The article noted that Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill were among the most popular destinations. Richmond and Twickenham were about as far as the steamboats could travel from London as they were not able to get through Teddington Lock.

Top: A river steamer in the 1890s. Bottom: A District Railway locomotive, coming into Richmond Station, c. 1880. The Church Rd bridge is in the background

The London and South Western Railway (L&SWR) built the first railway line to Richmond, opening in 1846, and a second line in 1869 - running from Addison Road station, (now Kensington Olympia), to Richmond over Kew Railway Bridge. The line from Ravenscourt Park still exists today, because the Metropolitan District Railway, (now the District Line), was allowed to use this part of the line when they opened their own line from Mansion House in 1877. The District Line’s competition proved too much for the L&SWR and the Addison Road - Ravenscourt Park line closed in 1916, which was also when most of the railways around Richmond became electrified. The biggest social impact of the trains was that Richmond residents could now easily live in one place and work in another. 'Kew Gardens and Richmond According to two censuses, the population of Hill were among the most Richmond rose from 9,255 in 1851 to 25,777 in 1901. The age of commuting had begun. popular destinations...' John Moses Please mention Living In Magazines when contacting advertisers 27

PAIN RELIEF VIA HEALING TOUCH Rowena Grace is a qualified energy healer offering intuitive pain relief treatments in your own home and in Covent Garden. “I felt pain free…the next day for the first time in years” – Brian M, February 2016 Emotional issues: • Stress • Anxiety • Depression • Tension • Trauma

Physical pain: • Back / neck pain • Sports injuries • Repetitive strain • Restricted mobility • Muscle / joint pain

Rowena Grace Healing Tel: 07970 833 394

 Gentle touch  Fully clothed  Suitable for all ages

GUARANTEE: I will not charge you if, at the end of your first session, you have not felt any benefit and do not wish to continue with further treatments.

EARTHLIFE WELLBEING & FITNESS Earthlife is a unique and tranquil facility in the arches of Kew Bridge, where emphasis is placed on Fitness, Health and Wellbeing. Our aim is to provide a personal and holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness in a place of calm and relaxation.

No Membership or Joining Fees!

New courses starting from 3rd January 2017 Monday





09:30-Pilates Gen 10:45-Pilates Beg 18:30-Lotte Berk 19:30-Lotte Berk 20:30-Pilates Interm

09:30-Hatha Yoga 11:00-Stretching 12:00-Buggyfit 18:45-Hatha Yoga Beg 20:15-Pilates Beg

09:30-Iyengar Yoga 11:15-Pregnancy Yoga 13:00-Baby Massage 19:15-Pregnancy Yoga 20:30-Yoga for Cyclists & Runners

09:30-Lotte Berk 11:00-Mum & Baby Yoga 12:45-Mum & Baby Yoga 17:45-Teen Yoga 13-16 yrs 18:45-Pregnancy Yoga 20:00-Dynamic Yoga

09:30-Pilates 11:00-Buggyfit 11:15-Ballet 12:30-Lotte Berk

Earthlife Wellbeing & Fitness

Arch 2, Kew Bridge Arches, Richmond, TW9 3AW

Tel: 020 8940 0888 -


Connecting local businesses to local people - 020 8878 1890

Limited numbers in all classes, so call us now to book your space!

Energy healing –

health & wellbeing

beyond the woo-woo

What is energy healing – and could it help you?


s a Cambridge-educated Finance Director, I needed some convincing that energy healing was real. Having felt tangible benefits myself, and seen others benefit, I know that it works. Energy healing is becoming mainstream and many people have experienced it in some form. Reflexology, Acupuncture and Reiki are well-known approaches, but there are many others available. I see the various techniques working along a spectrum, starting from systems that are functional, like Kinesiology (muscle testing), via treatments in the middle of the scale such as Bi-Aura or Acupuncture which work with the chakras and energy meridians of the body, to more mystical approaches at the far end. Along this spectrum there is something for everyone – you just need to find what resonates for you. I have tried many forms of healing and have benefitted hugely from the wisdom and experience of healers. Sometimes it has resolved physical pain – for example, one Neuro-Muscular Transmission healer freed me from acute back pain, which I experienced from having a wedge-shaped vertebra, by realigning the soft tissue around my spine more conventional approaches hadn't helped. On other occasions it has resolved emotional issues. A shaman helped me to open up my heart again, after a devastating break up with a boyfriend had led me to shut down emotionally. I could feel the hurt and bitterness dropping away as he worked over several sessions. Health is not just the absence of illness; it involves wholeness, a sense of well-being, clear thinking, vitality and a willingness to embrace change. A healthy body has energy flowing freely throughout, and this energy

flow can actually be felt or seen by healers. If that flow is blocked, or the energy is drained and not replenished, then problems arise. Blockages can arise for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reasons. Energy healers identify where the blockages are and then help to rebalance their client’s body. The benefits can be an easing of physical pain or the reduction of problems such as depression, anxiety and stress. When looking for a healer, the most important thing is that you trust the person and their intentions. If you do not feel comfortable with the first healer you try, listen to your instincts and keep looking until you find someone who feels right. If you like the sound of a particular form of healing, search for the institute governing that approach and find a local healer that way. Personal recommendations from friends are a good source of information, while the Complementary Medical Association has a directory of healers. Why not try it yourself? Rowena Grace

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health & wellbeing

realistic RESOLUTIONS New Year resolutions sound like a great idea - a fresh year and a fresh start. So why do they often fail?


estive goodwill and enthusiasm can encourage us to make overly ambitious New Year's resolutions, setting ourselves up to fail. So, here’s a look at the top three resolutions – and how to help keep them.

More exercise

Your resolution: 'I’ll go to Pilates, do my dance DVD and walk two miles every week!' You didn’t manage any of these things every week last year - ask yourself why. Identify activities you enjoy and can most easily fit in. A better resolution: I’ll do at least an hour’s exercise every week. Weather too bad for walking? Missed Pilates? Resolve to do your exercise DVD instead. Anything else is a bonus. Better to do some exercise consistently than none.

Less alcohol

Your resolution: ‘I won’t drink on weekdays/ at home/ever again’ Recent research shows that even alcohol intake under the recommended limit of 14 units per week increases your risk of many conditions, including dementia and some cancers. A better resolution: Think about when and where you drink, and reduce your intake gradually. Try: • Matching every alcoholic drink with a soft one. • Finding other ways to relax if you always have a drink on returning from work. • Swapping wine for low-alcohol or nonalcoholic versions.

No smoking

Your resolution: ‘I smoke 30 a day, but I’m 30

quitting for good at New Year!’ It’s probably quicker to list conditions not aggravated or caused by smoking than to list those that are, and accepting you’re addicted to nicotine can be hard. But that twitchiness you feel – the need for a cigarette to ‘calm your nerves’ - is nicotine withdrawal. A better resolution: • Visit your GP. They can prescribe some nicotine replacement products and refer you to counselling. • Make yourself smoke outside; it takes more effort. Toxins from your cigarette linger in the air (second-hand smoke) and settle on surfaces, where they’re re-released (third-hand smoke), so you’ll be improving the health of housemates and visitors, too. • Smoke to a timed schedule and gradually increase the time between cigarettes. Even if you smoke 25 a day and only drop one daily cigarette per fortnight, you’ll still be a nonsmoker in under a year. • Keep nicotine but eliminate cigarette toxins like cyanide and arsenic by swapping to e-cigarettes or vaporisers. Alison Runham

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We do all the jobs you don't like: - book keeping - filing - creating databases - processing accounts So that you can get on with the jobs you do like. You can use us for a few hours, when needed, or regularly every week or month. At your office or ours. Contact us: 01932 882 340


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Claremont Fan Court School An independent co-educational school for pupils aged 2½ to 18 years

Open Mornings

Whole School - 10.00am-12.30pm Introductory talk at 10.00am Saturday 4 February Saturday 11 March For further information, tel 01372 473624 or email

Nursery Pre-Prep Prep Senior Sixth Form A67987 Claremont Fan Whole School Advert -Living Living in 128x189.indd 1 advertisers Please mention InRichmond_Jan/Feb Magazines when contacting

30/06/2016 10:16 33

Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Mornings Friday 24th February 2017 9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Places can be reserved through our ‘Visit the School’ page

Our Impressive State Of The Art New Prep Building Is Now Open

020 8979 1844 Formerly Denmead Pre-Prep School & Prep School, Gloucester Road, Hampton, TW12 2UQ

Independent Day School for boys aged 11-18 years

Visitors’ Afternoons throughout the year (by appointment - see website for details)

• Scholarships and Bursaries available • 22 route coach service • 27 acre campus

020 8979 9273 Hampton School, Hanworth Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 3HD


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SWIMMING LESSONS ”I can thoroughly recommend Sports Generation. Both of my children have learned to swim with them and their progress and water confidence has been amazing. We used another swim school previously but SG are in a different league.”


Private Pool Client, Richmond Richmond Hill



Feb 1





020 8940 9431





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HALLIFORD SCHOOL - Shepperton A warm and friendly school where pupils feel at ease


t Halliford we value individuality, celebrate diversity and encourage our pupils to have the confidence to think for themselves. The school has a distinctive ethos based on pastoral care in its widest sense, and one which combines hard work with relaxation, discipline with informality and tradition with innovation. Our relatively small size contributes to the warm and friendly atmosphere where pupils feel at ease and are encouraged to maximise their academic potential whilst experiencing opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom - in sports, music, art, and drama - as well as a range of extra-curricular activities and trips. The school is an independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18 and girls 16 to 18. Beyond the original Georgian house on Russell Road, there are modern buildings, most recent of which is the Sixth Form Centre offering state of the art facilities, including a recital room,

recording studio, Art studios, Sixth Form cafÊ and dedicated Sixth Form work spaces. Emerging from this vibrant community the Halliford pupil leaves us equipped with self-confidence and a sense of purpose, an excellent education, awareness of the needs of others and often, examination results far beyond his or her expectations. Come and visit Halliford - you’ll see why we are so proud of our pupils and our school environment. Contact the Registrar on 01932 223593 for further information.



Connecting local businesses to local people - 020 8878 1890 Independent senior day school Boys 11–18 years Girls 16 –18 years

Open Days Thursday 2nd March,Tuesday 7th March Thursday 4th May Tours of the School start at 9.30am and 11.30am (by appointment) Please contact Fran Clatworthy at or telephone 01932 223593

An exceptionally friendly school, offering a stimulating and positive environment, where pupils are encouraged to fulfil their potential. We offer an extensive coach service covering the surrounding area and the School is a short walk from Shepperton Mainline station. Please mention Living In Magazines when contacting advertisers B5223 Halliford 189x128P.indd 1

37 08/11/2016 13:40


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it's a game of TWO HALVES


o one can ignore the shocking revelations of child abuse in football – it has been horrifying and unnerving. Despite recent publicity, it is worth pointing out that much has changed in the governance of the game over the past 30 years. There is now a much more rigorous regime regarding coaching, including a requirement for all youth coaches to have taken a Level 1 FA Coaching Course. This covers basic football skills, Youth Modules on coaching to various age groups, First Aid and, importantly, Safeguarding Children, with every coach being DBS (old CRB) checked. Safeguarding is not just about physical wellbeing but also awareness of how children behave and react to their environment, and being alert to sudden changes in a child’s behaviour. Every club must have a Child Welfare Officer to advise coaches and parents

Quiz answers


1. Fiji’s 2. Coronation Street 3. Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel B (“Gem standing for the first letters of their first names”) 4. Robot Wars 5. Roald Dahl’s 6. Maria Sharapova (after failing a drugs test) 7. Mark Clattenburg 8. Ukraine 9. Angelina Jolie 10. Heroes, Life On Mars, Starman, Let’s Dance and Space Oddity


CHILDREN'S PAGE ANSWERS: A - Hedgehog B - Bat C - Fox D - Owl E - Mouse




on any worrying developments. Clubs have to be vigilant, and it seems even now some need to be more so. When we set up KPR we decided all coaches must be qualified, and now no team can play competitively unless there is a Level 1 coach in attendance. Our attention to these issues is perhaps one reason we were voted the Best Grassroots Club in the country by the FA. Andy Becker, Football Manager

Ceramics Café Kew Original Ceramics - Painted By You

Studio Hours: Monday–Saturd ay 10am - 6pm Sunday 11am - 6p m www.ceramicsca Tel: 020 8332 66 61

1a Mortlake Terrace, Kew Green Richmond TW9 3DT

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useful numbers doctors surgeries/hospitals Kew Medical Centre North Road Paradise Rd Parkshot Medical Richmond Green Medical Centre Richmond Lock Seymour House Twickenham Park Vineyard Kingston Hospital Queen Mary's Hospital West Middlesex Hospital

schools 020 8487 8292 020 8876 4442 020 8940 2423 020 8948 4217 020 8332 7515 020 8892 2543 020 8940 2802 020 8892 1991 020 8948 0404 020 8546 7711 020 8487 6000 020 8560 2121

clubs, groups & societies Cambrian Centre 020 8948 3351 East Twick Neighbourhood Assoc Kew Horticultural Society Kew Neighbourhood Assoc 020 8948 8054 Kew Scout Group 020 8940 2484 Richmond Decorative & Fine Arts Society Richmond & Twickenham Photographic Society Rotary Club (Kew Gdns) The Avenue Club 020 8948 8807 The Kew Society The Richmond Art Society 020 8943 1735 The Richmond Local History Society 020 8891 3825 The Richmond Society 020 8948 0643

sports clubs & activities 144 (Richmond) Sqdrn Air Cadets Mid Surrey Bowls Club North Sheen Bowling Club Pensford Tennis Club Pools on the Park Priory Park Club Bowls Priory Park Tennis Ranelagh Harriers Richmond Athletic Assoc Richmond Junior Chess Club Richmond Lawn Tennis Club Richmond Indoor Bowls Club

020 8940 2223 01784 885 052 020 8891 1541 020 8255 6725 020 8940 0561 020 8876 6492 020 8892 9763 020 8948 8803 020 8940 0397 020 8948 0895 020 8940 3783

local police Richmond Police Station (8am-8pm) Safer Neighbourhood Teams North Richmond South Richmond East Twickenham


101 020 8721 2928 020 8721 2066 07768 178 989

Darell Holy Trinity CE Kew Riverside Marshgate Orleans Infant & Nursery St Elizabeth’s Catholic St Mary's CE St Stephen's CE The Queen’s CE Windham Nursery

020 8876 6721 020 8940 2730 020 8487 8437 020 8332 6219 020 8892 1654 020 8940 3015 020 8892 7849 020 8892 3462 020 8940 3580 020 8831 6060

Christ’s Grey Court Orleans Teddington Twickenham Academy Waldegrave

020 8940 6982 020 8948 1173 020 8891 0187 020 8943 0033 020 8894 4503 020 8894 3244

libraries Richmond 020 8734 3330 Mon 9.30am-7pm; Tues, Thurs, Fri 9.30am-6pm; Weds 10am-7pm; Sat 9.30am-4pm; Sun 1-5pm Twickenham 020 8734 3340 Mon 9.30am-7pm; Tues, Thurs, Fri 9.30am-6pm; Weds 10am-7pm; Sat 9.30am-4pm; Sun closed Kew 020 8734 3352 Tues, Thurs,10am-6pm; Sat 9.30am--4pm; Mon, Weds, Fri, Sun closed

council Richmond Council Crimestoppers Victim Support (Richmond) Complaints: Road, lighting, pavement, abandoned vehicles, consumer protection, parks, planning applications etc

08456 122 660 0800 555 111 020 7223 1234

0845 612 2660

recycling The Dump (Townmead Rd) Opening Times Mon 10am - 6pm; Tues - Sat 8am - 6pm; Sun & Bank Hols 9am - 4pm (last admission 15 mins before closing time). Closed: 25, 26 Dec, 1 Jan Freecycle: give away or find unwanted goods and recycle locally. Join the local group at: If you have a club, society or association that you would like listed here please email me the details at:

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Index of Local Businesses Bathrooms Bella Masons Original Bathrooms Beds Westend Beds Builders DPS

6 8 5 23 3

Car Servicing & Repairs Colin Ferns: Mercedes Care Home Kingsmere Carpentry/Fitted Furniture Yellow Chisel Catering Katie's Kitchen Children’s Activities Ceramics CafÊ Monkey Music Cleaning Services Cleaners For My Home Curtains/blinds Curtain Call Dance Studio Yes Brazil/Studio Kew Dentist Kew Dental Care Roseneath Drama Classes Stagecoach Dog Grooming & Sitting Posh Pups Energy Healing Rowena Grace Healing Estate Agents Antony Roberts Fireplace Chiswick Fireplace Garden Services Auntie Planty GP (private) Richmond Practice Roseneath Hair Salon The Richmond Salon Health & Wellbeing Earthlife Heating Engineer David Harris

43 13 10 14 36 36 8 9 20 31 31 44 18 28 2

Hospital (private) New Victoria Hospital


Hypnotherapy The Westfield Practice


Interiors/Kitchen Design Bella


Market Kew Village Market Martial Arts Pee Wee/ Funakoshi Karate Massage Keheren Therapy


Pet Franchise Pets, Homes & Gardening


Schools Claremont Fan Court Hampton Prep Hampton Halliford Solicitors D & G Family Law Storage Currie Swimming Classes Sports Generation Travel Agent Thames Travel Tutors Tutors of Richmond

14 32

33 34 34 37 12 10 35 17 32

Weddings Landmark Weddings 19 Windows & Doors Pro-Fit 22

16 10 20 31 20 28 10

Disclaimer: While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information in this magazine is accurate, the Publisher cannot accept, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for the claims made by contributors in advertising content or Business Profiles or for loss arising from nonpublication of any advertisement. Reproduction of text, images or artwork is strictly prohibited without prior permission of the Publisher.

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what's on LOCALLY

Theatre... Ross Noble: Brain Dump 17 January

Known for his super quick wit, freewheeling style and unstoppable imagination, Ross Noble has too much stuff filling his head – and it’s time to let it all out. Noble started in comedy 25 years ago, at the tender age of 15, giving him a loyal audience which has grown up with him (possibly more than him) over the years. A onenight event to experience Ross Noble up close. Richmond Theatre, Little Green, Richmond TW9 1QJ. Tickets £27.90 + fee. Box office: 0844 871 7651.


The Royal Star & Garter: 100 Years of Care Until 29 April

The Museum of Richmond’s exhibition celebrates the 100th Anniversary of The Royal Star & Garter Homes, showing the history of the care given to the nation’s ex-servicemen and women who have been injured in the line of duty. The exhibition highlights the day-to-day life, connections to Paralympic sport and the support of the Royal Family. The museum is open 11am-5pm, Tues-Fri; 11am-4pm Sat. 2nd floor, Old Town Hall, Whittaker Avenue, Richmond TW9 1TP.

Festival... Orchid Lates


Low Level Panic 16 Feb – 25 Mar

Three 20-something women figure out how they really feel about sex, their bodies and each other. When Mary finds some porn in the bin, she wants to talk about it. But her flatmates, Celia and Jo, have other things on their minds. In the first major revival since its Royal Court Theatre premiere nearly 30 years ago, Clare McIntyre’s play looks at the effects of society’s objectification of women. Orange Tree Theatre, 1 Clarence St, Richmond TW9 2SA. Box office: 020 8940 3633. Tickets from £15.

9 Feb – 2 Mar Stroll through the Princess of Wales Conservatory and enjoy the luscious orchids after dark. As part of the Orchid Festival, Kew Gardens is opening late on Tuesdays & Thursdays, for a limited period, to allow visitors to experience the thousands of orchids and flower displays in a new light. Tickets £15 per person. 42

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EMBRACE CREATIVITY Realise the unique potential in your child Acting, singing and dance classes for 4 - 18 year olds. Find out more and start your child’s journey today: 020 8487 1456

Kew Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools are operated under 44 and are independently franchise owned by their local people - 020 8878 1890 Connecting local businesses Stagecoach is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd.

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