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Peace Talk - March 2010

Apostolic Mission Congregation of the LCMS Pastor Kristian Bjornstad 2506 N. Main Ave. 343-9828

All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; - 2 Corinthians 5:18

FROM THE PASTOR’S HEART: What constitutes the beautiful family in Jesus? It is the people of God reconciled both to God and each other. Every family has its good, bad and ugly. With every gladness there is usually a sorrow. With every good relationship there is always at least one that is broken. Strangely, even a broken family is still family! The bonds of family are so very strong. It is because you can’t just exit a family that broken family relationships are so hard to deal with. And this is why healed relationships are such a joy! And to this end we are given the gift of God to the church in the Ministry of Reconciliation. Whether is it brother/sister, husband/wife, child/parent relationships, it is Jesus Christ that can make a powerful difference. I have seen it over and over in my own life and in the lives of families who have submitted themselves to true repentance and the Good News of sins forgiven by God and each other. It is a beautiful to share in the ministry of reconciliation. IN THIS LENTEN TIDE: Be reconciled in the cross of Jesus! Be family!

In Jesus, Pastor Bjornstad

JOIN IN THE PARADE! For the second year running, The Lutheran Academy will be joining in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 13th. Last year our float was the ONLY specifically Christian themed float of the parade. We hope that this year there might be other Christian themed floats, but if not, we will be there with a church tower and stained windows modeled after Peace Lutheran and a verse from Isaiah 34:16: “Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read...” The Lutheran Academy Art teacher Mary Chache and the students (pictured above is Alison Lessard) have been working very hard for the last couple months on this, but NOW WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION! FRIDAY AT 6 PM to help decorate the float. SATURDAY to walk with us in the parade! The parade starts at 12, but we do not know yet when our start time is. Call the church office or check the webpage or church Facebook page for our meeting time. THANK YOU!

MISCELANEOUS NOTES: PRAISING GOD! + Our SECOND MEN’S NETWORK MEETING was attended by six men who seek God! We discussed Christian Character by reading sections of Tiger Wood’s recent apology. Our next meeting is Saturday March 27th at Panera Bread in Dickson City (9 am). We are looking for 10 men at each meeting. Open to all men! Please bring a friend! + MARRIAGE BLESSING: The very excellent movie “Fireproof” is making its rounds of married couples again. Please request it from Pastor if you have not seen it. It is proving time and time again to be a blessing. + NEW MEMBERS: Please pray for several individuals who are seeking church membership, and for children coming for baptism into the family of God! We had a blessed evening dinner Feb. 21st and we hope to have a blessing service soon of all those desiring to become members! + PANERA BREAD: Just a note to say that if you are able, please patronize Panera Bread! Kevin Woolverton picks up the leftover bread on Monday nights at Panera which is distributed the local food bank on Wednesday mornings. Pastor Bjornstad picks up the bread on Wednesday night and that bread is distributed to the neighborhood around Peace every week! We appreciate their partnership! +CONFIRMATION PARENTS AND STUDENTS CAME TOGETHER for a great discussion on sexuality and dating for the young Christian. It was a great conversation starter on one of those “difficult” subjects that are so very important! + St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church (Scranton) Ladies Guild challenges Peace Lutheran Church to put together Health Kits for Haiti to be delivered in June. Any takers? Monica Bjornstad is distributing a survey for the ladies of the congregation concerning the future of the LWML and the direction of the Ladies Guild! Please participate!

YOUTH PASTA DINNER - thanks for your support about $600 was raised toward the trip to the LCMS youth gathering this summer!

CONGREGATIONAL VOTER’S MEETING IS TUESDAY, MARCH 9th beginning at 6:30 pm! Peace Lutheran is God’s church, but he has given us the responsibility to run it! Support your church council! +++++++++++++++++++++




Christian History Notes: The first Europeans The original Celts were tribes that emerged from central Europe about 1000 B.C. and spread over much of Europe by 300 B.C. They shared a common language and, in large degree, a common culture—but not a common name. They were called Keltoi or Galatians by the Greeks and Gauls or the Galli by the Romans, who thought of them as a brutal, militaristic people. Maybe that's because Rome, and Julius Caesar in particular, spent a lot of money and men repelling their incessant attacks (recorded in one of the most famous Latin works, Caesar's commentary on the Gallic Wars). When the Romans finally proved victorious, the Celts retreated to what was then considered the edge of civilization: areas we now call England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Please remember to pray for our shut in members of our congregation! Please pray especially for Edith and Elwood Korban, Lilly Smith, Trudy Makowski, Betty McKeen, Marilyn Wright. Pray also for the Durkin Family as they are looking to be blessed with a new child (now due!) ++++++++++++++++++++

STEWARDSHIP: FINIANCIAL WORKSHOP COMING UP APRIL 11: During the service we will be blessed with a guest Preacher: Rev. Gregory Dwyer from Concordia College, Bronxville, NY. After worship he would like to share a 45 minute workshop called: FOUR FACETS FOR PERSONAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM Perhaps we could have a pot luck luncheon prior to the presentation, otherwise Pastor's big "Pot-O-Soup" might suffice! TITHING ENCOURAGEMENT: When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing. Give to God what's right--not what's left.

From “Patrick and Celtic Christianity: Did You Know?” posted 10/01/1998, Christianity Today Magazine.

PLEASE remember that your regular offerings are important and that they are blessed by God so that His Gospel is preached and His Kingdom come! Is there anything more beautiful?




FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHURCH PRESENTATION! Join our new Eastern District President March 28 at 3 pm at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, WB! He would like to share with you God’s encouragement!

MISSION NEWS/PRAYERS! FROM CARSTEN BJORNSTAD (father of Pastor Bjornstad) Dear friends, My time in Macau is coming to an end. My plane leaves March 5, and although I'm officially finished with my work, I'm still here teaching students of teachers yet to arrive. I'm also saying the always painful good-byes. It's been a time of great blessing. Not only did I experience God's love for me personally, I experienced what it means to be his instrument of love to others. I became a member of a team and came to see my work as an English tutor, Bible study leader, and guitar teacher as useful to the community. Lastly, I saw love at work in the lives of my students and my co-workers and, very recently, saw the power of the Holy Spirit in bringing two of those students to Christ. By his grace, they will be baptized this Easter.

Carsten with students and co-worker.

As an English tutor, I gained as much as I ever gave. I gained insight into Chinese culture and into the lives and values of my students. I enjoyed their humor, their eagerness to learn, their quick intelligence, and their positive responses to what I brought them as a teacher, a Christian, and an American. It was as good as a teacher's world ever gets. As a Bible study leader, I had the privilege of sharing the wonders of the God's love recorded in his book. The willingness of my students to share their reactions to the stories always delighted me. In responding to the story of the shipwreck (Acts 27 - 28) last Tuesday, for example, they put themselves in the place of the sailors, Centurian, and soldiers and thought it amazing how willing they were to listen to Paul, a prisoner. Paul amazed them as well. They noticed how confident he was, how concerned he was for others and how open he was in pointing to God as the giver. We ended the session with the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," and a prayer for courage in our own times of crises. As guitar teacher, I not only taught my students skills, I taught them Christian songs. It was always important to me to discuss the texts with them and show them the biblical sources. One of my students sent me an e-mail recently, thanking me for my part in teaching her, wishing me well in the future, and sharing with me the text of a song which she thought expressed her thanks. It was a song entitled "Thank You" by Ray Boltz. Part of it read "Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am so glad you gave." I was deeply moved that she would share in this way. I praise God for her generosity and caring. Why do I tell you all about this? Because I want you to think about serving the Lord as a short-term or long-term worker yourselves. I would bet that the blessings you'd receive would change your life and that the blessings you'd impart would be unnumbered. The needs are great. For more information go to

Lutheran Academy News

A word of new and prayer for The Lutheran Academy. This past Sunday, by congregational vote, Immanuel Lutheran Church decided to take the next step toward building four classrooms onto their church fellowship hall. The implication is that The Lutheran Academy would be invited to use two of them. This would be a great blessing! The other rooms would be used for the Immanuel Lutheran Preschool. We pray that God would guide any further decisions! Efforts are now underway to put together a business plan on how it could be financed and built.


Concepts of Christian Parenting: The Bjornstad Basics YOUR CHRISTIAN FAMILY IS NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE’S FAMILY One of the most important things that you can instill in your child from day one is that 1) he/she is a child of God, and 2) that as a Child of God, life for them is going to be perhaps quite different than everyone else’s. We have said from the very beginning to our daughters that they would not be able to date boys until they were 18 (we say 21 in jest, but we know that once they are out of the house they are on their own!) From the very beginning we explained the reasons for this: that Christians hold our relationships between men and women sacred, and as such, until we are emotionally and spiritually mature enough to keep them sacred, we just are not going to put our sexual lives at risk. True, not every child is going to take kindly to this, but if they know this and have been taught this from the very beginning, they will be much more willing to go along. This goes for watching movies, the number of hours we watch TV, which friends we spend time with… in other words: everything! And when we live as children of God we do not compare ourselves to our neighbor! We hold ourselves up to the example of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

1 7 pm Jr. Confirmation

Monday 2


28 29 Sunday of the Passion/ NO Jr. Confirmation Palm Sunday (come to one of the 9:15 Education Hour Holy Week services 10:30 Worship (HC) instead) 3 pm For the Sake of the Church presentation by Eastern District President St. Peter's Luth., WB

22 23 7 pm Jr. Confirmation w/Parents: On Stewardship of Money

21 Fifth Sunday in Lent 9:15 Education Hour 10:30 Worship (HC) 7 pm Catechumenate Devotions


24 10:30 am and 7 pm Midweek "Life Together" Lenten Worship 7:45 Easter Bell Choir Rehearsal

17 10:30 am and 7 pm Midweek "Life Together" Lenten Worship 7:45 Easter Bell Choir Rehearsal

10 10:30 am and 7 pm Midweek "Life Together" Lenten Worship 7:45 Easter Bell Choir Rehearsal

3 10:30 am and 7 pm Midweek "Life Together" Lenten Worship


Thursday 5


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6 YOUTH GAME DAY 1 pm at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, WB



27 MEN'S NETWORK BREAKFAST! 9 am at Panera Bread! All men are welcome! Young and Old!






12 13 6 pm Float Decorating 12 noon St. Patrick's Party Day Parade! Please join us!

Please call the office at 343-9828 or pastor’s cell phone at 871-0448!

Check out our Peace web page for any updates to the Calendar at





15 NO Jr. Confirmation

14 Fourth Sunday in Lent 9:15 Education Hour 10:30 Worship (HC)


8 7 pm Jr. Confirmation w/Parents

7 Third Sunday in Lent 9:15 Education Hour 10:30 Worship (HC) Ladies Guild meeting after worship 7 pm Academy Board mtg.


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March 2010


WORSHIP LIFE AT PEACE LUTHERAN FOCUS ON THE FAMILY! EDUCATION HOUR: 9:15 AM WORSHIP: 10:30 AM This year we will be focusing in on strengthening and nurturing our beautiful families. Invite a churchless family to worship with us! God truly has a PLAN for us as families. It is a plan for PEACE and wholeness!

MIDWEEK LENTEN SERVICES WEDNESDAYS AT 10:30 AM AND 7 PM!!! The theme for these services will be “Life Together”, a sermon and worship series developed by the homiletics students at the St. Louis Seminary based on themes from the Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s classic book, “Life Together” and is aiming to address important questions the young people of today are asking!

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH Apostolic Mission Congregation of the LCMS 2506 N. Main Ave. Scranton, PA 18508

To a special person whom God Loves:

Peace Talk March 2010  

The March 2010 Newletter for Peace Lutheran Church

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