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Peace Talk - April 2010

Apostolic Mission Congregation of the LCMS Pastor Kristian Bjornstad 2506 N. Main Ave. 343-9828

“Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep.” - 1 Corinthians 15:20

FROM THE PASTOR’S HEART: I recently received a mailing which spoke about two questions what were asked 1000 Americans back in 2006. The one question was “Do you believe that, after you die your physical body will be resurrected someday?” Only 36 percent answered “yes” to this question. The other question was: “Are you absolutely certain that Jesus died and physically rose from the dead?” Sixtythree percent answered “yes”! What a strange disconnect! It seems that we Christians are not understanding the central doctrine of the resurrection and that one of the main promises of Jesus’ resurrection is that it points to our own! YES! It is true that all humanity will be raised from the dead. Those “who have been blessed by the Father” will be raised to a very physical life in the paradise of heaven, Eden recreated! However those who died in their sins without Jesus Christ will also be raised, not to “Life”, but to an everlasting “death”. The very unique teaching of Christianity is that the body is a very integral part of being human. This is why we take care of it and do whatever we can to affirm it. To be fully human is to be body and soul, not “just” soul. Praise God for our bodies! Praise God for Easter’s resurrection promise!

In Jesus, Pastor Bjornstad

Sunday, April 11 Pot Luck and Financial Freedom Workshop! SUNDAY, APRIL 11: Guest Preacher Rev. Gregory Dwyer from Bronxville Concordia, We will be celebrating Concordia Sunday! As well Rev. Dwyer will share a 45 minute workshop called: FOUR FACETS FOR PERSONAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM after church. Plan to join us for POT LUCK! (sign up at the back!) FOUR FACETS FOR PERSONAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM 2010 can be a time to start over and to stay focused on achieving financial freedom. No matter what the economy, taking responsibility in this one area of your life can improve the quality of your relationships and your life in general. I. Examine your savings mindset II. Examine your relationship to money III. Examine your exit strategy for debt IV. Examine your mindset for the future Be empowered to change by the qualities which Christ gives.

MISCELANEOUS NOTES: PRAISING GOD! + Our THIRD MEN’S NETWORK MEETING was attended by SEVEN men who seek God! We discussed the Christian Character of Integrity. Our next meeting is Saturday April 24th at Panera Bread in Dickson City (9 am). We are looking for 10 men at each meeting. Open to all men! Please bring a friend! + PRAYERS AND A CARD were given to Shane and Autumn, neighbors of the church whose 17 day old baby died of SIDS. + PRAISE THE LORD at the Baptism of Laura Kate Hoffman, daughter of Bill and Lisa Hoffman! +PRAISE THE LORD as we plan for the baptism of Emma Durkin which will take place Sunday, May 3rd! They will have a little luncheon after the worship service which the congregation is invited to! + PRAISE THE LORD at the celebrated birthdays of Elsie

Schweitzer and Ann Crosbie. A beautiful dinner was had at Coopers Sunday, March 14th! Happy Birthday! +++++++++++++++++++++ Jesus is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!!! Amen!!!!




POT ROAST DINNER Sat. MAY 8th in support of The Lutheran Academy!

Please remember to pray for our shut in members of our congregation! Please pray especially for our shut ins Edith and Elwood Korban, Lilly Smith, Trudy Makowski, Betty McKeen, Marilyn Wright. We give praise for the successful hip surgery for Lillian Colbert! Please Pray for Mark Koenig as he waits for a kidney transplant. Pray also for the Durkin Family as Cliff is in need of work. ++++++++++++++++++++



Christian History:

TITHING ENCOURAGEMENT: When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing.

ANSELM OF CANTEBURY Life Commemorated on April 21. Born in Italy in 1033, Anselm is most closely associated with England, where he served as Archbishop of Canterbury for many years. A brilliant scholar and writer, Anselm used his political skills with the British kings on behalf of the established Christian church, affirming that it is the leadership of the church and not the state which has the responsibility of establishing structure and maintaining order among the clergy. Anselm is especially remembered for his classic book, Why God Became Man, which taught that the reason for the incarnation was that Jesus, the Son of God, would suffer and die in place of sinners. ++++++++++++++++++++ Honor Students being inducted this month for their good work at school include: Katherine Perry and Hannah Bjornstad. Congratulations!

Give to God what's right--not what's left. PLEASE remember that your regular offerings are important and that they are blessed by God so that His Gospel is preached and His Kingdom come! Is there anything more beautiful? ++++++++++++++++++++ FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHURCH PRESENTATION! There were three representatives from

Peace Lutheran who attended our District President Pastor Wicher’s (above) presentation at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Wilkes Barre. He shared on the work of the Eastern District and how we can and do participate in the wider church body, our Lutheran Church Missouri Synod!


Introducing Andile (“Pretty”) Zulu! A few months ago we were contacted by the Rev. John Rogth, a pastor that had visited us with his wife several years ago. They are again working in South Africa and were asking if we might be willing to help a young South African mother named Andile Zulu who wanted to obtain an education at Penn Foster (right here in Scranton!) to become a Office Secretary. A few bulletin notices were run to see if there was any interest and then the Church Council voted to make our support “official” with a starter grant of $150. The plan was that we would have a door collection once a month to raise the @ $50 month for her education. Unfortunately there were a few problems getting all the arrangements sorted out on Andile’s end. She had to obtain a computer and internet services, etc. This has taken some time, but God is faithful and now we have a first payment made to Penn Foster. Now we hope that Andile can get started with her schooling soon! We hope to develop a wonderful relationship with her over the next months with pictures, letters, and even skype phone calls!


Lutheran Academy News

The Lord continues to bless The Lutheran Academy! This past month the Lutheran Academy went on two field trips: one to sing and bring Jesus to the residents of The Scranton Health Care Center. The second field trip was to the Everhart Museum. That trip was led by Mrs. Chache our art teacher. It was amazing to see the sculptures made from Legos! This month we will be taking a tour of Wegmans Grocery store as well as attending a NEPA Symphony concert! We are especially grateful that Mrs. Eileen Duffy has begun volunteering at the Academy after being so inspired by Lillian Colbert’s presentation of her work at the academy during our Lutheran Schools celebration! Thank you Mrs. Duffy! Look for specific dates of our spring open houses. They will most likely be on two different Sundays! Please tell others about our beautiful school! We are also looking forward to a trip to Washington DC this coming May!

Sunday School! THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED OUT WITH THE LENTEN FAIR! On Sunday, March 7th children with their parents and families were treated to a special presentation of the Lenten Bible Stories and traditions... They made crosses for Ash Wednesday, reenacted the institution of the Lord’s Supper, Palm Sunday, the Crucifixion and Resurrection! At the left we see how all the kids were helping color Easter Eggs! Those colored Easter Eggs were of course EATEN the following Sunday for the Palm Sunday Brunch! A GREAT time for everyone! Reinforcing the beautiful meaning of Jesus for each and every one of the kids! They are holy and so precious in His sight!

Concepts of Christian Parenting: The Bjornstad Basics Good Communication! There is nothing more beautiful than a parent and a child who are able to have really good, open and caring communications.

It is so important to know what is going on in the hearts and minds of your children. After a hard day

at work it is really easy to go to bed without even knowing what is going on in your child’s life. The easiest way that I have heard to help in this matter is to make it the routine to go around the dinner table or at bed time and ask the question “What is the High and Low of your day?” What was the best and the worst thing that happened? And then that will give you the opportunity to pray about those things that are important to your child. You can praise the Lord for the good things, and pray for whatever need was revealed in the “Low”. And don’t forget to share your own hi and low! RECOMMENDED READING ON THIS SUBJECT: Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective Families” has a great chapter!

” And he said, ‘Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.’” (Job 1:21) ESV

All in Due Time It is the nature of our sinful flesh to doubt God’s fidelity to us when things go bad. The woman who lost her job due to outsourcing or the man who got the call from his doctor stating he has cancer all are probably asking the same question: Where is God in this? Does He still love me? Why am I suffering when others around me seem to prosper? I can say in my own walk, I have often thought that. Why do these things happen? Why am I blessed with so many good things and at times I cannot see how I can upkeep them? If we remember Job, he was “blameless and upright” and was “one who feared God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1). From the start of Job’s tale, we know that this was a man with many things and can see what a mess it would be for him to lose it all. As he loses his wealth, family, and becomes inflicted with sores, he never curses God but blesses His name (1:21). Do we have that kind of faith? When the trials come, are we going to curse God or praise Him, asking Him for faith to trust in His plan?

Easier said than do, is the obvious reply. The bible, though, is full of promises of keeping faith. We are told by Isaiah that: “they who wait for the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31). Jesus also reaffirms to us that if we: “seek first the Kingdom of God and all of its righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) and “not to be anxious because it doesn’t add a single hour to our lifespan” (Matthew 6:27); all of “these things” will be added unto us (Matthew 6:33). The things may not always be a rent payment dropping from the sky---they are the fruits of the spirit which allow us to trust Jesus no matter what situation we find ourselves in (c.f. Romans 8). God knows the troubled path we may be on, but also He knows that through the blood of Christ Jesus, we are His children by adoption and are therefore subject to His promises to us. These words may not comfort you if you are facing trials, but I can attest that God walks with you in His words, in the fellowship of other believers, and the sacraments of our faith. That is where we can find refuge when everything is falling down. May we be bold enough to say what Job said when his world crumbled! I pray that God will grant you that faith now.

be really safe, wash the grill rack with a strong grease cutting dish detergent and rinse with hot water. The burgers are then placed on a cold, lightly oiled rack. They may stick if placed on a hot rack.

NURSES NOTES: He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia! The long awaited good weather has finally arrived and we have been anxious to get outside. I have already gotten a whiff of outdoor grilling (a sure sign of spring just like the first robin) and this is what has prompted this latest Nurses Notes. Here are some safety tips for the outdoor grilling of perfect burgers. First, start by cleaning the grill. I was surprised to read an article that said many people do not clean the grilling rack but just “burnoff” the fat and charred remains of last years cookout. If you do not burn the grill until it is really red hot then you are subjecting yourself to a meal of bacteria. To

The Department of Agriculture recommends that all ground beef be cooked to the well-done stage. Live E-coli bacteria found in undercooked ground beef can cause food poisoning and make you really sick. Well-done burgers reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use an instant read thermometer or cut the burgers and observe the running juices. Well-done burgers run golden or clear juices. Pressing the burgers on the grill only presses out the juice and does not improve the cooking. It will make them dry. Burgers should be grilled about 6 inches from a hot fire and the patties should be no more than 1 inch thick. This allows for even cooking and the center will get done before the outside burns. So what is the best ground beef? Ground round, top round and bottom round are the leanest cuts

by Cliff Durkin

of beef and make dry burgers. Ground chuck is from the shoulder and the number-one choice for burgers because it is juicy and flavorful. Ask the butcher to trim the excess fat for you and then grind it. Three ounces of well-trimmed chuck contains 7 grams of fat [3saturated] and un-trimmed chuck has twice that amount. Regular packaged hamburger has the most fat of all the grinds. These burgers shrink a lot. Remember that a lot of fat does not mean a lot of flavor. Pull out that George Forman and grill baby grill. A note on the donated medical equipment supplies. To date we have loaned out: a walker, wheelchair, commode, ice packs and a raised toilet seat. Thanks to all who have donated these supplies. Let pastor know if you or someone in your family is in need. Some insurance companies do not cover the cost of these supplies and our donated medical equipment supplies can really make life easier for a person in need.





NEW LIGHT YOUTH MEETING! April 11th @ 5pm at McDade Park!!!! We'll play Basketball and maybe some Tennis... We'll talk World and maybe some Personal... We'll Feast Pizza and maybe some Soda... Bring your friends, and tell your family... We're Gonna Go Wake Up Jesus TODAY. ALSO: “AWAKE AND ALIVE” TOUR Featuring the band “SKILLET” will be at the Culturual Center for an April 15th Concert!!! We already have a bunch of kids going! Tickets are $19! See ECall Erika Bjornstad at 343-9828 for more info! CAMP PIONEER TRIP COMING UP MAY 14-16!!!! Kevin Woolverton and George Price will be bringing up a 15 passenger van paid for by Audrey Russell (THANK YOU AUDREY, WE LOVE YOU!) for a Camp Cleanup weekend! The van is almost full, but there are still a couple seats! Talk to George Price if you want to come along for a BLAST!!!

Youth Car Wash! The youth group is working to repay the $250 the church council advanced them for going to a retreat in February! A couple Sundays ago they had a FABULOUS time washing more than 15 cars in the church parking lot during church! Altogether (along with a previous bake sale) they have raised almost $130 with your support! Praise God! THANK YOU!

There is a citywide Lutheran drive to gather up as many health kits as we can for Lutheran World Relief to distribute to places like Haiti! On July 8-9 Pastor Bjornstad will be leading a group sponsored by The Association of Lutheran Friends to New Windsor, MD with a trailer or van FULL of these health kits! Look for more information about this trip that YOU can go along with to volunteer at the LWR warehouse!

HEALTH KITS People who must flee their homes quickly often do not have time to pack essential items. Health kits can help refugees maintain personal hygiene while living in exile. Items may also contribute to a new start for those who can return home. Include the following items in each health kit: ! •!

One hand towel, dark color recommended ! •! One washcloth, dark color recommended ! •! One bath-size bar (4 to 5 oz.) of soap, any brand, in its original wrapping ! •! One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging ! •! One sturdy comb, remove packaging ! •! One metal nail file or nail clippers with file attached, remove packaging (do not substitute cardboard emery boards for the file) ! •! Six Band-Aids® (or similar brand), preferably 1/2" to 3/4"; secure together with a rubber band Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. All items should be new and in good condition. Wrap smaller items in the washcloth; wrap washcloth and remaining items in the towel and tie securely with ribbons or yarn. Do not enclose the kit or any of its contents in plastic bags.


Monday 30


20 Pastor away at conference

12 7 pm Jr. Confirmation

19 7 pm Jr. Confirmation

11 2nd Sunday of Easter 9:15 Education Hour 10:30 Worship 11:30 Pot Luck Lunch 12:15 Financial Freedom Workshop presented by Rev. Gregory Dwyer, 18 Concordia College 3rd Sunday Easter 5 pm Youth of Group at 9:15 Education Hour McDade 10:30 Worship 7 pm Catecumenate 7 pm TLA Board Devotional mtg. Meeting





15 11 am Worship at the Jewish Home 1:30 pm Worship at The Scranton Health Care Center 7 pm Ladies Guild meeting



at Panera Bread!

9 am

Men’s Breakfast



30 1 -> May May 1st: LWML Spring Workshop at Faith Lutheran in Easton. Begins at 9:30 am! May 2nd: Youth Pasta fundraising dinner: takeouts only from Immanuel Lutheran Church beginning at 11:30!



Please call the office at 343-9828 or pastor’s cell phone at 871-0448!


Check out our Peace web page for any updates to the Calendar at


1 2 3 7 pm Maundy Thursday Good Friday Worship 9 pm Easter Vigil Worship 12 noon with Holy Worship with the Communion baptism of Laura Kate 7 pm Tenebrae worship Hoffman!

21 22 7 pm Jr. Confirmation

14 Marty Martin in Concert! 7 pm at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Dickson City! Free Will offering!


31 <- March


25 26 27 28 4th Sunday of Easter 7 pm Jr. Confirmation 9:15 Education Hour 10:30 Worship 3-8 pm NEPA MISSION INVITE YOUR FRIEND WHO FESTIVAL at St. Peter's JESUS TO WORSHIP! Luth. 1000 S. Main St. Wilkes Barre

6 6:30 Council meeting


4 5 The Resurrection of our 7 pm Jr. Confirmation Lord! with Parents 10:30 Worship




April 2010


WORSHIP LIFE AT PEACE LUTHERAN FOCUS ON THE FAMILY! EDUCATION HOUR: 9:15 AM WORSHIP: 10:30 AM This year we will be focusing in on strengthening and nurturing our beautiful families. Invite a churchless family to worship with us! God truly has a PLAN for us as families. It is a plan for PEACE and wholeness!

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

MARTY MILLER IN CONCERT! Wednesday, April 14th at 7 pm! “Enjoy a musical combination of acoustic, encouraging, original songs. Let the Father’s Spirit use the music and lyrics to open your hearts to a deeper walk with Jesus and to step a little beyond our comfort zones into an opportunity to trust, grow and give praise!

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH Apostolic Mission Congregation of the LCMS 2506 N. Main Ave. Scranton, PA 18508

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Peace Talk April 2010  
Peace Talk April 2010  

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