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by Lisa Alcorn Grateful Steps Asheville, North Carolina

Grateful Steps, Inc. 1091 Hendersonville Road Asheville, North Carolina 28803 Copyright Š 2010 by Lisa Alcorn Alcorn, Lisa I Imagine . . . An Endless Frontier Illustrator Lisa Alcorn Layout and design by Sundara Fawn ISBN 978-1-935130-31-4 Hardcover Library of Congress Control Number: 2010903289 Printed by ** FIRST EDITION

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For Sierra & Skylin ~ May you hold a clear image of your every happiness!

Author’s Note I wrote this book to show my own young daughters a way to use imagination to adjust their feelings to have happier days. I illustrated with collage because it gave me the freedom to adjust the expression of the characters and choose the feelings they produce. It’s fun to take a collage animal, pull it apart and create a whole new experience of it— literally changing its direction! With imagination, life is like that.

When you find yourself needing a change, you can use your imagination to paint a different picture in your mind. Then you can tweak that picture, adjusting and moving things around, adding or deleting parts, until you end up with a mental image that feels really good. When you change the way you feel, you change the way you experience life.

There’s a place I go when I’m bored and can’t find a friend to play with.

. . . romping through the meadow like a new spring cub.

As the wildflowers and grass find every last tickle spot, a laugh brightens up my day.

When things get a little tense and people seem chilly,

I find . . .

. . . a laid-back attitude, paddle-boating around

the bay with the otters.

Mmm, a tasty clam and a seaweed-wrapped sense of humor keep me warm and happy!

If I’m having a hard time getting where I want to go,

I remember my brother . . .

. . . the moose, who walks gracefully on long legs.

It’s his strength that helps me get through.

Every now and then, when my spirit needs a lift,

my imagination rescues me and I . . .

. . . fly away on the back of a fearless goose!

Where will we go today? So many choices and all are possible.

When I’m drowning in things that I have to do,

I fly . . .

. . . underwater with a puffin, suddenly I’m totally free!

Sometimes I feel like there’s something I just have to say, but the words get stuck in my throat.

I find my voice as I join . . .

. . . a wolf howling at the moon.

He follows his heart whether or not the moon is listening; and he helps me follow mine.

There are days when I long to be one of the gang, doing something really BIG.

This is when I fall in step with . . .

. . . the great caribou herd,

driven down a well-worn path by timeless yearning for something new, yet somehow remembered.

When the team gets fed-up with me, .

I pretend I’m surrounded by . . .

. . . lynx.

Sure, they’re fierce, but always smiling.

When the crowd squeezes in on me and I can barely breathe,

I become . . .

. . . a mountain goat headed down a trail that clings to towering cliffs.

Leaving the crowd behind, I know I can go anywhere!

Alone can be exciting, and it can be a call for wonder,

Which I find as I borrow . . .

. . . an eagle’s nest to watch the Northern Lights.

My spirit dances right along with their silent rhythm.

If I find myself in the middle of an impossible challenge wondering if I can go on,

I slip into . . .

. . . the river and swim upstream with the salmon.

Against unrelenting pressure, I will swim on to my goal!

As I ride in our small car to a big school that seems ready to swallow me up,

I imagine . . .

. . . that I’m hunting the Great Whale from a boat I carved myself.

Knowing the whole village will feast on my catch makes the going a bit easier.

When I find myself needing a change of any kind,

You’ll find me . . .

. . . on the shifting snow of an endless frontier,


Lisa Alcorn has used imagination to literally have tigers roar and her spirits soar. An environmental engineer with a passion for emerging scientific theories, she has used creative visualization extensively to steer her career, projects and life. After eight years of living amid the beauty and wildlife of Alaska, she rearranged her experience to reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. To follow her creative pursuits and join in conversation, visit

I Imagine... An Endless Frontier  

A Children's Picture Book about an Alaskan youth using imagination to shift everyday challenges into a happier experience.

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