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July 17, 2014 New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Louisville, KY

Summer Stakes E lite Sale & Embryo Auction

Hotel Headquarters:

Crowne Plaza 502.367.6161 Sweepstakes Coordinator:

Jame Secondino Krieger 812.208.0956 Sweepstakes Chairman:

Cliff Orley 717.269.0128 Embryo Auction Chairman:

Doug Parke 859.421.6100 Contact for details or to leave a bid.

Watch the website or facebook page for updates, semen lots, videos and other auction items.

w w w. s i m m e n t a l b r e e d e r s s w e e p s t a ke s. c o m


Summer Stakes Elite Offering

WLE Crocus S105 Purebred


ASA# 2333050

CNS Dream On L186


ETR Ms Black Crocus L105

BD: 3-31-06 Tattoo: S105

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W G&L Blackfoot 716D TJF Crocus J147


13 1.0 59 79 14 17 47 0.12 0.71 140

• There is a baldy donor with Big Time! Earning potential in the prime of her life. She captured the hearts of many discriminating cattle enthusiasts being crowned the Res Grand owned female at the 2007 Classic in Louisville and the followed it up as Reserve Grand female at the Sweepstakes and res supreme overall breeds at the Indiana State fair and concluded her show career as a Division Champion at the North American. Her production on 6 natural calves has been stellar including one of the high sellers at the North American going to JRW Farms. This awesome beast has only been flushed twice averaging 12 eggs per flush and comes to you open and ready to flush for the advancement of your program. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this eye popping beauty for your next Donor.....You will not be disappointed ! This is the last year of eligibility for the Wesner girls at the Classic and though we will miss it ...the junior program has been very instrumental in developing the skill set which will help propel their lives in a positive direction..Because of our strong beliefs in the youth program We will donate 10 percent of the Hammer Price of this outstanding female to the 2015 National Classic, in College Station, Texas •

Consignor ... Wesner Livestock Ent., 219.863.4744

Summer Stakes Elite Offering

Bramlets Beautiful Z224



Purebred ASA# 2738857 BD: 10-07-12 Tattoo: Z224 Yardley Impressive T371 CE 8 BW 1.6 Yardley High Regard W242 WW 65 Miss Yardley T68 HPF Ms Beautiful S054

YW 105 MCE 4 MM 21 MWW 54 Marb -0.11 REA 0.65 API 91

SHS Navigator N2B SVF Sheza Classic N905


• Here is a half sister to the Blake Bauer’s Champion % female in the junior show last year. The Beautiful S054 donor just keeps producing the right type and kind. Daughters of S054 were sold in the North American and Cowtown Classic sales. Z224 is the only bred heifer in the Summer Stakes sale and you wont have to wait long for her calf by Style. This High Regard female is complete, smooth shouldered, deep flanked and balanced throughout her overall makeup. This fancy female is ready to make money for any program. • Due to Silveiras Syle, ASA# 2842895 on 9-20-13. •

Consignor ... Bramlet Simmentals, 618.253.3529

Selling Choice...

FC Promise Consensus

FC JP’s Consensus Queen SimAngus


ASA# 2847639

Connealy Consensus 7229


FC Jokes Promise


BD: 9-08-13 Tattoo: A232

Connealy Consensus Blue Lilly Of Conanga 16 Triple C El Poderoso Rey FC No Joke


8 0.9 66 107 7 28 61 0.53 0.81 124


ASA# 2847638

Connealy Consensus 7229


FC Jokes Promise

BD: 9-03-13 Tattoo: A915

Connealy Consensus Blue Lilly Of Conanga 16 Triple C El Poderoso Rey FC No Joke


8 0.9 66 107 7 28 61 0.53 0.81 124

• Offering choice of these two Jokes Promise daughters. Jokes Promise is no longer a secret to many. This is one of the hottest cow families going. Most know that she is a daughter of FC No Joke, sister to the 07 Jr National Champion, No Wonder, and sister to Triple C No Doubt one of the top sellers at the Triple C dispersal. We have calves from several different bulls on this female all with outstanding results. Her first flush by 004 produced FC Pretty Promising who was % Champion at the 2009 IL State Fair and Jon Jordon purchased a female that was in the 8th at the 2009 Jr Nationals. She also produced the Grand Bull at the IL State Fair sired by Dream On. We really like the percentage cattle out of this cow and these two heifers are great examples of what we have come to expect when we use an Angus bull. These two fall heifers are sired by Connealy Consensus 7229 and are super complete cattle with nice skeletal design and foot size. Of the pair A915, offers just a little more overall performance and power yet combines that with plenty of quality. A232 comparatively, is more attractive in her build offering more look, balance and length of front. We will let you decide which one you prefer. We are confident you can’t go wrong with the pedigree and quality both offer. •

Consignor ... Fox Creek Cattle Farm, 309.838.4138


Summer Stakes Elite Offering

MS Tendar Heart Purebred


ASA# 2849925

Ms Burning Steel


3/4 Blood

BD: 9-05-13 Tattoo: A714

SVF Steel Force S701 RF Miss P203 SVF NJC Built Right N48

Ms Miss Blackjack GL8

FBF1 Uptown Lady

STF Miss GL8

• If you like your cows long bodied, stout made, smooth walking and


10 1.8 59 88 9 17 46 0.06 0.60 119


Heads Up 20X ET



FBFS Warsaw 068W


3TRS Emily 327Y

FBFS Slowmelt 089S Welshs Dew It Right 067T Swain Abigale 927W

CE 14 BW 0.0 WW 56 YW 77 MCE 13 MM 24 MWW 52 Marb -0.05 REA 0.67 API 128

• Paisley is a daughter of the 2010 Sweepstakes Champion purebred bull, Warsaw. This fall born is the right type and kind being deep bodied, stout hipped and wide based. Paisley is a great prospect for any young exhibitor being easy going with a great disposition. This female is in the top 10% for calving ease and birth plus is in the top 3% for stay. Paisley is a great grand daughter of Swain Emily. The Warsaw females are easy to like and Paisley will be a good choice come sale day. •

Consignor ... 3 Trees Farm/Bella Swain, 270.293.4440

JF Blackbird Lady 8008U

9 2.8 70 99 6 21 56 0.26 0.62 116

Consignor ... Forest Brook Farms, LLC, 920.3787.3698

CNS-HFS Antoinette 328A

BD: 9-14-13 Tattoo: 010A

JS Sure Bet 4T



pedigree that offers the consistency that we strive for in a maternal breeding line. She is a granddaughter to our great JF Blackbird Lady donor, the cornerstone of our breeding program. Her dam, FBF1 Gorgeous Lady has been a remarkable young donor in our program whose first three progeny sold totaled $100,000.00 valuation. Uptown Lady comes with flawless structural design and the easy fleshing ability, extra leg set and pastern flexibility that is stamped into all the progeny from this maternal line.

3TRS Paisley 010A ASA# 2826925

Mr NLC Upgrade U8676

• FBF1 Uptown Lady is a very powerful star faced female with a

Consignor ... Tom Manske, 405.834.6623


BD: 9-06-13 Tattoo: A815

HTP SVF In Dew Time

FBF1 Gorgeous Lady

cool looking, then this is the heifer for you. MS Tender Heart is just the 2nd calf out of our Steel Force son Burning Steel (aka Burner), whose mother won OYE in 2006 for Bailey Buck. Burner was shown 3 times - Division Champion - 2012 Sweepstakes, Res. Division - Tulsa State Fair and Res. Supreme over all breeds in Kansas. This heifer has been gentle from day one and had a ton of hair this spring. She truly fits our motto “Performance with Style.” •

ASA# 2840751



ASA# 2846748

Silveiras Style 9303

7 CNS Antoinette P403

BD:11-08-13 Tattoo: 328A

Gambles Hot Rod Silveiras Elba 2520 Nichols Legacy G151 NJC SVF Antoinette K205


14 -0.6 51 85 10 22 48 0.54 0.64 142

• Here is a genetic gem. Study the pedigree and even look up her dam’s cow card. The deceased Antoinette P403 has had a great track record. This Legacy x K205 has been productive and has several full sisters that are donors and bulls that are in studs. Last fall half interest in a High Regard daughter sold for $30,000 to Todd Schmidt and Jeff Wirada. Two other daughters sold for $12,500 to Christian Spurlock and $11,000 to Jon Jordan. Progeny are in many herds across the country such as Blake Wright, Tommy Cline, Kelly Moore, RS & T, Carli Henderson, Reed Hedrick, Horstman Cattle, Jessica Carlson, Brittany Smith, Kellen Kemme and others. This November heifer is fancy, smooth made and extremely complete. Balanced epds and strong API of 141. •

Consignor ... Schick Cattle Co., 217.519.4095

Summer Stakes Elite Offering

Bramlets Mercedes A324 Purebred


ASA# 2849930

SS Ebonys Grandmaster


SOSF Ebonys Joy L123 Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C

Bramlets Mercedes

Aubreys JJ Panache 3B Purebred

BD: 11-10-13 Tattoo: A324

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker

HPF Ms Lia L016

• It is very fitting selling a daughter of the donor Mercedes. Mercedes


8 1.7 52 76 4 21 47 0.12 0.80 96


W/C Catchin A Dream 27X


Mr NLC Upgrade U8676

10 BPCC Bobbi Dillon 192W

Ms NLC Mojo S6119 B HTP SVF In Dew Time EBS Shesa Bobbi

• Jazzi is a stout well balanced sound footed heifer that has extra

Consignor ... Christopher Hart, 706.202.2333

Aubreys Button 7U

8 1.9 62 88 6 22 53 0.15 0.84 115


12 2.1 80 115 11 27 66 0.42 0.94 148

center body. She is clean and extended through her front third. A full sister stood 8th overall purebred heifer at the 2014 National Classic as a 6 month old calf then was Reserve at the GA State Heifer Show. A maternal sister was Champion at the GA State Heifer show and numerous times Supreme Champion in GA. 192W is a tremendous donor that has surpassed all my expectations. I’m retaining 4 sisters to this heifer allowing me the opportunity to offer this heifer. •

KA TCF Independence S30L


Consignor ... Aubrey’s Cattle Company, 317.450.0652


BD: 2-19-14 Tattoo: 418B

Ellingson Legacy M229

WAGR Dream Catcher 03R

• For our third consignment to the Summer Stakes Sale we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you a nice one that comes our signature Blaze maternal pedigree and the popular Catchin’ a Dream sire. Panache is a maternal half sister to last year’s high-selling open heifer (a Secret Weapon) that Brad Peterson Simmentals of Tennessee is now exhibiting. This heifer looks a lot like her mirror image as she’s soft, cowy, sound, great haired and her numbers will hunt with the head of the class. We welcome Junior Exhibitors to this year’s combined national junior show and Sweepstakes event and invite you to the stalls to evaluate her in person!

AK/NDS Christal’s Jazzi ASA# 2842892

BD: 1-28-14 Tattoo: 3B

SVF Star Power S802

JF9 Lil Power Button

Consignor ... Bramlet Simmentals, 618.253.3529


ASA# 2844246


claimed Reserve Grand % female honors in the 07 open show when the two events were held together. This November born female is really coming on and has very few holes. This Grandmaster heifer has tremendous body and is stout hipped. We know that A324 will be one heck of a cow in the future and along the way she will be a highly competitive show heifer. She has a great disposition and is ready to go. Look up this daughter of the past champion, Mercedes. •



ASA# Pending

SVF NJC Built Right N48

11 DST Inspired P93

BD: 11-17-13 Tattoo: A716

CNS Dream On L186 NJC Ebony Antoinette WLE Influence TAR Inspiration Blk G207

• We proud to be a part of the Summer Stakes sale. Here is a top


11 2.0 58 84 7 22 51 0.07 0.54 120

notch, striking baldie female from the heart of our fall opens. We wanted to bring a female that we felt would show and have a great future. This fall is big ribbed, deep, long bodied, wide based, long strided, and possess loads of eye appeal. Just imagine how this female will look this time next year. Sweep Right’s dam has been a great producer and we have never flushed however if she keeps this up we need add her to the donor lineup. Allen Edward selected a full sister for $5,700 out of the Ky Beef Expo. Look her up at the AJSA Classic and the Sweepstakes. •

Consignor ... Tingle Farms, 502.682.0806


HF Serena x STCC Long Haul Pregnancy


• Here is a great opportunity to purchase genetics out of the popular champion

Due: 1-18-15

STCC Long Haul 033X


STF Shocking Dream SJ14 Miss Fancy Yardley T85 Mr NLC Upgrade U8676

HF Serena

Miss Knockout 74T


12 1.5 69 97 10 22 57 0.20 0.71 129

at the 2012 AJSA Classic and the North American. Serena won many shows and now is being that superb donor and we are excited about her progeny on the ground and her future. Long Haul is a past champion at Denver and is doing great things in the Trennepohl and Yardley programs. Serna’s dam Knockout was the high seller at the Living Legacy sale at Hudson Pines. Knockout progeny have been high sellers for HPF, Hobbs and Jones Show Cattle. This genetic goldmine is due Jan. 18, 2015 and is a heifer calf pregnancy. Pregnancy due 1-18-15. •

Consignor ... Clear Water Simmentals, 812.498.2840

SVF/BT Sazerac T317 x Star Player

Vermilion Blackbird 5832 x High Regard Pregnancy


Due: 1-18-15 Sex: Heifer Calf

Yardley High Regard W242


Vermilion Blackbird 5832

Yardley Impressive T371 Miss Yardley T68 Connealy Danny Boy Vermilion Blackbird 3201


10 -0.4 59 98 6 16 46 0.21 0.65 119

• Pregnancy due 1-18-15. Vermillion Blackbird 5832 earned her trip to Trans Ova the old fashioned way, she has produced high sellers in the Belles of the Bluegrass, North American Select Sale and most recently the Kentucky Beef Expo. Danny Boy x Midland maternal royalty mated to High Regard, SimAngus at it’s best! •

Consignor ... Maple Leaf Farm, 859.227.7323


Pregnancy Due: 1-20-15 Sex: Heifer Calf GW Lucky Man 644N SVF Star Player T801 SVF Sheza Star N902

14 SVF/BT Sazerac T317

SVF/NJC Built Right N48 Myers Queen Sazerac P94


8 1.9 57 84 7 28 56 0.14 0.71 107

• We wanted to offer a pregnancy out of one of our newest donors, SVF BT Sazerac T317. We selected this Sazerac daughter out of the KenCo Family Tradition sale were she commanded $9,100. The reason we selected T317 because producing ability and superb dam, Sazerac. T317 first calf sold for $5,000 and now is donor at JRW, her second calf a bull sold for 8000 and her third sold for 11,500 to Daysprings Farm. She earned her right to be a donor at Sloup Simmental. At the 2014 SVF Family Tradition sale her full sister T99 sold for $24,000. The pregnancy is sired by SVF Star Player. A full sister in blood commanded $11,500 at the SVF sale out of T99. We have 5 calves due in January so you can purchase a pregnant recipient and we will even guarantee a heifer calf. Due Jan. 20, 2015. Call for any details. •

Consignor ... Sloup Simmentals, 402.641.2936


HPRP Dianna x W/C Wide Track Pregnancy Due: 1-2015 W/C Wide Track 694Y

x 15 HPRP Dianna T090


Sex: Heifer Calf ASA# 2588250

ASA# 2418271

• Dianna was a popular female the day we purchased her at the Living Legacy sale

at Hudson Pines and she was the 2009 Champion % female at Ft Worth. Now she continues her winning ways in thru her progeny. Two daughters sold last fall out of Dianna for $7,500 and $14,500. Each time we have offered embryos they have been popular as well averaging $1,000 per embryo. We are waiting for the progeny by Wide Track and feel that mating should be a hit. The EPDs will be great. Please come by the stalls and view several daughters of Dianna in the show string. The pregnancy is due in January 2015 and is a heifer pregnancy. Call for any details. •

Consignor ... Ryan Cattle Co., 309.371.7490

SVF Dillon Steel Magnolia

Miss CCF Sheza Bonnie Y61 Embryos


Kappes Upgrade Z358 W/C BF Innocent Man

x 16 Miss CCF Sheza Bonnie Y61

Selling Choice of 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

Donated by ... Steven Cooper, 706.215.2285

ASA# 2485318 ASA# 2749323


SVF Dillon Steel Magnolia

ASA# 2632243

• The Sweepstakes has always been a great show and we are proud to donate genetics out of our donor Sheza Bonnie. Bonnie is daughter of Sheza Looker that won the AJSA Classic and Reserve Grand at the Sweepstakes. Bonnie herself was a powerful show heifer claiming championship honors at the North American and Denver. As donor she is going to produce just all the family members. At this years Cattlemans Choice BF Black Simmentals selected a flush at 10,500 and he is extremely pleased with the results. Choice of one embryo by Upgrade or Innocent Man •

WS Pilgrim H182U FBF1/SF Ignition

ASA# 2677824 ASA# 2785174

ASA# 2550818

• Steel Magnolia was the 2011 reserve champion % female at the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes. This Steel Force donor is starting into production and her future looks to be bright. A fall born sired by Upgrade commanded 4500 at the 2014 Cattlemans Choice going to Smith Farms in Denton, Texas. We can select one embryo out of Steel Magnolia sired by the choice of Pilgrim or Ingnition. The Pilgrim progeny have been great and have topped many sales. Ignition has already been in the winners circle and was a favorite at the North American. No semen has been released on him so this is a great choice. Steven and Cindy are donating one embryo out of each donor with great choices on the matings. •

Donated by ... Cindy Cooper, 706.215.1251


SFI Lucy Duvy x BC Lookout


B C Lookout 7024


ASA# 2431243


SFI Lucy Duvy X13N

Donated by ... Shilo Schaake, 785.844.2881

FC No Wonder Embryos


Selling 1 Embryo’s from Each Sire Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy Sandeen Upper Class 2386 ASA# 2642004 CLRWTR Shock Force W94C ASA# 2496698



FC No Wonder S261

ASA# 2332212

• No Wonder needs little introduction. She was admired by many in Louisville when she was the 2007 AJSA National Classic Champion and the North American Jr Show Champion for Mitch. Wonder’s mother, FC No Joke, was an 11-time champion herself including both days at Sweepstakes and the South Central Regional Classic before she became a lead donor at Triple C. The No Joke offspring simply make good ones. We have got Wonder figured out in transplant thus we have the opportunity to share her genetics with you. We are offering one embryo by Clearwater Shock force and one by Sandeen Upper Class. We will guarantee one pregnancy if implanted by certified embryologist. You can’t go wrong getting a piece of this cow family and a shot at a baldy either way. •

Donated by ... Mitchell Tarr, 309.838.4138

ASA# 2571740


SFI Infatuation Y5

ASA# 2536733

• Here is a special treat, an embryo out of the 2013 Champion cow calf pair at the AJSA Jr Nationals in Nebraska. Luvy Duvy dam is a many time champion, Beloved. Beloved is a past Supreme Champion at the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes as well. Beloved has produced many high sellers and showring winners in the our past Heritage sale and the Gold Bullion bull sale. A High Voltage daughter out of Luvy Duvy was champion Simmental at the KSU AGR/ B & B Kickoff show. Luvy Duvy will make her own mark just like her dam. Donating one embryo sire by the great producing BC Lookout out of Luvy Duvy and one embryo out of SFI Infatuation. •

SFI The Power of Love x High Voltage

Selling 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy SS/PRS High Voltage 244X

ASA# 2588678

• You may have not heard about this donor cow however one should take notice. Infatuation is our 2014 cow calf pair selection and we hope she can win a few purple banners. We are off to the AJSA Regionals as we write this footnote. Infatuation is sired by the great Power Drive bull and out of the lead donor, Beloved. This broody first calf heifer is a load being wide based, bold sprung with loads of internal dimension. Y5 is big boned, sound structured and still has the look of a champion. This donor has phenotype, EPDs, and the producing ability of be good one for many years. The embryo is sired by the Cottontail x Duracell son, High Voltage. •

Donated by ... Shane Schaake, 785.844.2881

KA Dreams Come True x One Eyed Jack Selling 2 Embryo’s Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy TLLC One Eyed Jack ASA# 2668223

x 19 KA Dream Come True Z234


ASA# 2641036

• Dream was a favorite among many last summer. She was many time champion but her biggest accomplishment was being named Grand Champion Bred and Owned and Reserve Grand Champion overall at the National Jr. Heifer show in Nebraska. She was stunning as a show heifer but she is simply superb as a donor. With her picture perfect udder and totally amazing heifer calf by Jack this pair is phenomenal! •

Donated by ... Koty Beth Allen, 715.977.1619


FBFS Yasmin x PVFS Madden

Loves to Smile x High Voltage

Selling 2 Embryo’s Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy


PVFS Madden 917W


ASA# 2500713



FBFS Yasmin 063Y

started. We believe at offering the best, with that said we think that these embryos would be a great purchase for any program. FBFS Yasmin is female that brings a lot of style, power and maternal traits. Her pedigree is packed from top to bottom with being backed to the great Star Struck dam. Who has prove offsprings like the great Wheelman bull. Ruby’s Madden bull has sired the top three high sellers this past fall in Ruby’s Livin’ the Dream Sale. He is nice necked, big topped with a super hip with added bone and foot. Bringing this dam and sire together will only bring out the best and is sure to be an offering that one won’t want to miss.

Donated by ... Allyson Ottensmeir, 785.691.9342

Donated by ... Morgan Phillips, 606.407.5679

TJ Miss Rachel Embryos

Selling 3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy



ASA# 1390632


JS Untouchable 21U

ASA# 2444259

• Opportunity is knocking who will answer the door? Untouchable has become an elite donor in the Simmental breed. Her first ET progeny sold the fall 2011 at the High Standard sell- commanding prices of $35,000 – RS&T Can’t Touch This and $30,500 RS&T Unbeatable Y32. Additionally, the third full sister was 4th overall bred and owned at the National Classic. Jordan will be exhibiting a Wide Track daughter out of Untouchable 21U at the 2014 National Classic. Jordan Cowger, RS&T is proud to off the Meyer 734 eggs and only due to the fact 21U produces a bounty of eggs each flush are we able to provide this opportunity. When we purchased Unstoppable in the fall of 2009 we believed she could be a great donor and she continues to confirm that belief everyday. This unique opportunity to acquire a cross of the ageless Meyer 734 and the $50,000 valuation donor JS Untouchable 21U it is with great honor that Jordan is offering these eggs for the Sweepstakes auction. •

Donated by ... Jordan Cowger, 816.304.0371

ASA# 2571740

• I guess you would have to say I have grown up at the Sweepstakes. I will support it now and in the future. I am truly proud of fact on the donor Loves to Smile both the sire and the dam were bred in Maysville, Ky. Loves to Smile was the 2009 champion at the North American and the 2010 champion at the National Western. Her dam, Love to Smile S311 was champion cow calf at the 08 Sweepstakes. The Loves to Smile 029U continues to flourish in our program and in my partners, Jones Show Cattle and MacGregor Livestock as well. The embryos are sired by the American Royal past champion, High Voltage. Genetics with years of dependable trustworthy family members.

JS Untouchable x Meyer Ranch 734 Meyer Ranch 734


MCLF/RP Loves To Smile

ASA# 2589719

• This Star Struck daughter has really made an impact on getting our program


Selling 2 Embryo’s Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy ASA# 2434419 SS/PRS High Voltage 244X


Selling 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy CCR Wide Range 9005A ASA# 2725666 GW Robust 605Z ASA# 2694778



TJ Miss Rachel 138Y

ASA# 2603210

• TJ Miss Rachel 138Y had an outstanding show career that was highlighted by being crowned 2012 AJSA National Champion Percentage Female. Not only did she possess a fault free phenotype, she also set a new standard for genetic value. Now that her show career is over she continues to set a high bar. Her first heifer calf weaned towards the top of her contemporary group and Rachel had a near ideal udder while maintaining that elegant look. The mattings to GW Robust and CCR Wide Range 9005A are opportunities to participate in her genetic excellence. Robust was the high selling bull from the 2013 Gateway Simmentals sale and offers breed leading genetic values. Wide Range was the 2014 high selling bull to come from the Cow Camp Ranch program in KS. Wide Range’s unique combination of structural soundness, massive rib dimension and power should be an outstanding combination for the design that Rachel offers. •

Donated by ... Paige Henderson, 515.450.1066


Bramlets Beautiful Y242 x JF Milestone

BPCC Bobbie Dillon x Lock Down

Selling 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy


JF Milestone 999W


ASA# 2494990


Bramlets Beautiful Y242

x 25 BPCC Bobbie Dillon 192W

Lot ASA# 2616241

Sweepstakes Open show last year! Y242 has done an excellent job since calving and continued to impress us. As many of you remember she is a daughter of the legendary Saugahatchee 3000C and out of the popular Bramlet donor Ms Beautiful S054 who traced back to J900 and Sheza Dandy. We have a lot of confidence in this mating and are excited to share these exciting genetics.

Donated by ... Blake Bauer, 618.339.8613

Selling 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy



ASA# 2649657



FBC Ms Tanqueray

ASA# 2696998

• As a young junior I have always referred to the Sweepstakes as one of my favorite shows. I am happy to donate to this prestigious show. Tangueray was the 2014 Champion female in the junior show plus Reserve Division Champion in the Open show and her dam, Love Me You Don’t was the 2003 Reserve Grand female at the Sweepstakes. Many years have went by but the strength of some of the top cow families carry on. Tanqueray was a great show heifer and now is just as impressive. Tanquery will be flushed to HPF Quantum Leap, the Grand Champion at Ft Worth. His grand dam, Queen Valentine was champion % female in 06 and champion cow calf in 07. Strong Sweepstakes history. •

Donated by ... Tanner Howey, 214.808.9049

ASA# 2496257

Donated by ... Chris Hart, 706.248.9630

Hagans Eva x LMC Jonnie Walker

FBC Ms Tanqueray x HPF Quantum Leap HPF Quantum Leap Z952

• 192W is one of my top donors that consistently produces top calves. I have shown numerous daughters- an Upgrade was 8th overall purebred heifer at the 2013 National Classic as a 6 month calf, the 2014 Champion Simmental heifer at the GA State Heifer Show was a Lock N Load daughters, and recently a bull out of 192W was top selling bull at the Full Deck Sale. 192W was a division champion at the NAILE.

• We were honored to claim Champion Percentage female in the

Selling 2 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy W/C Lock Down 206Z ASA# 2658496

Selling 2 Embryos No Guarantee LMC Johnnie Walker 5R179 ASA# 2326864



Hagans Eva 50U

ASA# 2434347

• The two IVF embryos that are being donated are a mating between the many times major champion bull, LMC Johnnie Walker who is sired by the legendary LMC EF JW Black bull and the Hagan’s Eva cow who was also a decorated champion in the show ring and now a proven donor in the pasture. Eva is out of the great Ms. 4G N50 cow and is sired by the NF Smith Sergeant bull; a mating that has proven it’s self to be championship material countless times. The two IVF embryos offered today will be maternal sibs to the 2014 International Champion Bull and 2014 ASA Reserve National Champion Bull, Hagan’s Arapahoe. The incentives and opportunities that I had growing up as a junior in the Simbrah breed played a role in the man I am today so it with great pride that I give back through this donation today. Due to a limited amount of embryos from this mating there will be no guarantee of pregnancy. •

Donated by ... Britt Larson, 940.390.0522


Schedule of Events... Sunday, July 13, 2014

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Sweepstakes Cattle Check In

Monday, July 14, 2014

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Sweepstakes Cattle Check In

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3:30 AM – Sweepstakes Cattle Check in.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

5:00 PM

July 17, 2014 New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Louisville, KY

– Sweepstakes Parade of Sale Heifers – Cookout & Barn Social - New Market Hall

6:00 PM – Herdsman Award Embryo & Summer Stakes Elite Heifer Auction

Friday, July 18, 2014

2:00 PM

– Sweepstakes Junior Steer, Simbrah & Cow-calf shows

Saturday July 19, 2014

8:00 AM – Sweepstakes Junior Show - Cary Crow, Judge

Sunday, July 20, 2014

8:00 AM

– Sweepstakes Open Show Alan Miller, Judge

Thanks to the Sweepstakes Executive board members, Summer Stakes consignors, Junior donors, and everyone assisting in the making the AJSA National Classic and the Sweepstakes combined events one of the best ever.

Doug & Debbie Parke Drew & Holli Hatmaker • 423-506-8844 153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361 859-987-5758 • 859- 421-6100 mobile •

First Class

July 17, 2014 New Market Hall Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center Louisville, KY

Time Dated Material

Summer Stakes E lite Sale & Embryo Auction

Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes - 2014 Summer Stakes and Elite Sale Embryo Auction  
Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes - 2014 Summer Stakes and Elite Sale Embryo Auction