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About us The University of Liverpool has over 20,000 students. Reach out to them with us. As the University’s students’ union, we have access to the whole study body and know the best times and ways to grab their attention. Whether you’re keen to advertise or better understand the student market, we’ve got opportunities to suit every marketing plan and budget.

For more information, please contact: Liverpool SU Media Sales Tel: 0151 231 4900 Email:

Enjoy browsing our media opportunities throughout this booklet. Bespoke packages can also be created for individual clients. All media sales income we make goes back into our day-to-day work for the benefit of students.


Welcome to Liverpool Guild of Students. We’re here to make sure our students get the most out of their university experience. The Guild is at the centre of the campus and we’re the place where everybody likes to come. And with good reason: Our Mountford Hall is the second biggest concert venue in Liverpool We are home to 230 societies The building houses loads of meeting rooms, study spaces and chill out zones Our Student Officers campaign on the issues that matter Loads of volunteering opportunities We serve delicious food and drink round the clock A shop for essentials And we even have a Starbucks. That’s why students like to call the Guild their second home. 4

University of Liverpool students age


University of Liverpool students gender




How often do students visit our Guild building? Most days—18% Once a week or less—35% Once a month or less—25% Once a semester or less—16% Never—6% I do not know where the Guild building is—1% Over

University of Liverpool Students have



Social Media

Website Pageviews

Events (Freshers Fair)



400,000* Website Sessions *From June 2016 to May 2017

Preferred methods of communication

Guild Website 5

Welcome Opportunities

We host the official Freshers events for University of Liverpool students every year. We welcome all 20,000 students to take part, but give a little extra encouragement to our 5000 new starters. We are the only organisation affiliated to the University of Liverpool and our events are endorsed by them. We are in touch with new students before they arrive in Liverpool and on hand to help them plan their first few weeks at University.


Welcome corporate sponsorship

Mailing inserts

Become an official corporate sponsor of the whole Welcome Week programme. This gives you ultimate brand awareness among students. We will give you pride of place at all of our events and activities in our publicity.

We like to make sure students are prepped and ready for whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in store for them when they join or return, so we send an A5-sized direct mail to them all before they arrive at the start of the year.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include:

Branding on all promotional materials issued

New students (approx. 5,000)


Logo on 2000+ tickets

Returning students (approx. 15,000)


Promotional email to ticket holders Social media activity Branding at evening events Stall at Welcome Fair Contact us for full details.


*all prices are subject to VAT

Welcome guide

Wall planner

Our annual Welcome Guide is a bible for new and returning students keen to know everything about us and what they can do with us. 5,000 copies are printed and dished out at Freshers Fair and across the various halls of residence.

Packed with key academic dates and social events, our academic calendar is a firm favourite with students. Around 8000 are distributed every year.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include:

Overall sponsorship (front and back cover)


Sponsorship (including exclusivity)


Full page advert



Half page advert


Advertising – (90mm x 90mm) £200

Quarter page advert


Limited opportunities are available, so book early. Closing date for this booking is 31st July.


Welcome T-shirt sponsorship

Freshers Fair

Around 50 welcome assistants help new students move into halls of residence every year. They sport fully branded T shirts for the seven days at the start of term, and can be found across halls of residence and our bars and shops.

A huge event in the Welcome calendar, our Freshers Fair runs through our building for two days and is a one-stop-shop for students to claim freebies, sign up to activity groups and volunteering opportunities and to learn more about services and products on offer to them.

Opportunities include:

2017 dates: 21st & 22nd September.

Logo size (150mm x 150mm)


Opportunities include: Stalls Standard Premium Charity Outside

1 Day

2 Days

£950 £1,150 �250 £1,200

£1,500 £1,700 £400 £1,800

Experiential – price on application


*all prices are subject to VAT

Goody bag inserts

Hall drops

Students love a Freshers Fair freebie, so that’s what we give them. We pack and distribute them in 5,000 goody bags from our stall.

As students move into their halls of residence, we are on hand to give out flyers to spark their interest from the very beginning.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include:

Bag sponsorship (including exclusivity)


Leaflet inserts


Product inserts








Promotional stands

Evening event sponsorship

Welcome is one of the busiest times in our calendar, and stalls placed along our street benefit from constant student traffic and conversation throughout it.

We run an exciting and popular programme of Freshers evening events during the first week of term, which sell out before students arrive. Please contact us for full details.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include:

Your stall (Available exclusivity)


Your sponsorship (including exclusivity)




Annual Opportunities

We host year-round events and opportunities which offer great ways to promote your brand to students.

Staff Uniforms

Promotional stands

We employ over 200 student staff who work in our shops, bars and help our Marketing team with promotional activity. They can be spotted around our building seven days a week during term times.

Our lively building boasts a high footfall every day, and is the perfect friendly backdrop for face to face conversations with students.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include:

T-Shirt logo size (150mm x 150mm)


T-Shirt logo size (50mm x 50mm)



Half Day


Full Day


*all prices are subject to VAT

Refreshers fair


We kick-start the second semester of every year with a Refreshers Fair, which over 1000 students visit to claim freebies and learn about products and services available. This is a great opportunity to remind students about your offer.

Reach a diverse mix of students right across campus in a short space of time. Use your own staff to do the job, or if you need extra hands, we can provide staff to help out.

Opportunities include:

Opportunities include: Guild staff flyering (per 1000)



1 Day

Company flyering (half day)


Standard Premium


Company flyering (full day)







Experiential – price on application


Digital Screens


We have 10 digital screens in high footfall areas in and around our building at the heart of campus where you can bring your message to life.

Our site ( is a hub of activity which attracts around 15000-20000 unique visitors each month to read news, join activity groups and buy tickets to events.

Opportunities include: Digital Screens (1080px x 1920px)


Solus email Students tell us email is their preferred method of communication. With our solus emails you are able to set the campaign parameters by a range of demographic criteria including, age, gender and course information and directly target the right students for your brand. Opportunities include: Solus email campaign



Opportunities include: Banner advert (90px x 728px, Jul - Sep) price for 1 month


Banner advert (90px x 728px, Oct - Jun ) price for 1 month


News piece 300 words plus picture (Jul - Sep, content supplied)


News piece 300 words plus picture (Oct - Jun, content supplied)


*all prices are subject to VAT


Sponsorship Opportunities

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re pleased to offer you a range of yearround sponsorship opportunities to increase your visability with students.


Guild Awards



We kick-start the second semester of every year with a Refreshers Fair which over 1000 students visit to claim freebies and learn about products and services available, making this a great opportunity to remind students about your offer.

Our flagship event celebrates the success of our societies and wider volunteers. With over 400 nominations and an awards night held in May, with around 250 people in attendance from Senior University staff to students.

Volunteering Week February A week dedicated to a range of exciting volunteering opportunities across the City.

Leave Liverpool Tidy May Our annual campaign encouraging students to reduce, reuse and recycle as they leave Liverpool for the summer.

*all prices are subject to VAT

Summer Fest June A high-profile day long event to end the academic year. Launched in March and held in June. Media opportunities here are endless from overall event sponsors, with branding on all promotional materials to onsite presence at the event and everything in between. We will create bespoke sponsorship packages that works for your brand. Contact us for full details on these opportunities.


Liverpool Guild of Student Media pack 2017  

We're Liverpool Guild of Students and we're here to ensure University of Liverpool students get the most from their time at University. We c...

Liverpool Guild of Student Media pack 2017  

We're Liverpool Guild of Students and we're here to ensure University of Liverpool students get the most from their time at University. We c...