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2 Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It is with great pride, tremendous team and a lot of luck over the past six years that “The Distillery Channel” has now grown into a National Publication and media entity. We cut our teeth with the very successful “Links & Libations Magazine” in 2018. It was great for our readers, freelance writers and our featured stories. We have grown up to more than a magazine about “golfing and sipping”. We needed to format to grow all of our media connections stories, podcasts and now expanding into syndicated radio in the coming months. Enter “The Distillery Channel Coffee Journal”. It is all in the name. We are a

passionate company with a large world stage presence. We are more than a magazine, as we are a journal along life’s path. We are also driven by core beliefs of family and values. We promote destinations for all ages from all parts of this wonderous world. Africa, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Japan and many more will be featured in our up-coming Journals.

We have existing relationships around the United States with over 6,500 Small Craft

Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries on The Distillery Channel Platform. “A Voice for the Small Craft Industry”. Our media team of Tim Bona, Miss Kira and Ole Uncle Randy have produced over 700 shows and split-screen interviews. The Master Chef of the PGA Tour and TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms is one of our weekly features, where we help raise money and awareness for Chef David Trevelino and his Christmas meals on our US Navy nuclear submarines in Guam.

From Master Photographer, Daniel Sullivan, to “The Golf Doctor” Mike Calbot and

President of the Texas Golf Writers Association, Art Stricklin, including registered dietitian-nutritionist out of Miami, Dina Garcia, and Rob on the Road, we cover multiple topics with our credentialed writers. Our interactive online magazine is cutting edge with over 100 links to stories, our advertisers, destinations and features.

So, come along and enjoy our “Coffee Journal”, supported along life’s path with a

fresh cup of Foy Estate Coffee, “As Every Cup is Served with Our Grandfather’s Love”. Cheers, Randy Weckerly President & Publisher

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Distillery Channel Coffee Journal











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Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


8 Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


10 Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

The Coffee Journal – The Fabric of Life Written By: RandyWeckerly

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“Drinking coffee at age 5 is not

usually the way a child’s day starts, but that was my grandfather’s way of keeping me warm at our cottage in March of 1954. I loved my grandfather, Nevin Foy, as he was the center of my life, my joy and my protector. He would pick me up precisely as school let out every Friday and we would venture to our cottage on Lake Kegonsa near Madison, Wisconsin. It is cold in the early months of the oncoming Spring. Our cottage had a little kerosene heater, but we had our parkas on, and fresh pastries bought at the Norwegian bakery in Stoughton, in early morning. The first cup of coffee was to keep me warm and provide something to dunk my German black bread with a heavy coat of sugar and butter on the top.”

Coffee Fun Fact 1: Circa: 850 -

Kaldi, a goat rancher in Ethiopia notices goats are energized by eating what turns out to be a coffee cherry. And that is my first entry in my coffee journal.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“The Distillery Channel Coffee Journal” has been created to serve a lifestyle of family, travel, dining and life experiences, served and enjoyed while experiencing a great cup of coffee. Our goal is to share these experiences and life in general as we hope you share yours.

Coffee Fun Fact 2: Circa: 1000 –

Medical benefits are discovered that are positive when the drinking of coffee in Persia.

Coffee in its own right has had

many phases that can be inserted into its own coffee journal. I did not know any of the history of coffee until specialty coffee was introduced to me by my family during family events.



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Hence, my fun facts inserted throughout this article pertaining to the historical highlights of coffee, its origin and the so called “Waves” in then coffee industry.

Coffee Fun Fact 3: Circa 1475

First known coffee house is established in Istanbul, Turkey.

In my early years drinking coffee,

I remember my grandmother, Genevieve Foy, preparing coffee in an electric percolator during the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas. She had the best recipe’s for turkey, dressing, coffee cakes, pies, etc. But always I enjoyed the rich and enveloping scent and flavor of the perked coffee. I did not inherit much from her when my Gram passed, but to this day I still treasure inheriting and using that coffee maker in my own kitchen.

Coffee Fun Fact 4: Circa 1723 A Frenchman sequesters coffee out

of Ethiopia at risk of his own life back to France. This direct line of coffee was later introduced in Martinique and is the origin of the coffee grown in South America today.

The next phase was my first year at

Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois. Coming from humble financial beginnings, I had few pleasures on campus. I had a partial track scholarship which allowed me to attend college, a $1,85/hour factory job during the summers in a toy factory back home and a part time job as a night guard in a girl’s dorm, all of which helped keep me in school. However, that coffee pot my grandfather served out of when I was five, was used every afternoon from 2-4 PM before track practice.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

I had to fix my coffee on a hot plate and cherished a few Oreos, as I studied. The coffee and studies kept me connected to my grandfather every day. He had passed four years before.

Coffee Fun Fact 7: Circa 1892

Maxwell House coffee gets its start in Nashville. President Teddy Roosevelt having had a cup on the porch of the Maxwell House, said in finishing his first cup of the day, “that Coffee is Good to the Very Last Drop.” An advertising tagline is born.

Coffee Fun Fact 5: Circa 1773

The Boston Tea Party makes it fashionable and patriotic to drink Coffee in the colonies.

Coffee Fun Fact 6: Circa 1850

The California Gold Rush sets the stage for Folgers to move to California and create its coffee empire.

Coffee Fun Fact 8: Circa 1900

This era is now called the “First Wave of Coffee” when coffee was now put in a can and sold on a grand national scale.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


As I grew older, drinking coffee

buoyed my drive to work in the morning, established time for me to talk to my older sons in a coffee shop, and ponder life when the down times were upon me with divorces and business failures. It is life through the lens of thousands of cups of coffee.

Coffee Fun Fact 9: Circa 1938

Instant coffee is introduced by Nestle’ and Maxwell house.

I still cherish my first cup of coffee

Coffee Fun Fact: Circa 1971

Starbucks is born in Seattle and life is changed for coffee drinkers in America, and now, the World.

This is known as the “Second Wave

of Coffee”, coffee in now “found on every corner”. In 1987, Howard Schultz, buys Starbucks.

every morning. I have several coffee makers, a “Mr. Coffee”, a “Keurig”, an “OXO”, and others. I still save my Gramma Foy’s 1954 percolator for the holidays. But learning and researching coffees from Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Caribbean and researching the roasting of coffee, I now enjoy the “Art and Science” of a great cup of coffee.

As we continue with “The Coffee Journal”, I hope you send to me your stories of family, travels, and ups and downs along the path of a great cup of coffee.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“Third Wave of Coffee” underlines

Specialty Coffee and its inception, let me explain the “The Third Wave” of coffee in its simplest terms. In 2003, the influx of people looking to home brew or distill products on their own was on the rise.

I returned to Northern Illinois

University in 2006 to explore research in communication and media. My first class was an advanced professional speaking class. The instructor, Tim Pierce, did a demo speech on home roasting coffee. He was doing this in the oven or in a pop corn popper. I was fascinated, wanted to learn more, but due to my schedule at the time, working and full-time college semester, had no time to pursue this hobby. I now realize, that Mr. Pierce was on the leading edge of the “Third Wave”, those who were resourcing coffee beans from around the world for home use had begun.

Home roasting is growing

exponentially. It is fun and exciting to do the research and test new methods of roasting. It is definitely a combination of “Artwork over Science”. Every roast comes out different for many reasons.


We will be covering the pluses and

minuses of “Home Roasting” in our next issue along the path of “The Coffee Journal.”

In the meantime, send us your

“Coffee Journal Notes”, and we will see how many of them we can share in this forum or on our website, www.FoyEstateCoffee.com or www.thedistillerychannel.com.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Foy Estate Coffee Producing

The World’s Best Coffee with: * * * * * * * * *

Wines Rums Bourbons Whiskeys Vodkas Liqueurs Moonshine Gin and much more.

"Every Cup Served with A Grandfathers Love."


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Golf Doctor USA

Golf Doctor USA

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


“Building confidence through better understanding.�-The Mike Calbot Golf Academy Through progressive practice programs quickly elevating the skills of beginner, intermediate and advanced golfers.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Phoenix Golf 2019 Written By Art Stricklin

Photos provided by: Troon

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

PHOENIX – As the triple figure

summer temperature slowly starts to fade from the Valley of the Sun when the golf is cheaper and so are the sun spots, the fall, leading into the winter, is a prime time for golfers and the embarrassment of golf riches in the golf-rich area. But once you’ve played the Scottsdale set of Grayhawk, Troon North and TPC-Scottsdale with others, it would be a grave golfing error not to play one of the true hidden gems of the Phoenix area: AK-Chin Southern Dunes in the small Phoenix-area community of Maricopa.

While far from the golfing glamor

which made this jewel of the desert so attractive, the outstanding par 72 layout designed by former Masters Champion Fred Couples and the firm of Schmidt-Curley, has plenty to like and explore again and again. For a course built in the wrong part of the region as one local resident told me, it does so many things right. For example, it’s one of the few championship courses in the area which features core golf, meaning it offers very few distractions from roads or homes along the course. It’s simply public golf for great golf’s sake.

Combine the inviting and peaceful

land sculpture and views of the nearby Estrella and South mountains and you have a visual treat to the layout which can play 7,546 yards from the back tees to challenge the biggest hitters. If you’re looking for dramatic boulders hanging over the edge of the perfectly green fairways, you’re in the wrong part of the desert region for that. But dramatic bunkers, pure greens and interesting shot values, are all here in abundance.

The course has gone through a

transformation since opening in 2002 as many great courses have. It opened as a private upper-end players club designed for the best pros and amateurs in the area. While it attracted a select few, there wasn’t a sustained market for that so a 2014 renovation by Curley and Couples increased playability for all players. They even added a six-hole short course titlem Minidunes.

Then in 2018, Mother Nature

decided to do its own renovation when a fall 2018 flash flood turned the course into one huge fishing lake, totally covering everything which had attracted the golfers in the first place. But thanks to the commitment of locally based Troon Golf and the Ak-Chin Native American community, which owns the course, it was rapidly brought back into pristine shape and has produced a remarkable course comeback.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Old-time used car lots owners in

remote locations used to use the marketing slogan, “The Drive is Worth the Distance,” but in this case the drive, possibly past many other outstanding courses is worth the payoff in a great golfing surprise in an area which didn’t seem able to host many more prime courses. The nearby Ak-Chin Resort hosts plenty of traveling golfers for some off-golf course entertainment and also plays host to the annual World Long Drivers Duel in the Desert contest where powerful golfers can make mockery of the law of golfing physics.

Another graceful throwback to the

foundations of Phoenix golf is The Phoenician Resort with 18 holes of golf surrounded by the huge resort. The founding of the lavish Phoenician Resort is famous or infamous as the case may be. Arizona developer Charles Keating built the resort and the golf courses to be the finest that money could buy. The swimming pool was reported to have cost a million dollars by itself with its elaborately laid foundation.


Unfortunately for Keating, much of

the money used to produce the lodging brilliance came from unlawful white-collar criminal activities which ultimately led him and some of his associates to a different style of crossbar accommodations. But the resort he built remains one of the most lavish anywhere with a recently renovated 18-hole championship course.

Architect Billy Bell designed the

original par 72 adobe course at the Arizona Biltmore in 1929, which was later joined by a mountainside view links course, Famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright laid out the hotel. As one of the few large lodging establishments ever done by Wright, it showcased his unique style with several spectacular pools, a large clock tower and bronze and gold leaf roof and tiles around the resort. Even a huge outdoor checkerboard comes complete with moveable pieces.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

The golf is old school and still fun for all ages

and skill levels. There is plenty that is familiar, famous and popular in Phoenix-area Golf, but the old school and hidden golf surprises are well worth seeking out.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Rob in the Rearview Email Rob about your favorite Local Brewery, Distillery and Winery. Rob@thedistillerychanne.com

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Bucket List Trips with "The Art of Golf Travel" with Art Stricklin

The Art of Golf Classic at The TPC-Four Seasons in Dallas, Texas on November 21 at 1 PM

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Second Annual “The Art of Golf Classic” Thursday, November 21, 2019 TPC-Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, Texas

The Fab Four Seasons Art of Golf Fun Just as Great the Second Time Around! Friends you know nobody knows more about putting on great & fun golf tournaments than I do!, so come out to play at the TPC Four Seasons Resort in the Second Art of Golf Classic on Thursday, November 21 for this fun and relaxed format where you can play your own ball on a golf course which has challenged the greatest players in the world and now you can have you chance. E-mail: astrick@flash.net Call/text 972-989-2310 to sign up for golf or golf and overnight lodging at a special Art of Golf Price! The Weather is Better, the Fun, Food and Fellowship Always Great, the Price is the Same! Round of Golf at Longtime PGA Tour site TPC-Four • Seasons Resort, Irving, with Cart Full Use of Tournament PGA Tour Practice Facilities • PGA Tour Locker Room with Steam, Shower and Sauna • Buffet Dinner at Historic Byron Nelson Golf School • Surprises and Gifts • • Relaxed, fun format, 12:30-1 p.m., Tee Times! $275 • Overnight Stay Available at Fab Four Seasons Resort including golf and dinner!

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


APRIL IN AUGUSTA, For the true golf fan, there can be no sweeter words to

hear, that means that a new golf season will be approaching fast and we are only six months away from golf’s annual Bucket List Beauty, a trip to Augusta National to see Tiger Woods defend his 2020 Title, April 6-12, with lodging, dinners and a chance to walk golf’s most hallowed grounds. I received my ticket allotment last month, have already reserved my Augusta House and I’m ready to welcome friends, new and old, to a Green Jacket Good Time.

2020 Masters Package Options, April 6-12, 2020

NCAA Championship Game & Masters Practice Round Here’s Your Highly Rare Chance to Combine 2 of Sports Classics! Tickets to the NCAA Final Four Championship Game, Monday, April 6. (approx. 9 p.m. EST Start) Overnight Lodging in Atlanta or Augusta. Tickets to Either Monday or Tuesday Practice Round at Augusta National Fly in and out of Atlanta or Augusta Stay, play and Watch 1 Night Accommodations in a 2 Bedroom Condo at Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head Island Check-In Monday April 6th, 2020 · (2) Rounds of Golf at two of the 3 famous courses at Sea Pines Resort Heron Point by Pete Dye Atlantic Dunes by Davis Love III · (2) MASTERS Course Badges for Wednesday Round of the 2020 MASTERS · 1 night lodging at August Executive House, Tuesday night Experience Golf’s Greatest Thrill Tickets for 1 or 2 days at The Masters and lodging for 1 or 2 nights in Augusta Home Wednesday Insiders Guided Tour of Augusta National and Masters Lore Hosted Dinner at Iconic Augusta Restaurant to celebrate golf’s most special day.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

The Masters Tournament April 9-12, 2019

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Westin Maui Resort & Spa May 2020

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Summer Olympics

July 30-August 8, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Rovos Rail Trip 2020 November 2020

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Uncle Randy With Al at Rovos Rail 2019 PGA Show in Orlando, FLorida.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Visit at: Rovos Rail

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“The Art of Golf Travel” with Art Stricklin

“Art Stricklin is simply the best golf travel coordinator I have ever used. I have been on a number of golf trips with Art and all have worked out perfectly. In every case, Art delivered exactly what he promised. The trips were great fun and at very reasonable prices. He is the only golf travel agent I would ever use.” -Randy Turnbow

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Where City Sophistication Meet Coastal Luxury Written By Tim Bona

Photography Provided By: The Ritz Carlton- Sarasota & Visit Sarasota

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Ringling Bros. and Barnum &

Bailey, the most famous circus of all time, recently folded up its “Big Top” for the last time and retired all the lions, tigers, and elephants to conservation centers, ending a 146-year run. A place of wonder with the promise of surprise and the thrill of experiencing the UNEXPECTED, circuses provides “something different” to shake up our senses when they “came to town,” and left us pondering and dreaming about our very own potential after the tents were folded up, costumes packed away, and the makeup was removed.

Back in the late 19th century, about

the same time Ringling began wondering about hitting the road with his band of performers, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel was the dream and “wonder” of Swiss hotelier Ceasar Ritz, who sought, much like Ringling, to enliven the senses, instill well-being, and fulfill even the UNEXPECTED wishes and needs of his guests.

The very first Ritz-Carlton, Boston, revolutionized hospitality in America by embodying the finest luxury in a hotel setting accompanied with Yankee ingenuity and Boston social sensibilities. Similar to the credo of the circus, the Ritz-Carlton Company’s passion to inspire life’s most meaningful experiences in the most desirable places on earth, to really make “magic” happen, brought them, as well as Ringling, to Sarasota, Florida.

Popularly known as the “Circus

Capital of the World,” Sarasota became the Ringling winter headquarters in 1927 when John Ringling and his wife Mable, built a magnificent venetian-style estate on Sarasota Bay named Ca d Zan, or “House of John.”

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Centrally located between Tampa and Fort Myers, Sarasota is a small urban setting renowned for its sugar-sand beaches, laid-back elegance, stunning Spanish-style architecture, and rich history. It is no wonder that Ringling became a resident and very soon afterward infused himself into the process of developing this young, resort city and the barrier islands offshore.

With great interest from the locals

and even more curiosity from Florida enthusiasts up North, in 1926, Ringling began construction of a grand hotel out on Longboat Key, his “castle by the sea,” and it was to become part of a Ritz-Carlton franchise.


Unfortunately, the feverish boom in land speculation facilitated by the railroads and automobile, which beckoned travelers southward to Florida with promises of luxurious vacations, greater health and, and easy living, was beginning to wane. The Great Depression signaled the end of Ringling’s “magical” hotel, even though many believe it was just a few months away from completion. John Ringling’s Ritz-Carlton would have to wait for another era.

The eventual, long-awaited premier

of the Ritz-Carlton occurred in 2001 and forever altered outside travelers’ perspective with regard to the “Circus City” and the serene Cultural Coast of Florida.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Photography: Sarasota CVB

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

A chic, Gulf Coast retreat located on 11 acres in the city’s vibrant downtown district overlooking Sarasota Bay, the Ritz’ arrival brought with it a recognition of Sarasota as a quality destination, where city sophistication meets coastal luxury. With the alluring blend of cosmopolitan charm combined with tropical elegance, the resort offers a wonderful vantage point to explore attractions, dining and museums, with its proximity to the white-sand beaches and array of five-star amenities would have made Ringling proud.

Photography: The Ritz Carton, Sarasota.

Newly renovated, the 266-room,

17-story Ritz-Carlton is a coastal respite with chandelier-adorned lobby areas, fabulous cutting-edge meeting facilities, spa and fitness center, and opulent suites overlooking Sarasota Bay. Seaside décor captures the magic of Ringling’s winter retreat and the abundant beauty of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Spacious, open and bright, each guest room is meticulously designed with a modern style, furniture is amazingly plush, and vibrant colors contrast wonderfully with rich, dark wood.

Driftwood inspired flooring greeted us at the entryway to our Marina View room, while colors inspired by local flora and fauna, alongside soft blues and purples reflected in Sarasota sunsets accented the opulent space. The lavish and capacious marble-adorned bathroom with dual vanities and luxurious Asprey bath amenities was classic Ritz. As abundant, warm light filtered in from our private, handsomely furnished balcony, we admired sweeping views of Sarasota Bay, and were tempted to forgo exploration for a bit, and simply enjoy the welcome seclusion.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Located just three miles from the

Ritz, and across a causeway originally constructed with the help of Ringling’s circus elephants, registered guests of the Hotel have use of the resorts exclusive Beach Club, situated on the beautiful shores of Lido Key. This private setting features an expansive Gulf-front heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi, Ritz Kids recreational programs with zero entry family pool, a full array of distinctive Sarasota beach activities, and elegant ladies’ and gentlemen’s changing facilities. Poolside dining and an array of beach services are provided, including the ultimate poolside luxury, a poolside cabana complete with your personal butler.

But if you would prefer a more ‘local’ experience at the Beach Club, pull up a tall chair at the adjacent Lido Key Tiki Bar. A Sarasota landmark, this rustic, open-air tropical beach bar features beer, wine, mixed drinks, and yes, lots of blenders for your favorite frozen rum concoction. A truly unique, old-school setting among the sea grasses and dunes, with the lapping waves of the surf just a few feet away, the Tiki Bar became our favorite spot to enjoy the spectacular Sarasota sunsets.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

More history now, remember this place is rich in it. Back in 1885, Sarasota was promoted heavily in the home of golf, Scotland, primarily by the “Father of Sarasota,” aristocrat John Hamilton Gillespie, Sarasota’s first mayor. Many families sailed to the Gulf Coast of America expecting to find fields of vegetables, proper housing, and endless citrus groves, but instead they were witness to Gillespie’s most recent undertaking, the construction of a golf course believed to be one of America’s very first in 1902. Today, Sarasota County is awash with courses designed by many of golf’s finest architects. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club located about 15 miles from the hotel and conveniently accessed by the Club’s valet service is among them.

An immensely enjoyable and


playable Tom Fazio creation, The Members course gently rolls over 315 acres of lush, tropical landscape and winds through serene native grass areas, wetlands and mature live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. A Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, this award-winning course was strategically sculpted by Fazio, moving nearly 2 million cubic yards of earth to create abundant elevation changes and beautiful contouring, framing each individual hole. So enjoy the walk, as the architect hoped you would, by utilizing the Ritz-Carlton innovative Caddie Concierge program …


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Enjoy the aesthetics of the

colorfully flowering hedges, the camaraderie of your playing partners and caddies, the innumerable aquatic plants, the abundant wildlife, and the vistas of 12 picturesque lakes, all without the hindrance of any development on the horizon. This is pure golf. After managing your game through the challenging and dramatic Lions (a la the Ritz logo) Den, holes 16 - 18, retire with your friends for drinks and possibly a fresh meal under the trellises at the elegant low-rise wood beam and stone Members clubhouse, a very classy setting befitting of the natural canvas of Fazio’s masterpiece.

Now home to world-class performance venues, nearly 20 Zagat-rated dining experiences, international shopping, theatres, museums, and artist enclaves, Sarasota exudes the vibrant spirit of Florida’s Cultural Coast, and major league baseball Spring Training games. This small, urban community has an entirely new level of vibrancy and environmentally sensitive growth along the sea. Just steps from the Ritz, downtown Sarasota is ripe with opportunities. Explore the city, simply follow the fruit-named streets to discover new experiences at every turn: the historic Sarasota Opera House can be found on Pineapple Avenue, the Florida Studio Theatre is over on Coconut, the Saturday’s farmers market on Lemon, and the Center for Architecture can be found down on Orange Avenue, all are set among charming boutiques, antique shops, and colorful historic cottages.

Though the Ringling (the state art museum of Florida) is home to one of the preeminent arts and cultural collections in the United States, thanks to John and his beloved wife’s shared love for Sarasota, Italy and art, many visitors believe Ringling’s design of St. Armond’s Circle to be just as culturally significant. A very short shuttle ride from the hotel, this renowned continental shopping and dining area is unique in concept, history, and beauty.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Nestled between the sparkling waters of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf among charming tropical courtyards and patios, Ringling’s vision is easily displayed in the design of the streets radiating out from the island’s hub, the Italian statuary, and the “Circus Ring of Fame,” located on Circle Park, which honors numerous circus performing legends. A day at “The Circle” manages to feel European, tropical, laid-back, luxurious, large, and quaint simultaneously. It is a graceful synthesis of past and present.

On the more natural side your

personal concierge at the Ritz, is able to arrange a visit to the Mote Marine Aquarium, the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Walt’s Fish Market, or how about a canopy walk and airboat adventure in the Myakka River State Park to search for gators, panthers, or white-tailed deer.

The young ones will be interested in an engaging, immersive experience in the Ritz-Kids program, an environmentally focused experience that fosters interaction with the world in which they live in. All content for the Ritz-Kids program was created by Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, and is designed to share that vision through fun, interactive activities that appeal to children’s innate love of discovery and sense of curiosity.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Back to the nautical lore of the 18th

century, “Jack Dusty” was the name for the naval store clerk. Today, Jack Dusty is a symbol of camaraderie and community – gathering together for food and drink, and the name of the Ritz’s harbor side, maritime inspired restaurant, lounge, and marketplace. Reflecting the unique spirit of Sarasota, the friendly and laid-back ambiance of Jack Dusty, along with a décor reflecting sand and sky merging natural features with artistic diversity, is all accentuated by spectacular waterfront views. This is THE place where Mixologists merge with Culinarians. Enjoy vibrant, coastal cuisine including freshly caught Gulf shrimp or Sarasota Cioppio, or an “1855 Filet” with parsnip puree, honeyside vegetables, and red wine sauce.


While dining on the outdoor veranda, we watched pelicans splash down near the docks in the bay, and thoroughly enjoyed Jack Dusty’s dark, sweet and grainy bread loaf, baked, and served, in a can, just as the Maritimes would have preferred. The inventive, Sarasota-inspired craft cocktails prepared with farm fresh ingredients, extensive rum, spirits and wine menu, and numerous craft microbrews will inspire your senses and challenge you to decide whether you are a Sipper, Gulper, or maybe in the mood for a Sandy Bottom? Confused? Just ask the closest barkeep or server for assistance, then head out to the patio with its comfortable outdoor couches and chairs, and gas-fed fire pits with handsome Luxe stone veneers to enjoy a Gulf Coast sunset.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

With regard to libations on The Porch, I recommend the “Old Rocking Chair,” made with Mote Marine Laboratory (these are the good folks who take care of the turtles) sun brewed tea with your choice of bourbon or vodka; with fresh squeezed lemonade, and flavors of hibiscus, coconut, rose petals, apple, and pineapple. And guess where a portion of the proceeds from this delicious creation go? Back to Mote Marine to help the turtles of course, classic Ritz. Cheers.

Home to one of the highest densities of loggerhead sea turtle nests on the Gulf Coast, Sarasota is proud to share its beaches with the Atlantic Ridley, a protected species of sea turtle which has been navigating the earth’s oceans for over 150 million years. In celebration of this endangered wonder of the sea, the Ritz-Carlton’s Ridley’s Porch out at the Beach Club pays homage to the Ridley, and the Ritz’ ongoing conservation efforts with regard to dimming lights and managing nesting sites on their private beach. The premier, casual dining experiences at the Resort for celebrating Sarasota sunsets while enjoying local dishes paired with crafted cocktails, Ridley’s often provides guests with the opportunity to catch glimpses of the sea turtles residing on the beach, just a few feet away, very cool.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

In the spirit of America’s and Europe’s wealthiest gilded age-industrialists,

Sarasota’s ever changing and evolving identity continues to grow, all while maintaining its nod to history and honoring those who made it the unique city it is today. Guests of the Ritz-Carlton can even see the charm of Sarasota in the building material utilized for the beautiful garden terrace adjacent to Jack Dusty’s: the original bricks Ringling used during the construction of his grand hotel in 1926. Whether it be John Ringling’s dream to transform Sarasota into a luxury resort town to rival the fashionable winter holiday destinations of Florida’s more established east coast, or Caesar Ritz’s inspirational vision, a lifestyle of singular style and grace, both the “dream” and “vision” of these two men are on display in Sarasota, a place of “wonder.”



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal 75


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Lifestyle Show Hosted By:

Miss Kira, Uncle Randy & Tim Bona Featuring: Chef Dave Trevelino, Mike Calbot, Dina Garcia, Art Stricklin & Rob in the Rearview.



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Banana Phone Stories with Appeal-On Tour 2019 Written By: Randy Weckerly

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


When arriving at TPC Sawgrass

we notice security is everywhere. We take a shuttle bus from our designated mosquito filled field media lot to the gate near the media center. Upon arrival we go through the obligatory security metal detectors and meet, who is now our friend, Tom Gilhooly, working the gate. He is the head of security at this venue, and to this date has become a great friend of ours in Florida.

#Miss Kira and Ole Uncle

Randy awoke at 3:30 AM in St. Augustine, Florida on the Tuesday before “The Player’s Championship at TPC Sawgrass”. We stayed in a low budget inn about 45 minutes from the venue. It is relatively cool and very dark at this time of day. It’s not a vacation. Who knew? But the excitement attending “The Players Championship” and enjoying our PGA Tour Media Credentials is an exciting time. No problem getting out of bed, as I went to Miss Kira’s room; and she always has the bright smile and personality everyone loves. I am just “Ole Uncle Randy” and riding Miss Kira’s coat tails on tour, as everybody loves Miss Kira.

Little did we know how

effective meeting Tom would be during our time at TPC Sawgrass. But to keep the story simple and not bury the lead, we are not like any other media team. We don’t measure pluses or minuses of golf scores, we don’t worry about equipment, and we passionately don’t care about guessing who is going to win. We look for breakfast first.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

It’s now about 6:30 AM and the

sun is starting to come up as we head out to the practice range. Minutes later there is a rustle of multi-millionaires and their caddies coming to the range and having a good time wearing shorts and golf shirts. I look behind where they walked to see if they dropped any hundred-dollar bills or if any fell out of their golf bags. Nope, not today, no luck on that end.

We don’t qualify for the “Big

Media” breakfast table, but our plastic wrapped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit juice and bananas fill our pockets as we head out in the dark to the practice range. We feel like we are sitting at the kids table at Thanksgiving but having a lot more fun than the adults.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

The first to show up is Bubba,

then Sergio, then JT....and then I get this pic from my son, Adam, watching The Golf Channel. It is of Kira and I watching the players from behind the fence. What happened to those Media Credentials? It appears, we still didn’t get the full press pass from the media team that allows us on the range. The camera that took this picture was placed on the range over 300 yards away. By the way if you don’t know who those players are, it doesn’t make any difference, you will still enjoy this article.

But in the end, it is simply golf; no different than going to a high school event. How this eclectic bunch of nomads qualify for this event’s entry is formulated on many different paths. The players qualify for the 144 spots through world ranking placement, past winner status, money won, and on and on, why bore you? In the end, you and I can’t relate to it. It is millionaires playing for another pot of gold, where the winner this week gets nearly $2,000,000.

And then they get more money

The one headline from the world

of professional golf is, “The PGA Tour and Events are simply no different than the ultimate buddy trip.” It is a fact that the players have entourages of trainers, coaches, parents, girlfriends, wives and sometimes their children. They are provided cars by a local dealer, parking near the event, and a great dining opportunity in the 35,000 square foot club house at TPC Sawgrass.


through the year, if that isn’t enough. Everything you see on a player is generally a sponsorship deal. Their equipment they play with is the big one. Some contracts are incentive based by wins and others are straight forward pay for play accomplishments, along with special appearances at their sponsors events and corporate outings.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Clothes, hats, jackets, umbrellas, golf bags, luggage, watches, eyeglasses both corrective and sun, suntan lotion, hotels, fashions, insurance companies and financial institutions want to get their logos on the players. There has been one estimation that Tiger’s win at The Master’s proved billions of dollars of advertising value worldwide.

The Players Championship has

been called the Fifth Major. And, in my humble opinion, it should be a Major. However, what would happen to past champions playing records who have won this event in past years? Would the world of golf have to rewrite the record books of players accomplishments, like adding more majors to Jack Nicklaus’ record of Majors which would then be more that his current 18?


Now, wait, I sucked you in to the

minutia of golf. Who really cares if they do or don’t? It is in the end, still a silly game, where they found special talent in digging their skills out of the dirt on driving ranges and in the gym. So why hear the same ole stories the guys from big media tell us every week? Seriously, can you remember today, what was on the last golf broadcast you watched? Nope, neither can I.

So, let’s talk the birth of the

Banana Phone. Media from around the world is found everywhere, trying to find some controversial story or why a golfer changes his swing, or underwear for any particular reason.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Even Jimmy Fallon got into the act that week as he set up the players inserting nonsensical silly phrases during their press conferences. Brooks Koepka, saying “Wing it and Ding It” during his time in the media center.

Hence, on Tuesday, there was an

event where the PGA set twenty first timers in a circular setting for one on one media interviews. We talked with Peter Uihlein, Talor Gooch, and JT Poston. We also broke the story about Bryson DeChambeau’s new educational foundation that he established for kids. He accommodated us during his time while signing autographs for kids after his practice round.

These are all fine young men, but

I got bored very easily and decided to interview the Players Trophy, the one Rory took home for his victory at the conclusion of this event. It was sitting in the middle of all of the players and the national media and seemed lonely to me. I had picked up a banana for my personal consumption earlier in the breakfast venue. During my monologue I reached into my pocket and out came the first “Banana Phone Interview.” All of which was totally unplanned and with many national eyes trained on my dastardly non-conforming interview. You can be the judge, but I think it was the most meaningful interview of the week.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Peter Uihlein Interview

Talor Gooch Interview


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

JT Poston Interview

Bryson DeChambeau Interview

Banana Phone Interview

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Miss Kira told me the national

media was suspect watching my diatribe, but so much more for the fun of our time at TPC Sawgrass. When we returned to our office the following week, we actually found a banana phone that actually works, and now it is our claim to a suspect fame.

It was fun retiring to our $55.00

TPC Sawgrass was a lot of fun for

our first adventure. We spent time in the stands on the 17th hole, and actually saw a lot of great shots and the fun Kevin Na and Tiger Woods had famously fast stepping to their putts on the green. TPC Sawgrass and The Players Championship in the end is more like a great Florida high society party, long dresses and broad rim hats, and even heels being worn on the course by these beautifully coiffed Floridians. The beer was flowing between the fairways with many participants being way over served as they were watching the tournament.

per night room and knowing we haven’t sold our soul to the world of golf and typical media. We had the Banana Phone firmly growing in stature and our symbol of nonconformity in the form of a fruit and with a lot of appeal!


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Master Chef Dave Trevelino – Holiday Dinner for our Nuclear Submariners Written By: Randy Weckerly

Photos Provided By: TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Six years and the mission are still

on going. In fact, Dave Trevelino, Master Chef of the TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, has a steadfast and fervent passion to feed the sailors of the nuclear submariners. Once again, along with his wife Linda, he will be executing his galley cooking this year in Guam. They will be traveling over the holidays to joyously take his Master Chef talents to the galley of a nuclear submarine.

Our US Navy nuclear submarines

protect our front lines around the world, as our first and last lines of defense and offense if needed. After leaving their ports of call, they can be out of communication with family and friends for months at a time.

Master Chef Dave tells us that the

small amount of fresh fruits and veggies available on a submarine disappear quite early in extended deployments. For us landlubbers, we can run to the nearest grocery store and fill these needs. And while the galley provides nutritious meals for the sailors, the tastes of a fresh baked pie, cake or dumplings isn’t in the cards.

Master Chef Dave’s son, Andrew,

who also was a cook on board one of the nuclear subs, expressed to his father about seven years ago what a treat it would be to cook for the submarine crew when they do surface over the holiday. Chef Dave made it his singular mission to raise the money and honor his son’s request.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Auction items will be available like a Jackson Family Wine, Golf Memorabilia, Private Party Hosting and Cooking by Chef Dave and the list goes on. Chef Dave has the strong support of

his members on this evening. As of October 16, 2019, about $20,000 of the needed $75,000 has been raised. Traveling to Guam as one can imagine is lengthy and problematic in setting up the magnitude of a dinner for the submariners. As of this writing, Chef Dave has told us he has most of the items falling into place for this year.

Even though, the submarine

surface and are in port, a crew has to stay on board for obvious reasons of safety and maintenance. Six years ago, Chef Dave began raising money to fly and cook for a nuclear submarine stationed in Guam at the time.

Since that time, he has spent time

raising money, generally in the $65,000-$100,000 range, to support his yearly holiday dinners. His members at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, in Potomac, Maryland, are the backbone of his money raising campaign.

Master Chef will be hosting his

“The Butcher Block Party/Holiday Party� event on Monday, November 11, 2019 at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farms where once again, a magnificent meal will be had by 240+ attendees and special guests.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


2018’s event in Honolulu, Hawaii, saw Chef Dave and Linda preparing food for two nuclear submarines. While the confines of cooking in a submarine galley could dissuade most chefs, Dave takes on the responsibility bringing his same recipe’s and talent he uses for his country club guests. In January 2019, a second

serving was held on the deck of a battleship during New Year’s Eve. Spectacular in planning and execution every item being fulfilled where families celebrated being together, albeit, away from their homes.

While you enjoy your Holidays in

the confines of warmth and family, I hope you understand the mission Chef Dave is fulfilling every year for our sailors. He does it out of love for his son, Andrew, reenlisted in 2018 for another four years in the Navy.

Be sure to follow Chef Dave on his

Facebook pages, and at

“Crazy David- Crazy Chef Special”, https://www.facebook.com/CrazyChefDaveSpecial

If you find yourself motivated to contribute to this yearly mission, please call Kassie Nantz, 301-469-3700 ext. 152, or email Kassie at Kassienantz@pgatourtpc. com and she will be able to assist you.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Crazy Chef Dave Special Friday Morning Coming from TPC Potomac

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Chef Dave’s Coffee Store Support Chef’s Dave Mission feeding the Sailors in Guam during the holidays.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Rovos Rail Celebrates 30 Years ON THE 29th OF APRIL 2019, PRIVATELY OWNED ROVOS RAIL CELEBRATES THREE DECADES IN SOUTH AFRICA Since its first overnight journey with a seven-coach train to what was then the Eastern Transvaal, Rovos Rail has expanded exponentially and now offers eight trips around Southern Africa with more trains that can accommodate 72 passengers. Journeys range from 48 hours to 15 days with the newest route, Trail of Two Oceans, departing for its maiden voyage in July this year from Dar es Salaam to Lobito in Angola. It will be the first time in history that a passenger train will travel the east-to-west copper trail. “Our new route coincides nicely with our 30th birthday. I’d like to say it was planned but I can’t take credit for the serendipitous timing,” says Rohan Vos, owner and CEO of Rovos Rail Tours. Also in the Rovos fleet is the Shongololo Express that was purchased and renovated in 2016. Three journeys are on offer ranging from 12 to 15 days with the train travelling for over 300 days of the year. “That train just goes and goes with very few issues – mostly I think due to the relaxed itineraries. It’s quite amazing,” comments Vos. Asked if he ever thought Rovos Rail would progress this far, Vos responds: “Not at all. We lost so much money in the early days and we knew nothing about hospitality. In my naivety I believed what we were offering was so unique that tickets would sell easily. Boy, was I mistaken.” With his wife Anthea at his side, Vos travelled the world attending travel shows and calling on leading travel agents and tour operators. “It was both invigorating and exhausting,” says Anthea. “We were starting out at the same time as the Vartys from Londolozi and the late Liz McGrath as well as a few others. We all used to lose our voices from punting our offerings so vigorously!” It took a decade for the company to break-even. “We managed to side-step bankruptcy more than once,” says Vos. “I was inexperienced and had no idea just how expensive trains would be to operate.” An auspicious moment arrived in 1993 when Vos formed a relationship with Phillip Morrell from Jules Verne in the United Kingdom. Together they plotted a route from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. “We had no money at the time for any advertising but we placed an ad in the Sunday Telegraph nonetheless. It was December and I didn’t hold much hope.” However, much to his surprise, the advertisement worked and the maiden voyage sold out. When Phillip called to share the good news, Vos’s words to him were: “Send cash!” The new Victoria Falls journey proved successful.



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Daniel Sullivan Master Photographer Written By: Randy Weckerly

Photography Provided By: Daniel Sullivan

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Daniel Sullivan is someone you will want to meet on your next visit to Maui. We are honored to have Daniel’s photos in our magazine. As we contemplate our next sip of coffee while spinning his photos, we can never forget the talent this young man possesses. I met Daniel in 2014 while doing

research on Maui for a documentary. I traveled to his shop in Paia on Maui, which in itself is a great day spent on the island. Daniel has a shop in Paia which is called Indigo Paia, 149 Hana Hwy, Paia, Hawaii 96779. His shop is eclectic and very authentic to his kind personality. While his shop has one of the greatest collections of imported rugs, clothing and nick-knacks, it is his photos on the walls that will capture your imagination.

As Daniel’s Facebook page explains,

“Daniel Sullivan has traveled the globe in search of capturing the human spirit through his stunning photography. Daniel Sullivan’s images chronicle the dichotomy of traditional and modern, young and old, surrender and struggle. When Sullivan is not out gathering images and stories from around the world, he lives on Maui with his wife Caramiya and his children Tristan and Evie.”

I would suggest after soaking in

the beauty of his contribution to our magazine, you would be quite pleased to venture to his website, Daniel Sullivan Photography, http://bit.ly/33AZyNX , and enjoy hours of viewing his entire resume in photos from around the world.

And here is the best part, during

your next trip to Maui plan on spending a day or two with him on a photography tour and have the unique opportunity to learn from a master photographer of nature.

As his Facebook Page states,

“Improve your photography skills while visiting Maui’s most breathtaking places on a custom tour with award-winning photographer, Daniel Sullivan. You’ll learn the basics of landscape photography and composition at Daniel’s Indigo Paia studio before embarking on a tour of Maui’s most picturesque and hidden locations. Get ready for an adventure as you snap photos of rare green turtles, epic waves, and more before heading out to a secluded waterfall in a bamboo forest. Follow on Instagram @danielsullivangallery”.

With today’s iPhone and Droids

making taking digital photos an apparently easy endeavor, it might be a great time to pick up a DSLR camera and learn from one of the world’s best photographers. We have interviewed Daniel on our podcast “Happy Hour Lifestyle Show” and asked about his equipment used for his many photography adventures. You might find it surprising, but you would probably be able to use your equipment during your ventures with Daniel and be quite pleased with what you will learn by the end of the day.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

I have followed Daniel on Facebook for years, and he posts the most

incredible pictures from around the island, featuring locations I would not have noticed as opportunities to shoot on camera. Here is his Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pg/danielsullivanphoto

I would suggest writing to Daniel and lining up a photo session with Daniel

ahead of your next trip, at least for a day or two while on Maui. I promise you will find your time spent with one of the kindest and most talented photographers on the planet, a tremendous memory maker of your visit to Maui. Daniel’s email is: indigopaia@gmail.com.

Now pull up a great cup of coffee and enjoy your time looking at every photo,

whether in this article or on his website. Enjoy the time and peace during this experience as Daniel, through his photography, brings the world to your fingertips.



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Foy Estate Coffee

"Every Cup Served with A Grandfathers Love."

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal




Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Royal Portrush Written By Art Stricklin

Photographs Provided by: Blackrock House

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland -- The British Open, known as the Open Championship in most parts of the civilized golfing world, to Northern Ireland last month for the first time in 68 years, showcasing the fabulous Royal Portrush championship layout, the spectacular North Sea scenery and the golfing aura which is imbedded in every part of this tiny town. Not since Englishman Max

Faulkner lifted the Claret Jug in 1951 after winning the only Open ever held outside of England or Scotland has his seaside town of 7,000 people became the center of the professional golf universe for four glorious days in July. Were Irish Son Shane Lowery became the most popular winner in forever.

Thanks to two new holes,

brilliantly designed by English architect Martin Ebert, one of the oldest of Irish links originally laid by Old Tom Morris and Harry S. Colt, golf’s greatest professionals will be tested in the modern arena of championship golf with old world charm.

“Our goal was to add the two new

holes (the par 5 seven, the par 4 8th) which fit seamlessly into the course yet still are noticed by golfers. That’s what I think we did,” said club secretary Wilma Erskine, one of the few female secretaries in Ireland and a driving force to the return of the Open Championship here.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


But the fact that major championship golf was played here at all, televised on a worldwide scale, is a bit of an Irish miracle in itself and shows the true democratic nature of golf in this part of the world. If you had suggested any Open

Gone are two non-descript

finishing holes on the flat ground close to the club, which was used for Open hospitality this year. In its place is dramatic stretch of holes including the course’s signature layout Calamity Corner, a long par 3 now the 16th hole, where you have to thread your tee shot over a huge chiasm to a large green with wind almost always a factor.

The finishing holes presented two

long par 4 challenges with golfers hitting over gorse off the tee to perilously deep bunkers near the green.

Former Open Champion and

Portrush resident Darren Clarke said the Ebert changes make the course 1.5 to 2 shots harder and the prevailing winds hard off the Irish Coast make the layout a challenge at any time. The par 72 course which will likely play from 7,300 yards from the back tees, will prove a worthy challenge to the golfers along with the weather conditions which are always a key part of any Open Championship.

Championship here 20 years ago, you would have been laughed off the tee, if not ducking for cover first! At that time Portrush sat right in the heart of sectarian religious violence in the region, commonly known as The Troubles, were hundreds and scared thousands more were killed, before it officially came to an end in 1998.

Old time caddies at Portrush will

point out the IRA safehouses where bombs and guns were stored. If you said you’re going to hit a provisional as my dad did innocently enough after once topping his drive-in gorse, you could start a fist fight for using the slang for a British solider While Erskine was steadfast in telling callers than an American had never been killed in The Troubles, Royal Portrush and the many outstanding courses in the area remained dangerous forbidden fruit.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Thankfully all is that is in the past

and The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland don’t even have a border crossing on the easy three-hour trip from Dublin, where many of the Open visitors stayed, as Portrush is accessible only by a narrow, twisting two lane road.

Today, golf is the common langue

spoken here by almost every citizen and visitors and it’s not uncommon to see people carrying their golf bags on the road to Portrush or any other course.

Fish and Chips (actually French

fries) is the Chicken Fried Steak of Northern Ireland and is on the menu at almost any place you stop along with Quick Fried Chicken (just fried chicken here) along with dark, thick Guinness beer, almost never clear, yellow Murphy’s.

Of course, to top it off, it’s always

The downtown Harbour Bar was

the social center for Open Championship week as it is almost every other week of the year. It’s certainly not uncommon, in fact almost expected, that Clarke will be holding court at the bar during Open week as he does whenever he is in town.

Fellow Portrush member and

part-time resident Graeme McDowell, a past U.S. Open Champion, is likely to stop as did Lowery plus the everyday locals and the visiting golf tourists.

ice cream. For a country that doesn’t often see 70 degrees temperatures, almost never 80, very rarely 90, they likely consume more ice cream per capita than almost any other country. No need to ask if the stores have it, you’ll see the huge plastic ice cream cone outside almost every place you stop.

For a course and a city finally back

on the world golf stage, the Open is still a local affair. Tickets sold out faster to this year’s event than any Open outside of St. Andrews ever.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

That’s a big part of the reason

which has kept Erskine at Portrush for 26 years and brought Nicola Neill home after two years in London.

After college, she became a

successful business meeting planner in the UK’s largest city, but always longed for the simple pleasures of this tiny hometown.

In 2010, she returned home to see

if she could use her business skills among the people she grew up with. She lived at home with her parents for a while and discovered that the flat next to her parents’ house come up for sale.

By putting the two flats together,

she came up with the perfect three-story, five bedroom Bed and Breakfast which now markets itself the Blackrock House with the catchy Wi-Fi password of Blackrock Rocks!

Opened in 2016, it was the Irish

B&B of the year in 2017 and will be highly sought after for nearby lodging during the Open in July.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“It’s good to be home and good to be


It’s where Rory shot a 61 as a junior, but whoever wins will provide a unique look at what makes golf here so unique and personal.

with family,” Neill said. “My dad helped out with the construction and once we got the house it all came together as a business. It took us three years to remodel, but there is nothing like being back in Portrush and seeing the golfing world come to us. We’ve had countless Americans, golfers from all over the world here who want to see the course and the area.”

the Open, but there is a lot of hard work and dedication which has gotten us this far and a lot more to come to finish it off,” Erskine said.

“I am thrilled to share our house and

Of course, there was great golf from

hospitality with others and can’t until all the golfers get here.”

Another Northern Ireland native Rory McIlroy, from the equally small nearby town of Holywood, is likely to be a local favorite and with all Ireland has given to the golf world it would be fitting if a son of the Irish soil triumphed at Royal Portrush.

“We want to put on a grand show at

the best golfers in the world on one of the world’s best courses, improved and renovated, plus plenty of craic, the Irish word for fun and parties.

But it was a personal golf

homecoming on a worldwide stage which many thought would never happen. Tiny Portrush presented to the entire world. As they say in Ireland, ‘You Are Most Welcome.’


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“Foy Estate Coffee” Bringing You the World’s Best Coffees from Around the World.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal




Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Summerfest 2019 Photos By: Kira Peterson

Carly Pearce

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Kane Brown



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Jason Aldean

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal 153

Walker Hayes


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Mitchell Tenpenny

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal




Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

August Burns Red

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Jordan Davis



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Renee Blair

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Levi Hummon



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Chase Rice

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Tegan Marie



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Chris Lane

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Featuring Rob in the Rearview



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

“Travel with Miss Kira� Where will she end up

Follow Miss Kira on Social Media:

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Code Echo! Be Ready to Evacuate.. Written By: Elsa Dixon

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Having just lived through an

emergency situation when the Viking Sky cruise ship had to be rescued off the Norwegian coast, I can attest to the fact that when you hear Code Echo, or the seven short and one long whistle, you do not think clearly.

In my case, I just grabbed my

little bag with credit cards and cellphone, thinking of little else. Reality set in when I realized that I was wearing my lightweight pants and slip-on shoes – not very practical for an airlift by helicopter! And oh dear, no medication… I also saw what needs arose during an evacuation procedure.

• Cabin entry card • Passport • Credit cards and cash • Medication (two-day supply) • List of medications/allergies • List of emergency contact numbersMobile phone and charger (we could actually charge our phones while waiting!) 3) Have the following ready in a small bag or backpack at all times: • Bottle of water • Supply of crackers/health bars/ chocolate/cheese • Extra set of dry clothes in case you have to wade through water: a pair of socks, a T-shirt, pants

It is essential that the bag(s) be

small and can be attached to your body in some way. Trust me, the above will make you self-sufficient, independent of the crew’s help, and give you comfort during a long wait. After this experience, I take the emergency drill seriously – and know that doing my small bit beforehand will help the crew as well. And, I am ready for my next cruise!

So, let me suggest a little checklist with to keep next to your bed in the cabin so that you know what to do in an emergency situation at sea: 1) Take a minute to put on warm clothing, warm jacket, socks, and sensible shoes 2) You may keep the following seven items in a small pouch already when cruising, so they would be ready just to grab:

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal


Foy Estate Coffee

Introducing Office Coffee Program

Contact Randy Weckerly at: randy@thedistillerychannel.com


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Miss Kira 18+1 Steps into Golf Series 2018-2019 1.1 Golf Mentor

1.2 Mentoring Begins

2. Lessons

3. Golf Clubs

4. What To Wear

5. Where to Play

6. Who Do I Take?

7. The Guard House

8. Private Clubs

Grow the Game Initiative 2019

Grow the Game Initiative 2019 Part 2

Grow the Game Initiative- Inviting

9. The Bag Drop

10. Checking In

11/12. Finding My 13. Putting Green BagsWarming Up Golf Outside Chipping & Putting

PGA Show 2019Demo Day

PGA Show 2019 Day 1 Recap

What Are Yips?

Live From TPC Sawgrass for The Players Championsihp

Tiger Woods Press Conference at The Players Championship

Miss Kira at The Players Championship

17th Hole at The Players Championship

Masters Week



AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament

The Memorial Tournament

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Getting Started with Mindful Eating Written By Dina Garcia, RD, LDN

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal



Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

We’re a society of people that eat

on the go. We eat in our cars. We eat at our desks. As a whole, we rarely devote time to enjoying the eating process. The rushed way in which we eat contributes to stress and poor digestion. Stress is also a major contributor to weight gain. Naturally, de-stressing the eating process is a great place to start for mindfulness and stress reduction.

Outcomes of Mindful Eating Include:

• Increased awareness of social and emotional influences on your decision to eat • Decreased emotional eating • Decreased overeating • Greater self-awareness of how different foods affect your body • Reaching a stable weight and possibly losing weight, if you’re overweight

Mindful eating essentially allows

you to take control over your food choices through increased awareness surrounding what effects your decision to eat or not eat.

Many people are intimidated by

eating mindfully because they think they don’t have the time to “slow down and enjoy their food.” You’re too busy for that, too right?

As with most things in life, we tend to take an all-or-nothing approach. In general, I guide people away from that, especially when it comes to healthy eating and mindful eating is no exception. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We can start with simple things, which is better than making no effort at all.

Five Simple Things You Can Start Doing Today to Become a More Mindful Eater: 1. Take a deep breath. We go, go, go, all day long and then when we sit down to eat, we tend to keep rushing even if we don’t need to. Taking a couple nice cleansing deep breaths before we begin eating can help put us in a more relaxed state during the eating process, which helps us to be more mindful. It also promotes good digestion to be in a more relaxed state when we eat. Even if you’re busy and on the go, you should have time for two deep breaths.

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2. Ask yourself this simple question: Am I hungry or do I need something else? A good way to figure that out is to ask yourself if you would eat a (fill in your favorite fruit)? Because if you wouldn’t eat an apple or whatever food you’ve decided on, then you’re probably not actually hungry. You’re just wanting to eat to fill some other void. That gap could be boredom. It could be a little bit of anxiety. It could be stress. It could just be that the food is close by, and you saw it, and that visual stimulation prompted a desire to eat. If the answer to the question is, “No, I’m not really hungry,” then try to identify what it is that you do need, or what is triggering your desire to eat and then find a solution that will address that specifically. In some situations, the answer will be apparent, and in others it’ll be a little more difficult. Hiring a registered dietitian or a therapist that has experience working with eating behaviors might be something of benefit if you’re having difficulty identifying and changing your eating triggers.


3. Start reading food labels. Part of mindfulness is knowing what is in your food. Oftentimes we choose items without really knowing what we’re eating. To become more aware and present during the eating process, start paying attention to what you’re actually eating. Read the ingredients List. Read the nutrition facts and educate yourself on what things you want to look for on food labels. Be very wary of buzz words that you see on the front of the label, because usually they are not regulated food claims and end up making the food sound much healthier than it actually is. Something else I like to do if I have time, is to look at my food and actively imagine the journey that food went on to get to experience and brings about a greater sense of appreciation for your food.


Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

4. Pay attention to your tummy. It’s very easy to feel a little grumble in your tummy, but then look at all the work in front of you, and hit the override button, saying to yourself, “I’ll just eat in a little bit when I finish this work.” Then, once you finally get to sit down and eat, you overeat because you are too hungry. It’s very hard to be mindful and aware of your eating when you have primal instincts kicking in telling you to eat, and eat now, because you’re too hungry. I can’t stress enough how important it is to feed your body when it’s hungry but not too hungry, and to stop eating when you’re satisfied but not full. I can tell you from personal experience, as well as feedback that I’ve heard from many of my clients. If you start eating before you’re too hungry, it’s easier to stop before you’re too full.

5. Slow down the eating process. Studies have shown that when we eat slower, we feel more satisfied from our food, and we show fewer signs of hunger up to two hours after the meal. That’s a good thing if you don’t want to get interrupted from your work for frequent food breaks. In general, it’s better to set aside dedicated time for eating, slowing down and actually enjoying the eating process, then to continue eating while you’re working. The Bottom Line- Here is that mindful eating doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can fit it into your current lifestyle, food preference and dietary needs. Much easier than going on a diet… Right?

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Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Sub Astute

Written By: Bob Aldrich My Dad The elementary principal Saw the beginning Of the transition The early erosion Of home, and respect, Of expectation A shirt-untucked, to him, A violation. Teachers authority Corroded, dulled, demeaned He lamented In his retirement The societal decay

Today, I substitute That is to say I am given charge Of current classes New landscape Foreign to my father Full of features of that decay Disoriented, I too Like those in the chairs Now seek escape

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Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Interviews with Our National Leaders of Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries.

Brewers Guild of Alaska

Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association

California Craft Brewers Assocation

California Artisanal Distillers Guild

Colorado Brewers Guild

Colorado Distillers Florida Brewers Guild Florida Craft Distillers Guild Guild

Illinois Grape Growers Brewers of Indiana Iowa Brewers Guild & Vintners Guild Association

Iowa Wine Growers Association

Kentucky Guild Of Brewers

Maryland Distillers Guild

Kentucky Wine

Brewers Association of Maryland

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Montana Distillers Guild

North Carolina Craft New Mexico Wine Brewers Guild

New York State Brewers Association

New York Distillers The Ohio Distiller’s Guild Guild

Ohio Wine Producers Pennsylvania Distillers Association Guild

San Diego Brewers San Diego Distillers Guild Guild

Tennessee Wine

Texas Distilled Spirits Association

Virginia Distillers Association

Wisconsin Distillers Guild

Wisconsin Winery Association

Wisconsin Brewers Guild



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Stay & Play at Estrella del Mar Written By Jed Vaughn

Photographs Provided By: Estrella del Mar

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Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Four restaurants are found

Play, relax, and enjoy some time

beachside at the exceptional Estrella Del Mar Golf & Condo Resort just outside of Mazatlán Mexico. Whether you’re looking for a winter escape, a world-class place to swing away at an ocean-side golf course, or just an incredible venue to hang out on the beach or poolside, you’ll find it here, in paradise, at one of Mazatlán’s premiere resort communities.

The Robert Trent Jones Jr designed

18-hole championship golf course is ideal for all skill levels. It offers some nice easy wide-open fairways, as well as some tighter palm lined links, with tricky water hazards and sand bunkers. Six of the greens are along the ocean and the sea coming into view, as you come up toward the flag, is an inspiring way to finish a hole. The course is home to the PGA Latin America Tour and has a par 72, 7015-yard layout. It also plays host to many amateur and professional tournaments and is home to the well-known John Jacobs Golf Academy.

throughout the premises, including one at the clubhouse, which sits next to the 18th green. It has a gorgeous deck for dining and taking in the fresh sea air, with an expansive view of the sea and sandy beach, that stretches off into the distance. Further down the beach is the hotel and several condominiums with pools, tennis courts, and panoramic views of the ocean and shoreline, that are just part of an overall perfect place, for sheer relaxation. EDM also features an organic garden, which provides much of the fresh produce for the restaurants, and its southern boundary is an endless beach that can be explored for hours.

Access to Estrella del Mar is

especially easy and has a great appeal, for many who want to get away for just a few days, a week, a month, own a condo, or even spend the winter. By air, only a two-hour flight from LA, two & one-half hours from Dallas, four hours from Minneapolis, and four & one-half hours from Vancouver B.C, makes for a quick commute for those coming from the north. Then it’s just a 10-minute drive from the airport to the resort. Alternatively, a one-day drive from the border, on a newly completed highway, through some of Mexico’s most scenic countryside, is an option for people who drive cars or recreational vehicles.

Distillery Channel Coffee Journal

Beautiful landscapes with

palm-lined fairways and tropical flora are found throughout the property. Real Estate investment opportunities and recreational properties are available, with a multitude of price ranges to choose from, as well as condo rentals and single night stays.

The property is gated, clean, and

a safe place to enjoy some of the finest that Mexico has to offer. President Nieto of Mexico calls it one of the best places to golf in the country. The ex-president returns frequently to play and relax at Estrella del Mar. The resort is quite secluded and away from the hustle & bustle of a typical tourist experience, but the magical city of Mazatlán is just a 30-minute drive away. The Golden Zone offers that touristy environment, and the shores are lined with highrise hotels and condos, restaurants and souvenirs galore, and plenty of night life.


From there, a 20-minute drive to the Centro Historico District, gets you right into full immersion of the historic culture, one that dates back several centuries. Food markets, family owned taco stands, art galleries, museums, and theaters, can all be found among the colorful narrow streets of Centro. Fish, bike, hike, sunbathe, dine on fresh caught ocean delicacies… the list of things to do is endless.

Temperatures from November

through April rarely vary outside the 70-80 F degree mark on the thermometer. With an exchange rate that has hovered around 20-1 for the last few years, it’s a no brainer to check out the area with a winter visit to Estrella del Mar. At the end of the day, it’s all about your lifestyle and what you look for in a get-a-way. If peace and quiet, with easy access to the rest is appealing, it’s the ideal spot.


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The Distillery Channel National CampaignOpen for Business

Jacksonville, Florida

Concord, North Carolina

Miami, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida

Tampa, Florida

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Sarasota, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Palm Beach Garden, Florida

Miami, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Boyton Beach, Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Lakeland, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Ybor City, Florida

Islamorada, Florida


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St. Petersburg, Florida

Apollo Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Racine, Wisconsin

Browntown, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

Jacksonville, Florida

Islamorada, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Miami, Florida

Hawthorne, Florida

St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

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Bradenton, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Key West, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

Sanford, Florida

Sarasota, Florida

Kohler, Wisconsin

Crestview, Florida

Traverse City, Michigan

Drippings Springs, Texas,


Port Orange, Florida

Plant City, Florida


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Vero Beach, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida

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